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Big Brother-in-law

CCAT07 on Taboo Stories

I have been enjoying a fantasy about my brother-in-law lately.  Dean is my boyfriend's younger brother and he and his wife recently moved to our city. I had the morning to myself and decided to begin my day with a delicious orgasm. My boyfriend, James and I have been on opposite shifts and haven't had sex in weeks! I showered and decided to head over to see Tara, Dean's wife. I parked my car in the driveway and as I approached the door I was surprised when Dean opened it. Tara and Dean have a 3 year old daughter, Sally and a new house which along with the 'new' mortgage which has kept them busy. Tara is usually off on Mondays but she was called to work and wouldn't be home until dinner.  Dean expla

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ined he had left work early and was having a sandwich before heading back to the garage to work on his car.   The car. It's a vintage muscle car and it's hot! It's also in my fantasy and I drift off for a moment....Dean looks unusually sexy today with a little stubble and I decide the stubble will be great addition to my fantasy.  I turn to leave and Dean asks me if I want to sit and chat while he eats his lunch. We've had some great conversations and I enjoy his boyish charm and although we've never flirted I do catch the times Dean sneaks a peek or tells Tara she should go shopping with me...hint. I am in love with James and we enjoy our freedom and the nightlife. Once in a while we get together with Dean and Tara before a concert or party and as we head out, they get ready for bed. Dean's wife Tara has gotten slightly plump and in the last few years she often complains of their boring sex life. I try to advise her and I also wonder how a guy with a supposed huge cock be a boring lover!? James has mentioned the fact that Dean's cock is much bigger than his and although it's been as part of a story or innocently mentioned it's got me curious. As we sit at the table I notice that Dean shifts uncomfortably in his chair. I have put my fantasy and dirty thoughts aside and I try to initiate some conversation as Dean munches away. I tell him about the recent concerts I've seen with James and the trip we'd taken to Hawaii a few weeks back. Dean offers me a beer and we raise our cans in a toast. I notice his eyes focused on my rather large breasts. My girls..they're big and I'm used to them being stared at. He looks up and blushes slightly. I smile and wonder if it would be mean to tease him but he's so shy I shrug it off and resist the urge to comment. I ask about Tara and if she's enjoying her new home. He sighs heavily and tells me she's been depressed and really lazy lately and he's hoping I would call her and get her out of the house more. I promise to call more and suggest we head outside to enjoy the summer day. Dean hesitates and waits for me to lead the way. As I turn to open the patio door I notice the bulge in his pants! It's impossible to hide and he is obviously embarrased and sits back down. I try to reassure him and joke that I've seen it before. The thought of such a big cock and my curiosity over how big it really is prompt me to blurt out, "you must be really uncomfortable. He blushes more and I try to ease the moment by asking if I should leave and he begins to relax and asks me to sit back down with him. He tells me he's been stressed and he and Tara haven't been 'connecting' in the bedroom lately. He's relieved when I explain that James and I are busy lately and haven't had much sex either. He looks surprised. "You?" The two of you seem like...well.." He stops and pauses.."you seem like a sexy couple" he trails off eager to change the subject. "Yes, we do like sex. I love James and he's a great lover..except", should I go further I ask myself. "Except what?" Deans asks eagerly. "Well, James doesn't like to give me oral sex" I explain sadly. Dean looks shocked as he shakes his head and then laughs. "What? You find it funny?" I joke as I pretend to pout. "Well, Tara and I have the opposite problem. She hates it and I love it." Now I think he's just trying to be funny and joke with me. "Yeah right" I say. "No, REALLY. " Now I'm just as stunned and unusually quiet. Dean is shy and we should probably change the subject I think to myself. Suddenly Mr. Shy Guy blurts out "I'm sure you have a great one!" I look up and what can I say but "well, yeah I do!" We both laugh and I tell him I chose the wrong brother. He stops laughing and I wonder if I've offended him. "I was only kidding" I say. "Oh, it's okay I just..." he starts again, "I've never told you this, but I do have thoughts about you. I would never act on them and Tara and I are happily married. are so sexy! There, I said it" he proclaims bravely. I'm blushing now and I look at his sexy stubble and think of the car. The one in the garage, the one in my fantasy. "I've had a fantasy or two about you too." He looks pleased before asking "Really?" I tell him I love his brother and I know he loves his wife and we would never do anything, so it's okay. We both agree and enjoy the last of our beer before I start to get up and leave. "What is your fantasy?" he asks. I am already in the hall so I can't see him and I can't decide if I should answer. Thoughts of his monster cock flash before me and suddenly I feel hands on my ass and Dean is ready to go. He kneels down behind me and pushes up my skirt as he guides me to the couch nearby. I bend over the back of it and Dean is licking me everywhere. The pleasure is enough to drive the thoughts of mini-vans and 3-year olds away. We are both faithful and I've never cheated and I am sure Dean never has. Tara was his 1st and they married a few years ago. We are caught in a moment of pure lust and there's no stopping. He is amazing and I spread my legs further to give him access to me. I try to turn back to check out his cock. Gotta see it. Dean has his pants down and his hand wrapped tightly around the biggest dick I've seen. It's beautiful and his smooth skin and slender legs compliment it nicely. He catches my eye and the look of passion in his eyes makes me even wetter. This quiet guy who I've spent many Easter and Christmas dinners with was giving me the best head of my life! He buried his head in my pussy as he vigorously pumped his cock. I settled back into my 'face-down, ass-up' position and enjoyed his tongue. Ooh and then his fingers started to wander. Before long he had one hand working my ass and my pussy and the other around his cock. I was ready to cum and he grabbed my ass hard and kept me right where he wanted me..on his face. He licked and slurped until I was as clean as when he started. I turned to face him and he was awkwardly stroking his cock and I asked "did you cum?" He nervously got up and tried to pull his jeans up. "Whoa!" I said. "I haven't even told you my fantasy yet." I got down and took his huge cock in my hands. I guided it to my mouth and tried to get as much of it as I could in but I could only manage about half. He put his head back and groaned. His cock was enormous. Always the skinny guys I thought. He came suddenly and I hate swallowing so I tried to let him enjoy the moment before I headed to the bathroom. He stopped me and said he liked it and one girl he'd been with had put it into his mouth from hers after she'd given him a blowjob. Hmmm.  James likes the taste of it too. Neither of them have ever done anything with other guys, that I know of. I continue to be surprised by the kinky side of Dean and I oblige him. He eagerly swallows his semen and I can tell he really does like it. I find it repulsive so this suits me fine. Runs in the family I think to myself. Better not tell Dean about his brother's fondness for the cream. I look at the clock and we both clean up and say goodbye before we have to explain anything to Tara. I head home to greet James and later on I'll have my fantasy with a little reality thrown in. I might have to ask Dean to check my engine sometime soon. Maybe he'll let me drive his car!Â

Meeting New People I; The Bakery

Chris7BA on Taboo Stories

 So here I am now, living out here in California with my sister, trying to make a new start after Mom forced me out of the house. I slept on the couch of the flat my sister used while her friend lived in Japan on deployment. I tried not to think of where I would live when my sister ended up going on deployment, being in the Navy also, but I pushed that to the back of my mind.

Everyday, she would spend most of the sunlight hours at work, and after a few days, I exhausted her friend's VHS collection in the apartment. The cable proved to be piss-poor, so after a few hours, I decided to finally leave the apartment and explore the town I now called home.

 I walk

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ed a few blocks, as the only things around the apartment complex being a couple of gas stations, and eventually came upon a small shopping center. Forgoing the laundromat, insurance agent and religious items store, I ended up going into the little Mexican bakery at the end of the center.

The interior looked too weird to me to be a bakery. The space felt cool and looked clean, but the fluorescent lights made the store much dimmer than it should have been. And red vertical blinds worked too well keeping out the natural light from the only window. To me, it seemed more like a small cafe for lovers than a bakery.

 I waited only a few moments before a small woman appeared from the back. She looked young and pretty, not fitting the look of someone I expected to be working in a Mexican bakery during a weekday morning. She wore a green shirt and black pants on her ample frame, completing the ensemble with a white apron. She beamed a bright smile at me.

 "Hi there. How can I help you?"

"Uh, hi. I'm just looking around. I'm new to this area, so I decided to look around, and came into your store. First place I've been to here."

 "Oh, well then let me extend you a welcome to our community. It's small, but nice anyway. My name is Carmen. Here, let me give you a piece of pan dulce, on the house."

 I took a bite of the bread, a half-circle decorated with a maze of chocolate powder, and nodded my approval. Since she still stood at the counter, delighted in my enjoyment of the bread, I decided to chat her up a bit.

 "This is good. Do you make the bread here?"

 "No, my husband does. He makes it every morning."

 I paused mentally, feeling my chances with her waning a bit. I decided to press on anyway. "Oh, is he here right now?"

 "No, he drove to Anaheim to catch the Angels game. He's always loved the Angels, no matter how far away we move."

 "Can I ask you why it's so dark in here? I think it would do a lot for the store if you let in a bit more sunlight."

 "We don't like to keep the blinds open. My husband and I are afraid that the looks we get from some of the people that live here will finally scare away the regular customers we do have."

 "Looks," I asked, cautiously.

 "Gossip that has spread around."

 "About you," I queried, again watching my proverbial step.

 "About me, about my husband, even about my son; in a small place like this, gossip can kill a business faster than it can kill a reputation."

 "Well, I don't mean to be rude, but can I ask what some of the gossip is?"

 She shot me a wry smile before answering, "To start, the fact that my son is 16 and I'm only 32."

 "That's not a big deal," I told her, dismissing her comment with a wave of my hand, trying my best to score points with her hubby away. "So, you and your husband had a child when you were still in your teens. Like that doesn't happen nowadays?"

 "There's also talk of me sleeping around, and that our son is gay. My husband and I are also accused of committing incest with our son."

"Oh my God," I exclaimed, "those are horrid accusations. Why would people say those things about you and your family?"

 "Because some people just can't keep their big mouths shut."

 "What? You mean the accusations are true?"

 "After living in a town this small, you think people would have the tact to not spread stories of what they've experienced, especially when it's sexual."

"Okay, I'm sorry, but I have to ask. I understand about the sleeping around and the being gay. What I have trouble wrapping my brain around is why with your son?"

 "Are you shocked," she asked.

"Not as much as I thought I would be."

