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Dancing With Mom

demy03055 on Incest Stories

My Mother and I became lovers years ago, just before my 17th birthday. To

this day, we continue to love each other and satisfy each other's sexual

needs. I have a mild panty fetish, which is really the catalyst that brought

my Mother and I together in the first place.

First...let me describe the most beautiful, sensual, and sexual woman I

know... Mom. She has shoulder length, chestnut brown hair. Her dark brown

eyes are large and warm, and she still has the face of woman many years

younger than she actually is. Her breasts are not large, but jut out from

her chest with just a hint of sag. They bounce quite provocatively when she

is bra-less. She has a nice trim waist, and nice flaring hips, commonly

referred to a

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s "baby-making-hips". My Mother's most alluring attribute... is

her beautiful behind. Before Mom and I "consummated" our present

relationship, I would fantasize each night before falling asleep about what

my Mom's ass looked like. It was not too large, but it definitely was round

and gave Mom an overall voluptuous figure. Her tummy has just the right

amount of bulge to it that let you know she was all woman.

I used to sneak into my Mother's room when she was not home, and look for

her soiled panties. The essence of her womanhood always lingered in the

crotch of her panties, and occasionally, I would find a stray pubic hair. My

mind would be ablaze with lust at moments like this. To find something that

had actually been a part of my Mom's vagina. Before Mom and I became lovers,

I would take the panties to my room and get totally naked and pleasure

myself, as I sniffed the crotch of her panties. The odor was intoxicating to

me, and I would be delirious with desire. I would be close to orgasm, and

then just before squirting my seed, I'd aim my penis right at the crotch of

her soiled panties and imagine that I was actually ejaculating deep inside

my Mother. There would be copious amounts of semen spilling out of the head

of my penis, and my glazed eyes watched as my ejaculate slowly absorbed into

the cotton fabric.

Mom knows of my panty fetish now and even encourages it. After she had

caught me spying on her and took me as her lover, I told her how horny she

makes me and that I love her used panties. She replied that that she was

glad, and that from now on she was going to keep me supplied with all the

panties I wanted.

One day after Mom and I had awaken, I was feeling particularly horny and

wanted to make love. Mom said that she had a million things to do that

morning but would be happy to oblige later in the afternoon. I said okay

(reluctantly), and got up to make breakfast. I put on a tee-shirt and a pair

of boxers that Mom particularly liked and walked around the kitchen with my

erection poking out, in the hopes Mom might take pity on me and maybe have a

"quicky" before doing her business. No such luck...she did notice though,

and said to stay nice and ready for her when she returned. She told me she

had a very nice place to hold my erection, until it softened (smile).

After Mom departed, I cleaned up the kitchen, and then thought I'd take the

edge off my horniness, by masturbating with Mom's panties. I went into our

room (Mom and I share her bed now), and found a sexy pair that were light

blue satin, and had a slight yellow stain, where I imagined she had, had to

pee, and maybe squirted some out before she got to the toilet. I brought

these to my nose and inhaled deeply of full feminine aroma. It was heavenly,

and extremely erotic. I didn't want to rush it, but I didn't want to empty

everything I had stored in my testicles either. I needed to save some for

Mom when she returned. I was enjoying the feeling of touching myself, and

rubbing the crotch of Mom's panties against my face, when I heard...

"Why don't you smell the crotch of these panties?"

I jumped, and saw Mom standing in the doorway, holding the hem of her skirt

up to her waist with one hand, and massaging her crotch with the other. She

was pushing the panties into the cleft of her vagina, and the scene was as

erotic as any I could have imagined.

"Mom! I didn't know you were here!"

"I know baby, I wanted to surprise you. I knew what you would be doing. I

see you found the pair that I peed into, my but you are a nasty boy aren't


"Mom, you look so hot doing that". She continued to rub her mound as she

spoke to me, which was paramount to throwing gasoline onto burning charcoal.

"Come smell my panties honey, it doesn't get any fresher than this." She

coaxed me toward her and pulled the waist of her panties out, and down so

that I could see her luxuriant growth of pubic hair and the white cotton

crotch of her white lace panties. I gingerly moved toward her and

anticipated the wonderful assault on my olfactory senses.

I hungrily buried my face into her mound, and she spoke so wantonly.

"Oh yes my son, smell Mommy's hot pussy. Does it smell good baby? Does it

make my baby boy want to come in Mommy's panties?"

"Oh yes Mom, I do!.. I do want to come in your panties!"

"Good honey, cause I want you to come in these, the ones I'm wearing right

now. Come stroke your cock for me baby... aim it right at Mommy's pussy."

I stood up, and my penis was as hard and bloated as ever. I had difficulty

in aiming, so mom said, "wait a second sweetie, let me get the step-stool."

She got the little stool and stood up on it and brought her crotch right in

line with my penis. She held onto my shoulder for support and kept her

panties open for my cock and I started stroking.

"Oh Eddie, this makes Mommy so horny, come in my panties and all over my

hairy pussy.. Yesss that's it baby, it looks so hot and red...does it feel

hot honey? Can you smell how wet my pussy is?"

"Oh God... Mom I'm going to squirt... huh... huh... huh..." I watched as the

first rope of sperm jetted out of my penis and splashed against Mom's hairy

mound, the next 4 or 5 contractions were aimed directly into the crotch of

Mom's open panties. She encouraged me to milk it all out and pulled me

closer so that my penis was actually rubbing the lips of her vagina. My cock

was super sensitive right at that moment and I couldn't stand the intense

sensation of it touching anything.

As I was weak kneed and attempting to catch my breath, mom did one of the

most erotic things I ever seen her do. With my come pooled in the crotch of

her panty, she pulled them up, and began mashing the crotch up into her


"Ooh my baby... this feels so good, I love having a sopping wet pussy,

especially when my son's sperm is what's making it nice and wet. When do you

think you'll be ready to squirt some more right into my hole baby? Soon I

hope, I'm all hot and horny now too, and I need your nice strong cock inside

me to take away the ache."

I took my Mother into my arms and began holding her tight and kissing her

lips. I held her close and massaged the small of her back, right where the

crack of her behind began. The beauty of older woman/younger man

relationships, is that both are perfect for each other sexually. Hearing my

Mother speak to me in that manner quickly aroused me. She turned and shut

the door and locked it, which in itself is turn-on for me, and began to

undress me. Not that I had a lot to remove, but it made me feel wanted. She

lifted my tee-shirt over my head, and then took off her blouse, and then her

bra. She slid her fingers into the waist band of my boxers and slowly

stripped them off from me. She then buried her face into my groin and

massaged the cheeks of my ass, pulling me closer. She grasped my cock and

lightly kissed it. Then taking just the head into her mouth and lightly

bathing it with her tongue.

"Oh Mom... (sigh)... that feels so good... (moan)...." I quickly hardened,

and Mom began licking my entire shaft, mumbling something about the smell of

my cock, and how horny it made her. Soon she opened her mouth wide and

engulfed my entire shaft, burying her nose deep into my pubic hair. The

sensation was ecstatic, I knew that if she didn't stop immediately, I would

be pounding my seed into her mouth.

"Mom... I'm.... gonna... cum.... if.... you.... don't... stop." She slowly

let my penis slip out of her mouth, and there was a string of saliva

connecting my cock and her lips. She gazed hotly into my eyes, and slowly

got to her feet. She gently pushed me onto the bed, and stepped back. She

reached behind her and unzipped her skirt, and shimmied out of it, and let

it drop to the floor. Stepping out of it, she then hooked her fingers into

the waist band of her wet panties and began to pull them down. They were

still stuck up into the cleft of her vagina, and had to be slowly peeled

out. Her eyes were glued to mine, and in a moment she was as naked as I.

"It's time to fuck Mommy now baby, I hope you're ready. My pussy is really

hungry, see? See how my pussy's mouth is watering?" She stood in front of

me, and held the lips of her vagina wide open. Her whole vulval area was wet

and slick with my cum and the lubrication from her arousal. She crawled onto

the bed with me and laid down on her back, with her knees bent. Coaxing me

between her thighs, she grasped my penis and then swished her fingers in her


"Momma's gonna make your cock nice and slippery, so you slide into my pussy

nice and easy." With that she pulled on my cock to move it closer to her

opening and then with the hand that she had been massaging her pussy with,

she began wiping the mixture of fluids from her cunt up and down my shaft.

Her pussy smelled so hot and musky and I knew that I needed to mate with her


"Oh Eddie..your cock feels so nice and hot. I can't wait to feel you inside

me. Are you ready to fuck me baby?"

"Ohhh Mom....You know I am, I want to bury my penis deep inside you and let

it soak inside you"

"Okay baby, then do it...push your penis inside me and keep it there for the

rest of the day." With that, Mom released her grasp on my cock, and brought

her knees up to her chest, then reached underneath her thighs and opened her

vagina, exposing her hot, wet hole. I aimed my cock with one hand, and

braced myself with the other. As I entered her vagina, the sensation of

smooth, slippery heat overwhelmed my senses. I slid into her with one

thrust, and buried my cock up to my balls inside my Mother's clutching

vagina. I didn't want to move yet, as the feeling was what could only be

described as 'delicious'

"Oh Eddie... keep your cock deep inside me okay?" She held me tight and

began kissing my cheek and lips, and shoulders. She undulated ever so

slightly beneath me, and begged me to smother her with my body. I reached

under her and held the smooth supple globes of her ass, and attempted to

pull myself even deeper inside. She began contracting her vaginal muscles,

and said that it was so comforting to have a live, hot cock to squeeze

inside of her instead of the fake, rubber one that I had seen her using. We

gazed into each others eyes, as we each flexed our sex muscles. We began

kissing, lightly at first, and then gradually hotter, and hotter. I started

grinding my pelvis against her as she pushed up at me. I withdrew my shaft,

and looked at the point we were connected, and it appeared to be dripping

with her lubricant.

Mom then reached between her legs and played with her pussy, and then pulled

me back down on top of her. She rubbed her fingers in my face, and said it

was time to really fuck her.

"Here baby, smell what you've done to my pussy. I need to come now honey...

make Mommy's pussy come all over her baby boy's cock." When she started

talking like that, I began fucking her harder. Since I had already come

once, I knew I could last long enough to make her come.

"Oh yeah baby... that's it!... fuck me.... harder.... harder. Wait for me to

come before you feed my hungry pussy okay baby?"

"Oh yes Mom, I'm gonna make you come on my hard cock before I empty my balls

inside you."

"Yesss Eddie...I love when you talk to me about emptying your balls inside

me...and that's just what I want you to do, cream my pussy...ohhh yesss....

fuck... me... fuck... me.... fuck... me... I'm.... gon... na... come...

all... ov... er... your... cock... AIIEEEEEEEE.... ooohhhh!!" I felt her

starting to come and then I pushed my cock into her as deep as I could and

just held it there for her pussy to spasm around. I held her close, and

touched her asshole with the tip of my finger, and felt the spasms she was

having. I could feel her heart pounding against my chest as she pressed her

bosom against me. She purred and cooed about how happy I was making her.

"Oh my darling son, I love you so very much. feel so good in

my pussy. Now, do you have a nice creamy present for my pussy? I think it's

time you fed my hungry pussy,...don't you?"

Mom looked deep into my eyes when she asked me that, and my balls were drawn

up tight against me, all ready to release their potent load. Her eyes

shimmered in the late morning light. She then pulled the covers up over us

with her feet, and finished pulling them around our coupled bodies with her

hands. We were in our own little cocoon, and she kissed me gently on the

lips and said,

"The door is locked and it's just you and me sharing our bodies, now my

darling son please fuck me with all that is left inside you. I want every

ounce of your come squirted deep into my hungry pussy. Look into my eyes

when you come baby, I want to see the pleasure I'm giving you."

"Mom you are driving me out of my mind talking like that, I'm going to give

you every drop of come that's in my balls. She then pulled the covers even

closer around us and started kissing my lips and sucking on my tongue as my

cock began to drive in and out of her sopping pussy. I knew it wouldn't take

long and she kept panting, "look at me when you come baby, look at me when

you come!"

"Mom... I'm going crazy... I love you Mom."

"Yes my baby, go crazy, feed my hungry pussy baby... mmmmm. give it to me."

"I'm coming Mommy... I'm coming inside your pussy Mommy... OOOOHHHH GOD!...

At that very moment, I gazed steadily into my Mother's big, brown eyes as I

emptied my balls deep into her clutching vagina. Her pussy spasmed once

again as she came with me, her pussy muscles sucking and contracting around

my shaft, milking every last drop of semen deep into her hole. She held me

tight and then our lips met, in what had to be the most soulful kiss that a

man and a woman can share. I can honestly say that I couldn't love anyone,

more than I love my Mother.

Inlaws Part 1

sirlancelot2008 on Incest Stories

“Good morning,” I greeted Pam, my wife’s mother as I came out on the back desk with my coffee. “How did you sleep?”

            “Hardly at all with all that knocking going on over my head,” she said giving me a wink.

            I smiled pushing my chest out. I had fucked my wife, Cindy long and hard that night and our head board banged against the wall pretty good. “Sorry about that,” I said.

            “I hope y’all know that those girls can hear what y’a

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ll are doing in y’alls bedroom,” Pam said.

            “Yeah, I just got kinda carried away,” I said stretching. I had only my pajama bottoms and my cock was hardening from the sight of Pam’s big braless tits under her tight white tank-top.

            “Hm,” Pam hummed looking away from my thinly covered hard cock.

            “You’re gonna have to get you some Pam,” I joked.

            “I don’t think that I can handle something like that,” she said giving my cock another glance.

            I made my cock jump just to get her to look at it again. “Ah, you can handle it,” I said. “Cindy takes it good.”

            “Cindy has given birth to four babies, I only had two and that thing looks to be the size of a baby,” Pam chuckled “No thank you.”

            I laughed and sat in a chair next to hers.

            “I would love to have a man in my bed, but his ass need to be gone by morning,” she joked.

            “Pam, those tits turn plenty of heads,” I said.

            “Yeah, old men who can barely get it up,” she joked.

            “They look pretty good to me,” I said.

            “Hm,” she remarked sipping on her coffee.

            Pam’s tits looked really nice and I thought how it would be to tittie-fuck her many times. I felt unusually horny that morning, and everyone seemed to be fair game for me. I wanted to fuck everyone in the house.

            When I first met my wife, Cindy she was married to the father of her four children. She was having an affair with four other guys besides me. We clicked and she divorced and we married. No one seemed to know that Cindy was even having problems in her previous marriage. Cindy had been married before then, and she began cheating on him when their marriage started going down hill. I decided that I wasn’t going fall victim to that, so I decided to take a different approach. I tried to fuck Cindy’s brains out every time we did it, and kept my desire high for everything else with a pussy. Being in a split level house with six females was enough pussy for me.

            I could see the possibility of fucking all four of Cindy’s daughters and her mother. Pam gave hints that she would love to have some of my hard cock. Cindy’s daughters all seemed to want to play me as their Sugar daddy with their flirty to get what they wanted from me. Ashley, Cindy’s youngest daughter was becoming more and more curious about Cindy and my sex life. Ashley had overheard Cindy and I fucking a few times and asked me what we were doing. I felt no need to lie to Ashley, so I’ve been answering all of her questions. Every since Ashley got her first period she’s become more and more interested in sex.

