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Naked Day part 1

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When I was a kid we would visit my aunt and her family several times a year and they would come and visit us several times a year as well.

This was great for me becuase with each visit I would get to see my cousin Trish who was just about my favorite person in the whole world.

We kept in touch by email when we were apart, but seeing each other in person was the best thing of all and something w

The Family Pussy

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Father-Daughter Affair 7

by Youngstuff



Mari P.



Tony cornered his sister Mari at school during lunch where they could talk privately. He told Mari he had really enjoyed her pussy the other night and that he wouldn’t mind another piece of pussy from her. Mari was leaning back against the wall with her head and shoulders looking out of her big brown eyes, all innocent. As innocent as any 14 year old girl could be after having fucked her daddy and her brother in the same week.


It was the same old courting game that all boys and girls play except Tony was after his little sister’s pussy again! Mari looked great in her yellow spaghetti-strap top that showed her fi

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rm belly and her pierced belly button. Her 34" B-cup tits were standing proud against her strapless bra and clearly showed major cleavage. Mari’s tight jeans were worn and showed every move her sexy hips made. You couldn’t help but notice the perfect side to side ass-whip when she walked in them. Every guy in school was wanting to fuck her!

Mari smiled up at her brother and asked him why she should even consider making love with him again? Mari could feel the familiar tingle in her jeans that she had experienced that first night with her daddy before he had fucked her. She tried her best to be cool and not show her brother that she was indeed horny. There was no doubt though, it was her brother who would most likely be fucking her soon again.



"Because I know my baby sister enjoyed me fucking her. It was plain to me the way you were working those sexy hips with me during all that fucking we did together. Besides, remember, you even climbed on top the second time without me asking for that piece!" Tony reminded her.


"But that doesn’t mean I want to do it with you again does it Tony?" Mari explained. Mari had been thinking about making love with her daddy all day and wanted to be in bed with him again but he wasn’t here, her brother was! It wasn’t fair Mari thought. She wanted her daddy riding her and filling her with his hard cock.

Tony touched Mari’s bare waistline with his fingers as Mari jumped with "sparks" at his touch and released a soft "oooo". "That tells me your sexed up and wanting some cock in you though Mari and you know I got the cock that makes you dance don’t you baby?" Tony stated.


Mari tried to hide her smile as she only responded " maybe". Mari didn’t regret fucking her brother, in fact it had been really good intercourse with him. Mari had enjoyed the way his cock filled her pussy.


Yeah, Mari was his sister, but right now Tony was treating Mari just like any other piece of tail he was after. Tony was 18 but very experienced with the girls, like his dad. Getting his 14 year old sister back in the bed just wasn’t that big of a challenge to him. He knew what to say and do to make her want it and follow him for it. He intended to fuck his little sister again today and would not take no for an answer.


Tony peaked down his sister’s top and eyed the front of her jeans which held Mari’s delicious cunt which he would soon fill with his throbbing cock. Mari’s tail had a bull’s eye on it and her brother aimed to drill her ass soon.


Mari lightly pushed him away and told him to quit looking down her top. Tony closed right back in and even pulled his sister’s top out further so he could see her breasts plainly. Mari complained to him once more but he just told her he had seen her naked once before and she was going to be naked again very soon so she could consider it a preview of her tits.


Tony knew no-one else was watching so he leaned forward and took a little lip off of his sexy little sister followed by a more intimate kiss. Then a deep french kiss from Mari with his hand on her ass gripping one of her cheeks. Tony fondled his little sister’s ass as they kissed even running his hand up and in between her legs causing Mari to moan softly. Mari told her brother they shouldn’t because someone might see them. Then we have to leave school little sister so I can get me some of your hot pussy again baby.


Tony stated his directions to Mari, " I’m going up to the office and I’m going to sign us both out. You go get your back-pack and meet me up there in five minutes baby, because you can’t go the rest of the day without me sticking my cock in you Mari and you know it". Tony kissed Mari again as he fondled her delicious ass. Your pussy needs fucking so hurry up and meet me so we can get your legs spread soon and



I’ll fill your cunt with what you love.


With that Tony turned and walked away from Mari as he headed to the office. Mari stood there, weak in her knees, watching her brother’s cute butt walk off. Mari was a little pissed. She didn’t like it that her brother knew her this well. She did need a hard cock in her. She hadn’t been to bed with her daddy since the motel a week ago. Tony had been the last one fucking her. "Damn" Mari exclaimed as she stomped off with a classic ass-whip that stated she was ready to do some hard fucking!


Tony looked up as Mari walked into the office with her back pack in hand. He smiled as she looked back at him with a scowl. "You ready to go little sister" Tony asked.


"I’m here aren’t I?" she blurted out as they turned and exited the school office.

Tony opened the passenger door for Mari and let her crawl in then he went to his side and entered. He cranked the car and looked around to see if any one was around them. Seeing no one he leaned over and they began kissing. Tony got a handful of Mari’s breast but she pushed it away.


"Where are you taking me to Tony?" Mari asked.


I know dad is working so why don’t we go over there and spend the afternoon fucking in his bed. Is that cool to you baby? Mari pulled her make-up kit out of her small purse and told her brother, " well, your driving."


Mari touched up her make-up as Tony drove to their dad’s house. She even put on some lip gloss and added more perfume to "various electric spots".


Tony pulled into the drive and parked. They walked to the door with his arm around Mari’s waist. Tony knew where the key was hid and he opened the door. They were barely inside before he seized his little sister from behind.

Mari dropped her purse in the floor as her brother put his arms around her from behind and kissed her neck and ran his hands over her jeans. "I want your pussy right now Mari" Tony moaned. "I can’t wait to feel my little sister’s tight cunt wrapped around my hard cock."


Tony found Mari’s lips and they began to kiss passionately as Mari felt her desire for her brother’s cock to fill her aching love-hole growing by the minute.


"Damn you Tony! You’ve got me so horny it’s driving me crazy", Mari told her brother.


They walked into the living room where Mari turned to face her brother and she fell into his arms as they began to kiss again. Tony’s hands were all over his sister’s perfectly shaped ass. Mari was only 14 but she had the classic upside-down, heart-shaped ass you expect to see on a beautiful cheerleader. Mari’s ass would get a major workout this afternoon and tonight!

"Not here Tony please. If you want me, then make-love to me in a bed this time where I can enjoy it more and make it better for you baby ok?" Mari asked.

Tony smiled and led Mari by the hand over to the couch. Their was about to be some serious brother-sister fucking going on! Before Mari could lay down on the couch, her brother was peeling her top over her head followed by unhooking her bra and dropping it to the floor by the couch.


Tony whispered in Mari’s ear, "You want your brother’s dick buried in you bad don’t you baby?"

Mari could only reply from the passion she was feeling, " yes Tony. I really need it baby". As soon as she said it she was in disbelief that she had even uttered the words. They were true but how could she have actually said it, revealing the truth of her soul. With that declaration Mari sealed her sexual fate for this day and night.


Mari followed that statement with; "God I want it deep Tony, please!"

Tony stood and stripped naked showing his hard throbbing cock to Mari. "Oh yeah baby sister. Your brother is gonna take care of your sweet pussy. I want to hear you moaning my name when my dick is filling your hot cunt."


Mari wasn’t at all ashamed to have sex with her older brother. He was sexy and all the girls wanted him. Why shouldn’t she spread her legs for him and enjoy the pleasure of his big cock driving into her young body? Mari had enjoyed fucking him the other night and knew their sex would be even better this afternoon and she was so ready for it.


Tony joined Mari on the couch now as their lips melted together and their tongues began to wrestle. They were both uttering soft moans and desires as their kissing continued for several minutes as Tony fondled his sexy sister’s ass and legs.


Tony then licked Mari’s neck and chest before settling on a bare breast. He circled Mari’s breast globe several times with his tongue before pulling her nipple into his mouth and swallowing a large portion of tender breast meat with it. Tony sucked and slurped his sister’s breast like a hungry animal.

Mari could feel the intense sucking pressure her brother was applying and it sent tingles of pleasure through her body. Mari could also feel Tony’s hard cock pressing against the crotch of her jeans and she dreamed of how wonderful it would soon feel plunging deep inside of her over and over!


Tony suddenly stopped and sat up. He pulled Mari by the hair of her head up and over towards his lap. She instinctively knew what her brother’s lust was. Mari rolled to her side facing her brother’s cock with her body longways on the couch. Mari’s mouth popped open ready to give the pleasure desired.

Mari kissed the head of her brother’s big cock with her soft lips before flicking her tongue all around the spearhead and around his shaft. Mari slowly licked up and down his meat-stick with a strong and forceful tongue. Mari was nearly in a state of worship for her brother’s cock.


Mari worked back up to the top of this wonderful instrument of pleasure, then opened her lips wide to accept Tony’s throbbing cock into her oral cavity. Tony could not contain his moan of satisfaction as he watched his little sister swallow his dick! "Oh God Mari" he moaned loudly!


Mari had to breathe through her nose because the size of her brother’s cock cut off all air through her mouth. Mari moaned and gave approving sighs of "Umm, umm" as she enjoyed the taste of a man’s cock again. Mari’s big brown eyes outlined with her painted eyelashes and blue eyeliner glanced up at her brother’s face off and on as she looked for signs of his approval in how she was sucking his cock.

Mari could see him open his mouth and let a soft moan escape each time she sank his meat-pole back into her throat. He smiled when she rose to the tip of his penis and circled the spearhead with her tongue and then began to sink him back down through her mouth again. Tony had dated 18 and 19 year-old girls who couldn’t suck cock near as well as his own 14 year-old sister.


Mari continued to suck her brother’s cock passionately feeling his heart beating in her mouth as Tony’s dick slowly grew larger in his sister’s mouth. It swelled till Mari could feel the large veins full of blood and knew his cock juice was near. Tony suddenly pulled her head up off his cock using the a fist full of hair.


He looked at her and said; " No bitch, every drop of my sperm is gonna fill your tight, little pussy today Mari!" Your gonna have no doubt that your pussy has been well fucked when I fill you to the top with my cock and cum. I’m about to give my sexy sister the fucking she needs and deserves for being such a tease with her body.


Tony stood and took Mari by the hand to help her up. They walked to their dad’s bedroom with Tony’s arm around his sister’s bare waistline. Tony thought he could actually smell the sweet scent of his sister’s pussy. They stood in the doorway of their dad’s bedroom facing each other and kissing. Tony was nude and Mari was topless. Mari could feel her brother unbuttoning her jeans and then she felt them drop to her ankles with a push on each side of her hips by her brother. Mari’s panties quickly joined her jeans on the floor as her young naked body pressed into her older brother’s flesh.


Mari’s soft hand held her brother’s large hand and led him to the bed where she turned down the sheets for them. Mari longed to feel a hard cock buried in her again and she didn’t want to wait for it! Mari laid in the middle of the bed and held her brother’s jerking cock in her hand as she pulled him to her spread legs. Mari leaned up to gently kiss her brother’s cheek and softly whispered she wanted him to make love to her.

Tony was crouched on his knees between his sexy sister’s naked legs with his cock-head poised against the entrance of her pussy. He leaned forward and kissed Mari’s glossed lips as he suddenly sank his penis fully into Mari. Mari moaned loudly " OH GOD YES TONY!".


Tony began a slow rhythmic fucking of his 14 year old sister, Mari’s eyes were closed as she enjoyed the feeling of her hunk of a brother’s cock splitting her hungry cunt open. Mari’s small hands rested against the force of her brother’s chest as he drove his cock into her time after time. Mari’s bare feet stroked up and down his hairy legs encouraging her incest lover to master her young body.


Tony sucked some breast now and then as he continued to stroke his hard cock into Mari. Mari moaned her brother’s name several times as she felt the flood of female cum release from deep inside of her womb causing her to push her pussy against her brother’s cock hard and grind her hips into him. Oh how she loved the feeling of sex with anyone who wanted her.

Tony began to swell inside of Mari as she massaged his legs and ass with her hands. She continued to moan his name as she told him she needed his cum in her. Tony now held his sister’s naked legs apart by her knees and pounded his cock deep into her until he felt his balls jump and then spurt hot male sperm into this vixen cheerleader.

They collapsed together for a moment as Mari caught her breath after their first fucking of the day. Mari soon climbed atop of her brother and straddled him, playing his limp cock against her vagina and clitoris. Mari smiled at Tony and told him she wanted more! Mari did love fucking very much.


Scott pulled up into his yard noticing his son’s vehicle parked there. He thought that was unusual since it was a school day and it was only like 2 in the afternoon. The door was also un locked but Tony knew where he kept the key at so that was ok. It was just strange. Maybe his son was sick and had come over to lay down.


Scott silently opened the door and saw a small purse laying in the entrance hall with a large blue "M" on it. That was odd...Mari had a purse like that! Scott then heard some sounds down the hallway and decided to quietly investigate in case of burglars or something. As he walked down the hall he passed the living room where he saw male and female clothes in the floor.


He quietly reached the door way to his bedroom where he saw a pair of girls jeans and panties laying in the floor. The sounds were unmistakable now. Someone was in his bedroom fucking! Tony stood there and clearly saw the sexy form of his young daughter riding a cock buried in her cunt. She was working her hips and moaning from the undeniable pleasure she was receiving. It was stunning but he now realized that his 18 year-old son and his 14 year-old daughter were fucking in his bed and they were serious with it! He decided to silently stand and enjoy the performance.


He watched Mari work and buck her hips as she rode her brother’s up-thrusts of cock-meat. He saw his son’s hands kneading and massaging his young daughter’s delicious bare flesh, hips, ass and legs as they kept fucking. The same ass he had already enjoyed fucking a few times himself. Mari was no-doubt a sweet, young piece of ass and Scott had to admit he enjoyed the view of her taking cock in her pussy even though it wasn’t his, yet!


Scott watched as Mari exploded in a massive orgasm as her brother filled her pussy with a second load of hot sex-juice. Mari left her brother’s cock in her as she laid forward on his chest to rest. Her sexy legs were still quivering and jerking as the sensations of their delicious fucking session flowed through her young body and soul. Mari knew she was hooked on her brother’s cock and that she could never deny his lust for her. Mari could never see herself unwilling to spread for her brother and provide her pussy to his needs.


Scott eased back out before they noticed him and he went into the living room and sat in his favorite chair which was in the back corner of the room. It was turned slightly towards the wall so he could sit there without being noticed unless his son and daughter looked for him.


Tony came out to living room after a few minutes and sat on the couch as he turned on the tv. Mari walked out about 5 minutes later wearing her thong panties and a button-up shirt belonging to her daddy. Mari stood in front of her brother as he ran a hand up under the shirt tail and played with her panties. He told Mari to go get him a beer from the refrigerator. Mari did as she was told.


Mari handed her brother his beer and sat on his lap with her sexy legs open for his viewing pleasure. Tony asked his little sister if she enjoyed the fucking they just did. Mari could only reply of course she did. Mari told Tony she would have sex with him anytime he wanted her.


"You feel so good when your deep inside of me Tony. I love having sex with you baby" Mari stated.


Mari held his beer for him as they began to kiss passionately again. Tony pried his sister’s legs apart and slipped her panty down over her knees and down to the floor again. They kissed as he slipped two fingers into Mari’s still wet cunt as she grunted at the insertion. Tony began to methodically finger-fuck his little sister as Mari moaned her appreciation.



Tony unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt with his teeth and Mari laid the shirt back and exposed her breasts to her brother’s hungry lust.


Scott stood now and turned to his children on the couch. He asked in a loud voice, "what the hell are you doing Mari?" Mari jumped up from her brother’s fingering to grab her panties and close her shirt. She claimed her brother had raped her and forced her to have sex with him!


Scott slapped Mari and told her not to lie. He told her he had watched her ride her brother’s cock in the bed. You are the one that seduced him I bet Mari!


"Your going to have to pay for what you did with Tony. You have to be punished", Scott said with a smile.

Scott then pulled a set of handcuffs from his back pocket and slapped them on his young daughter. Mari was in shock at what was happening and just let her daddy lead her back to the bedroom, lay her down and connect her handcuffs to the headboard on the bed.


Scott called his son into the bedroom. Tony was still naked as he heard his dad ask him how many times he had sex with his little sister?


Tony was honest and replied " well dad I fucked her twice today and three times the other night."

Scott smiled and patted his son on the back as he told him how proud he was of him . "I guess my boy has his daddy’s eye for sexy young tail".


Tony was a little taken back and asked his dad if he was in trouble for fucking Mari. Scott put his arm around his son and told him of course not, that he’d had her himself, twice. "Your sister has a really good pussy son. I know now that it is something we should start enjoying together. We fish and hunt together, now we can start fucking pussy together too!"


"Are you sure dad? I like fucking her and it might be fun to screw her with you daddy" Tony exclaimed.


Mari couldn’t believe her brother and daddy were discussing this. How could they even think of it. Mari truly enjoyed fucking each of them but she felt their fucking should be in private, one on one not all together! Mari begged her daddy to make Tony leave and she would make love with him again, just the two of them.

