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My First Time with Aunt Linda

zorro7191 on Incest Stories

This story starts when my grandma died when I was 11 years old.  Grandma died of liver disease and Grandpa took it very hard.  Within a couple months of her death, my parents, my two younger sisters, and I all moved into Grandpa's house so he wouldn't be so alone.  My aunt Linda, recently divorced, had already moved in a few weeks before having come back from the city she was living in with her former husband. 

At the time, Aunt Linda was 26 years old and one of the prettiest women I had ever seen.  She was a petite 5'2" tall and about 115 lbs. with shoulder-length dark brown hair.  Linda had a great ass, nice legs, and big 34C breasts.  During the summer, she had a habit of wearing short-shorts and tight t-shirts that really accented the size and perkin

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ess of her big tits.

Of course, being 11 years old when I first moved into Grandpa's house, I never noticed these things about her nor did I understand the sexual comments some the of the older boys on the street would make about her when they saw her outside in the front yard or bending over in her short-shorts digging something out of her car.  To me, she was just Aunt Linda. 

It wasn't until almost a year later when I started going through puberty that I started noticing Linda as a woman as well as the voluptuousness and sexy shape of her body.  I especially noticed those full tits!  Also, I began to understand the comments the other boys in the neighborhood made about her and wondered what it would be like to squeeze and suck on those big tits and to get a piece of that ass.  I knew it was wrong to think of my aunt in this way.  After all, she was my father's sister.  But I was a boy with raging hormones and I couldn't help it!  Just the thought of seeing Linda naked was enough to make me cum really hard every time I jacked off in the shower thinking about her.

For the next year or so, I noticed everything about Aunt Linda from the dresses she wore to work that showed off her legs and the size of her boobs, to the sometimes-short nighties she wore which she never covered with a robe, to the ever-popular short-shorts and tight t-shirts.  I used to love catching her standing next to the refrigerator in her nightgown with the door open looking for something to drink.  All the while, the light from inside would shine through the thin nylon fabric allowing me to catch a glimpse of those gorgeous breasts!  It was almost enough to make me cum in my pajama bottoms right then and there!  Then, she would notice me standing there but apparently not notice how my gaze was fixed on her tits. 

"Did you want something to drink?", she would ask.

"Um...yeah.", was about all I could muster to say while I snapped out of my daze.

Unfortunately, when I was 13, my parents, sisters, and I all moved to a house Dad rented for us.  Luckily though, it was only 4 doors down the street.  However, it disappointed me not to be able to live in the same house with my aunt Linda because it meant I wouldn't be able to see her in her nighties anymore.  But since Grandpa was old and Linda was a working woman, it was still my responsibility to do some of the household chores such as taking out the trash and mowing the lawn.  Of course, I always tried to do these things when Linda was home.

One Sunday morning, I walked down the street to Grandpa's house to remove the trash from inside.  As I walked towards his house, I noticed that Linda was home since her car was in the driveway but Grandpa's was not.  Apparently, he was out having his coffee and biscuits at a nearby diner as this was his routine every morning without fail.  I assumed Linda was sleeping in because I knew she had gone clubbing the night before.  Thus, I entered the house with my key as quietly as I could so as not to wake her.  But I did hope I would see her before I finished taking out the trash.

As I walked into the kitchen and over to the trash can to pull out the full trash bag, I glanced down the hall and noticed Linda's bedroom door was closed.  "Damn", I thought to myself.  "She's still asleep.".  To my surprise, as I'm pulling out the trash bag from the can, I hear the toilet flush from the bathroom down the hall.  Then the door opens and out comes Linda wearing a short pink nightgown!  My jaw almost dropped to the floor when I saw her and how I could see the color of her nipples showing through the material of that flimsy nightgown.  I nearly spilled the trash all over the kitchen floor as well! 

When she saw me she said, "Hi!".  I saw that she was carrying a bottle of Pepto-Bismol in her right hand and while she shook it as she walked toward the kitchen, I noticed how the motion made her big tits jiggle like crazy!  I had an instant hard-on. 

"I'm a little hungover.", she said, referring to the Pepto-Bismol.

"Did you have fun last night?", I asked.

"Yeah. Too much fun!", she responded laughing.

"Are you okay?", I asked with concern.

"I'll live.", she answered.

Meanwhile, I was still fiddling with the trash bag while I studied Linda in that nightie up and down while she took a dose of the medicine.  There was an uncomfortable silence for a few seconds as she turned around to look at me.  Finally, she spoke up.

"You like this nightie?", she asked sheepishly.

"Um...yeah, Linda.  It's nice." ,I stammered.

She giggled.  "Just nice? You don't think it's sexy?"

It took all my courage to respond.  "It's very sexy.  It's the prettiest one I've ever seen you wear.". 

"Aww!", she said obviously flattered. "That's why you're my favorite nephew!"

I responded with a goofy laugh. "And you're my favorite aunt!"

As Linda moved closer to me, I picked up the scent of her perfume.  I wanted so bad to rip that nightie off her right then and there! But again, she surprised me as she put her lips to mine to give me a warm sweet kiss.

"You're growing up so fast!  I'll bet you'll have lots of girlfriends when you're older!" ,she said.

"You're already my girlfriend, Linda!"

Again she giggled.  "You're so precious.  Tell me.  Have you ever seen a woman's body up close?"

Embarassed at the question, I answered "  Only in magazines and movies.".

"Well..." Linda said, "judging by the size of that banana in your pants I think you'd like to see mine.  Am I right?"

"Boy, would I!" ,I said excitedly.

"Well then.  It's time for me to properly educate my favorite nephew!"

With that, Linda took me by the hand down the hall to her bedroom.  When we got there she sat me on the edge of her bed.  "Just relax." ,she said.  "It's time for Sex Education 101.".

Linda grabbed the sides of her little pink nightie and pulled it up and off over her head.  Those big 34C tits bounced free and I nearly fainted as I got my first real look up close and personal.  "Study me all you want and feel free to touch whatever you feel like touching." , she instructed.

Of course, the first thing I went for was those large tits.  I caressed and kneaded them first. Then I nuzzled them with my face and kissed and licked those delicious nipples.  Linda obviously loved it and moaned with pleasure.  "Mmm....Are you sure you've never done this before?" ,she asked.  "Uh-uh", I responded, the whole time never taking my mouth off her gorgeous boobs. 

"Geez, you're really turning me on.  You have such a gentle and passionate touch." ,she purred while stroking my hair. Finally, when I had enough fun with her tits, I kissed my way down her stomach.  Linda started moaning even more.  As I got to the top of her little pink bikini panties, I noticed that they were wet right where the crotch was. 

"What is that?" I asked her referring to the wet spot on her underwear.

"Those are my love juices, Honey." ,she answered. "They start to flow when I get sexually excited."

"So I'm exciting you?" , I asked innocently.

"Yes, Baby, you are!" ,she said.

With that response, I just had to look at what was underneath those wet panties.  I put both pairs of my index and middle fingers just inside the waistband of Linda's panties as if to pull them down.  As I did that, I looked up at her face to see how she felt about my taking them off. 

She nodded in approval. "Go ahead.  Do whatever you want with me."

Without hesitation, I pulled those little pink panties down to the bottom of her ankles.  She stepped out of them and kicked them aside.  Linda was now totally naked in front of me and what a beautiful sight it was!  I took a good long look at her neatly trimmed pussy and saw how swollen the lips were.  I also noticed the sweet musky scent eminating from it. 

Instinctively, I started to kiss and flick my tongue at her hot wet pussy.  Linda was really moaning now.  "Oh Baby, that feels sooo good!  You are definitely my favorite nephew!"

After a little while, Linda laid back on the bed and spread her legs.  "Keep doing what you were doing."  I laid my face between her legs and really started eating her out.  She tossed her head from side to side and tugged at her hair as I pleasured that sweet pussy with my mouth.  Finally, Linda screamed, "Oh my God, I'm gonna cum!"  At that moment, she exploded her hot love juices all over my face.  I did my best to lap them up as best I could.

As Linda came back down to Earth, she said "Now it's time for Auntie to pleasure her favorite nephew!"

She instructed me to lay on my back while she undressed me.  First my shoes and socks came off, then my shirt, jean shorts, and underwear in that order.  When my underwear came off, out popped my rock-hard 7-inch cock.

"That's pretty good size for kid your age!" Linda said excitedly. "Here comes your first blowjob!"

She first licked the tip of my cock then gradually put her lips around the head.  Before long, she began sucking on my 13-year-old cock like it the most delicious popsicle she had ever tasted.  The slurping sounds were driving my crazy and within a couple I was ready to burst. 

"Linda, I'm gonna explode!" I yelled.  In a few seconds, I was squirting a hot load of jism down her throat.  The feeling was so intense, I felt like I wanted to pass out.  When I regained my composure, I looked down to see that Linda was finishing licking me clean.  It was at that moment I realized my Aunt Linda was a cum hungry slut!

After that terrific blowjob, Linda moved up the bed to lie next to me. "Did you enjoy that?" ,she asked.  "I loved it!" ,I answered enthusiastically.  

"Well, I'm not through with you yet!" ,she said.

With that, she parted my lips with her tongue and we proceeded to do some deep kissing.  Meanwhile, she used her hand to bring my young cock to full attention once again.  Then I began to hungrily kiss and suck on her big tits again much to her pleasure.

"Now I'm gonna show you how to fuck!" ,she announced.  Linda laid on her back once again and spread her legs.  She then maneuvered me on top of her so that my crotch met hers.  She then took my cock in her hand and directed it to the opening of her love hole.  "Now push it in gradually and when it's all the way in, start moving up and down slowly but move with me."

As I slowly pushed my rock-hard cock into Linda's pussy, she let out a low and long-lasting moan.  "Okay, Baby, start moving."

I did as instructed and moved my hips up and down slowly while at the same time she moved hers in rhythm.  I couldn't believe the feeling of my cock buried in Linda's hot wet pussy as it clamped down and massaged and pulled at me.  Before long, we were moving faster.  My mind was in another place but I could hear us both grunting and moaning.  Again, it wasn't long before I could feel my balls swelling up with another load of cum.

"Linda, you're gonna make me explode again!" I said in an almost panicked tone. 

"Go ahead, Baby!  Give it to me!  I want to feel you squirt your hot sperm in my hot pussy!  Unnngh!  Unnngh!  You're gonna make me explode too!"

By now, I was pounding her pussy with all my strength while she used her legs to pull me into her harder and deeper.   The bedsprings were squeaking like crazy from all the movement.

At last, I heard myself yell as I unleashed wave after wave of hot jism in Linda's sopping wet pussy.  At the same time, she let out a scream as she experienced her own earth-shattering orgasm and covered my cock with her love juices.  I collapsed on top of her and we laid there hugging each other for several minutes.

Finally, Linda spoke. "Did you like that?"

"You're a great fuck, Aunt Linda!"

"Well then," ,she said.  "Let's do it again!"

We fucked again for a good hour all the while showing me different positions and bringing about several intense orgasms.

Afterwards, I finally did get around to taking out the trash!  When I got home, my mom asked me what took me so long at Grandpa's.

"Oh nothing.  Linda was showing me something."

Man, did she ever!


Naughty Stepdaughter

hornydaddy4262 on Incest Stories

The feeling of my wife’s mouth on my cock was a very welcome wakeup that morning, she was working her mouth like crazy creating a wonderful suction and working her tongue on the head each time she came up for air. Then it hit me, she had never given me head like this…and I remembered she had already left for work. I looked down to see my 17 year old stepdaughter, naked and sucking my cock like crazy! I must have jumped, because she looked up at me and smiled, well, as best she could with my cock filling her mouth, I must have looked pretty shocked because she giggled, but I grew even harder and she started sucking even harder.


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in 0in 0pt">This was a fantasy come true, I had been lusting after her for about 3 years, right after I met her mother, when I first saw her in a bikini. I never made a pass but looked as much as I could, peeking a few times to see her naked, and what a sight! Great body, firm round ass, long brown hair and a set of 36d’s with pale pink areoles and pencil thick, half inch high nipples, I must have jacked off 3 times a week to thoughts of her, as well as sometimes imagining it was her I was fucking instead of her mother (who had a great body, DD’s and loved to fuck and suck). But here I was with her naked and sucking me like an expert!


Her mouth was incredible… she was working most of my 7-½ inches into her mouth, the suction was amazing, and her tongue never stopped moving. I would have shot off already had she not had her thumb and forefinger wrapped tight around the base, holding me back, but I knew even that was not going to be enough to hold me back much longer. I started to buck my hips up to meet her mouth, I put my hand on her head and grabbed a handful of her hair and started fucking her mouth. She moaned around my cock, saliva running down into my pubic hair. I then realized that the hand that was not wrapped around my cock was between her own legs fingering her pussy. I took my other hand and ran it down her body squeezing her large tit and thumbing her nipple, which was hard as a pencil eraser, I slid it down and over her ass, sliding it into the hottest wettest pussy I had ever seen, the juice was literally running down her thighs. I sunk 2 fingers into her snatch and with another groan she started sucking even harder, well that was it for me.


“OH, SHIT, I’M CUMMING!!!!” I screamed.


And stream after stream of cum shot into her mouth, and she took it all, never stopping, almost none of it escaped. She kept on sucking till I could not take any more and pulled out of her mouth


She fell back and kept her hand around my cock, jacking slowly, lapping up what little cum was still on her lips


“ Was that good?” she asked with a sly grin.


“ Are you kidding?” I managed to get out, “ what brought this on? Not that I mind…”


“ I’ve been listening to you and mom fucking for a while now and it always got me off, and last night I peeked in and watched you fucking mom, she looked like you were doing her real good, I came twice watching…and since my attempts to get you to come after me have been failing, I figured I had to take matters into my own hands or mouth as it were…” she then grinned and rubbed her pussy showing me the pink inner lips


“I f I knew you wanted me I never would have held back, I was afraid you would kill me if I tried, or worse, your mom would… “


She smiled that sly grin again, “ don’t worry, I would never spoil my claim on a cock this good. Now, cum eat my pussy, and make me come like mom does.”


Her pussy looked so tasty my mouth watered as I climbed between her legs and ran my tongue up her thighs, the scent of her pussy as strong and intoxicating as strong whiskey I worked my tongue between her dripping lips and worked it up and down her pussy. She moaned and grabbed my head as I worked her cunt


“Oh yesss…eat my pussy daddy, make me cummm!”   She moaned, she never called me daddy before and it was like a challenge to me, I twirled my tongue around her swollen clit, which was as hard and stood up like a tiny cock, her juices were running down my chin as sweet and tangy as fruit juice, I drank down as much as I could as I sucked her pussy like a man possessed, her hips bucked and swayed so I could hardly hold on.


“Oh yes aahhhh yes daddy, make your little girl cum, god your tongue is so goood… god yes… fuck! fuck! Eat meeeee!!!”   She never stopped talking dirty and moaning   “yessss dadddyyyyy! fuck! Fuck! Suck my clit! yessss dadddyyyyy!” she arched her back and came, screaming and cursing till I could not hold on to her hips and she fell away moaning and hardly able to breathe


“God you are fantastic” she gasped “ no wonder mom is so loud when she comes…”


“You were louder” I grinned, my face wet with her juice “ I hope this isn’t over yet?”