            “Well, I better go get dressed before the girls get up,” I said to Pam.

            “Yes, please,” Pam said “They surely don’t need to see something that big hanging out…it would scare them to death.” She laughed.

            I took it as a compliment and headed up stairs to dress. Cindy’s daughter, Tracy, the one a year older than Ashley was making a bowl of cereal. Tracy was already dating boys and from the looks of the ones that came around, she was giving them all a shot of her pussy.

            “Hey sexy,” I teased.

            “Hey,” she smiled at me.

            “Can I get a hug?” I said coming to her.

            Tracy sat down her bowl on the counter and put her arms around my neck. I pressed my hard cock against her and put my hand on her ass. I gave it a good firm squeeze.

            “Girl your ass is hot,” I joked.

            Tracy giggled releasing my neck.

            “This is why all those boys are coming around here, isn’t it?” I joked giving her butt another good squeeze before moving my hand away.

            She giggled again.

            “Don’t worry, I won’t tell,” I said. “I can tell that you are doing it with those boys.”

            “How did you know that?” she asked surprised.

            “I can see the difference in your hips,” I lied. “Are you giving them blowjobs too?”

            She looked at me as if she was in trouble.

            “It’s cool, your mom gives me blowjobs almost everyday,” I lied. “Giving blowjobs is a good thing. We can talk later if you want. I gotta go get dressed.”

            “Ok,” she replied.

            I headed on to the bedroom where Cindy was still sleep. She would sleep all day if she could. It was Saturday, and I felt no need to stay in bed on my day off work. I gave Cindy a kiss and got dressed.

            Lisa and Mandy, Cindy’s oldest daughters where still asleep which was not unusual. In spite of Cindy protesting that she did not approve of young girls running the streets at night, Lisa and Mandy came and went as they pleased. Sometimes they would come in at three or four in the morning. I learned to step back from the drama issues.

            Ashley was up with Tracy having cereal and watching the hip-hop music station. I paused and watched the barely dressed women shaking the butts. Both Ashley and Tracy were deep into it. The hot babes in the videos ranged from wearing string bikinis to nothing at all.

            My mind drifted to having Ashley and Tracy naked crawling over me sucking on my cock feeding me their tits and stuffing their pussies with my cock. I adjusted my hard-on down the leg of my jeans and Ashley turned and spotted the lump where my hand was. She looked up at me and then back to the video.

            I could see the crack of Tracy’s ass where she was sitting on the floor. I imagined my cock sliding down between her butt-cheeks. I was getting myself so worked up I couldn’t see straight.

            “Hey guys, do y’all want to go to the store with me?” I asked them.

            “Could we go by the Mall?” Tracy asked.

            “Sure, hurry and get some clothes on and we’ll go,” I said.

            They wasted no time getting dressed, though putting on their makeup took ten good minutes. I just told Cindy that the girls were going to the store with me and that we would be back shortly.

            Tracy got in the front and Ashley sat behind her. When we got down the street from the house I turned up the music. I hid behind my sunglasses. They sung loudly to the music all the way to the Mall.

I knew that Cindy would pitch a fit if she knew that Ashley and Tracy’s asses were hanging out the bottoms of their shorts going into the Mall. I let them do their thing and didn’t crowd them. I was close enough to observe them.

It didn’t take long for Ashley and Tracy to draw attention from three young men. I fell back a little and let the boys approach them. Both Tracy and Ashley were smiling from ear to ear. I assumed that the boys were cute to their standards.

When Ashley and Tracy began to walk with the boys, I followed father back allowing them the freedom to be themselves. They stopped at a photo booth and Tracy stepped inside with one of the boys. They were behind the curtain for about a minute and then the boy came out getting congratulations from the other two. The three boys took turns in the booth with Tracy. Tracy whispered something in Ashley’s ear and then she took turns with each of the boys in the booth. I figured that they were making out behind the curtain.

I stood out of their sight watching and following them as they continued walking the Mall. After a couple of hours, I decided to pull the plug. It was clear that they didn’t have any place they could go in the Mall to do more than what I had assumed they had done. I got close enough to the girls to motion them out to my SUV. I didn’t realize that the boys were going to follow them out.

I walked ahead of them and got in the driver’s seat and waited. I was surprised how boldly both Ashley and Tracy made out with each three of the boys in the parking lot before getting inside the SUV with me.

“Woooo! You go girls!” I exclaimed.

Tracy and Ashley giggled and compared notes on the boys. I listened and cheered them on. They seemed to be hornier than I was. I asked Tracy if she wanted me to take them over one of her boyfriend’s house. Tracy discussed it with Ashley and told me to take them to a boy’s house who I knew from Cindy had a bad reputation.

The thoughts running through my head of the girls getting fucked made me what to jerk off my cock as I drove. I dropped the girls off and told them that I would be back to get them in an hour and a-half. I went and had my SUV detailed and gave the girls an extra half hour at Tracy’s boyfriend house.

The look on Ashley’s face when I picked them up let me know that something happened. Tracy was real attentive to Ashley.

“How was your first time Ashley?” I asked.

Ashley gasped. “You know?”

“Of course,” I lied. “I can smell it on you.”

Tracy was silent and put her hand over her lap.

“I smell yours too Tracy,” I lied laughing.

“Does it feel like you still have it in you?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Ashley said.

“Don’t worry, it will only get better. Ain’t that right Tracy?” I said.

“Oh yeah,” Tracy said. I could tell that she was wondering about that.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned. “Both of y’alls pussies smell as good as your moms.”

“Really?” Ashley asked.

“Oh yeah,” I lied. “look how hard I’m getting. The smell of your mom’s pussy gets me excited like this. Y’alls pussies smell like hers.” I could tell by the way they were looking at the print of my cock and listening that they were falling for the bullshit that I was giving them. “Hey do y’all want me to teach you how to give a great blowjob like your mom does?”

“How?” Tracy asked.

“Let’s see if we can find a spot,” I said “It won’t take long to show you how to do it.” I winked at Ashley and turned up the music. I had to think fast of a spot to take the girls without putting us a risk of getting busted. It hit me that my mom was going on a trip and there would be no one at her house.

Ashley had been to my mother’s house, but Tracy hadn’t. I gave Tracy a quick tour and took them into my old bedroom.

“I’m going to show y’all how to give a good blowjob and then we’re going to get something to eat, ok?” I said to give them an incentive.

“Ok,” Tracy agreed.

The girls sat side-by-side as I pulled out my big hard cock. Judging by the expression on their faces, they were impressed.

“Ashley just do what Tracy does, ok?” I said. I figured that if I used Tracy to show Ashley that it would go smoother.

I gave Tracy a one-two-three step of instructions and she stroked my cock allowing the head to move freely in and out of her mouth like a pro. Her mouth stretch just wide enough to allow the head of my cock to pass in.

“You got what she did Ashley?” I said moving my cock to Ashley’s face.

With the same set of instructions Ashley did a great job sucking on the head of my cock while stroking the shaft. I didn’t linger too long. I got us quickly out of my mother’s house and on our way to pickup pizza. I drowned them with praise for the great blowjob, how grown and sexy they were, and hot enough for me to want to fuck both of them.

I called home letting Cindy know that we were bringing food. It sounded like Cindy had just gotten out of bed. My cock was throbbing hoping that I laid good enough ground work to screw Tracy and Ashley at some point in the near future.

Lisa and Mandy acted like they were starved, but did notice the makeup on Ashley’s face. I fired immediately at Lisa telling her that she had no room to talk with her pierced nipples. I flicked my tongue at her for humor and caused the others to laugh. Cindy didn’t make a fuss, so it went well.

At mom's for the weekend

Georgyboy06 on Incest Stories

   It's twelve P.M. on a Friday morning and the only thing I feel is the humid summer air run over my half sticking out body as I attempt to get cool as I sleep in. It's not like me to sleep in but I'm at my dads house till about two when my mom will pleasantly rescue me from this hell hole, it's no wonder she left him. I finally decide to stumble out of my bed sit on the edge for a second letting my longish brown hair fall in front of my blue eyes. As I yawn confirming it is time to get my ass out and about I look down at the bulge in my boxers indicating its time to pee. I walk to the bathroom take a glance at my self scratch my stomach, and start to overview my figure. Now I'm the type who is obsessed with the bench press and working my ass out so I am built. The work out &

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quot;V", six pack the whole package, not to brag but I worked for it. Any ways back to the story. After I'm done relieving my self in the bathroom I head back to the room throw some clothes on and kick back and play a little video games as I wait for my mom, not planning on acknowledging my dad at all. 

    I soon hear the sweet sound of my moms squeaky breaks pull up to the drive way, I leap as if I was a kangaroo to my feet grab my back pack filled with clothes and the essentials for a sleep over. I run down the stairs yell "BYE DAD" not getting a reply, how typical.. Whatever. My mom is already out of the car to greet me with one of her homemade sweet hugs. As I eye her I notice that she has on a medium black skirt, tight fitting, with a tight black sweater layered with a white undershirt. Perfect for her perfect curves. But the first thing that comes out of my mouth is "Aren't you hot?" She replies "A little but I have to dress to impress at work, beauty is pain" with a little giggle towards the end. I replied with one of those 'that's not funny mom' but I chuckled just cause shes my mom thats what sons do.

"So wow it seems like its been for ever since I've seen you honey" my mom states.

"Nah come on its only been since my birthday party about two months, it could be worse" I argue nicely back.

"Seems like you get so much older every time I see you how old are you now 32!?" again with the giggles.

"Ha Ha no I'm 17, but close enough"as I humor her.

     As we are on the hour long ride to her house for the weekend we seem to just chat aimlessly and catch up on what has been going on between us since our last get together. The hour fly's by seems like its been 15 minutes, then next thing I know we pull into the garage and open the car doors. I grab my bag from the back seat, while my mom has already walked in the house to greet the dogs, and make my way up to my room to drop off my stuff.

    By this time I glance at the clock and its a quarter till four and mom announces she is making up hotdogs and some chips for lunch, I'm stoaked.

"Hun why dont you take the car over to the movie store and rent us a couple of good movies for this evening? The hot dogs will be done shortly"

"Okay Mom"

    I head to the store pick out some good movies and head back to the house in need of some food, as I walk in I hear nothing but silence but for some reason I have no urge to call out to find mom. I stalk quietly through the house and look down the hall my door is still closed as I left it. But in the corner of my eyes I catch a glimpse of my moms door open. I quietly walk down the hall and peak in and from the reflection on her mirror I see my mom in just a black thong, with her golden blond hair running to the middle of her back, nothing more. I can see the side of her breast and her erect nipple due to the coldness of the house. Now since were in California she is golden tan and by estimate I'd say she was in the "C" cup range and was about 5'6 to 5'8 probably weighing 140 in very fit condition. Just like her boy.

    As I stand there watching her looking for clothes to put on I find my eyes glued to her as she turns and gives my great angles of her exceptional body, and I can steadily feel my skin loose color due to all my blood leaving and entering into my cock. I rub the out side of my shorts and precum a little but than I find self restraite walk away from the door and head back to the garage door acting as if I had just arrived.

I call out " Mom I'm back!"

"I'll be out in a second" she calls.

    As I hear her close her door softly little does she know I know the reason why, I guess you could say it was my dirty secret, but no one had to know. She walks out I'm already sitting at the table munchin on some franks and scarffin some chips washing it away with some soda, she is now wearing black thong flip flops pink comfortable shorts an a white tank top. Under the table my bloods traveling again but I tame the beast this time just to make sure she cant see it. She sits down eats with me and we talk a little more and head off to the living room to pop in one of the movies I rented. I sit on the recliner and she lays across the couch face up, every now and than I steal a glace at those perfect chest lumps and those smooth as silk looking theighs. Now mind you this is no ordinary couch it is what is called a 'oversized couch' wheres theres about enough room for two people to lay on.

She than kicks off her flip flops and says "Ouch!"

"Whats the matter mom?"

"It's nothing I just have to walk around in high heels all day at work and my feet are killing me!"

"Well I mean if you want I can massage your feet if you dont mind if thats not to weird, I mean thats all I could do"

"Would you sweet heart that'd be so sweet of you!" 

"Sure its no problem"

"There's a bottle of lotion on my night stand that would feel the best" she states.

   I hop up grab the bottle and head back to the couch, my mom now has her feet almost hanging off the edge of the couch. I sit criss cross and put a dab on each foot and lather in. Ten minutes go by and shes feeling good cause if I'm not mistaken I see her stomach sort of pumping in rhythm sort of similar towards a orgasm minus the sound. She has her head back and eyes close than I take chance, I put just a little lotion on the top of each calve and rub all the way around, and at my angle I can see a revealing passage way to her black thong which is transparent exposing her pussy slit.

"You want me to stop there?" I ask hesitantly.

To my surprise I get " No honey move up just a bit."

   Looseing my hesitation I get on my knees and pour alot of lotion on each of her beautiful theighs and rub up and down than I hear soft breaths coming from her mouth, she cant see but I have a raging hardon concealed by the couch, than I see the sight of my life. Starting from a pea sized circle wet spot on the center of her pink shorts in her pussy area turn to about a golf ball sized spot. Now I know by now she must be getting just as horny as I've been.

"Mom if you take off the shorts I can give you a better theigh massage if you'd like?"

   She just nodes in approvement lost in a world of long wanting pleasure. So I reach and as I put my fingers under the waist band I also grab her thong testing to see if she would mind. To my surprise she did not ubject and just life her bottom and I slid off her cover and saw a beautiful shaved tan pussy thats already dripping from wetness. I massage her inner theighs first than creep my way up the couch and with my knees on the edge inbetween her legs. I slide two fingers into her and rub the top walls or the G spot and hear her let out a loud grunt of pleasure.

"Hows that feel mom?"

"Your gonna make me explode honey!" 

    I slide my fingers out and grab her two arms and pull her up towards me and grab her face and kiss her lips slowly working my tounge into her candy deliciouse mouth as I do this I raise her shirt from over her head. I Kiss her more while unstraping her bra revealing her perfect boobs. I softly push back down and pull my shirt off stand quickly and I become naked completly. As I'm up I grab the lotion and squeez a bit on her stomach and rub it in, keeping the lotion away from the breasts because my mouth has a new target. I slide two fingers from my right hand back into her rubbing upward again now coming in and out while I rub her left breast with my left hand and nibble on her right nipple all simotainiously. This drives her crazy and soon enough I am getting precum on the couch while my mom is working on a puddle all over my hand.

"Put you cock in me" she lets out inbetween breaths.

    I position myself just right and at first I tease her by using the head of my cock to rub her clit with which makes her reach down push my hand away and aim my cock dead center of her pussy hole. I slide in with no troubles due to the wetness of her pussy and she cocks her back up digs her nails in my back and pulls me in deeper.

"Faster ... Faster ... That feels so good dont stop! Dont cum in me I want it in my mouth"she commands

   At this point I am seconds from cumming I push my self off the couch and her and walk over to the side of the couch where my moms head is located and rest my knees down.

