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War is Hell

tinkertoy on Taboo Stories

Being deployed to a combat zone is difficult in ways few can imagine.  You not only miss your family and friends, you miss so many things you’ve always taken for granted: going to the store and buying what you want or need.  Choosing which kind of soda you want, going through the drive trough at Mickey D’s on your way home from work, or even just picking up the phone and calling someone are among the things you start missing after about 3 weeks.

We got to Kuwa

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it March 9, 2003 and would have stayed in Kuwait for almost 2 months but some idiot in our camp through a grenade into his Command’s tent so most of us got pushed north into Iraq a lot sooner than expected.  Half of our vehicles were broke down pieces of shit and about a third of the supplies we shipped ahead of us were lost when the ship carrying them sank.

The spring and summer 0f 2003 passed in a haze.  I can’t remember much of that time.  I know it was bad.  It was hot and we had too many people in each tent, the MRE’s taste like shit after day 4 and you watch people who got there after you leave before you.  You get to thinking your tour will keep getting extended, or you’ll get KIA’d a day before you’re supposed to leave and it fucks with your mind.

And of course, there is no place to jack off.

Some guys hide in the porta-johns, others would climb into parked vehicles, some would do it in their sleeping bags at night but I just couldn’t bring myself to do any of those things.  I can’t smell piss and shit, or sit in a hot fucking truck or even worse, be entombed in a damn sleeping bag in 120 degree heat just to yank my cock.  So I suffered.

Around late July or early August we had a bunch of new people sent to us.  But no new tents so we had to cut our tiny living spaces in half.  My old area was now shared with some Major who seemed as gay as he was pompous.

I think that guy jacked off twice a night every night for the first week he was there.  I got sick of hearing his hand rubbing against his sleeping bag and was going to say something about it when I decided I was probably just jealous.  I’d seen the pictures of his wife and if I was him, I’d be doing the same thing.  I’d been 5 or 6 months without a single jo session.  It was hot, I was frustrated, and he was lucky to have that hot piece of ass to go home to whenever we got the hell out of here.

Inevitably, everyone gets to know each other pretty well.  You can’t help it when you sleep less than a foot away from each other.  Major T. and I were no different.  He was actually pretty cool and he’d always share his care packages with me before passing things out to everyone else.  We talked quite a bit.  What we missed most about home, what we’d be doing if we were still in the States, girls we’d fucked, where we grew up, why we joined the Army, etc.  One memorable conversation had us deciding what 3 things we wanted most at that moment.  An easy decision for me:  a blow job, 18 hours of sleep, and a Dr. Pepper.  (There was NO Dr. Pepper in Iraq until December)

He asked me one day if I had a girlfriend in country and I kinda looked at him crazy.  A lot of soldiers hook up with someone for a deployment and they spend their time sneaking off to fuck in the backs of trucks or in the shitters.  One couple was even caught in the water buffalo!  I never drank from that WB again.  With all our talk, I figure he’d know the answer by now.

 I told him no and he said he’d asked only because he’d never heard me jack off.  I instantly thought of my first impression of him being gay and the look on my face must have made him realize how he sounded.  He hurriedly went on to explain that he’d been seeing this girl and she wanted him to bring another guy along that night.  He was wondering if I’d like to go along.

I told him no thanks, I don’t dig the idea of fucking some slut even as my dick started to stir in my pants.  He kept trying to convince me and I finally asked him who it was.  I was shocked when he told me.

“Anderson, the fueler girl.  She has some friends who let her use their air-conditioned offices at night to watch movies.  I ran into her one night when she was headed over there and she invited me along.  One thing led to another and, well…” he trailed off.

I knew the girl.  Andy is what we all called her.  I’d known her before we deployed and the girl is HOT!  She’s definitely not a slut.  When she’d get off duty back home she’d put on regular clothes and you could see what the baggy uniforms hid all day.  She was really pretty, awesome figure, smart as hell, and refused every GI who asked her out.  Me included.  I had spent many nights before we left with my dick in my hand and her in my mind.

I told him how she’d shot me down before and if she had to be a slut if she wanted him to just bring any guy with him that night.

“Not just any guy.  There’s only 2 guys she’s willing to have me bring; you or that tall guy in Operations.  I forget his name.”

My dick stirred a bit more.  I felt it roll over off my leg and stiffen just the tiniest bit.

“I’ll think about it.  What time?”

“1800.  Let me know before 1600 so I can ask that other guy.”