“God no!” she smiled “after that I have to have that cock inside me…want to fuck me daddy?”


That was an offer I was not going to turn down, but I looked at the clock and saw that I would not be able to get to work on time...not that it mattered at the moment. “In a minute…” my cock was harder then it was when she was sucking me, but I called my boss and told him I would not be in, while I did this my horny stepdaughter started to lick my cock and balls, making my concentration a bit rough then I called the school and told them she would not be in either.. And as I did this the little brat climbed on top of me and lowered her pussy onto my cock, biting her lip as my cock sank deeper into her tight, hot hole. The school thanked me and I quickly hung up as she started to ride my cock


“ Oh, yes! Your cock is so good… I’ve wanted to do this for sooo long…” I let her ride for a few more minutes while I played with her big, beautiful tits and then pulled her to me and flipped over so she was on her back and I started to fuck her pussy. I pinned her hands over her head and smiled at her


“And I’ve wanted to do this for a long time too.” I started to fuck her pussy hard, bouncing my balls on her ass, pounding her as hard as I could.


‘ohh, ohh, god yesss, fuck me daddy! Pound your little girls pussy, god, your cock is so good” she wrapped her legs around me and hung on as I pounded her pussy, her ass bouncing off the bed “ fuck meeee!” she yelled, her head thrashing back and forth then she reached her head up and kissed me, he tongue deep in my mouth, moaning as she did, grunting and moaning, her head fell back and she started screaming. “god yess fuck meeee! Fuck me good… I’m gonna cum! Yess, YESS, YESSSSSS!!!!!” I kept right on fucking as she rode through her cum.


“Get up on hands and knees baby, daddy wants to fuck you doggy stile” I pulled out and she scrambled to get   into position.


“yes daddy fuck me from behind, fuck me like the dirty slut I am” she wiggled her ass at me.


“ yeah” I growled, as I sank my cock into her pussy and slapped her ass, I then grabbed a handful of her hair “but you are my slut”


“Oh daddy yes I am your slut! Fuck daddys slut hard!”


I pounded in hard as she slammed her ass back to me I looked over at the mirror and watched as her tits bounced and swayed as I pounded my hard cock into her as hard as I could


“Yes daddy, fuck your little slut! FUCK MEEEE!


Never in her most horny moment had my wife been this wild a fuck, I knew that I was in for the ride of my life, it felt like I was riding a bucking bronco she went into a frenzy moaning and screaming as she came again



That was all it took for me, I could not hold back any more…


“YESS BABY TAKE DADDYS CUM!!!”   I shot load after load into her pussy, she screamed and fell forward as I finished pumping the last of my cum into her and fell next to her


When we caught our breath she kissed me again and when we broke apart she asked if this was a one-time thing, I squeezed her tit and told her I hoped not and ground my cock into her ass. She smiled and said that she hoped not too


We spent the day fucking and sucking until her mom came home, showering together and fucking in the shower again, and just got our act together when her mom came home


That night she started teasing me when her mom wasn’t looking, flashing her tits and sucking her finger like it was a cock, and licking her lips… I knew this was only the start of something wonderful


This is my first posting...tell me what you think...Constructive criticism only please!

Daughter's A Field-Hockey Player

Jr.Kong69 on Incest Stories

My eighteen-year-old daughter is one succulent piece of meat. I fuck her all the time--now that she's legal--and she loves it when she eats my cum. I've been dreaming about her for a couple of years, and I got to act on my feelings a month ago; I'll tell you about it.

It was a sweaty spring afternoon when Jenny got home from field-hockey practice. (I always loved to go watch her and her team-mates running around the grass with those outfits on, but the skirts were too low...then.) Today, however, the Badgers' coach decided--to my great ecstasy--to give them the new ones.

My daughter walked into the living room through the open front door with a plaid skirt that rested in mid-thigh. Her dark-blue socks covered her knees, but still showed the fresh-baked-bread tan of her legs

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. The top was tight, and her delicious-looking mounds were stretching the sweater out; I could see her eraser-type nipples thrusting against the fabric. Her stick was in her hand, and she threw it towards the coat rack as she stormed in on me watching TV.

She stood directly in front of the television with her hands on her beautiful hips; the right side of her ass was raised higher than the other. I had to struggle to keep my ten inches of manhood from flowering in my sweatpants as I asked her what was wrong.

"I'll tell you 'what's wrong'! The fuckin' coach is making us wear these new uniforms. How the hell can I play good if I think some guy's checkin' out my ass in this?" Her long blonde hair, that was fixed in a pony-tail, bobbed around as she yelled. The sweat from the day's practice rolled down her cheeks and thighs in slippery rivulets. My cock stirred.

"I don't know, sweety. I think you look fine. You'll still be scoring more goals than anyone out there. And, by the way, the guys are going to check you out no matter what you wear. You're gorgeous!" I grabbed the magazine that was sitting next to me and draped it over my crotch nonchalantly.

"Thanks daddy, I'll get over it. Ooh , is that the new interview with...?" She reached forward and gripped the magazine off of my lap. I tried to tell her to "hold on, I'm still reading it", but she pulled it off, and just stared at my member bulging inside my sweats. I was glad that it was only me and her in the house right now because I didn't need her telling her mom that I was rock-solid from leering at our daughter.

The magazine fell to the floor as my little girl's eyes were transfixed on my flesh-pole hidden inside the cloth of my sweats. I was nervous, and I started to say something when she said, "Daddy, I hope you don't mind me saying so, but is huge!"

My balls shriveled inside my sack as I couldn't fathom what my daughter just said. I decided to go with it. "Why, thank you, dear. But, it's okay, you could call it what girls your age normally call it." I stretched my arms back behind the couch so my daughter could get a better view of my stuff.

"Your...cock is wonderful. I've had a couple of dicks, but none that big." She looked down at the floor. "I hope I'm not embarrassing you. I just never saw one so magnificient before. Does Mommy like it?"

"Your Mother can't get enough of it. I cum inside all of her holes all the time; at least, I used to. She don't give me much anymore." I sat up and stared at my baby's glistening love-sticks shiny with perspiration. As I did, my cock-head poked out through the top of my sweats, and it rested on my lower chest.

"Damn, Daddy, how long is it?" Jenny came around the table in front of me, and sat down; her gaze never left my sausage. Her tanned legs were slightly agape, and I caught a glimpse of her cotton panties. There was a line of moisture along the crack.

"Ten inches, darling. I'm sorry that you saw me like this; I feel so ashamed, but I have to tell you this: You are a sexy young woman, and, if you would let me, I would like to fuck the hell outta you."

"Oh Dad, after seeing that monster cock of yours, how could a girl say no." She winked at me as she started pulling her sweater off. "You wanna see my titties, don't you Daddy?" Her bra was as white as her underwear as I watched it fight with the load of her bosom. The bottom of her sweater got caught on those jugs, and when she pulled it free, they jiggled lively in front of me.

Now my litle girl reached around and undid the clasp of her bra. Her nipples were fully erect, and the skin around them was light brown and sweet-looking. I reached down and used my thumb on the bulbous head of my dick; the pre-cum was salivating from the hole. I could have easily sucked my own penis, but my daughter was here, so what the fuck?

Jenny fondled her tits and looked down at the slab of cock in front of her. "Daddy, I could see your dick throbbing. You want your baby to suck it? Huh?"

The skirt she was wearing was pulled taught as her legs were open very wide. I could see a lot of semen soaking through her panties now. She was a cummer...just like mom. I wanted to cum all over her knee-high socks, but then I thought better of it: better in her mouth. "Yes, Jenny, please. Suck as much of my cock as you can. Just take your time, and go inch-by slippery-inch."

She scooted the table she was sitting her fine ass on closer to me. Her fingers gripped my waistband and hauled my sweats and boxers down to my knees. "Daddy, I'll bet you can suck your own shaft," she said as she got a complete look at my unit. She licked her full lips.

"You bet I can. I used to do it once in a while when I was lonely. I'm not gay or anything, I just feel that if you can go down on yourself...why not?"

"Well, I have to tell you--I can eat my own pussy, too. I do it all the time when I think about Mom. Why don't we do ourselves for a minute before we get to the real action?"

I liked where this was going. I would never suck another man's dick, but my own...sure. "Okay, honey. I want to watch you lick your pussy while you see me suck my big cock." And with that, I bent my head down and easily placed my lips on the head; the pre-cum tasted great. I made slurping sounds as I thrusted three inches into my mouth. I kept my eyes on my daughter, waiting for her to take the plunge, so to speak.

"Oh, daddy, that's so fucking hot. Watch me." My daughter stood up and pushed the table away from me. She laid down and contorted herself in such a weird manner; her knee-high-socked legs crossed behind her neck, and her skirt fell down a bit. She struggled a little, but finally brought her lips up to her moist cunt. She used her right hand to pull away her panties, and started chewing on her huge pussy. I couldn't believe how bulging her cunt was! She sucked and slurped along her folds as I sucked inch after inch of my cock. We both moaned with bliss as I released my prick from my mouth and let it hit my chest again.

I sat there watching my beautiful daughter eat her own cunt until I said, "Let me take over, sweety."

Before she could answer, I got off of the couch, and helped her tongue herself. I rubbed my hands around her ass as I licked and licked her juicy pussy. Our tongues met a couple of times as we both ate her fun-box. This went on for a while, and then she asked, "Daddy, can I please suck your sweaty cock? I want to feel that massive dick as deep inside my throat as possible."

"Sure, honey. Let me lie back for ya." I swiped at her cunt two more times, and leaned back against the couch. She uncrossed her legs from behind her back, and crawled over to me like a tiger stalking a gazelle. She wrapped both hands around my shanker, and began jerking me up and down.

"I don't know how much I can get in my throat, but I'll try real, real hard to take it." As she stroked me off, she looked into my eyes with want and need. I couldn't deny my baby pleasure, could I?

"As long as you eat whatever juice comes out, I'll be happy. Now suck daddy, Jenny. Suck him good."

She started kissing all around the head, and immediately, my cock pulsed with some drops of liquid. She snorted those up orally, and placed my huge dick in her lovely mouth. Head in. Two inches in, now. Back up, and five steaming inches were down my daughter's throat. We're at eight, and my daughter's eyes--and esophagus--were bulging with greatness. "Two more, my darling little girl," I said in between gasps of pleasure.

"Oh-may, ammy," she mumbled as she took the whole pole in. Down and up she went, for five fucking minutes on my rod. The slurping, spongy sounds were incredible.

Before I quaked my globs in her mouth, I had to fuck my daughter. I pulled her off my veiny, slimy dick, and told her to lay back. "I'm going to see to it that you eat your pussy while my cock penetrates your fuck-hole. You game?"

"Fuckin-A-right, I am! Slide that meat into my hot oven, Daddy-dear." She threw herself back, and got into the same position as before; 'I love this outfit', I told myself as I watched those cottoned-calves cross behind my sweetheart's head again. With haste, my daughter started lapping at her pussy again, and moaning for me to throw it in her. That's just what the fuck I did.

I gripped my cock, and placed the mushroom-style head against Jenny's cunt-flaps. I rubbed it up and down the swollen, plump slit as she tongued us both. I didn't want my little girl to feel any pain, so I asked her how she wanted it: slow, fast, or fuck-fuck-fuck, that's good! She exclaimed, "Daddy, you know what's best for me, so give me what you give Mommy," she said with a faux-shy voice.

"You got it, Daughter-dear." The head of my cock disappeared inside my baby's cunt (as with the whole ten inches of man-flesh), and she wailed in bliss. The suction sounds my cock and her cunt made, joining together in incestuous hardcore sex, exceeded the noises her mouth made on my dick.

As I gazed down at my member ripping up my daughter's moist vagina, I saw her pearl-like cum dripping down the folds of her pussy. She screamed, "Oh, that's it, Daddy, fuck your whore daughter's sloppy cunt! I'm going to cum, Dad!" I pumped and pumped, letting my little girl get filled with meat while her and I played with her clit. I heard a moan from the room; it was probably her, no doubt. I was grunting with passion on every plunge as we both said, at the same time, we were going to cum.

As I thrusted into her two more times to work the jizz from my balls, Janine (my wife, and Jenny's mom) squatted over my daughter's face, and started grinding her cunt into my daughter's-- surprised, but willing--mouth. "That's it, Steve, fuck your daughter while she eats my dripping snatch."

I sure as shit wasn't going to stop, so I ejected my cock from my daughter's soaking wet pussy, and leaned up. Ropes of my hot semen launched themselves right onto Jenny's face, and her mother's cunt. The snotty white mass dribbled all over my baby's lips as she sucked it off of her mommy's pussy. I groaned with each burst, and instantly got hard again as I watched this evil act being performed by my family. I let my stiff cock rest on my daughter's tummy as my wife squirted her cunt juice into Jenny's open mouth.

"I guess it's time for Mom to join in the fun, right dear?"

Jenny just mumbled an "uh-huh" as she slurped up the cunt where she came from eighteen years ago.

Me And My Sister Anna

osuwildcat07 on Incest Stories

Hi. My name is Jim. My story is about the summer my sister Anna and I shared when I was eighteen. She was twenty at the time. My story begins about three weeks into our summer break. I had just broken up with my girlfriend Jill. We had been dating all year and I thought it would last forever. She needed to spend time with others and wanted to see others this summer.

No of her reasons were very good. Well, we separated. I was devastated. I didn't understand what went wrong. For about a week, I ran through everything in my mind to try and figure out "why?" It was driving me mad. My sister tried to help. We talked about girls and relation- ships. She tried to help me make some sense of the breakup.

Eventually, we both decided that it was best to let go and move on.

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Maybe later in life these things will make sense. To help me take my mind off of things, she offered to take me mountain biking up in the hills near our house. She told me put on a pair of swim trunks because there is a creek where we were going that we could swim in. We went and got changed and came back down to the kitchen to packed our gear and a lunch. After getting everything together, we headed out that morning. We rode along side streets to get to one of the bike trails.

She had been on this trail before and lead the way into the woods. Anna's very athletic and riding this trail was not much of a challenge for her. For me, it was a little bit of a workout, any bike riding I do is on paved streets. Feeling sorry for me, she decided to go off the trail where the terrain is more level. She said, "We can take this route. It'll take us a little longer." "Thanks" I said. The path she was taking us was less grueling and I was able to keep up with her. After about twenty minutes, we arrived at our picnic spot. We parked our bikes under a tree and started to unpack our gear and lunch. We had packed a refreshing fruit salad, sandwiches and drinks. I was looking forward to that! Anna had brought along a large blanket to spread out on the grass. She laid the blanket out in the open sun. "I want to work on my tan" she said. Sounds good to me. What do I care?

As I brought our lunch over to the blanket, Anna set out the radio and suntan lotion. As we both knelt down on the blanket and before starting in on our lunch, we both began to take off our T-shirts and shorts.

My sister's body was really toned. She looked really good. I unpacked the lunch as she worked on putting suntan lotion on her. I watched her oil her body as I ate my sandwich. Her body was glistening in the sun. The crotch of my trunks was getting kind of tight as my cock started to stiffened. "Will you put lotion on my back?" she asked while handing the body of lotion to me. "Sure." She turned her back to me and pulled her ponytail to the side. What I hadn't noticed earlier was that she was wearing a thong bikini!! Wow what a sight.

