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My younger sister was incredibly horny.  She would do almost anything to get fucked.  One summer we were staying with some friends of our folks who were gone for a couple of weeks.  The people we stayed with were farmers but they also raised dogs.   She had arranged earlier in the week for her and I to share a bed in the basement which let us fuck every night and someti

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mes in the morning.  One morning we even got caught! 

The dogs were kept in a kennel and my sister started helping with the feeding, watering and exercising of the dogs.  Some of these dogs were the males and their purpose was to breed the females.  My sister seemed to spend more time with the males.  It was actually embarassing but she didn't seem to care.  She would take the males out for walks and every single one of them would smell her and get a boner.  Their long red cocks would slide out and Beth could hardly keep her eyes off of them. 

A few days later some people arrived on the farm.  They were friends of Bill and Rose and had a daughter about the same age as my sister.  The three of us roamed all over the place.  We had a great time.  Beth was wanting to show this new girl, Diana, the kennels.  She seemed a little reluctant to do so with me there though.  I took the hint and told them I was going to go see if Bill would take me to see his new tractor with him and his friend.  Heading off toward the house I veered back around behind the kennel.  I had to see what was up.

Sneaking in the back door and hiding behind the feed bin I heard Beth telling Diana how this particular dog was used to make puppies.  "Make puppies?" Diana asked.  "Yes.  Here I'll show you how it works" Beth replied.

"Sometimes they need a little help, so here's what we do" Beth explained.  Wondering what she could possibly be talking about I risked a look around the feed bin.  

Beth had a handful of dog cock and was jacking the dog off.  It's cock was red and growing large.  She seemed to know exactly how to stimulate the dog.  It's cock was getting enormous.  Then she said something that stunned me. 

"You know, sometimes we have to help them a little more.  Sometimes you have to teach them everything.  Would you like me to show you?" she asked.  Diana just nodded her head.  "You must make sure to never tell anyone" Beth warned her.  Assuming Diana agreed Beth leaned over and took the end of the cock and started sucking it.  She took as much as possible into her little mouth.  Then the dog started fucking her mouth.  She did her best to keep up with it.  Not saying a word, she dropped her jeans and got on all fours.  The dog was on her instantly.  I could see even from my vantage point that the dog cock had found her pussy.  I was amazed at how frantically the dog pounded her pussy.

Speaking in a somewhat jerky fashion from the pounding she was taking she told Diana "Sometimes these dogs don't know how to fuck until someone trains them.  That's my job this summer, but you can't tell anyone."  All Diana could do was nod.   Beth continued "You have to be careful because they get this big knot on their cock and if it get's inside you their cock won't come out easily. Oh fuck, I think he just pushed his in."  I could see Beth struggling to get away from the dog's cock but it wasn't going to happen.  I could see the dog cum leaking out on the floor.  Her pussy was just too small to hold it all.  Diana could see that Beth was starting to panic.  "What should I do?" she asked frantically.  Beth couldn't answer.  She was having an orgasm on the dogs big fat cock.  She shook from her pussy spasms. 

I took that opportunity to come around the bin and make my presence known.  "Hey guys, what's up?" I asked, very nonchalantly.  "Oh, Beth, I see you're showing Diana your training methods.  It looks like he's got his knot in you.  You'll be here awhile.  Do you want me to get Rose and see if she can help you get unstuck?" I asked.  Beth looked at me in a panic.  "NO I DON'T!" she replied, "It will go down in a little bit, and then I'll be fine."  

"Ok" I answered.  "Why don't Diana and I see if we can move you a little out of the way?  You wouldn't want Bill to walk in right now, would you?"  Beth answered that she wold appreciate it if we could help her.  So Diana and I put some blankets down for her to crawl on and she moved over behind a stack of pallets.  Diana and I had just folded the last blanket when Rose came into the kennel.  Diana and I stood in front of the pallets to try and block the view.   "Have either of you seen Beth?" Rose inquired, I was hoping that she could get Rocky out and show him to Diana's mom."   Hearing an odd sound Rose didn't wait for the answer.  She walked right around us and looked behind the pallets.  Diana and I looked over Roses shoulder.  Rocky still had his cock in Beth and was fucking her yet again.  Beth couldn't help it, she was cumming again.  Either because of, or in spite of, her audience.  Rose told me "Come here and help me.  We need to get this dog out of her."  I immediately went to help.  Rose held the dog by his collar and told me "Now you have to put your hands on her....pussy.  I'm going to pull and you need to make sure that everything goes ok....there."

I straddled my sister and placed both hands on each side of her dogcock filled cunt.  I could see and feel her pussy distending from the enormous cock that was sliding out of her.  It seemed to take forever.  Rose then told Diana "Now you grab ahold of his penis and I'll keep pulling."  Diana hesitated a moment but reached down and held the huge red cock in her little hand.  I could tell by how she started breathing that this was really arousing her.  Rose kept pulling, I held my little sisters pussy and Diana held the dog's cock.  It slid out and a large gush of dog cum flooded out of Beths distended pussy.  Diana had an orgasm right then and there just from holding the dog cock and seeing it slide out of Beth. 

"Ok, now you guys get Beth inside so she can clean up." Rose directed, "And not a word of this to anyone!"

We took Beth into the house and Diana helped her shower downstairs and I watched the whole time.  I had a huge boner from all this and seeing Diana repeatedly soap Beth's pussy was too much.  The second Beth came out of the shower I told her to bend over.  I started fucking her dog style right in front of Diana.  Diana decided to join in the action and stripped and got on all fours beside Beth.  I took turns fucking them but it didn't last long.  I was so aroused I came rather quickly.  I got a lot to fuck Beth a lot more after that.  It seemed that she'd do almost anything when I asked if she wanted our parents to find out!


I Swear I Locked the Door!

teeman2000 on Incest Stories

Missy is now 23, a stunningly beautiful woman. Ever since she was a little girl, you could tell she'd be a real heart-breaker! Even as young as 10 or 11, she had incredible natural beauty.

The events I'll recount happened when she was 16. She'd started dating boys, though none very seriously or very long. She'd had "the talk" with her mom years before, and seemed to be familiar with sexual
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concepts, even if she's never actually done anything herself. We made it clear to her that we were against her having any sexual relations, but if it came to that, to let us know and we'd make sure she was protected.

My wife was gone for the day visiting with her mom a couple hours' drive from our house. I came upstairs and heard Missy taking a shower in her bathroom. I had been feeling pretty horny that day, so I thought I'd just have a quick jerk-off.

I closed our bedroom door and *thought* I locked it (I swear, I thought it was locked!).

We had a wall-mounted TV with built-in DVD player in our bedroom, and I popped in one of our pornos. It was a good hard-core video with minimal story line and plenty of fucking.

I pulled my shorts off, sat on the edge of the bed and watched. The scene was a brunette sucking off two guys, and them switching off fucking her and getting a blowjob; a pretty dependable nut-blower for me. My cock sprang to life as it always did and I leaned back and relaxed, and started with nice, slow strokes. After a few minutes I had a nice pre-come flow going. I took my time, just enjoying myself.

Suddenly, immediately to my left I heard a noise. I quickly looked over to see my beautiful baby girl standing with a towel wrapped around her, still dripping wet from the shower. The towel was barely just long enough to cover her perfect round ass and blossoming tits. I had started looking at her differently somehow the past few months, and couldn't really put my finger on how until just that moment: I wanted to fuck my little girl!

Missy stood silently, her mouth slightly open as if wanting to say something, but not being able to spit out the words. I was caught, plain and simple. I shocked myself by not trying to cover up at all; it was too late anyhow. She was standing not 10 feet away, staring at my big, angry red cock which, though I had stopped stroking, continued to bob up and down with my now quickening pulse.

I felt I didn't have any control over what happened after that. It was like an out-of-body experience. Someone else -- someone evil and dirty who lusted after my pretty baby -- took my body and mind over. No, I certainly wouldn't have done such a sick thing. I knew right from wrong, and I knew this was wrong. But it happened just the same.

I gestured for Missy to come to me. She walked slowly to where I still sat on the bed and stood just a few inches from me. I reached up and undid the towel where she had tucked it in to keep it on her. The towel fell to the floor and revealed her heavenly, soft, pink, firm young body. I felt my cock grow harder.

I reached up with my left hand to feel her stomach. She gasped when my hand touched her warm skin. I softly rubbed over her stomach, then moved my hand around to her back. I felt her soft perfect skin for a few moments, moving down to where I could feel the curve of her hips begin, then pulled her over closer to me and spread my legs, moving her between my knees. Her stiffening nipples where inches from my face and I took a moment to drink in her awesome little tits. She was up to a B-cup, and since she took after her mother in every other way, would eventually boast a great pair of 36Ds.

I leaned forward slightly and pressed my nose in between her breasts, closing my eyes and smelling her flowery body wash scent, which still lingered from her shower. I turned my head to the right just a bit, and took her hard nipple into my mouth. She took in a quick breath and I felt her legs shaking just a bit. I flicked my tongue gently over her nipple, then sucked it hard into my mouth. (Her mom loves it when I give her tits a good working over.) I sucked her for a few moments, then turned to the left and drew her other nipple into my mouth. I reached up with my right hand and cupped her breast, feeling the tender skin on the underside. As I sucked and licked at her left nipple, I took her right between my thumb and forefinger and rolled it gently. I felt it stiffen further. And then, after a few seconds, a little purring moan escaped her lips.

I released her nipple from my mouth and leaned back slightly on the bed. My cock was throbbing, almost to the point of being painful. I continued to caress her breast with my right hand, and I reached up with my left hand to touch her upper thigh. She parted her legs just a few centimeters, probably an unconscious physical reaction. My hand move up her thigh in small, slow circles. Eventually, I got close enough to her pussy that I could feel the heat it generated. She had a sparse patch of light brown pubic hair that hadn't grown all the way in yet, or she was keeping it trimmed nicely. Her outer lips were slightly swollen and clearly visible through her bush.

I pressed my hand against her warming little cunt and felt her go a bit weak in the knees. I took my right hand off her breast and placed it on her hip to steady her. I stroked along her slit, all the way back to her ass and I could feel a little bit of pussy juice lubricating where I rubbed her She gently pressed her hips against my hand.

I took her other hip in my hand and turned her around to face away from me. I nudged her upper thighs apart and she obediently widened her stance. I touched one hand on a hip and pressed the other hand gently against the small of her back. She understood that I wanted her to bend at the waist which she did, resting her hands on her knees. Her perfect little cunt opened up for me; it was absolutely beautiful to behold.

With my left hand, I resumed stroking my aching cock. I reached out with my right hand and felt her warm, curved ass cheek. I rubbed my hand around in circles, growing wider until I reached the lovely little dimple at the top of her crack. I traced the line down very slowly with my finger, pressing it gently into her deepening cleft. I pulled her ass cheeks apart a tiny bit and pressed my finger gently against her asshole. I wanted to fuck that tight little virgin ass so badly, I had to stop stroking my cock or I would have blown my load.

I continued moving my hand downward until I reached her pussy again. I turned my hand palm up and worked along the entire length of her slit, which was considerably hotter now than a few moments ago. I immediately felt her juices cover my finger; she was dripping wet. She pressed down and back against my hand now as before.

Moving my hand forward, I could feel her swollen little clit. With my middle finger I began to rub against her clit through the skin hood that covered it. She now began to push more strongly against me. This went on for several minutes and I could see and hear her breathing heavily with each stroke I made on her. I heard her making little grunting sounds.

I reached back a bit with my thumb and felt her tight cunt hole. I pressed up gently and she pushed her hips downward in response. I was able to work the tip of my thumb into her cunt, and then pressed it all the way into her pussy. I felt for her hymen, which I couldn't find. She had been fairly athletic from a young age and I was sure it broke already.

Suddenly, she started gasping loudly and I could feel her thighs quiver. I held her hip with my right hand while I rubbed her with my left. I could feel her cunt muscles spasm and grip my thumb and she came hard against my hand. I reached forward inside her with my thumb to stroke her G-spot. She cried out, "fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" I had never heard her say anything stronger than 'hell' or 'dammit' and I was shocked! My little girl was growing up.

When her spasms subsided I drew my thumb out of her cunt. My right palm was covered with her come juice. I touched her on the hip with my left hand to turn her around. I rubbed her cunt juices on my cock to lubricate it. I slid forward so I was sitting just at the edge of the bed and pressed my legs together. I pulled her close to me so she straddled me and then pushed her gently down onto my cock. With my right hand I guided the head of my cock up against her tight little fuck hole.

With her very intense orgasm, her muscles were more relaxed and I could feel her pussy loosen up just a little. She slowly pressed her hips downward, taking my cock into her little by little. The sensations of heat and tightness were almost too much for me to bear. Finally, finally she slid fully down my length and rested on my lap. I leaned forward to kiss her, and she tenderly kissed me back. I was shocked when I felt her eager young tongue probe against my lips, and I opened my mouth and sucked it in.

She rested her hands on my shoulders and held her face next to mine. We didn't make any other motion for a minute, just feeling my hard cock nestled comfortably in her sweet, tight little cunt. It was the purest moment of love I had ever felt in my life. "I love you, daddy," my pretty baby whispered to me. "I really wanted this."

A tear came to my eye and I whispered back to her, "I did too, baby, and I love you."

After a bit, I felt her lift up off me slightly, then rest back down again. She raised up again, a bit higher, then back down. She started a perfect, gentle rhythm riding up and down my cock. It felt like heaven. She leaned back a bit now and I raised my hands up to massage her breasts. "Daddy, that's nice," she said. She leaned forward again and put her tongue in my mouth, and then started bucking up and down harder. I began tweaking and pinching her nipples more roughly and she was definitely getting off on it.

She gripped my shoulders tightly, leaned back and closed her eyes, riding hard on my cock now. She bit her lower lip and squealed as I twisted her little brown nipples. She was going harder now and I put my hands on her hips to keep her steady as she bounced her cunt hard against my cock. "Oh, fuck!" she squealed, "I'm going to come again, daddy!"

I felt her tight velvet cunt clamp down around my cock as she pressed hard into my lap, grinding her hips back and forth so I filled up every inch of her. Her body quivered in a huge orgasm. She kept panting, "fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" until she was nearly hyperventilating.

She leaned forward again, totally spent, resting her head on my shoulder. She finally caught her breath and leaned back, looking me earnestly in the eye. "Come inside me, daddy. Please." I leaned up and kissed her again, feeling her hot tongue press into my mouth. I knew this wouldn't take long for me at all, fucking the tightest, sweetest pussy I would ever feel in my life.

I grasped her firmly by the hips and waist and stood up. I wanted to get a better angle to control my movements inside her. I turned around and gently laid her on the bed beneath me. I kept my cock in her and then, once she was settled on the bed, pushed as far into her as I could. She closed her eyes and whimpered. Jesus, she had an incredible cunt.

