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War is Hell

tinkertoy on Taboo Stories

Being deployed to a combat zone is difficult in ways few can imagine.  You not only miss your family and friends, you miss so many things you’ve always taken for granted: going to the store and buying what you want or need.  Choosing which kind of soda you want, going through the drive trough at Mickey D’s on your way home from work, or even just picking up the phone and calling someone are among the things you start missing after about 3 weeks.

We got to Kuwa

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it March 9, 2003 and would have stayed in Kuwait for almost 2 months but some idiot in our camp through a grenade into his Command’s tent so most of us got pushed north into Iraq a lot sooner than expected.  Half of our vehicles were broke down pieces of shit and about a third of the supplies we shipped ahead of us were lost when the ship carrying them sank.

The spring and summer 0f 2003 passed in a haze.  I can’t remember much of that time.  I know it was bad.  It was hot and we had too many people in each tent, the MRE’s taste like shit after day 4 and you watch people who got there after you leave before you.  You get to thinking your tour will keep getting extended, or you’ll get KIA’d a day before you’re supposed to leave and it fucks with your mind.

And of course, there is no place to jack off.

Some guys hide in the porta-johns, others would climb into parked vehicles, some would do it in their sleeping bags at night but I just couldn’t bring myself to do any of those things.  I can’t smell piss and shit, or sit in a hot fucking truck or even worse, be entombed in a damn sleeping bag in 120 degree heat just to yank my cock.  So I suffered.

Around late July or early August we had a bunch of new people sent to us.  But no new tents so we had to cut our tiny living spaces in half.  My old area was now shared with some Major who seemed as gay as he was pompous.

I think that guy jacked off twice a night every night for the first week he was there.  I got sick of hearing his hand rubbing against his sleeping bag and was going to say something about it when I decided I was probably just jealous.  I’d seen the pictures of his wife and if I was him, I’d be doing the same thing.  I’d been 5 or 6 months without a single jo session.  It was hot, I was frustrated, and he was lucky to have that hot piece of ass to go home to whenever we got the hell out of here.

Inevitably, everyone gets to know each other pretty well.  You can’t help it when you sleep less than a foot away from each other.  Major T. and I were no different.  He was actually pretty cool and he’d always share his care packages with me before passing things out to everyone else.  We talked quite a bit.  What we missed most about home, what we’d be doing if we were still in the States, girls we’d fucked, where we grew up, why we joined the Army, etc.  One memorable conversation had us deciding what 3 things we wanted most at that moment.  An easy decision for me:  a blow job, 18 hours of sleep, and a Dr. Pepper.  (There was NO Dr. Pepper in Iraq until December)

He asked me one day if I had a girlfriend in country and I kinda looked at him crazy.  A lot of soldiers hook up with someone for a deployment and they spend their time sneaking off to fuck in the backs of trucks or in the shitters.  One couple was even caught in the water buffalo!  I never drank from that WB again.  With all our talk, I figure he’d know the answer by now.

 I told him no and he said he’d asked only because he’d never heard me jack off.  I instantly thought of my first impression of him being gay and the look on my face must have made him realize how he sounded.  He hurriedly went on to explain that he’d been seeing this girl and she wanted him to bring another guy along that night.  He was wondering if I’d like to go along.

I told him no thanks, I don’t dig the idea of fucking some slut even as my dick started to stir in my pants.  He kept trying to convince me and I finally asked him who it was.  I was shocked when he told me.

“Anderson, the fueler girl.  She has some friends who let her use their air-conditioned offices at night to watch movies.  I ran into her one night when she was headed over there and she invited me along.  One thing led to another and, well…” he trailed off.

I knew the girl.  Andy is what we all called her.  I’d known her before we deployed and the girl is HOT!  She’s definitely not a slut.  When she’d get off duty back home she’d put on regular clothes and you could see what the baggy uniforms hid all day.  She was really pretty, awesome figure, smart as hell, and refused every GI who asked her out.  Me included.  I had spent many nights before we left with my dick in my hand and her in my mind.

I told him how she’d shot me down before and if she had to be a slut if she wanted him to just bring any guy with him that night.

“Not just any guy.  There’s only 2 guys she’s willing to have me bring; you or that tall guy in Operations.  I forget his name.”

My dick stirred a bit more.  I felt it roll over off my leg and stiffen just the tiniest bit.

“I’ll think about it.  What time?”

“1800.  Let me know before 1600 so I can ask that other guy.”


At 1730 I was a wreck.  I had already showered, shaved, and found a clean pair of underwear.  My heart was pounding in the back of my throat, the blood was rushing through my brain creating a sound akin to a wind tunnel, and my dick was so hard I thought maybe I should have forgotten about putting on underwear at all.

I was waiting for Major T. to show up and having a conniption.  He was late and I was starting to think he’d been playing a joke on me.  I’d kill him if he was.  I was also trying to figure out where this office was.  The airfield we lived on was pretty nice since we’d built it up over the summer, but there were less than half a dozen buildings.  Only two were of any size where there would be offices and neither seemed likely.  There was the Terminal where all the Big Wigs worked like the General and his staff, and then there was the control tower where the aviation guys worked and lived.  Where the fuck were we going?  Where the fuck was Major T.?

He eventually showed up but he was pretty late and we had to walk fast to be there on time.  He said he didn’t want to piss her off.  She could be a little pouty with him and while it was sexy as hell, it also meant he ran the risk of REALLY pissing her off.

He led me to the Terminal and my mid was swirling with questions, pent up frustration and a sudden fear that literally stopped me in my tracks.

“What’s up?  You coming or what?”

“Uh, that’s the problem, actually.”

“You didn’t just, uh, in you pants…?”

“NO! But, well, see, Anderson is really hot.”

He looked at me like I’d just been awarded my Master’s Degree in Stating the Obvious.  “No kidding,” he finally said.

“Well, it’s just that it’s been a really long time for me and she’s really hot and I was just thinking how bad it would be…,”  I broke off at the sound of his laughter.

“You’re worried you’ll shoot your load in less than 30 seconds.”  There was no malice in his voice.

“More like 10,” I said.  “Maybe I should kinda go over there,” pointing at some trees, “and, uh, prepare myself before I get inside.”

“If you really want to, but she’ll probably like it if you don’t.  Trust me.”

I was still uncertain.  I kept imaging this hot chick laughing at me when I shot my load as I was still unbuttoning my pants.  And if she laughed one of two things would happen.  I’d either not be able to get hard again, or I’d get hard and she wouldn’t want me after all.

“My first night in that office I had my pants around my ankles and she was reaching out to grab me and I shot my wad in her face before she even touched me.  She loved it!”

I was dumbfounded.  I just stood there trying to figure out what on earth this girl found arousing about something like that.  I also kept imagining her face with cum dripping down it and my cock swelled even more.  I was decided.

We entered the terminal and Major T. led me up these nice marble stairs, down a hallway that looked like it should be in a NYC crack house, through a room full of computers and to a large polished wood door.  The contrasts in this place were adding to my confusion.  This whole experience was like some fever-induced dream where you find yourself wandering around a mad house with crazy people jumping out at you and mirrors distorting your reflection so much that you forget what you look like.

“Before we go in there I want to set a couple things straight.  You cannot tell anyone about this.    Also, you’ll have to leave your weapon there,” he pointed to a weapons rack against the wall where a SAW was already locked in.  “If you need a lock there’s some on the counter there.”  I locked my weapon in and Tom passed me his.  When both were secure, I turned back to him.

“I am married and will get into a lot of trouble if anyone knows about this.  I’m also an Officer and she’s only a PFC so they’ll get me on that, too.  I’ll lose my wife and son if I get found out.  You tell anyone and I’ll kill you.  No exaggeration.  I will end your life if you jeopardize my future with my wife and son.  I’ll kill you if you tarnish his girl’s reputation.  I don’t want people thinking she’s a barracks slut because she isn’t.  If you can’t abide by this, leave now.”

“I won’t tell a soul, Sir.”

He smiled then.  “I knew I forgot something.  My name’s Tom.  As long as were here I’d prefer you to call me that.  And I’d prefer to call you by your first name, as well.”

“No problem.  I’m Jake.”

“Andy’s still Andy, by the way.  I guess even her folks call her that and always have.”

“Anything else?”

By way of answer he opened the door.  On the other side was a lavish office, even by American standards.  Never mind we were in a bombed out city in Iraq, the Land That God Forgot.  Huge mahogany desk, leather winged back chair, big flat screen TV with a stereo, marble floor with deep pile rugs, big comfy couch against one wall, and in the middle of it all, there was Andy.

She had her hair down and I realized I’d forgotten it was curly.  I’d forgotten she had a beautiful smile and cute dimples hiding under her combat façade.  She wasn’t just the fueler girl, or a machine gunner putting her life on the line for convoys.  She was all of those things, but she was a woman, too.  Talk about contrasts.

“You guys coming in, or what?” she smiled.

I heard Tom gulp beside me.  I knew how he felt.  I took a shaky step into the room, unsure of what to do.

Tom walked purposefully past me and they hugged.  And then they kissed.  I just stood there while watching these two share the most passionate kiss I’d ever seen.  They broke off and she started unbuttoning his shirt.  She took it off and the T-shirt, too.  I watched her run her hands down his chest and my groin tightened in jealousy, lust, and voyeuristic thrill.

Her eyes seemed to drink him up as she started removing his pants.  I felt weird when his bare ass came into view.  I started to move to the right so I wouldn’t be staring straight at it, but then she knelt in front of him and I changed direction.  I’d never seen another guys hard dick before, but I really wanted to see his go into her mouth.

She licked at it as she fondled his balls and then she took the whole thing in his mouth in one swallow.  I was unbuttoning my pants to free my cock when she beckoned me nearer.  I took a few steps but she kept motioning me forward so I kept walking and unbuttoning until I was right next to Tom, standing over her.

She took her mouth off him.  “Take it out,” she panted.  “I want to see you.  I want to see you make yourself cum while I suck him.”

I kicked off my boots and pulled my pants off.  My socks did that really cool trick socks do when they come off with your pants.  I had lost my uniform top sometime so I was just standing there in my T-shirt.  I took hold of my cock for the first time in 6 months and started stroking it.  Andy’s head was bobbing up and down on Tom’s dick not 6 inches in front of me.  I felt the cum boiling in my sack and with a series of loud grunts I shot my load all over the right side of Andy’s face.

For the first time since I was about 14 my dick stayed hard after I came.  I kept stroking it and milking it until Andy took me into her mouth.  I shot another full load into her mouth and it built in intensity when I realized she was swallowing.  I’d never met a chick that swallows before!

Tom was standing next to me stroking his cock as Andy milked the last drops from me.  He had a smile on his face when I looked at him.  “Told ya, man.  She’s the greatest!”

I nodded my agreement and closed my eyes.  I nearly fell over when Andy took her hands off my ass.  I was so drained that I could barely stand.  Andy led me to the couch and lay me down.  She did a little strip tease in front of me before climbing on top.

“Tom, honey, I’m going to fuck Jake really hard while you watch.  I want you to shove your cock in my ass just before you come.”

I almost came myself when she said that.  It had been so long since I’d had my dick in a wet pussy and as she slid down on my member I thought I was in heaven.  She was breathing very heavily and her tits were bouncing up and down in front of my face.  I was thrusting madly upwards, trying to match her stroke for stroke when I felt Tom shove into her.  Feeling his cock through her wall made every thrust into something so exquisite I never wanted it to end.

He let out a low groan and then they both stopped moving.  About 10 seconds later I felt his cock pulse and then the cum emptying into Andy’s ass.  Each shot created another pulse and the sensation it caused running up my own hard shaft made me blow my wad, too.

“Oh, god, oh, god, oh my FUCKING god!  You’re both cumming!  I have a man cumming in my ass and a man cumming in my pussy!  Oh!  My!  God!”  Andy shrieked.  With that I felt her pussy clamp down on my dick and her orgasm flooded over me.  Tom and I both had our arms around her but that didn’t stop her from shaking uncontrollably as she came.

I’ve always been jealous of how long the woman’s orgasm is.  It seems to go on forever and that night as I felt her pussy convulsing around my cock as the last contractions in Tom’s balls pushed his cum upwards against me, I came again.

I fell back on the couch and let my arms fall by my sides.  I felt Andy relaxing on top of me and then she and Tom were laying down on me.  I had never been so satisfied in my life.  I would have slept there just like that if it weren’t so risky.  We didn’t need the office owner to come in next morning and find us there like that.

I could hardly get dressed and they had to help me gets my boots tied.  I waited in the hall, retrieving our weapons while Andy and Tom said their goodnights.  I was so tired that I didn’t have a single thought in my head.  As Tom led me back to our tent he asked if I wanted to go back the next night.

“Dude, are you kidding?  What do you think?!”



He treated her like she didn't exist! Now she was free!

shelbygt1967 on Taboo Stories

Fred was very successful in the business world but a looser of a husband, however, no one knew except he and his wife Rose.  Fred was a handsom man who wanted to impress everyone he came in contact with.  He ware $800.00 suits, monagramed shirts and $200.00 shoes.  Fred put on aires as to who he really was, he was a genuine asswhole to his wife.  The first time I saw Rose I was infactuated with her beauty, her sincerity, her shiness and her figure.  I couldn't help noticing her breasts, they seemed to accent her body perfectly.