I thought that I could only see that kind of stuff in Sports Illustrated. "You're wearing a thong!" I said. "I never seen you wear those before." "Relax. I just bought it last week. I want to have as little tan lines as possible. What do you think? Do I look okay in it?" "Heck yeah!! You do!! Man I can't believe my sister is wearing a thong bikini." "Stop ogling and put the lotion on my back." I took the bottle in hand and squirted lotion onto her back. I spread the lotion over her. It's funny.

I've done a billion times before, but this time I seemed to be getting horny from looking at Anna. Any guy would, but I shouldn't because she's my sister. Her skin is soft and warm. "You done?" "Yeah, sorry" She laid on her stomach and untied her top letting the strings fall to the sides. I could see the side f her breast, firm and round. I kept staring at her while I picked up my sandwich and returned to eating. "Stop staring at me," she yelled. I finished my sandwich, put lotion on myself and laid down next to her. "Did you ever have sex with her?" she asked out of the blue. "What do you mean?" I asked stupidly. "Sex? Did you and Jill ever do it? "Well, not really." "What do you mean not really?" "Well, I've never had intercourse with her.

But she did give me a hand job once in the theater." "Tell me about it" "Well, we went out one Friday night to the movies. I don't remember which movie." "I don't really care about the movie." "I had been asking her to give me a blowjob. She didn't want to do it, but agreed to give me a hand job in the theater. We sat in the back of the theater and off to one side. As the movie got started she pulled my shorts down a bit and pulled my dick out. She started stroking it.

It took me a while to get hard because I was so nervous about getting caught. But she kept working at it until that thought left my mind. I began to slouch in my chair as I got more and more excited. She was pretty good at it." "Did you cum?" "Yeah. She stroked me until I came. My cum kind of went all over the place. Some on my stomach, some on my shorts and some on her hand. Luckily, we had napkins. She helped me clean up the mess. She licked off the cum that was on her hand.

That was a sight!" "So, you liked that, huh? Why didn't she want to give you a blowjob? "I don't know." My cock was hard from thinking about that night. Not realizing it, but my trunks was sticking up like a tent. Anna noticed. "I see you have a hard-on from telling your story." Anna rolled over to prop herself up onto her elbows. She left her top on the blanket, exposing her breasts to me. Her breasts were nice and round.

Two little triangles of untanned skin existed. Her breasts were glistening from the oil and sweat. She reached over with one hand and placed it on my hard-on. "Do you want me to relieve that and show you what a blowjob is like?" My mouth was agape as she rubbed my cock through my trunks. "You're what..??" I asked. "Let me show you what a good hand job and blowjob are." I didn't know how to respond. Anna's hand slipped inside my pants. Skin on skin. Her fingers lightly stroked the underside of my cock. Then reached down further, stroking and squeezing my balls.

Grabbing a hold of my hard-on, she stroked it for a bit before pulling her hand out. "Let's pull your pants off." As I reached down to pull my pants off, Anna was reaching for the lotion. She poured lotion into her hand and rubbed her hands together. She got up and knelt between my legs. With hands all greased up, she went back to work on my cock, one hand stroking and the other squeezing my balls.

Her technique was wonderful. Of course, at that time I only had one other to compare to. Watching my beautiful sister giving me a hand job was too much. I almost came until she stopped. I looked down to see why she had stopped. Anna was scooting back away from me. Then bent over and took me into her mouth. Her mouth was warm and wet. I should have blown my load right then and there. She was deliberately slow in her sucking, stopping at the head to tongue it.

I watched the top of her head bob up and down. Her thonged ass was sticking up in the air. What a sight! She pulled her head back so that I could see my cock in her mouth. She would look up to see my reaction. She licked the length of my shaft from tip to the balls. She would stop and work on my balls, occasionally taking both balls into her mouth while her hand stroked my dick.

Anna could tell that I was about to cum. I couldn't control my heavy breathing. She quickened her stroking and sucking. "I'm going to cum," I said through my clenched teeth. "I want you to watch me as you cum," Anna said. I obeyed and looked down at her, her thonged ass up in the air, head tilted back for me to see. With my cock in her mouth I could see and feel her tongue frantically working to make me cum. Her hand stroking faster and faster to bring me to orgasm.

She took my cock out of her mouth and placed it on her tongue as she stroked me. In the seconds following, my cum started shooting out. The first streamed out onto her tongue. Because her stroking was so furious, the next struck her on the cheek and chin. This ran down her face.

More and more of my cum shot out uncontrollably. I could see the cum filling her mouth. There was so much that some of it, it began to drip from her tongue onto her chin. Anna took my cock back into her mouth to catch the rest of my cum. I could tell that there was so much that she couldn't keep it all in her mouth. Cum was leaking past her lips. I could see her trying to swallow as much cum as she could, but there was still some that leaked out onto her lips and hand. As I came down, she licked up the cum off of her hand and me. "Oh Anna, that was great!!" as I panted to catch my breath. "We're not done. Next you're going to return the favor....."


That summer Anna taught me a lot. That was the beginning of regular trips we made to that creek. We're both out of college now and share an apartment. When one of us needs relief, we take care of each other.

Back Spasms, Part 1

bulldog68jd on Incest Stories

My daughter, Kayla, fell down the stairs and injured her back.   Her room is in the basement, so it was inevitable that she would trip and fall sometime—thundering down the stairs as fast as she could.   My wife and I took her to the doctor—luckily no bones were broken.   The physician prescribed bed rest, gave her a prescription for Tylenol 3, and a few tubes of Bio-Freeze (a special muscle relaxer, like an intense ben-gay lotion).  


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Our instructions were pretty simple—take the Tylenol 3 every 4 hours for pain, and rub the Bio-Freeze on her back as needed—especially at bedtime.   Everything seemed fine, until it became my turn to rub it on her back.   My wife works 3 rd shift, so I was stuck taking care of the bedtime rubdown.  


My daughter had just turned 16, and her physique was nothing like her mothers.   A cheerleader at just 5 foot tall, she had the body that most fathers grow gray hair over.   A firm pair of “D” cups, a slight, very slight tummy, and a nice round ass made her the center of attraction for a lot of guys.   Brown hair down to just past her shoulders, hazel eyes, and easily tanned skin tone complimented her physical features.   I can remember checking her body out a lot of evenings after cheerleading practice—she would wear tank tops and those little “hoochie” shorts that barely covered her ass.   And sometimes the shorts would fall to one side when she sat down—giving me a glimpse of her thong underwear underneath.   I always wondered what the tiny thongs hid.  


The first night after she fell, my wife had to go to work and I took the role as “masseuse”.   At bedtime, Kayla decided to take a bath—really a hot shower since she couldn’t sit down in the tub.   After her shower, she asked me to rub the Bio-freeze on to her back.   I helped her down the stairs to her room and she lay down on her bed.   She was wearing a t-shirt and those “hoochie” shorts—and something had to come off to be able to apply the Bio-freeze.


“Kayla, you need to take off you t-shirt so I can apply the Bio-freeze” I instructed.


“But what am I going to wear?”   She asked.


“I guess you’ll just have your bra on” I replied.


She slowly sat up and tried to take her shirt off—but had trouble getting her arms up over her head.   She didn’t want me to see her in only her bra—but she had no choice as I helped her get the shirt up and off of her.   She quickly turned away from me, grimacing in pain, and gingerly rolled on to her stomach—again wincing in pain.   I caught a quick glimpse of her brasserie supported breasts—and they seemed massive—even her mother never had breasts that large—not even when she was pregnant with my little girl.  


“Kayla, it looks like you’re in a lot of pain—did you take a couple of Tylenol before we came downstairs?  


“No, I didn’t.   It’s only been about two and a half hours since I took the last ones.   Should I take some more?”   She asked.


“You probably should.   If you’re going to sleep—it shouldn’t hurt you to take them a little sooner.   If you don’t, they’ll wear off and you might really be hurting.”  


“Okay, can you get me a couple?   I left the bottle upstairs in the kitchen” Kayla asked me.


“Sure, I’ll be right back.”   I hustled up to the kitchen, poured a glass of water, and grabbed the pain pills.   All I could think about was that my daughter was lying in her room—wearing nothing but her bra, “hoochie” shorts, and maybe a thong.   My cock was already throbbing just from the brief glances I had gotten.  


As I walked in to her room, I got another pleasant surprise.   As she was lying on her stomach, her legs had parted and I had a nice view a light blue thong covering most intimate parts as her shorts bunched to one side.   It was all I could do to stop looking and sit down beside her.   I gave her the pain medication and water, and watched in amazement as she half-rolled to her side to sip the water and swallow the pills.   Her right full breast shifted downward and almost popped out of her bra.   She rolled back to her tummy and gingerly stretched her arms out above her head.


As I started to apply the Bio-freeze to her back, I quickly realized that keeping her bra on would not be an option.   The straps were in the way.   I couldn’t get the Bio-Freeze all over her back with the straps in the way.


“Kayla, you’re going to have to take your bra off, I can’t get the Bio-freeze on around the straps.” I instructed her.


“But Dad, I won’t have anything on.” Kayla responded.


“It’s okay—just stay on your stomach.   I can’t see anything.”   With that she consented, but due to the sore back, she couldn’t reach around to unclasp the hook.   I reached down and softly undid the hooks and pulled the straps off of her shoulders.   My hands were shaking—I was hoping she didn’t notice.   I could just barely see the ample mound of flesh being pushed out to the side of her body—but I wanted to see more.


I continued gently apply the Bio-freeze, rubbing, caressing, feeling every inch of her back.   Her complexion was perfect, and I really wanted it to be my tongue rolling over her soft skin.   She moaned a few times, and I thought the moans were of pleasure—if she only knew the pleasure I really wanted to give her.


After a few minutes of caressing her back, I decided to continue a little lower.   I pulled the top of her shorts down a couple of inches—so I could “do” her hips.   I figured if she objected—I’d tell her that it was necessary to really get to her lower back muscles.   I could see the spaghetti straps of her thong—stretched tightly around her hips and disappearing lower—I assumed into her crack and beyond.  


To my surprise, she didn’t make a sound.   I continued my gently massage, spending more than enough time on her lower back and the top of her silky ass.   She didn’t move.   I tugged her shorts and thong down another inch and continued my rubdown.   Still no movement.   At this point—almost half of her ass was uncovered—and still no objection.   At this point I started to get worried—it must have been a fatherly instinct—but I had a flash thought that she wasn’t breathing.  


I stopped massaging and checked the pulse on her neck.   She was alive—and fine.   She must have been knocked out from the medication.   I felt a sense of relief.   And then I had a thought—How asleep was she?   Did she realize that I pulled her shorts down?   I shook her gently trying to wake her.   I whispered her name in her ear.. no response.   I shook her again and said her name louder… nothing.   Again, even louder… still no response.   She was really out.  


With my erection still pounding from massaging my half-naked daughter, I did what no father should do.   I pulled her shorts down the rest of the way—off of her ass and down to her knees.   I left the thong on—I just wanted to admire her ass.   I knew I couldn’t let this moment go—so I hurried and got my digital camera.   With a 128MB card—I could take over 250 pictures—and I proceeded to snap away.   Her ass was beautiful, far better than any 16-year-old girl should look.   I took shots from every angle—highlighting her ass and naked backside.  


She still didn’t respond, so I decided to go further.   I pulled her shorts the rest of the way of her legs and gingerly rolled her over.   She whimpered a little bit so I stopped for a moment—trying to think of an excuse if my daughter woke up and realized her shorts were off with her father staring at her.   She didn’t wake up—so I continued on my quest.   Her bra was already loose, and in rolling her over it was just barely covering the supple flesh of her mounds.   Her milky white skin was pushing out of each side of her bra.   She was an unbelievable site—black bra half on, light blue thong snuggly on her hips and tucked into her cooch.   My hands went back to the camera and fired off another 10 pics to commit this sight to memory.  


My cock was straining in my athletic shorts and boxers with one of the firmest and fullest erections I’ve had in years—and yet I wanted more.   I pulled the straps of her bra off her arms, and gazed in her beauty as I uncovered two of the most perfect breasts I’ve ever seen.   She had small nipples and areolas—just a perfect shape and texture—a gorgeous light brown color.   Her milky skin surrounded the areolas and created two supple mounds of flesh—even lying on her back.   I was truly amazed that I was able to create something as beautiful as she was.  


I’d seen her stomach before—at the pool, or when she stretched around the house for cheerleading practice.   But now, with her breasts exposed—I could get a full sense of her from head to toe—sheer beauty on every inch.   The only area of skin I couldn’t see was still covered by the thong, but I imagined it was just as beautiful.   I snapped another 20-25 pictures—every angle and distance combination that I could think of.  


I wanted to touch her breasts, kiss them, lick them from top to bottom, roll my tongue around on her stomach—but something held me back.   She was my daughter, and while stripping her top and shorts off was bad enough—was I ready to fondle my little girl?   And would it wake her from her slumber?


Something held me back.   I wanted to touch her so bad—but I just wasn’t sure.   But I had to see the rest of her body.   My hands went down to her hips and I pulled the taught straps of her thong the rest of the way down her hips.   The thong bunched up a bit as I tugged it down off her hips and I caught the first glance of her slit.   Amazingly, it was hair free.   My little girl shaved her pussy and it looked perfect.  


I breathed deeply and pulled the thong the rest of the way off her thighs and down to her feet—and then off.   I had to roll her a little bit—and she still didn’t move.   I gazed in admiration at her beauty.   I was treated to the perfect slit of my 16-year-old daughter.   Her thighs were mostly together, so I couldn’t see much more than light brown folds of skin.   I again grabbed my camera and committed this view to photographs—I wanted to remember this for a long time.  


My cock was throbbing in my pants and my heart was pounding.   I had just viewed almost every inch of my daughter and there was one area left.   I had to see it.   I’d come to far to not explore all of her beauty.   Who knew if I would ever get a chance like this again?  


I pulled her right leg and knee up and propped it up by a pillow—trying not to look at her pussy—savoring the unveiling.   I then pulled her left leg and knee up—and propped it by a pillow.   I couldn’t avert my eyes any longer, and I stared at her pussy.   Her flesh looked so soft and moist, so innocent and pure.   The supple folds of her opening were molded in pure symmetry and I marveled at the nearly ideal space for a cock to be inserted.   But at the same time I couldn’t imagine her taking a cock—I thought for sure that my average 6 and half inches would rip her apart.   Her pussy must be tight like a rubber band—there’s no way her pussy had ever been stretched out and fucked hard.  


I snapped pictures with my camera.   I leaned in; keeping my face about 6 inches from her coochie, and got a close-up look.   Was she a virgin?   Can you tell by looking?   I had no idea, but she had the “purest” looking pussy of any I had ever seen in an adult magazine.   I could smell her scent—a mixture of scented soap and womanly odor, and I wanted to lick every inch of her—but I held back.  


I could just barely see the fringe of her puckered asshole, and it too looked angelic.   My head was reeling, seeing my young daughter lying before me butt-naked.   From head-to-toe she was incredible, full-breasts, a perfect slit, and a body just made for sex.   Whichever guy got her was definitely going to get a fuck-machine.   And I wanted to take her for a test-drive.  