 She smiled at that. "When we figured out that people weren't being as discreet as they should have been, we talked about ways of filling our desires that didn't involve going to strange clubs in strange places. And in a moment of drunkeness, our son brought up the suggestion of him getting what he wanted from his father, and giving what his mother wanted. When we started that first time, it was awkward, but we soon forgot our incertitude. Now, we don't even bat an eyelash."

 "Wow," I said, the only thing I could think to say after her story.

 "What's the matter," she asked, coming around the counter towards me. "Did I distress you?"

 I unconsciously took a step back as she approached; "Uh, well, it's just that, I, um..."

 She stood against me, her face level with my chest. She looked up at me and smiled, her hazel eyes twinkling, as she pressed her small hand against my crotch. "Mmmm, you do feel a bit bothered to me."

 She reached behind her to untie the apron when I snapped out of my flustered daze. I grabbed her hands before they could finish their job. I leaned in close to her, her lips inches from mine; "Just leave the apron on." I kissed her, her tongue coaxing mine into her mouth where she sucked on it. I ran my hands all over her curves, slowly separating her from her clothes, loving the feel of her flesh. She pushed back from me until she leaned against the counter.

 "Lock the door behind you. It's so good to have new blood in this town."

She kicked off her plastic clogs and slowly slipped her pants down her legs, writhing her body down as she did. She left them in a pile on the floor, the apron hiding my view of her black panties, before starting on her shirt. She slipped her arms out and pulled it off of her torso, careful not to pull the apron off with it. Her tits looked beautiful as they were now constrained by the apron only. I could note a bit of a sag, but nothing that would keep her from being described as beautiful. Though not slim, I found her to be round only in all the right places. I moved in, kissing her as my hands softly ran around her stomach, up her sides where I cupped the sides of her tits, and back down until my hands ran circles over the cotton-covered mounds of her ass.

 "Not here," she said, taking my hand in hers, "let's go to the back."

 She led me to the back of the shop. Four large steel tables sat spotless. Two large ovens lined one of the walls. She stopped at the edge of a table before she turned and kissed me again. I reached behind her again and slipped the panties down her legs where they fell to the floor. I gripped her waist and picked her up effortlessly until her ass made contact with the cold steel. Her breath caught, goose bumps broke out all over her white skin, and her dark brown nipples pressed against the fabric of the apron. I leaned my head over and kissed the side of her tit, nuzzling her nipple with my tongue, while one of my hands spread her thighs, allowing me to slowly rub her pussy and clit. She threw her head back and began to moan softly.

She slid her foot up my thigh and pressed it against my crotch before massaging me through my jeans with her foot. I slipped a finger inside of her pussy and thrust it in her hard the harder she made me with her foot. After moments of this, I pulled away from her, quickly undoing my jeans and slipping them down until my cock sprang out. She spread her legs even wider, bracing her feet on the edge of the table, the hem of her apron the only thing between me and her pussy as I moved to enter her. I folded the hem up and she took my cock in her little hand and guided me into her wet pussy.

 She threw her head back again and yelled out as I pushed my entire length into her. She then regarded me, a rather savage look on her face, and spoke to me in a low growl, "C'mon, fuck me. Fuck me good."

 I slowly pulled out of her and then back in again, pulling almost entirely out of her pussy and then pushing back in completely. She wrapped her arms around my neck and emitted low grunts with everyone of my thrusts. When I picked up my pace, the grunts turned to sighs and breathy moans. I ran my hands up her legs until I gripped her waist, allowing me to fuck her faster and harder. She then unwrapped her arms and braced herself against her elbows, leaning her body back. Her tits slipped out from behind her apron, and I took the nipple of one of her massive globes in my mouth before I felt myself building. I pounded into her pussy harder, making her tits jiggling. As I started to cum, I fucked her fast, pistoning in and out of her pussy, causing her to scream with every thrust before she clamped down on my cock, draining me of the last of my cum. Her body shuddered and convulsed as she came down from her orgasm. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and gazed at her face. Her smile returned. I reached behind her and undid her apron at last, taking it off of her. I ran my hands all over her luxuriant body before leaning down and kissing her abundance.

 But she stopped me short.

 "As much as I'd love to continue this and its obvious outcome, you have to let me up. My son will be here soon, not to mention some of my more elderly customers."

 "Your son," I said incredulously, "it's One O' Clock, at the latest."

 "They're taking CST's today. They always get out early when they take tests like that."

 She left me in the back as I saw her slide down from the table, gather up her apron and panties, and bounded her copious body around to the front of the store. I pulled up my boxers and jeans, and after composing myself I too walked to the front. She stood there, already completely dressed, fixing the apron around herself.

 "Go open it," she said, motioning towards the door. I unlocked it and as I opened it, a young man slightly shorter than me, with a backpack slung over his shoulder, came to a halt just inches from me. He looked at my face for a second or two before looking me up and down. He smiled and pushed past me into the bakery.

 "Hola, mamá," he said, kissing Carmen on the cheek. He turned and looked back at me before whispering something into Carmen's ear. She whispered something back to him and they both broke out into laughter. Just then, I felt the door open behind me.

 I spun around and I ended up frightening a small, older woman. Carmen noticed, and came running from behind the counter. "Aye Maria, don't be afraid. It's all right."

 "Who is this," the older woman asked. "Is he here to help out when your husband isn't here?"

 I smiled a bit at this, but quickly pushed it from my face. Carmen eyed me with that mischievous look before returning her attention to the older woman. "Yes Maria, he's here to help out Miguel and me when Guillermo isn't here. He's new to town, so it was nice that he happened here when he did."

 "A sort God-send, no," the woman commented.

 "Miguel, why don't you take him into the back and have him help you while I attend to La Señora Jimenez."

 Miguel smiled and motioned for me to join him. It might just have been me, but I think the smile resembled the one his mother gave me before she walked to the back of the store.

 In fact, Miguel ended up leaning against the very table where his mother and I fucked. Looking at him closely, I saw that his soft facial features genetically belonged to his mother, but the rest of him lacked anything soft. He wore clothes that showed his cut muscles and he stood broad and very masculine.

 "Well, if you couldn't guess, I'm Miguel, Carmen's son."

 I didn't feel like making small talk, or insulting the boy's intelligence. "I take it your mom told you."

 "We tried being normal, satiating ourselves in the normal manner; but people opened their mouths instead of keeping quiet, and soon we were branded. If we continued on in that manner, we would have proven the rumors true. So, we decided to take care of things in-house. But, if there comes someone new, someone we can get at before the gossip-mill influences them; why shouldn't we take advantage?"

 "So, you don't have an outlet other than your dad?"

 "Ocassionally, I do. I'm on sports teams at school, so when we have a party, and one of my teammates gets too drunk, he always wants to find out if the rumors about me are true. I never bring it up after that, and they end up so ashamed of themselves for having given in to something so 'disgusting,' so I have nothing to worry about. But there are just times when Dad gets frisky for my ass, and I'm always in the mood. Just like I'm hoping right now that you don't have any 'pecadillos.'"

 He reached for the button on my pants, and I let him unsnap it without the least bit of protest. In fact, I found myself aroused at the prospect of fucking this 16 year-old guy. He pulled down my boxers and jeans until he exposed my cock, the second time that day in that store. He started tugging on my cock, making me hard again, before dropping to his knees and taking it into his mouth. He moved quickly, bobbing his head up and down on my cock, pausing now and then to suck on the head of my cock. Now came my turn to throw my head back in pleasure. I knew that Carmen wouldn't want me making a sound back here, and I did my best to stifle the moans desperate to come out of my mouth. I could tell that Miguel no longer needed practice at this deed, and enjoyed his expert motions.

 I suddenly felt hands slide underneath my t-shirt, running over my torso. The hands belonged to Carmen. When Miguel noticed her, he pulled my cock out of his mouth and spoke to her, "Good Mom, just in time. Take over for me."

 Carmen moved in front of me, untying the apron and removing her green shirt again, finally standing topless. She then got down on her knees and rubbed my hard cock on her large, bare tits before taking it into her mouth. All the while, Miguel stood up and started to strip. As soon as he pulled off his boxers, he lifted himself up on the same table I fucked his mom on and assumed the same position she did.

 "Okay Mom, let him come."

 I didn't need any encouragement. Both Miguel and Carmen worked me into a lather and I wanted nothing more than to get off, no matter what hole I hit or who it belonged to. I moved forward, pressing the head of my cock against Miguel's asshole. He moaned gently as the head of my cock slid into his ass. I pushed in slowly until I buried myself inside of him. The tightness of his ass felt wonderful. I worked him slowly, getting lost in the moment. I snapped out of it when I saw Carmen's hand stroke Miguel's cock. I grabbed Miguel's thighs and started to fuck his ass a little faster. And then I couldn't believe when a naked Carmen jumped on the table and got in a 69 position, taking her son's cock in her mouth as she settled her pussy on his face. This, combined with Carmen's silky hair rubbing against my stomach when I thrust into Miguel, drove me completely nuts. I fucked Miguel's ass as hard as I could, ramming into him. I stopped long enough to reach over and pinch Carmen's nipples before fucking Miguel's ass fast enough that I let loose inside of him. I pumped until I drained every drop in Miguel's ass.

 Carmen arose, cum staining her lips and chin, and she looked up at me, enormous tits hanging free beneath her.

 "I hope we're not done for today."

Michael's Diary: 9/22/2004

M.Savrem on Taboo Stories

 It has been five years since my last encounter with Lauren. A great deal has happened to the two of us over this time; I fear what we had maybe now is no more than a memory. Looking back, I'm not entirely sure what role played in her life. By law I am a molesting pervert that took advantage of an innocent child. However, does she see me that way? Now an adult, would she scorn me, be indifferent, or look back fondly on our encounters? Was I the caring boyfriend, and was it love? I like to believe so, but at this point, I don't know. To find out, I right this memoir and maybe through this process some truth can be discerned from the fantasy.

My story begins in Merciful Medical where I worked as a nurse. One day, I was bathing a patient by the name of Philip Reddingtion. The poo

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r guy was suffering from congestive heart failure and was to weak to help himself. Assisting him was normally the was the job of my nurse's aide but I genuinely liked the guy so I didn't mind to doing it myself. While I worked, we chatted about politics, his life, and so forth until the family stopped by for a visit. His son Kenneth had brought his wife and daughter along.

Ken, as I was going to call him, was a slim man with blonde hair and glasses, very polite and quite sociable. His wife, Amanda, was an actual knock out with long auburn hair that you just wanted to run your fingers through, and a shapely figure crested with a pair of beautiful round breast. Somewhere on the large end of a c-cup if I had to guess. (Not that I purposely gawk at other men's women, but she always wore a low cut dress or shirt that displayed her chest prominently. What else could I do but look?) She was far more quiet than her husband, seeming to let him do most of the talking, while she just smiled and listened. Then there was, of course, Lauren. A thirteen year old clone of her mother as far as appearance. All of those striking features of her mom in the beginning stages of development.