Fred had been involved in several shady business deals but never jailed because he had the gift of the gab and was very carismat

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ic.  He was also fucking several woman, a young office assistant, secretary in another office and a marrid lady in another city.  Rose had no idea of any of the woman accept the married one and Fred told her if she didn't like it she could leave him but she would get nothing.  It was important to Fred that he keep up appearances of a happy home.  However, good fortune smiled on Rose, the feds went after Fred and he landed in jail. 

Rose diviorced him and a few years later I decided to take a bold step.  I call her and set up an appointment to take some photos of her on the premise that she would be posing for major glamore magazines like Harpers, Red Book, Good House Keeping of if she wanted to some of the Paul Raymond magazines out or Europe.

When I arrive at Roses house she looked like a million dallors.  Rose did not recognize me (which I had hoped)  so I could be more bold in my approach.  Before the first photo session was done Rose was naked and loving it.  On the second session a couple of days later Rose picked up right where she left off.  She was exquisitly beautiful, standing about 5'6" at about 110 lbs with 34 D perky firm breasts, a nice wiast line, great hips and killer legs.

Rose had the largest patch of brown pubic hair I have ever seem on anybody.  The triangle hair went from her pussy to within an inch of her belly button and from hip bone to hip bone.  It was huge!  I ask her to trim it up for the second session and was plesentaly surprized to see that she had trimmed it up signifently.

Over 7even days of shooting pics I accumulated over 700 photos of this magnificent beauty.  With each photo session Rose became more bold herself, she was posing like a pro, spreading her pussy to show everyone cupping her tits, sucking her nipples  and even letting me stroke my cock up and down the length of her slit.  What a hot lady!

I didn't quite get around to fucking her at the time, however, Rose is going to pose for me again soon ad this time I know she'll fuck me.  She doesn't know it yet but I do!

See you soon Rose!  

Lucy Astin, private dick pt.1

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What do I do? I’m a private detective. On the job now two
years, I spend most nights casing seedy
motels here in the suburbs of Chicago,
waiting to catch heavy bellied business men with greasy hair and fingers fucking
prostitutes on filthy beds, the husbands of my clients who are mostly neglected
and desperate women. I don’t know why these women come here when a male
detective could not only nail their unruly husbands but give them what they
really need…which, since you ask, is to be smashed over the desk and fucked
till they cant see. But like I said, they’re not likely to get that here, I’m a
short blonde with big tits and an ass so

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big and round it has it’s own
gravitational pull…

A man knocks once on my door then walks in. He’s about 50
and tall, very tall with broad shoulders, big arms, a round paunch and hard
eyes. “You Astin?” his eyes run up my legs which are flung up on the desk, they
linger on my tits but his look is cold, appraising, no trace of the desire that’s
usually apparent. I’m slightly unnerved. His eyes are unflinching and under his
gaze I can feel my nipples starting to strain against the rough fabric of my
red suit.

I light a cigarette and exhale deeply and slowly so that
when I speak my voice will sound calm. His eyes are still boring into me and my
cunt is getting damp. Who is this? I
pull myself together, “yeah, I’m detective Astin.?” The man looks at me for a
moment longer then sits down opposite me. He tells me that he makes adult
movies, the kind you cant buy at your friendly adult video shop. He tells me
his “company” recruits prostitutes, seduces them with promises of more money
and nice apartments and the tricks they’ll turn on camera wont be half as
unpleasant as the shit they get up to in the back of their customers Hondas.
That’s what Bukowski and his associates tell
the skirts. In reality most of them are kept in chains and virtually tortured,
Bukowski doesn’t go into detail but I get the gist. I remember his cold hard
eyes on me and imagine that detached appraising eye wandering over the
twitching and pained bodies of the poor cunts chained in a basement
somewhere, it makes my insides icy and I
think that if it was me I’d rather be whipped raw then tied down, prone and
vulnerable under his cruel gaze. I realize I’ve let my thoughts run away with
me and Bukowski knows it. He’s just watching me now, after several more moments
he stands up, throws a file down on my desk, says, “that woman was my…associate.
A couple of weeks ago she stole a handful of whores and all my male actors and
set up on her own somewhere. I want them back. She knows all of my usual men so
I haven’t been able to shadow her. You find her. He threw a clip of money
beside the file, I didn’t have to look to know it was more cash than I’d seen
in six months. What can I say, I need the dough. I’ll take the case I decide, I’m
about to tell him so but then I realize he’s already left.

The woman I’m looking for is Ethelreda Hooper. It doesn’t take
me long to find her, the file contains a list of some of her frequent haunts
and I find her the third place I check, she’s just coming out of a bar in the
middle of Chicago, the place looks rich but it’s in a shit neighbourhood.
Ethelreda’s hard to miss. She’s wearing shades and red lipstick that’s slightly
smeared. Her body is gorgeous for a woman whose file tells me she’s pushing 45.
Her legs are long and sheathed in skintight black denim. Her breasts aren’t big
like mine, but at her age that’s probably a good thing, it means they haven’t sagged
too bad. Her hair is dark red, almost brunette and falls nearly to the back of
her thighs. I’m sitting in my car and watching her from across the street, she
gets into a black Jaguar and speeds off. I follow her. If she knows she’s being
followed she doesn’t make any attempt to shake me. I follow her into the
suburbs to one of those dirty derelict neighbourhoods that have no particularly
distinguishing features. She pulls up to a small bungalow with shuttered
windows, and goes right in without looking around her. I keep my distance for
awhile. Then I think, this is the most interesting case I’ve had so far and I’m
tired of spending all my time parked in hedges, seeing fuck all with my
binoculars. I’m somehow captivated by this woman Ethelreda. I think about her
and Mr. Bukowski together, if anyone could be unfazed by his cold stare it
would be this strange and exotic red head. I HAVE to know what’s going on in
there. What is this woman doing, what or who does she keep in this shithole?

I cut through the neighbours yard and then somehow manage to
force myself tits and all through a small gap in the back fence, into Ethelreda’s
yard. The back windows are all shuttered as well but there is a small barred
window into the basement that I can see through if I lay flat, my huge tits are
squashed up under my chin and the ground is cement and rough, the window is
small and at first I cant see anything but then somewhere inside a fire is lit
and it casts a dim glow into the room. There are people in there. Three girls.
Two of them have been stripped naked and lashed face to face, their hands bound
together and then suspended from a beam in the ceiling. The third girl, a small
Latina has been
nailed to a low platform on the floor, she’s spread eagled with what looks like
a small railroad spike going through each of her wrists, her legs spread wide
and her feet secured to either edge of the platform. She is bleeding copiously
and looks unconscious. I’m not prepared for this, I roll over and retch but
before I can get up and run a man enters, I cant see his face clearly in the
dim light but he is tall slim. Darkish, Italian maybe. He stands over the Latina and slaps her
lightly several times until she comes to and makes soft whimpering noises. He
forces a ball gag into her mouth and then reaches to a shelf behind her and
retrieves a ten inch black rubber dildo punctuated with small jagged metal
studs. In one deft motion he forces it inside of her, he thrusts it roughly in
and out of her several times but she soon passes out again from the pain and he
seems to be losing interest in her. He jerks out the dildo and I almost retch
again thinking of those jagged metal shards digging bloody furrows down the
inside wall of my cunt. I need to leave and soon. But I’m frozen, transfixed.
The Italian moves over to the two girls lashed together, they look young, too
young. Sixteen, maybe. And they’ve been drugged by the looks of it because
though they’re awake their heads are lolling and they barely flinched at the
almost inhuman sounding cries that the Latina
had been making through her gag. The Italian rounds on the girls, he’s produced
the most massive whip I’ve ever seen,
the base of it is easily four feet long and it’s thicker than my forearm then
it splits into a dozen long straps heavily weighted. A whip like that can strip
skin to the bone if it’s used correctly and I was certain the Italian would
prove to be an expert. The first lash lands on the younger looking of the two
girl’s shoulders and causes her to shudder deeply and though blood instantly
begins to ooze from the several deep slices the whip has made, she is heavily
sedated still and she doesn’t scream. The next stroke is to her ass and this
one causes her to writhe and grind her little cunt against that of the other
girl. Another powerful blow to the ass and the girl seems to be fully returned
to her senses and the incredible pain she’s in. She begins to scream and with a
look of grim satisfaction the Italian begins whipping both girls at once, the
older girl wakes up and starts screaming as well as blow after blow is
viciously landed to their sides, inflicting deep gashes on their hips, I force
my fist into my mouth to keep from crying out myself as some of the lashes send
a tongue of black leather between the girl’s ass cheeks and onto their pussies,
the younger of whose I can see has started to bleed. I’m so engrossed and
appalled by this that I don’t here the steps behind me, suddenly I’m aware that
I’m not alone, I turn up my head from my prone position on the ground and find
to my horror that Ethelreda is standing over me, my eyes briefly linger on her
cunt, which I can see because she’s wearing a scrap of a dress and no underwear,
it’s not the pussy of a 45 year old. Her cunt lips are damp, deeply pink, and
prominent, but not at all frayed in that way that frequently happens to the
owner of a full blown rose like Ethelreda’s. I’m just staring up at her
stupidly from the ground, speechless, appalled, scared shitless and faintly
curious. Ethelreda doesn’t say anything at first she just stares at me, then
she murmers in a voice heavy with a Russian accent, she leans down and
contemplatively grabs my ass, “my, my, ees lucky daye for me, eh? I am going to
have fun with you, my preety leetle detective” In the second before she knocks
me unconscious with the club she was holding behind her back, two things dawn
on me, Bukowski told me Ethelreda stole his women to make hardcore videos but
there hadn’t been any cameras just now in the basement, and Ethelreda knew I
was a detective. Fuck.


What will become of our heroin? Will she escape this den of
iniquity or will she become another one of Ethelreda’s puppets? Continued pending
on reviews.

sugaray on Taboo Stories

Aunt Lois is pondering what it would feel like to have a man's cock inside her- but she knows that this is an area that she should not get involved.  She realizes that this is the devils work- but the lust of never having had sex before is driving her crazy. Plus the thought of having the sensation of a man's member must be an incredible feeling- or so others have told her. 


 But how would she go about this.?  If she got caught trying to seduce one of the young boys, she could go to jail.  She would have to be careful and only get with someone that would not tell.  "God!! She thought.  What am I doing???  I can't do this- this is insane.  As her mind begins to tell her to stop thin

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king about this crazy idea, she dozes




The next morning, James wakes from his sleep with a huge erection and horny as a 15 year old could feel.  And the first thing on his mind was Lois.  How could he come up with a plan to fuck her.  James was going crazy with lust- not knowing that Lois was having the same thoughts.  This morning all the kids were to go on a hiking trip through the local forest and everyone was ready to go except James.  He told Lois that he had an upset stomach and he was afraid that he would get half way through the hike and then start throwing up all over the place.  Lois said OK, but someone had to stay with him.  James snickered at this idea.  He said that he was 15 and he could take care of himself.  Lois said that at least someone wold have to stop and check on him from time to time.  James thought this was so stupid but went along with this just to keep the peace.


About 30 minutes into the 4 hour hike, Lois said that she needed to go and check on James- that she would be back soon.  When Lois arrived back to the cabins, she saw that James was in his cabin, laying on his bed.  From a distance , she could tell he was doing something, but she couldn't tell exactly what.  As she got to James cabin door, her eyes lit up in amazement.  He had his cock pulled out and he was stroking it like there was no tomorrow.  HOLY COW!!!  his dick must be 10 inches long- at least.  James turned toward the door and caught her looking as she began to lick her lips.


James just grinned because he had her just where he wanted her.  When he caught her staring at his monstrous cock and she began licking her lips, he knew he had her.  "Come on in Aunt Lois and get yourself a better viewpoint.  She said that she had better not- that this was not right.

"Just for a second, he said.  I won't bite you"  

She felt like some force was pulling her toward James and his huge cock.  She marveled at the beauty of this round , thick and wet cock. She knew that she was in over her head; and would do anything to have that monster in her pussy.  Lois strides over to James, where he still has his cock out and he orders her to put it in her mouth.  Lois then, like a robot bends down, grasps his cock and slowly begins to suck .  He can hear the sound of her pleasing him as Lois puts her mouth into high gear.  Faster and faster she bobs her head milking James of any cum that might be left.  At the same time, James shoots all he has into her throat- almost gagging her.  Being a young teenager, James recovers quickly- he is ready for some more action.


James rips off Lois's clothes and as she stands there in front of him- he almost shoots his wad.  James scours her body and sees her monster tits-they look just as he thought they would- and her wet cunt; dripping with his cum.