More to come….

Mother's Milk

NightmarePrincess on Incest Stories

Tristan stared quietly out the passenger side window as she ran her hand over her swollen stomach. After having her first child at the age of 15 she thought that she would never be stupid enough to get herself in this situation again. She was 32 and about to bring another child into the world out of wedlock. Her upbringing had poisoned her against the idea of abortion and since Evan found out she was pregnant, he had disappeared from her life completely. That left only her, and her 17 year old son, Adam, to deal with the aftermath of it all.

Her body ached from the added strain of the baby weight she was putting on. It would only be 3 more weeks until she was due and already her breasts were heavy with milk. After a few embarrassing moments where her motherly essence leaked, stai

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ning her blouse, she had resigned herself to staying in the privacy of her own house. Tonight however, she had no choice but to leave.

It was her birthday and Adam wanted to do something special. He had saved up some money from his paycheck from the computer store he worked at, and made reservations at one of the nicer restaurants in town. Despite how nervous Tristan was about going, she agreed to make her son happy.

She looked over at her son, noticing how mature he looked now. Just as they were pulling in front of the restaurant, Tristan realized that once again her mammoth breasts had decided to expel milk.

"Damn it" she said disappointedly. "I can’t believe it happened again."

Tears filled her eyes as she looked over at her son. He was slightly disappointed, knowing now the plans had to be cancelled. He had so looked forward to taking his mother out for a nice dinner. He smiled at her, placing his hand reassuringly on her shoulder.

"It’s ok mom. I’ll take you home and we can celebrate there." he softly replied.

Tristan looked up into her son’s eyes, seeing the love and compassion he felt for her. The two of them had relied so much on each other over the years it seemed now he felt it was his turn to take care of her. The two of them were quiet on the way home, making time seem to pass even more slowly than it actually did. She kept adjusting her jacket, trying to cover the wet material.

Once they arrived home, Adam helped his mother out of the car and led her into the house. After getting her settled in her room to change, he made a phone call and ordered in delivery from the Italian place down the street. He was disappointed that it was going to take so long and nearly reconsidered when he noticed that she had not returned from her room, worrying him that something was wrong.

As he crept up the stairs, he listened for any indication of what she was up to. When he stood at her slightly ajar door, he could hear her sobbing softly. He peeked in to find her sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing only a pair of white cotton panties, her face buried in her hands as she cried.

"Mom?" he said as he pushed the door open. "What’s wrong?"

Tristan grabbed for the blanket to cover herself, causing her to hit her sore breast with her arm and more milk to spill from her thick brown nipples. Adam didn’t even seem to notice that she was naked, his eyes remained locked on her face. He knelt down on one knee in front of her, looking up into her face as she stared back at him.

He reached up wiping away the tears. "Mom what’s wrong?" he asked in a concerned tone.

"Look at me Adam. I am disgusting. My breasts are sore and constantly leaking milk unless I pump them several times a day. I haven’t been able to shave my legs or anything else properly since my stomach has gotten so big. I am hideous." she sobbed.

"Mom you are not hideous. You are beautiful." he answered.

More milk leaked from her, wetting the blanket she clutched to cover her bare breasts. She began to cry harder, making Adam notice the wetness. He tried to stop her tears, wanting so badly to see her smile again.

"Where’s the pump mom?" he asked softly, hoping to help alleviate some of her stress.

"It’s on the dresser over there," she answered as she pointed toward the opposite side of the room.

Adam stood up, spotting the device and going to retrieve it. Just as he started to pick it up, he dropped the device, causing it to clatter to the floor. They both watched in horror as the cup that covers the nipple snapped off sharply. His face went white with horror as he picked up the pieces, trying to put it together again.

He turned to his mother, unsure what to say or do.

"I’m... I’m so sorry mom." he said as he presented her with the broken pieces.

"Oh god no," she whispered as she tried not to break into tears again.

"I’ll go pick up a new one tomorrow mom. I promise. I didn’t mean to..." his words were cut off.

"It’s ok Adam. I can get another one tomorrow. I don’t know how I’m going to deal with this tonight." she answered, trying to compose herself.

Adam stared at his mother for a moment, wracking his brain to think of some way to ease the pain she was feeling. The only idea that hit him seemed so unorthodoxed and wrong he was almost afraid to suggest it, but seeing her grimmace as from the pain of her aching breasts, he knew he had to do something.

"Mom, I want to help," he said, moving his hand to the edge of the blanket as he started to gently pull it away from her mammoth breasts.

"Adam what are you doing?" she shrieked, shaken by his action.

"Mom, it’s my fault that the pump broke, let me help take the pressure away." he said softly as he looked into her eyes. "I just want to help mom."

She eased her grip on the blanket, letting him pull it away with ease. Timidly Adam cupped one of her breasts in his hand, bringing the distended nipple closer to his mouth. Tristan tensed up as she felt his warm breath on her skin, but remained still in hopes that his actions would help.

His lips attached to her breast as he softly began to suckle. Slowly Tristan felt the pressure in her left breast easing as he eagerly gulped down every drop of her milk. The taste of it was odd to Adam but not unpleasant. He knew deep down even if it was, he would still do his best to ease her suffering.

Despite his intentions, he could feel his body reacting to the feel of her warm breast cradled in his hands. Tristan too was feeling the familiar tingling, causing her to groan slightly. Her son’s mouth voraciously sucked her aching teat, drinking down the thin liquid that it expressed. Soon the swelling was leaving as he drained her milk. He looked up at his mother as he let her nipple slip from his mouth.

"Mom, lay back on the bed, I know this can’t be very comfortable for you." he said searching her eyes.

"Ok Adam," she purred softly.

As she moved, he stood up quickly, hoping to hide the erection that now throbbed in his pants. Tristan caught a glimpse of the bulge as he moved, making her smile. She could not believe that her son was getting so aroused by sucking the milk from her breast. She laid back on the bed, getting comfortable as he moved to the right side and climbed on the bed as well.

Her panties were soaked with her musky wetness as his mouth found her nipple. The relief of having the excess milk drained, caused her to sigh happily as she stroked his hair. The scent of her dripping sex made it’s way to Adam’s nostrils, causing him to quickly realize that he wasn’t the only one who was affected by the actions.

He diligently sucked, savoring each warm mouthful of milk before swallowing it down hungrily. He tested his luck as his courage mounted, sliding his hand over his mother’s swollen belly and toward those white cotton panties. As his hand dipped down between her firm thighs, he could feel the soaking wet fabric graze his skin. He quickly brushed his fingers over the crotch, feeling more wetness seeping out.

Tristan moaned, lost in a web of desire. Her thighs parted slightly further as his fingers toyed with the wet material. He could feel her bulging pussy lips parting as he traced up and down them before moving to her clit. She let out a loud moan as his fingers strummed the little nub, causing her to tremble. It was the first time in months she had been touched by anyone but the doctor or herself. Her legs spread a little wider, inviting him to continue.

Adam needed no encouragement, his fingers moved over her dripping wet slit slowly as he pushed the panties aside. He could feel the heat radiating from deep inside her and knew he had to be in there. Two of his fingers pushed slowly between her lips as he carefully inserted it. He began to work his finger in and out of her as his thumb worked over her clit. Her hips began to rock to meet his pace, trying to force him deeper inside her greedy cunt.

His pants felt as if they had shrunk two sized since he began feeding on her delicious milk. It felt as if his throbbing cock was going to burst through the fabric that held it captive. He couldn’t resist it any longer. Adam reached down and unfastened his pants, working them down as quickly as he could.

Tristan knew as soon as his fingers left her cunt what he was about to do. She knew deep down that it was wrong but there was no turning back now. She had felt his touch and her body yearned for more. Then for the first time, she felt the smooth tip of his cock rub against her pussy lips. She let out a soft gasp as they parted for him, letting him ease the head in.

His lips released her thick brown nipple as he positioned himself on all fours between her legs. His eyes met hers as he searched them for a sign of forgiveness for what he was about to do. Instead he was greeted with the same lusty stare he possessed. Her hips lifted slightly off the bed, silently offering herself to her son.

He gently began to sink into her, filling her with his swollen shaft. Tristan let out a loud moan as he soon hilted himself inside her. All 7 inches of his cock were hugged by her velvety walls as he remained still for a moment, enjoying the feel of her pussy wrapped around him. His head lowered as he once again took her nipple into his mouth and suckled as his hips began to pump.

Tristan could not believe how intense it felt. The feel of his mouth working her breast and his rigid cock filling her, quickly brought her to the first glorious orgasm of the night. He let her nipple slip from his mouth as he looked up at her, resting his weight on his knees and hands as much as he could. He leaned down and passionately kissed her as he plunged deep into her wetness once again.

Her tongue sought out his as she wrapped her arms around his well toned body. She knew from this moment on she wanted only one man inside her. Another tumultous orgasm built up inside her, causing her hips to buck at a frenzied pace, but Adam kept control of himself. His thrusts were deep and slow, leaving her on the edge for several moments.

She sucked his tongue as it massaged hers, raking her nails down the center of his back as they kissed. Tristan needed release now and she was determined to get it. Adam’s willpower was quickly running out as she began to contract her muscles around him, milking his cock skillfully as it slipped in and out.

He moaned into the kiss, fighting with all his might to hold out just a little longer. He pulled back, staring down into her eyes as he began to pump harder and faster. He knew he couldn’t fight it any longer. He had to cum inside his beautiful mother. Adam gritted his teeth as he struggled not to get too rough and just jackhammer away at her like she was some cheap slut. He groaned loudly, throwing his head back as he cried out "OH GOD MOM,".

Tristan screamed in orgasmic delight, her entire body shaking as she drenched his shaft in her own juices as it pumped torrents of thick cum deep inside her already full womb. He collapsed against her as their orgasms trailed off. She tenderly stroked his hair as she held him close.

"My god Adam, that was amazing," she softly said.

"Mom, I have wanted to do that for such a long time. You have no idea how sexy I have always thought you are," he blushed as he told her. "I’ve wanted to make love to you since I knew what sex was. Now that I have.... I don’t ever want to stop."

Tristan was taken back by his confession. She had always thought he was an incredibly sexy young man but rationalized it as a mother’s pride in her son. Now that she had experienced his touch, she knew she had to have him as her lover permanantly.

"You don’t have to Adam. I want you as my lover from now on," she said with a soft smile.

Just then the doorbell buzzed loudly for several seconds. In his passionate pursuit, he forgot all about the take out. He quickly pulled his pants up and sprung off the bed. He was a bit disheveled as he opened the door to see the beautiful girl that sat next to him in english class standing there with the order. She blushed when she saw him.

"That will be $22.50," she said in a hushed tone.

He handed her $30 and smiled. "Keep the change." he said as he took the containers from him.

"Thanks, and have a good night Adam, though it sounds like you were already having one." she giggled and walked off the porch.

He quickly shut the door and laughed to himself. It didn’t take him long to gather up a couple of plates and silverware and return to his mother. After dinner was over, he planned to spend the rest of the night exploring his new lover in every way possible, but for now, food and rest was what they both needed.



Valentine's Day Siblings

TheSophist on Incest Stories

Brianna jumped and quickly tucked the bottle under her bed when she heard the front door slam. She rolled over quickly and picked up the school textbook she'd discarded on the floor yesterday, flipping the book right-side up and acting as if she had been reading it the whole time in case somebody came in. The smell of liquor on her breath was pretty strong and she was sure that if anybody sat down next to her they'd smell it. She swept her long chestnut mane behind her nervously and straightened the thin T-shirt she was wearing, aware her nipples were very obviously poking out from her previous sexual excitement but unable to do anything about it at the moment.

She relaxed when she heard the door to her big brother's room slam a few moments later, satisfied that her parents hadn't

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returned early. If they had, she'd have had a tough time explaining why the door to the liquor cabinet was hanging wide open and several bottles were missing. She silently crept out of bed, wobbling unsteadily as the full effect of the booze hit her, and peeked her head out the door to make sure nobody was there. When she didn't hear anyone in the hallway she crept out, leaning heavily on the wall for support, and slowly made her way to the kitchen so she could close the door. At least now nobody would be likely to notice the missing bottles before she could replace them.

Then she realized Adam was supposed to be at a party right now; it was halfway across town and he couldn't have been there more than a half hour if he was back already. She burped drunkenly and decided to check in on him. She staggered down the hallway, feeling her way along the wall, until she came to Adam's door. She wavered there, unsteady, before the hallway stopped spinning enough for her to knock twice. "Adam?"

When he didn't answer, she shrugged and headed back to her room to lie down. She collapsed heavily onto her soft comfy bed, rolling over until she could watch the steamy R-rated movie she'd put on. It was Valentine's Day and she was lonely, and more than a little horny. She was just starting to get back into it, rubbing her pussy through her shorts, when Adam knocked on her door and came in. She propped herself up against the headboard and tried to act as sober as possible.

"Hi Bree. Sorry I didn't answer when you knocked."


"When are Mom and Dad gonna be home?"

She coughed and tried to make sure her words came out unslurred. "They shed -

"Linda... broke up with me. She told me right after I drove her to the party, then went to hang out with Keith Whitmoor ." He sarcastically accentuated the last two words; Keith Whitmoor was a football player all the girls seemed to drool over. He had a reputation for being a "hump 'em and dump 'em" kind of guy, but for whatever reason the girls still flocked to him.

"I tolju she was trash! I shwear Adum, one of these days you're gonna lishen to me!" She couldn't help but slur her words a little with that outburst and Adam narrowed his eyes at her, then leaned in to sniff her breath. "Have you been drinking?"

"Yup!" Brianna chirped with a drunken smile. "Wan shum?" She leaned over his edge of the bed, shooting out a hand to steady herself that landed on Adam's inner thigh. She grinned drunkenly, Adam unable to see, and retrieved the half-empty bottle from under her bed. "There we go!"

"No, I'm - Aww, what the hell, gimme that." He swiped the bottle from her, opened it, and put it to his lips. Brianna watched as he drained off several swallows of booze before tilting the bottle back down and coughing lightly, making a sour face as the strong drink burned the back of his throat. "Good ainnit?" Brianna giggled, wavering unsteadily as she propped herself up on one elbow. She collapsed back onto her pillow with a smile as Adam continued to drink from the bottle.

"What kind of a bitch breaksh up with her boyfriend on Valentine's Day?" She hiccupped. "Thash cold. I'd never do that to my boyfriend - if I had one I mean." she frowned.

"Don't call her a bitch Bree." He took another long swig from the bottle, making a face as he swallowed the fiery liquid.

"Dude, she was a total bitch. She never came over to visit, she never called you, you spent a fortune on her and she never got you anything in return, she made you drive her everywhere, and she never gave you any in five months of dating. And she broke up with you on Valentine's Day! I'd call that being a bitch." She poked a finger into his chest with each point, finally resting her hand on her brother's chest when she finished. Adam brushed her hand away and took another long drink from the rapidly emptying bottle, wincing as he swallowed. "Gah! How do you know she didn't give me any?"