I started a steady rhythm pushing in and out of her. I felt her body wrap around me and pull me in. "Come, daddy. Come, daddy," she kept saying, whispering, almost to herself. I could feel my come building and knew I couldn't hold out for long. After a couple of minutes, I had to come. I wrapped my arm under her, around her neck and shoulders to hold her firmly. She spread her legs wider which allowed me to increase my force, and I pounded my aching cock into her.

"Oh, fuck, baby, daddy's gonna come!" I said to her. Her eyes were wide with passion and she pushed her hips up against me, meeting my every downward stroke perfectly in rhythm.

Just as I felt myself ready to explode, I pushed deeply into her and held still. Missy reached up and pulled me down onto her. My first shot of come fired into my baby girl's virgin cunt. She whimpered, "yes, yes, yes," each time I spurted another shot into her. I could feel her hot little pussy fill up with my seed.

I was totally spent as I collapsed on top of her. Missy gently kissed my cheek and whispered to me, "thank you, daddy. I love you so much."

After that amazing first time, we tried to make love as often as possible. It was usually once a week or so. I also introduced Missy to the wider world of sex. She was an eager and talented pupil. She took to sucking cock like a champ and she really enjoyed it. A couple of times per week I'd take her to school or pick her up for cheerleading practice. She got so good, she could suck me off to orgasm while I was driving in just the 8 or 10 minutes it took to drive between school and our home. The danger of knowing we could get caught was really thrilling to us, as was the fact that I'd finger her pussy under her cheerleading shirt while she blew me.

When my wife and I were making love, Missy would listen in at our bedroom door and masturbate to orgasm, coming when I would come. When I'd fuck my wife doggy-style and turn her facing away from the door, we had a code word I would say, and Missy would quietly open the door and stand, naked, fingering herself while I watched her. That always made me come almost immediately, and my wife would comment on how horny I was.

Our last time together as lovers was when I drove her to college about 18 months after our first time. Her mother had a work project commitment she had to finish and couldn't make the trip, which worked out well for Missy and I. We moved her into her dorm room, she was the first one to move in since she was a freshman and was rooming with a sophomore who wouldn't be arriving until the next day. We made love three times that day. After our last time, we talked about our future, and both decided that she was moving out into the big world and should find love for her future, and that we wouldn't be lovers after that day. We both cried as it was the end of an amazing, loving relationship but we agreed it was best.

She's now graduated college and is very successful in a great job, and has a great boyfriend who makes her happy. To this day, everyone tells us how sweet it is that we grew so close and loving as daddy and daughter, despite me not being her biological father. Only we knew the secret of our strong bond. I'm thankful for our amazing relationship while we had it, but I long to make love to her again and hope I can make it happen some day and that Missy feels the same way.

Fucking my "Super" Cousin

thegreenscar3 on Incest Stories

I sat there tired from saving the earth. Hell everybody was tired, we had some close calls out there. I watched Diana trying to make sure if Bruce was okay but of course he was to busy doing something on his super computer. As I watched her argue with him, I wondered if Bruce every just tore into her. I know I would if she ever gave me a chance. I stared at her and watched her as she planted he

My Girlfriend's Secret Desires - Part III

MaxXan on Incest Stories

First, before the story, I should tell you there's very little actual incest in this chapter. There are, however, many references to it, and the final chapter that will conclude this series will again fit the genre perfectly. It seemed only appropriate given the incestuous overtone of the entire series to continue to place these stories in the same category.

Thank you all very much for readin

Naked Day part 1

argore2112 on Incest Stories

When I was a kid we would visit my aunt and her family several times a year and they would come and visit us several times a year as well.

This was great for me becuase with each visit I would get to see my cousin Trish who was just about my favorite person in the whole world.

We kept in touch by email when we were apart, but seeing each other in person was the best thing of all and something w

Part 2 - Mom Screemin Aint Stoppin Us...

koak on Incest Stories

     Of course, we were punished for our fucking and told not to
continue.  Christina went back to her room; while it looked like
I was going to be banished to mine for the next year or two. 
Only something happened to make my fucking her seem like small-
potatoes, considering.

     Yes, the following month, Christina missed

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her period.  She
came to me first and told me that we made a baby in her womb. 
Then we went together and told our parents that Christina was
going to have a baby.  They told us, that if we hadn't been
fucking, we wouldn't be in this mess.

     Mom took Christina to the doctor and verified that she was
pregnant.  When they came home and we all discussed what would
happen next, we decided that Christina would have the baby; then
she and I would have to have to take care of it.  So (since
Christina was already pregnant, and couldn't very well get any
MORE pregnant) we decided to keep fucking until we couldn't.  Our
parents just gave up; as they couldn't see it would do any good
after that.  Besides, they didn't want me chasing after some
OTHER girl, after I'd already gotten my big sister in trouble.

     After six months, Christina stopped letting me fuck her;
saying that it hurt too much.  So she started to suck me off
every night, instead of fucking, until the baby was born.

     Christina and I took Lamaze classes, so we would be together
when the baby was born.  At the hospital, when Christina had our
baby, the doctors let me observe and help my sister, just as if I
had been her husband.  I think they thought I was.

     We had a healthy eight-pound baby girl.  We both love her
too.  Jenny is the light of our lives now; even though getting up
in the middle of the night to feed and diaper her can be a pain

     About a month after the baby was born, Christina and I were
horny for each other and we couldn't wait any longer to fuck.  We
were in the living-room talking and just started to fool around

     I started out by touching her breasts through her tank top
and rubbing her nipples.  She responded by reaching down to my
crotch and started rubbing my dick through my shorts.  The more
we rubbed and touched each other, the faster we started taking
off each other's clothing.  I took off her tank top off first to
bare my sister's beautiful breasts.  I then sucked on her breasts
and nipples for a minute or two.  She then took off MY shirt at
the same time as I started taking off her shorts.  She then took
my shorts off, to bare my cock and balls; because I never wear
underwear.  I took off her panties and got between her legs to
lick her pussy, just like I did that first time.  (You know, I
was right about my sister's pussy being as sweet as any fruit.)

     She started to moan when I touched her clit with my tongue;
then Christina grabbed my head and pushed me even further into
her pussy.  I stuck my tongue deep in her pussy  while licking
and sucking her pussy and clit; savoring the fresh sweet taste of
my own horny sister.  Christina wouldn't let me go until I made
her cum.

     Then I heard the familiar moans of her approaching cum.  
She stiffened and jerked, as I got a mouthful of her sweet cum
juice.  After she settled down she loosened her legs around my
head.  I licked and kissed her as I inched up her body to plant
my cock in that sweet pussy I loved so well.  As my cock touched
and penetrated Christina's sweet pussy, it slid right in her
without any effort.  It knew where it belonged.

     My cock hit my sister's cervix and she wrapped her legs
around my ass; then I started to pump in and out as she held me
tightly.  Once again. Christina started to moan and squeeze her
pussy muscles, only this time around my cock, as I started to
move faster inside her.  Christina's pussy felt so good, I wanted
to cum in her as many times that I possibly could.  I had really

missed fucking my sister's pussy.  The faster I pumped, the
faster Christina's hips moved, until we were one big nasty
working together to make each other feel good.  As I was
approaching orgasm, I could feel her pussy muscles massaging my
cock.  Christina approached orgasm too, as I moved even faster
and harder in and out of her wet, hot pussy.

     It was then that I told her, I was about to cum and she
agreed and said, "Shoot your cum in me; and let's make another
     What could I say?  I did it.

A friends daughter: true story, incest young female/ older femele & male

shutterbug51 on Incest Stories

I was staying with a friend for a weekend and after he and his wife went to bed, leaving me to watch a porn, I was hard and horny and decided to use the bathroom before jacking off. As I came back from the bathroom I saw the door to his Daughter's room slightly open and a light still on. I looked in and saw his Daughter (Deb ) lying on her bed, uncovered and naked. I couldn't resist going in an

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d taking a look, as she looked 20. She had ample breasts and a sweet hairless cunt. I started stroking my cock thru my pants and couldn't resist taking it out and lying it in her out stretched hand. As I did her hand slightly curled around my hard cock, but she continued to sleep. I slowly started to fuck her hand, it felt so good. She stirred slightly and turned over onto her stomach, and spreading her legs wide, giving me a lovely view of her tight little ass. I couldn't resist . I slowly clinmbed on to the bed and slid my finger up and down her slit. As I did her cunt juices started to flow. I then bent down and licked that sweet ass. As I started to tongue her asshole she again stirred. I paused and waited, she then agiain turned over giving me access to her tight little cunt. I started licking up and down her wet slit, when I felt a hand pushing my head deeper into her cunt. I thought tahat it was her having awakened, but to my surprise it ewas her Mother. Nancy told me to get undressed and as I did she started licking her Daughter's cunt making me even harder. Deb was now awake and moaning with every lick. When I was undressed I laid down on the bed, Deb climbed on top of my face and her Mother was sucking my rock hard cock. Deb came after about 15 min. We then sitched positions she laid down her Mother climbed onto her face and I slid my still very hard cock into Deb's TIGHT cunt I fucked her til I couldn't hold back and filled her cunt with a large hot load of cum, that Mom then proceeded to lick out .We rested for a while then had another session, but that's another story.

Fucking my passed out Mother

shutterbug51 on Incest Stories

I was in my double bed, Dennis in the single , across the room. Mom came into my room and I could see from the hall light she was getting undressed, she was really drunk as she could barley stand up. She must have thought she was in her room, because after undressing she fell into my bed and passed out. I shook her and called her name, but she just moaned. Now I had seen my Mothe

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r in skimpy bathing suits, but she was even more beautiful naked. I turned on the closet light to get a better look. She lay there on her back her legs slightly spread. this was the first time I saw her cunt and it was completely smooth shaven.

Dennis was next to me his cock getting hard and slowly stroking it, as he eyed Mom. I told him to go ahead and suck her nipple, he was afraid until I started sucking that beautiful nipple, then he joined in. Mom moaned but never opened her eyes. My cock was now harder than it ever had been. In the porn mags we saw pics of guys licking womens cunts, so I spread mom's legs apart, got down and statrted licking her slit, she again started to moanand then spread her legs further apart. Maybe she thought this was a dream and was reacting to it. I told Dennis to slide his cock into her mouth, as her head was turned facing him and slightly opened. His cock was about 7" and was not bad thick wise. He slowly slid it into her mouth, and started to pump it in and out. This made me even harder. I slid between Mom's legs pushed the head of my 9", yes I was that big at 14, slowly pushed until my cock was all the way in. I started to fuck Mom slowly while watching Dennis fuck my Mom's mouth. Dennis was starting to moan more with each stroke and I was really enjoying the wet cunt of my own Mother. After a short time I told Dennis to switch. He eagerly slid his cock into Mom while I slid my throbbing cock in her mouth. Her teeth scraped accross my cock sending little sjhocks through my cock. I new it wasn't right, but I was going to fill Mom's mouth with all my hot gooey spunk. I heard Dennis moaning and started to shove harder into my Mom's cunt. Then he half yelled " FUCK, I'm CUUUUMMMING" as he filled her cunt withhot jizz. I continued fucking her mouth holding her hair and pumping my swollen member deeper into her mouth til I felt the back of her throat. Not being able to hold back any longer I let loose with the biggest load of cum I ever had, shooting down her throat. I pulled out after the first couple of squirts and finished by squirting the rest on her face. Then I licked of what I had squirted on her face to clean it off. We then went into her room, I started looking thru her dresser for the toys I knew she had, while Dennis and I recuperrated. What I found really surprised me. I found some restraints and several different types of dildos (double and singles ) and vibrators. We decided that we were going to tie her to the bed and wait til she woke up to continue what we had started. I'll write about that later.

Helping hand 2

Jim Moore on Incest Stories

I couldn't hardly keep my mind on my job all day for thinking about that wonderful pussy that was waiting for me when I got off work. I thought about how much Judy enjoyed me fucking her and how tight and hot her pussy was.

I had finally finished my day so I called Judy and ask her if I could come by and keep her company for a while because my wife was gone and I didn't want to go home

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and be alone. She sorta laughed and said "Sure come on over Uncle we can think of something to do".

I drove as fast as I thought safe to her house. As I walked to the door my cock was begenning to get hard. I rang the door bell and Judy answered the door dressed in a see through tee shirt and shorts. Her tits were lovely and her nipples were hard and sticking out. I put my arms around her land pulled her close and kissed her and her tongue shot out and into my mouth. We broke off our kiss and I looked up and there setting on the sofa was her little sister Jellian. My first thought was "Oh shit what have I done".

Judy laughed and said come on in and don't worry I have told her all about us. Jellian was 14 and just as beautiful as her sister Judy execpt her tits was smaller and she wasn't as heavy. She to was dressed with only a tee shirt and shorts. Judy pulled me into the kitchen and said,"I told her what we did and how great it was."

"Gosh kid isn't that sorta taking a chance telling her?"

"Not really I know she won't tell in fact you will never guess what she does want."

"What does she want?"

"She wants you to fuck her like you did me."

"Your kidding. she is only 14 isn't she?"

"She is 14 but she knows all about sex, she's been fucking her boy friend for a year or so."

About that time Jellian walked in and said "Hey you two no secrets." and put her arms around my neck and pressed her body to me and kissed me just like her older sister had done. They took me by the hand and led me to the bed room and proceded to strip me naked. My cock was hard as nails and sticking straight out.

"WOW" Jellian said"He does have a nice one" and grabbed my cock and started stroking it. "it's not fair that I am standing here naked and you two aren't". They both stripped and there before me was two of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen. I reached up and got one tit of each one and penched the nipples, then sucked on Jellians small tit. She moaned and pushed her breast into my face. They pushed me back on the bed and Judy started to suck the head of my cock while Jellian continued to feed me her tits one at a time. I slid my hand down and felt her hot little cunt. I put my finger just inside the lips and she was wet and hot. She moaned and tried to get more of my finger in her pussy.

Judy pulled off my cock and said "Jelli, it's all yours". With that Jellian stradled me and Judy placed my cock at the enterence of the little pussy. As she lowered her body and I felt my cock spread the lips of her young little cunt it was wonderful.

"Oh Judy it's soooo good and soooo big, I've never had a cock this big before."

"Didn't I tell you it was great, now just fuck that big cock". She lowered herself until I had the entire length of my cock buried in her little 14 year old pussy and was it tight. She just set there with my cock in her for a few minutes.

"Come on Jelli fuck that cock don't just set there, make him cum and make your pussy as happy as it's ever been".

She strted stroking up and down on my cock and the feeling was out of this world. "Oh Jellian your tight and hot just bounce your little pussy up and down on my dick."

"Ohhhh Judy I'm going to cummmm it's sooo fucking big and good I can't hold it."

"Go ahead Jelli cum on his cock but don't stop fucking it, just keep bouncing on it"

"Oh little Jelli I love it...your pussy is great I can't believe I'm fucking your 14 year old pussy the way I am."