James grabbed Lois and pulled her onto the bed. He was so damn horny that he had to have this  cunt.  He was going to bang the fuck out of her.  He then pulls her soaked cunt directly onto his big member.As he lunges into her from beneath- he grabs her by the shoulders and pulls her entire body down upon his throbbing cock. Lois shouts to the top of her voice.  "OOOOHHHH  FFFUUCCK.  FUCK ME- you son of a bitch, I want you to give me every bit of that big dick. With sweat rolling in rivers down their bodies, the sound of wetness is prominent.  They then roll over with James on top. he is fucking the shit out of Lois- in fact, you cam hear the sound of his big sack of balls slamming against her fat ass.  James then tells her to get on all fours as he slams his cock all the way to her cervix.  She screams as if she is dying-  "YOU FUCKER YOU_ IT hurts like hell- but I love it."  I LOVE IT_ OH YEAH FUCK ME FUCK ME" I have never felt like this- NEVER!!!! OH GOD-PLEASE DON'T EVER STOP FUCKING MY SORE PUSSY.


A s they continue to fuck like dogs, James hears the door slam!!!




Very Unusual Date

flip on Taboo Stories

This started out as just a nite out with an old girlfriend, dinner and some drinks.  Sarah, was a single mother of a teen son, we met thru a mutual friend a couple of years ago , and dated about a year, nothing real serious. Well, we ran into each other a few weeks ago and exchanged numbers and BS, and went on our seperate ways. Well, here she calls about a week ago and invite's me to dinner, I liked Sarah, and we had great sex, even a three way(MMF) with a friend of mine, so I accepted, and we set a date and time.

Well, the nite came. I picked her up about 8 and we went to dinner, and then sat at the bar and talked about old times.

The talk soon turned to sex, and she asked me if I would do her a favor. Of course I agreed, I hadn't even heard wha

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t she wanted yet, but she asked if we could go back to her place first so we could "Loosin' UP", with some more drinks.

I couldn't leave the bar soon enough, we got back to Sarah's house, turned on some tunes, and got some drinks, and went to the couch. Sarah, excused herself to put on something comfortable, she returned in a Tshirt and gym shorts, she knew I liked that.  She came over and sat next to me and thanked me for coming over. We started to make out, now I know she planned it this way, to get me going and then ask the favor. She stopped kissing me long enough to ask me her favor, "I would like to have another three way with you and someone I have picked out." Sarah, asked?

Of course, I  again agreed, without giving it much thought, "Sure, can I ask who the third is"?  And of the darkness of the hallway I hear, "Me", it's a real surprise to me when out of the darkness comes, Jake, Sarah's, son. I couldn't speak for quite a while, it seemed like hours. Then Sarah broke the silence by telling me that Jake was having trouble with his sexuality, he had had some girl friends, and a little oral sex with one girl. She told me she knew I was ok with some bi action and hoped she would be able to convince me to give her son a taste of sex with a guy. Jake was struggleing with this because he was affraid of what his straight friends would think, so his mother offered to help. Jake aggreed with his mom on me to be the one because he did know me from before, but this boy was young. Sarah assured me that she really wanted it to be someone she knew and trusted not to hurt Jake. Sararh made sure I agreed by pulling on my dick the whole time she talked to me about it. It didn't take much even though I knew it was
not right, but they assured me that Jake wanted this. I agreed, and we all went to the master bedroom. 

As we entered Jake asked if we could take a shower, I agreed, and didn't even notice Sarah wasn't even in the room yet. We went in the bathroom and I began to remove Jake's shirt, then his sweat pants, he was wearing boxer shorts, but he couldn't hide his erection.  I pulled off his boxer's to expose a nice, maybe 5in. cock, with sparse blonde pubic hair.  When I began to undress I realized Sarah was watching it all through her camcorder. I got naked and started the shower, it was huge, it even had a little seat in the corner. Once warm, we got in, and Sarah followed with her camera, we had often taped our sex sessions before, she knew I was OK with it as long as I get a copy.  Knowing Jake would be a little tentative, I tried to start things, I grabbed the soft soap and got a good hand full and began to wash Jake's trembleing body. When I finally got around to getting below his waist, he let out a little yelp.  His cock was rock hard and dripping with pre-cum, when I began to play with his asshole, he shot a load right then, he was a little bit embarassed, but Sarah and I assured him it was ok, and he would recover quickly. After a little laugh about it, I asked Sarah and Jake, since he didn't have alot to begin with, if I could shave his pubic hair. Oddly Jake agreed without question, and Sarah said she didn't care as long as he was OK with it.  I put Jake on the little chair so the water wouldn't wash off the shave cream. I smeared on some shave cream and went to work, it wasn't hard because his hair was very thin. I asked him to stand, turn around and bend over so I could shave his asshole if it needed it. When I finished Jake began to wash me, only he started with my cock and had to be coached how to finish the shower.

We got out, dried off and went to Sarah's bed, where Sarah had laid out some toy's and things. Sarah had no intention of having sex with her son, she just wanted to watch and tape it.  I laid Jake on his back and just touched him all over to try and loosen him up, he was still shaking.  I told Sarah to zoom in on his cock and with that a began what turned out to be a very short BJ, I don't think I stroked his cock with my mouth more than twice and he exploded into my mouth. Jake appoligized but I told him, after I drained that cute little cock, it was Ok I wanted him to cum in my mouth, and I told him I planned on cuming in his. He looked surprised but said nothing. Sarah, still taping, but now with a tripod, was playing with herself as she wathced the action unfold.  I turned Jake over, spread his legs and started to play with his naked balls, I knew his dick was hard again, and I helped him adjust so he was comfortable. I began licking his balls and Jake wiggled and moaned with pleasure. I sucked them together and one at a time. Then I began licking up towards his ass, and I didn't stop. Then I got to his cute little hole. I licked and darted my tongue in and out and around his cute asshole. He came on the bed. Now it was my turn, so I laid back and slowly began to enjoy this young boy's touch. He was unsure what to do so Sarah gave him instruction from her perch near the camera. Jake played with my dick for along time before he would put it in his mouth, but it was worth the wait. Jake took the head and began licking his way down, he couldn't take all of it but he was doing very well.  Sarah told Jake to get on top of me in a 69 position, so I could enjoy this little cock and balls some more. While he sucked me I stuck my tongue up Jake's tiny ass again and when I did he began to cum on my neck and chest so I moved to suck his little cock and the rest of his load. That put me over, I told his I was going to cum, and Sarah moved around to the end of the bed for a better angle, I was sucking his last drops and I finally began shooting my cum into Jake's mouth. He choked a little not knowing how to handle it but his mom encouraged him not to stop and swallow as much cum as he could, and he did a nice job. We laid in a heep for quite awhile, then Jake asked, "What's Next?".  So his mother instructed him to turn me over and begin licking my ass."Get it good and wet, cause your gonna fuck it". He did, he licked and licked and put his tongue in my asshole. I got on my hands and knees and told him to stick his dick in my mouth so I could get it wet and slippery. He then placed the head of his little dick against my asshole and I told him to push. When he did I pushed back and he went in, it didn't hurt, I've played with bigger dildo's so it wasn't uncomfortable at all. Jack moaned and groaned with every thrust. I asked him to cum in my ass, and I barely got the words out and he was cumming in my ass. When he finished I told him to pull out slowly and lay on his back. He did without question, and I put my balls near his mouth and told him to start licking and I slowly let his cum drip from my asshole. He licked me dry and even licked my ass on his mom's suggestion. Well that just about did it for me I asked Jake to suck me again and I came in his mouth, on his face, in his hair, everywhere, it was great.

Sarah and Jake thanked be a thousand time, but I assured them the pleasure was all mine, and would like to do it again sometime, but we'll see. After a short nap I got up and left Jake and Sarah sleeping on Sarah's bed. What a night. I hope we do it again 



My first 3-Some - I was just 16

elainepwl on Taboo Stories

There I was, laying on my back, naked as the day I was born, on a lumpy mattress in a grade B motel just over the causeway from Wild wood, New Jersey.  I was 16 years old then, and into my third year of sexual exploration. I had gotten to this place with my boss at the gift shop. We had had some pretty sweet, but furtive sex a couple of times in the shop storage closet.
But, he wanted, and I wanted, a more thorough experience, so he suggested that I meet him one evening and we would go to a motel. He said he would tell his wife he was playing poker with his best friend, Bill, and some other guys.  Little did I know it, but Bill, Joe and I were going to play in a sexual three-some.

When we first walked in
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to the motel room was when I first saw Bill. He was sitting on the bed in his boxers and a blue and red striped work-shirt with patches above the pockets, one with the name of the garage where he worked as the parts manager, and the other sporting the name "Bill." When he stood up, he must have been six feet three inches tall, which is damn big compared to my five feet six.  Joe quickly wrapped his arms around my middle and whispered in my ear, "This is my friend. We can have a great time with him, but if you are afraid, I'll understand..."
Afraid my ass, was what crossed my mind. I guess I am a contrary sort of gal. If I haven't told you already, I do have a contrary streak, the evidence of which is that I went to the motel room with Joe in the first place, trusting him based on absolutely zero evidence.

Joe made the introductions, all the while holding me against him. I could feel his cock growing where his body pressed against my back, and his hands cupped and massaged my tender breasts.  As we stood there, Joe began kissing my neck and behind my ears. If I had had any fears, they just melted away and my nipples grew even more sensitive and rigidly erect!

Joe sort of pushed me across the dingy carpet toward the bed. Joe said, "My, my, what a pretty little thing." He reached out and cupped my chin. "Baby," he continued, "You are going to love this.

With that, Joe began to tug on my blouse, pulling it over my head. I was wearing a simple white bra that stood out from my summer-tan skin.  I unbuttoned my shorts and let them drop to the floor.  I reached down and tugging my panties over my hips, stepped out of them, too. There I was, my cunt, which was covered by a thin thatch of reddish-brown pubic hair, a pair of flip-flops and my bra.  Joe unhooked it, and I, pushing my arms together, let if drop down my arms, then to the floor.

All the while, Bill was watching with a half-smile on his face. "Yes, yes. She is all you said she would be...."  He reached out one large hand and pinched a nipple, sending a thrill through my girlish body and causing my internal juices to begin to lubricate my pussy.

Bill shrugged out of his shirt and quickly pulled his boxers down below his knees. His cock, only semi-hard was very, very large, and only partially covered the largest set of balls I had ever seen. Joe also stripped, and, taking my hand, led me the rest of the way to the bed.  We lay down, and Joe pulled the pillows from under the bedspread, and I lay down, opening my legs for Bill.
So, there I lay, with my hands holding my thin, coltish legs up and open behind my knees, framing, from my point of view, the imposing body of Joe's friend Bill. Naked, his large belly, covered in a spreading riot of reddish hair that began around his sex, and exploded over his ample belly and chest. His organ was easily the largest I had ever seen. He was uncircumcised, which was also new to me. But his cock was very nearly the same diameter as a coke can (well, maybe that is an exaggeration, but not much of one), and was covered with large, snaking veins, and despite its size, it couldn't hide his large dangling testicles nestled in their red-haired scrotum.  He gripped his cock tightly by the root; the head was large, purplish in color and very shiny from the titanic pressures within, the foreskin pulled back into a flesh ring that encircled his fat penis behind the mushroom-shaped crown.
Joe was lying on the bed next to me, also naked.  His cock, also erect, wasn't nearly a fat as his friend's, but it was pretty nice too, and I had had some wonderful experience with it both in my mouth and my hungry, hungry pussy. He was gently massaging my small breasts as Bill adjusted his position before angling his cock head down toward my young, tight, but willing cunt.  Joe reached down and, with two fingers, spread my pussy lips as Bill rubbed the large, forbidding knob up and down my slit, just covering the tip with my sexual juices. Each time the spongy head of his penis stroked across my clit an electric jolt ran up my insides causing a spasm of my neck muscles. It felt SO good!

He stared at my sex, open to his view, and, stroking his penis, crawled onto the foot of the best, his bulk eclipsing the overhead lamp.  Joe, laying beside me, began to suck on one tit, nibbling on my nipple as Bill reached forward and, using the fingers of one hand, spread my cunt lips.  He ran one fat finger up and down my slit, touching lightly my clit, and then, pushing it deep within me. I shut my eyes in pleasure as he began to finger-fuck me.