Scott would have none of it and told his daughter she must be punished for her deception and all her teasing of them. Scott undressed as he told his son to go get two cherry popsicles from the freezer and a can of spray whipped cream from the refrigerator. Scott pulled a small paddle from the night-stand beside the bed.


Mari struggled against her handcuffs that held her firmly to the bed posts with her arms spread away from her sexy body and over her head. Scott used his pocket knife to cut his daughter’s cotton thong panty from her hips and toss the remains aside. He watched as Mari kicked her creamy legs in protest and he noticed his son’s sperm on Mari’s pussy lips and in her pubic hair where it had been deposited during the fucking they had already completed. Mari was about to do a lot more fucking but this time she would be servicing both the males in her life who lusted for her sexy ass. After all, she was quickly becoming "The Family Pussy".


When Tony re-entered the bedroom, his dad asked him to hold the paddle and spank his sister’s ass when he told him to. Scott rolled Mari’s hips to one side and asked her if she had seduced her brother?


Mari’s reply was "No daddy, he wanted me and made me have sex with him!"

Scott instructed Tony to give his sister’s ass cheeks 5 hard licks and Tony did as instructed. Mari cried out in pain.

Scott again asked Mari if she had seduced her brother? Mari again denied it and was spanked. The third time Mari admitted she was the one that seduced her brother, it was her fault.

Scott now asked Mari if she was going to have sex with both of them in a threesome?

"No daddy! I’m not like that daddy. I’ll make love with you or with Tony but I want to do it when we are alone, just one of you and me. I’d be embarrassed making love in front of someone else" Mari replied.

WRONG ANSWER! Five more licks were dealt to this sexy fourteen year-old ass.

"Yes you will fuck us both Mari won’t you baby?" Daddy demanded.

"Yes daddy. I will, I will, I promise. I will! Please don’t paddle me again" Mari begged.


Tony and his dad each took a side of the bed and leaned in to kiss and nibble on Mari’s neck. Each of them took a breast mound in their hand and fondled the breast-meat and played with her enlarged nipples. Mari couldn’t help but moan. Then suddenly the cherry popsicles were pressing into her breasts. Their coldness producing magnificent erect nipples.

"Oh God, oooo my God" Mari moaned.


Mari had barely moaned her pleasure when her daddy took one breast-mound into his mouth and her brother took the other as they began to hungrily feed upon her aching flesh. Mari squirmed as the popsicles trailed down her abdomen and across her hips into her pubic mound.

"No, no pleasezzzz no.." Mari pleaded.

Each popsicle took a turn splitting the lips of her pussy but never entering her cunt. The heat of young Mari’s boiling love pot quickly evaporated the last drops of cherry liquid. Mari’s dad let her breast flop from his mouth showing the redness of the intense suction he had placed on her.


Scott left his son sucking his sister’s breast and playing with her spread legs. Scott secured two more popsicles and returned to the bed. Scott had his son take a popsicle and told him it was time to punish Mari some more.


Scott eased his popsicle into his daughter’s cunt and told his son to do the same. Mari came up off the bed at the intense coldness inside of her as her lovers worked their cold prongs in and out of her. They both licked and slurped her creamy thighs, hips and tummy. Mari moaned and cried in pain and pleasure as her torture continued until only the bare sticks from the popsicles were left, her hungry pussy having devoured the last vestiges of the icy treats.


Mari moaned her dad’s name and begged him to fuck her now please?

Scott slapped her and asked her if she would ever again have sex without both of them being invited to share her bed and fuck her.

"Daddy please? Please, you know I love to have sex with you and with Tony too, but can’t I just make love with one of you at a time in private? I promise, I’ll always give you both some but let me do it my way daddy." Mari begged.


Scott slapped her again and then raised her butt for her brother to spank hard with seven licks of the paddle.

"You’ll fuck us both now and you’ll keep fucking us in a threesome when we tell you we are ready for some pussy, won’t you Mari?" Scott demanded. " And you will ask us both to take your pussy now. Ask your brother and daddy to fuck you Mari!" Scott exclaimed.


Mari dripped a tear from her brown eyes as she asked them both to fuck her and to fuck her at the same time.


"Should we oblige your poor little sister son?" Scott asked.

"I wouldn’t mind another piece of her pussy daddy" Tony replied.


Scott told his son to get him a little bit of pussy first. Scott stuck his cock in Mari’s face as Tony crawled between his sister’s sexy legs and sank his cock deep into her cunt. When gasped at his penetration her mouth opened and Scott slipped his meat into her mouth to be sucked off.


Mari oooed and moaned as her pussy was ravaged and audibly showed her delight at the taste of her daddy’s cock. Mari loved to suck cock now and she tried to capture more and more cock into her mouth and throat. Tony got about three or four minutes of steady pussy until his dad said to swap.


Tony moved and Mari gladly accepted his cock in her mouth tasting her own pussy juices on her brother’s cock. Scott slipped between her muscular legs and plunged his bulging cock deep into his daughter’s pussy causing her to rise from the bed with her hips to meet the massive intruder. Mari’s pussy seemed better than ever to her daddy as he drove into her hard and deep.

Scott held Mari’s classic cheerleader thighs in his hands as he drilled her cunt over and over. Tony loved looking at his sister’s cheeks cave in as she applied suction to his cock as it stroked in and out of her mouth. Mari could feel her brother’s heart beating in her mouth as she sucked him. Mari could feel the swelling veins of his cock and she could also feel her daddy growing in her cunt as he prepared to cream her vaginal canal and womb.


Suddenly both of her lover’s cocks were spewing their hot, sticky cream into her body. One filled her mouth, throat and belly as the other filled her love canal. Mari couldn’t control her emotions and she erupted into a massive orgasm. She creamed her daddy’s penis with her young female cum-juice. Her sexy body jumped and jerked as the delicious sensations of being the "family fucking toy" swept through her soul.


They all collapsed together with her daddy’s cock buried in Mari still and her brother’s cock laying on her glossy lips. Sperm from her brother and daddy oozed from her mouth and pussy. Mari felt so warm and complete. She never dreamed it could be this good sharing her love with the men in her life.


Having a short fucking session with his vivacious young daughter and his son had been awesome for Scott. It was almost five o’clock though and Mari’s mom would soon be looking for her. Scott uncuffed his daughter and helped her up from the bed.


Scott held Mari in his arms and kissed her as Tony pressed against her naked rear. Scott told Mari she was to go out with her brother Saturday night. He informed Mari and Tony that he would call Tony and tell him where to bring Mari so they could enjoy a night of good fucking together. He told Mari to take her vitamins and birth control and to wear something really sexy for her men. He warned Mari to be ready to put out a lot if she wanted to keep on being "The Family Pussy".

Aunt Mary

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Family Vacation / Chapters One & Two

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Family Vacation

by Reeb


Chapter One - Daydreaming


This true story took place the year of my 17th birthday. It was the last real family vacation my family took together. I was 17 years old, almost six feet tall, still a skinny kid but my muscles were developing as I was getting into lifting weights. My hair was dark, cut short, dark skin complexion like my mother and I have blue green eyes, which I got from my father.

It was late summer and dad decided we were all going to Virginia Beach for a week vacation. My 38 year old mom Denise, 40 year old dad Ron, my 15 year old sister Allison and I, loaded our luggage and jumped into the car for the 6 to 7 hour trip to Virginia Beach. Dad driving, mom in front next to him, me behind mo

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m, Allison behind dad in the back seat as our five year old Chevy Lumina pulled out of the driveway. As time passed and we drove down the long highway, my mind drifted back to the recent events that took place and my cock hardened.

Allison, my sister and I have always been the best of friends growing up but the past two years, something has happened to our relationship. As we both developed into young men and women, we began taking a closer look at each other in a sexual way, curious about each others developing bodies.

I noticed the growing swells of Allison's breasts and the smooth, muscular curves of her legs, hips and stomach. Her perky little butt took a fuller more womanly shape. Allison now stood about 5 feet 4 inches tall, has dark shoulder length hair and a dark complexion like mom. Her boobs are still filling out but now are an over flowing B-cup and she definitely gets her nice boobs from mom. Her eyes are this sexy light, almost goldish brown color, again like mom's. Allison is just a picture of pure growing teenage sexual beauty.

Around the house lately, I've noticed we have been playing this game of dare, you know, show me yours and I'll show you mine type of thing, one always trying to out do the other. Allison would wear these sheer sexy undies and prance around in front of me, giving me a raging hard-on which I'm sure she noticed. I would walk around in just a pair of small loose fitting gym shorts with no underwear underneath, my semi-hard or hard cock clearly visible as it swang from side to side.

We have an in-ground pool and I noticed that Allison's bikini's kept getting smaller and smaller. She would lay around the pool deck in nearly nothing sometimes. Or she would climb out of the pool and while soaking wet, with her small bikini clinging to every inch of her young tight body, prance slowly by me, always giving me a huge hard-on. Sometimes she would bend over in front of me pretending to rub her leg or something, giving me a close-up view of her perfect teenage bikini clad ass.

Mom would not allow Allison to wear a thong bikini but her bottoms were getting real close, exposing more and more of her sexy tight teenage butt cheeks. I noticed the strings were getting longer as the patches of material also got smaller. Allison's most recent swim suit purchase was this very small white bikini. This was the skimpiest suit yet as it exposed so much untanned skin that Allision never wore it when mom was around.

When this bikini got wet, you could nearly see through it. One time I was laying on a deck chair as Allision got out of the pool, with my now favorite suit on, and walked towards me. I could clearly see her dark swollen nipples pushing out against the thin wet white bikini top. As my eyes dropped down to her barely covered pussy mound, again I could clearly see her small dark black patch of hair through the sheer wet suit. My cock was rock hard for Allison to see as I lusted for my sister's sexy young teenage body.

"How do you like my new bathing suit?" Allison said in a sultry, I know I'm turning you on kind of way.

In my excited state, my voice trembled as I replied, "Hard to say sis, there's not much of a suit there. But you do look pretty damn hot in it!"

She giggled as she replied, "Thanks Rob. You're looking pretty hard, I mean hot too!" As we both laughed.

Other times she would apply tanning lotion in such an erotic way, I would have to head to my room and jerk off while picturing what I had just seen. Her young sexy teenage body, which tanned so easy, was always there for my lustful gaze. I loved her sexy white tan lines which, as the bikini's got smaller, came more into my view. My little sister was just a complete fox, she knew it and how it was affecting her older brother.

We would take turns going down the hall after a shower, past each others rooms, either naked or with a towel barely covering ourselves. Then our game evolved into leaving the bathroom door unlocked and each making some lame excuse to use the bathroom while the other was in the shower. We each could barely see each other through the fogged shower door but just knowing the other was naked behind it was a serious turn-on.

One day I entered the bathroom while Allison was in the shower, "Just need to pee!" I announced.

"Okay, but make it quick and don't flush!" Allison responded with excitement in her voice.

As I stood next to the plastic clear shower door, holding my semi-hard cock in my hands, aiming it at the toilet pretending to pee, I strained to see Allison's naked body, just a couple feet away. I could see the basic shape of her young sexy teenage body with her sexy tanlines as she rubbed soap across her smooth tight skin. It was such a tease and sexual turn-on watching her through the shower door that my cock swelled to it's full hardened length. I was stroking my swollen shaft while watching my sister lather up her smooth wet tanned body.

Allison, knowing I was watching decided to give me a good view of her sweet ass. She turned her body and pushed her butt right up against the clear shower door, giving me an almost a clear view of her perfect teenage ass. Her sweet tanned ass was perfectly shaped with white tan lines from her small bikini bottoms was too much. I stroked my cock harder and in seconds I shot a huge load of cum towards the back of the toilet.

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I groaned as my knees weakened as I trembled with the best orgasm of my young life so far.

"Are you OK out there?" Allison asked and then giggled, knowing what she did to her older brother.

"Just fine sis, just fine." I panted out my reply.

The next time Allison came in while I was in the shower, I could see through the steamy clear plastic shower door, her figure as she dropped her sweat pants and sat down to pee. My cock was a rock solid eight inches as it throbbed in my soap covered hand. I had been stroking my hard shaft for several minutes, just waiting for my sister to enter the bathroom. I decided to give her something to see and remember this time. You know I just had to out do her sweet butt show.

As she sat there pretending to pee, I positioned myself and my cock so close to the shower door that I was sure she could see it clearly. I began slowly stroking the length of my rigid shaft right in front of her. I heard her gasp for air and saw her lean forward for a closer look, her face inches away from my solid shaft with only the glass between us, as I continued to stroke my swollen cock.

God, I was so excited my legs were shaking as I couldn't believe I finally got up the nerve to do this. My firm hand slowly stroked up and down the length of my erect cock, only a steamy plastic shower door between my sister and my throbbing shaft. I could just see her face as her mouth was open as she strained to see my cock so I moved it even closer to the plastic shower door.

I watched her silhouette closely and faintly saw her right hand move between her legs. My god, she was frigging herself off too as she watched me do the same. This was so fucking hot I couldn't take it no more. I pulled my cock hard, my purple cock head swelled and shot a huge load of cum all over the shower door.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I groaned as I came real hard shooting three large spurts of hot white cum against the shower door, all for Allison to see.

Allison had to see it as I heard her again gasp for air and say, "Oh my god!" in a very low tone and then giggled.

She quickly got up and left the bathroom as I finished my shower. My heart was pounding as I ran through my mind what just happened. I leaned back against the shower wall with the hot water spraying my young excited body. I couldn't believe it but my cock was getting hard again as I was just so hot for my sexy little sister's hard body.

After my shower, as I passed her bedroom door, the door was open just an inch so I peaked in to find my sister laying naked on her bed, knees up with her hands between her legs getting herself off. She was slowly frigging herself, waiting for me to walk by and knowing I would look in. When she saw me she closed her eyes and picked up the tempo, her fingers worked her clit faster and faster.

From the door I couldn't see much except her hands between her legs. I just watched as she brought herself off right before my eyes, no steamy shower door between us. Allison again took this game one step farther than me. She arched her back and hissed my name as her body shook in the throws of her teenage orgasm.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss Robbbbbbbb!" my sister moaned out softly so only I could hear.

I watched as my sexy sister's body reacted to her intense orgasm. She repeatedly clamped her legs together which pressed her hands against her excited clit. Her sexy little butt was lifting off the bed at the same time. Her head to one side as her sweet sexy mouth was open as she gasped for air. She definitely out did me again. Now it was my turn to take this one step further.

With my teenage cock now hard as a rock again, my first thought was to enter her room and fuck her silly but instead, I chickened out and ran to my room. I jerked off again thinking of my lovely sister Allison. I was picturing Allison's long tanned legs, her hands covering her sweet pussy playing with herself, when suddenly the car shook snapping me out of my deep sexual thoughts.

I heard dad complaining about something with the car as we coasted to a stop. We were about 2 1/2 to 3 hours from home when the car broke. Dad was first under the hood and now was on his cell phone. We had to call a tow truck to get the car to a garage. Apparently something broke and it wasn't going to be repaired until the next day.

Mom and dad decided that we would stay in a local motel until tomorrow and then continue our trip to Virginia Beach, only loosing a day out of the seven we planned to stay there. We found this small Motel 8 in the rural Virginia country side and went to check in. Unfortunately, with such short notice, they only had one room with two double beds.

Mom and dad called around but found no other motels close by with any rooms so we were forced to take that one. My mind raced as I thought of the sleeping arrangements, mom and dad in one bed and Allison and I in the other? My cock stiffened again at the thought of being under the covers next to my sexy sister's hot 15 year old body.

We had some time to kill so we all walked around and checked out some local stores before dinner. After dinner, it was around 8 pm so we headed for our room. After a few minutes, mom and dad announced that they were going down to the lounge for some drinks.

"You kids get cleaned up and into bed. We'll be back around 11." my dad commanded.

I must say that my mom and dad are pretty cool for their age. They are still deeply in love, enjoy life and like to have a good time. They both like to drink so they are sure to come back feeling good. Allison and I have often overheard their loud love making late at night after a night out drinking.




Chapter Two - Making Love for the First Time


Allison quickly called out, "I got the first shower!" and scooted into the bathroom.

I walked up to the mirror next to the bathroom and looking to my left, noticed that Allison left the door open a couple inches. Peering inside, my cock hardened as I watched my little sister begin to undress.

I watched my sexy little sister as she pulled her white cotton blouse over her head, exposing her firm young breasts tucked tightly inside a sexy light pink lace bra. Her tits were simply perfect specimens of developing teenage breasts, with her hard dark swollen nipples poking through the sheer material.

I watched very close as she slowly slid her tight grey shorts off her hips and gently down those long sexy legs, exposing a matching set of sheer pink lace panties. God Allison had some sexy looking undies I thought. She turned slightly, with her perfect sexy little teenage butt facing the door, as she stepped out of her shorts.

