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He treated her like she didn't exist! Now she was free!

shelbygt1967 on Taboo Stories

Fred was very successful in the business world but a looser of a husband, however, no one knew except he and his wife Rose.  Fred was a handsom man who wanted to impress everyone he came in contact with.  He ware $800.00 suits, monagramed shirts and $200.00 shoes.  Fred put on aires as to who he really was, he was a genuine asswhole to his wife.  The first time I saw Rose I was infactuated with her beauty, her sincerity, her shiness and her figure.  I couldn't help noticing her breasts, they seemed to accent her body perfectly.

Fred had been involved in several shady business deals but never jailed because he had the gift of the gab and was very carismat

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ic.  He was also fucking several woman, a young office assistant, secretary in another office and a marrid lady in another city.  Rose had no idea of any of the woman accept the married one and Fred told her if she didn't like it she could leave him but she would get nothing.  It was important to Fred that he keep up appearances of a happy home.  However, good fortune smiled on Rose, the feds went after Fred and he landed in jail. 

Rose diviorced him and a few years later I decided to take a bold step.  I call her and set up an appointment to take some photos of her on the premise that she would be posing for major glamore magazines like Harpers, Red Book, Good House Keeping of if she wanted to some of the Paul Raymond magazines out or Europe.

When I arrive at Roses house she looked like a million dallors.  Rose did not recognize me (which I had hoped)  so I could be more bold in my approach.  Before the first photo session was done Rose was naked and loving it.  On the second session a couple of days later Rose picked up right where she left off.  She was exquisitly beautiful, standing about 5'6" at about 110 lbs with 34 D perky firm breasts, a nice wiast line, great hips and killer legs.

Rose had the largest patch of brown pubic hair I have ever seem on anybody.  The triangle hair went from her pussy to within an inch of her belly button and from hip bone to hip bone.  It was huge!  I ask her to trim it up for the second session and was plesentaly surprized to see that she had trimmed it up signifently.

Over 7even days of shooting pics I accumulated over 700 photos of this magnificent beauty.  With each photo session Rose became more bold herself, she was posing like a pro, spreading her pussy to show everyone cupping her tits, sucking her nipples  and even letting me stroke my cock up and down the length of her slit.  What a hot lady!

I didn't quite get around to fucking her at the time, however, Rose is going to pose for me again soon ad this time I know she'll fuck me.  She doesn't know it yet but I do!

See you soon Rose!  

dk_kd44 on Taboo Stories

We were about to sleep in the bus. It was a 14 hour journey. We started in evening at seven and it was about 10 pm now. All had our dinner together just moments ago and were feeling sleepy except me. I was in 9th standard that time. I have a lot of cousin sisters. But I was very comfortable with kittu. She was one year younger that me and was in the 8th standard. As we always used to get along well from our childhood, we both sat on adjacent seats and talked a lot about the school and class people. We both and all my other cousin sister and brothers were studying in the same school. I had a lot of elder friends and hence I had some knowledge about sex. I also was a bit eager and restless about this topic

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and discussion about the female body. However, I always wanted to share and talk about sex with a girl. Unfortunately I didn’t have a girlfriend and hence I got frustrated due to my restlessness, and lust.

The bus we were travelling through was a 2 by 2 bus; hence no one was able to hear what me and kittu were talking about. As it was 11 pm and I was not able to sleep and due  my frustration I felt like talking to kittu about this and remove some of my eagerness. I was feeling very nervous as we never discussed about sex before. I also never had an idea whether she had any knowledge about sex. With a lot of courage I asked, “Shall I ask you something?”


“Do you know how babies are born?”


“Shall I tell you then how babies are born ?”

She said “yes tell me, I always wondered how babies are born.”

I said “when the organ with which we boys pee is put into the whole from which you girls pee and moved, babies are born”

The moment I said this, expressions on her face went pale and she looked shocked. Obviously she had no knowledge about this. This was natural because she was a bit aloof from most of her school friends and my other cousin sisters were elder to her and avoided speaking this topic in front of her.

I said “did you know this” and she replied no.

I somehow thought of continuing further and asked “Have you ever seen a grown male private part?”


Then I said “The male private part is called the penis. When a boy gets old, hairs starts growing around the penis and his testicles. When you move the upper skin of the penis it gets erect and after sometime of this action a white sticky fluid comes out.”

She looked tensed and looked as if she would cry.

With no further hurry I changed the subject and acted as if I was asleep.

This was the first time I talked about sex with kittu. After this incidence never got the time to talk like this for a long time. I however always used to doubt whether she told anybody about this or not. I always looked for a moment when I could talk to her and know whether she had told about our talk to anybody.

Finally, after three years, we again were going to the same place in the bus. The only difference this time was that the bus was a sleeper coach bus. The one which has a sleeping birth in it. This time again we were together. It was a common upper birth for two people and in the end of the bus. It had curtains and hence no one could see or hear us. When it was night, i decided to ask her. With great hesitation I asked, “aaa rrg kittu?”

She said “what?”

“Did you tell anyone what we talked about the last time we were travelling together?”



“Yes baba”

I got relieved.

I felt confident and decide to continue the talk.

I said “Kittu, did you feel bad about the things that I told you that night?”

She said” Initially I was shocked, I didn’t have any idea about that stuff but now I know things”

I felt exited and went ahead to ask “so what did you know now?”

“Most of the things about sex, like what is a penis, how do you guys masturbate, about porn videos and pictures”. I said then did you watch any porn movie, she said no. As we were about to get into the mood of talking more, my uncle came and asked kittu to sleep on his place as it was small for him and he was not able to free his legs. This was it, all the momentum was lost.

During the following days we used to meet, but every time someone or the other used to be there surrounding us .Hence we could not speak regarding this.

With time I some how began to feel that kittu is thinking about me the other ways and getting involved with me as if she loves me. I didn’t want this and started avoiding her. I got into engineering and met a girl; I started loving her a lot. She took me to a different world. I had a great time with her and hence my neglect for kittu increased.