At 1730 I was a wreck.  I had already showered, shaved, and found a clean pair of underwear.  My heart was pounding in the back of my throat, the blood was rushing through my brain creating a sound akin to a wind tunnel, and my dick was so hard I thought maybe I should have forgotten about putting on underwear at all.

I was waiting for Major T. to show up and having a conniption.  He was late and I was starting to think he’d been playing a joke on me.  I’d kill him if he was.  I was also trying to figure out where this office was.  The airfield we lived on was pretty nice since we’d built it up over the summer, but there were less than half a dozen buildings.  Only two were of any size where there would be offices and neither seemed likely.  There was the Terminal where all the Big Wigs worked like the General and his staff, and then there was the control tower where the aviation guys worked and lived.  Where the fuck were we going?  Where the fuck was Major T.?

He eventually showed up but he was pretty late and we had to walk fast to be there on time.  He said he didn’t want to piss her off.  She could be a little pouty with him and while it was sexy as hell, it also meant he ran the risk of REALLY pissing her off.

He led me to the Terminal and my mid was swirling with questions, pent up frustration and a sudden fear that literally stopped me in my tracks.

“What’s up?  You coming or what?”

“Uh, that’s the problem, actually.”

“You didn’t just, uh, in you pants…?”

“NO! But, well, see, Anderson is really hot.”

He looked at me like I’d just been awarded my Master’s Degree in Stating the Obvious.  “No kidding,” he finally said.

“Well, it’s just that it’s been a really long time for me and she’s really hot and I was just thinking how bad it would be…,”  I broke off at the sound of his laughter.

“You’re worried you’ll shoot your load in less than 30 seconds.”  There was no malice in his voice.

“More like 10,” I said.  “Maybe I should kinda go over there,” pointing at some trees, “and, uh, prepare myself before I get inside.”

“If you really want to, but she’ll probably like it if you don’t.  Trust me.”

I was still uncertain.  I kept imaging this hot chick laughing at me when I shot my load as I was still unbuttoning my pants.  And if she laughed one of two things would happen.  I’d either not be able to get hard again, or I’d get hard and she wouldn’t want me after all.

“My first night in that office I had my pants around my ankles and she was reaching out to grab me and I shot my wad in her face before she even touched me.  She loved it!”

I was dumbfounded.  I just stood there trying to figure out what on earth this girl found arousing about something like that.  I also kept imagining her face with cum dripping down it and my cock swelled even more.  I was decided.

We entered the terminal and Major T. led me up these nice marble stairs, down a hallway that looked like it should be in a NYC crack house, through a room full of computers and to a large polished wood door.  The contrasts in this place were adding to my confusion.  This whole experience was like some fever-induced dream where you find yourself wandering around a mad house with crazy people jumping out at you and mirrors distorting your reflection so much that you forget what you look like.

“Before we go in there I want to set a couple things straight.  You cannot tell anyone about this.    Also, you’ll have to leave your weapon there,” he pointed to a weapons rack against the wall where a SAW was already locked in.  “If you need a lock there’s some on the counter there.”  I locked my weapon in and Tom passed me his.  When both were secure, I turned back to him.

“I am married and will get into a lot of trouble if anyone knows about this.  I’m also an Officer and she’s only a PFC so they’ll get me on that, too.  I’ll lose my wife and son if I get found out.  You tell anyone and I’ll kill you.  No exaggeration.  I will end your life if you jeopardize my future with my wife and son.  I’ll kill you if you tarnish his girl’s reputation.  I don’t want people thinking she’s a barracks slut because she isn’t.  If you can’t abide by this, leave now.”

“I won’t tell a soul, Sir.”

He smiled then.  “I knew I forgot something.  My name’s Tom.  As long as were here I’d prefer you to call me that.  And I’d prefer to call you by your first name, as well.”

“No problem.  I’m Jake.”

“Andy’s still Andy, by the way.  I guess even her folks call her that and always have.”

“Anything else?”

By way of answer he opened the door.  On the other side was a lavish office, even by American standards.  Never mind we were in a bombed out city in Iraq, the Land That God Forgot.  Huge mahogany desk, leather winged back chair, big flat screen TV with a stereo, marble floor with deep pile rugs, big comfy couch against one wall, and in the middle of it all, there was Andy.

She had her hair down and I realized I’d forgotten it was curly.  I’d forgotten she had a beautiful smile and cute dimples hiding under her combat façade.  She wasn’t just the fueler girl, or a machine gunner putting her life on the line for convoys.  She was all of those things, but she was a woman, too.  Talk about contrasts.

