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Party with Mom in French Quater, La. part 2

mind_warrior_2000 on Incest Stories

Next morning to I woke up by sounds of toilet flushing, and noise from street.
My roommate walked out the bathroom with a big smiled and he high five me.

"goddamn man, that was one sweet pussy we did last night".

Mom opened her eyes from all that noise. there was confuses in her eyes.
It took her few seconds to realized that she was naked and dried

Caring for Dad pt 3

wifesharer on Incest Stories

Tom’s birthday was approaching and I got a call from his brother’s daughter that she wanted to know if we were going to have a party for his 75th birthday. Sara was a very demure almost prudish lady who was about to turn 40, divorced and could have been a model but opted f

Me and my bro edited for kawaiiprincess

The_Purvv on Incest Stories

Kawaiiprincess recently posted a story titled 'Me and my bro having fun in the bath tub' in which the author explained it was his or her first story, and asked the readers opinion. As rough around the edges as it was with too little details needed to allow the reader time to get into it, I thought the for a first time effort, it showed a possibility that the author might be one of the rare few th

New Year's Eve passed out drunk sister

anonymous on Incest Stories

So on New Years Eve a couple of years ago I was home and watched the ball drop with my family. My sister was out with a couple of her friends. Midnight comes and goes and I stay up late and dick around on my computer. At about 2:00 in the morning I hear my sister come home with a couple of friends. She was 16 and I was 17. I hear them go out into the garage we had converted into a spare room w

Happy New Years Mom, 2012

mind_warrior_2000 on Incest Stories

Dad won raffle tickets from work for seven days in NY City on New Year Eve week. My sister decided  spend New Year with her boy friend.

“Since we got two rooms, I am going to invite Todd and Tony to join us ok, they are going school in New Jersey ".

“Oh that is a good Idea,  you hav

Mother's Desperate Measures (2)

gplusg on Incest Stories

~ Chapter Two ~  David was quiet at dinner. He barely made eye contact and left the table within five minutes
after hardly touching his food. Carol was concerned she'd made a big mistake but sincerely believed
the ends justified the admittedly extraordinary means. She did not want an air of tension to pervade
the house so she decided to clear the air imme

Tasting Little Sister

Fetishguy83 on Incest Stories

 Tasting Little Sister

    I dont know when the first time I noticed my sister looking so sexy but when I did it was hard not to look. We grew up in seperate homes sharing the same dad but different moms. I was older, 25 to her meer 15 years. I wouldnt be what you called athletic but had some definition to my arms and legs that I was proud of. She was thin really th