"Ohhhhhhhh Uncle I'm cummmmmmiiiiiiiinnnnngggggg OOOHHHh"

"Fuck that little pussy Uncle fuck the little slut like she wants it."

I flipped her over and layed her on her back and spread her legs and started pounding her pussy with long hard stroks. Her pussy was so tight I knew I was going to cum but wanted it to last as long as I could. She grabbed whe sheet and was almost screaming every time I shoved my dick in her.

"You like that little young pussy don't you Uncle?"

"Oh hell yes Jucy I love this pussy and Yours also." "You girls have the best pussy in the world"

"Don't give her all of it 'cause I'm going to want a good fucking when she's got some." "It's sooo hot to watch your big cock slid in and out of her pussy, and see how full she looks". "How do you take all that cock sis?"

"OOooooo fuck I'm cummminnggg again oh oh oh fuck" She was shaking all over and I shoved my cock as deep in her young cunt and shot my first load of cum. "Baby here I cum, your getting your uncle's cum". I stroked again and another shot of cum shot out. Every time I pumped a shot of cum shot out.

"Jellian your getting the fuck of your life, fill her with your cum uncle pump that little cunt full"

I pushed in her and just felt my cock twitch and just collapsed on top of her. I lay there for a while and rolled off. My cock was still hard and cum was dripping out the head. When Judy saw that she mounted me and shoved my cock in her pussy and started fucking me like crazy. It didn't take long and I had her cumming and she was screaming "Good cock good cock I love that cock Oh Uncle fuck me fuck me, I'm gona cummm i'm cummmminggggggg ooooohhhhh shit it's good"

"Judy your going to get a load of your uncles cum too, here it comes" and I shot a load of cum in the bottom of her pussy.

We lay there in bed beside each other my cock laying on my belly with cum dripping out and both of their pussys had cum running out of them. This was the most wonderful day of my life. I had not only fucked Judy but had got to spread the lips of a 14 year old pussy also.

"Girls one for sure I will be back for more". We fell asleep laying there naked as the day we were born.

This is fiction but if you enjoyed it let me know.

My sister was told she was a lousy fuck.

davidj on Incest Stories

I was at home on Saturday night for the first time in months as I had broken up with my girlfriend Sue.
She is 19 and I am 21 and I have a year to go before I graduate. She has two years to go.
She and I had been lovers for about a year and the both of us were more than happy with the sex that was wanted and available. I believed neither of us was unhappy with that part of our relationship. Wh
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en I refused to buy her an engagement ring she lost her cool and told me all I wanted from her was sex. I didn't quite agree with her statement as she frequently initiated the experience and had often said let’s not go out, let’s go to bed and we did. I explained my situation but she was not interested and in the heat of the moment I told her the only ring I wanted to be involved with was her high water ring around my cock from her cunt. She stormed out and has not contacted me for over a week.

I was watching a DVD when my sister Jane came down and sat with me in the family room. She said why aren’t you out with Sue – then realised we were no longer together. She and Sue were great friends and confided in each other. Jane knew as much as I did about what Sue and I did in bed. She said she was sorry and wouldn’t mention it again.

I said cool it – don’t worry I will get over it.

She said what will you do for sex now – you two were always at it.

I said I will just have to take things into my own hands – and laughed and she laughed with me. She knew exactly what I meant.

I said why are you and Tony not doing the town or something.

She said it’s very icy between us at the moment – you know Tony and I are lovers.

I said I didn't need to be Einstein to work that out.

She said well last week we were fucking as usual and I have always given him what he wanted – like you and Sue. He told me I needed to lift my game and that I was a pretty ordinary in bed. I was shattered. I stormed out and left him there half way through a fuck. I even left my pants there.

I said what is the chance of you two reconciling.

She said at the moment, not much – I think if another girl wiggled her arse at him he would have her pants off as soon as possible. We were not really in love, just sex rats really. That’s what he wanted and that’s what I gave him.

I said that makes us a great pair doesn’t it.

She didn't answer and I continued to watch the movie and she sat there obviously upset but saying nothing more. It was about ten minutes later she said – could you pause that movie for a moment – I want to ask you something.

I stopped the movie and looked at her.

She said I am deadly serious about this and I have been thinking about it for a week and it’s taken me so much
courage to sit here and decide to do this.

I want you to tell me where I am going wrong and teach me how to be better in bed. I know you and Sue were great having sex in every way, and she has told me often how good it is in bed with you. I want you to show me. Now it’s all over with her I don’t feel it’s as bad as it would have been before.

I sat there shocked for a moment and said you want me to have sex with you.

She said in a word - yes – but not just sex, show me how to be better at fucking. Obviously if Tony was not happy I can’t be doing something right. I have never had another complaint – but then he was only the third guy to sleep with me, The first one didn't last more than a couple of times and the other one was a one night stand.

Shit sis I said – that is incest – I don’t know if I could.

She said it’s not love or anything its only a fuck. I want you to tell me what I have to do to make it good for you; obviously I am not doing something right. We both know what it’s like – it’s just a fuck, a sort of lesson. I have made up my mind - I can handle it.

I said holy cow – fucking my little sister – Shit sis I cant. I don’t know that I could even get a hard on with you - I have never ever looked at you as a sex object – I have never imagined me ever doing that to you. I have seen you naked often enough and realise what a great body you have and if you were anybody else I wouldn’t hesitate - but fucking my own sister I don’t know if I can. I have never thought of what it would be like with you – I know you and Tony were doing it but not imagining for one moment what you did or what it would be like with you. Shit sis I don’t know if I could fuck you – I don’t know if I could even get it up to fuck you – I really love you but not that way –you are my sister – sort of part of me – I dont know if I could. That is a big ask of me.

Jane said I know and don’t think I have not given it a lot of thought. We won’t know unless we try – I have lain awake for hours thinking of how I could ask you and what your reaction would be. I had hoped you would have not hesitated and all my worries were for nothing – but I can see that it is not easy for you. Dont think I havnt tried to work out what Tony is on about. I cant just go and find a guy and say look I have been told I am a lousy fuck – will you tell me whats wrong with me. Can you imagine if a girl asked you the same question.

Tony is really shitty on me at the moment and he is just as likely to spread it about I am a lousy fuck. I would hate that.

I have tried to masturbate and I am finding it harder and harder to cum because I imagine myself with you in me. I just seem to worry about working out how I was going to ask you – let alone actually doing it with you. Its going to be hard for me too remember – I realise how wrong it is. I know the consequences of getting pregnant with you but I can’t get pregnant, I am on the pill and that seems to be the biggest problem with a brother and sister – getting the girl pregnant. The social stigma is one thing but the probability of a birth defect is more concerning – but we don’t have to worry. We can do it and when you cum it wont matter - it’s ok. I am sure nobody will ever know – it will be in our own home and who will ever know. I have given it a great deal of thought and I have convinced myself I can handle it and that your role will just be a teacher – it’s not for love or anything – try and think of me being a prostitute and you are paying for it.

Look sis I could never look at you and imagine I was fucking a tart. I respect you more than that.

The she said what have I got to do or say to get you to say yes.

Come over here and sit beside me. We will just see how things go and let things take its course – in a while you never know it just might happen.

The two of us sat together and I put my arm around her and then we began to watch the movie again. After five minutes I said it’s not working I can’t concentrate on the movie and I can’t think of anything else but us and what you are suggesting we do. Fuck - you know I would do anything for you Sis but this is pushing the boundaries a bit too far. I have never knocked a good fuck back ever and I cant believe what Tony has said. He has got to be mad.

Thats what bothers me – Jane said - he has never complained before and we have been fucking each other for ages. I don’t know why, He has no problem getting his cock hard and always wants to fuck but for a while he hasn’t been happy but he cums every time and I never gave it a thought that he was not enjoying it. It sort of noticed he was taking longer and longer cumming and I don’t cum every time. Maybe thats what is bothering him – that he cant make me cum.

I said perhaps the spark has gone out of you relationship and the only reason you are still together is the sex.

She said I still give him oral and he goes down on me and I cum every time and he seems to enjoy that.

Jane said look we use a few porno movies at times and he has no problems when we do that. I have a couple myself in my room - maybe if we look at one you might be more interested with me.

She returned a few minutes later with the movie and slipped it into the DVD player.

Within a minute it became obvious it was a home made movie with two teenagers having sex and they were good at it, particularly the girl who was doing most of the work. It also wasn’t very professionally taken. There had to be a third person there taking the video and I said to Jane shit there is somebody else them and taking the movie - I don’t know I could have fucked Sue with anybody watching.

Jane said you have – I did it one night and Jane had me video you at it. She has the video – It wasn’t very good because I was outside her bedroom and could only take it through the window and curtains but it showed how good you are together. It was almost a year ago and I thought she would have shown you by now.

I said the bitch – I hope she doesn’t use that to blackmail me.

Jane was still standing up watching the movie and by now the two on the screen were really fucking each other – they had started with her sucking his cock – then he fucked her missionary and now he was into her doggy. It was turning me on a bit and my cock was almost hard. I got was engrossed in the movie and while I was watching them Jane had removed her blouse and as slipping off her bra.

I sat there not knowing what to look at next – the two fucking on the TV or Jane as she removed the rest of her clothing. My decision was being made for me. The combination of the DVD and Jane naked was making it easier for me to fulfil Janes wishes – I had the feeling then I was weakening and she would get her wish.

When she was completely naked and the two on the screen were in the throes of an orgasm she came to me and said ok big boy – see if you can stir me up like he just did to her. She hadn’t been watching the DVD but was obviously well aware of what was on it. My guess was she had watched it frequently either with Tony or while she masturbated.

I said I didn't think that was the plan – I thought it was me that needed stirring.

She came and stood in front of me completely naked with her legs spread and her hands on her hips. She looked stunning. She bent over held my head in both hands and kissed me and at the same time took both my hands and placed one on each breast. I reacted immediately and fondled her hard, ruby red nipples. She purred with the pleasure I had begun to give her.

She said you do that beautifully I could almost cum with the sensations I can feel as you play with them – oh god it feels good.

We kissed as I rubbed and squeezed on her hard nipples with my fingers. For her it was a little painful but erotic and she was enjoying the sensation, making her squirm. As I did she pressed her crutch against my cock harder and harder. I kissed her with a passion and I didn't realise I had such a strong feeling that way with my own sister. We used our tongues and open mouths to engage and it was becoming erotic. Sue’s loved me to rub her nipples between my teeth until she could bear it no longer and I often broke her skin in the process and made them bleed slightly before she told me to stop. Sue loved the sensation and asked me to do it quite often. Jane broke away and stood in front of me again – take your clothes off she ordered - I want to see all of you like you can see me.

I stood up and slipped my T shit off and then my pants and underwear, for some reason I felt a bit embarrassed. If it had been any other girl it wouldn’t have bothered me. There were now two piles of clothes on the floor. I was as naked as she was. My cock softened a bit but once I was completely naked and holding her body to mine I was bone hard. I have a seven inch cock and it was pressed between us as we kissed and that in itself made it even harder.

God she said –it magnificent, and stood back and took my cock in her hand - I know why Sue loved it so much with that cock. Tony’s cock was barely six inches long and it has a curve to the left. I love what you have – I can’t wait and squeezed it with her hand and a drip of precum dribbled out of the eye of it and dropped a string of cum down and finally dripped onto the carpet. Jane said it’s ready – let’s do it.

Jane stood up and took me by the hand and led me to our spare room. She said it will be better down here.

On the way – she said prepare me for lesson one – seduce me and see how I go.

We got to the bedroom and she pulled the sheets back and then got onto the bed. She looked ravishing, her firm breasts and hard now blood red and hard nipples standing out. As she lay there they had flattened a bit like fried eggs but were still very firm and hard. She looked stunning and I had a perfect view of her manicured pubic patch. Sue did something similar and it certainly improved the view of their vaginal slit. Both had shaved the lips of their vagina bald and left a little bit of hair above their slit. It was a very pleasant experience giving Sue oral like that. I had no intentions of doing the same with Sis.

She said let’s just lay here for a while until we both are ready – I want it to be more than just a fuck the first time. Then we can see what I am doing wrong.

She had obviously applied some scent behind her ears as when we lay together I could smell it as her body warmed for our embrace. She smelled beautiful and had no vaginal scent at all.

We lay there for a couple of minutes and she rolled toward me and said close your eyes and kiss me – imagine I am Sue.

I could never imagine Jane to be anybody else but Jane – Sue was somebody else. I closed my eyes and kissed her and after 30 or 40 seconds it was something else, I felt I wasn’t kissing my sister at all she was just somebody else. She was great kisser and I had no hesitation in responding to the passion that was slowly building between us. We kissed open mouthed and with our tongues as if we were first time lovers – not brother and sister.

I knew then I was not going to disappoint her and that we would before the night was over enjoy the passion of intercourse with each other – I do not want to call it love for obvious reasons – it was incest and I knew it, but did not want to admit it to myself. For 19 years we had been brother and sister and got along fine – we had lived through each other’s experiences in life and loves. The brotherly love was there but not the passion – until now. The jokes we made about our appearances as we moved through puberty and the hair growing around our crutch and her breasts budding up and swelling were now something in the past that were now very enticing. Never at that time did I give a moment’s thought to having sex with her in any way.

I broke the embrace and moved to get on top of her; I didn't want this to go any further as the passion was rising and I was beginning to want her as a lover, and not as a brother and sister experiment., and the last thing I wanted was to get emotionally involved – it was hard enough going this far.

She recognised my move and she opened her legs and got herself prepared for me to enter her.

Let’s just let this one happen and see how we go – she said. Afterwards we can talk about it and see what I can do to improve it.

I was just about to enter her and I said – I think if we are going to be doing this for a while. It may be wise for me to use a condom and not have you full of my semen, I know you are on the pill but it may be better if you are not full of my stuff each time we do it. She said nothing and I got up and ran to my bedroom and quickly returned with a pack of condoms. I was just about to roll one on and she said let me do it I have practiced this a few times and I think I can do it on a live cock.

She took the rolled condom and put it in her mouth and then proceeded to roll it down my cock with her lips and mouth, I had never seen it done like this or had it done to me before but it felt awesome. The feeling of her lips as she rolled it over the head of my cock and down the shaft to my balls was beyond belief. She had my entire cock in her mouth – my own sister.

I said bloody hell where did you learn to do that.

She said I have only ever done it on my dildo – never on a live cock until now. I insisted the first two guys I let fuck me use a condom, as I wasn’t on the pill then. When I started with Tony I was on the pill before we started fucking. I knew I wanted it with him and wanted to be ready for it and not have to worry if we decided on the spur of the moment to do it together, rather than planning for it. Actually we talked about doing it one night before we actually decided to do it.