I could see the outline of her sweet little butt cheeks through the sheer material of her panties, her creamy white little globes of butt flesh. From behind, I could see the sexy bulge of her young pussy mound. How fucking sexy she looked for a young 15 year old developing woman. I rubbed my thick throbbing hard shaft through my shorts as I intently watched my sister undress for her shower.

Allison, still with her back toward me, reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra, letting it slid from her shoulders and onto the floor. As I admired the baby soft smooth contours of her sexy back and shoulders, our eyes met as she was looking over her shoulder watching me in the bathroom mirror.

We looked lustfully into each others eyes as my hot little sister hooked her thumbs under the thin elastic band of her sexy little panties and slowly peeled them down, exposing to me once again her perfect little teenage butt. I slipped my hand inside my shorts and stroked my throbbing hard-on. She slid the skimpy little panties down her legs to the floor and stepped out of them, all the while watching me in the mirror.

"You OK out there big brother." she said and then giggled as she quickly stepped into the shower.

I stood there for a few seconds stroking my thick hard cock, heart pounding with sexual excitement, thinking what a fucking tease she was when it dawned on me, mom and dad won't be back for at least a couple hours. As I heard the shower water start, I quickly stripped off all my clothes and very quietly entered the bathroom, hard cock in hand.

I had taken about all the teasing I could stand from that teasing little virgin sister of mine. I just had to see how far she would go. It was now or never as who knows when an opportunity like this would happen again. My cock was so hard it actually ached as it throbbed in my right hand as I firmly stroked it. I felt high and light headed, like in a dream, as I slowly reached for the white shower curtain.

Very quietly, I slowly pulled the shower curtain open to see my sexy little sister's sweet ass facing me, with hot steamy water cascading over it. Allison felt the cool air rush in as she turned to face me. I wasn't sure what her reactions were going to be, was she ready to take this game as far as I wanted, all the way?

"Hey Allison, mind if I join you?" I asked very tenatively waiting for her reaction.

She handed me the bar of soap and said "Sure Rob, wash my back for me." as she turned around, put her hands against the wall, arched her back slightly and pointed her sexy butt toward me.

My hands trembled with excitement as I rubbed the soap in my hands, making lather as I reached out and caressed the sides of her back, letting my hands slide down to her smooth hips as I stepped forward. With my knees bent slightly, my thick shaft found its way between her legs and nestled under her virgin teenage pussy as I pulled her butt toward me.

God, it was so sexually intense as I felt her soft ass cheeks pressing against my thighs, while my soapy hands slid up, reached around and cupped her supple teenage breasts. Her erect nipples felt like little rocks against the palms of my soapy hands. I rolled her swollen nipples between my soap covered fingers as she moaned with pleasure.

"Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh yes Robbie, that feels nice." she panted.

I began sliding my cock slowly back and forth as it tickled the sweet entrance to her tight young pussy. I could feel her juices leaking onto my shaft as it spread the outer folds of her virgin cunt. Allison arched her back a little more to put more pressure against her sensitive erect clit as my hard shaft slid up and down the length of her sweet juicy opening.

"God sis, I gonna cum soon if we keep this up." I gasped as I pulled her back hard into me, running my lathered hands down her over her tanned belly.

"I want to make love to you Allison, ok?" I asked as I turned her around and looked into her eyes.

"I want you too, Rob." she said softly as we gently kissed, softly at first, then harder and more passionately.

It felt like the temperature in the shower doubled as we ground our wet soapy bodies together and we embraced, kissing feverishly. As the hot steamy water cascaded over our bodies, we kissed and caressed each other's young teenage bodies until we reached an unknown level of sexual excitement neither of us had ever felt before.

I moved down and took a hard wet nipple in my mouth, lashing my tongue all over it and rolling it between my lips. Allision moaned with lust as I switched from one breast to the other and then back again.

"Uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm, yesssssssssss." she hissed softly.

I slowly moved to my knees and pushed her left leg over my shoulder, exposing her sweet virgin pussy to my lustfull gaze. I had watched several of dad's porno flicks during my many jerk-off sessions, so I knew what to do, I just never actually went down on a girl before.

Here I was, on my knees with the sweetest looking young pussy, legs spread open right before my eyes. Her pussy had a light growth of dark black pussy hair with these beautiful pouting cunt lips. I traced kisses all around her young cunt, now my turn to do the teasing, not too long though as I finally flicked my tongue lightly across her swollen erect clit.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhh!" my sexy little sister jumped as she felt a tongue touch her aroused clit for the first time in her young life.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhh my goddddddddd, yes Rob, lick there!" Allison panted as my tongue again flicked over her swollen clit, a little harder and longer this time.

As I gently licked and sucked on my sexy little sister's pussy, she felt pleasures more intense than she ever had felt before. She had often masturbated but she could never create pleasures this good with only her fingers. She loved her brother, she loved the way his tongue felt as it licked and he sucked on her young pussy.

I sucked, kissed and nibbled every part of her sweet teenage pussy as my sexy hot little sister moaned out all kinds of sexy things. It was the first pussy I ever ate and I was intent on giving my little sister the best orgasm I could. I worked two fingers in and out of her tight little cunt, caressing the insides of her sweet pussy.

As I sucked her swollen clit between my lips, I flicked my tongue across it in quick rapid fire strokes. This quickly brought my sister to the threshold of climaxing. Allison put her right leg up on my shoulder and clamped my head firmly between her legs as she stiffened and began having a very intense orgasm.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssss!" she moaned as she shuddered, twisted and shook on my shoulders.

For what seemed like minutes, my sexy little sister shuddered through several waves of her first multiple orgasm from her very first oral sex session. This was the first of many more to come over the next years of our young lives.

As Allison's orgasm subsided I slid her off my shoulders and stood her up, holding her in my arms, kissing her softly. She could taste her own juices on my lips as we kissed passionately.

"God Rob, that was awesome! I never felt anything like that before." she panted out softly, her heart still pounding.

"Glad you liked it sis. Can you do that for me? You know, suck my cock?" I asked hoping desparately she would say yes.

Without a word, she smiled and looked into my eyes as she dropped to her knees. With the hot water hitting my back, I watched as my gorgeous 15 year old sister looked closely at her first hard cock up close. Her dainty little hands reached out and softly wrapped around my thick eight inch shaft, gently sliding up and down it's full length.

"Go ahead sis, just put it in your mouth and suck it like a lolly pop." I instructed.

As I looked down, my sister gently licked the swollen purple head, flicking her wet tongue over it. She was so in-experienced but it was so fucking sexy to watch her do this for the first time. She ran her tongue up and down the sides and teased the small hole in the end of it.

"Go on Allision, put it in your mouth, keep it there and suck it in and out. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh yeah, that's it!" I moaned as she finally slid her soft red lips over the swollen purple head and took it in her hot mouth.

I never had my cock sucked before and the feeling was unreal. Her mouth was so hot and wet as my shaft was gliding between her soft lips. I could feel the coarse texture of her tongue sliding across the sensitive skin on the bottom of my cock. This was the absolute best sexual feeling I ever felt. It was a hundred times better than jerking off with mom's best hand lotion.

What a sexy sight to see, to finally have your fantasies about your sexy little sister come true, to look down and see her naked slipping my hard cock in and out her young mouth. I softly caressed her cheeks and ran my fingers through her wet hair as she took only 2 or 3 inches of hard cock in her mouth at a time, slowly sliding in and out past those soft sexy lips.

As she looked up, those sexy goldish brown eyes searched for approval that she was doing a good job, satisfying her older brother. I looked deep into her eyes and smiled as I gasped with pure sexual pleasure. Her eyes smiled as she knew I was totally enjoying every second of the first blow job she ever gave.

"Uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm, that feels great Allison!" I panted out as she again took my shaft deep into her hot mouth.

"God Allison, I'm gonna cum soon! I wanna cum on your tits!" I commanded her.

I grabbed my huge swollen cock, stroked it as I aimed it toward her sweet firm tits. Allison tilted her head back, closed her eyes as my cock erupted and shot a huge load of hot white semen all over her left breast. The white hot jizz flowed down across the pale white skin of her soft breast, dripping onto the deep dark tanned skin below it.

I always found it a turn-on while watching dad's porno flicks seeing the guys shoot cum all over the girls breasts and faces. I couldn't resist so I aimed my cock higher towards Allison's face just as the second load of hot cum bolted out. It shot over her head, landing in her hair and trailing down across the left side of her face.

Seconds later, the third load of hot white cream landed right on her nose and mouth. Not quite as powerful as the first two loads, but more thick white cum than I had ever released in my life. I was so fucking turned on my legs were shaking. What a sexy sight, to have your sexy little sister give you your first blow job and then cum on her sexy young face.

As she wiped the cum from her sexy lips, Allison said "Holy crap Rob! I can't believe that much stuff shot out of you."

"It tastes kind of salty." she said as she licked the jizz from her lips.

Allison stood up, her lithe little body pushed me aside as she rinsed the cum off her face and out of her hair. With us both having orgasms, we had fun soaping each other up, caressing each other's bodies and finishing our first shower together. We laughed and caressed each other as my cock stayed rock hard the whole time.

"Let's finish up and go to the bed, ok Allison?" I questioned, asking her basically if she still wanted to make love to her older brother.

Allison softly grabbed my hard cock, stroked it gently and said, "Yeah Robbie, I'm not done with this sexy thing yet!"

We gently towel dried each other after our shower, caressing each other. We kissed passionately before we exited the bathroom and playfully I chased her naked little body to the bed. As she climbed onto the bed, I took in the view of her perfectly shaped ass with her sweet lightly haired pussy mound visible from behind, my cock was throbbing rock hard.

Allison pushed the covers down and rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide, she said "Come on big brother, make love to me!"

I smiled as I climbed up between her long legs, holding myself above her and looked deep into her loving eyes. " I love you sis!" I said as I lowered my lips to hers and we kissed deeply again.

I leaned on my left elbow, still kissing her as I reached down between us and tried to guide my thick hard shaft into her virgin pussy. Being in-experienced, I was trying to push my cock inside her but was a little too high up. I felt Allison reach down, her small hand took mine as she guided my cock lower toward her wet opening.

"Oooooooohhhhhh my god Allison. Your pussy feels so good!" I moaned as my cock head penatrated the juicy outer lips of my sister's young pussy, any pussy for the first time in my young life.

Her cunt was so hot, so tight that my cock felt like it would never fit into such a tight place.

"Go slow Robbie, yeah that's it, nice and slow." Allison moaned softly.

I knew Allison was still a virgin, so when my hard cock finally hit an obstruction, I just stopped and held it there a few seconds.

"Tell me when Allison and I'll go real slow, ok?" I asked.

"It's ok Rob, give me a second, then just push it in, ok. Come on, ready, ok, now, fuck me Rob, fuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk mmmeeeeeeee!" she cried out as I pushed my hard shaft deep inside her to the hilt.

I held my thick cock deep inside my sister's pussy as I watched the waves of pain on her face turn slowly to pleasure. She was panting hard as I felt her pussy quiver and twitch around my hard shaft.

"Ok Rob, go slow, pleasssssssssseeeee!" Allison panted out.

For the first time in my young life, my hard cock was slowly sliding in and out of a hot wet pussy. To make it even hotter, that pussy belonged to my sexy little 15 year old teenage sister. I beamed with lustfull pride as I slowly drove my cock deep inside her pussy again and again.

"Oooooooohhhhhh yesssssssss Robbieeeeeeeeee, uuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm god this feels better than I ever could have dreamed!" Allison moaned out.

"I know sis, your pussy is so fucking tight." I moaned as I fucked Allison's sweet pussy.

We made passionate love for the first time, brother and sister, both virgins only moments before, now locked in the lustful dance only felt between a man and a woman. This was the first time for both of us, but only the beginning of many more sexual encounters to take place the rest of our lives.

Allison wrapped those long tanned legs around me as I drove my hard cock deep inside her. It wasn't long and soon she was pushing up in time to meet every downward thrust I made. It was like we were the perfect sexual match, my hard cock inside my sexy sister's teenage pussy.

After four or five minutes, I arched my back, drove my cock deep inside my sister's pussy and shuddered with another very intense orgasm. Allison also trembled and shook with a small orgasm of her own. Unfortunately, I came before she reached her complete and full orgasm but she still enjoyed every second of our love making. We would have many more chances to pleasure each other during this lustful vacation.

After we were done, we snuggled up in bed together and watched some TV. We were both naked under the covers, in the spoon position, me pressed up tight behind my sister's soft hot body. Suddenly, I heard mom and dad opening the door and quickly put some distance, although only a foot or so, between me and my sister.

my little friend

perv4lilgrls on Incest Stories

    I always love when my grandson comes to visit because we go to the pool and I get to scout for more pieces of pussy. The pool is the best place to find some, as there is so much exsposed and little to wonder about.

    Well one day when my grandson came over we got ready and went to the pool. I lounged on a chaise while he played in the water. There was a little girl who was playing with him, had to be about 2 years his senior. They were having a wonderful time playing in the water.

    Then I finally saw who was the guardian of this little minx. She was a drop-dead gorgeous woman. Her milk-chocolate colored skin just glistened from the oil. Her eyes were a crystal blue, deep and piercing. Her body was straight from a m
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agazine. She had a non-typical black girl's butt, but not large just a small jut. It was just the perfect shape and size. Her breasts were, guessing, a 38c/d. Very full and pert. Her bikini was a light blue, like a sky blue. It wasn't a thong, but then it didn't need to be as the sight was too beautiful watching her walk to the edge of the pool. She bent down and said something to the kids and my grandson pointed in my direction. she proceede toward me.

    As she approached I could see your firm hard breasts bounce slightly. As I moved down her hour-glass figure, god her curves were so fantastic, I got to that gap between her legs and figured I could put 2 fingers between her thighs and still not touch her thighs. The gentle, yet provacative, sway in her hips started to get my blood churning even more then it was.

    " Hello my name is Tina " she said as she approached. " May I sit here ? "

    " By all means, please. " I said feeling like it sounded desperate.

    I sat up slightly trying to hide the erection starting to form in my shorts. I caught her glancing toward my cock as she sat down next to me. She moved it such a way that her ass was pushed toward my face before she placed herself down on the chaise. The sweet aroma of her coconut oil was intoxicating. She smilied wolfishly as she gave me a flirtacious glance.

    " I notice my daughter really likes your son. Where is your wife ? "

    " I'm sorry that's my grandson and my wife has been dead for 10 years. "

    " I am terribly sorry. " she muttered feeling she had offended me.

    " Don't worry, it's not a problem. Most people make the same mistake all the time. So where is your husband ?"

    " Well he is in the military and is away for about 6 months right now. "

    BINGO just what I wanted to hear. " He leaves a hot wife like you all alone for months at a time ? Isn't he jealous or worried about what might happen ? "

    " What I do is my business. As long as he gets what he wants when he comes home there is no reason for him to be suspicious of me. "

    This was what I was waiting to hear. This hot bitch just gave me the go ahead to do as I please with no questions asked.

    " So why don't we all go back to my place and continue this meeting in private ? "

    " Have you ever been with a black woman before ? "

    I looked her up and down, giving her a nasty look. " I have been with more black woman/girls then your husband, I'm sure. "

    We both called the kids and gathered our stuff as we let them know we were heading to my place. My eyes drifted toward her daughter who I really noticed for the first time. She was the spitting image of her mother. Soft coco colored skin, sweet booty so young and firm, with her just budding breasts starting to push trough her top. We walked behide them as we proceeded to my house. I just couldn't keep my off her daughter as we walked and she noticed it. We just chatted as we walked making small talk so the children wouldn't realize why we were doing what we were doing.

    We got to my place and I asked the kids if they wanted anything to drink. Both said anything would do so I gave them some juice and sent them down to my grandson's room when he comes over. It is downstairs and out of the way. As they trotted down stairs I watched as her daughter's ass giggled just so. She watched me watch her ass all the way down until they disappeared. Then I turned to her and asked if she would like anything to drink.

    She moved toward me and grabbed me and gave me a passionate kiss driving her tongue deep into my mouth and pushing those lovely tits into my chest hard and heavy. My hands instinctively moved down and grabbed her ass and squeezed hard on her firm cheeks. GOD her ass was so perfect my cock sprang up like a powerpole and pressed against her damp bikini bottom. She giggled slightly as I pressed it hard against her pussy.

    " So glad you're happy to see me. " she muttered.

    I slid my hand inside her bottom and felt that soft ass cheek, baby smooth. As I reached up with my other hand toward her breasts, I heard a noise as it was my grandson coming from the room. Quickly I removedmy hands and pushed her gently away. He came around the corner and up the stairs.

    " Grampa, can we have a snack ? "

    " Why sure, I'll make you two a pizza, okay ? " as I looked at Tina to see if it was okay. She nodded and I sent him back down to the room as I moved toward the kitchen to pull a frozen pizza out of the freezer and throw it in the oven. As I was doing this Tina came up behind me and latched onto my cock with her hand through my shorts and squeezed it so. She started to stroke it gently as she rubbed her tits on my back.