I was just into the shaving portion of his bath, when they came in. Ken insisted that one of the family should assist me in the process since he planned to take his father home to live with him when he was released. To my surprise, it was the thirteen year old who volunteered, a far cry from the average youth.

"Are you sure you want too?" I asked with some concern," Phil's whiskers are hard to cut with these dime-a-dozen safety razors. Besides you have take special care not nick him"

"I don't mind," she said with a smile,"Anyways, I want to help in caring for grandpa as well."

"Phil is it alright if with you?"

The old man smiled proud of his granddaughter, "Sure Mike, anyone willing to help this old fellow out is fine by me."

So we commenced in shaving my patient, with me mostly directing Lauren's work. I was pleased to see she was careful and tender with her grandfather. It seemed as if the old man was going to be in good hands. All faired well, until she leaned in to the bed to get the hair on his upper lip. Wearing a loose summer shirt, it opened it up at the front giving me a near perfect view of her breast just shy of the nipple. They were round, full, and almost as big as her mothers. Jesus, I thought, she isn't wearing a bra . I, being the decent kind of guy and surely not someone who would get kicks out of an underage peep shows,  turned my head away, averting my eyes . I remember being extremely glad that the parents were out in the hall, currently talking to the doctor, not here to witness this moment of indiscretion. Thankfully, Phil too was oblivious, too weak to look anywhere but up at the ceiling. Lauren noticed my flushed face, and asked if I was alright.

"Yeah, I’m... just fine. It's that," I turned to her trying very hard not steal another glance at her bosom, but I failed miserably. "Your shirt."

Realizing what was happening, Lauren quickly yanked her top closed. Unfortunately, she had forgotten the razor she held to her grandfather's upper lip, and nicked it terribly. As a cut on someone’s face always seems to do, it bled in a terrific manner.

"Oh God, I...I.." she stammered her shame now replaced with horror.

I quickly snatched up some Kleenex and pressed it to wound. "It's alright, dear. Just tell my aide to come in here. Everything’s going to be okay."

I was half lying. The wound wouldn't kill Phil, but in his poor state it most likely wouldn't heal well either. It would be nasty a scar that remained for the rest of his days.

She quickly obeyed and darted out the door. What followed was a small commotion, I like to think of as organized panic. The overly concerned doctor, and my head nurse came into the room asking a million questions, trying to make sure what happened wasn't a malpractice suit in the waiting. Luckily, the laceration wasn't too bad, and all it required was a butterfly stitch which he had to wear for 4-5 days. That, however, didn't help poor Lauren, who was crying at the end of the event.

"I'm so sorry," she pleaded, "I didn't mean it."

I shot up from my bed, wild eyed with terror. I felt a dampness on my penis and for a terrible moment, I believed I was still in the hospital, just minutes away from being arrested for statutory rape. It took a second longer for me to come around, but I wasn't glad when I did. My mind went back to that unreal experience. Dear God in heaven, I thought, what the hell is wrong with me? I just fantasized about face fucking a little girl barely through of middle school. I again felt the dampness around my groin, and immediately threw back the sheets. In the morning light, the cloudy white substance that covered the sheets and me was unmistakable. It had been more than a decade out of puberty and here I was a recipient of a benefited wet dream. Christ, wasn't this shit impossible for a man in his twenty something’s!

Ken took me aside and asked me what happened. Thinking a white lie might salvage this situation I said, "Honestly, Ken, it wasn't her fault. She was doing just fine until Philip went into one of his coughing fits. A really bad one at that. His head just jerked back and the worst possible moment. Things like this happen to the best of us."

Lauren overheard me, and was little astonished at what I was saying.

I added directing my attention to the girl, "Lauren hun, accidents do happen. Don't let this setback stop you from helping your granddad. He is going to need all of you guys from this point on."

She nodded, realizing the prudent thing was to leave certain details out, "Ok."

"Don't be too shaken up," I pressed earnestly," It isn't your fault, I mean it."

With that she smiled,” Thanks, Mike."

Soon the three of them left, and a little while after that I finally headed home for the late evening. Eventually, I got to bed and thought over the day's event in that window of time before sleep. I really did admire, Lauren for her stewardship of her granddad, and hoped she wasn't scared off by her accident. My mind then wandered back to the moment when I caught a glimpse of her, replaying it over in my head. The last few months my libido was pretty much nonexistent, and mind unintentionally fixated on Lauren. Worse yet, I was beginning to feel the stirrings of arousal, and my dick began to hardened. Disturbed, I turned myself over, and tried to banish the incident from my conscious mind. Eventually, I succeeded, however, when sleep took me, my unconscious was far less prudent and my secret urges were revealed.

I was back on the hospital wing heading into Mr. Reddington’s room. It was time again to clean up the old man so I had a wash basin and rag in hand . I opened the door expecting to see tired ole Phil, but I instead was greeted by the sight of a smiling, vibrant Lauren lying in his bed. The head was raised, and a white sheet draped her front as she was looking at me expectantly. "Is it my turn for a sponge bath, Michael?" she inquired innocently.

"Yes, it is hun. You don't mind if I do it... I could have one of the female staff-"

"No, its ok, I would like you to wash me, please."

" Alright." I set my things down and moved to pull the bed sheet away from her. Slowly, I exposed her chest all the way down to her belly, just stopping short of her hips. Her nipples were small and erect in the cool air, and I realized her breast where about the size of her moms, however, on her small frame they looked a little bigger. I traced my eyes down her petite form to just where the bed sheet stopped. There I could see just the smallest wisp of brown pubic hair. Probably not long grown in.

" You’re so beautiful," I remarked.

"Thank you," she replied, "I'm glad you like my body."

I readied the basin. Soaking the cloth in the warm soapy water, I brought it to her breasts and gently massaged them through the material. In response, she pushed herself into my hand and began to gyrate with my motion. I worked the cloth over and underneath her bosom, finally grasping one by the underside. Cupped in my palm, I squeezed it gently, lifting it up on her chest. Obviously, I was no longer washing but rather fondling a young girl.

"Yes, play with me," she cooed, " Do what you want. I am all yours. "

I reached over with my free hand and took her other tit, pressing the two of them together. With her nipples almost touching, I leaned and suckled one then the other. I followed this by running my tongue along the bumpy surface of the areoles causing her to groan with lusty approval. While I was nursing off the young girl, my erection tented out the front of my scrubs.

Lauren, noticed this, reached over and grasped my member through the fabric, "Oooo, I Michael. Please, let me see your cock. "

At her touch I gasped, and relented my attention to her chest. I was unable to respond with anything more than a groan. I pulled the elastic band of my pants down past my groin and I was amazed to see my penis as it sprung out. It was now a full seven inches rather than my normal six, and on top of that, it was circumcised much like in the porno films. Lauren traced her finger on the underside of my dick from the base to the head. In response, precum slowly trickled up from the slit. She then grasped the neck and inched her head down until her lips was a breath away from the tip. Sticking her tongue out she slid it along the vertical divide, lapping up the fluid. I shuddered uncontrollably in response.

With her large brown eyes she looked up at me. Holding my gaze, her power over me was so immense that I couldn't look away, "Michael, do you want your cock in my mouth?" she asked as if she didn't already know the answer.

"Please," I whispered. My equilibrium was shot and I could hardly remain standing.

She smiled demurely, “I’m sorry I didn't understand you. Could you say that again?"

I groaned with need, "Please...suck me."

She ran her hand up and down my cock in a slow stroke, her smile growing wider, clearly enjoying this game, "Suck what?"

"Suck my..." It was hard to speak as my breathing was labored and heavy, "Suck my dick."

She tisked me and chided, "You want a little girl like me to suck on your dick. Suck on it until you empty all your cum into my mouth." In response, more precum bubbled up from my head which she immediately licked off as well.

In my frantic mind, rage danced madly with arousal. I was halfway ready to take this little cocktease by force, "Yeessssssss!" I hissed angrily through my clenched teeth, "I want to fuck your sweet doll face! Fuck it, and not stop until I blow all load into your mouth."

Her smile shrank away, taken aback but what I said. Her lips pouted, and disappointed that the game was over she remarked sarcastically, "Ok, I will only since you asked so nicely."

   And with that she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. I felt her warm tongue run up and down the tip. Leaning forward she took more of me into her moist confine stopping just past the back of her tongue . She then slid back sucking as hard she could all the way, her cheeks compressed on the sides. Stopping shy of the ridge of my head, Lauren again and again repeated this motion, gradually picking up the pace. As she orally caressed my member, she uttered low guttural groans of delight with the sensation of her voice pleasuring me even more. Every now and then, she released my dick with an audible pop, and licked and suckled my purple head with abandon. The sound was akin to the smackings of a child with a lollipop. After not to long, the underage blow job became more than I could take and I felt the beginning of climax overtaking me. My whole body tensed, and like a pro Lauren drove my shaft deep into her mouth. I cried out so loud that people could her me on the other side of the ward as my ejaculate sprayed the back of her throat. My legs gave out from under me and I seized the side rail to hold my self aloft as Lauren continued the oral sex. Shot after shot of sperm was expelled and swallowed, as the adolescent milked every last drop from me.

When it finally stopped, she released me and I fell forward, splaying myself across the her lap. She ran her fingers in my hair, and then leaned forward and whispered huskily. "I'm all yours, Michael. Do what you want."

I then heard the inevitable twist of the door knob, followed by the room door swinging open. Next came a gasp of astonishment from my charge nurse, as she saw one of her staff with his pants around his ankles, across the lap of a nude thirteen year old, with trickles of cum leaky from both sides of her mouth.  

I shot up from my bed, wild eyed with terror. I felt a dampness on my penis and for a terrible moment, I believed I was still in the hospital, just minutes away from being arrested for statutory rape. It took a second longer for me to come around, but I wasn't glad when I did. My mind went back to that unreal experience. Dear God in heaven, I thought, what the hell is wrong with me? I just fantasized about face fucking a little girl barely through of middle school. I again felt the dampness around my groin, and immediately threw back the sheets. In the morning light, the cloudy white substance that covered the sheets and me was unmistakable. It had been more than a decade out of puberty and here I was a recipient of a benefited wet dream. Christ, wasn't this shit impossible for a man in his twenty something’s!

