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A Dirty Son

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Mark was a regular 13-year-old boy. He went to school, had medium grades, friends and parents that loved him.   He wasn’t a hunk but he wasn’t ugly either. Blond hair, blue eyes, tall and some muscles given his wrestling training made for a good appearance.

He did have one problem. He could be considered a bit weird when it came to sex.

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Still a virgin he had started to feel the calling of the opposite sex about two years ago and soon he had realized he was anything but ordinary about it.


He had always been close to his mother. She had stayed at home taking care of him and giving her job up just to make sure Mark grew up happy and not lonely.


Although his father was his best friend too, Mark just felt something special about mom. Dad travelled a lot because of his business. He was a salesman and spent half the month away. At those times Mark and mom only had themselves. Then about two years ago Suzy came to live with them. She was his half-sister from mom’s first wedding. Two years older than him, at fifteen she had already become a beautiful sexy woman and it was at that time Mark began thinking of women in a different way.


Soon however he went from admiring Suzy’s long legs, short skirts and huge cleavage that revealed the biggest pair of breasts he had ever seen to focus his attention on someone else.


Jamie, his mom got pregnant. As she got bigger and bigger so did her breasts. Mark had a fixation on women’s breasts and one day to his surprised he realized he had an erection because of his mother.


She was in her fifth month and it was a hot sunny day in California. It seemed like hell. It was mid-summer and of course school was out.


He went into the kitchen to get some water and Jamie was cooking lunch. She was wearing a white top that let her belly free and red shorts. As he drank he watched sweat fall from her neck to the rack of her breasts. The top was soaking and her nipples hard. Her tits moved up and down as she walked from one side of the kitchen to the other. She had no bra so they were free as a bird. They were huge now and it seemed like they wanted to come out. Of course it was because the top was too small for her but Jamie felt “normal” using some of her regular clothes. Made her feel thin. Mark loved it. His cock was hard as stone. Suddenly he realized she might notice it and so he left.


He thought long and hard about his growing attraction for Jamie. She was a beautiful woman with 41 years but a body of 20 in his mind at least. She had short black hair, well-rounded legs and a firm generous ass. He began to replay in his mind her body moving. That night he jacked off to her for the first time.


After that he began considering himself a pervert and fought with all his strength to stop those thoughts.


But it didn’t last long.


After she had given birth it was a matter of weeks before she became fit again. She lost every bit of extra weight except…


Well her breasts were still huge like before and they didn’t look like going back to their old size.


One afternoon after arriving from school Mark sat in the living room watching TV. Jamie was wearing a short blue summer dress.


After fixing him a snack she disappeared and came back a few minutes later holding his new brother Jake.


She sat on a chair opposite of Mark and took her right breast out. Mark couldn’t believe his eyes. His mom was breastfeeding right in front of him.


Jake started coughing so she held him up and gently tapped his back so he could burp. All that time her breast was free for Mark to observe carefully. Milk was still dripping from its hard nipple.


His cock got hard in an instant. In fact he had never been so hard.


Her dress had gone up almost to the crotch while she was sitting. That was too much for him.


Jamie put Jake back and the baby started feeding again. At one time she squeezed the breast to make sure it was dry and right there Mark cummed in his pants. Without touching his cock he had had an orgasm. He didn’t know that was possible.


At that moment Jamie noticed something was wrong with her oldest son.  


“Are you alright?”


Mark’s mind just blocked. He got up and ran to his room.


He was quiet as a mouse at dinner and went to bed straight after it. Of course he didn’t sleep all night thinking of what had happened.


What if his mom had noticed it? What if she thought he was a pervert?


A week went by with Mark almost not saying a word.


Jamie continued to treat him as always so after a while Mark came to the conclusion nothing was wrong and he was a happy, happy man.


Soon though his mind started troubling him again. He continued to have erections in the worst moments and hadn’t jacked off for anyone but his mom and his half sister for a while. Even if he had considered wanting to fuck his sister that he barely knew not that bad even if a bit sick the thought of having sex with his mom kept making him feel dirty and in truth a monster.


On a Sunday like any he woke up with a huge case of flu and while his family went to church he stayed home.


After a while the pill his mom had given him started to have an effect and he was feeling better. He got out of his bed and took a walk around the house to stretch his legs. When he went past his parents room his cock became alert and a thought came into his mind.


He went in and went straight to the room’s private bathroom. And there it was. On the floor a pair of used panties. He picked them up and tasted the sweet smell of pussy. He was so lucky he even found a hair, a black thick hair. So she didn’t shave at least completely.


He used his tongue to taste the panties. They were black and simple but sexy in his mind. After licking them he took out his cock and taking a deep breath started fucking them. He rubbed them on his hard organ and felt in heaven. He just let his mind go and before he knew it a load of hot cum sprayed his hands and the used panties.


Not knowing what to do he went back to his room and shoved the panties under the bed.


Again his fear troubled him. What if his mom noticed the panties were gone?


But again she gave no sign of it. A week went by and everything was normal.


Suzy decided to spend the weekend with her new best friend, Michelle Roberts the most popular girl at school. Mom let her of course. She could no anything she wanted.


Dad was also gone that weekend. So Mark and his mom were alone.


Unfortunately Jake had chosen to spend the whole Friday night and Saturday morning crying. At about 2 pm he finally went to sleep and Jamie sat on the couch tired.


She was wearing a huge white t-shirt and black shorts. Casual and comfortable.


“I couldn’t get a minute’s sleep Mark. Jake will kill me if he keeps this up.”


Mark went over to her and started massaging her shoulders.


“God your tense mom.”

“I know sweetie. I’m so tired”.

“Why don’t you get some sleep now?”

“Maybe I will, I don’t know.”


He kept massaging her and she closed her eyes enjoying it.


“I know. Lay down and I’ll give you a massage. I’ll put you right to sleep.”


It wasn’t the first time Mark gave his mom a massage. He was doing it for years. The only difference now was his sexual attraction.


“Ok but lets do this the way it’s meant to be done.”


Jamie got up and went to her room. She called him over a few minutes later and as he came in he saw her lying on the bed belly down and completely naked. Only a towel covered her ass.


Mark slowly went over and climbed to the bed. He started massaging her by the neck and going down to her spine.


“God that feels good.”


He kept performing his task, concentrating but soon he was as aroused as when he had cummed on his pants.


In any case he decided to take as much pleasure as possible from this.