“You guys coming in, or what?” she smiled.

I heard Tom gulp beside me.  I knew how he felt.  I took a shaky step into the room, unsure of what to do.

Tom walked purposefully past me and they hugged.  And then they kissed.  I just stood there while watching these two share the most passionate kiss I’d ever seen.  They broke off and she started unbuttoning his shirt.  She took it off and the T-shirt, too.  I watched her run her hands down his chest and my groin tightened in jealousy, lust, and voyeuristic thrill.

Her eyes seemed to drink him up as she started removing his pants.  I felt weird when his bare ass came into view.  I started to move to the right so I wouldn’t be staring straight at it, but then she knelt in front of him and I changed direction.  I’d never seen another guys hard dick before, but I really wanted to see his go into her mouth.

She licked at it as she fondled his balls and then she took the whole thing in his mouth in one swallow.  I was unbuttoning my pants to free my cock when she beckoned me nearer.  I took a few steps but she kept motioning me forward so I kept walking and unbuttoning until I was right next to Tom, standing over her.

She took her mouth off him.  “Take it out,” she panted.  “I want to see you.  I want to see you make yourself cum while I suck him.”

I kicked off my boots and pulled my pants off.  My socks did that really cool trick socks do when they come off with your pants.  I had lost my uniform top sometime so I was just standing there in my T-shirt.  I took hold of my cock for the first time in 6 months and started stroking it.  Andy’s head was bobbing up and down on Tom’s dick not 6 inches in front of me.  I felt the cum boiling in my sack and with a series of loud grunts I shot my load all over the right side of Andy’s face.

For the first time since I was about 14 my dick stayed hard after I came.  I kept stroking it and milking it until Andy took me into her mouth.  I shot another full load into her mouth and it built in intensity when I realized she was swallowing.  I’d never met a chick that swallows before!

Tom was standing next to me stroking his cock as Andy milked the last drops from me.  He had a smile on his face when I looked at him.  “Told ya, man.  She’s the greatest!”

I nodded my agreement and closed my eyes.  I nearly fell over when Andy took her hands off my ass.  I was so drained that I could barely stand.  Andy led me to the couch and lay me down.  She did a little strip tease in front of me before climbing on top.

“Tom, honey, I’m going to fuck Jake really hard while you watch.  I want you to shove your cock in my ass just before you come.”

I almost came myself when she said that.  It had been so long since I’d had my dick in a wet pussy and as she slid down on my member I thought I was in heaven.  She was breathing very heavily and her tits were bouncing up and down in front of my face.  I was thrusting madly upwards, trying to match her stroke for stroke when I felt Tom shove into her.  Feeling his cock through her wall made every thrust into something so exquisite I never wanted it to end.

He let out a low groan and then they both stopped moving.  About 10 seconds later I felt his cock pulse and then the cum emptying into Andy’s ass.  Each shot created another pulse and the sensation it caused running up my own hard shaft made me blow my wad, too.

“Oh, god, oh, god, oh my FUCKING god!  You’re both cumming!  I have a man cumming in my ass and a man cumming in my pussy!  Oh!  My!  God!”  Andy shrieked.  With that I felt her pussy clamp down on my dick and her orgasm flooded over me.  Tom and I both had our arms around her but that didn’t stop her from shaking uncontrollably as she came.

I’ve always been jealous of how long the woman’s orgasm is.  It seems to go on forever and that night as I felt her pussy convulsing around my cock as the last contractions in Tom’s balls pushed his cum upwards against me, I came again.

I fell back on the couch and let my arms fall by my sides.  I felt Andy relaxing on top of me and then she and Tom were laying down on me.  I had never been so satisfied in my life.  I would have slept there just like that if it weren’t so risky.  We didn’t need the office owner to come in next morning and find us there like that.

I could hardly get dressed and they had to help me gets my boots tied.  I waited in the hall, retrieving our weapons while Andy and Tom said their goodnights.  I was so tired that I didn’t have a single thought in my head.  As Tom led me back to our tent he asked if I wanted to go back the next night.

“Dude, are you kidding?  What do you think?!”



He treated her like she didn't exist! Now she was free!

shelbygt1967 on Taboo Stories

Fred was very successful in the business world but a looser of a husband, however, no one knew except he and his wife Rose.  Fred was a handsom man who wanted to impress everyone he came in contact with.  He ware $800.00 suits, monagramed shirts and $200.00 shoes.  Fred put on aires as to who he really was, he was a genuine asswhole to his wife.  The first time I saw Rose I was infactuated with her beauty, her sincerity, her shiness and her figure.  I couldn't help noticing her breasts, they seemed to accent her body perfectly.

