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Teaching a Slut

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Teaching a Slut

Tom came home from work to the sounds of a headboad creaking, and the rythmic moaning of his daughter, as she got fucked by the newest boyfriend of the week. Tom couldn't believe the whore his daughter had turned into, already 17 and fucking a new guy every day. He could only pray she used some type of protection, and since this had been going on for almost a year now, with no pregnancies (that he knew of) he assumed she was. He considered doing what he did every day, just leaving, and getting some drinks, coming home again in a few hours, when the new fucktoy was gone. Raising a girl on his own had been tough. Amanda's mother had died giving birth, just 2 years into their marriage. Tom was still too heartbroken to even consider looking for another women, and had b

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een too depressed to even find release for his sexual needs. His only solace was masturbation in his room, remembering the backseat of his car, where they had first made love, the hotel in hawaii for the honeymoon, and the other various places they had made love. When Amanda had become a woman, and started developing sexually, Tom didn't know how to handle it, and the situation only got worse. Amanda had no idea that her father came home and heard her getting railed every day. She was in too much bliss to notice a car pull in, and then leave a few minutes later. Tom decided that today would be different however. He couldn't avoid his problems all his life, and he didn't want anything to happen to his daughter, the last thing he and his wife had shared.

Tom set his briefcase down, took off his shoes and jacket, and walked down the hall towards his daughters room. Her moaning was become louder, and the banging of the headboard faster. Whoever had his cock inside of her was about to blow it, and Tom barged in just in time to ruin the moment. The stud, who was a very muscular guy, with a crew cut and tatoos on his bulging muscles, went pale white with shock, and stopped in mid stroke. Tom could just see his prick shrivel up inside of her. She was lying on her back, hair a mess, fingers pinching her nipples, her long, slender legs atop his shoulders. Her back was bent, and her ass slightly in the air, letting the boy get a good amount of penetration into her sweet snatch. Tom stood there, and when she noticed her man had stopped thrusting, and was looking rather scared, she turned her head, and saw her father, looking supremely pissed.

She shrieked, and the boy pulled out of her (Tom noticed his dick was at least 6 inches and it was only half erect) and scrambled for his clothes. Tom said nothing, as the now beet red boy ran out of the room, trying to put his pants on while he ran. His daughter had grabbed her bedsheets, and pulled them over herself, trying to retain some sense of modesty.

"So how long have you known him for?" He asked

"I met him at the mall on the way home from school." was the reply.

"So you just let a stranger fuck you like that? It's that easy to get in your little panties?"

Being a smartass teenager that she was, even in this situation, she said "Well, I wasn't wearing any panties, so he didn't really have to get in them."

That was the final straw for Tom however. His slut of a daughter needed to be taught a lesson. He grabbed her sheets, and tore them off of her, exposing her naked body. This was the first time he had seen his daughter in anything less than fully clothed since she was around 8. The changes were readily noticeable. She had shoulder length brown hair, the same blue eyes as her mother, the same thin, sexy lips. Her breasts had the perkiness of a typical 17 year old, and looked perfect to cup in a hand. She had a very toned stomach, and her bush was a trim triangle, leading into her love box. He didn't get a very good look at it, because she darted her hands across her breasts and pussy, still covering them up. The brief look had startled Tom though, she was the spitting image of her mother, who was only 20 when she had died. Tom felt stirrings in his loins, but they were soon overwhelmed by his anger at the slut he had raised.

He sat on the edge of the bed, and grabbed her by the wrist. Yanking hard enough to make her yelp, he pulled her across his lap, with her feet still on the bed, and her head hanging down to the ground.

"Wait wait! What are you going to do!?" She was panicking now, squirming and kicking her legs. Tom held firm, not letting her escape.

"I'm going to teach you some lessons. I should have done this a long time ago. I ask a question. You tell me the truth, I ask another. You lie, or if I even think you are lying, you are going to get spanked. Comprende?"

"No! No! You can't spank me like this! I'm a grown woman! Please no!"

"Whatever, I'm your father, and I have to take drastic measures to change your attitude. Sorry if you don't like it."

With that, he raised his hand, and brought it down hard onto her bare ass cheek. She screamed in pain, and writhed in his lap.

"What was that for!? You didn't even ask a question!"

"That was for being a smart-ass about your panties. Now for some truth."

"How long have you been having sex in this house?"

"2 months" was the reply.

Immediately his hand came down, delivering five hard strokes to her tight ass. A large red handprint remained, as a tear quietly rolled down Amanda's face.

"Bullshit! I know you've been fucking longer than that! I've come home every day and heard it. I just left and came back later. So how about you tell the truth this time?"

"11 months! I started last New Years!" This was a truthful answer.

"So when did you lose your virginity?" The next question asked. Tom wanted to know how long she had been fucking around before she decided to do it in her room.

"That night!"

His hand came down once more. He slapped harder and harder, ten times, until she was openly sobbing, her tears falling softly to the floor.

"I swear!"

Ten more, on the other cheek this time.

"When I was fourteen! With Jim, that kid down the street! I went skinny dipping and we had sex in his pool!"

Tom was startled by that, he had always seen Jim as a nice, responsible kid, not someone to take his daughter's virginity away.

"So how many people have you had sex with total!?" Tom was getting upset at how much of a whore she was.

"I don't know. I....I...I lost count." She was having trouble talking between her sobs.

"How do you lose count?"

"Because there were too many."

"And what does that make you?"

"I don't understand dad"

"What do you call a girl who fucks so many guys she can't keep track?"

"A whore."

"What else?"

"A slut."

"So say what you are."

"I'm a slut." She was sobbing more from embarrassment than pain now. "I'm a dirty whore."

"Are you done being a whore? Do you think you've learned a lesson?"

"No daddy. I can't. I tried. But I need a cock in me. I can't handle having a boyfriend, I just need random cock. All the time. It's an addiction, I've tried to quit, I can't. Please, don't hit me."

By now, her squirming, her sexy ass, everything had given Tom a boner, which was tenting his pants, and poking into Amanda's stomach. She was in too much pain and torment to notice it now, but he was sure she would eventually. He couldn't believe the thoughts he was having about his daughter. The problem was, every time he looked at her, he saw his wife, and all that emotion came rushing back into him, especially the sexual emotions. He had gone unsatisfied for 17 years, because of this bitch. He decided she would make up for it.

"Did you always use protection? That kid didn't have a condom on."

"Yes daddy. I've been on the pill for a year and half, and I usualy use a condom too. I've been safe."

"Well, at least you aren't that stupid." Tom was slightly relieved by that fact.

"Listen up. You want cock all the time, you got it. My cock. You are gonna fill all of my needs, and you are gonna love it. If you have enough energy after that to handle getting fucked by some stranger, you go right ahead. If I can't make you stop having sex, I can at least get some use out of you. You've been pretty useless to me up till now."

With this, he released her, and she hit the floor like a brick. She spun around, and was sitting on the floor, staring at her father, totally boggled by what he had just said.

"You want me to what!? I'm not fucking you! That's fucking gross!"

Tom released his pants, and they dropped to the floor. His erection popped out of his fly, and his 8 inches stared her in the face. Amanda closed her eyes, and tried to scoot away on the floor. Tom would have none of that, as he grabbed her by the head, and slammed her face into his groin. Her mouth and eyes were shut, but he was rubbing his cock all over her face. He then plugged her nose, and when she opened her mouth to gasp for air, shoved himself inside of her. Amanda looked up at him, tears streaming from her eyes, and he palmed her skull, and began to pump her face on and off his cock. "You like that!? Huh bitch!? You like sucking cock so much, how about your old mans!?" He was absolutely skull fucking the shit out of her, and she just sobbed and took it. Soon Tom bored of her mouth, and decided he wanted some of that sweet pussy. Still holding her by just the hair, he picked her up and threw her onto the bed. She landed on her stomach, and screamed in pain from her hair being pulled so badly. Tom didn't wait at all, just grabbed her ankles, spread her legs, and thrust himself inside of her. She was not very tight, but so warm and inviting. Grabbing her waist, he pulled her onto her knees, and again took hold of her hair. Fucking her doggy style, he thrust in and out like a beast. She was crying , yet every once in a while a moan would be intermingled with the sobs. Tom could feel her walls milking his cock, and he knew she was a true slut, that getting fucked was all she needed, even if she said she didn't want it. This only enraged him further, and he pulled her hair even harder, driving himself further into her slit. After about 10 minutes of solid fucking, she was too close to an orgasm to cry any more. She was moaning constanly, and began to buck her hips to the rythm of his fucking.

"That's it bitch. You love my cock don't you. You fucking love it. You little whore."

"Oh yes daddy! Give me your cock! I love it! I fucking LOVE It! Fuck your little whore daughter! Fuck me! I'm such a slut!"

Hearing those word both turned Tom on, and enraged him further. "I got a surprise for you slut!" He quickly pulled out, and, cock coated in her pussy juices, slammed home into her asshole. He figured that since she was such a whore, she would have taken it in the ass by now, but he was wrong. He felt the tightness, and her pained scream as he ripped her open. The thrust cause his dick to spasm, as thick ropes of cum shot into her virgin asshole. He collapsed on her, cock still twitching inside of her.

"Dad, that fucking hurt!" She sobbed. "Nobody ever put anything in my ass before. I don't want to do that. Please don't do it anymore. I'll suck you off and fuck you silly, but don't fuck my ass again. I think it's bleeding!"

"Fat chance of that bitch. You don't let anybody in your asshole but me, got it!? And I'm gonna fuck it every day. Better get used to it. I'll lube up a little better next time though."

With that, he pulled out of her, and noticed that the trickle of semen running from her was tinted with red. So she was bleeding huh? He got a sick satisfaction from it. He wiped himself off on her bedsheets, gathered his clothes, and went to leave. As he reached the door, he turned, and she was still lying on the bed, a finger prodding her asshole, to investigate the damage.

"Go get cleaned up, you're cooking dinner tonight. Make me a steak, medium rare. I want you in your sexiest clothes, and you better be ready for your dinner - a nice thick tube steak to suck on. Have it ready in an hour."

With that, he closed her door, and went to his own room. His life just got a little better.

Amanda realized that her dad had finally left, so she stood up, and gingerly walked to the shower. He ass was burning, and her pussy ached for another good climax. She began fingering herself under the water, and thought how lucky she just got, to have a cock at her beck and call. She knew she was a cock addict, a total whore. Smiling to herself, she thought about the yummy dinner she was about to get.

Our Little Secret, Part 1

icarus on Incest Stories


<<<<< I lie on my bed, wearing only my finest frilly lace panties. Staring up at him lovingly. He's doing that thing that I love so much! ...(sigh)... God, I wish we could do this more often. . . . . . >>>>>



By: Icarus

I know a big secret.

A deep, dark, sinful secret. It's about my 14-year-old brother. He's a teenaged boy and, well, you know how they are. They become interested in girls and porn and they like to play with themselves. So naturally he's very horny. He likes to do to himself what every healthy adolescent male likes to do to himself...

I can sometimes hear him in his room late at night. I can hear the moaning... and panting. I'm his only si

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bling so I know him very well. Once I asked him if he masturbated at night, just to see if he would admit it. (*sigh*) Of course he flatly denied it. "Of course I don't!," he said insistently. But I knew...

Over the next few months, the weather got warmer. Flowers bloomed and grass grew. Spring turned into summer earlier than usual. It was hot and humid by the end of May. But that wasn't the only thing unusual that I noticed...

On the first day of June, I had trouble finding some of my clothes. Certain things were missing. I waited, but they never turned up in the laundry. I didn't think much of it... that is... until my silver cross necklace went missing...

I began to suspect the unthinkable, but I didn't want to rush to judgement.

On the night of June 13th, I decided to spy on my brother through his bedroom window after dark, once everyone had gone to bed. I looked at the clock, which read 1:39 AM. I decided that it was late enough to start spying.

Slowly and quietly, I creeped out into the hallway and tiptoed in the dark to the door to my brother's bedroom. I put my ear to the door and listened...

Nothing. Not a peep.

He's probably just asleep, silly! You should go back to bed.

But I couldn't. I was too curious.

I'll just have a peek through his window. I mean, I probably won't see anything 'cause his light's turned off!

I went outside in my nightgown. We had a big, well shielded backyard, so no one would see me. There was a big, tall oak tree growing right next to our house that had a tree house in it that my dad had built a few years back for my little brother. I climbed the latter up to the top, which got me very close to his bedroom window. He had it wide open because it was such a warm night.

Good. I'll be able to see him and hear him as well.


on people is wrong .

My conscience chimed in. I silenced it and tried to see into the window. It was pitch black except for a dimly lit corner of his room where his nightlight was plugged in. (Yeah I know. He's 14 and he still has a nightlight. I dunno... it's kind of cute...)

I waited a good 15 minutes for something to happen. But nothing did.

What did I tell you? You're so paranoid! Just go before you end up falling asleep in the damn tree house!

I had just started to head down the ladder... then I heard it!

That distinctive sound! I instantly perked up and became more attentive. Returning to my pose in the tree house, I strained to hear it. It was a windless night so his quiet moaning could be heard.

My my! He's at it again, huh? Oh, the sweet forbidden pleasures of masturbation!Well this time I'll hear every bit of it!

I listened to his moaning through the darkness and smiled inside. His moaning changed to panting and I could hear him rustling the covers. By now, my eyes had adjusted to the darkness and I could see, in the dim light of the nightlight, the silhouette figure of my brother on his bed. I could see his body shifting rhythmically and his arm moving up and down. (I don't need to tell you what he was doing with his hand!)

I again considered leaving. It was 2 AM and I could feel myself getting a little drowsy. Good thing I didn't though! Because I would have missed the light turning on! That's right, he had gotten up and turned on his bedroom light. His room suddenly became visible! He stood there by the light switch wearing nothing!

Wow! I've never seen him naked before! Oh look at that! His penis is a lot bigger than I thought!

Standing proudly was the product of his masturbation: a big stiff erection jutting out from between his legs. Ooooh! It even had some hair growing on it! I watched intensely as he began reaching under his bed.

What's he doing? . . .Wait a minute. Are those - . . .Oh. My. God!!

I couldn't believe what I was seeing! My suspicions were right! There was my brother pulling out my missing clothes from under his bed. In the pile were my frilly white thong panties, my pink and white lace La Senza Girl bra, my denim miniskirt, and my sleeveless black leather zip-up top!