"I wanna taste your balls first!" she commands again.

"I don't know if I can hold it mom!" I struggle as my legs quivers

"Well try!"

   She puts my balls in her mouths and sucks lightly licking up and down the seam and exclaims "Mmm that taste good, now give me some of that sugar." I back up a little and thrust my cock down her throat as she takes all 7 inches at once with out a struggle. This goes on for about 5 minutes before release the biggest load into her throat and she pulls it out and catchs some on her chest. I could bearly stand and than I lay down next to her on the couch. We are now looking each other eye to eye smiling.

"I love you honey" She smiles and kisses me on the forehead.

"I love you to mom" than I wrap my arm around her and move closer.

   We both fall asleep, with a smile on our faces.

Best of Walker Family Ch. 01

Seneca on Incest Stories

"Best of Walker Family Fun Ch. 01", by Susan Walker (08/15/2010)

This story was taken from the "Walker Family Fun" series by the original author (myself), then revised and edited for easier reading.

All characters in this story that participate in adult sexual activity, or view adult sexual activity are at least 18 years old.

Hello, my name is Susan Walker and I am a beautiful 40 year o

Back Spasms, Part 1

bulldog68jd on Incest Stories

My daughter, Kayla, fell down the stairs and injured her back.   Her room is in the basement, so it was inevitable that she would trip and fall sometime—thundering down the stairs as fast as she could.   My wife and I took her to the doctor—luckily no bones were broken.   The physician prescribed bed rest, gave her a prescription for Tylenol 3, and a few tubes of Bio-Freeze (a special muscle relaxer, like an intense ben-gay lotion).  


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Our instructions were pretty simple—take the Tylenol 3 every 4 hours for pain, and rub the Bio-Freeze on her back as needed—especially at bedtime.   Everything seemed fine, until it became my turn to rub it on her back.   My wife works 3 rd shift, so I was stuck taking care of the bedtime rubdown.  


My daughter had just turned 16, and her physique was nothing like her mothers.   A cheerleader at just 5 foot tall, she had the body that most fathers grow gray hair over.   A firm pair of “D” cups, a slight, very slight tummy, and a nice round ass made her the center of attraction for a lot of guys.   Brown hair down to just past her shoulders, hazel eyes, and easily tanned skin tone complimented her physical features.   I can remember checking her body out a lot of evenings after cheerleading practice—she would wear tank tops and those little “hoochie” shorts that barely covered her ass.   And sometimes the shorts would fall to one side when she sat down—giving me a glimpse of her thong underwear underneath.   I always wondered what the tiny thongs hid.  


The first night after she fell, my wife had to go to work and I took the role as “masseuse”.   At bedtime, Kayla decided to take a bath—really a hot shower since she couldn’t sit down in the tub.   After her shower, she asked me to rub the Bio-freeze on to her back.   I helped her down the stairs to her room and she lay down on her bed.   She was wearing a t-shirt and those “hoochie” shorts—and something had to come off to be able to apply the Bio-freeze.


“Kayla, you need to take off you t-shirt so I can apply the Bio-freeze” I instructed.


“But what am I going to wear?”   She asked.


“I guess you’ll just have your bra on” I replied.


She slowly sat up and tried to take her shirt off—but had trouble getting her arms up over her head.   She didn’t want me to see her in only her bra—but she had no choice as I helped her get the shirt up and off of her.   She quickly turned away from me, grimacing in pain, and gingerly rolled on to her stomach—again wincing in pain.   I caught a quick glimpse of her brasserie supported breasts—and they seemed massive—even her mother never had breasts that large—not even when she was pregnant with my little girl.  


“Kayla, it looks like you’re in a lot of pain—did you take a couple of Tylenol before we came downstairs?  


“No, I didn’t.   It’s only been about two and a half hours since I took the last ones.   Should I take some more?”   She asked.


“You probably should.   If you’re going to sleep—it shouldn’t hurt you to take them a little sooner.   If you don’t, they’ll wear off and you might really be hurting.”  


“Okay, can you get me a couple?   I left the bottle upstairs in the kitchen” Kayla asked me.


“Sure, I’ll be right back.”   I hustled up to the kitchen, poured a glass of water, and grabbed the pain pills.   All I could think about was that my daughter was lying in her room—wearing nothing but her bra, “hoochie” shorts, and maybe a thong.   My cock was already throbbing just from the brief glances I had gotten.  


As I walked in to her room, I got another pleasant surprise.   As she was lying on her stomach, her legs had parted and I had a nice view a light blue thong covering most intimate parts as her shorts bunched to one side.   It was all I could do to stop looking and sit down beside her.   I gave her the pain medication and water, and watched in amazement as she half-rolled to her side to sip the water and swallow the pills.   Her right full breast shifted downward and almost popped out of her bra.   She rolled back to her tummy and gingerly stretched her arms out above her head.


As I started to apply the Bio-freeze to her back, I quickly realized that keeping her bra on would not be an option.   The straps were in the way.   I couldn’t get the Bio-Freeze all over her back with the straps in the way.


“Kayla, you’re going to have to take your bra off, I can’t get the Bio-freeze on around the straps.” I instructed her.


“But Dad, I won’t have anything on.” Kayla responded.


“It’s okay—just stay on your stomach.   I can’t see anything.”   With that she consented, but due to the sore back, she couldn’t reach around to unclasp the hook.   I reached down and softly undid the hooks and pulled the straps off of her shoulders.   My hands were shaking—I was hoping she didn’t notice.   I could just barely see the ample mound of flesh being pushed out to the side of her body—but I wanted to see more.


I continued gently apply the Bio-freeze, rubbing, caressing, feeling every inch of her back.   Her complexion was perfect, and I really wanted it to be my tongue rolling over her soft skin.   She moaned a few times, and I thought the moans were of pleasure—if she only knew the pleasure I really wanted to give her.


After a few minutes of caressing her back, I decided to continue a little lower.   I pulled the top of her shorts down a couple of inches—so I could “do” her hips.   I figured if she objected—I’d tell her that it was necessary to really get to her lower back muscles.   I could see the spaghetti straps of her thong—stretched tightly around her hips and disappearing lower—I assumed into her crack and beyond.  


To my surprise, she didn’t make a sound.   I continued my gently massage, spending more than enough time on her lower back and the top of her silky ass.   She didn’t move.   I tugged her shorts and thong down another inch and continued my rubdown.   Still no movement.   At this point—almost half of her ass was uncovered—and still no objection.   At this point I started to get worried—it must have been a fatherly instinct—but I had a flash thought that she wasn’t breathing.  


I stopped massaging and checked the pulse on her neck.   She was alive—and fine.   She must have been knocked out from the medication.   I felt a sense of relief.   And then I had a thought—How asleep was she?   Did she realize that I pulled her shorts down?   I shook her gently trying to wake her.   I whispered her name in her ear.. no response.   I shook her again and said her name louder… nothing.   Again, even louder… still no response.   She was really out.  


With my erection still pounding from massaging my half-naked daughter, I did what no father should do.   I pulled her shorts down the rest of the way—off of her ass and down to her knees.   I left the thong on—I just wanted to admire her ass.   I knew I couldn’t let this moment go—so I hurried and got my digital camera.   With a 128MB card—I could take over 250 pictures—and I proceeded to snap away.   Her ass was beautiful, far better than any 16-year-old girl should look.   I took shots from every angle—highlighting her ass and naked backside.  


She still didn’t respond, so I decided to go further.   I pulled her shorts the rest of the way of her legs and gingerly rolled her over.   She whimpered a little bit so I stopped for a moment—trying to think of an excuse if my daughter woke up and realized her shorts were off with her father staring at her.   She didn’t wake up—so I continued on my quest.   Her bra was already loose, and in rolling her over it was just barely covering the supple flesh of her mounds.   Her milky white skin was pushing out of each side of her bra.   She was an unbelievable site—black bra half on, light blue thong snuggly on her hips and tucked into her cooch.   My hands went back to the camera and fired off another 10 pics to commit this sight to memory.  


My cock was straining in my athletic shorts and boxers with one of the firmest and fullest erections I’ve had in years—and yet I wanted more.   I pulled the straps of her bra off her arms, and gazed in her beauty as I uncovered two of the most perfect breasts I’ve ever seen.   She had small nipples and areolas—just a perfect shape and texture—a gorgeous light brown color.   Her milky skin surrounded the areolas and created two supple mounds of flesh—even lying on her back.   I was truly amazed that I was able to create something as beautiful as she was.  


I’d seen her stomach before—at the pool, or when she stretched around the house for cheerleading practice.   But now, with her breasts exposed—I could get a full sense of her from head to toe—sheer beauty on every inch.   The only area of skin I couldn’t see was still covered by the thong, but I imagined it was just as beautiful.   I snapped another 20-25 pictures—every angle and distance combination that I could think of.  


I wanted to touch her breasts, kiss them, lick them from top to bottom, roll my tongue around on her stomach—but something held me back.   She was my daughter, and while stripping her top and shorts off was bad enough—was I ready to fondle my little girl?   And would it wake her from her slumber?


Something held me back.   I wanted to touch her so bad—but I just wasn’t sure.   But I had to see the rest of her body.   My hands went down to her hips and I pulled the taught straps of her thong the rest of the way down her hips.   The thong bunched up a bit as I tugged it down off her hips and I caught the first glance of her slit.   Amazingly, it was hair free.   My little girl shaved her pussy and it looked perfect.  


I breathed deeply and pulled the thong the rest of the way off her thighs and down to her feet—and then off.   I had to roll her a little bit—and she still didn’t move.   I gazed in admiration at her beauty.   I was treated to the perfect slit of my 16-year-old daughter.   Her thighs were mostly together, so I couldn’t see much more than light brown folds of skin.   I again grabbed my camera and committed this view to photographs—I wanted to remember this for a long time.  


My cock was throbbing in my pants and my heart was pounding.   I had just viewed almost every inch of my daughter and there was one area left.   I had to see it.   I’d come to far to not explore all of her beauty.   Who knew if I would ever get a chance like this again?  


I pulled her right leg and knee up and propped it up by a pillow—trying not to look at her pussy—savoring the unveiling.   I then pulled her left leg and knee up—and propped it by a pillow.   I couldn’t avert my eyes any longer, and I stared at her pussy.   Her flesh looked so soft and moist, so innocent and pure.   The supple folds of her opening were molded in pure symmetry and I marveled at the nearly ideal space for a cock to be inserted.   But at the same time I couldn’t imagine her taking a cock—I thought for sure that my average 6 and half inches would rip her apart.   Her pussy must be tight like a rubber band—there’s no way her pussy had ever been stretched out and fucked hard.  


I snapped pictures with my camera.   I leaned in; keeping my face about 6 inches from her coochie, and got a close-up look.   Was she a virgin?   Can you tell by looking?   I had no idea, but she had the “purest” looking pussy of any I had ever seen in an adult magazine.   I could smell her scent—a mixture of scented soap and womanly odor, and I wanted to lick every inch of her—but I held back.  


I could just barely see the fringe of her puckered asshole, and it too looked angelic.   My head was reeling, seeing my young daughter lying before me butt-naked.   From head-to-toe she was incredible, full-breasts, a perfect slit, and a body just made for sex.   Whichever guy got her was definitely going to get a fuck-machine.   And I wanted to take her for a test-drive.  


More to come….

Niece's Family Fun

reeb on Incest Stories

Niece’s Family Fun

By Reeb

(Completed 3/8/04)


**Author’s note: Please read, if you haven’t already, the sexual adventures of niece Leeza and her mother, Deedee, written prior leading up to this story. Enjoy.


Leeza awoke from her sleep with that warm moist feeling between her legs again as she reminisced back on the two weeks she spent at her Uncle Ron and Aunt Diana’s house. She imagined Uncle Ron’s coarse tongue touching her clit for the first time, sliding up and down her young wet pussy. She could still feel her pussy being stretched for the first time as Uncle Ron’s hard shaft parted her virginal pussy lips. Her fingers softly touched her hard clit as she arched her back and shuddered through an

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other morning orgasm. She covered her mouth to muffle her moans of pleasure as she came and a warm feeling enveloped her body. Leeza wondered when she’d feel her uncle’s masculine body touching hers again.

Miles away, Ron sat at the breakfast table on this warm late summer Saturday morning, sipping his coffee, thinking back of the past two weeks spent with his sexy young niece. Sitting there in just a pair of gym shorts and his slippers, no underwear, his cock hardened to near full length. His mind pictured his niece’s young hard and firm body he had viewed so many times as he taught her the ways to please a man. He hoped to get another opportunity to make love to her again. His mind snapped back as his wife, Diana said something to him.

The shower room steamed with heat and sexual excitement as Leeza’s mom, Deedee took her morning shower. As she stood facing the hot spray of water, her lathered body feeling the tingling in her nipples as the warm water hit them, a soft warm body pressed up behind her, soapy hands reached around her and caressed her breasts, rolling her nipples between soft fingers. Dee caught her breath and rolled her head back, enjoying the soft caresses to her aroused body. She could feel hard nipples pressing against her back as a whisper of warm breath was felt at her right ear, "Go ahead Dee, call him."

Ron had finished his coffee and was stepping out of the shower when the phone rang. Diana picked up the phone and spoke to her sister Deedee for close to twenty minutes. He was nervous, as always when Dee or Leeza spoke to his wife, always worrying Diana would find out of his sexual escapades with her sister and her niece. He knew if she did, a divorce would most likely follow.

Diana held up the phone, "Ron, Dee wants to know if you’re free this afternoon. She needs some help moving some furniture."

With a slight sigh of relief Ron replied, "Yeah sure, what time does she need me there?"

Diana told Deedee it was ok and she said, "Dee said, anytime after noon is fine."

"Sounds good." Ron replied as he felt his shaft begin to harden again in hopes of something more than just moving furniture.

It was close to three weeks since he and Deedee had their encounter in his garage. It ran thru his mind many times, especially when making love to Diana. He couldn’t help himself as his mind always drifted to a vision of Deedee’s perfect dark tanned ass as his cock entered her from behind. The feeling of her soft buttocks against his hips as his rigid cock slid slowly in and out. He would always end up fucking the shit out of Diana, which made her happy, but if she only knew his true thoughts.

While driving to his sister-in-law’s house, his mind relived the hot sex that took place in his garage. He pictured Dee’s dark sexy eyes as she first took his hard cock between her soft sexy lips. He stroked his hard cock thru his jeans while he drove through the windy country roads. The vision of Dee’s dark Italian complexion, white tan lines, dark eyes and her soft sexy body aroused him completely.

Ron arrived at Dee’s house around 12:30 and knocked on the door. His eyes where greeted to a beautiful sight as the door opened. There stood Deedee in a sexy short white terry cloth robe with blue accents. It barely came down to the middle of her thighs as she was drying her hair with a towel as she just got out of the shower. Up a few more inches and he could probably see her pussy. His cock was instantly hard as a rock again.

"Hey Ron, sorry I’m running late. Come on in." Dee said as she turned, giving him a great view of the shape of her tight ass behind the terry cloth material. He could vision her sexy body as the damp soft terry cloth material clung to every curve and inch of her body.