The voice of my midnight lover came to me again, almost no more than a ghostly whispered, "Do what you want ." it insisted.

I grasped my forehead more than a little disturbed.

"Shit.", I remarked to no one in particular



  Coming soon... part two, where I struggle to keep fantasy from being reality.


Becoming Rich - Part 1

phang on Taboo Stories

We were returning to port after a week of sea.  The hurricane had changed course and actually came ashore in Mexico in an area of sparse population.  We received over 100 calls for help on this cruise, however, and some people lost their lives due to their being in the Gulf of Mexico and not watching the weather closely enough and getting caught in a force 3 hurricane.  As we approached the dock I noticed a sharp-looping Chief Petty Officer waiting for us.  As soon as we tied up he came on board and headed for the bridge.

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un: yes">  He entered, came to attention and saluted.  I returned his salute and he said his names was Chief Petty Officer Jones.  He informed me that the base commander had sent him to bring me to his office as soon as I docked.  I turned the ship over to my executive officer and followed him to his car.  After getting in the car I asked him if he knew what this was about.  “Not a clue, sir.”  We arrived at the CO’s office in about 5 minutes and I entered.  Captain Johnson and I have been good friends for almost 5 years.  We play golf together and go fishing together.  He normally tells me to come into his office by bellowing, “Kelly!  Get your ass in here!”  Today, I was told by his receptionist to wait.  I saw an orderly enter with a coffee service and the receptionist told me I could go in.  This felt strange.  I marched straight to the prescribed two paces from his desk, stopped and saluted.  “Lt. Commander Kelly reporting to the base commander as ordered, Sir!”  He returned my salute.  “Relax, John.  Have a seat.”  He motioned for me to sit in an overstuffed easy chair next to the coffee service.  He poured us each a cup of service and took the other chair.


“John, I was visited two days ago by an attorney from Houston.  He wants to see you as soon as possible and left this letter for you.”


I opened the letter and it said:


            I regret to inform you of the death of you great uncle, Daniel King.  As his only living relative, you will inherit his entire estate and portfolio.  Please contact this firm at your earliest convenience.  There are many legal requirements that will require your presence.


            Very sincerely yours,

            Robert Watson, esq.


“I’m sorry for your loss, John,” my friend and commanding officer said. 

“Thank you, sir.  I didn’t know him.  I met him a few years at a family reunion for my mother’s family just before my parents were killed in the car wreck,” I replied.

“John, I know of that law firm and it’s a very prestigious firm.  They handle only the richest of clients.  They specialize in corporate law and have some of the country’s best financial advisors.  You take some time and go down to Houston and see to your uncle’s will and come on back.  However, if you are going to inherit as much as I feel, you can come back and resign your commission.  I would appreciate you doing that here if that is your decision.”


I cleaned up and made the call to Houston.  He asked me to come down in two days and plan to spend most of the week with them.  He gave me an address where my uncle kept an apartment in the city and told me the security code for the elevator and apartment door.  He told me to check in with security at the main entrance before going to the elevator.  I drove down to Houston that afternoon and found the address.  It looked like a commercial building, but I parked out front and went to the front door.  It was after 6 pm and the door was locked.  A speaker came to life and the voice said, “Good evening, Mr. Kelly.  We weren’t expecting you until tomorrow evening.  Please come in.”  The door clicked and I pulled it open and entered the building where I was greeted by a security guard that looked like a US Marine except he was wearing a suit.  He identified himself as Harry and worked for a firm owned by my uncle.  “I was sorry to hear about your uncle, sir.  He was well liked by all of us.  Please carry this pager with you whenever you are in the building.  It contains a small radio that also displays your location.  You will be given a permanent device when you meet with your attorneys tomorrow.  That device is good wherever GPS can be detected.” 


The “apartment” was the entire top floor of the building and something one would see in a movie.  Definitely masculine with lots of wood and leather.  The chairs were large and looked comfortable.  The wet bar in the corner would match any hotel’s bar and was solid marble.  The view out the windows was not blocked by anything.  I felt hungry and looked for the kitchen.  When I found it, I also found a note that said the cook was on duty in her apartment and if I needed her to press the red button on the wall next to the refrigerator.  Since I am limited to only bacon and eggs, I pushed the button.  In about 5 minutes a door opened into the kitchen and a rather small, very pretty Latin lady entered.  She was about 5 feet tall and weighed about 110 pounds.  She had a nice figure and her appearance was immaculate. 


“Señor Kelly, I am Ruby,” she said.  “I am sorry about your uncle.  I felt deeply about him and he always treated me well.  I am your cook and am on call 24 hours a day.  If I am not here, my replacement will be.  What would you like for your evening meal?”

“How about a steak.  Medium rare, and any kind of potato except mashed.  Any vegetable except hominy or peas.  Can you do that?”

“Si, señor.  It will be ready in about 15 minutes.”


The meal was worthy of any restaurant I had been in.  She fixed baked potato with a cheese sauce and bacon bits, glazed carrots, and cream of broccoli soup.  She even had fresh baked rolls.  It was delicious.  After dinner, I sat in the office and looked through the desk.  Very orderly and told nothing about him except that he was organized.  I continued looking around and found a safe.  It was unlocked and empty.  In the closet were about 40 suits, dress shirts, ties, and as many pairs of shoes.  The suits were all tailored and fit remarkably well.  The shoes all appeared to be new and were my size.  I went into the bathroom and decided to take a shower.  When I stepped out, my clothes were gone and there was a robe and slippers waiting.  I put on the robe and when I went into the bedroom, Ruby was turning down the bed.  “I thought you were the cook,” I said.  “I am the cook, but I also take care of other needs for you.  I don’t clean.  Not even the pots and pans I dirty.  That is Maria’s job.  My job is to take care of you.  If you wish I will even go with you to Venezuela.” 


“I’m not going to Venezuela.”

“Oh, si, señor.  And to Argentina.  I went to these places with your uncle.  He likes my cooking and other talents so I even went with him on his ship once but he normally takes the lady and her daughters that live in the house in Venezuela. ”

“My uncle is married?  I thought he had no other relatives.”

“No señor he is not married.  The lady and her daughters work for you, now.  She takes care of the cooking and her daughters take care of the cleaning.”

“What did you mean when you mentioned a ship?”

“Your uncle has a ship in Venezuela.  It is a big ship with bedrooms for 10 crewmembers and sleeps 16 guests.  The master bedroom is very big and has a very big bed and two bathrooms.  There is a beautiful dining room on the main deck, and a very big TV on the deck above.  I have only been in the bridge on the top floor once, but it is very impressive with radar screens, radios, and lots of things I don’t understand.  There is a bench to sit on where you look down on the instruments and it makes into a bed.  There is a bar behind this and some tables and chairs where people can lay in the sun.  It is magnificent.” 


She asked if I would like a nightcap before bed, and I told her I did not drink.  “I think I am just going to bed.  It has been a long day.”  She reached over and started untying my robe.  “What are you doing?”  “It is okay señor.  This is what I do for your uncle.”  I told her I could undress myself and she laughed and said her uncle was better at undressing her than himself.  With that comment, she walked over to a chair and removed her dress.  She was wearing thong panties and no bra.  When she bent over removing her panties she showed me a gorgeous ass.  Her legs were perfect.  When she turned around I saw she shaves her pubic area and her breasts were very small but absolute perfection.  Her pussy lips protruded and I became instantly aroused.  She walked over to me and pushed my robe back off my shoulders and I let it drop to the floor.  When she felt my erection she stepped back a step and looked down at me.  “Oh my!  You are so much larger than your uncle.”  She reached over and took me in her hand and slowly guided me to the bed pushing me down on my back.  She leaned over and took me into her mouth and slowly worked up and down taking more of me each time until I felt her chin on my balls.  With that she proceeded to give me the best blowjob I had ever experienced.  In the position I was in there was no way to reach her.  I wanted to get my hands on her tits and that ass.  I looked down and the mirrors on the closet doors gave a perfect view of her sucking on my cock.  Her breasts were swaying with each motion and her ass was moving back and forth.  It was a beautiful sight.  I felt my orgasm building and warned her, but she just continued with the same motion until I erupted into her mouth.  When she finally drained me, she raised up and started crawling toward me straddling me.  Her breasts, though small, were sliding over my abdomen up my chest until she was positioned on all fours with her small face over mine.  I reached for her breast and with the other hand pulled her down to kiss her.  Her tongue was very active and she did know how to kiss.  I pulled her up some so I could kiss and nibble on her breasts while I took her ass cheeks in my hands.  I brought my hand between her legs from behind and started teasing her pussy lips with my fingers.  This brought a gasp from her and she raised up to give me better access to her.  I continued to nibble and suck on her breasts and found her clit with my fingers.  Rubbing and flipping her clit with one hand, I inserted a finger in her vagina with my other hand.  She started moving with me becoming very aroused.  Suddenly she rose up very quickly causing me to lose contact and she moved back and dropped down on my cock.  It slid into her with no effort and she pushed down while raising her body up to get my dick all the way into her.  She sat up and pushed down further onto me.  She sat still for a moment telling me that she had never had so large a penis as mine inside her.  It stretched her two ways at once and felt wonderful.  Then she started squeezing and releasing her vaginal muscles milking my dick like she was gripping me with her hand.  She did not appear to be moving at all, but she was fucking me all the same.  I could not take any more and grabbed her.  I flipped her onto her back and started stroking into her with long and slow strokes.  She was so tight and so small I felt like a dirty old man fucking a little girl, but it was wonderful.  I increased the tempo until I could not go any faster.  Her breasts were moving a small amount, but they were too small to bounce and sway.  She screamed and grabbed me around the shoulders while throwing her legs around my waist and started pumping back at me matching me thrust to thrust.  I exploded into her with the most intense orgasm I could remember, yet I kept thrusting and pounding her pussy as hard as I could.  Finally I was completely drained of energy and I collapsed upon her.  I lay there for a couple of minutes trying to get my breath back.  I rolled off her to one side and she was looking at me with total satisfaction on her face.  She closed her eyes and appeared to be asleep.  I moved down the bed and started kissing her just above her slit.  She jumped with every touch but did not open her eyes.  I worked down until I had her clit under my tongue.  I applied pressure with my tongue to her clit and moved it around.  She twitched and jumped and moaned but still did not open her eyes.  I stretched the skin tightly over her clit and started flipping my tongue back and forth and swirling it around her clit and I could feel her orgasm building as she started moving her hips back and forth, up and down.  Her orgasm came so suddenly she jumped and sat straight up in the bed yelling, “Oh God!” 