Oh wow! It can't be...

I watched him delightfully slip into the tight thong panties. His stiff penis sticking out the side. He looked at himself in the mirror with a guilty look on his face and then put on my bra!

I... I can't believe he's doing this! I've got to stop him!

My child-like curiosity was too focused to let me stop a show like this! I once again silenced my conscience. He began shoving Kleenex into the bra cups to make them stick out like breasts. Then he put on my denim miniskirt! He smiled sheepishly at himself in the mirror, posing and studying his bizarre feminine appearance. I smiled devilishly and giggled to myself:

Oh my! So this is your little game, hmm? Sneaking into my room when I'm not there and stealing my intimate clothing! Taking my private things and wearing them to service your sick little fetish! You little pervert! That's why you couldn't admit to me that you masturbated at night... you thought I might find you cross-dressing... in my clothes... late at night when no one is awake...

Wasting no time, my dirty little brother put on my leather top and zipped it up just a little, allowing the bra to be seen. I'll refer to it as "the" bra because I was wearing my own at the time and the one he was wearing was temporarily not mine, if you take my meaning! He gazed at himself for a while, then started rooting around in his drawer.

Oh, he looks so silly! (giggle!) I wonder what he's up to now!

He pulled out a small plastic make-up case and (gasp!) blonde hair wig that I use with my dance costume! I'm part of a student dance program for girls. The last routine we did, we all had to wear blonde hair wigs. I had to wear one even though I'm blonde I guess because I wasn't blonde enough to fit in with the others in wigs. I hadn't noticed that my wig had gone missing, or one of my make-up cases! He put on the wig then started applying the make-up.

Oh wow! This is too much!

He put on a full coating of eye shadow, wanting it to look dark and sexy. He brushed his cheeks with a light dusting of blush. Fumbling nervously at first, then steadying his hand, he lovingly added mascara to his lashes. Finally, when he was done, my little transvestite brother paraded himself in front of the mirror, lavishing in his feminization! Intensely enjoying his secret indulgence! Well, not secret anymore! (giggle!) God, I was having way too much fun! It was like being a ghost! Seeing what is not meant to be seen! Knowing his dirty little secret made me feel so proud of myself! So darkly giddy!

As he stood there, he began to touch his stiff erection. A little, at first, then he began to jerk and rub it. He breathed loudly and moaned, grasping it hard and rubbing up and down and up and down!

That's right, my little brother! Don't hold back! Pump away as hard as you want! I want to watch you sink into a depraved frenzy of self-stimulation...

Apparently that still wasn't enough to get his rocks off. He reached into another drawer and pulled out a photo. I squinted hard to try to see what the photo depicted.

Man, I wish I brought binoculars. Meh, it's probably a picture of some hot model or a porn star...

Boy was I wrong. There, in the picture, was me doing my high school cheerleading routine! He placed it by the mirror, stared at it, and resumed masturbating. This time, he was moaning my name!

When did anyone ever take that picture?! I can't believe he's... he's got a thing for me! Oh God, what a pervert! He cross-dresses AND looks at pictures of me when he masturbates!

He was really getting into it. I could clearly hear his coos of lust.

"...Mmmm! Oooooooooooh! Claaaaire! Uhn! Uhn! Ooooh Yeah! Oh! Please! Fuck me Claire!... (pant!) (pant!) Mmmmm... you're sooooo hot.... mmmmm.... so sexy! Uhn! Uhn! Ohhh!..."

Ooooh, such a naughty little boy! Jerking off to your own sister, hmm? And wearing her sexy clothes? Oooh, what a perv! Going to such lengths to feel the pleasures of the flesh!

I didn't immediately realize that I was fondling my vaginal area as I watched him. Oh, how it made me horny...

Sinful little girl! You shoudn't be masturbating to something so depraved... so sick!

My mind said to stop, but my body begged me to keep watching! I watched him lie back down onto the bed! Still at it... jerking and tugging and grabbing and pulling his dribbling purple penis!

"...Ooooh! Mmmm! ...Claire! Claire! Claire! Ohhh, my love! Uhn! Uhn!...... Your pussy feels sooooo good! Mmmm... Squeeze it more!! Ohh! Mmm! Ah!..."

Mmm... that's right! You dream that we have sex every night don't you, you sick horny little fucker! Keep masturbating! Sink deeper into fantasy...

I got so turned on by his kinky little show, that I took off my nightgown and lay it beside me. It was a warm night and when I get horny, I sweat. So there I sat, outside in the treehouse wearing only my bra and panties! Oooh, I dug my finger deep into my hole, playing with my nipples with my other hand. It felt so naughty to be doing this outside!

Inside, my little "en femme" brother bucked his hips as an orgasm washed over him.

Look at him!

Fountains of semen shot up into the air, soaking the panties and his sheets. Covered in delightful jizz, he gradually calmed his breathing. My infatuated brother lay spent on his cum-soaked mattress. Surely, my naked figure was dancing in his mind!

Such shameless depravity! Oh my, Darien! I had no idea that my beauty could entice you so! Big Sister’s watching you, and what a stellar performance you gave!

I fondled myself. He may be spent, but I’m just getting started!

Aw, please? It feels so good! Mmmm... I can't help it!


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"Oh Daddy it is so big and hard and soft and hot ".
I nearly came right then from the softness of her grasp.
I put my hand over hers and start to jack off. "Do this honey" I said and showed her how to slide her hand up and down my shaft.

 She held it with both her hands, barely covering the shaft and stroked it with her soft little hands maybe 10 times as she examined the head. Her eyes were glued to the slit at its' tip as pre cum oozed from my cock.
I put my hand on her head. " Kiss it baby, kiss it for Daddy." I pushed her head down to my cock and my little 16-year-old daughter pressed her soft lips to the tip of my dick.
I pressed a little harder against the back of her head and slid t

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he tip past her lips.
"Suck it sweetie. Suck it like a lollypop".
She opened her mouth and sucked up and down my shaft
 I began to move her head back and forth and started to pump it deeper, she gagged but I pressed on
" Breathe through your nose baby. Take Daddy's dick down your throat".
Wanting to please me she opened her throat as best she could and took my cock down her sweet throat as I slid down her tight, hot, wet orifice.
Slurping and drooling, Lisa took about half of my manhood down her sweet throat. I wanted to press more of my meat down her throat but feared I might harm her little esophagus. I pulled my now raging hard dick back from the depths of her throat and freed her to catch a breath of air before plunging down once again. I slid down her throat as gobs of cum began to spew from my dick, washing her tonsils with my white-hot cream.
Sucking and gagging, Lisa experienced her first taste of her daddy's cum, desperately trying to swallow every drop.
Tears formed in her eyes as spurt after spurt of cum forced itself down her sweet throat.
Finally, after what seemed like the longest climax of my life I freed my daughter from my meat. Cum and saliva drooled from her lips as she gulped the remaining cum down her pretty throat. She took her hand and wiped her small face as she looked into my eyes, searching for some clue as to what to do next.

I held her small face in my hands as my dick slow softened before her.

"That was great sweetheart. Are you ok? Daddy didn't hurt you did he?"
"No Daddy. You didn't hurt me. It's just that I've never sucked such a large cock before. The boys on my school bus aren’t anywhere near your size."

I removed her hands from my bare knees where they had come to rest and helped her up from her kneeling position between my legs.

"You really like sucking cock huh honey? Did you like your daddy's dick as much as those boys you suck off on the school bus every morning?" I asked.

"More Daddy. You're my father. It's so much more fun when it's incest."
Little Lisa smiled as I leaned back onto the bed, pulling her on top of me. Her panty covered pussy lay directly over my returning hardon.

"Give Daddy a kiss."

Her small pubescent breasts rubbed against my chest as our lips met and her tongue slipped itself into my mouth. I sucked her tongue as she had just sucked my dick, enjoying the taste of salvia and cum that was in her mouth and on her lips.
She released one hand from my grasp and slid it between us, grasping my returning stiffness. Now nearly fully renewed to its' full 8".
I marveled to myself that I was already returning after such a short time.
"I guess it's true" I thought, "The saying that a young girl really can rejuvenate your youth."

"I'm not a virgin Daddy, but I've never had something that big inside my mouth or my pussy" she grinned.

"Would you like to try it on for size sweetheart?" I asked.
"Would I ever" she answered as she raised from her position and began a sexy removal of her pink panties. I grinned as I noted to myself the word 'Tuesday' imprinted on the waistband. I thought to myself, "Tuesday is definitely my favorite day from now on"

Lisa ground and swiveled as she slowly pealed the tight fabric from her waist and turned her cute little butt towards me as it slid over the roundness of her ass.

Turning her head towards me and pushing her butt cheek in my direction she asked, "Do I have a cute butt Daddy? Do you like your baby daughter's cute little ass?"

I held my hands out, palms up and looked toward the raging hardon between my legs. "Doesn't this answer your question?" I asked

"Ooh" she said, "I think Daddy likes it. I really do"

She continued the sexual removal of her panties, bumping, grinding, and bending over at her waist as she pulled them past her calves and knees.
With her legs slightly apart and bent she exposed her ass and gave me my first glance at her nearly hairless pink slit.

"Ooh yes. Daddy likes." I murmured. "And Daddy want's to taste that pretty little twat of yours too."
Her cunt was pink and sweet looking. The slit had the puffiest little lips and I could see her wetness. There was only a small triangle of hair on her pubic bone and being a true blue eyed blond even it was almost non-existent.
The thought crossed my mind that I haven’t seen such perfect little pussy sense high school, nearly 18 years ago.
Pre cum oozed from my dick as Lisa removed her panties from around her ankles and turned her beautiful young body around to give me a full frontal view.

"You want some of this Daddy?" she cooed. You want to taste my little pussy?  You want to put that great big cock of yours in your baby girl?"
 Feel how wet I am daddy; " She came nearer to me. " I'm so wet Daddy, my pussy is drooling. It wants you. I want you. I need to feel that inside me so bad!"

To be continued

Master Jason Part One

saddlebred105 on Incest Stories

Jason was an average 16 year old guy.  He loved his girlfriend a lot, but every time they brought up the sex subject she would get so mad that she would almost break up with him.  He had so many sex cravings, and no one was there for him.  He would jack off every night before he went to bed about bondage and being a master.  He would look at bondage pics in magazines and on the internet.  The pictures would have female mistrisses dominating their sub.  It was Friday night, and he did not have school tomorrow.  He started to jack off, and an image of his mom, naked, appeared in his head.  She was his sub, and he was her master.  He tried to getÂ

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 it out of his mind thinking that he was becoming sick and twisted.  How could he get turned on by a 46 year old women?  He than thought about how his mom usually did what he asked to.  Wondering why, he thought maybe he turned her on.  He decided to go downstairs and see what his mom was doing.  When he got downstairs, she wasn't there.  It was 11:00.  Maybe she went to bed.  He went back upstairs and to her room.  Her door was open a crack, and her lamp next to the bed was on.  She was pleasuring herself, and trying not to make to much noise.  She was just about to cum, and that nearly made Jason cum.  He got a nasty thought.  He went to his room, and took all of his cloths off.  He put on a bath robe, and went back to his mom's door.  He looked in, and she was laying there, on the bed.  He then remembered about buying a whip, hand cuffs, rope, and a blindfold.  He got them, and opened the door.

"Jason????!!!," said his mom, "I am so sorry, I didn't ex......"

"Shut up slut, tonight you will listen to me and call me Master."


Crack, he hit his naked mother hard on her stomach.

"My name is Master Jason, and you will call me Master.  Do not speak unless spoken to, and for the rest of your life, you are my sub, and I am your master."

"Master, what is wrong??"

"Wrong?!, nothing is wrong!"

"For now on you will nothing in the house, and if we have company, you will were a skimpy dress with no underwear, but possibly a thong.  If I find you walking around the house with even a thong on, you will be punished.  When you go outside you will wear nothing, and only when you go to into town will you wear something."

"Master please?  What did I do?"

"Nothing, now suck my cock, and when I cum, you better swallow ALL of it, or else you will get punished."

She sucked as good as she could, since he was pulling on her hair, but it did no good.  When he cummed, there was to much for her.  She spit it up.

"Guess who is getting punished??"

"No please, I will do better."

"Too late, lay down facing up on the bed."

Once she did that, he tied her arms and legs to the bed posts, and blindfolded her.  He took his whip, and hit her very hard on her cunt.


"Shut up, or I will hit you harder."

After ten hard hits, he stopped, and found out he had to go to the bath room.

"Follow me slut"

She followed him to the bath room, and he pooped.  

"Eat it"

"Please, no!"


She put her hand in the toliet water, and she grabbed some of it, and ate it.  She was trying so hard not to throw up.

"Tell me that it tastes good."

"Master, it tastes so very good"

"Good, because that is what you will eat for a snack.  For breakfeast, lunch, and dinner, you will cook it in nothing but an apron.  You will eat my left overs, if anything is left.  If you need to go to the bathroom, you will go outside, by Storm (our dog), and you will squat down and go.  When you are done, he will lick you clean, and if he wishes, fucks you. Understood?"

"Yes Master"

"Good, no go to bed, and I will see you naked tomorrow morning, and you better be up at eight."

The next morning she woke up at 7:00 and went down stairs.  She did as she was ordered to, and cooked naked with an apron on.  She made him three pancakes, and gave him orange juice.

"Good, I am glad that you can do at least one thing right."

"Now come under the table and suck my cock while I eat."

She did as told, and while doing so, she had an unexpected visitor lick her cunt under the table.  It was storm, their German Shepherd.  She twitched when he licked her cunt, causing her to nip on Jason's cock. 

"Slut!!!!!!! You will pay for that!!!"

He took her upstairs, and tied her to her hot tub.  He made the temperature about 125 degrees.  she yelped when the water touched her, because she had sensitive skin.  He took his whip, and hit her hard and she screamed, not only from that, but from the water.  He than let her out, and took her in the bathroom.  He turned on the water as freezing as it could go and shooved her in.  She freaked.

"Please, let me out!!!"

"Fine, but you are coming outside with me."

Once outside, he tied her arms and legs around the tree, leaving her cunt up against the hard barch.

"Storm, here boy."

"No, don't let him touch me"

"Fine, I decided a better way to disipline you."

"Put on a skimpy dress, and no thong or underwear, and then come out to my truck."