“You know this would be better with oil!”

“Oh there’s some in the bathroom”


Mark ran to the room’s bathroom and got the baby oil. He got his t-shirt and jeans out.


“What are you doing?”

“I’m just getting comfortable mom. Is that ok?”

“Sure honey but hurry, my back is still killing me.”


Mark put some oil on his hands and soon her back was shining and smooth as silk. He slowly used his hands looking for the areas that needed more care. Jamie moaned but otherwise stayed silent.


Then he began working on her arms too. Her neck and her shoulders were the subject of special attention too. At times his cock would touch her but he was careful to stay away.


“Oh you’re an angel Mark.”


After about half an hour he decided to take his chances.


“Want me to work on your legs too? They look bad!”


She took a few seconds but said yes and Mark began massaging from her feet to the middle of her legs. He could see a little bit from her ass bellow the towel. God that was great.


He felt the soft flesh of her legs and took his time going up and down with his oiled hands. Without noticing he started going higher and higher and suddenly he was right at the towel. He looked at Jamie but she seemed to be asleep. He called her but she didn’t answer.


He reached for her ass but as he was as near as it could be without touching he pulled back and left the room.


He went his bed and jerked off twice. Then he went to sleep too.


After a few hours Mark woke up with a kiss on his face.


Jamie was sitting on the bed with her hair wet and a towel around her. She had just got out of the shower.


“Wake up silly. Go take a shower before dinner.”


Mark smiled and then scratched his leg. As he did it the sheet rolled to the other side uncovering his penis. He didn’t see it at first but as he followed his mom’s eyes he realized what was going on.


“Shit I’m sorry mom!”


“It’s Ok baby. I’ve seen you naked before.”


“Yeah but now I’m an adult.”


“Well you’ll always be my little baby.”


Jamie kissed him on the face again and messed up his hair laughing.


“Stop it mom!”


Jamie got a pillow and started hitting him with it.


“Stop it.”


They fought a little bit and she fell over him. When she stood up her towel was almost falling and her right breast seemed to be about to pop out. She fixed it and looked at Mark that noticed with horror that he was hard again.


Jamie smiled uncomfortably.


“Well that’s a natural thing.”




Mark covered his penis with his hands since the sheet had rolled to the floor with the struggle.


“Look you don’t have to be embarrassed.”


Mark got up and ran to the bathroom. He took a nice long shower and tried to forget what had happened. When he went back he saw that it wasn’t possible,


This time he was with the towel and his mom was now wearing a short red summer dress. She was sexy but that wasn’t on Mark’s mind now. He was scared.


She held the pair of panties he had jerked off with a number of times in the last weeks. They were of course filled with dry cum.


“What’s this?”

“I don’t know.”

“It was in your bed.”


He couldn’t say a word.


“These are mine.”


“No they’re from a girl at school.”

“That’s a lie.”


A minute of silence went by. A tear ran through her face.


“Mom I love you.”


She sat on the bed and Mark sat next to her and put his face on her shoulder.


“I love you mom.”


He hugged her and she let a few more tears escape.


“I love you too Mark.”


They stood there for a few moments with Jamie hugging him softly.


Slowly Mark put a hand on her leg and started to feel her.


“It’s going to be alright.”


He started kissing her neck as she repeated those words. Then he lowered his hand and got it between her legs. Now that it was all out he was going to try his luck. He was doomed anyway.


“No baby, not that, stop!”


She closed her legs and tried to get his hand out. Mark however had other ideas. He grabbed her hand and pushed her gently to his pulsating cock.


“No Mark. I’m your mom.”


He made her hand rub his cock and then got the towel out and started jerking off with his hand on top of hers.


“That feels so good mom. I love you so much.”


He kept kissing her neck and after a while got his hand to her tits. He wanted to see if she was going to keep jerking him without being forced to and to his pleasure he saw that the answer was yes.


He rubbed her tits focusing on the nipples and then started to take the top of the dress off. Jamie was not wearing a bra and her big beautiful breasts bounced freely as he got the dress down to her stomach.


Mark kept rubbing them with one hand while with the other he went down to her ass and continued kissing her neck and shoulder.


While this was going on Jamie kept stroking her son’s hard cock slowly going all the way down and rubbing the head when her hand came back up.


Mark couldn’t take it much longer. He took her hand off and pushed her down. As she lied down on the bed he started to suck her tits with her hands on his head stroking his hair.


“Mark stop, please. This isn’t right. Let me go.”


He licked both nipples, slowly, using his tongue to go side to side and up and down. He then sucked them, hard. He opened his mouth to get as much of her tit as possible inside. Then he sucked her nipples again and again while squeezing both her tits. He put her hand back on his cock while he continued to play with her breasts.


She was now jerking him while moaning with pleasure as his tongue played with her nipples. He started to fuck her hand getting more and more excited.


Then he took the rest of the dress off and discovered his mom was not wearing any panties. She had her pussy completely shaved now and was so wet she was dripping. His inexperience showed as he didn’t know what to do next.


“Give me a blow job mom.”


She sat on the bed now completely naked just like him and grabbed his cock gently.


Closing her eyes she put it inside her mouth and sucked it softly. She kept jerking him while fucking his cock with her lips using her tongue to lick his shaft every time it went in.


Mark grabbed her head with care. He slowly started to fuck her mouth accompanying her movements.


“Oh suck me mommy. Suck my cock. Your lips feel so good.”


After a while she gave him his first taste of deep throat. He screamed of pleasure as he felt his cock deep inside her mouth and his balls against her chin.


He looked down as she got the cock out and saw she was drooling a little and that his dick was all wet.


“Keep doing it mom. I love to fuck your mouth.”


Jamie started to suck her son harder and harder. She was gagging and making all kinds of sexy noises as she struggled for air and spit ran down her chin and into her tits. She was now holding his balls with one hand, playing with them while she kept jerking him with the other.


If Mark hadn’t cum twice that day he wouldn’t have taken so much but now he was at his limit.


“Im gonna cum. I want to cum inside your mouth mom. Swallow it for me.”


Jamie started sucking even faster. She squeezed his balls and let even more split escape through the side of her mouth.


The sounds she was making were driving him mad. He looked down and saw her eyes watery her nose dripping and spit all over.


That was it. He grabbed her head, pushed her to him and ejaculated inside his mom’s mouth. He heard her swallowing the three jets of hot cum he let go and he couldn’t believe what was going on.


