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Aunt Lois is pondering what it would feel like to have a man's cock inside her- but she knows that this is an area that she should not get involved.  She realizes that this is the devils work- but the lust of never having had sex before is driving her crazy. Plus the thought of having the sensation of a man's member must be an incredible feeling- or so others have told her. 


 But how would she go about this.?  If she got caught trying to seduce one of the young boys, she could go to jail.  She would have to be careful and only get with someone that would not tell.  "God!! She thought.  What am I doing???  I can't do this- this is insane.  As her mind begins to tell her to stop thin

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king about this crazy idea, she dozes




The next morning, James wakes from his sleep with a huge erection and horny as a 15 year old could feel.  And the first thing on his mind was Lois.  How could he come up with a plan to fuck her.  James was going crazy with lust- not knowing that Lois was having the same thoughts.  This morning all the kids were to go on a hiking trip through the local forest and everyone was ready to go except James.  He told Lois that he had an upset stomach and he was afraid that he would get half way through the hike and then start throwing up all over the place.  Lois said OK, but someone had to stay with him.  James snickered at this idea.  He said that he was 15 and he could take care of himself.  Lois said that at least someone wold have to stop and check on him from time to time.  James thought this was so stupid but went along with this just to keep the peace.


About 30 minutes into the 4 hour hike, Lois said that she needed to go and check on James- that she would be back soon.  When Lois arrived back to the cabins, she saw that James was in his cabin, laying on his bed.  From a distance , she could tell he was doing something, but she couldn't tell exactly what.  As she got to James cabin door, her eyes lit up in amazement.  He had his cock pulled out and he was stroking it like there was no tomorrow.  HOLY COW!!!  his dick must be 10 inches long- at least.  James turned toward the door and caught her looking as she began to lick her lips.


James just grinned because he had her just where he wanted her.  When he caught her staring at his monstrous cock and she began licking her lips, he knew he had her.  "Come on in Aunt Lois and get yourself a better viewpoint.  She said that she had better not- that this was not right.

"Just for a second, he said.  I won't bite you"  

She felt like some force was pulling her toward James and his huge cock.  She marveled at the beauty of this round , thick and wet cock. She knew that she was in over her head; and would do anything to have that monster in her pussy.  Lois strides over to James, where he still has his cock out and he orders her to put it in her mouth.  Lois then, like a robot bends down, grasps his cock and slowly begins to suck .  He can hear the sound of her pleasing him as Lois puts her mouth into high gear.  Faster and faster she bobs her head milking James of any cum that might be left.  At the same time, James shoots all he has into her throat- almost gagging her.  Being a young teenager, James recovers quickly- he is ready for some more action.


James rips off Lois's clothes and as she stands there in front of him- he almost shoots his wad.  James scours her body and sees her monster tits-they look just as he thought they would- and her wet cunt; dripping with his cum.


James grabbed Lois and pulled her onto the bed. He was so damn horny that he had to have this  cunt.  He was going to bang the fuck out of her.  He then pulls her soaked cunt directly onto his big member.As he lunges into her from beneath- he grabs her by the shoulders and pulls her entire body down upon his throbbing cock. Lois shouts to the top of her voice.  "OOOOHHHH  FFFUUCCK.  FUCK ME- you son of a bitch, I want you to give me every bit of that big dick. With sweat rolling in rivers down their bodies, the sound of wetness is prominent.  They then roll over with James on top. he is fucking the shit out of Lois- in fact, you cam hear the sound of his big sack of balls slamming against her fat ass.  James then tells her to get on all fours as he slams his cock all the way to her cervix.  She screams as if she is dying-  "YOU FUCKER YOU_ IT hurts like hell- but I love it."  I LOVE IT_ OH YEAH FUCK ME FUCK ME" I have never felt like this- NEVER!!!! OH GOD-PLEASE DON'T EVER STOP FUCKING MY SORE PUSSY.


A s they continue to fuck like dogs, James hears the door slam!!!




Lucy Astin, private dick pt.1

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What do I do? I’m a private detective. On the job now two
years, I spend most nights casing seedy
motels here in the suburbs of Chicago,
waiting to catch heavy bellied business men with greasy hair and fingers fucking
prostitutes on filthy beds, the husbands of my clients who are mostly neglected
and desperate women. I don’t know why these women come here when a male
detective could not only nail their unruly husbands but give them what they
really need…which, since you ask, is to be smashed over the desk and fucked
till they cant see. But like I said, they’re not likely to get that here, I’m a
short blonde with big tits and an ass so

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big and round it has it’s own
gravitational pull…

A man knocks once on my door then walks in. He’s about 50
and tall, very tall with broad shoulders, big arms, a round paunch and hard
eyes. “You Astin?” his eyes run up my legs which are flung up on the desk, they
linger on my tits but his look is cold, appraising, no trace of the desire that’s
usually apparent. I’m slightly unnerved. His eyes are unflinching and under his
gaze I can feel my nipples starting to strain against the rough fabric of my
red suit.