As she cooled down, she lay back and her breathing returned to normal.  “Señor,” she said, “That was the best sexual experience I have ever had.  Your uncle was kind to me, but he never brought me to orgasm except on a couple of occasions.  Thank you so much.”  She went to the master bedroom and I heard the shower.  I walked in and joined her.  We washed each other, soaped up and slid against each other rubbing and arousing.  I turned her around and reached around her washing her breasts while she pressed back against me moving her hips against me until I was, once again, hard.  I bent her over and took her from behind.  It was slow and sensual.  She hung on to the faucets and I slowly and deliberately stroked until I had a deep, calming orgasm.  This brought her to orgasm again, also, but it was also a light calming orgasm.  We again cleaned each other and stepped out of the shower.  We dried each other and while she was drying her hair I got in bed.  She joined me shortly and snuggled up to me.  I slept the sleep of the innocent.  No dreams and awakened fully relaxed.  Ruby was not in the bed but I could hear water running in the bath.  I sneaked into the bathroom and saw her bending over the tub wearing that same wrap-around light gray dress.  I crept up behind her and reached around her grasping her breasts while pulling her back into my erection. 


I knew I had made a mistake as soon as I felt the full breasts in my hands. She yelped and I staggered back as she turned.  It was not Ruby!  She looked at me and started laughing.  “You thought I was Ruby, didn’t you?” she asked.  “Señor Kelly, I am Maria.”  She deliberately looked down at my crotch.  “Ruby said you were larger than your uncle.”  Suddenly I realized I was naked and grabbed a towel to cover myself.  “Where is Ruby?” I asked.  “This is her day off.  I take care of you when Ruby is not here.  She should have told you.”  I told her she did mention it, but I wasn’t prepared for what that meant.  She told me that this would be a busy day for me and she had laid out my dark blue suit, a while shirt and a red tie.  She placed my underwear, socks, and black shoes next to the valet in the corner. 


“Maria, where did all these clothes come from?  Was my uncle and I about the same size?”


“No señor, you are taller and thinner than your uncle.  He had these clothes made for you about a month ago.  When he died, his clothes were sent to a charity and your clothes were hung here waiting for your arrival.”


“How did he know my size?’


“I do not know.  He had a way of finding out anything he wanted.”


She dropped her dress and said, “Now let’s get into the tub.”  She was naked, also shaved, but had full breasts, about a 32B, small waist, and also looked about 18 years, as did Ruby.  She took my towel, hung it on a ring and stepped into the tub holding my hand.  I followed her and we sat facing each other as she turned a knob that started a spa massaging us with the water.  She was beautiful sitting there with the bubbles breaking around her breasts.  Her nipples were large and protruding.  She reached under the water and pulled up one of my feet and began giving me a pedicure.  When she finished the one foot she pulled up the other and continued the pedicure, except this time she was moving her foot back and forth against the inside of my thighs finally moving against my manhood.  She finished the pedicure and said she needed to do my fingernails as she moved closer bringing her legs apart and sliding closer to me with her legs around my waist.  She worked on my nails holding them against her breasts.  I slid down the tub a bit and could feel my cock against her as she was starting my other hand.  Since I had a free hand, I started rubbing her breast and massaging it.  She didn’t miss a beat giving me the manicure, but when she finished, she tossed the equipment into the corner and slid toward me impaling herself upon my dick.  She grabbed me by the arms and slid on the bottom of the tub forward and backward fucking me in a way I had never imagined.  The pressure of the water between us and the pressure from the spa was wonderful.  The sight of her breasts riding on the water as she moved back and forth was spectacular.  She pulled herself hard upon me and started humping with a passion as she came.  Her breasts were in my face so I helped myself as I also came.  We sat there for a minute and she rose stepping out of the tub.  “Come on out or you will be late for your appointment with the lawyer,” she said.  I got out of the tub and she helped dry me.  As I dressed, she dried herself giving me some wonderful views and she slipped into some panties and wrapped the dress around herself.  She slipped on her shoes and stepped over to me untying the knot in my tie.  “Here, let me do that,” she said while tying a perfect four-in-hand knot.


Just then the doorbell rang.  “They’re ready,” she said.  I went to the door and two men in suits were there.  “Mr. Kelly, I’m William and this is Robert,” the first man said.  They looked like recruiting posters for the US Special Forces, except they were in suits.  I could see a bulge under the left arm of one of them.  “Okay, William.  But just who are you?”  “We are always near, sir.  We have the room across from your entrance and monitor the stairs, elevators, and hallway outside your suite.  We will escort you wherever you go.”  “Who do  you work for?”, I asked.  “You, sir.  You own one of the best security services in the world and are under contract to them to furnish bodyguard services for special people.  You are the best contract.  Best living conditioning, and best food, also.” 


Bodyguards.  What next?  We went to the elevator and Robert entered a code opening the door.  Down to the limo and over to the lawyer’s office, I suppose, but instead we went to another building and up to a suite that you would see only in a movie.  “Where is the lawyer’s office?”  I asked.  Robert smiled.  “Sir, your lawyers come to YOU.  They do not summon you.”  He looked at William and said, “I’m going to love working for this guy.  He doesn’t know how to be rich, yet.”


A middle-aged blond woman entered through a door I didn’t even see with a coffee service with bagels, cream cheese, and butter.  “Mr. Kelly, I am Angie.  If you need anything just press the white button on your phone and I will help you.”  With that she left.  When she shut the door, I had difficulty seeing it due to the perfect workmanship of the wood grain in the paneling.  “Well guys, want some coffee and bagels?”  William said, “Sir, we are the hired help.  The coffee and bagels are for you and the lawyers coming.”


“Bullshit!  If you are going to put yourself between me and any perceived threat, you you can damn well share my coffee and bagels.”  With that I pushed the white button and told Angie to bring two more cups and another pot of coffee.  “Okay.  Now fill me in.  You are either military or ex-military.  Unless I miss my guess, special ops, or something similar.  I have worked with your type before and if you know what to look for, it’s apparent.”  William explained he had been a Marine in recon and Robert had been a SEAL.  “What made you leave to come here?” I asked.  “Sir, the kind of action we have seen lately gave us all the excitement we needed for a bit, and the kind of money your uncle pays – paid – us was just too good to refuse.”  Angie came in with the cups and pot of coffee.  I offered her a cup and she smiled saying she had some coffee at her desk, and the gentlemen were here.  William and Robert started to leave, but I told them to take their coffee and they could sit at the table in the corner.  They took their coffee to the table, but when the lawyers entered, they never took their eyes off them.


The lawyers began.  “Mr. Kelly, before we begin, I need the pager you have.  This is the one you are to carry with you at all times.  Eventually this will be explained to you by others.  You are the sole beneficiary for your uncle’s businesses and estates.  Our firm handles all the legal matters in the United States, and also act as financial advisers for all funds that move within the US and it’s territories.  When you go to Venezuela, you will be met by Señor Ortega who is your main corporate lawyer for the Latin American and South American countries.  Most of your finances are handled through Venezuela for tax purposes.”


“Just how much am I worth?” I asked.  “We don’t know.  You have assets in Switzerland, throughout South America, and even in Russia.  Mr. Ortega will have all the figures.  Here in the USA your wealth about 3 billion.”   “THREE BILLION DOLLARS?”  “Yes sir.  There are some papers for you to sign, and I assure you everything is in order.  We have been your uncle’s lawyers for almost 40 years and he trusted us completely.  I hope you will, also.”  Three billion dollars,” I thought.  “Fuck the Coast Guard.  I am going to retire.”


We spent the next 6 hours signing papers and having Angie notarize them.  When we got to the assets here in the US he told me I had a large estate just north of Galveston with a deep water dock.  I owned three buildings in Houston and another in Galveston.  There were living quarters in all these buildings.  “Tell me about the ship,” I remarked.  “The ship is 55 feet long, steel manufactured – not fiberglass, three decks with a bridge deck.  There is a crane on the foredeck equipped to pick up your Land Rover and place it on the deck where it is chained down and a waterproof garage bolted around it.”  They said Uncle Dan only used it once and said he would just rent a car wherever he went.  The ship could be handled by two people but best if there are three.  It has only one diesel engine and the steering was magnetically connected so the prop could be rotated 360 degrees.  With the bow thruster, the ship could move sideways.  The engine and steering was manufactured in Galveston.  The ship was about 5 years old and had the latest electronics, two radar units (one for distance and one for close) satellite communications and weather reports.  It is literally state of the art. 


I am to meet with Mr. Ortega in 10 days and did I want him to come here, or go to Venezuela?  I told them I would go there, but first I had to resign my commission and get released from the Coast Guard.  I would call them to set up the meeting with Mr. Ortega.  They left and William and Robert came over.  “How did I do?”  “Pretty good, boss.  The lawyers wanted to take control of the meeting, but you kept control and told them YOU would set the meeting with Ortega.  You’re going to do okay.”  I asked them if their passports were in order and they were.  “Okay.  I’ve got to go to the base and get some paperwork done and find me a couple of guys for my crew.  I’m sure there is already a crew for the ship, but I want my own guys.”  When we left the building, they turned away from the direction I expected to go.  Robert explained they were heading for the airport to take me back to the base.  We pulled up to a hanger and Robert pushed a garage door opener and the hanger doors opened revealing two airplanes and a helicopter.   “Let’s take the helicopter, boss.  It’s makes a better impression.”  We got into the helicopter and took off.  Both Robert and William were multi-engine, jet, commercial rated.  Both could fly the helicopter and also had water landing aircraft endorsement.  As we approached the base, Robert called for clearance to land at the base.  When he was told landing here was denied, he gave some kind of code to the control tower and they immediately gave clearance to land.  William laughed and called him a name dropper.  We landed at the heliport and a limo was waiting to take us to base operations.  We were met by a full captain I did not know.  


“Sir, I am Lt. Commander John Kelly stationed here and I am here to resign my commission.”  The captain returned my salute and said he knew who and why I was here, then stepped around me.  “Good to see you again, Snake,” he said as he shook Robert’s hand.  “Thank you sir.  A little different from the last time we were together.”  “No shit, Snake.  That was some shit storm we were in.  Lucky we got out in one piece.”   “I take it you got my wire we were coming and the circumstances behind all the secrecy.”  “Yes we did.  John’s separation papers are completed and awaiting his signature.  Come with me, gentlemen.”  We went into an office where two men in suits were waiting.  “Commander, this is special agent Smith and special agent Jones.  Not their real names, of course.  They need to fill you in of a couple of things that you need to know and agree to.”  Agent Smith began.  “William and Robert are part of our team, and your uncle had many of our people on his payroll.  He allowed them to work in various parts of his vast organization and they pass us information we want.  Your ship is actually part of the Naval Reserve fleet, but no one outside this room knows it.  It contains equipment that our men know how to use and the equipment is kept in some of the crew’s quarters.  There will always be two of our men with you wherever you go.  They are always armed and are experts in hand-to-hand combat.  If you agree to continue with your uncle’s work your country would be grateful.” 