After my graduation, I took a job in other city. I shared an apartment with three friends. Our job involved travelling and it was very rare that all of us there were in the city at the same time.

I broke with my girl friend and hence longed for female touch. Suddenly I got a call from kittu, she said that she has an interview in my city and will be staying in my apartment for two days. I felt awkward but suddenly a current of lust went through me. I imagined how I would start with her. Will she mind this time after all that happened, Will I be able to fuck her? i imagined her body. I imagined about she giving me a blow job. I just was jumping like a popcorn about the coming Sunday when she was arriving in the city.

She arrived in the morning. I picked her up. I was looking her after two year. She was looking great. Her boobs increased in size from the last time I saw her and were in perfect shape. Her ass was the best thing. She was on a tight jeans and I could see her ass nicely. I got aroused when I looked at her ass.

 My room mates went onsite and I was alone. I put her luggage in the apartment and we went to see the place where she had an interview next day. I explained her how to come there, as I was to go to office the next day. Then we had lunch, did shopping and watched a movie. After the movie we went into a restaurant for dinner. I asked her “ Kittu do you drink alcohol”

She said no.

I said “will you try it?”

She said “ aaaah I don’t know”

I said “what do you mean by don’t know? Have it”

I called wine for both of us.

We toasted and drank the first glass. Then the second and then the third.

After the third she said she is feeling uncomfortable. We paid the check and we started leaving the restaurant. She was drunk and was walking as if she was losing control. I held her. She was falling all over me and I was feeling her body. Her boobs touched my hand and I felt soft. We took an auto rickshaw and went home. After reaching home, I placed her on the bed. Excitement was building up in me. I thought, it was a great chance for me to get her now. But, to my utter dissatisfaction she slept and started snoring. So I just satisfied my self by looking at her body. I lifted her t-shirt and saw her boobs. They were awesome. I got aroused. I started rubbing my penis and started feeling her body with the other hand. After some time I ejaculated and went to sleep.

I got up in the morning as I was to go to office. I brushed, puffed a cigarette. Kittu was also awake. I started ironing my pant on the table. She said that she will do it for me and I should go and get my bath. I agreed and headed for the bathroom. On my way, I looked back and saw a view of her back. She was wearing tight Pajamas. My penis got hard. So hard that I went mad. I was not able control my lust. The more I looked at her ass, the more I felt to get my penis into those ass cheeks which were bulging out and fleshy.

Finally my threshold of controlling my lust broke. I went to her, placed my two hands on her two buttocks and pressed them. She jumped with shock. Then I turned her and started kissing her. After a bit of resistance she also started responding, we kissed each other for a very long time. Our saliva mixed into each others mouth. Our tongues touching each others tongue. We tried to put our tongue as much inside of each others mouth as possible. After 20 mins of kissing. I said “Do you know what made me do this?”

She said “what?”

I said “your ass, it’s very sexy. Perfectly shaped. The portion where the back of the thighs meet the ass cheeks, they are beautifully curved, I feel as if to bang my penis there”

She said “ I also felt good when your penis touched my hand accidently last night when you were carrying me, it was hard, I felt like holding it”

And soon after saying this she took my pants off and my penis stood out long and erect.

She looked at my penis and then took it in hand.

“Your penis is sexy, huge and very long; it will feel great when it goes deeper into my depths”.

She then entered her one hand in her pajamas and then into her panty and started rubbing her cunt. The other hand was holding my penis. She moved both the hand with synchrony.

After a while she started licking and sucking my penis. Deeper into her throat.

We both started to yell and moan.

Ummmm,aaaahhh,yes come on kittu suck it deep ohh ohhhhh,yessssss,ahhh aaaaaaahaaaaaahm,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……… and I finally threw off my liquid in her mouth. I said “that was awesome”

She swallowed my cum and blushed.

Then I lifted her and removed her pajamas. Then I removed her panties. She spread her legs apart and I started licking her clitoris and simultaneously put finger and rubbed into her entrance.

I rubbed and rubbed and licked and licked

Aaaah aaaah,yes,yes yes do it make me cum yess

Aaa aaa aaa aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm ooooooooooo ssssssssssss shhhhhhhh, and she loaded her fluids on my face.

She said“ that was mind-blowing ,I masturbated but never had such a great orgasm before”

I said, I am the expert madam. Then, she turned and I got a view of her bare ass that I was for so long longing for, it perfectly curvy, the part where the back of thighs meet the starting of ass cheeks was fleshy and deep like a den asking me to enter and get lost into the darkness. My penis again started building up. I pushed her gently on the wall with her back facing me, both of us standing. I entered in to my favorite part the den as I discussed and moved my penis into her cunt slowly, and then began the ecstasy. I pushed my cock deeper and deeper and into her hole and her moaning and shouting got louder and louder.

Aaah,push it  deeper- deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeper,yes YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS,


 Yes I am getting inside to the deepest of you kittu,ahhh.

My testis were touching her soft ass and a current was running through my nerves.



AAAHHhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmm, Huuh

And we both came the same time.i took her on bed and we lied on the bed for sometime with my penis inside her till the time it softened and automatically came out.

I skipped the office that day and we both fucked each other till afternoon.

We then went for her interview.

In the evening she left for her home with the memories of this erotic experience in her mind and bruises caused by penis into deepest of her body.







bear56bear on Taboo Stories

     It's early fall and the days are getting shorter as I stand in the street hitch hiking to a friend of mines house. I had just stuck my thumb out when this big chevy pulled over. I open the door and ask if he was going to Kingshwy. He said he was so I hoped in. The man was a pleasent looking person. Black hair freshly shaved big smile and sat tall in the driver sit.