Brianna giggled. "I can hear you through the ventsh, moaning her name every night as you jerk off." Adam could feel his face burning as she laughed, slapping his arm drunkenly. "Oh, don't worry Adam, It's okay. I play with myself too you know." Adam unwillingly found himself picturing her lying spreadeagle on her bed as she hungrily fingered herself, and shook his head to get the incredibly erotic image out of his mind. She just laughed drunkenly, knowing the effect her words had had on him. Adam took another long drink from the bottle, finally polishing it off and belching. By now he'd probably had almost as much as Brianna, and it was just starting to kick in.

"Hmm. We're both home alone on Valentine's Day and hard up. This sucks." She frowned, staring at the movie, then grinned at him mischeviously. He glanced back at her with a curious look, then quickly scooted back up against the headboard as she swung a leg over him and straddled him, sitting down a little too heavily on his lap and grinning drunkenly at him. Adam banged his head against the wall as he pulled back to avoid Brianna's drunken kiss. "Ow, dammit Br- OW! What the hell are you doing, Bree?!"

She pulled back, looking wounded. "I just wanted a lil kiss. It's Valentine's Day and I don't have anybody. I'm lonely!" She pouted.

"But I'm your brother!"

She shrugged as if it hardly mattered, emboldened by the knowledge that she was drunk. "It's just a lil kiss, whassa big deal?"

Normally Adam probably would have refused, but he was feeling really hurt and lonely himself after having been dumped by Linda, on Valentine's Day of all days. Combined with the potent alcohol and the assertive boldness of Brianna's advances, he didn't resist when she leaned in a second time and pressed her lips to his gently. Adam was lost in the sensations of her lips against his, momentarily forgetting that she was his sister, and pulled her closer as the kiss continued longer than it should have.

He didn't even notice when the kiss crossed the line from sisterly to a girlfriend kiss, and he forgot to protest when her tongue wedged its way between his lips and she ground herself against him as she invaded his mouth lustily. He found he had placed a hand on her shoulder only when she slid it down to cup her breast. That was enough to break his reverie, and he pushed her away from him. "What the fuck, Bree?" he slurred.

In for a penny, in for a pound, she figured. "What? I just wanna get a little action. And don't tell me you don't want it, because I've sheen the look on your face when I step out of the shower!" She did have him there; Adam couldn't help but think naughty thoughts when she came out that door, dressed in practically nothing. Still...

"But you're my sister!" he protested, his resolve starting to ebb.

"I'm also a girl who's offering you sex." She stared into his eyes, daring him to refuse her.

"But you're still my sister!" he repeated, a little more weakly than before. He had to admit he was severely tempted, but not to her; if he admitted that to Brianna he'd stand no chance of resisting, and he still wasn't sure he wanted to do this. "You're just saying this because you're drunk!"

"Maybe, but I've wanted it for a long time. There've been a lot of nights where I fantasized about you and played with myself as I listened to you jack off in your room. I so just wanted to walk in naked while you were doing it and fuck you senseless, but I never got up the courage. Well now I'm lonely, I'm horny, and I'm sick of just playing with myself while I have to listen to you stroking it only ten feet away. I want you, and I'm gonna have you."

"But-" he began as she peeled off her shirt to expose her jiggling tits, and leaned in to dangle them in his face.

"I know you want them, Adam. It's okay, you can touch them, I want you to." She took his hands and placed them on her naked breasts, giving them a little squeeze over his hands. "Mmm, that feels good baby. You can touch me, it's okay." His resolve was crumbling, and he made no effort to remove his hands when she took her hands off his and placed them on his shoulders. He gazed up at her.

"But this is wrong!" he replied weakly. It was evident in his voice that he wanted this badly, but he didn't think he should.

"Oh come on, I know how horny you get. I can hear you jerking off two, sometimes three times a day. Well guess what, I get horny too. I wanna fuck just as bad as you do. You need some pussy, and I need a good hard cock in me; if we can satisfy each other's needs why should it be wrong?

Adam didn't respond, obviously considering her answer.

"I mean, Linda never gave you any relief, and you're gonna just turn it down when you can have it so easily? C'mon, I know you'd much rather fuck my warm wet pussy every night than your cold dry hand. You can have it if you want. You can have everything," she continued coaxingly. He was still unsure. "But what if-" he began.

"Look, I'm already on the pill for my cycle so we're not gonna be making babies or anything. And nobody needs to know, nobody's gonna find out. I'm just a girl who wants to fuck you, who just happens to be your sister. I don't wanna marry you, I don't wanna make babies, I just want sex. And if nobody will ever find out, then what's the big deal?" Adam's face was awash with the strain of repressed longing, unable to give her a response. Brianna leaned down to whisper into his ear.

"All you have to do is say yes, that's all. It's easy... just say yes and you can have as much sex as you want, whenever you want it. No strings attached. You won't even have to buy me flowers or any of that girlfriend stuff, you'll just come to my room and say 'I wanna fuck' and that's it, you'll get to fuck me. I'm just down the hall, you don't even have to leave the house. You'll never be hard up for sex again."

Evidently that broke the last of his resistance, as after a long moment of consideration he started kneading her tits and took a nipple into his mouth. "Mmmm!" moaned Brianna, gyrating her hips on the obvious bulge in his pants. Adam released her nipple and looked up at her anxiously. "This isn't gonna make things weird or anything is it?"

Brianna laughed, feeling the booze retake control. "Of coursh not. We'll still be brother and sister and everything, we'll just screw each other whenever we want."

"And nobody will ever know?" he asked skeptically.

"Well I dunno. Are you gonna tell anybody?" she asked with a grin. Adam shook his head emphatically. "Well neither am I, and we'll make damn sure Mom and Dad never find out, so I guess you can fuck me without any repercussions, huh? Now suck !" she commanded him, brushing his lips with a nipple. He immediately took it into his mouth and suckled, making Brianna moan.

"Mmm, that's good Adam. Suck on it! Now the other one!" she ordered, turning her body slightly to present him with a second jiggling tit. He took this one into his mouth as well, bringing up a hand to gently squeeze and knead the other. "Ooh, that feels good." She ground herself against his hard on, dry humping him gently as he suckled.

"You have too much on," she declared tipsily, and started pulling the bottom of his T-shirt up his chest. He leaned forward slightly to free the bunch forming at his back, then lifted his arms and released her hardened nipple from his mouth as she yanked the shirt over his head and threw it on the floor. She slid down his body, kissing him passionately and grinding her tits into him. She could feel the wispy thin hairs that were just starting to grow on his chest as they brushed against her tits, and could taste the saltiness of his lips on her tongue. She moaned softly and he moaned back, then gasped sharply as she reached under her and squeezed his bulging cock through his jeans.

She lifted up off of him, biting his lip seductively as she rose, and hopped off the bed to close and lock the door. "Just in case," she whispered, grinning lustily. She sauntered back over to him slowly, pushing her chest forward slightly to show off her tits, then grabbed his feet and rotated him until they were dangling off the bed. "Lie back," she ordered, unbuckling his belt and unzipping his jeans. She tugged at the top, sliding his pants down his ass as he lifted his hips off the bed, then past his knees and ankles to drop to the floor. Adam was breathing heavily in anticipation, and she crawled up to kiss him deeply and squeeze his cock through his boxers before she slid

back down, her breath hot on his crotch even through his underwear.

"Let's see what my big brother has in here," she grinned lusciously, sliding a hand underneath the elastic of his underwear to encircle his cock with her fingers. "Oooh!" she squealed like a little girl. "It's so big and hot!" she giggled, then slid down the front of his boxers with her free hand so she could see it. It was big and thick, with little blue veins running down the shaft. It looked almost angry somehow, standing proudly, fleshy red and hot to the touch. He was smooth and completely hairless, which Brianna found she liked to her surprise. "You shave?" she asked him curiously.

His blushed even more furiously than he already was. "Linda, um, told me she liked it... so I did it and hoped she'd, ya know, do it with me."

Brianna looked back down at the angry red cock in her hand, then back up at his face. "I like it." He smiled awkwardly, then moaned loudly as she bent down to lick the head tentatively. "MMM!" she said, licking some of the clear precome off the tip of his dick. "Yummy."

Adam's quiet groans filled the room as she took his dick into her mouth and began to suck him furiously, bobbing her head up and down rapidly. She paused on the occasional upstroke to swirl her tongue around the head, then resumed sucking on him as he moaned uncontrollably, feeling the incredible sensations of a first-class blowjob.

"Oh shit Bree!" he gasped, holding her head in his hands as she rapidly sucked him off. He loved the hot wetness of her mouth on his shaft, alternating with the cool air as she raised her head up to circle her tongue around his head before plunging back down as far as she could. It felt like she was sucking all the blood in his body into his cock, and when he looked down he was greeted by her grinning eyes as she bobbed her head up and down. He shuddered as she started gently kneading his balls, trying to make him come. It didn't take very long; he needed this release.

Her only warning was a shuddering intake of breath before he started squirting shots of salty semen into her mouth. She sucked on him rhythmically, feeling his dick pulse in her mouth as he came, and she found she had to swallow after every couple shots before her mouth filled with his come. The boys she'd sucked off before usually didn't squirt enough for a single mouthful, but apparently Adam came in buckets. She smacked her lips as she finished his final load, sampling the unique taste of boy come once again. She wasn't sure whether she liked the taste itself or not, but she definitely liked the process enough not to mind.

"So," she said as Adam came down from his climax, panting heavily. "Do you wanna eat my pussy first or should we just fuck?" His slightly embarrassed grin told her that sister or not, he was looking forward to getting his cock into her as soon as possible, and she laughed. "Okay, fine, maybe next time." She leaned in close, her breasts jiggling erotically. "And I promise there will be a next time, a lot of next times. I'll probably never get to hear you jerking off through the vents again," she mock pouted. "But I guess we gotta get that hard first, huh?" she teased, pointing at his limp cock dribbling come onto his thigh.

She unbuttoned her shorts and unzipped them, sliding them seductively down her hips and dropping them past her knees, then stepping out one leg at a time and kicking them off. She crawled up onto the bed over him, clad only in little pink panties, then turned her body around so her face was above his softened cock and he was staring up into her panty-covered mound.

"Take them down, Adam." she said softly. He reached up to grasp the elastic band of her panties, and slowly slid it down the curve of her ass until her pussy finally came into view. It was swollen and pink, her pouty lips lightly covered in curly brown hair that still had little drops of dew clinging to them from her arousal. He could smell her musky scent, a powerful smell that made his dick twitch slightly. Brianna, looking down at it as she felt him take down her panties, laughed and lowered her upper body to gently kiss it and lick it.

Finally her panties were stretched between her thighs, down as far as they could go with her straddling him, and Adam wet a finger in his mouth to slide into her. Brianna moaned as he slowly plunged it into her pussy, inch by inch, until it was in up to the knuckle. "Ohh, that's gooood Adam!" Brianna began rocking her hips gently against his finger, fucking herself slightly on it, and Adam started copying her moves, pulling his finger out and plunging it back in. Slowly at first, then faster.

"More!" Brianna cried softly, rocking her hips in time. Adam pulled his finger out of her and wet his middle finger, then slid them both back inside of her. Brianna's moan was even louder, and her rocking increased. Both could hear the delightful squishing as Adam plunged his fingers in and out of Brianna's wet pussy, and could smell her arousal as she got fingerfucked.

It didn't take long before Adam was hard again, and Brianna ordered him to stop, which he did reluctantly. She lowered her pussy to his face.

"Taste," she said simply. He raised his head and licked her open pussy, tasting her juices. He loved it. "Just so you know what to expect next time. But right now I need your cock in me." Brianna pulled her panties up so she could swing her leg back over him, then sat back down on the bed and quickly slid them back off. Adam spun himself around so he could rest his head on her pillow, watching as Brianna climbed on top of him and grabbed his cock.

She leaned back on her knees and positioned him at her entrance, then slid down onto him in one smooth stroke. Adam gasped sharply as he felt his cock slide up into her warm, wet tunnel, and Brianna moaned loudly as she felt him fill her pussy up completely. Both stared into each other's eyes with a look of smoldering lust, wanting to get as much pleasure out of this fuck as possible, as Brianna started rocking back and forth on Adam's cock. She threw back her head and groaned, enjoying how delicious it felt to have her brother's slickened cock sliding in and out of her, and Adam was panting as he got ridden by his horny, lust-driven sister. She stared down into his eyes, bouncing up and down faster and faster. "Do you like how my pussy feels, Adam?Are you glad we did this?Do you like getting fucked by your sister?Do you want me to sneak into your room every night and ride you till you come?Do you want to fuck me every morning in the shower?Wanna feel me come on your cock?Wanna fill my pussy with your come?" she asked him rapidfire, simply to hear herself talk, not waiting for his responses as she rode him.

"Oh God!" was all Adam could say as she fucked him. Just "Oh God!" over and over and over as he bucked his hips into her to meet her downstrokes, then rocked his hips back, hands on her hips but with her controlling all the action. He could feel every soft slippery ripple of her insides as his cock slid wetly in and out of her pussy, her delicate tissues stroking his dick like a million tiny fingers as she pulled up off of him and then slid back down his shaft to lusciously envelop his cock with her warm soft wetness. She could feel every vein and every bump as his hot cock throbbed pleasurably inside of her, plunging deep into her clenching pussy and pressing deliciously against her as she bottomed out on his shaft, then the gentle drag as she lifted off him to do it again. Their bodies made wet slapping sounds as Brianna fucked herself on her brother's stiff cock.

Eventually it got to the point where she was practically slamming herself down onto him, pushing his hips down into the bed, then lifting off of him, then slamming back down onto him again as quickly and forcefully as she could, her head thrown back in ecstacy as she pounded herself onto her brother's swollen dick. One could barely hear the protesting squeaks of the bed and the loud "SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!" of their bodies colliding over Brianna's high-pitched "OHHH!s" and the deep groans of Adam. They were both covered in a slippery sheen of sweat, yet they continued to fuck ever more energetically.

"OH FUCK YESSSSSS!" hissed Brianna as she pounded herself down onto Adam and shook with her magnificent climax. Her pussy spasmed around his thick cock, rocking her hips and squeezing him rhythmically as she wailed in absolute pleasure. Adam could feel her juices gush around him, dripping down his smooth hairless balls and down the crack of his ass. He looked down and could see her pussy twitching as it spasmed so pleasurably around his cock, and it all worked together to push him over the edge himself. He groaned low like a bull and came, arching his hips up into her as his dick shot out thick streams, his hot come pouring into her in spurts between her rhythmic clenches. She could feel every pulse of his cock as it squirted his come into her and felt every shot hit somewhere deep in her belly, prolonging her own orgasm as well as his. Squeeze, spurt. Squeeze, spurt. Squeeze, spurt. Squeeze, spurt.

Finally it ended, and Brianna collapsed onto Adam's rising and falling chest, panting herself with the exertion of a really good fuck. They just lay there panting for a moment, recovering from their ride with Adam's limp wet cock still in Brianna's soggy pussy, before Brianna swallowed and gasped, "you know, you never did actually say 'yes.'"

"Yes Bree, yes, oh hell fucking yes!" Adam wheezed.

"You want some of that every night? As long as we don't wake up Mom and Dad I mean?" She grinned at her brother, her new boytoy.

"Oh yeah! Just as long as they don't find out."

"Mmm, good." She kissed him softly. "Because if you'd have said no you'd have woken up to me raping you every morning anyway, so it's not like you really got a choice." Adam just laughed.

