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Randy and Sara the Great Danes

lbpm51 on Animal Stories

My name is Mark, I’m retired and live in a bungalow style home in the middle of 5 acres of land, I have a pool which is fenced in by a 7’ high wood fence and I’m a semi-nudist.  By that I mean when I’m home I strip and enjoy nature.  I was sitting by the pool reading the for sale adds in the paper when I spotted an

Seek the wolf in thyself

Wolfegard on Animal Stories

 This is a part of a story I was writing, changed it a bit from the original story...tell me what yall think

Wolferick felt the change begin.

As before, it started with a pulling sensation in his mind as it grew to the predatory mind of the beast. Then came the pressure in his bone, much like when pulling out a tooth, as they warped and contorted into the time perfected frame

Ex Wife Tries Something New

slowfix50 on Animal Stories

I was with my ex (while we were married that is) and she enjoyed some new things that we experimented with. She had not done many things when we got married and she slowly wanted to try different things. We enjoyed going to the parks near us and making love and she was becoming more of a show off too, letting people acidentially see her putting her 38DD tits back in their hiding place. Well, we h

The New Guest Pt 1: Confronted

LuckyCharm on Animal Stories

The New Guest-Confronted
"Hello Pete, hello Carol. How was the drive?" I said, as I opened the door to the rented hotel room and stepped aside, allowing the first guests of the evening entrance. 
"The same as usual, long" Pete replied, stepping into the room, Carol in quiet tow. 
No surprise there, Carol is a really shy person, until the show gets star


bethann on Animal Stories

This is a true story that happen to me about 6 months ago. My name is Bethann, I'm a 24 year old from Pa, I'm 5'6, 125lbs, blonde, my measurements are 36c-26-35. My boy friend is John, he's 28, and he has a German shepherd named Rooster. This is also my first story, I hope you will let me know if you like or not!!
It was a Saturday evening, John and I went out that evening for dinner and a few drinks. John had a few to many, so I had to drive home. When we got home we went right to the bedroom and put on a porn movie, John was on me and fucked me before I even got warmed up :( He worked that day so I guess he was tired, but I was still horny! And now he was fast asleep and I'm watching this porn movie getting hotter and hott
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er! My pussy is still full of John's semen as I rub myself till I cum, not as strong as I like but enough to make me fall asleep. I was dreaming of John and I, having Great sex, he was going down on me licking my pussy, and I was on the verge of cumming in my sleep. I woke up feeling his tongue licking me, I was on the verge of one of the most wonderful orgasm I ever had! I heard the porn movie, the moaning, it was still playing. Then I looked up and saw John lying next to me, still fast asleep, but who was doing this to me, driving me crazy!! I look down and there is Rooster!! Licking my pussy, his rough tongue doing me like I never have been before!! I yell at him to get away, but he growls at me and keeps licking me, I try to get up, he barks and growls again,,,, I lie back down, thinking what I should do, I call out for John to help me, but he is dead asleep. As Rooster keeps licking me, my body accepts what is happening, and I lay there hoping he finishes, and gets done soon. As I'm lying there Rooster's tongue working on me I close my eyes tightly as my first orgasm explodes!!!!!!! I shake all over cumming like never before, His tongue driving me wild!!! His tongue licking out my cum, as fast as I continue to cum. I'm screaming my body shaking as I cum again, and again. Then I feel him crawling up on me, his weight on top of me, his pawls on my mid section, I look down as He is creeping up on me, I yell Rooster get off of me!!!!!!! He continue higher, his pawls scratching me his full weight on me, he begins humping, I can't believe this is happening to me, I'm scream for John to help me,,,
Rooster is lying on me now with his full weight, then I feel it, his hot cock poking at me, he keeps humping faster, and faster. I feel him at my pussy, he's almost inside me, I slip my hand down and take his cock in my hand, hoping he will let me jack him off. But no, OMG!!! as I hold his cock in my hand my mind thinks he's so big, and hot, I'm getting so wet and breathing very heavy again! My mind wonders, what it would be like to have him inside me, to be fucked by a dog!!! I am so confused but my body is craving him, the more I feel Him on top of me, his fury body on top of me, his hot cock in my hand. I guide him to my opening, then with one push, He's inside me. I let out a loud scream as He enters me. Thrusting deep in me, His hot cock humping me so fast, so deep, I cum again.
His pawls are on my shoulders now, his fury body lying on top of me, pressing against my breast as he fucks me. I think what the hell am I doing letting this animal do this to me, but it's the best fuck I ever had! I begin talking to him, yes Rooster," take me", take me as your bitch, fuck me......... Then........ I feel the base of his cock swell, I've heard of dogs as they knot between one another, but he couldn't with a human, could he? With one big thrust I felt it, His knot, I went crazy, exploding, feeling his big hairy cock locked inside me...... seemed like an hour but only about 10 minutes, we were locked together. Rooster lying on top on me, His cock deep in me, he's licks my face, I close my eyes. His wet tongue covering my face, I can't believe this is happening, to be fucked by a dog..... but what is worse... I loved it....After Rooster finished with his bitch(me), He jumped down off bed and just like a man, lied down and went to sleep. I showered and went back to bed, never told anyone not even John what happened that night. I can't get that night out of my mind, I get so wet when I think about it, knowing I want Him again, my Rooster, his wonderful tongue, His hard, hot cock, taking His bitch. I'm masturbating now remembering how He took me....... I have to have Him again...... John is going away for a few days, I asked him if I could take care of Rooster for him when he is away....... I'll let you know how things workout :)))))
PS: I'd like to know how you like my adventure, if I should let you know of my next experience with Rooster

My First Pony

paul1254 on Animal Stories


I am 18 years old and my dad is a farmer, I own a horse which I ride and enter into the local gymkhana's, I also have my own stable which is in a field near to my house and I look after my own horse doing all the feeding, grooming and mucking out, I spend a lot of time there as my mum and dad always seem to busy.  Where the stable is located is very quiet and I don't get any passers by or visitors, and there has been many a time I have gone there stripped naked, put a blanket down on the hay laid down and made myself cum using my fingers and a dildo that I keep hidden in the stable, I have a nice figure which due to all the exercise I get is nice and trim, I suppose I'm pretty normal as far as sex goes

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, I am pretty adventurous though and like to try anything once.

 My best friend Tracy was going on holiday and asked me if I would look after her pony Domino for her whilst she was away, no problem I said bring him to the stable tomorrow and I will put him in the field with my horse, it was my holidays and the next afternoon Tracy turned up with Domino in a horse box, we unloaded him and let him loose in the field with Lady my mare, they seemed to get on fine together Tracy and me went into the stable  where we put Domino's harness and saddle, Tracy left to pack and catch her plane and I went home for some tea.  When I got home mum and dad was having another row so I ate my tea and told them I was going to the stable to check on the horses, when I got to the stable it started to rain so I decided to bring the horses in, I opened the door and shouted Lady who came straight in closely followed by Domino, I gave Lady a good groom fed her and put her in her stall for the night.

I next got Domino and tied him to the outside the stall he would be in for his stay.  I got out my brushes and started to give him a good brush, getting rid of all the dust and dirt of his coat, I started at the front and worked my way back and it was while I was brushing his back legs that I noticed his cock, there was only about 4 inches  protruding but it still caught my attention, I carried on brushing him but my eyes kept going back to looking at his cock which was growing longer all the time, in the end my curiosity got the better of me and I put my hand out and touched it,

It felt very soft and rubbery I put my hand round this cock and gently worked my hand up and down, I wondered how big Domino's cock would become when fully hard, Domino must have been enjoying it as he kept neighing quietly, what really surprised me was how turned on I was becoming I could feel myself getting wet between my legs.  Domino's cock by now was about 12  inches long and quite hard, I got down on my knees in the hay so that I could see the cock better, I then wondered what it tasted like so I gave it a lick it tasted all right so I put my mouth over the end of this cock it was definitely the biggest cock that I had ever held and my mouth would only just fit over the end of it.

I was getting so wet now I stood up and took of my jeans and knickers shirt and bra so that I was naked I locked the doors I didn't want to take any chances.  Putting a blanket on the hay I knelt down again and got hold of Domino's cock which had shrunk a bit, it didn't take me long by sliding my hand up and down it like I would on a bloke before it was rock hard again, I wet the end of the cock and played it on my tits, pushing my nipple into the pee hole I was moaning and groaning with pleasure and I was only playing with my tits, I think half the reason I was so turned on was that it felt so dirty to be naked an playing with a ponies cock, I put my hand onto my pussy and couldn't believe how wet it was.

I stood up and getting hold of Domino's cock put it between my legs and played it on my clit it felt absolutely fantastic and it wasn't long before I had my first orgasm shooting my love juice all over rebels cock, I got on my knees and licked my cum off Domino's cock it tasted great, standing up I bent foreword and getting hold of Domino's cock slid it up and down my pussy when I felt it on the entrance to my cunt I pushed back to see whether it would enter me I felt my fanny stretching and I pushed back harder and felt the thick end of this big cock enter my stretched pussy, I actually screamed as I felt both pleasure and pain and I nearly collapsed as I came again shouting OOOOOOHHHHH  FFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK  I couldn't believe the feelings I was getting from this big cock, but from this position I couldn't get enough I wanted MORE of this cock.

Getting a bale of hay I positioned it underneath Domino's stomach and putting the blanket on it I slid onto the bale with a leg either side of Domino's, this meant my fanny was just at the right height to get more of his cock, I slid my body foreword until I felt the cock touch my cunt then guiding it in I pushed back onto this gorgeous cock, feeling it stretch and fill my pussy it didn't need any lubrication as I was so wet I could feel my love juice running down the crack of my arse, I must have had about 6 inches in me when Domino started humping trying to bury his cock in me all the way oooooohhhhhhhhh  it felt soooooggoooooooddddd I was cumming that much it seemed to be on continuous orgasm I pushed up as Domino pushed down I was out of control , and wanted all his cock Fuuuucccccckkkkkkmmmmmeeeee  Fuuuuuuccckkkkkkmmmeeee I was shouting putting my hand down and feeling his cock I felt that it was nearly all buried in my wet cunt, I pushed up once more and Domino let out a load neigh and came, I had another orgasm as I felt his hot cum fill my fanny it felt like it was blowing me up there was that much, it was squirting out of my cunt and running down the crack of my arse, I have never felt so satisfied after a fuck before, Domino's cock shrunk and fell out of my pussy I put my hand down and caught a handful of cum as it ran out of my cunt, I brought it to my mouth and licked it all of.

After I had got up cleaned myself and got dressed I put Domino in his stall and wondered whether Tracy had ever played with Domino's cock, knowing Tracy I would think she had or thought about at least, when she came home L would ask her and tell her what she is missing, In fact I would help her ive always fancied Tracy and would love to lick her pussy and feed Domino's big cock into it.  But that's another story E mail if you would like me to write it      

Farm Yard Melody (Part 1)

new_age_sandman on Animal Stories

I was only 14 when my mom finally got remarried and we moved to his farm in Montana.  It was a big shock for me to move from the big bad city I was use to to this solitary confinement of the country.  That first summer started out to be hell if only I knew.  Mom and Alan both worked during the day leaveing me home miles and miles from no where and virtually nothing to do.  My only companion seemed to be Alan's Black Lab named Wrangler.  So naturally every where I went he was right on my heels.  It got to where if I went to the bath room he was sitting at the door, if I had to bath he would scratch at the door till I let him in, he even began sleeping at the foot of my bed.  I don't mean on the floor I mean the dog would climb under my covers and lay on my feet his h

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ead on my knees.  At first I found it odd but I got use to it I actually enjoied the company even if it did cut down on privacy.
 Of corse I am an young girl just entering the age of woman hoodand curiosity.  All this time by my self with no one to talk to just makes me more and more curious and may dreams tend to be of preverted nature lack of friends I guess.  Late one night I began haveing one of my erotic dreams about my old friends and the joys of sex.  I woke up in a fuzzy state of mind my virgin pussy dripping wet and throbbing.  Of corse by this time I am not new to self masturbation so I began rubbing my warm clit.  Still this time with every one in the house asleep I decided to enjoy this moment fully.  I took off my nighty and began playing with my whole body.  Soon I was lost in the waves of self pleasure.  I closed my eyes dreaming of my ex boyfriend trying to be as quiet as possible.  Yet a faint moan fell from my trembling lips that caught Wrangler's attention.
 Lost in the moment of climax I paid little attention to him as he woke up and began sniffing my face making sure I was alright.  I didn't even worry as he began sniffing lower across my body.  Actually to be honest I think it became more of a turn on.  Even as he began sniffing and observing my fingers deep at work in my soaken pussy I didn't bother.  Soon I felt his cold nose touch my throbbing clit and it was at this point that I jolted into the biggest orgasm of my life.  Instanly I felt my own hot femanin cum erupt like a water fall.  A this eruption and climax subsided I fell back limp, exhausted, and breathless.
 No I was completely aware of Wrangler sniffing around hyserically between my legs and my dripping pussy.  I knew I should push him away but still exhausted I just lay there and let him be.  Soon I felt him begin to lick my juices from my inner thigh.  My body began to quiver and shake as he continued shamelessy toward my cunt.  I couldn't help but moan as his tongue began to ravage my throbbing clit.  I thought about what was happening to me I was enjoying it but no it couldn't be I shivered then started to push him away.  Again he licked me this time harder his tongue pressed licking all the way from the crack of my ass and deep into my open pussy.  I couldn't believe it the  feeling was amazing.  I knew it was wrong, even flat out nasty but that thought just seemed to make it that more intense more erotic.  He began licking faster and harder cleaning me lapping up my precious juices.
 His nose and tongue begain pushing deep into my pussy as he drank from me.  I opened my legs wider causeing my flower to gape open moaning my hips begining to rock up and down.  I began raising up pushing my hungry cunt onto his canine face fighting back the pleasureful moans.  I could even feel his teeth rubbing against my sensative lips.  I was soon thrusting my hips at him fucking his snout in near climax.  Again his teeth grinded this time as he endulged his self sending a shocking shiver all the way up my spine.  Before I knew it I was stretching my legs far apart pulling his head with both hands into my pulsing wet pussy.  I felt the climax building again my entire body seemed to come alive in convulsions as I exploded erupting like a sweet volcano of lust onto my dogs face and tongue.  Once more I felt my fluids running down my legs.  Wrangler deidn't hestitate to continue cleaning up the fresh fluids I squirted out. 
 I noticed him pressing hisface into my ass crack searching out the sweet nectar I could feel dripping across my ass hole.  I then rolled over my legs still wide grabbing my cheeks and spreading them.  He continure cleaning me with no resistance.  At this age I had heard very little about anal and the thiought of it was dirty almost sickening.  Still the feeling of his tongue across my tight puckered pink hole awoke a whole new sensation and interest to be explored.  Still it was getting late and I knew I must get some sleep.  I gave him a couple more minutes to clean me up then pushed him away and climbed under the covers to go to sleep.
 The morning following my first lustfull thrashing by Wrangler's tongueI woke up late.  I woke up to my tight teen pussy dripping and I remembered I had not even put my panties back on last night.  Then I realized it wasn't just a dream that Wrangler had woke me up already pushing his snout into my pussy.  Licking at me thirstfully I could already fill the shivers up my spine.  The sun had already rose high in the late morning and I fumbled on my head bord for my watch.  Looking at the time I brushed him off me unable to believe I had slept so late. 9 am by now mom and Alan were already gone to work.
 Even after brushing him away Wrangler countinue trying to get another taste of my juicy twat.  With the house empty us all alone I gave in and opened my legs letting the dog have his way with my dripping cunt.  And he hit it with out blinking an eye, he wasted no time before his face was borrowing deep into my body licking me.  I swear he acted like he hadn't had a drink in a month as he quintched his thurst in my juices.  With no one there to hear me I let him know it to as I bursted out moans.  Every breath roaring out of my chest into a moan stretching my legs to the limit beging for more.  I mean litteratlly "Oh my god, yes Wrangler eat me eat my baby, oh yes tear me up tear into my pussy", "Good dog, good dog eat me eat my dripping cunt, just like that."
 It didn't take long before I was thrusting my hips again, pulling his face into me and screaming like a slut.  The more I screamed the more I thought about it I was acting like a slut, no more like a bitch, like his bitch.  I was a dog's little bitch, and even more I was loving every second of it.  "Oh god yes Wrangler give it to me, show me who's boss, come on show me I'm your bitch, ya eat me eat your little bitch to death."  Oh god I was being a dirty little whore and I loved it.  Soon I could feel my climax raiseing, my hips bolting of the bed fucking his face near complete orgasm and screaming, "Oh ya there you go Wrangler let your bitch fuck your face baby let me slide my cunt on you tongue."  Then like an earthquake I julted my entire body quivered as I erupted, cum just pouring out of my teen twat drinching both me and my lustful caynine.  He didn't miss a beat as he continued cleaning his little bitch's cunt.
 He traced the rivers of cumm down to my ass crack and remembering the strange yet exciting feeling from last night.  Wanting to exsplore the feeling a little further and give my dog companion easy  access to devour his little cunt as he wanted I climbed to my knees.  Placeing my knees on the floor I reached back with booth hands and spreading my tight ass wide open like a little sex slave.  As his tongue found it's mark I nearly lost control.  I began moaning and whining I wanted him deeper in me.  I reached with my fingers spreading my tight puckered ass hole open.  He then paused for a whisper of a moment sniffing my cratered hole before licking inside of it.  I don't know what it is or if he just likes the taste of his little toy but in a heart beat he had his nose buried deep into my aa tearing at me from the inside. The feeling was unbeliveable and I found my self pushing back toward him trying to force him deeper.  Being stretched that way hurt like hell but the waves of extacy made me scream.  I lost all since and let go, "oh yes, god, hell yes fuck me with your tongue, shit, fuck your bitch's tight ass with your mouth."  Then minutes later I exsploded like never before cumm just blew out of my pussy all over my legs and the floor. 
 I even felt something hot and wet dripping on my right claff.  I glance between my open legs and quickly relized he was the one dripping there.  I relized now that he was aroused and could see his flameing red hard cock protruding from its fury sheeth and could see the canine precum dripping onto my leg.  After that last massive orgasm I found it hard to hole my own weight and soon rolded down onto my back gasping for air as he cleaned me back up.  Then with the thought of that huge dick in mind I decided I needed a break and went to take a short shower.

