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Tom, my huge sex toy

chaone on Animal Stories

My wife died in a car accident. I knew I could never find anyone to replace her. I was half gay when we married. She knew and promised to do anything I needed to just stay only with her. We made that bargain and it lasted 8 years until she died. That was 12 years ago.

It was about a year after she passed away I was at the animal shelter with a friend who was picking out a cat, I

Mom Meets Roscoe

Sultrybuxombbw on Animal Stories

Aunt Calire came in one day and told me that we were all going to visit my Mom and other sisters and my step-dad the next week. I was excited and didn't care if you understand that. She had never seemd really like I was much to her and so I asked if we really had to go and was told we did.

We drove and I had Roscoe in the back of the van with me and most of the trip I was naked and played with him, massaging him and letting him lick me and Claire came back once to play too. We all got dressed and drove up late in the afternoon only to find that Mom was the only one there for the week. All the rest had gone to a thing up in Tennessee. We all came in and it was obvious that Mom was nervous about us being there at all after the last time and after

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I had been to bed with Mom. I went to kiss her and she turned her head to avoid a mouth kiss. "Oh don't be such a prude." Jack said and laid a full mouth and tounge kiss on her and she finally kissed him back and slapped his ass saying, "Oh, Jack, you have always brought the bad girl in me."

I was given a room and took care of Roscoe and he slept with me. He kept me happy with his licking and I took care of him when he needed it. One day while Jack and Claire and Mom were all gone I had to have a good fuck and so Roscoe and I took our time and soon he was knoted to me filling me up with his dog cum. I was shouting like a whore for him to fuck me good and he was and suddenly I heard, "Oh my god, what have you turned into?" Mom was saying over and over again. I just stayed there knoted to Roscoe until he finished. Mom had tried to leave but Jack and Claire held her there by the arms and made her watch. "Your little girl likes all kinds of sex remember?" Claire said. "Remember you and her in bed for several nights and you enjoying every little lick and kiss?" Mom said she remembered and was ashamed. Jack took his pants off and went up to my bottom and slipped into my pussy bringing the fire back and I pushed against him begging him to fuck me hard. I looked around and Cliare was kissing Mom and Mom had given in to her hands opening her blouse and taking off her bra. Mom always said that she and I got all the breast in the famly since my two sisters were flat.

Jack filled me up and then since Claire and Mom were laying on the floor kissing now he went over and began eating Mom. She moaned and had orgasms like crazy and then he led Roscoe to her pussy and he began licking her. Claire blocked her view of who was licking her and she hada wonderful orgasm saying "Oh Jack, you are so bad, and you make me so bad." Jack stood up and said, It wasn't me licking you Hun." and she looked down and tried to get up. I got over and helped them turn Mom over and we led Roscoe to her bottom as she was on several cusions and her butt was in the air. Jack patted Mom's ass and Roscoe wasted not time getting up on her and began humping and Claire guided him to her pussy and he went in. "Oh my god Jack, he is so big, oh Claire, oh my god." as he got humped by Roscoe. He drove deeper and deeper and she was now in passionate  excitement and did not care. Then his knot went in and she let out a growl like an animal and began really humping with him. After a while he slipped from her and she laid there moaning.

We all slept in the same bed and Roscoe slept on the rug near us. I woke up the next morning and heard Mom, "Roscoe, come on boy, come lick Mommy." and he got over to her and began licking her. She scratched him behind his ears and made him lick more. Again he got on her and knoted her and Jack and Claire woke up from he noise. "Guess we will have to get you a good dog before we leave." Claire said. Mom kissed her and said, "Can't you just leave me Roscoe?"


Doggy Fun

Fyre on Animal Stories

I’m in college and I run track. I was working out pretty hard, and my new boyfriend, Doug asked me if I’d take his dog running with me. Doug had a heavy class schedule, and his golden lab wasn’t getting any exercise. So of course, I went by and picked Lex up one day on my regular two mile run. Lex was a real friendly pup. I think Doug said he was two, so he’s in good shape and can run really hard. I had him on one of those extendable leashes and he’d run ahead for awhile, then circle back and lope next to me. It was nice to have someone to run with, so I looked forward to getting him. Doug gave me a key to his place so I could pick up the dog when he wasn’t home.

One day, I wanted to go straight to class after my run, so I took a bag of cl

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othes over to Doug’s place and then went on my run with Lex. I don’t know what it was, but I was feeling pretty horny. It was close to my period, I think it was a full know how it gets. Anyway, I was running my miles, but I didn’t really feel like running. I felt more like gettin’ busy. Sometimes I masturbate three or four times a day. Like I said, Doug has a heavy class schedule, so I’ve learned to take care of my own sex drive, whether or not he’s around. I whistled to Lex. I wanted to go back to Doug’s to "jill off" before I went to class. I always laugh at that term, because my real name is Jill. Somehow horny Jill laying in the bed, "jilling herself off" delighted me. I was planning to shower at Doug’s anyway.

Doug has an exercise mat next to some weights, so I went in there to do my final stretches. I’m not trying to be gross here, but when I’m crazy horny and I’ve been working out, my pussy gets to smelling pretty hard. This was one of those times. Now, I kind of like the smell, after all it’s my smell and even though I wouldn’t want Doug to go down on me if I smelled that strong, I kinda get off on it, especially since I was just there on my own. Well I was stretching, and my shorts were cutting into me, so I took them off. I do that a lot of times. I wear thong panties, so I didn’t have on much. I just wanted to get my workout over, go masturbate in the bed, shower, and get on with my day. I had the music on, I was doing my final stretches, and Lex came in with his tennis ball, sat on the floor next to me and watched.

Now of course, he probably came in to find me so I could toss his ball a few times, after all, we hadn’t gotten in our full run. He still wanted to play! But I was thinking of my wet pussy, and it gets a little achy, and all I could think about was taking care of it. I felt inside my thong, moved the fabric out of my crotch. I was soaking wet! I just wanted to stick my fingers down there, in there, wherever, and get off. The dog was watching me, and it made me feel funny. "Hey Lex! You need to go sit on the couch for a few minutes. Get!"

He didn’t listen to me. He put his ball down on the floor, sat with his head down on his paws and waited. He whimpered.

"Oh Lexy," I said to him, "I’ll run with you tomorrow. I’ll toss your ball later on. I just gotta take care of something else right now." I was doing some leg lifts on my side, and my panties were cutting right up my crack! Damn! They felt like they were slicing me in half!

Lex was just a dog, and he didn’t know what I was doing, so I decided to go for it. I sat up, rolled my panties down and then I sat down with my legs wide so I could stretch forward. I was almost done. I was stretching forward, my vagina gaping open, and yes! the smell was something else. Thick and sweaty, like I worked hard, and deserved to smell this way! I couldn’t wait to jill my pussy!

Erg! I definitely did not feel like finishing my workout. Then on came my favorite song, and I just wanted to listen to it, and get my groove off. I just laid back on the mat, and closed my eyes for a minute. I put my fingers on my clit and started playing...

Now you probably figured this out before I did, but the next thing I knew, Lex came over to sniff at me. And you know how dogs can be about pussy. He went right to my crotch. His nose brushed against me. It felt cold!

"Ha ha! No, Lexy, no. Be a good dog. Sit!"

I snapped my fingers at him and he sat down, but he was very close to me. He stuck his tongue out and started panting. I could smell his sweet doggy smell. He leaned forward and licked my face.

"Silly dog."

Like I said, I really wanted to masturbate. I kept a toy in Doug’s dresser, under the socks, so I got up off the mat to get it. The dog padded after me into the room. Sure wish Doug was here! I’d be on him like a nympho, fucking his brains out. Knowing him, he’d be trying to study math in between pumps. "Wait up," he’d say, "I have one more algorithm to solve." Maybe it was good he wasn’t here. I didn’t have to feel like I needed to rush. I had about an hour before my class. Doug needed to learn how to enjoy himself a little. He was a worrier.

I got up into the bed and Lex was still sitting there, staring. I started to think about how sweaty I was, and I didn’t really want to wash the sheets, so I decided to go back into the other room with my dildo and lay down on the mat. Lex followed me back into that room and sat down next to his tennis ball.

"OK Lexy, it’s just you and me. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone. You go right ahead and watch me get off..." I threw my legs out pretty much in the same position as before and started fingering my clit. I was so wet! I knew there was a streak of my juices on the exercise mat. "You like watching me play with my this!" I slipped my fingers into my cunny to ease it open a little bit. I wanted to jam that dildo in. I sat up on my elbow a little. I was nice and wet, so I slipped the dildo right in. Damn! That felt so good! I worked it back and forth for awhile, and if anything, the pussy smell got stronger in the room.

The dog cocked his head and watched what I was doing. It felt kind of exciting to have such an enthusiastic audience! He scooted forward and nudged my thigh with his nose. I jammed the dildo in and out of my pussy. I started to whimper and ease into it. It wasn’t going to take me long today! The dog heard my whine, and I guess he got alarmed, so he jumped up. I moved my hand away from my pussy, leaving the dildo planted deep inside, to scratch him between his ears, and I didn’t expect him to be so quick, but he went right for it! I mean it. He stuck his nose right there in my smelly cunny and he tentatively stuck his tongue out for a taste. Eek!

Now I should have screamed and jumped up, but I didn’t. I shot my hand back where it had been, in between his nose and my pussy, and clamped my hand to block my pussy lips. "No, Lexy, no. That wouldn’t be good. I can’t..." Well my hand reeked like my pussy, and so did the mat under my ass, and he just started licking my hand, and licking the mat near my leg. He finished licking the mat, and then he went back to licking my hand, the heavy smell must have been coming through my fingers, and he was trying to get to it.

It had been a long week. I really really wanted to get off, and like a lot of ladies, I could never get enough of having my pussy licked. Who would know? Lex was licking the back of my hand, the end of the dildo, sticking out of my cunt, and then he laid down, his nose staying right where it was, and started licking my ass.

No one would ever know! No one would know. It was just me and the dog. It didn’t take me but a minute more to lower my resolve and move my hand. That dog’s fat tongue was just slurping and lapping all those wet pussy juices up! I opened my legs wider and scootched down, trying to rock my pelvis to make him lick my clit. My pussy was still full of dildo, and it felt amazing to have the steady, energetic lapping on my cunnie. Lex was wonderful! There was something about his fat, rough tongue, and his willingness to get all the juices licked away.

"Oooh! That’s a goood doggy. I like that. Good boy." I reached down and stroked his head. I started to relax into it. Who the hell cared? If the dog didn’t care, and I didn’t care... I pulled the dildo out, and he sniffed at it and immediately licked it. "Lexy, come here!" I slapped at my hungry pussy and pulled my legs open in a split, to distract him away from my toy, and that dog went back to work on my cunt, lapping his huge tongue all the way from my asshole up to my clit. Wonderful!

Lex stood up and kept licking, maybe even more enthusiastic. I shut my eyes and just let him. I really liked the eager way he was lapping me off. I loved that he didnt’ seem to think I needed to shower that hard pussy smell off. He was going to clean it for me!

Lex stopped licking me whimpered a little bit and I turned my head to look. He leaned forward to lick his dick, which was alert, sticking out pink and eager from his hairy shaft. It throbbed. Lex kept whining and looked at me, his tongue out, he was panting a little bit, and there was water coming off his tongue. He stuck his tongue back into my cunny, squirming it into crevices and sticking it as deep as he could into my ass. Oh my God! It felt soo soo good! His dick was twitching, not too far from my head.

He was taking care of me... why not? I guess because I felt like he was doing me a favor, I should do the same for him. I clicked my tongue, "Come here, Lex." I patted the mat. He didn’t know what I wanted. He stood awkwardly, panting, his dick twitching. He looked uncomfortable.

I got up on my elbow and patted the mat. He came over and stood next to me. I reached under him and scratched his belly, just above his throbbing dick. Could I do it? I didn’t really know. I mean it seemed kind of gross to put my mouth on Lex, but he’d just had his mouth all over me, and that didn’t end up feeling so gross at all. Oh, and I still wanted some more! So it would be selfish to just have him lick on me till I got off all the way, leaving a streak of sweat from my "workout" all over the mat.

Lex was really whimpering now. "Oh, Doggy, I know what you want. Just a minute, let me work myself into it." I kept scratching his belly, and he kind of pushed forward, trying to get me to touch his dick. But I wasn’t sure. How could I do that? I lay back on the mat and just looked at his dick. It wasn’t huge or anything. It looked kind of innocent and reddish pink. It was thin, but as long as my dildo.

I wanted to fuck myself with my dildo some more. I reached for it. Lex licked it, and I brought it back to my pussy. He stood with his legs sprawled awkwardly, his dick so hard, he didn’t know what to do with it.

Well hell. I kept fucking myself with the dildo, and he stretched forward and licked my puss, and I just decided to do it. I touched his dick. He stopped licking me. He was acting funny, like he wasn’t sure if I was going to yell at him. "Come here, Doggy. Good boy." I mumbled as I put my face under his belly and started sucking his dick. It had a different smell, but it wasn’t a bad smell, just his smell. Just like my pussy was my smell. I kept jamming that dildo in, and it felt so good! I arched back, pushing it way in, and as horny as I was, I just decided to suck the dog off.