We then resumed our position and she got ready. She opened her legs and pulled her knees back. I got between her legs and opened her vagina with my fingers to look into her. She was beautiful, wet, warm and pink and very, very juicy. As I spread her lips she spread her legs further and I could see into her and it looked wonderful all shiny and wet and beautifully pink. Her labia was virtually just inside her lips and did not protrude – just the way I prefer them to be. She was obviously wet and her vagina looked beautiful. I had not seen a prettier sight. Had she not been my sister I would have kissed and licked her lips clean as I had done to Sue many times. She was watching me looking at her and asked is it ok.

I said absolutely perfect – in fact beautiful.

Thank god she said - that’s one plus.

I said I am sure there are going to be plenty more.

I then took my condom covered cock and guided it toward her cunt – she was still watching – looking down her body over her magnificent tits which until now I hadn’t realised how firm and beautiful they were. I put my cock head against her small almost enclosed labia lips and said I am ready how about you.

She said this is even better than my first time.

I pushed my cock into her slowly and her lips parted to give me access to her internal parts. She was warm tight and wonderful and I wasn’t all the way into her yet. She smiled at me as I pushed into her further I could feel the warmth of her body and the firmness of her tight vagina as I slid my cock slowly up into her warm and enticing body.

She sighed and said oh god that feels good.

To me it felt awesome. I said shit Sis I can’t imagine any guy not enjoying what I am doing at the moment. I can honestly say you feel better than Sue - but never tell her that.

She said I won’t be telling Sue or anybody else that my own brother and I fucked each other – wow would that raise a few eyebrows around here.

I said it wouldn’t be the first time – remember David and Loretta – they were at it when she was 12 and he was 13. They eventually got caught by her mother. I only learned about it a few years later when he and I were drunk one night and he told me. Evidently she caught them flushing Loretta’s cunt out after he ejaculated into her. They had been fucking each other for almost a year before he started to cum – it was the first time he ever came. You know when girls get their first period at puberty – well guys start to ejaculate. They were shit scarred he made her pregnant and they used a bottle of coke to flush herself out and their mother caught them at it.

Their mother put the fear of god into him and he never did it again. She told him any baby they made would be crazy and disfigured. Loretta was different and was one girl who couldn’t control her desires and would let anybody fuck her. She would do it with anybody including men when she was only 13 and became a real slut. Her mother had her put on the pill as soon as her periods began. Some stories went about she even let some of the fathers and brothers of the boys who fucked her in the afternoon fuck her at night in their cars. I have to admit I did it with her frequently more often than not after school. She was my first fuck and I will never forget it. During school holidays – we would go into the bush nearby and she would have 5 or 6 of us lined up and we would fuck her one after the other. I have to admit I did it with her four or five times some days and I wasn’t the only one. My guess is that some days she would have had more than 20 or more fucks and never got tired of it and never said no. I don’t think she ever wore pants. There must have been days when she had a litre of cum in her – I know it was always juicy. I even saw her fuck guys standing up against a tree a few times. By the time she was 16 she was full blown prostitute. Ironically her mother’s name was Sue too.

Shit I never knew that Jane said. I knew she was easy and a lot of guys at school have talked about having sex with her. I didn't realise she was that bad. I never ever thought you might have been one of them. We must remember never to get drunk and spill the beans about us then.

I said I will never forget that night David was crying drunk and wanted the two of us to fuck Loretta – just so he said I would know how good she was. He never realised how many times I had already fucked her – it would have been over a hundred times in the two years or more we all did it with her so that would give you an idea of how often she was fucked. We were like dogs with her. In some way I felt that him wanting me to fuck her would justify him doing it to her. He was a sad case as he blamed himself for what she became because he started her doing it when they shared bedroom and said he did it almost every night to her.

By now I was into fucking Jane as I would be fucking any girl; she was so comfortable and relaxed about it. I was just thrusting and pulling back with a nice steady rhythm. It felt wonderful inside her, even with a condom on, and looking down and watching her body and her tits move as I fucked her was magic. I realised she showed no real emotion at all allowing me to just fuck her, she smiled occasionally. The thing I noticed however was she was lying back letting me do all the work and while she seemed interested possibly - enjoying it she wasn’t really participating with her body. It was like it was just her cunt that I was fucking not her body. I continued to fuck her and we talked a bit about how good it felt while I was in her and that I would never have imagined us ever doing it together, but she never really got excited about it and let me do whatever I wanted – not that I was going to do anything erotic – I just wanted to enjoy fucking her. We remained in the missionary position the whole time and as I got toward cumming and went harder and faster her tits began to bounce a bit as I pounded my cock up into her as far as it would go. Her whole body was shaking with the pounding I was giving her. She showed a little more interest and I was beginning to grunt and said I think you are getting ready to fill that condom. I said how about you and she said no - I am nowhere near ready – maybe later.

I came with some force and I must say I enjoyed the experience – the sensation of me cumming inside her and
filling up the condom was as good as if I wasn’t wearing one. I was quite vocal and grunted each time I spurted. She seemed to enjoy the fact I was cumming. After I had pulled out I realised I had enjoyed better fucks than with her and Sue was so much better. I could never imagine the two of them comparing notes.

After I pulled out I lay beside her and she waited until I had recovered and removed the condom. Then she said well – what does the score card look like.

I said now we are doing this for one reason are we not - and that is to find out why Tony said what he did.

She said well what is your opinion, forget Tony.

I said I don’t want to forget what Tony said because it has caused you two to break up. Now don’t get upset but I think I know what he is talking about.

She said is it that obvious – I thought you enjoyed it with me.

I said I did and from my point of view I would give myself 10 out of ten for the pleasure of fucking you . It was good, BUT....

Ok give it to me what is the BUT?

I said you more or less just lay there and let me fuck you, if you do the same with Tony I can understand why he is saying what he did.

I think we had better go watch that video again and I can show you a few more on the net – I don’t expect you to do it like they do it but I will show you what I mean with some of the women.

She said well do you think there is hope for me.

I said every hope in the world and by the this time tomorrow I will be as sore as all hell and you will be so well fucked, and know exactly how guys like their women to behave in bed. I am going to enjoy myself and I hope that you will learn how to enjoy it yourself and make me happy at the same time – at the moment it’s all one way – my way.

She got up and said – how do you mean for me to learn how to enjoy myself – I didn't cum but I still enjoyed it when you fucked me as much as I do with Tony.

I said I can tell that but you need to SHOW the guy you are loving it and that you are ENJOYING being fucked as much as he is fucking you. The secret is to be more animated and move and talk a bit and be a bit more sexy or sluttish – talk dirty etc.

God she said that is a real criticism.

I said you wanted to know – I am your brother not your lover, and you asked me to tell you why Tony said what he said. I am sorry but I want to show you what he means and what it can do for you. Fucking is a two way thing – you have got to enjoy it as much or more than the guy. You are being a bit shy about it.

God she said you don’t pull any punches do you.

I said look we are in this together – as much as I want to now – after that fuck I could fuck you every day – you are good but can be better. Believe me I enjoyed it but I want to SEE and FEEL YOU enjoy what I am doing to you as well.

I went to the DVD and put her show on. Now watch and I will show you what she is doing. My guess was you were watching the guy fuck HER not she fucking HIM.

I ran the DVD again and we both watched the fuck in progress. I said forget the sex scenes just watch what she does and how she reacts and then see what he does. I held the remote and stopped and rewound a few sequences and said see - watch her – she is now working herself up and giving herself a good time and then watch him, and I rewound a scene or two for her. See how he is enjoying watching her enjoy herself and he is trying harder to make it better for her.

She said I can see it but I am enjoying it too.

I said maybe but you are not showing it. Let’s watch a couple more scenes and we will get back on the bed and I will show you what I mean.

She said let’s do it here on the floor and watch them at the same time – then I can see what I need to do.

By now though I had lost the urge – I was now the teacher and being rather pointed and critical of her and there was no romance or sex in it. I was basically giving her a lecture on sex. I needed her to be engaged with me and show her and guide her through the ways and means she can use her body and mouth to appear to be more responsive.

I said I don’t think I could do it right now. My cock is still soft. Let me get my laptop and I will put a couple of porno sites up and I can connect them through the TV and we can watch and I will explain and probably get a bit more aroused.

She didnt say anything and I went to my room and got the laptop. I plugged it in to a favourite porno site I use and when I turned around she was masturbating. I said now that’s more like it I can see you are showing more reaction to your own finger than you did for my cock.

She said that movie is gross – she is a real slut. I don’t want to be like her.

I said I know and I don’t expect you to be like her but see how she reacts when he is stuffing his cock into her. I was doing it to you in almost the same way but you didn't react and just lay there and let me fuck you and enjoy myself. I would have enjoyed it twice as much if you had reacted like her. You could have been reading a book while I fucked you – it wasn’t as bad as that but do you get my drift.

I was not sure but I thought I saw her wipe a tear from her eye. I think I was getting through to her.

I switched to another show and this was two high school kids about 18 and they were really into it. She seemed to be in control and he was doing everything she was asking for. Jane watched enthralled and let that one go right through and hardly said a word – at the end the girl sucked his cock immediately after he withdrew it from her cunt and he came in her mouth. She let his cum run out the edge of her mouth and down her chin and drip onto her tits. It looked gross but the girl appeared to be enjoying every moment of her involvement with him despite it being depraved at times – even to the extent of anal sex.

Jane said wow that was something else – I bet she was more than a student.

I said what does it matter she was enjoying herself and he was enjoying it almost as much if not more. Notice how he looked at her and how she reacted and how she used her legs and cunt to give him more and more pleasure. She decided what position they fuck in and changed it a bit – in fact they did just about everything twice but in different ways. The positions were the same with either him on top or her on top but he had his cock in her in different positions. There was one there where her legs were almost back over her head and her cunt was completely exposed and he could have got into her in half a dozen ways.

Shit she said – can we show that again and the two of us can copy them.

I said sure – but don’t get upset if I tell you to do something or show more interest or move in a certain way.

She said yes master.

I smiled and said ok slave do as you are told or I may have to tie you up.

Ok shit she said that would be awesome.

I said that’s could be the sweets after the main course.

She said I love sweets. Let’s get the main course over and done with.

I needed some stimulation and we kissed and she fondled and played with my cock even sucking it a bit and playing with my balls with her hand and pretty soon I was ready. That she did well. Obviously she had done the same with Tony.

We were on the floor of the family room with the TV about to repeat the show we had just seen.

She said I am not sure about the closing scene – what do we do there.

I said whatever you want. I can handle it. It won’t be the first time.

She said mine either – there now you know something you didn't before. It won’t be the first time I have taste the fruit juice of life through the human straw, and I have some pretty tasty stuff to offer myself in my pink well of pleasure.

I said I thought this was to find out about why Tony said what he said. I am sure he didn't complain about that part of you.

No she said he always enjoyed licking me out – he always told me I cum off better on oral than with his cock in me. I think I know now what he meant – you have explained a lot.

We got down and we started the movie.

Now she said I think I can handle anything you want to tell me now – this is a lesson not a love making experience.

I said I hope it’s both. Come here you little bitch and fuck me. Tell me everything you want or feel. I am going to make sure you enjoy this come hell or high water.

We got into position and once more I loved the view of her cunt as I guided my cock into her. This time I didn't wear a condom. It was heaven on earth. We ran the show and there were a few places I had to stop it and rewind it. She wasn’t doing as much as I wanted and after a while she said am I getting better. I said there is a bit of room for improvement. I was enjoying the sex with her like I could not believe. Come on I said and told her what I wanted her to do. I got her to really bring her cunt into play and talk dirty to me which was a bit embarrassing for her. Gradually she realised she was getting more sensation out of her cunt and began to use my cock to stimulate her clit rather than let me do it.

We followed the movie to the letter and it took a few goes for her to respond they way I wanted her to. I guess we were fucking on and off for almost an hour, stopping and replaying scenes, trying out the moves and repeating and practicing the moves and positions. I hadn’t cum but she did twice. That was a highlight for her as she had only cum a few times when Tony had fucked her and never twice in the one fuck.

Then I said ok lets believe its Tony or some other guy but me and get into it.

I could not believe the difference in her now. An hour or so of fucking and practicing the womens moves made a huge difference, she was a raving sex maniac and the difference in her was amazing. I came inside my own sister and it was fantastic, I grunted and breathlessly told her how good it was, and how good she was, as I flooded her cervix with my sperm and spurted spurt after spurt of hot semen into her cunt. She grabbed me around the waist with her legs and squeezed the last drop of cum out of me and deep into her and covered her cervix with my steamy semen. She had cum a couple of times during the lesson which she enjoyed. Had I made her pregnant I would have been so happy.

After it was all over we rested for a while and then she sucked me off. I still had the remnants of our fuck juices on my cock and she didn't hesitate – she took me into her mouth and sucked and fondled me like a pro. I could not have asked for better. Her performance far exceeded her fucking ability and I told her so – I said if you had fucked as well as you suck you Tony would never have complained. She swallowed every drop of my semen and seemed to enjoy it. Would you like to do the same for me?

I hadn’t planned to go that far with her again but she was now well and truly becoming the slutty little girl I had wanted her to be but she would never descend into being a slut. She asked me nicely if I would so I did. She lay on the bed and opened her legs. She tasted a bit stronger now after a few fucks and I sucked and licked her cunt and had an absolutely wonderful time on her and when she came she was so vocal it almost embarrassed me – just as well there were nobody home as she almost raised the roof and I wondered if the neighbours heard her.

After that we had a rest and in about an hour’s time she came to me and hugged and kissed me- nothing was said but we had the most amazing fuck I could ever imagine with my own sister. She did it all – the lesson had been worth it. She was perfect and she even admitted she had never enjoyed anything like it before. It was well over an hour of pure unadulterated sex in every form. Even I was exhausted by her efforts after it was over. We lay together naked for another hour before she said I think we should order in a Pizza and have sweets afterwards.

I didn't disagree – she was as good as a fuck I had ever had now – 100% better than our first effort.

While we were eating the pizza I mounted her again – this time I really wanted to fuck her – her sitting there naked eating Pizza turned me on. I didn't see her as my sister this time but a girl who I wanted to fuck. I looked at her and said can I fuck you again and she didn't hesitate and lay back and just let me have my way with her. She just said I would love it. She showed me she had learned her place in a sex engagement and had learned what a guy looked forward to when having sex with her – she was great.

After we had showered and got ready for bed she said can I sleep with you? There is no way I would have said no.

I said what do you think Tony will say when you show him what you have learned. She said he will never find out – it’s over for him – how could I tell him my big brother taught me how to fuck like an expert when he didn't even try. From now on I will be after somebody who can treat me like a brother I every way. I love you in more ways than I could ever imagine. While you were fucking me I thought about the times we spent in the bath together when we were about 6 or 7 and we wanted to know why we were both different and nobody would tell us why. Today I found out BIG TIME.

Don’t be surprised if I come knocking on your door some time – as far as I am concerned this is the beginning of brotherly love – not the end of it. My door will always be open to you too – I will remember this day for ever.