 After a refreshing showerand I got a drink I went back to my room.  The whole time I was bathing my self I kept thinking about Wrangler's big red cock.  I have to admit I was curious but a dog I don't know that may just be to much.  Still I had already let him eat me out and loved it, actually it felt so good that I figured I had become his little bitch.  Really I had become just a bitch with rageing hormones so why shouldn't I it was all so strange and twisted.  I decided to get dressed.  As I looked through my closet Wrangler came up behind me and started sniffing my ass he even licked it a couple times.  I decided that the house was empty so I put on a short sun dress that came down bearly below my butt cheeks. I went down stairs to have breakfast and as I sat at the table there was Wrangler right at my feet.  I glanced under the table a couple times and saw him licking himself.  For some odd reason I started getting all worked up again.  Before I knew it my little pussy was dripping wet and the dog was back up sniffing my crouch.  I pushed him away with my feet, "For christ sakes let me eat."  I had already found out he was persistant and I already kne I had become his mate and right now he wanted pussy and wasn't going to stop till he got it.  So I opened my legs giving him easy access the whole reason behind the short dress and no panties.  That was all it took for him he was all over it.  I could hear him panting this time as he slurped up my pussy juice. 
 It only took a few minutes before I began moaning and couldn't finish my breakfast.  I told him to come on and he could have all he wanted and went up stairs. I lay down on the floor this time legs wide open as he waked into the room and headed right for me.  Instantly he was borrowing his face full force into my cunt. This time it was like he was learning more and more as he licked from crack to cunt I started feeling his teeth grinding on my little clit driving me wild.  I started to reach yet another orgasm.  I looked down at my dripping wet pussy spreading it open with my fingers to a full bloom watching as my own cum begag to erupt.  Watching the milky fluid run like a river between my legs and into my dog master's thirsty mouth.  Then I glanced  back some and could see his rageing hard on already protruding out like a big red sign saying suck me.
 As my wave of climax subsided I raised him up off me.  Then a gentlely possitioned him to stand pu and slowly coaxed him as I slid up under his pelvis.  His big red cock was bigger than I remembered and sticking right in my face.  I took a deep breath preparing my self and before I even finished takeing a breath a sweet drop of precum fell onto my lips.  I licked them quickly enjoying the strange but sweet taste and wrapped my hand slowly around his slick shaft.  I eased my face up opening my mouth wide as I guided him into my hungry mouth.  Then closed my lips around it sucking ever so lightly.  My mouth was imidiatley flooded with the taste of his cock.  I loved it I wanted more I even moaned with his cock in my mouth.  I quickly found how my beast enjoied it as his hips began thrusting into my face.  I sucked harder feverishly swallowing dinking his every drop.  I could feel the blood pulsing, throbbing in his cock as it grew in my jaws.  I swear I was becomeing a pro in seconds my hand working the base around the knot already starting to form my mouth sucking him hard drinking his juices like I was dieing of thirst.  He just kept growing I thought he would never stop.  My jaws were stretched open to the limit and I could feel the head brushing in my throat causeing me to gag slightly.  I stated to move back off him but he wasn't haveing it.  He just thrusted that much harder into his bitch's mouth.
 I couldn't belive it hear I was laying on my back with a huge dog cock fucking my face.  All of a sudden I had become his little bitch and he knew it fucking my mouth like crazy.  He kept pumping and pumping I thought he would never stop and the knot kept getting harder in my hand I thought he was going to exsplode.  Which he did just that all of a sudden his cum just exsploded into my mouth.  A steaming hot stream of semi sweet fluid shot into my mouth flooding down my throat so hard so fast I couldn't take it all.  I swallowed hard but still had cum leaking from my freshly fucked lips. I gasped for air but his cum just kept cumming like a water fountain I kept gulping and gulping it felt like I had swallowed a gallon.  The whole idea just made me blow my top I blew my own load of cum all over the floor.  He began slowing his thrusts and the cum slowed to a trickle.  I still sucked hard a few more times aiming to please my master and my self by not missing a drop.  Then like he knew I was exhasted he climbed off of me went to the corner and layed down curled up cleaning him self and I fell back still gasping for air.

When Fido Popped Her Cherry

virgin_animallover on Animal Stories

I have had my dog for almost seven years now. He is a wonderful dog, sweet and gentle, and I love him. I raised him from a puppy. And this is how I lost my virginity to him.

I have always wanted to let my dog lick me. As dogs will do, he is frequently sniffing my crotch. One night, when I let him sleep in my room, I let him go a bit farther. I was lying on my bed with a book, my legs spread wide and my knees bent. Fido was lying at my feet, on my bed, which was a rare treat for him. I felt him start sniffing my crotch, and began to shoo his nose away, but stopped. It felt pretty good, and he did it often enough that I was used to it.

I was surprised when he started to lick my panties, and I felt a tingle in my pussy. I smacked his nose and he drew back. I went back to read

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ing. A few minutes later, he was licking me again. I almost stopped him again, but it just felt too good. I set my book aside and slipped my panties off, wriggling out of them and tossing them to the foot of my bed. Fido turned from my bare pussy for a moment and licked my panties, but quickly returned his attention to my crotch. His tongue felt better on my bare flesh then it had through my panties.

I began to groan and writhe as he pleasured me. He seemed motivated by this, and began to lick me more vigorously. I felt his lips against my pussy and felt my juices flow. He lapped them up eagerly. Before I could stop myself, I was cumming in his mouth. He sniffed my crotch and licked up my sweet fluids. I was going to end the fun there, but he was already climbing up the bed. I could see his pink cock peering out of his sheath, and I reach out for it.

I began to massage his sheath, and felt his cock growing harder. It was soon all the way out, and I took it in my hand. It was large for a dog, as big as any man’s. I moaned as he began to lick my cunt again. When my pussy was thoroughly wet, he pulled out of my grasp, and I knew what he wanted. I turned over and stood on my hands and knees in front of him, positioning my ass right in his face. He licked my asshole once and before I knew it, he was on top of me.

It took him only a few thrusts to find my hole, and then he was inside me. It felt so good, for the first time, having his belly on my back and his cock in my pussy. I reached back with one hand, pushing him into me. His hips were going like mad, pumping his knot into me. I felt my cherry pop and it was all the more pleasurable. I groaned, and came again.

My juices on his cock made him push harder. A few minutes of extreme pleasure passed, and then he ejected his hot white cum into my pussy. I had never had semen in me before, and it felt so good. I could feel him growing soft in me, and I pulled him out. I turned him onto his back on the bed, and moved myself into the 69 position with him.

I started licking his cock, and letting him slurp on my pussy again. His rod was hard again in no time, and I took it in my mouth, sucking him hard. His tongue flicked over my clit again and again, bringing me to an orgasm quickly. Once it had passed, I was wiped out.

I moved off of my loving Fido, and sprawled out on my bed. He padded up to me and curled against my belly. I put my hand over his belly and placed it on his now sheathed cock, caressing him softly. I fell asleep that way, with my hand on his cock.


shades of darkness on Animal Stories

My name is Suzie; I’m 5’2” Mexican with black hair, beautiful round butt and full lips.   I know this because my best friend Katie always tells me.


We have been friends forever, like since kindergarten.   We’re not lesbians or anything, we love boys, but when we were thirteen me and Katie started messing around.


Katie is white, but she is cool and she has dirty blonde hair that is curly.

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cerun: yes">   Katie is awesome, she is taller than me about 5’8”, and she is gorgeous.   She has these luscious blue eyes.   They are so sultry; she is so intimidating when she just stares at you with them.  


We are both sophomores and on the cheer squad in high school.   I don’t get to do much because my parents never let me go out at night.   So I’ve never really been with a boy.   But Katie has.   She is so popular; I think she has sucked every guy’s dick on the football team.  


I can only imagine how good it must feel because I’ve never sucked a guy’s dick.   I’ve kissed guys, but I’m not going to suck some guy’s cock in the bathroom at school.   And there is no way my parents would let one in our house.   


I get so hot though when Katie tells me about the guys she’s been with, but it’s okay because then she gets all worked up to and she eats me out.   Oh I love it when Katie eats my pussy.   When she licks my dripping cum off my legs.   But I still want to feel a guys cock.


Well anyways, so one day Katie came over on a Wednesday night when my parents were out with my older brother, he’s seventeen.   Katie thinks he’s hot, but I made her swear that she would never touch him, he’s my brother.


So we were hanging out and she was telling me that she had just started the pill and how great it is because now she can let guys cum inside of her.  


“What’s it feel like?” I asked.  


“It’s kinda like having a cream donut explode in your pussy,” she laughed, “only it tastes better.”


“I would do anything to be able to have a hard cock,” I said.


“Aren’t I enough for you,” she said rubbing the crotch of my panties.


“Oh Katie, you know what I mean,”


“Of course I do, but I still think its sweet that I’m the only person you’ve been with.”   She said.


“But I want to feel some guys throbbing cock in my mouth and pussy,” I said.


“Well you know there is another way,” She had a strange gleam in her eye.


“I don’t mean a vibrator or dildo, they just feel so plastic.” I complained


“No, here in your house you have a cock you could use,” she said grinning.  


“Eeeewww, I’m not fucking my own brother.” I said.


She grinned, “that sounds fun, but that’s not what I meant.”


“What do you mean then?”


“Charlie,” Katie said.


“You’re kidding right, Charlie is the dog.”


“No, I’m not.”   She said, “You know Luke, when we were having sex he asked me if I really want to do it doggie style, and showed me some pictures.”


Katie had never told me about this, and it took me back.   I mean Charlie is a dog a hairy, tongue lolling out dog.   “Charlie licks his own ass,” I said “That’s gross.”


Katie had still been rubbing my pussy and my panties were pushed aside and she slid her fingers back to my asshole.   “I like to lick your ass,” she said looking at me with her so piercing eyes.   I almost came right there she looked so intent.


I think that is what did it.   I have never been able to say no to Katie when she looks right through me.   She makes me feel so consumed.


She sensed that I had weakened.   “I’ll do it to,” she said licking my cum that had leaked onto her fingers.


Katie leaned in and kissed me, “I only want to show you what it’s like,” she said.


I opened my lips and felt her tongue even as my pussy lips parted in eager anticipation.


Charlie was in my brother, Alfonso’s room.   I stood up and my knees shook.  

“I’m going to get Charlie, you better take off your clothes.”   I said.


I returned with Charlie and 2-year-old German shepherd.    Katie was laying on my bed naked.   Her pink nipples were hard and two of her fingers were in her pussy with her legs spread.  

“I think he can smell, you” she said.


I looked and I could see Charlie’s red cock hanging down.   I had never looked at it and thought about it being a cock cock.   But it was.   My mouth watered.


“Since it was your idea you should show me how it is done,” I said.


Katie got off the bed and knelt down next to Charlie.   I could feel my wet cum dripping out of my pussy as I watched Katie take Charlie’s cock in her hand,   she pulled gently on it and ran her tongue over it.


“It’s kinda sweet,” she said


Then she took his whole cock in his mouth.   I watched as Charlie’s cock slid against her cheeks and all 8 inches disappeared.


She bobbed her head and began using her hand wrapped around the base as she sucked on the tip.   “Do you want to try?” she asked.


I was already kneeling next to her.   I took hold of Charlie’s cock.   It was so hot and hard, and wet from Katie’s spit.   I rubbed my lips across it and stuck my tongue out to taste it.   It was sweet.   As I began to lick it I felt Katie run her hands across my ass and over my pussy.   She began to rub my clit and to lick my hot pussy hole.


I was so aroused that I began to suck on Charlie’s cock.   It didn’t feel like a dog’s cock.   It was just a hot hard cock filling my mouth.   And Katie’s mouth was licking out my pussy.  


“You are so wet,” Katie said, “Are you ready for his cock.”   At first I wasn’t sure what she meant because I was already sucking his cock.   Then I realized that she meant for me to fuck Charlie.


I was so hot that all I could do was nod my head.   Katie took Charlie’s collar and pulled him around.   His cock made a wet plop as it came out of my mouth dripping with my spit.


“Put you head down, so your ass is in the air.”   Katie instructed me.  


All of a sudden I felt Charlie’s clambering on my back.   His fur felt so warm.   Then I felt his wet cock slide across my ass and my pussy pulsed as my lips spread even more in anticipation.  


At first Katie guided Charlie’s cock to my whole.   I could feel the tip of his cock enter my pussy.   I closed my eyes and felt Charlie’s paws tighten around my waist as he lunged forward impaling me on his cock.  


I screamed as it felt that a knife had been driven into my pussy, and then again and again as Charlie pounded his cock into my pussy.   But it didn’t feel like a knife anymore.

I don’t know what it felt like but I couldn’t breathe.   I felt like I was having my whole life pounded out of me and replaced with pleasure.   Every time he pulled himself forward I could feel my pussy stretch until   it could take anymore.  


I opened my eyes to see Katie sitting in front of me.   She took my head and guided my face to her open pussy.   It was so wet as Charlie pushed me forward burying his cock deeper in my pussy as he pushed my face into Katie.


I licked and gasped as I came again and again.   Until Katie just held my head in her hands and it didn’t stop.   Charlie was relentless.   His cock was like a living piston tirelessly working my pussy.   All I could her was a wet smack as his cock made its home in my pussy.


Until finally I felt it throb and a gush of scalding hot liquid jet into my pussy.   I gasped again as I felt it squirt out of my pussy as Charlie just pulled himself tighter and suctioned my wet lips to his furry crotch his hard cock completely buried.


I felt like I was going to collapse me legs were so weak, but there was something big stuck in my pussy and it held me fast for a moment.   Then Charlie pulled back and with a loud pop I felt his cock slowly slide out of my pussy and his hot sperm gushed out and ran down my legs.

Inheriting Thunder

BradBloom on Animal Stories

Cindy headed into her bathroom, pulling the door closed most of the way behind her and began to undress. She’d been working out in her garden in the backyard all day so she was pretty dirty and sweaty and she needed a bath. It was a really small bathroom so she never shut the door all the way. It got much too muggy in the bathroom with the steam from the hot water or shower when she did that.


She always had the bad habit of leaving the back patio door open when she came back in or went out too. She had a huge backyard fence, though, so no one could really get in. It was safe and that way her dog, Thunder, could have the r

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un of the house and the yard both.


She hadn’t always had a dog. She’d actually inherited him from her elderly neighbor when she passed away. It was in her will with a note for her that said “I hope he is as good for you on those lonely nights as he has been for me.”


And he had been. His companionship had been a wonderful change to her solitary days at home. She worked from home so she didn’t get out very much.


As Cindy stripped her clothing off, she imagined herself dancing in a bar for a dozen horny guys. She rubbed her hands over her breasts, taunting the imaginary men watching her. After she took her shirt off she ran her hands down inside her cut off sweats fingering her cunt and licking her lips lewdly. Her eyes were shut tight and she swayed her hips back and forth as she touched herself never knowing she was really being watched.


Finally she pulled her shorts off, reveling the fact that she had no underwear beneath them and she imagined one man calling out. She got hotter as she heard him calling her a dirty slut. She dipped a second finger in her pussy, working it deep inside herself and rubbing it over her clit as her shorts fell to the floor.


After she stepped out of them she leaned over the tub to stopper it and turn the water for her bath and she felt something that wasn’t herself down at her privates. It happened so fast, she wasn’t sure what it was and there it was again. It felt like a tongue only a bit different.


She pulled away from whatever it was but she slipped on the rug and went crashing down onto the side of the tub, the wind knocked out of her. As she recovered, gasping for breath she was in no condition to fight against the tongue-thing that was still licking at the entrance to her already soaked pussy.


A few licks later the tongue dipped inside her pussy and ran over her clit. She gasped, twisting her hips trying to get away from whomever or whatever it was when the licking suddenly stopped. A moment later she felt something straddle her. A sickening feeling of horror passed through her as she realized it could only be Thunder.


The licking resumed with much more enthusiasm when Thunder had Cindy trapped beneath him against the edge of the tub. She couldn’t move but at least she could breath finally. She shouted out, loudly, hoping it would frighten the dog away but it didn’t do any good. Her cries and shouts were intermingled with moans as Thunder licked at her clit and tongued her pussy.


Her revulsion grew as she felt what could only be his penis hardening and emerging from it’s sheath and pressing against her back. Thunders tail wagged excitedly, smacking her in the head as he licked her to orgasm.


When he dismounted, Cindy tried to gather her legs up under her and escape but he was much too quick for her. Within moments he turned himself around, jumping up on her and pressing her back down against the edge of the tub as his paws landed above her shoulders.


She could feel him humping a few times, trying to find her pussy but he wasn’t hitting his mark. She felt slightly better about that, thinking she had a good chance he wouldn’t but she still had to get away. She twisted her hips, trying to wriggle out from under him, still shouting and telling him to get down. All this did was excite him further and he started to bay long and loud.


Cindy rose up a bit and thrust back a bit, trying to throw Thunder off of her Just as he pushed forward. She screamed out loudly in pain and disgust when she felt him enter her in one long swift motion as he found his target.


He road her hard, pistoning in and out of her roughly stretching her cunt with his huge cock and drowning out her sounds of protest with his constant baying. Tears soon joined the rising water in the tub as Cindy was raped by her inherited dog and she was starting to wonder at just what the sweet old lady had meant exactly about Thunder being good for her on lonely nights.


The thought sickened her further as he continued to fuck her, thoughts of him doing this with that old wrinkled pussy of hers. Cindy braced herself against the side of the tub, wanting to fight against her attacker and she bucked back against him wildly. No one was going to take her without a fight. Thunder’s baying increased dramatically when she started fighting him, and he rode her harder, driving deeper into her cunt and stretching it until he finally drove his knot inside her.


Cindy screamed loudly in pain, blood trickling out of her pussy, her body tiring from a hard days work and all the struggling and she lay lax against the tub, sobbing and hoping for this to be over soon. The worst part of it all was she’d never been fucked this good in all her life. She didn’t remember having so many orgasms as this before!


Thunder thrust a few more times after he was locked inside her and then he finally exploded, jets of his cum spurting hotly inside her and mixing with her own love juice and the trickle of blood. After a few minutes, Thunder his mounted and pulled free with a pop and retreated into the bedroom to lick himself clean.


Cindy sobbed long and hard, slipping into the tub and cleaning every inch of her body meticulously. She was feeling so many things. Defiled. Betrayed by her friend. Both the old lady and Thunder, whom she had quickly grown to love after inheriting him. She felt cheap and dirty and sore. But she felt disgusted too- with herself. It had been very painful, yes, but at the same time it had felt extremely good.


She turned the water off and started to massage some salve into her abused pussy and she closed her eyes, relaxing back into the tub. As she touched herself she was unable to help but imagine the mental image it must have made, her dog mounted over her ramming into her for all he was worth. She was wet again quickly and she quickly brought herself to orgasm with her hand. But that wasn’t good enough. Her pussy ached to be filled. Just, not by some animal. No, that was too much even if it had felt good.


Cindy stepped out of the tub, heading back into her bedroom to retrieve one of her sex toys, not knowing that Thunder was still in the room. She rummaged through her bedside drawer and Thunders ears perked up as he caught her scent. He stopped licking himself and quietly padded around to the other side of the bed, licking at Cindy’s pussy.


She yelled at him again, but he ignored her and he knocked her to the floor. Just as she managed to get her arms and legs underneath her he mounted her, this time hitting her pussy quickly as he was well familiar with it now.


Cindy cried in protest at this being done again but her vocalizations quickly returned to moans of reluctant pleasure. This time Thunder was being much more gentle with her. It must have been because he’d cum once already. She moaned and pressed back against him, feeling good and quickly having an orgasm. She was well aware yelling and struggling wouldn’t do her a bit of good so she figured she might as well enjoy the best fuck she’d ever had. The feeling of his fur against her back as he fucked her added to the perverse pleasure of it all.


Thunder drove his knot inside her stretched pussy much easier this time and he howled loudly as he came inside his bitch a second time.


Cindy lay with him locked together and pushing back against his cock getting herself off as much as she could before his penis shark and exited her cunt. This time Thunder licked her clean since she wasn’t protesting so much and Cindy couldn’t help but think this must be how he got his name because he sure was thunder between her legs!

Fox Encounter

bdodge69 on Animal Stories

When I was growing up on the farm, there were always red foxes in the woods.  They didn't bother us, probably because we only grew crops, and we had no animals like chickens or rabbits for them to steal.  Thus, we didn't harass them.  Maybe that's why there were so many foxes around our farm.

