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Mamma Mia Chapter 1

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            The day started just like any other day.  Little did I know what fate had in store for me.  Life always seems to blindside you with its little surprises.  But, to be complete in the narration of my tale, I must rewind a few days to the beginn

Storm Child

Oedipusrex73 on Incest Stories

The storm rages outside. I sit in my bed next to my wife, Amanda, as the flash of lightning highlights the details of our room. We both know that means that our daughter, Jenna, would soon be begging to get into our bed. Even at 18, she is still afraid of thunder storms. I roll over and look at my wife. At 38, she still has a nice figure. Her slender thighs curve up nicely to form her tight ass and her toned stomach is an open invitation to explore the gentle curve of her firm C cup breasts. Her nipples are just as perky now as they were when I used to cop feels when we were in high school.

I reach over and place my hand on her breast. She giggles and rolls onto her back. I can feel her extremely sensitive nipple

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stiffen in my palm. Her hand finds my thickening cock and she squeezes slightly. I close my fingers over her nipple and pinch. Amanda gasps as I do this, her back arching to press her breast against my palm. I lean in to kiss her neck. Lightning flashes again, and is almost immediately followed by the boom of thunder.

With a dying beep, the house goes dark and silent. It always amazes me how dark it gets when the power is out. All the lights we don’t notice during our normal life are now extinguished. The clocks, the LED’s from the TV, from the DVD player, all dark now. I fondle Amanda’s breast, hoping the last peal of thunder didn’t wake Jenna. I don’t want to lose the moment Amanda and I are building. I sigh heavily when I see the faint glow of light from Jenna’s flashlight seeping under the door as she walks slowly down the hallway from her room to ours.

A faint knock at the door is followed by a quiet “mom, Daddy?”

            “We should pretend we are asleep and don’t hear her,” I whisper in Amanda’s ear. She giggles and sighs.

            “Go open the door, you know she hates storms, we can finish this later.”

            I get out of bed, trying to adjust my still hard cock as I move to the door. I open the door, standing behind it a little. Amanda has always enjoyed wearing a t-shirt to bed, and Jenna adopted that habit when she was a little girl and has never seen a need to change. She rushes into the room and I can see that this night is no different as she runs and jumps into the bed. Amanda moves to the middle of the bed and lets Jenna have the edge. I find my way back to the bed and lay down next to Amanda. I have to admit, I am a little disappointed that my night’s plans have now been ruined. I mean, the girl is 18. At some point she is going to have to learn how to handle storms. I pull the covers up and settle down to sleep.

            Several hours later, I roll over and wrap my arm around Amanda. My hand rests on her flat stomach. I can feel her muscles moving as she breathes softly in her sleep. I slip my hand under her shirt and slowly move up, caressing her soft skin. My fingers move up over the curve of her breast, barely touching her skin. Her nipple is already stiff when I reach it, so I pinch gently. She moans deeply and arches her back, pressing her breasts against my hand. I squeeze gently and lean in to kiss the nape of her neck.  She leans her head forward, allowing me to nibble her ear as my hand squeezes her breast more firmly. I move closer to her as she pushes back against me, her ass pressing against my hard cock. Her hand moves between her thighs and strokes the head of my dick through my pajamas. The flap in the front of my pajamas opens to allow my hardness to slip out. I push my hips forward, slipping my cock between Amada’s thighs. I can feel the heat from her pussy through her panties. She holds the head of my cock against her slit as I move back and forth, pressing me against her panties. I can tell she is already damp as my tip rubs against her slit. I move my hand down over her belly and run it over her mound, surprised to find that she is completely shaved. My fingers find her hard clit and I pinch gently, making her gasp. She moves her panties to the side and my cock runs through her slit, her lips rubbing over the length of my shaft. Her hips roll back a little and the tip of my cock pushes against her pussy. With a low moan, she thrusts back and buries my hardness into her wet, hot pussy. I grunt a little. Amanda’s pussy seems a little tighter than usual tonight. I soon lose that train of thought as she humps back against my thrusts, her warm wet muscles milking my manhood as I drive myself deeper. We move slowly, each thrust deeper and more intense than the one before it. I pinch her clit hard and push faster. I can feel the muscles of her pussy gripping my shaft as I plunge my cock between her tight lips. She spreads her thighs, moving her foot back over my legs as her hand moves over mine, pressing my fingers against her clit. I move my hand back up to her breast as her fingers rub circles over her hard little button. I pinch and twist her nipple while she plays with her clit. Again and again I thrust into her tight pussy until I reach the bottom of her pussy. The tip of my cock pushes against her cervix, making her moan deeply. She tenses suddenly, her body going rigid in my arms. I can feel her pussy convulse around my cock as she cums, her tight slit gushing over my hardness. Her orgasm drives me over the edge and I thrust hard. My cock swells inside her tight pussy and I burst inside of her. The head of my cock presses tight against her cervix and my hot seed pumps directly into her womb. She convulses several times, her body shivering in a multiple climax. I pull her close to me, kissing the back of her head. She lays her head down on the pillow gives a soft satisfied sigh. Her eyes close as she rolls onto her stomach. My softening cock pulls out of her and I roll onto my back, drifting back to sleep.

            Morning arrives with the smell of pancakes. I get up and adjust my pajamas. Jenna is still sleeping on the other side of the bed. I head downstairs and into the kitchen. Amanda is standing in front of the stove, still wearing her bed clothes. I move up behind her, wrapping my arms around her body and slipping my hand under her shirt. She presses back against me as I move my hand down inside her panties.