The dog wasn’t going to have any of that. He stepped back away from my head, and honed in between my legs. His dick twitched. He wanted to mount me! I had the dildo in me, so he couldn’t stick it in, but he was whining, kind of helpless, and it made me feel selfish. What could it hurt? Without thinking about it any further, I said, "Just a sec," and removed the dildo. I put my hands under my butt and thrust my pussy right out there in front of him. He climbed on me, his paws standing on my hips, he arched his back, and he started fucking me. It was weird! He was heavy, and his nails were scratchy. His nails cut into me a little when he shifted around, but he was very focused on the job at hand and he thrust very quickly. His doggy dick was narrow, and slipped around in me easily, but he seemed to get longer inside of me. He was standing above me and not having any problem fucking it in real deep, so I pulled my hands out from under my ass, and held his feet firm on me. I tried to protect my skin from his nails by blocking them with my hands. His butt arched up and down like a piston and his tail was flattened, sticking straight down. His dick was in me nice and deep and it felt soo good.

Then I felt something wild! His dick got really fat, I know now it was his knot, and Lex swelled way up and locked it inside of me. I put my right hand down so I could finger my clit. Intense. He pounded in and out a few more times, my clit was so hard, standing straight out, my own sex was all engorged with blood. Inside of me, it felt like a fire hydrant had burst, or maybe like he was pissing inside! I knew that wasn’t what it was, and it actually turned me on to think I’d gotten a dog off! He whimpered, and then he climbed back off me, and his nose went back to my cunt, and he started lapping me off. The thought of him lapping away all those sex juices got me off totally.

"Ooooh! Gaaawwwd!" I started cumming and the contractions washed through me. The dog just stood over me and lapped. Then he sat and leaned down on himself to lick off his own dripping dick, and to clean his balls.

I felt kind of stupid then. I don’t know why. Just as suddenly as it had started, it was over. I went to shower. I glanced at the clock. Shit! I had about ten minutes to get to class!

I was late of course. I did take a minute to rinse off, and I pulled on a skirt I brought and grabbed my sweater. Damn! I forgot to bring extra panties! I certainly wasn’t going to wear that sweaty thong! So I went to class without. I sat there in English 406 with all those stodgy grammar types and conjugated verbs... and right in the middle of class, a girl walked past who was wearing too much perfume. I sneezed. I felt a huge gush, and damn! All that doggy cum came out–soaking the back of my skirt. I resituated myself, hoping it wouldn’t be too obvious when I stood up to leave. Oh my god. There was the smell! Lingering. I clamped my legs together and tried to concentrate on the lesson, but I couldn’t. All I could think about was Lex, and how diligently he’d lapped up all my sex juices. Wow! Wouldn’t he love licking up that mess I’d just made...

Thinking thoughts like that wasn’t helping at all! At the end of class, I tied my sweater around my waist and felt... well... squishy. I was sure everyone could smell me! I got up to make a quick exit, but Doug was waiting for me at the classroom door!

I didn’t really feel like talking to him! But I couldn’t exactly blow him off, so I walked out as gracefully as I could (with his dog’s cum rolling down my leg) and got into his car. He wanted me to go over to his place. He’d just gotten an A on a Calculus test and he wanted to celebrate!

Oh God. I so wanted to clean off my pussy, but I didn’t have any way to do it. I pressed my legs together. God, I hoped he couldn’t smell me!

"Did you go running today, Hon?"

"Oh yah. I did. Not my whole route, though. Wasn’t in the mood."

Doug continued making small talk in the car. He was really excited about his A, and he wanted to stop and get fast food.

"Can’t we just go through the drive thru and go home with it?"

"Oooh, Honey," he said, "You’re really horny, huh?"

Well I wasn’t really. At least not for him. I wanted to get somewhere I could wash off! But I wasn’t the kind of gal who usually turned my man down when it came to sex. I wanted him to ask more often! So I smiled and said, "Yah Baby. I can’t wait. Let’s just get something, and go home and fuck."

That pretty much shut him up. We ordered McDonald’s and was home in five minutes. Guess who was waiting at the door?

Doug unlocked the door and Lex came right out, wagging his tail, so happy to see us.

"Hey Lex," Doug said, patting the dog. "Whatcha got in your mouth?"

Oh my God! It was my dildo! I’d forgotten all about it.

"Lex!" The dog sat. Doug took the dildo out of his mouth. It was pretty much chewed up. "How the Hell’d he get that? Didn’t you leave it in the dresser?"

"I thought so." I said, walking inside as fast as I could. Lex was right behind me, and I could see he was trying to sniff at my skirt. "I have to use the bathroom," I mumbled as I walked away. I wanted to laugh so bad.

I went in and started running the water. "I’m going to grab a shower real quick!" I called.

Later, Doug and I did get our groove on, and while we were in the middle of it, Lex went into the bathroom and picked up my skirt. He carried it into the bedroom and put it on the floor beside the bed. Then he walked in a circle around it two times and sat down with the skirt under him. He started licking at the fabric–it seemed so loud. Oh God! I hope Doug didn’t notice. I suddenly became a hell of a lot more interested in fucking Doug, hoping I could get him off, then I could get up and put the skirt in the hamper.

Twenty minutes later, Doug was fast asleep and I got up to get the skirt. Lex stood and followed me out to the other end of the house where the washing machine was. He was sniffing at my crotch.

Oh shit! Lex couldn’t talk, but his behavior toward me felt suddenly very different. What had I done?

The Threesome on Animal Stories

Themes--anal, ass licking, lesbian incest, horse sex, and cheating. (Emails always welcome)

The Threesome by

I was living in Texas with my husband of six years. I was working at a

fitness center close by where I lived. I lived close by my best friend

Samantha. She was one of my brides maids.

Life was going pretty good, till one day I got off early from

what I did when I was 13, and kept doing. -Part 1-

littlebigstoryteller on Animal Stories

   I was born into a family that obviously had hatred towards women. I was the only sister of a family with 5 kids; my mom eft us when  was very, very young; I had no aunts, or any real cousins. I desperately sought for female affecton and companionship. When I was 12, (almost 20 years ago) I had finally mustered the courage to not come straight home after school, home to the yeling and ass whooping I recieved almost daily from my two older brothers and one of my younger ones. I had decided to instead lie to the bus driver and tell him that my father was at a co-workers house and go see this girl that was in high school. I did not know her, but that changed on this a way that I have not in my widest immagned it would.


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 Ã‚  Sharron was 17 then, she was tall and athletic. She had been in basketball and volleyball; she had rather large legs and hips but was very pretty I thought. I wanted a body like hers. But I never knew I was going to get her body, literally. I am telling a story that was very eventful, and remember it as if it happenedrecently, but I know I will not forget any detail for as long as I live.

    The bus driver did not drop me off at Sharrons', rather at the long dirt road that led to her parents house, the only house on that road. As I walked I was immagining what it would be like, how her parents and two sisters would feel about me being there. Would they like me? Let me stay? Would things go so well that I might actually gain Sharron as my friend and finally have my first female friend? I knew I was going to have to act more charming and sunny, as I was always quiet, shy, and nervous; definately a result of my earlier childhood. The questions were endless, though the thought of becoming a crazed lezbian, sex slave, and a complete submissive never crossed my mind.

    After walking for about 10-12 minutes, which felt like days; I finally found myself speechles and not being able to breathe as I heard the Television sounds in the house replaced by silence, and eventual footsteps that came closer to where I was standing, right in front of the door that opened into a house thatheld inside the image of a family that secretly I yearned to be a part of. A house that was completely surrounded by no less than 3 miles of wood. I turned around so I could catch my breath and noticed a stream that led dirrectly into a fenced area that held numerous stalls for horses, a few donkeys, a corral for yearlings and foals; hell they even had an osterich! I wondered how wonderful it would be to live in a home surrounded by nature, secluded, and peacful. Just as my insides were calming down, the door suddenly opened to reveal the girl that I had came to see, but this was no girl; the realization hit me so suddenly I felt almost sick. There stood Sharron, dressed in obviously clothes that she wore to bed or something; a short t-shirt that seemed to have milk or something spilt on it along with paint and she was wearing tight jean shorths that were cut at mid thigh.

   I myself was not small for my age; at 5'1" I had at that time a just comming into age figure, ( I had only three periods before this day came). I had pretty small developing breasts, which were more nipple than breast (which were very dark against my pale complexion), and I had very little hair on my little girl flower which I often admired for its' fullness and my large hug button. I was going through so many thoughts at that initial mili-second in which I first saw her, dressed in a way that I never saw her before. She dressed herself for school, I suppose in a way overly-coservative, which gave no hint as to the body she had, other than she had a developed chest and a wide butt. In just a flash of thought, everything halted and I noticed that the short shirt had left the bottoms of her big girl titties, which were huge, showing and her shorts gave a clue to her flower, which looked as if it were bigger than mine. When I realized that I was thinking about her this way, I felt flush, embarrasred, I was feeling also curious and for the first time in my life, sexually aroused! By a person that is, but I am getting to that a little later.

     "Callie? Well, I never even thought you were allowed to leave your house, except to go to school. Is there something wrong?" Her words were so sweet and her voice smooth. I was speechless for a moment, but her question had me back to thinking of my pain; pain of not having a friend, being beaten by my brothers, being a social cripple, not having any self respect or pride. Tears came quickly. "Oh my word girl, come her." Was all she said, as she took a knee so she could hold me in her arms. Lord, oh sweet lord, I was so confused, I was in an immensly painful state, I was bawling; however, I was near melting as I felt her body against mine. Her giant tits nealy swallowed my narrow body and her strong arms grasped me in a way that made it hard to breathe. I am not sure what my exact thoughts were, but she held me and I sobbed a long story of my life; the family that abused and didn't care, my scared nature of rejection, having no female influence in my life, and finally of my poor self-immage.

   "Callie, good lord girl! You poor dear. I can not begin to tell you how bad I feel for you. You should know girl, you are a very good lookin lady!" She was telling me the truth I could tell, her eyes were sparkling and she was smiling at me, smiling at me! I was so relieved just then, finnaly I am going to have a big sister!!

   "You need to come inside darlin, we are going to make things better." I followed her into the house, which was actually quaint, and suprisingly quiet.      

    "Are you hear alone?" --- "Yeah, my whole family went to Jacksonville to see my older brothers' graduation. They left me here to care for the animals because we couldn't afford a house sitter. Lets go to my room, I need to get out of these cloths so I can take you outside with me." I followed her upstairs. I loved it though, the veiw of watching her walk, her butt was shaking and bouncing was striking my hear like a hammer. I did not know though there was a mirror on the wall at the end of the stairs, and when she had made it to the end of the stairs, she could see me, holding my breath with my mouth hanging open. As I caught up to her, I saw the mirror, and noticed that she paused in stride, also that she was giving me a smirk. OH Lord! She noticed!! My eyes shot away, and I tripped on the final step, landling on the floor close to her feet. As I rolled over and looked up I could see again the bottom of her titties, there was more now though; her nipples were so hard and big, that her shirt was partially pushed away from her titties. I was about to die!!

    "You need to keep your eyes on the road.", she teased. "Common, I will change quick and then you can see all our animals." Sharron went straight to the closet and came back with a long sleve, button up shirt that was kind of thick; and finnally another pair of shorts that seemed to have a tear or a hole in them. The event of my getting busted on the stairs and then falling on the stairs had gripped me, I was speechless again; embarrased and at the same time so nervous, (I just kknew she saw me). --"So, you have never had a girlfriend? Oh wait, I don't mean girlfriend as in kissing girlfriend, but just a girl-friend." -- "It is a shame, because at your age, a girlfriend is just what you need. Girfriends tell eachother secrets that they can't tell just anybody." (Oh my! She was taking off her clothes right here in front of me. And I was watching!) She lifted her little shirt over her head which made her enormos titties bounce as she lifted them and fell back into place, that place was right inside a bra that looked as if it were about to bust! I was so embarassed for looking and fantasizing. I got up real quick, intent on sitting at her reading desk but I was swept over with dizzyness and I went completely numb, buckled, and fell, AGAIN!!

   I came to and she was lifting me up in both arms, (God she was so strong!) She laid me down on her bed. --"Callie, are you ok? Do you need to go home?" --"No!" I was suprised at the quickness of my response. It took me just a moment to realise that I wanted to stay for reasons that I knew were naughty. But I knew that with my family life, that I was going to be beaten by my father and restricted as soon as I got home. "I'm sorry Sharron. I think I just need some fresh air." --"Well, if you promise me not to pass out or fall on me anymore, we will go outside just as shoon as I change." --"That sounds great." Her kindness was making me feel suprisingly better.

    "Now, before I change, I need you to tell me something. Have you ever thought about sex?" I almost died right there! I stammered for an answer, but all I could do is grow pale as I realized that I never had untill today, and I was thinking about her. I wanted to be taken by her, I wanted her to treat me like I was hers. I just wanted her, but I had no idea what to do. "Callie baby, I have done more than my fair share and I can see something in your faceand behavior that makes me feel very nice about myself." My heart was on fire. "Callie, have you ever felt this way before?" --"It is complicated Sharron." (I knew at this point that there was no point in holding any thoughts to myself. I needed to be straight with this girl if I was ever going to be able to sleep or eat after this day. " can tell you something now, I have never felt this way for any person, and I don't know what to do at all Sharron." -- "Well, I said that at this point in your life, you need a girlfriend, can I be your first girfriend?" The words were thunderous and beautiful. I felt my heart burning with a fire that could swallow all the dark corners of space. My lungs filled with a liberating air, I sat up straight, and narrowed my eyes into hers, the sound of my own voice then even arroused me. --"Yes, please Sharron, yes. I want you to teach me how to be your girlfriend.' The sudden look in her face was a mixture of pure joy, but was suddenly replaced with a mischevious presence; her lovely lips parted into a pleased grin, her eyes narrowed and her voice smoothed me over like warm water on a cold day. --"Callie, I want you to come over here and help me get dressed."