“Keep jerking me.”


She did what he asked and Mark pushed his cock in and out of her mouth three or four more times before taking it out. He looked at her.


Jamie had some of her son’s cum coming out of her mouth and her tits were filled with spit as was her chin.


“Now its my turn”


Saying this Mark got on his knees and shoved his face between her legs. She tried to fight him off but with no success.


“No, I don’t want it. Lets stop here. Honey please.”


Mark experienced his first taste of pussy as he savoured her wet crack. His tongue went straight inside her and she started to shake of pleasure. He had seen porno before so he knew what to do… just not how to do it for sure.


He started rubbing her clit with one hand while fucking her with his tongue. Then he started to suck her clit and fucking her pussy with two fingers at the same time. That worked too.


Jamie held his head down as his tongue licked her clit slowly and then faster and faster with his fingers going in and out.


She tasted so good. Hard again he grabbed his cock and got it on her hand.


“Put it inside you mom.”


She looked him straight in the eyes and then guided his cock into her pussy. As he pushed in she screamed with the feeling of being filled by a young hard cock. Thinking that it was her son pounding her cunt only made her more excited as much as she hated it.


Mark grabbed her tits while pushing himself in harder and harder.


Her legs were rolled around his waist as he kept fucking her with such power the bed was almost starting to give in. He kissed and sucked her neck making several red marks on her skin that made him even more excited.


“Feels so good to be inside you. You’re pussy is so tight. Tell me you want me to fuck you. Tell me mom. Beg me.”


“Please Mark fuck me. Fuck your mother hard.”


By now Jamie was up to anything. She was lost in pleasure, guilt and love.


He turned her around and started fucking her from behind holding her ass. He smacked it hard a few times until it was completely red just like he had seen Ron Jeremy do.


He saw her tits bouncing up front as he pushed his cock in and out.


He leaned forward and grabbed them as he kept fucking that warm juicy pussy.


As he squeezed them she gave a moan of pleasure followed by the strongest orgasm Jamie had had for years. It was something so intense she almost lost her conscience.


She shook uncontrollably as Mark kept fucking her without mercy.


Feeling his cum ready to blow he turned her around.


“Use your tits to fuck my cock.”


She sat on the bed sweating with her face red and a heavy breath.


Pushing her tits together Jamie got her son’s cock and shoved it between those warm, huge pieces of flesh.


She held her tits and began fucking his cock up and down.


After a few seconds of watching his mom fucking him with her tits Mark also started moving his cock between them and soon a small jet of cum sprayed her. She kept her movement while Mark moaned of pleasure.


“Suck it off.”


Jamie took her son’s cock to her mouth and obeyed as she sucked him slowly and gently swallowing the rest of the cum cleaning him completely. She sucked him until he completely lost his erection. Then she kissed the head of his cock got up and ran away from the room.



Mark decided to stay in his room the rest of the weekend. He only went out late at night to eat something and went back in again.


The following week Jamie hardly said a word to him. She had started wearing long dresses that didn’t show her body and avoided any contact with him.


It had now been a full week since the incident. Suzy was away again and his dad had fallen asleep in the living room watching TV. It was three o’clock it was hot and Mark was walking around his room thinking.


He decided to take action. He went to the living room and checked if his father was sound asleep. He was. He had always slept Saturday’s afternoons but it was always good to check anyway.


Mark walked slowly to his mom’s bedroom and opened the door.


Jamie was on the bed with her back to the door. She was wearing a pink long dress. He went over to her and touched her shoulder.


She got up scared and looked at him.


“What are you doing here?”


“I want to talk to you.”


“Your dad…”


“He’s asleep besides I closed the bedroom’s door. Anyway we’re just talking.”


“What do you want?”


“I want you back. I want my mom back.”


Mark walked to her and she backed away.




“Look what’s done is done.”


“I did what I did because of love Mark.”


“So did I mom.”


“But we can’t dot it again.”




“Because I’m your mother Mark. That’s why.”


“Ok but why wont you talk to me then?”


“Because God help me but I’m afraid it will happen again.”


“Would it be so bad?”


“Yes it would.”


“Well I wont force you. I just want you back.”


“You say that now but… look its better we don’t have much contact.”


Mark walked fast to her and kneeled on her feet.


“I’m so sorry mom. Please forgive me.”


“Mark no!”


He stood up and started to kiss her neck. Jamie tried to push him away but he kissed her deep in the mouth.


“Oh God no. Leave me please. Don’t do this again.”


“I wont do anything you don’t want.”


Slowly he kissed her again. He got his tongue inside her mouth and explored. His hands were firmly grabbing her ass. His cock was pushing against her stomach.


“I hate you.”


“You love me.”


“We’re dirty Mark. We will burn in hell.”


“For you I won’t mind.”


He pushed her head down. She got on her knees and opened his zipper.


“Your father…”


“We’ll be fast.”


She got his cock inside her mouth and started sucking hard. Time was minimum and they had to be careful.


“Take your hands out.”


He grabbed her hair and pushed her face against his crotch. Her hands were now on her tits as she rubbed them while sucking her son’s cock.


He fucked her mouth for a few minutes then helped her up. He turned her to the wall and pulled her dress up. He then got the panties aside and revealed her wet pussy.


“Your father might be here any second.”


“I know.”


“Not now. I’ll do anything you want later. Wait for him to go on a trip.”




Without more words he penetrated her pussy and got his entire cock inside at once. She covered her mouth not to scream. Mark then grabbed her shoulder with one hand. With the other he grabbed her tits and started fucking her from behind against the wall.


She spread her legs and he got even deeper inside.   He got two fingers inside her mouth and made her suck them. Squeezing her tits hard even if over the dress he could feel her nipples waiting to be sucked.


The thought that he was fucking his mother with his father on the other room was too erotic. It made them both even wilder.


After about ten minutes he grabbed her tits with both his hands, shoved his face into her neck, took some of her flesh into his mouth and pushed his cock as hard as he could inside as an orgasm went through their body’s at the same time. She moaned. He gave a small scream almost like an animal as cum filled her pussy.


Her legs were spread open and she was only standing up because he had held her to fuck her like if she was a doll.


They both rested a few seconds and only then he got his cock out of her.


“Now go away quickly before he wakes up.”


Mark turned her around and gently kissed her on the mouth.


“Can I be your man from now on?”


“Yes. Every time you want.”