"I must say Dee, you’re looking good today." Ron said as his eyes devoured every inch of her sultry body.

As she walked away from him, she slowly bent down to pick up the TV Guide lying on the floor. Her robe pulled up and he was given a perfect view of her hot tight ass again. She was wearing a thin sheer red thong, just like he asked her too in his garage that day. He could see the dark pussy hairs through the red transparent material. His cock was throbbing inside his jeans.

As she turned to face him, he quickly moved close to her and pulled her to him. She dropped the TV Guide, towel and embraced him within her arms. As he was ready to kiss her, he suddenly asked, "Where’s Leeza?"

"She’s at her dad’s this weekend so don’t worry, we’re all alone." Dee replied with a sheepish seductive grin.

Ron smiled and said, "I suppose we’re not moving any furniture today." And they laughed.

"Only the bed honey." She said as she kissed him deeply, their tongues entwined together. He cupped her firm ass, pulling her hard into his swollen shaft as they kissed.

Dee reached down and rubbed his swollen cock through his jeans, "Feels like your happy to see me."

"With a bod like yours Dee, he’s always ready for you!" Ron chuckled.

"Come on stud." She said as she turned and pulled him up the stairs toward her bedroom.

Ron followed her up the steps, looking up at her soft tanned buns shifting from side to side, catching glimpses of her pussy encased in her red thong as she walked. Ron could see the material was getting darker from her flowing wet juices. His cock was so hard, he could hardly walk as it strained to be free of his jeans.

Dee could feel the heat of Ron’s stare, looking up her robe as she climbed the stairs. She purposely took her time climbing the stairs. She was trying not to be too obvious as she arched her back, pushing her butt out to give Ron a better view. She knew Ron’s major turn-on was looking at a woman’s butt and seeing her pussy from behind. Her wet pussy tingled with excitement as she thought of what was to come next.

Dee pulled Ron by the hand into her bedroom, where she turned to him and they embraced, kissing long and deeply. She ground her wet pussy against his hard cock, causing his knees to weaken. He again cupped her firm buttocks, caressing them and pulling her into him while they kissed.

Dee pulled back and while looking into Ron’s eyes, she slid her robe off her shoulders falling to the floor. She stood before him, exposing her soft white tit mounds, tight tanned stomach and a sheer red lace thong panty. She spun around, modeling the red thong panties for him, sticking her butt out as she exposed her backside to him. Ron all but drooled at the vision of pure sexual beauty standing before him. In his mind he pictured Salma Hayek standing before him, as Dee closely resembled her beauty and dark features.

"You asked for red, honey. So what do you think?" Dee said, looking at the swollen lump in his jeans, already knowing the answer.

"As usual Dee, you leave me speechless. God, you look so fucking hot babe!" Ron gasped.

Ron removed his t-shirt as he took in the pure beauty of her sultry body. Dee moved close to him and rubbed her hardened nipples across his chest hairs as she slowly dropped to her knees before him and began undoing his belt. She loved to feel her nipples tingle as they passed though his hairy chest. Her sexy eyes looked deep into his as she lowered his zipper and slid his jeans, underwear and all down his legs. Ron’s hard shaft sprang out and touched Dee’s cheek, leaving a trace of pre-cum across it.

Still looking deep into his eyes, she slowly took the swollen cock head between her soft lips. Her red lipstick covered lips, encased his hard shaft and she slid it deep into her hot wet mouth. Never did she stop looking into his eyes as she held his shaft in her hot mouth. Then her eyes closed as her tongue slowly circled his cock head and she began to gently slide her red lips back.

She just held the swollen purple cock head in her mouth, again flicking her soft tongue around it before she engulfed the length of his shaft. Her throat opened as she took all of his swollen seven inches of cock deep inside her hot mouth. She moaned, as his shaft was deep in her throat, sending vibrations of pleasure into his body, which ran up and down his spine.

Ron’s body trembled with sexual excitement as he watched Dee devour his hard cock. She held his hips as she began to slowly piston his swollen shaft in and out of her hot mouth. The friction she created as she sucked his shaft was amazing. He could feel her tongue swirling around his shaft as she increased the speed, pulling his hips faster as he fucked her mouth. From above, he watched her mouth, her sexy red lips as his red lipstick saliva covered shaft passed in and out. Her soft lips looked so fucking hot as his swollen cock passed between them.

Dee felt Ron begin to tense as he neared orgasm and she slowed, almost stopped, to such as slow pace he could hardly stand it. She smiled inside as she felt his knees shake from the sexual excitement she gave him. As she held his swollen shaft in her hot mouth, Dee felt the head swell even larger when suddenly, she felt his hot cum splash the back of her throat, filling her mouth with his hot seed.

Ron’s body shook with such intensity as he came hard in Dee’s hot mouth. He nearly fell as he was light headed from the intense orgasm. As his mind cleared, he looked down at Dee’s smiling face, his white cum at the corners of her mouth and running down her chin as she stood up in front of him. Wiping his cum from her face, they kissed deeply again while she caressed his saliva and cum covered still hard shaft in her right hand. Ron could taste his own juices as their tongues mingled together.

"God Dee, you really suck a mean cock." Ron said with a satisfied grin as his heart was pounding.

"I knew you’d like that. Get undressed honey and come lick my pussy some." She said as she turned her back to him, looking over her shoulder she slid her red thong down over her long shapely legs.

She climbed onto her king sized bed on her hands and knees, giving him another view of her perfect tan lined butt. Again she felt the heat of his stare as she paused a second and while still on her knees, she dropped her shoulders down, arched her back and presented him a good view of her wet pussy from behind. She knew exactly how to turn him on. Dee then rolled onto her back, spread her sexy legs and caressed her clit while she waited for him to come to her.

Ron stood almost holding his breath as he watched Dee remove her thong panties and crawl across her bed. His heart was pounding, his pants at his ankles, his stone hard cock shaft throbbing in his hand, while looking at the extremely sexy view Dee was giving him. He could see her juices glisten in her cunt hairs as she pushed her ass and pussy out to him. She was so damn hot and sexy, why would any man leave her unless he turned gay?

Ron’s clothes were off in seconds as he climbed onto the bed, between her wide spread legs and positioned her white pussy mound, covered with dark black hair before him. He found himself comparing Dee’s pussy to her daughter’s as he took in every visual inch of it. Leeza’s sparse pussy hair is more brown than black but they both have a dark tan which really accents their pale white pussy mounds. Dee’s sexy pussy was neatly trimmed and her dark jet black hair was wet with her juices.

Dee felt Ron’s hot breath caressing her wet pussy lips as his mouth neared her. She rolled her hard nipples between her fingers as his hot tongue first touched her. Chills went up her spine as he softly licked and caressed her mound, barely touching her pussy lips. His firm hands caressed hips and thighs as he traced trails with his tongue, teasing the outer areas around her excited pussy.

Ron could feel Dee’s excitement as she waited for his next caress and touch to her tingling pussy. He looked up to see her eyes closed, her head to one side, biting her lower lip as she squeezed and pulled on her swollen nipples. She was totally lost in the sexual lust of the moment.

As Ron traced a wet trail across her swollen clit, he inserted a finger just inside her hot cunt. Dee’s hips bucked involuntary to his touch as he softly stroked her hard clit with the flat of his tongue. He moved across it so slow and soft, while probing her tunnel deeper and with a second finger. Ron slowly moved his fingers from side to side and in and out all at once, while gradually increasing the pressure his tongue placed on her excited clit.

Dee released her right nipple with her right hand and placed it on the back of Ron’s head, pushing him harder into her pussy. She felt Ron apply more pressure to her tingling clit and then insert a third finger into her hot wet cunt. She felt Ron’s mouth completely encircle her clit, sucking it in and rolling it between his lips.

"Oh god, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m cumminggggggggggggg!" Dee moaned.

Within seconds, her hips bucked, she clamped Ron’s head between her thighs and shuddered with an intense mind blowing orgasm. Her body quaked and shook all over as she moaned the sounds of a sexually satisfied woman.

"God Ron, you know just how to get me off. You eat pussy almost as good as a woman." Dee chuckled as she thought of earlier that day.

As Dee’s thighs released him, Ron couldn’t help thinking of how sexually hot his sister-in-law was. What the fuck was her husband thinking when he left her? Diana, Dee’s older sister, is very pretty too but nowhere near as hot in bed as Dee, Diana’s youngest sister. Ron thought, possibly Dee was the perfect sexual match for him. However just the thought of fucking one of his wife’s sexy sisters, always got his cock hard as a rock.

"What can I say Dee, sexually we’re made for each other." Ron replied

Ron moved up next to Dee, as she subsided from the throws her orgasm. She rolled onto her right side and stretched to kiss him, as she again reached for his semi-hard shaft. As they kissed, Dee rolled his shaft in her soft fingers until he was rock hard again.

Dee broke off their kiss, looked Ron into the eyes and said, "I have a special gift for you. Just lay back and enjoy this."

"What’s up Dee?" Ron questioned as she slid off the bed and moved toward her bedroom’s private bathroom door.

Ron was lying on his back, gently caressing his hard shaft with his right hand when Dee opened the bathroom door. As the door opened, his heart pounded with excitement as there stood Leah, Diana’s younger sister but a year older than Dee. Leah was a little on the shy side, so her face was slightly red as she stood there in a sheer black lace bra & panty set. Ron couldn’t believe his eyes as her took in the beauty of another one of his wife’s sexy sisters. What a sexy sight to see as they both stood there together.

Leah was smaller, more petite than both Diana and Dee, but very sexy in her own way. She was very proud of her body as she just lost over 20 pounds, right after her recent divorce. The only thing she wasn’t happy with was that with losing her weight, she lost most of her boobs. She wasn’t flat chested but she went from a c-cup to a b-cup, still more than a mouthful. Ron could see her excited large bulging puffy nipples through the sheer black bra she was wearing. He found her swollen puffy nipples very enticing.

Leah wasn’t as pretty as Diana and Dee, but still very attractive. She had black shoulder length curly hair and was now very slim with a very nice figure. Her butt was this tiny little package, which was very sexy tucked inside those black lace panties as she turned her body for him to view.

As with all of Diana’s sisters, they all had dark summer tans as their Italian skin tans so easily. Leah was no exception as he could see her pale white mounds of tit flesh and her white pubic mound through the sheer black material of her lingerie.

As Ron caressed his bone hard shaft, looking at the exquisite beauty of his wife’s sisters, Dee broke the silence, "Earth to Ron, how’s she look? Doesn’t Leah look just gorgeous!"

"Leah, you look absolutely stunning. Someone pinch me, I’ve gotta be dreaming." Ron stammered out.

"Dee said you’d like this outfit." Leah said blushing, motioning to her sexy attire, again spinning as she modeled for him. Showing Ron her butt like Dee told her to.

"Ron’s got a soft spot, or should I say hard spot for anything sheer and frilly with a nice ass." Dee exclaimed, knowing me well pointing to the hard cock in my hand.

Dee took Leah’s hand and led her to the bed. Leah slid up between Ron and Dee, as Ron, lying on his left side began running his hands softly up and down Leah’s body, so did Dee lying on Leah’s other side.

Ron caressed Leah’s large hard puffy nipples through the soft thin material of her black-laced bra. He moved forward and planted a soft kiss to her lips, which trembled with excitement. His tongue parted her lips as it entered her mouth, searching for hers. Leah returned the kiss as their tongues swirled and chased each other. Her small hand found Ron’s hard cock, which felt huge to her as she wrapped her tiny fingers around it, kneading it softly.

Ron lowered his mouth to Leah’s sexy nipples, sucking them softly through the thin material of her lacy bra. Leah drew a sharp breath as he pulled the sheer cloth to one side and sucked her naked left swollen nipple into his hot mouth. Ron gently teased and rolled her hardened nipple between his lips as Leah felt her body release a multitude of sexual pleasures throughout her excited little body.

Dee had moved down, caressing Leah’s sides, tracing kisses down across her flat tummy as she positioned herself between her sister’s legs. Leah lifted her butt slightly as Dee pulled her sheer panties down over her smooth tanned thighs, over her sexy legs and throwing them to the floor.

As Leah lifted her butt, Ron looked down to see Dee remove her panties. Another beautiful white tan lined pussy mound, but to his surprise, Leah had a clean, shaved pussy. No hair, bald as the day she was born. What a sexy sight to behold as Dee lowered her mouth to her sister’s sexy bald pussy. He watched as Dee’s tongue slipped between the small lips of Leah’s hairless pussy.

Leah arched her back and then pushed her hips up as Dee licked her cunny softly. Ron undid the front clasp of her bra, completely exposing her hard swollen nipples to his wet mouth. Leah’s nipples were very different than Dee’s as the whole dark area was swollen, pushing out a good inch from her boobs. Ron again sucked her whole left nipple in his mouth, gently flicking his tongue across it while Leah moaned loudly with pleasure.

Meanwhile, Leeza had left her father’s house as they again had an argument. He just didn’t understand the needs of his teenage daughter. They usually ended up fighting about something, but this time he told he to get the hell out and walk the half of mile home to her mother’s house. He told her she was becoming a bitch just like her mother. Her eyes were tearing as she walked home thinking how much of an asshole her dad was.

As Leeza entered the house, she noticed Uncle Ron’s truck parked out back. Her pussy moistened as she thought of him, but what was he doing here? Quietly entering the house, she listened at the base of the stairs to the sounds from above. She heard the sounds of a woman moaning from sexual pleasure. As she stood there spellbound, her hand dropped and rubbed her pussy through her cut-off jean shorts as her heart pounded while she listened intently.

Leah continued to moan loudly as Dee’s mouth was working her pussy and Ron sucked and caressed her nipples. Her whole body was so excited and shaking. She couldn’t believe she finally got up the nerve to fuck her sister Diana’s husband. Just a little encouragement from Dee helped her though.

Leah was still holding Ron’s stiff shaft in her little hand, sliding her hand up and down softly. Sensing Leah was near cumming, Dee broke away from her pussy and motioned to Ron to get between her legs and fuck her.

"She’s ready Ron, go ahead and fuck her hard!" Leeza heard her mom say?

"Who else is up there?" Leeza thought to herself as she now had her jean shorts open and down at her ankles, her hand now touching her sweet young pussy, caressing her hard clit inside her white silk panties.

Leeza then heard Uncle Ron say, as his cock entered Aunt Leah’s tight pussy, "Leah, god you’re so fucking tight!" Almost as tight as Leeza, he thought to himself.

Ron knelt between her legs, holding her small hips up as he watched as his cock head slowly disappeared in Leah’s tight pussy. He slowly pushed in until he was buried to the hilt. Leah’s pussy was so hot and tight. He only felt one other as tight as his mind again drifted, just for a second to his niece’s tight young pussy.

Leeza’s heart raced, her mom, Aunt Leah and Uncle Ron having a threesome. She couldn’t believe her ears but she remembered back to the phone conversation she overheard between her mom and Aunt Leah. Aunt Leah had the hots for Uncle Ron too.