We fucked regularly after that – at times the emotion overwhelmed us and we became lovers in a very serious way.

She had boyfriends after that and occasionally let them sleep with her. However she always came back to me if SHE wasnt satisfied with THEIR performance. She often told me they needed a teacher like you. I admit there were times she came home and straight to me. We fucked together with the cum of her earlier lover still inside her. I didnt mind as we now had something really special between us and we both could enjoy our incestuous relationship more as lovers than as brother and sister.

We agreed once she realised she really had fallen in love with a man when she was 22 that it was over between us. We had one night of lust when we relived our first lesson together. She had graduated with honours then and there was no way she needed further schooling I told her – it was now her turn to teach her future husband – but never reveal who her master had been.

I will remember my last night with Jane as vividly as I will remember my first time with Loretta . I had committed incest virtually tens of times over with Jane after the first lesson and we both improved our ability to satisfy our partner(s). My life with my sister as a lover was over but never forgotten. I could never count the number of times I had fucked both Loretta and Jane. It would amount to well over a hundred or more. I was very very satisfied.

My new auntie

Maddy345 on Incest Stories

I was busy masturbating in my room and did not notice my auntie poke her head in and see me.

My 'Auntie" is 5 years older than me. My father remarried a much younger woman and my "auntie" is her sister.

I reached orgasm and began to ejaculate and as I watched my cum spurt and fly out I saw her standing there smiling and touching the crutch of her shorts.

I said holy fuck how long have you be

New Year's Eve passed out drunk sister

anonymous on Incest Stories

So on New Years Eve a couple of years ago I was home and watched the ball drop with my family. My sister was out with a couple of her friends. Midnight comes and goes and I stay up late and dick around on my computer. At about 2:00 in the morning I hear my sister come home with a couple of friends. She was 16 and I was 17. I hear them go out into the garage we had converted into a spare room w

A former student

anonymous on Incest Stories

She was a very attractive young girl, and as a student of mine, she was one that I always remembered. Mariah was one of those students you would fantasize about being with. She had nice firm boobs, wore low cut tops and had a personality that was alluring. She had been gone for several years now, however, all of a sudden, Mariah started to visit me from time to time. The firs

Graduation Day

mandi1975 on Incest Stories

It was graduation day. I had been chosen to speak about high school life and how it had helped not only me, but the class, prepare for the life that lay ahead of us. I had been working on my ‘speech’ for months and with help from Mom, Dad and my brother Tim, I was all ready to wow the crowd. I would only speak for five or six minut

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es and paring down all the material I had was a daunting task.

Let me give you a short background of what brought on the events of that particular day. I’m Tamara, Tami, and I have a twin, well almost. My brother, Timothy, Tim. As luck would have it, Tim was born just eleven minutes before me and he treats those eleven like they are gold. Always reminding me he’s the big brother. We shared a room until we were twelve and seeing each other nude every now and again seemed to be no big deal to us. We had compared our bodies in front of the mirror and wondered why if we were twins he had a thing between his legs and I didn’t, because, except for our hair length, we did look exactly alike. When we were ten I got him to dress in my clothes, right down to the panties and standing next to him in another dress, you would have thought we were twin girls.

I thought it was kind of exciting, the thought of having a sister instead of Tim and told him if he looked like a girl he needed a girls name, so I dubbed him Tabitha, Tabby for short. I asked him what he thought and he said he didn’t look bad, only his hair needed to be longer. He suddenly looked at me, said he felt funny and shook a bit, putting his hands on his crotch and groaned, then said he thought he should get back in his own clothes and disappeared into the bath. Changing, he went outside, but hadn’t brought out my clothes. I found them in a heap in the bathroom. Picking them up I realized the panties were wet with a white gooey fluid. I didn’t know it then, but I had just seen Tim orgasm the fist time.

We moved to a bigger house when we were twelve. Tim and I had our own rooms. Nice, as the space before was cramped. About the same time our parents sat us down and told us the facts of life, books with pictures, the whole works. We found out why he had a penis and I didn’t. We grew quickly, reaching our present height of 5’ 9” at age fifteen. I started to ‘blossom’ and at sixteen was 35-25-36, strawberry blonde hair, the only thing changing from then till now, my breast size, a 36C. I thought I was good looking and so did a lot of the guys, so I was happy. Tim and I still looked alike except, again, for the obvious. Tim had let his hair grow to just above his shoulders, but mine was three or four inches longer, both of us parting it in the middle.

From twelve to sixteen I often found things were missing from my closet and underwear drawer, only to ‘magically’ reappear in a day or so. I knew the culprit and cornered Tim. He reluctantly told me he liked dressing as Tabby, it turned him on to think he was my sister and made me promise not to tell, almost crying at getting caught. I asked if he was gay. His eyes flared at the question, saying no, he just liked to think of himself as me once in awhile. I agreed not to tell on one condition, that he let me turn him into me, make-up and all. In my opinion he said OK a little to quickly. I told him we would have to wait for a day when our parents were gone, so as not to get caught.

The day came soon enough. I got Tim, reminded of our deal and he followed me to my room. I told him to take off his shirt, saying we didn’t want to get any make-up on it, then told him to sit in front of the vanity and show him what to do. Sitting next to him, he said maybe I should remove my top, wouldn’t want to get anything on. I wasn’t wearing a bra and as I slipped off the tee, I saw him looking at my tits in the mirror.

“How are we going to manage those?” I blushed a little and then he said, “I mean on me.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I have plan. If you listen and do as I do, you will be Tabby in no time.”

The basics were easy. A little foundation here, a little powder there, cheek highlighter, color and we had reached the hard part, the eyes. Don’t use to much or it will make you look slutty, just watch. As I applied eye shadow, liner and mascara, I said just keep your eyes open and watch what your doing. I finished with a pink lip gloss. He did the same as I had and as we looked in the mirror I saw he was becoming Tabby.

I walked to the closet, getting two similar outfits, picked out two lacey, white thong panties, a sheer bra for me and one that we could work with for him. I threw him two white balloons and told him to blow them up until I said stop.

“What are these for?”

“We’re making boobs, silly. You don’t think all those tits out there are real, do you?” Tim filled them with air and handed them to me. I set them aside and said, “Let’s do this together. I’ll take off my shorts at the same time you do, that way if we’re embarrassed it will at the same time.” We hooked our thumbs in our waistbands and bent over, removing them. I stood, looking at Tim, thinking what the hell, we’d seen each other naked before, just not in a few years. As he stood, I could see him looking at me, his eyes stopping at my lightly haired, blonde pussy. It seemed forever, but once standing, I saw that where I got my figure, he had blossomed himself. His crotch hair was as fine and light as mine, but that is not what had my attention. Standing straight out from his hips was a thick, veined eight inch cock. I had seen guys cocks before, I’d even given one of my boy friends a blow job, but nothing like this. I actually had to force myself to look at his dolled up face.

I kind of nodded at it and said, “Now that could be a problem.” Then smiled. “I guess I wasn’t anticipating something…so big.” I got the thong he was to wear and walked to him putting them in his hand. “If you are going to wear these,” looking down at his cock, “that’s going to need to be…well let’s just say… deflated.”

Looking at his cock, “It’s not like there’s a valve, sis. It needs some…manipulation, so to speak”, watching as his hand wrapped around his cock, stroking it. I stared, mesmerized by the site of Tim jacking-off, a drop of fluid forming at the tip, my pussy tingling, moistening, legs spreading a bit, fingers moving to rub the wet lips of my twat, as we masturbated. I knew we were both close to coming.

Moving to him, I took his hand from his cock, my eyes slits, looking into his, “Let me, Tim, I want to”, my fingers around his big cock the tips unable to touch, slowly moving back and forth, looking down as my hand stroked. Dropping to my knees, watching, fluid almost dripping from the tip, my face moved closer, tongue out, licking the tip, a first, tentative taste, salty, sweet.

Licking my lips, opening my mouth wide, moving forward, taking half his cock inside, lips closing around it, Tim moaning, my fingers pushing into my cunt, my head moving in time with my hand, sucking faster, Tim’s hands on my head, hips thrusting, silently telling me the speed, my pussy dripping around my pushing fingers, a thumb flicking my hard clit, his cock growing harder in my mouth!

“Tami…Taaaaammi…TAMMMMMM!” His hands stopped my head, his cock pulsing, body tensed, his first shot filling my mouth, “TAMMMIII!” Not letting my head move, shooting again into my mouth, sending me into my own orgasm, shaking on my knees, my cream running down the insides of my legs, three fingers buried to the top knuckle, a third shot overflowing my mouth, come escaping around his twitching cock, down my chin, onto my tits, swallowing hot, sweet come, our orgasms slowing, bodies relaxing, my mouth sucking the last from his cock, looking up into his eyes, one hand still on his slowly deflating member, the other, soaked with my juice, moving to my chin, pushing the come into my mouth, sucking my fingers clean.

Standing, I could see he was sweating, ruining the make-up, my own needing a touch up. Putting my arms around his neck, pulling his face to mine, I kissed my brother, forcing my tongue into his mouth, his arms around my waist, cock touching my drenched pussy, sending a shiver through me, kissing passionately. I moved my lips from his, looking into his eyes, knowing I wanted to go further, but willing to wait for the proper day.

“We need to get cleaned up, then re-apply our make-up, now that you have been…deflated.” He laughed a bit and said OK, but I could see he, too, wanted more.

Taking Tim to the bathroom, I showed him how best to remove the make-up without leaving his face red when he was done. Back at the vanity, he got another lesson in application. He did better the second time, so I built his ego a bit, telling him with practice, he could be good at it. Putting on the panties, he pushed his cock between his legs and it looked almost natural. I got the bra on him, stuffed the balloons in place, then we put on our tops and skirts, walked to my full length mirror, admiring our work.

We looked at each other in the mirror. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I spread my arms in front of me, “Wa-La, Tabitha, I have a sister! You look beautiful!” We giggled and I said, “Now look, I don’t mind you wearing my clothes, just let me know, But you can’t use my make-up, I’ll take you shopping and get you what you need. No one will ever suspect it’s for you and not me. Plus your secret, our secret, is safe.” I made the motion with my fingers of locking my lips.

Tabby turned to me, her head bowed a little, blushing. “I hope your lips are locked only for that.”

I put my hand under her chin, raising her head, winking and giving her a quick kiss, “I hope yours are locked only for the same reason. We need to get out of these things. Mom and Dad will be home soon.”

I kept my promise, took him shopping, getting under things he liked as well. I couldn’t have him wearing mine all the time. Tim kept his promise, letting me know what he had taken from my closet, returning them when he was done cleaned and pressed if needed. We had gotten together a few times, but it was nothing more than masturbating together, me giving him a blow job, or him licking me to orgasm. I was getting a little frustrated, wanting more than just that. I wanted Tim to be the first one, the first inside me. I know both of us wanted to go further than that, but taking that step…

So here it was, graduation day. The ceremony was mid-morning on a Saturday, with a senior party later that night. Our parents were leaving for a week about an hour after the diplomas were given out. There was always some theme for the party, this year, a masquerade. When Tim and I heard about it, I dared him to go as me and I would dress as him in his suit and tie. He looked at me as if I were crazy, saying he had never been out of the house dressed as a girl, telling me it was for his own enjoyment. I kept after him and I guess he’d enough and said OK, on one condition.

“You have kept my secret and I love you for it, but if I’m going to go out dressed like you, take the chance of being totally embarrassed in front of my friends, you can’t wear any clothes under your gown at the ceremony.”

“I don’t know, Tim. Everybody takes their gown off right after. How am I going to even try to get away with it? Let me think about it. OK?”

I stood behind the podium, mortar board pinned to my hair, a crimson gown, thigh high red stockings and white three inch heels the only thing covering me, speaking to a gym filled with people. I finished to a round of polite applause and took my seat on stage. Diplomas were handed out and when Tim gained the stage I stood, taking my place in front of him, to receive mine, a small victory as I was ahead of my ‘big’ brother for the first time. Taking our seat on the floor, Tim turned to me saying I had done well, given the circumstance. I smiled at him and said I hope he did half as well later.

The program was over, everyone making their way out of the gym to be congratulated by family and friends, all the graduates removing their gowns but me. Finding my parents and Tim, I was asked why I didn’t take mine off, making some excuse about how it made me feel like I had accomplished something great in my life and wanted to hang onto it for as long as I could. Mom and Dad said their good-byes for the week and I grabbed Tim by the hand, dragging him out of the school, telling him to get us out of there, quick time, luckily not stopped by any of our friends.

Driving home, I looked at Tim, “Holy cats! I was nervous up there. From the minute I stood up I could feel the gown rubbing against me. It excited me, knowing I was almost naked in front of all those people.” We pulled into the drive, parked and Tim turned to me.

“You were blushing the entire time. I didn’t think you had it in you. I was turned on knowing I was the only one who knew. We should go inside. I want for you to decide what I wear.”

We walked into the house, Tim throwing his gown on a chair and kicked off his shoes, socks and untucked his shirt. I turned away from him, unzipping my gown letting fall behind me, wearing only the nylons and heels looking over my shoulder, smiling.

“I know just the thing. It may be a little tight, but as soon as you slip inside I’m positive you’ll fit. Come on, I’ll help you with of your clothes.” With Tim following, because of the heels, I could feel my ass dancing in front of him.

We entered the bedroom and I told him to close and lock the door, just in case. Moving to him I un buttoned his shirt, pulling it from his shoulders, undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants and slid down his zipper. Taking his pants and underwear in my hands I slipped them down his legs, balancing on the balls of my feet, my legs spread in front of him, his hard cock even with my face. I got him to lift his feet so I could get his pants off the rest of the way, took his hard eight inches in my hand, stroking.

Licking up the underside, I took three inches into my mouth, my head moving slowly back and forth, still stroking him. Putting my hand around the base, I opened my mouth, moved forward until his cock was touching my throat, closed my lips around him, my tongue moving along the ‘vein’, Tim eliciting a low moan, my head moving back, then taking as much of his cock as I could, without gagging, again…again, Tim’s hands on my head, trying to force his cock deeper, my fingers running along the lips of my warm, moist pussy, touching my clit. Looking up at him, I could see him watching me, bringing him nearer orgasm.

His cock grew harder as I sucked him. Knowing he was close, I pulled my head away from his flesh and stood, put my arms around his neck bringing his face to mine, our lips touching, parting, our tongues playing, one hand behind my neck, the other on my ass, pulling me close, his cock sliding in between my legs, my pussy lips separated on top of it, sweet honey flowing, coating, kissing passionately, moving my brother back to my bed, lips parting as he lay on his back, moving his head to my pillows, my mouth back to his cock, taking him as deep as I could inside once again, tasting my cream, Tim groaning.

I moved my tongue along his stomach, circling his navel, to one nipple, taking it in my teeth, biting lightly, my hips moving closer to his steel, my lips to along his neck, touching his chin, my pussy lips on each side of his ‘vein’, wetting his cock, my lips to his mouth, our eyes staring into one another’s, the tip inside, whispering softly against his lips.