"Oh God, I'm so glad we finally did it," she sighed. "Now you can have me whenever you want." Brianna laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes, just breathing. "I definitely wanna fuck at least once a night, and once or twice more today before Mom and Dad get home. In fact, as soon as you get hard again you're gonna do me doggystyle." She felt him chuckle, and she didn't have to look up to see Adam's big grin.

"This was by far the best Valentine I ever got," Adam laughed, and Brianna could only smile and agree.

said , they're not gonna be back till late, so I guess you and I have the place to ourselves. How come you're home so early?" The grimace on his face told her she'd hit a tender spot, and he sat down on the bed heavily.

Brother and Sister Fall In Love

familyluvr on Incest Stories

When I was growing up, I had the hottest crush on the sexiest girl I know to this day. I used to take every chance I had to get a look at her. She had a way of turning me on without even knowing about it. I felt like I was in love with this girl. Anytime that I saw her with any other guys, I would get jealous and wish that I could be that person. I never had the nerve to tell this person my true feelings but I believe she already knew.

I eventually found out that it was not as hard as I thought to let this person know how I felt. That day was the most incredible day of my life. It has only gotten better since

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then. I had a hard time telling this person how I felt because this person that I was so wild about was my sister. She was and still is one of the best things that could happen in my life.


It started back when we were in high school. For years before this, I would take every chance I had to accidentally see her naked. Most of the times, I just watched from the house when she would go out in the back yard and lay in the sun. She always had bikini’s that covered only what they had to. My sister had a very nice chest for someone her age. She was 12 when she started developing tits. I was 14 and feeling my oats. I had lost my virginity when I was 12 so I already had an understanding about sex. When ever my sister would lay in the yard sunning herself, I would be in the house staring out the window while I jacked off. Mom and dad worked all day so me and sis would get home from school and take care of ourselves until they got home. This gave me a lot of time to watch sis. I remember being in my room listening to her walk around upstairs. I would wait until I heard her in her room and then go upstairs and see if I could catch her doing anything.

This was pretty much how things went until I turned 17. That year was when I could not stand it anymore and decided to see if I could get anywhere with her. She may not have had an idea that I felt the way I did but I was going to try and let it be known. I could not take it any longer. I was in a state of constant hard on. I could smell her perfume and get excited.

We had a bunch of relatives come and visit from out of state so we had to give our rooms up to the adults. This meant that sis and I were sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor in the basement. Before that though, we were all up late drinking quite a bit. Mom and dad didn’t mind me and sis drinking as long as we did it at the house. So we all had a good buzz going that night. We all got pretty trashed. Everyone crashed out about the same time. I lay in my bag for about two hours not making a sound or moving. I was feeling good from the beer and had a giant hard on with sis laying only about a foot from me. I watched when she went to get into her bag and she was wearing a thin teddy type outfit when she crawled into bed. I could see her nipples pushing against the front of the material. It was almost see through. By now sis had developed a set of perfect 38 double D’s. I know because I snuck in her room before and looked at her bra’s. Her figure looked like a porn stars. She had the curves in all the right areas. Her ass was shaped just right. Hardly any jiggle to it.

As I laid there listening to my sister fall deeper into that sleep mode I kept telling myself it was a bad thing to have me this close to her. My dick was swollen as hard as it could be. It actually felt bigger than it ever had. I thought that it was going to rip my shorts. I usually slept in the nude and I felt like I was being constricted. I just had to get my dick free of its problem. While sis slept, I carefully removed my shorts to make room for my cock. As I looked at my sister sleeping next to me with my naked body under my sleeping bag, I felt a funny feeling go through my body as I realized that I was so close to my sister and naked. It was kind of like a secret that no one should know kind of feeling.

  Finally I turned on my side towards my sister and played with my dick while I watched her sleep. I could feel my heartbeat pulse through my cock as I pumped on it and watched sis sleeping. I wanted her bad but I also did not want to take her when she was sleeping either. I was in turmoil about the whole thing. The devil on my shoulder was telling me to just reach out there and see what I could touch and feel. The angel on the other shoulder was running through all the scenarios about how it was wrong because she is your sister. I was stuck between a rock and a hard spot. That hard spot was my cock that was ridged as could be. My palms were itching as if they needed to touch her and see what it was all about. I could not even remember being this turned on by my girlfriend. My girlfriend was a fox and loved to fuck my cock when ever we had the chance but she could not make me feel the way my sister was making me feel. I just had to at least touch her skin and see how soft she felt.

Once I made my mind up on this, there was no turning me back now. I was not going to be satisfied until I felt that hot body lying next to me. I pulled my hands out of my sleeping bag and took my hands and slowly reached over to her sleeping bag. I was very careful so that I would not wake her up. I knew that this was wrong but I was beyond caring very much about that. I was not going to be happy until I felt her hot body skin. I pulled down the zipper on my side making sure that I did it gently. My hands were shaking so much that I could hardly keep them still. My heart was beating so hard that I thought it was going to burst out of my chest. What made it worse was that I could now feel her body heat radiating out from the bag. I felt like it was burning my hands while I continued to pull down that zipper.

Finally, I had the zipper all the way down. I sat there for a few seconds while I tried to figure what I was going to do now. I was so excited about what I had in my plans that I could not figure out how to put it in order. I felt like a kid in a candy store for the first time. Once I was calm enough, I reached out and slowly lifted the flap up to see her body. I was surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I thought that maybe they were just some skimpy ones but she wasn’t wearing any at all. I damn near shot my load right then. I held off though as I trailed my glance up her body. Her little outfit had slid up when she crawled into the bag. It was just below her tits. I was able to get a great side view of her body from just below her breast down. I could not see any flaws on her at all.

As I lay on my side looking at her under the sleeping bag, I just knew that I had to touch her. I had to feel her body. I wanted to reach right over and grab that nice clean little pussy of hers. She was lying on her back and I could tell that she kept herself well trimmed. I knew that sis had drunk quite a bit that night but I still did not want to take a chance and wake her up yet. I kept getting those thoughts in my head that was telling me no. I just chose to not listen. I was going to see how far I could get tonight without waking her.

I then put the flap down and slid my hand in the bag and gently brought it to rest on her hip. Her skin was so hot to my touch. I could feel my dick starting to drip my pre-cum. It was letting go of so much that I felt like I was having a small orgasm. I still continued on. I was in another world now as I stepped beyond normal and into this incestuous feeling. I let my hand slowly ride up towards her tummy. She felt so soft to the touch. I was enjoying every bit of her body. I finally came to rest below her tits. I could see that she was out good. I then moved my hand over her left breast. I set it down on top of her big tit and enjoyed the feel of it through her teddy. I couldn’t sit my hand still for long. She felt so good that I started to message her breast through the cloth. It felt so great. My sisters tits were a lot bigger than my girlfriends, so it was like the first time touching anything like these. I knew that this was not the right way to go about this. I wanted to do a lot of things to my sister but I felt strange about making all these moves while she slept. No matter how I felt, I couldn’t stop myself as I continued to make my advances on my sister

Sis didn’t move while I felt her up. I was glad to because I could actually feel her nipples under my hand. They didn’t get hard but they did begin to stiffen up a little. I would caress one and then the other. I was beginning to wish that I had another hand so I could reach down and see if I could touch her pussy. Finally, I had to let go and carefully slide down her body again until I was able to reach her pussy. I kept my hand above her well trimmed lips for as long as I could stand it. Then I lowered it onto her mound. I had never felt such soft hair before. I carefully started playing with her soft pussy hair. My mind was going wild as I trailed my fingers through her soft fur. I did not want to slide any closer to her pussy opening. This is what I told myself when I started at least. But as I touched her soft hair and could feel her pussy under them, I then got daring and started to slide forward a little bit and near her lips.

I moved my hand forward and then I could actually feel her hot pussy lips on my finger tips. Instinct must have been doing what it does because I actually slid one finger between her virgin lips. I froze at that moment because my sister sighed and started moving her legs. I held myself in place while she adjusted. I wanted to pull my hand out and act like I was sleeping. Something kept me right where I was though. Sis adjusted and actually opened her legs even more. I stared at her sleeping. I thought for sure that she was waking up. I figured that she would wake up and be angry and start yelling at me. She did not do any of those things though. She just settled in and continued to sleep. I kept my hand still for a long time after that. I was so far gone with this whole thing that I just stayed in there.

Once she was deep asleep again, I continued to play with my sister’s pussy lips. I was able to slide down further now as I felt some fluids seeping out of my sister’s pussy. It made it easier for me to slide my finger inside her a little bit. Even with just my fingertip inside her pussy, I could tell that she was very tight. I wanted to really stick my finger in her and fuck her with my hand. I held off though and just continued doing what I was doing. I knew I would not be able to continue this. She would eventually wake up if I did not stop. But I kept my pace up as I enjoyed my sisters little snatch with its liquid seeping out onto my fingertip.

My body felt like it was shaking from all this excitement. I could feel the warmth inside her and yet I felt like I was shivering cold. My dick was throbbing so hard that I was afraid to touch it. I just knew that if I did it would explode. I was beyond hope now as I laid there enjoying the sensations my sister’s body was doing to me. I felt like I had to take things a little further. I knew that I couldn’t put my finger inside my sister any further without touching that most sensitive spot. That would for sure bring all of this to an end. I was not ready to stop yet so I decided to see if I could get my mouth on her breast. My lips were dry as I thought of how I could do this. Finally, with much regret, I took my hand away from my sister’s hot virgin pussy. I gently removed the sleeping bag from her waist up. I became real daring and climbed out of my sleeping bag and sat almost against her as I leaned over my sister. I used both hands now as they shook at first contact with her night gown. I had to sit there for a few minutes to calm my nerves down while I continued to look at her body.

Finally, I was calm enough to move ahead. I slowly and carefully lifted her teddy up and over her breasts. I was able to see them in plain sight now as I sat the teddy down above her ample breasts. I sat back up and just stared at her body again. I was watching her sleep with my dick only inches from her body. My dreams were coming true except that she was asleep. My ultimate fantasy would be if she was awake and letting me do all these things to her. It would be complete if she was playing with my cock and telling to do all these things that I was doing to her.

I finally got myself calmed down enough and moved onto my next move. I carefully lowered myself down to where my mouth was right over her breasts. I could feel her body heat radiating up. Her nipple was just below my lips and I was about to suck on my sisters nipple. I was going bananas as I sat there and lowered my lips onto her breast. I felt her hot skin make contact with my lips and before I knew it, on was all the way down on her chest. It was such a great feeling as her soft delicate skin rested against my mouth. I had to put my hands on either side of her to balance myself as I then started to lick her nipple. It still was not hard but it was firm. I could feel the sensation of the nipple on my tongue and it was making me crazy with excitement. I sucked it into my mouth carefully. Suddenly, I could feel her nipple get stiff. I was excited and scared at the same time. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I could not stop this time though. I was to far gone with my dick aching to get something and my mouth was starting to get dry from the heavy breathing that I was doing. I still held my mouth on her nipple and breast.

I was definitely not ready for what happened next. It was the start of everything I imagined. I was still sucking on my sister’s nipple when she reached up with her left hand and put it on the back of my head and grabbed some of my hair. I did not look up or move. I just knew that I was had and the yelling was about to start. Instead, she lifted her head up and whispered into my ear.

“John…hurry up and get in here before you make my brother”.

I could not believe it as my sexy voiced sister whispered into her brother’s ear like I was her boyfriend. He had left hours ago and yet she must have been so wasted still that she thought I was him. I should have sat up and said something to her but it was dark and I was not going to ruin this chance. I acted as casual as can be, when your dick is as hard as a rock and your horny sister tells you to get in her sleeping bag with her. I crawled in next to her and could not believe it when I finally felt her body touching mine. She turned a little bit towards me as I felt her reach out and grabbed hold of my cock. The touch of her fingers on my sensitive dick just about blew my load all over her. I again put my hands around her, this time holding her against me as I sucked her nipple into my mouth with eagerness this time. I was acting the part of her boyfriend for as far as I could get. I reached down behind her and put my hand right on her firm little ass. Holy cow was she ever hot. Sis grabbed onto my dick firmly now and began jacking on it. She leaned over again and whispered to me.

“If I had know you were this big we would have gone all the way a long time ago…I love your cock in my hand”, I just groaned as I kept my face buried on her tit. I did not want to say anything because that would give me away. I was going to take this as far as I could before I was discovered. As my sister continued to jack my dick, I pushed my hips towards her with the rhythm of her hand action. I felt like should blow my load but something inside of me was keeping me from it. I switched to her other breast and began really giving her nipple a work out. Sis sighed into my ear as I continued to do this. I could feel her getting excited as she started to push her chest into my face. I was in cloud nine sporting the biggest hard on I had ever had.

            While I was still sucking on her nipple, I let go of her tight ass and slid my hand around to the front of her. I brought my hand to rest at her soft virgin lips. Sis opened her legs and let me touch her puffy pussy. She was flowing juices out of her body so much that it was running down her leg. I didn’t have anything obstructing me as I slowly slid my hand across her lips and pushed index finger into her. I knew I could not go far without causing pain, so I was very delicate and careful. I immediately felt her clit make contact with my finger. As I rubbed across it, sis moaned louder and pushed against my invading finger.

“Ohh my goddd…..that feels great”, sis spoke these words into my ear again as she resumed jacking my cock. I was getting to the point where I was going to have to fuck her soon. I just had to get myself inside my sister and fuck the virgin out of my sister. Whenever I make this move I know that I will be discovered. I wasn’t going to stop though. I was determined to get myself inside my sister. I was just about beyond reason for anything. I still had some control but it was growing thin as my hot little sister was bringing closer to orgasm.

Finally, I decided that this was the time to make a move. I kept my face on my sister’s tit as I pushed her back onto her back and carefully crawled between her legs. I could feel the heat coming from the insides of her thighs as I lay down between her legs. Damn did she feel great and taste great. I continued to finger my sister as she lay there under me. I was now sliding my finger all the way into my sister’s tight little pussy. My hand was soaked from her juices. Our bodies together were generating enough heat to heat the whole room we were in. I was ready to take this situation to the final extreme.

I pulled my finger out of my sister and slid my hand to her side as I kept my mouth on her breast and slid up her body to get my dick closer to her tight womanhood. My sister was still jacking on my dick as I inched up her body. She must have realized what I had in mind because she then let go of my dick and reached up and put her hand on the back of my neck and as she pulled my ear closer to her.

“We can’t do this here…..lets sneak into one of the other rooms….I don’t want to wake up my brother”, sis whispered this to me as I got my dick closer to her sweat little pussy. I didn’t answer her as I drew closer to her body and had my cock within centimeters of her virgin pussy. She grabbed a hand full of my hair and again repeated what she had said before, “Please John,….we can’t make love right here….I really do want you inside of me but…… brother will here us for sure.”

I knew that if I sat up to go anywhere she would see me and know then that it was me. I was now to far gone with my lust and anxiety to stop any of this. I also knew that now was the time to let it be known who was actually turning her on. She had me going crazy now as I reluctantly removed my mouth from breast and brought my face up next to her ear. I was sure that the minute she heard my voice that she would begin to freak out and go ballistic on me. I didn’t care though because I was going to at least get myself inside of my sister before she could stop me.