I felt the bed move and the old springs squeak, as Bill adjusted his position once more.
Then, Bill began to push his cock into me. I shut my eyes as the wonderful spreading feelings spread out from my vulva.  Bill pushed a bit, and then pulled back, grunting.  Adjusting himself, by leaning forward, moving his hands to rest on the bed on either side of me, he said, "God, she's tight," grunting as he tried to force his penis into me.  I placed my hands on either side of his hips, trying to pull him into me. Even though he was a stranger and sort of scary, I really, really wanted that cock in me. It is hard to explain, but while it is sort of frightening to see such a large organ, it is thrilling, too.
I felt his rod push into me, the fat head splitting my lips apart.  It is hard to describe exactly how it felt, but it was b-i-g.  Suddenly, it slipped out and his hips fell forward with his cock between our bellies.  "Damn!" he said. I sighed, sadly.
Taking his cock in hand, he tried again, and again it slipped out before he could penetrate my gushing cunt.  I pushed hungrily with my hips as he tried again, and again he slipped out, this time his massive member slide down over my little anus and between my ass cheeks.  "Ohhhhhhhh," I moaned in frustration.
Bill rose up, kneeling between my legs.  He said, "Look, Joe, You gotta put me in while I lean forward and push...."  I've had several three-somes since that night, and the men always seemed phobic about touching each other (even though they love to see the gals make out).  But, Joe reached forward, and without a qualm took Bill's organ into his left hand, and pumped in a couple of times as Bill smiled.
Then Bill leaned over me, resting his large frame on his hands on either side of my head. I peered down between my little breasts, over my slim stomach and watched as Joe pushed the head of Bill's cock into my opening.  It still didn't fit in very easily, so Joe said, "Wait a sec," and moved around behind Bill. Joe reached between Bill's large thighs and sort of cupped the pulsing organ in his hand, guiding it toward me again. Bill's heavy balls rested on his wrist and rolled some as Bill leaned forward again.
This time Bill's fat cock began sliding into me. First the massive head slipped into me.  Joe pulled Bill's cock back a bit and, together, they pushed again. And.., it slid into me, filling me like no other cock had before.  Joe removed his hand as Bills cock slid deep, deep, deeper into my oh-so-willing pussy.
I felt Bill's heavy belly resting on me as his cock bottomed out in me. I felt his giant, cum-heavy balls rolling against my asshole as he seated his penis in me, sliding his hips around in small circles.  When he was as deep as he could go, I flexed my muscles, clinching his dick, trying to draw him in deeper.  He said, "Damn, girl! That is wild; Joe, she's squeezing my cock with her cunt!"

Then I felt a moment of claustrophobic fear as Bill's giant body weighed heavily on me. The fear, a kind of choking, was quickly replaced with a sort of wonder as Bill pulled his hips back, withdrawing his mighty organ up, up, out and out, slippery with my nectar, the massive head rubbing against my vagina walls; then, with a quick shove, he seated his pulsing cock back into me. I cried out in surprise and pleasure as he began to pump.

His cock slide in and out, in and out, his belly rubbing against mine, the root of his cock mashing my clit with each down stroke, his cock feeling like it was pulling me inside out each time we withdrew, bang!  Again and again he pumped me. I could feel his balls begin to slap against my anus I answered him thrust for thrust. I could hear our bodies slapping together wetly as he fucked me.  He leaned more onto me, his head and rough beard against my shoulder and neck, his thickly matted chest mashing my little tits as his snake slithered in and out of me, again and again, his ball sack flapping against me with each grunting thrust; my cunt slamming up to meet him push for push.

I could feel my juices sliding over my anus as he ground his tool into me; my legs were pistoning back and forth and my hands gripped his ass as we humped and humped, grunting, the bed shaking as we fucked and fucked and fucked.

I could feel droplets of his sweat on me. At one point I opened my eyes, which had be closed tightly in ecstasy, and watched, over his broad back, his ass moving and clenching over and over and over again as he pulled out and shoved in, out and in, in and out, his belly smacking wetly, wetly against my tiny body.

Finally, he shoved himself up on his hands, and then reared back on his knees, his thick rod all that linked our bodies. "Look at this, Joe," he said, breathing heavily.  I whimpered and tried to hump his cock in frustration. I had been so close to cumming.

Smiling, Bill said, "Rub her clit for her while I catch my breath."

Joe reached over and gently began to rub my clit, as engorged as she had ever been and poking out of her hood, with two fingers. He rubbed me in a circle, applying a light pressure.  Ahhhhhhh, I thought as he rubbed.  I rose up on my elbows and watched with growing pleasure, while my hands cupped my aching breasts and my fingers pinched and tugged on my blood-thickened nipples.

I could see Bill's red cock pulsing between us as Joe rubbed my clit.  I could see Joe's fingers touching Bill's penis every now and then, rubbing along the slick cunt-juice-covered organ.  I could see that Bill's public hair was wet and matted from our fucking, as was mine.  I watched Bill watch Joe as he touched us both.  After a bit, Joe alternated massaging my clit and ringing Bill's cock and masturbating him. Two or three rubs for me; then two or three pumps for Joe. It was wild.

Bill smiled approvingly. "Now, Joey, that feels good. That feels fine..."

I moved my pelvis up and down, my pussy meeting Joe's fist as it slid down Bills long, red, wet penis, and pushed against my clit sending electric jolts through my tummy and snapping out of my tender, swollen, and thrilled nipples. This was the best; by far the best sex I had ever had. It was a physical and visual turn-on unlike anything I had ever experienced, and I hoped it would never end; but end it had to.

I felt my feet and hands go numb as my orgasm approached, running up my legs and arms, paralyzing me. I lost feeling in my face, and my lips felt giant and puffy as the rictus hit. I heard, as from a distance, a low moan rising to a scream as it hit. I spasmed again and again with the fat head of Bill's cock still in me, his shaft being stroked by Joe and my clit mashed again and again.

It was the orgasm of a lifetime.

I then had a sort of out-of-body experience. I felt a bit remote from the goings on as Bill leaned back over me and began to slide his fat cock all the way back into my vagina.  I could feel it filling me, but it was as if I was anesthetized. He began to pump in and out of me again. I felt my legs begin to flail back and forth as he moved in and out me. My hips began to cooperate and my sex rose and fell beneath him as he fucked me. My hands gripped his shoulders as he pumped and pumped, this large, fat cock alternately filling me, then vacating, then filling, the large bulbous head massaging my vagina walls creating such wonderful, wonderful feelings.

Soon the tempo of his thrusts increased until he grunted a final time or two, plunging his cock deep, deep, deepest into me and, as feeling returned to me, flooded my cunt with his hot sperm.  There is no other way to describe it other than a flood. I could feel his hot cock pulse with each jet of sperm as it splashed inside me, and the already liquid feeling within me somehow increases.  He moved over me, his cock slipping around in the now super-lubricant.

"Goddamn, honey, you are one hot little fuck!" he exclaimed, breathing heavily. I peered at him through sleepy eyes, and smiled.

"You are one hot cock," I replied feeling sated.

Abruptly, he pulled his slimy cock from my swollen pussy with a single slippery pull accompanied by a small "pop" sound.  He continued to kneel between my open thighs, his cock, red and shiny with our combined cum, standing out from the damp nest of red pubic hair. His belly, large and round shook slightly as he moved away, shaking the bed as his weight shifted.

"Joe, eat her out," he ordered.

"With pleasure," Joe answered, moving around me and laying between my open thighs.  He wrapped his arms around my legs, fingers spreading my vaginal folds, opening me to his gaze.  He looked at my cunt, then up at Bill and said,"Look at all this cum, Bill, it's just ooozing out'a her cunt."

I saw Bill, naked, his cock drooping over his massive balls, all shiny with our cum, his hands on his hips, watching, smiling. "Lick it up," he ordered.

I felt Joe's warm breath on my sensitive folds, and then felt his tongue slip into my opening. I lay back and enjoyed the feeling of his mouth on my sex, his tounge slipping in and over my fresh-fucked sex.  My one hand drifted down to clutch at his hair and he probed my vagina with his tongue, licking up Bill's and my combined juices.  My other hand continued to massage my breasts and to pinch my nipples.

I felt very languid, sort of floating.  But, soon, Joe's lips and tongue found my oh-so-sensitive clit, and he began to suck gently on it.  I felt the fires building again within me as he flicked his tongue over my hot button, and occassionally nippled with his lips and sucked me into his being.

Without warning, I orgasmed again. Not as powerfully as with Bill, but very a very nice detonation of pleasure the spread numbing feelings outward from my pussy. I clinched Joe's head between my thighs as my body convulsed, gripping him tightly to my sex for a spell.

Then, the I suddenly relaxed.  Joe rose up between my now wide open legs and fingered my cunt briefly. "God, she is soooo slippery," he said, mounting me, his cock sliding deeply within me without effort.  I felt his balls touching me, and the root of his cock ground against my pelvis, trapping my exhausted clit between us. I rested my hands against his chest, feeling the muscles flexing as he fucked me. I looked at him through slitted eyes, and saw his mouth and chin all shiny in the lamplight, covered in my cum and Bill's sperm. He looked sooooo happy.

Quickly, Joe began to pump in and out of me. I sort of lay there in a sexual trance as he fucked me. I could vaguely hear the wet smacking sounds our bodies made as he slammed his cock deep into me. After a bit, my hips began to rise and fall in counterpoint to his plunging cock. My hands then gripped his ass cheeks, and I could feel them opening and closing with each out and in motion. He rested his body on mine, mashing my tits against my ribcage, and placing his chin on my shoulder.

Together we rocked in the ageless rhythm until, at long last, he came, his sperm ejecting from his cockhead into my warm depths. I could feel penis flex just before his hot seed splattered against my cervix. I felt.., very nice.

There is much more to say about that evening, other than Bill saying that "...we'd better call it a night, after all she's only 16." I was pretty sore and felt sort of wrung out, so I was grateful for his thoughtfulness. Then he said, "If we fuck her any more she's liable to tell the cops."  So, regardless of his motive, I was glad for the respite.

Joe stayed with me and we showered together in the dingy bathroom, drying off with the cheap-too-small towels the motel had.  I had to fold up some of the cheap toilet paper and place it in the crotch of my panties, as I was still leaking sperm when I dressed. It wasn't even 9 o'clock when I had Joe drop me off down by the boardwalk, where I joined with some of friends on my own age, hoping that the red chaffing on my neck would go down before I went home.

As it turned out, by the next morning you'd never have thought that I had had my first three-some, and that I had been thoroughly screwed by the fattest and so far only uncircumcised cock I had ever seen.  When I went to work the next morning, Joe had a hard time looking at me, but I solved his nervousness with a quick trip to the store room.

Yum. Yum.

The store room desk

BadTeacher on Taboo Stories

My name is Gareth Samuels and I am a 40-year-old male IT teacher at a co-ed high school in South America. I had been a teacher here now for 5 years and having a bunch of kids around me all day began to effect me sexually. I started to fantasize having sexual relations with them and often had to disappear to the cloakroom to relieve my sexual desire.

This one day I had a young lad staying in after school on detention. Damien had been talking in class and was paying the price by staying in and doing extra work. Little did I know that my afternoon was to become a sordid sexual affair.

Damien sat down in the office chair and began his CBT course on the computer. I watched from my desk and was amazed at how feminine he l

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ooked. A youngster of 13 he may be but he had a beautiful body. He was short but stocky and his eyes were big and round. In all, a nice looking lad.

“Mr. Samuels can you help me here”. He said turning to me briefly. “I don’t understand what this means”.

“No problem, that’s what I am here for” I replied as I walked over and stood behind him. My heart was pounding. I felt attracted to this lad. I know it sounded sick but my body was aroused and I wanted to touch him. I hesitated and then put my hand gently on his shoulder.

“What seems to be the problem Damien?” I asked.

“Where it says ‘Click the Task Bar’.. Where is the Task Bar?” he asked.

“Let me show you” I said as my right hand took his right hand and guided the mouse to the right spot. His skin was soft and warm, his hands were small and my fingers slid momentarily between his.

“There… do you see?” I asked. He turned up at me and smiled and nodded his head.

“Yeah thanks Mr. Samuels” he replied.

I continued to stand behind him, this time resting both my hands on his shoulders, waiting for a reaction. I expected him to either push my hand away or shrug his shoulder to get rid of my hands but it never came. He continued to work on his project and ignore me. I tried going a little further and started to massage his shoulder ever so gently, moving my thumbs back and forth across his neck muscles. I did this for about 5 minutes and he eventually spoke.

“That feels nice”.

That was all he said. I didn’t reply, I just continued massaging him wondering what to say to him.

“You feel tense my boy, let me ease your muscles if that’s okay”. I stammered. Damien didn’t say anything, he just nodded his head, giving me permission to continue. I started to move my hands in bigger circles across his shoulder and down his back. Damien lowered his head a little and I could see the goose bumps appearing across his neck and shoulders. In the reflection of the computer screen I could see his eyes were closed and his lips were slightly parted. He was enjoying what I was doing to him.

I wanted to take this further but didn’t quite know how to proceed. Was he becoming aroused or was it pure innocence and enjoyment of the massage? I had to find out.

“Damien would you like to give you a full upper body massage?” I asked him.

“Sure, but..” he replied.

I was really surprised he came back with that response so quickly. I had to play my words very carefully in order not to scare him.

“Well I don’t have any other periods for today and you and I have an hour and a half to kill, why not let me do it for you now?” I said.

“Now!” he blurted as he turned to face me. I pulled my hands away from his shoulders. What have I done? That was it I had blown my chance.

“But, this is a classroom not a massage parlor, how can you massage me here?” he asked inquisitively. I had to think quick and come up with an answer he would agree to.

I looked around the classroom and saw the spare office desk in the storeroom at the back.

“Hey you could lie on the desk in the storeroom and I could do it there if you like.” I said to him.

Damien got up and walked over to the storeroom. I followed a few paces behind him. He looked at the desk and then turned to face me.

“Okay so what do you want me to do?” he asked me.

I couldn’t believe my luck. This was turning out okay.

“First let me lock the door. If anyone was to walk in here whilst I was massaging you they would get the wrong impression and I would get the sack. Is that okay with you?” I asked him.

“Sure, I understand”. He said with a smile.