Fred had been involved in several shady business deals but never jailed because he had the gift of the gab and was very carismat

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ic.  He was also fucking several woman, a young office assistant, secretary in another office and a marrid lady in another city.  Rose had no idea of any of the woman accept the married one and Fred told her if she didn't like it she could leave him but she would get nothing.  It was important to Fred that he keep up appearances of a happy home.  However, good fortune smiled on Rose, the feds went after Fred and he landed in jail. 

Rose diviorced him and a few years later I decided to take a bold step.  I call her and set up an appointment to take some photos of her on the premise that she would be posing for major glamore magazines like Harpers, Red Book, Good House Keeping of if she wanted to some of the Paul Raymond magazines out or Europe.

When I arrive at Roses house she looked like a million dallors.  Rose did not recognize me (which I had hoped)  so I could be more bold in my approach.  Before the first photo session was done Rose was naked and loving it.  On the second session a couple of days later Rose picked up right where she left off.  She was exquisitly beautiful, standing about 5'6" at about 110 lbs with 34 D perky firm breasts, a nice wiast line, great hips and killer legs.

Rose had the largest patch of brown pubic hair I have ever seem on anybody.  The triangle hair went from her pussy to within an inch of her belly button and from hip bone to hip bone.  It was huge!  I ask her to trim it up for the second session and was plesentaly surprized to see that she had trimmed it up signifently.

Over 7even days of shooting pics I accumulated over 700 photos of this magnificent beauty.  With each photo session Rose became more bold herself, she was posing like a pro, spreading her pussy to show everyone cupping her tits, sucking her nipples  and even letting me stroke my cock up and down the length of her slit.  What a hot lady!

I didn't quite get around to fucking her at the time, however, Rose is going to pose for me again soon ad this time I know she'll fuck me.  She doesn't know it yet but I do!

See you soon Rose!  

Three's company(Part 1)

Ryne13 on Taboo Stories

This story is fiction. If enough people ask for a second part, I will do so. My email is

Three friends: John, Caleb, and Christin all go camping at a cabin in the middle of a privately owned forest. They have all just graduated from high school and felt that they needed a two week vacation.


"Wow that was a long ride." John said as he stepped out of Caleb's extended cab pick up truck. "It was not that bad..." Christin argued softly. She secretly loved that she had gotten to ride between John and Caleb in the front seat.

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She secretly lusted after their bodies. Caleb was fit and rather skinny with a little muscle. John on the other hand was quite a bit more muscular, but he was still quite skinny. She noticed that when she acted like she was asleep, they would both readjust their packages through their pants. She suddenly felt very turned on every time they did that. She scooted out of the seat through John's door and glanced at Caleb. He opened his own door and started unloading the back as he said "Thanks Christin." Christin went into the cabin as John and Caleb unloaded the truck. Christin came back out and spoke, "Bad news boys, there is only one bedroom." It took a lot for her not to have a smirk on her face as she said it. Little did she know, the boys were more excited than she was. They were admiring her sexy body. She was five and a half feet tall, had long brown hair and deep brown eyes. She had very large breasts, which were hard not to stare at through her tight black tank top. She had black jeans on and a pair of black shoes on. Caleb had a pair of black shoes, jeans, and a black short sleeve shirt on. John had a pair of black boots, blue jeans, and a white t-shirt on. The jeans kept their cocks down. "You can have the bedroom then." Caleb told her and then headed inside. John and Christin followed him in with all the stuff. "I will take the floor, John can take the couch." Caleb added and put everything up. John nodded in agreement and put everything up. Christin smiled and headed towards the bedroom with her bag. "I am going to go to bed. It is late, I figure it is probaly mid night anyways. Good night." Christin said with a smile and shut her door.