He left the room and walked to his own. As he was entering he heard his father call Jamie. He looked and saw her leave the room and walk to the living room fixing her clothes.


He followed her. Tom his dad had wakened and wanted a drink and company. He watched as his mom sat next to his father with her pussy and panties filled with his cum and the taste of his cock on her mouth.

Mom Screemin Aint Stoppin Us...

koak on Incest Stories

          It was a hot summer day.  One of those days that you
feel like running around town without clothing on, and I had just
came home from my summer job.  As I entered the house, I called
to see if anyone was home (hoping I had the house to myself. 
There was no answer, so assuming nobody was home, I decided to
strip at the door, in the living room.  (As you can guess, I LIKE
being naked . . . runs in the family.)  I settled down to watch
TV, once I was comfortable.  Finding nothing on, I looked for a
videotape.  I guess that was the start of everything.

     You see, searching through the stack of old tapes piled in
the back of a drawer, looking for one I h

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adn't seen three times
already, I found this one tape, with a funny name on it.  While
it wasn't a commercial tape, it wasn't one of those we'd recorded
of any of the movies on TV either.  So into the VCR it went 
(hey, I was bored-desperate . . . even a cartoon I hadn't seem
before would have been welcome).  I started the tape running, and
settle down to watch.

     Surprised just doesn't begin to describe what I felt, when
on the screen appeared my big sister, Christina, and a strange,
sexy-looking guy.  My sister was laying back on the couch, (yes,
the very same couch I was sitting on while watching this porno-
show) and this guy I'd never seen before had his head between
Christina's legs and was licking her very juicy pussy.  At least
I assume it was juicy.  The jerk was slobbering as he licked, as
if it was some kind of delicious fruit that you couldn't buy in a
store (well, in a way, I guess it was).  As I watched this scene,
I unconsciously started to touch my semi-hard cock.  While it's
not porno-star quality, being just average at about 6-inches,
I've never had or heard any complaints.  Almost automatically I
stroked it to full hardness as I started wondering just how sweet
my big sister's pussy DID taste.

     I was just getting into the "lap job" this guy was giving,
when he stopped; then started to move up Christina's body,
licking as he went.  He stopped at her tits; and licked first one
of her swollen nipples, and then the other.  I stroked harder;
wondering if he was really going to fuck my sister, or just make
out with her?  Surely Christina wouldn't let him really . . . . I
almost came in my hand at the very idea.

     I'll say this for the guy; he had technique.  As he moved up
to kiss my sister, he positioned his cock in her pussy hole at
the same time; never giving her the opportunity to object. 
Almost unbelievingly I watched him, as he slowly pushed his cock
into my sister's pussy.  The further he pushed it in, the more
Christina started moaning and humping back to meet each of his
strokes.  I couldn't believe my own sister would do such a thing;
let alone have it being taped.  For a second I wondered just who
the cameraman was; until I realized that the camera-angle hadn't
changed since the start of the tape.  Both lovers were being
careful to stay in the field-of-view of a fixed camera.  (At
least my sister had THAT much sense.)

     I wondered if the guy (whoever he was) was going to actually
cum inside my sister.  Normally I would have been worried for
her, but by this time I was too caught up in the scene to care. 
If Christina "got in trouble" from this scene, then that was HER
problem.  While I wasn't quite unfeeling enough to actually HOPE
my sister "caught" from unprotected sex, I WAS hoping I got to
see it if she did!  I watched almost breathlessly; fighting to
hold back MY orgasm as they started to move faster, and
Christina's moans started getting louder.

     As I watched what they were doing, I was stroking my cock
almost in time; hoping to come when they did.  I know it's hard
to believe that I could be that lucky; but at the point of their
climax, I came at the same time.  I must have made quite a porno-
show myself; as I came all over my hand and belly; getting my
hand and body all sticky with white streams of sticky goo.

     It was then, just as I was finishing with white glop coating
my hand and running in two obscene splats across my belly, that I
became aware of being watched myself.  You see, after I was done,
I looked up and saw Christina looking at me in disbelief.  She
started to yell at me for watching HER video and masturbating at
the same time.

     It was her attitude that made me look at my sister and say, 
"I'll tell Mom about the video."

     That stopped my sister dead.  She stopped yelling and looked
at me angrily; then her face suddenly took on a pleading look, as
she started to say, "Don't tell, I'll do anything, but don't
tell."  I guess she knew as well as I did what our parents would
say if they knew she had been fooling around.  As for what would
happen if they knew she was dumb enough to make a video of
it . . . . <shudder>.

     Well, I'm sorry to say I took advantage of her offer.  Being
a horny teenager myself, I just couldn't resist the temptation. 
While I didn't REALLY plan on telling on her, (especially if I
could ever see her in other videos like that one) I did wonder
just how much "anything" was.  Not really believing she would go
for it, I said, "I won't tell, if you let me put my cock inside
you . . . like he did . . . so I can feel how it's like to have
sex."  Yeah right . . . as if my sister was going to let her own
brother stick his cock inside her.  Only I had hopes, because
that was what she had been letting the guy in the video do.

     I almost couldn't believe my luck, as she hesitantly
replied, "OK, I'll let you put it in a little while."  It was
only a slight disappointment when she added, "You'd better put a
condom on first though; because I don't want to make a baby with
my own brother."  Well, THAT would have been too much to expect;
even though I hadn't noticed anything covering the prick of the
guy in the video.  Still, I figured my sister knew the times when
she was safe; which gave me hopes for the future.

     Still not believing that she would really go through with
it, I went to my room and got a condom from the supply that Dad
made sure each of us kids had.  (No, our parents were NOT
encouraging us to have sex.  In fact, we knew that we would be in
trouble if we did . . . Only they had both long ago made it clear
to us that any trouble we might get into by having sex, would be
quadrupled if they ever found out it was unprotected.)

     Well, I'm not completely dumb.  I never touched the ones Dad
gave me.  I bought a box of my own from a store out of town "just
to be safe."  Dad was never going to find out by checking to see
if I had "used" any of the supply he gave me.  This was the very
first time I had a chance to use one, so I used Dad's; planning
on replacing it out of my "private stock" afterwards, as they
were hidden away.  (That way Dad wouldn't get suspicious about me
having my own supply, either.)  Does all this sound paranoid?  
Well, it was.  When you're a teenager, you HAVE to be paranoid
about sex, when it comes to your parents . . . As Christina well

     She helped me put it on.  You have no idea how much is
implied by that simple sentence.  While I wasn't really hard when
Christina started, I was achingly horny and almost ready to
squirt when she got it on.  Even wearing a condom my own sister
put on my prick, I STILL could hardly believe my big sister would
"go through with it."  Only Christina did.