    As we drove we chatted. He asked why I was going to kingshwy and I told him about my friend. Then he asked me how old I was and I told him. Then he says a boy like should have a girlfriend, do you have a girlfriend? I told him

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no I didn't but there was this girl I liked. Oh really he says. Yes but she doesn't know about it. He says thats too bad. So then he asked if I had ever seen a naked girl and I said I had. He says, Who was she. I told him my sister. He asked does she have a nice body and I told him I didn't know. Then he asked if I had ever seen any of my friends naked. I told him that I had in gym. then he asked if I had ever seen my daddy naked. I told him I had. He then asked had I ever played with my daddy's dick. With a shocked look on my face I told him no way. He asked did I ever think about it. I told him no. Then he asked me if I had ever seen another mans dick. I told him no I hadn't. He asked me if I'd like to see his, which I said I didn't know. He said that he'd show me his and I could show him mine if that would make me feel better. I thought about it for a few minutes. I wanted to see his cock. I had seen my friends dicks and we had even played with each other in the basements of their homes. So I thought it would be nice to see a grown man dick. So I told him ok. He said great, now let me find a nice dark spot to do this.

    So we drove for alittle bit more when he spotted this strip mall. He pulled in behind it and it was very dark back there. He parked in the darkest spot and turned off his engine. He then turned to face me and asked if he could see my dick. So I said sure then unzipped my pants and pulled out my little soft dick. He looked at for a moment and said it was a nice dick. One of the better dicks he had seen. He reach over and took it into his hand and softly started to pump it up and down. Which made me become instantly erect. When I started getting hard he chuckled alittle bit and said that wonderful seeing me get hard for him. I sat there alittel in shock as this man played with me. It felt very nice with him stroking my dick. Then he bent over and took my little tool inti his mouth and started sucking on it. I was so surprised at what he was doing that I just sat there watching him sucking me. I had had a few friends of mine suck me before but this was nothing like what they had done. He sucked me and played with my tightly drwn up nut sack as he sucked me. He kept sucking me and in about 2 or 3 minutes I was having my first orgasum. It made my whole body tremble giving me a wondeful feeling. I had never had anything like that happen to me before. I didn't cum because I was still too young. My nut stack hadn't dropped yet. But if felt excellent the way it felt. He sat up and asked me if I was alright and I told him yes. Then I asked him if he was going to show me his dick like he had promised. He said he was.

     He then unfastened his trouser and pulled them down a bit. I could then see his boxer short which had a large bulge in it. He took ahold of my hand and placed it on his bulge and had me stroke it alittle. It felt hot and very large. he sat back alittle and enjoyed me rubbing his dick in his shorts. As I stroked it I could feel it pulsing with every novement of my hand. I stroked him for a few minute then asjed him if I could take it out of his short so I could see it. He nodded his head yes so I grab the waist band of his short and started to pull them down. As I started to reveal his dick, it was pulsing and jumping to get out of it confined space. When his shorts where down his dick was standing straight up and pulsing back and forth. I was in total shock looking at this monster I had unleashed. It was at least 10" long and 3" around. The man sat there with a smile on his face as he seen my surprised look on it. He asked me if I thought I could put it into my mouth and suck on it. I told him I didn't think so. But I would try to. With that I leaned over and put the tip of his monster to my lips. Some pre-cum had formed on it, so I licked it off my lips, It was very salty and kind of tasted of nuts. He moaned when licked his tip. Then he put his hand on the back of my head and slowly applied pressure forcing me down on his dick. I opened my mouth wide and took his monster in as deep as I could. The deepest I could get into my mouth was only his head. I licked and sucked it the best I could trying my best to make his feel nice. I took my mouth off his dick and slid down the side of it making the whole monster wet and making him moan somemore. I sucked and played with his dick for about 5 or 10 minutes. I felt his dick get harder and suddenly my mouth was full of the warm creamy spunk. He told me to swallow it. I tried to swallow as much as I could. But he kept pumping load after load into my mouth some of it start to drizzle out the sides and down his cock. When he finially stopping loading me up. I kept sucking and licking his cock of all tasty spunk he gave me.He then patted me on the head so I sat up and faced him. He told me that was wonderful and he had never had suck a good blow job from such a young boy.

     He then asked me if I had ever fucked a guy or had been fucked. I told no I hadn't. He asked me if I would like to try it. I told him no I wouldn't that he was too large for me and it would hurt alot. He said ok that was fine with him. So he reach over and started to play with my cock again which felt nice the told me to slip my shorts off so he could lick me good down there without them getting in the way. I pulled them off and let them fall to the floor of the car. He took my tool into his mouth thenstarted to suck and lick me every where around my dick and balls. as he licked I felt him push his hand under my ass massaging my cheeks as he sucked me.

    Then suddenly he grabbed ahold of me and flipped me on to my belly and held me down with his stronge arms. I started to protest when I seen his reach under his seat and pull out a jar of vaseline. He opened it and took out to finger of the lube and smeared it into my cheeks then I felt hism jam his hard finger into my opening forcing them in deep. He started to pump them in and out as I lay there protesting. When had me good and lubed he took his finger out of my ass and then positioned his body over mine. He took some more vaseline and smeared it over his dick head making it really slick. Once he was ready he told me to grab my ass cheeks and pull them wide open. When I refused to do it he started smacking my ass cheeks hard many time making me cry. He stopped spanking me and told me to grab my cheeks like he said before. So I slowly reached back and pulled open my ass. He then positioned his dick to my tight little brown opening and stat to apply his weight. I felt the pressure and he was forcing his dick to myu opening. He started slow at first but I was clinching my cheeks tight Forcing him to put more pressure to me. It was starting to hurt alot as he kept up the pressure. I couldn't take it anymore so I relaxed and he rammed his monster dick deep into my ass. The pain shock wave was so awsome that I screamed bloody nurder I start to plead with him to take it out that he was ripping me apart. But he ignored me and kept up with his onslaught of my little asshole. He was deep thrusting his cock into me laying everything he had into it.I laid there crying with each thrust.  He steady fucked me for what seemed like hours but it was really about an hour. I ass stopped hurting so badly and began to feel good. the deeper he push it into me the more I wanted. I start to trust back to meet his. When he felt me joining in he said that I was a good boy and kisse my ear. I just smiled as he kept fucking me.