   I was in awe, so happy and so...anxious. Let me tell you what happened next.

A not so lonely day

Camilo on Animal Stories

To recap on the last story, I had just had sex with my dog, Manny, and had used my mom’s dildo to give myself pleasure. I went to sleep afterward, only to wake up to a phone ringing. It was my friend, Sofia. I invite her.



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an> is a year older than me, 14. She’s a beautiful Hispanic girl with a gorgeous tan and the body of a volleyball player. Her breasts were almost as big as mine (36 d) and her ass was tight. Though I was straight, I always found myself turned on by her. I get dressed, putting my short shorts back on and a shirt. No bra.


I awaited her arrival. She knocked on the door. I rushed over to it and opened it happily. “Hi Sofia!” She is wearing a skirt and a halter top.

“Hey Jessica. What’s up.”

“Come in. My parents aren’t home.”

I lead her to my room, telling her I was just bored and wanted to hang out. As soon as we walk in, Manny greets Sofia by licking her hand. “Hi boy,” Sofia says sweetly. I turn the TV on and sit on the floor. Sofia sits on the foot of the bed. I signal discreetly at Manny. He runs over to me. I spread my legs. Sofia watches. When Manny’s pawn slightly touches my vaginal area, I sexily moan as I look at Sofia. Sofia smiles shyly.

“He got my sensitive part.” I say.

“Yeah.” She responds.

“Has a guy ever touched you down there?” I ask shakily.

Sofia laughs, “No.” We are silent, but our eyes are on each other. I can see her biting her lips. The thought of her pussy being touched is making her horny, as it has me. So I push Manny away and get on my knees in front of her. Without a word, she leans down to kiss me. We start to make out. her warm long and soft tongue penetrates my mouth as I caress it with my own tongue. I move my hand up and down her leg, making my way to her pussy. I pull on her panties. She doesn’t resist.

I begin to massage her pussy. “Ah Jess.” She moans softly, her breathe warm on my lips. We climb on the bed, me on top of her. We kiss as we grab each others breasts. I take my shirt off and remove her halter top.

“Wanna feel lots of pleasure down there?” I ask. She nods. I get up and walk over to Manny’s food plate. I grab some food and walk back to be, Manny behind me. “What are you doing?” Sofia asks. I just kiss her as my handful of food starts massaging her wet pussy, sticking my finger, and food, into her hole. “Ah.” She yelps.

Manny rushes over. I let him at it. He begins to lick like crazy.


Sofia’s eyes open wide as so does her mouth, “Ahh Yes! On Manny!” The pleasure makes her aggressively squeeze my breasts. I pinch her nipples for some time as Manny eats her teen pussy out. “Oh!” She yells, “He’s in me! Oh Jess!”

I get up, take my shorts off and I kneel on my bed so my pussy is on Sofia’s face. She begins to lick like crazy. “Lick me there. Oh yeah! Yeah! Fuck yeah!” I feel her long desperate tongue penetrate me as I play with my own breasts. I feel my cum squirting out.


I turn around and bend over to join Manny on the licking. Me and my friend begin to 69, as Manny keeps licking. I lick her pussy as she licks mine. My tongue slamming into Manny’s rough one and making a loud wet noise that turns me on more. Jessica begins to moan louder as she squirts all over me and Manny. I welcome her cum by licking it and sucking it out of her.


I see some food Manny didn’t get, and in the midst of the sex, I grab it and put it on my tongue. I open my mouth, and Manny’s long tongue penetrates my mouth I lick his wet tongue.


Again, don’t judge me, I was super horny and felt like oral.


I start to softly stick my finger on Sofia’s ass. She does the same to me. “Ah yes.” I say “All the way in baby.” Sofia sticks her finger all the way in. I do the same.

Her asshole being tighter, she screams a little. “Two fingers!” I say feeling hornier. She places two fingers up my ass. She pulls in and out as we continue to lick each other.


I feel so horny now, I get up, reach under my pillow and pull out the huge dildo. “Oh yes.” Sofia moans. I lay on top of her and we kiss. I can taste my cum in her mouth. I put the dildo between our lips and we begin to lick at it. Then I start to bring it down.


I crawl down to Sofia’s pussy and I spread her legs. I begin to stick the pointy side of the dildo in. “Deeper.’ She whispers in ecstasy. I shub the thing in, all 9 inches.

“Ahhh!” She screams in pain and pleasure. I begin to fuck her with the dildo. Stabbing in and out fast. Every thrust is answered with a scream of as much pain as there is pleaure. “Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!” I THRUST it in and move it around in there. It makes Sofia shake in horniness as she pulls on her on hair from the pleasure. I move it in a circular motion and the begin to pull it in and out fast. Cum trying to pours out. I pull it out and let the cum squirt out meanwhile I lick the cum off of the dildo.


Sofia gets up shakily and we begin to make out. I hand her the dildo and get in doggie position. She begins to screw me in the ass hole. I feel the whole nine inches pulling in and out as I moan in pleasure and a little pain.


I do believe every girl has a G-spot in the ass.


Finally Sofia pulls it out. We are both exhausted.

We lay naked next to each other, flat on our stomachs, running our hands on each others bodies softly. Caressing each others curves. Running our hands on the crack of our tushes.

“You’re what I call a good friend.” I say in pleasure.

A lonly day with my dog

Camilo on Animal Stories

It was a lonely summer for me. I had just broken up with my boyfriend and didn’t feel like doing anything except watch T.V., play with my dog, and exercise. For a 13 year old girl, I was pretty fit. Tight round ass, 36c bra size, and athletic body. I had just found out about masturbation through some of the movies I had been watching late at night. It was fun, but it got to be too much the same all the time.


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"margin: 0in 37.65pt 0pt 37.05pt; line-height: 200%;" class="MsoNormal">But one lone day, I discovered a new way to masturbate.


I was home alone in my room with my dog, a mix between a German shepherd and something else. He was a big guy that came to my waist while standing up. I was watching T.V., when Manny (that’s his name) comes in running with his tongue sticking out and salivating: the obvious sign of hunger. So I headed down stairs, opened up a can of dog food, and set it on his doggie plate. I sat next to him and watched him use his powerful tongue to grab the food. I was sitting with my legs spread out, so my clit was more opened than usual, and that got me horny. I was wearing tight shorts, and the fabric was rubbing on my pussy. All this while I watched my dog eat gave me an idea.


I grabbed some of his food and “Oops.” I said as I rubbed it on my leg. My dog came to clean up, licking my thighs in a very pleasurable way. “Let’s take this up stairs, boy.” I say getting up and grabbing his plate. He goes crazy. I go up the stairs with him tailing me. In my room, I shut the door. I then set his food on my desk. “We’re in for a treat.” I say as I take my shirt off. I remove my bra and then I rub the doggie food all over my breasts. Then I lay flat on the ground. Manny comes running and hops on top of me. He begins to lick me all over. His rough tongue giving me chills all over. I pet him in the belly, and run into his small doggie cock. At first, I’m a little disgusted and I pull my hand away, but then he begins to lick on the mouth, and for some reason, that turns me on.


I get up and remove my little shorts along with my panties. I then grab another handful of food and I lay back on the floor. I spread my legs and start masturbating as I rub the food all over my wet pussy. I stop, and Manny comes in. He begins to lick. “Ahh.” I moan in pleasure. Manny’s quick tongue movements massage my little pussy and I begin to cum on his face. Now I’m horny as hell! I get up, grab more food, and lay back down with legs spread. This time, I don’t just rub the food, I nervously stick some if it into my pussy hole.


Please don’t judge me, I was very horny.


My dog starts the licking, this time thrusting his long rough tounge in my vagina. “Ahhh! Ahhh! Yeah! Deeper!” I grab some more food and push it deeper into my pussy, this time real deep. He thrust his tongue deeper. “AHHHHHH!” I moan loudly for it feels so good! My dog then gets on top of me and he begins to lick my face. I open my mouth in the heat of the moment and lick him back. I reach back down, I grab his dick and I start jerking it rough. At first, my dog seems to enjoy it, then he yelps.

A little frightened, I stop and look at him. He keeps on licking me, then he sniffs me out, making his way to my wet pussy. He sniffs me there, but his nose keeps poking at my butthole.


I get the idea, and I turn over and get in all fours. He sniffs my butt thoroughly. “Come on boy.” I say as I reach over and start putting my finger in my asshole. Honestly, I had never shubbed anything in my butt before, but I was so horny, and its true girls have some type of G-spot in their butthole. I found that out.

Manny then began to lick my ass cheeks all over. Then, he got on top of me. I could feel his dick, hard and a little wet. With no second thought, he stated penal thrusting me in my butt. At first, it hurt a little. I yelled in pain even, but then I got comfortable with it. “Ohh. Ooo yeah.” At the same time, I start fingering my pussy as it starts dripping cum on the carpet. I pull away and I turn around. I spread my legs as wide I can and I let my dog jump on top of me. He continues penal thrusting me, this time in my pussy.

His dick was wide, so that hurt. But it wasn’t quiet as long as I would’ve wished. “Ahh. Ahh.” I moaned. The good thing about dogs, is that they don’t get tired for a long time. Even though his dick wasn’t popping my cherry, he kept giving me orgasms just for lasting so long. It felt good! Finally, I decided to pull out, and crawl under him. It smelled bad, but I still put his dick in my mouth and stated licking it. Soon, he spilled a hot liquid all over my face, and I let the boy go.


I was still very horny.


So I did something that I never knew capable of doing. I went and searched my mom’s drawers: where I found a purple 13 inch dildo. So I took it to my room. I layed in my bed, and I thrust the giant thing in. “Oooo…” the first four inches were nice, “Ahhhh….Aohhhh…” but the next five started to hurt. But my hornyness got the best of me, and put all 13 inches in. “AHHHH!” I screamed as I felt it break me inside. There was pleasure in my pain. I Shubbed in and out in and out, I found myself thrashing in my own bed as if I were raping myself. As I reached an unbearable climax, I screamed in pain and pleasure. Then I pulled it out slowly. Yes, it had blood in it along with other liquids. I was so exhausted, I fell asleep right there and there…


Until the phone rang. I answered. It was my friend, Sofia. She was the most beautiful friend I had. She asked me what I was doing. “Nothing,” I answered, “ Say, you wanna come over?”

What happened when my wife Sue performed in front of camera.

paul1254 on Animal Stories


One weekend, our friend had let us borrow his video camera, and Sue my wife and I decided to make a movie of her stripping and playing with herself. So whilst Sue was upstairs getting ready, I found a good porno to watch, her favourite was of two women.

Sue is twenty two years old, a bit short at 5’ 2’’ but she had a lovely figure which she kept trim by working out regularly, her tits where quite big, and sagged just a little, but she still got a lot of admiring glances from both sexes.

When she came back, Sue was wearing a short black mini skirt, a light summer blouse that tied up round her waist and stockings and high heels, facing me she lifted her skirt, to show me her black silk thong. Sh

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e looked like a real slut, she saw the way I was looking and turning round asked do you like what you see? You look like a real slut I replied, laughing she said good, because I am going to act like one for you tonight.

Sue sat down in the chair facing me and the telly. I put on the film and watched, Sue must have been playing with herself upstairs, because it wasn't long before her hand went up to her tits, rubbing them, tweaking her nipples, she did this for a little while, and I could see her nipples getting aroused and poking out even through her blouse.

She was moaning quietly as she did this, next she undid the buttons on the blouse, and untying the knot round her waist removed it.

She was not wearing a bra, so her beautiful tits sprang into the lens of the camera, she then wet her finger and rubbed it on her nipple, pulling them until they both stood out. Lifting one of them up, she took the nipple in her mouth, licking and sucking it, playing with the other one as she did.

I quickly stood up, pulling my shirt off, undoing my jeans and pulling them and my boxers off. It was getting uncomfortable with them on because of my hard on. Sue laughed having a affect on you is it?

I could see the look of lust in her eyes, she said, this turns me on, knowing you are filming me, and you cannot touch me, so I can tease you as much as I want.

She then sexily slid her hand up her nylon clad leg, opening them a bit, her hand reached her silk covered pussy, she rubbed her hand over her pussy mound, I could see that her panties where already wet, as she rubbed they got wetter, she then teased me, by sliding her hand down inside her knickers, rubbing and playing with her pussy, so I couldn't see. You bitch I said, Sue laughed, smiling she sexily asked, do you want to see my wet pussy? Yes of course I do, she pulled her hand out, put it to her mouth and licked her fingers, cleaning all her pussy juice off.

She then sexily, undid her skirt, and lifting her arse up slowly pulled her skirt down her legs, she then opened her legs and pulling her panties to one side, pushed a finger into her pussy, groaning as she did, looking at me she said is that what you want? Do you like to watch me finger myself? I groaned, she was enjoying this, as her finger went into her beautiful shaved pussy, I could hear the juice as she worked her finger in and out.

She then stood up, turning her back to me, slowly pulled her panties down her legs, bending down to slide them right down, giving me a lovely view of her gorgeous tight arse as she did. Turning round she sat down again, opening her legs and putting one over each arm of the chair. I had a gorgeous view as she slid two fingers into herself, pushing them in up to the knuckle, as she worked them faster I saw in her face she was soon going to cum.