She changed, and came out.  They then to drove to Jason's friend Matt's home, where they bred Belguim's, a huge draft horse.  They got out of the car, and Jason knocked on the door, knowing that Matt's parents were not home, and that Matt was.

"Hey Matt, you want to see some entertainment?  All I need you to do is bring your biggest, strongest, and toughest stallion out here."

Matt went down to the stables, and brought out their stallion Hercules out, not hard to figure out why he was named that.

"Slut, go kneel under Hercules."



"Hey Jason, how did you teach your mom to do that?"

"I will tell you later."

His mom went under Hercules, who by now was pawing so hard at the ground that it almost shook.  His huge 3 foot cock was now looking for some place to go.  He felt Jason's mom's ass hole, and charged into it.  She screamed so loud that Jason was afraid that the neighbors heard it.  Hercules had almost 1 and a half feet of cock in her!!!  He pulled his cock out of her, and she scrambled out.  Jason drove her home, and thought about how much fun he was going to be having the rest of her life!

Step Dad Brings Stepdaughter Into Womanhood

Robynsguy on Incest Stories

It started just after I met Joanne and moved in with her, her daughter Carolyn & son John.   I noticed her 11 year old daughter Carolyn would walk to & from her room to the washroom totally naked.   She also would walk in on me when I was in the shower.   No matter how we tried to discourage her from this behavior she continued to do it.   Just after Joanne & I got married and Carolyn turned 13,   Joanne & I were in bed and I was p

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ounding into Joanne when the door opened & in walked Carolyn who just stood there and watched as I fucked her mother, when I went to cover up, Joanne whispered in my ear “don’t cover up or stop, let her watch”.   So I continued driving into Joanne till she started to cum when I started to cum deep inside her.   I then rolled off of her onto my back and we looked at Carolyn who smiled at us and left our bedroom.   I looked over at Joanne and asked her “has she ever done that before?”   In which Joanne replied “No, but if she wants to watch she can watch us anytime, as can John” who is a couple of years younger then Carolyn.   The next night when we climbed into bed we started to cuddle when there was a knock on the door and when we hollered for who ever to come in, the door opened and in walked Carolyn and a smile lit up her face when she saw us lying in bed totally naked.   We asked her what was wrong as we thought she was in bed, and she replied “Nothing is wrong; I want to watch you from start to finish this time”.   We said okay she can watch us anytime she likes.   She sat down on the side of the bed as I started kissing Joanne and licking my way down her body, licking around her tits taking the nipples into my mouth and sucking on them for sometime as I reached down and started running my fingers around her clit pushing a couple of fingers into her pussy as I kiss my way down her belly and start licking all around her groin, taking her clit into my mouth & sucking hard on it as I plunged my fingers into her pussy while her daughter watched us with a smile on her face and a look of wonder.   As I then removed my fingers from her and buried my tongue into her and moved over top of her and lowered my rock hard cock into her mouth and then rolled us so Joanne was on top of me.   I reached around and took Joanne’s ass in my hands pulling her pussy down tight on my mouth as I fucked her pussy with my tongue and felt Joanne taking my cock deep into her throat sucking, I glanced over at Carolyn to find her fingers working around her clit under her nightgown, staring at her mother sucking on my cock.    I kept running my tongue from in her pussy & around her clit, taking her clit back in my mouth till I felt her start to cum when I fastened my lips around her entrance drinking up all her juices.  

As I continued licking around her pussy I came very hard in Joanne’s mouth & could feel her swallowing my entire load.   Joanne then rolled off of me and looked at her daughter as some of my cum ran down her chin & she took a finger and wiped it off her chin and stuck it in her mouth to swallow it.   I was still rock hard and put her on her hands and knees taking a hold of her hips and driving my cock to the hilt in her belly.   I fucked her hard and deep Cuming again deep inside of her, we then collapsed on the bed beside each other and looked at Carolyn as she was cumin on her fingers.   Once she calmed down she got up and came over and gave her mother a kiss goodnight and then came around and gave me a huge kiss goodnight and said thank you for letting her watch.

It had been 2 weeks since then and Joanne & I were watching a porno on the TV in the living room and playing around as Carolyn & John were in bed.   I was sitting on the couch with Joanne on the floor between my legs sucking on my cock when all of a sudden Carolyn came upstairs from her basement bedroom took one look at us, then at the TV and smiled.   Carolyn then came over and sat down on the couch right beside me lifting her night gown off sitting there totally naked and started to play with her pussy while she watched her mom suck my cock.   I reached over and tweaked one of her nipples and took her hands away from her pussy and put them on her breasts & then reached down and started to rub her clit.   I looked down at Joanne as I pushed a finger into her daughter’s tight pussy and got a look of approval from her.   Joanne & I then switched places and I buried my tongue in her pussy as I fingered & played with Carolyn.    As I was sucking hard on Joanne’s clit bringing her off, I heard Carolyn say to her mother, “ohhhh this is so good”.   I then removed my fingers from Carolyn and moved over and started running my tongue up her lips and around her clit taking it in my mouth and softly sucking on it, as I reached up to play with one of her nipples.   I drove my tongue as far as I could into her pussy, drinking up her sweet juices as she started to cum all over my tongue, I licked my way up her body and started sucking her one nipple into my mouth sucking on it hard and then taking the other nipple into my mouth, while I was playing with her clit.     Kneeling on the floor in front of Carolyn sitting on the edge of the couch, I reached down and took my rock hard cock into my hand and started running the knob up and down the inside of her lips and around her clit.   I looked over at Joanne who nodded and said “go on give it to her”.   I asked Joanne if she was sure and she replied “Yes fuck her”.   I looked at Carolyn and asked her what she wanted and she told me “For you to fuck me Daddy, to be my first”.   I slowly pushed the knob into her & took a hold of her hips as I slowly pushed into her depths till she cried out in pain when I would stop letting the pain subside.   I then pushed into her till I was buried to the hilt in her belly holding it there till she adjusted and the pain left completely.    I then pulled out very slowly and pushed it back into her to the hilt picking up the pace.   After no more then a dozen strokes into her, I buried my cock to the hilt blowing my load deep into her belly.   I then looked over at Joanne to find her burying her fingers deep in her own pussy & cumming all over her fingers saying “ Ohhhh God Yes, That Was So Hot”.

Author’s Note:   This Story Is To Be Continued






My First Time With My Sister Meghan

DirkDig on Incest Stories

I was so excited.   My sister was coming to visit me in my new house for the first time.   She just graduated from high school last week and seeing her and all her hot high school friends made me really horny.   I have been fantasizing about her for a couple of years now.   Some of the most amazing orgasms I have had have been while I have thought about how to seduce her.   One time when I was home visiting, I went into the bathroom to pee and decided to look through her hamper for a pair of her panties.

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="mso-spacerun: yes">   I found only one pair, however, there was a big crusty spot in the crotch.   She must have masturbated with them on because they definitely smelled like pussy.   I got so hard smelling them.   I had to relieve myself and sat on the toilet and jerked off while licking the inside of them.   I couldn’t believe what a turn on it was to finally find out what my sister’s pussy smelled and tasted like.   Even if I never got to try the real thing, I would still know exactly what it would be like.   It is that memory that makes me realize I had to try this weekend.  


She got off the plane and had a huge smile of her face.   She looked so cute in her tight little shorts and belly shirt.   When she gave me a hug, I made sure to think about what her breasts felt like against me.   At 18, they are so firm and they pressed right into me and pushed against my chest.   Oh, the things I want to do to her body.   I drove us back to my place so she could see my house for the 1 st time.   A little while after we got there, my girlfriend got there too.   She was also visiting for the weekend.   We were all going to a concert on Monday night together.


We spent the day going to a ball game and eating lunch.   The whole time, I just kept staring at my sister and thinking about what her face looks like when she is cumming.   I realized that I had to get her and my girlfriend drunk if I wanted any chance of this happening.   We decided to go home and hang out for the night.   I said we should stop to get some beer and hard alcohol.   As soon as we walked in the door, I made everyone a drink – however, the girl’s was a lot stronger than mine.   We kept drinking and started playing card games.   This got the girls really drunk and with my mind not working like it should be, the thought of having sex with my sister while my girlfriend was in the same house actually seemed like a good idea.


Meghan, my sister, said she had to pee and got up to go to the bathroom.   While she was out of the room, my girlfriend decided to lay of the floor, pull her shorts to one side and rub her finger up and down her slit.   She loves to masturbate for me.   In fact, she probably masturbates more when we are together, then she does on her own.   I love to watch and just laid back to enjoy the show.   It was about this time that I heard my sister peeing.   Just the thought of her little 18 year-old pussy spurting piss made me hard.   I just had to find out how good she would be.


Eventually, everyone was pretty drunk and decided to go to bed.   My girlfriend went upstairs and I said I would be up right after I got Meghan situated.   Meghan went into the bathroom to change and I grabbed a couple of blankets and a pillow out of the closet for her.   When she came out of the bathroom, I could see how drunk she was.   I could also see how hot she was!   She had changed into a sheer white teddy and a matching silk thong.   I only knew it was a thong, because when she went to pick up the pillow, I could see her firm, tight ass.


I gave her the stuff and said that if she needed anything to just come upstairs and get me.   As she laid on the couch, her nightie fell loose and I could see one of her nipples.   It wasn’t hard, but I knew I could change that.   By the time I got upstairs, my girlfriend was already passed out nothing was waking her up.   I lay there in bed and fantasized about Meghan, thinking maybe I could at least have a dream about her.   Not long after I had closed my eyes, I heard a knock at the door.   I got up to see what Meghan wanted and when I opened the door, the sight of her blond hair, blue eyes, school girl face and skimpy white outfit, made me want to fuck her right there on the floor outside my bedroom while my girlfriend was only 10 feet away.   She said she couldn’t get the cable to work, that it was stuck on the DVD or something.  

When I got downstairs, I saw that she had poured herself another drink.   I put the TV back to cable and asked if she would mind if I made a drink and joined her.   I said I wasn’t really that tired and since my girlfriend had passed out cold, I didn’t think she would have any problem with it.   She said, “No.   Not all at.   Why don’t you fill me up too.”   and handed me her glass.    We both sat on the couch and talked while she flicked through the channels.   She finally stopped on an HBO Real Sex episode.


“Do you want to play a game?”   I asked her.


“O.K.   What did you have in mind?   Oh, I know.   Do you think we could play truth or dare, or would it be too weird since we are sister and brother?”


“No.   We can play that.   I would be fun.   Besides, it is up to us on whether it is weird or not.   We get to make up the questions and dares.   Just keep them in the boundaries.   She went first and I asked her where she bought her outfit.   She said Victoria’s Secret.   In fact, she had seen it on one of her friends and thought it looked hot so she wanted to get it too.


I said dare, of course!   She dared me to leave the door open next time I had to pee.   Meghan thought it would be embarrassing and funny to see me with stage fright.   Little did she realize that if I couldn’t pee it was because I would be hard for her.   Later in the game, she pick dare and I decided to get a little bolder.   I dared her to take her panties off and just sit there with her nightie coving her little pussy.


“I can’t do that.   You’ll be able to see it.”   she said.


“Not if you pull your nightie down.   Besides, you wanted to embarrass me, now I get to do the same to you.”


I kept catching glimpes of her pussy while we played a different game, a drinking game.   This only made her more drunk and excited.   A couple of times, I saw her pussy.   Her lips were a little swollen which meant she was enjoying herself.   She shaved, but not too much.   There was still some hair, blond and thin.   I could see a drop or two of her juices at the part of her slit where her lips begin to split and the hair begins.   God, I just wanted to eat her pussy so bad.   She said she had to pee and got up.   I was so drunk and horny that I decided this was it.   I waited until I knew she was in the bathroom and sitting on the toilet.   That is when I got up and walked right in on her.


“What are you doing?”   she asked.  


“I have to pee too.”   I said.   “But I am in here already.   Hold on, you can go after I do,”   she said back.   I knew I couldn’t wait and just walked up to stand in front of her.   “You said I had to leave the door open next time I peed.   It is open.   Please just let me pee, I can’t wait.   I’ll go between your legs.   You can go too.”


Then I started to pee right between my sister’s legs.   Meghan moaned a little and started to pee.   I moved my dick a little so my pee hit her clit.   This made her moan again and she leaned back.   I kept peeing on her clit and reached out to grab her tits.   Ohhhh, they are so firm and her nipples tightened up between my fingers.   “Let’s go back out to the couch and lay down,”   I said.


Once we were on the couch, we started kissing passionately.   My tongue was in her mouth in a second playing with hers.   I grabbed her tits with one hand and rubbed her pussy with my other.   Then she reached down and started to rub my dick.   I stood up and pulled off all my clothes.   I didn’t want to waste any time getting to it.   She took off her clothes and we both laid next to each other naked with my hard dick rubbing against her tight stomach.   She moaned kind of loudly as she felt the precum smear across her stomach.   I leaned in and kissed her as I moved so she was on her back and I got on top of her.


The deeper and harder I kissed her, the more her slender hips ground against my crotch.   I started moving my hips forwards and back so that my dick rubbed her clit.   However, as I did this, I was really hoping that it would find that tight, dripping pussy.   As I felt my head slip into her wet folds, I knew this was going to be amazing.   We both pushed at the same time and my cock began to slide into her warm, smooth, velvety 18 year-old pussy.


We fucked like this for a while and I could feel my balls tightening.   She said she was going to cum and I said I wanted her to keep her eyes open, look and me and kiss me while she came.   Just then her eyes got real big and I felt her pussy spasm around my cock.   This pushed me to the edge.   I told her I was going to cum.


“Oh, god.   Give me your cum big brother.   I am so fucking horny.   I don’t care if you get me pregnant.   Just drop that warm load of cum in my hot teenage pussy!”


That is when I let it go.   Shot after shot of my cum sank deep inside my little sister’s pussy.   When I finally came down off my high.   She kissed me and said that she hoped we could do it again.   As I fell asleep that night in my bed, I was rock hard thinking about what else we could do together.   The next morning at breakfast, my girlfriend was making pancakes and Meghan took the opportunity to show me her thighs and pussy.   My cum was caked and crusted to her pubic hair and streaks of cum had dried to her thighs.   Obviously it had dripped out of her spent pussy during the night.   I knew I would have to find a way to do this again as soon as possible.