Anyway, I remember one fox who seemed less afraid of people than the others.  However, it would never let me get closer than 30 feet.  But that was close enough for me to leave a dish of milk and have it know that I was leaving it as a gift, if you will.  At the time, I just thought it would be cool to be able to actually get the fox tame enough to pet it.

I had to be careful not to get caught; my parents would have skinned me, I'm sure, for trying to tame a wild anima

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l.  So, it was fortunate that this fox hung around some trees and bushes, where we both were hidden.  And I skimmed some milk from the cats (it was one of my chores to give the cats their milk), and just made up whatever story to explain where I was for a half hour most days - such as "playing with the cats".  I was careful not to spend more than 20 or 30 minutes in any given day with the fox.

It took a few days before the fox would trust me enough to even drink the milk.  I think it was at least a couple of weeks of me staying nearer and nearer to the dish before I could reach out and almost touch it - but that one time really scared it off, and it was at least a whole week before I even saw it again.  It was back to square one.

This time, I just stayed near the dish as it drank the milk, and didn't make any more movements or gestures toward it.  But, I would sit still nearer and nearer the dish each day, until finally I had the dish at my feet.  That time, the fox took at least twenty minutes before he walked up and actually started drinking.  I had heavy gloves on in case of a bite, and ever so slowly I moved my hand over to let him sniff it.  He shied away a bit, but he didn't panic this time.  I kept my hand still for a few minutes, over the milk dish, and it was the fox who sniffed my hand first - rather than me reaching out to touch it.  Then, he allowed me to actually stroke him on his side a couple of times.

After that, it was perhaps a month - and getting into winter - before he would really let me pet him.  And it was not long after that point that the weird thing happened.

Once, while petting the fox, he got up and started sniffing around the snow, and then began to lift his tail and squat just in front of me, about to relieve himself.  It was just a spur of the moment thing - I didn't really plan it, and I'm not sure what really motivated me at the time.  It was like this was a rare once in a lifetime chance to do something weird and exotic (in my really small world at the time), and I had only seconds to make the decision.  I felt that if I just sat there and watched, I would come to regret not taking some action and not getting the chance again.  So I just whipped off my gloves, cupped my hands under its tail, and waited to catch it.

I guess the milk I had been feeding it gave it a watery stool, and within a few moments, my hands had been almost filled.  Some of it even spurted onto the cuff of my coat and exposed shirt sleeve.  This was a fairly large fox, at least twenty pounds if not more, and he was pretty chubby.  After his relief, he was actually noticeably skinnier.

I wasn't expecting it to be that messy, but I didn't pull my hands away, and kept them still until it was done.  The sensation of the brownish-orange fluid spurting into my hands, the gurgling, bubbling sound, and the stool's warmth in the cold air and its liquidity gave me a strange pleasure.  I kept the pool in my hands for a few minutes before dumping it and cleaning my hands off in the snow.  I decided that I liked it, and would try this again.  However, this turned out to be a rare occasion, just two or three more times in the following months was I able to do this again, but it wasn't quite as exciting as the first time.  The fox would usually relieve itself elsewhere before I showed up.  And if it was 30 below, this was out of the question, so I only tried this on warmer days.  I remember once going to visit the fox, I was nearing the bushes were it usually would wait for its milk.  Just before I got there, I could hear that gurgling noise and was able to see the very end of it.  I actually felt disappointed seeing that orangeish pool in the hole of snow that it had melted, and that I had missed by maybe 30 seconds.

The solution to the mess was a good 10 to 15 minutes of washing my hands in hot water and scrubbing with antibacterial soap.  But it took overnight before the smell was really off of my hands.  My answer to the questioning about the smell when I first came inside (as it was noticed by my parents), was that I had fallen and landed in some deer stuff in the field.  And I tried to clean off my coat and shirt as much as I could.  I wonder if they suspected me at all.  Maybe it was a good thing that I was only able to do this a few times - how many times can a person trip and land with their hands in animal stuff?  I also worried that somebody would follow me and wonder what I was doing, or worse, catch me in the act.

But as far as I know, I was never caught or even had anyone secretly observe me doing this.  And by spring, one day the fox disappeared and I never saw him again.

After the fox, I tried this with the farm cats, it wasn't nearly as "exciting", so I only did it maybe once in a while through high school, and I never worried about going beyond that point.

Lady Goldie

Brigit Astar on Animal Stories

When I first laid eyes on Lady Goldie it was amatory passion at first sight. She was a three-year-old half Golden Retriever half Cocker Spaniel—an absolutely lovely mix. She was beautiful, with golden silky hair, big brown eyes, and delectable curves and features, and just the right size. She was quite simply luscious.

My sister had gotten Lady Goldie a year ago, and I had seen her occasionally when I went to my sister’s house. I wanted her so much; I wanted to make passionate love to her; I wanted to hold her in my arms and slide my lust into her.

My opportunity to do it to her came when my sister asked me to oversee her house while she and her husband went on vacation and to take care of Lady Goldie and the house. I of course jumped at the offer. I wou
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ld have two weeks with Lady Goldie—two weeks to do everything I had dreamed of doing with her.

When I came to my sister’s house, she had just finished bathing Lady Goldie. She told me all the things I would need to do with the dog: exercise once a day, grooming every few days, feeding once a day, with a treat or two. No big deal—I knew what to do to take care of her—and I knew what I was going to do with her too. Lady Goldie and I were going to do a lot.

My sister and her husband left and I was in the house with Lady Goldie. Alone at last.

She was so delicious-looking. I knelt on the floor and called her to me. She came up to me, wagging her tail. I slid my hands on her shoulders, through her golden silky hair, up to her head. She greeted me joyfully, lifting her head. Her big brown eyes glowed. She began lapping my face with her tongue, and I responded. I licked her tongue, her lips, her mouth, kissing her.

I unbuckled my pants and slid them down, and raised my cock up. She began licking and lapping on my dick. I held her head and swiped my prick on her mouth. She licked it with her smooth wet tongue. My cock grew; it stiffened, sticking up hard as a rock.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her to me. I opened my mouth and sucked on her lips and tongue. I held her tight as I slid my dick upon her warm smooth belly.

"Umm, you like that, Lady Goldie" I panted. "You like my stiff cock rubbing on you Umm, yes, I’m gonna give you the dick, honey, I’m gonna slide it in your golden tight hot pussy ass."

She was panting too now, and trembling. Umm, yeah, she wanted it; she wanted me to fuck her; she wanted me to stuff my stiff prick deep in her.

My dick was rock-hard, stiff and throbbing; my balls were puffed up and loaded.

I slid my pants off and pulled off my shirt. I was completely naked now. I scooted up behind her and wrapped my arms around her flanks. I moved my crotch up against her rump. Ah, yes, her rear-end was so soft and flossy. Ooh yes.

I pressed forward, pushing my cock upon her ass. She trembled and whimpered. The head of my prick entered in, and she whined and squirmed. I grasped her tighter and pushed my prick on in. Oh, it was so tight, so minty hot.

I stuffed my dick on in. Oh, it was the tightest hottest pussy ass.

On and on I stuffed it in. She spraddled her legs and thrust back at me. "Umm yeah, you want it, don’t you, honey," I gasped. "Ah yes—you want my cock in your pussy ass."

I gave a final thrust and was imbedded in her ass. I pulled back a little, and then slid it forward again. Then I began fucking her—screwing that sweet golden tight hot pussy ass. I jammed my prick up and down, fucking her good and deep. It was the best pussy ass I’d ever fucked—the tightest and hottest.

And she loved it too. She was thrusting back at me, whimpering and panting. I pumped the meat to her, fucking that sweet pussy ass good.

I felt it coming; I could feel the cum churning in my balls, gushing up my dick—ooh yes—here it came—yeah—pumping it, squirting it in her pussy ass—squirting it deep. Ah yes.

I pumped her full of cum. And she loved it.

It was a glorious two weeks. I fucked Lady Goldie most every day. Then my sister came back from vacation, and that put a stop to it. But I would be able to see her occasionally. And that’s how it still is.

Amys Ranger

KittenzK on Animal Stories


Ok so where to begin. I'm not sure really, this was an interesting experience and one I'm sure you will enjoy hearing about. Almost as much as I enjoyed it while it was actually happening.

My boyfriend and I had gone to a friends house to have a couple drinks and talk about our paintball team which she wanted to join. But I am getting ahead, I should introduce myself. My name is Lydia, and I am 23 yrs old. I am 5'4 with dark auburn hair and green eyes. I have been told I have a very nice figure and guys tend to misjudge me when it comes to paintball. They think that they can easily beat me and are often surprised at my skill and speed on the field. My boyfriend, Andy, is also on the team. Andy is 6’1 195 lbs with dark hair brown eyes. Ã

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‚  He is actually the team leader, and we have won more tournaments than we have lost. Anyways,   so we had gone over to Amys house to talk paintball. When we walked into her living room the first thing that I noticed was her 2 yr old black lab. She had named him Ranger. He was a very beautiful animal, and one that at that time I was thinking I would love to be under (Boy was I in for a surprise).   Amy is 5’6 with blond hair and blue eyes.   Her figure is even nicer than mine, which often makes me jealous but not In a bad way.   So we sat back and had a few drinks and talked about paintball and our pets and everything else that passed our minds, and ordered pizza before it got too late. Andy and I had planned on heading home early since we had rented a movie and wanted to see it before we had to take it back.   But before we realized it, it was 2 in the morning. We had all had quite a few drinks by that time and were feeling pretty good. So about that time we decided it was time to call it a night.

But as Amy passed by me to head upstairs I pulled her into my lap and kissed her. She was very surprised, but to my amazement and pleasure she responded with more enthusiasm than I had expected. She surprised me even more by asking if I liked her dog. Now, liking dogs the way I do it didn't take long at all for me to take her meaning and I quickly confirmed that I liked dogs. Andy was just sitting back watching the show at this point but I knew it wouldn't be long before he would want to join in with us. Amy asked if I would like to play with Ranger or if I would rather watch her while she played with him. I thought, "What the hell why watch when I can play?” So I told her that I would rather play. She grinned and helped me get undressed. I had been wearing a pair of black slacks that were tight on the but and flared in the legs, a tight blue shirt with long sleeves,   and a pair of high heeled sandals. Which covered a matching blue bra and panty set.   Then I turned and helped her to undress. Slowly slipping the black t-shirt over her head and reaching around behind her pressing my chest to hers to undue the clasp of her bra, and slowly sliding it down her arms giving her goose bumps in the process. Then I leaned back bent down, and unbuttoned her blue jeans slowly sliding them down her hips and out from under her feet. Unlike me she wasn’t wearing underwear, which was a major turn on.

I sat down on the floor and called Ranger over to me. He ran over and rubbed up against me and licked my face and chest as I reached out and stroked his fur, just getting to know him a little bit before reaching down and stroked him in his sheath. He was already getting hard and I didn't want him to get   fully hard until he was inside me so I stopped and got down on all fours and called him. He didn't waste an instant. He jumped up and started pumping on me as I adjusted myself so he could penetrate. Feeling him pumping me was awesome, he pumped hard and fast like a piston and got hard so quick it was amazing. He was perfectly hung for me and he was quickly knotted. Now if you have never let a dog fuck you, then you are missing out. Once he was knotted with me he stopped pumping and I could feel his cum squirting into me. It was hot and felt really good. As I was enjoying this I looked up and saw Amy on her knees in front of Andy with his cock in her mouth as he watched me. I reached down and started playing with my clit as I watched them. After a minute Amy got up and came over to where I was. She lay down under me and moved my hand, quickly replacing it with her mouth. She licked and sucked my clit, sucking all of the cum off me as it came out around the dogs cock. She slid her tongue down licking around my entrance and his knot. Andy came down and helped ranger down so that we were butt to butt and started playing with my asshole as Amy licked my clit. He picked up a tube of KY and put some on his fingers then slid them into me, I shuddered at the intense feelings coursing through me. By this time Amy had helped Andy strip down so that he was as naked as the two of us. As Amy continued licking me and letting me play with her tits Andy slowly slipped his cock into my ass a little at a time letting me get used to him. I was so turned on by this time that I couldn't keep myself from crying out and cumming. My whole body shuddered as I came around Ranger and Andy’s cock with Amy licking me to make it more intense. Andy started pounding into me harder thrusting deeper, while his hands squeezed my hips pulling me into him, as he got closer to his orgasm. About this time Rangers knot went down and he pulled out of me. Amy quickly licked up all of the cum as it poured out of me, then moved up and licked Andy’s balls and ass.   Amy could feel Andy’s balls tighten as she licked and stroked them and just as he was about to cum he pulled out and shoved his cock into her mouth blowing his cum down her throat as she greedily swallowed it all, licking the tip of his cock to get the rest. After we had rested for a few minutes I started playing with Amy’s cunt, playfully pulling on her clit then sliding my finger down to her hot wet hole. I slid down and started licking her, moving my tongue from her clit to her slit sliding my tongue as deep into her as I could go then running my tongue over her asshole. Then I called Ranger over and started playing with his cock, until he was hard and pumping in my hand. I wrapped my fingers behind his knot and let him get fully hard before I pulled his cock to the back and guided it into Amy’s cunt. Then I went back to licking her clit as his hot cum shot into her. It didn't take much to have her pulling my hair and pressing my face into her cunt until she screamed out and came around the dogs cock and against my face. So for a while we just layed on the floor and caught our breath then I grinned at Amy.   We called Ranger over and she lay back on the couch with her legs hanging off and we positioned Ranger so that he was over her and she could easily wrap her legs around him. So while she lay there and rubbed the fur on his back and head I guided his still soft cock into her and encouraged him to pump so that he would knot. Once he was knotted with her I reached over and pulled Andy to me and kissed him long and hard. Then he bent me over the edge of the couch and started teasing me. He started by slowly rubbing the head of his cock over my ass cunt and clit. Then with one swift move he slipped his cock into my hot cunt and started fucking me hard. All the while he was slapping and squeezing my ass. Just   as he was about to cum he grabbed both of my ass cheeks and pulled them apart and shoved in as far as he could. Amy had been laying under Ranger the whole time, watching us and stroking her clit while his hot cum pumped into her. Ranger jumped down about the time that Andy slid out and afterward I leaned over and kissed Amy and we both Grinned at Andy. He was quite impressed.


Blaze and Amber

justplayingyou6 on Animal Stories

Amber was wanted by many of the guys in her school but most she had already been with and couldn’t seem to find one that she wanted to stay with. She was blonde, had a beautiful tan body, to-die-for gorgeous 34C breasts, and a great personality. But what the guys in her town liked most about her was that she was an excellent horse back rider and she was always so well poised showing off every curve of her body.

One day Amber was putting all the horses out to graze.

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Coco , Peanut, Rainy, Magic, Apple, Double take, Shadow, and her colt, Shade, where all mares.   The stallions where kept in barn 2 away from them. She put out all the horses except for Blaze, her brown and white stallion because she was going to ride him through the trails behind her house.

First she brushed him and put on his blanket, then his saddle. She took off his halter and slipped the bit into his mouth and the bridle over his head. She was very fond of this horse. She walked him out of the barn, placed her foot in the stirrup and hopped onto his back. He stood about 19 hands tall. She trotted past the neighing mares and was proud of Blaze for not charging towards them, the horny little bastard.

They galloped through a few fields and slowed into the woods. There were many trails and you could easily get lost if you hadn’t been on them before. But Amber and Blaze knew them very well. She rode him through the woods about every other day.

After about 10 minutes trotting through the trails, Amber and Blaze stopped at a small watering hole. Amber jumped down, led her horse to the familiar tree and tied him up by the water.

“Shit,” she said, “I forgot my bathing suit!”

She looked at the horse and sighed.

“Oh well, it’s not like there’s anybody out here, and I don’t care if you see me naked, Big Boy.”

So she took off all of her clothes and plunged into the water. It was a little cold but comfortable. She only wished that Blaze liked the water so she would have someone to swim with. She swam around for about 10 minutes but remember that she had to put the horses back in before dark, so she jumped out and grabbed a towel out of the hole in the tree that Blaze was standing at. She always left a few in there in case she forgot one.

She walked up to Blaze and he nuzzled her face. Then he started to move down and placed his soft nose on her breasts. Amber didn’t object. He moved his head up and down as if trying to take the towel she had wrapped around her chest. She dropped the towel to the ground and stood, naked, in front of her favorite horse. Fuck the other horses she thought , mom can take them in when she gets back from her meeting. The only thing she wanted right now was to be with her best friend. She couldn’t think of anyone else she would rather lose her virginity to than her big boy.

So she untied him from the tree and led him to a rather tall and long stump. It looked perfect. She sat down on it and looked underneath his stomach. He’s fucking huge!   She thought to herself. Blaze was about 11 inches and pretty big around too. Amber never had sex before but she had given head and hand jobs, and had never seen one that big. She was a little nervous but she had a special bond with her horse and she knew he would be gentle with her.

She laid down on the stump and pulled Blaze on top of her. His cock searched around for her hairy pussy but couldn’t find the opening himself, so she grabbed it and placed it against her hole. He slowly pushed his cock into her as she screamed in pain. Ignoring her screams, Blaze thrusted harder and harder until her hymen broke and blood spilled all over the stump and both of them. This was much more fun for her now that her cherry had popped. They had now been fucking for about 20 minutes and still Blaze pushed on, until he suddenly stopped and shot a white jet into her. She yelled in pleasure.

“Oh baby boy! Fuck me hard!!! OOhhhh Blaze you’re awesome!”

After Blaze was finished pumping his load into her he jumped off her and went to stand by the tree and got some water. Amber just lay the gasping for air. After a while she started rubbing the extra cum into her pussy and licked her fingers clean.

She walked to the tree and put her clothes on. She could see that Blaze was still hanging out and crawled under him to stroke his shaft. It started growing larger again. She put it in her mouth and started sucking him wildly Blaze shivered a few times but Amber figured he was enjoying it. She thought about how she just lost her virginity to an animal and was now giving it head. It was hard to believe that Blaze was more experienced than her, having fucked many mares before. She also wondered if he liked fucking her or the other horses better. While she was deep in thought, Blaze shot a small but yet another load down her throat. She gagged and swallowed it all. She looked down and noticed that she had his cum dripping all over her clothes.

“Fuck,” she said “Fuck boy my mom’s going to know what I was doing!”

She cantered all the way home and to her relief her mom wasn’t home yet. She tied Blaze to a pole.

“Be right back boy” She said kissing him on the muzzle

She ran inside threw her clothes into the wash, changed, and ran back outside to put the rest of the horses away.
























He Was a Dirty Dog--and So Was I

Rodger-the-Dodger on Animal Stories

I liked to wash my feet on the weekends.  Heating the water, pouring it into the pan, adding soap, sitting on the bottom step.  One foot on a towel and the other in the pan...the warmth of the water ran up my calf and thigh.  I had to smooth my hands along my thigh and calf and down into the water, washing my feet and between the toes.  Something I looked forward to on the weekends, especially when Mum and the others went shopping.  I could take all the time I wanted and dream a little.

On just such a morning, in my housecoat, no knickers of course, and I felt alone and free.  Exhilarated.  Goosebumps on my flesh as it was cool in the house, except

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for the water.  And as always Buster sat watching me, the water in the bowl and my hands along my legs.  Waiting for his doggie treat--some left over scrap from lunch--which I always had handy.  He was eager and curious as to what he would get.  Little did he realize this day's morsel...little did I.