I light a cigarette and exhale deeply and slowly so that
when I speak my voice will sound calm. His eyes are still boring into me and my
cunt is getting damp. Who is this? I
pull myself together, “yeah, I’m detective Astin.?” The man looks at me for a
moment longer then sits down opposite me. He tells me that he makes adult
movies, the kind you cant buy at your friendly adult video shop. He tells me
his “company” recruits prostitutes, seduces them with promises of more money
and nice apartments and the tricks they’ll turn on camera wont be half as
unpleasant as the shit they get up to in the back of their customers Hondas.
That’s what Bukowski and his associates tell
the skirts. In reality most of them are kept in chains and virtually tortured,
Bukowski doesn’t go into detail but I get the gist. I remember his cold hard
eyes on me and imagine that detached appraising eye wandering over the
twitching and pained bodies of the poor cunts chained in a basement
somewhere, it makes my insides icy and I
think that if it was me I’d rather be whipped raw then tied down, prone and
vulnerable under his cruel gaze. I realize I’ve let my thoughts run away with
me and Bukowski knows it. He’s just watching me now, after several more moments
he stands up, throws a file down on my desk, says, “that woman was my…associate.
A couple of weeks ago she stole a handful of whores and all my male actors and
set up on her own somewhere. I want them back. She knows all of my usual men so
I haven’t been able to shadow her. You find her. He threw a clip of money
beside the file, I didn’t have to look to know it was more cash than I’d seen
in six months. What can I say, I need the dough. I’ll take the case I decide, I’m
about to tell him so but then I realize he’s already left.

The woman I’m looking for is Ethelreda Hooper. It doesn’t take
me long to find her, the file contains a list of some of her frequent haunts
and I find her the third place I check, she’s just coming out of a bar in the
middle of Chicago, the place looks rich but it’s in a shit neighbourhood.
Ethelreda’s hard to miss. She’s wearing shades and red lipstick that’s slightly
smeared. Her body is gorgeous for a woman whose file tells me she’s pushing 45.
Her legs are long and sheathed in skintight black denim. Her breasts aren’t big
like mine, but at her age that’s probably a good thing, it means they haven’t sagged
too bad. Her hair is dark red, almost brunette and falls nearly to the back of
her thighs. I’m sitting in my car and watching her from across the street, she
gets into a black Jaguar and speeds off. I follow her. If she knows she’s being
followed she doesn’t make any attempt to shake me. I follow her into the
suburbs to one of those dirty derelict neighbourhoods that have no particularly
distinguishing features. She pulls up to a small bungalow with shuttered
windows, and goes right in without looking around her. I keep my distance for
awhile. Then I think, this is the most interesting case I’ve had so far and I’m
tired of spending all my time parked in hedges, seeing fuck all with my
binoculars. I’m somehow captivated by this woman Ethelreda. I think about her
and Mr. Bukowski together, if anyone could be unfazed by his cold stare it
would be this strange and exotic red head. I HAVE to know what’s going on in
there. What is this woman doing, what or who does she keep in this shithole?

I cut through the neighbours yard and then somehow manage to
force myself tits and all through a small gap in the back fence, into Ethelreda’s
yard. The back windows are all shuttered as well but there is a small barred
window into the basement that I can see through if I lay flat, my huge tits are
squashed up under my chin and the ground is cement and rough, the window is
small and at first I cant see anything but then somewhere inside a fire is lit
and it casts a dim glow into the room. There are people in there. Three girls.
Two of them have been stripped naked and lashed face to face, their hands bound
together and then suspended from a beam in the ceiling. The third girl, a small
Latina has been
nailed to a low platform on the floor, she’s spread eagled with what looks like
a small railroad spike going through each of her wrists, her legs spread wide
and her feet secured to either edge of the platform. She is bleeding copiously
and looks unconscious. I’m not prepared for this, I roll over and retch but
before I can get up and run a man enters, I cant see his face clearly in the
dim light but he is tall slim. Darkish, Italian maybe. He stands over the Latina and slaps her
lightly several times until she comes to and makes soft whimpering noises. He
forces a ball gag into her mouth and then reaches to a shelf behind her and
retrieves a ten inch black rubber dildo punctuated with small jagged metal
studs. In one deft motion he forces it inside of her, he thrusts it roughly in
and out of her several times but she soon passes out again from the pain and he
seems to be losing interest in her. He jerks out the dildo and I almost retch
again thinking of those jagged metal shards digging bloody furrows down the
inside wall of my cunt. I need to leave and soon. But I’m frozen, transfixed.
The Italian moves over to the two girls lashed together, they look young, too
young. Sixteen, maybe. And they’ve been drugged by the looks of it because
though they’re awake their heads are lolling and they barely flinched at the
almost inhuman sounding cries that the Latina
had been making through her gag. The Italian rounds on the girls, he’s produced
the most massive whip I’ve ever seen,
the base of it is easily four feet long and it’s thicker than my forearm then
it splits into a dozen long straps heavily weighted. A whip like that can strip
skin to the bone if it’s used correctly and I was certain the Italian would
prove to be an expert. The first lash lands on the younger looking of the two
girl’s shoulders and causes her to shudder deeply and though blood instantly
begins to ooze from the several deep slices the whip has made, she is heavily
sedated still and she doesn’t scream. The next stroke is to her ass and this
one causes her to writhe and grind her little cunt against that of the other
girl. Another powerful blow to the ass and the girl seems to be fully returned
to her senses and the incredible pain she’s in. She begins to scream and with a
look of grim satisfaction the Italian begins whipping both girls at once, the
older girl wakes up and starts screaming as well as blow after blow is
viciously landed to their sides, inflicting deep gashes on their hips, I force
my fist into my mouth to keep from crying out myself as some of the lashes send
a tongue of black leather between the girl’s ass cheeks and onto their pussies,
the younger of whose I can see has started to bleed. I’m so engrossed and
appalled by this that I don’t here the steps behind me, suddenly I’m aware that
I’m not alone, I turn up my head from my prone position on the ground and find
to my horror that Ethelreda is standing over me, my eyes briefly linger on her
cunt, which I can see because she’s wearing a scrap of a dress and no underwear,
it’s not the pussy of a 45 year old. Her cunt lips are damp, deeply pink, and
prominent, but not at all frayed in that way that frequently happens to the
owner of a full blown rose like Ethelreda’s. I’m just staring up at her
stupidly from the ground, speechless, appalled, scared shitless and faintly
curious. Ethelreda doesn’t say anything at first she just stares at me, then
she murmers in a voice heavy with a Russian accent, she leans down and
contemplatively grabs my ass, “my, my, ees lucky daye for me, eh? I am going to
have fun with you, my preety leetle detective” In the second before she knocks
me unconscious with the club she was holding behind her back, two things dawn
on me, Bukowski told me Ethelreda stole his women to make hardcore videos but
there hadn’t been any cameras just now in the basement, and Ethelreda knew I
was a detective. Fuck.