     She took her own clothes off and laid down on the sofa. 
Then she told me to get between her legs, where I buried my face
in the place the guy on the video had found so delicious, and
licked her pussy for a few minutes until my chin was really
getting wet from her pussy juices.  Then (trying to act like what
I though a stud would do) I started to lick up her body in the
same manner as I saw in the video.  I licked her nipples first;
then I moved up and placed my cock at the mouth of her pussy.  I
couldn't believe my sister was letting me do this, but I couldn't
stop, either.  I pushed my cock into her pussy slowly; savoring
the feel of each delicious inch of sibling pussy sliding over the
condom, and squeezing my prick.  I couldn't wait to feel my
sister's pussy clamping down over the fractional-inch left
uncovered by the rubber baby-barrier.

     Christina left out a moan; showing that this probably felt
as good to her, as it did to me.  I hoped so, as I was in Heaven. 
I pushed in a little further; as my sister's pussy muscles
massaged my cock.  Then I paused for a moment, because I felt
like I was about to cum.  The feeling subsided after a short
wait, and I started to push in again.  This time I pushed in
until my balls made contact with her pussy-lips; then I started
to move in and out like I was masturbating.

     I stroked about three strokes into my sister's pussy, before
I knew it was getting too close, from the friction of her pussy
muscles against my cock.  I told her, "I'm about to cum."  I
didn't WANT to yet, but couldn't help myself.  My sister is just
too darned sexy.

     She told me, "don't cum yet; but keep fucking me."  I tried
to hold off, but I couldn't.  The friction was too great and I
pushed into her as far as I could.  I felt like my balls were
being sucked out through the tube on my prick, as I started
squirting my sperm into the condom deep in my sister's womb. 
Shortly after my first squirt, she started to orgasm herself, and
stiffened under me.  We remained coupled for the completion of
our orgasms; while I drained each sticky drop of sperm I had in
me into my own sister's body.  The condom, while a nuisance
didn't bother me as much as I had thought it would.

     Afterwards, we separated and decided to get cleaned up by
showering together.  Then, after we finished with our shower, we
managed to be dressed in time for our parents to arrive home
(thank Goodness).

     That night, after our parents were asleep, Christina came to
my room.   My sister lifted the sheet that was covering my naked
body; and slipped in next to me.  It was then I realized that she
was equally naked.  She kissed me, which started my cock to rise
in anticipation of fucking her again.  She reached down between
my legs and started to play with my cock and balls.  I reached
down and started to rub my sister's pussy on her clit.

     I rubbed it for a few minutes; then I stuck my finger into
her pussy hole.  God did that feel good clamping and squeezing on
my finger.  I almost came from imagining it was my prick inside
her.  She started to moan and then asked me to fuck her.  I
couldn't believe my luck, but that didn't stop me from doing it. 
I told Christina to get on her hands and knees, while I got up
behind her and stuck my cock into her pussy hole.  I stroked in
and out until we both orgasmed.  This was far better than the
first time, as this time her bare quivering pussy was stroking
the outside of my bare quivering prick.  It's funny, but even the
incredibly erotic sensation of feeling my own sister's tight
little slit sliding on and off my bare prick didn't remind me
that there was an important difference between that afternoon,
and then.  Feeling my thick hot cum rippling through the end of
my penis, before being forcefully ejaculated into my sister's
sucking young womb was too erotic to even LET me think the
dangers of what we were doing.

     It was almost an hour later, when we were fucking the second
time that night, that my bedroom door opened and our parents
caught us mid-orgasm.  I was just in the middle of ejaculating my
sperm in Christina's spasming vagina, while she rutted back at me
like a bitch in heat.  There was no way I could stop spasming my
big sister's vagina full of thick white cum; even though my
mother's scream of "What are you DOING?" was loud enough to shake
windows.  I couldn't stop.  Only when every last sticky drop of
incestuous seed had rippled through my prick, while Christina
held me in a bear-hug against my mother's attempts to separate
us, was I able to pull out; leaving my big sister with a crotch
all wet and matted with her brother's sperm, while an obscene
white drool slowly oozed out of her well-fucked vagina.  Such
ranting and raving from two parents you never DID hear.

PART 2 is on it's way.. Let me know if you like this one!

Camping Trip Turns Interesting For Brother, Sister And Spouses, Ch 2

Jonathan Wayne on Incest Stories

Suddenly, startled by faint calls of both our names I quickly awoke Jackie, placing my hand across Jackie’s mouth and lipped an “Shhh.” I told her someone was calling our names. We quickly gathered our cloths, dressed as best as possible and, just as we were folding the blanket saw Becky and Phil nearing our location. As they neared, Jackie and I motioned to them of our location.

Greeting them they asked, “Do you guys know what time it is?” We’ve been searching all over for you two.” Looking down at my watch I said, “We must have dosed off longer than I thought we did.” I asked, “What time did you guys get

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to camp.” Phil said, “Becky and I got returned almost at the same time around 1:30 and started searching for you about 3:15.” Looking at Jackie and around the spot we had stopped, making sure we had everything I took Becky’s hand as Phil took Jackie’s we started back towards camp. 

About two hours of hiking and seeing no one at all, we came upon a good size pool on creek. It had to be in the high eighties outside and we were all hot and sweaty. The pool was in a clearing where there was plenty of sun. We all looked at it with the same thought in mind.

"Boy could I go for a swim." Phil said as we came up on the waters edge. Reaching down and testing the water temp, Phil stood and faced us. "Must be seventy five at least."

"Too bad we didn't bring suits and towels." Jackie added as she too was feeling the water. We all then took turns doing the same thing. As we stood there drinking from our spring water bottles and looking in awe at the swimming hole, Becky spoke.

"You know, it feels like a hundred degrees out here. I bet we would dry off just fine with out towels." She said pulling at the front of her blouse, releasing its sticky hold on her body.

"Yeah but our clothes would dry stiff and be really uncomfortable and irritate the shit out of us by the time we get back." I pointed out.

Becky was quick to add, "Well, who said we had to wear them in the water? We haven't seen a sole for two hours and this really doesn't look like a well-used trail. When was the last time any of us went skinny dipping?" She kidded all of us.