“Okay well get those towels over there and lay them on the desk whilst I lock the door.” I told him.

Damien did as I asked and started laying the towels on the desk to form a makeshift mattress. I quickly moved over to the door and locked it. I then switched off the classroom lights to make it look as if no one was here.

I went back into the storeroom where Damien was standing with his arms folded.

“Okay my boy take your shoes and socks off and the your shirt and jump up on the desk and lay down on your stomach okay?”. I said.

Damien smiled and nodded his head. I could see he was actually excited and looking forward to his massage.

“Don’t worry I do this all the time and I know what I am doing okay”. I reassured him.

“Okay” Damien replied.

I watched as he kicked off his shoes and pulled his socks off and then unbuttoned his uniform shirt and slid it off his back. I could smell the scent that drifted off his warm skin, it made my cock start to unravel itself in my boxers. Damien turned his back to the desk and jumped up and sat on the desk. He then swiveled his body long ways and lay on his stomach with his head resting on his hands.

“Like this Mr. Samuels”. He asked.

“Yeah that’s fine Damien” I said as I approached the desk.

I started to massage his upper back and shoulders and watched his facial expressions as my fingers dug into his shoulders. His eyes were closed and he grunted occasionally as I pushed down hard on his muscular back. I was amazed at how well built he was for a 13 year old. He was obviously an active lad.

After about 5 minutes of rubbing and pounding on his back muscles I decided to cross the line a little further. I needed to get him into an aroused state if I was to have any luck seducing him.

“Damien turn over onto your back please”. I instructed him.

Damien responded and rolled over. His eyes opened and he stared up at the ceiling, his arms pulled in by his side.

“Okay what I need to do now will require your school shorts to become undone. Do you mind if I do it or do you want to do it for me?” I asked him.

Damien froze for a second contemplating this request. I panicked slightly in my mind hoping he wouldn’t catch on right now, not now please, no.

“I’ll do it” he said eventually. His face darkened slightly to a reddish glow and a smile appeared on his face. The lad was blushing. He reached down and undid all the buttons on his shorts and then placed his hands by his side again.

“That’s it” I said. My hands were shaking as I started to massage his torso around his hips. Each time I came around to the front I would go a few millimeters lower and lower until my hands were starting to push his shorts down. I could see the elastic of his boxers and my fingers rode over the top of them, massaging him through the cotton.

“Okay now roll over onto your tummy again” I said. Damien obeyed and rolled over, this time facing away from me.

“I think these are getting in the way” I said as I tugged on his shorts.

“Lift your bum up” I said with a laugh. He turned and smiled at me and lifted his butt about 4 inches. I hesitated a second or two and then pulled his shorts down. They rode over the cheeks of his perfectly rounded ass and down his legs. He lifted each knee allowing the shorts to be removed completely.

“That’s better” I said.

I continued to massage his lower back pushing downwards in small circles until I had pushed the elastic of his boxers halfway down over his butt, exposing the skin of his perfectly formed ass cheeks. I was shaking and tried not to show that I was in fear of my actions towards him. Surely this was having the same effect on him as it was on me.

I continued pushing south and then, without warning Damien slid his hand down, grabbed the elastic band of his boxers and tried to pull them all the way up again. I grabbed at his hand and said.

“Its okay Damien, I need to rub the muscles that join your back to your bum or else all the knots I have removed will end up down there” I lied.

Damien slowly relaxed and pulled his hand away allowing me to continue. Without asking, talking or anything, I gently tucked a finger under the elastic band of his boxers and drew them slowly downwards over his cheeks, exposing his bottom completely. I was at the point of no return and continued the trek south. The underwear pulled down so far and then snagged on something underneath him, I guessed at what it was. I pulled once or twice and then spoke out.

“What are they stuck on Damien”. Knowing his penis was stopping his underwear from sliding down.

Damien said nothing but pushed his right hand under his body fiddled for a few seconds and then pulled his hand out again and put it under his head. The boxers came away and I pulled them off his body.

I stood back for a second. Damien was lying naked on his stomach facing away from me. This was it, playtime was over. The line had to be crossed now or not at all.

I continued to massage his lower back moving my fingers in ever increasing circles that ventured over the upper parts of his bum cheeks. I then took a cheek in each hand and started caressing them. Gently squeezing and pushing them and then pulling the cheeks apart. I could see the small brownish red colour of his anus, tightly closed. I began to rub my forefinger down the groove in between his cheeks and over his puckered hole. As my finger touched the sensitive skin around his anus, Damien grunted and froze, pulling his legs together and stiffening his body.

“Damien its okay lad, I’m not going to hurt you, in fact you will really enjoy this I promise. Please just relax and let me continue, trust me I wont hurt you” I said reassuringly.

With that Damien relaxed slightly. I watched as his ass cheeks softened and became suppler. His legs relaxed and his whole body became more at ease. I moved down to his legs and taking one in each hand I moved them slightly apart. His scrotum was now exposed and I could see a tiny portion of his young spear that disappeared beneath him. I could swear he had an erection. I really hoped that he had.

I moved my left hand up in between his legs and slid it right up against his ass cheeks, feeling his young scrotum with my forefinger. At the same time my right hand massaged his ass cheeks. This was working. I could hear a faint squeak every now and then escaping from Damien’s lips. His body was visibly moving up and down slowly as he breathed. I had him. He was finally aroused.

I drew my right hand back and forth with my index finger sliding over the tightly closed entrance of his anus and my left hand continued to lightly squeeze his ball sack. It was time for him to turn over and let me seduce him. I was frightened he may react and refuse to let me continue but I had to give it a go. We were to far gone to stop now. My cock ached to be touched by him and I was close to cumming in my pants.

I pushed Damien’s body twice with no response and then croaked out a command.

“Damien, role over onto your back, there’s a good lad” I squeaked.

Damien shook his head as if to say ‘NO’. I knew why, because he had a steaming erection he didn’t want me to see, but I needed him to get passed this point and then he would be mine to take.

“Damien its okay. Don’t be shy I wont hurt you I promise. I know you will like this, let me be your teacher and show you what we can do together”. I said softly.

Damien hesitated and then rolled over exposing his genitals for the first time. He covered his face with his arms, embarrassed that I was looking at him and I could see his chest rising and falling from his breathing.

I stared at his little circumcised cock. It was about 4 inches long and dead straight. He had an erection all right. I could almost see the blood pumping in his veins. He had little or no hair to speak about.

I gently reached down and took his shaft into my right hand and massaged him ever so carefully. His head moved from one side to the other and he uttered a sound, which was half a grunt and half a moan. His arms still covered his face, as he was too shy to look at me whilst I fondled his most private area of his body.

I slowly pulled the skin of his shaft up and down and watched his young body as it reacted to my movement. His legs fell apart instinctively allowing easier access to his crotch. I had to join him on the table. I quickly replaced my right hand with my left and used my right to unbuckle my pants. Quickly I pushed them to the floor with my boxers and stepped out of them.

Damien heard what I was doing and lifted himself up to see what I was doing. He looked me in the eyes and then his stare shifted to my erect cock that was now bobbing in front of me. He said nothing and lay back down. I undid and pulled my shirt off and was soon as naked as he was.

I moved back and stood next to the desk and took hold of his small shaft again and started wanking him, this time with more vigor. I leant over his torso opened my mouth and took his cock head into my mouth.

Damien hissed at the touch of my hot tongue as it curled around his shaft. I began to bob up and down as I sucked him hard. His legs became like jelly and they drifted apart as each time I took his tool deep into my mouth. I could hear by the rasping in his voice that the lad was very close to cumming. I wanted him to enjoy this, as there was still more to follow.

My right hand had the base of his cock and I thrust it up and down as my mouth was puckered tightly around his shaft sucking hard on each dive. My left hand moved up in between his open legs and found his anus. I rubbed at the opening hard and he eventually relaxed his puckered hole and let my finger gain an entrance. I pushed a little harder each time and eventually had my forefinger buried inside him as far as the first knuckle. I began to finger fuck him slowly at the same time that I sucked on his swollen cock. It wasn’t long before he blew.

Damien began to writhe, lifting his hips upwards in small thrusts as he began to involuntarily fuck my face. He moaned and grunted aloud and threw his head back as the first blasts of semen left his body. I felt the hot fluid hit the back of my throat as once, twice, three times as he jerked trying to impale his cock as deep as it would go into my throat. The feeling that was searing through him was immense, as no one had ever done this to him before.
“aahhhg, ahhhhh, gosh oh gosshhhh” he cried out in ecstasy.

I swallowed his seed as he came. After a few seconds I lifted my head away and watched as the last few blobs of sperm oozed out of his pisshole. I continued to wank him slowly and he lay their panting heavily resigned to my oral lovemaking.

I was as horny as ever and climbed up onto the desk next to him. I lay down beside him and turned him over onto his side so that he was facing away from me. Damien was limp and didn’t object. I took my cock and placed it between his legs and pushed. At first there was a little resistance but my cock found some fluid that had oozed down from his cock and immediately I had a slippery groove to poke my cock in and out of. I could feel I was moments away from cumming and wanted to be inside the boy.

I pushed him over hard with my left hand and he rolled again, this time onto his stomach. My right hand reached down and hurriedly pulled his legs apart. I raised my self up and came down on top of him pushing the head of my swollen penis against his ass cheeks searching for his brown crack. I heard him say something, I didn’t know if it was a moan or a cry of ‘noooo’ but it was far to late.

I rubbed my cock head up and down his crack until I felt there was enough lubrication to penetrate him.

“Hang on Damien, this may hurt a little but the pain will subside”. I said as I pushed as hard as I could. My cock broke the surface and began its painful trip down into the recess of Damien’s anus. I heard him cry out.

“Nooo, p please.. it hurts, make it stop, please”. He sobbed.

“Its okay Damien, just a few more seconds and it will be okay”. I said as I began to thrust in and out of the boy, each push sending me deeper into his anus.

His cries were lost in the screaming of blood rushing through the veins in my ears. My body convulsed as I began to climax. I pulled his limp torso upwards so that his was on his knees and his head was on the desk, his ass was in the air and I gripped him around the hips. I drove forward hard and with each thrust I managed to bury my whole shaft into his aching butt hole. At first I noticed how tight and constricted the entrance of his anus was but it soon became stretched and I slid in and out of him with ease.

I began to see stars before my eyes and felt myself drift into ecstasy as my balls slapped against his butt cheeks. Then they exploded.

“ahhhgg, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.. aggghh yesss, I dear God”. I cried.

I shook all over as the first burst of hot sperm ejected from my cock into Damien’s anus. He cried out as he felt his chasm fill with my hot seed. As I slowed I could see a trickle of brownish slippery cum sliding down in between his cheeks and dripping onto the desk. We were well and truly decimated.

I slowly pulled my glistening cock out of Damien’s anus. It’s powers spent, my manhood was fading fast and began to droop. I quickly climbed off the desk and turned to face Damien. He was limp, unmoving. I could hear him sobbing quietly. I reached down and dressed myself quickly and then turned my attention back to Damien.

“Hey sport, are you okay?” I coaxed him.

I put my hand on his shoulder and helped him up into a sitting position. His head was drooped and I lifted it up so that his face was level with mine. His eyes were puffy and tears were flowing down his cheek. I went forward and pulled him against me.

“There now, it’s okay… it’s okay.. it’s all over now. Don’t worry Damien. This will be our little secret okay?” I said softy.

Damien nodded slowly as he wiped his eyes and sniffed. He slid off the desk and bent over to retrieve his underwear and shorts. I could see his gaping hole which had been violated by me and the glistening stream of cum that was still stuck to him.

“Damien come here a sec, we had better get you cleaned up before you get dressed or you will have cum stains all over your clothes” I said.

Damien tried to look behind him but was unable to see the mess in between his ass cheeks. I grabbed a towel and told him to bend over. He put one hand on the desk to balance himself and bent over 90 degrees.

I carefully wiped in between his legs and moved up to where his penis was hanging. I drew the towel along the crack of his ass a couple of times and managed to get the entire residue off his skin.

“There, that’s better, now you can get dressed” I reassured him.

Damien pulled on his boxers and shorts and tucked in his shirt, all the while staring at the ground. He refused to have eye contact with me and said nothing of the ordeal. I began to wonder if our secret was safe.

I unlocked the door and opened it slowly, making sure that no one was loitering out side the classroom. Damien stood next to me waiting to be let out of the classroom.

“Okay see you in class tomorrow. I’ll give you an A+ for your test okay” I said to him.

Damien looked up and smiled slightly and then walked off swinging his satchel over his shoulder. He walked a few yards off and then stopped and turned to me.

“If I let you do this again to me, will you promise to give me good grades Mr. Samuels?” he asked inquisitively. I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Fore sure lad. You have a deal” I said smiling at him.

“Cool” he shouted.

Damien’s smile broadened and he turned and ran off towards the school gates.

I went back into my classroom and began to conjure up plans for our next encounter. This was going to be an interesting term. My cock quivered at the thought.

Big dicks can be a problem

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I first became aware I was different when I was in the Boy Scouts.  We were at camp showering when a scoutmaster looked in on us and did a double take on me and said, "Kid, you are going to please a lot of girls."  