Sue added another finger and grabbed her nipple with the other hand. She writhed and moaned as she furiously fucked her pussy, arching her back she screamed IIIMMMCCCCUUUUMMMMIIIINNNGGGG. And I filmed as her pussy gripped her fingers and she covered them with her juice.

My cock was rock hard just watching this, I wanted to fuck her, but I knew she wasn't finished yet, and just filmed as she came down from her orgasm, rubbing her pussy gently.

As she was cooling down Boris our Saint Bernard came in the room, I suppose he wondered what the noise was about, he walked round in front of Sue, she put her hand out to pet his head, Boris smelt her hand, licking her fingers.

Sue looked at Boris then at me, he likes that doesn't he? Yes I replied, Sue then put her fingers in her pussy again, pulling them out offered them to Boris. Boris again licked them clean, and as Sue put her hand back, Boris followed it, sticking his tongue out licked Sue's pussy.

Sue jumped as his tongue licked her, I noticed she didn't push him away, and watched as she let him lick her pussy, her eyes clouded over and she said this is so dirty, should I let him? Looking at her I asked, are you enjoying it? O yes she replied. Let him carry on then I said. It was so hot watching Boris lick her cunt my cock was so hard.

Sue was pulling at her nipples as Boris licked her pussy with his long rough tongue. I knew Sue was a bit wild, but I never thought I would be watching a dog licking her pussy, and Sue enjoying it. God I loved her. I had seen it on the net, I had even joined the best site I found, where they had some good amateur movies.

She was pushing her pussy onto Boris's nose, moaning and groaning, lick me Boris, fuck my pussy with your tongue. Sue put her hand down and rubbed her clit, her body was moving around as she writhed with passion, Boris was having trouble keeping up with her. Giving a load scream Sue tensed up, her back arched, as she came again, covering Boris's nose in love juice.

Sue pushed Boris's nose away, looking at me said that was unbelievable, it was so good, Sue's face was glowing with pleasure and she had a look of lust in her eyes, I am a slut aren't I? Yes I said, Boris liked it, look at his cock, Sue looked, O my its big, and its not all out yet.

Getting down on the floor, Sue put out her hand and gently grabbed his cock, working his sheath back and forth, as more of his cock appeared Sue gasped in amazement, her eyes widening as she saw how big it was.

As her hand worked his cock pre cum ran out the end all over her hand, Sue put it in her mouth and looking at me sensually licked her fingers clean. There must have been eight inches of cock showing now, and it was quite thick, Sue bent down and took his cock into her mouth, sliding her lips up and down its length, Boris was humping his body trying to fuck Sue's mouth.

My cock was rock hard, with pre cum dripping out the end, watching my wife sucking Boris's cock, I wanted to fuck her, but I didn't want to miss filming any of this.

Sue had her arse to me, and her pussy was leaking her love juice out all the time now, running down her leg and onto the floor. She was in a perverted world of her own, not caring about anything else but her sexual lust. I had seen her like this before.

Boris’s cock was fully out now, about ten inches up to the knot. Sue's small hand barely reached round it.

Looking up, she said I want him, I want that cock in my pussy. She moved up to the chair, still on her knees, Boris moved up behind her, his cock still hard and hanging down under his chest. His tongue returned to licking her pussy, Sue was moving her arse about, trying to get more of his tongue.

Boris moved nearer, rearing up put a paw either side of Sue's waist, as he thrust his cock at her, it kept missing Sue's pussy, so reaching back Sue guided it, all the while Boris was thrusting madly, trying to fuck Sue's hand.

With her guidance his massive cock found its goal, Sue let out a loud scream as he pushed half of it in. Boris was fucking into her really hard and fast, Sue was screaming and moaning, saying YES BORIS FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD, she was meeting his thrusts as he pounded into her, iiiiiiiiimmmmmmmm cccccuuummmmiiigggg she shouted. It was as if she had been possessed Her whole body was shaking with uncontrollable sexual lust, as my beautiful slut of a wife cried out to be fucked by this massive animal cock.

Sue was cumming continuously as Boris pounded her pussy. Spittle was running out of his mouth dripping onto Sue's back, if she noticed she didn't make any movements. And just ignored it.

With one gigantic push Boris pushed all of his cock in, including his knot, his thrusts got smaller, Sue was moaning its growing, its getting bigger, she was covered in sweat, making her skin shine like silk. Boris howled loudly and his body shook as he shot his load into my wife. Sue shouted he's cumming, he's cumming, its so hot, fill me Boris, fill me with your cum, iiiiiccccuuuummmiiiiiiggggggggggg and Sue came to another earth shattering orgasm.

They stayed locked together for another twenty minutes, before Boris managed to pull out, Lyons pussy was still open, and I filmed as both there cum poured out of it, Sue didn't move, just laid on the chair.

I switched the camera off and sat next to her, stroking her wet hair, turning her head, she said what did you think, It was the most sensual erotic thing I have ever seen, and I love you I replied.

Looking up she said fuck me, I want you fuck me, I moved behind her and pushed my hard cock into her wet pussy, considering the size of Boris's cock it was still quite tight, her pussy muscles gripped my cock, I knew it wouldn't be long, and cannot ever remember being as worked up as I was at this moment, my cock throbbed that hard it hurt. I pounded into Sue, fucking her like a animal, making her my bitch.

Sue started moving pushing herself back onto my cock, I was pulling it out until only the head was in, then ramming it back in really hard, loving the feeling as it sank all the way back into her hot hole. Sue said she was going to cum, cum with me, I speeded up, feeling her pussy tighten around my cock, as she screamed iiiiimmmmmmmmccccccuuuuummmmiiiiiinnnnnngggg, I raked my nails down her hot wet back, and filled her with my cum, I didn't think I was going to stop, as my cock pulsed and filled her pussy. I collapsed on her back, we both lay like that until we had recovered.

Getting up, I helped Sue to her feet, putting her arms round my neck, she kissed me passionately, then said thank you, no thank you I said, grabbing hold of my now soft cock she led me out the room, lets go to bed, I'm fucked she said laughing.

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Dog Rape

redymix on Animal Stories

hi this is my true story of how my black lab named rex raped me

i am 23 years old about a year ago one day going back to my apartment from a long day at school were i was always being harrased by the college guys for being what they say fuckin fine. After what seemed to be a day of geting groped and touched constanly i needed to relax. when i got home i locked the door and immediatly undressed and not wereing any underwear just lounged around a bit and ate . after about an hour all this nakednes got to me and i was geting pritty horney so i went to the tub and started to masterbate alittle in the tub i repetedly kept attacking my clit for what seemed like forever and finaly that tingly sensation came and so did i . i must have sat in the tub for about 15 min and i started masterb

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ating again fantasizing about having one of those colledge penises fill my virgin pussy to the brimi got out of the tub and put one leg onthe counter in front of the mirror geting turned on even more watching myself i got to it even harder and thats were it turned bad. as rex casualy walked in the open door i realy thought nothing of it till hee cought wiff of sexual aroma anwent nuts i stoped fingering myself and stoo facing him as he ran twords me he imediatly stuck his nose in my crocth and licked and thrashed at me violently, he was so much more powerful than i beebng onnly 5'3" and 90 lb he was at least 140lbshe easily got past my atempts to stop him i trie to run but made it worse he chased me into my bed room slash living roomand tackledme geting another chance to lick at my pussy. i now was crying and yelling at rex to stop and get off i started to fight i kicked and punched only to be given aquick snap at my ass not hard enough to draw blood but enough to make me stop he was now growling at me and barking . i made one last etempt to eskape i turned ovr and tried to cral to my bed when rex saw his shot and took it he immediatly jumped on me and mounted be like a bitchi could feel his dick tuching my ass and thigh as he tried to enter my tight virgin pussyafter what seem like ten or twelve misses he hit his mark and i neew it he brried all 10" of his cock in my pussy in a sec, i being a gymnast had brocken my heimen a long time ago and gave him an unabstructed target axcept the extremm thightness, i almost fainted right there but un fortunatly i didnt he kept up an exremm pace that was ripping me in half he was hitting my cervex every time i was no screaming and crying in pain but every time i tried to get away he woult snap an my dangling breasts and tighten his grip not missing a humpi finnaly gave up now i was feeling something new though an exreme pleasur was now overcoming my body and i was now geting very wet with pleasur further intensifing it. i was now humping back invoulentrilyand loving and hating it at the same time i must hav came like 4 or more time i lost count after 4  i could see the clock and he steadily kept pumpin for 30 min then finally he started to pic up paace and i could now feel somethin hittinthe entrance of my pussy his now 11" cock was geting even biggeri started  to sckreem he was now tryin to get his huge base ball/softball size knot in me i was now lying down with my ass int the air after about a dozen humps he got it in and imediatly i felt his dick start to twitch and then boom he unloade for a sraight 5 minutes of his seed into me i was now throwing up with exuastion and disgust and pain i was crying for help or trying my tvoice berly audible from the pain probably more like whimpersas i could feel him fill me al the way up and it barly started to run a little probably stoped from the softball soved in my pussyi stated to sruggel again only to no avail he snarled at me and sort of dissmounted i tried to crawl away but to my hooror we were still connecter his knot had yet to come out and he was streatched to the limit and if i tryed to run he would bite or i would be stoped ny being tied to hime by his penis i started to cry and whimper and rex started to panic he also tried to get away dranging me by my puussy around the apartment bitng me and growling as if my fault he finaly calmed down and sort of sat on me and i was almoast out when after about twenty minuses of bi=eing tied together hi finally started to shrink and tried to get away to early and forced his niw teniss bal sized knot out with one painfull pull spilling his gallon of juicces allover me and my aprtment  and i past out.i woke the next morning whith a start and plaesure as rex was licking his way to round two 

Angie's Long Day (part six of series)

katiestriapach on Animal Stories

Cara had called the night before, telling her that she had a present for her. She’d arrived at Angie’s house about fifteen minutes before school started, after Angie’s parents had gone to work. She carried a small white gift bag, its handles tied together with a red bow.

“What is it?” Angie asked in anticipation. She knew it had to be something good.

Cara walked on into the kitchen and handed the bag to her. “Go ahead and open it.”

She pulled one end of the bright red ribbon and reached in, pulling out a small but sturdy leather harness that had a little padlock in the buckle located on one side. Angie giggled.

“Take off your skirt and panties and stand on the chai

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r,” Cara told her. Angie obeyed, stepping up onto one of the wooden dining chairs. Cara took the lock off and had her step through one loop of the harness, then pulled two toys from her purse. She secured them through separate holes in the crotch of the harness, snapping them into place. She slid the one closest to her between her lips, lubricating it with her mouth, just in case, and inserted it into Angie’s cunt. Angie moaned a short moan and smiled. Cara walked around behind her and sucked on the slightly smaller toy, being sure to leave more saliva on it, and spread the younger girl’s ass cheeks, pushing the fat little pink cock inside. Angie grunted at the sudden presence of it and squirmed as Cara tightened all of the straps, then buckled and locked the harness at her hip.

“There. You’ll wear that until I see you tomorrow evening,” Cara said cheerfully.

“Tomorrow?” Angie gaped at her.

Cara raised one eyebrow. “Is there a problem with that?”

Angie immediately dropped her eyes. “No, Ma’am.”

“And you won’t pleasure yourself until I allow you to.”

“How will you know if I do?” Angie asked, reaching down to her pussy, but found that the harness covered the area with a thick, solid piece of leather.

“The harness won’t allow it. There’s a little space there, so you can pee, but not enough that you can get to your clit. Don’t worry, Joey is looking forward to both of us playing with you. We just want you to be very ready for us.” Cara smirked and patted Angie’s bottom. “Now, put your clothes back on, before you’re late for school.”

Cara drove her, since she wasn’t feeling quite sadistic enough to make Angie walk all that way with her newest gift in place. She dropped Angie off a block from the school, grabbing her for a kiss before she got out.

Angie didn’t know whether she was miserable or more turned on than she had ever been. Before her second class, she’d had to pay the nurse a visit and ask for a sanitary napkin. Her pussy was dripping into her panties so much that they were soaked through. She thought she’d go crazy, before she saw Cara again and had the harness taken off. She tried pressing the leather against her clit in the restroom, but the straps were tightened in such a way that it was impossible to get any stimulation that way.

By the end of school, she didn’t think it could get any worse. She went home and washed herself, putting on a clean pair of panties and her pajamas, then went about doing her homework. Bedtime seemed to take forever to arrive. She was desperately trying to get to sleep, when she heard noise coming from her parents’ room. Despite her better judgement, she went to look in on them again.

Their door wasn’t quite closed. She crept up close and peeked in. Her father sat on the side of the bed, with her mother kneeling between his legs. He held her head between his hands, thrusting his cock up into her mouth. Angie licked her lips, then held the bottom one between her teeth, her pussy aching and throbbing around the thick invader Cara had secured there. She watched as her father fucked her mother’s mouth harder, listening to her grunt as he spoke, all sorts of filth streaming from his mouth. Her eyes grew wider as she saw her mother’s hand slide down between her legs, rubbing madly at her cunt. Suddenly, he pulled her head off his cock and slid back on the bed, with her following him. Her mother got up onto her hands and knees, spreading her legs. He stroked his cock a few times before putting a hand on each of her ass cheeks, spreading them open before spitting onto her asshole, pushing one thumb in, then the other, and pulling them apart. Angie could hear her mother whimper as he stretched her ass open.

“Fuck me,” her mother said.

Angie held her hands tight over her mouth as she continued to watch.

“What’d you say?” her father asked, pulling her ass open further.