"Hell I'm not modest," Phil said as he began to remove his shirt. He looked over at Jackie, who just looked at him with a bewildered look. "What, like now you are going to be prudish? Come on, show us some skin and get in that cool, inviting water." Phil said to Jackie as he was now removing his shorts. “It’s just your brother and sister in law.

I looked at Becky who was already down to her bikini panties and pulling off her shoes. Well, what the hell I thought and began to undress. This could be fun in the long run. I looked to Jackie to see what her reaction was going to be, and was surprised to find her also in the process of stripping out of her hiking gear.

"This is going to be really cool guys. I feel like I'm eighteen again." I heard Becky say as I watched Jackie undress. Just the thought of seeing her nude again brought back our earlier love making by the lake and I was sensing a hard on coming on. 

My cock began to swell with the memory. I could see her setting there with here knees up taking off her shoes. All I could see were the tops of her tits. Then she stood up and I got a good view of her chest again. 

We all stood there for a second looking at each other at the same stage of undress, our shorts and panties. Someone had to make a decision so, I shrugged my shoulders and wiggled my ass and pulled my shorts off. I looked at my wife who stood there facing me with her 34b tits with big old hard nipples sticking out and she snaked out of her panties standing to reveal her naturally red trimmed red mound of joy. Again my cock stirred. And Becky started to laugh as she watched me begin to swell.

"She must think it's funny cause it only shows on their nipples." Phil said as I turned to look at him. He as looking at Becky laughing with a full fledged boner pointing at a forty five degree angle up from his balls pulsating at the sight of Becky.

I was glad to see that Phil and I were at least comparable in size. He was a little thicker but about the same length. His remark finally made sense to me and I began to chuckle. It was then I realized that he was rock hard from looking at my wife. I knew I was only semi hard but that thought helped stimulate me. I looked to my sister and that was it. I sprang to full attention.

"I'm in the water guys," was all I heard next as Becky jumped in with a splash. We all joined her in an instant, splashing and having such a good time. We were all jumping and laughing as we played and enjoyed the water. With all the horsing around we was doing it was easy to brush and touch each other in the most intimate places. I loved not only touching Jackie but my wife as well. My cock never went down. I noticed that Phil was having the same thing going for him as his cock bounced free and hard as we played. I also noticed how he made a few purposeful contacts with Becky.

Finally running out of gas we all settle to the side of the swimming hole where there was a sort of alcove. We sat in water about a foot deep. I was on the left end with my wife next to me, then Phil and Jackie setting at almost ninety degrees to us. All of us were really comfortable now and talking freely all at once with no one talking to anyone but every one talking to someone. There was a brief break in the chattering.

"Becky, I don’t want to be too forward but you have a nice set of boobs.” Phil rang out in the silence. We all turned to look at Phil who was turning beat red. 

"I find real red heads to be rare to find," I quickly said trying to help my brother in law out a little. "They really do have a striking look don't they? Almost like having no hair at all huh?" I said looking at Phil. We all laughed at that.

"Well thank you Phil, I have to say I am not particularly interested in your pubic hair but your Phil junior is intriguing and nicely proportioned,” “And Jackie, I wish my boobs were as nice as yours" “You have no sag in them al all.” Becky said as she looked at Phil and Jackie. The air was getting a little more serious now. 
"Yes it does Becky," Jackie added. "In fact it more than does nicely when needed."

"I bet it does," replied my Becky looking the head of Phil's cock as it poked out of the water like a little periscope.

"Well Phil, looks like you have the USDA seal of approval today." I told him. "Of course if we were official meat checkers we would do a little more through inspection. What do you think Becky is the opinion of your colleague accurate?" I was feeling my dick brain thinking again. What the hell I thought, let's see what goes on. 

This was all new to all of us as we sat there. None of us knew what was going to happen next and if someone said stop I'm sure we would have. But we were all sexually charged at this point. My cock was throbbing and I was horny as hell. Jackie was flushing as she leaned and grabbed my cock.

Phil was just setting there staring at Becky. Hell he just got the green light from his wife to allow my wife to fondle his cock. I mean what man in the world would not want a good-looking red head to beat him off? I could tell Becky was hot just by her actions. If she were upset she would have immediately stopped this. Just the fact she wasn't storming out of the water was enough to tell me she was interested. 

Becky, taking her eyes off Phil said, “Whew! I think we all should get out of the water before something really happens. “Let’s get back to camp and talk about this a bit more” Becky, touching Phil’s cock whispered to his cock said, “Maybe later big fellow, maybe later.” Right now we better gets back to camp before it gets dark. We got a hike ahead of us."

We all agreed and got up. I couldn't wait to see how things went. Becky was funny about things. But normally if she wanted to try something she did it.

This was going to be an interesting camping trip.

We gathered up our gear and headed back to the camp. It took us almost as long to get back as it did to get to the swimming hole even though it seemed like we were hiking at a much faster pace then before. I sort of determined from all the quit and the fast pace that everyone was going over the events of the day in their own minds as we hiked.

Once we were back in camp and had things squared away we all decided to go get a quick shower. We had all worked up a hell of a sweat as we came back down the trail and it showed. Off to the showers we headed. The showers were in a small building just down the road. There were four stalls along with toilet facilities. When I was done showering and shaving finally brought up today's events.

"So Wayne, what do you think about what happened today?" He asked as he combed his hair in the mirror.

"It Depends, I guess. I think my cock tells me this is great but my brain is telling me to be cautious." I replied.

"Yeah me too. But you know I think we'll be ok with today. I think Jackie will be alright and I'm pretty sure about me but what about you and Becky?" I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was more then just a little interested in letting more happen.

"I don't know Phil. I think I will be OK with me fucking around but I'm a little nervous about Becky. I mean how do I know I will be able to handle it later? You know jealousy is a strange monster.”

"Tell you what. If you feel that this is not right then we should end it now. Other wise we will all end up with a problem later." Phil told me as he turned and looked at me.

"No, not yet. I think I want to see this through a bit yet. I mean I really think that watching my wife get it my guy would be a huge turn on. Jesus today I thought I was going to explode with lust watching her suck you off. I can't imagine what it would be like to see her fucking you. Wow." I was feeling a little turned now from our talk. My mind was already visualizing the picture of Becky getting boned by Phil. Jesus I was hooked and I knew it. If there was any doubt Phil killed it with his next statement. “Phil, what are your thoughts regarding Jackie and me…we are brother and sister?”