    I turned around and pushed her gently down to the floor onto her knees. She dropped with no hesitation as I slid my shorts down. My 8 inch cock sprang forth and into her groping mouth. I grabbed her head and pushed slightly. She accepted with no resistance. She slowly slid up and down my cock in a motion that just drove me absolutely wild. The suction was so great I flet as though my balls were going to be pulled through my cock, but it wasn't painful. She methodically moved up and down using her lips, tongue and teeth in such a way my mind was floating above the planet in a zone I have never been. I would grab her head and push my cock as deep as I could into her mouth so my balls slapped her chin and she would take it without hesitation. She seemed to enjoy it more as I did this.

    Suddenly there was a ding as the timer went off telling me the pizza was done. I looked down as she looked up with those piercing eyes. I pushed her head back as my cock POPPED from her lips and the saliva dripped off my cock and down her chin.

    " Let me get this to them so we can continue uninterrupted. "

    She just nodded and smiled as I proceeded to get myself back in order and cut the pizza for our children. As she stood up I could see clearly a huge spot on her bottoms. I reached over and felt between her legs and she was saturated.

    " My god you sure love sucking cock. "

    She batted her eyes and turned her head slightly as if embarrassed. It was so cute and sexy, as I grabbed the pizza and some more drins and headed downstairs.

    As I turned and started to come up the stairs, there was Tina completely naked standing there for me to see. I was truly impressed. Her large, firm breasts were capped by areolas that were 3 inches across with nipples the size of dimes standing three-quarters of an inch tall. Rock hard and inviting. As I moved down her baby-smooth body with it's deadly curves, her waist must have been only a 20 incher. Then came those hips pushing back out to a 34 inch. Most eye-catching of all though was her pussy showing proudly between those legs and perfectly placed in that gap between her legs. SSSSOOOO smooth and perfect. A baby had nothing on this girl. Smoother than silk and balder than kojak. It glistened in the light and shined like a lighthouse for the sailor to find his way.

    She just smiled at me and asked " So do you like what you see ? "

    As my cock immediately came back to life harder than before I uttered, " You are SSSSSOOOOO FUCKNG GORGEOUS. Even if I was blind i could see you are ever man's dream. "

    As I got to the top of the stairs and grabbed her body and threw the most passionate kiss on her. Sliding my hand on her ass and sliding a finger to her asshole pushing in slightly. She let out a moan. i drove my tongue deep into her mouth still tasting some of my cock lingering there. My other hand reached up for a nipple, pinched hard and pulled. She let out a squeal load and clear as the pleasure over took her body. She quivered and shook as she had her first orgasm. Almost biting my tongue as she came. I stepped back half a step and held her up as she convulsed with an orgasm I had never seen before. The cum was running down her legs. I took my hand and slid it down one leg and up the other to gather what I could and put it in my mouth. SSSSSOOOOO FUCKING SWEET. The aroma and taste sent my mind reeling. I picked her up in my arms and proceeded to take her down to my room and lay her down on the bed.

    " You are one truly special lady Tina. I have never been with anyone as passionate and horny as you. "

    With a quiver in her voice, " This is... nothing. Wait un... un... until I get star... started. "

    As she lay there on the bed getting her composure back, I slid down between her thighs and dove into my dripping honeypot. She began moaning and groaning as my tongue danced over her clit, now fully engorged and standing tall. I had never seen such saturation of a pussy in all my life. Even with other black women I have been with. The sweet aroma and taste was enough to make me want to cum. I continued to lick and suck and bite as she grabbed my head and pushed it hard into her pulsing and gyrating hips.

    She yelled between her squeals and moans, " That's it baby eat that pussy. Make momma cum like the fucking whore she is. Let her spray like the animal she wants to be. "

    These words just drove me crazier then I already was. I was driving my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could push it. I bit down hard on her engorged clit as she bellowed for more. I was trying to keep up with her hips but she was bucking my head all over the place and smashing me into her cunt as she let out a loud howl and came and sprayed all over my face and mouth. I was in sheer heaven as her cum drenched my face andand chin. She sprayed hard and long as it moved down my face and chin to my chest and into my hair. She was flopping around like a net of fish just put up on deck of the troller. Her moans and squeals were loud as she floundered around the bed like a spasm.

    I looked down at her with her cum just running all over my face and body. She just smiled trying to apologize.

    " I don't know why I have never met you before, but believe me you are never going to leave me again. You have now become my personal slut. " She smiled as I told her this. " I am going to do things to you everyday you only dreamed about. We have at least six months for now but I that will turn into a lifetime by the time I finish and you will never go back to him again."

    " I love to hear that 'cause there are more things to come for you too. " She smiled sheepishly as she said this.

    She turn ed and rolled on the bed so her head was by the side and grabbed my cock. She eagerly pulled it to her mouth and set a lip-lock upon it I almost came right there. She moved feverishly up and down my cock like a baby trying to get momma's milk. Trying so hard to get it to cum quickly. I just stood there enjoying it. She would take in my wholle cock and lick my balls as it tickled her tonsils. There was no need for my to grab her head as I couldn't push it in any futher then she was driving it.

    I could see while she was gobbling my cock the juices were just pouring from her pussy. Like water over a beaver dam. I reached down and got some on my fingers and hand and sent it to my mouth. Her nectar was truly heavenly. SSSSSOOOOO sweet and creamy. I pushed two of my fingers into her slippery pussy. With hardly any effort they slid in and her muffled moan squeezed from her filled mouth. I slowly and methodically pushed my fingers in and out of her pussy as her hips started to gyrate and pulse.

    My cock was stiff as steel and starting to pulse itself. She sensed it getting ready to blow and inhaled it deeper then I had known was possible for a woman. As she suckedit deep down her throat I blew a load like never before. The force pushed ME back as I dumped load after load deep into her throat where swallowing was not required as it was already halfway down to her stomach.

    She continued sucking my balls dry. I was bouncing all over the place as my head gets so sensitive on the under side as all you men know. She would not let it out of her mouth. Swallowing and sucking it hard. It was like getting it stuck in a hoover tube and you can't reach the switch or pull the plug. This woman was the cockwhore of cockwhores.

    As she continued to suck my cock I began to ram her pussy hard with my fingers. The sloshing sound was to much for me asmy cock started to grow in her mouth and she glanced up at me with those deep penetrating eyes which assisted in the rebirth of my cock. A smirk could be made out from the corners of her mouth. She was frantically fucking my fingers and cumming again. Finally she pulled her mouth of my cock as she came again. Her moans and squeals were waking the neighbors. I worried about the children.

    " Get down there and eat my pussy my little bitchboy. Don't stop until I cum two more times on your mouth and face. "

    She commanded and I obeyed. The juices were gushing forth like a leak in the faucet. It was spraying everywhere. I was loving every bit of it as I went down and just started lapping it up like a puppy to milk. While I licked I would bite her clit hard and love her squeals as she begged for more. I moved my fingers to her asshole and pushed two into her as she let out a howl that I am sure the whole block heard. I was worried she would break my nose as she bucked into my face. She came four more times and laid back, blacked out. I thought she had died.

    I stood up as she laid there and became a little worried. Then I saw her gorgeous chest start to move up and down and knew all was good. I reached up to her breasts with my cum filled hands and spread it all over her lovely mounds. As I rubbed it in I sucked and bit her breasts and nipples. Her moans and groans were back and she pushed my head against her chest.

    " You are truly amazing " she uttered. " I have never been so turned on in all my life. I need you to fuck me and fuck me hard. "

    With a smile on my face I said " It shall be my pleasure. "

    As I was grabbing her legs and pulling her toward the edge of the bed she yelled " NO NO NO "

    " I thought you wanted to get fucked ? "

    " Yes I do, but I want that bad boy in my ass. "

    A smile grew on my face as big as her ass and she laughed and smiled, " I knew you would like that idea. "

    I rolled her over and just gazed at that work of perfection. Such perfect curves and plumpness. All it said was " please come in we're open for business. " I could see where all the juices and cum had run down and covered her asshole. I moved my cock up toward the hole rubbing the fluids over the head as I moved pass her pussy and toward the glory hole. She squealed as my cock rubbed against her lips as her hips pushed back on my cock slightly parting her lips and letting the head just dipp into the tiny gap of her pussy.

    I grabbed hold of one cheek. So firm and yet just the right softness. The smoothness of her skin was enough to make me cum right there, but I held off until I could get it into my treasure.

    My head came to her tight little opening and I pushed it in just a tad to see what kind of resistance I would encounter. Her hole was SSSSSOOOOO TIGHT. It squeezed the head of my cock snuggly as i moved it in. She howled, " OH YES, I WANT ALL THAT LOG IN ME BABY !!!!! "

    I then grabbed the other cheek and squeezed hard and spread them slightly to make a little more room as I plunged my cock deep into her ass.


    I dug my fingers into her tender cheeks and squeezed them hard as I drove my cock to the hilt deep into her ass. Her cries were loud and wild. Her hips were driving back against my cock with such force. My balls were slapping against her pussy with a LOUD smacking sound. The juices were splashing all over us both. She was having another orgasm. I could feel her warm cum against my sack. I just continued to drive my cock into her tight ass. I could feel her squeeze my cock tight as i moved back keeping it from exiting. I started to spank her ass with ahrd open hand. She howled loudly and came again. The bed was completely soaked by now. From sweat, her juices and cum. I was driving her ass and slapping those cheeks.

    " Oh mommy not again. "

    My heart just about fell out of my chest. I stopped my strokes, but kept my cock in her ass, as we both turned our heads and saw her daughter standing in the doorway watching us.

    " Don't worry baby, your turn will be coming soon honey. "

    I turned and looked at her and she smiled at me and said, " Oh yes you will get my daughter also. "

    With these words my cock seemed to get just a bit bigger and harder.

    " You just get naked and get ready for your turn and watch mommy so you can learn. "

    I was just baffled. This was too good to be true. Here I was fucking the sweetest ass of a fucking nympho and when I finished with her I was going to get her little girl also. It was too much for me.

    I started driving harder and faster as I wanted the daughter now. You could hear my hips slapping against her cheeks, my balls splashing agianst her pussy as I dug my fingers deep into her ass and pulled myself deep into her channel and let loose a load like I had never before shot. I must have been cumming in her as for a good three minutes. All the while she cried for more. Finally as my cock finished, she quickly pulled her ass away and flipped around and began sucking on my cock draining it of every last bit of fluid. Her suction was so fantastic as it began to almost instantly arouse my cock again.

    " He looks bigger then daddy. Do I get to do all the things with him or not mommy ? "

    As she pulled off my cock for a moment, " Baby you can do what you think you can. Mommy will be right here to help with anything you need. "

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Here I have this black, goddess, nympho giving me the best sex i knew to this day and I also get her delicious YOUNG daughter. Her daughter was already naked and playing with her pussy. She definitely was not new to this.

    " So when did you get her started in all of this ? "

    " I got her started when she walked in on my husband and I one evening and wanted to know why he was hurting me. Since then she has been with me everywhere I go. "

    I was just astounded by these words. " She has been with you whenever you go have sex ? "

    " Yes I have and I think you'll like me as much as mommy " she uttered as she got up and moved toward the bed. I could see her smooth bald pussy just glistening ever so from her little play session. She really had no tits to speak of, but one could tell when she got older they would be as wonderful as her mother's.

    She approached as her mother got off my cock and handed it to her. She took both her small hands and grabbed it and guided it toward her mouth. She parted her lips as far as she could and moved slowly over the head.

    " That's it baby, take it nice and slow like mommy taught you. "

    She got just the head into her mouth and danced her tongue around it as well. This was driving me crazy as my cock started to grow. The thought of this fine young girl doing all the things her mother does was driving me crazy.

    She took a little more in her mouth. Her suction was very similar to her mothers. She could only get about three inches in before I felt the back of her throat. She gagged slightly with a cough, pushed off a little and went back. Soon she was bobbing up and down on the little she could take while stroking the rest with her hands. She would move one hand down and play with my soak scrotum now and then.

    Her mother in the mean time was playing with her engorged clit and making sounds like a wild animal. She moved around and positioned herself so she could watch her daughter sucking my cock while she tore up her clit and pushed a finger up my ass.

    This was getting to much for me. " I'm going to blow here baby. "

    " That's alright she knows what to expect. "

    I placed my two hands on either side of her face, gently. She looked up with those beautiful eyes and I could make out a little smile from her overstuff mouth. She was enjoying this as much as her mother.

    " I'm going to cum baby. Do you know what that means ? "

    She nodded her head as my cock was pushing her lips and cheeks to the max.

    Suddenly her mother pushed two fingers up my ass. It was at this point I let go with a blast that blew her head off my cock. The second shot blew over her face, chest and stomach. She sprang back up and caught the third on her face and partially in her open mouth, as she grabbed my cock and tried to get it back in her mouth. Then the fouth and fifth blew down her throat as she gagged and choked from the loads blasting against her tonsils. She kept sucking what she could as it oozed from the corners of her mouth and squeezed out from all around lips. I was pumpimg about half a pint of cum in her mouth and she was trying her hardest to take it all.

    Her mother had cum again and moved around front and started licking her face where the cum was oozing out.

    " How did she do for you ? "

    " The two of you are not going home today if thats what you mean. "

    " Oh but I must so I may talk to my husband. He will be calling in about two hours. "

    " Well I guess I need to do something else with her before you go. "

    As her daughter pulled off my cock and finished draining my cock of cum, she looked up to me and said, " Do I do good for you mister ? "

    " My little girl you did very well and you are going to do more soon. "

    Tina was licking her face, trying to get all the cum on it. These two girls were fucking unreal. A fantasy every man has, coming true for me. A nympho, cock-whore with a young daughter who tries to out do her mother.

    I moved down and started to eat her daughter's pussy. It was a little damp, but OH SSSOOO SWEET. The delicious nectar from her young cunt would make any man cum instantly. While I was eating this little pussy, Tina moved so she could suck my cock and was psuhing two fingers up my ass. This was driving me wild as I plunged my tongue deep into her young daughter's sweet pussy. The juices were just starting to flow when Tina came up and said, " It's time to put that log in her pussy. "

    I pushed her legs out and moved into position so my head was just at her lips. The mushroom was pushing those little lips into her pussy. Tina moved in and pulled her lips apart so my head was just starting to spread those lips wide.

    She grabbed my cock and aided it into her super tight pussy. In clung with great force to my cock as I slid it inward. I could feel the walls pressing up against my cock as I stretched that tiny pussy to it's limit.

    " Oh my GOD mommy, he is so much bigger then daddy. I am so full. "

    " I know baby, but it feels so good. "

    I pushed a little more and pulled back. Then I pushed a little further, trying to allow her pusy to adjust. It was super hot and sssooo fucking tight on my cock. SSSSSOOOOO FUCKING SMOOTH. Her pussy was like jacking off with a velvet glove. After a couple more gentle slides, I pulled back to where just half my head was still in and then let loose with a plunge that even made Tina cringe. Her daughter took it like a champ as I started to pound away on her tiny pussy slamming my cock hard and deep into this love canal.

    Tina started rubbing her clit and pulling on it hard as I continued to pound her baby's pussy hard. Small tears could be seen coming from the corners of her eyes. I was pushing her canal walls as far as they could go. My cock was tickling the top of her womb. If it was possible my cock may have come out her mouth. I was fucking this little girl with all my might and she just moaned and squealed with pleasure as I pounded her.


    " OH god baby, here it cums. " As I blew my load deep into her womb. Thank god she couldn't get pregnant yet, because I'm sure we would have had at least twins from that load and as deep as it was.

    I pulled out and Tina told her to finish the job. She popped up and began with that magnificent sucking cleaning my cock and draining any dribbles left.

    " Oh my GOD you two are just two hard to believe. I want you to stay here all the time until you need to go back home. "

    " We will be back after I talk to my husband and we will spend the night. "

    " I'll take my grandson home and we will continue later. "

    I looked at her daughter and winked, " Next time i going for the ass. "

    She grinned, " You think you can handle it ? "

    They both got dressed and took off, I went downstairs and woke my grandson to take him home.................

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My sister was told she was a lousy fuck.

davidj on Incest Stories

I was at home on Saturday night for the first time in months as I had broken up with my girlfriend Sue.
She is 19 and I am 21 and I have a year to go before I graduate. She has two years to go.
She and I had been lovers for about a year and the both of us were more than happy with the sex that was wanted and available. I believed neither of us was unhappy with that part of our relationship. When I refused to buy her an engagement ring she lost her cool and told me all I wanted from her was sex. I didn't quite agree with her statement as she frequently initiated the experience and had often said let’s not go out, let’s go to bed and we did. I explained my situation but she was not interested and in the heat of the moment I told her the only ring I wanted to be involved wit
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h was her high water ring around my cock from her cunt. She stormed out and has not contacted me for over a week.