Leeza’s body was overcome with sexual desire as she began removing her clothes. She pulled her blouse over her head, removed her socks, sneakers and stepped out of her cut-off jean shorts. Standing there in only her sexy silk white lace panties and bra, the same ones she had on when Uncle Ron took her for her first driving lesson, she slowly and quietly climbed the stairs. She was dizzy with lust and excitement as her heart pounded and her young teenage body trembled. Her panties were soaked from the juices flowing from her hot wet pussy.

Ron’s thick hard shaft slowly worked in and out of Leah’s tight pussy. She had her legs wrapped tight around his back, trying to pull him deeper inside her. Dee watched her sister’s face contort with lust and pleasure as she had her cunt filled for the first time in months. Dee caressed her nipples and whispered sexy words in her ears as she neared orgasm. Leah moaned loudly as she began to feel her body climax.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God yessssssssssssssssssssss!" Leah hissed.

Ron picked up the tempo, pounding his shaft deep into Leah’s pussy. Her petite ass was bouncing off the bed, coming up to meet his every downward thrust. As Leah dug her fingernails into Ron’s back, she shuddered and had an intense orgasm, which was soon followed by Ron’s. Ron arched his back and held his spurting rod deep inside Leah’s pussy, until he collapsed on top of her. Rolling off to Leah’s side, Ron gasped for air as his sweat covered body subsided from his orgasm.

"I told you he was good Leah." Dee said as she was lying next to Leah.

Still panting hard, Leah just smiled at Dee and said "Oh honey, you were so right."

She was still in need of more sexual release. While Ron was lying there, his softening cock covered in Leah’s juices, Leah moved toward and kissed her sister. They sat up and were facing each other, kissing and caressing each other’s nipples. Ron stroked his cock as he watched the sexy sight unfold in front of him as the sisters pleasured themselves for his viewing pleasure.

Leeza’s heart pounded and her knees were shaking as she reached her mom’s bedroom door. She quietly dropped to her knees and peered thru the keyhole. What she saw shook her whole being and took her breath away. There was her mom and her Aunt Leah on the bed in a sixty-nine position, going down on one another. She couldn’t understand then, but the sight of her mom and Aunt Leah fascinated her in an odd way. Uncle Ron was lying there watching as he stroked his hardening cock. Her eyes fixed to his swollen shaft, the head all purple filled with blood as his firm masculine hand caressed his cock.

As Leeza watched, her hand once again found her swollen clit inside her panties. Her eyes were locked to the shapes engaged in sexual pleasure on her mom’s bed. She watched as her mom was on top of Aunt Leah with her ass facing the door. She watched as Aunt Leah’s hands held her mom’s hips as she licked and tongued her mother’s pussy. She could see Aunt Leah’s tongue spreading her mother’s cunt lips as her head was buried in her wet pussy.

Leeza’s fingers tweaked and caressed her clit while she watched her mom and Aunt Leah suck each other’s pussies. She was so close to getting off, she had to remove her hand from her panties for just a few seconds to catch her breath. She watched Uncle Ron smile as he watched her mom and Aunt Leah, all the while stroking his swollen cock slowly, sometimes barely moving his hand. From this view, his cock looked huge as he continued stroking it before her spying eyes.

Ron watched the sisters for what seemed like ten minutes when he couldn’t just watch any longer. He just had to feel his hard cock slide into Dee’s hot wet cunt from behind. Ron moved behind Dee and Leah licked at his cock as it entered Dee’s hot pussy. Ron felt Leah’s tongue flick across his shaft as he pulled Dee’s butt toward him, burying his swollen cock deep inside her.

"Need some of your hot pussy again Dee!" Ron excitedly said.

Dee caught her breath as she felt Ron’s hands on her hips as his hard cock entered her. As Ron began sliding his cock in and out of Dee’s wet pussy from behind, Leah slid out from under her and positioned her pussy within the reach of Dee’s hot mouth. As Ron’s cock passed in and out of Dee’s hot tunnel from behind, Dee lowered her mouth to her sister’s waiting pussy. Dee loved the feel of Ron’s thick shaft as he fucked her from behind. Of all the ways he had fucked her, she loved it from behind the most.

Leah caressed her swollen nipples while her sister sucked feverishly at her wet pussy. She gyrated her hips from side to side, totally enjoying the caresses of her sister’s soft tongue across her swollen clit. She hadn’t felt this aroused in months even though her and her sister often pleasured each other. Since they were both divorced, they often found the soft caresses of each other’s bodies satisfying.

"Suck my pussy Dee. Ohhhhhhhh god that feels good!" moaned Leah.

Leeza’s whole body was shaking, as she was light headed from the sexual scenes taking place before her peering eyes. She watched Uncle Ron’s tight buttocks and muscular arms holding her mom’s hips as his cock slid in and out of her mother’s wet pussy from behind. She watched as her Uncle Ron wrapped his arm around her mother’s side and caressed her clit while his hard shaft pushed deep into her. She could see her mom’s head between Aunt Leah’s wide spread legs and the expressions of sexual pleasure on Aunt Leah’s face as her mom sucked and licked her pussy.

Leeza could hear all of them moaning and panting the sounds of sexual pleasures. She now had two fingers in her tight young teenage pussy, working in and out while flicking her thumb across her clit. Her body trembled as her orgasm neared again.

"Ron lay on your back and let Leah ride you." Dee said as she forced Ron to pull out and roll onto his back. Dee was starting to enjoy the doggy-style too much and she wanted Ron to take care of Leah some more.

Ron rolled onto his back as Leah positioned her tight hairless cunt above his rigid cock. With Dee holding his swollen cock pointing toward the ceiling, Leah lowered her pussy until the purple head just touched her hot wet pussy. Dee took Ron’s hard cock and rubbed the head all over the outside of Leah’s pussy. Dee caressed Leah’s swollen clit with the head of Ron’s cock as she held her hot pussy just above his rigid shaft.

"Ok Leah, ride that stiff prick!" Dee exclaimed.

Leah could barely stand the teasing Dee was putting her through as Ron’s hard cock head touched her swollen clit. She shuddered with excitement at the pure lustful sex they were engaged in. Finally Leah could no longer stand it, she had to feel Ron’s thick shaft in her pussy again. Leah lowered her cunt and forced Dee to align the hard shaft to the opening of her hot wet pussy. Down she went with her butt until she felt the hair of Ron’s crotch touch her bald pussy. He completely filled and stretched her hot tunnel as she took a moment to adjust to the feelings, holding him deep within her tight hot pussy.

From Leeza’s angle, she could see Aunt Leah’s small tight ass just above Uncle Ron’s cock. She couldn’t believe it as she saw her mom’s hand holding Uncle Ron’s stiff cock and rubbing it against Aunt Leah’s wet pussy. Leeza gasped as she saw Aunt Leah lower herself and Uncle Ron’s big cock disappear within her. Her mom was laying on Uncle Ron’s right side, massaging his chest hairs and nipples while Aunt Leah just held herself there with Uncle Ron’s cock deep inside her.

Ron looked down at Leah’s bald pussy, spread wide with his swollen cock buried deep inside her. He could feel her strong pussy muscles contracting and gripping his swollen shaft as her cunt stretched and adjusted. He couldn’t help think how from that view, with her small petite body, she looked just like a young 14 year old girl just blossoming into womanhood. His cock swelled even more as his firm hands reached up and caressed her swollen puffy nipples.

Leah leaned forward and began to move her hips back and forth. She was totally engrossed in the feeling of Ron’s thick hard shaft moving within her tightly stretched pussy. His fingers caressing and pinching her swollen nipples sent jolts of pleasure through her spine and deep into her excited hot soaking wet pussy. She rolled her head back as she rode his hard shaft for all her worth.

"Ron, your cock feels so big inside meeeeeeee!" Leah moaned out.

Ron gasped, "God, your pussy is so fucking tight Leah!"

Dee enjoyed the view of her sister’s pleasure as she impaled her herself atop Ron’s hard cock. She just watched Leah as Ron’s cock moved in and out of her sexy bald pussy. Dee’s free hand drifted to her own wet pussy as she flicked her fingers lightly across her excited and swollen clit. She continued to caress Ron’s hairy chest and nipples while Leah rode his hard cock. After several minutes watching, she needed some sexual relief herself so she positioned her wet pussy above Ron’s waiting mouth, facing her sexy sister.

Leeza watched as her Aunt Leah sat on top and rode Uncle Ron’s stiff cock. She could see Aunt Leah’s small tight ass moving back and forth. When Aunt Leah changed the angle of Uncle Ron’s penetrating cock, she could see her uncle’s hard shaft as Leah moved her ass up and down, instead of back and forth.

She was entranced as she watched her Uncle Ron’s thick cock shaft move in and out of her Aunt Leah’s tight pussy. She was amazed at how small and petite her aunt’s body was and how small her sexy butt was. It reminded her of some of the other young girl’s small butts in the school gym locker room and showers.

Leeza’s mind raced as she watched her mother lower her wet pussy to Uncle Ron’s waiting mouth. She could see his tongue touch her mother’s clit while her mom’s hand spread her pussy open wide for Ron’s access. Her mom leaned forward and kissed Aunt Leah. She saw their mouths open, theirs tongues touching as they frenched each other. She just shook watching this, as her body was a bundle of sexual nerves. Leeza’s knees ached as she knelt peering through the bedroom door keyhole, all the while rubbing and caressing her hot wet teenage pussy, for now over twenty minutes.

Finally, Leeza couldn’t take it anymore as she stood up and stretched her young teenage body, allowing the blood the again circulate through her sexually charged excited young body. She drew in a sharp breath as her left hand touched the bedroom door handle and her right hand was still inside her sheer white-laced panties, caressing her swollen clit. Her panties were now completely soaked from her pussy juices.

Leeza slowly and quietly turned the handle of her mother’s bedroom door. Her heart raced and pounded with nervous excitement, as she wasn’t sure how her mom was going to react to her presence. She was just so sexually excited, she didn’t really think of anything except feeling her Uncle Ron’s thick shaft inside her young teenage pussy again and joining in with the sexual orgy going on within her own home.

As the bedroom door opened, Leeza stood there leaning against the door frame, her right hand inside her panties caressing her swollen clit and her left hand caressing her right breast, rolling her nipple through the soft thin material of her white-laced bra. She stood there for close to a minute before her mom opened her eyes and saw her.

Dee’s mind snapped seeing Leeza, as she was feeling Ron’s tongue slide across and his lips holding and caressing her hard clit. She looked at her beautiful sexy daughter, standing in her bedroom doorway, her hand in her panties, her face flushed red as she touched herself while she watched her Aunt Leah, Uncle Ron and herself engage in hot passionate sex. She was so grown up now and obviously a sexually charged woman like herself.

The feeling of Ron’s tongue on her pussy, Leah in front of her riding Ron’s cock and now her daughter watching her was too much. Dee smiled at her daughter as her body shuddered and convulsed. She was overwhelmed as she rolled her head back and shuddered with one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Her legs weakened as she smashed her exploding pussy onto Ron’s face, flooding him with her hot juices.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Dee moaned loudly.

Ron not knowing what was going on with Dee, gasped for breath as Dee’s hot cunt completely covered his face. He felt her body shaking and her hot fluids covering his face as her weight came down on him. Finally Dee rolled off of him, as Ron gasped for air with Leah still riding his hard cock. Leah was nearing orgasm too as she sensed her sister getting off. Not knowing Leeza was behind her, Leah was frantically working her hips back and forth, feeling the pleasure build inside her.

Ron grabbed Leah’s hips and timed his thrusts with hers. He pushed up hard as she came down and back, pressing his shaft deeper inside her, putting more pressure on her sensitive clit. Leah finally reached orgasm, her hips shaking and quivering as Ron continued to drive up into her hot tight pussy.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, gooddddddd!" she screamed as her body tensed and she shuddered all over with her best orgasm in months.

Ron feeling Leah’s pussy tighten even more around his shaft, grabbed her hips hard and pulled her down, sending another load of his hot seed into one of these two hot sexy sisters. Leah laid her upper body down on Ron’s chest, her swollen nipples against his hairy chest, his hard cock still buried deep inside her, her whole body quivering as she passed through the pleasure stages of her intense orgasm. Ron could feel his hot sperm leaking out Leah’s bald pussy and onto his crotch.

Leeza watched her mom’s orgasm, then Aunt Leah’s and now Uncle Ron cumming deep inside her Aunt Leah’s pussy. This was all too much for her as while now looking into her mom’s eyes, she pulled hard and squeezed her sensitive clit, sending her over the edge she had held herself on for so long now. Closing her eyes, Leeza’s knees gave out as she quietly fell to the floor, onto her knees as her teenage body quaked to an intense orgasm of her own.

As Leeza opened her eyes as the throws of orgasm subsided, she saw her mother’s smiling face and outstretched arms motioning her toward the bed. Leeza stood up, slid her soaking wet panties down her firm sexy teenage legs, unclasped her bra, dropping it to the floor and walked slowly toward the bed.

"Come on over here young lady." Dee said with nervous excitement.

Both Uncle Ron and Aunt Leah, unaware of Leeza’s presence, turned, startled to see the nude teenage body approaching the bed. Ron still lying on his back, his softening cock coated with Leah’s pussy juices, watched as his beautiful sexy young niece walked toward them, his hand unconsciously reached for and began to stroke his cock again. Leah was now lying on his left side and Dee was on his right.

What happened next caught everyone by surprise. Leeza climbed onto the bed and positioned herself between her favorite uncle’s legs. She took Uncle Ron’s softening cock in her hands and pulled on it gently. They all watched with wide eyes, as Leeza lowered her mouth to Uncle Ron’s soft pussy juice covered cock and took the soft head between her young lips. His cock began to harden again as he watched his sexy young 16 year old niece suck his swelling shaft.

"Your juices taste good Aunt Leah!" Leeza said smiling to her sexy aunt.

"Go ahead young lady, suck that sexy cock hard again!" Aunt Leah replied.

With Uncle Ron in the middle, Aunt Leah on his left side and Leeza’s mom on the other, they all watched as the sexy young teenage woman sucked and stroked her uncle’s cock back to life. Ron wondered how in earth his cock was getting hard again. But just looking at the hot sexy young body between his legs, answered his question. That combined with the fact that he had two of his wife’s hot sexy sisters cuddled on either side of him, hell he could probably stay hard forever, he laughed to himself.

Dee watched with pride as her daughter worked Ron’s cock back to hardness. She wondered where she leaned how to suck a man’s cock so well. Watching Leeza sucking her Uncle Ron’s cock was getting her aroused again. Her right hand moved across her flat tanned stomach and again found her sensitive clit. She gently rubbed it while she continued to watch her sexy daughter suck her uncle’s cock back to hardness.

Aunt Leah also found the sight of her sexy niece sucking cock very exciting. She was gently rubbing her hairless pussy against Uncle Ron’s leg. Her right leg was over his, touching Leeza’s arm, while her left leg was tight against Ron’s side. She moved her butt in very small circles, which caused her cunt to rub lightly against Ron’s hairy leg. Her left hand was caressing Ron’s chest and stroking his sensitive nipples.