“Please, fuck me!”

He slammed his cock hard into her. Angie watched her mother’s breasts swing as she was thrust into. He didn’t get any gentler until he had finished, lying back as her mother had sucked him clean.

Angie tiptoed back to her room, wishing desperately that she could get to her clit. She didn’t sleep well. When she did manage to drop off, she had wet dreams that never completed, leaving her beyond frustrated. She dreamed of Joey’s cock, wet in her hand, wide and slick in her mouth, and long and full inside her.

She got through school the next day, but it seemed like time passed even more slowly than the previous one. She felt like crying in relief when she saw that Cara was waiting for her in the parking lot. Cara waited until they were back at her house and in the bedroom before stripping Angie down and removing the harness. Her legs shook as the toys were pulled out of her, and Cara smiled at the juices that ran down one of Angie’s thighs. The redhead moaned and started to reach down to touch herself. Cara slapped her hand away.

“Not yet,” she warned.

“Please,” Angie begged, giving Cara what she hoped was the most pitiful look she’d ever managed.

“Get down on your knees.”

Angie obeyed, dropping slowly onto her knees on the towels that had been placed on the floor for her, then sitting her bottom down on her heels and settling her hands flat on her thighs.

“Forward, hands on the floor.”

“You’re going to let Joey fuck me, first?”

Cara just smiled and ran a finger over the collar around Angie’s throat. “No matter what, unless I tell you that you can do differently, you stay on your hands and knees.”

“Anything you say, just please-”

“Hush.” Cara reached a hand into her dresser drawer and pulled out a bar gag. She squatted down and put the soft, black, rubber bar between Angie’s teeth, then buckled it behind her head. She petted Angie’s hair, noting how the redhead’s need to come was so strong that she trembled. “You don’t get to speak until I tell you that you can.”

The younger girl looked up at her, wide-eyed, and whimpered, though she nodded, too. Cara walked around and knelt behind her. She first slid one finger into Angie’s pussy, twisting it into the wetness and stroking it deeply up and down the slit before adding a second finger, making Angie try to push back against her. Cara slapped her ass sharply. “Be still.”

Cara dearly wanted her little sub to fully experience subspace. She’d seen hints of it during and after their session with Daniel and knew that Angie thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the fact that it was supposed to have been punishment. She had been waiting to see more. She hoped to work Angie into it sometime soon, and had begun making plans to that effect.

She removed her fingers from Angie’s pussy and ran one fingertip down the cleft of her ass, gently over her asshole, before massaging against it for a moment. She pushed her finger inside, feeling as Angie tensed and released before adding the second slickened digit. She scissored her fingers apart inside Angie, relaxing and opening her further, making her moan softly.

Cara stood and patted her thigh, and Joey came trotting over, immediately burying his nose in Angie’s pussy. Her head dropped as his tongue began snaking up inside her, his wet nose pressed against her asshole. She bit down on the gag and groaned. Joey took the sound as permission and mounted her, humping at her until his cock began to slide out of its sheath. Cara reached between them and guided his cock further up, letting it slip into Angie’s ass. The girl squeaked as it pushed in further, feeling it thicken with the dog’s every frantic thrust.

Dribbles of pre-come ran back down her thighs until she felt his knot beginning to graze the tight opening. She whimpered again and tensed. Cara grabbed her arm hard, shaking her a little. “Relax. I want him tied in your ass.”

She struggled to obey as the knot hit her more insistently. The burning stretch and ache as he finally pushed it inside made a pained whine rise in her throat. Cara licked at Angie’s lips over the gag. “You’re such a good bitch puppy. You’re my good girl,” she told her.

Angie opened her eyes and moaned softly, thrilled at Cara’s praise. She felt Joey’s cock still swelling, pushing deeper, still drizzling pre-come into her body. Then there was a hotter rush, and she knew that he was beginning to pour come into her.

As she got used to the stretch of her ass around him, she found that the discomfort was actually less than when he was buried in her pussy. The pleasure side left some to be desired, though. She missed the feeling of her cervix being wedged open, and the sensation of her womb being filled. Her cunt still ached for stimulation.

Cara stroked Angie’s breasts, and back, and sides soothingly until Joey’s knot had shrunk enough that he could pull it free with a bit of work. He sat down at the end of the bed to lick himself clean. The opening burned a bit after he had insistently tugged out of her. She let her hips drop lower and felt the come begin to drain out of her, pleasantly warm down her skin.

Cara pulled at her until she turned onto her back, then knelt over Angie’s head. She lowered her pussy down, resting her clit against the side of the bar gag, and began to work her hips to stimulate herself against the younger girl’s face. When Cara came, Angie felt her cheeks washed over with slick fluid, some dripping into her mouth. She swallowed and ran her tongue as far as she could around the gag to collect more.

Cara got up and pushed Angie’s legs open, settling between them. She ran her tongue broadly up the slit before pulling the pussy lips open wide. She grinned at some of Angie’s own juices streaming out of her pussy, and sucked hungrily at the delicate inner lips for a few moments. Angie whimpered and her legs spread further apart.

“You have such a sweet little cunt,” Cara said, slipping only two fingers inside it. She opened her mouth wide and bit none-too-gently across the mound of Angie’s pussy before wrapping her lips around the light pink hood of the girl’s clit and beginning to suck, making her slender hips jerk up off the floor. She looked up and watched as Angie pulled firmly at her own nipples, abusing the reddening bits of flesh by pulling at them by the bars pierced through. Cara waited until Angie’s whimpers grew higher before closing her teeth down on her clit hard. Angie screamed around the gag as she came, her cunt convulsing around Cara’s fingers.

After a few minutes, while Angie was still deep in the afterglow of being allowed to come at last, Cara removed the gag and kissed her.

“Thank you,” Angie spoke exhaustedly, squirming closer against her.

“Something I want to know,” Cara began. Angie looked up at her with pleasure-dilated eyes. “What exactly do you get out of this? Out of our... arrangement.”

“Orgasms?” Angie giggled.

“You can have an orgasm by yourself, just about any time you want to. Seriously.”

“I dunno. At first, I was just kind of curious about why a person would want to have sex with an animal. But then, it felt so good. Then I met you, and you were somebody really nice to share it with, who wouldn’t be all disgusted and horrified. And I found out it felt better than doing it with Robbie. I like how it feels to have a dog cock in me, and having its knot inside me, so I’m stuck like an animal.” Angie blushed and ducked her head against Cara’s chest. “And I like it even more, now that you put a collar on me and made me yours, because it feels good for you to be in control. I love belonging to you,” she finished in almost a whisper.

Cara leaned to kiss her redhead again and suck at her lower lip, looking very pleased with her. It made Angie warm all over, to know it. “I have something very special planned for us next Friday. You won’t have plans, will you?”

“No, Ma’am,” Angie smiled.

* * * Really sorry this one is so short. The next is going to be much longer and a lot more fun, promise. You can e-mail me at

Mom's New Start and My New Dog: Chapter One

mona_tunight on Animal Stories

I was 12 years old when my Mom left my Dad and moved from our home in Hilton Head, SC to our new home in Atlanta, GA She was tired of all the fighting and to be honest, so was I. My Dad always had something to say about everything and he was always mean to my Mom. My Mom also got this new job with some big company and said we wouldn’t have to struggle for money like we use to.


When we moved into our big apartment downtown on Peachtree Street, she

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knew that I would be very lonely without all my old friends back home. So she got me a dog, a golden retriever to be exact. He was wonderful and I fell in love with my new best friend the moment she brought him home. What Mom didn’t know was that I didn’t have many friends at all back home to miss. I was always the real quiet and shy one in school who wouldn’t talk to anyone. There were a lot of days where I wouldn’t say one word to anyone until I got home and saw my parents.


It was the summer when we moved in. The first of April and I had all summer with my new dog. Mom trusted me to be home alone when she was at work, especially since we had very nice security in our building we were in.   So I always had plenty of time with my new dog. We named him Taylor, named after the street we use to live on back home. Taylor was already a year old when we got him. Mom was at the store getting some stuff for dinner one night when she saw a young lady trying to find a good home for her dog. She thought it was almost fate. Knowing how lonely I would be in this new big city we now call home.


After several months Mom finally brought home a man friend from work she met. We all had dinner together one evening. He was a very nice guy too, and very cute. He was probably about 6ft tall, short brown hair with these gorgeous hazel brown eyes. He was very built and obviously loved to work out. He had a gorgeous smile and very bright white teeth to show off.


After dinner I went in my room to watch TV with Taylor to give them some time alone. Mom didn’t really tell me to do all this but I wanted to. I actually liked this guy a lot more than dad and besides; it was easy to figure out that Mom really liked him too. She laughed and smiled more with him than she had in a long time. It was so nice to see her so happy for once. I couldn’t remember the last time she was as happy as she was that night.


After all the good shows on TV were done I turned off the lights and tried to go to sleep. I heard Mom peak in to see Taylor lay across the bed beside me as I lay there beside him under the covers. After 15-20 minutes of lying there, I was still wide-awake. It was so excited to know how happy my Mom was. Especially with this gorgeous guy she brought home to have dinner and a few drinks with.


I finally got out of bed and slowly crept over to the door and peaked out. I was shocked to see what I saw next. The man, I think his name was Joe, was sitting on the couch leaning back as far as possible with my Mom on her knees under him sucking on his big penis. Her head just bopped up and down making sucking noises as I heard Joe moan softly as he held her long blonde hair. I was in a trance watching this. I also felt myself get hot in between my legs, something I have never felt before. I actually was getting turned on. It was a wonderful feeling. My nipples were getting hard. I was hot and getting a wonderful sensation between my legs. I almost panicked feeling all this but I knew I couldn’t otherwise they we hear me and Mom would be so mad at me. As I stood there, peaking out, watching mom, I wondered how that felt, to suck on a nice dick. Wondering what my Mom was feeling right then. Then I saw them move around. I almost got upset, why are they stopping? Joe stood up and Mom stayed on her knees and moved closer to the couch. She held her ass in the air as Joe got on his knees behind her and stuck his penis in my Mom’s pussy. Mom moaned loud, obviously forgetting that her daughter was suppose to be asleep in just the next room. She was taken away and the reactions on her face showed how incredibly wonderful the feeling was. My panties were getting wet. A sensation I didn’t know was possible. I stunk my hand down my panties to feel how truly wet I was. I was soaked and I was so turned on it wasn’t funny. I wanted to know what that felt like. I just stood there, watching Joe go in and out of Mom’s pussy from behind her as she moaned and enjoyed how truly incredible it felt. All of the sudden Joe looked out of the corner of his eye and saw me. I didn’t see him looking at me for several minutes as I kept my eyes on how much Mom was enjoying this. He saw me with my hand in my panties watching. Then I finally saw him and I must have looked like a deer in headlights. He smiled at me and winked and brought his finger to his lips as if to say, “Shh, I won’t tell”. I stopped frozen. Not knowing what to do. I finally jumped back and closed my door quietly. I was terrified but I still couldn’t help but imagine how wonderful that would feel like. I went to my dresser to get a clean pair of panties since mine we so soaked and started to change. I stopped and looked in the mirror. Seeing myself with fluids dripping down my leg. I took off my tank top to reveal my small breasts that were starting to grow here recently. I stuck my finger down to my pussy again and started to rub around. It actually felt incredible. I rubbed harder and all around. Oh wow, it felt so good.


Finally I decided to sit down and do this. Maybe lie in bed and keep doing this. I was obviously way to worked up to actually go to sleep tonight. So I saw down on the edge of the bed to give my dog a quick kiss on the nose, he loves it when I do that. He was asleep. Sometimes I wondered what a dog could be dreaming about when they sleep. Tonight he was obviously dreaming of something, he was shaking very slightly and moaning under his breath. I patted him down his back and scratched his belly where he loves to be scratched. When I reached under his belly I felt something hard and slightly wet. I went around to the other side of the bed to see that Taylor had a full erection. I’ve never seen a penis in my life so up close, much less a dog penis. Although at first I was scared to touch it, but then I thought of Mom and how she looked while sucking down Joe’s big cock. I finally touched it again and wrapped my hands around it. Feeling how hard and warm it was. It was amazing the feeling I had inside of me. I finally reached down, just like I saw my Mom do just a little earlier, and licked the head with my tongue. Just for a slight taste. It didn’t taste bad, not at all. Not a big taste of anything really. So I then wrapped my mouth around the head and felt Taylor jump a little. I think he woke up but didn’t want to move. I circled the head of the penis with my tongue and heard him whimper. This was actually really exciting for me. I loved my dog Taylor and now I get to do something to really please him. I went down on the shaft with my mouth as far as I could and came back up. Then up and down I went for several minutes, feeling myself get wet again between my legs. I thought about what Mom felt like when Joe started to fuck her from behind. She looked like she enjoyed that more than anything. Just then the dog got up and jumped to the floor. I stayed beside the bed wondering when Taylor was going. He went behind me and started to lick me in between my legs. Where I was so wet. His rough tongue felt so good up against my pussy I almost couldn’t take it. I wanted to scream in pleasure but I knew I couldn’t with Mom and Joe just in the next room. Finally Taylor stopped and then he jumped up on top of me from behind. Oh God, what is he doing? I felt his large dog penis poke around between my legs and around my pussy. I was scared as to what was going to come next. Just then, he finally found his hole and rammed his large doggie dick inside me. I wanted to scream and I grabbed my pillow and screamed into it to muffle the noise. It hurt so bad I wanted to stop. My poor pussy was stretched out and I just wanted it to all stop. “Oh please, get down and stop, please” I wanted to say. I didn’t though, I kept as quiet as possible. Tears started to form in my eyes and pain was immense. But as he continued I started to feel more pleasure than the pain. He kept ramming and ramming. Going so fast I couldn’t keep up with his rhythm. I started to feel this big lump in his dick poking at my pussy. He kept ramming harder and harder and he panted above me with a little drool fell onto my back. The large cock inside me felt great. I finally knew what Mom was truly enjoying. Finally Taylor rammed harder and this big lump knot shot into my pussy. It was even bigger than his already large dick. The pain struck my whole body but I couldn’t get away. He kept himself inside me and kept fucking me as best he could. I tried to pull away a little but couldn’t. Taylor had me. He kept himself inside me, his new fuck buddy. Finally he started to moan a little within his panting and I could tell he was getting close. I closed my eyes and was ready for whatever happened next. Finally his body jerked around a little and his massive load shot inside my pussy. His hot creamy load shot against the back of my pussy and filled the inside of me. Juices started to leak out of me but he kept inside of me. We were locked together; he totally had control over me at this moment. Then after a minute or so he went back to fucking me. After about 20 minutes my pussy was so sore. And then finally, he shot another load deep inside of me and it poured out of me like a fountain. Then after a long hard fuck, he pulled himself out of me with a wet pop sound and got off from on top of me. After that he smelled around my pussy at what a wet mess he left me and then licked it clean for me.