I was watching a DVD when my sister Jane came down and sat with me in the family room. She said why aren’t you out with Sue – then realised we were no longer together. She and Sue were great friends and confided in each other. Jane knew as much as I did about what Sue and I did in bed. She said she was sorry and wouldn’t mention it again.

I said cool it – don’t worry I will get over it.

She said what will you do for sex now – you two were always at it.

I said I will just have to take things into my own hands – and laughed and she laughed with me. She knew exactly what I meant.

I said why are you and Tony not doing the town or something.

She said it’s very icy between us at the moment – you know Tony and I are lovers.

I said I didn't need to be Einstein to work that out.

She said well last week we were fucking as usual and I have always given him what he wanted – like you and Sue. He told me I needed to lift my game and that I was a pretty ordinary in bed. I was shattered. I stormed out and left him there half way through a fuck. I even left my pants there.

I said what is the chance of you two reconciling.

She said at the moment, not much – I think if another girl wiggled her arse at him he would have her pants off as soon as possible. We were not really in love, just sex rats really. That’s what he wanted and that’s what I gave him.

I said that makes us a great pair doesn’t it.

She didn't answer and I continued to watch the movie and she sat there obviously upset but saying nothing more. It was about ten minutes later she said – could you pause that movie for a moment – I want to ask you something.

I stopped the movie and looked at her.

She said I am deadly serious about this and I have been thinking about it for a week and it’s taken me so much
courage to sit here and decide to do this.

I want you to tell me where I am going wrong and teach me how to be better in bed. I know you and Sue were great having sex in every way, and she has told me often how good it is in bed with you. I want you to show me. Now it’s all over with her I don’t feel it’s as bad as it would have been before.

I sat there shocked for a moment and said you want me to have sex with you.

She said in a word - yes – but not just sex, show me how to be better at fucking. Obviously if Tony was not happy I can’t be doing something right. I have never had another complaint – but then he was only the third guy to sleep with me, The first one didn't last more than a couple of times and the other one was a one night stand.

Shit sis I said – that is incest – I don’t know if I could.

She said it’s not love or anything its only a fuck. I want you to tell me what I have to do to make it good for you; obviously I am not doing something right. We both know what it’s like – it’s just a fuck, a sort of lesson. I have made up my mind - I can handle it.

I said holy cow – fucking my little sister – Shit sis I cant. I don’t know that I could even get a hard on with you - I have never ever looked at you as a sex object – I have never imagined me ever doing that to you. I have seen you naked often enough and realise what a great body you have and if you were anybody else I wouldn’t hesitate - but fucking my own sister I don’t know if I can. I have never thought of what it would be like with you – I know you and Tony were doing it but not imagining for one moment what you did or what it would be like with you. Shit sis I don’t know if I could fuck you – I don’t know if I could even get it up to fuck you – I really love you but not that way –you are my sister – sort of part of me – I dont know if I could. That is a big ask of me.

Jane said I know and don’t think I have not given it a lot of thought. We won’t know unless we try – I have lain awake for hours thinking of how I could ask you and what your reaction would be. I had hoped you would have not hesitated and all my worries were for nothing – but I can see that it is not easy for you. Dont think I havnt tried to work out what Tony is on about. I cant just go and find a guy and say look I have been told I am a lousy fuck – will you tell me whats wrong with me. Can you imagine if a girl asked you the same question.

Tony is really shitty on me at the moment and he is just as likely to spread it about I am a lousy fuck. I would hate that.

I have tried to masturbate and I am finding it harder and harder to cum because I imagine myself with you in me. I just seem to worry about working out how I was going to ask you – let alone actually doing it with you. Its going to be hard for me too remember – I realise how wrong it is. I know the consequences of getting pregnant with you but I can’t get pregnant, I am on the pill and that seems to be the biggest problem with a brother and sister – getting the girl pregnant. The social stigma is one thing but the probability of a birth defect is more concerning – but we don’t have to worry. We can do it and when you cum it wont matter - it’s ok. I am sure nobody will ever know – it will be in our own home and who will ever know. I have given it a great deal of thought and I have convinced myself I can handle it and that your role will just be a teacher – it’s not for love or anything – try and think of me being a prostitute and you are paying for it.

Look sis I could never look at you and imagine I was fucking a tart. I respect you more than that.

The she said what have I got to do or say to get you to say yes.

Come over here and sit beside me. We will just see how things go and let things take its course – in a while you never know it just might happen.

The two of us sat together and I put my arm around her and then we began to watch the movie again. After five minutes I said it’s not working I can’t concentrate on the movie and I can’t think of anything else but us and what you are suggesting we do. Fuck - you know I would do anything for you Sis but this is pushing the boundaries a bit too far. I have never knocked a good fuck back ever and I cant believe what Tony has said. He has got to be mad.

Thats what bothers me – Jane said - he has never complained before and we have been fucking each other for ages. I don’t know why, He has no problem getting his cock hard and always wants to fuck but for a while he hasn’t been happy but he cums every time and I never gave it a thought that he was not enjoying it. It sort of noticed he was taking longer and longer cumming and I don’t cum every time. Maybe thats what is bothering him – that he cant make me cum.

I said perhaps the spark has gone out of you relationship and the only reason you are still together is the sex.

She said I still give him oral and he goes down on me and I cum every time and he seems to enjoy that.

Jane said look we use a few porno movies at times and he has no problems when we do that. I have a couple myself in my room - maybe if we look at one you might be more interested with me.

She returned a few minutes later with the movie and slipped it into the DVD player.

Within a minute it became obvious it was a home made movie with two teenagers having sex and they were good at it, particularly the girl who was doing most of the work. It also wasn’t very professionally taken. There had to be a third person there taking the video and I said to Jane shit there is somebody else them and taking the movie - I don’t know I could have fucked Sue with anybody watching.

Jane said you have – I did it one night and Jane had me video you at it. She has the video – It wasn’t very good because I was outside her bedroom and could only take it through the window and curtains but it showed how good you are together. It was almost a year ago and I thought she would have shown you by now.

I said the bitch – I hope she doesn’t use that to blackmail me.

Jane was still standing up watching the movie and by now the two on the screen were really fucking each other – they had started with her sucking his cock – then he fucked her missionary and now he was into her doggy. It was turning me on a bit and my cock was almost hard. I got was engrossed in the movie and while I was watching them Jane had removed her blouse and as slipping off her bra.

I sat there not knowing what to look at next – the two fucking on the TV or Jane as she removed the rest of her clothing. My decision was being made for me. The combination of the DVD and Jane naked was making it easier for me to fulfil Janes wishes – I had the feeling then I was weakening and she would get her wish.

When she was completely naked and the two on the screen were in the throes of an orgasm she came to me and said ok big boy – see if you can stir me up like he just did to her. She hadn’t been watching the DVD but was obviously well aware of what was on it. My guess was she had watched it frequently either with Tony or while she masturbated.

I said I didn't think that was the plan – I thought it was me that needed stirring.

She came and stood in front of me completely naked with her legs spread and her hands on her hips. She looked stunning. She bent over held my head in both hands and kissed me and at the same time took both my hands and placed one on each breast. I reacted immediately and fondled her hard, ruby red nipples. She purred with the pleasure I had begun to give her.

She said you do that beautifully I could almost cum with the sensations I can feel as you play with them – oh god it feels good.

We kissed as I rubbed and squeezed on her hard nipples with my fingers. For her it was a little painful but erotic and she was enjoying the sensation, making her squirm. As I did she pressed her crutch against my cock harder and harder. I kissed her with a passion and I didn't realise I had such a strong feeling that way with my own sister. We used our tongues and open mouths to engage and it was becoming erotic. Sue’s loved me to rub her nipples between my teeth until she could bear it no longer and I often broke her skin in the process and made them bleed slightly before she told me to stop. Sue loved the sensation and asked me to do it quite often. Jane broke away and stood in front of me again – take your clothes off she ordered - I want to see all of you like you can see me.

I stood up and slipped my T shit off and then my pants and underwear, for some reason I felt a bit embarrassed. If it had been any other girl it wouldn’t have bothered me. There were now two piles of clothes on the floor. I was as naked as she was. My cock softened a bit but once I was completely naked and holding her body to mine I was bone hard. I have a seven inch cock and it was pressed between us as we kissed and that in itself made it even harder.

God she said –it magnificent, and stood back and took my cock in her hand - I know why Sue loved it so much with that cock. Tony’s cock was barely six inches long and it has a curve to the left. I love what you have – I can’t wait and squeezed it with her hand and a drip of precum dribbled out of the eye of it and dropped a string of cum down and finally dripped onto the carpet. Jane said it’s ready – let’s do it.

Jane stood up and took me by the hand and led me to our spare room. She said it will be better down here.

On the way – she said prepare me for lesson one – seduce me and see how I go.

We got to the bedroom and she pulled the sheets back and then got onto the bed. She looked ravishing, her firm breasts and hard now blood red and hard nipples standing out. As she lay there they had flattened a bit like fried eggs but were still very firm and hard. She looked stunning and I had a perfect view of her manicured pubic patch. Sue did something similar and it certainly improved the view of their vaginal slit. Both had shaved the lips of their vagina bald and left a little bit of hair above their slit. It was a very pleasant experience giving Sue oral like that. I had no intentions of doing the same with Sis.

She said let’s just lay here for a while until we both are ready – I want it to be more than just a fuck the first time. Then we can see what I am doing wrong.

She had obviously applied some scent behind her ears as when we lay together I could smell it as her body warmed for our embrace. She smelled beautiful and had no vaginal scent at all.

We lay there for a couple of minutes and she rolled toward me and said close your eyes and kiss me – imagine I am Sue.

I could never imagine Jane to be anybody else but Jane – Sue was somebody else. I closed my eyes and kissed her and after 30 or 40 seconds it was something else, I felt I wasn’t kissing my sister at all she was just somebody else. She was great kisser and I had no hesitation in responding to the passion that was slowly building between us. We kissed open mouthed and with our tongues as if we were first time lovers – not brother and sister.

I knew then I was not going to disappoint her and that we would before the night was over enjoy the passion of intercourse with each other – I do not want to call it love for obvious reasons – it was incest and I knew it, but did not want to admit it to myself. For 19 years we had been brother and sister and got along fine – we had lived through each other’s experiences in life and loves. The brotherly love was there but not the passion – until now. The jokes we made about our appearances as we moved through puberty and the hair growing around our crutch and her breasts budding up and swelling were now something in the past that were now very enticing. Never at that time did I give a moment’s thought to having sex with her in any way.

I broke the embrace and moved to get on top of her; I didn't want this to go any further as the passion was rising and I was beginning to want her as a lover, and not as a brother and sister experiment., and the last thing I wanted was to get emotionally involved – it was hard enough going this far.

She recognised my move and she opened her legs and got herself prepared for me to enter her.

Let’s just let this one happen and see how we go – she said. Afterwards we can talk about it and see what I can do to improve it.

I was just about to enter her and I said – I think if we are going to be doing this for a while. It may be wise for me to use a condom and not have you full of my semen, I know you are on the pill but it may be better if you are not full of my stuff each time we do it. She said nothing and I got up and ran to my bedroom and quickly returned with a pack of condoms. I was just about to roll one on and she said let me do it I have practiced this a few times and I think I can do it on a live cock.

She took the rolled condom and put it in her mouth and then proceeded to roll it down my cock with her lips and mouth, I had never seen it done like this or had it done to me before but it felt awesome. The feeling of her lips as she rolled it over the head of my cock and down the shaft to my balls was beyond belief. She had my entire cock in her mouth – my own sister.

I said bloody hell where did you learn to do that.

She said I have only ever done it on my dildo – never on a live cock until now. I insisted the first two guys I let fuck me use a condom, as I wasn’t on the pill then. When I started with Tony I was on the pill before we started fucking. I knew I wanted it with him and wanted to be ready for it and not have to worry if we decided on the spur of the moment to do it together, rather than planning for it. Actually we talked about doing it one night before we actually decided to do it.

We then resumed our position and she got ready. She opened her legs and pulled her knees back. I got between her legs and opened her vagina with my fingers to look into her. She was beautiful, wet, warm and pink and very, very juicy. As I spread her lips she spread her legs further and I could see into her and it looked wonderful all shiny and wet and beautifully pink. Her labia was virtually just inside her lips and did not protrude – just the way I prefer them to be. She was obviously wet and her vagina looked beautiful. I had not seen a prettier sight. Had she not been my sister I would have kissed and licked her lips clean as I had done to Sue many times. She was watching me looking at her and asked is it ok.

I said absolutely perfect – in fact beautiful.

Thank god she said - that’s one plus.

I said I am sure there are going to be plenty more.

I then took my condom covered cock and guided it toward her cunt – she was still watching – looking down her body over her magnificent tits which until now I hadn’t realised how firm and beautiful they were. I put my cock head against her small almost enclosed labia lips and said I am ready how about you.

She said this is even better than my first time.

I pushed my cock into her slowly and her lips parted to give me access to her internal parts. She was warm tight and wonderful and I wasn’t all the way into her yet. She smiled at me as I pushed into her further I could feel the warmth of her body and the firmness of her tight vagina as I slid my cock slowly up into her warm and enticing body.

She sighed and said oh god that feels good.

To me it felt awesome. I said shit Sis I can’t imagine any guy not enjoying what I am doing at the moment. I can honestly say you feel better than Sue - but never tell her that.

She said I won’t be telling Sue or anybody else that my own brother and I fucked each other – wow would that raise a few eyebrows around here.

I said it wouldn’t be the first time – remember David and Loretta – they were at it when she was 12 and he was 13. They eventually got caught by her mother. I only learned about it a few years later when he and I were drunk one night and he told me. Evidently she caught them flushing Loretta’s cunt out after he ejaculated into her. They had been fucking each other for almost a year before he started to cum – it was the first time he ever came. You know when girls get their first period at puberty – well guys start to ejaculate. They were shit scarred he made her pregnant and they used a bottle of coke to flush herself out and their mother caught them at it.

Their mother put the fear of god into him and he never did it again. She told him any baby they made would be crazy and disfigured. Loretta was different and was one girl who couldn’t control her desires and would let anybody fuck her. She would do it with anybody including men when she was only 13 and became a real slut. Her mother had her put on the pill as soon as her periods began. Some stories went about she even let some of the fathers and brothers of the boys who fucked her in the afternoon fuck her at night in their cars. I have to admit I did it with her frequently more often than not after school. She was my first fuck and I will never forget it. During school holidays – we would go into the bush nearby and she would have 5 or 6 of us lined up and we would fuck her one after the other. I have to admit I did it with her four or five times some days and I wasn’t the only one. My guess is that some days she would have had more than 20 or more fucks and never got tired of it and never said no. I don’t think she ever wore pants. There must have been days when she had a litre of cum in her – I know it was always juicy. I even saw her fuck guys standing up against a tree a few times. By the time she was 16 she was full blown prostitute. Ironically her mother’s name was Sue too.

Shit I never knew that Jane said. I knew she was easy and a lot of guys at school have talked about having sex with her. I didn't realise she was that bad. I never ever thought you might have been one of them. We must remember never to get drunk and spill the beans about us then.

I said I will never forget that night David was crying drunk and wanted the two of us to fuck Loretta – just so he said I would know how good she was. He never realised how many times I had already fucked her – it would have been over a hundred times in the two years or more we all did it with her so that would give you an idea of how often she was fucked. We were like dogs with her. In some way I felt that him wanting me to fuck her would justify him doing it to her. He was a sad case as he blamed himself for what she became because he started her doing it when they shared bedroom and said he did it almost every night to her.

By now I was into fucking Jane as I would be fucking any girl; she was so comfortable and relaxed about it. I was just thrusting and pulling back with a nice steady rhythm. It felt wonderful inside her, even with a condom on, and looking down and watching her body and her tits move as I fucked her was magic. I realised she showed no real emotion at all allowing me to just fuck her, she smiled occasionally. The thing I noticed however was she was lying back letting me do all the work and while she seemed interested possibly - enjoying it she wasn’t really participating with her body. It was like it was just her cunt that I was fucking not her body. I continued to fuck her and we talked a bit about how good it felt while I was in her and that I would never have imagined us ever doing it together, but she never really got excited about it and let me do whatever I wanted – not that I was going to do anything erotic – I just wanted to enjoy fucking her. We remained in the missionary position the whole time and as I got toward cumming and went harder and faster her tits began to bounce a bit as I pounded my cock up into her as far as it would go. Her whole body was shaking with the pounding I was giving her. She showed a little more interest and I was beginning to grunt and said I think you are getting ready to fill that condom. I said how about you and she said no - I am nowhere near ready – maybe later.

I came with some force and I must say I enjoyed the experience – the sensation of me cumming inside her and
filling up the condom was as good as if I wasn’t wearing one. I was quite vocal and grunted each time I spurted. She seemed to enjoy the fact I was cumming. After I had pulled out I realised I had enjoyed better fucks than with her and Sue was so much better. I could never imagine the two of them comparing notes.

After I pulled out I lay beside her and she waited until I had recovered and removed the condom. Then she said well – what does the score card look like.