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Brady Incest:Second Chapter

gauxban on Incest Stories

   At dinner that evening they were all relaxed and
cheerful, talking about the days events. Greg commented on
how nice it was to have Marcia home from school for a couple
weeks, Jan and Peter talked about cleaning up the basement,
and Bobby and Cindy giggled alot. All in all, a typical
family dinner.

     Several hours later Jan and Peter decided to sneak off
to the basement again, for one last bang before bed. They
reached the basement stairs unseen, and started down. Just as
they reached the bottom step, Jan heard a sound. She thought
it sounded like a moan, but wasn't sure. Peter went to
investigate, taking a baseball b

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at just in case. As he got
closer to the boxes from behind which the sounds came, he
began to grin. He knew the sounds of a blow job when he heard
them. He signaled to Jan, telling her to come over, but
quietly. Together they climbed up on a couple of the boxes,
so they could look over the stack at the activity on the
other side. They saw Cindy sucking off Bobby, deep throating
him. As they watched, Bobby grabbed Cindy's head, thrust into
her mouth, and began spurting. Cindy swallowed shot after
shot, smiling and sucking at the same time.

     Before Cindy had the cock out of her mouth, Peter jumped
down beside them. Laughing, he slapped Bobby on the back,
then tousled Cindy's hair. Jan joined them, lifting Cindy to
her feet and giving her a big hug, then pulling Bobby close
and hugging him. Suddenly realizing that Jan and Peter had
come down to the basement for the same reason they had, Bobby
and Cindy relaxed. They weren't in trouble. With a big grin
on his face, Peter asked the other three if they had ever
heard of a daisy chain. They hadn't, so Peter went to a box
hidden back in a corner and took out some porn magazines, one
of which dealt with group sex. They looked at the pictures of
fucking and sucking, then at each other. Without a word, Jan
and Peter stripped, Peter's cock already hard and throbbing.
Copying the positions they had seen in the magazine, the four
formed a slightly squared circle, lying partially on their
sides.  Peter spread Cindy's pussy, licking her slit, then
probing with his tongue. Cindy sucked the head of Bobby's
cock, taking a couple of inches of shaft into her mouth. She
looked along Bobby's body to his face, which was covered by
Jan's ass and pussy. She could see his tongue licking and
thrusting, could feel the same thing being done to her own
cunt. It was a strange sensation, being eaten while watching
a pussy being eaten. She sucked harder on the cock in her
mouth. Jan had her mouth full of Peter's prick, trying to do
what she had seen Cindy do, trying to deep throat a cock. It
was difficult concentrating with Bobby tonguing her snatch,
setting her on fire. The girls came at almost the same time,
their bodies tensing, their thighs clenching around the heads
between them. Peter pulled his rod from Jan's mouth, then
stood up. He wanted Cindy wanted to feel his pole in that
tight pussy he had been eating. Bobby didn't mind, all he
could think about were Jan's big tits, and the picture they
had seen of a man fucking a pair of big boobs.

     Cindy lay on her back, legs spread wide. She watched
Peter's cock as he prepared to mount her. It was a good deal
bigger than Bobby's, both thicker and longer. Although she
was juicy, Peter oiled his cock, knowing she had only had
Bobby's. He stretched out above her, waiting for her to guide
him in. She reached for him, her hand sliding along the
shaft, rolling his balls around, then returning to the head,
which she positioned at her slit. Peter pushed in, slowly but
firmly, until his entire cock was inside her. He couldn't
believe how tight she was, how hot she was. After a moment he
began pumping, steadily and slowly, trying to make this fuck

     Jan was also on her back, but Bobby was sitting astride
her stomach, squeezing her tits together, his hips pumping
frantically. Jan had her mouth open, licking the cockhead any
time it was close enough. As Peter watched, Bobby jerked,
then began shooting on Jan's tits. It was amazing how much
cum he had, considering he had already been sucked off once.
Jan rubbed the cum into her tits, then pulled one to her
mouth and began to clean it. She reached up and pulled Bobby
down, kissing him, letting him taste himself on her lips. To
her surprise, Bobby liked the taste, immediately licking her
other tit clean himself.

     Cindy's eyes were open wide, her body screaming with
lust. Peter's cock was reaching untouched spots within her,
driving her over the edge. The tightness of Cindy's cunt
pulled Peter closer, driving him toward his orgasm. They
crested at almost the same time, Peter thrusting hard, Cindy
clinging to him. Their mingled moans were loud in the quiet
basement. They clung to each other, gasping for breath from
the intensity of their mutual orgasms. Finally they
separated, momentarily spent.

     The four of them lay together, relaxing, talking about
the sex, kissing and holding each other. Being young, it
wasn't long before they were ready to go again. Surprisingly,
it was Bobby who was hard first. Jan showed him some of the
pictures in the magazines, of men mounting women from behind,
and told him she loved doing it that way. She rolled to her
stomach, then got to her hands and knees, pushing her soft,
full butt into Bobby. Moving against her, Bobby quickly
entered, sliding all the way in. Matching the slow, steady
rhythm with which Jan was pushing back against him, Bobby
began fucking. He was determined that she would cum before he
would. Peter grew hard as he watched them fuck. Seeing this,
Cindy lay her head in his lap, his cock standing up between
her chin and throat. She began nuzzling it, playing with it
with her lips and tongue. Peter sighed, reached for her pussy
and began playing with it, inserting one finger, then a
second. Cindy kissed his cockhead, then slowly began
swallowing him. It was a tight fit, but she managed it, deep
throating his now fully erect dick. Quite a talented little
girl. This talent gave Peter an idea. He extracted himself
from her mouth, grabbed a couple of boxes, and fixed a place
for Cindy to lay, on her back, head hanging off the boxes.
Some guy had face fucked Vanessa Del Rio this way in a movie
he had seen.

     Her head hanging, mouth open, throat relaxed, Cindy
waited for Peter's cock. When the head was inside her mouth
she closed her lips and began to suck, pulling him inside
even further. With her eyes open she could see his cock
slowly disappearing, and of course she could feel it in her

     Peter continued to push slowly, unable to believe
someone as small as Cindy could truly swallow his entire

     When his balls hit her nose, Cindy knew she had done it.
She exhaled through her nose, blowing across his balls,
causing him to shudder. She could see his asshole, could see
the big muscles in his ass clench. He pulled out, then pushed
in again, a little faster than before. Cindy relaxed,
breathing in when he withdrew, exhaling on his balls and

     Peter was ecstatic. Never in his short life had he felt
anything like this. He began thrusting faster, pumping in and
out of her face. Her hands began massaging his ass, making
small circles on his butt cheeks. Then her hands went to her
pussy, spread her lips, began slipping inside. She finger
fucked her pussy while Peter fucked her mouth. Her fingers
moved faster, her breath shortened, her body strained upward
when her orgasm hit, pushing him over the edge. He pulled out
of her, pointed his cock at her firm, tiny boobs, and
exploded shot after shot across her chest and stomach.

     As her own orgasm subsided she felt Peter pull out of
her, then felt hot cum splattering across her body. She
opened her eyes, watched as his cock finished spurting, then
pulled it back to her mouth, where she licked it clean. Jan
and Bobby had already finished, and now Jan joined Cindy,
licking Peter's shaft, then kissing Cindy, tasting the cum in
her mouth. Jan broke the kiss, began licking cum off Cindy's
chin and throat, working down to her tits. She cleaned one
nipple, then the other, taking her time.

     Realizing that the four of them had been down there
quite a while, and being pretty well satiated, they dressed
and went back upstairs. They split up, the girls going to the
upstairs bathroom to clean up, the guys using the one on the
ground floor.

     As they showered, Jan and Cindy talked. Jan mentioned
that Peter had the biggest cock she had seen, which was one
of the reasons she liked fucking him. Cindy was quiet a
moment, then admitted that Peter was the biggest she'd had
inside her, but that she had seen a larger one, Greg's. Then
she told Jan about hiding in the closet with Bobby, watching
Marcia and Greg fuck. Their shower finished, the girls went
downstairs, where they joined the others in the TV room. When
Peter went to the kitchen to make popcorn, Jan followed. She
told him what Cindy had told her about Marcia and Greg. They
agreed they would try to find a way to involve all six of
them in some hot and heavy action.

     Early the next morning, after Mom and Dad had left for
work, Greg and Marcia were having breakfast. Nobody else was
awake yet, so they had the whole ground floor to themselves.
Marcia was wearing a thin robe, and when she stepped between
Greg and the light it became obvious she wasn't wearing
anything else. She went to the refrigerator, bending slightly
to look for something. Greg came up behind her, lifted the
hem of her robe, pulled her back against him. Reaching around
her, he pulled her robe open, thrust his hands inside and
covered her tits, her nipples between two of his fingers. He
squeezed the nipples, pinching them, rubbing the tips when
they hardened.

Our Time in the Dark

justjim on Incest Stories

The shades were always drawn. The house was always dark. But it was especially gloomy in the attic where there were no windows, only ventilation slats at the top of the wall that let in scant slits of gloomy light. The attic was small, only five feet high and barely bigger than a walk-in closet. It was meant for storage, but it was Rachel Booker’s bedroom. She was one of seven children living in a three-bedroom house, and when it became obvious that seven children simply couldn’t fit into two bedrooms with all of their meager possessions, Al Booker had cleared out the attic for Rachel, his oldest daughter.

Over time, she had made the attic a more inhabitable place. There was carpet now, that she had tacked down herself, and sheets of plywood nailed
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to the unfinished walls. She had even taken the trouble to wallpaper it, but it was clumsily done so she covered it over mostly with white sheets that made the room look strangely haunted. There was just enough room for a narrow twin bed and a cardboard box for her clothes. It wasn’t much of a room, but at least she had it to herself.

She stayed up there most of the time, lost in a book, despite the extreme heat or cold depending on the season. In the winter, she propped the trapdoor open to catch some of the heat, but in the summer there was no relief from the sweltering inferno. She dragged up box fans to get some relief, but all it did was push the hot sheets of dry, dusty air around and make her sneeze. Nevertheless, the attic was a safer place than the cooler home below. Safe and sheltered from six siblings who argued constantly and an alcoholic father who had taken more notice of her since she turned eighteen.

She dreamed of getting out of there, of going away to college or finding her own apartment, but her father forbade it. He wouldn’t pay for college, and her grades weren’t good enough to get a scholarship. And she couldn’t get a job without a car, even if he would let her. It seemed she was destined to be trapped up there forever… at least she didn’t hit her head on the ceiling.

Standing on her toes, Rachel was still only four foot ten and ninety pounds soaking wet. She still looked like a child, but she certainly didn’t feel like one.

Al Booker ran a tight ship. He had five daughters, two sons, and no wife. Laura Booker had left years before shortly after the birth of their youngest child, Matthew, who was almost six. It was after Laura left that Rachel had moved into the attic. She was there one stifling day in June, still dripping wet from a cold shower wearing only a towel twisted over her breasts when the trapdoor flew open. She spun around with a gasp, lovely in her own way. Childish looking with no make up and no clothes, but her body argued with the eye.

She was slender yes, but she also had a very curvaceous figure for such a small young woman. She had wide, sensuous hips, high, firm, B-cup breasts, and long, tone, attractive legs that drew the eye. She wasn’t a beautiful girl, but there was something appealing about her wide, innocent brown eyes, and long, soft brown hair. Everything about her was feminine, fragile, and innocent. She was a perfect blend of pretty and plain, pretty enough to attract attention, but plain enough to disappear in a crowd.

Poking his head just inside the trapdoor, Al Booker took in his nearly naked daughter and feigned disapproval. “What are you doing up here dressed like that?” He came through the trap door, stooping because of the low ceiling. Rachel swallowed and backed up until she felt the backs of her knees collide with the edge of her mattress.

“Nothing, I was just getting dressed.” She said sheepishly clinging tighter to her towel. Al frowned and shut the door with a booted foot. Then he crossed the small space to her and she flinched. He sat down on the bed and looked up at her.

“Go ahead then.” He commanded in a soft, dangerous voice. Rachel wrapped her arms around herself and shook her head, staring at him with wide eyes. She had often caught him looking at her before, with an expression she didn’t like, but he had never taken it this far before. She glanced toward the trapdoor wistfully, wondering what to do. “I said go ahead.” Al barked and reached out, wrenching the towel from her grasp. Rachel gasped trying to cover herself, but it was a futile act. Al’s roving brown eyes traveled appreciatively down his daughter’s naked figure. Her nipples, a becoming shade of pink, were puckered from the cold, her flat navel was damp with a sheen of still drying water and her little pussy was a perfect V between her legs dusted with a light brown fuzz that matched her hair. Rachel hurried into a pair of panties, half expecting her father to stop her, but he didn’t.

She pulled on a bra and yanked on a dress over her head. It was a worn, blue cotton that fell to the knee, loose and light, perfect for the hot weather, but she suddenly wished she could bundle on layer after layer of clothing and was acutely aware that now, more than ever, she had to get out there.

“I’m going to have to punish you for being so indecent.” Al studied her with sharp eyes. Rachel swallowed averting her gaze to her bare feet. Al reached out and closed his hand around her wrist, he dragged her forward and bent her across his lap. His large hand caressed her derriere lovingly through the thin fabric of her dress and panties. She squeezed her eyes shut, clenching her jaw, and waited for it to be over with. “Daddy’s bad girl.” Al whispered and lifted her dress up to her waist.

Rachel panicked as he pulled down her panties, but she dare not move. Her bare ass and pussy were exposed to the air as he pulled the thin band of cotton around her knees. He ran his hand up the back of her smooth thigh and up over her butt. Then abruptly, he began to spank her, not hard, but playfully almost, just enough to sting.

Rachel clenched the ridge of his jeans in her small fists biting her lip and prayed that it would end soon. But Al was far from finished. When her ass was pink all over he shifted the position of his aim so a stinging slap hit the backside of her vagina. She gasped loudly and clenched her legs together but it was useless defense against his repeated abuse. A strange tingling sensation started between her legs and spiraled outward to her body. Her pussy grew wet and gaped open a little from the rush of blood. Rachel felt dizzy.

“Have you been a slut Rachel? Are you having sex with your queer little boyfriend?” Rachel shook her head in mute protest. “Let’s just find out, shall we?” Al sneered and ran his finger down her ass crack. He pushed his index finger into the opening of her vagina and she whimpered, sprawled across his lap, and she could feel his throbbing hardness pushing against her ribs. He showed no mercy sinking his finger into her cunt until he met the resistance of her virginity. “Ah, good girl.” Al crooned rocking his finger in and out of her. She panted opening her legs slightly, gripping to the side of his leg, her vision going blurry from the sensations he was stirring between her legs. “You deserve a reward.” He purred, aching with need.