After several minutes I got up. I was so sore and tired from this long hard fuck that it took me forever to get myself going again. I turned around to see Taylor leave and walk towards the door to the living room. I looked at him walk out of my room and noticed my door was open. I panicked. I knew that I had closed it. Well, I thought I did. Then I turned back around and when I did I saw my Mom and Mike in the corner of my room. They must have snuck in while Taylor was fucking me and I didn’t know it. Mom and Mike just stared at me and I didn’t know what to say.


“Oh shit, Mom! I, um, I can explain. It didn’t mean to happen, I’m sorry.” I tried to say to them. Mom didn’t say a word to me. She stood there and finally after a long and very uncomfortable silence they both walked over to me

Shocked and delited

publisher on Animal Stories

 When I have a few drinks I get horny and hubby loves it! We had been out with friends for several drinks and were on our way home and yes I was horny as hell.Before we were out of their driveway I had his cock and was sucking and he started fingering me by the time we got home my pants were off and I was soo wet and horny!!

When we pulled in our yard I couldn\'t wait to get in the house and get in bed. I opened the car door and turned on the seat to get out and our dog was there . He stuck his nose between my legs and I was shocked and pushed him away,but he came right back and took a big lick.

Wow his big tongue started at my asshole and slid upover my slit and across my clit. I froze and he kept licking god it was unbelievable. By the time my husband

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got around the car I was having an orgasm and the dog was licking faster.

My husband just watched I think he as I spread my pussy lips and let him lick god it was fantastic. I was saying yes yes ohhhh yes as I was havig another body shaking long rolling hard orgasm. Then he jumped up on me and scratched my side I yelled and pushed him down.

I looked at my husband and said what the hell is he doing!!

Hubby said hes trying to breed you.

I was shocked and said oh my god!!!

Then hubby pulled me out of the car he couldn\'t wait he put me on the ground on all 4\'s and was undoing his pants he was going to do me right there and now!! But the dog jumped on me and started humping his cock hitting my ass and sliding across my pussy grazing my clit poking every where but missing his mark!!

Then hubby got excited and reached down and guided that cock in me and at this point I didn\'t care!! Now this dog is big and his cock is about 10 ins and almost as big around as my husbands and wow he was pounding my pussy and fucking me like I never have been fucked before! Then he shoved in all the way and I could feelmy lips being spread and stretched to the limit(thank god he didn\'t get his knot in cause its about the size of a baseball)he was filling me with his cumm and I do mean filling,and I was having one hell of an orgasm!!! When he was done and got off I was rather embarrased but hubby said god that was hot and I smiled as I noticed his big very hard cock so I grabbed it and started sucking him like I never have before. he just kept saying yes baby yes and it didn\'t take long before shot a huge load in my mouth and down my throat and we both went in with a smile on our faces. we got in bed and he said I can\'t believe you did that.I said I can\'t either must have been the acohol?? He said would you do it again and with a big smile on my face I said YES hell yess..                  

The Girl Who Rode A Horse's Cock

lovemetenderlovemeso on Animal Stories

The Girl Who Rode A Horse's Cock

Elizabeth Thomas was a beautiful 16- year-old girl. She had dark brown hair with natural dark red highlights. She was athletic and extremely artistic. She loves animals. Including horses.

She always dreamed of owning a horse. She always wanted to live in a beautiful mansion, over-looking a vineyard that her parents would somed

Such Beautiful Horses Pt. 4

Sultrybuxombbw on Animal Stories

My days have been hectic of late and I have been taking care of a lot of things at work to catch up for an eval we had...I was at home and was massaging myself and the  phone rang and when I answered it the voice on the other end was a man..."We saw the video and want to hire you..." he said. "What do you mean hire me." I said. "We are out a little ways from Athens and have a farm and want to hire you for our farm for a few days. The pay will be worth it." he said. "Well, ah, I really don't know, when would I begin?" I asked him. "Today lady, in 4 hours." he said. I looked at the clock and it was 8 A.M. and I said, I am busy." "Well, too bad, we have he video and we do not care if we sc

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rew up your life by sending it to you boss so get the fuck over here." he almost growled. "How do I get there again?" I gave in but was also getting wet. THe property was south east of Athens Georgia and it was a really big farm. The gate opened when I drove up. I had been told to stop inside he gate and undress so I did. Damn my nipples were hard already thinking of the day to come.

I got out of the car and a woman opened a door and motioned for me to come in so I did, she smiled and said, "Yeh, you are hot, you will do." I was led to a large room with nothing there in the way of chairs and such. I turned to the woman and she was smiling more this time. I tried to kiss her but she moved away and told me to keep my hands to myself. The voice from the phone spoke, "She is not the one that you will play with today Teresa, they are all waiting for you." "And who are they and what am I to do." I said. "Come with me dear, we make movies here and you are going to role play for us and make some great videos." "Oh?" I said. "Yes," and he gave me a clipboard with some forms on it. "Just fill these out and sign each one, they are your consent to film and to for your wages for the filming and that you acknowledge all the rights to me." I hesitated and the woman behind me suddenly slapped my ass, "Ouch, what was that for?" I said. "For not doing as you are told without questions." I signed the forms and he took them and we walked to another room, this was furnished with what were like sets for a movie. THere were beds and bondage things and fuck machines and almost all I had ever seen on films. I was led to a room and told to put on jeans and the blouse they gave me, I did and then another guy came in and took me back outside. I was told that the theme was that a woman gets curious while working with her animals on the farm and one thing leads to another beginning with a dog and all the other animals that would be there. A nice dog was on a ;eash and they gave me grooming brushes for him.

"Okay, now call the dog and the rest you know, make it good." he saidand I did as he said. I was on a bale of hay and called him and patted my side for him to come to me. "Jo-Jo, good boy" I said and he was licking my face. The woman motioned for me to kiss the dog so I held his face to me while he licked it and he took the que and his tongue was all over my mouth and then I kissed him, his tongue found my mouth and I was sucking his tongue into my mouth and kissing him passionately. The woman held up a sign and I began petting him all over leading to his sheath and balls. He laid down and let me do all I was doing. Soon his shaft was visible. Another sign said to suck him off. I did and my clothes were now off on the floor. I laid next to him and his slippery shaft slipped into my mouth and I was sucking him until his knot came out and was hitting my lips brusing them but his his kept jerking and soon he filled my throat. Again a sign told me I was done there and to go to the other part of the barn and open the doors and walk in and to do the first animal I came and act like the dog sucking had gotten me hot. Now I really was hot and so no acting was needed. Jo-Jo followed me and I went in. The first was a horse, they told me to call him, Demon so I went to his stall and stroked him, "Hey Demon, how are ya?" I hope you are horney" I said and brushed his body all over and he stood there moving some and then I was near his rear and reached under him and began massaging his cock that he come out just a little. Other men were around arranging things to make it look like I was the only one there and I led him to the bench...all the time his cock grew. I put him next to it the filming stopped and they brought him to the bench and secured him and they began again. I began under him stroking his cock, "Oh Demon, you are damn fucking hot." I said as he was getting excited. I rubbed his cock all over my chest and there was a slippery fluid comeing from it. I licked the head all around and then I moved to my place on the bench. Again they came in and helped get me and him into place. His cock was inside my pussy now and he was really getting hotter...Suddenly he was deep in me and I began screaming and he was fucking me. "Oh yes, Deamon, fuck me, give me a pony, knock me up" I was saying and he was making me cum over and over again. Soon he filled me and gave loud snorts as he slipped out leaving my cunt gaping.

I got up and the men came in and removed him and put my next animal in sight and I almost fainted. It was huge hog, snorting as if he knew what was happening. I was told (by signs) to get really romantic with him and so I began talking, "Oh baby, do I ever need some bacon, you got some bacon for Mama don't you." and such. I massaged him and found his cock and licked it as he lay on his side. I was to suck him off no matter what happened. I began licking and took his cock in my hands and massaged his pig cock until he shot his hot cum all over my face and much in my mouth..."Oh fuck, that was good" I told the cameras. I stood up and was rubbing the cum into my body and licked my hands and all. Another horse was in sight now and I was told he was next only this was anal. Sure enough, the crew set us up again after I had gotten him hot and he drove into my ass making me scream for real again. Suddenly my hands were secured to the bench and my feet also, I did not know how they planned to make it part of the mvie but they did it. The woman stepped in, "Okay, now we are going to se how much horse cock you can take dear, ready?" she said. "No, I can't do this for hours, I am already sore" I told her. "Oh well baby, too bad, enjoy." she said and walked away and another horse was on top, his moved to my pussy. It invaded me and streached me more and my passion took over and again I was fucked by this beautiful animal. Another horse was there and he went into the ass and again and again they repeated this. I do not know how long or how many did this to me but I was laying on the floor under a horse when suddenly he was pissing on me. "Drink what you can" the sign said and I tried to do it and the piss was all over me and my hair was soaked and I was hurting all over.

I woke up again later, "Rest for a while and we will do more filming" the woman saidand she left and I was on a cot to rest....When I woke up they had food for me and then led me to another set, I was really not ready but they put me where they wanted me....Pt 5 to cum.

My Great Dane's Boy Bitch (Part 2)

texan58 on Animal Stories

My Great Dane’s Bitch (part II)

My sister stood there waiting for my reply. “Well, what will it be? Do I tell Mom and Dad that there sweet little boy is a doggy bitch, or do we have a deal?”

It took me more than a minute to recover from the ass-pounding that Toby had just given me. I stammered that we had a deal.

“Well, where should we begin,” she said to herself aloud. At that point, she knelt down and stroked Toby’s balls. He began to whimper, still stuck in my ass. “If you want his cock to come out of your ass, you’re going to have to push really hard.” I pushed and pushed, the pain was tremendous. But, finally, his

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cock popped out of my ass with an audible sound.

“Did it hurt a lot coming out?” my sister Kelly asked. I replied that it was like someone ripping my guts out. Laughing, she told me that we could now begin by me taking care of her needs. She grabbed me by the head and guided my face to her mow wet pussy.

“I want you to lick my pussy,” she demanded. “Did Toby lick your ass before he started to fuck you?” I could only nod, my face buried in her bald pussy. “Then that’s the way I want you to eat me.“

I began to lick Kelly’s pussy, tentatively at first, not really knowing what I was doing. “Lick into my pussy slit dog boy,” she taunted. She began to pump her hips into my face. I began to lick faster as I was getting turned on by her response to my tongue action.

She moved onto her hands and knees, kneeling over my face. She squatted on my face and told me to lick her clit. Not knowing what a clit was, I asked where it was. She put her finger on her clit and began rubbing it. My tongue turned it’s attention to where her finger was rubbing. She let out a moan as I made contact.

At that point, Toby regained his strength and came over to lick Kelly’s asshole. She nearly screamed with renewed pleasure, with tongues working over both her holes. Toby’s tongue was diving deep into her ass. Kelly began sucking on my erect little cock, making me lick her even faster.

Suddenly, Toby mounted Kelly, giving me a front row seat to the sexiest show on earth. He was having problems finding which hole he wanted to fuck. Kelly made the decision for him by guiding him into her pussy, while I continued licking her. His cock buried quickly in her up to the hilt, his knot slipping into with ease.

Kelly went nuts on my cock as Toby humped furiously in her pussy. Unable to wait any longer, I came in Kelly’s mouth. She greedily sucked every drop that my cock shot down her throat. Almost instantly, Toby started to cum as well, his cum filling her pussy, spilling out into my mouth. I licked the cum up as fast as I could, but it was more than I could swallow. It spilled out of Kelly onto my face.

Toby’s cock slipped out of Kelly and kept spurting cum onto my face. Kelly whipped around and started sucking Toby’s cock, drinking the remaining cum issued from his cock. She sucked him all the way to his balls, taking in the knot, as well.

After she finished Toby off, she came over to my mesmerized face and licked Toby’s cum off my face and chest. After I was clean, she looked at me and said,” Now that’s what I call porno!”

More to CUM….