I said now we are doing this for one reason are we not - and that is to find out why Tony said what he did.

She said well what is your opinion, forget Tony.

I said I don’t want to forget what Tony said because it has caused you two to break up. Now don’t get upset but I think I know what he is talking about.

She said is it that obvious – I thought you enjoyed it with me.

I said I did and from my point of view I would give myself 10 out of ten for the pleasure of fucking you . It was good, BUT....

Ok give it to me what is the BUT?

I said you more or less just lay there and let me fuck you, if you do the same with Tony I can understand why he is saying what he did.

I think we had better go watch that video again and I can show you a few more on the net – I don’t expect you to do it like they do it but I will show you what I mean with some of the women.

She said well do you think there is hope for me.

I said every hope in the world and by the this time tomorrow I will be as sore as all hell and you will be so well fucked, and know exactly how guys like their women to behave in bed. I am going to enjoy myself and I hope that you will learn how to enjoy it yourself and make me happy at the same time – at the moment it’s all one way – my way.

She got up and said – how do you mean for me to learn how to enjoy myself – I didn't cum but I still enjoyed it when you fucked me as much as I do with Tony.

I said I can tell that but you need to SHOW the guy you are loving it and that you are ENJOYING being fucked as much as he is fucking you. The secret is to be more animated and move and talk a bit and be a bit more sexy or sluttish – talk dirty etc.

God she said that is a real criticism.

I said you wanted to know – I am your brother not your lover, and you asked me to tell you why Tony said what he said. I am sorry but I want to show you what he means and what it can do for you. Fucking is a two way thing – you have got to enjoy it as much or more than the guy. You are being a bit shy about it.

God she said you don’t pull any punches do you.

I said look we are in this together – as much as I want to now – after that fuck I could fuck you every day – you are good but can be better. Believe me I enjoyed it but I want to SEE and FEEL YOU enjoy what I am doing to you as well.

I went to the DVD and put her show on. Now watch and I will show you what she is doing. My guess was you were watching the guy fuck HER not she fucking HIM.

I ran the DVD again and we both watched the fuck in progress. I said forget the sex scenes just watch what she does and how she reacts and then see what he does. I held the remote and stopped and rewound a few sequences and said see - watch her – she is now working herself up and giving herself a good time and then watch him, and I rewound a scene or two for her. See how he is enjoying watching her enjoy herself and he is trying harder to make it better for her.

She said I can see it but I am enjoying it too.

I said maybe but you are not showing it. Let’s watch a couple more scenes and we will get back on the bed and I will show you what I mean.

She said let’s do it here on the floor and watch them at the same time – then I can see what I need to do.

By now though I had lost the urge – I was now the teacher and being rather pointed and critical of her and there was no romance or sex in it. I was basically giving her a lecture on sex. I needed her to be engaged with me and show her and guide her through the ways and means she can use her body and mouth to appear to be more responsive.

I said I don’t think I could do it right now. My cock is still soft. Let me get my laptop and I will put a couple of porno sites up and I can connect them through the TV and we can watch and I will explain and probably get a bit more aroused.

She didnt say anything and I went to my room and got the laptop. I plugged it in to a favourite porno site I use and when I turned around she was masturbating. I said now that’s more like it I can see you are showing more reaction to your own finger than you did for my cock.

She said that movie is gross – she is a real slut. I don’t want to be like her.

I said I know and I don’t expect you to be like her but see how she reacts when he is stuffing his cock into her. I was doing it to you in almost the same way but you didn't react and just lay there and let me fuck you and enjoy myself. I would have enjoyed it twice as much if you had reacted like her. You could have been reading a book while I fucked you – it wasn’t as bad as that but do you get my drift.

I was not sure but I thought I saw her wipe a tear from her eye. I think I was getting through to her.

I switched to another show and this was two high school kids about 18 and they were really into it. She seemed to be in control and he was doing everything she was asking for. Jane watched enthralled and let that one go right through and hardly said a word – at the end the girl sucked his cock immediately after he withdrew it from her cunt and he came in her mouth. She let his cum run out the edge of her mouth and down her chin and drip onto her tits. It looked gross but the girl appeared to be enjoying every moment of her involvement with him despite it being depraved at times – even to the extent of anal sex.

Jane said wow that was something else – I bet she was more than a student.

I said what does it matter she was enjoying herself and he was enjoying it almost as much if not more. Notice how he looked at her and how she reacted and how she used her legs and cunt to give him more and more pleasure. She decided what position they fuck in and changed it a bit – in fact they did just about everything twice but in different ways. The positions were the same with either him on top or her on top but he had his cock in her in different positions. There was one there where her legs were almost back over her head and her cunt was completely exposed and he could have got into her in half a dozen ways.

Shit she said – can we show that again and the two of us can copy them.

I said sure – but don’t get upset if I tell you to do something or show more interest or move in a certain way.

She said yes master.

I smiled and said ok slave do as you are told or I may have to tie you up.

Ok shit she said that would be awesome.

I said that’s could be the sweets after the main course.

She said I love sweets. Let’s get the main course over and done with.

I needed some stimulation and we kissed and she fondled and played with my cock even sucking it a bit and playing with my balls with her hand and pretty soon I was ready. That she did well. Obviously she had done the same with Tony.

We were on the floor of the family room with the TV about to repeat the show we had just seen.

She said I am not sure about the closing scene – what do we do there.

I said whatever you want. I can handle it. It won’t be the first time.

She said mine either – there now you know something you didn't before. It won’t be the first time I have taste the fruit juice of life through the human straw, and I have some pretty tasty stuff to offer myself in my pink well of pleasure.

I said I thought this was to find out about why Tony said what he said. I am sure he didn't complain about that part of you.

No she said he always enjoyed licking me out – he always told me I cum off better on oral than with his cock in me. I think I know now what he meant – you have explained a lot.

We got down and we started the movie.

Now she said I think I can handle anything you want to tell me now – this is a lesson not a love making experience.

I said I hope it’s both. Come here you little bitch and fuck me. Tell me everything you want or feel. I am going to make sure you enjoy this come hell or high water.

We got into position and once more I loved the view of her cunt as I guided my cock into her. This time I didn't wear a condom. It was heaven on earth. We ran the show and there were a few places I had to stop it and rewind it. She wasn’t doing as much as I wanted and after a while she said am I getting better. I said there is a bit of room for improvement. I was enjoying the sex with her like I could not believe. Come on I said and told her what I wanted her to do. I got her to really bring her cunt into play and talk dirty to me which was a bit embarrassing for her. Gradually she realised she was getting more sensation out of her cunt and began to use my cock to stimulate her clit rather than let me do it.

We followed the movie to the letter and it took a few goes for her to respond they way I wanted her to. I guess we were fucking on and off for almost an hour, stopping and replaying scenes, trying out the moves and repeating and practicing the moves and positions. I hadn’t cum but she did twice. That was a highlight for her as she had only cum a few times when Tony had fucked her and never twice in the one fuck.

Then I said ok lets believe its Tony or some other guy but me and get into it.

I could not believe the difference in her now. An hour or so of fucking and practicing the womens moves made a huge difference, she was a raving sex maniac and the difference in her was amazing. I came inside my own sister and it was fantastic, I grunted and breathlessly told her how good it was, and how good she was, as I flooded her cervix with my sperm and spurted spurt after spurt of hot semen into her cunt. She grabbed me around the waist with her legs and squeezed the last drop of cum out of me and deep into her and covered her cervix with my steamy semen. She had cum a couple of times during the lesson which she enjoyed. Had I made her pregnant I would have been so happy.

After it was all over we rested for a while and then she sucked me off. I still had the remnants of our fuck juices on my cock and she didn't hesitate – she took me into her mouth and sucked and fondled me like a pro. I could not have asked for better. Her performance far exceeded her fucking ability and I told her so – I said if you had fucked as well as you suck you Tony would never have complained. She swallowed every drop of my semen and seemed to enjoy it. Would you like to do the same for me?

I hadn’t planned to go that far with her again but she was now well and truly becoming the slutty little girl I had wanted her to be but she would never descend into being a slut. She asked me nicely if I would so I did. She lay on the bed and opened her legs. She tasted a bit stronger now after a few fucks and I sucked and licked her cunt and had an absolutely wonderful time on her and when she came she was so vocal it almost embarrassed me – just as well there were nobody home as she almost raised the roof and I wondered if the neighbours heard her.

After that we had a rest and in about an hour’s time she came to me and hugged and kissed me- nothing was said but we had the most amazing fuck I could ever imagine with my own sister. She did it all – the lesson had been worth it. She was perfect and she even admitted she had never enjoyed anything like it before. It was well over an hour of pure unadulterated sex in every form. Even I was exhausted by her efforts after it was over. We lay together naked for another hour before she said I think we should order in a Pizza and have sweets afterwards.

I didn't disagree – she was as good as a fuck I had ever had now – 100% better than our first effort.

While we were eating the pizza I mounted her again – this time I really wanted to fuck her – her sitting there naked eating Pizza turned me on. I didn't see her as my sister this time but a girl who I wanted to fuck. I looked at her and said can I fuck you again and she didn't hesitate and lay back and just let me have my way with her. She just said I would love it. She showed me she had learned her place in a sex engagement and had learned what a guy looked forward to when having sex with her – she was great.

After we had showered and got ready for bed she said can I sleep with you? There is no way I would have said no.

I said what do you think Tony will say when you show him what you have learned. She said he will never find out – it’s over for him – how could I tell him my big brother taught me how to fuck like an expert when he didn't even try. From now on I will be after somebody who can treat me like a brother I every way. I love you in more ways than I could ever imagine. While you were fucking me I thought about the times we spent in the bath together when we were about 6 or 7 and we wanted to know why we were both different and nobody would tell us why. Today I found out BIG TIME.

Don’t be surprised if I come knocking on your door some time – as far as I am concerned this is the beginning of brotherly love – not the end of it. My door will always be open to you too – I will remember this day for ever.

We fucked regularly after that – at times the emotion overwhelmed us and we became lovers in a very serious way.

She had boyfriends after that and occasionally let them sleep with her. However she always came back to me if SHE wasnt satisfied with THEIR performance. She often told me they needed a teacher like you. I admit there were times she came home and straight to me. We fucked together with the cum of her earlier lover still inside her. I didnt mind as we now had something really special between us and we both could enjoy our incestuous relationship more as lovers than as brother and sister.

We agreed once she realised she really had fallen in love with a man when she was 22 that it was over between us. We had one night of lust when we relived our first lesson together. She had graduated with honours then and there was no way she needed further schooling I told her – it was now her turn to teach her future husband – but never reveal who her master had been.

I will remember my last night with Jane as vividly as I will remember my first time with Loretta . I had committed incest virtually tens of times over with Jane after the first lesson and we both improved our ability to satisfy our partner(s). My life with my sister as a lover was over but never forgotten. I could never count the number of times I had fucked both Loretta and Jane. It would amount to well over a hundred or more. I was very very satisfied.

My new auntie

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I was busy masturbating in my room and did not notice my auntie poke her head in and see me.

My 'Auntie" is 5 years older than me. My father remarried a much younger woman and my "auntie" is her sister.

I reached orgasm and began to ejaculate and as I watched my cum spurt and fly out I saw her standing there smiling and touching the crutch of her shorts.

I said holy fuck how long have you be

Harper Valley Revisited – Part 2 – The Party

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We drove Kylie home, all of us in the front seat, with Kylie sitting beside me dressed again in her little skirt and sleeveless top and Ashton beside her. Kylie and her sisters and father live only a couple of miles from us so it was a short drive with none of us saying much, me lost in thoughts of where our actions seemed to be leading and having second thoughts about the whole thing.

As we neared her driveway and I pulled to a stop, Kylie turned to me, placed her hand on my thigh, and said "You and

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Ashton are coming Saturday, aren’t you?"

"Kylie – I just don’t know about this. I mean ……." I paused as Kylie put her small finger to my lips.

Quietly she said, "Shhh. I think I know what you are going to say, Parker. But don’t you know that all of the girls are safe at these parties. None of us have to do anything we don’t want to do, and what better introduction to sex can there be than to have it done by men with some experience who are considerate of their partners. I mean all of our fathers are there and we know they would not let anything happen that would hurt us. Or would you rather Ashton end up in the backseat of the car of some teenager who could care less about her feelings?"

"Yeah, I know – I think the same thing – but then think that I’m just rationalizing it all away. I still don’t know about Saturday – we’ll see. I need to talk to Ashton about all of this." I said.

She smiled knowingly and said, "OK Parker – I think she really wants to do this and I really think it would be good for her – I know it has been for me. But you talk to her about it and consider her decision about all this – I know she’s thought about it a lot and knows what she wants."

Kylie squeezed my leg and kissed me as Ashton got out of the car. She released my mouth and whispered into my ear "Parker, I REALLY want you to come to that party Saturday. I want to be your first when you get there. I promise you’ll have a really good time." With that she leaned over, providing an arousing view of her cleavage, and whispered promises of what she would do if we would come to the party.   Her soft whispers were accompanied by her warm breath on my ear like a soft summer breeze tinted with young girl smell.   Damn, I nearly lost it right then and there.

"Kylie, how can I say no after that sort of invitation. And if Ashton still wants to go, we’ll be there." I stammered.

"OK, I don’t think Ashton is going to change her mind, right Ash?" She said. Ashton smiled and nodded. "Great. I’m sure I’ll see you guys there", she added with a grin and a wink as she slid out of the car.


Ashton got back in the car and I put the car in gear and we headed home. She moved close to me and put her arm through mine and just hugged it to her chest, not speaking but smiling up at me as I tried to keep the car on the road.

The next two days were a blur. Just went by in no time at all. Ashton and I did not repeat our sexual activity – just did a lot of hugging and exchanging "I love you’s" often.   Ashton was as happy as I have ever seen her and I expect the time went much slower for her than it did for me. We agreed that what she, Kylie, and I had done was enjoyable, for all concerned, but I think we both were a bit more self conscious around each other than we had ever been before. So, we waited for the big party, not knowing exactly what to expect but knowing it was going to involve Ashton, as well as other young girls, and sex.

Saturday arrived and Ashton was up early. She spent all morning trying to decide what to wear. I was trying to put the finishing touches on an article that I was writing for a financial newsletter I publish periodically. I got very little done with Ashton coming down every so often to model her latest choice. She looked great in all of them and I told her so, but that didn’t help her make a choice. Finally we both agreed on an outfit – a short pleated skirt with a sleeveless blouse that buttoned up the front over blue bikini panties and matching blue push-up bra. She had applied only light make-up and looked the epitome of the young innocent.

The party was scheduled for 10:00 at Jerry’s house, about a 10 minute drive from our place. We didn’t leave until 10:00 so were a little late arriving. Ashton rode all the way over on her side of the car and when we got there we just sat in the car looking at each other, neither of us sure what to expect inside. Finally Ashton slid over to me and gave me a very deep kiss. When I could get my breath back, I whispered, "Ready?" She nodded, smiling, hair falling over that left eye said, “Are you?”   I gave her an ‘I guess so’ shrug and opened the door.   As we got out of the car, I noticed she had unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse, revealing the tempting cleavage that resulted from the little push-up bra she wore. I frowned a little at her but she just smiled and walked on ahead of me to the front door.


At the door Ashton rang the doorbell. Chimes could be heard over muted laughter from somewhere. The door opened and there stood Jerry with a big smile on his face. "Well, well, you did decide to show up. I was worried that you may have changed your mind. Noel told me that Kylie had convinced you. Come on in, they’re all in the den." Jerry put his arm around Ashton’s waist and hugged her close as he escorted her, with me following behind, into a large den, with a patio visible through sliding glass doors. The patio overlooked a huge landscaped yard surrounded by a high privacy fence. People were milling around inside and out on the patio – a few on the grass nearby. As we entered the den I heard a girlish shout from across the way - "ASHTON !!!", and saw Kylie running toward us. She glanced at me before hugging Ashton and planting a very sexy kiss on her lips. Ashton momentarily taken aback by such a welcome hesitated only a few seconds before returning the embrace and enthusiastically responding, tongues obviously mutually exploring each others mouths.   I remember thinking at the time, ‘looks like they may have done that before’.

When they finally came up for air, Kylie turned her pretty head to me and said "Parker, you guys are late – you ought to be ashamed to make me worry so – but I’m soooo glad you and Ashton did come after all. When you weren’t here at 10:00, I was worried that you weren’t coming at all. I was really going to be mad at you if you hadn’t come."

"Sorry, Kylie. It just took longer to get ready than we had planned but we aren’t too late. And we have been looking forward to coming as well." I replied.

"OK, Parker," Jerry interrupted, "let me introduce you to some of the other folks here while Kylie shows Ashton around."

"Fine," I said and tuned with him to meet a group of dads standing nearby. Noel was in the group, and although I had seen some of the others before, other than Jerry, he was the only one I had really met before. I offered him my hand and said "Hi Noel, we saw Kylie already. Good to see you again."