I was just a little girl.  Not that little.  I had learned some of the joys of the body but always when alone in bed, in the morning or at night...Before my discoveries I was never anxious when it was time for bed.  My attitude had changed.  It was something I now enjoyed, those waking moments before sleep or after just awakening, and I could explore myself, in private, feeling my privates.  My growing breasts--better than any other girl in my classes--my smooth skin and thighs and really smooth in between.  It made me feel excited and alive and relaxed.  I never felt as good as that.

I washed between my toes and the soles of my foot and it tickled me all over.  I must have shuddred because my puppy moved closer to my foot and sniffed at the bowl.  I patted his head.  He was ready for his treat but I continued washing, drying my hands, adjusting my housecoat so that it draped my waist and left my knees open.  I didn't want to get my clothing wet.  Buster licked my ankle, getting a taste of the soapy water.  His tongue was warm, like the water.  He looked up, wanting his treat.  It wouldn't be long now.  His mouth stayed open, his tongue moving in and out, a little spittle dripping from the corners of his mouth. He licked me again.

When I laid in bed I would let my mind wander to things that were soft and warm, like my little breasts,  gentle breezes at the beach where I would picnic with my family, soft grasses bending in the wind, waves ever-spashing on the shore and I would dip my fingers in a rhythm between my folds, thinking in the quiet of my room of the dirty words that my girlfriends and I giggled about as we said them:  "cunt" "fucking" "cock" and I kept up the dipping, dipping until I got breathless and my skin had goose bumps.

Buster licked me again and my thighs had goosebumps. My face was warm and I looked at him, pushing his mouth away.  He sat back and came at me again, licking my ankle.  I felt funny in my "cunt."  With a dog!  I was embarrased and red in the face.  This was stupid.  But it felt good.  I felt my goose bumped flesh and rested back on my elbows, feeling him lick, closing my eyes.  I noticed how quiet it was in the room and remembered our front door was locked.  There wasn't a sound except for the breathing of Buster and his slobbering when he licked.  He must have liked the salty taste of my skin and as he licked one spot clean he went to another, inching up my leg.

I should stop him and would, in a little bit.  It felt good, his moist warm tongue.  I was dreamy and dizzy.  I took a deep breath.  No one would know.  I was being dirty and I knew it but it felt too good to stop Buster.  I didn't want to get up, I hadn't even washed my feet.  Buster moved just then.  He must have smelled me, sensed there was a better place to lick.  His nose was cold and shocking.  I decided to get up and stop all this.  Just then his nose was replaced by his licking warm tongue.  He had found my spot so instantly.  I was amazed.  It was cold and warm.  Right on my secret spot.  I never felt like that before and then he did it again.  What a bad dog.  A really dirty dog and he would be punished but the damn dog licked me again, right on my cunt spot.  I couldn't help my legs opening.  I couldn't held cradling his dirty head.  I couldn't stop focusing his mouth on my spot, wet with his spittle.

I jumped at my waist, opening my little lips to his tongue which urgently dipped along my lips lifting my spot.  I was breathing hard now and deeply and spreading my lips, helping his dirty tongue lick my dirty little body all over.  "Please don't stop" I thought.  "Please.  This is so good and so wrong," and my hips spasmed as my feelings built. I felt myself at the beach as waves pulsed inside me.  I rested my head back on the step and released to the petting of my body by this naughty creature.  He licked me clean, slowly and finally stopped.

My breathing returned.  I realized I hadn't finished washing.  I felt clean already.  Couldn't wait for next week and my thorough cleansing, even if it was "dirty."

Bob the Builder and Bob the Dog

Magpie on Animal Stories

Bob the Builder and Bob the Dog

“You’re looking very sexy tonight, Faye.” Bob whispered into my ear, as he brushed past me on his way to the toilet.

  “A girls’ gotta try.” I coolly replied, although I’d already gone weak at the knees.

  Bob, the company Sales Manage

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r, was ‘drop dead gorgeous’, and had screwed at least four other girls from our office that I knew about. His nickname was ‘Bob the Builder’, after the cartoon character.

  “Do you want another drink?” he asked, when he returned.

  “That would be nice. A Southern Comfort and lemonade, please.” I replied.

  “Large one?” He asked.

  “I hope so!” I chuckled, and raised my eyebrows.

  With a little squeeze of my bum, he returned to the bar.

  I was standing alone, at our Warehouse managers’ retirement party, as my friend Carla had gone to speak to her boss.

   Moments later he returned with my drink.

  “What’s that you’ve got?” I asked nodding towards his glass.

  “Good old fashioned coke,” he grimaced, “I’ve got the car. I didn’t expect to see you here tonight,” he smiled as he looked me straight in the eye with his baby blue eyes.

  “There’s a free bar, so I couldn’t miss that, could I?” I giggled, as the copious amount of free drink began to take its toll.”

  Pressing his soft cheek against mine, he whispered, “How are you getting home? Would you like a lift?”

  “Oh My God!” I thought, “You don’t waste anytime, do you?”

  “You don’t know where I live,” I smirked.

  “You can show me.” Bob gave a little laugh as his eyes smouldered.

  “Okay,” I answered trying to be as nonchalant as my shaking legs would allow.

  “Give me 10 minutes, and then I’ll see you in the car park. Is that alright?”   He winked as he turned away.

  My head was spinning with a mixture of excitement and lots of drink.

  After quickly saying goodnight to Carla and my other friends I was standing next to his Audi car when he arrived.

  Bob turned to make sure that no one could see us, and then pressed his body against mine as he planted his large firm lips onto my soft ones. Softly and gently he kissed me, as his large hands pulled me even closer, until I could feel the swelling in his pants.

  My head was spinning as I got into the passenger seat.

  “Where do you want to go?” Bob asked as he revved the engine.

  “Home.” I told him. “Low Fell, top of the hill, behind the shops.”

  “Where do you want to go first? You do know what I mean, don’t you?” He looked confused.

  With a deep breath, so that I didn’t slur my words, and with a straight face, I blurted out, “I know exactly what you mean. Now take me home!”

  The look of disappointment, on his face, was wonderful.

  My mouth slowly broke into a smile as I told him, “My parents are away, and the house is empty!”

  “Funny girl!” he muttered.

  The drink was definitely taking an effect on me as we sped along the city roads. I slid my hand onto his crotch and tickled his cock until I could feel it expand even further, then I ran my fingernail along the outline making him squirm in his seat.

   As I fumbled with my house key, Bob ran his hands over my fleshy tits making me drop the key ring onto the ground. When I bent over he grabbed my hips and simulated ‘doggy’ sex with me.

  “Hey! Wait until we get inside!” I giggled as I finally opened the door. As the door opened and we stumbled in, Bob screamed, “SHIT!” as the family dog jumped up to greet us.

  The huge black cross Dalmatian had his front paws on my shoulders and was slobbering across my face.

   “Aaaaahhh! Bobbybingo! Have you missed me?” I forced our pet down onto the floor, where I tickled his tummy.

  “Christ! I thought that it was the Hound of the Baskervilles!” Bob joked.

  “You go into the living room and I’ll put him into the garden to ‘do his toilet”, I told ‘Bob the builder’, as ‘Bob the dog’, scampered along the corridor.

  I made sure that the door was firmly closed, when I entered the living room, so we wouldn’t be disturbed.

Bob was already stretched out on the sofa. “Come here, babe,” he beckoned me to him.

  Within seconds we were in a passionate embrace, kissing and touching each other. At first he fumbled with my breasts, stroking and squeezing them through the soft cotton material of my T-shirt.

   My hands were deftly unbuckling his belt and flies, as I tried to get to his stiff cock.

  Our tongues were nearly tied in a knot as he pulled my top and bra off. I tugged his pants and jeans down to his knees, until his twitching cock sprang into view.

   Bob ran his tongue down my chin and neck until he was licking my heaving tits and flicking my swollen nipples.   “Mmmmmm, that’s good,” I slurred.

  He groaned “Oh yes! Baby, baby, oh yes!” As I took hold of his rock hard cock, my fingers sliding up and down his straining shaft.

  My head was still spinning as I continued rubbing and stroking his cock, while he sucked on my nipples.

  With a slight tug, Bob un-popped the press-studs on my skirt. His fingers went straight between my legs.

   “Ohhhhhh yesssss!” I groaned as he ran a finger along my silk pants and my soaking pussy.

  “Is this what you want?” he asked as his fingers pulled the gusset of my pants to one side and he slid a finger into my hot box.

  “Yesssss, yesssss, yesssss!” I groaned as I bit my lip, as he prodded and twisted inside my throbbing love-box.

  “Come on then, it’s your turn, suck me!” he grunted as a second, long, finger entered my pussy.

  Still rubbing his cock, I bent over and kissed the purple tip. Mmmmm, it tasted good.

  My tongue was making small circles around the velvety tip as he twisted his fingers around and around inside me, making me roll my hips in rhythm.

  Bob placed his hand on the back of my head, “Come on, suck it properly!”   He panted. I opened my lips and obliged him by swallowing half his cock.

  “Ohhhhhhh Yesssss! That’s more like it!” he moaned as I covered his knob with my hot mouth and tongue.

     The next five minutes were frenzied as I drunkenly sucked his cock while he finger fucked me with two then three fingers.

   I was shaking and sweating when he grunted, “That’s enough that’s enough. I need to fuck you.”

  I was seeing double as I lay on the sofa with my hips hanging over the side for ‘easy access’ and so I didn’t leave any stains on the sofa!

  Bob knelt between my legs, blew me a kiss, and slid his cock inside my cunt. “Ohhhhhh!” I sighed, as I fastened my legs around his hips.

  He buried his face into my sweaty tits and began thrusting like a lion, “Yesssss, yesssss, yesssss!” I squealed.

   “Oh no! Oh shit! Oh no!” he gasped as I recognised that familiar warm feeling as he flooded my cunt with his spunk.

  “Oh shit, I’m sorry!” he shook his head, as he withdrew his shrinking cock from my dripping pussy.

  My heart was banging like a drum and I was still in need of a good fucking.

  I looked up, to see him look at his watch and say, “I’m sorry about that. I may as well go now, don’t want to upset the wife too much,” as he pulled up his pants.

  “BASTARD!” I hissed through gritted teeth.

  With a shrug of his shoulders, he left the house.

  Then, I thought, ‘if a job’s worth doing well; do it yourself’.  

  My pussy was still puffed up and dripping loads of lovely sticky spunk as I slid two of my fingers into my cunt. It felt really good as I twisted my fingers in and out smearing Bobs’ juice all over my sexual area.

  I couldn’t stop myself and jammed all four fingers of my left hand into my cunt, jabbing them in and out of my stretched pussy, as I flicked my clit with the index finger on my other hand. In seconds I was screaming from a fantastic orgasm.

    I must have passed out, because the next thing that I remember was having the most amazing dream. My ex-boyfriend was licking my tits and hot pussy with long tender strokes. Oh God this was good. His tongue was running across my sweaty tits making my nipples tingle. Then down my stomach until his hot tongue was slurping between my clit and my tiny arsehole, making my shiver with passion. Then his long tongue slid inside me, much further than his cock used to. The dream seemed so real, as I had orgasm after orgasm, after orgasm. I was in Heaven.

  In a drunken haze I half opened my eyes, struggling to make sense of the sight in front of me.

  It was Bob, the family pet dog, with his head between my legs and licking out Bob the builders’ excess spunk.

  “No, no! Bad dog! Bad dog!” I screamed as I hit him on the top of his head. Startled, he moved backwards and dropped his head giving me a puzzled look.

  Shocked and embarrassed at what I had just done, I sat mesmerised, as Bob placed his front paws on the sofa, either side of my hips, and began licking the caked sweat from my breasts and neck.

  In my drunken state I was having great problems differentiating between the pleasure that I was feeling and the disgusting thought that it was my dog that had just licking me to another multiple orgasm.

  As Bob made me squirm with pleasure I felt something hard and hot touch my thighs. I looked down to see his bright red cock waving between his legs.

  “Shit!” I thought, “He wants to fuck me!”

  “No! Bobby no!” I shouted as I tried to push him away.

  Off balance, he moved back slightly, giving me enough room to twist my naked body underneath him, as I attempted to scramble over the arm of the sofa.

  With one knee on the sofa and the other leg trying to push myself away, the dog took advantage of my position. He brought his front legs down either side of my shoulders, trapping me, as his long thin, red-hot, doggy cock prodded between my arse cheeks until it found its target; my dripping cunt. “No, no!” I screamed as the first couple of inches entered me. “No, no, no, baaaaaadd dog,” I gasped, as I continued twisting my body, but he clamped his jaw around my neck forcing me to lie still, “No Bobby, no. Ohhhhhhh no!” I whimpered as more of his long doggy cock sank inside my body. I was desperately trying not to enjoy this perverted sexual act.

  As he fucked me I could feel his cock getting longer and harder, filling me up like no man had ever managed, even banging against my cervix. For the first time in my life I had orgasm after orgasm without actually touching my clitoris.

  I couldn’t move as Bobby’s bony ribcage pressed me against the arm of the sofa. Sweat was dripping off my forehead as my pet dog furiously fucked me; his hindquarters banging away like pistons.

   I passed out, again, with exhaustion. Then I felt something very hard touch my soft labia.

  “Oh God no more!” I thought as Bobby forced his knot between my savaged cunt lips.

“Aaaaaaaagghhh!” I screamed, as it felt like a football being forced inside me. My whole vagina now felt like it had been stretched out of all recognition.

  My body was being shook like a rag doll as he continued fucking me for what seemed like an eternity, until ‘Bob the dog’ finally began whining and panting as my womb filled with red hot, scalding spunk. His last thrusts, as the last drops squirted into me, felt absolutely wonderful.

  Just like all of my human lovers, Bob whimpered and sighed as he flopped on top of me. I was so shattered I passed out again.

   I had been asleep for a few hours when I felt Bobby twisting off me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was still lying on my stomach and he was now facing away from me. He had turned his cock 180 degrees. I braced myself as he pulled away. The pain was incredible as he finally pulled out. I had to curl into a ball to control the cramps in my stomach and genitals.

    Bob lay on the carpet, looking very pleased with himself, as he cleaned his dick with that wonderful pink tongue.

    Later, after showering and breakfast, I had to face the world when I took Bob for his morning walk in the park. My lower body still ached from my night of depraved sex, and my stomach turned with disgust every time that I thought about the previous night. But when Bob walked alongside me, wagging his tail, I couldn’t stop craving for more of his insatiable doggy cock.

   When we arrived home, my knickers were soaking, and Bobby knew it. As I tried to make a cup of coffee, he kept pressing his long bony snout into my crotch, making me even hornier. As I pushed him away his tail was wagging like a windmill and his long red cock was poking out of its’ sheath again.

  I looked at my watch – . My parents wouldn’t be home until after Oh God! I couldn’t, could I?

  “Come on boy, upstairs!” I told him as I patted him on the head. He bounded up the stairs two at a time, continually looking back to see if I was following.

  Inside my bedroom he was so excited that he nearly knocked me over as I closed the curtains.

  “Get down!” I scolded him, “Be patient! Now SIT!” He did as he was told. My heart was pumping like a geyser when I looked at his bright red cock.

  As I tossed my shirt and bra into the corner he stood up and moved towards me, his long rough tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth. “No! Sit!” I called. Again he did as he was told, but he was shaking with excitement – just as I was!

  I quickly pulled my jeans and knickers off and sat on the edge of my bed, with my legs spread wide apart.


“Come on boy! Make me happy!” I called.    He nearly jumped the 5 or so feet in his hurry to get at my sopping cunt. “Aaaaaggghh! Ohhhhh!” I groaned as his rough tongue licked and lapped at my sore labia as he tasted my love juices. I was in agony and ecstasy as his hard snout and hot tongue rubbed against my aching groin.

  I grabbed my tits and squeezed my throbbing nipples, when his tongue began to disappear inside my pussy in his search for even more of my juices. Orgasm after orgasm wafted through my body as me and my dog continued our depraved act.

  Just as the night before, Bobby jumped up onto the bed waving his doggy cock in front of my battered cunt.

  Much as I wanted him to fuck me again, I knew that my pussy was far too sore. Fucking him would have to wait for another day.

  Grinning from ear to ear I took his head in my hands, “Lie down!” and pushed him onto his side. As he tried to get up, it was my turn to be in charge. “NO! Lie down!” I told him with as much authority as I could muster. As I did, I ran my fingers along his slimy shaft. Even if he was a dog, he quickly got the message!

   He relaxed, lying on his side with his cock waving in the air like a red magic wand. It was actually thinner than I remembered, but just as long. “Good boy,” I whispered as I curled my fist around his shaft, “this will be just as good as a fuck, for you.”

  Bobby’s doggy cock was hotter than any boys’ that I knew, and I felt very sexy as I rubbed it up and down, occasionally stroking the tip with my thumb, until I felt some pre-cum begin to ooze out.

  “Ooh, you like that, don’t you?” I asked my dog. By now I was leaning across his belly so that his cock could rub against my heaving breasts as I wanked his lovely red cock.

  I was now getting so turned on; I took a deep breath and thought, to myself, “Shit! You’ve come this far, you might as well!” With that thought in my mind I leant forward and swallowed half of his cock.

  Shocked, he began to twist his lower body, but my position kept him in place. WOW! This was fantastic. His knot had slipped out of the hairy sheath and I was cupping it and squeezing it, just like a pair of mans’ balls, as I tongued and sucked my dogs 8 inch cock. I could feel more of his pre-cum drip into my mouth, as I built up the speed of my hand job. Just as I was about to pull him out of my mouth, it was too late. Jet after jet of hot doggy spunk shot into my mouth and throat. I gasped for air as his hindquarters jerked and forced his bloated cock down my throat along with his cum.

  Very quickly I pushed his legs back until his softening dick slid out of my aching jaw, leaving a trail of his stringy spunk on my lips and chin. I flopped back onto the bed. Released from my grip he sat up and stared into my eyes with a look of amazement on his face. His tail was wagging so much it made his dangling cock shake, too.

  My hand snaked down between my legs and I stroked my dripping cunt. My fingers were a blur, rubbing my engorged clit as I swallowed the last of my mouthful of dog spunk. In seconds I jammed three fingers inside as I shook with an amazing orgasm.

  Minutes later I checked my watch, and chased Bobby back downstairs, so I could get showered and dressed, ready for my parents return.

   When Mummy and Daddy returned, the house was nice and tidy, and Bobby wouldn’t leave my side.

  As we were chatting about their weekend, Daddy noticed that Bobby had another hard-on. “That bloody dog,” he said to Mummy, “must know that there’s a bitch in heat somewhere close.”

  If only he knew the truth!     