Boy Bitch Part III

texan58 on Animal Stories

Boy Bitch Part III

Things went on like this pretty much every day with my sister and me. But, one day she decided that she wasn’t getting her fair share of fucking by Toby. When she confronted me about letting her have more time with Toby, I said that he liked to fuck me more than he did her because my ass was tighter than her pussy or ass, and he got off better with me than he did her.

She got madder than hell when I told her this and stormed out of the room. She came back later, while Toby was fucking the hell out of me. She had three big black football players, that she’d been fucking, with her. When they walked in and caught me getting fucked by Toby, they had a shocked look on their faces. My sister, Peggy, Told them I wa

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s their bitch if they wanted me. They immediately stripped out of their clothes and made Toby get out of my ass.

The biggest black guy told me to suck his dick. It was huge, and I just stared at it. He grabbed me by the head and shoved it all the way down my throat, causing me to gag and almost puke. He kept face fucking me, making me deep throat him every other stroke of his 11” cock. I was pretty much used to deep throating Toby’s cock. So I became accustom quickly to sucking this giant cock, and soon began to enjoy it.

While I was sucking him off, the next guy spread my ass checks and, without lubricating my asshole, drove his cock all the way to the hilt in my ass. I tried to scream with pain, but my mouth was filled with man meat, and all I could do was emit a muffled moan.

Fortunately, my ass was somewhat lubricated from Toby’s sperm, so the pain soon subsided and I began to enjoy the filling I got from this guy’s cock. He long-stroked my ass for a few minutes, before the third guy said he wanted some of my ass pussy. They grabbed me and flipped me on my back. They lifted me up, while the third guy lay on his back, and sat my on his cock. The second guy lifted my legs over his shoulder and shoved his cock in me with the other guy’s. This time I screamed as my asshole was stretched beyond it’s limits.

The first guy stopped my screaming by shoving his big cock back down my throat. They all fucked me until they came in my ass and filled my throat with more cum than Toby had ever shoot into me. But, they were far from finishing with me. They guided Toby back onto me and broke out a camcorder and took films of me getting fucked by my Great Dane, and told me they were going to sell it to a website they subscribed to, if I didn’t let them fuck me whenever they wanted, and bring their friends to pimp[ my ass and give them a show with my dog fucking me.

To be continued……

My Great Dane's Boy Bitch

texan58 on Animal Stories

My Great Dane’s Boy-Bitch

I was 11 years old when my story happened. It all started one day while I was shampooing my Great Dane, Toby. I was washing his belly and started to wash his balls, when I noticed that his large prick began to come out of its sheath. I was curious about what would happen if I rubbed it with my hand.

When I started to stroke his prick, it came fully out of it’s fleshy covering. It was about 10” (since I didn’t have a ruler, I’m approximating). Nevertheless, it was the biggest cock I could ever imagine. I’ve seen boy’s cock in the shower after gym class, but none of them could compare to Toby. As I continued to rub my hand on his prick, his hips began pumpi

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ng into my fist. I didn’t realize it at the time, but he was actually fucking my hand. I put my face down closer to his prick to get a better view. He kept pumping into my fist and began to spurt his seed into my face. Shocked, at first, I jumped back and wiped my face with my hand. “I wonder what it tastes like,” I thought to myself. I tentatively licked the cum from my hand and realized that it tasted pretty good…a little salty, but otherwise good.

I stuck my head down to his cock again and saw that he was still shooting his cum uncontrollably into the tub. I put my face directly in front of the sporadic stream and began catching it in my mouth and swallowing as fast as I could. When he didn’t seem to be cumming fast enough, I put my mouth on his prick and began to suck the cum out of him. This was the first cock I ever put in my mouth.

Toby started pumping his hips again, fucking my sucking mouth and rewarded me with a huge load of doggie cum down my throat. I gagged and almost puked when his cock buried itself in my gullet, but I relaxed my throat muscles and he was able to push it further in my mouth. Load after load, he shot down my throat and, as fast as I was able to swallow, he still overflowed my mouth and spilled his come on my neck.

After he finished his orgasm, he was still shooting small streams of cum for me. I must have swallowed a pint or more of his cum. I found myself getting excited in a place I never felt before this day. I noticed my little penis was hard. I started to rub it to get rid of the tingling sensation, but the more I rubbed it, the more it tingled. “Maybe I can do the same as Toby did,” went through my mind.

I pulled my pants and underwear off and started to stroke my little dick like I stroked Toby. My cock got harder and harder. Toby looked over at me and moved closer. He stuck his long tongue out and licked my prick. That was more than my little tool could stand and I experienced my first orgasm. Not much cum came out but Toby returned the favor and licked the cum as it came out of my dick. Wow!!! That was great!!! I was hooked. I started to masturbate every day…myself and Toby.

Then one day I was naked and cleaning myself up after cumming on my stomach. I was bending over wiping some off my leg, when Toby reared up behind me and locked his forepaws around my waist. His weight brought me down to my knees. His prick found its way to my asshole and penetrated me in one push. I screamed out in pain, but that didn’t even phase Toby. He began fucking my ass like he fucked my mouth. Strong powerful strokes pushed him deeper into my tortured asshole. The hurt started to subside, and I started to enjoy it. He pumped harder and faster, deeper into me. He finally sank his entire length in me. Then I felt a larger object poking at the opening of my ass. It was his knot! He was trying to fit it inside me , too. When he pushed it in, the pain was renewed. I felt as though I was being torn apart, starting at my asshole. Furiously he kept pumping. Gradually, I became accustomed to his knot and, once again began to feel my cock getting hard again. As Toby fucked my ass, I stroked my cock.

Toby began to come and that sent me into another orgasm. I had never cum as quickly, after cumming just a few minutes before, as I did that day. Toby shot load after load into my ass. I felt like my ass was filled with a balloon. Finally he finished, but he couldn’t come loose from my ass. He was stuck! I began to panic because my sister was supposed to be coming home soon. As hard as I pushed, he just couldn’t pull his cock out of me.

Suddenly, my 14 year old sister walked in the room. I was mortified, but she looked only mildly surprised. “I see you found out that Toby is a multitalented dog,” she smiled, “I’ve been letting him fuck me for two years. Now, we both can get off, without the headaches of having boyfriends or girlfriends. But, if you don‘t want me to tell Mom and Dad, you‘re going to have to start eating my pussy and fucking me, too. Deal?“

What else could I say? But, that’s for my next story.

… be continued…

Landlords Dog

Dstories on Animal Stories

Shelly is an average girl with brunette hair and brown eyes who is 30 years old. She works at a bank and lives in an apartment building. It’s owned by a fat 50 year old black man with grayish black hair and beard named Mr. Meaner who looks 60. When Shelly first met him she was intimidated but found him to be nice as well as his rottweiler Buck. They were the only two to live down stairs. There wa

Agony or Ecstasy

SSPAdmins on Animal Stories

Agony or Ecstasy!

By Niteowluk2003

Jemma had a problem; oh not a life threatening problem but still a problem that was causing her heart ache in her everyday life! Every time she saw a dog she instantly became wet between the legs and began fantasising about the dog taking her as its bitch; strange thing was it did not have to be a male dog she saw!

From the age of sixteen she had begun

Angelica and her two dogs part 4

Slow_hand on Animal Stories

"HE'S CUMMING IN MY ASS..YESSSSSS!" after a few minutes of finally catching her breath with Thor's cock still in her ass she askes Amber if she was still there and Amber said she was and that she wants to take her dog up her ass after that. Angelica smiled and told her "I'm glad I did, and most assuredly will again."


Since thor had his cock in her ass, she's been letting him fuck her ass quite alot to the point you'd think she prefers anal over vaginal and to a certain degree she does. 


Angelica was invited to Amber's to hang out and she got there she walked in on Am

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ber getting fucked by her dog. The sight before her eyes made her wish it was her causing her to get wet as she stood there watching until Amber was untied. Amber then catching her breath looks at Angelica telling her "Sorry he can't seem to get enough and to be honest neither can I" as she smiled at her best friend and Angelica told her how she understood. 


As they talked Angelica couldn't keep her eyes of Amber's dog cleaning himself which Amber noticed "You want him don't you?" and with a husky voice Angelica proceeded to say "Y-yes but he's your lover not mine", Amber smiled then told her to take her clothes off. Angelica's never been with a woman nor does want to be neither has Amber so, Angelica asked why quickly and Amber said "I want to watch you with my lover, show me how to let him fuck my asshole." Angelica smiled from ear to ear knowing she hadn't had dog cock up her ass since last night and she was, she was needing one up her ass. Angelica then slid down onto the floor in front of the couch, turned around with her body pressed into the couch and Amber helped get his attention. With her ass exposed on her knees she suggested to Amber to always let him lick her asshole first "watch and learn."


Angelica felt biggie's (Amber's dog) tongue touch her pussy before she could spread her ass cheeks then moaned softly enjoying the attention her pussy is recieving she almost forgot that she wants to pay attention to her ass and reaches back to spread her extra cushiony ass for easier access while her breathing gets heavier. Biggie's tongue working her pussy slowly driving Angelica into oragasim as most his tongue is deep in her wet fuck hole then she felt him suddendly stop and then felt his tongue on her asshole. As if Biggie could tell she loves a good stiff cock shooting cum in her ass, he was relentless with his tongue in and on her asshole. Angelica's moaning louder as her breathing becomes more rapid she then looks at Amber watching on "Nothing like a good tongue fuck up the ass." Once again Biggie stops but then Angelica feels his chest rest on her back then the feeling of the cock trying to enter her small perfect asshole Amber askes if she should help guide it in and Angelica said "that's ok he......FUCK YES He's in Amber, he's in my ass! I feel so full, fucking love it!" Surpricingly no pain as he thrusts hard fast and deep in and out of her ass while she reaches undernieth to rub her pussy. Soon Angelica forgot all about Amber watching on as the cock in her ass was taking her to new heights of pleasure and Amber watching on couldn't help but to finger herself to oragasim. Angelica looks Amber in the eye saying "He's doing it amber, he's filling my ass with his cum OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Biggie's cock all the way in her ass with his cum locked in from being tied to Biggie she explains to Amber the feeling of his cock slowly softening in her ass with an ocassional soft moan and Amber says "Hope your ass didn't wore him out." and they both laughed.


 Biggie pulled out of Angelica's ass along with his cum following him she tells Amber "I hate when their cum leaves" and Amber agreed. After a few minutes of letting Biggie rest Angelica helped Amber get him in her ass and it was like Amber fell in deeper love with her dog as he fucked her ass like there's no tomorrow. When it was over Angelica suggested Amber come over to try her lovers soon and Amber eagerly agreed.


Amber finally made it over to Angelica's, exzamied her best friend's lovers and couldn't wait to get fucked by them as they made her feel welcumed . Kryptonte fucked Amber's pussy while thor fucked Angelica's ass when amber looked over saying "you sure love it up the ass don't you?" as they were both tied by each dog and of course Angelica said hell yeah to Amber and that she prefers Thor in her ass. Amber eventually tried thor in her ass later and loved it. 


                                                        The end


Hope you all enjoyed every installment to this story, but this is the end to this one. I'll post more stuff in the future with this subject and until then I'll be looking for your stories.







This is a true story. None of it is made up or exaggerated. This is the first time I’ve ever told my story to anyone, including my Husband, which is why I am using an e-mail address on Yahoo he doesn’t know about.  We are married for twenty years, and have three lovely children.  My husband and I have a normal sex l

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ife, (nothing kinky), and he still thinks I lost my virginity to my first boyfriend, Michael Schwarz. (Not his real name.)  He has no idea I actually lost it to our family Dog.



But after reading some Bestiality postings on the Internet, (my secret indulgence), I felt the need to write down my story and share it with someone.  I wanted to tell my private story of how I lost my Virginity.



MY STORY BEGINS when I was 13 years old.  I was helping my Mother with some chores around the house; I was in the basement, putting the laundry from the washing machine into the dryer.  My Mother was upstairs attending to my screaming newborn brother and my three-year-old sister, so she couldn't hear me shout at my dog Denver whenever he stuck his nose near my crotch.  Denver was a persistent crotch sniffer, which is why we kept him in the basement as much as possible.  My Mother said it’s a bad habit he’ll grow out of, as he often embarrasses her when he sticks his nose up under her dresses in front of company.



I was wearing a tee shirt over my swimsuit, as I have very fair skin and the tee shirt kept me from getting too much sunburn.  We had a swimming pool in our backyard, and when I finished my chores, I was going to cool off in it on this hot August afternoon.



Denver kept sniffing between my legs every time I bent over to put more clothes into the dryer, and earned himself a few swats from me for sticking his nose where it didn't belong.  As I finished putting the last of the clothes into the dryer, I reached up into the cabinet above to get the fabric softener sheets out.  Denver followed closely and stuck his snout right up in-between my thighs and applied pressure to my vagina through the thin fabric of my swimsuit.  It sent a strange chill through me, but again, I pushed him down, tossed the dryer sheet in with the clothes and closed the door.  Once the machine started up, it was pretty noisy there in the basement.



Denver tried a few times to stand up on his hind legs, hopping around clumsily, trying to mount me as I headed for the basement stairs. He’s tried this for months, but he was much easier to push out of the way when he was a smaller dog.  I was pushing him down with my one hand, and I grabbed hold of the stair railing with the other.  As I lifted my foot off the ground to walk up the first step, Denver somehow passed me on the stair and pushed me backwards!  I fell off the bottom step and onto my butt on the cold cement floor with a thump!  I laughed, as I wasn’t hurt, and thought Denver was just being playful.