What will become of our heroin? Will she escape this den of
iniquity or will she become another one of Ethelreda’s puppets? Continued pending
on reviews.

Very Unusual Date

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This started out as just a nite out with an old girlfriend, dinner and some drinks.  Sarah, was a single mother of a teen son, we met thru a mutual friend a couple of years ago , and dated about a year, nothing real serious. Well, we ran into each other a few weeks ago and exchanged numbers and BS, and went on our seperate ways. Well, here she calls about a week ago and invite's me to dinner, I liked Sarah, and we had great sex, even a three way(MMF) with a friend of mine, so I accepted, and we set a date and time.

Well, the nite came. I picked her up about 8 and we went to dinner, and then sat at the bar and talked about old times.

The talk soon turned to sex, and she asked me if I would do her a favor. Of course I agreed, I hadn't even heard wha

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t she wanted yet, but she asked if we could go back to her place first so we could "Loosin' UP", with some more drinks.

I couldn't leave the bar soon enough, we got back to Sarah's house, turned on some tunes, and got some drinks, and went to the couch. Sarah, excused herself to put on something comfortable, she returned in a Tshirt and gym shorts, she knew I liked that.  She came over and sat next to me and thanked me for coming over. We started to make out, now I know she planned it this way, to get me going and then ask the favor. She stopped kissing me long enough to ask me her favor, "I would like to have another three way with you and someone I have picked out." Sarah, asked?

Of course, I  again agreed, without giving it much thought, "Sure, can I ask who the third is"?  And of the darkness of the hallway I hear, "Me", it's a real surprise to me when out of the darkness comes, Jake, Sarah's, son. I couldn't speak for quite a while, it seemed like hours. Then Sarah broke the silence by telling me that Jake was having trouble with his sexuality, he had had some girl friends, and a little oral sex with one girl. She told me she knew I was ok with some bi action and hoped she would be able to convince me to give her son a taste of sex with a guy. Jake was struggleing with this because he was affraid of what his straight friends would think, so his mother offered to help. Jake aggreed with his mom on me to be the one because he did know me from before, but this boy was young. Sarah assured me that she really wanted it to be someone she knew and trusted not to hurt Jake. Sararh made sure I agreed by pulling on my dick the whole time she talked to me about it. It didn't take much even though I knew it was
not right, but they assured me that Jake wanted this. I agreed, and we all went to the master bedroom. 

As we entered Jake asked if we could take a shower, I agreed, and didn't even notice Sarah wasn't even in the room yet. We went in the bathroom and I began to remove Jake's shirt, then his sweat pants, he was wearing boxer shorts, but he couldn't hide his erection.  I pulled off his boxer's to expose a nice, maybe 5in. cock, with sparse blonde pubic hair.  When I began to undress I realized Sarah was watching it all through her camcorder. I got naked and started the shower, it was huge, it even had a little seat in the corner. Once warm, we got in, and Sarah followed with her camera, we had often taped our sex sessions before, she knew I was OK with it as long as I get a copy.  Knowing Jake would be a little tentative, I tried to start things, I grabbed the soft soap and got a good hand full and began to wash Jake's trembleing body. When I finally got around to getting below his waist, he let out a little yelp.  His cock was rock hard and dripping with pre-cum, when I began to play with his asshole, he shot a load right then, he was a little bit embarassed, but Sarah and I assured him it was ok, and he would recover quickly. After a little laugh about it, I asked Sarah and Jake, since he didn't have alot to begin with, if I could shave his pubic hair. Oddly Jake agreed without question, and Sarah said she didn't care as long as he was OK with it.  I put Jake on the little chair so the water wouldn't wash off the shave cream. I smeared on some shave cream and went to work, it wasn't hard because his hair was very thin. I asked him to stand, turn around and bend over so I could shave his asshole if it needed it. When I finished Jake began to wash me, only he started with my cock and had to be coached how to finish the shower.