In high school gym, the guys admired my tool and nicknamed me "Meat".  Some of the teachers heard the nickname and thought it was just a play on my initials that are M.E.T.  Several of the girls in high school heard about the size of my dick and wanted to see for themselves.  After heavy petting and we were getting ready, when they saw the size of my dick, they would not let me fuck them.  One girl said, "That damn thing would go up into my chest."  The sometimes gave me a hand job, and once a girl tried to give me h
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ead, but she could only get a few inches in her mouth.  When I was a junior, I went to the area of the city where prostitutes ply their trade and hired one of these ladies of the evening.  I told her I wanted straight sex and we agreed on the price.  We went to her room around the corner and she stripped without any foreplay and said, "Well come on, boy, get your clothes off and let's get going."  I was surprised at the abruptness of this, but I was determined to finally fuck a woman.  When I dropped my shorts and she saw the size of my member, she sat up and said, "Wait a minute, big boy.  I don't think I can take that monster."  I'll give you a blow job or a hand job, but you are not about to stick that pole into me."  I left still a virgin.

I was also having a little trouble with some of the classes at school and barely passed to the 12th grade.  All summer I worked at various jobs and trying to get laid.  Another trip to a prostitute brought the same results.  When September came, I started school as a senior and still a virgin.  And my dick had grown some more.  I had finally developed a good study habit and my grades had improved, although I was still having some trouble with algebra.  My teacher was an Indian lady named Mrs. Gupta.  About halfway through the first semester, she asked me to stay after class.  It was my last class of the day, so it was no problem.  Mrs. Gupta asked me what the problem was with her class.  I told her I just did not understand the formulas and couldn't see why I should even care about adding x and y or simultaneous equations and such.  She asked me what I did on the weekends.  I told her I did odd jobs for people and she asked me if I could come to her house and mow her lawn and help her move some furniture in the house.  Afterward, she would show me some practical application to algebra and maybe it would help me.  I arrived at her house about 10:30 and she showed me where the lawn equipment was.  It was a large home with about 1/2 acre of back yard.  I set about mowing and trimming the grass and it was about 1:00 when I finished.  It had gotten hot and I was sweating a lot.  When I went to the door to tell her I was finished, she looked at me and asked if I would like to cool off in the pool and then join her for lunch.  I told her I didn't have any trunks, but she said some of her husband's swimsuits should fit me.  I was a little concerned about her husband coming home and finding me in his house with his wife so I asked her when he would be home.  She explained her husband died about a week after they arrived here from India.  They were both from families that were well off, but she had been trained as a mathematician and decided she wanted to teach., so here she is.  She got the trunks, and they were much too large for me, but I tied the string and went to the pool.  She was swimming laps, so I jumped in and started to swim, also.  After a few laps I stopped and was standing in the shallow end when she stopped next to me and stood up.  She had on a string bikini and breasts that were about a 32C.  A small waist and absolutely beautiful long black hair that trailed down her back to her nicely rounded hips.  Her skin was very light and flawless.  I started getting a boner standing there looking at her.  I must have had a strange expression on my face because she looked into my eyes and asked if there was anything wrong.  

"No," I stammered, "Everything is all right."

She asked me if I ever used the diving board.  I told her I could do some dives, but I certainly wasn't Olympic material.  She laughed and said she wasn't either, but she enjoyed diving.  With that, she turned and climbed out of the pool.  Her bikini was also a thong and her beautiful ass was definitely Olympic material.  She climbed up on the board and did a very high, perfect swan dive.  When she came up in the shallow end and stood, her top had pulled down.  She laughed and pulled it up.  "Come on, now Mike,"  she said, "Let's see what you have."  I wasn't sure what she meant, but I assumed she meant in diving.  I climbed up on the board and performed a decent jackknife.  I swam underwater to where she was standing and came to the surface and stood up.  Suddenly she yanked down my trunks.  "I meant for you to show me what you had."  Her top was gone and her breasts were inviting.  Her areolas were dark and her nipples were like grapes standing out in full excitement.  As I stood there in surprise, she let out a gasp and took hold of my dick.  It jumped in surprised, but she did not let go.  

"Come on," she said as she let me to the steps out of the pool.  She led me to the family room and then to the couch, never letting go of my dick - just pulling me along like a child's pull toy.  She told me she had heard talk about me, but thought it was just talk, but she heard the talk by the girls and boys, both, so she wanted to see for herself.  She pushed me down on the couch and stepped out of her bikini bottoms.  Her pubic hair was trimmed into a small straight line directly up from her slit towards her navel.  Her skin was perfect.  She walked over to me and pulled my head into her breasts.  Needing no further prompting, I took one of her breasts into my mouth and started licking and sucking.  I took the other nipple between my thumb and forefinger and started rolling it back and forth while pulling it outward.  She moaned very loudly and reached down for my dick again.  We continued this activity for a few minutes, and she pushed me back and told me to lie down.  She dropped to her knees next to me and started to caress my dick and lick the shaft.

"Just how big is this thing?"
"About 14 inches along the top and a little over 3 inches across."
"How many girls have you pleasured with this thing?"
"None?  You are still a virgin?"
"Yes, ma'am.  The girls would not let me put it in them.  They said it was too big."
"Well, mister, when you leave here, you will not be a virgin anymore."  With that she took me into her mouth.  She got about half of it in her mouth and then repositioned herself and got yet more into her mouth and down her throat.  As she was leaning over, I could see her pussy lips from behind, so I reached between her legs and started to caress her.  She suddenly took my entire dick down her throat.  I heard her gag a little, but she had it all in.  She pulled up and started going back down again just as I found her clit.  It stood out more than I knew they could and I squeezed it between my thumb and finger.  She stiffened and started having an orgasm.  When she moaned with my dick in her mouth and she tightened down on it, I shot my load down her throat.  That was when she had an intensive orgasm causing her to shake and collapse to the floor.  I asked her if she was okay.  She assured me she was fine, but it had been three years since she had experienced an orgasm from a man and she was overcome with pleasure.  I started to get up and she told me to stay put.  She said she had just started with me.  She asked me if I knew how to pleasure a woman.  I told her I had read a few things and watched a few porn movies, but that was all.  
"Well, Advanced Sex Ed is now in session," she said.  She told me about a woman's erogenous zones while showing me and demonstrating how to excite them.  We experimented with various positions of foreplay.  Finally she told me it was time to loose my virginity.  First, I lay on the carpet and she straddled me and took hold of my dick rubbing it back and forth between her pussy lips lubricating both herself and my dick.  She then guided it into place and slowly lowered herself down onto my dick.  Never had I felt anything so good!  She pulled up a little and then lowered herself some more.  Each time she did this she got a little more into her.  She finally stopped with about 3 inches sticking out.  She leaned forward grinding her pubic bone against me and began moving up and down on my dick with increasing speed.  I reached up and took her tits in my hands and started massaging them.  It began to feel like a volcano was building up inside my guts and I let go of her tits and grabbed her by the ass, pulling her down onto me.  She grunted a little sound and I felt my balls hit her ass.  With that, she started to fuck me as fast as she could.  I joined her thrusting my ass up to meet her. I yelled, "I'm going to cum!"  That was all it took for her to climax, also.  After we lay intertwined for a few minutes, she rolled off me and snuggled up to my side.  

"That was marvelous, Mike."
"It was for me, too, Mrs. Gupta."

She told me to stay put and left.  When she returned, she had some washcloths and a bowl of warm water.  She started to clean me and told me to clean her, also.  I took a washcloth and put it into the warm water.  When I rung it almost dry, I smelled a fragrance that smelled like Jasmine.  She had scented the water.  I started washing her taking care to get all the sweat and juices that had run down the crack of her ass.  I washed her pussy carefully and completely then moved the rag down towards her ass.  When I got to her asshole, she pushed back against the cloth.  I wasn't sure I was ready for this, but she told me to go ahead and put my finger in.  As I slowly pushed my middle finger into her asshole, she did the same to me.  What a surprise that was, but she took my dick into her mouth again, so I allowed her to continue while I finger-fucked her ass.  She started massaging my prostate gland while sucking and licking my dick and to my surprise; I felt an orgasm building again.  I pushed my thumb into her pussy and squeezed my thumb and finger together putting pressure against both the wall of her pussy and the wall of her ass.  She shuddered with another orgasm and that brought me to my climax.  We finished cleaning each other and got up.  She led me to the shower and we showered together, washing each other and playing around.  Although I started getting another erection, it hurt, so we stopped and got out of the shower.  She put on a short robe and I got dressed.  She went downstairs and fixed us a tuna salad sandwich and some chips and a soft drink.  When I came into the kitchen, she turned around and bent over to pick up a napkin off the floor showing off her magnificent behind with the swollen pussy lips protruding between her legs.  After we finished lunch, she told me about the uses of mathematics and explained adding, subtracting, and multiplying unknowns and after school how many different occupations used math in their daily lives.  It slowly became clear and she told me she knew the moment because it looked like a light bulb had come on in my eyes.  
She gave me $40 and I told her I could not take it.  

"Mike, what would your parents say if you worked here all day and went home with nothing but a satisfied look on your face?  You understand that if anyone hears about what we did here today, I will loose my job and maybe go to jail.  What we did was illegal.  You needed it, and I certainly needed it, but it will never happen again.  Do you understand?"
"Mrs. Gupta, what we did here today will stay with me the rest of my life.  You were wonderful, but you are my teacher and several years older than me.  Thank you for everything, and especially the help with the math, but I will never tell a soul and I will always refer to you as Mrs. Gupta."

My grades did improve to a B average and I understood math.  Neither she nor I ever mentioned what happened at her house.  There was no change in the way we acted at school, but when I graduated, I received an unsigned card that said simply, "Remember with happiness."  In the card were two $20 bills.  I knew who the card was from.

More to come in the story titled:  Shorter but better.


Becoming Rich Part 3

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I received a message that Mr. Ortega was coming to the hacienda tomorrow with papers to sign transferring all my uncle’s assets to my ownership. My uncle had already given him power of attorney to sign everything over to me in the event of his death. Because of his forethought, I had only one paper to sign and I would then own everything my uncle had in all of the countries where he did business. I found out that I am also a citizen of Venezuela. My uncle greased a few palms and everything became possible.

Mr. Ortega arrived the next morning for breakfast. He was a large man and would be making ove

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r 7 million dollars for this one little trip. That was his fee to get everything transferred where I would not have to pay any inheritance taxes or go through a probate court where the courts would wind up owning about ¼ of everything. He left a small folder with me that contained a listing of all the businesses I owned and the country where the business was located. It also contained the names of all the officers in the company and profit/loss statements. Any bribes needing paying he said would come out of his fee. He then left.

The time had come to go on a cruise with the little ship. Aurora had stocked the galley with enough food for 20 people for a month. We had enough fuel to go around the world without refueling. The fresh water-making machine was producing more water than the 10 of us could use, so it was time to go. We had a load of fresh fruit and vegetables from the plantation for the Marines at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba on board. Lewis and Jonesy had been on board for two days checking out everything to make sure nothing would go wrong. Jonesy was really in his element. He said the machine shop had enough tools and equipment that he could fabricate anything under 6 feet long. He was like a kid in a toy store. Lewis was checking every item against a check list he had drawn up with help from Snake and Pole. The arms locker had enough firepower to hold off a light cruiser.

I asked why we needed all the firepower and Snake just said, “You never know when you might need it.” Pole said it would be useless to fight unless you had the wherewithal to win.

Aurora decided that two of the maids should also come along. They would sleep in the crew quarters while she, as head of the staff would sleep in guest quarters with her daughters. I, of course, would be in the owner’s quarters. I told Jonesy and Lewis to take the cabins next to the stairs to the deck level. One of them would always be on watch in the bridge unless I was there. We shoved off about 7:30 in the morning in a 3 ft. sea. It was a great day to go to sea. The temperature was about 72 degrees with a 5 knot wind. Perfect conditions. As the day progressed, Jonesy, Lewis, and I were in the bridge and Jonesy exclaimed, “Holy shit!”

We looked where he was looking and Aurora and her three daughters were lying on mats on the foredeck on their backs, naked! It was a mad scramble with all three of us grabbing binoculars. It was a sight to behold. Aurora with her full figure, and her daughters, each smaller than the other, and all four with bald pussies.

“My word, John,” Lewis said. “I’m sure glad you talked me into taking this job. Beats the hell out of the foredeck of a Coast Guard cruiser. Boss, I think we’re going to get our brains fucked out tonight.”

“Not me,” I said. “I’m going to be on the bridge until 0200 hours.”

Dinner was fabulous. We caught a 42 pound halibut and Aurora prepared it for us. At my insistence, we all ate together at the same table. We set the proximity alarm on the radar units and ate in the bar behind the bridge. We had a good time and enjoyed everyone’s company. I noticed Aurora was very friendly with Pole and knew he was in for a good time tonight. I knew that look on Aurora’s face. She wanted quantity, not just quality. The two maids were very shy, having never eaten with the boss before. I told them while at sea with just us, they were one of the family. Linda, the smallest of the maids, set her sights on Lewis, and Theresa had her eyes on Jonesy. I knew that somebody was going to be disappointed as there were more women than men available with me on watch. After dinner we relaxed and I took a nap in preparation to the long night. I awoke about 9:30 and took a shower. Dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers. I arrived in the bridge just before 10 and found Pole and Aurora on watch. Pole had a strange bulge in the front of his pants and Aurora had a smile as she rubbed Pole’s ass. I relieved them and they took off in a hurry. I made a pot of coffee and settled in for watch. Lara came into the bridge about 10:30 and climbed up on the bench behind me. I was afraid she was going to come on to me, but she just watched. Soon she slid into the chair next to me and asked questions about the instruments.