“You’ll fit inside just right”, lowering an inch more inside, “A little tight”, his tip touching my virginity, “This is what I want you to wear tonight”, my hips pushing down harder, breaking through, wincing at the slight pain, my pussy taking another inch, my lips next to his ear, “You are the first, my twin” Pushing back, inch upon inch, sliding inside, sitting up, hands on his chest, deeper, his hard length fully inside, extended clit feeling his soft hair, my pussy involuntarily squeezing, my head back, my brothers eight inches stretching me.

The feeling of Tim’s cock inside me was unbelievable. I held him there for several moments, getting used to the length, the girth. I hooked my feet on the insides of his knees, my hands on his chest and raised my hips, his cock sliding almost from me, then slowly lowered, his smooth, hard cock entering again, my clit touching hair again, sending an intense tingle into me.

“Tami, you feel so good, so tight around me.” His hands on my ass, lifting me again, pushing down onto his cock, nipples hard, “So warm”, up again, “So wet.” Taking his cock inside again, again, gaining a rhythm, fucking for the first time, hips hitting audibly, faster I pushed his hot meat into me, harder, fucking his cock, my clit hitting each time I took him inside, closer, my orgasm immanent, driving down onto him, holding him inside as I came.

“Tim…TIMMMM,” Shivering as my orgasm coursed through me, my pussy, viselike, clasping my twin brothers cock, “Timmmmmy!!!”, Falling onto his chest, my breasts heaving, gasping for air, his cock sliding from my pussy, nestled between the cheeks of my ass.

His arms around me as he turned me onto my back, the tip of his cock splitting my cunt lips, one leg around his waist, the other on his ass, pulling his cock into me, thrusting up to meet his hips as he fucked me, hips clapping together, harder, his balls hitting my ass as my brother stroked faster into my grasping cunt, cream flowing, coating my asshole.

“Harder, fuck…Me…Fuck…Me…Harderrrrr…!!!” My legs pulling, forcing his huge cock into my drenched pussy, fingernails raking, digging into his back, my feet locked around his ass, his cock driving into me, his body tensing,

Fuck…Me, yes TIIIIIIIM!!!” Each blood filled vein bringing us closer…his cock growing harder…closer

Tammmi…TAMMMMI!!!” Groaning my name, his hips jerked into mine, eight inches pushed deep, pumping, hot come exploding inside me, coming with him, my cunt grabbing as he filled me again, “Ooooooooh, Timmmmmmmmy…Yeeeees!” Our hips grinding, our orgasms, seemingly ceaseless, my brother falling forward, looking into my eyes as his cock pulsed, our lips meeting yet again, shaking into the last moments.

I held him in my arms, his cock still hard inside, “I think the party can wait. Maybe later we can get you to fit into that pretty pink bottom you’ve been admiring.”

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First time w/ Daughter 4

bjack on Incest Stories

"Hi, Punkin," I said to my daughter.

"Hi, Daddy," said my beautiful teenager.  "What's up?"

"Your mother just told me that she was going to have to go out of town on business again.  She'll leave tomorrow night, and be back on Sunday evening."

"She sure seems to have a lot of trips to make lately," said Donna.  &

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quot;But I wonder how we are going to spend the time?  Have any ideas, Daddy?"

"I might be able to come up with something, maybe even something new, too.  It will be the perfect "private" birthday gift."  Yes, she was about to turn 14, and this seemed the perfect occasion for this gift.  But that was all the hint I was going to provide her.  She was going to have to guess for a couple of days.

When her mother left town, Donna was almost beside herself.  "What is the gift you were talking about, Daddy?  Can I have it now?"

I decided to tease her.  "I don't remember where I put it now, Punkin.  We may just have to search for it."

"Daddy, come on.  I've been good at keeping our secret, so don't start keeping secrets from me."  Even though she was in the middle of complaining, she followed me to my bedroom, thinking her gift was there.

"Let's see, where could I have put it?"  Donna started looking in my dresser, under the bed, on the closet floor, then the shelf, but couldn't find anything.  Getting more and more frustrated, she finally looked in my nightstand drawer, and withdrew a package.

"Is this it?  Is this my present, Daddy?" she squealed.

"Yes, I guess you can open it now," I replied.

And with that, she pulled the wrapping paper off faster than she's ever done before.  When she saw it, a blank look came over her face, and she asked, "Daddy, what is it?"

I sometimes forget her youth and lack of experience, and this was one of those times.  "Punkin, let me introduce you to your first vibrator.  Some call it a dildo, but it is used to help you when Daddy can't be with you to make you come."

"How does it work, Daddy?"

"You can either rub it along your pussy, or rub it right on your clit, or even stick it up into your pussy.  Most do a combination of all three for the best sensation."

"O-o-o-h, that sounds like fun, Daddy," she said.  "Can you show me how to do it?"

"I'd love to be the first to do that with you, Punkin," I replied.  And with that, Donna began tearing off her clothes.  "How about leaving your shirt on for now, and your panties.  Just take your bra off."  And she did as I asked.  I couldn't help but notice a wet spot had already formed on her nearly transparent thong panties.  "Now, lie down on your back and spread your legs for me."  Ever the obedient one, Donna did just as I asked.  "Get ready for some intense action."

And then, I turned the vibrator on to low speed, and began massaging her beautiful size 30A tits through her shirt.  Her nipples quickly became hard, and her breathing started becoming faster.  "That feels s-o-o-o good, Daddy.  I think I'm getting wet."

I took that as a sign, and began moving the vibrator slowly down her slim body, past her tummy, past her Mound of Venus, and over her pussy lips.  I could easily see the wet spot had gotten quite large, and she started to pull her knees up as her excitement grew.  I rubbed the dildo over her pussy lips, and after a couple of turns there, her panties were completely soaked.  I then pulled her panties to one side, and slipped the dildo in her pussy, a little at a time.  It was only 5" long, so it would easily fit in her pussy. Her juices began dripping out of her pussy now, and I knew it was only a matter of time before she achieved orgasm.

Then I moved the dildo up to her clit, and increased the speed of the dildo.  Her ass almost immediately came off the bed, and with a shrill scream, she shot her juices all over my face and chest.  I kept the stimulation up, and after several more seconds, shot another load, though this one was a bit less than before.

"Oh, GOD, DADDY, this feels SO GOOD.  I don't know if I can take any more."

And then, I pulled the dildo away from her pussy.  She slowly lowered her ass onto the wet bed, and when her breathing slowed down, said, "How can I thank you for this?"

I answered her by taking her shirt and soaked panties off her, then putting my already engorged dick at her pussy entrance, and shoving it in.  She began moving in tandem with my strokes, and began her moaning once again.  "God, Daddy, that feels so good.  Put your dick in all the way, please, PLEASE!! Make me come again, OK, Daddy?"

I increased the depth of my strokes, so that I was hitting her clit with every inward movement.  Then suddenly, she lifted her ass off the bed again, and even with my cock in her, sprayed her juices all over my belly and legs.  I began coming myself then, and pulled out to shoot all over her tits, stomach, and pussy.

"God, that was intense," I said.  "I love you, Punkin."

"I love you, too, Daddy.  And I know just how to repay you for all this.  I'll tell you about it later."

Isn't that just like my Donna?  Always thinking about me...


Cooking With Mom (Part II)

fl44bothways on Incest Stories

If you already read the first chapter you know that my mother Jennie and I have already had sex in the kitchen. After that day, outwardly, things looked the same between us but at least 3 nights a week we would spend the night in her bed fucking like rabbits and finding new ways to love each other. She taught me a lot and I was an eager student. Mom seemed happier than ever with more energy and

Wet and Wild Birthday

God of Sex on Incest Stories

It was the day of Cole's 14th birthday and he had invited some of his good friends to go to a nearby waterpark.  He, his mom, and his closest friend and neighbor Matt were packing a cooler for the day.  Matt had never mentioned it but Cole knew he had the hots for his mom and as wrong as it was Cole did too.      Â

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 Â Â Â Â Â Â 

His mom was very sexy for her age at about 38 she had the body of a goddess to the young teens.  She was a yoga instructor so she was in extraordinarily go form.  She had the nicest round and firm ass and 32C tits to die for. She had the sexiest abs that make you weak at the knees and the sexiest toned tan that just makes a woman irrisistable.

Cole's dad was out on buisness but he said they would celebrate the day he got back in a week. So it was just him and his mom and usualy Matt who caem to be like a 4th family member over the years. But back to the story.

They went out the door and headed to the waterpark.  They were to meet his other firends there in the main loby.  On the way there Cole couldn't help but stare down his mom's tiny shirt, her sexily small bikini top under it pressed her tits up and together to the point where he was almost drooling then remembering Matt was sitting in back he snapped back to his senses.

Once they arrived and parked (after a 30 minute parking spot search) they walked up and greeted Jon, Tony, Jason, and Marcus and Cole couldn't help notice all of them were chancing glances down his mom's shirt. "Hey Matt, Cole, Jane..." (Cole's mom is Jane if you didn't gather that) they yelled. "Lets go!"

So they all went up and bought tickets, all on Jane of course what kind of party would it be if you had to pay. They all ran in and started to set up at the main lounging area by the wave pool and waited for Jane who walked in behind the kids. "Sunblock before you guys go ok!" So they busted out the block and began to hurridly rub themselves. As she took her top and shorts off to leave her in her sexy bikini Jane noticed that like most kids none did their backs so she lined em up and did it for them. As she rubbed Cole down her tits brushed up on his head and back sending tinges up his spine and he started to get hard from this innocent task.  "All done next,...shoo sweetie your not the only one here" He snapped back to reality and moved to the side and watched the innocent task become a sexy rub down as every kid started getting hard. "Matt get over here you big flirt!" Matt was off to the side flirting with a girl from school and a wave of jealousy came over Cole just like every time he did that, Cole could really get some poon but he wasn't good at talking like Matt who was always telling him that all the girls he talked to wanted Cole's dick.

Anyways Matt parted with the girls and came for his rub down with everyone waiting.  Jane pulled him in close by his crotch! Cole couldn't believe it and Matt kinda jumped too.  "Oops sorry Matt little low" she giggled and began to rub him down sending shudders through Matt as he was cleary getting aroused as her tits rubbed across his head and shoulders.  For a second he thought he saw his mom's hand go down Matt's pants but he shook the vision off. "All done you kids shoo out I'm gonna work my tan."

They all started to run off to some slides when "Matt could you stay back a sec and get my back please? I don't want to waste Cole's birthday time!" He ran back with a grin and Cole said he was going to use the bathroom and he'd catch up with the other guys in a sec.

Cole went in the bathroom waited a second then came back out to spy on Matt and his mom.  His sexy mom was lying on a lounger and her bikini top was untied so she didn't get the strap tan.  Matt squirted block on her back and she squirmed and gigled. He started to rub it in going dangerously close down her sides and he swore he heard his mom moan for a second.  He started going down her back and to his suprise started groping and rubing her ass! There he was watching his best friend grope his moms sexy ass and they both had raging hard-ons! This time he definatley her his mom moan in pleasure and he got so jealous he almost walked over and punched Matt in his huge grin. When he was done he leaned over and rubbed his cock on her ass for a second and whispered something in her ear to which she giggled and told him to shoo before someone saw them.

Cole ran ahead of matt to the slides and greeted his friends getting off their first run and waved over to Matt. He didn't mention anything to him but he had a burning hate for him at the moment.

After an hour Matt said he was going to the bathroom and he'd meet us back at "base camp" after we finished that run and after he left Cole said he was gonna go back early to grab some grub.  Of course it was to spy on his best firend.  He ran up to behind Matt so he couldn't see him and not much to his suprise he didn't even go to the bathroom. He stood over Cole's dream woman and said something to her before Cole was in hearing range.  He sat in a lounge out of sight and in hearign range in time to hear her say "ok" and then matt leaned over and straddled Jane's sexy ass, already hard, set his boner on it and leaned over to tie her bikini back up. "All secure" She turned over and he quickly planted a passionate kiss on her which she quickly accepted then pushed off giggling "What if someone sees you silly stud muffin!" He smiled a smile that made Cole almost throw a rock at him. He noticed that Matt's cock was right at her snatch and the only thing that seperated his mom and his best friend was two pieces of thin cloth.  That was it!

Just then all three of them heard the rest of the gang chatting and coming up a hill to the little encampment.  Matt roled off quickly and hid his boner as Cole quickly came from behind, startling Matt, and tried to pretend he'd been there for five minuted quickly startign to snak on a carrot.

The rest of the day was uneventful, except Marcus pulling a girls top off in the wave pool, and they started to head home.  Matt and the gang arranged to meet the next day at Cole's but for now they wanted to get get some shut eye.

When everyone got home it was just Cole and Jane in their nice homey home.  They sat for some dinner and he tried not to mention the events he had seen but they just bursted out.  His mom blushed and stammered as he apologized.

"Its ok it was wrong what I did but Matt's such a sweet talker and ive honestly been horny with oyur dad gone for so long"

"I guess i understand but with Matt? I uh um well..."

"what sweetie you can tell me baby"

"Well im just really jealous your the woman of my dreams and your so sexy i think im in love with you!"

He couldn't believe what he just said. He imidiately ran off to his room. He was in the middle of punching himself when Jane walked in in a silk robe.

"Hey honey its ok I'm not mad or grossed at all."


"No, well honestly sence you hit puberty you've became quite an attractive young man yourself..."

She sat next to him and put her hand on his thigh. He couldn't believe it his mom, the hottest woman ever, thought he was good looking.

"I've seen you well I've seen you jacking off a couple times and i think your bigger than your dad already!"

He blushed a little and tried to hide his raging cock, now hard as ever standing 9 inches and thick as pole. Jane moved her hand up his shorts and started to feel him up.