Farm Yard Melody

new_age_sandman on Animal Stories

I was only 14 when my mom finally got remarried and we moved to his farm in Montana.  It was a big shock for me to move from the big bad city I was use to to this solitary confinement of the country.  That first summer started out to be hell if only I knew.  Mom and Alan both worked during the day leaveing me home miles and miles from no where and virtually nothing to do.  My only companion seemed to be Alan's Black Lab named Wrangler.  So naturally every where I went he was right on my heels.  It got to where if I went to the bath room he was sitting at the door, if I had to bath he would scratch at the door till I let him in, he even began sleeping at the foot of my bed.  I don't mean on the floor I mean the dog would climb under my covers and lay on my feet his head
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on my knees.  At first I found it odd but I got use to it I actually enjoied the company even if it did cut down on privacy.
 Of corse I am an young girl just entering the age of woman hoodand curiosity.  All this time by my self with no one to talk to just makes me more and more curious and may dreams tend to be of preverted nature lack of friends I guess.  Late one night I began haveing one of my erotic dreams about my old friends and the joys of sex.  I woke up in a fuzzy state of mind my virgin pussy dripping wet and throbbing.  Of corse by this time I am not new to self masturbation so I began rubbing my warm clit.  Still this time with every one in the house asleep I decided to enjoy this moment fully.  I took off my nighty and began playing with my whole body.  Soon I was lost in the waves of self pleasure.  I closed my eyes dreaming of my ex boyfriend trying to be as quiet as possible.  Yet a faint moan fell from my trembling lips that caught Wrangler's attention.
 Lost in the moment of climax I paid little attention to him as he woke up and began sniffing my face making sure I was alright.  I didn't even worry as he began sniffing lower across my body.  Actually to be honest I think it became more of a turn on.  Even as he began sniffing and observing my fingers deep at work in my soaken pussy I didn't bother.  Soon I felt his cold nose touch my throbbing clit and it was at this point that I jolted into the biggest orgasm of my life.  Instanly I felt my own hot femanin cum erupt like a water fall.  A this eruption and climax subsided I fell back limp, exhausted, and breathless.
 No I was completely aware of Wrangler sniffing around hyserically between my legs and my dripping pussy.  I knew I should push him away but still exhausted I just lay there and let him be.  Soon I felt him begin to lick my juices from my inner thigh.  My body began to quiver and shake as he continued shamelessy toward my cunt.  I couldn't help but moan as his tongue began to ravage my throbbing clit.  I thought about what was happening to me I was enjoying it but no it couldn't be I shivered then started to push him away.  Again he licked me this time harder his tongue pressed licking all the way from the crack of my ass and deep into my open pussy.  I couldn't believe it the  feeling was amazing.  I knew it was wrong, even flat out nasty but that thought just seemed to make it that more intense more erotic.  He began licking faster and harder cleaning me lapping up my precious juices.
 His nose and tongue begain pushing deep into my pussy as he drank from me.  I opened my legs wider causeing my flower to gape open moaning my hips begining to rock up and down.  I began raising up pushing my hungry cunt onto his canine face fighting back the pleasureful moans.  I could even feel his teeth rubbing against my sensative lips.  I was soon thrusting my hips at him fucking his snout in near climax.  Again his teeth grinded this time as he endulged his self sending a shocking shiver all the way up my spine.  Before I knew it I was stretching my legs far apart pulling his head with both hands into my pulsing wet pussy.  I felt the climax building again my entire body seemed to come alive in convulsions as I exploded erupting like a sweet volcano of lust onto my dogs face and tongue.  Once more I felt my fluids running down my legs.  Wrangler deidn't hestitate to continue cleaning up the fresh fluids I squirted out. 
 I noticed him pressing hisface into my ass crack searching out the sweet nectar I could feel dripping across my ass hole.  I then rolled over my legs still wide grabbing my cheeks and spreading them.  He continure cleaning me with no resistance.  At this age I had heard very little about anal and the thiought of it was dirty almost sickening.  Still the feeling of his tongue across my tight puckered pink hole awoke a whole new sensation and interest to be explored.  Still it was getting late and I knew I must get some sleep.  I gave him a couple more minutes to clean me up then pushed him away and climbed under the covers to go to sleep.
 The morning following my first lustfull thrashing by Wrangler's tongueI woke up late.  I woke up to my tight teen pussy dripping and I remembered I had not even put my panties back on last night.  Then I realized it wasn't just a dream that Wrangler had woke me up already pushing his snout into my pussy.  Licking at me thirstfully I could already fill the shivers up my spine.  The sun had already rose high in the late morning and I fumbled on my head bord for my watch.  Looking at the time I brushed him off me unable to believe I had slept so late. 9 am by now mom and Alan were already gone to work.
 Even after brushing him away Wrangler countinue trying to get another taste of my juicy twat.  With the house empty us all alone I gave in and opened my legs letting the dog have his way with my dripping cunt.  And he hit it with out blinking an eye, he wasted no time before his face was borrowing deep into my body licking me.  I swear he acted like he hadn't had a drink in a month as he quintched his thurst in my juices.  With no one there to hear me I let him know it to as I bursted out moans.  Every breath roaring out of my chest into a moan stretching my legs to the limit beging for more.  I mean litteratlly "Oh my god, yes Wrangler eat me eat my baby, oh yes tear me up tear into my pussy", "Good dog, good dog eat me eat my dripping cunt, just like that."
 It didn't take long before I was thrusting my hips again, pulling his face into me and screaming like a slut.  The more I screamed the more I thought about it I was acting like a slut, no more like a bitch, like his bitch.  I was a dog's little bitch, and even more I was loving every second of it.  "Oh god yes Wrangler give it to me, show me who's boss, come on show me I'm your bitch, ya eat me eat your little bitch to death."  Oh god I was being a dirty little whore and I loved it.  Soon I could feel my climax raiseing, my hips bolting of the bed fucking his face near complete orgasm and screaming, "Oh ya there you go Wrangler let your bitch fuck your face baby let me slide my cunt on you tongue."  Then like an earthquake I julted my entire body quivered as I erupted, cum just pouring out of my teen twat drinching both me and my lustful caynine.  He didn't miss a beat as he continued cleaning his little bitch's cunt.
 He traced the rivers of cumm down to my ass crack and remembering the strange yet exciting feeling from last night.  Wanting to exsplore the feeling a little further and give my dog companion easy  access to devour his little cunt as he wanted I climbed to my knees.  Placeing my knees on the floor I reached back with booth hands and spreading my tight ass wide open like a little sex slave.  As his tongue found it's mark I nearly lost control.  I began moaning and whining I wanted him deeper in me.  I reached with my fingers spreading my tight puckered ass hole open.  He then paused for a whisper of a moment sniffing my cratered hole before licking inside of it.  I don't know what it is or if he just likes the taste of his little toy but in a heart beat he had his nose buried deep into my aa tearing at me from the inside. The feeling was unbeliveable and I found my self pushing back toward him trying to force him deeper.  Being stretched that way hurt like hell but the waves of extacy made me scream.  I lost all since and let go, "oh yes, god, hell yes fuck me with your tongue, shit, fuck your bitch's tight ass with your mouth."  Then minutes later I exsploded like never before cumm just blew out of my pussy all over my legs and the floor. 
 I even felt something hot and wet dripping on my right claff.  I glance between my open legs and quickly relized he was the one dripping there.  I relized now that he was aroused and could see his flameing red hard cock protruding from its fury sheeth and could see the canine precum dripping onto my leg.  After that last massive orgasm I found it hard to hole my own weight and soon rolded down onto my back gasping for air as he cleaned me back up.  Then with the thought of that huge dick in mind I decided I needed a break and went to take a short shower.

Family Farm Fun!

XAshleyX on Animal Stories

Kim stepped off the bus in the small rural, central Illinois town. She was smiling from ear to ear. She turned and saw her Aunt Mae standing waving to her. She ran and threw her arms around her favorite Aunt. She was enveloped in a warm hug and smelled the nice perfume her Aunt wore. Her perfume always reminded Kim of fresh flowers. Her Aunt's soft full breasts felt so wonderful against her body.

"My goodness, Kim, you have grown since I last saw you. You are really getting to be a lovely young lady," her Aunt said, holding her at arm's length. Kim's young figure was developing nicely. Her breasts now fit a size-C cup that she was very proud of. Just slightly above five feet, she had shiny brown hair just past

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shoulder length, and wore it curled forward, framing a lovely face.

"You are really lovely. You are really filling out. I think you are going to be like your Mom and I in that department. And such lovely hazel eyes, and I'll bet the boys go crazy when you bat those long eyelashes at them," Aunt Mae said, still holding her.

Kim was embarrassed at the praise, but pleased that her beautiful Aunt liked her young looks. She knew she was slightly heavy, but that ran in her family. A friend referred to her as 'Reubenesque' and she liked that. She remembered Reubens' paintings of beautiful 'full-figured women.' God, what lush erotic figures they had. Some of the models in today's fashion magazines looked like they were on a starvation diet - no-tit, skinny bitches!

Her Aunt asked her how the trip had been and how her mother was. They talked for several minutes as the luggage was being unloaded from the bus. She had almost forgotten how beautiful and full-bodied her Aunt was. Mae was two years younger then her mother, and just as pretty. The two sisters' bodies were both built along similar lines, full and sensual. Kim hoped when she grew up she'd have big tits like them. She looked at her Aunt's breasts and wondered what size bra she wore. Her own C-cups were nice, but Mae's breasts were larger, fuller, and sexier. She wondered momentarily what they looked like naked. She shook off the thought.

She had a whole two weeks to stay at her Aunt's house. It was summer and her Mother had wanted her to spend some time on her Aunt's farm. Kim had been there before several times, and loved the quiet countryside, the warm friendly house, and the freedom to do pretty much as she wanted to do.

The neat farmhouse was as she had remembered it. Stepping inside, she smelled the familiar odors of furniture polish, the very faint odor of mothballs, and suddenly the delightful aroma of fresh-baked bread. She knew which room was hers and put her suitcase inside it. She slipped off her shoes and ran to the kitchen. Her Aunt Mae hugged her again and had her sit down, and cut off a huge chunk of still-warm bread, smothered it with farm butter, and put a jar of honey, one of home made strawberry preserves, and another of pear preserves before her.

She went from one jar to the next; unable to decide which was the best. Her Aunt had put a large glass of milk before her and she ate ravenously, as she hadn't had any lunch on the bus.

Filled and happy, the girl thanked her Aunt and ran to her room. She rummaged through her clothes and selected a pair of shorts and a tube top. Stripping to her panties, she stood a moment looking at herself in the mirror. She taken off her bra, and her developing breasts were nicely rounded cones. Her areolas - she knew the term - were small and puffy; her nipples also small. She hoped they grew. She had pulled and rolled them since she was small, hoping they would get longer. She pulled at her nipples a little and it felt so good. It made her pussy tingle and she ran a hand under her panties and felt the soft brown pubic hair. She had shaved it a little, shaping it. Her finger moved down to her slit and she pressed it inward a little. She liked the feeling. Looking in the mirror, she slipped her panties down so she could see her pussy.

She looked in the mirror and smiled. Many times before she had taken a hand mirror and looked at her pussy. Her cunt-lips were full and just peeking out a little. She ran her finger between her inner lips, and parted the deep pink lips. It felt so erotic. She ran her wet finger upward to find her clit, well hidden by it's hood, but now itching and swelling a little.

She and Trish, a close friend, had already discovered that they could rub their pussies and it felt so good. Trish had showed her clit to her, as well as how delightful it was to rub it, and to stick things inside you, but very carefully. They had tried cucumbers - almost anything that had a rounded tip. Kim had watched fascinated as Trish had taken a 'pump' toothpaste tube, with a rounded tip, and slipped it almost all the way inside her pussy. They had rubbed their pussies and clits till they came. It was delightful, and Kim was tempted to reach over and rub Trish's pussy, but held back. She loved the look of Trish's pink pussy when she finally pulled the tube out of herself. Her pussy was open for a moment, and Kim could see the pinkness deep inside her pussy, and smell the delightful odor of her friend's excited cunt. It made her mouth water - and her pussy tingle - to look at it.

Standing there, she rubbed her clit just a little. It felt so good. She withdrew her finger and brought it to her nose and smelled the odor of her cunt. It was a little strong from sitting cooped up in the bus. She'd have to take a bath or shower later. She giggled and slid her finger in her mouth and tasted her pussy juices. She loved that term. Pussy. Pussy. She laughed out loud and slipped on a tube top, her shorts and ran her hands through her long brown hair. She took a moment to put a rubber band around it, bringing it back in a ponytail.

She went out into the house. Her Aunt saw her barefooted and asked her to put on her sneakers, as the farm had many hazards for bare feet and she could get serious infections from cuts. She dutifully obliged, wishing she could go barefoot.

Kim knew the farm and its boundaries, and the farm was a safe place for her. She ran out to the barn to see the young Shetland pony. He was a gorgeous animal. She stroked him and was joined by the two farm dogs. One was a collie, named Bullit, the other a smaller Rat Terrier named Scooter. They knew her from previous visits and danced around her. She petted them both, stroking their soft coats, and scratching their ears, much to their delight.

At the back of the farm was a large pond, and she loved to go there. The dogs followed her, happy to have found a friend who paid attention to them. She and the dogs walked together. She felt so free. Crows cawed in the fields and meadowlarks sang nearby. At the pond, she walked out on the short wooden pier and sat down on a wooden bench and watched the white ducks and geese swimming over the glassy water. She slipped her shoes off and moved down onto the pier and dangled her feet into the water.

The water was warm and inviting. She knew she was safe here with the dogs, and the trees gave shelter from prying eyes. She laughed and slipped off her clothes. She stepped naked down the short wooden ladder into the water, and it was just the right temperature. She was an excellent swimmer and glided through the water, a nude water nymph. The dogs barked and ran up and down the pier, but didn't want to get into the water. The sun overhead felt so wonderful on her skin.

She floated on the water, enjoying the feel of it surrounding her nude body. Damn, that felt so sexy. Her breasts were twin gleaming cones and the water made her nipples poke up. She ran a hand over her breasts and it felt so wonderful. She swam for a few minutes, then got out, still naked, and lay on the bench to dry. The sun felt warm on her body. As the water dried on her, it cooled her a little and her nipples came erect even more. She pulled at them a little. It felt so nice.

That made her a little horny and she spread her thighs and slid a hand down to her pussy. She closed her eyes and rubbed her excited clit. God, that felt good. She screamed and sat up suddenly. Scooter had hopped up on the bench and had stuck his cold nose against her spread pussy. He looked up at her and cocked his head inquisitively.

"Scooter, you scared the hell out of me," she chided the dog. "Can't a girl have any privacy?" Scooter's tail wagged and he did a little dance on the bench. He moved closer, and his tongue started to lick her little pussy. "Scooter, dammit, no!" she scolded. The small dog backed up and hopped off the bench.

"Jeeze, who taught you that? Does Aunt Mae let you lick her?" Kim asked the small dog. The warm sun and the fleeting thought of her beautiful Aunt, and perhaps the dog licking Mae, made her flush with excitement. She dropped her hand to her pussy and slid a finger slowly down her wide-spread slit.

From the side, Scooter whined. She looked over at him, and he was licking his lips looking at her. "You son-of-a-bitch, you really want my pussy, don't you? Sorry, you little shit, no pussy from this girl." She continued to stroke her pussy, and quickly her cunt lips became enflamed, her pussy became wet and her clit ached for release.

Lying on her back, legs spread; Kim slowly stroked her pussy, bringing her slick wetness upward to her aching clit. She rolled it slowly in little circles, around and around. She brought her other hand down, and slipped a finger up inside her wet tunnel and began to fuck herself with it, slowly at first, then faster as her passion rose. She heard Scooter whining beside her as her fingers moved faster over her clit and her finger slid deep inside her young cunt. She cried out finally, her body becoming rigid as she climaxed. Her cries of passion echoed out over the still water and the birds on the pond turned to see what the noise was all about. She fell back exhausted and closed her thighs quickly as Scooter hopped up on the bench once more. He seemed disappointed and hopped off the bench quickly as she managed a sharp "No!" at him.

She lay there for several more minutes, totally relaxed and spent. She idly stroked her full breasts, thinking how nice it felt. A flash of memory came as she wondered how her Aunt's breasts would look naked. She laughed and sat up. She looked around guiltily to see if any one beside the dogs had seen her masturbating in the open. She was alone.

She went back into the water a moment, and washed her pussy off. The cool water felt so good to her hot flesh. She came out, dried off in the sun again, and began to slip on her clothes. Scooter was lying on his side and she noticed his red cock thrust out of the furry sheath that covered it.

"Scooter, you fucking hound dog. You've got a hard-on. Is that from me? Did you get a boner watching me? Well, I'm just sorry, fellow. Sorry, little dog. That's the breaks of the game. I'm not your bitch. Sorry, boy." Kim laughed. Scooter whined but Bullit obviously thought it was funny and danced around and barked at the sound of Kim's voice.

She slipped on her clothes, and she and the two dogs walked to the far side of the farm, exploring. They startled a rabbit, and Scooter ran after it. Bullit disdained the chase. In a few minutes, a panting Scooter returned, with no rabbit.

That evening her Uncle Ed came in and greeted her warmly. He made a fuss over how much she had grown, and hugged her close. She felt so loved and protected. He asked what she'd done today and she told him about exploring the farm, with Bullit and Scooter for company. He told her she was in good company, as the dogs wouldn't let anything harm her. She told him she'd been swimming in the pond, and he and Aunt Mae laughed when she told them she'd been skinny-dipping. They made sure she could swim well, and told her just to be careful, and she needn't worry about anyone spying on her there.

Kim got out her nightgown and a clean pair of panties. She went down the hall to the bathroom, closed and locked the door and undressed. She ran the water till it was just the right temperature, put the plug in the drain and got into the tub. She lay down and scooted down to the end. The flow of water was coming out at just the right flow rate. Kim moved down a little, spread her thighs wide and let the water flow down and over her young pussy. She had to suppress a gasp as the water danced delightfully on her pussy.

Moving her hips slightly, Kim spread her pussy lips wide and pulled upward a little, exposing her clit to the wonderful flow of water. Trish had told her of this delightful way to masturbate. It felt fantastic, and she thought of Trish's pussy, and that thought triggered a wonderful climax. She let the water carry her to a second and then a third climax before the water got too deep and she had to turn it off.

Kim lay back in the wonderful warm water and felt so relaxed. She should be, she'd cum three times, just now and once delightfully at the pond. She slid a finger up inside her spread pussy, exploring her young body. She washed her body slowly - it always felt so sensuous to bathe her body. She loved to use her hands, as the washrag didn't excite her. Kim washed her breasts for a long while, enjoying the feel of her slick hands on her bare skin. She got out, got dressed in her nightclothes and went into the living room. Aunt Mae was darning a sock and Uncle Ed was reading a farm journal.

She watched TV for a while, but here in the country the channels were few and far between. She got her book, said her goodnights, and crawled into bed to read. Reading till she was sleepy, she opened the door, shut out the light, and the last thought that ran through her mind before she went to sleep was how would Trish's tongue feel if it licked her spread pussy. She gave a little laugh and wondered how Trish's pussy would feel against her own tongue, and how would Trish taste if she licked her. She felt her pussy tingle slightly as she snuggled down under the covers and drifted off to sleep.


Kim awoke feeling happy and rested. She put on her robe and walked down the hall toward the kitchen. As she passed the bathroom she noticed the door was open and she could hear the rush of water. She looked in and saw Aunt Mae in the shower. The shower door was slightly frosted and she could see Aunt Mat's naked body, only slightly veiled. Mae was soaping her breasts and Kim caught her breath. Mae's beautiful, full breasts were low slung and absolutely gorgeous. Lower, under her softly rounded stomach, lay a dark patch of pubic hair. Mae's hands moved leisurely over her breasts, again and again. Kim's cunt tingled as she watched, knowing that Mae was playing with her breasts, running her soapy hands over her treasures, instead of just washing them. She watched as the breasts moved voluptuously from side to side as Mae played with them. Kim slid her hand down to her pussy and slid her finger into her moist cunt.