We got out, dried off and went to Sarah's bed, where Sarah had laid out some toy's and things. Sarah had no intention of having sex with her son, she just wanted to watch and tape it.  I laid Jake on his back and just touched him all over to try and loosen him up, he was still shaking.  I told Sarah to zoom in on his cock and with that a began what turned out to be a very short BJ, I don't think I stroked his cock with my mouth more than twice and he exploded into my mouth. Jake appoligized but I told him, after I drained that cute little cock, it was Ok I wanted him to cum in my mouth, and I told him I planned on cuming in his. He looked surprised but said nothing. Sarah, still taping, but now with a tripod, was playing with herself as she wathced the action unfold.  I turned Jake over, spread his legs and started to play with his naked balls, I knew his dick was hard again, and I helped him adjust so he was comfortable. I began licking his balls and Jake wiggled and moaned with pleasure. I sucked them together and one at a time. Then I began licking up towards his ass, and I didn't stop. Then I got to his cute little hole. I licked and darted my tongue in and out and around his cute asshole. He came on the bed. Now it was my turn, so I laid back and slowly began to enjoy this young boy's touch. He was unsure what to do so Sarah gave him instruction from her perch near the camera. Jake played with my dick for along time before he would put it in his mouth, but it was worth the wait. Jake took the head and began licking his way down, he couldn't take all of it but he was doing very well.  Sarah told Jake to get on top of me in a 69 position, so I could enjoy this little cock and balls some more. While he sucked me I stuck my tongue up Jake's tiny ass again and when I did he began to cum on my neck and chest so I moved to suck his little cock and the rest of his load. That put me over, I told his I was going to cum, and Sarah moved around to the end of the bed for a better angle, I was sucking his last drops and I finally began shooting my cum into Jake's mouth. He choked a little not knowing how to handle it but his mom encouraged him not to stop and swallow as much cum as he could, and he did a nice job. We laid in a heep for quite awhile, then Jake asked, "What's Next?".  So his mother instructed him to turn me over and begin licking my ass."Get it good and wet, cause your gonna fuck it". He did, he licked and licked and put his tongue in my asshole. I got on my hands and knees and told him to stick his dick in my mouth so I could get it wet and slippery. He then placed the head of his little dick against my asshole and I told him to push. When he did I pushed back and he went in, it didn't hurt, I've played with bigger dildo's so it wasn't uncomfortable at all. Jack moaned and groaned with every thrust. I asked him to cum in my ass, and I barely got the words out and he was cumming in my ass. When he finished I told him to pull out slowly and lay on his back. He did without question, and I put my balls near his mouth and told him to start licking and I slowly let his cum drip from my asshole. He licked me dry and even licked my ass on his mom's suggestion. Well that just about did it for me I asked Jake to suck me again and I came in his mouth, on his face, in his hair, everywhere, it was great.

Sarah and Jake thanked be a thousand time, but I assured them the pleasure was all mine, and would like to do it again sometime, but we'll see. After a short nap I got up and left Jake and Sarah sleeping on Sarah's bed. What a night. I hope we do it again 



My first 3-Some - I was just 16

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There I was, laying on my back, naked as the day I was born, on a lumpy mattress in a grade B motel just over the causeway from Wild wood, New Jersey.  I was 16 years old then, and into my third year of sexual exploration. I had gotten to this place with my boss at the gift shop. We had had some pretty sweet, but furtive sex a couple of times in the shop storage closet.
But, he wanted, and I wanted, a more thorough experience, so he suggested that I meet him one evening and we would go to a motel. He said he would tell his wife he was playing poker with his best friend, Bill, and some other guys.  Little did I know it, but Bill, Joe and I were going to play in a sexual three-some.

When we first walked in
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to the motel room was when I first saw Bill. He was sitting on the bed in his boxers and a blue and red striped work-shirt with patches above the pockets, one with the name of the garage where he worked as the parts manager, and the other sporting the name "Bill." When he stood up, he must have been six feet three inches tall, which is damn big compared to my five feet six.  Joe quickly wrapped his arms around my middle and whispered in my ear, "This is my friend. We can have a great time with him, but if you are afraid, I'll understand..."
Afraid my ass, was what crossed my mind. I guess I am a contrary sort of gal. If I haven't told you already, I do have a contrary streak, the evidence of which is that I went to the motel room with Joe in the first place, trusting him based on absolutely zero evidence.

Joe made the introductions, all the while holding me against him. I could feel his cock growing where his body pressed against my back, and his hands cupped and massaged my tender breasts.  As we stood there, Joe began kissing my neck and behind my ears. If I had had any fears, they just melted away and my nipples grew even more sensitive and rigidly erect!

Joe sort of pushed me across the dingy carpet toward the bed. Joe said, "My, my, what a pretty little thing." He reached out and cupped my chin. "Baby," he continued, "You are going to love this.

With that, Joe began to tug on my blouse, pulling it over my head. I was wearing a simple white bra that stood out from my summer-tan skin.  I unbuttoned my shorts and let them drop to the floor.  I reached down and tugging my panties over my hips, stepped out of them, too. There I was, my cunt, which was covered by a thin thatch of reddish-brown pubic hair, a pair of flip-flops and my bra.  Joe unhooked it, and I, pushing my arms together, let if drop down my arms, then to the floor.

All the while, Bill was watching with a half-smile on his face. "Yes, yes. She is all you said she would be...."  He reached out one large hand and pinched a nipple, sending a thrill through my girlish body and causing my internal juices to begin to lubricate my pussy.

Bill shrugged out of his shirt and quickly pulled his boxers down below his knees. His cock, only semi-hard was very, very large, and only partially covered the largest set of balls I had ever seen. Joe also stripped, and, taking my hand, led me the rest of the way to the bed.  We lay down, and Joe pulled the pillows from under the bedspread, and I lay down, opening my legs for Bill.
So, there I lay, with my hands holding my thin, coltish legs up and open behind my knees, framing, from my point of view, the imposing body of Joe's friend Bill. Naked, his large belly, covered in a spreading riot of reddish hair that began around his sex, and exploded over his ample belly and chest. His organ was easily the largest I had ever seen. He was uncircumcised, which was also new to me. But his cock was very nearly the same diameter as a coke can (well, maybe that is an exaggeration, but not much of one), and was covered with large, snaking veins, and despite its size, it couldn't hide his large dangling testicles nestled in their red-haired scrotum.  He gripped his cock tightly by the root; the head was large, purplish in color and very shiny from the titanic pressures within, the foreskin pulled back into a flesh ring that encircled his fat penis behind the mushroom-shaped crown.
Joe was lying on the bed next to me, also naked.  His cock, also erect, wasn't nearly a fat as his friend's, but it was pretty nice too, and I had had some wonderful experience with it both in my mouth and my hungry, hungry pussy. He was gently massaging my small breasts as Bill adjusted his position before angling his cock head down toward my young, tight, but willing cunt.  Joe reached down and, with two fingers, spread my pussy lips as Bill rubbed the large, forbidding knob up and down my slit, just covering the tip with my sexual juices. Each time the spongy head of his penis stroked across my clit an electric jolt ran up my insides causing a spasm of my neck muscles. It felt SO good!