“Señor,” she said, “Mama said you did not want to make love to me. Is there something wrong with me?”

“No, Lara. There is nothing wrong with you. You are a beautiful young lady but you are very young. I am concerned, that is all. Your mother wants this for you, but how do you feel about it?”

“I have talked to my sisters and mother and they all tell me that there is nothing better than having an orgasm with a man. I have brought myself to an orgasm with my hand, but they said it is nothing like with a man. I am ready and want you to give me the same pleasure you gave my mother. Two days ago my mother helped me break my maidenhead so it would not hurt when you make love to me. And, tomorrow I turn 14 and want to come to your bed after my party.”

She came over to me and gave me a kiss on my cheek, pressing her small breasts against my arm. As she turned to leave, she brushed her hand against my crotch and smiled. She then left the bridge leaving me to think of tomorrow. About 2 am Jonesy came into the bridge. He looked like he had been run over with a truck.

“Did you get any sleep, Jonesy?”

“Nope. Got thoroughly fucked, tho’.”

“Listen, I have a full pot of coffee, I’m wide awake, so go get some sleep.” Just be sure I’m relieved by 0800.”

“Okay, Captain. I am beat. I appreciate it very much.” And, away he staggered. I got comfortable, turned on the satellite TV and switched to CNN for a while. Later, I checked the Weather Channel and the weather looked good, so I started channel surfing. Nothing worth watching on the premium channels, so I settled for a COPS marathon. After about 3 hours, I had enough of COPS so I turned off the TV. I was feeling tired, so I set the proximity alarm and put my feet up and drifted off to that place somewhere between sleep and awake. I could hear what was going on around me, but I also had dreams.

“Want some breakfast, sir?” I looked around and Christina was standing there with a breakfast burrito and some homemade cinnamon rolls. I sat up and said I was very hungry. As I started to eat, she made another pot of coffee. She looked cute moving around the bridge and when she stood in front of a window I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra. She moved up to me and asked me if I was looking forward to tonight. When I asked her what she meant, she said she meant the birthday party, and then with Lara. I explained I was apprehensive about making love to a young girl. She moved up against me and started unbuttoning her dress. When she had about five buttons opened, she dropped the dress off her shoulders and it dropped to her feet.

“How about making love to me?” She took one of my hands and placed it against her breast as she leaned over to kiss me. As I said earlier, “She knew how to kiss.” I could feel my cock stirring and she moved her hand to the inside of my thigh. She moved her hand up as she continued giving me a kiss that was making me a little dizzy. When her hand reached my crotch I pushed her back and buried my head in her chest kissing and sucking her breast while massaging her other breast. I pulled on her nipples and nipped them with my teeth, swirling my tongue around and sucking on her breasts. She was working my cock through my shorts like an expert. I cupped her Venus mound in my hand and let my middle finger move up and down her slit. I could feel how wet she was as I slipped my finger into her. I worked my finger in and out as I rubbed her clit with the heel of my hand. I stood up and pulled her to me. She yanked down my shorts and boxer shorts letting them fall. My cock was against her stomach and she moved back and forth against it. She grasped my cock and started stroking it. She pulled back and took my cock in both hands rolling it back and forth between here hands, then went down on her knees and took me into her mouth. She knew how to give head and was showing me her expertise. I stood her up, turned her around, bent her over against the bulkhead and grasped her breasts from behind as I slipped my dick between her legs moving back and forth. She reached down and held my dick against her pussy lips as I moved back and forth fucking her labia. She backed up and bent over further. It was time to do some serious fucking so I placed my dick against her vaginal opening and started pushing into her. She was pushing back as I was pushing forward. Although she was tight, she was very wet so it only took a few thrusts until I was all the way in and that beautiful, young ass was against my abdomen. I started thrusting slowly holding her ass in both hands pushing her away and pulling her back. I could see our reflection in the side glass, her breasts swaying and her head pulled back. I started to thrust in earnest gaining speed with every thrust. She was moaning and grunting and suddenly she yelled something I did not understand as she pushed back against me. I could feel her pussy muscles twitching as she came. I was pumping her as fast as I could as I exploded into her 15-year-old pussy. My dick twitched and jerked as I continued to spew seamen into her. Finally our orgasms subsided and I pulled out of her. She turned around, went down on her knees and cleaned my cock with her mouth. She smiled as she picked up her dress, put it on, and walked to the door.

“Coffee’s ready,” She stated, as she left the bridge. I got dressed, got some coffee and sat down exhausted.

“Lara will be even better,” I heard Aurora’s voice say. I spun around and she was leaning on the door to the port side of the bridge.

“Have long have you been there?”

“Since Christina walked in. It was nice seeing how you enjoyed my daughter. Tonight you will make Lara a woman, but Angelina will be in your bed overnight. That is the way they want it, so that is the way it will be.” She turned and walked away.

I could not believe what has been happening. I could not even dream about this situation, but I am damn sure enjoying it. About 3 pm the party started. Lara looked very pretty wearing a short skirt, tube top, and had her hair fixed with curls. We had fresh fish caught this morning by Lewis and Jonesy, rice with mushroom gravy, a green vegetable medley with cheese sauce and fresh fruit salad. The cake was simple with little decorations around it. Everyone had a good time. After the party we relaxed and drank coffee. Some members had brandy or beer but no one had more than one. Aurora walked up to me around 5 pm and asked me accompany her below. Surely it can’t be that time in the middle of the afternoon! We went to my cabin and sure enough, Lara was waiting in a peach colored negligee that hid nothing. Standing, her breasts looked larger than when I had seen them when she was sunbathing. Her Venus mound was protruding, and she had a look on her face that was pure innocence, but also had desire and apprehension. Aurora said it was time for Lara to become a woman and she sat down on a chair.

“Are you going to stay and watch?” I asked with some apprehension.

“Oh, yes. Not only is she going to learn what it is like to be pleasured by a man; she needs to learn to give pleasure as well. I will be giving her instructions. Does this make you nervous?”

“Well, yes it does,” I replied.

She stood up and started taking off her clothes. “Then I shall be a participant. That should make you more relaxed.”

With that statement, she finished removing the last of her clothing and said to Lara, “A man likes for a woman to be a little aggressive. Come over to him and kiss him pressing your body against him. Be sure your pussy presses against his crotch. Keep kissing him and pressing against him until you feel his cock start to rise.”

Lara did as she was instructed. She felt so small in my arms, but with her body against me and seeing Aurora totally naked, it did not take long for my dick to start to rise to the situation.

“His cock is stirring, mama.”

“Good. Now move your hips to massage his cock. Left to right, that’s perfect, baby. Now, reach down with your hand and rub his cock through his trousers.”

Oh, she followed directions well.

“A man loves for a woman to undress him, so undo his pants and let them drop to the floor.” I stood there while this 14-year-old girl was undressing me with her naked mother giving instructions. It was a dirty old man’s dream. Before Aurora could say anything else, Lara pulled my polo shirt over my head leaving me standing there with my pants and shorts around my ankles. I pushed off my sneakers with my feet and stepped out of my pants. I took her breast in my hand and started to massage it. Her nipples were hard as rocks and she gasped when I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. I lay her down and started untying the belt of her negligee. When the gown was open and her body was totally exposed to me I leaned over and took her breast in my mouth while massaging the other one. I felt the bed shift and Aurora was lying on her stomach next to us watching her daughter’s response.

“Take his cock in your hand while he continues to arouse you, “ Aurora instructed. Her small hand reached between my legs and took my dick slowly squeezing it and tracing the length of the shaft.

“Stroke it, baby,” Aurora said. Lara starting moving her hand back and forth on the shaft. I moved down kissing her abdomen and swirling my tongue in her navel. I approached her pubic area and felt her push up against my hand and lips. I slowly moved my finger down separating the lips of her slit. She gasped again as my finger brushed her clit. I parted her lips and brought my tongue down flipping her clit back and forth and felt her stop stroking my dick but tightening up her hand around the shaft. She brought both hands down to the bed and gripped the sheet pushing against my caresses and moaning. I continued licking and nibbling her inner lips and clit while I slowly pushed my finger into her hole. I pushed in until I could go no further and moved in and out while moving sideways, also. She was getting very wet and I inserted a second finger trying to stretch her a little since she was so small and tight. As I was pushing into her with my fingers, I remembered they had ruptured her maidenhead two days previous so Lara would have no pain today when I made her a woman. Aurora was very close and I could hear her breathing hard as well. Aurora reached over and started to rub her daughter’s breast while massaging my balls with the other hand.

Suddenly Lara had an orgasm causing her to yell and pull back from me, then suddenly she started bucking hard against me yelling, “MORE! MORE! MORE!”

As she started coming down from her orgasm, I noticed Aurora shaking with what appeared to be an orgasm. I looked around and she had removed her hand from Lara and had been fingering herself.

I moved around to position myself for penetration, but Aurora said, “Not yet. She needs to pleasure you first. This is why I am here, to give instruction.”

“Now watch baby,” she said to Lara. She looked at me and told me to lay on my back. “He is hard now and this is the best time to give him the most pleasure,” she said. “Take his cock in your hand and slowly lick the head of his cock, swirling your tongue around the head and the underside of the shaft. When you lick the shaft, put more pressure with your tongue as you slide your tongue up and down the shaft.”

She was learning very fast and it felt wonderful.

“Now stretch your lips over your teeth so you won’t hurt him and put your mouth over the head and push down as far as you can. Then come back up taking his cock completely out of your mouth, but when you come up, press your tongue against the underside of his cock and bring your lips together, just like you do when you eat an ice cream cone.”

Oh, how she was learning. Lara tried to take all of me into her mouth, but gagged when my dick hit the back of her throat.

“Here baby,” Aurora said. “Watch me.” Aurora took me into her mouth and pushed down until her chin was resting on my testicles, then came up as she had instructed and went down all the way again.

“You see, baby. Tip your head back, then concentrate on relaxing your throat, like when the doctor asks you to say ‘Ahhh’.” Lara tried again, but gagged a little. She moved up and down and suddenly I felt her chin on my balls and knew she had me in all the way. I warned them that I was going to come if they kept this up. Lara looked up at me with a mischievous look and started moving up and down on me while Aurora moved around. I had to have something to hold, so I grabbed Aurora by the ass and pulled her around. I started rubbing her clit and finger-fucking her while Lara kept up her work. I started moaning and trying to hold back, but exploded into Lara’s mouth.

“Drink it all, baby,” Aurora said while humping my hand and I knew her climax was coming quickly. Lara kept moving up and down but taking only about half my length but was working my dick with her tongue and lips, occasionally dragging her teeth up the shaft. Aurora yelled and climaxed dropping down onto the bed trapping my hand under her and in her. Lara looked up and saw what was going on and started laughing. When we saw her, she was holding my dick in her small hands and watching us. We started laughing, also.

Lara said, “Now I want you to make love to me.”

“Baby, that is what we both have been doing. It is love that lets us give you pleasure. Lust plays some part, but mostly love. Let him rest a little and he will give you the best part,” Aurora said.

We lay in each other’s arms for a few minutes relaxing and talking. Lara started running her fingernails up and down my thigh. She moved to the inside of my thigh and I started to respond.

“Oh, look. It’s coming alive again. I want to watch,” she said as she continued to drag her nails across my testicles and underneath. I continued to get hard as she watched, fascinated with how it was getting hard and larger. She pulled a fingernail up the underside of the shaft and it jerked which delighted her. She continued teasing me and watching my dick jerk.

I sat up and reached down for her pulling her up onto me grasping her hips and holding her against my now-hard cock. I moved her into position and moved my dick between her pussy lips and moved up and down dragging my dick across her clit and across her opening. She started getting very wet, again and started matching my movements with some of her own. I rolled her over and pulled her to the edge of the bed. The bed was just the right height for what I had in mind. I slid off the bed and stood up putting her legs up over my shoulders. I pushed her knees apart and told her I was going to go into her but if it hurt to stop me. I placed the head of my dick against her opening and slowly pushed. At first I made no headway. Aurora told me to wait a moment and she took me into her mouth and left a lot of saliva on my dick.

“Okay, now try it.”

I again placed the head of my dick at Lara’s opening and slowly pushed. Her pussy slowly opened and I slipped in about two inches. I could hear Lara panting like she was in labor. I asked her if she was okay, and she grunted and shook her head yes. Aurora told me to go on, and I pushed in a little further. Oh, she was tight! I pulled almost all the way out and pushed in again going in about 4 inches. I continued pulling out and pushing in until I finally felt my balls against her skin and I knew I was all the way in. I could not believe I was all the way into this little 14 year old girl. I stopped and asked her if she was okay.