They were all getting sexually charged up again, watching this young 16 year old work her Uncle Ron’s swelling cock back to a rigid state. Leeza remembered what her uncle taught her as she kept his swelling shaft in her hot mouth and moved slowly up and down. She could feel his cock growing larger within her mouth every second that passed. She was proud of herself as she pulled the rock hard shaft from her wet mouth and examined it.

Dee broke Leeza’s trance as she stared just a moment at her uncle thick stiff cock, "Go ahead Leez, you made it hard again, now it’s your turn to ride it!" her mother said.

Leez smiled at her mom, "Anything you say mom!" as she climbed up and positioned her young tight cunt above Uncle Ron’s waiting cock.

Ron was in heaven as his sexy niece lowered her butt, grabbed his cock and rubbed the swollen purple head against her clit just like her mom did to Aunt Leah. Ron’s heart was pounding as he watched her toy with herself using his swollen cock. Leeza then pushed down as he watched his shaft once again disappear into the tightest pussy he ever had the pleasure of fucking.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh yes Leez!" Uncle Ron moaned with pleasure as he felt his cock throbbing within her tight young teenage pussy.

Uncle Ron held her hips as she pivoted back and forth on her knees. His butt slid back and forth on the bed as his stiff cock went in and out of his niece’s tight wet pussy. He could feel the hot tightness of her tunnel and the cool air on his shaft as he pulled out only to the point where the cock head was still inside her. His hands traveled up to cup and caress her soft tit flesh swinging back and forth.

Dee watched her daughter as she rode her Uncle Ron’s hard shaft. She felt a little jealous as she admired the size of Leeza’s swinging boobs. At 16 years old, she was already larger than herself and much larger than Leah’s firm breasts. She was getting so turned on watching her daughter get fucked before her eyes.

Aunt Leah was also getting very aroused by the sight of her niece fucking her uncle. Almost simultaneously, Dee and Leah sat up and began to caress Leeza’s soft breasts, kissing her shoulders and caressing her back. Ron dropped his hands back to her hips to control the rhythm of their strokes as his cock pushed in and out of Leeza’s small teenage cunt.

Dee and Leah rubbed their nipples against Leeza’s body as she moved back and forth between them. Finally Dee and Aunt Leah rolled off to the side and again found themselves in a torrid sixty-nine, sucking and licking each other’s pussies. Dee could hear her daughter’s moans as she neared another orgasm riding Uncle Ron’s stiff shaft.

Leeza looked to her side and saw what Aunt Leah and her mom where doing. Again she found the sight of two women together very exciting. She continued to impale herself on her Uncle Ron’s thick cock. How she loved the feeling of his hard shaft inside her tight pussy. She wished she could do this for hours but she knew she couldn’t, as her knees were beginning to ache.

Uncle Ron sensed they needed a change of position so he grabbed her by the butt tightly, holding himself deep inside her and rolled Leeza onto her back. They barely missed a stroke as she wrapped her legs tightly around her uncle’s back, pulling him deep inside her. Ron kissed his niece lightly on the lips and neck while his swollen cock slid in and out of her young tight cunt.

He began to increase the pace, his cock now pounding deep inside her, as the sexual tension built up between them. Leeza’s heart was racing, her mind was reeling trying to take in all the pleasures her body was receiving. She loved the feeling of her muscular uncle’s body, hovering above her, his chest hairs tickling her erect nipples while they fucked like only lovers can.

"Ahhhhhhh yes Uncle Ron, fuck me harderrrrrrrrrr!" Leeza cried out between moans of lustful pleasure.

Encouraged by his sexy niece’s commands, Uncle Ron drove his rigid shaft harder and deeper than ever. He ground his pelvic bone against her, which sent jolts of sexual electricity through her highly stimulated and sensitive clit. Leeza squeezed her legs harder around her Uncle Ron’s back as she felt the first sensations of her pending orgasm. Seconds later, her whole body shuddered and quivered as she had another super intense orgasm. The sensations were so intense she had to force her Uncle Ron to stop, as she couldn’t stand it any longer. Her clit was just too sensitive as her body shook from her orgasm.

Uncle Ron’s cock was still rock hard and in desperate need to release. He moved over behind Aunt Leah’s small tight ass, as she was on top in a hot sixty-nine with her sister, Dee. Dee saw him coming as she opened Leah’s pussy for Ron’s entrance. Ron felt Dee’s hand cupping his balls as his cock entered Leah’s tight cunt from behind.

Leah felt the rigid shaft entering her until she felt Ron’s hips against her butt. Dee was still licking at her clit as Ron’s cock slowly began moving in and out. As Ron picked up the tempo, Dee moved out from under Leah and over to her sexually spent daughter. Leah moved her face down against the pillows, her small ass pointing up in the air as Ron’s hard cock slammed into her. Her body again felt the beginnings of another orgasm. Her sister had a talented tongue, but nothing could take the place of a thick hard cock ramming her wet pussy.

Dee held her daughter in her arms and kissed her lightly on the lips. She was so proud that she was growing up into a beautiful young woman. Her hands softly caressed her daughters still erect nipples and soft tit flesh.

As they held each other, Leeza said "Mom, what’s it like licking Aunt Leah’s pussy?"

"I’m not sure how to explain Leez. When you don’t have a man around, it’s sometimes nice to feel the soft touch of another woman. Leah knows just how to touch me because we’ve been touching each other since we were kids." Dee explained.

"Can we try that sixty-nine thing you and Aunt Leah were doing?" Leeza asked so innocently.

Dee’s heart swelled at her daughters request "I don’t see why not honey." As she moved into position over her daughter’s young teenage body, bringing her sweet young pussy into view.

Dee’s mouth lowered, as she tasted her daughter’s sweet pussy for the first time. Her hair was sparse and lightly covering her moist opening. Dee lightly spread her daughter’s outer lips with her fingers and slipped her tongue inside. She found her clit and gently suckled and caressed it.

Leeza’s body reacted to her mother’s soft touch. When Uncle Ron licked her pussy, it felt good but this was different and she liked it. She knew from this day forward, her and mom would be very special friends. She looked up at her mom’s sexy butt, her sexy mature pussy and flicked her tongue across it, tasting a woman, her mother for the first time.

As her mother sucked and licked her pussy, she heard Aunt Leah moan again, "Ahhhhhhhhh fuck, I’m cumming againnnnnnn!"

They all spent the rest of the afternoon fucking and sucking each other in every way you could imagine. It was the beginnings of many more sexual encounters for Leeza and her loving incestuous family.




** I hope whoever reads this found it enjoyable and worth your time. As always, I welcome your constructive comments, both positive and negative. Any suggestions on the next storyline are welcome. Thanks, Reeb.

I fucked her by mistake

Didim All on Incest Stories

 I was about 16 when I noticed that my cousin and my twin sister seemed to be almost flirtatious with each other.  The three of us grew up in a small town together.  My cousin Polly was the same age as my sister and I. Friends and family used to call us the triplets as my sister and cousin looked very much alike.  The two girls liked the idea and even went so far as making sure their hair was done the same, wearing the same clothes sometimes.  It made for some interesting situations.

My aunt and uncle lived in a very old, very large house which we all enjoyed.  The house was nearly totally encircled with large porches, both on the main level and also around the second story.  It had a full basement, too which made for lots of places to hide,

Read More
explore or just have fun.  Anyway, one of many interesting features was my cousins bedroom.  Next to her room was a bathroom that also adjoined the room I stayed in.  My uncle used to call it the "Jack and Jill" bathroom.  As we were growing up this created great opportunities to catch each other naked.  Nothing really happened but it seemed as though the girls found this just as entertaining as I did.

My sister and I used to spend most of our days at our aunt and uncles house as our parents both worked a lot, with opposite shifts.  Not unusual for us to see our folks on just weekends sometimes. But anyway...this summer it seemed that maybe Polly and my sister Beth were very touchy-feely with each other.  I'd catch them at breakfast kind of playing footsie when they thought no one was looking.  At nights they'd spend time in the bathroom together.  A long time.  The bathroom door to my room was uncharecteristically being locked and they even hung a towel over the keyhole so I couldn't see in.  This was a serious breach of protocol as we'd allowed one another to spy on each other for ages.  I decided to do some investigation.

Later that night when they were done getting ready for bed I went into their room.  Not unusual.  We talked about this and that.  I was becoming very interested in my cousin.  This was the seventies and for some reason girls' pajama's were usually a baby doll kind of nighty.  Very short top, nearly (but not quite) transparent with very brief bikini panties.  Polly's pj's were actually a size or two small but she hadn't gotten around to buying new ones yet.  Sometimes when she moved around or got rather active the bottoms would shift and show almost all of one ass cheek and sometimes part of her pussy.  Beth and Polly's build was very athletic, lean almost to skinny with A cup breasts, and tight small asses.  I was pretty focused on Polly.  As usual she was sitting on her bed cross-legged.  Her bottoms had shifted, exposing a lot of skin but not her slit.  I tried to hide both the fact that I was getting hard and I was staring at her crotch.  She didn't seem to notice but it looked like the crotch of her panties had a dark spot.  I kind of wondered if she'd accidentally peed a litttle.  While we talked I sneakily moved the drapes by her bed open a little, preparing for my recon later.

I left the room quite aroused, holding a magazine I borrowed to hide my hard on.  I laid on my bed waiting until the everyone went to bed.  Then I very quietly and carefully went outside to the porch that surrounded this side of the house.  There was a full moon so I was thankful for my aunts large plants that kind of let me blend in.  I didn't need a nosy neighbor calling the cops for a prowler.  Making my way to the window I peered in.  It took me a little while to focus on what I was seeing.  My sister was kissing my cousins pussy!  They had both left their nighty tops on but had removed their bottoms.  It appeared that my sister was very good at this because Polly was really moving her hips. She suddenly lifted her ass slightly off of the bed and held my sisters head tightly to her pussy.  She remained there for a minute or so.  I knew she was having an orgasm.  I also knew I was going to sneak into their room and try to eat Polly's pussy myself. 

Sneaking back to my room with my rock hard cock I waited again on my bed.  I wanted them to settle down and go to sleep.  After a while I thought it would be worth a try.  On tip toes and moving very quietly I snuck down the hall and opened the door to their room.  It felt like I took five minutes to open the door.  Just as slowly I entered the room and closed the door.  I dropped to all fours and crawled to the bedside.  I knew that Polly always slept closest to the door so I zeroed right in.  They were both laying face down with the bedsheet covering their lower bodies.  Very gently, extremely slowly, I peeled the bed sheet back.  Great!  She hadn't put her panties back on.  Here was her naked ass! 

I very gently began by lightly touching her thigh.  I moved realy slow as I didn't want to risk her waking up and screaming or something.  It was excrutiating to move so slowly.  Gently, softly, I made my way around from her thighs to her ass and then to the inside of her thighs to her still wet pussy.  All the while checking to make sure she didn't awaken.  As I touched her wet pussy she startled me by moving.  I immediately dropped to the floor and waited.  When nothing happened I sat back up.  All that had happened was that she'd opened her legs, widely!  I started back up by gently licking around her ass, the inside of her thighs and then her pussy.  She as copiously wet.  Getting a little bolder all the time I slid my tongue into her hole.  Not being expert I spent a lot of time trying to force my tongue inside her as deep as I could.  I loved the taste of her juice.

Still not knowing quite what to do I started running my tongue from the top of her slit clear to her tight little asshole.  I was so insane with horniness at that time I think I'd have done any thing.  All through this she remained sleeping.  I felt I was incredibly lucky to be doing this with her not even knowing.  Getting much more brave I got up on the bed.  I decided to see if I could get my cock in her.  Holding myself up on my arms, being careful not to disturb my sister sleeping right next to us I poked my cock around trying to find her hole.  It slipped down a few times into her slit.  She almost imperceptibly moved her ass up and down when this happened.  It had the great effect of coating my cock with her lubricant.  On the next try my cockhead slipped in.  Very slowly, again being concerned about waking her up I pushed my cock inside of her tight body.  The combination of the tightness and velvety smoothness, coupled with her juice made me much less cautious.  I started to fuck into and out of her cunt.  I could hear the liquid noise of my cock inside of her.  I could hear the gentle slap noise as I fucked her.  Just as I was wondering what to do when I came the girl to my right, who, I was so sure was my sister, turned her head my way.  It was Polly on the right!  I had just eaten my sisters pussy and had my cock balls deep inside her.  For some reason this caused me to come instantly.  I just emptied my balls into that pussy.  It remains one of the most intense cums I've ever had.  I continued to fuck her as now our juices mixed.  Her lube and my come.  It felt fantastic.  I was so turned on that I didn't get soft.  I continued to fuck her for a second orgasm which I also left inside of her. 

Slowly pulling my cock from her I left the bedroom the same way I entered.  Laying on my bed with my cock still hard and covered with my sisters juice and my cum I wondered if she would know  and if she did, what would she say.  Breakfast the next morning gave me the answer.  Both my cousin and sister were downstairs still in their pj's.  Still no bottoms.  Aunt and uncle were gone so they felt pretty brave in teasing my this way.  Years later my sister admitted to having to talk Polly into it.  They just moved around the kitchen acting like they didn't know they weren't wearing their bottoms.  This of course drove me crazy.  It was also the start of a lot of fucking my sister while she was "asleep". 

Grandpa's Lessons

MissSexKitten27 on Incest Stories

Sara stood at the bus stop holding her suitcase and waiting. At sixteen Sara had been expelled from the last of a line of schools and her parents had enough. Her father had died when she was lttle and her mother had remarried and with her stepfather had several small children. They decided they no longer had the time or patience to del with her disobedience and had arranged for her to live with Grandpa Mike in Kansas. He lived on a farm outside of  smll town and he was willing to take her in.It was summer but she would stay there till she graduated and if she got expelled this time she was looking at military school.

Grandpa Mike was her biological dad's father and she had not seen him since she was little. She had grown up in DC and the thought of living on a small far

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m did not excite her. Her grandfather she was told would have an old truck for her to drive and she would be expected to find work in the fall. The summer she would help her Grandfather where ever he needed. He was too old now and had rented out his farm land but he did have a small garden and some animals still.

A rusty old pick up truck pulled up and a man well into his sixties with graying hair and the start of a bulge climbed out and came her way. He was  bit gruff but he ushered her into his truck and drove her along through the two street town and out to the nearest farm. Though the land was rented out there was a small barn ad the old  house with chipped paint. He led her into the house and explained she would be expected to help feed the cats and dogs, pick up after herself and cook for him. he motioned to another old truck outside s hers and told her the store in town had  tab for him for groceries.

The bedroom she was given she was sure once had been her dads though there was now a double bed but there was a faded cowboy border on the walls and some toys. She was only relieved there was a computer and  small television added though she soon foud out there was no internet and her grandfather only got a few stations.

Her grandfather was a bit gruff but after dinner she joined him for some television in the living room before she headed for bed. She woke up later that night though to find him standing over her. It took her a few seconds to realize the blankets once covering her were gone and her nightdress was hiked up around her waist, and her underwear she realized with shock dangled from his hands.

She tried to cover her crotch area but he swatted away her hands. "No, let me look."

Sara cringed as came to the bed and she realized he wore only boxers. "What are you doing?"