      Then I felt him get hard again just like when I was sucking him. So I knew he was about finished with me. He started to ram into my ass hard and stronge forcing every bit of his dick into me when he hit bottom. I had this warm feeling all over my tummy as he released his spunk deep inside me. He laid there pumping load after load of his creamy wonderment into me. When he was spent he layed on top of me panting and trying to tell me I was wonderful. He told me I should of been a girl because I was that good.  I kind of thanked him but didn't really understnd what he ment.

      I felt his dick slip out of me ass and he got off me, I sat up and looking at his half hard monster wondering how I ever got that thing up my ass. He placed his hand behind my head again and toldd me to suck his cock clean.  I kind of hesitated for a minute then remembered the spanking he gave me. So I bend my head down to his lap. His dick smelled like shit and was smeared with it and some of my blood when he ripped me open. I started to lick it timidily at first but it didn't tasted bad. I took the head into my mouth and found because it had shrunk some I could take more of it in. I began bobbing up and down on his dick clean every inch of his cock. Sliding my mouth up and down the side licking it clean. By the time I had finished clean his dick he was hard again. He looked me in the face and kissed me. He told me he wanted to meke me his girlfriend. I told him how was he going to do that because I'm a boy not a girl. He said tha he would dress me up like one and treat me as one. I would have everything I needed. I told him I didn't know about that.

      If you want to know what I did. Then let me know what you thought of this part of my true story. Contact me at  Then Look for Part 2 of Hitchhiker

Hitchiker's Ordeal

Opiated on Taboo Stories

 Hi Im a 16 year old girl living in a typical suburb of america . I stand about 5'6 and weight 120 or so pounds , blondish red hair green eyes . I have firm 34 c breasts and nice round hips , and Im told a bubble ass . I live with my parents , well my Mother and her boyfreind . Her boyfreind is why I decided to run away , see he caught me over at the neighbours house . Hes a older black man named Jurad , I was over because mom needed me to ask him if he had some butter .

Well he was smoking a joint and invited me in and we smoked a joint together ,my mothers boyfreind came and knocked on the door and there we were . So he decided he wanted to ground me , somthing I dident like and wasent going to live with . So I left , I dident have a place to go but I was 16 and thought I

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could do anything .

I remeber standing on the highway and the first ride was a really nice lady . She took me as far as the next city and gave me 15 dollars . I slept in a buss station the first night and hit the highway again . I got a ride by this guy named Joe . Joe was 56 and a traveling salesman , he had this facination with staring at my breasts . Other then that he was a decent guy . Creepy but decent , he said hed take me to Texas where he was headed . I was happy Id never been to texas and anywhere was better then here .

The first night he got a small hotel room and we shared the bed he dident try anything with me but I knew he had a hard on . I turned over and saw his covers off him and saw his cock rock hard sticking out of his boxers ! Id never seen a dick before and his was long and thick . Maybe 8' and I quickly turned back over and went to sleep . The second night I caught him jerking off and watched him as he shot a load all over the sheets unaware I was watching .

The next morning I had gotten out of the shower and came out in a towel he had just gotten out of bed and I saw his cock spring out he smiled at me and said good morning . I kept staring at his cock and then muttered somthing about needing to get my clothes on and grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom . I couldent belive I had now had a urge to touch this mans cock !  Soon enough I came out and he was dressed and smiling . "So I was thinking since this will be our last night "he said "Why dont I order Pizza and we can have a decent meal" I was agreeable and we were off .

That night all the hotels were booked and we had to get a adult motel . The one that porn plays on them all the time . Well he ordered pizza and we ate and I showered and got ready to go to bed ...I awoke to soft moans and the dull flicker of the tv . There he sat and was jerking off to my pantys I cleared my throat and he flung around . He seemed slightly embarrased and tried to appolagize then I relized my breast was exsposed and he seemingly lost control he reached out and felt my breast ! I couldent move really so sat there paralyized as his hand squeezed my breast and he leaned in and began to suck on my nipple . My first reaction was to say no but then a moan escaped my lips and I felt his hand take mine and place it on his thick cock and begin to guide my hand stroking his shaft.

I took in a deep breath as he leaned me back and asked me to give him a blow job ..I said id try and soon my lips wrapped around his swollen head . I sucked down his cock almost fully before I gaged and he moaned deeply and sat and fucked my mouth . He pulled out and pushed my legs apart and then my pantys to the side and pushed that massive cock into my young pussy . He moaned and began to ease himself into me . I sat back and took each thrust he gave me . And soon he pulled out and came all over my breasts and let me suck his cock clean . I never saw him again , but I thank him for now taking my virginity .

A month later I was headed home as I was caught by the police .....

Dirtycharles on Taboo Stories

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Juicy Lucy Pt 3


I walked through the house calling Lucy’s name and I found her sitting on her bed in her bedroom flicking through the TV Channels.  Seeing me she said in a disgusted voice “There is nothing on TV and I have seen all the programs.” So saying she switched off the TV and turned to look at me. I sat down in the only chair in the room and  I told her who was on the phone and that her Mother would not be back for at least another two Hours.  I went on to say that I would be staying with her and it would be just me and her for the next two hours.


She smiled at this and she asked me “Could we play our secret game then, no one will know as we will be all alone and I could lock the door and if my Mother comes back she will have to ring the door bell as she doesn’t carry a key and only uses the one that is kept under the stone outside and that she had not put it back there yet.  I told her that I thought that two hours was not really a long time and for what I wanted to teach her it would take all day, so I suggested that we had a good chat about what she knew about sex and if there was enough time that we could have a nice Kiss and a Cuddle.  Also if she was still wiling to bunk off school tomorrow I could meet her just round the corner from her house and I would take her to a nice cosy hide-away where we could spend the day having lots of sexy fun.  Lucy quickly agreed to this and we arranged that I would be just around the corner from where she lived at 8.30am, that I would then take her to my Secret Hide-away so we could spend the day there and afterwards I would return to where I picked her at 4.30pm.  This would give us at least 7 hours together not counting the time it took travelling to and fro to the hide-away.