"That's cool, personally I have no problem with it. Up until my youngest sister got married a few years ago she and I screwed each other’s brains out for several years. By the way you know Jackie has wanted to fuck you for years?" He said as he slapped on the shoulder. Jackie and I do a lot of role playing and she has mentioned you several times so I know Jackie has no problem with it.” There was a huge smile on his face.

"What?" I replied as I stared blankly back at him. Jackie ahs mentioned on several occasions about how you two did some mild experimentation when you two were growing up.”

"Yeah it's true. She told me about it quit a while ago. She also has been trying to tease you for a while. 

I didn't know what to think at this point. I was really confused and the look on my face must have shown it.

"C'mon Wayne she did, didn't she. I know she did cause she told me about it."

"About what?" I asked my brother-in-law. Jesus did he know what happened? 

"Hey it's cool Wayne. I know she was going to tease you. She told me she was before I left this morning. In fact I'll bet you even got a little too. Huh? " Phil sat on the sink counter and looked at me.

"What's up here Phil? Is there something I don't know about?" I asked him, knowing full well he knew more.

"Well did you get a little? Come on now big guy I know you did cause Jackie told me on the way back to camp." He paused and looked at me, then continued. "Hey don't worry I don't care. I think it is really hot to know you got her and she being your sister makes it even hotter."

I was really confused at this point I didn't know what to think but I know my cock was remembering the morning just fine. Fuck it I thought let's get it out in the open because it was more then likely to get out anyway.

"She sure did. How'd you like it?" He said with a smile.

"Well it was different that's for sure. You’ve got a hot wife Phil and in return I guess I have one hot sister." I looked at him searching for a negative response and saw none. 

"So what gives here anyway? I mean we go from just good friends to a near orgy in less then twelve hours. And you and your wife are talking about it already. If I didn't know better I would think you two had a plan here."

"Well you are pretty close except it isn't us two."

"You mean to tell me that Becky is in on this too?" I asked him.

"Well let's say that when you two were at the house the last time she told Jackie about the fantasy you had for her that came out briefly one day during one of your hot love making sessions and then Jackie told her about hers things just grew from there. You have a birthday coming up next month and I guess this was going to be your present. We talked about it among the three of us and figured we would see how you would react to the idea on this trip. And so far I think you may be getting your gift early." Phil explained the plan to me in greater detail.

Seems that they were going to see if I would go along with a little sexual swapping with out getting hung up on it. If it looked ok then the next month they were going to go all the way. The little party by the swimming hole was to be the starter. Well they thought they would see if a little swap would work out too. So here we were in the shower at the campgrounds talking about it. 

"So Phil I think I get the picture now. You three had this planned to see if I was going to be OK with it and now it's happening faster then you planned. Hey I'm cool let's ride the wave and see what happened Wayne. So looks like you may get a shot at you sister before the night is over."

"Well let’s head back and see what the girls are doing and play this one step at a time. I reached up and put my hand on his shoulder as we exited the building. Phil said, as we started down the path to our site,” Well my friend I only have one request." "I want to watch," we both said in unison and laughed.

Back at the sight we started a fire and cooked dinner. We were all sort of thinking the same thing, which was what was going to happen to night. We all had planned on sleeping in the same tent that Jackie and Phil had which made things a lot easier.

It must have been around eight when the conversation finally hit the sexual direction again. It was Becky that brought it up first and from there it snowballed. She told me she knew about Jackie and me and wasn't at all surprised. I asked her if she really wanted to do this and she told me she did. She asked if I was OK with her balling Phil and I assured her I was as long as I could watch. Jackie made it very clear that she wanted to watch as well. 

It was a really beautiful night out. And sleeping on top of the sleeping bags was going to be the way of it. Phil and I each had on a pair of shorts and tea shirts. Jackie had on a pair of sweats and a cut off sweatshirt. As we picked things up I noticed Becky had gone in and changed into a pair of real lose fitting sweat short and a lose tank top. We were all real comfortable as dusk approached.

We sat round the fire for a bit and had a few beers. As the drinks took effect the conversation got a little more colorful. It was very apparent that we going to have a really sexual encounter this evening.

Phil was the first to suggest that we head into the tent at about ten o'clock.

"Well I don't know about any one else here," he said, "but all this sex talk has got me hot as hell. And if you all don't mind I would really like the chance to stick this cock into Becky's hot pussy. What you say kiddo?" He asked my wife.

"I thought we would never get to it. Come on guys lets get in the tent and play." She returned as she stood up from the fire. 

Jackie walked over to me as I stood and cuddled up to my side." I want you to fuck me real slow as we watch Phil and Becky. I want you to hold back your come till after my husband fills your wife's pussy with his cum. Then I want to watch you fuck your wife in my husbands cum while I suck Phil's cock clean." Jackie was lightly rubbing my cock as she whispered this to me so no one else could hear. I was really turned on now. I had to get my salami into this little fuck machine again. I don't know if I could hold off but the idea she had was great.

We all entered the tent and Phil and Becky immediately started to undress. It was very apparent they were really ready to get to it. Jackie and I watched as they both stripped it record time. Becky laid on the sleeping bag and spread her legs looking up at Phil. 

"Just stick that fucker in me and fuck my brains out. Fuck the foreplay I'm so hot I can't stand it." She ordered Phil. 

He dropped to his knees between her legs and positioned his cock at her pussy. With the simplest shove he slid into her. Becky groaned deeply as Phil sank easily to his balls into her hot red haired hole. Within second they were fucking hard and fast. Becky was in ecstasy as Phil rammed his hard cock in and out of her dripping snatch. Jackie and I could hear the wet slurping sounds of his cock as he penetrated and then withdrew from my wife cunt. 

Jackie wiggled out of her pants and got on her hands and knees facing the fucking couple. I stripped out of my clothes and got down behind my beautiful sister’s ass for the second time today. I gently rubbed my hand over Jackie's soft ass as I took my cock in my other hand and stroked it. I moved in behind her and placed my cock at the opening of her waiting pussy. Jackie wiggled her ass and looked over her shoulder at me. 

"Remember, slow and easy until Phil cums in my sister. Then I want you to fuck her in his cum and shoot your load into her." Jackie hissed at me as I slid my cock into her warm wet cunt. I could feel the soft walls of her love tunnel slid snugly over my ridged joint as I slid into her to the hilt. God was my sister-in-law hot. 