He did not answer at first but pulled down his boxers and she watched in horror as he knelt down on the bed straddling her legs on either side of her.

She tried to move away. "Grandpa, you can't do this. Stop this Grandpa."

He slapped her. "You were sent here to learn obedience litle girl. You will learn it as your dad did."

Reminded her dad had left as soon as he was old enough and never told her or her mother why, she cringed. She fought him but she found her hands being tied with some rawhide to the headboard and before she could protest another piece was shoved in her mouth as a gag.

 Her grandfather tore her nightdress off. "You have been a very bad girl and Grandpa is going to teach you. Yoi learn your lessns well and you and I will get along. You will learn how to please your Grandpa soon."

He lowered his mouth down over one of her young breasts and began suckling it, sinking his teeth into each nipple and making her cry out against the gag. He cotinued to suckle at the breasts as one of his hands strayed between her legs and his figers ran along the lips of her pussy.

He pulled away as she tried to close her legs. "You be good or I will tie your legs open and tomorrow you will get the spanking of your life."

She sobbed and tried her best but as one of his fingers slid inside of her virgin cunt and screamed and bucked, trying to get him off of her. This could not be happening. He let go but only long enough to get more rawhide and tie her legs so she was in a spread eagle and helpless.

 He sighed. "Kathy was right, a slow learner. We will have this lesson every night and if you don't lean quick you will have a nice taned ass which will make me fucking it even harder for you little girl."

Sobbing she desperately tried to close her legs but couldn't as her grandfather sunk down between her legs and stuck his face betwee her lips and began lapping at her. Against her protests her body desperately began responding, her body jerking in hugry response to the attention his tongue was giving. He took such pleasure when she climaxed and he lapped up her fine juices.

He positioned himself to take her but whispered. "Your daddy was a bit younger his first time but never too late."

Even with the gag in her mouth her screams could be heard as he hunched forward and in one swift thrust he buried his cock deep into her, a good eight inches and two inches thick, rock hard for an old man. Her cherry popped the first time and her body jerked up in flaring pain. Her grandfather held still for a few moments but the soon started pumping in and out of her, taking no notice of the pain she was in. Suddenly he was slowing and she could feel his cock pulsating inside of her before it exploded with cum all inside of her. He flopped dow next to her when he withdrew and removed her gag.

He whispered. "We will tan your pretty bum tomorrow in the barn. Little girl better learn her manners quick or mommy will here and you will be sent to that detention camp like school she threatened you with." 











Fun With Aunt Ana

redrabbit on Incest Stories

My name is Dave and I was fourteen at the time when this happened to me. I lived with both my parents . I was the only child in my family. My family and I mostly always went to visit my aunt Ana and my uncle George on Saturdays. My aunt has a slim body with normal sized breasts. I always thought my aunt was sexy ever since I hit puberty. Also, ever since I hit puberty my aunt started to look at me seductively.

One Saturday afternoon, my parents and I went to go visit my aunt and uncle. We entered their house. My parents went into the living room to chat with my aunt and uncle, as usual. I went into my cousin Ted's room. Ted was about the same age as me. We watched television for a couple of hours.

After a couple of hours, I told Ted I was going to use his bathroom. At the

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time I was wearing a plain shirt and shorts. I walked into the hallway. There, I saw my aunt Ana semi-drunk. She walked towards me while smiling at me seductively.

"How are you Dave", she told me. "I'm fine", I responded.

She then got closer to me and hugged me. Her breasts pressed against my chest. I loved the feeling of her warm breasts against my chest. I started to get a boner.

" You’ve grown up, haven't you?" she told me as she grasped my dick through my shorts.

I couldn’t believe what she was doing. She started to stroke my dick through my shorts material. As she stroked my dick slowly, she looked at me smiling. I got confident as I grabbed my aunt’s ass. She was also wearing shorts.

"If you stay, maybe we can have more fun later on." she told me.

Then, she squeezed by dick and left for the living room. I was so horny, I went to the bathroom and started to masturbate until I came. I still couldn’t believe what had just happened and was eager to see what would happen later on.

Later that day my cousin Ted wanted me to spend the night. I saw this as an opportunity to see what my aunt would do with me. I asked my parents for permission and they let me. Ted and I played video games almost all night.

It was like at eleven in the night that my aunt came in and told us to go to sleep. She smiled at me seductively again. After my aunt left, Ted showed me his porn movie he had gotten from his friend. He played it on his VCR. In the porn movie, we saw two people having sex. The guy in the movie was fucking the girl doggy-style. After a while a got a boner and me and Ted were to embarrassed to masturbate in front of each other.

"I gotta take a piss." I told him and headed for the bathroom.

I went into the hallway and wanted to peek at what my aunt and uncle where doing. I was disappointed when I saw that my uncle and aunt had fallen asleep watching a movie in the living room.

Then, I went to the bathroom to relieve myself. I quickly sat down on the toilet seat and pulled my dick out of my shorts and began masturbating. I thought about my aunt sucking my dick and fucking her. I lost track of the time, then someone opened the door. I remembered that I had forgotten to lock the door. I quickly put my dick back in my shorts, but it was obvious of what I had been doing. I saw that it was my aunt.

"You dirty little boy. Stand up!" She demanded. I did what I was instructed to do.

I still had a boner. "I bet you stroke it everyday!" She continued.

She then locked the door behind her. She told me to take off my shorts and shirt. "But aunt-" before I could say anything more she interrupted me.

"Just do it if you want to see me naked" she told me.

I wasn’t really into bondage but, I did want to see her naked so I took all my clothes off. She then told me to masturbate while I watched her strip. My dick was swollen and red from masturbating previously. I began to masturbate while she stripped for me. I could see her pussy and breasts. She had small nipples.

She moved closer to me and began to suck on the tip of my cock. Her tongue liked the tip of my cock like a lollipop. This gave me so much pleasure. This was better than masturbating. She then put my dick all in her mouth and began to suck on it. I began to moan a little. Aunt Ana then began to stroke me while she sucked on my ball sack. While she did that I fondled her breasts.

She then stopped sucking and started to stroke my dick up and down really fast. The tip of my dick was covered in precum and was sliding down my shaft. By now my dick was very slippery and making a funny sound when my aunt stroke it. I was about to come but, she stopped before I could blow my load.

"Get on the floor" She ordered me. I laid on the floor in my back. My aunt then got in the 69 position. She started to suck my dick while I licked her pussy. I wasn’t good at licking pussy, since it was my first time. I liked my aunts pussy lips and stuck my tongue between her lips. She seemed to enjoy it, since she was jerking her hips. My aunt took all of my dick in her mouth and sucked really hard. I couldn't take it much longer, my aunt took my dick out of her mouth and I squirted cum all over her face. I continued to lick her wet pussy. My aunt then rubbed the remaining semen all over her body. Then, I licked her on her ass. It was a while until she had an orgasm. We both got up and cleaned up.

"Come back next Saturday and we'll have more fun." She said while squeezing my cock.

I did come back the next Saturday and the Saturday after that and we fucked each other. We stopped when I was sixteen because my family began to suspect, but I will always remember my time with my aunt Ana.

Lonnie Loves His Sexy Mom

g_goyal2000 on Incest Stories

Lonnie Matlis undressed and slipped on swimming trunks. His bathing suit fit snugly around his hips, buttocks and crotch. The cloth material pressed upon his cock and balls, and he felt his prick stirring and growing stiff. It strained upon the bathing suit. He now had a full-fledged hard-on. But then it seemed he always had a hard-on. His dick seemed to stay in a constant state of stiffness.

Lonnie had recently undergone puberty, and his balls and cock tingled constantly and his thoughts dwelt almost entirely on his hard throbbing straining dick. He stayed in a state of arousal.

He stroked his peter and masturbated a

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lot, but no matter how often he beat his meat, it seemed to be ready to spring up at a moment's notice. Especially when he thought about or saw his mom.

Lonnie's mother was in her early thirties, a film actress, attractive, and divorced. Summer had arrived, Lonnie was out of school and his mother was between films, so they spent most of their time together in the house.

Lonnie's mother knew he was 'at that age.' She had seen him occasionally rubbing his crotch and had twice seen him masturbating. Once, she had passed his bedroom door and had seen him lying on the bed, on top of a pillow, pumping away at it. Lonnie had looked up and seen his mother, and knew she had seen him pumping the pillow. And once, she had opened the bathroom door and there was Lonnie standing by the commode, jacking his prick, rubbing it hard and fast. Again, Lonnie knew she had seen him. But she hadn't said anything about it, so Lonnie had grown quite bold. He now masturbated openly in the bathroom and his bedroom.

He thought abut his mother a lot. She was so sexy, such a fox; and she was so casual and uninhibited around the house. She was somewhat flirty and free, occasionally kissing Lonnie on the cheek and touching his shoulders and arms. She tended to dress scantily, wearing a short silky robe or shorts. And she usually kept her bedroom door open. Lonnie had seen her in various stages of undress; once, he'd seen her naked. He had passed by her bedroom and she had been changing clothes. She was stark-naked. But she hadn't acted embarrassed when Lonnie saw her. She had simply smiled at him and proceeded to dress....

Lonnie walked through the house to the rear and stepped out onto the patio. He saw his mother standing by the diving board of the swimming pool. She wore a red bikini.

Kathy Matlis was in her prime, and despite having a thirteen-year-old son was quite attractive with a pretty face and a nice body. Her chestnut hair fell in full shimmering waves past her shoulders, her eyes were big and violet, her skin was peachy tanned. The bikini she wore served only to cover the 'bare necessities.' Half her breasts, most of her rump and all of her legs were exposed.

Lonnie watched her as she stepped up onto the diving board. God, she is so sexy! he thought. He felt his dick start to grow and stiffen. She stood for a few seconds on the board and then dived into the pool. Lonnie's cock stood at attention. It throbbed and ached.

She saw him standing by the pool and called out: "Come on in, the water's fine!"

Lonnie jumped in and swam toward his mother. She smiled and swam away with Lonnie in pursuit. They began playing in the water, splashing each other and playing tag. He caught her from behind and she laughed and splashed and squirmed to break away. Her rear end brushed upon his crotch and he gasped with the sensation. She was still squirming around and trying to break free and once again her rump swept across his groin. With a groan, he pressed his crotch forward. He hissed when his prick made contact with her butt. It was as if his peter had a mind of its own. It took over completely.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and began humping her rump, pumping his hard throbbing dick upon her ass. Nothing could have stopped him; he was beyond all control.

"Oh, ah, unh, oh Mom!" he panted as he humped her.

"Oh Lonnie, oh baby," his mother said softly. She halfheartedly made as if to break away. He kept pumping on her rump with his rock-hard cock. "Oh Mom, oh, I can't stop--oh, it feels too good to stop!"

He heaved his crotch forward, mashing and grinding it upon her rear end. "Unh--ahh--now!" he cried out as cum erupted from his penis. He huffed and panted and hunched with unbridled lust as the hot creamy juice kept spewing out....

After he had emptied his balls and shot his load, Lonnie was embarrassed. He couldn't bear to face his mother. She gently placed a hand on his cheek. "Oh honey," she said softly, "it's all right." She kissed his cheek and smiled. "Don't worry about it."

That evening Lonnie lay on his bed in his pajamas, doing what he usually did--stroking his prick. He thought about his mother, and his peter stiffened and balls tingled. He briskly rubbed his cock and shivered at the sensation. His dick was now hard and full and throbbing....

Lonnie's mother sprawled on her bed in a negligee watching TV. The thought of Lonnie and what had happened in the pool came to her and she smiled softly and wryly. Ah, he couldn't help it, she thought...he's at that age...his hormones are running wild...he certainly has gone through some changes over the past few months...he's grown...he's big for his age...he's turned into a good-looking guy too...

She smiled wryly again as she thought of what had happened in the pool. He was so horny, she thought, so hard, and he kept...rubbing me...kept hunching me...

She felt a warm fizzy tingling ripple up and down her body as she thought of her son pumping his hard prick upon her rump. His cock was so hard, she thought, and it''s good-sized...I could feel it was...

Her breasts and ass were tingling; her pussy was throbbing. She placed one hand on a breast and slowly stroked it and ran another hand down between her legs and softly rubbed her yoni....

Lonnie could stand it no longer. His peter was hard as a rock; it throbbed and ached; his balls tingled and churned in their bloated fullness. He was breathing hard, almost panting. He got off the bed and headed for his mother's room.

Her bedroom door was open and Lonnie stood at the threshold looking in.

"Mom..." he spoke huskily.

"Honey?" his mother said, looking questioningly at him.

He walked to her bed. "Mom..." he breathed out heavily again. He got on the bed and looked at his mother. She wore only a short silky negligee, and nothing else.

He could see most of her breasts and all of her thighs. His dick thudded and literally ached.

"Oh Mom," he panted out and suddenly moved on her.

He mounted her, rooting between her legs.

He pushed his crotch forward, thrusting his hard prick between her thighs. He groaned as the head of his peter made contact with her pussyslit. He strained forward, pushing hard, and he cried out with pleasure as he felt his penis enter her vagina.

"Oh, unh, oh Mom, unh!" he panted with the sensation of his prick sliding up her quiff.

"Oh baby," she breathed out. She wrapped her arms and legs around her son and lifted her pelvis up to give him full access to her cunt.

Lonnie stuffed his entire cock into her hot moist pussy, and then began screwing her with full thrusts of his dick. He fucked his mother good and strongly, lustily pumping his meat in her quim.

She hunched back at him and used her cunt muscles to squeeze and suck at his prick. She gasped and panted with passion at the feeling of his peter sawing back and forth in her yoni. His cock was full and rigid and good-sized and he was frigging it fast and hard in her.

"Oh, ah, unh, ah!" she panted. "Oh baby, yes! Oh sweet baby, give it to me!"

Lonnie felt his balls swelling and throbbing; he groaned as he felt the cum churning in his bag. He thrust his dick as far as it would go up his mother's pussy and cried out in lust as the hot cum gushed up his prick and spewed out.

She gasped and panted and reared up as her son spurted semen in her cunt....

They enjoyed a delicious afterfuck. Lonnie stroked her flanks and thighs and slowly swirled his peter in her quim. She stroked his arms and shoulders and back and slowly moved her quiff around in little circles.

He moved his head down and began mouthing his mother's breasts, licking the firm smooth mounds. He felt his cock stiffening and growing again as he sucked his mother's tits.

He dug his now-hard prick up her pussy, and she gasped and raised her pelvis up and wrapped her legs around him.

"Oh baby--you're wonderful!" she panted as he pumped his dick in her cunt.

Lonnie awoke late the next morning. He got up and made his way to the kitchen. His mother sat at the kitchen table sipping coffee.

"Well, good morning, sleepyhead," she smiled. "Sit yourself down and I'll fix you breakfast."

Lonnie sat at the table and watched his mother as she prepared breakfast. She wore a short thin robe and he felt his peter pop up and start to grow. In less than a minute he had a full-fledged hard-on. His cock stood up, stiff and throbbing.

He went to his mother, placed his hands on her hips and pressed his crotch upon her rump.

"Oh honey," she said softly. She turned around and looked down at his crotch, then brushed a hand upon it. She sank to her knees and took out his prick, stroked it, and then ran her lips on it. She slid her tongue up and down and around his dick.