“Sir, I would do anything for my country, and this is no exception.  Robert and William can fill me in as needed.  However, I also came here to find two crewmen for the ship.  I had in mind CPO Calvin Lewis, who is due to retire soon, as chief of the boat, and also to find a good diesel mechanic who also knows electronics.”


The captain, whose name I never heard replied, “If Chief Lewis agrees, he is yours.  Officially he will be retired, but unofficially, he will be called up into the regular Navy as long as he is with you.  You will pay him his wages, and his Navy wages will go into his retirement account.  The same as for Jonesy.”  Jonesy?  Who the hell is Jonesy?


Chief Lewis reported to the office and smiled when he saw me, but looked smug when he saw everyone else.  “Chief, I have become immensely wealthy.  I have resigned my commission and have a ship.  I would like you to run it for me as my executive officer.  You will be paid the same rate as a full Commander in the Navy.  You will have free room and board and full retirement after 20 years.  I also need someone who is a magician with diesel engines and knowledgeable with electronics.  He gets the same deal except he will be paid the rate of Lt. Commander.  Know anybody that can do that and willing to come to work for me?”  “Yes sir.  Jonesy.”  When I looked surprised, he told me that he and Jonesy (CPO Nathan Jones) had already been briefed by the Captain and they accept the generous officer.  “When can you be ready to go to Venezuela?” I asked.  He said they would be ready to go tomorrow morning since they were already packed. 


Thus ends part one of “Becoming Rich”  Part two starts in Venezuela.

Payback is Hell

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My name is Martin and I have known my nextdoor neighbor since I was 5 years old.  He is 54 now and I am 53.  Through out my life, growing up, he (his name is Jerry) always tried to top me in everything that I tried to accomplish.  For instance , when I was 8, my parents gave me a brand new bike for my birthday.  When his birthday rolled around, he got the top of the line bike, which made mine look like a loser.  In elementary school. we both tried out for the basketball team.  Of course it was my idea and he decided that he was going to do the same thing.  Needless to say, Jerry made the team and I didn't.  As it turned out, if he had not tried out for the team; I would have made the team as the 12th member.  So, he screwed me out of that.ÂÂ

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  Time after time, Jerry would try to beat me in every contest- including girl friends.

When I was  in my senior year at college, I bumped into this beautiful, blonde - haired girl.  We were in the line at the local cafe, and I turned to my left and knocked the tray out of her hands.  Food went everywhere.  I apologized profusely, as I helped her clean the wet floor up.  When I looked into her eyes, it occurred to me that this was one of the most lovely females that I had ever gazed upon.  She had hair down to  her slim waist and she probably weighed no more that 100 pounds, and boy did she have a big set of boobs.  I was mesmerized by her beauty and I could not stop looking at her.

Finally I came to my senses and stopped starring at her.  Finally, I was able to open my mouth and speak to her.

"I'm so sorry.  I'm just a klutz.  Let me make this up to you by taking you somewhere to get a real meal.  And it's on me."

Faye (her name) smiled at me and said, "I don't know you.  You could be the campus rapist for all I know."

"I promise you that I am harmless.  Now, do I look like some pervert?"

"I guess not," Faye responded.

To make a long story short, we began dating a couple times a week.  After the third or fourth date, Jerry  happened to see Faye and me together,  Of course, he had to walk over and ask who this knockout was.

"Well, Marty ole pal, who is this goddess that is with you?  Aren't you going to introduce her to me?"

I was hoping that we could avoid him, but I guess that was a stupid hope on my part.

"Faye, this is Jerry, and Jerry this is Faye."

"Well, good buddy; you've been holding out on me.  I didn't know that you were dating the most beautiful girl on campus." Jerry stated.

I wanted to get away from this asshole, so I grabbed Faye by the hand and said, "We have to run; we'll catch you later."

As we rushed along, Faye turned to me and said, "You don't seem to care for him too much."

I responded, "If you only knew."

Faye and I continued to date for the next several months, and we were getting serious about our relationship.  However, there was one thing that bothered me.  Many times, I would walk up to where I was to meet Faye, and Jerry would be standing there, with both of them laughing and acting like friends.

I would ask her, "What did Jerry want?"

And Faye would respond by saying that he was just walking her back from class.  It got to where that I saw Faye, Jerry would be nearby.  This was beginning to piss me off, but Faye told me that I was making something out of nothing.

We all graduated and found jobs.  Faye and I got married and moved to the coast.  And here came Jerry moving within 2 blocks of where we lived.  Faye was happy.  To her, Jerry was like an old friend.  Me- I was pissed.  I couldn't get away from this guy.

My work schedule had me working from 2-11 at night, and  Faye  had decided that working in a public job was not for her- so she began staying at home and being the little housewife. As time went by, Jerry began staying at our house more and more frequently- much to my sorrow.  When I mentioned to Faye that I didn't like the idea of Jerry spending so much time at our house, she responded that he was a good friend to her and that he was someone that she could talk to.

One day, I went in to work at 2:00 PM (as usual), but I became very sick.  I was throwing up and my skin hurt to touch it.  So, I went home early. 

When I got home, I put my key into the slot and turned it.  As I walked in, I heard voices coming from upstairs.  I inched closer to the bottom of the stairs and strained my ears to hear what was going on.  I tip-toed up the carpeted stairs, step by step-  little by little.  When I got to the landing at the top of the stairs, the noises got louder.  I slowly leaned around so that I could peep into our bedroom (from where the noises were coming from.)  As I peeped in, the scene before me almost gave me a heart attack.  There was my beautiful wife underneathe my hated friend Jerry, being fucked by Jerry's 10 inch dick.

With every stroke into her, Faye was screaming, "FUCK ME, you bastard.  Fuck the shit out of me.  Slam me harder."

Faye had her slim legs wrapped around Jerry's shoulders and she was lifting her body to meet Jerry's lunges, which produced a smacking sound.  Faye was telling Jerry how much she loved his big cock, and how much she wanted it to stay inside her forever.

I was stunned.  I had no idea that my wife was being unfaithful to me.  As I stood there with my eyes glazing over, Faye happened to look over at me and said, "Martin, I'm sorry that you had to find out like this, but she was going to file for divorce tomorrow and move in with Jerry.

Not only was my wife cheating on me, she was now moving out of our house.  I had just lost the one thing in the world that I loved.  I turned around and walked out of my house and just kept walking- not knowing where to go or what to do.

Within 1 month, I heard the news that Faye was pregnant with Jerry's child.  She was 5 months pregnant- they had been fucking for quite some time.

I finally got my life back together and resumed my work.  I put my entire being into my job and tried to forget about my former wife.  Meanwhile, Jerry and Faye had their love child- a cute little girl that I watched as she grew up.  She became the apple of her parents's eyes and she could do know wrong.

By now, Sarah, (Her name) was 13 years old and was a looker, but most impressive was her breasts and her butt.  Her breasts were very large for a 13 year old and her rounded ass was to die for.  Here I am lusting after a child that is extremely under aged and I need to stop this.

Meanwhile, each time I see Jerry, he throws the fact that he has a beautiful daughter, and I have nothing, into my face.  What a bastard!!

"You couldn't keep your wife satisfied and happy- and you lost her, and now you can't even find a woman that will have you.

Boy my blood was boiling- that sonofabitch.  He has taken everything that I have wanted or have loved.  I should kill him!! 

If I kill him, then I would just go to prison- that's no good- I would just be hurting myself again.  As i was pondering what to do, Sarah ran up to me and gave me a hug' "Hey Uncle Martin," -that's what she called me.

"Go back in the house, Sarah" Jerry yelled at her.  "We don't have time for this loser.

I thought to myself, "You bastard, I'll get you back if it's the last thing I ever do."

For days, I pondered and pondered how to get back at that bastard.  Finally, it hit me. The thing that Jerry loved the most was his daughter, Sarah.  The process began to roll over in my mind.  I was going to get him back in spades.

A few days later, I saw Faye and talked to her for a while, and she apologized for the way Jerry treats me.   I told her that I don't even pay attenion to it anymore.  In fact, f you ever need anyone to babysit , I would be happy to help.  Faye was shocked, and replied, "Really?  How nice of you.".

"No problem," I replied.

About a month later, Jerry had to go on a trip to the west coast and would be gone a week.  The problem was that Faye's mother was sick with the flu and needed Faye to come and stay a while to look after her.  Faye was in a bind; she didn't know who to call.  Then it hit her; she remembered what I had said- I would be glad to watch Sarah.  But she remembered what Jerry had said when she told him, "Hell no!!!"Jerry replied.  He would not allow me to get within a mile of his daughter.  But she was in a bind and further more, Jerry would never know because he would be out of town.  She would have to swear Sarah to secrecy.

The next day, Faye left for her mother's after taking Sarah over to my house.  Jerry had left the day before and so it was just me and Sarah.

I took Sarah to the local steak house for dinner and both ate too much.  Sarah said that she was going to take a shower and change into her night clothes.  I was licking my lips, because if this night worked out, I would have me some virgin pussy.

As I continued to watch tv, Sarah came pitter patting down the sstairs.  When I turned to see her, she had on a pj top and bottom set that appeared to be a little tight.  Sarah set down on the sofa next to me.  Boy, she smelled good and clean.

After sitting there for about 30 minutes, her smell got to me.  "Do boys at your school ever try to put the move on you?" I asked her.

"What do you mean,?"

"I mean try to put their hands on you in private areas."

"Sometimes, but I stop them and tell them that it is gross and yucky."

"Have you ever let a boy kiss you?"

"Don't tell mom or dad, but one time, I did, but it didn't feel right."

"What do you mean?"

"He rushed it and acted like he didn't know what to do."

"Wht you need is someone that has experience to show you how to kiss."

"Like who?  Surely not mom and dad- and there is no one else that I would trust."

"I don't know", but it would need to be someone that knows what to do," I said.

"How about you, Martin" she asked.

"Perfect!!" I thought.