"Damn she is so fucking hot." John said. "Very true. She makes me want to go in her room tonight." Caleb agreed. "Don't take my idea" John said with a laugh. They both slipped their jeans off and went to change into some pajama pants. As they took their jeans off, John's cock popped out of his boxers. Caleb got wide eyes and grew even harder. "Getting excited are we?" John asked as he looked at the tent in Caleb's boxers. "Look whose talking." Caleb said with a grin. Caleb turned around and finished getting dressed. John did the same and laid down. He heard Caleb doze off about an hour later and crept up to Christen's door. He pushed it open slowly and saw that she was asleep. He eased the door shut and crept to the chair next to her bed. he noticed that she slept on top of the covers and was only wearing a thong and a bra. Both were black. She slept on her side, but she was facing him. He gazed down at her large breasts. They were 38 D's. He quickly went to her bag and pulled out a pair of her panties that were identical to the ones she was wearing and pulled his cock out. He was about six inches long and four inches around. He wrapped his cock in her thong and started jacking off with it while staring at her breasts. After about five minutes he came and noislessly, but her thong back up. As he walked out of the door with his cock back in his pants, Christin's eyes were open staring at him. She smiled big time.

As john walked into the front room, he noticed that Caleb was just laying down with a large erection. It pitched a tent in his pants, so john crawled over their. He pulled Caleb's pants down slowly and then his boxers. Caleb did not stir. John lowered his head down to Caleb's lower head. Caleb's dick was about seven and a half inches long and six inches around. John flicked his tongue against the head of Caleb's cock, which woke him up. Caleb just smiled. John quickly just started to go up and down the shaft with his mouth and tongue while he massaged Caleb's balls. Caleb moaned lightly and came three times before John lifted up. He swallowed it all and helped Caleb get dressed again. After they were dressed, they went to sleep.

When they woke up John went to the creek to get washed up. Christin said she wanted to do some hiking alone, so Caleb was left by himself. He ended up heading over to the creek to "check up" on John. As he came close, he saw Christin, sitting watching John. She had a cucumber in her hand and was rubbing it against her pussy and was slowly sticking it in her. She squirted all over the vegetable and walked over to John. John looked nervous , but Christin grabbed his cock and started sucking it. She sucked him of his juices then bent over the edge of a large rock after saying something, and John started thrusting his cock into her tight little ass as she screamed a little. Caleb took off running and Christin saw him and realized what she had just done, but she wanted to wait till he could calm down. After John came, Christin left and went after Caleb...

Penguins4fuel on Taboo Stories

**Disclaimer**- I am not a writer and have never written anything like this before. This "pilot episode" is meant to tell the backstory leading up to events that will transpire, and contains no sex or anything remotely close. If that's all you are looking for, i suggest you go watch some videos. I write purely to tell a story, though this will become an erotic one. just be warned that it starts out much like any fiction novel would. That said, please review my post and leave comments on where you would like to see the story, and sex, progress. the characters and places in this story are entirely fictional as is the story itself. enjoy.




I suppose that I should start at the beginning. My name is Thomas. I was born in the late 1980’s and was raised in a small farming community in the southeastern US. The story has its roots when I was 15 and had just met who I had assumed to be the girl of my dreams. As it turns out, I wasn’t the boy of hers and when I was 17 she left me for my best friend. But I remained on good terms with her little sister Casey, who was four years younger than me. Casey had always looked up to me because her sister was a poor excuse for a sibling and even while I was dating her sister, I would always insist that we bring Casey along on our dates so I could spoil her like the little sister I had never had.

We had remained in constant communication over the past two years and I had helped her through some tough spots as well as I could, seeing that her sister wasn’t about to help anyone but herself, and Casey actually was a huge help getting my life together after my breakup with her sister, being the only person who would truly understand how much pain I was in. So I played the big brother to her and scared away most of the guys she liked( none would ever meet my standards) and she did the same for me with prospective girlfriends, never thinking any of them worthy to date her big brother. We saw each other a lot until I went to college and she was always excited to be picked up at school on a Friday by a hot older guy in a killer classic muscle car in front of all of her friends. Her parents never bothered us because after all, they had both thought me perfect for her older sister and therefore trusted me to be a caring helpful big brother to Casey and respected me for keeping her happy. I think they thought that I just spent time with her because I felt obligated, and didn’t really want to. They were wrong. Casey was like my little sister and meant more to me than anyone else ever had.

The story picks up with the completion of my first semester in college. It was December. I was nineteen and she was fifteen. It was a Friday night, my Finals were done, and I was headed to the farm that my grandmother had left me in her will, which was in the town that I had spent my entire pre-college life. We called it a farm, but the only thing that grew there was sage grass and it was really just a lot of land with a farmhouse on it. But everyone in town lived on a “farm” whether it actually was on or not. I was about an hour into the grueling two hour drive. I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket and turned down my stereo as I extricated it from my jeans and smiled when the caller ID read “Casey” and showed a picture her mom had taken of us the previous new-year. I answered with a corny joke as always and only got halfway through with my line.