With these arrangements made I then asked her to come and sit on my knee.  Smiling she came across and sat on my knee.  I put my arm around her waist and I could feel my Cock starting to grow and harden.  I softly asked her if she would like to kiss me and she turned her head and lent forward and pressed her lips on mine.  I held her and I opened my mouth and I ran my tongue over her lips.  Lucy took the hint and her lips opened and my tongue slipped into her mouth.  I felt her tongue flick out and after one or two flicks her tongue was soon entwined with mine and the kiss was now a full on passionate kiss.  I placed my right hand on her knee and I slid my hand under her skirt up to her Panties and I pushed at her legs and she opened them for me so I could touch her between her legs.  I caught the edge of her panties and pulled them to one side and my fingers slipped under them and I was sliding my fingers up and down her hairless Slit.  She gave a small moan in my mouth and I felt her little Cunt starting to get damp.  I found her Cunt Hole and I inserted my index finger in up as far as I could and she moaned again in my mouth.


Lucy broke from the kiss and gasped for air.  I asked her if she liked me fingering her and through gasps she said it was wonderful..  I continued to finger her and I slipped my finger in and out of her Tight Little Cunt while my thumb was playing with her Clit.  Her breathing really started to get ragged and heavy and she had her eyes tightly shut and then she let out a loud Moan and I felt her Cunt Muscles grip my finger and I knew she was having an Orgasm.  I continued playing with her Cunt until she completed Cumming and I gently kissed her lips, ears and throat.


“Did you like that”, I asked and Lucy looked at me and she replied.


“That was wonderful and it was much much better than when I play with myself”.


My Cock was near bursting point by this time I needed some relief so I ask her.


“Have you ever seen a Penis Lucy?”  she hesitated for a second and she that she had.  I asked her when and where had she seen a Penis and she shyly said.


“It was Stu, what happened was this.  We were playing Hide and seek this morning and Stu said he knew a good hiding place so I followed him into your house and he took me into his bedroom and into the Wardrobe.  We hid there and after 10 minutes he said he was going to show me something.  He switched on the interior light and he then undid his trousers and took out his Penis.  It was nice and it was hard and sticking out of his Trousers.  He said I could play with it if I wanted so I took it in my hands and he showed me how to rub it up and down.  I did this and he said I was doing it good, it only took a minute and he spurted his Cum all over the door.  After he had put his Penis away he asked if he could see my Vagina and I though why not so I took off my Panties and I lifted my skirt.  He got down on his knees and had a good look and he rubbed his fingers up and down my Vagina, it was nice but no where near nice as what you did to me.”


WOW I thought, my son showing off his Cock to this Girl.  I could not say anything for I was about to do the very same thing,  I asked Lucy if she liked playing with Stu’s Penis and she said that it had been fun.  I was still gently playing with her Cunt so I asked her if she would like to see and play with my Penis.   Nodding her head she said she would so I moved her slightly to one side and I unfastened my belt and unhooked the top of my Trousers.  I then Unzipped the Fly and pushed my Trousers down along with my Under-shorts.  My Cock sprang out and Lucy eyes grew big as she looked at it. 


“Oh its lovely” she said, “Can I touch it?” I Said yes and she reached out and held it in both her hands and started to Wank me off by Rubbing it up and down.  “Is this right?” she asked “Like this, up and down” I just closed my eyes and relaxed back in the chair and I moaned softly “OH Yes, just like that, don’t stop Lucy and you will see me Cum soon, I can feel it welling up, D…D…D…Don’t Stop”  I pointed my Toes and clenched my Buttocks as the feeling became more intense and then I could not hold it back any longer and I shot load after load of Cum into the air.


“ARRGH! “ I shouted as one of the most fantastic Orgasms shook my whole body.  As I started to come down I opened my eyes and I saw one of the most erotic sights I have ever seen.   This little 13 year old Girl Wanking my Cock with her hands, with her skirt up around her waist and her legs wide open.  Her Panties were still pulled to one side so I could see her Bald Hairless Cunt.  She was beautiful and If I did not know for certain she was 13 I would have thought she was younger she was that petite.


When she I was watching her she stopped rubbing my Cock and said. “Look your stuff is all over my hands” and she held them up for me to see and they were covered with my thick gooey white Cum. 


So I told her, “Well the easy way to clean your hands is to lick it all off, go on you will like it as it tastes good”


Without any hesitation she put her hands to her mouth and started to lick the thick goo off her fingers and hands.  Soon her hands were all clean and she looked up at me and smiling she said, “You were right it did taste good, slightly salty but nice and creamy, YUM”  and she scraped some more off her leg and popped it into her mouth.  MMMM Sexy I thought and I kissed her on the lips and she pushed her tongue into my mouth and I could taste my own CUM on her tongue,  She was right it did taste good and I enjoyed that Kiss very Much.


I broke the Kiss and had a look at my watch and although 2 Hours had not passed it was time to tidy up and get ready for the return of Lucy’s Mother.  I told her this and that we would also heed to clean the chair and carpet where my Cum had splashed.  She said she understood and stood up.  She lifted her skirt and took of her panties and said that she would need to put on a clean pair as they were all wet.  She went to a set of Drawers and took out a pair of clean Panties and stepped into them.  She pulled them up and as I got a flash of her beautiful hairless Cunt, I had a thought, so I asked her.


“Er, Lucy do you know  what Periods are” 


“Yes, what about them”


“Its just that I notice that your Pussy is hairless and Girls normally get hair on their Pussy’s when they start their periods and I was wondering if you had started having your Periods.”


“I understand” she replied, “I am one of the few Girls in my Class that have not started their Periods yet.  I was told by our Sex Ed Teacher that this was not a Problem and Girls start their Periods at all different ages.  She said that I could be another 2 or more years yet for me and that she thought that since I was so small, I am the smallest in my Class, that this could be a reason and not to worry about it.”


I smiled then and I went on to say, “Yes that is perfectly correct but that is good news for if you are willing and we have some real Sex then I wont be able to get you Pregnant.  Would you like to have some Real Sex with me.”