“Let me rest a minute,” she panted. As she became accustomed to me inside her she looked over at her mother and said, “I feel so full, he is stretching me inside and it is the most wonderful feeling.” She looked up at me and said, “I’m okay now. Do it.”

I started moving out slowly until only a little of the head was in her and pushed back in a single stroke going into her. I could feel my dick striking her cervix and was afraid I would hurt her. She pushed against me so I continued stroking into and out of her watching the action. Since I was standing, I could see my dick entering her young body. It was a lovely sight. Aurora was lying next to her daughter slowly massaging Lara’s breasts while I fucked her. I was glad I had a climax a few minutes earlier or I would not have lasted long with this sight. I could sense a change in Lara as her orgasm neared. She brought her legs down and wrapped them around my waist as I started to pound her pussy with harder and harder strokes.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she started yelling. Her vaginal walls were twitching and squeezing my dick as I continued pounding against her. I could feel my orgasm building from deep inside and I shoved as deep into her as I could get pulling her hips toward me with my hands. I came with a powerful orgasm, continuing to cum again and again.

It was over. I stood there with my dick still in her watching her as she came down and her mother caressing her stomach and face. I leaned over and gave her a kiss, then turned to Aurora and gave her a kiss, also. Slowly I pulled out of her and stood still panting with the exertion. Aurora said we should bath and we all three got into the shower together. We washed each other and were becoming aroused again. Aurora said we had enough bathing and I needed to rest for Angelina later tonight.

I had forgotten about that.

Suddenly the telephone rang. I picked it up and it was Snake.

“You better get up here, boss. We have visitors.”

I pulled on a tee shirt and a pair of shorts, slipped into my sneakers and headed for the bridge. When I arrived, Pole and Snake were there with Jonesy and Lewis. They were all wearing a pistol belt and a .45. Jonesy was carrying a fully automatic M-16 and Lewis and Pole were carrying RPG’s.

“What the hells going on?” I asked.

Snake pointed at the radar screens. “That large return is a ship about this size. They have been on an intercept course about an hour. We changed directions twice and they continue to change to intercept us, also. I stopped just now and the ship is stopping about 3 miles away.”

As we watched, three smaller blips separated from the ship and were coming towards us at about 45 miles an hour.

“Let’s show them our stern,” Snake said. We came about and went to full throttle. Snake, Pole, Jonesy, and Lewis went to the sun deck. I saw Snake mount a 50 caliber machine gun on the rail and saw Lewis and Pole arrange two rocket-propelled grenades on each side of him. The fast boats were catching up to us and the first boat shinned a light at the stern of our ship.

“Attention Motor Vessel Mary Sue,” the radio squawked. “This is the Cuban Navy. You have entered Cuban territorial water illegally. Stop your ship and prepare to be boarded.”

As I reached for the microphone to reply, I heard Snake on the radio. “This is the Mary Sue. We have not entered Cuban waters, we are in international waters and not subject to your orders. Further, we do not believe you are the Cuban navy. Third, any attempt to stop this vessel will be answered with deadly force. Go find someone else to intimidate.”

“Mary Sue, if you do not heave to, we will open fire.”

“We have women and children on board. We will defend them with every resource we have. If you fire, we will contact the authorities at Guantanamo Bay to tell them where the wreckage is and hope your bodies will still be afloat.”

The boats held back for a bit, but the lead boat fired an automatic sending about 5 rounds against the hull. With no hesitation, Snake opened up with the machine gun and Lewis and Pole fired the RPG’s at the other two boats. Two of the boats exploded and the third stopped on fire. I slowed and Snake stepped into the bridge.

“What are you doing, boss.”

“I’m going to search for survivors.”

“Not a good idea. Their support ship is just 4 miles away and they can come get them. I would suggest continuing for Guantanamo Bay at full throttle. That other ship may have more fast boats on board and if they come again, it will be fully prepared for us.”

Good Advice. If there are survivors, I’m sorry. They knew the game they played. I turned and set course for Guantanamo Bay and pushed it up to full throttle. I was surprised how fast this little ship could go. The pirate’s ship turned and gave chase, but we were pulling away rapidly. Either they had no other fast boats or decided to give up and they turned back toward the wreckage we left of their other boats.

“How soon do we reach Gitmo?” I asked. Jonesy estimated about 7 hours at this speed, so I went to the galley for some coffee. Snake and Jonesy stayed in the bridge. I gave my pistol belt to Snake and he said he would put the weapons in the weapons locker. Although we had just killed several people, I felt strangely exhilarated. As I was drinking some coffee, Pole and Lewis came in.

“How do you feel, boss? Are you okay with what just happened?”

“Yeah. They meant to steal our ship and kill us. Maybe rape the women. Don’t know, but they needed killing.”

“Sounds like a Texan: “They needed Killing”.” Everyone laughed. We were still laughing when all the ladies came in.

“Pirates?” Aurora asked.

“I think so,” I replied.

Teresa and Linda started shaking. They were nervous and on the verge of tears. Lewis told them not to worry. We had stopped them and they wouldn’t be bothering us any more. Teresa went over to Lewis and hugged him and started crying on his shoulder. Linda went to Pole, leaned against him pressing her full breasts against his chest, and whispered something in his ear. He laughed and they disappeared below. Teresa and Lewis went to the sun deck and sat at a table with a couple of beers and were talking.

“Angelina,” Aurora said, “Are you ready to take the Patron below?”

“Si, Mama,” she answered with a smile.

“In a moment. I’m hungry and want to wait for a bit to make sure those thugs don’t come back,” I replied.

Aurora called to Teresa and they went to the galley on this level and started making something to eat. They made some beef, sliced some tomatoes, chopped some onions and peppers and grated some of the cheese made on my plantation. They then heated some flat bread and we had some soft-shell tacos (sort of). Except the beef was flavored with something absolutely delightful, and it was sliced very thin. Angelina took a plate to the bridge for Snake and did not return. After we ate, Aurora told Angelina to take me below and she would clean up.

Angelina took me by the hand and we went down the steps to the owner’s cabin. When we entered, the bed had been made, the lights were set on low, the air conditioner was on, and it was perfectly clean. No one would know that just an hour ago there had been an orgy going on here. I went into the bathroom and it was just as spotless. I couldn’t believe it. I relieved myself and washed up, brushing my teeth, and stripped. I put on a robe and went back into the bedroom. The bed was turned down and Angelina was in bed (or actually ON the bed). She lay on the bed with both pillows behind her propping her up. She was naked. She is 14 years old. Small breasts, bare pussy, and reaching out for me. I’m glad we are in international waters. This could get me into prison in the States. I went to her, dropped my robe and stepped out of my slippers as I crawled onto the bed. I lay next to her and kissed her fully. She opened her mouth and her tongue was alive in my mouth as she pulled her small body next to mine. She pushed against me rolling me over on my back as she crawled up onto my chest. I could feel my dick rising to the occasion and as she felt it creep along her thigh, she brought both her legs together trapping my dick between her legs just above her knees. She worked her legs like hands stroking and massaging my dick expertly. I got very hard. I reached for her breast, but she kept herself pressed against my chest and she continued to work her magic with her legs. She started sliding down my chest towards my feet. As my dick got even with her pussy, she stopped and started moving up and back against my erection. It slipped into her slit and she moved down a little more letting it move against her clit. Again I reached for her breast, but she still kept me away from them. She continued moving against my dick with her clit. She was very good, and soon I felt the stirring of an orgasm. She was breathing heavily now and moving faster and I knew she was coming to an orgasm, also. She started grinding her pelvis against me moving faster and faster until she climaxed, mewing like a little kitten as she experienced the pleasure. I could not stop myself and I emptied myself against her spewing seamen against her stomach.

She relaxed a little, but never completely stopped moving. She started moving back and forth again, and my erection, which had not gone completely down, was rebuilding again. She slid upward on the slick juices and spread her legs sliding back down until my dick was at her vaginal opening. She raised up and bushed back until my dick was completely inserted into her. She sat upright and slowly milked me with her vaginal muscles. She slowly moved in a circle with her hips, fucking me with all the experience of a professional. It was wonderful. I reached for her and this time she leaned forward letting me touch her. I sat up and leaned her backward sucking her breast into my mouth. Her breasts were very sensitive, I found. It only took about a minute of sucking, licking, and massaging her breasts until she came with a shuddering orgasm, but I was not ready to stop. I rolled her over until I was on top. Raising myself up I pumped into her going faster and faster as I felt another orgasm building. My dick was sore from all the sex I had today (after all, I have had 4 orgasms today and I never had more than three. Now I am working on number 5), but it still felt good, so I continued pumping. It seemed like my orgasm was never going to come so I pulled out and turned her over. I pulled her ass up and took her from behind. This always is the best feeling for me, but since I prefer it standing up, I pulled her back towards the edge of the bed and stood up.

Just as I was about to reinsert myself into her, she said, “Please put it in my ass. I have been wanting to try it and some of the women at the hacienda say it is very good.”

Always wanting to pleasure the ladies, I spit on my dick and tried to get it as wet as I could. I centered the head at the small brown opening. The difference in size was apparent and I did not think it would fit, but I pushed. She grunted and pushed back a little, but it hurt. I told her to relax and concentrate on something across the room, but totally relax her organs. I could feel the pressure of her sphincter muscle relaxing and I pushed some more. I was surprised when the head of my dick disappeared into her ass. I spit on the shaft and pushed some more. She pushed back, although she groaned in pain. I was in about half-way and knew I would only give her pain if I continued to push. I pulled out until only the head was left in her and pushed back again. She said it felt like going to the bathroom when it came out, but she could feel me with her pussy when I pushed back in. We continued fucking like this and she had another orgasm. I could feel mine coming and picked up the pace. When I came I realized I had pushed hard and was almost all the way into this virgin asshole. She cried out some, but continued to push back against me. I was cumming and it felt good and I had her by the ass with both hands and she pushed again and I pulled and suddenly I was in her all the way. I relaxed and my orgasm was over. I slowly started pulling out and this movement brought her to another orgasm. I continued pulling out very slowly as her orgasm continued until I finally pulled out of her completely. There was blood on her and I and I knew I had torn her since she was so young and small and I was pretty big. She slid off the bed and turned around. She pressed her small body against me and gave me a long kiss.

“Thank you, señor,” she said. You felt very big inside me when you took me in the front, but when you took me in the rear you filled me. It was wonderful. It hurt some, but my climax was very powerful. Thank you.”

We went to the head with the Jacuzzi tub and filled the tub with water as hot as we could stand it. While the tub was filling, we relieved ourselves. When the tub was full, we climbed in and started the air. The massagers were working and the hot water relaxed us to the point I was almost asleep. She stood up and stepped out of the tub. I was still sitting and it was a wonderful sight as she had one leg over the edge of the tub and me looking up at her naked crotch. As she was drying she bent over giving me a look at her beautiful ass and her breasts swinging. I could feel the familiar stirring.

“No way.” I thought. “Not again. I need rest and there is no way I could have another orgasm.” I climbed out of the tub, started it draining, and dried off. I went to the bed and Angelina was already in bed, asleep. She looked so innocent, and I had just fucked her in the ass. I should feel so guilty, but somehow I didn’t. I crawled into the bed and went to sleep right away. When I awoke, she was snuggled up against me with one leg thrown over me. It was very comfortable, so I just lay there. About 30 minutes later, Aurora came into the room.

“Wake up, sleepy heads. Breakfast in 30 minutes.”

“Where are we?”

“About two hours from the Marine base, señor.”

Aurora just stood there, so I got up. She handed me my robe and I headed for the shower. When I finished and was dressed, I came out and Angelina was gone, the bed made with fresh linen and the room freshly vacuumed. As I headed for the door, Aurora stepped from the other head and asked me if I did what Angelina wanted.

“Well, I’m not sure. What did she want?”

“Señor Kelly,” she laughed. “She wanted you to take her in her ass. And, from the look on your face, I believe you did. You can do that to me on the way home. Okay?”

I went topside and had some pancakes and ham and coffee. After breakfast I went to the bridge and Lewis was there talking on the radio. I looked at the radar screens and could see we were approaching Gitmo.

“What’s up XO?”

“Just getting clearance to dock, boss. It seems somebody shot up some cigarette boats and killed 7 people about 150 miles from here. Marines wanted to know if we saw anything. I told them it must have been pirates.”

We all laughed and made preparations to dock. After docking, we unloaded the fresh fruit and vegetables for the Marines. All the ladies were in bikinis relaxing on the beach and was the center of attention of both officers and enlisted, alike. The Marines invited us all to have dinner with them in the mess hall at 1800 hours. We agreed and had an enjoyable evening. After dinner, the ladies entertained the majority of the personnel. We went to the Base Commander’s office with him. While we relaxed with Cuban cigars, coffee and drinks, we filled in the commanding officer concerning the pirates.

“Fuck ‘em! They got what they deserved.”

Ya gotta love the Marines.

This ends the adventure of John Kelly becoming rich.

If anyone wants further adventures of this type, drop me a line at I will be happy to comply with enough encouragement. If you have read my other stories, you know I have a great imagination.