He found her clitoris with his thumb and began moving it in slow circles over her tiny pleasure nub and she squealed, squirming on his lap.

“Daddy, Daddy, please…” She begged spreading her legs further and rocking her hips slightly with the motion of his magic fingers. Al groaned feeling his erection harden and slid two fingers into her, stroking her little clitoris faster and faster until she quaked and trembled beneath him letting out a long, whispering moan.

“Did you like that baby?” He asked her smiling. Rachel fought tears, refusing to answer. “Answer me!” He gave her butt a sharp slap. “Did you like that?” Slowly, she nodded.

“Yes.” He smiled.

“Then I think I deserve a reward, don’t you?” She didn’t answer, but he didn’t care. He pushed her off his lap and unzipped his fly, releasing his hard, aching cock. He didn’t have a huge cock. It was about six and a half inches long, but it was good and thick and it looked enormous to Rachel who had never seen one before.

She felt slightly ashamed at the pleasure he had brought to her, but there was no undoing it now. “Come here.” He pulled her forward by the shoulders and wrapped his fingers around the nape of her neck, dragging her face down near his engorged penis. “Kiss it.” He demanded in a tortured whisper. Rachel hesitated and pressed her lips gently to the head of his cock, then looked up at him uncertainly. He groaned at the butterfly soft touch. “Now put it in your mouth and suck it gently, caress it with your tongue. Like an ice cream cone.” He instructed. Rachel shook her head.

“No Daddy, please.” He looked angry.

“Do it.” Fighting tears again she carefully took his penis into her warm, wet mouth and licked tentatively with her tongue. Al reacted almost immediately groaning and arching his hips. She suckled at it gently and ran her tongue up from the base over the head causing him to tremble. She sucked a little harder wrapping her tongue around his shaft and running it up to ridge around his head, licking all around it, drawing softly at his cock with her mouth until her jaw started to ache. She stopped and rubbed it.

“Daddy, my mouth hurts.” She complained. Al groaned, he was so close, ever fiber of his being was screaming for release.

“That’s okay.” He said breathlessly. “Take off your dress and panties.” Rachel blushed and shook her head, backing away.

“Daddy, no, please, don’t do this.” Al glared at her and she looked humiliated as she undressed, removing everything as he asked her to do it. When she was nude, he dragged her forward by the hips and gestured for her to sit.

“Sit on my lap, slowly, and wrap your legs around me, I’ll hold onto you so you don’t fall.” Rachel hesitated and awkwardly clambered into his lap until his cock was cradled against her belly and her legs were wrapped around his middle. He lifted her under the armpits and dragged her forward, setting her down slowly onto his cock. She screamed as the head of his engorged penis slid into her tight, hot, wet slit.

“DADDY!” She wailed. He arched his hips and dropped her onto his cock and it sank into her up to the hilt, ripping through her virginity. She cried out and leaned forward, clinging to him and he groaned and bit her shoulder, rotating his hips, grinding his pelvis against hers.

“It’s all right baby.” He soothed and backed up until his back hit the wall. “Now get up on your feet.” Looking pained, Rachel squatted over him. “Now bounce up and down.” He ordered breathlessly. Rachel pivoted to the balls of her feet and pushed herself up and down, his cock knifing in and out of her cunt. Al grunted gripping her hips to move her faster and lay there for the most part, letting her make him feel good. Rachel held onto his shoulders to balance herself, riding his cock for all she was worth, strange sensations of pain and pleasure boiling through her tiny body until her legs grew too weak and tired to continue. She collapsed onto her back, panting for breath, and Al got on his knees on the floor.

He hooked his hands under her knees and dragged her forward to the edge of the bed. His need for release was so desperate now that forgot gentleness and hammered his throbbing cock into her tight, tiny pussy. He could scarcely believe how hot and tight she was. He gripped her thighs and buried himself again and again and again into her aching cunt. Rachel meanwhile was crying out in pain and pleasure, writhing beneath him and gasping with each thrust. Al’s thrusts suddenly got more frantic, deeper, harder, deeper still, harder still until Rachel was screaming and trembling beneath him, lost in the throes of an earth shattering orgasm.

“OH GOD DADDY, YES!“ She screamed. Grunting Al hammered his cock into her harder, harder, harder, fighting through the tight confines of her orgasm until yes, yes, yes, his whole body shook with the impact of his own climax as he clung to her, emptying his balls into her tight little snatch. Sweaty and exhausted, though far from sated, he let his head drop down to her chest and stayed that way for a long time, feeling her tremble beneath him, feeling himself slowly shrink inside her.

Once he had the energy to move again, Al went downstairs for a shower and smirked to himself as he bathed. It seemed he didn’t need that fucking bitch, Laura, after all.

Tammy, Larry, and me

hillarysmuff on Incest Stories

"Shhh, be quiet" I whispered as I peeked in the back door to the barracks. I looked at the duty NCO desk, it was vacant. North had done his job. I called him ten minutes earlier and asked him to distract the duty NCO so I could sneak Tammy into the barracks, and my room. Without a single question, he agreed. The plan was working. "Let's go" I whispered. Holding Tammy's hand, I led through the back door and quickly through the rec room into the main hallway.

A quick left turn and fast dash later we were at my room. I silently entered the key in the lock and turned the doorknob. THe room was dark as I opened the door. I led Tammy into the room, placing her behind the door as I silently closed it. As we turned to my bed, there was enough light in the room to see

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Tammy's brother Larry, asleep in his own bed. We tiptoed over to my bed.

I motioned to her to hold the back end of the mattress, then went over to the front end. We silently lifted the mattress off the rack and placed it on the floor. With a shared grin, we began to undress. With lots of practice, I was out of my clothes in seconds. I watched, with satisfaction as the high school junior undressed. I never grew tired of seeing her undress, even though it had been for less than a month. Her long brown hair cascaded down her milky white shoulders as her T shirt came off.

Her firm B cup, half orange sized tits held form as she released them of the bra that had held them captive. The tuft of light brown pussy hair came into view as her panties slid down her thighs, and onto the floor. We moved onto the mattress. Laying side by side we began kissing as I moved my hand down her body, feeling it's silky softness. I cupped her left tit, feeling her heart beat with anticipation as I gently piched the hardening nipple.

I moved on down, momentarliy cupping her ass before finding her slit. She opened her thighs, allowing me more access as I fingered her slit. She was wet as I slid my finger into her tight pussy which still was snug around my middle finger. It was such pleasure entering her. I moved to enter her with my dick. She slid under me as I moved to mount her. The moonlight fell across her almost doll like face as I made ready. She had that wonderful smile on her face as I positioned my dick at her entrance. She inhaled deeply and arched her back as I went in her.

Her fingers slighly scratched my shoulder blades as her tight pussy grasped my dick. I laid fully on top of her, face to face, as my hips began doing the work of pumping the teenager's ass. We kissed for a moment, then I began caressing her ears with my nose. I could feel her hands lightly scratching up and down my back. Suddenly, I felt her freeze. I lifted slightly to look her in the eye and noticed she was looking to my left. I also looked to see her looking at Larry.

He was laying on his side looking at us. "How long you two been doing it?" he asked. "Hi Larry" she nervously said. "About a month" I answered. There was an awkward silkence for a moment as we just looked at each other. "What are we gonna do to fix this?" Larry asked. Tammy took charge as she reached out towards him. "You two come here" he advised as he pulled back the sheets and took off his briefs. I was amazed when I saw Larry's dick. I had showered with him plenty of times, but I had never seen his dick hard. It was a full twelve inches long, thick at the base and tapering to a tiny head. "Come here sis" he said in a superior tone of voice, "I want you to give me head".She obeyed her brother, laying sorta across him as she started slobbing on his knob. I moved her hips to allow me better access.

I entered her again, gently pumping her so as not to mess with the blowjob she was giving her brother. "How is she?" Larry asked. "Wonderful" I answered as Tammy turned to smile at me. "I think I want some of her pussy" Larry added. I backed off as Tammy turned to give me a questioning look. "Go ahead" I said. Tammy climbed up on her brother. She positioned herself on top of him. She took his dick and began to impale herself on him.

I was a slow process as she took his length and width in her. I was nowhere near Larry's size and she was trying not to injure herself. Finally, she took all of him inside of her. They clasped hands and Tammy began bouncing on top of her brother. I couldn't see her face, but he had a shit eating grin on her face.

She began moaning and panting. Larry began lifting his hips to meet her. Suddenly, I heard him say "turn". She turned to face me. She had a "I'm a naughty girl" look on her face as she began pumping him. She cupped her tits. Larry reached up, pulling her back to lay on top of him. He cupped her tits and began thrusting into her with intensity. She began grunting with each of his thrusts. Left alone, I should've been jealous, but I was turned on watching the brother and sister hump away. Suddenly they stopped. I noticed that Larry was whispering in her ear. She nodded a couple of tims, then lifted herself off of him. She repositioned herself and started taking his monster sized dick at her ass. She wailed as she spread her ass, taking him into her.

She leaned back onto him. He pushed on her shoulders forcing her ass to take his entire dick. "Ah Shit", she grunted as she began panting. "Come on Glenn" she panted. I moved to enter her pussy. She made a sound I hadn't heard as my dick entered her. She shifted, and he grabbed her hips. Her pussy was tighter than usual. Her eyes were closed and she was whimpering. I began pumping her.

I took her hands in mine. She squeezed tightly. I couldn't tell if she was enjoying herself or not. I began nibbling at her earlobes again and moving my nose next to her ears. I noticed a grin cross her face, but her eyes were still closed. I was aroused and soon came in her. I laid still on her. A moment later I heard Larry grunt and I actually felt him cum in her. She slid off of him and the three of us now laid on our side, my face to hers, her brother holding her.

I caressed her behind her ears and noticed the smile returned. "You ok?" I asked. "Yeah, I'm fine". I noticed she reached back and was holding her brother's hand. "We should've made a movie" I joked. We all laughed, and Tammy added, "I don't think so. My parents would die". "No shit" Larry added. We were quiet for a long moment. "Want to go again?" Larry asked, "Yeah, but no more doubles.

One in my pussy, one in my mouth, ok?" Tammy asked. "And wash your dick before you put it back in me Larry, go on, go". Larry got up from the bed. He went to the bathroom and came back shortly. That was the first night we did that and we had a dozen more times before Tammy's parents figured out something was up and began watching us like hawks.

Twins Are Two Times the Fun

Bengalsfan on Incest Stories

I started working for my uncle, who was the twin's dad, a while ago. He owned his own business for a while now, selling alcohol, smokes, pop, snacks and the like in a prime location on the main strip of our township. I got a job working with him when I first turned 18 and was a stellar employee for him. It's a fun job, where you generally work with one other person, and you have no real standards or dress code. You sell goods, make customers happy and don't fuck up, and as long as you do that, it doesn't matter what else you do.

I had worked there for about eight months when my uncle brought Kat in to work for him as well. I was excited, as was Kat, because we would have fun working together, and it would be great having someone else my age to work with. Everyone else there was 2

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1 or older, and I felt somewhat out of place with them, being so young in comparision.

Since I was one of the better employees there, my uncle put Kat under my wing after her training to get her broken in. We would always work together on Saturday night, and we'd always have a blast together.

Roughly after two and a half months of working together, we were together on one busy Saturday night in January. Kat and I had been pretty busy all night, but luckily it all died off around nine o'clock. At that point, we decided it was time to grab something to drink from the slavaged goods of damaged six packs, cases, or whatever it maybe that was broken that week. We had a handful of beers in there, and began drinking until we closed at eleven.

For those two hours, we had our normal handful of customers, but nothing we couldn't handle without any trouble. Definately nothing that could interupt our drinking. Inbetween customers, we did our normal closing routine and bullshitted the entire time about our sex lives, romances and the like. By eleven, Kat was more than just a little tipsy, where as I was just enjoying a nice buzz. While I was counting down the register for the night, Kat brought up how we used to make out in our grandma's basement when we'd meet for our family's weekly dinner. I just laughed, mockingly sighed and said "Do we have to bring that up again?"

She laughed and gave me a gentle shove on my shoulder. "You know you liked it." she replied.

I responed with a simple "Hah." and continued counting down the drawer.

She then mockingly, almost flirtatiously, said "Well, as far as I remember, you were a pretty good kisser."

She then proceeded to wrap her arms around my stomach from behind, as she rested her head on my back by my right shoulder.

"I've only gotten better with time." I quipped.

I couldn't help but be arroused, but tried focusing on the task at hand.

"Oh yeah, you big man slut."

"I resent that. I prefer whore. It has a certain ring to it."

It couldn't be further from the truth, but we were both joking. She continued resting her head on me until I was ready to make the final drop of the night.

As I was heading to the safe, Kat, almost out of the blue, just asked "If we had the chance again, would you do that with me again?"

I was caught completely off guard by the question. I stumbled with the answer. My back was to her as I tinkered with the safe, and I finally replied with "Well, are we still cousins?"

"What do you mean?" The nature of my question was vague to her in her slightly intoxicated state.

With my back to her still, I said "Well, if we weren't cousins, yes. You incredibly beautiful, and you're just a blast to be around. But since we are, I would have to say no."

As I got up from the safe, which was shin high and secured to the floor, I turned around, to see her looking me in the face. I was a bit startled, but she didn't take notice, and while staring at me, said "Well, what if it doesn't matter?"

She moved closer as I answered her, "Well, then it doesn't matter."

As I just stood there, admiring her beautiful facial features and her shoulder length blonde hair, which was pulled up into one of those sloppy ponytails, she moved forward and began to kiss me. Our lips met, and instantly, she embraced me around my waist as I wrapped my arms around her. We kissed for what seemed like a half an hour, but was nothing more than 30 seconds. We pulled away, as she proclaimed "You're right, you're not that bad."

Still embracing each other, she also took note of something else.

"I see I'm not that bad either."

"I've had better."

"I'll show you better."

Our lips met again, this time, it was even more intense than before. Our tongues fought each other for dominance, dancing around in each other's mouths. My hands moved up and down the small of her back, but eventually ended up on her incredibly perfect ass. As we pulled away in order to grab a breath, she held on to my bottom lip with hers, and gave it a slight bite.