He shook my hand and, grinning, said "Yeah, I heard. Kylie has been looking for you and worrying that you weren’t going to show. Glad you made it."

I turned to the other men in the group and shook hands as I was introduced to George, Brad, and Warwick. All had daughters there. When we first entered the den I noticed that most of the young girls were congregated together on one side and their fathers and a couple of what I assumed were mothers were on the other side. At our entrance and general incorporation into the group, everyone began to intermingle, as though they had all been waiting on us. Perhaps, more likely we just got there at the right time. As the other men in our little group wandered off, in search of their favorite girl I’m sure, Kylie came running (gosh, doesn’t that bundle of energy ever slow down?) back with Ashton and her sisters, Jenna and Natalie. Of course I had met Jenna before but not Natalie. Together their resemblance to each other was remarkable. Natalie was obviously older than the other two but did not look her 19 years. Jenna, a year younger than Kylie, could have passed as her twin. All three were beautiful young girls, Natalie exhibiting a wee bit more mature sophistication than her sisters but, obviously, still a teen. But it was Kylie whose appearance and manner intrigued me. She was so self confident yet with a sweet innocence that shown through that outer beauty, spiced by that mischievous sparkle that came and went in her eyes.

"Dad, here’s Ashton. Isn’t Parker a hunk?" and without waiting for a reply, "Parker, you know Jenna and this is Natalie. She’s been dying to meet you after hearing Jenna and me go on about you."

I’m sure I actually blushed at this girl’s unabashed compliment. "Well, I hope she’s not disappointed," I said. "I certainly am not. Beauty in the extreme obviously runs in this family. Natalie, it is a pleasure to meet such an attractive young lady. With three beautiful daughters such as you, Noel is a lucky man."

"You bet he is, and he knows it. We remind him every chance we get," replied Kylie digging her father in the ribs. "OK, now dad, Parker is with me. And I know you will probably end up with Larissa and I think George would be perfect for Ashton." Kylie – taking charge. But I had no objections at all. I looked at Ashton and saw that she was looking shyly at Noel.

"OK, sweetie, that’s fine with me if it is ok with Parker and Ashton, but they may want to take it easy at first. This sort of get together takes some getting used to for some people," Noel said. Turning to Ashton he said, "You know, sweetheart, you don’t have to do anything here you don’t want to do. If you say you don’t like what someone is doing or wants to do, just say no . It’s as simple as that. Sometimes some of the guys might think you are just pretending you don’t want to do something and might not stop. If you really mean no, tell them firmly that you ‘really don’t want to do that’ and they should stop. No one has ever done anything that a girl didn’t either agree to or at least not object to that I am aware of at these gatherings and I don’t think there will be any problem. But – just in case, either your dad or I will be nearby. Just holler for one of us if you need to and we’ll handle it. OK?"

Ashton, nodded and said thanks. I don’t know about Ashton, but I was relieved to hear him say this. I expect it was as much for my benefit as Ashton’s.

As we talked, George and his daughter Larissa joined us with Larissa going up to Noel. They joined in a distinctly intimate embrace, Larissa turning her pretty head up to Noel’s. Noel held her face between his hands and they exchanged a very deep, prolonged kiss. When they broke from the kiss, still hugging each other tightly, she whispered, but loud enough for us to hear, "I’ve so missed you, Noel." Noel smiled down at her, pulled her closer and whispered in her ear. Didn’t catch what he said but Larissa broke out in a big grin and nodded enthusiastically. It was obvious that these two were not strangers, in fact had a thing about each other.

Noel, still holding Larissa by the waist, turned to Ashton and introduced her to George. "Ashton, Kylie is right about George here. I think he is about as good a guy as you’ll find at these gatherings, and he has expressed an interest in getting to know you better, so if you and your father have no objections I’ll turn you over to him and let you get better acquainted," he said with a glance and wink in my direction.   Two other men came over and whispered to Natalie and Jenna who turned and, excusing themselves, left with the men.

George was a very nice looking man, actually what Kylie would call a hunk I’m sure, and with Noel providing the satisfactory reference, I had no objections to his being Ashton’s partner. Ashton, looking like the innocent little teen that she is, or was, just looked at George and shyly went to stand beside him.


Most seats were taken but we spotted an unoccupied love seat and chair near one wall and proceeded to claim them. Kylie arm in arm with me, our little group walked by several other small groups, usually one or two men with a young girl or two together. One of those groups contained a man, a grown woman, and an extremely cute little girl. I had no idea how old she was but would not have been surprised if she were pre-teen, perhaps as young as 10 or so. The woman was bending to kiss her while the man with them knelt and was running his hands up and down her legs. Her chest appeared virtually flat with just the hint of budding breasts underneath a thin little tank top. There was no evidence of a bra and I doubted she would need one for some time to come. All of this I absorbed in the 10 seconds it took to walk to our chosen seats.

"Down boy," whispered Kylie to me. "Put you eyes back in your head and lets sit down on this love seat. There’s room for us and George and Ashton too, I think." I did not see how four people were going to fit on that one love seat but didn’t argue. As I stood to let Kylie sit first, she said "No, you sit Parker, then I’ll join you. Here, sit right there," as she pushed me down and proceeded to sit on my lap. George sat next to me and patted his lap for Ashton to sit there. (OK, so four could sit on a love seat built for two.) With only momentary hesitation, she did so. Noel and Larissa were similarly ensconced in the chair next to us. Kylie bent her head and kissed me lightly on the lips. I admit that to receive those lovely lips I had to consciously close my mouth, so astonished was I at what I was seeing going on around me that it had been hanging open.

"Comfy?" she asked with a smile.

With her warm little bottom sitting directly over the center of the only brain cells that were working at the time, I nodded and said "Extremely," adding inanely, "How about you?"

Squirming on my lap a bit and causing a lump to arise beneath her that she could not help but notice, she whispered "Extremely," breaking into a mischievous grin. Then evidencing a very intensely serious expression, so attractive on such a young girl, said, " Parker, we don’t need to do anything right now. I know this is all very new to you and we can just sit here and watch if you’d like." Then turning mischievous again, added in a deep little girl voice, "If I do anything to you that you don’t like or want me to, just say no and I’ll stop – OK?" I could not help but laugh out loud, causing some heads to turn in our direction, at her imitation of her father’s little speech earlier.

"Kylie, I promise. But I doubt that will be necessary." I said.

"OK. I’m just going to snuggle here where it’s so warm and let you watch a little bit. At this party we can do whatever we want to whenever we want to, so take your time." She said as she snuggled deeper into my lap, allowing my growing erection to push up slightly between her legs. "mmmmmm," she whimpered as she closed her eyes and lay her pretty little head on my shoulder and continued to move on my lap, first spreading her legs slightly to allow my member to rise as high as the restriction of my trousers would allow, then closing them and capturing that rising between her thighs.

Despite the distraction of Kylie and her ‘snuggling’, I was mesmerized at the proceedings. All around me men were beginning to openly fondle the young girls, over there raising a skirt to rub and squeeze a perfectly shaped little ass, next, things had progressed with the man and woman who had started on the young innocent I had passed earlier. The girl was still standing but they had her top completely off, her panties on the floor, and she was holding her skirt, raised to the waist to allow the kneeling woman to nuzzle between her legs. Opening her eyes and noticing where I was looking, Kylie whispered that the girl was named Kristen, and that that was her mother and the man was a guy named Connor. With the mother so engaged, the man, not her father, was gently suckling her budding breasts, softly biting at the small but erect nipples. Kristen was making no objections to her treatment, quite the contrary, she seemed to be enjoying it immensely, actually moving her body back and forth, slowly humping her mother’s mouth. It, quite honestly, was one of the most erotic sights I had ever seen.


I sat watching for around five minutes before Kylie, tiring of my inattention to her, began to ‘snuggle’ with more enthusiasm, and, reaching for my right hand, moved it to her breast, her hand over mine. and squeezed lightly. I took the not so subtle hint, and began fondling her breast through her thin blouse, feeling the breast pushing against the fabric of her thinner bra, a hard nipple underneath very apparent. She turned her head up to me, the most beautiful blue bedroom eyes I had ever seen staring at me, lips open, moist and inviting. I leaned to her and we kissed. Such was that kiss that I lost all awareness of anything except the willing, pliant, beautiful little Kylie on my lap. As we kissed she worked her hands between us and began to unfasten the buttons of her blouse.

Once all buttons were undone she leaned away from me and said. "Take it off of me, Parker." I pushed the blouse from her shoulders and she busied her hands at my belt, unfastening and unzipping my trousers. My erection instantly freed through the opening in my boxers. "Now my bra," she whispered. I fumbled a bit to find a clasp in her back before she smiled and said, "It fastens in front".

"Oh," I grinned sheepishly, going to the clasp between those perfect little breasts, freeing them and pushing the bra back off of her shoulders to join the blouse on the floor. Next she was at my shirt. I had a casual pull over shirt which she pulled up and over my head with surprising agility. Then she pressed those softly firm little mounds into my chest and kissed me again, her hands rubbing my back, my hands roaming down her back to cup the cheeks of her little ass through the fabric of her short skirt, pulling it up and touching the bare skin of those cheeks. I thought for a moment that she must not be wearing panties, but she pulled away from me and, with a smile stood, reached under her skirt and removed the thong she had been wearing. Then kneeling she removed my shoes and socks, grabbed the legs of my trousers and pulled them, boxers and all, off of me. I was then sitting on the small sofa totally nude with an erection so intense that it actually was a little painful. Kylie was standing in front of me with only that short skirt on and it riding dangerously high. Smiling at me she pulled it higher, displaying the sexiest patch of honey blond hair at that special junction and allowing her to spread her legs and return to my lap, this time straddling me, wrapping her arms around my neck and sliding forward, stopping when she had trapped my cock between our stomachs, my aching scrotum pressing against the soft pubic hair above her little pussy.

She moved – God did this little girl have moves – against me, rubbing, my cock firmly wedged between us, her skirt up above her waist. Then she moved higher, the nipples of those small breasts tangling with my chest hair, to allow my cock to slide between her spread legs. Now positioned beneath her and between her thighs, the upper part of it rubbing along her extremely moist crack and beyond. She moved back and forth as our kiss became a marathon of licking, nibbling, sucking each others mouths and tongues. Then adjusting position ever so slightly she poised my erection at just the right place and lowered her body. I entered her as she slowly, ever so slowly lowered herself onto me. Words cannot describe the exquisite pleasure such friction elicits. Just an inch or two of penetration, then back up. We broke the kiss and I looked up at her beautiful face, her expression so innocent and wanton at the same time, eyes closed, breathing faster causing her small chest to rise and fall rapidly. My mouth gravitated of its own volition to her right breast. There I suckled, savoring the womanly taste of so young a partner. She moaned and put her hand behind my head pressing my mouth harder against her soft breast. I bit the nipple lightly, causing more movement from her hips. With each movement, more horizontal now than vertical, more of me slipped into her most intimate of places. She moved my head to the other breast and I repeated my actions there. Her movements increased, now matched by my own thrusts. No more slow insertion. I was now plumbing her depths. With each full thrust I could feel the head of my cock hit her cervix, each time eliciting louder moans and whimpers. I bit the nipple harder then sucked as much of that small breast into my mouth as possible, laving it there with my tongue. Kylie was just an insatiable sex partner, wanting more and more it seemed. My resistance was fading and there was no way I could last more than a minute longer if this kept up. I moved my hands from her back down to her hips to slow her down a little. Sensing that I needed to slow down, she slowed her movements to a near halt, me buried to the hilt. Then, the most amazing thing that I have ever felt, not from any other partner I have ever had, and I’ve had a few, happened. Sitting perfectly still with me embedded in her, she started squeezing, then relaxing, then squeezing, then relaxing, those vaginal muscles. Over and over and over.

"My God, Kylie, I can’t last if you keep that up. OH GOD, Kylie." I gasped as she continued, not stopping the squeeze, relax, squeeze, relax. I erupted into her most intimate of places, scalding her with my seed. Still embedded in her, I held her close, so close. She hugged me hard and we sat, lay there in an embrace that seemed to last forever as I managed to regain some control over my breathing and she also, head on my shoulder again, began to breathe at a more normal rate. After what seemed an age, she raised her head and, smiling down at me with her hair sweaty from exertion and those bedroom eyes sort of glazed over, asked. "You liked?"


Looking at that face, still obviously sexually aroused, I could only mumble, "My GOD", again, "you have to ask?? I have never, never had such a mind blowing orgasm. I’ve had partners twice your age with ten times the experience and never had that done to me. How in the hell do you do that."

Knowing exactly what I meant she said, "I’ve practiced a lot. Do you know what a PC muscle is? It’s really the pubococcygeus muscle – and I can control it pretty well, don’t you think?"

"Well, yes I know what a PC muscle is but I have never, NEVER, experienced one who uses it like you do."

"MMMMMM, Parker, you feel soo good in me, even soft. I would like to lie like this with you forever. But first – you have to let me cum too."

"Ha, girl. It’s your own fault you know. If you hadn’t made it impossible for me to stop, we’d still be doing it and you’d have had multiple orgasms by now."

"Well, I know I got you to go before me, sort of on purpose. But now is the time for all good soldiers to come to the aid of their damsels in distress," she smiled down at me.

I protested saying," You mean you expect me to do it again now. Jeeze, Kylie, I’m a pretty good soldier but I’m only human. Men have to rest a bit after that sort of thing."

" I bet you can do it right now. I’m going to show you. I know you did it to me right after doing Ashton on Wednesday, so I know you can. Just wait and let me do my thing" she smiled as she leaned to kiss me, then moving to my ear, whispering into it.   I could hear her breath coming a bit faster, feel that summer breeze again.   “I love you Parker and I love what you do to me, and I want you to do it some more.   I want you to fuck me Parker, I know you can, right now.”   Damn, that is so erotic.   I began to slowly stiffen.

She leaned away from me, pressing my growing erection fully into her. "See." She said with a smile in her voice, "But there’s more."

She began her squeezing again. Squeeze, relax, squeeze, relax. Amazingly, I felt my member respond further. Still not to its full capacity, but respond nonetheless.

"Ahh. That’s it Parker, see I told you. Now, look at me," she said as she continued to lean away from me. I did. She had the most innocent expression on her face, just a slight pout, looking down at me, eyes so blue you could get lost in them, moving her hips and squeezing, relaxing, over and over.   Her hands were on her small breasts, rubbing and squeezing, pinching her nipples.   I felt my cock grow to full erection and beyond, so sexy was the sight of little Kylie sitting with my cock fully embedded and virtually cooing with pleasure. She closed her eyes,   leaned her head back, and hands still on those beautiful breasts, thrust her hips forward to engulf me to the fullest. "Ohh, Parker, you feel sooooo gooood in me. Fuck me, Parker, fuck me hard."

What a feeling. Kylie’s pussy had engulfed my cock and it seemingly had a mind of its own, totally erect and plunging into her tight hole. Looking up at her, she was no longer the innocent little girl. This was a harlot, a slut, a woman who wanted nothing more than to be fucked silly. I responded by pounding, harder and harder at her small opening, fully to the hilt each time, feeling her depths, holding her by her hips and thrusting her down onto me as I pushed upwards. She aided the motion by thrusting downward as I pulled her to me, making small moaning sounds each time my cock was embedded fully.

I held her hips, slowing things down a bit. "Slow down, sweetheart, I want this one to last a while", I gasped between labored breaths. "The second time for me is always a longer one. You got me going a lot quicker than usual that first go round but this time I want to make SURE you get there. Maybe more than once."

Smiling through her sexual haze, she leaned forward and said, "Wanna bet? I’ll give you one but that’s it. If you can make me cum more than that, I’m yours forever."

Mine forever??   With that kind of incentive how could I fail.   I knew my capacity and, though this girl was straining it to its limits, I thought I could last. Plus I had a few tricks up my sleeve, so to speak.


Kylie smiled. We kissed, another of those long nibbly, bitey, sucking kisses. As we did so I changed her movements. Sitting on my lap – with me nearly prone – I began to move her hips backwards and forwards instead of up and down, a horizontal movement rather than vertical. This had the effect of bending my very rigidly erect member approximately 90 degrees each time we did this. Some what painfully at first but then, actually more erotic sensations passed through my body.   But it gave Kylie the pleasant sensation of rubbing her very erect clit over the top of my cock each time she moved backwards.   Within a half dozen movements I could feel her shudder, I allowed her motion to change to slow full penetration then back to rub her clit, then full penetration again. She hugged me so hard that I could hardly breathe and, as she squealed aloud, I knew I had succeeded, at least for the first orgasm. But she didn’t stop, I’ll have to hand it to her. She continued her slow movements for a few minutes, then, stopped and began the squeeze, release routine again.   But this time, as much as I enjoyed what she was doing, I wanted HER to feel more pleasure.