He stared at my sex, open to his view, and, stroking his penis, crawled onto the foot of the best, his bulk eclipsing the overhead lamp.  Joe, laying beside me, began to suck on one tit, nibbling on my nipple as Bill reached forward and, using the fingers of one hand, spread my cunt lips.  He ran one fat finger up and down my slit, touching lightly my clit, and then, pushing it deep within me. I shut my eyes in pleasure as he began to finger-fuck me.

I felt the bed move and the old springs squeak, as Bill adjusted his position once more.
Then, Bill began to push his cock into me. I shut my eyes as the wonderful spreading feelings spread out from my vulva.  Bill pushed a bit, and then pulled back, grunting.  Adjusting himself, by leaning forward, moving his hands to rest on the bed on either side of me, he said, "God, she's tight," grunting as he tried to force his penis into me.  I placed my hands on either side of his hips, trying to pull him into me. Even though he was a stranger and sort of scary, I really, really wanted that cock in me. It is hard to explain, but while it is sort of frightening to see such a large organ, it is thrilling, too.
I felt his rod push into me, the fat head splitting my lips apart.  It is hard to describe exactly how it felt, but it was b-i-g.  Suddenly, it slipped out and his hips fell forward with his cock between our bellies.  "Damn!" he said. I sighed, sadly.
Taking his cock in hand, he tried again, and again it slipped out before he could penetrate my gushing cunt.  I pushed hungrily with my hips as he tried again, and again he slipped out, this time his massive member slide down over my little anus and between my ass cheeks.  "Ohhhhhhhh," I moaned in frustration.
Bill rose up, kneeling between my legs.  He said, "Look, Joe, You gotta put me in while I lean forward and push...."  I've had several three-somes since that night, and the men always seemed phobic about touching each other (even though they love to see the gals make out).  But, Joe reached forward, and without a qualm took Bill's organ into his left hand, and pumped in a couple of times as Bill smiled.
Then Bill leaned over me, resting his large frame on his hands on either side of my head. I peered down between my little breasts, over my slim stomach and watched as Joe pushed the head of Bill's cock into my opening.  It still didn't fit in very easily, so Joe said, "Wait a sec," and moved around behind Bill. Joe reached between Bill's large thighs and sort of cupped the pulsing organ in his hand, guiding it toward me again. Bill's heavy balls rested on his wrist and rolled some as Bill leaned forward again.
This time Bill's fat cock began sliding into me. First the massive head slipped into me.  Joe pulled Bill's cock back a bit and, together, they pushed again. And.., it slid into me, filling me like no other cock had before.  Joe removed his hand as Bills cock slid deep, deep, deeper into my oh-so-willing pussy.
I felt Bill's heavy belly resting on me as his cock bottomed out in me. I felt his giant, cum-heavy balls rolling against my asshole as he seated his penis in me, sliding his hips around in small circles.  When he was as deep as he could go, I flexed my muscles, clinching his dick, trying to draw him in deeper.  He said, "Damn, girl! That is wild; Joe, she's squeezing my cock with her cunt!"

Then I felt a moment of claustrophobic fear as Bill's giant body weighed heavily on me. The fear, a kind of choking, was quickly replaced with a sort of wonder as Bill pulled his hips back, withdrawing his mighty organ up, up, out and out, slippery with my nectar, the massive head rubbing against my vagina walls; then, with a quick shove, he seated his pulsing cock back into me. I cried out in surprise and pleasure as he began to pump.

His cock slide in and out, in and out, his belly rubbing against mine, the root of his cock mashing my clit with each down stroke, his cock feeling like it was pulling me inside out each time we withdrew, bang!  Again and again he pumped me. I could feel his balls begin to slap against my anus I answered him thrust for thrust. I could hear our bodies slapping together wetly as he fucked me.  He leaned more onto me, his head and rough beard against my shoulder and neck, his thickly matted chest mashing my little tits as his snake slithered in and out of me, again and again, his ball sack flapping against me with each grunting thrust; my cunt slamming up to meet him push for push.

I could feel my juices sliding over my anus as he ground his tool into me; my legs were pistoning back and forth and my hands gripped his ass as we humped and humped, grunting, the bed shaking as we fucked and fucked and fucked.

I could feel droplets of his sweat on me. At one point I opened my eyes, which had be closed tightly in ecstasy, and watched, over his broad back, his ass moving and clenching over and over and over again as he pulled out and shoved in, out and in, in and out, his belly smacking wetly, wetly against my tiny body.

Finally, he shoved himself up on his hands, and then reared back on his knees, his thick rod all that linked our bodies. "Look at this, Joe," he said, breathing heavily.  I whimpered and tried to hump his cock in frustration. I had been so close to cumming.

Smiling, Bill said, "Rub her clit for her while I catch my breath."

Joe reached over and gently began to rub my clit, as engorged as she had ever been and poking out of her hood, with two fingers. He rubbed me in a circle, applying a light pressure.  Ahhhhhhh, I thought as he rubbed.  I rose up on my elbows and watched with growing pleasure, while my hands cupped my aching breasts and my fingers pinched and tugged on my blood-thickened nipples.