Mae's hand moved from her breasts, took the soap, and moved it to her pussy. Her legs spread a little as she soaped her pussy. Kim could imagine the feel of the soap being applied to Mae's bush. Mae put the soap aside and ran her hand up and down her slit, moving her fingers deeper. Kim heard a sigh, and imagined Mae's fingers finding her clit. Kim moved her finger down further in her pussy and found it was now very wet. She'd never seen a grown woman masturbate, only Trish. This set Kim on fire.

Mae's fingers continued to rub up and down her pussy, while she fondled one breast with her hand. Kim could clearly hear Mae's breathing becoming more ragged, and a little moan once in a while as her passion built. Mae did something totally unexpected then. She took one large, full breast and lifted it up. The water from the shower washed the soap off quickly, and Mae brought her breast up to her lips and, lowering her head, sucked on her own nipple. Kim suppressed a gasp as she watched. This sucking of her own breast seemed to set Mae off and she climaxed with a long gasp and a quavering moan of pleasure.

Kim came a moment later. Her pussy exploded and she had one of the most violent climaxes of her young life. She had to hold onto the doorframe to keep from falling. She stood for several minutes before she could move. The water shut off and the shower door rolled back. Now she could see her beautiful Aunt, splendidly naked.

Kim couldn't move, the sight was so enticing and erotic. Mae stepped out of the shower, and her back was to the door. She began to towel off. Mae turned slightly and Kim could see one magnificent full breast from the side. It bobbed and moved as Mae dried herself. She put one leg on the commode and bent forward slightly. From Kim's viewpoint she could clearly see the wet pubic hair on Mae's pussy and the pouting cunt-lips, wet and gleaming. Mae moved the towel underneath her, drying her pussy. Kim could see the pale brown star of Mae's anus. It looked so lovely, a rounded rim, leading inside her body.

Kim watched fascinated as Mae slid a finger along her pussy, dipping between her prominent cunt-lips for a fraction of a second. The lips were dark in color and looked like pouting lips in need of a kiss. That thought almost floored Kim and she moaned aloud.

Mae turned around and saw her standing there. Luckily Kim had removed her hand from under her panties and stood just staring at her beautiful Aunt. "Well, Kimmie, how long have you been spying on your Aunt?" Mae asked with a naughty smile on her face. "Fess up, now." She turned facing Kim, and didn't cover herself. She continued to towel her wet body off.

"I - I - I'm sorry, I came down the hall and you were in the shower. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spy on you," Kim said, face reddening. 'Damn, caught in the act!'

"It's OK, I should have closed the door," Mae said, bending forward to dry her legs and feet. Her full breasts swung tantalizingly, moving from side to side. "Did you watch me masturbate?" Mae asked, standing up straight again. Her nude body was breathtakingly full and voluptuous.

"Yes," Kim said hesitantly, in a voice barely above a whisper, her heart sinking.

"Hey, it's OK, Kim. Everybody masturbates. Your grandmother told me it was OK when I was small, but to do it only in private. Did you masturbate while you were watching me?" she said, a twinkle in her eye. Kim could only nod. She was afraid she'd only croak an answer if she tried to say anything.

Mae finished drying off. She took powder and dusted her body. Kim watched fascinated as she lifted each breast and powdered underneath. She spread her thighs wide and gave her pussy a couple of pats. Kim's eyes were riveted to Mae's pussy lips, so full and pouting. Mae put a drop of perfume between her breasts and on the inner surface of each thigh, then hung up her towel. She came out of the bathroom beautifully naked.

She startled Kim by moving close and pulling her to her naked body and giving her a hug. Kim's legs almost buckled as her body was pressed against the still very hot flesh of her Aunt. Her Aunt's breasts were so soft and she could feel the nipples press against her own chest. Mae gave her a kiss on her forehead, stepped back and went down the hall to her bedroom. As she had stepped past Kim, one soft breast brushed against Kim's arm and Kim almost fainted from the wonderful contact. Kim could only stand dumbfounded and watch the seductive sway of her Aunt's lovely naked ass as Mae moved down the hall. God, she hoped her body would be as spectacular when she matured into a woman.

She rested a moment against the wall, her legs still shaky. When she had regained her strength, she went to the kitchen and poured a glass of orange juice and sat down drinking it and thinking about what she's just witnessed. It was the sexiest thing she had ever seen, or even imagined. Her pussy got wet again. She had to refrain from touching it.

Her Uncle was, of course, already gone, as farmers get up so early. Aunt Mae made Kim a wonderful breakfast and she ate her fill. Aunt Mae didn't mention anything about the incident in the bathroom. Kim was almost disappointed, as she wanted to ask her Aunt a dozen questions. She ate a good breakfast and helped her Aunt clean up the dishes.

She went back to her room to dress for the day. Kim shed her nightgown and stood naked before the full mirror. Turning first one way, then the other she looked at her young body. She imagined Mae's full breasts, and cupped her own breasts, lifting them slightly, wondering how Mae's breasts would feel in her hands. Kim felt her cunt stir and come to life. Her pussy-lips seemed to swell at the thought of her beautiful Aunt - her clit certainly did.

"Very nice. You'll probably inherit your Mom's and my breasts," Aunt Mae's voice said from the door. Kim guiltily dropped her hand from her breasts. Her Aunt's eyes moved up and down Kim's body. Kim wondered if Mae could see that her pussy lips were aroused. She looked at her image in the mirror - her brown pubic hair hid them.

She remembered her Aunt's lush naked body and her eyes drifted to the full breasts. "I hope so, Aunt Mae. You certainly have very lovely breasts. May I ask what cup size you and Mom have? Mine is a C and doesn't quite fill the cup.

Her Aunt moved behind her and stood looking over her shoulder at her nude body in the mirror. "We wear a double-D. But don't let anyone tell you it's all fun. They are heavy, bras are hard to fit right, and the straps dig into your shoulders. I sometimes get pains in my breastbone they are so heavy. Settle for a nice C or at most just a D. Yours are very lovely. Very lovely! So young and pretty, your nipples small and neat, the areolas swollen and puffy." her Aunt said, moving close to her.

Kim gave a sharp intake of breath as she felt two warm soft hands cup and squeeze her breasts. Her Aunt had reached around and cupped her breasts. Her breasts had always been so sensitive and she almost cried out at the touch. Her knees almost gave way, it was so unexpected. Mae laughed and squeezed Kim's breasts gently again, lifting them slightly, as if weighing them with her hands. Mae kissed her neck and turned and went out of the room. Kim was glad she did, for her whole body was covered in goose bumps at the soft gentle kiss on her neck, a very sensitive spot on her body. She went over and slumped down on the bed, her legs about to give way under her. The encounter was so sudden and so erotic, she felt faint from the encounter. Her pussy felt on fire.

Mae didn't say anything later about their encounter, or look at Kim out of the ordinary. Kim read most of the day and talked to her Aunt about trivial matters. She wanted to ask her Aunt about sex, and a million other questions. After dinner that evening, she and her Uncle went out on the porch. He sat in a big rocking chair, and she got in the swing. They sat enjoying the evening sounds and smells of the country. Mae came out and sat in a rocking chair sewing a button on one of Ed's shirts. Cicadas sang in the trees, crickets chirped, and the silence was broken only occasionally by a highflying jet far above them.

Kim went into her room, leaving the door open and she read, her favorite pastime. Later, Mae came down the hall in her robe and went into the bathroom. Kim went out into the hall, but the bathroom door was closed. She heard Mae taking a shower. Kim lay back on the bed and a few minutes later Mae came back down the hall. Mae came in to gave her a goodnight kiss. This time she had on a very sexy negligee. It was very thin and Kim could clearly see her pussy hair, and the dark areolas around her nipples. The low-cut negligee revealed her full breasts, almost as if she didn't have anything on. Kim got a good glimpse of Mae's full breasts as she bent over to kiss her. She could see right down to the erect nipples. Kim smelled a different perfume, more sensual then the one she usually wore, seductive and tantalizing. She commented on it, and Mae laughed and winked at her.

The house got quiet; Kim had turned off her light. She thought of Mae in her seductive gown. At Kim's house, that meant that her parents were going to make love. The thought intrigued her and she guessed Mae and her Uncle were going to make love too. In an impulse she slipped down the hall very quietly and listened outside the master bedroom. She could hear whispers and a moan every once in a while.

She quickly made up her mind. She moved quietly back to her bedroom, took her pillows and put them under the covers so it would look like she was in bed. Very quietly she slipped the catch on the window screen, pushed it out and crawled outside. She slipped around to the master bedroom window.

The sky was dark and there was no moon to give her away. She moved silently outside their window. The shades were up and the window open, letting in the breeze. A bedside light was on and she gasped as she could clearly see them making love. Mae sat naked, upright over her husband, her magnificent full breasts swaying as she leaned forward, pumping her hips up and down over her husband's cock. From her vantage point Kim could see the gleaming wet, swollen member slide in and out of Mae's pink cunt.

Kim's pussy tingled and she slid her panties down and her fingers dove into her pussy. She had never imagined watching someone make love. Mae leaned forward from time to time, to kiss her husband. Kim caught glimpses of their tongues. Mae's full breasts jiggled and bounced as she moved. She sat upright and pumped up and down on his cock. Kim loved the way her breasts moved and swayed. The nipples stood out hard and erect, at least a half-inch. Kim pulled on her own nipples till they were hard too.

"Oh, Baby, that's fantastic. I love it when you get on top and fuck me. Make your pussy milk my cock. Ohh, yes, like that. Oh, shit, you are the best, Baby." Uncle Ben said, his voice hoarse with passion.

"Rub my tits, Honey. Yes, like that! Pull my nipples a little, oh, yes, harder, please!" Mae cried out. "Oh, yes. Honey, this afternoon I came up behind little Kimmie and she was naked. She has such a sweet young body. Her pussy has pretty brown hair on it. I reached around and cupped her sweet breasts. God, I almost came. Her nipples were so hard against my palm. Her knees almost buckled, it affected her so much. I squeezed her tits again, and I thought she would faint. God she has a lovely young body. Oh yes, pull them harder." Mae cried out pumping harder down on her husband.

"Oh, shit, yes. Yesterday she watched me take a shower. I left the door open on purpose, and she watched, and while I was masturbating, she brought herself off too. I knew she was there, as I saw her out of the corner of my eye. Oh, yes. Honey, like that. Is it getting you hot thinking about me rubbing myself off in front of Kim? Oh, yes, I can tell it is!

"Mnnn, I gave her a good show, sucked my tit like you love for me to do, and rubbed my cunt. I had a good cum while she watched, even, better knowing she was watching. When I got out of the shower she watched me, and looked at my pussy and breasts for a long time. I questioned her a little and she said she'd masturbated watching me. God, I loved it. Yes, Baby, I'm going to cum. Cum inside me, Baby, oh, now! Yessss!" She screamed as she threw her head back. Her hips slammed down and her breasts jiggled hard, up and down as she climaxed.

Kim rubbed her clit frantically and she exploded, outside the window. Her cunt was on fire, and her breasts were swollen and hard from watching her Aunt and Uncle making love, and hearing her Aunt describe masturbating for her. It took every effort she could muster to be quiet while she came. She had two violent orgasms in a row. She slipped back to her room and went back to bed, spent, her brain in a turmoil. Her final thoughts were that her Aunt had exposing herself to Kim on purpose.


Ed had left the house to work. Kim came into the kitchen for breakfast. She helped Mae make her breakfast and then clean up the dishes. She kept seeing Mae in her mind, bobbing up and down on Uncle Ed's large cock. Kim squirmed in the chair.

"Well, young lady, I'm going to take a shower. I didn't take one last night and I need one to make me nice and sweet smelling." Mae said smiling at her, turned and went down the hall.

'Damn,' Kim thought. 'She did take a shower last night! She doesn't know that I know she's going to let me watch her again. But this time I know she's doing it on purpose.' She let Mae get a long head start then moved to the bathroom. She could hear the water running.

The door was open again and Mae was in the shower stall. Kim stepped into the bathroom and called out to her Aunt. "Aunt Mae, I hope you don't mind, I need to brush my teeth."

"That's OK, Kimmie, go right ahead. I'm not overly modest. You did see me yesterday totally naked. I hope it didn't embarrass you." Kim told her it didn't, and quickly brushed her teeth. She slipped out of the bathroom and out of view of her beautiful Aunt. Kim slipped out of her nightclothes and dropped them in the hall. She looked around the door carefully; Mae had her face under the water, eyes probably closed. Kim took a deep breath and moved quickly into the bathroom, opened the shower door and before Mae could react, Kim slipped in, closed the door behind her, and moved directly behind her Aunt. Kim pressed her body full length against her Aunt's slippery wet body, reached around her and caught one of the magnificent DD breasts in each hand and lifted and squeezed them gently.

Her Aunt went rigid for a moment. "Well, Aunt Mae, turn about is fair play, isn't it? I loved it when you did this to me yesterday. Now it's my turn. God, you have fantastic breasts." Kim said, her voice husky with desire. "I hope mine are as full and beautiful, when I grow up."

Mae turned around and looked at her niece. "Are you sure about this, Kim?" she said seriously.

"Well, didn't you want me to? You knew I was watching yesterday and put on a little show for me. You got me all hot and bothered, till I had to bring myself off. This is what you wanted isn't it? You took a shower last night. Here you are again, door open, waiting for me to come in," Kim said, with a little quaver in her voice. She wasn't totally sure of what would happen. Had she been wrong? She didn't have long to wait.

Her beautiful Aunt's face lit up with a smile and she bent slightly and kissed Kim full on the lips. Kim kissed her back. She and Trish had experimented with tongue kissing, and now she slid her tongue into her Aunt's willing mouth. Mae's full breasts pressed against hers, her Aunt's full, wet body made contact with hers, and she went weak in the knees, it felt so wonderful. Their tongues probed and danced together.

Mae's kisses felt a hundred times better than Trish's kisses. Her Aunt's exotic naked body pressed against her made it so much more erotic. Kim's cunt felt like it was on fire. She cried out into her Aunt's mouth as she felt Mae's hand cup her pussy, and a knowing finger slip between her slick cunt-lips. She pushed her hips forward, and Mae's finger slid deeper between her pussy lips, then curved and pressed up inside her.

Kim grew bolder and pressed her hand to her Aunt's pussy and slid her finger up and down the larger slit of her Aunt. She loved the feel of the slit, and pushed her finger down between the folds, finding them wet and hot inside. Gently Kim moved her finger upward and found the small knob of her Aunt's swollen clit. Kim rubbed it gently round and round, the way she loved to rub herself.

"Damn, Kimmie. You do that so well. I love your touch on my clit. Oh, baby, you are so hot. I've wanted you for so long. I was afraid to do anything. God, I'm so hot. Make me cum. I'm almost there. Rub my clit, yes. Oh, yes, like that, baby. Ohhh, I'm cumming Kimmie, oh baby, now, now!" her Aunt cried out as Kim moved her finger faster and faster over her Aunt's firm swollen clit. Mae's hips thrust against Kim's finger. Kim leaned close and took one of the large nipples in her mouth and sucked hard on it. Her Aunt's finger was still inside Kim's cunt, and as her Aunt climaxed, so did she, biting down a little on the firm nipple in her mouth. Her Aunt screamed in pleasure as they both came almost at the same moment.

Kim's orgasm was so intense, she almost collapsed, and would have if her Aunt hadn't held on to her. They stood hugging each other for a long while, then kissed softly. Kim fondled her Aunt's large wet breasts. She sucked first one wet nipple and then the other, loving the feeling of the firm nipple between her lips. Mae hugged Kim to her body, and it felt so wonderful.

They pulled back and smiled at each other. They laughed and then happily soaped each other all over. Mae bent forward and had Kim soap her ass, and slip a finger up inside the brown asshole. Kim loved the feel of her Aunt's back passage. Mae squatted down and spread her thighs, and had Kim kneel down in front of her and wash Mae's pussy, spread it wide, and slip two, then three of her fingers up inside her Aunt's pussy. It felt incredible to touch Mae's intimate flesh. Kim played with the large clit, washed the cunt-lips and pushed her fingers deep inside the wet slippery pussy.

Mae had Kim stand up and move so her pussy was against Mae's face. Mae burrowed her wet face against Kim's spread cunt-lips and her tongue slid out and into Kim's young pussy. Damn, it felt so exciting. Mae caught Kim's hips and pulled her hard against her face. She licked and sucked till Kim exploded and cried out. Mae held her tightly and slid her mouth upward slightly to find the young girl's clit and sucked and tongued it over and over. Kim screamed over and over, climaxing again, her cries ringing through the house, as her Aunt ate her sweet pussy.

Kim finally could take no more and pushed away from her Aunt's embrace. Mae got up and held Kim close and hugged and kissed her. Mae softly washed Kim's pussy and ass off, gently slipping a finger in each opening, and they finally got out of the shower. Mae sat on the toilet seat and pulled Kim into her lap and held her and kissed her, stroking her young body.

"Well, little one, did you like that?" Mae asked her softly between kisses.

"Oh, God, yes! That was fantastic. I'm so glad we made love," Kim said, kissing her Aunt over and over.

"Well, that was wonderful, but it's much better in bed when we can take our time. There are lots of ways for women to make love together. It can be so nice and soft and unhurried. I can teach you many ways to make love to a woman. I like making love to your Uncle, but I adore making love to a woman, too." Mae said.

"Does Uncle Ed know?" Kim asked.

"Oh, yes. I don't keep any secrets from him. He knows about my lady lovers. I tell him the intimate details of my lovemaking."

"Will you tell him about us?" Kim asked.

"No, Baby, I won't tell him about us. I'm not sure he would approve. I did tell him about you watching me in the shower yesterday, and that you masturbated watching me." Mae laughed.

"And about cupping my breasts from behind, and how weak I got. Yes, I did masturbate thinking about it. It really excited me."

Mae's brow furrowed. "How did you know that? You little devil, were you listening outside our door?"

"No, even better. You came by in that sexy negligee, all perfumed up. In our house, it usually means Mom and Dad are going to make love. I slipped out the window and watched from just outside your window. God, you were magnificently beautiful making love to him. I loved to watch his cock slip in and out of your pussy and the way your beautiful breasts swayed and moved as you two fucked. I came twice. God, I was so hot watching you two."

"'Magnificently beautiful' - damn, I love that. You little vixen, spying on us. I'll be damned. Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I love to get on top, and fuck down on his hard cock. OK, I won't tell him a thing. Watched us fucking, did you?" Mae said, and swatted Kim's butt playfully. They kissed for a while.

"Come on, let's go in my bedroom and make love. You've got me all hot and bothered again." They walked down the hall. "Did you ever watch your Mom and Dad make love?"

"No, there's no way in our house to see into the bedroom from the ground. I have stood in the hall and listened outside the door. That was exciting. Mom sure makes a lot of racket. I guess she has a really good time … fucking!" There, she'd said it. She giggled at the thought. Mae, behind her, slapped her naked butt lightly again. "I'd rub my cunt till I came. Mom making lots of noise, moaning and sobbing - it really got me hot. She makes this little quivering sound when she cums. I hear Dad groaning out loud once in a while."

They moved into the bedroom. It was neat and orderly, the bed made up. Mae pulled the sheets down and folded them back. She sat down and pulled Kim between her thighs, lay back, and pulled Kim face down on top. Kim lay atop the soft beautiful body of her Aunt. Her pussy tingled and her breasts seemed to swell. She wiggled against her Aunt, feeling the soft warm body under her. She moved her head slightly and kissed her Aunt's full breast, taking the nipple into her mouth and sucking on it. It was fantastic.