Denver was an oversized mutt Dad got us to protect the house when he was away on business trips; which was very often.  Denver was a pretty large puppy, and now he’s huge.  He’s still clumsy like a puppy, which means he’s probably still growing.  Someone told us he is mixed with a Bull Mastiff, which is an enormous breed of dog. When Denver stands on his hind legs, he can put his paws on my shoulders and look right into my eyes.  A few weeks ago, Dad told my Mother he wanted to get the dog neutered, but Mom said that was cruel, so it was never done.  I don’t think Dad realized how horny and strong Denver was, but I digress.



I was a virgin, and I have never had sex of any kind.  All I knew of sex was what the Nuns taught me about the Birds and the Bees in my eighth grade Sexual Education class.  They covered the basic anatomy lessons with lots of warnings about ‘saving yourself’ for the right person, and how we should not have sex before marriage.



A girlfriend told me she masturbated, and told me how to do it.  Sometimes I would rub my clit with my fingers when I was in bed underneath the covers, but I never dared to insert my finger into my vagina.  I would rub my clit and feel the moisture between my legs getting stickier and warmer.  However, whenever I came close to an orgasm, I always stopped.  I didn’t know what was happening, and I was always too afraid to go any farther, even though it felt tingly and wonderful.



I once kissed Michael Schwarz, a boy from school, at a Halloween Party.  He then stuck his tongue into my mouth and it nearly made me vomit.  I was very immature at 13 years old, but this experience I’m about to tell you about made me grow up FAST.



Well, after Denver knocked me down onto the basement floor as I tried to leave, I got up smiling, and I grabbed Denver’s enormous head between my hands and planted a kiss on the tip of his nose. He returned my kiss with a wet lick from chin to forehead, which totally grossed me out.  I went to the laundry sink and bent over it to wash my face off, and Denver stood up behind me with his paws on my shoulders, clumsily trying to jump onto my back.  I felt a hot, sticky and wet hard thing being pushed roughly into the back of my thighs and butt cheeks as Denver kept jumping up behind me.  I turned around, knocking him down onto all fours.  I gasped when I saw his big, long red dick sticking out of the underside of his body!  My first reaction was to giggle, as it looked ridiculous, just bouncing all over the place with each move Denver made.



My second thought was to get away from him, as it was growing even larger!!  I turned and headed for the stairs again, but Denver ran after me at full sprint, and pulled me down onto my hands and knees with his paws!   He slid his strong arms down around my waist and started to poke his big wet, red penis all over my bottom trying to penetrate me!! 



I was in panic mode, and started to yell for my Mother at the top of my lungs.  But with the noise from the dryer, and my siblings upstairs crying, she didn’t hear me.  I was frightened and I knew she wouldn’t be coming to my rescue!  I kept reaching behind me to swat at Denver, but he was bent over my back and was moving his butt all over the place.  He didn’t seem to care as I slapped and pushed him repeatedly.  It was a good thing I was wearing a tee shirt over my swimsuit, as his nails were already scratching into my back and digging into my sides!



“Stop Denver!  No!  Get off!” I shouted, as I tried crawling away from him on my hands and knees.  He clung to my back, and his rear end was starting to really jerk back and forth.  He kept poking me all over my thighs and butt with that big red dick of his.  I was very frightened and completely helpless.  Escaping his strong grasp was nearly impossible!  I was crying for my Mother to help me, but in addition to all of the other noises in the house, I now heard Mom running the vacuum cleaner in the living room above me!  She would never hear me now.



Denver clung to my back and wouldn’t stop trying to rape me!  His hips were starting to thrust faster, driving his wet penis closer to my crotch!  I tried to roll out from underneath his massive body, but he pulled me back closer to him with his paws.  I twisted my hips to one side to try to squirm out of his grasp, but that only allowed his dick to push over the elastic leg opening of my swimsuit!

My Second encounter with Rooster

bethy on Animal Stories

My Second Encounter With ROOSTER
Before i begin, i have to Thank All of You who wrote me, to tell me how much You enjoyed my story. For those who didn't i'm be
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thann, i'm a 24 year old, 5'6" , 125 lbs, blonde. My boyfriend John is 28, very handsome, and has a 5 year old german shepherd named," Rooster" and in this chapter my neighbor,
Mr. B, he's a 60 year old semiretired man, who calls me Princess!
    To pick up from last time, it's been a couple weeks since my experience with Rooster!  That night He took me and drove me wild! And made me his bitch!
  My boyfriend is going out of town for two days, and i'm going to watch Rooster for Him! I picked Rooster up after work this past Wednesday, i was dressed in my work clothes. It was a warm day, i work in an office, So i had on a skirt, sleeveless top, was pink silk, a little tight, stockings and heels. i went right from work over to John's place, he was waiting for me, had Rooster on His leash as i got there. He gave me a kiss and said he had to run. Rooster and i went to my car as i drove back to my place, my heart was pounding..............! 
   When we got to my place, i took Rooster to my back yard, to see if he had to relieve himself. The yard is large, has fencing all around it, except one area between me and my neighbor, Mr. B., he is also my landlord, he's a sweet older man around 60 i think, always calling me Princess! The person who lived here before me was a close friend of Mr. B and he and her used to talk a lot, so he told me that's the reason for the missing section of the fence. Rooster will like the yard, he can run and have a good time there. As i stooped down to unhook Roosters leash, He began licking my face and knocked me down back on my rear, my legs went out from under me and before i could get back up, Rooster lifted his leg and began spraying me! He was peeing on me and not a little, I screamed as the first stream hit me in my face, my hair, then down on my blouse!!! My eyes were shut tight, they were burning from his piss, i needed something to wipe my face, i just pulled up my skirt and wiped my face, and when i looked up there was my neighbor looking down at me. He asked me if i was all right, i told him yes, that this is my boy friends dog, that i was  watching for a couple days. Mr. B  had this smile on his face, i was annoyed, but then i realized i'm sitting on the ground, my skirt up, my face and hair soaked with Roosters piss, my silk blouse clinging to me, like  a wet T-shirt, as it is also soaked with pee from Rooster. Mr. B tells me that's how a dog marks his territory and....... he stopped. i asked, AND what? He says that's how a dog marks his Bitch! 
i just look at him and guess i was blushing, i got up real quick and said i have to go clean up, before my clothes stain, He offered to Help! i told him i could manage, thanks......... Rooster and i went inside, me dripping from Roosters piss.
  When we got inside the house, i went right to bathroom to change and shower. As i stood in front of the mirror, i now know why Mr. B was starring at me, my blouse was clinging  to me, my breast, my nipples were very easy to  see thru the sheer blouse. i thought o my god, i think Mr. B was getting turned on with me, the more i thought about it, dam the more excited i was becoming, i was getting turned on by an old man, what am i turning in to i thought! i removed my blouse, skirt, bra and panties and put them in a wash basin to let them soak, hoping they come clean, then took a quick shower. After the shower my thought's were back of Rooster, and what Mr. B said, That i'm now his Bitch, wow, if he only knew how right he is! i was think of my Rooster, his tongue, how he drove me wild, then his enormous cock! i was getting so excited, as i dressed for my Rooster, it was like i was dressing for a big date. It was still warm out so i but on a sheer negligee and nothing else, i felt so naughty, like a whore who was seducing her lover. it was now close to 7pm,  was late for Rooster dinner, i made myself a light chicken salad and got Rooster's bowl ready. i but a blanket down in the living room floor and put Rooster's bowl and my salad down, we would eat together, me and my Rooster.  I didn't eat much of my dinner, was to excited sitting there watching this wonderful animal next to me. How could i be so excited from  a dog! i just starred at him as he licked his bowl clean, that wonderful tongue sent shivers up my spine...... When He finished eating he lied down, i'm sitting here in my sexiest negligee trying to seduce a dog, i'm beginning to think i am a basket case. After a few glasses of wine i was getting extremely horny, i thought maybe if i brush him! All i had was my hair brush, so i got that and started to brush him, at first just his back, he seem to be enjoying it, i moved to his neck but had to remove his collar, as i was doing, i don't know why but for some reason i but his collar on me! i was getting so wet.  He lied down on His side as i brushed him i move to his stomach, he really like this, i went lower.... i tossed the brush to the side and took his hairy sack in my hand and began playing with him, His cock began to appear, that beautiful cock. At first only about an inch or two, i used my fingers working on Him, i was getting so wet, i was licking my lips, without even thinking i bent down and with my hair hanging over his stomach as i took Him in my mouth, sucking on His cock...... Didn't take long before He began getting harder and mmmm much bigger, he was about 8 inches and getting worked up Himself. I had to get him to lick me. i needed His tongue on me, i took some of his food that was left over, removed my negligee, and smeared his food all over my breast and my wet pussy, then lied on blanket next to my lover! Only took a few minutes before he began sniffing me, i spoke softly to him, yes my beautiful animal take me...... He began licking my breast, i was sweating profusely, he licked all of my left breast then was at the other. i thing i had my first orgasm then, as he was licking my right breast he took a little bite, not hard but enough to make me cum. i was shaking as he move down to my pussy, god i was on fire!! I had a couple more orgasms as his wonderful tongue eat me, licking deep inside, me.  i needed Him, that 8 inch cock needed it inside me, i turned an got of all fours wiggly my butt for my lover to take. Didn't take long Rooster was on my back, His legs wrapped around my waist, he was humping me but not inside me yet, then..... he found his mark and with one thrust i screamed....guess i was moaning very loudly, because next thing i heard was knocking on my back door!!  it was my neighbor Mr. B, heard him call out, Princess are you OK? i was in shock, i tried to yell back, everything is ok, but before i could, i looked up and there was Mr. B, His mouth wide open, first thing he says is, HOLY SHIT, Princess what is this? i have my head down, my hair covering my face, to embarrassed to look up at him, i asked him, please leave, i'm ok. He just starring at me, Rooster banging away at me from behind, i have my head down and again ask Him to leave, as i look up he's gone, i feel a little relieved but so afraid also. My attention was back with Rooster He was getting ready to cum, i could feel His knot trying to enter me, then he was in. i tried not to scream but couldn't help, i let out a real shriek! i heard a noise, when i looked up there was Mr. B again, but with a camera, taking pictures, i yelled STOP, no get out, he was laughing, saying this is the sexiest thing he ever seen, and continued to take movie. i had my head down as Mr. B walked all around, taking from all angles, me and Rooster, tied to me. He told me to look up, i refused telling Him again to get out!!!  Mr. B grabbed my hair and yank up, so he could get a clear picture of my face, i was almost in shock! Rooster was beginning to cum, filling my pussy with His hot cum, my body was
Shaking, with the weight of Rooster on my back, my arms were getting tired. As i look up again Mr. B position his camera on a table to continue to take movie, and was sitting on a chair in front of me, his pants here down  at His ankle and he was stroking himself, using my negligee, he had it wrapped around His cock, saying you are no longer a Princess, you are now a dog bitch, and your ass and pussy are mine, get over here and suck my cock BITCH!! i began yelling at Him, get out of here, or i'll call the police! He laughed, go head and I'll post this movie on the web! for all to see, your boy friend, family, people from work. Mr. B walked over to me, Rooster and i still locked together, grabbed me by my hair again, raised my head and slapped me hard!! He said you will do everything i tell you, or i will let the world know all about you, what a slut you are, he went back to chair sat down and again said, crawl over here and suck my cock, NOW! With Rooster still locked inside me i crawled to Mr. B, Rooster stayed with me, His cock still deep inside my pussy! As i go between Mr. B legs he, grabbed my arms and pulled me up to His lap, His cock my in my face, i was kneeling before him, with Rooster in me from behind i took Mr. B's cock and began sucking Him. With tears rolling down my face, Mr. B grabs my head with both hands and faster BITCH, i begin bobbing my head up and down on MR. B's cock, my lips wrapped around His cock, He pushes my head down and His cock goes deep down my throat. Rooster finally slips out from me, i feel his cum running down my back side, my legs,  just as Mr. B shoots His cum down my throat. Mr. B is still holding my head as he lets out a load moan, i'm gagging from His cum and the pressure of His cock  down my throat, He finally releases me, i fall back on the floor, grab my negligee trying to cover up. After a few minutes Mr. B, stands, walks to get His camera, turns off, he turns to me, in a stern voice says, you fucking slut, your ass is mine now, you will do what and when i tell you to do, or this move will be seen by all! You are a pathetic bitch and I will treat you as such. Tomorrow after you are done work you come over to my house, is that clear? i can't believe this is happening, my head is down, not looking at Him, he walks to me, grabs me by my hair again, jerking my head back and slaps me hard again, DO YOU HEAR ME BITCH? With tears rolling down my face i nod, yes! i surrender to Him. He ask me what are you? i whisper back, a bitch, He yells I CAN'T HEAR YOU? Now what are you, and who's does that cunt of yours belong to? And Look at Me when I speaks!!! i look up, i'm a bitch, a slut, and my pussy belongs to you...... He tells me to go clean up and make sure to wear something sexy tomorrow when you come over to My house, and he leaves.......
    As i lie on the floor in a puddle of cum from Rooster, i can't believe this is happening to me. What will tomorrow bring? i crawl to bathroom to shower, As i look at myself in mirror, i still have Rooster's collar around my neck, my face bright red from Mr. B slapping me. I fill the tub with warm water and soak, trying to piece this together. i fall asleep in the tub, wondering what tomorrow will bring..............
 This story is very accurate, i left a few things out, i have serviced Mr. B and some of His friends, all of them in there 60's. If you like for me to write about them, email me and i'll write another story