I could see Bill's red cock pulsing between us as Joe rubbed my clit.  I could see Joe's fingers touching Bill's penis every now and then, rubbing along the slick cunt-juice-covered organ.  I could see that Bill's public hair was wet and matted from our fucking, as was mine.  I watched Bill watch Joe as he touched us both.  After a bit, Joe alternated massaging my clit and ringing Bill's cock and masturbating him. Two or three rubs for me; then two or three pumps for Joe. It was wild.

Bill smiled approvingly. "Now, Joey, that feels good. That feels fine..."

I moved my pelvis up and down, my pussy meeting Joe's fist as it slid down Bills long, red, wet penis, and pushed against my clit sending electric jolts through my tummy and snapping out of my tender, swollen, and thrilled nipples. This was the best; by far the best sex I had ever had. It was a physical and visual turn-on unlike anything I had ever experienced, and I hoped it would never end; but end it had to.

I felt my feet and hands go numb as my orgasm approached, running up my legs and arms, paralyzing me. I lost feeling in my face, and my lips felt giant and puffy as the rictus hit. I heard, as from a distance, a low moan rising to a scream as it hit. I spasmed again and again with the fat head of Bill's cock still in me, his shaft being stroked by Joe and my clit mashed again and again.

It was the orgasm of a lifetime.

I then had a sort of out-of-body experience. I felt a bit remote from the goings on as Bill leaned back over me and began to slide his fat cock all the way back into my vagina.  I could feel it filling me, but it was as if I was anesthetized. He began to pump in and out of me again. I felt my legs begin to flail back and forth as he moved in and out me. My hips began to cooperate and my sex rose and fell beneath him as he fucked me. My hands gripped his shoulders as he pumped and pumped, this large, fat cock alternately filling me, then vacating, then filling, the large bulbous head massaging my vagina walls creating such wonderful, wonderful feelings.

Soon the tempo of his thrusts increased until he grunted a final time or two, plunging his cock deep, deep, deepest into me and, as feeling returned to me, flooded my cunt with his hot sperm.  There is no other way to describe it other than a flood. I could feel his hot cock pulse with each jet of sperm as it splashed inside me, and the already liquid feeling within me somehow increases.  He moved over me, his cock slipping around in the now super-lubricant.

"Goddamn, honey, you are one hot little fuck!" he exclaimed, breathing heavily. I peered at him through sleepy eyes, and smiled.

"You are one hot cock," I replied feeling sated.

Abruptly, he pulled his slimy cock from my swollen pussy with a single slippery pull accompanied by a small "pop" sound.  He continued to kneel between my open thighs, his cock, red and shiny with our combined cum, standing out from the damp nest of red pubic hair. His belly, large and round shook slightly as he moved away, shaking the bed as his weight shifted.

"Joe, eat her out," he ordered.

"With pleasure," Joe answered, moving around me and laying between my open thighs.  He wrapped his arms around my legs, fingers spreading my vaginal folds, opening me to his gaze.  He looked at my cunt, then up at Bill and said,"Look at all this cum, Bill, it's just ooozing out'a her cunt."

I saw Bill, naked, his cock drooping over his massive balls, all shiny with our cum, his hands on his hips, watching, smiling. "Lick it up," he ordered.

I felt Joe's warm breath on my sensitive folds, and then felt his tongue slip into my opening. I lay back and enjoyed the feeling of his mouth on my sex, his tounge slipping in and over my fresh-fucked sex.  My one hand drifted down to clutch at his hair and he probed my vagina with his tongue, licking up Bill's and my combined juices.  My other hand continued to massage my breasts and to pinch my nipples.

I felt very languid, sort of floating.  But, soon, Joe's lips and tongue found my oh-so-sensitive clit, and he began to suck gently on it.  I felt the fires building again within me as he flicked his tongue over my hot button, and occassionally nippled with his lips and sucked me into his being.

Without warning, I orgasmed again. Not as powerfully as with Bill, but very a very nice detonation of pleasure the spread numbing feelings outward from my pussy. I clinched Joe's head between my thighs as my body convulsed, gripping him tightly to my sex for a spell.

Then, the I suddenly relaxed.  Joe rose up between my now wide open legs and fingered my cunt briefly. "God, she is soooo slippery," he said, mounting me, his cock sliding deeply within me without effort.  I felt his balls touching me, and the root of his cock ground against my pelvis, trapping my exhausted clit between us. I rested my hands against his chest, feeling the muscles flexing as he fucked me. I looked at him through slitted eyes, and saw his mouth and chin all shiny in the lamplight, covered in my cum and Bill's sperm. He looked sooooo happy.

Quickly, Joe began to pump in and out of me. I sort of lay there in a sexual trance as he fucked me. I could vaguely hear the wet smacking sounds our bodies made as he slammed his cock deep into me. After a bit, my hips began to rise and fall in counterpoint to his plunging cock. My hands then gripped his ass cheeks, and I could feel them opening and closing with each out and in motion. He rested his body on mine, mashing my tits against my ribcage, and placing his chin on my shoulder.

Together we rocked in the ageless rhythm until, at long last, he came, his sperm ejecting from his cockhead into my warm depths. I could feel penis flex just before his hot seed splattered against my cervix. I felt.., very nice.

There is much more to say about that evening, other than Bill saying that "...we'd better call it a night, after all she's only 16." I was pretty sore and felt sort of wrung out, so I was grateful for his thoughtfulness. Then he said, "If we fuck her any more she's liable to tell the cops."  So, regardless of his motive, I was glad for the respite.