After the quick grasp for air, our lips locked again. This time, I found my right hand quickly guided my hand up her left side toward her small, but perfectly shaped breast. I cupped my hand around it easily, massaging it lightly. Still passionately engorging ourselfs, she took her left hand and guided mine back down her flat stomach to the fringe of her shirt. She then gracefully slipped my hand under her shirt, moving it back up her warm, flawless body, under her bra, to her breast.

Our lips pulled away from each other once again, but this time, it was to remove her shirt. After I pulled the shirt from over top her head, revealing her erect nipples, she took a step back removed the elastic band that held her ponytail in place. After her hair fell just above her shoulder blade, she quickly shaked her head, and then gave me an intense come-hither stare.

Naturally, I couldn't resist, and began kissing her neck. Slowing down a bit, I drifted toward her tits. I slowly began sucking on her nipple, as my hand began massaging the other breast. She gave off a slight moan as I lightly nibbled on the tip of her boob.

"Oh god. That feels so go."

I switch from one breast to the other, and begin the process anew. She lets off another moan.

"Oh yeah, suck my tit. It feels sooo good..."

She says it in such a sexy way that I remembered I had my own needs...

Luckily, she remembered too.

She slowly pulled my head up with her soft, silky hands, and planted another quick kiss on my lips.

"You've paid such good attention to me so far, I think it's time I repaid the favor."

Without averting her eyes from mine, her hands had found my zipper, and she quickly removed my pants. Both my pants and my boxers hit the floor, and I kick them aside as I remove my shirt. As I did this, Kat grabbed my rock-hard cock in her hand, and my balls in the other. Next thing I know, she has her lips around it, and she's using one hand to fondle my sack.

She slowly moves her mouth up and down my shaft, running her tounge along its length, and toying with the head, flicking it and circling it every so often. She removes her mouth for a moment to lick the pre-cum slowly building off my blood-engorged head.

"Mmmmm... You taste really good. I can't see why I waited so long to do this."

"I can't either."

She places my cock back in her mouth, this time forcing her mouth all the way down the shaft. I slowly rest my hands on her head and I begin moving her head rhythmically up and down. I remove my hands, and she begins stroking my cock and places my balls in her mouth. I let off a moan of pleasure, as her tounge playfully moves around my sack.

She then begins to run her tounge up and down the shaft again, slowly building me towards climax. She begins sucking me full on again, as I prepare to cum.

Sensing my approaching climax, she removes my cock from her mouth and begins stroking it.

I let of a final moan, as I shoot four jets of cum onto her face and chest.

"Oh Kat, you're so fucking awesome."

"Mmmm... Anything for my favorite cousin."

She walks off to the bathroom to clean up as I get dressed again. She comes back out a few minutes later, and I shut off the lights and set the alarm. As I lock the door, Kat says "I hope we get to do this again sometime..."

I simply reply "Oh, we will. I can imagine we will."

To be continued...

Look for "Twins Are Two Times the Fun: Part Two" for the real reason behind the title.

Kidnapping Keri

Sir James on Incest Stories

Kidnapping Keri - Part Four

My sister Keri and I continued to be ardent lovers, and she continued to be my sweet sex slave. Our times together, alone, seemed to always involve my having some sort of sex with her, with her in a vulnerable position, generally restrained in some way. I enjoyed imposing my will on her, and she was enthusiastic about being my “victim”. For a while I continued to allow Damon to participate. Things change however. I graduated from high school and was headed to college.

Keri was distraught at my leaving. We made love the last night I was at home. She slept with me in my bed, until about four in the morning. She got up and went tearfully to her bed before our parents awakened and caught us together.

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Fortunately, we were never caught, however, there was one close call. At the time it could have very serious, but as I think about the occasion, it is very arousing.

It was fairly early in the morning. I was 18, almost 19, and getting ready to graduate from high school. Keri was a ripe and beautiful 16, going on 17. On this particular morning our parents had already gone to work. Keri was in the bathroom. She had showered, finished styling her hair, and was completing her make up. As usual, she was naked, as I required, and her bathroom door was open so I could see her. We had gotten to the point that she was wearing high heel shoes whenever we were alone. This morning as I watched her, I could not imagine a woman being more beautiful and erotic. I decided that I wanted to wanted her. What better way to start the day.

Without her knowing, I went to my athletic bag and retrieved several strands of rope. I had taken a shower and was still nude. My cock was rising at the prospects of playing sexual games with Keri. I walked into to the bathroom and stood behind Keri. Leaning forward, I kissed her on the back of her neck, while my left hand went around her body and was cupping her left breast. Keri closed her eyes, enjoying the early morning attention. Then, without her expecting it, I moved my left hand back and used it to capture both her arms, bringing them behind her. Keri gave a token resistance, but submitted as I bound her wrists behind her back. As was my custom, I quickly ran a second rope around her elbows, pulling them together in the small of her back, and binding them there. Keri looked down at her breasts as the protruded from her body because of her bondage.

I turned her around to face me. I hugged and kissed her, pulling her body tight to mine. My rigid cock was pressed against her smooth tight stomach. She kissed me hungrily, and pressed herself tight to me. I walked her into my bed room, and made her stand in the middle of the floor, while I retrieved a secret purchase from my athletic bag. Her face registered both surprise and curiosity about what I had in my hands.

It was a curious contraption which consisted of a small leather harness and a rather large plastic cock, a dildo if you will. I had her approach me, and stand directly in front of me as I sat on the side of my bed. I buckled the belt part of the harness tightly around her narrow waist. A crotch strap was connected to the center front of the harness. The dildo was mounted to that strap. Keri watched, helplessly, as I installed this device on her.

I ran my finder into my sister’s pussy, and found it to be moist and hot, ready for the insertion of my special dildo. I made her spread her legs, and pushed the plastic cock into her delicious passage. She closed her eyes and groaned, deeply, at this phallic invasion. When I had it full inserted, I pulled the crotch strap tightly between her legs, pressing the dildo even deeper into her. Turning her around, I buckled the crotch strap to the back of the waist belt. To insure that she could not remove the crotch strap and plastic invader, I used a small padlock to secure the buckle. Now, even if her hands were not tied behind her back, she would not be able to removed the dildo from her steaming pussy.

“Oh, Jack, I feel so full down there. But, how are you going to put your cock in me? My pussy is full now”, Keri said with more than idle curiosity.

I looked up at her, smiling I replied, “Oh, sweet slave, I have ways to handle that.”

Up to this point, she had failed to notice that there was a small electrical switch on the bottom of the dildo. Yes, it was electrified. As she looked down at this harness and the attached tormentor, I put my hands between her gorgeous legs and flipped the switch “on”. Keri reacted immediately.

“John, what have you done? It’s alive!”

She closed her eyes as she tried to absorb the impact of this vibrating dildo in her pussy. In fact, this dildo had another unique little feature. Not only did it vibrate, it moved. On the top side of this plastic cock, there was a little knob, or nubbin, which pressed directly on her clit. So, not only was the dildo working in her heated passage, it was pressed against, and vibrating on her clit. This was maddening to her.

I then made her get on her knees, in front of me, and take my rigid cock in her mouth. She was struggling. The dildo was doing it’s job, and she had a job to do. She was vigorously sucking me, and beginning to hump her hips to the actions of the dildo. I reclined, looking at my delightful sister, watching as she was sucking me deeply in her pretty mouth.

Suddenly, I heard the front door to the house slam. I heard my father yell, “Hey! Is anybody home?”

I answered back, “Yeah, Dad, I’m up here!”

Quickly, I jerked my cock from Keri’s mouth and helped her stand up.

“Hurry, get in the bathroom, I’ll close the door!”

Keri ran into the bathroom, stumbling as she went. Her wrists and arms were tied behind her, she was naked, wearing high heel pumps, and had a rather large dildo fucking her. I closed the door behind her, jerked a pair of running shorts onto my body. Grabbing a text book from my nightstand, I covered my erection with it.

My father entered my room, apologetically saying, “Hey, I forgot my report to the Board. Whatcha doin, Guy?”

“Oh, nothing, just reading this physics book, getting ready for school”, I replied.

“Great, good work. Where’s Keri”, he asked.

“I think she is in the bathroom. I heard her in there a little while ago. You know how girls are”, I laughed. My Dad laughed, nodding his head.

It was obvious that he was not being nosy. It was just unusual for him to be home at the time of day, and he was just catching up on what his children were doing. He was a good man, and I sometimes felt guilty because Keri and I were deceived my hard working parents about our sexual exploits.

“Keri, I’ll see you tonight”, he spoke to the bathroom door.

From behind the door, in what I detected to be a rather shaky voice, Keri answered him, saying that she had just got out of the shower and was undressed.

“That’s OK, Baby. I’ll see you guys later. Have a good day”, he replied. With that he was out the door to his work-a-day world.

As soon as I heard his car drive away, I opened the bathroom door. What I found was an erotic surprise. Keri was lying on the bathroom floor. She was completely helpless with her hands and arms still tied behind her back (when I tie her, she stays tied). Her sweet naked body was writhing to the vibrations and movements of the dildo which was still working diligently in her cunt.

“Oh, Jack, please, turn it off, turn it off!. It’s driving me mad”, she pleaded.

“Keri, quit complaining. It can’t be that bad. I can see that you are humping it. You must like it”, I chided.

“Oh, noooooo, here it comes again”, she cried!

It was obvious that she was having a climax a she gritted her teeth, groaned loudly and started to spasm into a delicious cum. She closed her eyes as she was humping her body as if she were receiving a cock from a invisible lover. Her delicate bound hands seemed to be grasping for that invisible lover. I waited until the climax was over, and then I reached between her creamy thighs and flipped the switch to “off”.

I stooped down, and picked her up, carried her into my bedroom and laid her on my bed. She was still gently moving her pelvis in the aftermath of her cum

“Oh, God, Jack! That thing made me have at least four cums. I did my best to be quiet so Dad couldn’t hear me, but it was driving me crazy.”

Smiling, I reached between her thighs and switched it back “on”. Keri stiffed and bit her lip as her body started to experience yet another climax. As she reached her zenith, she let out a scream of release. As she came down from this climax, I again turned the switch to “off.”

“Oh, please, Jack, let me rest. Please, don’t turn it on again. I can’t catch my breath”, she pleaded.

I rolled her onto her back and straddled her body, on my knees. Keri’s bound arms were pinned under her, raising her breasts up towards me. I eased forward until my cock was at her mouth. When the tip of my cock touched her full lips, she opened her sweet lips and closed them around the head of my cock. Her delicate pink tongue was lashing the head of my phallus, causing it to throb in her mouth. I had seen too much this morning, so I started to fuck her pretty mouth. As I closed in on my climax, I reached back and flipped the dildo switch to “on”. As I was humping my cock into Keri’s mouth, filling it with my issue, she was humping the devilish dildo and experienced yet another cum!

Well, I had to go to college, so I moved out of the house. I had a full scholarship and had saved sufficient money to be able to rent a small two bedroom house near the college. I was hoping to rent the other room to another student to help defray my monthly rent costs.

Keri was beside herself. Her love, and “master” as leaving her immediate life. She was lost. I promised would come home every weekend, and we would see each other. My little house was only about 20 miles from our parents home. I made sure she knew she could visit me anytime she wanted to. To be honest, I did not want to leave her. I loved her, but I needed to go to college. Back in the dark recesses of my mind, I thought that I could, perhaps, move Keri into my little house. With the spare bedroom, we could use the ruse that we were siblings and she was living there in my spare room.

As the school year started, Keri was having trouble with her grades. She, too, wanted to move into my house near the college. After one semester, her grades were suffering, and she was depressed. I had a talk with my parents, and told them I would tutor her and help her raise her grades, but, she would have to move in with me, and attend high school near where I was living. After much talk and deliberation, they agreed. They even consented to pay half of the rent on my little rental house. Keri was overjoyed. To her credit, she did her best to contain her enthusiasm.

Things were looking up for us. Now I could attend college, and have my sister, my lover and sex slave living with me, full time, with total privacy.


My Shame

opee1999 on Incest Stories

My Shame

I’ve kept a secret hidden from the world. It’s my shame. It has tortured me for so long that the only way to release myself is to write it down so that I might be forgiven my trespass. My name’s James. I stand 5’8”, 142 lbs., with bright blond hair, and light blue eyes. I’m average looking with little muscle mass. But my most impressive feature was what you couldn’t see, my 9” special friend, with what I believe is an amazing girth. But I am the strong silent type. I’m very shy and usually keep to myself. Thus the reason I’m still a virgin. My father had died two years before and mom had been taking care of me alone ever since. Dad left us with little

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money, but mom was able to get a job at a law firm as a secretary. My mom has always been a strong woman. She is also a very gorgeous woman standing 5’7”, 130lbs., with a 36c chest and an ass that would make J.Lo green with envy. She has long blond hair and emerald green eyes. She’s every teenagers wet dream come true. Yet, strangely she’s never dated since dad died. She shots down every man that hit on her and in the most embarrassing ways she could think up. I never understood my she hadn’t allowed a man to fill the void left by my deceased father. But what I didn’t know was that she had found a man to fill that void and that man was me.

My story began the summer of my fourteenth birthday. I was off from school and my mother had asked if I would like to spend a couple of weeks at my Uncle John’s cabin. She said we could go up and celebrate my birthday there. Knowing that I loved spending time up there, hiking and swimming, and I didn’t have any friends to celebrate with anyway I readily agreed. So my birthday came and we got up early to pack the car. And I noticed that mom had packed a few more bags than usual. “Mom what’s with all the extra luggage.” I inquired. “It’s a surprise for when we get to the cabin, sweetie.” she answered. “Is it my presents?” I probed further. “Maybe, but you’ll have to wait and see.” She replied with a smile dancing on her lips. She loved teasing me. Knowing when to give up I finish loading the car and off we went.