She stood up, undid her robe, and revealed what she was wearing underneath, nothing! His jaw dropped and she took the oppritunity to stick her full breast in his mouth. "mmmmmmm you like that baby" "oh my god it feels like heaven uhhhh" He groped and groped her OH MY GOD they felt so nice he thought as one handed started to trace her toned abs and she groaned in extacy. She got on her knees and started to rub him again and then with one motion yanked his shorts and boxers off while he took his shirt off.  Out popped his young throbbing and ready to go 9 inch love monster. Her eyes lit up and she grabbed it and started to lick him.  She looked up at him and winked as she wrapped her lucious lips around his head and began to suck him off. HOLY SHIT he thought. "mmmmmmmm *slurp* you taste amazing baby!" "fuckkkk mom that feels so fucking goooood"

She stood up and he grabed her lucious ass squeezed it and pulled her close stickign his face right in her cunt nuzzling it and winking at her as he began to eat at her pussy like there was no tommorow.  She moaned in extacy and whiped her head around in lust and pushed his head and her cunt together. He turned he around sat her on the bed then spread he eagle and began to give her the tounge fuckign of a lifetime.  The screamed in plessure andbanged her fist on his bed as her back archedand her head tilted back for a mind blasting orgasm. "AHH FUCKKKKKKKK IM CUMMMMMMING ohhhhh YES BABY FUCK"

He stood up and saw the fire still in her eyes "You MORE i want your cock in me NOW!!!!!" He climbed on the bed too happy to oblige and spun her around and began to attack her tits with his tounge casuing her to arch her back and moan. She leaned forward grabbed his ass and pulled him forward shoving him in her pussy all the way to the hilt of his throbing cock.  "OHHHHH FUCK YES YOUR FUCKING HUGE BABY OHHH YEAH" he screamed in pleasure as he lost his virginity to his mother "OH FUCK YEAH MOM YOUR SO FUKCING TIGHT". He wasted no time and began to piledrive the fuck out of her. His cock and balls slammed her wet cunt as she screamed in extacy "oohhh GOD fuck me harder baby OH YES"  He gave it his all and thrusted his cock deep in her cunt his crotch rubbing her clit as his cock went so deep he poked her cervix  and screamed. "FUCKK IM CUMING MOM OHH GOD" "OHHHH FUCK ME TOO BABY YOUR SO FUCKIGN GOOD OH YEAH" She contracted around him causing him to spray his hot teen cum all up her womb and they both arched back in extacy in mind blowing orgasms.

He popped out with a slurp and still hard he admitted he wanted more and she fucking did too.  "Oh god no you're not done i want you to fuck my sweet ass baby" she rolled over to doggy style position and looked back with lustful eyes.  He plunged straight in driving his cock deep in her round ass. "FUCK yeaH! youre so big baby i want all of you in me YES!" He started stroking his already pussy juiced cock in an out until his hilt was pressing his moms tight ass which made him cum again "fuck im cummming mom" "Uhnnn oh god yes fill me with that hot cum FUCk" She began rubbing the shit out of he clit and he pulled out of her saying he needs to wash his cock before anyhting else.  As soon as he washed up and came out of the bathroom he ran right into Matt.

"uhhh what the fuck cole?"  he jumped and took control of the situation by leading him to his bedroom. "Oh my god shit your mom is a fucking BABE let me in on this" She motioned them over and started to suck on Cole. MAtt took the cue and stripped faster that ever already rock solid and, thicker than Cole but only 8 inches, began to stroke. She slurped off her sons dick and said in pleasure "My my you're both hung like horses!" She laid Cole on the bed and spared no time and sat right on his pole. "UHHH FUCK yeahhhhhhh sweetie FUCKKK" she motioned matt over as she started to bounce on her sons rock shaft screaming in extacy as matt stuck his prick deep in her ass. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK i can feel you both rubbing- OH MY FUCKIGN GOD IM CUMMING SO HARD" She had the most mind blowing orgasm in her life! She stood up matt still deep in her ass moaning in pleasue and she motioned her still hard son over.

They put her between them and she straddled cole in midair and drove him deep inside her "OH FUCK YEAH" She arched back and started making out with matt as cole groped and licked her abs and huge tits. They Both kept thrusting "oh fuck im cumming in oyu tight ass jane FUCKKKK" "YEAHHH come one baby I want both your hot loads at once!" cole arched back off her tits and pumped faster and faster right as matt cummed in her ass and cole started shooting his load up her cervix and coating her womb she had another mind blowing orgasm. "OH MOTHER FUCKIGN FUCK SHIT OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh YES" She hunched over and told them she was spent....

They all washed up and popped in a movie and Matt let his parrents know he was spending the night. as the movie started "I'll be renewed when this is done, oh and husbands gone for a week more" All three grinned and prepared for the week of a lifetime......

                         [  THE END?  ]

my little mom 2

perv4lilgrls on Incest Stories

…..I had awoken from my dream, with the drool dripping from the corner of my mouth. My cock was it’s usual rock-hard morning woodie. I opened my eyes and realized I was locked in with my mother and my cock was still impaled within her pussy. It was squeezing tight around my morning erection as I tried to move slightly. Then my mother woke up and looked into my eyes.
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            “ mmmmmMMMMMmmmmmMMMMM… mommy’s baby is ready to give her a wake-up call I see. “
            With that she grabbed my ass and pushed me back down into her pussy, locking her legs in my lower back.
            “ Oh god you are so fucking huge !! “ she howled  “ Please be gentle with me as I am very sore from last night. “
            I just looked down at her and gave her a devilish grin. I leaned forward and started sucking and biting on her already hard nipples. Her moans became screams as I bit hard onto those massive nipples. My hips started pumping in a slow rhythmic pulse. Her pussy pleaded to be free from this mass that was forcing it to be something it wasn’t. As I chewed on her nipples and massaged her breasts, she was screaming as my pace increased and my cock was bottoming out in her pussy.
            With those words spoken I grabbed her tiny legs and pushed them up to her ears. I began a torrid assault on her fragile pussy as I started slamming her as hard as a jackhammer. I was pounding her like a butcher tenderizes meat. I was pulling my cock to the rim of my head and slamming it back in has hard as I could, hitting what ever was stuck back there. She was screaming for me to stop, yet to fuck her harder. Her words would just burst out in bits and pieces has I mashed my cock deep in her pussy.
            Suddenly her eyes kind of rolled back in her head and she was twitching like never before. Her cum was lubing my cock for better movement and spraying from the confines of her pussy onto her legs, my stomach and legs. This only encouraged me to pump faster and harder. She was convulsing after every push and pull. She no longer could speak and was just babbling some sounds from her mouth. Her cum was spraying every time I pushed in, the squish, squish sound was all you heard mixed with her garbled sounds.
            I had lost count as too how many times she had cum and/or the number of orgasms, when I realized she had passed out from all the orgasms. This made me feel like an animal even more and I felt I could do anything I pleased. I let her legs go as they just fell away limp and unresponsive. I grabbed her ass and squeezed her cheeks hard, digging my nails deep into her flesh. I proceeded to push her ass up to meet my thrusts. Faster and faster I raised and lowered her limp body as I pleased, suddenly I felt my balls tighten and an explosion of atomic proportion blasted my cum deep within her womb, cervix, intestine and filled her pussy gushing forth with her cum and juices spraying all over her, me, the rug, table and furniture. I swear some must have even hit the ceiling as the force was nothing like I had ever seen before.
            As my cock slowly started to dwindle in size, not much but enough, I pulled myself free from her pussy with a sound only heard on the fourth of July. It sounded like a firecracker going off as a tremendous popping sound occurred as the head freed itself from it’s confines. There must have been a vacuum seal with her tight cunt wrapped around me so tightly.
            I left her lying there on the couch, in whatever world she was in and went to go clean up and take a piss.
            When I got back to the livingroom, she was just lying there gently rubbing her pussy and clit. Taking her fingers and licking the combination of all the fluids and greedily sucking her fingers dry.
            “ Oh baby you don’t know how mommy feels right now. She has never, NEVER, EVER had a fucking like her baby has given her. I am yours forever to do as you wish. “
            “ I am glad you understand your position in this relationship now. You are now my little sex slave and when I want or ask you will deliver whatever I request. “
            “ Now don’t try and get cocky with me young man. I am still your mother and you will treat me as such. “
            “ Think what you wish, but you belong to me and will obey my commands. “
            “ Fuck you little boy, you won’t be telling me what to do. “
            With that I move toward her and grabbed her hair. I pulled her up off the couch by it and grabbed her body. I clenched her close to me with my one arm wrapped around her waist holding her in place as I drove my tongue deep into her mouth and throat. She struggled to get free, but was no match for my force. I pulled her hair so her head bent back and I started kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear lobes.
            “ Oh you are a wicked boy !! “
            “ I told you, you are mine and you will obey me. “
            With that I turned her around and bent her over the couch. Her gorgeous ass was there staring at me. I pulled on a handful of hair and asked, “ Would you like me to fuck your ass now or after breakfast ? “
            “ Don’t you dare !! “
            I moved forward and let my cock push slightly at the tiny opening that was her asshole.
            “ STOP YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE. I SAID NO !!!!! “
            “ You are in no position to tell me anything. “
            I slid my cock down toward her pussy and she squirmed as the head rolled over her clit and lips. That soft gentle moan of approval murmured from her lips. I slid my cock back up to her ass, drawing some of the juices with, repeating the procedure again and again. After about the tenth time of moving back and forth from hole to hole I took my cock and slapped her pussy hard. A loud smack and squish could be heard and she moaned loudly.
            “ Oh you are so cruel to me. “
            “ You know you want me to do it so why must you fight it ? “
            “ Okay baby, mommy is your toy, but please be careful. I am so, so, so tiny. “
            “ Don’t worry mom I will treat you better than you have ever been treated before. Now get up and make us some breakfast. “
            I let go of her hair and backed away. She turned and looked at me, at first with disappointment and want, then with the look of you fucking bastard. She got up, with my help and went to the bathroom to clean and wash up. She was walking rather gingerly with a slight bow in her legs. I just watched as she went down the hall and disappeared into the bathroom. Watching that ass I knew what my next conquest was soon to be. My cock had sprung back up to full staff, but I knew his time would come soon enough and a new world for both my mother and I was soon to begin………
Any questions, comments or inquiries write…..           

I fucked my step mom

JimDeed on Incest Stories

I suppose I will start off with descriptions of myself and my stepmother. I am 5’10’’ with brown hair and blue eyes. I have a decent build (I played many sports in highschool) and a somewhat impressive 7 1/2 ‘’ cock. In school I normally get A’s and B’s and I am being accepted to a decent college in my same city that I live in. I am

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18 years old.

            My step mother is 5’6’’ with brown hair that have blonde streaks in them. She has an amazing body with measurements of 36-24-32. She recently got fake boob for an unknown reason (except I think I know). I still don’t know how she managed to get such an amazing body. Her skin is slightly tanned. She is 33 years old.

            My biological mother ran away when I was 10 years old. She ran away with another man. When I was 11, my father met my step mother (whos name is Priscilla) and married her when I was 12. I found it odd that he managed to find a woman so quickly, but who knows, maybe both my mother and my father were cheating, I don’t know.

            Anyways, lets start off with how I managed to even get close enough to fucking this angel.

            It was a Friday night and my father, step mother and I were at home. We were watching a football game on the DVR. Then the phone rings. My father gets it.

            Father- “Really? Ok, I will be right there.”

            He comes back into the living room, which is where the TV is, and tells us that he needs to get back to work because a huge virus was found on the computers. We both say goodbye and my step mom gives him a kiss on the lips. Within 30 sec she sits back down. Before, each of us were sitting on a different couch (there are 3 couches that are perpendicular to eachother, forming a sort of square with the tv at the other end), but now she comes and sits right next to me. I never had though of her in any sexual way before, but for some reason, my dick started to get hard. Luckily (or so I thought), my jeans and the shirt I was wearing managed to cover it up. We continue watching the football game and then she says.

            Priscilla- “Hey Pat, do you want a beer?” (Patrick is my name, but she and most everyone else calls me Pat)

            Me- “Uhm, but I’m not 21 yet…”

            Priscilla- “You need to get used to the taste, here, I’ll go get you and me one.”

            She stands up and as she walks away, I immediately look at her ass. It is swinging side to side in motions that just made me harder. She is wearing tight jeans and a yellow shirt. She gets to the refrigerador and opens it. The beers are at the bottom of the refrigerador so she has to bend down to get them. However, she bends over with her back so her big ass is sticking out.

            Priscilla- “Do you want some light or dark beer?”, she calls. As she asks this, she moves ass slightling to the left and right. My dick kept getting harder!!

            Me- “I’ll take a light I suppose” I say

            She comes back and her hips once again are swinging side to side as she walks. She sits down a little closer to me and hands me the beer. I decide to just pop the top off with my hand and I succeed.

            Priscilla-“Ohh, aren’t you strong, can you open mine please?”

            She hands me the beer and I oblige. I open it and hand it back to her, but as she starts to grab it, she fumbles and the beers spills ALL over my pants.

            Priscilla-“Oh damn! I’m so sorry Patrick! Here, lets take off your shirt so it doesn’t get wet also and I’ll go get a towel”

            She takes off my shirt and I oblige, all the while fearing that she will see my hard lump in my pants. She leaves to get a towel and hurries back. She is jogging and her large boobs are jumping up and down. She kneels down in front me and starts padding my pants RIGHT ON MY DICK to dry my pants. But then she pauses….

            Priscilla- “Pat, what is that I feel??”

            Me- “Uhh, uuh, I don’t know..”

            Priscilla-“Well, if you don’t know, than I am going to find out!”

            She immediately undoes my zipper and there lies my hard 7 ½’’ dick. She gasps.

            Priscilla-“O wow Pat!”

            I start to panick and start to stutter but then she starts running her hand up and down my dick.

            Priscilla-“Its so big Pat! Oh my god! I have to have this NOW!”

            She pushes me back, sits on my legs and starts to suck on my dick. OH MY GOD!! It was SOOO amazing! Her head was bobbing up and down and my dick was getting very wet from her saliva. I grab her hair (which is a little more than shoulder length) and pull it towards me.

            She continues to suck my dick for about 7 minutes before I feel my dick hardening and I begin to slightly vibrate. She then deepthroats me and I can’t hold it in any longer and I let loose a large amount of jizz. She holds my dick there for a few seconds and then lets her head up with a little bit of my jizz dripping out of her mouth.

            Priscilla-“That tasted so wonderful Pat. Now do you want to taste my pussy?”

            Me-“I’d love to!” I said. I had lost all of my nervousness about a minute into her sucking my dick.

            She rolls back so she is laying on her back. I grab her legs, pull her into my face and start eating her pussy. I put my tongue in, roll it out, pull it out, push it back in. All the while, she is moaning.

            Priscilla-“Omg….uuuuh!....uuuh!...omg pat! Keep going! Omg!”

            I kept eating her pussy until I felt her hips jolt and some semi-salty liquid flew into my tongue and face. She sighed.

            Priscilla-“uuuhhhh……that felt so GOOD!!”

            Then I decide to take charge. And without her saying anything else, I push her onto her stomach and lay right ontop of her.

            Priscilla-“What are you doing Pat? AW!” she squeals as I stuff my dick into her wet pussy. At first she tries to get up but I hold her down. After 15 sec, she decides that she wants it and pushes her soft, big ass into my dick. We go back and forth, all the while, she is moaning.

            Priscilla-“Pat, omg! Uuh! Uuh! Omg! Harder! Aaaawwwww yeeeeaaaaa!!!!”

            I start pumping my dick into her harder and faster until she is screaming.


            Then I felt that feeling that I was going to unload into her again. I asked her.

            Me-“Where do you want my jizz?”

            Priscilla-“In my pussy!! Jizz in me!”

            The moment she said that, I let loose an even larger amount of jizz right into her pussy. I kept my dick in their while she collapsed and moaned in pleasure.