Joe stayed with me and we showered together in the dingy bathroom, drying off with the cheap-too-small towels the motel had.  I had to fold up some of the cheap toilet paper and place it in the crotch of my panties, as I was still leaking sperm when I dressed. It wasn't even 9 o'clock when I had Joe drop me off down by the boardwalk, where I joined with some of friends on my own age, hoping that the red chaffing on my neck would go down before I went home.

As it turned out, by the next morning you'd never have thought that I had had my first three-some, and that I had been thoroughly screwed by the fattest and so far only uncircumcised cock I had ever seen.  When I went to work the next morning, Joe had a hard time looking at me, but I solved his nervousness with a quick trip to the store room.

Yum. Yum.

painting sophia white

skybandit on Taboo Stories

painting Sophie white

 PART 1 of ?

by skybandit

In college I had dual-majored in Art and English and after college found I could neither paint nor write. 

I’m a highly unmotivated individual.  That is easily attested to by my lackluster appearance.  I’m not hideous…far from it.  It’s just that my lazy ways have let a body that had been thin in high school and at the start of college, turn slightly fat.  No, that’s generous; I’m fat, no slightly about it.   My saving grace, at least physically, is my penis.  It is a nice and hefty nine incher (since this story is being posted on SexStoriesPost, you’ll be hearing more about him fairly soon, though the majority of you, I assume, are reading this to find out about Sophie <no her real name> …and a few others.  Bear with me a while longer, if you will, and you’ll not be disappointed).

                Personality wise, I consider myself vague.  I like sci fi and anime, romantic comedies and horror, love porn.  Anything Asian I love; food, movies, games, culture, even the languages that I can’t understand.

I typically avoid social interactions beyond what is absolutely necessary.  I have developed the tendency to cross the street on certain days to avoid talking to friends; or leave a store where I see an acquaintance simply because I hate all the fake Hi, how are yous and the unmeant Let’s hang out this weekends.  They tire me so I avoid them. 

Moving along (hopefully before you lose all interest in continuing to read these words) I had graduated college with two degrees under my name and no interest in putting them to rent.  So I, at 26 years of age, am overeducated (in art and English) and unemployed.  Looks are no longer on my side, I’m single, suffer from depression which I hide from my family, and am uncertain as to what I want from my future.  I kind of hate America, don’t hold it against me.  So, surfing Craigslist I find a job posting for a teacher in Korea.  I apply and two months later am in Korea with a new passport, no money, and a super easy job teaching Kindergarten, Elementary, and Junior High kids in a Hagwon (an after school private school).  I’m being paid 2300000 won (roughly 1,700 US dollars) and am stuck in a small town where I can’t easily communicate and can’t read the majority of signs.

I’m in a living Heaven, although I don’t believe in Heaven and after the events of this year am sure I won’t be going there if it does exist. 

I’m going to jump forward a few months now, but bear with my transition.  I haven’t written in a while and it kind of saddens me that this is what I’m writing, but I’ll write it with a smile as I remember the coming events.

I teach in Yeoju (look it up, its real) about an hour from Seoul.  For two whole months everything is fine.  I like my Korean co-teacher, though I’d like her more naked on my dick.  But she’s not Sophie or one of the others.  So I’m in Korea for two months, I’m teaching, I’m happy, I have little contact with other foreigners; it’s my ideal job.

Enter her.  Sophie.  The most delicious looking ...don’t hate me, I’m not lying…fifteen year old ever.  She’s so well developed, awesome black hair, a great butt enhanced by tight shorts, breasts that should be a sin on a girl of such a tender age, and a face to die for.  Or kill for.  Upon seeing Sophie (sorry don’t know her Korean name) for the first time I have the shameful thoughts : I’m going to find out where this girl lives and I’m going to give her some dick, and I’d murder someone for a chance to fuck that girl’s face

I dream the thoughts back at my apartment, stroking myself to the cell-phone photo I secretly took of her.  She’s in my class.  I think of bending her over my desk, imagining us alone, losing my virginity with her.  Breaking her in as I get broken in. 

She makes me want to paint.  So at home I paint Sophies.  Naked Sophies, clothed Sophies, all tame, nothing wild or outright perverted; that I leave to my mind.  I paint pictures of her as I watch Korean dramas.  And then I burn them and throw them out, wrongly thinking this to be therapeutic. 

In short, I am tormented by her.  I want her but at the same time I don’t want her.  She’s fifteen, a student of mine, too young.  I can’t have her.  I won’t have her.  I wish she wasn’t in my school.  I wish…

I’ve been in Korea for five months, I have seven left in my contract and I have begun leaving the classes I have with Sophie in them to have angry masturbation sessions in the schools bathroom.  I dream of fucking her even when I’m awake.  I dream of paying her, of turning her into my own personal whore, my little schoolgirl slut, my Korean fuck-toy. 

I hate her.  I despise her innocence, her beauty.  Her personality sucks.  Her voice is annoying and I want to stuff her mouth with my cock as she answers questions in class.  I wonder how many inches she could take. 

Sophie’s graduated.  She’s no longer elementary; she’s now in the upstairs class, Middle School, the youngest, but still the one that drives me insane.  I wish she’d quit school.  I hate seeing her almost as much as I long to see her.  I write short little fictions where she’s fulfilling my fantasies. 

I go to Seoul with a Korean friend.  He’s the only one I’ve confessed my desires to and, after seeing Sophie, he says he doesn’t blame me.  He’d fuck her too.

                In Seoul my friend treats me to a massage parlor.  We shower and put on shorts and a t-shirt provided by the parlor.  We wait in a small air-conditioned room and three women between the ages of twenty to thirty are shown to use.  My friend explains that he doesn’t want me getting into trouble so he thought it best for me to get it out of my system.  I’m to choose one of the women.