Without any hesitation she said with a big grin on her face, “OOOH Yes please I would love that, but we don not have time today do we?”  I shook my head, “So perhaps tomorrow in your Hide-away?” and she looked at me with hope in her eyes/


“I think we could manage that”, I said as my Cock gave a twitch in anticipation at the thought of Fucking this little Girl, we will 7 hours so we can do lots of things.  Come on lets get tidies up.”


For the next 20 Minutes we washed everything that need washed and by the time we had finished everything was back to the way it was before.


We went back into the living Room and switched on the TV, I sat on the couch and Pretended to read a Paper and Lucy sat a stool near the TV found a Cartoon and watched that.  This was the position that Lucy’s Mother found us 10 Minutes later when she came in, the door being unlocked and the key put back in the proper place only 5 minutes before.


After a few words I left for home with visions on this beautiful Little Girl in my mind and thoughts of what was going to happen tomorrow.


To be continued

U.S.O. Unidentified Sexual Object - Chapter II

tiberius61 on Taboo Stories

	The terrain was rough, but I could still make good time. I was startled when the alien began communicating with me. I thought 
contact was necessary. The being indicated it was touching the back of my neck. Now I could feel it, but just barely. The alien again 
communicated the uselessness of this gesture. I let it know that I was going to need water anyway, I'd given all of mine away, I was just 
toting it along for the ride. The being acknowledged my selflessness at giving away all of my water in an attempt to allow it to continue 
functioning.  	I was a b
Read More
it concerned about how much of my mind the alien could read. The alien assured me only that which was consciously
active in my mind was accessible to it. I understood. The being wasn't reading my mind as such. it was more like it was able to sense what 
I was currently thinking about.  	I wondered about the being's home planet. Instantly, images of a endless oceans dotted with hundreds of formless, yet graceful, 
golden patches drifting about, filled my head. It was beautiful and I communicated that to it. I wondered about land, islands and 
continents. The being indicated that those did not exists on it's planet. The entire world was covered with water, deep endless oceans. 
He'd never even experience dirt or sand before. It knew that such things existed, but never bothered to go that deep on it's home planet.  	Their society was much different than that of earth. Offspring were the combination of dozens of beings and only done when a being 
was needed for a specific purpose. Then the a few dozen beings with the proper knowledge sets came together and shared fluids with the 
group until a separate being achieved a state of self-awareness. It would posses all the knowledge of each of the beings involved in it's 
'birth'. The alien possessed a great deal of knowledge from the being who formed it, but unfortunately did not posses the knowledge to 
correct the problem with it's Transport Capsule. It had malfunctioned and the alien was attempting to land in the place I knew as Crescent 
Moon Lake, but fell short.   
	I wondered how long it would be before they sent out a rescue ship. The being didn't understand the term 'rescue'. I tried to explain, 
but apparently it's world sent out Transport Capsules all the time, in their quest for knowledge. When one returns, the rewards are great, 
but few return. I wondered why anyone would want to go, the life-form indicated that it was it's purpose. The beings that came together to 
produce it, had produced it specifically to make this voyage. It indicated it had no concept of what we call danger,discontinuing to 
function was not a normal condition on it's planet, all beings continue to function virtually forever, that is why they don't have a word or 
concept of death. They assume the Transport Capsules that have not returned yet are simply not finished gathering knowledge. The 
Transport Capsules are not designed for failure, it wasn't even aware that failure of a Transport Capsule was possible. It never dreamed of 
crashing on a alien world and never returning home. It is NOW aware of the concepts of danger and failure, and that it is possible to 
discontinue normal functions, (or die) since it was close to that once and will be experiencing it shortly. I verbally let it know, "Not if I can 
help it."  	I wondered how old the being was and how long it had been traveling in that Capsule. It indicated that the concept of time is 
difficult for a life-form that normally never discontinues to function. I wondered how it could survive for long periods of time out in space 
when it needed water to survive. The being indicated that it's Transport Capsule and others like it, are more than 100 times the size of 
what remained of his. It was filled with water and the Transport Capsule is designed to collect trace gases in space and convert them into 
water. However it was the intense heat, caused by this planets atmosphere that evaporated most of the Transport Capsule and all of it's 
water supply. I wondered about the alien's planet's atmosphere, doesn't it have one? And if it does how do they survive re-entry? the alien 
pointed out that although it's planet does have an atmosphere, much like ours, it's planet is covered with water, so landings are little or no 
risk. Transport Capsules are designed to diminish in size upon re-entry. Although Transport Capsules have returned with knowledge of 
planets with land masses, (Even a planet orbiting the same star that was all land mass and virtually no water.) but they never even 
considered that they would ever land on one. Since their planet was all water, they always land in the water. Transport Capsules are 
designed to diminish in size and lose it's water supply on re-entry. It's  the diminished weight that allows it to achieve a water landing 
without blowing apart.  	All knowledge gathered about other planets was gathered from space. The Transport Capsule was capable of performing a great 
many functions. It could be configured and reconfigured to do many different things. Like interpret light-wave reflections and emissions, 
with great detail and at great distances. (I mused, it could 'see'.) It could intercept other form of emissions as well, like electro-magnetic 
emissions, radio waves. The transport could even be configured to detect wave compressions of the atmosphere (I was impressed, it could 
'hear' from outer space.) Unfortunately one thing it wasn't capable of, was repairing itself. It wasn't designed to fail, so it was wasn't 
constructed with the knowledge of how to repair itself. That took me by surprise, the Transport Capsule had knowledge? I wondered if the 
Transport Capsule was ALIVE. A living being? The alien informed me that although the Transport Capsule did posses a great deal of 
knowledge and could do a great many things, and some things independent of instruction, it was not self-aware. It's was in complete 
control of the Transport and the Transport could not function without a being, such as himself, to control it. The Transport had a compact 
series of instruction sets to perform it's functions. In human terms, it was 'programed'. The alien agreed with my term after I explained 
what it meant. It expanded on that, saying the instruction sets the Transport capsule followed were much more complex than anything 