"Are you sure you want me to show you?  Are you really sure? I asked her.

"Yes, I'm sure. I know that you will be gentle."

Sarah leaned over and closed her eyes.  I pressed my wet lips to hers and slowly inserted my tongue into her open mouth.  As I moved my tongue throughout her mouth, I noticed that she began breathing  heavily.  As we were kissing, I moved my right hand to her back and began rubbing her up and down.  Sarah gently pulled away from me and said, "Wow!! that was great.  Let's do that somemore. "

With that, I tongued her with a little more vigor and  began rubbing the front of her pj top.  I could feel those wonderful tits of hers.  As I rubbed and squeezed her tits, she began moaning and grunting, "Oh that feels so good."

I knew that I wanted her and wanted to fuck her with all my energy.  As we continued kissing, my right hand squeezed her breasts and my left hand went between her legs..  As I rubbed her crotch, I noticed the wetness that was there and her moans were becoming louder.

I began unbuttoning her top and there was no bra- only her beautiful pink breasts.  I put my lips to her tits and began sucking and licking  them.  They were so young, so pert and so full of life.  I began to pull her pj bottoms off, but she balked at this.

"Don't do that- I've never had anyone to do that."  "My dad told me to never let anyone mess with me down there."

"That's because he doesn't want you to know how good it feels.  If you do it once, you will want to do it forever", I said.  "It is the best feeling in the world."

"Are you sure that I will be OK, if we do it."

"I promise you."

"OK. I'm all yours, Sarah pronounced to me."

With that, I pulled her pj bottoms down and lifted her up and took her to my bed.  I laid her on her back and proceeded to tongue her sweet young pussy.  My tongue flashed in and out of her vagina, and she was about to lose her mind.

"Martin, please fuck me- I want it to feel like I'm in heaven."

"There is one thing, when I first put my penis in, it will hurt, but right after that, it will feel like you are in heaven."

I then got on top of her and slowly inserted my cock- inch by inch."

"OH that hurts, please take it out."

"Just wait dear, just wait,"


"Then, I could tell that the pain had turned to pleasure."

"OHH YEAH!!  God that does feel soo good!!  OH Yeah- don't stop, just keep on putting it in and out.  FUCK ME!!!"

As I began pounding the meat to her cunt, I knew that I had her- she was mine.  I then flipped us over- where she was now on top of me with her ass writhing up and down on my hard cock.  Suddenly, I felt my cock ready to shoot off. And at the same time, Sarah began yelling. "FFFFUUUUCCCKK  MMMEEEEE.  She was yelling at the top of her lungs!!

"You are right- it is the best feeling in the world.  and can we do this all week, now that both my parents are gone-"

"Anything you want, dear."

Nine months later, Sarah gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and Jerry knows that I am the father.  Everytime he looks at that child he will know that I will always be a bad memory to him.

FINALLY Gotcha, ass hole!

My Angels

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Angie’s point of view

I remember the night I had the best sex of my life.

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It wasn’t anything planned just a lot of little things that ended in great sex. So let me tell you the story and how it all started.

When I was 12 my parents divorced and my mother and I moved to a nearby small town. It was at the local grocery store that my mother met Mrs. Lucien and her 4-year-old twin boys, Aaron and Andrew. Mrs. Lucien’s husband was overseas with the military and wouldn’t be back for a year.


Now Mrs. Lucien worked nights so she needed a babysitter. My mom, bless her heart, recommended me for the job. Thus I met my little angels. I babysat them less frequently after there father came home but the Lucien’s loved going out so I was over there at least once a week. During those 6 years we had a blast together. To me they were the little brothers I never had. I let them stay up late to watch cartoons, made their cereal with chocolate milk, played games with them and just generally had fun.

Another reason why I enjoyed babysitting them so much was because the Lucien’s had porn on their bedroom TV. Every time the twins would go to bed I would go into the master bedroom and watch it. I grew to love masturbation and knowing that kids were right in the house with me made it a little more exciting for my teenage self.

I specifically remember when I was 16 and saw my first threesome. The idea of fucking two men at the same time drove me wild. That night I came so hard, it felt like a cock and not just my fingers were really fucking me. Without realizing it I had been moaning so loudly that I had woken Aaron up. He had gotten scared, he thought I had hurt myself and came to check on me. I made up some bullshit about being sore from exercising. He of course believed me and just went back to bed.

When I was 18 I graduated High School and went away to college. The twins were devastated; in their minds they lost the only adult who played with them. As for me, I was sorry I wouldn’t see them grow into the incredible handsome men I knew they would be.

While I was away at school I met and married my wonderful husband. He was the perfect man for me. He wasn’t the jealous type, and he loved sexual experimentation. We even had a swinger’s party while we were engaged to see if we could really deal with being in an open relationship before getting married. That is story I may have to tell you later.

Anyways while I was growing up and becoming an adult my little angels were doing some growing of their own. Puberty hit them and they started seeing girls in a whole new light. Their parents’ bedroom became a masturbation haven for them as it had for me just a few years earlier.

When I was about 22, my husband and I went back home to see everybody before moving across the country for a job. I got to see my little angels again, except they weren’t little anymore. Now I never did describe myself so let me do that now. I am a very petite 5 feet and 2 inches tall, 34C breasts, and a 27-inch waist. Being half Puerto Rican I have that perfect tanned skin, light brown eyes and black wavy hair that reaches halfway down my back.

My husband, mother and I went over to the Lucien’s for dinner. When I saw the twins I was shocked even at 14 they were already looking like men. I had to concentrate to keep my mouth closed. The kids I used to give baths to were now 5’11 and gorgeous. Their blonde hair had darkened to a light brown, which they wore long. Their sparkling blue eyes were still the same but their shoulders were broadening. I could tell by the look on their faces that I surprised them too.

They later told me that for some reason every time they had thought of me they never really realized what I looked like until that moment. They didn’t think of me as a hot woman until they saw my gorgeous body walk through their door. We had fun that night, I made a lot of about the boys growing up telling their parents to watch out for the girls that were no doubt after them.

I kept occasionally visiting my hometown for the next few years making a point of always seeing my angels. After I had my daughter I started sending videotapes home. My mother being proud of her granddaughter always lent them to the Lucien’s. Since we lived by the beach a lot of the videos contained our family at the beach, which basically meant me running after my daughter in a skimpy bikini. Unbeknownst to me that image fueled a lot of masturbation sessions for the twins. Being boys they even had contests to see who could cum more in one night using just pictures of me they had. I later thanked them profusely for this conditioning they put themselves thru. Sorry about got a little ahead of myself. Now back to the story.

When the twins were about to turn 18 their father passed away. They would have missed their father more if he had been around but being in the military caused him to be away a lot. Their mother on the other hand took it really hard. She sunk into a deep depression my mother was very worried about her; over the years they had become very close. My mother then had a great idea, she would take Mrs. Lucien on a cruise to get her away from her memories and I would come and watch the twins for a two-week period. Now I know what you are thinking two 18-year-old males don’t need supervision. But Mrs. Lucien wouldn’t leave her babies without some one she trusted to at least be there in case anything happened. So that is how I found myself in a house alone with two teenage boys.

I had driven my mother and Mrs. Lucien to the airport two days ago and so far everything with the twins had been going great. We watched movies, joked around and I let them get away with a lot, like old times. I usually went to bed before the twins especially when they went out. They had gotten into the habit of staying out late on their dates. I didn’t mind, I remember those days myself and wouldn’t dream of messing it up for them.

Anyways that night I had woken to go to the bathroom, it was around
. As I was walking back to my room I decided to check on the twins whose bedrooms were downstairs. As I was walking down the steps I realized that I was wearing very little. I had on white bikini panties and a spaghetti tee that I loved. Instead of going back to my room to change, I figured I would just pop my head in their rooms and take a peek. That’s when I heard laughter coming out of one of their rooms. Realizing that they were awake I again thought of what I was wearing but with a little shiver that I ignored I stuck to my plan. I walked up and knocked on Andrews door and waited for a response, I didn’t want to walk in on anything, at least that’s what I told myself. I heard some noises and then I heard Andrew call out to come in.

“Hey guys, what are you up to?” I asked them as I slowly opened the door and poked my head in. Andrew was sprawled on the bed wearing just a pair of boxers. I took a minute to admire him. He had grown a lot muscular since the last time I had seen them. His shoulders were nice and broad. By the look of his arms and chest he had been working out and boy did he look good.

“Just watching a movie. Care to join us?” I looked down and saw Aaron sitting on the floor, smiling at me. I had been staring at Andrews’s bare back and blushed as I realized I hadn’t heard a thing Aaron had said.

“What?” was all I could mumble as I prayed they couldn’t tell that my mind had just flashed a picture of both of them naked.

“ I just asked if you wanted to join us and watch a flick?”

“Ummm, sure why not I’ll join ya but let me change ok?” I turned to go back upstairs.

“Angie wait! Why do you…” I turned quickly as Aaron came to the door. He was standing in the doorway with a look of shock on his face. Andrew then stood up from the bed and walked over. He looked over Aaron’s shoulder trying to figure out why he was so quiet. Normally Aaron always knew what to say in any situation and then he saw me, and he too stopped in his tracks.

By this time I had recovered my voice, I had also been staring at them. You would too if you saw two incredibly hot guys standing there in nothing but boxers.

“As you can see I’m not wearing much so I was going upstairs to put some shorts on at least”


I was a bit surprised by the force that the both of them had said that one single word. They looked at each other smiled and then looked back at me. As you know twins have that special communication between them and this is what was said in that one look. She looks hot, get her in the bedroom, wonder if one of us could fuck her, and wonder if we could fuck her at the same time.

“What we mean is that if you don’t mind we don’t either. After all we are just wearing boxers so if your comfortable you can come in just wearing what you’re wearing.” This was all said rapidly. Aaron blushed a little as he realized that he sounded a little over eager.

“Well ok. As long as you guys are sure about this?”

“Of course not!”

“Don’t be silly.”

I looked from one to the other, as they both shook their heads no. I slowly walked towards them. They didn’t move out of my way entirely the just made an opening between them big enough that I could walk through. As I did my arms brushed both their bodies. I shivered a little as I tried not to think about what body parts I had touched. I walked over and sat down on the bed with my back against the headboard. They both came over and sat down beside me Aaron on my left and Andrew on my right.