                “Thank you for calling Tommy’s pizza how-“ I was cut off by Casey’s tearful screams.

                “GET AWAY FROM ME TANNER!!! I SAID NO!!!” At first I thought that she was yelling because of the loud music on her end, then I could tell by the sound of her voice that she was both infuriated and terrified.

                “Casey what’s going on?” I asked in my best concerned/ composed voice, although I was very confused and scared.

                “Zack? Oh thank God. I need-“I could hear glass shattering and my little sister shrieking. “-I need your help,” she continued, her voice teary. “I don’t have time to explain, just get to Tanner’s house as fast as you can. Are you close?”

Knowing I was an hour away if I stuck to the speed limit, and also knowing the speed capabilities of my ’71 Challenger R/T, I said, “Casey, can you give me twenty minutes?” She replied with a “probably” and then the phone went silent after a particularly violent crash.

                “Shit,” I said to no one in particular. I floored my Challenger, calling on the full power of the 465 horses under the hood, on which were badges that read “426 Hemi” in bright red lettering. I made the trip in record time, and managed to avoid any law enforcement officials, which was handy, because It would have taken me precious seconds to shake them, and I didn’t know how many of those seconds I had to get to my Casey. I got off the interstate and blew through stop signs and red lights, not daring to glance at my speedometer as I quickly exited the lights of what passed for “downtown” here and got closer to the 95 acres that Casey’s current boyfriend, Tanner Blane, lived on with his parents. As I got to his driveway, I mentally prepared myself for whatever was going on here and in a second, went from worried, scared Thomas, to cool, collected and alert Thomas. I ran the length of the quarter-mile driveway in twelve seconds flat and slid to a stop in the front yard, ten feet from the front door. I got out with the engine still running, approached the house, and when I heard Casey scream and I narrowly dodged a baseball that came crashing through the porch window, I reared back and kicked in the front door.

Standing in the living room were two people: one was sixteen year old Tanner, shirtless and obviously under the influence of SOMETHING. The other was my little sister, wearing black and green Tripp pants and the remains of her favorite TWLOHA T-shirt, which had been reduced to shreds of cloth doing nothing to hide anything from the waist up. Her arms were doing their best to cover her chest, but for all intents and purposes, they were failing miserably. There were tears of embarrassment, betrayal, anger, and disappointment in her eyes when she looked at me, though her face lit up and she ran towards me.  Tanner tried to head her off, but I was prepared for this and before he could take one step, he was knocked into the wall four feet behind him where he collapsed, unconscious, the print of my boot on his bare chest.

At this, Casey came running to me and wrapped her arms around me, crying into my chest and as she began to convulse, I feared that she was going into shock; but she was just crying that hard. She was in no position to walk, so after pulling my hoodie off of myself and onto her (both because she had no shirt and because it was nineteen degrees outside) I easily hefted her 4’9’’, 81 lbs. body into my arms and exited the house through the same splintered doorway that I had entered through. I walked directly to my car’s driver door, still ajar, and set her right next to me on the black, fabric bench-seat. From the time I had arrived at the house and exited my car, to the time I threw the Four-speed floor shifter into reverse and sped off, not more than sixty seconds had passed; and not a word was spoken.

I began to survey Casey as I drove, as soon as I hit the road, and noticed that although she was shaken and very pale, she seemed to be otherwise unharmed, nary even a bruise or a scrape; thank God. She looked up at me and threw her arms around me, the only brother she had, and continued to cry. I put my right arm around her waist and rubbed her side while I kissed her hair and promised her that it would be alright.

                “I know sweetie,” I comforted. “I know. I can tell what was going on; you don’t have to talk about it.”

                “No,” she sobbed, wiping her eyes with the super-long sleeves of my school hoodie. “I need to talk about it.” She continued as I nodded. “My parents went to Aspen for the weekend, and they left my sister in charge of me. I was just planning to spend the weekend at Tanner’s house, because his parents went to Tybee Island for the weekend.” She took a break to catch her breath and blow her nose on a napkin that had come out of my glove compartment.  “I went home with him from school and we were having a good time, just making out and stuff, you know…” here she paused because she knew how I felt about her making out with boys, but she continued when she read nothing but concerned interest on my face. “At about five-thirty or so, he started drinking and he started to get handsy. He knew the rules that I had set, and he had always stuck to them, but not this time. When I said no, he came at me stronger, until he got really violent! Tommy, I was so scared…” She began to tear up again and just held her close while I found my phone and dialed the number to the local sheriff’s office, which I knew by heart.