My uncle’s cabin is in a beautiful, but extremely isolated area. The isn’t another person within 10 miles of it. The perfect place to rest and leave the world behind you. It took six hours to get there and I was stiff from the trip. We or rather she decide I would unload the car while she would put our stuff away. So there I was on my birthday lugging heavy boxes into a cabin on a very hot afternoon. When I to unload my mom’s extra bags she promptly order me to put them directly into her room. After I was finished my told me I smell like “a three week old dead skunk,” and order me to take a shower while she made dinner. I started to protest but one look into her eyes told we to do as I was told. I went into the bathroom and climbed into the shower. The instant the hot water hit me I felt my tense muscles ease and I began to relax. I noticed that my cock had perked up and decided that I deserved one good jerk off before dinner, besides it’s my birthday right. So I soap my love tool up and began to lightly stroke myself. My pace quickened as I felt the tension leave my body. I felt my balls tighten and my penis stiffen telling me that I was close to my blissful release. When I heard a knock at the door. “Hurry up in there, dinners ready.” My mom yelled over the sound of the shower. “Okay, I’m done anyway.” I replied. Nothing like a mother to ruin a son’s moment of peace. (I’d like to point out that I never have had any sexual desires toward my mother. Maybe I was too shy or maybe it was my belief that it was wrong to think that way about your mother.) Looking back at my member I saw that it was already becoming as limp as a overcooked spaghetti noodle at the though of my mom.

I got dressed and enter the living room/dining room/kitchen and froze at the sight of my mom. She was wearing the tightest red dress in history. It barely reached down to her thighs and pressed against her ample breasts so tight you could see her nipples poking through. I must have been blushing or staring or more likely both. I also noticed my cock slowly being revived. “I wanted to look nice for your birthday.” she explained. “You look lovely, I was just caught off guard is all.” I covered to protect her feelings and my embarrassment. I went to set the table only to find she had already made our plates complete with candle light. “I thought it would be a nice change to eat like this.” She commented. “It’s perfect, but when do I get my gifts?” I asked. “After dinner sweetie.” Was her only reply. So we ate and drank. She had some wine while I had some tea she had made for me. I thought the tea tasted funny, but not wanting to hurt her feelings I keep quiet. I just assumed it was the cabins well water. After a little idol talking I started to feel dizzy and my words started to slur. Mom suddenly moved toward me and pulled my chair out and sat down on my lap. I was having trouble focusing my eyes when I heard her whisper, “I love you, son.” Then I watched as she pressed her lips to mine and slowly forced her tongue into my mouth. I didn’t know what was happening. Here I was about to pass out and my own mother was French Kissing me. With the thought that this was completely unethical, I passed out.

I awoke feeling disoriented and I had trouble getting up. I knew I was on a bed, but I didn’t know how I got there. As my head began to clear I started remembering what happened. My mom kissing me and me passing out, but I pushed those thoughts out of my head thinking they were just some twisted dream. I felt a mild headache developing and tried to get up to get an aspirin when I realized that I was strapped down, I couldn’t get up. Fear and worry shot through my mind. I began screaming for my mom, worried that something had happened to her. “Quiet sweetie. Calm down.” I heard my mother say. I saw her approach me and was rendered speechless at the sight of her. Gone was the tight red dress only to be replaced with a see through black teddy. Her little light pink nipples were hard and poking out at me. Looking down revealed that she was wearing only a black thong to compliment the teddy top. It left her ass completely exposed to my sinfully wondering eyes. The front was nothing more than a small triangle barely covering my mother’s surprisingly wet pussy. When I managed to look her in the face I saw that she had applied dark black eye shadow and the brightest red lipstick I had ever seen. Fear crept back inside me as I realized that she had drugged me and tied me up.

“Mom, what’s going on let me up.” I pleaded. “I can’t do that and as for what’s going on, I’ve decided to redefine our relationship.” she replied. “What do you mean ‘redefine’ our relationship is just fine. Just untie me and we can forget this whole episode.” I said almost at a whisper. “Fine my ass, for two years I’ve cared for you, loved you, and tended to your needs. And for two years I’ve been without a full male companion. Having to satisfy my needs with mechanical devises and cheap porno movies. Now its time you took your place as man of the house. Its time your started tending to your responsibilities and your First responsibility is to pleasure the woman of the house. And that’s me, from now on you are my man and I am your woman. And as for untying you I like you just the way I have you.”

She approached the bed enjoying my naked body, imaging all things that she was about to due to me. She sat down beside me on the bed. “Please this isn’t right, I’m your son, this can’t happen.” I said pleading my case. Her only response was to bend down and press her lips to mine. I could feel her tongue trying to force its way back into my mouth, but I refuse it. She moved her right hand to my nipple at started twisting it. My mouth open from the pain and I felt her tongue probe my mouth searching out my tongue. I felt a tear fall from my eye. After a minute or so she pulled back and she said, “See that wasn’t so bad.” “Please mom you have to stop. I’m a virgin and I can’t loose my virgin getting rapped by my own mom.” I begged. “Don’t worry son you won’t be a virgin much longer.” she laughed. She moved to kiss me again and I again refused her entry only to have her twist and dig her nails into my nipples. She pulled back frustrated. She looked at me angrily and said, “It’s time I told you the rules. When I tell you to do something you are to do it if you don’t you will be punished. Understand!!” Before I could speak she motioned toward the far wall. What I saw scared me into complete silence and obedience. On that wall was a collection of whips, chains, and some very painful looking electrical devises. She said, “Now I don’t wish to physically harm you, but I will if you refuse or hesitate to do as I say. I wish to make love to you, but you must cooperate or else. Understood!” I nodded resigned to my fate and fearful of the painfully repercussions of refusal. “Now kiss you mom.” She commanded. She bent down to kiss me and this time I allowed her tongue to explore my mouth freely. I used my tongue to massage hers and slowly entered her mouth with my tongue.

She broke the kiss and stood up saying “You taste mouth so sweet and your so much better at kissing than your father was. Now lets see how good that mouth feels as it eats my pussy.” With that she started untying my right hand. “Now don’t get any ideas, this hand is for my pleasure, don’t forget I’m stronger than you.” she cautioned. She slowly guided my hand to her mouth sucking my fingers to get them wet. Then I felt my hand being pushed down into her thong panties to her awaiting pussy. I started to massage and caress her vagina, causing her to moan “that’s good son love you mommy’s pussy, baby.” And for a reason I can’t fathom, I tore the thong from her body. And before my eyes I saw the pinkest, most unbelievably gorgeous pussy of my entire. “Eager aren’t we.” she said with a little shock. I watch as the woman that gave me life climbed onto the bed a straddled my head. I reached up with my free hand and pulled her pussy to my salivating mouth. I lick along the outer walls of her pussy teasing her as I slowly approaching her bright red clit. The moment my tongue found her button she screamed “THAT’S IT SON EAT YOUR MOMMY’S PUSSY. OOH IT FEELS SOO GOOD.” With this encouragement I slide two of my wet fingers into her while I sucked her clit into my mouth, while I drank in my mother’s love juice. As I rhythmically worked my fingers in and out of my place of my birth. She screamed, “THAT’S IT FINGER FUCK ME. PLEASE DON’T STOP I THINK I’M CUMMING.” Her body shook with the power of a two year old pent-up orgasm. She force her pussy down onto my face nearly suffocating me. She thrashed wildly above me. As her orgasm passed she pulled up and as she did I deeply inhaled the sweet smell of her sex.

Mom moved to lay beside me and noticed I had cried through the entire ordeal. Softly she began stroking my hair and moved to kiss and taste my tears. “You were wonderful. Now stop crying we did nothing wrong. Remember I love you. Do you love?” She asked. “Yes mama.” was all I could replied as another tear escaped me. She moved to kiss it and in the process her still wet pussy rubber my slightly enlarged cock. “Oh my.” she exclaimed as she felt my hardening prick. “All this time I’ve be lecturing you about handling your manly responsibilities and I’ve gone and forgotten about your needs.” Before I could protest, her hand lightly grasped my quickly enlarging member. “Mom, please you don’t have to. You can just let it go.” I said half-heartedly. It was the first time someone other than myself had touched me down there. “Nonsense, you can’t expect me not to play with my new toy. Besides I’m dying to know if you cock tastes as good as your mouth.” she said giggling to herself. Gently mom started stroking my cock, bringing me to my full length and width. “GOOD LORD!! I’ve never seen one so big. How were you able to hide this beast from me for so long?” She asked with much enthusiasm. I blushed with pride, then felt guilty and surprised by my response. Before I could respond to her question she began to stroke my penis with greater speed. She moved her head and took my swollen balls into her mouth. Causing a moan to escape me. She proceeded to lick up and down my shaft getting me ready for her lovely red mouth. I watched as she began to slowly take all of my love tool into her mouth. She started to gag but didn’t stop until her head reached my abdomen. Then she worked her head up and down my shaft bringing me closer to a volcanic orgasm. I fought the urge to cum. I refused to give in to my lust. She pulled away only long enough to say, “Give in to mommy, son. Cum for me, I want, no I need to taste your sweet cum.” Hearing that caused me to loose all self control. As she was placing my cock back in her mouth my hand shot forward I grabbed her head I forced her to take me all at once. She almost gagged, caught completely by surprise at my action, yet she didn’t struggle. She allowed me to face fuck her at an incredible pace. I could feel my cock pushing deeper and deeper into her throat. “OOH GOD!! Mom your mouth feels incredible. FASTER MOM. FASTER. I’M CUMMING” I moaned giving myself completely into this forbidden and new feeling. I forced myself deep into her mouth as I filled her throat with my cum. She slow pulled her head up to taste me. And sucked every drop of my seed into her awaiting mouth. My body collapsed unto the bed as my own orgasm subsided. She savored my juice and when she swallowed the last of my cum she looked up at me and smiled. New tears streaked down my face as I looked into her eyes and realized for the first time just how much I loved her.

She slowly crawled up and lay beside me. Now it was my turn to kiss her. Her lips parted quickly as I engaged the next and most intimate sexual interlude. I lightly stroked her hair and said. “Mom, I’m sorry. I love you with all my heart. Please allow me to prove my love to you.” While she began to free my left hand, I moved my right hand along her back looking for the latch to free my mother’s firm breast that were trapped in her teddy. With both my hands free I was able to strip the teddy from her body. Freeing those golden orbs from their prison, I started circling her areola with my tongue. I started sucking them as if I were a new born child. I took as much of her breast as possible into my hungry mouth. I moved my newly free hand along my mom’s smooth belly as she cried out. “Suck my tits baby, suck then dry honey.” My figures found her pussy still wet from my loving tongue. With one hand I slowly massaged her clit, with the other I caressed her breast softly rubbing her nipple causing both the harden under my touch. Mom’s hand slipped down to my already hardening monster and coached me to full salute in short order. “Sweetie I need to feel you inside me, my pussy aches for your teenage manhood.” She begged. “Mom I need you pussy. I can’t stand another minute without being inside you. I want to feel your body impaled on my cock.” I lustfully replied. She began to straddle me and stopped short of my cock and just stared into my eyes. Nothing needed to be said, we both knew we were about to cross the ultimate line, committing incest with each other. And we didn’t care about the consequences. She slowly reach down and guide my 9” python to her love canal. I gently pulled up rubbing its head along her swollen pussy lips. A gasp escaped both our lips. I pulled her down slowly filling her pussy inch by inch with my swollen cock. I could feel her pussy stretch to its limit as it was forced to accommodate my intruding penis. Mom came to rest on my chest as she completely took me into her. We began a slow rhythmic pace, she would pull up and as she came down I would rise to meet her, penetrating deeper and deeper into her pussy. She quickened her pace as she approached her orgasm. “Fuck me son. Fuck your mom. Fuck me hard. HARDER. FASTER. HARDER. FASTER.” Our breathing came in fast shallow gasps as our fucking became for frantic, more urgent. Both of us were lost in our own pleasure. She moved up and down on me faster and faster she forced me even deeper into her love starved pussy. I began to quicken my pace to match hers. “Right there don’t stop. I’m going to cum. Cum with me son.” She pulled me tight to her and I felt my cock fill with sperm awaiting their climatic release. “I’m close mom real close. I love you.” “I’M CUMMING. I’M CUMMING.” We cried in unison. My mom’s body rocked as orgasm after orgasm ravished her body. I pulled her down hard impaling her on my cock as ropes of my cum filled her thirsty pussy. Her pussy sucked at my cock greedily, milking every last drop out me. As our pace slowed she came to rest against my chest. And I lightly whispered into her ear, “I am your man.” She looked deep into my eyes as tears began to swell and cascade down her face and said, “And I am your woman.”

That was five years ago. We still live together and still make love. She continues working at the law firm and I start college in the fall. The world keeps on turning, blissfully unaware of our indiscretions. Yet, every now and then I can’t help but wonder if what we are doing is truly wrong or just a new way to express our love for each other. The end!?!

Keep it in the Family

BIWOW on Incest Stories

Keep it in the Family by Fyre

 Part One

"Your father did what?"

"You heard me. That’s why we moved here. My mother had to get away from him. We stay with my grandparents now."

"But..." I didn’t know what to say. What was there to say?

My father would never. I tried to think of him, in his suspenders, with his cautious ways, coming into my room at night. I couldn’t imagine.

"Where was your mother?"

"She had a job at the theater. Worked nights."

"What about your brother?"

"Steven? Asleep. Or playing Nintendo."

"And your father...he would just come into your room...and...and..."

"Shhhh!" Tami glared at

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me. "I can’t talk about it here." We were in the school library.

"That’s probably the worst part of it," she hissed, "everyone fucking knows. Everyone. My mother. My grandmother. My uncles, some of my cousins. The principal knows. Most of the teachers know. Everyone looks at me so funny. I’m constantly under a microscope."

"Tami, are you seeing a counselor?"

"When we can afford it. Mom doesn’t have a job right now."


"Shit what?"

"Just shit that it happened to you like that. Just shit. That’s all." I was outraged.

"Well I didn’t tell you because I wanted you to get all concerned," she said, keeping her voice low to calm me down. "I thought you were my friend, Marla. I told you because I thought you cared about me and would want to know."

"I do. Thanks."

Tami was 18, but she was still finishing high school. Couldn’t blame her, I guess. If my father was banging me at night when my mom left for work...I don’t know if I’d be staying on top of my homework so well either.

Tami was a worrier. She already drank two or three cups of black coffee a day and she smoked. She somehow had a steady boyfriend, and she’d just moved here. Sometimes the girls that move into these small one notices them for awhile. Especially in high school. But Tami had a sweet way to her. And a nice, compact little body. If anything, she was too thin.

If she couldn’t stand men because of what her father’d done, how come she already had a boyfriend?

I couldn’t wait to ask more about it. I mulled it over for days. I imagined her father being some sort of dark, icky guy, like Louie in the TV sit-com Taxi. I imagined him coming into the room... he must have been drunk or something. Fucking your daughter just wasn’t normal. That just wasn’t okay. My father would never. Never.