"programed" on this planet, but it was not capable of independent thought.   	I wondered about all the knowledge that would be lost if they couldn't come up with a way to repair the Transport Capsule. The 
alien was perplexed by this thought. The Transport could not be repaired, It did not have the knowledge to do such a thing, but only the 
knowledge, placed into the transport, by those that constructed it would be lost, and as such was not really a loss since the originators of 
that knowledge would still posses that knowledge. I clarified my thought, I was referring to the data collected, but the alien indicated the 
Transport did not contain such knowledge, it was not capable of learning or retaining such knowledge. The knowledge collected on this 
voyage, would be lost when it discontinued normal functions. The being retained the full knowledge of everything and every place it had 
visited. It had been designed to do so, that was it's purpose, learn, evaluate, interpret, and retain.  	I was impressed, I could have used some of that ability in college. I had read that the human mind retained everything we ever did, 
saw, or heard, but it sure didn't feel that way when I had to study for a test. The being marveled at my thoughts of college. A university, a 
conglomeration of structures, devoted to the dissemination of knowledge. It decided that our race was even more intelligent than it had 
originally believed. I joked, if it had analyzed our Television and radio broadcasts, I could understand why it might question our level of 
intelligence. The being didn't understand, our radio emissions were a sign of intelligence, why would it's analysis of these emissions 
prove otherwise. They didn't have humor in it's society. And since communication on their planet required touching, there was no 
mass-media either, therefore no form of mind-numbing entertainment, like television sitcoms and "reality" shows. So my little joke went 
totally unappreciated, except by me, as I chuckled to myself.  	I wondered about the being's travel and what it had learned. The being filled my mind with images, some of the most recent ones I 
recognized, The desolate rocks of Uranus, and Neptune, the gas giants of Jupiter and Saturn, with it's rings. It had studied Jupiter for one 
full revolution around our star. I thought, wasn't that almost 12 years? It indicated it observed any planet with an atmosphere for at least 
one full revolution. Planets that had life were studied longer. I reeled, Didn't Saturn take something like 80 years to go around the Sun? 
The being didn't understand the term years, so I thought about how the earth revolved around the Sun every 365 rotations, or days. The 
being corrected me. it was 365.285... I told it that precision wasn't important at this point. Apparently this being has been buzzing around 
our solar system, for longer than I has been alive, for longer than my parents had been alive, even longer than my grandparents. That 
seemed amazing to me, although the alien couldn't share in my wonder. It viewed death, or 'discontinuing normal functions' with as 
much awe as I viewed the being's near immortality.  	I has been moving for hours and nature called. As I unzipped my pants the alien inquired about the ritual I was about to perform. I 
let it know I was going to urinate. This stunned the alien! It didn't understand why I was going to expel water from my body, when I 
obviously required water to survive. I thought back to my Biology classes to explain how urine carries waste and unused nutrients from the 
human body. This evolved into a lengthy dissertation of how humans take in food and drink, then breakdown the matter we take in, to use 
it for fuel throughout our bodies. Some of the waste products from this function is filtered out by the kidneys and removed from the body 
in the from of urine. An explanation of feces, would have to wait for another time.  	I really had to go now! The alien wanted me to share my waste water, it called it fluid, with it. I indicated that this was waste from my 
body, and includes poisons. It would be unsafe for even me to drink it and it was coming from MY body. Nevertheless, the alien would 
feel honored to have me share my urine with it. It also indicated the extra fluids from my body might increase it's chances for survival. It 
was once again getting close to discontinuing normal functions. Reluctantly, and with some serious reservations, I agreed. I wiggled off 
the makeshift backpack and set the jacket with the alien up against a tree and pulled open the drawstring to give me a large enough 
opening to pee through.   	I unzipped my fly and let it fly. My initial aim was off and I urinated on my rain slicker. "Damn." I thought. But then saw a streamer of 
gold slip out and retrieve the urine off the side of the jacket. I leaned forward and saw there was no splashing, the stream just seemed to 
merge with the being. Well if it helps it to survive until I gets to the river, the thought, I guess it's okay.  	The river! I tried to determine how far had I gone. The being was keeping me occupied with our 'conversation' I got the feeling the 
alien was slowing down it's thought patterns, for my benefit. I wondered how fast these beings could communicate with each other. 
Probably knew everything they need to know about each other in a matter of seconds. I sighed and felt the being's presence. I looked 
down, a stream of gold had followed my urine up to my penis and was going up inside of me. I cut my piss short as I quickly backed away 
from the alien. The gold strand wavered slightly then slipped back into the jacket. I finished urinating behind a another tree about 20 feet 
from the alien. There wasn't much left.  	I came back and tightened back up the drawstring. I hoisted the makeshift backpack and readjusted it. It wasn't really a good design, 
in fact it was downright uncomfortable. With more time to think I could have come up with a way to get the being into my backpack. That 
was a real good design, I could wear that all day and hardly feel a thing.  	The being came in contact again. It was confused why I stopped sharing my fluids. I indicated that I was aware of how dry the 
canteens were after the being merged with their contents. If the being entered me and did the same thing to my bladder that could be 
fatal. I explained the cells lining my bladder need moisture, if I allowed the alien to go in there an dry me out, the cells could die, the 
lining to my bladder could crack and I could be facing a life threatening infection if urine leaked from my bladder into my body. The 
alien was unfamiliar with the concepts of cells, and bladder. I understood it's problem, it was a fluid, although highly evolved and very 
intelligent, functioning on a molecular level, but still all one fluid.  	I started with Middle School Biology, single cell organisms. I figured the alien was intelligent enough to make the leap, so I skipped 
frogs and rats and progressed to man. I explained how cells specialize to perform one function, then these cells join together to form 
tissues, and the tissue comes together to form an organ, and organs work together to make systems, and the different systems all come 
together to form the human body. Of course with the alien's inquisitive intelligence, many questions were asked, and I answered the ones I 