Lonnie hissed and then groaned at the sensation of her licking his peter. He spread his legs and hunched forward.

She opened her lips wide and took the head of his cock in and began sucking it.

"Oh, unh, ah, oh Mom!" Lonnie gasped. He grasped her head and thrust his peter forward into her hot wet sucking mouth. She clasped his hips and slid her mouth down, taking in all his cock, deep-throating him.

He panted with lust and hunched, fucking his mother's mouth. She sucked his prick fast, bobbing her head up and down.

"Oh god, here it comes!" he cried. "Oh Mom, here it comes now!" He lunged his dick down her mouth and let her have it. He pissed a hot stream of cum down her throat.

She kept sucking his peter, swallowing his sperm, till she had drained him, emptied his cock and balls of semen.

For Lonnie it was like a dream or fantasy come true. He had his attractive sexy mother to screw, to pump his prick in, to suck his peter. For Lonnie's mother it was like the fulfillment of desire or pleasure. She had her good-looking horny son to fuck her, to pump his stiff dick in her, to satisfy her. He stays horny, she thought, smiling; his cock is always stiff, always ready; he could probably fuck a dozen times a day; and he's good-sized too; for a boy his age, he's got a good-sized prick.

Lonnie had his mother in the swimming pool. He had her backed up on the side of the pool, his arms around her back and his crotch between her thighs. He lustily pumped his peter in her pussy as he sucked her tits.

She had her legs wrapped high on his back and was hunching her yoni to meet his lusty thrusts.

"Oh Mom, unh, ah, I want to fuck you every day!" Lonnie gasped.

"Oh baby, yes!" she panted. "Ah, you've got a stiff cock and I've got a hot pussy. Oh sweet baby, you can pump your cock in me any time you want!"

"Oh Mom, I'm gonna cum!" he cried out.

"Do it, baby," she gasped. "Squirt cum in your Mom's cunt!"

Lonnie proceeded to do just that.

The End

Mom can stay

TIP64 on Incest Stories

This night did not go as planned. I had gotten off work late went to the apartment. I had been on my feet all day. My mother lives across town. When I moved out she sold the house got a smaller home closer to her work. She works north of the city. It was Friday night around 9 PM. I heard my phone ring I didn't know the number but decided to answer anyway. It was Moms neighbor. Her house was on fire and she asked him to call. I asked to speak with her but he said the fireman had her in the ambulance I asked if she was ok he said yes. I got in my car headed over, it took about 20 minutes I could see the smoke still. When I got there I could see the house was a total loss. I told the officer who I was and he took me to her. He explained she was lucky and that it was an electrical fi

My sister like to dress sexy

rekrap on Incest Stories

one day last winter my sister and me mom and dad went to the Fl keys for 2 weeks. while we took a flight there it was fast and fun because my sister and me sat in the read of the plan we were late getting to the airport and when we got there things got messed up and they said they had 4 seats left 2 in first class which mom and dad took and 2 in the most back of the plane you could have. while walking down the isle of the plane i saw that my sister was not wearing a bra and her skirt was so tight i could tell she had nothing on under it.well as walking to the back of the plane i saw men looking her up and down and i said to myself she is pretty hot looking , as we got to our seats she took the window and we got all belted in and the plane took off. my sister grabed my hand and said i hate
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this part worst of all,,,, i said its ok i am here just hold my hand and she did. while flying to fl the flight was about 3 hrs there and we sat there and talked about everthing from boys to girls to love lifes,,LOL,while my sister is 5'7 brunette and green eyes and a sexy set of 34c breasts and nipples and are so round you cant miss them !... while talking she saw me looking at her breasts wispering to me whats wrong, i said well i like the top you have on its sexy on you and your breasts are more then i can handle for looking at, she laughted and said there only breasts and she liked the way they looked and loved when guys looked at her and then them . after landing in Fl my mom and dad got the car and we went to the hotel,well they screwed up so bad we were to get a suite with hot tub 3 rooms and a kitchen, what we got was 2 rooms no kitchen and mom and dad were so mad,i laughted and said oh well at least were in Fl... after unpacking my sister and me wanted to go to the beach and we changed into our suites, well my  dad and Mom were shocked and told my sister to go change into a bathing suite that cover more then that one did. they looked at me asking what do you think, i told them i liked it shes a doll and has the body for it . my dad said well your right and my mom said well OK dont leave your sister alone ok watch her sister is 19 and i am 22 i have to tell you my sister had on this bathng suit that bearly cover her nipples and her lover area was less, my dad said at least its white and looks good my mom said my little girl is growing up as we were walking out the room sayng we would be back later.while it was early yet the beach was not to bad with people and we got a place to lay the towels away from everone else by a sand dune and we were mostly out of the way of where anyone could see us.while we were laying there tammy said  mike put some lotin on my back i told her if we were going swimming it would come right off, she agreeed and we went swimming well the water was so warm felt so good, after walking in the water my sister said lets play a game. while standing there the waves were comming in and she would move toward me putting her arms around me so she would not get pushed away by the waves. after a few waves came in she got used to them and started to fell better. while talking she said lets play marco polo,I laughted and said OK this will be funny i bet ! while she picked to go first she said maro i saod polo,, she jumped at me and just grabbed  what she grabbed was my cock in my shorts  and though it was my arm,after seeing what she was holding she said I am so sorry i did not know i did that. aftet telling her it was ok it felt good she laughed and said i bet you did like that  your always looking at me or my breasts, while she said that i saw that her white bathing sute was transparent and i could see her breasts like she was wearing nothing. i told her that and she looked down and said well i guess thats ok being i just grabbed your cock. while still checking her out from time to time we both got of the water and went to the towels and layed out for a few hrs,after laying there she rolled over asking me to put lotion on her i agree and told her to roll over when she did i saw that her back to her bathing sute was undone and i started to get hard. i started to rub lotion on her back and while this was so hard for me to do i could not help but to stare at her sexy ass, it was just right and No rinkles what so ever tight and sexy. while rubbing her back i when all the way down to her bottoms and was rubbing lotion there and stopping, she ask why are you stopping, i said i am stopping at your bottoms she said well you can rub futher down if you want its ok i dont want to get burned.well after was seemed like for ever to do i started to rub her butt cheeks and feel then as i put lotion on them she said it felt so good and asked if i need some i said i guess i do. after laying down on my towel face down she did the same rubbing lotion and as i looked up at her i saw that she forgot to put her top on and said you for got your top while looking at her very sexy breasts. while she looked like a deer in the lights all she said was its ok no one can see me. i though to myself i guess it was ok for me to see...while rubbing the lotion on she said ok roll over and when i did she saw i was hard as a pipe saying wow i am sure your girlfriend like thhis about you, while looking at her saying i did not have one we broke up 3 weeks ago she said thats too bad it looks like she could have had fun with this nice looking cock of yours.while rubbing my cheast and arms she moved to my legs and inner legs, i was a little jumpy and she said its ok i dont bite, while she was turning me on so bad i could not stop my cock from getting hard as steel and getting as large as i have ever felt looking at her breasts in my face almost just thinking how they would feel. while rubbing my legs she stayed they for a little while and her hand brushed my cock and i almost jumped 50 feet telling her that i was not used to that. she laughed and said that its ok i am your sister and i have felt them before just not as big as you are, while wanting to pull her into me and suck one of those wonderful nipples i had to close my eyes and think about somthing else.she finshed and we layed out for maybe another 30 mins, while walking back to the hotel she asked me what i would had done if i kept rubbing me i told her i might have came right there its been a while for me i am already horny and you did not make it any better, she said ok she was sorry for doing that to me and would make it up to me somehow i said ok.after taking showers and cleaning up of course she came out the shower wearing this skirt that was so short it was about 3 inches from her ass cheeks when i saw that she had no bra on again i almost fainted because her top was this pink mid drift that bearly cover the bottoms of her and dad were who knows where and we were all alone to do what ever, as i took my shower she said that when i finshed we could go for a walk and see the sights tonight. well i got to tell you i was worse off then ever my cock would not get soft and my sister was killing me making me look at her like this. after getting dressed and putting on shorts and a tank top with no boxers we left and when to the strip and started walking around.after walking a few mins we saw our mom and dad and they of course said they like wht she had on my dad was looking the other way saying oh yes he liked it to trying not to make a big deal about the fact his daughter was the hottest one out there. we went one way they went the other way while walking my sister just reached out and held my hand it felt good to hold her hand being that we never really got alone this was we walked a few blocks my sister said what do you want to do i said i am hungry and she said lets eat. well we are and started to walk toward the beach while walking on the beach i put my arm around her and she moved her arm around my weist saying this was a good day.after walking a few mins i stopped and said where is the hotel at she asked why, I said i had to pee really bad. she said just walk to the water and do it there i said ok i guess i can,while walking to the water she was following me and said she would watch while i was peeing, after i started peeing my sister said damm you had to pee bad i see, i laughed and said i am not finished too. she said while i was still peeing she better go as well,..... i almost losted it seeing her raise her skirt and she had no panties on at all....i said to her forgot the panties i see while looking at me while she was squtting i saw her golden pee running out of her very sexy pussy, i said i have never seen a women do that before she said well get closeer if you like so you can see it better.... as i moved closer i could smell her very strong pee comming out of her pussy telling her that it was a turn on for me to see that, while i finished she told me not to put it away yet. when she finished peeing i was so hard she walked over to me and just leaned over and took my very hard cock into her mouth and started sucking away like a pro i might add. while this felt so damm good i felt my balls tighted and said i am going to cum move away when she heard me say  that she just went deeper on my cock taking it all the way in her mouth til her chin was against my nuts. after shotting my hot load in  my sisters very hard sucking mouth she finished and i had to sit down she told me that i tasted very good and would love to do that again with me.while i was so weak from cumming like a horse my sister was ready to go back to the hotel, when we got there we when to our room and changed into our sleep clothes and i layed down in bed waiting for her to come out the bathroom. as she walked out she had this one piece of what i called nothing that cover very little and i loved it, the lights were put off and we went to bed. in the middle of the night she called my name asking if i were awake saying she could not sleep, i asked her way and she told me that she was so horny would i help, i jumped at the chance to help asking her what could I do. well she sat up pulled off her nite and just layed back down and said what ever comes to mind just do it ok, i saod ok i reached over and started sucking her very big nipples and as i did she started to moan and running her hands in my hard. while moving down her body i reached her very wet and pee smelling pussy i just dove in there sucking all of her juices tasting all of her as much i could get out of her. while tasting her pee and licking her down there she said to stop she had to pee she would be right back, i said just start peeing i will catch it , she said to me Ok but this might be alot, as she started to pee in my mouth my whole mouth was over very pussy feeling her pee shoot in my mouth running down my neck and in my belly it felt so good and she started to pee more and more and faster in my mouth i could not swollow it fast enough. while it was like just running down my neck i love it very much as she finshed i could not  belive it tasted good to me, my sister drinks alot of water and there was no real taste to her.while laying there still between her legs she said come kiss me  and i moved up her body and started to kiss my sisters lips and i will tell you i was kissing a modle she is so sexy naked and to feel her breasts on my cheast was great. while kissing her i felt her hand go down toward my hard as steel cock moving it up and down her very wet pussy telling me to put it inside of me, i asked her it she had comdoms she said no just pull out ok, she told me not to cum inside of her because she was very fertal and could get pregant. as we were making love i slowly felt my way inside of my sisters tight pussy i might add as she pulled me into her she said i am a virgen so please be gentel with me, i was floored I said as the head of my cock was just inside of her saying WHAT!!! she said yes i am  my boyfriend waited to long and thats why i broke up with him we were going to do this 2 weeks ago. when i asked her if she was sure she wanted it to be me to breack her cherry she said please do it i love you so much while puling me into her  she started kissing me and rasied her legs and opened them more to receive my large cock into her tight pussy. as i was entering my sister she said its hurts so bad i said i am at your hymen and thats whats hurting you, she said ok i am ready as she rasied her hips to mine i pushed toward hers and we came together in the middle as over hips met while french kissing she was moaning and i was moaning as well , it felt so good inside my sister just knowing i was deep within her body and feeling her depths and having her arms around me and her legs around my back. as we were slowly thrusting one another for at least 30 mins i felt my balls tighten, she must have felt my cock sweel and started to kiss my ear and then my neck and then i felt her hand rubbing my ass while moaning she said i want to feel you cum inside of me i said you can get pregant and she started to tighten her legs around my back looking in my eyes saying fill my pussy with your seed and make me your women for life as i was feeling my balls to the point of no return I started to unload deep within my sister, pumping load after load deep in her as were were kissing she said of my god i can feel your cum shooting in me,while laying there after unloading the biggest load of my life i my cock was deep inher and still hard and i told her i had to pee i would be back, she said NO pee in me I want to feel more of you then i have ever felt baby,i started to pee into my sisters pussy and i could feel her pussy tighten against my cock  and she started to cum again and could not stop as i was peeing hard into her, she was so wet and then she started to pee on my cock while we were both in bed peeing on one another it was a great feeling,my sister lover very min of it. well that night was the best of many night to come. when the next morning came around we were like lovers and met our mom and dad to eat that morning, in the heat of passion i must have not saw that i gave my sister a hicky and she did the same to me that i did not see it on my neck , my mom and dad said OK whats up you two, we laughed and said what do you mean, they told us we both had hickys and who did it, well my sister is a pro, she said that too many guys were hitting on her when here so she asked me to put one , then as a joke i put one on him,, well my mom and dad said, well at least you two are getting closer i like that alot,my mom said as looking at my sister,telling her that she loved the outfit she had on , i had to agree, it was a pr of shorts that shows the cheeks of her ass and a halter top that was almost see thur, i had to agree, while sitting there eating my dad asked my sister what did you all do last night, we both laughed and said Nothing just played around, my mom says i can tell, as my sister looked at me i looked at her saying i loved her as we kissed on the lips and got a quick hug my dad and mom said now thats what I have been waiting for them two to get alone, i knew you two could do it, i had fath, my sister said to my dad would it be ok if we sleep together, i dont want to losse my brother again and after this week i am sure we will always be close , my dad looked at my mom saying what did she think and my mom said look at them if i did not know any better i would think they were inlove, then my dad said OK, you all can sleep together but  ?..... as he looked at me saying you better take care of her OK, i said dad i already am, with that we kissed and started eatting and yes  my sexy sister got pregant and it was all mine, she told my mom and dad it was her X boyfriend and he had a comdom on and then my dad said well at least hes not around anymore looking at me saying are you ok with this, i sais yes dad I will help her like its my own, 4 months later my sister had our child,a baby girl, my mom and dad were just head over heels. my mom said to me this baby looks like you,I laughed and said no way, my dad said its ok,she will be with him anyway ,my mom laughed and said yes our kids are the best as i leaned over and kissed my sister on the lips telling her i loved her she whisper back saying in my ear, i want a baby Boy will you help me, I smilled and said anything for you  !!!  hope you liked this,my daugher is a yr old now and were working on our baby boy now, my sister is still sexy and my mom and dad love the fact that were so close,