I heard Becky moan and looked up to see that Phil had put her legs to her shoulders and jammed his cock deep into my wife. I watched and slowly fucked his wife as he deliberately jammed all seven inches if his cock as deep as he could into my wife. The sight was something out of a porn movie. Here I was with my dick in my sister as I watched her husband balling my hot wife. The sounds in the tent were an unbelievable turn on. 

Becky was groaning as Phil started to jab his cock into her with more and more force. Each time he hit bottom her whole body rippled from the force. Phil changed his angle of assault forcing the top of his cock to rub Becky's sensitive slit and this brought out a whine of ecstasy from her. Looking at her face I could see that she was getting close to cumming. 

All the time I was watching them fuck I had my hands on Jackie's ass and was slowly fucking her wet pussy. It was really hard holding back from fucking her as I watched my wife getting a good fucking from Phil, but I held on. Jackie looked over her shoulder at me. " Phil is getting ready to cum, look at his face," she said as she pushed her ass back to me as I slid into her.

I looked at Phil and sure enough I could see the tell tail signs of his approaching orgasm. Then I heard my wife.

"OH FUCK!! I'M CUMMING... AH YES! OHHHH FUCKING YES! OHHHH SHIT. FUCK YESES!" She screamed as her orgasm raked her body.

"God Becky, you're making me cum," Phil hissed, as he slammed hard into her once, twice then on the third stroke he plowed his cock as deep as he could into my wife and started to shoot his load into her.

"OH FUCK I FEEL IT SHOOTING IN ME, OH FUCK YES GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE IT TO ME. CUM IN ME. FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM." Becky was hysterical with pleasure as Phil filled her waiting hole with his hot cum.

As I watched my brother-in-law fill my wife's pussy with his cum I stopped fucking Jackie and just held my cock in her pussy. I knew if I moved I would blow my load into her and I really wanted to add my cum to my brother-in-laws in my lovely wife. 

I watched as Phil slowly worked his cock around in Becky's screaming snatch, as he shot is load into her. Becky had grabbed his ass and pulled him into her as deep as she could, trying to bury every inch of him in her. All the time she was hissing, "yes, yes." 

"Oh fuck I'm cumming," I heard Jackie moan and then start to tremble. I looked down at her and she dropped her head to the ground and shoved her cunt back on my cock. She reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. I could feel her hot cunt milking my shaft as she started to cum. It took all I had not to cum in Jackie's cunt as she came on my cock. Jackie was cumming and cumming hard now as she played with this engorged clit. I just held on to her ass and never moved as she squirmed on my cock and she blew her lunch. 

I watched my sister slowly recover from her orgasm and look over her back at me. "Fuck that was good. I can't believe you didn't cum. Watching my husband fuck his sister was really fucking hot."

She then looked over to Phil and Becky. They were kissing passionately as Phil moved his ass in little circular motions. Then they broke the kiss and Becky looked at Jackie. "Wow, what a fuck. I really came hard." She said to Jackie.

"I came just watching you two fuck," Jackie told Becky. "God that was the hottest thing I ever saw. When Phil started to cum in you I lost it and came all over your husbands cock."

"God Phil must have shot a gallon of cum in me and so much pressure. I never felt a guy shot so hard in my life, Hamm." With that Becky wiggled her cunt on Phil's cock as he basted in the warmth of her sperm drenched pussy.

"I want to watch Wayne fuck you," Jackie told Becky. "I want to see him fuck your pussy with my husbands cum in it."

"Oh you naughty bitch," Becky said. Phil was already dislodging his satisfied cock from my wife. Jackie and I both watched as he pulled his cock from Becky's cunt. When he did a little stream of his cum flowed out of her hole and ran down her ass crack. "Well there is enough cum in there." Becky said as she heard both Jackie and I sigh as we watched her dripping pussy.

I pulled out of Jackie and went over to my wife. I got between her legs and looked down at her pussy. Becky reached down and sank two fingers into her hole. This caused some more of Phil's semen to leak out of her. She then pulled them out and rubbed them on her clit.

"You want to stick your cock into me honey?" My wife asked. "You want to feel Phil's hot cum in my pussy on your cock?"

"Oh yeah. I want to fuck you. God look at your pussy so full of Phil's cum." I eased my joint to the mouth of her cunt. Then I slid into her. As I did I could feel how wet she was from all of Phil's sperm. God I almost shot my wad before I even bottomed out in my hot little wife. 

"You like to fuck me in another mans sperm. Is this what you have fantasized about? Fucking me after another man has fucked me and cum in me?" Becky cooed as I sank all seven inches of my steel hard cock in her. "Tell me what it feels like sweetheart. Tell me what your cock feels"

"Oh God Becky. It’s so wet and hot. I can't explain what I feel. My balls are wet from the cum in your pussy and just knowing that I'm fucking you in another man's cum is, OH FUCK!" I drove my cock as deep and as hard into my wife as I could and started to adding my cum to Phil's in her pussy.

"Oh that it baby, cum in me. Cum in my pussy and mix you cum with Phil's. Oh god there is so much cum in me it’s running down my ass. Keep cumming baby, that's it yes, yes cum in my pussy." Becky cooed as I emptied my balls into her hot sperm soaked hole.

I must have shot five good spurts into her before I felt the peak ebbing. I looked down at my beautiful wife as I shot the last of my sperm into her. She was flushed and looking up at me. I bent and kissed her deeply as my orgasm subsided. 

She whispered in my ear, "This is really hot baby. Did you enjoy having your fantasy come true?"

"Oh God Becky, I have never been so hot in my life as I watched you getting fucked by Phil," I said.

"That's only because you had your cock in your sister," She teased. "Well did you enjoy fucking Jackie after all these years?"

"God yes. She really has a hot cunt."

"Well I'm happy baby. And how about fucking me with another man cum in me?" Becky asked. My cock jumped in her pussy. "Well I can feel the answer to that," She kidded.

What do you guys think about all of us sleeping together for the night?” Jackie asked as she gently stroked my wife's hair.

"Hmmm, that would be nice," Becky, cooed through closed eyes. 

"Great sister in law cause I can't wait to feel your husbands cock in me again," Jackie smiled

"Yeah well, your husband is about to get his balls fucked off for the night too there missy," Becky kidded Jackie.

We all looked at each other and smiled.

To be continued...