            Priscilla- “You’ve done a lot of work, but now mommy wants to fuck you.”

            I know what she means I roll back onto my back and she immediately gets on top of me, positions her pussy over my dick, and SLOWLY lowers it down. It felt so amazing. I grabbed her ass as she moved up and down ontop of it. I then put my arms around her back and pulled her down towards me. We began to French kiss even as she pounded away at my dick. She started to scream because I began to pound my dick into her pussy, but I muffled it by French kissing her harder. I felt the sensation of jizzing coming back. This time, I didn’t even ask her and let it loose in her pussy. Her pussy was so wet this time, it was amazing. She collapsed ontop of me and I felt her big tits resting on my chest. The the phone rang. Priscilla kissed me and went to answer the phone.

            Priscilla-“Hello? Oh hi honey. Yes, everything is fine. Oh ok. See you soon, bye!”

            She then rushed to the couch and said.

            Priscilla-“Pat, get your clothes on now! Your father is going to be here in two minutes!!”

            I hurried to get my jeans on and my shirt on. She was struggling with her tight jeans so I ran over and helped her. When they got on, I slapped her ass. She gave a little squeal but I knew she liked it. She then pulled her shirt on right as we heard the door open.

            Luckily the TV was still on and we both sat down on opposite couches. My father came in and said.

            Father-“What are beers doing on the table?”    

            I realized the mistake and was about to say something when Priscilla said.

            Priscilla-“Don’t worry honey. I only gave him a little sip of my second one, he isn’t drunk at all.”

            Father-“Ok, good, well, he can have a beer next time I suppose. Just don’t drink too much son.”

            Me-“Ok dad.” 

            Father-“Were you two bored at all while I was away?”

            Me-“Oh no Dad, definitely not. The game was great!”

            I saw Priscilla smile at me (her face wasn’t facing my dad) and I knew that she couldn’t wait for another fucking.

Evening With Sis

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I'm quite popular in high school. I'm quarterback of the football team and dating the head cheerleader. All the girls tell me they love my personality mostly. They say I'm kind, sweet, handsome and an all around nice guy. After hearing words like that I would smile and blush, they would giggle like a little school girl.

My sister and I attend the same high school and we are both in

First Story - Part 1 - Mother & Son play games

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Part 1 - The kids perspective!

Like many others before me, I’ve had fantasies about the one woman in my life; she has always been there. Who nurtured me from the start and raised me into the man I am now. My mother and me have always been close but never close enough for me to ever want hugs from her or anything like that.

Daughter and Me Part 3

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About a week later one morning after filling Miranda's mouth with a load of my come I said Baby we should start looking for your wedding ring. " I would love that my love but I want you to take Britt someplace today", a wicked sexy smile came over Miranda's lips " I want to be alone with Mom today Daddy err Bill I still can't get used to calling you Bill Daddy but

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anyways my love its time to turn Mom Bi, I want to seduce her before I start to show and she has asked a few times this week if there was anything I wanted to tell her, she seems to know I am pregnant so lets let her in on our secret ." If thats what you want baby but I think its going to be more difficult to get your Mom sucking your great pussy than you think. " We will see but I will tell you right now Mom will be fucking me silly by tonight when you get home with Britt then I get to be with you all night for the first time." a big chesher cat grin on Miranda's face told me I was going to have my first threesome tonight, I could not wait believe me, not just my first threesome but Miranda would now be sleeping in my bed, I would be waking up in her arms, getting to fuck her every morning and thats was the best part. Where do you think I should take Britt Baby? " Take her to the mall or swimming or both my love, I am sure Britt will let you know where she wants to go or what she wants to do with you Bill, you and her have not spent alot of time together lately becouse you and I have been busy " Miranda was smilling as she was rubbing her belly " Britt will keep you busy today my love." Ok but I wish I could be here with you and Tammy, I am kinda curious baby as to how your going to get her in bed, for that matter how she is going to react when you tell her you are pregnant and I am the father, Tammy could go nuts and get me in big trouble Baby. " Your not going to get in trouble my love I promise, no one is going to do anything to take you away from me and our baby, Mom will be my lover today and tonight her and I will fuck you silly, she will know everything and accept it, I promise no one will take you away from me EVER so stop worring silly your my man and I am your woman, no one can change that now so go have fun with Britt, and think about tonight and all the surprises I have planned for you. " And what might those be Baby? I said with a smile on my face now. " I am not going to tell you right now what fun is that but I am sure one or two of them you will already now about by the time you and Britt come home my love. " That sexy smile of Miranda's beeming at me. " Now go, tell Mom Britt and you are going to spend the day together and that I want to spend the day with her. " with that Miranda gave me a great french kiss, patted my ass and said " I will phone you later today and tell you when you can come home to me, I love you Bill " I love you too Baby and off I went to search for Britt and Tammy. " I think thats a great idea sweetie" Tammy said when I found her in the den on the computer talking on one of her chat lines. " I know Britt wants to spend time with you alot and well I want to spend some time alone with Miranda " I could see that Tammy was worried about Miranda, but it was her that was going to be in for a big surprise today, I was worried about what was going to happen but I trusted Miranda, I loved her, I loved all the women in my life and I knew I could deal with anything that might come my way after today, good or bad or horrible, I had made my bed and today I was going to find out if I was going to be able to keep sleeping in it.

A half hour later Britt and I where in the car headed for the mall. " Daddy this is a great idea, you now its been a long time since we got to spend some time together, Miranda seem to have kept you all to herself for the last couple of months so we are going to have so much fun today Daddy." I think so too pumpkin, it has been a long time since I got to take you anywheres and today you have me all to yourself I said with a big smile. I tried to be as attenttive as I could with Britt but I was still thinking about what was going on back at our house. Where do you want to go first pumkin? You want to go shopping? " Sure Daddy I have wanted a new bikini " I did not know you had one pumkin? " Daddy of course I have one, I wear it to the pool all the time but I want to buy a new one I saw at this swim shop when Miranda and me went shopping a few weeks ago, will you buy it for me Daddy? promise you will like me in it and I will only wear it for you." Well we will see pumkin but I suppose I will if you want it so bad. Britt gave that little girl sqweel that all 13 year old girls use when they are happy and it made me feel good that Britt was getting some much needed together time with her father. I pulled into the shopping mall and park the car, Britt told me the shop was just inside one of the entrances and jumped out of the car, she walk to the front and looked at me as if to say hurry up Daddy!! I noticed for the first time Britt was wearing a short tank top and tight silk shorts, her belly button fully exposed as all the girls seemed to do now, Britt is a little taller than Miranda 5' '9" but I noticed her tits where bigger and Britt was not as heavy, only about 115lbs, skinnier hips but her ass was that same heart shape as Miranda's. My mind drifted back to Miranda and what was happening back home, my cell phone had not rang, Miranda had not called me and said Mom had gone nuts and phoned the cops so I thought everything still must be ok. I got out of the car and Britt grabed my hand in hers and we started to walk into the mall. Once inside Britt and I saw the swim suit store she had told me about and we walked in, there where manakins with all sorts of swimsuits on them but every Bikini it seemed was a thong string type, I thought the one Britt wanted was deeper inside the store but she stoped in front of a light blue sting Bikini that I knew would never cover those tits of hers or her privites very well. " You like this one Daddy?" Uhhh pumpkin thats kinda skimmpy for you don't you think? " Daddy alot of girls wear these and remember I will only wear it for you " and she kissed me on the cheek and started to look for her size, grabed a white one from the rack and started to go to the change rooms that were in the back of the store. " Coming Daddy? " and I started walking to the back of the store with her. We approached the sales clerk a nice looking woman of maybe 25 and Britt asked if she could try the bikini on " If you try it on I am afraid you must buy it store policy, are you sure its what you want and its the right size?" she said with a pollite smile. " I know and it is what I want, I was here a week or so ago with my sister, we both got our messurements taken and its the right size" Britt said and the girl grabed the key and lead Britt to the back where the privite change rooms where. A few minutes later the salegirl came back with the key. " Your daughter said you are going to pay for the suit sir, that will be $135.00 with tax, is there something else I can help you with and how do you want to pay? " I had already packed my swimsuit before I left the house so I said No I do not need anything but put Britts swimsuit it on my card would you please.. " Certainly " she said with a very nice smile. Britt came out of the change room a few minutes later and grabed my hand " Thank you Daddy, did you pay for it yet? " Yes pumpkin " Good then lets go " Wheres the suit ? " I am wearing it lets go Daddy " Britt looked over at the salesgirl and said " Thank you for all your help " " Your welcome and please come again any time " she said. As we walked hand in hand out of the mall I asked Britt if there was anything else she wanted to go shopping for? " Theres are a few things I want to buy Daddy but not today, Miranda and me will go for those cloths later this week, do you know where the pit is Daddy? " I think so pumkin we used to call it the diving hole, its right along the river about 10 minutes out of towm right? " Thats the place Daddy. lets go for a swim ok, you will love me in my bikini I promise, I can't wait to show you it. "

Now I know I am slow sometimes when it comes to picking up signals but I knew Britt was coming on to me, that bikini was not going to cover much of her body, she wanted to go swimming and show herself off to me, did Britt want to fuck me? Probably, did she know about Miranda and me?, I was not sure but all the talk of her and Miranda going shopping for bikinis told me that Britt probably knew, did Miranda know that Britt was going to try and seduce me? that I did not know, would I fuck Britt today if thats what she really wanted? As I glanced over to Britt I took a long look at her tits and nice long legs, my top head said I should not fuck her but the bottom head was already getting hard and it was going to win. Britt saw me looking at her as I was thinking these thought and just smiled and shifted her ass in her seat so her body was faceing me. " Like what you see Daddy?" How could I not pumkin you are very sexy, " Its about time you looked at me that way Daddy, its what I want you to do, that and alot more " a big smile came with that statement. Britts hand reached over landed on to the top of my thigh, just inches from my now hardening cock, " I can see that you like my body Daddy " her hand slidding up to grad my hard cock threw my shorts. I sure do Pumkin but let me get us to the pit first before we do anything more ok? " Ok Daddy if you want but hurry I want to show you my bikini " Britt removed her hand from my cock but not before giving it a little sqeeze first. I want to see you in that bikini pumpkin, but what I really want to see and feel is the things that bikini will be covering up I said with a big smile. " Oh you are a bad boy but I love bad boys but you and I know that will happen Daddy! " Britt said with a nervous giggle. Coming up to the pit there was about 6 cars parked along the path that lead to the swimming hole, shit I thought to myself theres people down there, now what, Britt was thinking the same thing " go a little father daddy there is a spot farther down, there might not be anyone there. We drove a little farther down and sure enough no cars, I parked and again Britt jumped out of the car, first she lifted her tank top over her head and her tits came into my view for the first time, a patch of white cloth just covering her now hard nipples and part of her tits, the bottom of her heavy breast where very vissable then Britt bent over and threw her tank top into the car, her clevage drawing my eyes, Britt was smiling then she stood up again, hooked her thumbs on the side of her shorts and then stated to wiggle out of them, her slim hip moving in a very seductive way as the patch covering her pussy appeared, then her shorts droped to the ground and there was Britt in a white Bikini that hide very little of her great body, I was going to be a very happy man soon. I got out of the car and looked at Britt as she started to walk around the car towards my door, her big tits just barely kept in by the top of her bikini and her ass was perfect in the thong that seemed to be hugging her crack, Britt made sure I was seeing everything she wanted to give me, for a 12 year old Britt knew how to show her body off to a man in everyway. Then Britt was in my arms and her mouth opened as we shared our first kiss, her tongue slipped between my lips, one arm went around my shoulder as the other went down my body so her hand could grab my now very hard cock, of course my hands where drawing Britt closer to me, I wanted to feel her hot body close to mine As our tongues did a wonderful dance inside our mouths my hand slid down to Britts ass and sqeezed her cheeks mmmm I heard coming from deep in her throat, her fingers had now remove my cock from my shorts and were slowly rubbing my head, my precome was soaking her hand. Then Britt brock our kiss and said " Daddy remember to bring your cell phone we do not want to miss Miranda's call " You know pumkin? " Yes Daddy I know, I know you and Miranda are lovers, I know she is almost four months pregnant with your baby, I know you and her are going to be married, I know Miranda probably has Moms mouth on her pussy right now like she had my mouth on her pussy last night !!!, Yes Daddy Miranda and me are lovers too, We have been for about six months now, I helped to distact Mom the night Miranda told you she wanted to become your lover, you remember under the blanket, I was watching as your hands where feeling her up and finger fucking her, I also helped the next day Daddy, I knew Miranda and you where going to fuck, Miranda told me when she came to my room after she left you so we could make love, Mom wanted to stay home but I convinced her Miranda would be ok, I have kept Mom busy these last couple of months so you and Miranda could have more time together, now I get my reward, I get to be with you too Daddy, we can become lovers, just one thing daddy you can't fuck my pussy just yet, Miranda and I want to be together when you take my pussy cherry daddy, we have been carefull not to lose my cherry with the dildo like Kim did with Miranda but I can please you today in alot of different ways, I really want you to fuck my ass daddy, I also want you to come in my mouth at lest twice before we go home today, you can also tit fuck me if you want, anything but fuck my pussy Daddy, thats for tonight! I promised Miranda " That sounds great to me pumpkin, and I suppose you do not want us to use condoms either pumpkin? " No protection ever Daddy but I don't think I will get pregnant tonight, I am not in that part of my cycle, not like Miranda the first time you fucked her, I also helped Miranda make sure she was in the best part of her cycle so you could get her pregnant but I will get pregnant someday with your baby Daddy, now how about that swim? " Britt turned around and started to wiggle her ass like Miranda did a couple of days ago, I guess I don't need my trunks eh as I grabed her by her hips, Britt turned her head and just laughed then said " Well if you want to wear them but there coming off in about five minutes Daddy as well as this Bikini so you better get a good look at my ass and tits in this, I want you to get your moneys worth Daddy " Ohh I will pumpkin trust me, I slapped her ass as she started to walk to the water, god what a body Britt has and it was going to be mine. I was the luckest man alive, two hot young pussies, two hot asses, two hot mouths for my cock and maybe a third pussy and ass for me to enjoy, was Tammy fucking Miranda I hoped Miranda had seduce Tammy, I thought a threesome was possible, now I knew it was going to happen tonight but I thought Tammy was going to be the third woman never did I think it was going to be Britt, a foursome sounds like alot of fun. I watched Britt's great ass all the way down to the water, she looked over her shoulder, smiled and then jumped in, her slender body arched as she hit the water, a few seconds later Britt came to the surface, her long blonde hair covering her face, " Come on in Daddy I am waiting for you" I removed my shorts, dropped the cell phone beside my shorts, with my cock standing straight out and jumped in, the water was warm , I opened my eyes so I could see where Britt was, I saw her in front of me as I swam up closer to her, Whe