Mae's legs were spread and Kim lay between them, cradled by the soft full thighs. "Oh, Baby, wiggle your little ass down and push your pussy against mine. Mnnn, yes, like that. Push it down a little harder. Get your pussy mound to spread my cunt-lips apart, and fuck down against me. Oh, yes! That makes your pussy fuck my clit. Oh, that's so good! Now slowly rock your hips, up and down. Ahh, yes, a little more on the up stroke. Fuck me with your sweet pussy. Oh, yes, your little cunt-lips are sliding on either side of my clit and fucking it so good. Yes, a little harder. Fuck me! Yes, like that, now rock your hips, yes, Baby, I'm almost there. Oh! Fuck, yes, Baby, fuck your Aunt's pussy. Ohhhh, yesss, I'm cumming, oh, Sweet Baby, fuck me, fuck me!" Mae cried out as she came.

Kim almost came herself as she fucked her pussy down between her Aunt's spread pussy lips. She could feel the wetness of her Aunt's drenched cunt, and a shudder went through her as she made her Aunt cum. She had never experienced anything like it in her young life. She had - made - brought - her Aunt to a screaming climax. She thrust her hips harder, fucking down against her Aunt.

Mae screamed over and over as her young beautiful niece's cunt fucked her to another climax. Her flowing juices made Kim's outer pussy slick and her cunt-lips seemed to suck Mae's clit as they moved on either side of it, stimulating it in a wonderful way. The thought that the young girl was fucking her added to the fantastic cum she had. She seemed to explode. She screamed in ecstasy, egging Kim on to greater heights of joy as she fucked her Aunt.

Finally Mae cried out for Kim to stop. She couldn't take another climax. She lay gasping for breath. Kim lay atop her heaving body, enjoying the feel of Mae's hot flesh, and the thought that she had caused her Aunt such pleasure. She kissed her Aunt's mouth, still gasping for breath.

"Oh, Kim, that was the best, Baby. The absolute best! Damn, you really fucked my pussy sooo well. Thank you, Dearest. God, you are good. I haven't had a cum like that in a long time." Mae gasped, kissing Kim between breaths.

Kim's body squirmed between her Aunt's thighs. Her pussy was on fire. She'd brought her Aunt off, but her own cunt felt as if it would explode. She had to cum or she would go crazy. Almost without thinking, she moved up in bed. She knew what she wanted.

She straddled her Aunt's body, moving upward till her spread pussy was over her Aunt's mouth, and she lowered her wide-spread cunt directly on her Aunt's mouth. Mae moaned and thrust her mouth against her niece's dripping pussy. Mae sucked the wet sweet flesh, and thrust her tongue up inside the tight wet opening. She burrowed her face in, and her hands pulled Kim's hips hard against her mouth. Kin needed no encouragement, and pushed her pussy down, this time fucking her Aunt's mouth instead of Mae's cunt.

Kim moaned as her Aunt's lips sucked on her opening, and her tongue slid deep inside her. Mae's nose pushed against her clit and Kim thrust and rotated her pussy, seeking release. She cried out as her lover/Aunt slipped a wet finger around her ass, found her small brown anus, and pressed the digit deep in her bowels. Kim screamed as she came from the unexpected feeling of the finger up her asshole. Her pussy exploded, and her cunt juices flowed out and into her Aunt's waiting, sucking mouth.

Mae was surprised at the amount of juices her young sweet niece poured into her waiting lips. She felt several jets of tasty juice shoot in her mouth. It had been a very long time since Mae had a lover ejaculate her girl-juice into her eager mouth. She moaned and swallowed the juices, but not before savoring the taste of the young sweet virgin's pussy-juice. She thrust the finger deeper up Kim's asshole, and her tongue into the tight young cunt that almost smothered her. She managed to gasp a breath from time to time, and reveled in the young girl's cries above her. Kim's orgasm seemed to go on and on as she rode her Aunt's face. Finally, spent, Kim fell forward and lay panting for breath.

Mae moved up beside her, and pulled her close and kissed her flushed face. Kim's body was wet with a sheen of perspiration, and the young girl hugged her Aunt fiercely. They lay kissing for a long while.

"Oh, God, Aunt Mae. I'm so sorry! I went wild. You must think I'm crazy! I'm really sorry. I got carried away! That was a terrible thing to do, climbing on you," Kim blurted out, her face red with embarrassment.

Mae hugged her young niece tightly to her. "Honey, that's the best compliment you could pay me, to lose it and fuck my face because you are so hot. It was fantastic for me. It's been a long time since anyone has gotten that carried away with lust while making love with me. Thank you for being so innocent and so very horny. It's not every day I get to make love to a sweet young virgin," Mae laughed, kissing Kim.

Mae looked at the clock and saw it was time to start dinner. The two got up and took a quick shower to get the pussy-juices off their faces and bodies. They had to refrain from making love in the shower. There were playful pats, quick cunt-fingering, and feels, as the two showered together.

Dressed they went into the kitchen and Kim helped Mae prepare dinner. "Aunt Mae, can I ask you a question. It may sound crazy, but, well, can a dog get a women pregnant?"

Mae laughed delightfully and hugged Kim to her. "No, they can't get a women pregnant. They are of a different species, and that won't work. It would be like a horse can't get a cow pregnant, or a bull impregnating a mare. They are different species. Why?" Mae asked, suspecting the reason for the question.

"Oh, nothing, I just wondered. I guess I thought about it while I was out walking with Scooter and Bullit," Kim said, trying to sound nonchalant about it. Her Aunt noticed that her niece blushed deeply while trying to appear 'cool' about the question.

Mae laughed out loud, and hugged her niece harder against her soft body. "You little vixen! You've been letting the dogs fuck your sweet body, haven't you? Come on, tell me the truth. Out with it! You're blushing three shades of red. You've done it, haven't you? The truth, Little One!"

Kim was unable to look her Aunt in the face for several minutes, she was so embarrassed. Finally she blurted out that Scooter had tried to lick her, but she didn't let him, and that she'd laid there and masturbated. Her Aunt held back her laughter, so as not to embarrass Kim.

"Well, I have let them lick me sometimes, when I really get hot. I taught them how when they were small dogs."

Kim was silent for a long time. "Does Uncle Ed know about them?" she finally asked.

Mae laughed. "Oh, hell, no! He'd probably shoot both dogs, then me, if he found out. No, one of the things that was hardest to train them was not to try and nose around my pussy just anytime. I taught them it was OK only if I were naked and called them. They are well trained. I don't need them sticking their noses in my pussy while Ed is around. They are smart dogs, I'll hand it to them. My Daddy said to train a dog, you've got to be smarter than the dog!" They both laughed.

Kim thought for several long moments. Perhaps she was going too far. "Do you ever let them fuck you, Aunt Mae?" she asked.

Her Aunt turned sharply toward her. "Kim!" she said, abruptly, frowning. But as she turned away a smile played over her face, leaving Kim with just a doubt. Did she or didn't she?

A moment later, Mae came back, leaning close and kissing Kim softly. Kim sighed and kissed her back. It felt so good to kiss her beautiful Aunt. Mae fondled Kim's breast and Kim cupped her Aunt's large breasts back.


The next morning they both got up early and Kim helped Mae get breakfast and get Ed off to work on the other side of the farm. He wouldn't be back till evening, he told them. Kim's heart beat faster as she realized they had the whole day to make love. After the breakfast dishes were washed and put away, Mae took her by the hand and they went into the bathroom. This time Mae ran water in the large bathtub and put bubble bath in it. They kissed and fondled each other as they waited for the tub to fill. They laughed when Kim told of lying with her pussy under the faucet and bringing herself off. Mae admitted she and Kim's Mom had discovered that years before, too. They got in, and turned facing each other, arranging their legs so that they straddled each other. There was much laughter and fondling as the two bathed together, washing the other's body with large natural sponges, but mostly with their bare hands.

Kim slid her hands under the water and found her Aunt's pussy and slid inquisitive soapy fingers up inside. It felt so good to play with her Aunt's cunt. She was able to get three then four fingers up inside her Aunt. Mae loved the feel, and instructed her how to move her fingers, and rotate her hand inside her pussy. Mae's fingers found Kim's tight young cunt-hole and slipped one and then two fingers inside. Kim cried out as Mae's fingers curved up behind her pubic bone and found her g-spot. Kim almost came from the intense sensation. She had never felt anything quite like it. Mae rubbed it slowly and softly till Kim was moaning with pleasure. Mae instructed Kim how to find her g-spot and Kim's fingers quickly found the small pleasure spot inside her aunt's larger cunt. Now they leaned forward and kissed, as they explored each other. Mae had Kim slip a finger up into her asshole while she did the same to Kim. It felt so very good to both of them.

They kept each other just on the edge of a climax for a long time, till the water began to cool. They washed off and went naked down the hall to the bedroom, moist from the bath and smelling wonderfully sweet.

Mae lay down on the bed and pulled Kim down beside her. "Kim, Honey, we have all day to make love. One of the really nice things about making love to a woman is that there is no hurry about it. It is much better if you both take your time and build the sexual tension up for a long time. It makes it more exciting, and you usually have a more intense climax.

The two moved close and began to kiss softly. Mae coached Kim on how to make love to her. For the next two hours, as Mae helped her, Kim made slow love to her aunt. She learned all the places a woman likes to be kissed and stroked, and how and where to lick. Kim loved sucking on Mae's full breasts, tonguing her large areolas, and bringing her nipples to hard points. Mae had her kiss and lick slowly down her body. She had Kim kiss and lick her soft full thighs, teaching her the sensitive areas at the juncture of her thighs and belly.

Kim could smell Mae's excited cunt and wanted to go straight to it, but Mae taught her patience, before she allowed the young girl to move to her spread pussy. Mae had Kim spread the lips wide and gave her a very detailed look at her female parts, and how and where to suck and lick. Kim found this the most exciting and erotic thing she had ever done in her life. She was excited beyond her wildest expectations as she licked and sucked her beautiful Aunt's pussy. She learned how to make Mae pant with desire and beg her to let her cum.

Sucking her Aunt's delicious pussy was fantastic. She loved the wonderful taste and the arousing smell of the excited cunt, and the feel of soft wet feminine flesh against her lips and face. She couldn't seem to get enough of her Aunt's pussy. Mae came over and over, as her sweet, lovely young niece brought her to one gasping, moaning climax after another. Kim learned how to make love to her clit, to suck and tongue it, and how to slip it out of hiding in the sheath that covers it. She loved the rather large pink clit that seemed to want nothing more then to have her suck and lick it.

Mae came one last time, crying out in passion, her pussy drenched with her juices. She gently pushed her niece's face from between her thighs and pulled Kim up beside her. "Oh, God, I don't think I have ever cum that many times in my entire life. Baby, you are the best. You really are good. God, I love to have you eat me."

"Oh, Aunt Mae, I absolutely loved it. I love the taste, the smell, and the touch of your cunt. I could eat your pussy for hours. You are delicious. Thank you so much for teaching me. Can I move in with you? I'll eat your cunt every day - all day if you want me to. Ohh, this is wonderful!" Kim gushed.

Mae held her and kissed her passionately. "I'd love to have you do that, my little lover. But I'm afraid we can't. Now, it's my turn. You must be on fire. I'll bet your sweet tender cunt is drenched. Lay back and I'll make love to you. I love making love to a pussy, too. I've never made love to one as young as yours, since I was a girl. Now relax and let Aunt Mae make love to you."

Kim laid back and her beautiful Aunt made love to her for almost an hour. Kim came and came. Mae kissed and licked her body from top to bottom, front and back. Kim felt so loved and she had climaxes that seemed to almost melt her into a puddle of hot juices. Her Aunt's skilled fingers and tongue probed her front and rear. She loved the feel of a finger sliding up her asshole while an educated tongue probed and slipped up inside her cunt. Her cries of passion filled the house, as she climaxed over and over.

Finally, spent, Kim lay panting. The two lovely women, one sensually mature, the other a still-budding young lady, moved together, entwining, and then took a short nap. Afterward they took a leisurely shower together, and each had another climax as they kissed and probed each other under the flowing water. Mae showed Kim how to take the pulsing showerhead with its long hose, and point it at her clit and let the water bring her to a fantastic climax. By the time they got out, both were almost exhausted. They dressed, and sat on the sofa, kissing and gently fondling each other, till it was time to prepare dinner.

During dinner Uncle Ed commented how wonderful they both looked, how good their color was, and how lovely they looked. If he suspected the cause of their well-being, he didn't comment on it.

Mae came into Kim's bedroom before she went to bed. They kissed for a few minutes and both told the other how much they had enjoyed the day. Mae's hand slipped under the sheet to cup and squeeze Kim's firm young breast. It felt so good to Kim. After her Aunt had left, she lay back and was asleep almost immediately. She was exhausted, but so satisfied.

The next day was almost a repeat. Mae and Kim cleaned the house quickly together, and then spent the rest of the day in bed making love. Mae taught her young niece several new ways to make love.

That evening after dinner, Uncle Ed sat on the front porch while Mae and Kim were in the kitchen, cleaning up the dishes. "OK, you sexy young lady, how would you like to see me get fucked tonight? Ed is frisky and wants to make love. I'll leave the room light on like we did the other night. You go to bed a little early and turn your light out. I'll tell Ed you are sound asleep and we'll close your door. You can slip out the window and get into position. I'll try to get him in the best position so you can watch us fuck. Would you like to watch us fuck, you horny little Devil?" Mae said in a conspiratorial tone.

Kim was ecstatic. The prospect of watching them fuck was very exciting, and knowing her Aunt would know, and be fucking partly for her benefit, would make it all the more exciting. They went out on the porch and sat for a while. Mae nodded slightly at Kim and she yawned and said she was sleepy and was going to bed. She kissed Ed on the cheek and her Aunt on the lips. For devilment, she slipped her tongue into her Aunt's mouth quickly, and her body hid from view the fact that she squeezed her Aunt's full breast. Ed was not watching, and they both enjoyed the brief daring kiss.

Kim got ready for bed but left off her panties. She lay quietly, fingering her swollen clit gently, exciting herself. She got up quietly and went over to her dresser. Using the soft light coming from the hall, she picked up her favorite unobtrusive sex toy - a small nail-polish bottle with a rounded head - and took it to bed. She lay back, covered by the sheet, spread her legs a little and slipped the bottle up and down her pussy, wetting it with her juices. Damn, she was wet. She slipped the bottle inside her pussy, and moved it gently in and out, fucking her pussy gently, not trying to bring herself off, just teasing herself.

She heard Uncle Ed coming down the hall, and lay very still. He passed by and didn't stop. Mae came by several minutes later and came in. Kim pulled the covers down, and spread her thighs. Her Aunt had to put her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing out loud when she saw the nail polish bottle being pushed in and out of Kim's pussy. Kim pulled it out. Mae bent down and slipped her tongue part way into Kim's spread pussy.

"I don't want to get pussy juice all over my lips right now, you rascal," she whispered. "Give us ten minutes. I have to put on some perfume, and wash my pussy squeaky-clean. He loves to eat me." She kissed her niece, turned and closed the door quietly behind her. Kim lay gently fucking herself with the bottle, watching the clock. She heard Mae come back down the hall and give a gentle tap on the door as she passed. Kim slipped out of bed, put on her slippers, and crawled out the window.

She was in place as Mae came into their bedroom. Ed was already in bed waiting. "She's fast asleep. I closed the door so she can't hear us. Oh, Baby, I'm so hot. That Kim is so hot, too. I'd love to make love to her sweet body. Did you notice those nice breasts of hers? I looked at her bra, and she's a C-cup already. She takes after Sis and I both. She's so cute - I love that cute little button nose of hers. Damn, she's going to be a knock-out when she gets a little older."

"Hey, you're getting me hot thinking about her. She is quite a doll, with those big hazel eyes of hers and those long lashes. Damn, Woman, quit making me horny for our niece. You're all the sex I need. Get your gorgeous ass in bed. I want to eat your pussy till you cum and cum," Ed said, throwing back the sheet.

Kim's eyebrow shot up when she saw her Uncle's large cock erect and swollen. She hadn't seen it clearly when they were fucking before. Now she saw it all. She guessed it was at least seven inches long, and almost as thick as her wrist. The head was almost purple in color, swollen and bulging.

Mae slipped out of her thin gown and moved to the bed. She looked toward the window for a second and Kim saw her wink. She was magnificent. She kneeled on the side of the bed and reached over and grasped Ed's cock. She slid her hand up and down the shaft several times before she leaned down and took the cock-head and slipped her mouth down over it. Kim had never seen anyone do this, and it was thrilling to her. She slid her hand under her nightgown and a finger into her wet and excited pussy. She suppressed a moan as she touched her swollen and aching clit. Ohhh, it felt so good.

Kim watched spellbound as Mae used her hands and mouth on her husband's cock, orally making love to him. Mae kept him just on the edge of a climax, till finally she stopped and told him it was his turn. She lay down with her body sideways to the window. Ed slipped a pillow under her ass to raise her up a little and spread her thighs wide. Mae pulled her knees up to touch her breasts, giving her husband free access to her spread pussy. Ed licked and sucked her cunt for a long while, and Mae had two climaxes, moaning and crying out her ecstasy. Kim loved the sounds Mae made while she came.

They moved together and kissed for a while. Then Mae ran her lips down over Ed's cock, wetting it again, then got on all fours on the bed. She positioned herself so Kim could get a good view of Ed's cock going into her. Ed moved behind her, and Mae reached back and guided his cock to her wet and spread pussy.

"Mnnn, come on, Lover, put that fabulous cock inside me. I need it. I'm so hot and horny. You ate my pussy so well. Now fuck me hard. Mnn, yes, push that big hard cock deep in me. Ohhh, yes, all the way! Ohh, you've hit bottom, I can feel it punch in there. Now fuck me slow, long and slow. Mnn, yes, pull it all the way out, then shove it in very slow, make me want it. Oh, Honey, that's so good. You're such a good lover."

Kim fingered her wet pussy, standing just outside the window. She could hear every sound, see almost every detail. She loved the way Mae's full round melons swayed and shook as the two moved together. Ed reached under and fondled and stroked Mae's breasts, squeezing and pulling on them. Mae became even more excited.

"Ohh, Honey, now fuck me harder and faster. Yes, like that. Harder. Ohh, yes. Faster!" Mae cried. Kim listened to the slap of Ed's thighs against Mae's ass, and the squeaks of the bed as they fucked harder and harder. Knowing that Mae knew she was there made it more exciting. "Oh, shit, Honey, I'm on fire. Fuck me harder. I'm your mare and you're my big stallion, fuck your mare. Slide that long thick horse-cock up inside me. Fill my pussy up. Ohhh, yes fuck me, you big stallion. Fuck me hard. Ohhhh. Shit. I'm cumming. Ohhh, now!" Mae cried out as her husband's hips and thick cock slammed up inside her.

Kim's finger flew over her aching clit, and she came too, hoping her gasps of joy didn't carry over the noise inside. Ed's thrusting slowed now. Mae calmed down a little. "Damn, Honey that was good, you fucked me so hard. Just like a big long-dicked stallion. Thanks, I needed a good cum. Do you want to do a 69 and let me suck you off while you eat my pussy?"

"Mnnn, I'd love that, Baby. You suck my cock like a vacuum cleaner," Ed laughed.