Sheriff James A. Packard had been the sheriff in my home county ever since I was born, and In a county of just over 4,000 citizens, it was no surprise that the sheriff had gone to the same church as my grandmother (who had raised me) and I. I remember having Sheriff Packard over for dinner almost every Saturday night before my grandmother had died in my junior year of high-school. His wife and my grandfather had been killed in the same fire some fifteen years before my birth, so I think he and my grandmother felt a natural bond with one another. He was as “friend-of-the-family” as they came.

The phone rang twice before he answered. “Sheriff Packard speaking,” he said in his old, husky voice.

                “Sheriff, It’s Tommy.”

                “Tommy boy!” he said, dragging up my old nickname. “How the hell are you son?”

                “I’m fine sheriff, but listen…” and I proceeded to tell him everything that had happened tonight, beginning with the phone call I had receiver on my way home, and ending with Tanner’s attempted rape of my little sister.

                “You’re a good man, you know Tommy,” he said. “How you treat that girl. You know, if she were just a few years older… But as it sits, you are the best thing that she could hope for in a brother, you know son? Your grandma’ would be so proud… Anyway, I’ll get a unit out to the Blane farm and pick up Tanner. Are you taking Casey home?”

                “Her parents are out of town Sheriff, so I was planning on putting her up at my place until they get back on Monday. I have plenty of food and stuff. Don’t worry about us.”

With any other people, in any other town in the world, the sheriff would have had me arrested for even suggesting that a fifteen year old girl shack up with a nineteen year old college guy for the weekend, but not here. Not us. No one had to worry about US.

                “Ok, well you kids be careful. I know that you’re probably the best person to help her through this right now. I may come by on my way into work tomorrow to check up on ya’ll, but don’t be offended if I don’t, we stay kinda’ busy ‘round here these days.”

                “Roger that sheriff,” I said. “I’ll give you a call tomorrow. Good night”.

When I closed my phone we were pulling into the driveway, which stretched for more than a mile past wide rolling pastures that had not grazed livestock in over fifty years, and woods that held numerous tree-houses from my youth. It still didn’t feel right calling this “My land”, even though it had been legally mine since I was emancipated when my grandmother died. I was just seventeen and a junior in high-school. My mother had died a few years following my birth in an auto accident, and my father had never been in the picture. Since my mother was an only child, as was my grandmother, I was left in my grandmother’s custody. On her deathbed, which she was on for a painfully long four months, we talked a lot, her and I, about my becoming my own guardian if she passed before my birthday. We signed all the papers and it became official when she died. I had become a legal adult at seventeen, which gave me rights to go ahead and collect my inheritance, which in addition to the farm, had consisted of a few million dollars worth of investment portfolios and a sizable trust fund that while wasn’t enough for me to live like a king for the rest of my life, ensured that I would never have to worry about money if I budgeted well.

 We pulled into “my” garage, which was my grandmother’s sixteenth birthday present for me. It consisted of five bays, three of which had vehicle lifts. If you couldn’t find the right tool in that garage, you didn’t belong anywhere near a car. The garage was ported for cable and high-speed internet and had a small office that had sort of become my bedroom during those last years… I loved working on cars and this was my grandmother’s way of showing that she approved of my hobby. When we finally reached the house,  we exited my car and went inside.

The original farmhouse had been built on this land sometime in the mid 1800’s and had burned to the ground around forty or so party goers in 1974, the fire that had killed my grandfather and so many others that night. My grandmother, while never selling the farm, and my mother had then moved to Florida and didn’t move back until my mother became pregnant with me in the late 80’s. They had a new, modernized farmhouse built towards the back of the property line and we all moved in when I was two. My mother died shortly after, so then it was just me and my grandmother in this huge, three-story farmhouse with a finished basement, full –finished attic, four enormous bedrooms, a home theater complete with a 72” front projection television and many other modern additions. I had since added a few modifications myself, including glassing in the rear deck and equipping it with a comfortable hot-tub and the only HD television in the house, besides the 52” 1080p in my garage. And I had converted the Theater into more of a living room.

After losing my grandmother to cancer and my girlfriend to a cross-country running backstabber in the same month, I had needed something to distract me, so I had often thrown parties here on the weekends during my junior and senior years. The house was cool, but it wasn’t designed to host parties, so the modifications were necessary.