            “Good morning baby, did you have a good night?” I chuckle in her ear.

            “Not bad,” she answers as my fingers run through the soft hair of her neatly trimmed mound. Confusion runs through my head as I play with Amanda’s soft bush “I moved into Jenna’s room about 30 minutes after she invaded our bed.”

            I move to the table and sit down, dumbfounded as Jenna comes bouncing into the kitchen, also still wearing her bedclothes. I am amazed by how much they look alike. My mind is blown as a sudden realization dawns on me. If Amanda was in Jenna’s room then…

            “Good morning mom,” she says cheerfully, “And good morning to you too daddy!” She leans over and kisses me on the cheek.

Naughty bored middle aged mum.

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I know I flirt.

Its just that I have flirted ever since I grew my breasts and became aware of my bodies effect it had on men. Well boys first!

But this was rather different now! At middle age and with a grown up family,my boredom took on another dimension. - Husband gone, one son still at home! - Me with needs and a body not wasted physically, but wasted by lack of use if you get w

I control my daddy.

itsonlyfun on Incest Stories

I'm just a bit older than legal. Plump and cuddly, with nice breasts, a full pubis area of pubes, soft round belly that trembles when having sex. My labias poke out of my pussy lips just enough to show where my entrance is and I have a secret...

I've got a liking for alcohol. Pertly because it removes my inhibitions and makes me sex mad. [And I mean MAD!] That is, I'll do anything for se

Mum's 16yrs my senior.

itsonlyfun on Incest Stories

At sixteen,my mum was only sixteen years older than I was. She'd explained this... A boy about her own age fucked her and in doing it just the once she was knocked up. The lad was quite attached to her,but his family moved away and that was that. A while later she heard he was in fact several years younger than she was,but looked older.

Now ironically, mum informed me I was a dead looka

Cousin Love

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Tammy was the second of four children and the only girl.  Her brothers used to tease her about being “flat-chested” to the point where she became shy around people.  Her self-consciousness made it difficult for her to date.

In a family of nearly thirty first cousins she and I were born within two we

For The Love of Mom

ManaNera on Incest Stories

Mom had me when she was seventeen.  Yeah, I was an accident baby but she never made me feel that way.  My parents got married when they were young and like most marriages they ended up getting a divorce when I turned thirteen.  Since that time, I never saw my mother with a man.  My dad was another story

Seduction, Inc. (part 2)

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Part 1 is here:


As you can imagine, we did it again. Not the next day, which we spent mostly locked in our respective rooms and not daring to look at each other during meals, so much so that our mother felt the need to take me aside in the evening and ask me if anything was wrong between us, which I clumsily denied; nor ove

A Mother's Helping Hands Part 5 cont.

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    "Suck me," he ordered.
    "Yes, Master," Mary replied with a smile as she reached for his cock.
    "No hands!" Sean commanded forcefully. “Just your mouth.”
    A thrill ran through her entire body. "Yes, Master," she repeated breathlessly. She dutifully opened her

Me & My Sister (PART 3) (FINAL PART)

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For Part 2 GOTO :


She said, "You wanna return the favor." I was simply stunned at what she just said and coudn't even think of how to react. She asked, "Are you listening?" I said to her, "Yes I;m listening." She said to me, "You acting w

Sarah and I. Part 3

Ruze on Incest Stories

I wake up the next morning because of movement underneath me,

looking down I realise I'm still lying on top of Sarah, my cock buried deep inside her.

I slowly start to pull away from her, when I feel my cock growing hard again.

I lean forward & gently shake her shoulders, trying to wake her.

The only reaction I get is her lifting her head & making a weird groaning noise.

I pull away from

My Friends the Allens

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My Friends the Allens -- At the Pool

by Mark Aster

= = =

Note: this story takes place in a fantasy world where

vaccines against AIDS and pregnancy are safe and common,

and casual sex with strangers is not suicidally stupid.

The real world, sadly, is not like that: so don't try

this at home.

= = =

The highlight of the afternoon came when Robin slipped her

sweatshirt off over her head

Me & My Sister (PART 2)

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We kept watching but it got a little too much and I started to get a boner. Anna noticed the buldge in my pants and said, "You're excited." At this point I was fully confortable talking to my sister like this so I replied. "Who wouldn't be." Anna gave me a smile and turned to the TV. After a few seconds she asked, "Have you

A Daughter Steps In

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His life was more or less perfect. A good career, nice home, good wife and 3 wonderful kids. Well as wonderful as any could be getting into their teens. The mad dash in the morning to see who could get the bathroom first, the fights over the phone, friends over at all hours. Sleep overs where the girls would be telling there secrets and flirting with him, as well as driving his 12 year old son cr

February at Auntie's (Chapter 1: Drake)

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I couldn't believe my ears when my mom told me that her, my father AND my big brother were going to Canada for a full month while I had to stay at my aunt and uncle's stupid house. I hadn't even seen them in 2 years or so, and they didn't exactly understand what a 16 year old girl meant for fun, I was going to get so bored!

Much as I complained, it was absolutely worthless, and before I knew i

Me & My Sister (PART 1)

everlastingxxx on Incest Stories


Well first I would like to introduce myself. My name is John and I am 16 years old. I am a normal looking guy that is slim and just the right height. I am really good with girls but I don't know that whenever I masturbated I thought about my sister and none of the girls I went out with. I have 7 inch cock. Well my sister's name is Anna and she is 20. She still lives with us becau