"If I catch you getting sucked by that vacuum cleaner, I'll cut that cock off," Mae said, laughing.

They moved in the bed and Ed got on the bottom. Kim was still panting outside from her climax, and she watched as the two moved into a 69. Mae straddled Ed's head and lowered her hips down. She took his cock in her mouth and began to slide up and down its length. Kim was fascinated to see his thick rod slowly disappear into Mae's mouth. Lower and lower her head dropped. Kim had heard the kids snicker about 'deep-throating,' but thought it was a myth. Now she watched her beautiful Aunt's lips slip down lower and lower, till her mouth touched her Uncle's pubic hair. Mae held it for several long seconds, then moved back up. Kim guessed she needed to come up for air.

Mae moaned, and Ed's head was bobbing up and down as he licked and sucked his beautiful wife's spread pussy. Kim's mouth watered, thinking of the soft wet flesh, and wishing she could have her face buried between Mae's white thighs. Her clit began to tingle and ache again, and she rubbed it a little harder while she watched.

Ed's hand moved to Mae's smooth ass, and Mae moaned as he slid a finger up her asshole. She lifted her head a moment and moaned, "Oh, yes, Honey, stick that finger deep up my asshole, ream me out while you suck my pussy. Oh, God, that feels so good. Suck my pussy harder, please, oh, please. Yesss, like that!" She cried before she lowered her head and his cock disappeared down her throat again. They kept this up for about ten minutes. Kim thought that Mae's mouth and throat must have been aching from the strain of taking that big cock down her throat. Now they began to work faster, and Ed was the first to cum. She could hear him moan and cry out, his voice slightly muffled by Mae's cunt and thighs.

Mae's head moved up and down rapidly, and she fondled his balls with her hand as she sucked him deep down her throat. He cried out and Mae's mouth caught his sperm as it shot into her mouth. Kim could see her cheeks hollow as she sucked him. He cried out again and again till finally his head slumped back for a couple of minutes. Mae licked his cock and then his head lifted and went back to burrow in her spread pussy. Mae began to thrust against his mouth. His finger moved in and out of her ass, and Mae moved a hand to her pussy and began to rub her clit while he sucked her pussy.

"Oh, yes, Baby, rub that clit. Make yourself cum for me. Make that pussy cum. I want to suck your pussy juices out. Cum for me, Baby, now, now!" Ed urged Mae, and then his head went back to sucking and tonguing her pussy. Mae cried out, and while one hand rubbed her clit, the other caught one beautiful breast and squeezed and kneaded it. She lifted her nipple to her mouth and sucked on it. Kim watched, excited by the two making love not six feet from her. She stoked the fire in her pussy with her franticly rubbing fingers. She reached back and jammed a finger up her ass, duplicating Ed's finger up Mae's ass. She was frantic to cum.

Mae screamed out her pleasure as she came, and Kim was only a moment behind her and had to bite her lip hard to keep from screaming out as her young pussy climaxed and she almost bent double as she came. Inside the bedroom, Mae collapsed to one side, and she and Ed moved back together in bed, hugging and kissing.

"Damn, Mae, you sure were hot tonight. What got you so hot? That cute little niece in there? You'd love to make love to her wouldn't you? I know you would," Ed laughed.

"Oh, hell, yes, but I won't. Mary sent her here for two weeks and I'll try to contain myself. I would like to make love to her cute little body. I'll bet that her pussy is so sweet-tasting, and she's probably still a virgin. I'd love to suck on those young tender breasts of hers too, but she's my niece." Mae laughed too. "Dammit!" She added.

"Damn, Woman, you're getting me hot again. Quit that, I have to get up early. Dammit!" They laughed together and Kim guessed the action was over for the night.

Kim slipped quietly back to her room. She put her hand down between her thighs and found them wet with her pussy juices. She found her panties and wiped the excess moisture from her thighs. She got back in bed. It had been quite an exhibition. She had gotten to see two grown-up's making love - hell, fucking - and had seen a 'deep throat.' She'd have something to tell her girlfriends at home when she got back.

She pulled the covers up and snuggled down in bed. She put her hand to her face, and could smell the odor of her pussy. She thought of the events of the day. She wondered how many times she had cum. That thought ran through her mind as she slipped into sleep. She dreamed that she and Mae were making love, and Uncle Ed was watching them, stroking his large long cock slowly as they ate each other. Kim smiled in her sleep.


Kim awoke feeling refreshed and a little horny. She'd had dreams about something sexy, but couldn't remember what it was. She certainly remembered watching Mae and Ed making love. That was really exciting and very sexually stimulating. Her pussy felt warm and tingly. Mae knocked lightly on the door and Kim called for her to come in. Mae sat on the side of the bed and leaned over and kissed Kim on the lips. Kim kissed her back and slid her tongue across her Aunt's smooth soft lips.

"Mnn, that feels so good, Baby. I just wanted to see if you wanted to eat breakfast with us. Ed is already in the kitchen. Come on, sleepy-head," Mae said, kissing her lightly. She slipped her hand under the covers and gently squeezed her niece's bare pussy mound.

Kim got out of bed, put on her house slippers, and walked down the hall. She stopped briefly in the bathroom to wash her hands and brush her shoulder-length hair back.

In the kitchen, Ed had just gotten up to get another cup of coffee, and greeted her. He looked at her as she came in and he could almost see through the thin shortie nightgown she had on. He caught a glimpse of the faint shadow of her pussy. Her young breasts pushed the thin material out, and her nipples were very evident, the pink of her areolas just visible.

Kim couldn't help herself, and her eyes went down to his crotch, to see if she could detect the bulge of his cock. There it was, a large rounded mound down one pant leg. She quickly pulled her eyes up. But he had been so busy looking at her, he hadn't noticed.

She sat down and Mae passed her the food. They all talked and Kim noticed Ed's eyes kept going to her breasts. The top of her gown was cut rather low, and the material was thin. She hadn't realized that her breasts were exposed so much. She remembered the conversations of the night before and grinned to herself. Let him look! She felt her nipples stiffen more and poke out. A glance down showed them erect and very evident. Kim acted like nothing was wrong. She remembered she didn't have any panties on either. Could he have seen her pussy?

Mae looked over at her, let her eyes drop down to her breasts, and winked. They both smiled at the inside joke. Kim made it a point several times to bend forward toward Ed, to give him an even better look at her breasts. With a wink to Mae, she knocked her spoon off on the floor and swiveled in her chair and bent forward to get it. She feigned a momentary inability to pick it up, and her top fell away from her beautiful, full, young breasts, and she knew her Uncle could see down to her erect nipples and small pink areolas.

It made her pussy tingle to exhibit her breasts to him. She straightened up and didn't look at him at all. She saw him shift in his chair and his hand disappeared under the table to adjust his cock. She almost giggled. She had gotten him hard. Mae had not missed this little play-acting, and she too was trying to hide a grin. She put her napkin to her mouth and faked a cough to hide her huge grin.

Ed finished his meal, and when he got up, she could see his cock clearly hard and erect in his pants. He turned hurriedly and left the table, but not before both she and Mae had seen it. He went out the door, and when he was out of earshot, they both dissolved into gales of laughter. Mae got up and looked outside and saw him drive off.

"Oh, Baby, you really got him hot. His cock was really hard. That made my day. You sexy little wench. Come here and let me suck those nipples." Mae motioned for Kim to sit in her lap facing her, straddling her. She took Kim's gown and in one motion, pulled it over her head, leaving Kim naked. Kim straddled her thighs and sat in her lap. She was hot, and the two kissed for several minutes. Mae pulled back and began to suck one nipple and then the other, making them harder, longer and so erect they almost hurt.

Kim unbuttoned her Aunt's blouse and stroked her full breasts above her bra. Mae slipped a hand down between them and found Kim's pussy, and slid a finger along her now-wet slit. She pressed it down and under, then up inside her young niece's tight cunt. Kim moaned and pressed her breasts against the her Aunt's sucking mouth. Mae's finger got her hotter and hotter.

"Oh, Aunt Mae, I'm going to cum. Ohh, make me cum. Finger-fuck me and suck my nipples. Bite them. Oh, please, bite them. Yess, harder. Harder! Ohhh, like that. Now finger-fuck my pussy. Ohhh, yes!" Kim cried. She hurriedly reached down and began to rub her swollen clit, her hand colliding with Mae's from time to time. She finally screamed out as she came. Her Aunt's finger fucking her young pussy, and mouth sucking and biting Kim's small nipples. The pain sent her over the edge, and she screamed over and over as she exploded. Her pussy seemed to be liquid fire, and she threw her head back, and her screams filled the kitchen. Her climax seemed to go on and on as her Aunt made love to her. Finally she slumped in her Aunt's lap and sat panting.

They kissed softly, till Kim got her breath. Kim reached back and unfastened her Aunt's bra and pulled it down. She then bent forward and kissed the flesh of Mae's abundant bosom. The exposed flesh smelled wonderful. She cupped the full breasts.

"Oh, let me suck them. Let me make love to you. Please, Aunt Mae!" Kim cried out. Mae smiled and they got up. As Mae started to take her dress off, she looked down at it. She pointed to the small wet spot there where Kim's pussy had shot out a little of her juices.

Mae quickly undressed till she was deliciously nude. She pulled her niece's sweet body to her and held her close. It felt so sensual to have her Aunt's full soft body against her. She pressed her head between the full soft breasts and just held her Aunt close. She wished for a moment that she and her Mother could do this. It felt so wonderful - she felt so loved. Then her lust came to the fore again.

"Get up on the counter and let me make love to you, please!" Kim said, pulling back. Mae smiled, kissed her and walked to the counter, pushed some dishes aside and effortlessly hopped up on it. She leaned back a little and spread her legs. Kim walked over and leaned forward and began to kiss Mae's breasts again. Mae pulled her beautiful niece against her body and gave herself to the budding young lover. As Kim sucked, licked, and kneaded her breasts, she thought how much the young girl had learned in such a short time. She wished Kim lived nearer to her. She would love to make love with her every day. If only she wasn't her sister's daughter!

Kim sucked the hard nipples, going from one to the other. The faint perfume reminded her again of flowers. Mae's nipples got harder and longer, and the full large areolas crinkled with desire. Kim kneaded the large breasts and felt them swell as Aunt Mae heated up. Kiim loved the feeling that she was responsible for her Aunt's arousal. She pushed her body against Mae's and rubbed her young breasts against Mae's body. Her breast brushed against Mae's thigh and gave Kim a new thought.

"Lie back, Aunt Mae. Spread your thighs a little more and pull your knees up to your breasts. Open your pussy wide for me, please?" Kim asked, looking up at her beautiful Aunt. Mae leaned over and kissed her niece, slipping her tongue into the girl's mouth for one more kiss, then lay back.

Mae spread her thighs wide, pulled them up to her breasts giving Kim a lovely view of her treasures. Kim stroked her velvet soft thighs, running her hands up and down them slowly and sensuously, as her Aunt had taught her. She looked at the beautiful cunt spread out in front of her, caught the inner lips between her thumb and forefinger and pulled them slowly apart. Her Aunt's lips were engorged. Kim was always amazed at how beautiful this pussy was.

Kim wanted to be a nurse when she grew up, and she knew her anatomy. She had saved her money, and at a used bookstore bought a copy of Gray's Anatomy. She kept it well hidden at home, lest her mother find it. She poured over the details of the female anatomy, learning everything she could about it. She had looked at her own pussy many times with a mirror, plumbed her pussy with her fingers and other objects. Since she had been here, she had learned still more. She absolutely loved to look at, finger, lick, and suck her Aunt's wonderfully rich pussy.

Mae's cunt was spread before her, every line and contour waiting for her. Kim leaned forward and licked her Aunt's pussy from the bottom to the top. She pointed her tongue and slid it up a little, till it brushed against Mae's clit. Mae moaned and her hips rocked forward a little.

"Oh, Baby, you do that so well. Lick my clit again, sweet child. Ohhh, yes, you learned your lessons well. Now suck it. Yes, suck my clit," Mae sighed.

Instead, Kim moved her mouth lower and ran her tongue around Mae's small neat brown asshole, then pressed inward a little, causing Mae to gasp. Kim replaced her tongue with her finger and slipped it carefully inward, and fucked the brown anus slowly with her finger. She went back to Mae's pussy, sucking and licking her, thrusting her tongue inside from time to time, then sucking out the salty/sweet juices, savoring the taste as it flowed over her tongue.

She could hardly wait to get home and teach Trish all the things she had learned here. Would Trish's young cunt taste as delicious as her Aunt's sweet pussy did? Her mouth had watered as she watched Trish slip the toothpaste tube inside herself. How would her pussy-juices taste? She vowed to find out when she got home. She filled her nostrils with the exotic smells of her Aunt's aroused woman-flesh. Burrowing her face down, she moved her face from side to side against Mae's wet spread pussy, wetting her face in the delicious juices that flowed out from the excited cunt-hole. Mae's hands ran through Kim's long hair sensuously. Kim leaned up and twisted slightly. She brought her young breast to her Aunt's pussy with both hands. She pushed it against her Aunt's cunt-lips and rubbed her hard nipple up and down the wet hot flesh. She and Mae moaned at almost the same time, it felt so good to them both. Kim took her breast and used it to rub up and down, and to slip the nipple inside Mae's pussy.

"Oh, God, yes, tit-fuck me, Baby. Tit-fuck my pussy! That is so hot, I love it, Kimmie. Ohhh, yes, sweet girl," Mae gasped out.

Kim continued this for several minutes, then moved her nipple higher. Her hard little nipple made contact with Mae's clit and Mae groaned. The hot wet flesh felt to Kim almost as if someone was sucking ever so gently on her nipple. The hot contact against her areola and tit-flesh gave her goose-bumps. She continued this till her Aunt was panting with desire, and her own pussy was very wet and excited.

Kim leaned down again and kissed the wet open cunt. Her wet breast felt very stimulated by the contact. She tongued her Aunt, spearing the pussy-hole with her tongue. She pulled back and moved her hand to Mae's open cunt. Kim slid two, then three fingers into the slippery opening, pressing down, rotating her hand, and stimulating the vaginal opening. She pressed harder, feeling her hand press down into Mae's body. She added a fourth finger into her aunt's drenched pussy.

Kim moved her mouth to Mae's erect clit at the top of the slit. As she had been taught, she pulled upward on the flesh above it, and the engorged clit slipped out of its sheath, greeting her sucking lips. She sucked and licked it while her hand pressed harder and harder, trying to get all the way inside her Aunt's body. Mae's pussy was just too tight - Kim gave up trying. She would love to have gotten her hand inside her Aunt, or have her Aunt's hand buried inside her. She had heard of fisting and wondered what it would feel like.

She continued to suck her Aunt's clit, and fuck her with her fingers till Mae cried out, her hips humping against Kim's hand, and she felt Mae's cunt muscles contract. She kept up her sucking, and vibrated her hand, till her Aunt cried out for her to stop. Kim pulled her fingers out, and lowered her mouth to the pussy-hole. She covered it with her lips and thrust her tongue as far inside as she could. She sucked gently, and Mae's pussy juices flowed into Kim's eager sucking mouth. Kim was amazed and delighted at how much fluid there was. She sucked and sucked, happily.

Mae gave a long sigh as Kim removed her mouth and looked up at her. Aunt Mae gave her a radiant smile, her face seeming to light up. She slipped off the counter and drew Kim to her, hugging her with amazing strength. It pushed the wind out of Kim's lungs for a moment, it was such a strong hug.

"Oh, Kimmie, you have become such a good lover. Thank you for a wonderful love-making session. I have several female lovers who aren't as good a lover as you are. You are fantastic! I'd give you all A+'s on this exercise. Wow, I saw stars. You are something else," Mae gushed.

Kim grinned, her head against Mae's soft full breast. She felt so proud of the accolades her Aunt bestowed on her. She looked up at her Aunt. "Aunt Mae, please do me a favor? Please don't call me Kimmie. I hate that."

Mae roared with laughter and promised to never call her that again.


The next morning Kim was up early. She put on her slippers and went into the kitchen. Mae was there alone. They kissed briefly and Mae told her Ed would be back in a moment. Kim had on another of her shortie nightgowns, with nothing on under it. If anything, this gown was even thinner than the one she had on the morning before when she had given Ed a real show of her young body. Mae looked at her body and giggled.

"Why not give Ed a really sexy show, get him all hot and bothered? Mind?" Mae asked, a big grin on her face.

"How far do you want me to go?" Kim laughed.

"Honey, as far as you want to go. Tease him. Give him a good look at those beautiful young breasts and maybe a look at your sweet pussy. It's up to you. I think it will be wonderful." Mae dropped her voice to a whisper as they heard Ed come down the hall.

Kim greeted Ed with a kiss on his cheek, turned and went over to the sink. She bent forward and splashed a little water on her face. Her gown rode up in the back, almost giving Ed a view of her pussy. Her thighs were revealed. Ed turned red and it was all Mae could do to keep from laughing. Kim 'accidentally' spilled a little water on the front of her gown, making the material over one breast almost transparent. She pretended not to notice and went toward the table.

"Kim, sit here. I spilled milk on that seat a little while ago, and it's still wet," Mae said as Kim came back to the table. This sat Kim directly across from Ed. Kim wondered at her strategy. During the meal she bent forward several times to reach something, giving Ed a good glimpse of her breasts. She was unable to lean far enough to be able to let him see down to her nipples, but the one was almost naked where the water had wet the thin fabric. Ed was unable to keep his eyes off of Kim's erect nipple and the pink of her areola around it. Under the table Mae reached over and stroked Kim's thigh and winked at her.

Mae knocked the peppershaker off of the table so it went under it. "Ed, would you get that for me, please?" As soon as Ed's head started down Mae looked at Kim and pantomimed for her to spread her thighs further apart. Kim let her thighs spread a little wider, so that by the time Ed got his under the table they were spread wide and her pussy was wide open. She knew Ed could see her treasures clearly.

There was a loud thump from under the table. "Honey, you OK under there?" Mae asked trying hard not to laugh.

"I'm OK, I just hit my head on the table," came the muffled voice, filled with pain. There was a scraping and rattling.

"What's the trouble, Honey, can't you get to the shaker?" Mae asked, then bit her hand to keep from laughing out. Kim bit her lip.

"It rolled under the leg and is hard to reach. I'll get it in a sec," came the muffled response.

The women were almost in stitches, knowing Ed was looking up Kim's gown, and could see her cunt clearly. Finally Ed came out from under the table, his face red as a beet.

"You OK, Honey? Your face is red as can be." Mae asked. Ed mumbled something about straining to reach the shaker. He handed it to her.

When he got up to leave, there was a bulge in his pants. He turned away quickly, but not fast enough that the two women didn't see the huge shape of his swollen cock. As they had done the day before, they dissolved into gales of laughter.

"I think your Uncle got a very good look at your young pussy, Miss Kim," Mae said, tears running down her cheeks.

"He sure is well endowed. I noticed it the other night. How big is he?" Kim asked, still laughing with her Aunt. Mae told her that she had measured him and he was seven and a half inches long, and almost two and quarter inches thick. Kim's eyebrows went up at that. She asked if that was the norm for a man. Mae told her the average male was six and a half, and she wasn't sure what the average thickness was, but that Ed's cock was the thickest she'd ever seen.

The two finished cleaning up the kitchen and Kim went to get dressed. She heard the phone ring.

Minutes later Mae stood in the doorway. "Kim, I have a good friend coming over today. She's one of my lady lovers. I was hoping she'd