“Kylie, stop.   This time just sit there and let me do MY thing.” I said.   She ceased her movements and stopped squeezing my cock and looked down at me, a questioning, pleading expression on her face.   Holding her hips I then pushed her backward slightly, to where I felt that erect little clit of hers just above the base of my cock.   She uttered a sweet little gasp, her mouth forming a perfect O.   Then I began to exercise MY PC muscle.   Tensing, I caused my cock to jump within her.   Release and tense again.   Slowly at first, then more rapidly.   I heard her whimper and, leaning forward, she wrapped her arms around my neck as I continued to make my cock jump in her pussy, causing her to feel the effect directly on her clit as well as within her body. (This can be dangerous if the goal is long term intercourse, for it causes incredibly pleasant sensations in the male as well as the female.   Fortunately, I did not have to continue long.)   Kylie, moaning and trying to move her hips against my hold, kissed me over and over, only little pecks between labored breathing, hugging my neck so tight I thought It might break, uttered one long moan of ecstasy, as she reached that blissful plateau for the second time.   I released my hold on her hips and freed her to her own movements.

Kissing me hard again, she just began pounding her little body up and down on me, saying "Now cum in me, Parker, come on, please, cum in me again. I want to feel it, I want your cum in me sooooo bad.”

Jeeze, how in the hell could I resist that. This little angel sitting astride me with my cock buried in her little pussy begging me to cum in her. I totally lost it as I felt her third orgasm grip her. I probably deposited more cum in her vaginal canal than I had the first time as I watched her in the sexual bliss of that moment. So sexy, so glowing, so very erotic her expression, smiling, grinning, shouting, hugging me, kissing me.

As the ecstasy retreated, we both collapsed into each others arms, locked in our embrace. She with her head on my chest, me with my head buried in her maze of hair, smelling her, sweaty, lusty even there.

Raising her head and looking at me, glowing in the aftermath of our marathon session, kissing me between words, she said, "God, Parker, you win. I have never felt like that with ANYONE before. That was amazing, you are amazing. Jeeze, not only are you a hunk, you fuck like – like , I don’t know – like my dad, only better," Giggling, she added, "but don’t tell him I said that."   Again wrapping those little arms around my neck, she buried her head in my shoulder.

"Sweetheart," I said softly into her ear, "You may not believe this, but I have probably been with a hundred women in my life, and I have never, EVER, had a partner like you. You have the most talented body and – something else, special – that I have EVER encountered. If you were about 20 years older I’d ask you to marry me." We both laughed at that, breaking the tension a bit. Kylie kissed me and I kissed back, a long slow, loving kiss that somehow seemed to hold promise for the future. Then Kylie glanced to her right, then back to me, with the biggest grin on her face I had yet seen.

Section 8

Glancing to my left casually at that point, I had reason to doubt not only my own retinas but my very sanity.

My beautiful Ashton was still seated on George’s lap but conversation appeared to have been discarded in favor of some rudimentary lessons in thermal upsizing. With her head lying back on his left shoulder, I watched stunned as George, nuzzling her neck and whispering words of encouragement it seemed, began to gently fondle my daughter’s breasts. I heard her give out a little gasp of surprise as she wriggled beneath his touch. He was extremely loving and gentle with her and I knew Ashton was in safe-keeping.

Turning her head slightly allowed George to kiss her tenderly, while at the same time his right hand began its travels southward, across the flat of her youthful belly towards its inevitable destination that lay temporarily at least, hidden from view beneath her skirt, but whose convex shape gently protruded just above the apex of her already slightly spread legs. Just for a second I caught her expression of urgency if not the slightest trepidation , as his hand cupped her soft little mound through her clothing.

So hot was the scene alongside me, my hand instinctively found its way between Kylie’s legs once more and despite the warm cum still trickling out of her, I slipped two fingers up inside her and began to finger her with increasing pressure. My efforts were rewarded by Kylie beginning to moan softly now, one hand gently caressing her own breasts as her pleasure increased with each inbound exploratory.

George’s left hand, encircling Ashton’s neck had now gained entry to her hot little push-up, helped not a little by the three buttons, her forward-planning earlier had dictated should remain undone. I just stared fascinated as he began manipulating her nipple as he applied more pressure to the center of her skirt. No doubt she would have opened her mouth and gasped had not George been kissing her so passionately at that juncture. Even as he slid his hand up beneath my daughter’s skirt, that very action alone causing the pleated material to ride high up her thighs, I could see Ashton becoming aroused to the point of desperation.

Speaking of which, Kylie at that moment was taking things into her own hands as it were, as the most delicately shaped little hand suddenly enclosed my own erection and proceeded to apply what could only be described as the "therapy of the Gods," keeping time with my own digital penetrations of her ultimately hot and sexy little body.

By the time Ashton’s bikini-pants were exposed in all their technicolor glory, George had her completely on the edge. Unable to sit still now, she had brought her own hand up to his and was pushing down on the back of his hand as he began to rub her right through the almost transparent material.

"Can I take them off sweetheart?" I heard him whisper to her.

Jesus, did he have to be so polite? I was at the point of leaning across and ripping them down myself. As if sensing my own escalating needs, Kylie began to increase the rhythmic tempo her hand was affording my erection. What I was doing to her defies belief!

At that point, George began tugging her panties down, the effect of which was to expose to all and sundry, my daughter’s lightly furred triangle of unutterable appeal not to mention those cute moist lips between which George was now sinking his middle finger so dexterously.

"That is soo hot isn’t it Parker?" Kylie whispered between little sighs of pleasure and angling a glance in Ashton’s direction, while still paying my nether regions the attention they so richly craved. "It makes my dad mega-hot watching the other dads doing stuff to me. Are you going to let George fuck her ?"

Hearing this little cutie utter those ultimately coarse words and with the imminent reality of the situation to my left, I realized I was a lost cause. There was nothing I desired more right then I had to admit, than to see my daughter fucked into total submission while I watched. I nodded in reply.

I didn’t have long to wait either! With her bikini pants but a memory now, George had not only her blouse unbuttoned to the waist, but her beautiful and proud little breasts well free of the push-up. "Hot damn" I thought to myself, her nipples weren’t that erect when she and I shared that most beautiful of unions when Kylie was over our place. My mouth was rapidly drying up as I watched him remove both her top and bra, leaving just her skirt for some token modesty. Ashton was approaching obvious critical heat as she responded to George’s whispered suggestion that she now straddle his lap facing him. If anything, being in simply that short skirt made it just that much hotter. Despite Kylie’s unreal ministrations and what must obviously have been her own regenerated orgasm to judge by her muted gasps and the feel of warm fluid enveloping my fingers deep within her pussy, I could not drag my gaze from my daughter’s imminent fate.

Her wonderfully sculptured breasts undulated as George kissed her front-on while freeing up his erection from the confines of his trousers. His being fully dressed, added a surreal if not fully dominating edge to my daughter’s impending, yet semi-voluntary defilement. Just for a second, I saw Ashton’s momentary hesitation but then she herself took a hold of George’s masculinity and guided it between her own legs. Right about then, I doubt I could have told you my middle name, who was sitting on my lap or even if George Bush might get himself re-elected. All I saw was George and my daughter passionately kissing one another while he cupped her three-quarters exposed bottom with both hands, pulling her hard towards him as he quite obviously sank into her right to the hilt.

As their rhythm stabilized I could see Ashton totally glazed-over with pleasure as he thrust up into her. For her part she was fucking him right back – those beautiful hips maintaining control. I wondered if George’s cock was at the mercy of those wonderfully effective vaginal muscles. Judging by his reaction, she certainly had his number every bit as much as he had hers.

On impulse, I kissed Kylie and told her I loved her so much, even as she brought me to what was always going to be the inevitable result of her handiwork. I spurted a considerable amount of hot cum principally across her tummy and fingers. She just smiled that goddamn cheeky little smile she does so well and nuzzled my neck, still just holding my cock tightly.

I heard it, but I could hardly believe it. Ashton was wriggling, totally uninhibited now, almost bucking as George took her the high road. "Fuck me" I heard her whisper to him between kisses, "don’t stop fucking me please."

One can only say in hindsight - he didn’t!  Grabbing her tightly around the hips his time had come. As he filled that hot little pussy with every last spermatozoon, each I suspect carrying a nuclear warhead, Ashton tossed him a smile of such pleasured finality and sexy youth, one can forgive any man present, thoughts of dragging her off to the nearest bedroom and locking the door for several hours. George lay there, temporarily spent perhaps but definitely sated. Tenderly caressing both her breasts as they swayed gently just inches from his face, I knew this was the beginning of one inconceivably memorable afternoon .

Section 9

Kylie brought me from my reverie.

“Parker, why don’t we get up and give them some room,” she whispered in my ear.   I nodded agreement and she slid back off of me.   We stood, me still totally nude, Kylie in her skirt still at her waist, in front of George and my daughter.   We were joined by Noel and Larissa who seemed equally entranced by the sight.   Larissa, clad in her panties and bra and Noel in his trousers, stood with arms around each other.   The front of Larissa’s little bikini panties was quite obviously soaked.   Those two had, again quite obviously, been engaging in what my dearly departed mother would call ‘heavy petting’. I suspected it had been heavy petting of the heaviest kind.  

Kylie and I, our arms around each others waist, watched as George whispered in Ashton’s ear.   She smiled down at him, her eyes locked with his and, still uttering soft moans, again began to move slowly against him .   Still inside my daughter, George was exhibiting amazing stamina.   He obviously was intent on providing Ashton, and himself, additional pleasure.  

As George led Ashton on yet another journey toward sexual ecstasy, I watched this incredibly erotic sight of my daughter enjoying the ministrations of this older man.   Standing provided an unobstructed view of Ashton, moving around on George’s lap.   It was obvious that he had become erect inside of her again.   She leaned forward, her hands on his shoulders, and kissed him hungrily while she began raising and lowering herself on his cock – a sight I will never forget.   Watching them, my cock again was becoming erect.   Then George whispered to Ashton, so softly that we couldn’t hear what he said.   She grinned down at him and nodded.  

He moved his hands to her pretty little ass, one hand on each cheek, and rose from the small sofa, Ashton holding him around the neck, her legs locking behind his, kissing him and continuing to hump him as he held her.   They turned and George lowered her to the now empty sofa, then, placing her down with her legs spread impossibly far, him between them, began to fuck her, slowly at first, then, at her urging, faster and faster.   He would pull almost all the way out, then bury his cock in my daughter’s pussy, causing Ashton to utter a soft ‘umph’ each time his cock disappeared completely.   The ‘umphs’ quickly became rapid fire ‘uhh, uhh, uhhs’, as he just fucked her mercilessly.   With this motion, and from our angle, it was evident that George was extremely well endowed.   His cock had to be eight or nine inches long, a long slender tool being used on my daughter.   I remember thinking fleetingly, that while he was longer than me (not by a whole lot), I was thicker (hell of a time to think about that – but we men are a competitive and, at times a bit insecure, lot).   Ashton was meeting his every thrust and, as we watched, seemed to experience multiple orgasms, one after another.   (Ohh, for Adam to have been second when God gave out those last two gifts.)

I felt a hand on my cock and looked down at Kylie, again holding me.   She was watching George and Ashton with such wanton innocence (in this case - NOT an oxymoron), a sweet frown of concentration on her face, that between her touch and the sight before us, I amazed myself, or rather, my cock amazed me.   It was rock hard again.   Kylie knelt in front of me and took me in her mouth, demonstrating a cocksucking technique second to none.   She slowly sucked as much of me into her hot little mouth as she could before gagging slightly and pulling back, maintaining a suction and twirling her tongue in a way that is hard to describe.   It felt wonderful, and between Ashton’s little ‘uhh, uhh, uhhs’ and Kylie moaning ‘mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmmm’ below, I knew I was fast approaching that point of no return.   The added eroticism of having Kylie’s father watch her suck my cock and smiling like proud father just about put me over the edge.   I reached down and held each side of her head to slow her motion, then began my own motion, slowly fucking her mouth, careful not to go too deep.   As I humped this little girls mouth, she looked up at me, her mouth around my cock sucking like an experienced slut, but with such innocence in those baby blue eyes that I knew I was going to lose it.   At the same time I heard the obvious sound of George reaching his orgasm accompanied by Ashton’s “Oh m’God, Oh m’God, Oh m’God,” as she also reached her ultimate and final, for the moment, orgasmic release.  

I pushed Kylie’s head off of me as I erupted in her face, spraying what small amount of sticky liquid was left in me on her forehead, nose, and cheeks.   Some began to run down toward her eye and she, smiling up at me, reached up and caught it with her fingers, then licked them clean.   One of the hottest sights one can imagine, only I didn’t have to imagine.

I glanced at Noel and Larissa and was surprised to find that her panties were now on the floor along with Noel’s trousers.   Noel was holding her by her ass with her arms encircling his neck and her legs locked behind his back.   Noel was fucking this girl standing up – an amazing sight.  

Kylie stood and pulled my head to her and kissed me – a deep open mouthed kiss allowing me to taste the heady mixture of little girl saliva and my cum.   She broke the kiss and put her head on my chest and we just stood there hugging each other.  

Section 10

I could see Noel and Larissa still standing but now just holding each other in that erotic embrace.   Larissa seemed to be gently crying into Noel’s shoulder.   I was a little concerned until I heard her tell him that it was ok, she was just so happy and loved him so much.   He told her he loved her and smiled down at her, a smile of such unabashed affection that I couldn’t help but smile myself.   Their obvious love for each other seemed to mirror the general feeling in the room.   It was apparent to me then, that these adults really loved all these girls, sexually sure, but more than that, love that was, for the most part, totally unselfish and accepting.  

As Kylie and I turned to look behind us I was surprised to see that we had an audience.   In fact, as everyone disentangled, the assembled group behind us broke into spontaneous applause.   Noel nodded in recognition of the compliment and Larissa shyly buried her head in Noels chest.   Kylie, ever the sexy nymph, curtsied.   I bowed.   George, bowed his head, now sitting beside Ashton, and, hands spread toward her as a conductor will to an orchestra after a stunning performance, presented her to the group.   Many an ‘awesome’ and ‘fantastic’ and ‘wild’ and other descriptive adjectives were used as we were applauded.   Ashton bowed her head, blushing prettily.  

This is as good a place to wind this story up as any.   I could go on – and on and on describing what happened in the afternoon, but will not.   Suffice to say that we participated in several other sexual encounters with several different partners, a fact that I did not enjoy at first, as it meant giving up Kylie to someone else for a time.   Jealousy I guess.   Hurt that Kylie could dismiss me so easily after what we had just had together. But, later, seeing Larissa with men other than Noel and his willing acceptance of it made me realize that the pleasure of the girls was a foremost consideration in these gatherings.   They simply loved sex.   And the more the better it seemed.   Ashton ended up being roundly fucked by perhaps a   dozen others that day.   Seems the new girl was in heavy demand.   She minded not at all and I was amazed at everyone’s stamina as the day wore on.   Ashton, Kylie, and her sisters, all four of them, participated in the practice of going to a bedroom with four or five other adults and allowing the adults to do whatever they wanted with them.   I was not included in the adult members of that group, but Noel was, as was George, so I knew Ashton would have protectors close to hand if they were needed.  

I ended up in a room with two other men, one woman, and three of the girls – Larissa, Brittany, and Michelle.   While I participated in the antics fully, I was a totally wiped man when the bell rang and a halt was called to the bedroom activity.   Seeing Ashton and Noel’s three emerge from their session, I could tell that they, too, were worn out.   I found out later from Ashton after we returned home what had happened in their room.   She enthusiastically described being told to get on the bed with the other girls and undress each other and kiss and fondle each other while the adults watched, giving instructions to each girl.   Then she told me she had been spanked, turned over Noel’s knee and spanked by him.   She said she came close to asking him not to, but Kylie had convinced her to let him do it and after the first few smacks, she felt his cock between her legs and it began to make her ‘feel sort of good in my pussy’ she said.   “Then he just turned me around and fucked me.” She said.   “Then they all took turns fucking me and Kylie and Jenna and Natalie.   They each fucked us all at least once, but I know Noel fucked me at least twice.”   She blushed at this admission.  

Well – that first party was an experience I will remember for the rest of   my days.   We’ve been back twice now and each time, Kylie has surprised me with her enthusiasm and sexual abilities.   Ashton has become one of the most popular girls there, and has lost a lot of her initial shyness, but, still looks the little innocent.   How long this can last is anyone’s guess.   How long it should last is another consideration.   But, like Scarlet O’Hara, I’ll think about that tomorrow.    

And that, folks, is the story of the party.   It will be my last Harper Valley story.   I yield to the master – Peter Pan.   I have tried and hopefully entertained the reader to some degree, but Pan’s writing and ability as a story teller is, imho, hard, if not impossible, to improve upon.   So that’s it.   I won’t hang up my pen totally.   If I can find the time, I’ll make other submissions – but no more Harper Valley for me – except as the very satisfied reader of future contributions by the master.

Fathers and mothers – love and protect your daughters.   They are very special gifts to us all.