could, to the best of my ability, so this whole explanation took quite a few hours and I was getting hungry.  	I paused to pull out some beef jerky. I took a bit and as I chewed it I realized I didn't have any water to counter the salt. The being 
was curious, so I explained how my whole body relied on a delicate balance of salt in my bloodstream. Too much salt and the cells loose 
water and organs begin to shutdown, not enough salt and more organs absorb water and begin to swell. If my brain swells too much, it 
might damage my brain stem and could cause death. Either way it would mean an end to my normal functioning. The alien worried 
about me sharing my fluids with it earlier, I explained that salt was also in that fluid, helping me to maintain that delicate balance. The 
being, who was analyzing the urine to identify molecules it could use, wondered which of these components were 'salt'. I thought about 
the chemical composition of salt and the alien was able to discern which component of the urine was salt. Which I found utterly amazing.  	I put away the jerky, I could eat that when I reached the river. I pulled out a pack of raisins and tossed a handful in my mouth. Carbs 
where what I needed anyway, I needed energy to get to the river. The protein could wait until I got there. The alien seemed weaker but 
was inquisitive. Carbs, energy, protein? I thought about the chemical compositions of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and explained how 
the human body used them for energy and rebuilding, or repairing itself. Unlike the alien's Transport Capsule, My body did know how to '
repair' itself, for many minor injuries and infections.  	The being was concerned about my delicate balance and did not wish for me to discontinue normal functions. It was offering to 
share it's fluids with me. Since I had urinated in the being, I politely declined the offer. The being did not understand why I would refuse 
such an offer. Apparently sharing fluids was a big deal on the alien's home world. Some sort of special honor. I let the alien know that 
while the alien might like my urine, if I got any of that back, it might cause me to discontinue normal functions. The being was confused, 
why would it give back to me, what I had given to it. The alien assured me, that what I had given to it would be kept, it just wanted to give 
some of itself to me. Since this seemed really important to the poor thing, and it probably wouldn't make it to the river anyway, I agreed 
to accept the fluid that the being wanted to share with me.  	The being inquired what orifice would be best for the sharing, since I was covered in a thick covering. I indicated that that covering 
was called skin and, in addition to holding my body together and protecting me from infections, it also kept my water from evaporating 
into the air, as the alien seemed to be doing. I let the being know that my mouth would probably be most appropriate. I warily watched a 
tentacle of gold fluid come around my head. I opened my mouth and let the being know that taking water from my mouth could be just 
as dangerous as taking it from my bladder. The alien acknowledged that and assured me no such taking would occur, this was a giving 
thing.  	A bulb began to form at the end of the tentacle as it entered my mouth. I felt about 4 ounces of warm liquid, wash over my tongue 
as the tentacle retracted. It was hard to describe the taste, it was like nothing I'd ever tasted before. It tasted 'light'. I let it roll around my 
mouth a little bit before I swallowed it. I suddenly wondered if the alien's fluid was poisonous to humans? The alien assured me that 
nothing in it's composition would harm any part of my composition. The alien informed me that what it had shared with me was very 
similar to proteins and carbs.   	The alien decided to fully retreat back into the rain slicker to attempt to slow it's evaporation rate. Maybe, with a little luck, it could 
make it to the river.  	I felt recharged and ready to go. Even though the alien was no longer in contact with me. I felt like I had learned things about the 
alien's culture that I couldn't remember the alien actually revealing to me. I figured it was just thoughts in my head that I was still sorting 
out.   	It started to grow dark, but I found I could still see fairly well. It almost looked like I was wearing amber aviator's sunglasses. I didn't 
have time to think about it much, I was just glad I could see enough to navigate this rough terrain. If I couldn't see, I'd have to stop until 
morning. I couldn't believe, in my rush to leave, I forgot my flashlight.  	I felt invigorated as I reached the trail, a few miles closer to the river than I'd expected, but still a few hours out. I started a brisk walk 
that soon progressed to a moderate jog. This trail came out at a bend in the river. There was a wide bank that was a popular campsite 
with hikers. I hurried to reach it. A mile or so down the path I was running at a good pace. I wasn't sure of I could maintain that pace for 
the rest of the distance but I was sure gonna try. I felt great, like nothing could stop me!  	But it didn't last. I could already see the river in the distance, it couldn't have been more than a quarter of a mile away. 
Unfortunately, I was falling apart. I knew what it was, dehydration. What was I thinking? Running all that way? Without any water? I 
must've been out of my mind! I struggled to stay on my feet but my mind and body weren't working so well, I felt dizzy and disoriented. I 
staggered, but something inside me kept me on my feet. It seemed like an eternity when I reached the river bank. I dropped to my knees 
and crawled to the waters edge.   	I crawled into the water and fell face first. I turned my head to the side and drank from the cool flowing water. I choked and coughed, 
but managed to get my head up out of the water. I tried to drink again, and managed to choke down a little water, which cooled my 
patched throat. After a few more drinks I tried to lift myself out of the water and became acutely aware of the pain in my shoulders and the 
weight on my back. The alien!  	I popped up on my knees and struggled to get the raincoat off my back. I felt hard against my back. It dropped into the water with a 
splash. Not the 'merging' I expected. I turned and sat in the water, pulling open the drawstring. There was a dull, hard, golden-brown rock 
in my backpack. It was still quite heavy as I picked it up.  	Damn! I didn't make it! I nearly killed myself but still didn't make it in time! The alien had discontinued normal functions. It was 
dead. I felt a certain bond towards the creature, we had become friends of a sort, but I didn't even know it's name. I felt the despair that 
comes with making your best effort, but still coming up short, but this was more intense because a life was lost with this failure. I dropped 
back into the water with a splash. My face barely cleared the water, but I could still breath.  	I would have to bury my alien friend. Was that their custom? Wait, no it couldn't be, on it's planet they lived forever, so it would have 
no custom. Since my friend had no custom to handle this situation, I'd lend it one of ours. I would bury it here, at the bank of the river, 
close to the water. That seemed fitting.   	But I was so tired right now. I'd do it later, rest first, I needed rest. The alien rolled off my stomach and splashed into the water. I put 
my hand on it. The water felt so cool, so soothing, so nice....  	I drifted off to sleep....