But I’d never really thought about it. And when I did, I couldn’t really picture my DAD. Maybe my uncle. Uncle Jimmie was the cutest and he was only eleven years older than I was. But my dad? Never.

When I couldn’t sleep at night, I thought about how that must have been for Tami. I thought about just sitting in my room, finishing my homework, or reading, or trying to exercise, and whoops!–the door just swung open. I couldn’t imagine my dad come walking in-- me on my beanbag chair--and him whipping out his dick. "I need you to suck me off, Kiddo."

Blech! Blech! Blech! How fucking desperate. How pathetic! I mean, show some fucking self- control. But maybe I didn’t understand.

I was dying to ask more questions. I asked Tami to come over one Friday after school, and I waited until the house was empty.

"Tami, how old were you when it started?"

"Well it really didn’t start just on one certain day. It was over a period of time. I realize now, he was setting it up for awhile. You understand? He orchestrated it."

"What do you mean?"

"He waited till I got my period. He waited till I had a steady boyfriend. He thought David and I were already doing a little messing around. He used that as collateral."

"Didn’t you get along with your Mom? How come you couldn’t tell her?"

"No, I don’t really get along with my mom. She was constantly on my case. My dad always took up for me. I needed him in my court. Otherwise, Mom would have me doing a bunch of housework, I was constantly on restriction for the smallest little thing, and I never had any money. Dad would intervene."

"Do you think your mom knew? Even subconsciously?"

Tami shrugged. Her forehead had a permanent wrinkle. "I doubt it. But it’s like she did finally find out, when she found out the truth, well she was pissed. And she was pissed at me."

"At you?" I was amazed. "But you didn’t do anything. You were a victim. If he orchestrated things to make it happen, then you didn’t have a chance. You’re the kid. He’s the adult. He’s supposed to have your best interests at heart."

"Marla, I think he did think he had my best interests at heart. He was...he was... like training me."

"Training you?"

"Yah. He would come in and he’d be all interested in whatever I was doing. A permanent fan. He’d sit on the edge of my bed. I have a lot of stomach problems, and he’d get me a heating pad, or he’d help me make sure I got through my homework. But he’d have these little ‘lessons’ that he’d want me to know about. He was trying to train me to be a good... Oh I can’t explain."

Tami didn’t want to talk about it. Of course she didn’t want to talk about it, but I couldn’t leave it alone. My mind strayed to possible scenarios constantly. If she wasn’t going to tell me the torrid details, my imagination would fill in the blanks.

I was sanding down my dresser. I wanted to refinish it, paint it blue and black, so it would match my bedspread when I went to college next year. It gave me hours of time to think and kept me busy. My mind was constantly in the gutter, trying to imagine some of the things Tami had explained. She said her father was trying to train her. Train her how?

I imagined Tami in her room, trying to finish an English assignment, and in walks her dad. For some reason, I pictured him with a lot of body hair, a hairy chest, a beard, and thick hair on his arms. Or maybe he was as lean as Tami. Then he’d be all skinny, but if he got wet, his hair would just fluff all out after it dried and he’d look like some kind of dark leprechaun. With a dick. With a dick with an attitude. He obviously had some kind of mission. Maybe Tami’s mom didn’t put out. Then he felt justified in going to Tami. After all, she said he waited till she was mature, and having her period. That showed some patience.

What would that be like to have him use her intimacy with the boyfriend as leverage? Her dad would walk in, say "I understand that you and David are getting a little too close. Is he fucking you??"

"No, Daddy, of course not."

"How far have you gotten? I need to know. You’re my daughter. I’m worried about you."

"All he’s done, Daddy, is some kissing."

"Are you sure that’s all?"

"Well one time, I let David feel my breasts."

I could imagine Tami’s dad start getting a boner just thinking about David feeling on his daughter’s small breasts.

"What else?"

And Tami’s dad would bait her, listening for her sins. Listening to how experienced she might be getting. Waiting for his moment to spring on her.

Maybe in those years while he waited for the conditions to be right, he would go stand by her bed while she slept in the dead of night... "One day, Baby...One day you’ll be right. You’ll be ready." And he would jack off into her hair. When she woke up in the morning, her hair would be all stuck together and she would worry that she drooled in her sleep.

Wow. If you start peeling back the layers, it got very complicated very fast. She said her daddy was trying to train her. What did that entail?

Tami’s dad would come into the room. She was feeling sick, and held the hot water bottle to her tummy. He started rubbing her shoulders. "Oh Honey, let me unbutton your shirt. You must be so uncomfortable..." and the rubbing on the shoulders would ease around to her waist. He’d be behind her, getting hard, wanting to keep her facing the other way not to see it. Or maybe turning her and hoping she’d notice.

"Oh Daddy," she’d say, "what’s that?"

And then he’d say, "Oh Baby, if you’re sick, maybe I can get your nightgown and you can just go to bed." He’d hand her a shortie nightgown and step out of the room while she changed, maybe leaving the door ajar, and trying to see in. Trying to catch the sight of her pretty ass, her pussy with just a brush of color across it. Then he’d come back in, and this time when he started rubbing her shoulders, he’d edge down and start rubbing the muscles in her ass cheeks, rubbing her thighs. "Oh Baby, just get a little more comfortable. Can you roll over?"

And the bottle of lotion would get squeezed on her belly, where it was sore, and he’d massage her cramps, then up a little, up a little more, across her breasts. He’d stroke and rub those pretty little breasts and then back across her stomach to her pubic bone, and see her pubes jutting out from the elastic on her panties. And he’d shift himself on the bed beside her, trying to keep his erection at bay. Did he think it was wrong? Or did he feel justified? He’d brought her into the world, and it must have totally fucked him up to imagine some young boy opening those trim thighs and breaking her hymen. He wanted to do it himself! He wanted to be the one.

So how did she put it? He started training her. The massages, well they must have wandered lower and lower. "Honey, I just want to teach you to feel good. I just want you to understand your body...let me show you something special. Let me show you something about your pretty pussy. You want to let David touch you? Well, Baby, let me show you something you need to know about yourself..."

And there in the dark, while her mother’s away at work and her brother was asleep, he started showing her little tricks. He had to train her that this was okay. That this would be their little secret. "Let me show you what a man looks like, Honey." And he’d take his penis out. "You want to touch it a little? You want to see what it looks like when it’s hard? Want to make it grow?"

What would the lessons be like? "Oh Tami, this week, I want you to learn to stroke my dick better. I want to teach you to hold a plug in your ass. That’s a good girl," he’d say. "Oh yes, that’s a good, sweet girl."

Then when she wanted something, "Oh Daddy, would you get me that stereo?" How could he refuse? Fuck. I’d never thought of that. I never thought of the power she’d have. I mean, how could her mother make her do anything? After all, Tami knew first hand that her mom didn’t cut the mustard, at least not when it came to fucking her daddy. Tami was the one he wanted. Tami was the one he came to at night. Tami’s was the pussy that he licked and the face that he imagined sucking on his cock. And anytime she wanted to, Tami could lord that over her mother. Shit.

I finished sanding my dresser when I realized how much power there had to be to be fucking your father and having it be the big dark, dirty secret that no one would face, and using it for getting whatever you wanted. If your mom said no, you could wear your daddy down. It would eventually happen.

What a thought. I tried to imagine my father, standing by my bed, urging me to suck his cock, maybe even holding my head to help "train" me to get the pace right. The way he liked it. I went to the closet to get the vacuum. I put on the small attachment brush and started the motor. I stooped over and the hose started picking up the dust and residue.

Thinking about Tami and her daddy was turning me on! I mean, I was celibate, I hardly ever masturbated, because it just didn’t seem right to do it all by myself. But in comparison, Tami was a mature, knowledgeable lover. He must have lain between her legs and showed her how it felt to have her cunt licked and slathered. Her daddy must have showed her different positions. Maybe she even learned how to cum!

I wanted some of that. I put the vacuum hose to my pussy and felt the suction through my jeans. I sat on a stool and parted my legs. The nozzle sucked and sucked on my pussy through my clothes. I could feel a rush from the vibrations and the suction, but the loud whirr of the motor distracted me from enjoying the full sensation. I should learn how to masturbate better. I should teach myself how to cum.

Would Tami teach me? I thought about that for a moment, but no. She was obviously very bitter. Her experience broke her family up. Everyone had to move. Her mom was up here, unemployed and desperate. Her dad was somewhere in L.A., maybe sending money. Maybe calling. Maybe trying to convince them to come back home.

I turned off the vacuum. I went into the bathroom and locked the door. I took off my pants and I peed into the toilet. What if her father used to follow Tami into the bathroom to "train" her a better way to pee? A way to build her muscles, so she’d be a better fuck? I imagined him standing by the toilet with a stopwatch. "Okay, Honey. Go. Stop. Go. Stop. Hold it five seconds. Hold it ten. Good job Honey. Let me watch you pee." Maybe he even wanted her to pee on him. Maybe he wanted her to piss in his drunk, hairy mouth? And he’d lay there in the bathtub, with her squatting above his face, squirting on his tongue, with his hand on his rock hard dick, stroking it. "Watch daddy, Baby. Watch daddy cum!" No privacy in that house.

Gee. Tami knew what her father looked like when he came. She knew what he sounded like when he shot his load into her tight virgin pussy. She knew what positions he preferred. Had he let her sit on him and ride his cock? Or were their liaisons all done in the dark of night, with the covers pulled over his back and the bed barely squeaking? "Oh, oh, oh, oh..."

And what if Tami liked it? I mean, really. I thought about all those things he must have done to her, massaging her breasts, rubbing her pussy, those were all things that gave me pleasure. Why wouldn’t they give her pleasure? Even if she wanted to think about her boyfriend during the experiences, wouldn’t it still feel good? What if her daddy wasn’t a gross dark leprechaun, but instead had rock hard pecs and was all tanned from working outside all day and he came into her room after showering and all he wanted her to do was to love the way he touched her? What if every stroke was a stroke of passion, a flick of a tongue seeking the right place? What if her daddy was oh-so gentle sticking it in that very first time, so gentle, that it didn’t even hurt? Then when they got to be more seasoned, there were rapid fuck sessions in the bathroom, the door locked while Tami’s brother played Nintendo in the TV room. No hiding your sexuality from your parents, well at least not your father. No hiding in your room, trying to muffle your moaning when you try to find the right spot, try to hit it right, so you can finally cum.

And if the homework didn’t get completed on time, what’s he gonna say? Oh but Daddy, you remember that night, don’t you? You were the reason I didn’t study...You were up to your balls in my cunt. Doggy style. Dontcha remember? And oh, you don’t want me to tell Mother, now do you? So just sign my report and I’ll take it back to school. Mama doesn’t need to know.

Oh the power.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. I ran water into the tub and undressed. I settled in, the water shifted back and forth, lapping at my pussy, licking at my boobies. I wanted a little of that freedom to be sexual. "Ah hell, Dad, can you blame me for wanting a good ass fucking? You made me this way."

At least at my house, everything was private. Everyone was quiet. I sometimes heard the bed squeak a little in their room, but it never lasted long. Fucking had to last longer than that, didn’t it? Maybe my parents screwed in the daytime while I was at school. Sometimes they were both home when I got home. Maybe that’s what they were up to.

I gulped air and ducked completely under water. My hair floated around my head like seaweed. My breasts felt all funny, supported by the water–like they didn’t know how to react to gravity. I scooted down as close to the faucet as possible, my knees up and I directed the water so it cascaded on my pussy. I closed my eyes and let the sensations happen. What if my daddy was there, guiding me through those feelings? "Just let it happen," he’d say in his patient way, "We’ve got all the time in the world."

It would be a lot different learning how to be your daddy’s lover. A lot different from the tussle in the backseat of the Pontiac, thinking, "Hurry, hurry, hurry, I’m gonna miss curfew." What if Tami’s daddy sometimes slept in her bed? Or she in his? And maybe there were times when she came to him and said, "Oh Daddy, let me show you what I learned. I’ve been holding this butt plug in my ass all afternoon, waiting for you to come home. Want to take it out?" And daddy could ease the plug out of her tight, sweet, obedient ass, and then have her suck him wet, then glide his dick into her bum. No one any wiser. She wouldn’t even have to try to get away with sex on her dates, she could save it all for daddy. Especially if he was coming into her room a couple times a week. And oh, if she did have sex with her boyfriend, David, and her daddy came in after their date and she was all sloppy from David’s cum, would her Daddy get mad, or just get off thinking of that young man, being so mistaken that he had exclusive use of that cunt?

Christ. What would it be like to have sex a couple times a week? Fuck. What sweet relief. I would be lucky to pull it off a couple times a year. Boys at this age were so unpredictable, and I wasn’t on their "cheerleader and whore" list of girls they wanted to notch on their belts. I was more of a quiet type, who finished her book reports and helped in the cafeteria. Mom said boys would never appreciate me at this age.

But Daddy would. As I lay there, the water up around my ears, I could well imagine how tender my daddy would be if he decided to teach me how to make love. How he would hold his big cock, trying to insert it carefully in my mouth, so I could learn to glide up and down it with my mouth. He’d teach me how to hold my mouth to make sure my teeth didn’t rake against the shaft. He would tell me how hard to suck so it’d be nice for him, not just grunt like a boy my age. He’d let me learn at my pace. He’d leave an extra twenty on my dresser if I needed to buy a new blouse for school. And we’d both make sure Mom never knew. Never.

My fingers found my clit, and I started rubbing it, arching up a little so it wasn’t underwater, all waterlogged. I liked it moist, but not soaking. If I was Tami, I wouldn’t even have to jack off. I’d just wait till dark, and my Dad would come in, all willing, all ready, and I would show him how good I could be. "Oh there you are. I was hoping you weren’t too tired. Can you show me again how to ride you on top? I was practicing my squats and want to see if I can last longer this time."


I soaked in the tub awhile, playing with my pussy. I was really turned on, but not turned on by the thought of masturbating, which I didn’t usually find all that satisfying. I was turned on by the thought of hot, forbidden penetration. I was hot with the thought of having my father open my thighs, check to make sure I was just wet enough, just the way I liked it, and glide his rock hard dick inside my vagina. I liked the thought that he’d created that pussy, that he’d sent the X chromosome to my mother’s egg so I would be a girl. He’d made it. Maybe he’d break it.

I decided to find out.