I got out of my car, and was proud to see that Casey giddily hopped out under her own power, through my door. But then she jumped into my arms and I easily, and quite happily, carried her into the house. Since I was the only one who lived here and I hadn’t been home in over a month, it was quite cold in the house. Knowing that the only thing protecting my little sister’s upper body from the sub-zero temperatures was my thin hoodie, I ran her upstairs to the second story, where the bedrooms were located. She had always had a bedroom here, ever since we had first become close, years ago. I stood on the landing outside her door and nudged it open, all the while not daring to put her down, for fear I would lose her in the dark, cavernous hallway that ran the length of the second floor. Once inside the bedroom, I felt for the light-switch and upon finding it, sat her down in front of the now visible closet door. She got really excited upon seeing her closet and had apparently forgotten about how much I used to spoil her when I was still living here full time. Inside the closet, which was large enough itself to play a game of half-court basketball, were entire walls filled with clothes of every brand, shape, size, color and designer; shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, sweaters, vests, jackets, pantsuits, swim-suits, Halloween costumes and shoes; OH THE SHOES!!! I don’t care who she is, I have never met a girl who would turn down my buying her a pair of shoes… or 200 pair. There were boots, heels, flats, flip-flops, sandals, slippers, ore boots, tennis-shoes, running shoes, Cons, Vans and essentially any other kind of shoe one could dream of.  This closet had become furnished right about the time that I couldn’t afford that new BMW Z4, and probably blue-booked somewhere in the range of $45,000 dollars.

                “I have been wanting to come here for SO long!” Casey giggled. “I’m going to put on something put on something really warm!”

                “Dress in layers,” I warned. “I’m going to get the heater going tonight and by tomorrow morning it’s going to be freaking toasty in here!”

Casey nodded and turned, closing the closet door behind her as she entered. It had been quite a few months since I had seen this room so I took the time to re-familiarize myself. Against the opposite wall from where I stood was a massive king-sized four-poster bed, complete with a canopy of pink lace that draped down and completely encased the entire bed in a transparent pink tent. In the far corner of the room stood a 42” rear projection HDTV and the most elaborate surround system that best-buy had had in stock the day that I bought it. On the wall to either side of the TV were shelves that held literally thousands of CDs, which were all duplicated of ones that I had purchased for her room at her parents’ house, as were many of the shoes in the closet. Every square inch of free wall space in the room was covered with posters of bands, movies, actors and actresses, and pictures of her close friends and family. As I completed the tour of the room, I heard the closet door open and turned to see Casey K. Conner, reborn after being submerged in a pure fashion environment for 15 minutes. She had taken my advice and dressed in layers, the outer layer consisting of black sweat pants that were two sizes too big and a matching top, proportionately grande. Her short brown hair was down and loose around her neck, and for the first time, I noticed that my little sister was quickly on her way to becoming a woman. She had always been old for her age, her home life being sketchy at best and horrifying at worst. Her parents were neglectful and not understanding in the least, but at least they trusted me with her, having enough sense to see that she was truly happy when she was with me. Not because I spoiled her, but because I truly loved her more than anything. And I think she loved me too. And standing here in front of me now, her body was beginning to catch up to her mind. Even hidden behind the sweats, I could tell that she was a knockout. No wonder Tanner wanted her so bad, I thought to myself. But as long as she was here with me, she was safe. I would protect my little sister with everything that I had, even if I was protecting her from her own growing beauty.

The rest of the night went by very fast. I made us dinner after I got the house started back up again, and we watched Underworld: Evolution in the “living room”. It was one of our favorites. As the credits rolled, I looked over to see that Casey was fast asleep, looking more like an angel than any human being that I had ever seen. I took her into my arms as gently as I could and took her upstairs for the last time that night. I thought I had managed not to wake her, but as I laid her down in her giant bed, she stirred and I heard a tiny groan escape her lips.

                “Don’t leave me alone Tommy,” she pleaded while still mostly asleep.  “I really need you close to me right now.”

                “I understand sweetie,” I assured her. “I will sit right here on your bed until you are fast asleep, okay?”

                “No,” she said coyly, almost playfully. “I need a teddy bear!” and with that, she took me totally be surprise and was able to pull me down to where I was laying directly beside her, in the middle of her giant bed. Then she rolled over to face me and buried her hands and face in my chest in a desperate attempt to stay warm. I was a little uncomfortable about sleeping with Casey, but I knew that she hadn’t meant anything more than innocent by it, so if it didn’t bother her, I was fine with it. My last conscious thought before drifting into dreamland was that her hair smelled like fresh strawberries, still growing in the vine. My first dream took place in a never ending field of strawberries.