                I choose the second one.  She’s the prettiest of the three.  She takes me to a room and says “You speakie Korean,” to which I say no and make an X with my arms.  She looks at my body, the tight shorts designed for a much thinner man, and motions me to undress.  I do so.  She undress in front of me.  She oils her breasts and uses them to make my skin glisten.  She pumps my cock in her hands and when its stiff she says something in Korean and starts kissing my length. 

                I remember my friend saying that I have to take control otherwise she’ll just suck and fuck and walk on out after I cum.  He had told me to take charge, so I take charge.  “Kneel,” I say.  She doesn’t understand.  I stand up, point my dick at her face like a compass pointing North.  She stares at it and does nothing so I take her by the hair and push my penis’s head against her lips, until they part, then against her surprisingly white teeth, and when her mouth opens, I push further, deep into her mouth and down her throat, the sensation of my cock rubbing against the roof of her mouth, so close to ecstasy I can’t help but giggle. 

                As I pump this stranger’s mouth, I stare at her eyes and she stares at mine.  She looks sad and a little angry; I can’t help but wonder what had happened in her life to lead her here, to this little single bedded room, with me, a not slightly overweight American.  I wonder if I’m the first foreigner to fuck her and then I tell myself not to go there, just to fuck her, enjoy her.  Hell, she’s being paid. 

I hate her beautiful face, how sad it looks, how angry.  I pull out of her mouth, my dick tingling, and she wants to get right to it, but I ask her for a cigarette.   As we share a cigarette, I concentrate on keeping hard, which is a chore to do.  I’m in the process of losing my virginity with a South Korean prostitute and it is extremely difficult not to just fire my cannon at her.  After she takes a few more puffs from the cigarette she puts it out on the bedside table, next to the paper towels and box of condoms and an incense holder.  I was dripping sweat, but the room’s wall mounted fan has helped with that.  Ready to sweat some more, I motion her to lay on the bed with her legs spread but she says “condom, condom.”  She rubs some not bad smelling lotion on my saliva drenched tool, which hard before has, despite my efforts to the contrary, begun to go limp, and slaps it open-palmed three times.  “For you lucky fuck,” she says, her English so bad that I had to translate English to English.  She then puts the raincoat on my already rehardening cock, runs her tongue over the rubberized dick, gets on the bed and spreads her legs.

My heart, at this point, is beating fast, my brain asking is this happening?  Am I really going to fuck this no-name whore?  My body’s actions scream YES! Hell, yes.  No longer capable of turning back I climb on her awkwardly and push into her.  It’s so warm that I almost cum on the spot, but not wanting my friend’s money to be so easily wasted I keep myself from doing so.  I stay there, not moving for a moment, savoring…and then I’m pushing in and out, my mind’s mental image of the woman beneath me that of the girl I’d see tomorrow, Monday.  Sophie.  In my mind it’s Sophie’s pussy I’m pumping, Sophie’s mouth that had sucked my dick.  Sophie.

The stranger, she’s moaning, probably fake, but I don’t care, I’m still hard, doing my thing, dripping sweat on her face, watching her eyes stare past me at the ceiling, her mouth a little “O” of feigned pleasure. 

I thought I’d been doing fairly well, my first time fucking and all, but she says some Korean and indicates I should stop.  I stop.  She pulls the rubber off my semi-hard dick and uses a wet cloth to clean it.  She thing starts kissing my dick and licking my balls until I’m once again stiff.  I do something then that I had always dreamed of doing to a woman; I club her face with my dick.  She looks at me clearly unhappy and I club her again.  She takes me in her mouth and bites gently and shakes her head no. 

Getting on all fours she indicates I should fuck her from behind.  I point to the condoms and she shakes her head no once more.  In the moment, not thinking, not worrying, I ignore the protection and slip inside her cunt.  I fondle her small, but oh-so-pretty breasts as I plunder her.  I shove deep, again and again.  I'm doing better; her moans sound more realistic and I enjoy the feel of my balls slapping her cheeks. 

Some time later, I don’t know how long, I’d probably be embarrassed if I did, I pull out and shoot my load all over her face.  I concentrate on coating her lips.  She licks the head of my cock clean, washes me again and says “Shower” as a question.  I nod and we take a shower together; she washes me with soap and shampoo rubs her tits all over me.  Just as I’m getting hard again she gets out and starts drying herself.  When I get out she dries me off too and then she gets dressed, says a few words I don’t understand and prepares to leave. 

Still naked I say “Gam-sa-ham-ni-da,” (thank you).  She looks at me and smiles before leaving.

Monday comes and I feel great.  I’m back in Yeoju, at the school, ready to face Sophie, ready to push aside my desires and thoughts.  Fucking that whore in Seoul has cured me.  I’m sure of it.


                I’m in trouble.  She’s wearing a real tight shirt and a jean skirt that shows a hell-of-a-lot of leg.  I immediately have the insane thought of just walking up to her and hiking that skirt up and taking her, students and fellow teachers be damned.

                I’m in trouble.  I’m not cured.  I’ve fucked a woman and I now want to fuck a girl.  She’s got well developed breasts but wears no bra.  Am I the only one who sees the shape her nipples make against her shirt?  Does the other American teacher, some guy originally from Texas, not desire this young girl, this girl that I want to fuck so bad that I despise her?

                I’m in trouble.

                I begin to think: Who really cares?  Like Vegas, what happens in Korea stays in Korea.

                I'm in trouble and I'm prepared to be in even more trouble.  

                Sophie.  I'll have you.