I reached out and put both my hands next to her head as I leaned against her more and brought my cock to rest against her virgin lips. I could tell that I was at the entrance to her pussy. “It’s okay……I’m already awake”. The moment that my sister heard my voice, she immediately got tense throughout her whole body. She was pinned down with me on top of her but she still tried to resist me. She began to try and push me away without saying anything. However, I was to strong for her and held her down as I gave a little push with my waist and spoke to her again.

“Don’t scream….you are absolutely driving me crazy…..I want to make love to you….I love you”, I said these words as I slowly pushed my hips into my sister a little bit more. I felt myself enter my sister’s tight lips. She froze as I started to enter her. I wanted to lift my head up and look her in the eyes as I gently entered my sister’s forbidden zone. Instead, I kept myself on top of her body as I gently pushed my dick into her more. My sister grabbed my sides tighter and was still trying to push me off of her as I invaded her forbidden body. My cock was on a mission of its own as it made its way into her. I wasn’t able to get far before I could feel that wall of virginity stopping me. I stopped pushing forward once I felt this.

“You can’t do this……it’s wrong…..please don’t”, my sister said these words as she felt me stop pushing. She wasn’t screaming at me though. She still had a firm grip on my sides but she wasn’t pushing to hard. I was going wild with lust for my sister but I still made sure I was gentle. I slowly pulled back, making sure to stop before I was out of her.

I then took a chance and rose up to look into her face. I was able to see her whole body underneath me as I looked down between us and could see us joined together still inside of her. I followed her body all the way up until I could see right into her eyes. She looked a little scared as she held my sides but still did not push me away. I could not read what was going in her head. I just knew that I was in a forbidden area of my sister and I could not stop my feelings as I felt her body under me and the urges coursing through my body. I just had to have my sister. I just had to make love to my sister or I felt I would die.

As I stared into her eyes and could see her confusion mixed with fright, I then again pushed myself back into my sister’s body. I stared her straight in the eyes as I entered her more. She held my sides tight as I entered her. She was so incredible to the sight and sensation. I again came to rest at her virginal wall. I stopped for a second as I rose up higher on her and pushed forward harder. I broke past her virginity and continued to enter her. I watched as she grabbed my sides tighter, almost in pain, as she then rolled her head back. She was not pushing against me this time. Sis was actually grabbing hold of my sides and squeezing me while she pulled me closer to her. I could feel her legs spread wider to allow me complete access to her body. I sank my body into her as I felt myself enter her as far as I could go.

“AAaahhh…..christ you feel soooo good”, I groaned as I continued to stare at my sister’s face. I could feel my cock deep in her body. I could feel her body responding to my invasion of her virginity. “I have wanted to make love to you for so long…..I have loved you as a lover should love for many years sis”.

I stayed right where I was as I said these things to my beautiful sister. She didn’t say anything as she just held my hips and stared me in the eyes. I still could not read what she was thinking as I remained in her. I just know that she looked so wonderful from her eyes to her toes. I knew that I needed to say something to her. I needed to hear her speak.

“Please don’t be angry with me……You are such a beautiful woman……I hope that you will forgive me and not hate me”.

My sister just laid there and looked me in the eyes. I could still make out the color of her light blue eyes in the dark. I could see the outline of her face and hair as she lay there under me. Suddenly, she got a different look in her face and finally spoke to me.

“You are my brother……you know that this is incest and wrong……you have taken away my virginity forever……..society condemns people for what you have just done………but I cannot go on hating someone who is so delicate to me and makes me feel the way your body is making me feel”. My sister said all these things to me as I felt my world starting to fall apart. That is until she said her last words. I stared at her as I watched her take her right away from my hip and reach around my head as she pulled my face to hers. She may have been a virgin before but she had definitely kissed a guy before. Her lips touched mine and I could feel her tongue enter my mouth. She then reached behind my back and pulled me down on top of her. I could feel her full sized breasts against my chest and her body under me as she lifted her legs to wrap around me. I responded back with my own tongue and she sucked my tongue deep into her mouth.

We continued to kiss each other so strongly. I had lost all the thoughts about this being my sister. I was kissing the woman that I loved so much. I was enjoying kissing my sister so much but I also could not stop making love to her. I broke our kiss as I rose back up and looked her straight in the eyes. I withdrew back with my cock. I again stopped when I was almost out of her. I looked into her eyes as she took her hands and put them on my face, smiling. She didn’t say a word. All she did was look at me and nod her head yes. I didn’t need any more encouragement. I buried myself into her again. Sis lowered her hands to my arms and squeezed them firm as I entered her even further this time. Her mouth opened as she rolled her head back again. Her body responded to my invasion. My sexy sister was now enjoying me as much as I was enjoying her.

“Oooooohhhhh yes big brother…………you make me feel so wonderful……..OOhhhh don’t stop……make love to me……fuck your little sister”. As my sister groaned these words to me, I then chose to not hold anything back. I began to make love to my sister with deep love and penetration. I could feel myself entering her body all the way. Her hips were now moving in response to our love making. I had been with quite a few women but I had never been with a woman whom I was in love with and this was a sensation I had never felt myself. I felt our bodies were meant for each other as we continued to make love. I knew that I would not be able to hold out for long before I would have to come. I had waited so long for this to happen that it was almost beyond my control as we thrust our bodies together.

Our bodies were sweating with so much emotion and anxiety. I could my sister’s muscles respond to me as I made love to her. She squeezed me so hard that I knew I would not last much longer. As much as I wanted this to last forever, I still had those sensations as my dick began to swell even more I began to feel my cum starting to build. I was getting ready to slow down and prevent my ejaculation. Suddenly, my sister grabbed me and held me tight as she ground her body against mine.

“OOhhhhhhhh baby……….you’re goinggggg……to……..make mmmeeee cummmmmm……..oh my godddddd………..I’mmmmmm comingggggggg”.

The minute that I heard her say these words, I also felt the muscles inside her tighten up on my dick. That was all I could take as I also released my fluids into her.

“AAAaaagghhhhh”, I responded back as I rose up on my arms and buried myself into her as I released my own built up passion and orgasm. I stayed inside my sister as I continued to feel her body pulling all of my cum out of me and into her. My beautiful sister had taken me to a level of emotion that I was experiencing for the first time. It was even better than the first time I ever had an orgasm. She held me tight as she convulsed under me and gave me her own juices. It was beyond any paradise I could ever imagine.

Finally, we had drained ourselves of all our energy and juices. I was unable to hold myself up any longer and lay down on her body. I was still inside her as she held me to her. We were both exhausted and drained as we lay there panting, trying to get our breath back. Her legs were limp but they still were across the back of my legs. She was so incredible feeling. I could feel her heart beating against my chest. I was still aware of her beautiful breasts against my body.

We laid there for the longest time as my sister caressed my back. I was unable to see her face but I was still wondering how was feeling now. I was on cloud nine and loving every bit of our bonding. I had to see what she was feeling. I finally lifted my head to look into her eyes. She looked at me with a smile but I could tell something was going through her head.

“What is it sis…….I hope you aren’t angry that we made love to each other…..Please don’t be…..please”.

My sister just grinned back at me and caressed my face. She didn’t say anything at first. She just caressed me and kissed me on the lips. Then she finally had to say something.

“I am not mad at you…….I am not mad at what we did……..I am a little afraid because we just made love to each other and we came at the same time……what if you have gotten me pregnant?......what will happen then?”.

At first, I sat there when she said this. I hadn’t even thought about it. I was so involved with making love to her that I did not think to stop. Finally, I decided that what is done is done. I love this woman and I hope that she loves me.

“I don’t care……I love you sis…..I want to be with you…..I have never felt this much love for any woman before……I know you are a little scared but I would love to be the father of your child if you get pregnant……I hope you see that this is not just a one time thing….I want to be with you forever……I don’t know how to go about it but I want us to live as husband and wife someday….it will be hard to do here in the house but we can move in together…..when I get to my new job, you can come live with me and we will just have to tell mom and dad that you are looking for a new job”.

After I had spilled my guts out to my sister, she looked me in the face as if to see what I was thinking. She stared at me for a few minutes before she smiled and answered, “You really are serious aren’t you? really want us to be together forever………you really want to be together and even have a baby together”.

I looked her straight in the eyes and smiled back at her as I leaned down and kissed her lips. “Yes baby…..I want to make love to you for as long as I live…..we will be happy together….you will be treated like a queen”.

My sister then put her arms around me and we held each other tight. I could feel myself beginning to get hard again. My sister also became aware of it at the same time. I started moving to her movement as we again began to make love to each other again. I knew that I was in my own heaven. I didn’t care about society’s outlook on us because I was in love with the woman that would be with me until one of us dies. We made love to each other almost all night. Finally, I had to get back in my own sleeping bag before mom and dad woke up. It would not be good to have them walk downstairs and see me wrapped around my sister with my dick still in her.

As soon as I was able to, I moved my sister to the state I was in and we started our life as a husband and wife would. It was pretty good timing to because my sister was already 2 ½ months pregnant by the time she got there. Our parents never knew anything about us the rest of their lives. We made up a story that she had met a guy and when he found out she was pregnant he ran. Mom and dad were killed in a bad car accident back home about two years after that. So we didn’t have to hide from any one any more. I call her my wife and she tells everyone at work that I am her husband. People that we know are jealous about our relationship because we are so in love and we have such beautiful children. We have our moments of small arguments but we still are in love. We also have a boy and a girl. We hope that they don’t follow in our same footsteps but if they do, we will be there for them.

I would appreciate responses back on this story. If you like it, I will continue to write some more stories.

Cousin And I Discover Promised Land (Part Two)

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Cousin And I Discover Promised Land (Part Two)

Karen and I finished putting our clothes back on and climbed down from the hay loft. We brushed off the hay from each other and used the moment to feel up each other and kiss for another passionate session. She is fourteen and I am fifteen yet we are making out like we are in our twenties. We broke away from each other, straighten our clothes again and were just leaving the barn when we heard my Mom shouting from the house that it was supper time. Â

We went back into our rooms in the house and got changed into nicer clothes for supper. I put on clean underwear and hid my sex stained shorts deep under the pile of dirty clothes in the laundry hamper. Â

As I came into the dining room I saw Karen
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sitting across the table from my seat and she had changed into a very nice blouse that was a little low cut and showing some of her cleavage…just a hint of things to come.  I thought I could just make out a hint of nipples under her blouse and wondered if she had not worn a bra under her top.

At the same time I saw the mountain of food that had been prepared for supper and, being a male teenager, my mind changed gears from sex addict to eating machine instantly.

I ate like a staved buzzard on a gut wagon!

Karen was smiling at me across the table each time I would grab another piece of fried chicken. I soon felt her foot moving up my leg and touch my knee. I had no idea where this was going to go but I had an erection and was ready for action.

About this time my Mom asked me to please go into the kitchen and get some more ice tea for everyone. My heart sank because there was no way I was going to be able to hide the huge tent in my pants. I looked at Karen and she was just smiling at me with a very wicked smile on her face.

“I’ll get the tea for him,” she said as she moved her chair back from the table. “He is too busy eating to concentrate on walking or thinking right now”. Everyone laughed as they noticed the pile of chicken bones on my plate and the mouth full of meat I was inhaling at the moment. Â

I just looked at them all, smiled and mumbled a “thank you” towards Karen as she headed towards the kitchen. I continued to cram mass quantities of food into my face and was amazed at the wonderful smells and tastes as they very briefly passed through my mouth.

I looked towards the kitchen to see Karen inside looking back at me. From where she was standing I was the only person able to see her. She reached down, grabbed the bottom of her blouse and quickly raised it up, flashing me a shot of her breasts! She was not wearing a bra, answering the earlier question I had regarding specific items of clothing under her blouse.

Needless to say, the blood that had gone to my stomach to aid in digesting food had an emergency message to head further south to attend a very rapidly growing matter. I was shocked at Karen’s’ flash and the fact she did it with all of our families so close. I was also hard as a cold steel beam and had suddenly quit eating. Apparently no blood remained in the region of my brain that controlled the jaw muscles.

Karen quickly pulled her blouse back down, pointed to her breasts and then back to me with a huge smile on her face. I could see her mouth the words “all yours” as she came into the dining room with the ice tea pitcher. She went back to her seat across table from me, leaned down and placed the pitcher in the middle of the table. Â

As she leaned down I looked right down the front of her blouse and saw those wonderful breasts again. Her nipples had hardened and I could see them outlined against her blouse as she sat down in her seat. As she scooted her chair back up to the table she looked across at me and smiled that wicked smile again and had a gleam in her eyes.

“Thank you for everything” I heard myself stammer and smiled right back at her.

We finished supper, did the dishes and went back outside to do the nightly ranch chores. I loaded up a couple bales of hay into the back of the truck and Karen and I drove out to the cow pastures past the pond. She laughed as the cows saw the truck and came sprinting towards us knowing it was suppertime for them.

“They are just like you at supper time, huh?” she giggled as they crowded around the truck eagerly waiting for me to throw them flakes of hay.

“Yep, and just like you, they are showing me their boobs, too” I said as I threw the hay out to the herd.

She laughed and asked me, “So, did you like that little show in the kitchen?”

“Karen, I loved it. It was a little bit racy and you would have been in a lot of trouble if you had been caught with your blouse above your head, but I loved it”.

“I knew there was no way you would have been able to get up from the table in your condition, and I WAS the one responsible for doing that to you, so I just figured it was fair that I rescue you at the moment. It made me feel all tingly when I flashed you and sort of horny, too” she said as she moved next to me. She reached over and grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly. “I really liked what we did in the barn this afternoon. I never knew it could feel that good. I thought I would be embarrassed for you to see me naked like that, but it just felt right to me”.

“Me, too” I said as I kicked the last bit of hay off the truck. I turned towards her and looked deeply into the incredible eyes. “I have never felt like this before. I have been naked a lot in the showers after gym or sports, but never with a girl. I thought I was going to feel weird or scared or strange, but with you I just felt like it was a very special thing”.

I brought her close to me and we kissed deeply, our tongues dancing across each others mouth, exploring and probing with a passion. Her hands came to the small of my back and pulled me into her even closer. I moved my hands to her back and slid them down to her rear and pulled her tight into my hips. I could feel her body move into my growing erection and begin to gyrate slowly against it. Our kissing became hotter and deeper, our hands pulling each other ever tighter against each other.

I pulled back from her, fighting for air and sucking in deep breaths.

“This is incredible” I panted, again looking at the fire in her eyes and those wonderful soft lips. “I need to remember to breathe when we do this”.

“I think my panties are wet again” Karen said as she slipped a hand down her pants. “My goodness, I’m soaked! I even put on a pad so I wouldn’t get my pants soaked…it has never been this wet before!”

“Can I see?” I asked as I began to move my hand towards her pants zipper.

“Sure, as long as I can see yours, too” she said as she moved her hands to my belt and began to loosen it.

“Like I would object?” I said as I lowered her pants down to her knees and moved my hands to the front of her pink cotton panties. I could feel the pad under the crotch of her panties and knew it hid the treasure I was seeking. Â

She had my belt loosened and had dropped my pants down to my ankles. She reached through the fly of my boxers and grabbed my throbbing manhood. Â

I blew a huge load of cum up her arm and all over her hand as she started to milk my erection.