I have to admit my attention was not on the movie in fact I remember everything about that night except the movie. What I do remember is the smell. Their scent was surrounding me. I could feel their body heat radiate from their bodies and it made my skin tingle. Before long my panties were not as dry and I kept moving my legs, my entire body was restless. Of course I wasn’t the only one having problems. The twins breathing was becoming more pronounced as they noticed my nipples getting hard or the blush starting to show on the top of my breasts, which were visible to their gaze.

To try to keep from squirming I drew my legs up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them. That movement caused my panties to rub against my already excited pussy. Aaron took the opportunity to draw his right leg up and prop his arm on it. Having his body positioned like this his fingers landed right on my knee. I ignored his hand figuring it was accidental. That idea quickly disappeared when he started rubbing my knee in small circles with his fingers. I could feel my stomach tighten at that small contact between our bodies. I guess Andrew saw what his brother was doing and decided that their normal rule applied here. Their rule being if one could do it so could the other. He then did the same thing his brother had done making a mirror affect.

Normally I don’t count my knees as being an erogenous zone of my body but for some reason my body was mistaking my pussy for my knees. I fought to keep the moan from being audible but I must have done something to draw attention to the fact that I was enjoying this way too much.

Because almost as if they were mentally linked they simultaneously dropped any pretense and starting rubbing my legs up and down. Both of them turned to me not that I noticed because I had my eyes closed enjoying what their hands were doing to me. At this point I lost the battle and a low moan was heard over the heavy breathing. When I heard myself moan I opened my eyes and saw a sight that made the breath catch in my throat. Their eyes were heavy lidded with lust and their faces had that sexual tension that let me know how much they wanted me.

At that sight I totally stopped trying to rationalize and I let my legs fall open. Before now not a word had been spoken. I guess we had been afraid to break the magic that was taking shape in that bed. But when both of their hands touched my now aching pussy I couldn’t help what came out of my mouth.

“Oh God, yesss!!! Ummmmm!” At my exclamation the twins looked at each other over my heaving chest. This time they spoke their twin speak aloud.

“Top or Bottom?” Aaron huskily asked his brother.

“Oh I want top for now.” Was Andrews’s quick reply. I was confused by what they said but not for long. Because that was when I felt them both shift on the bed and then I felt Andrew’s hand on my breast as his lips found mine. At the same time Aaron’s hand took sole possession of my pussy and started scooting on the bed until his head was at the same level as my hips. Andrew drew away from our exploration of each other’s mouths.

“Fuck ange, your tits feel so beautiful” That was the only warning he gave before I felt his hot wet mouth on my nipple. The sensation was exquisite especially when my top became soaked and the fabric, which was normally soft, was another textile movement on my nipple.

By this point Aaron had moved my panties aside and had started to run his finger up and down my already wet slit.

“Uugghh, fuck yes!” was all my excited mind could come up with. I couldn’t believe how hot I was getting for my little angels. I felt like I could cum just watching Andrew suck on my titties as his brother fingered my pussy.

With a groan Aaron moved his body between my legs and started to suck and lick at my pussy like a starving man. By this point I had to join the action. I reached down and dove my hand into Andrew’s shorts and grabbed his hard cock. My eyes opened wide and my pussy gave an extra little quiver when I realized that at least one of my little angels had a massive cock.

“Oh my God! Jesus I can’t even get my hand around it.”

Andrew just gave a little whimper around my nipple at the feel of me touching him and started thrusting slowly into my hand. I think that the little moan Andrew gave was the start to the end for me. I could feel the heat wave starting from Aaron’s tongue which was deep in my fuck hole grow until it consumed me.

“Yes eat my pussy! MAKE ME CUM! Oh fuck I’m Cumming!” My body went a little crazy bucking and thrashing around.

“Yes Angie cum in my mouth baby cum in mouth” Aaron licked and swallowed every bit of my pussy juice. When he was done he gave me a big kiss right on my cunt.

“Andrew move! My cock has to get in this sweet pussy or I’ll die!” With that they both scooted and moved me until I was lying on my back. With a sigh Aaron finally took off my panties and moved until he was between my legs. When he had taken of his boxers and was in position he looked me straight in the eyes.

“Now my cock is going to fuck your tight cunt until you pass out!” At his statement my hips started moving trying to get his cock in me.

“Oh god yes! Fuck my pussy, shove your hard cock in there.”

I looked down my body and for the first time I really saw his beautiful cock. It was a good 9 inches and thick. God but it was thick. I moaned helplessly as I watched him slowly drive his cock into my pussy. I could feel my pussy being stretched slowly the walls quivering around his cock. It felt so good. When he was all the way in Aaron leaned his head back and sighed.

“That’s right bro, fuck her hard.” After giving his brother that encouragement he looked at me and gave me a lust filled grin. Andrew had already lost his boxers and was now straddling my chest so that just the tip of his cock lay against my lips.

“Now Angie you wouldn’t let Aaron have all the fun would you?” He teased as he lightly tapped his mushroom head against my lips.

I didn’t need any more prompting and quickly opened my mouth. Andrew closed his eyes as he filled my mouth with his cock. I could taste the pre-cum on the tip of his dick. Apparently Andrew entering my mouth was the signal Aaron had waited for. He started pounding away at my defenseless pussy.

“Oh yeah, fuck it baby fuck it.”

At least that’s what I tried to say. What came out was a series of moans and groans that Andrew felt all along his cock.

“ I’m going to fuck your pretty little mouth. You’d like that wouldn’t you? You like having to massive cocks in you don’t you slut?” Andrew’s eyes were slightly glazed as he asked me this. I did the only thing I could do. I made little noises and opened my mouth as wide as I could. With that Andrew leaned forward and placed his hands on the headboard for leverage and really went at my mouth. On every in stroke I could feel his cock enter my throat but it was back out before I could really gag.

“Shit Andrew you’ve got to feel how tight her pussy is. It’s like having my cock in a vise.”

“Maybe later. Her mouth is just what my cock wants right now and it’s doing just fine.”

Their conversation went on like that for a few minutes with a lot of groaning in between. They acted like I wasn’t even there; almost as if I was a toy they were playing with. This didn’t bother me it just made the feeling of the cocks fucking my pussy and mouth more intense. Before I knew I was cumming on Aaron’s throbbing cock. The vibrations of my silent screams finally threw Andrew over the edge and he shot his hot load down my throat.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I tried to swallow as much as I could but it was just too much. It dribbled out of my mouth and slid down my throat to soak the sheets.

Hearing his brother’s husky groans and the feeling of my pussy convulsing on his cock pushed Aaron towards his own orgasm.

“Shit! I’m gonna fill your pussy with my cum.”

With that last proclamation from Aaron we all spent ourselves in each other. Andrew threw himself on his side taking his now semi limp cock out of my mouth. Aaron seeing his chance quickly took his brothers place. I proceeded to clean his glistening cock with my tongue.

“That’s right your little slut. Lick your juices and my cum of my cock, I know you want it.”

“Ummmm!” Was my only response I was to busy tasting both of our juices that covered his cock. I got to tell you the taste was out of this world. It was both sweet and tangy ummm just I like it. I could have licked his cock forever when covered in our combined passion.

Seeing me clean his brothers cock clean made Andrew come alive again and with a gleam in his eyes he grabbed me as soon as his brother was off of me. He rolled me until I was straddling him. Grasping my hips roughly in his hands he guided my now sloppy cunt onto his rigid cock.

“Yes! Shove that hard cock up my cunt! Fuck me Andrew! Ooohhh please fuck me hard!” I don’t think I realized what I was saying all I wanted was for my angels to keep fucking me with their rock hard cocks.

“You’re our little slut now aren’t you? You’re our little fuck slut! That’s what you wanted isn’t it! Answer me!”

“Yes I’m your little slut, I’m your little fuck slut!” I screamed back at him. “Make your little fuck slut cum!”

I sat back on his cock impaling myself even more and started bouncing on him like this would be the last fuck of my life. With me on top his cock was hitting my cervix and I loved every minute of it.

“Oh fuck yes! Fuck my pussy! Shit fuck it hard!”

I was so enthralled with the hard fucking Andrew was giving me that I totally forgot about Aaron for a minute. That is, until I felt him push me forward so my tight dark anus was exposed to his gaze. My husband loves to fuck me in the Ass so I was very used to it. The only thing is my husband was not as big as the boys. I couldn’t wait to see if Aaron would fuck me in the ass while his brother slaughtered my pussy.

Aaron did not disappoint I watched over my shoulder as he opened a tube of lube. Know I knew what he had been up to when I lost track of him earlier. He liberally applied it to my ass.

“That’s it Aaron, fuck my ass, fuck my shit hole.” I breathlessly encouraged him.

I watched fascinated as he spread my cheeks wide and started to push his cock inside of me. I bit my lip as I felt my small asshole be stretched more than ever.

“Oh God! You’re ass is so tight! Fuck I might not make it all the way in.”

Hearing what his brother had said Andrew slowed to allow his brother to get all the way inside my ass. After a few slow thrust Aaron was finally all the way in. We stayed still in that position afraid any movement would cause us to cum before truly enjoying ourselves. I closed my eyes and basked in the feeling of two identical hard cocks in my body. When we all caught our breaths we started moving. The twins quickly found a rhythm of fucking both of my holes. I just stayed between them and enjoyed the fucking my ass and pussy were receiving. The smell and sound of good fucking filled the room.

“Oh god Andrew I think I feel your cock inside her!”

When I heard Aaron say that my body just exploded. The shock waves of pleasures caused my cunt and anus to spasm on their cocks.

“Oh shit!”


With those cries at the sensation my orgasm was having on them Aaron and Andrew went crazy. Both of them thrusting so hard my body didn’t have time to move forward or back. The equal force held me immobile as the cocks ravaged my cunt and ass. I could feel both of them start to swell inside me and I knew they were both close to cumming.

“Come on boys! Fill me with your cum! CUM IN YOUR LITTLE FUCK SLUT!!”

“Ugghhh! Ugghhh! Aahhh!”

With a grunt they both let go their loads. I could feel the long spurts of cum in my pussy and ass. The dual sensations brought me to climax again. I’m sure you could hear our combined screams of pleasure outside of the house. With a couple of last quick thrusts we all spent ourselves and collapsed in a sweaty pile on Andrew’s bed.

After a few minutes I gave each a hard kiss on the mouth as thanks for the pleasure they had given me, and with a laugh we realized we had never gotten around to taking of my top.

But don’t you worry we still had more than a week together and would have lots of chances to do it totally naked. Of course, that is another story altogether.

OK! This is my first story so don't be shy or gentle with your opinions I can take it. At least I hope so. Please let me know what you think and how I can make the next one better.