“That was fast” she said as she continued to stroke and milk me.

“Sometimes it doesn’t take much, and this was one of those times” I managed to say. It does indeed have a mind of it’s own at times.

I moved my hand inside down the front of her panties as she moved her legs out just a bit so I could feel her vagina. My fingers moved past her pubic mound, down past the wisps of hair and I felt the top of her slit. I could feel her legs tremble slightly as I let my finger tip slide over her clitoris and move down slightly to her opening.

She was indeed soaked.

“That feels SO good when you do that” she said as she moved her hips into my hand.

“We better take these off if we don’t want them to get stained and smell like sex” she said as she moved back slightly and began to drop her panties down. Just the sight of seeing her vagina again made me tremble with excitement.

“Karen, we need to move over into the trees so no one can see us out here in the middle of the pasture. Just in case someone is taking a little stroll after supper. No sense in taking that risk, huh?” I asked. Every fiber of my being wanted to take her right there in the back of the truck, in front of the cows and everyone. Â

She looked up at me and smiled. “Yeah, we should move out of the middle of the pasture at least. You know of a good spot where no one can find us” she asked as she reluctantly pulled her panties and pants back up and jumped out of the back of the truck into the crowd of cows.

My mind was racing…where can we go so no one can see us but still not worry about us. The pond has lots of trees around it that would hide the truck but was too close to the house. There was a grove of trees at the back of the far pasture that would conceal the truck but cause concern to the adults if they came looking for us.

“Why, exactly, were you parked back here in the trees?” I could hear my Mom asking me. “And where is that fishy smell coming from?” No, we had to find a good safe spot that would allow us the freedom to explore our passions without getting caught.

I had an erection that wanted to explore the hidden treasures of my cousin and by golly it was not going to be denied!

The barn again? Perhaps. Way too close to the house and someone could walk into it at any moment and hear us. I had no plans on being quiet and I know Karen was pretty vocal when she was excited, so unless we planned on wearing gags, we had to stay quiet.

No way we could do anything in the house. That was not even an option. So where can we go? Where can we hide out and explore the depths of out mad passions for each other and not be discovered?

The tree fort!!

My brother and I had built the tree fort in a small grove of trees out past the pond years ago.  We used to spend the night up there for a lot of summers when it was too hot to sleep in the house. We had taken a lot of care and time to build it right, too. The roof on it was water tight, so even in a downpour it was dry inside. It was about 10’ by 10’ inside with windows on all sides. A trap door and rope ladder was the only entrance to our castle. It had no electricity or running water but it was our dream home away from home for many years. I had not been inside it for almost a year but it shouldn’t take much to shake off the dust and prepare for our passion session!

“I know the perfect spot” I told her as I laid out the location and story of the tree fort.

“That sounds perfect” Karen said. “How far is it from here?” she asked looking around the pasture fencing towards the far pond.

“It’s back behind that row of trees and really hidden in a giant oak tree. Climb in the truck and let’s go see it” I said as I started up the truck and moved through the herd of cows towards our little love nest. This could be perfect I thought to myself.

It took a few minutes to go through the gates and pastures before we reached the hidden grove of trees that harbored our love castle. You could not see it from the field and almost had to be directly underneath the tree before you saw the fort. We designed it that way and it worked perfectly.

Night was just starting to fall as we reached the base of the tree and freed the rope ladder into the bottom of the tree house. It seemed smaller now than before but I know it did not shrink.

I climbed up first and opened the trap door into the room. It was just as we had left it and it did not appear that anything had moved in while we were gone. I shook out the blankets to make sure there were no critters, alive or dead, and shouted down to Karen to come on up.

She entered the room cautiously as she got to the top of the ladder. “Is it safe?” she asked before moving any further up the ladder.

“Not a single rat in sight up here. Guess the snakes ate them all” I said, which brought her to an immediate stop on the ladder.

“You are just kidding, aren’t you” she asked, frozen in place.

I laughed out loud at her. “No snakes, either. That was for flashing me at supper”

“Ha ha ha, very funny. I hate snakes…and rats. Not real wild about spiders either. You got any of them up here” she asked as she slowly came up the ladder into the fort.

I had not even considered insects before this very moment. We had a few flies in the heat of the summer from time to time but I don’t ever recall seeing spiders or other bugs inside the fort.

“All clear on the critter situation. Nothing alive up here but us” I said as I quickly scanned the corners for spider webs and the window sills for any telltale signs of multi-legged critters. Thankfully we were alone.

“Hey, this is sorta nice up here” Karen said as she stood up in the fort. “You did a nice job building this. You should be proud of this” she said as she admired the view from the windows.

“Thanks for the compliments” I said as I came up behind her as she looked out the window towards the sunset. I kissed her softly on her neck and loved how soft her skin was against my lips.

“Mmmmm…that feels nice” she purred as she leaned her head over giving me even more access to her neck. I continued to kiss her, moving from her ear down to the shoulder then back up again. When I got back up to her ear area I discovered that magic spot I had located earlier In the day in the hay loft.

“Oh yeah, right there…” she whispered softly as I massaged that area with my lips and tongue. She began to make happy sounds, not words, just sounds as I continued my quest for passion. She reached up with her hand and pulled my head into hers as her breathing began to quicken and become more shallow.

“Don’t stop…just like that….keep doing it just like that….that feels SOOOO good” she said with her eyes closed and she moved her other hand up under her blouse to her breasts. She began to finger and knead her nipples which increased the pace of her breathing even more. I knew she was getting close to something that was going to be good for her, and I was getting close, too.

“I’m almost there….don’t stop….this is so wonderful” she voiced into the room. I reached around her and moved my hand under her blouse and cupped her other breast.  This sent a shock wave through her body and caused to become weak in the knees a bit.

“I’m gonna cum….gonna….oh yeah….gonna cum….here…it….comes” she said as her body tightened and wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. I did not stop what I was doing except to move her nipple between my thumb and index finger, causing her to reach a whole new level of pleasure, shouting into the air as her body shook, spasm after spasm, wave after wave flowing over her body. Â

Her knees buckled and I slowly lowered down to the floor on top of some blankets. I stopped rubbing her breast and nipple and began to just slowing stroke her hair and across her belly as she fought to regain her breath. I moved my hands slowly as her breathing began to come slower and her heartbeat eased off just a bit.

“You are amazing, you know that?” she asked, opening her eyes and struggling to regain her bearings. Her breathing was relaxing but her heart was still on warp drive.

“I don’t know about amazing, but you seemed to enjoy it” I stammered, flushed with the thought that someone considered anything I did to be amazing. Perhaps I have a hidden talent that needs to be manifested and trained to a higher level, like what I did with masturbation!

“I made a mess in my shorts for sure with that one” Karen said as she reached her hand down inside her pants. “Yeah, that was a soaker. I knew I should have taken them off when I got into the room.”

I liked the idea she was thinking about taking off her panties when she climbed into the fort. I liked any idea that involved her taking off her panties.

“Well, we can take them off now and try and let them dry off while we are up here. At least they won’t get any wetter” I threw out there hoping it made sense.

“I guess better late than never is better than keeping them on, huh? You had better take yours off, too, unless you have suddenly gained some sort of control over your thingee going off all the time” she said as she pointed to my erection inside my pants.

I was ready to explode at any second, and her pointing that out to me did not make it any better. I agreed it was a good idea and quickly got naked inside the fort. I turned around to see Karen had already taken off her blouse and was sitting down taking off her pants and panties. Her legs were aimed directly towards me and I got an incredible view of her crotch as she removed her clothes.

This was more than I was able to handle and I knew I was going to blow a load any second.

“Hey, are you going to cum again?” she asked as she scooted towards me with her head at my crotch level. “Hold on for just a second, okay? You got to taste me earlier today but I never got to taste you. Just let me know when you are ready, okay?” she asked as she grabbed my rocket and aimed it towards her mouth.

Just the heat from her hand was all it took to move my rocket into a full launch mode.

“Here it comes” I managed to say as the first wave ripped through me like an electric shock. My knees buckled slightly as I felt her put her mouth around my erection and this put me into a whole new level of pleasure I had never experienced. Wave after wave washed over me and stream after stream rocketed out into her throat. She was making some sounds from her throat but I was not in the right frame of mind to ask her what she was saying at the moment.

She began to suck on the end of my erection and used her tongue like she was licking a lollipop. This was an entire new lesson in carnal pleasure for me.

Mind you, I had masturbated a few thousand times already in my young life, and thought I knew about every level of pleasure that can be reached via that method of pleasure seeking. It would vary a bit depending on what I was using for either a visual or mental stimulant at the moment, but I was sure I had experienced every level and sub-level of orgasmic pleasure that could be attained.

I was so wrong.

My knees finally gave out on me and I came down onto the blankets beside her.

“You okay?” she asked me as I rolled over on my back and struggled for a full breath of air.

“Karen, that was so far past what I have ever experienced before, that was so far past incredible, my goodness….let me collect myself here for moment” was all I could utter at the moment.

“Yep, that is sort of what happened to me, too. I mean that it feels good when I do it to myself, you know, play with myself. But what you did was so far past that. I know what you mean now about being incredible feeling” she said as she laid down beside me and moved her hands across my stomach and chest.

“You tasted strange at first but kinda good, too. Sort of a cross between salty paste and plain yogurt…but in a good way. Have you ever tasted it before” she wondered out loud.

“Taste my own cum? No, not that I can remember. Never even thought about tasting it before. Just thought it would be sorta gross I guess. Hey” I asked, looking down at my shrinking member, “did you swallow the entire thing?”

“Well, yes, I did swallow all the stuff that came out, but no, I did not put your whole thingee in my mouth. I liked what I was able to do but you sort of did not give me a lot of time to enjoy it before you exploded. I would like to play with it some more it you’re ready for it” she said, looking down at crotch.

“Karen, it’s always ready to be played with by you. And I promise I will make it last a lot longer this time before I go, okay” I said as she moved down my body and put her head next to my crotch.

She reached out with her hand and placed it around my now limp member and squeezed it gently. I could feel the alarm in my head already going off to start the blood pumping south. Her hand was soft and she began to lightly stroke me slowly, blood engorging my member with each stroke and within a few strokes I was almost hard again.

“That is so neat how it can just do that” she said as she stroked me gently and slowly, a dab of precum beginning to escape from the tip. “Hey, there’s some stuff coming out already. Taste this” she said as she took her fingertip and removed the small dollop of cum from the tip and placed it up to my mouth.

I did not have a lot of time to think about taking my own cum or not. I did not have to think about if it was going to make me gay, weird or an addict of some kind. Â

I just did it,

I opened my mouth and she put her finger inside. I closed my mouth and felt her fingertip on my tongue. I sucked her finger for a second and could taste her finger as well as something else, which I just assume was my own cum. I was very prepared for it to taste like brussel sprout juice or something awful, but actually, it did not have much of a taste to it at all. A bit salty maybe, but not much of a taste. Â

“Not bad, huh” Karen asked as she continued to stroke me.

“Not bad at all” I responded back to her. “A little bit salty, just like you said, but not gross or anything”.

She smiled up at me and moved her mouth down over my member and took almost the entire thing into her throat. That did two things: one was make me almost loose my load instantly, and the other was make her gag.

“Go easy there, Karen. Maybe just a little at a time?” I asked as I settled back down, remembering my promise to make it last longer this time and not explode right out of the blocks.

She placed just the head into her mouth and began to lick and suck. She began to slowly plunge her head further down each time and moved her hand under her mouth to stroke me with each plunge.

I have never been very good at stopping an ejaculation. Frankly, I don’t recall ever having to do it before this moment, so I am not really for sure how to stop the train once it heads down the tracks. I always figured the entire goal of playing with it was to make it explode, and sooner was always better than later. Having never been to the later mode, I was just guessing here, but sooner was always my mode of selection. The faster the better.

Karen is working pure magic on me at the moment, and the moment I have trained for is quickly coming. I have trained very hard and long at how to arrive at this moment. Â

Stopping it? Not so much.

I heard one guy in the locker room say once that he thought of his grandma naked and the guy he was talking to said he tried doing hard math problems in his head. At the time I could not understand why you would want to stop it.

So I tried to think of what my grandma would look like naked. She would be short with white hair, a bit stooped over, long sagging breasts with big nipples, sagging skin down to her stomach, a white haired vaginal bush, and that is where this train almost wrecks again. No matter how sick it sounds, it still has a vagina and breasts….gotta try some math.

I start with multiplication tables and moved very quickly from them to algebra, then geometry and finally to calculus before I was able to feel any slow down in my run away train. And I think this was a crime, too, cause what she was doing to my member should be a highly sought after prize and remembered for life! And instead of that I am questioning the tangents and angles of objects that mean nothing to me except to somehow prolong the moment I have been training for now for years.

Karen was working me like toilet plunger. Up and down, licking and sucking, stroking me with her hands. I loved this too much to keep thinking of higher math. It was time to give in and just let it happen.

I relaxed and just concentrated on what she was doing. It was magic.

I could feel my stomach begin to tighten and knew I was heading down to the end of the tracks soon.

“It won’t be long now. That feels so incredible. Keep doing what you‘re doing” I panted out, letting her know she was making me very happy and the end was near.

I put my hand on the back of her head and can feel the suction and release from her mouth. Suddenly she changes her stroking rate and doubles it with her hand. This kicked the train into warp drive down the tracks.

I can hear sounds coming out of my mouth but have no idea what I am saying. I think I told her it felt really good or something to that effect, but for all I know I just sang “Mary Had A Little Time” in Spanish. Regardless, I feel my nuts begin to tighten and know what is about to happen next.

“HERE IT COMES” I shout out as my entire body spasms, my back arches, my fists clench and a volcano erupts from my crotch. I hear myself screaming in pleasure as wave after wave roll across my body, crashing, building, crashing, building, crashing, building a bit slower, crashing again, am I breathing?

Karen keeps up the pace until I have the presence of mind to hold her head still and then stop her hand from stroking me. I am at a sensitivity level I have never experienced before.

I know my heart is beating cause I can feel the jack-hammer going off in my chest. I am not conscious of actually breathing but know I must be doing it cause I am still alive, or at least for the moment.

That was the most incredible moment of my life.

Karen moves her body up and rests her head on mine. She leans down and kisses me with a deep passionate kiss and I can taste the salt inside her mouth. I know what it is and I could care less. Every fiber of my body is exhausted, but I am alive.

She leans up and looks into my eyes with those incredible sparkling eyes of hers. “Now do that to me” she says.

I can’t move my arms or legs and can barely think. The part that is capable of functioning in my brain is a bit busy sending signals to my lungs to breath and my heart to beat, Yet somewhere deep in my soul is a voice screaming to roll over on Karen’s’ crotch and pleasure her.

“Karen, you’re going to have to give me a moment here, Maybe two or three even. What you just did was so far out there….somewhere….I need a moment here” I could hear myself say as I struggle through the fog in my head.

I have discovered the best thing in life, she will be here for days to come, and I have no idea how I am going to survive the week at this pace.

But one thing for sure is going to happen. From now on I am going to refuse to think about Grandma or higher math.

End of Part Two
Stay tuned for Part Three (Pop Goes The Cherry)