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Measuring My Cum Ch. 02

crackjacka135 on Incest Stories

After having been wanking in private for so many years and being careful not to have mom catch me whilst doing it, it had felt quite liberating to have done in front of her, and, even better, with her doing the 'wanking off' part for me. It was an amazing, exhilarating feeling. It felt like some chains on my sexual freedom had been
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removed, although why I had these aches in my balls was still a bit of a downer in the whole situation. Hopefully, it was just a phase that would pass, as Dr Taylor had said.

After a few moments of pondering my thoughts, I decided I'd better clean up and dress, just in case mom came back in to talk to me. After washing myself down below, and putting on some clothes, I sat on the bed. The ache in my balls had gone as normal, after cumming a few times during the evening.

After a few moments, Mom knocked on my door and came in. She was fully dressed again and looking all prim and proper. Seeing in her normal clothes again, it excited me even more that I had seen her in her underwear and felt up her ass with her permission. My dick stirred as she walked in. She smiled at me and said, "We'll have a session in the morning as that went quite well. As I have to go to work tomorrow, I'll knock on your door before leaving and we'll see if we can get a sample, to start keeping a record of your specimens."

"OK, mom" I said, smiling back, and trying to sound cool and calm. In reality my dick was getting hard again in my pants, although I didn't think I could cum again so soon now.

"I'll leave you to get on with your normal stuff now," she added, and disappeared off to get on with her nightly routine.

I looked over at the clock on the wall of my bedroom. It was 10pm. I thought about what mom had said about the morning. I normally went to college much later than when she left for work. I'd have a bit of a lie in after our session. I wondered what she would wear for me, and my dick stirred again. This all was rather amazing that it was actually happening.

I decided to try and take my mind off it and save my energy for tomorrow by playing a few video games on my PC and then go to sleep. I walked over to the PC in the corner of my room and got lost in playing 'Tomb Raider' in no time.


"Jacob" I heard a voice say and something nudge my arm. "Jacob, wake up." It was morning, and mom was waking me up.

I opened my eyes sleepily. Mom had opened the curtains and daylight was flooding into the bedroom. I had a semi-hard on under the sheets. I noticed mom was fully dressed in a black knee length skirt and cream coloured blouse.

"I'm running late," she said and sounding annoyed. She must have been in one of her moods. She was often like that in the mornings.

I noticed she was holding the semen-measuring beaker in one hand.

"Come on, we must be quick about this," she said, pulling the sheets off me in one movement, and still sounding a bit pissed off.

She saw my semi hard on poking through the gap in the front of my pyjamas. I normally slept with just those and nothing on my top half. "Well, at least that's a start," she said, sounding a bit calmer, but business like.

This all still felt a bit weird.

She folded the sheets right back and said. "Take off your pyjamas and lie back on the bed naked, like you did last night."

I did as I was told, and lay back on the bed with my semi hard-on wavering below me. Hearing her talk like that was getting me going.

"As I'm running late, we'll have to manage like this," said mom, pointing at her clothes. "I don't have time to mess about, dressing and undressing. You can touch my butt again through the material of my skirt, if you like. That should be enough stimulation for you, together with my hand."

I felt a bit disappointed that she would not be taking her clothes off, but as mom positioned herself again, like she had done last night, with her butt angled slightly towards my face and bending over me slightly as she started pumping my dick up and down, I got quite turned on.

I had, many a time, imagined myself feeling up her ass through her normal day clothes in my fantasies, so this was now the real thing.

Again, like last night, not wanting to appear too keen, I gently felt mom's right buttock through the material of her skirt, and then moved over to the left buttock, squeezing the flesh there gently. Her ass felt good.

"Don't crease up my skirt now" she said sternly, still stroking my dick, which was now fully hard.

I widened the circular movement of my hand over mom's ass and wondered if she would let me put my hand up under her skirt and feel her ass through her panties.

I thought quickly and said hesitatingly, " might cum a bit quicker if could maybe feel your butt cheeks under your skirt...w..would you be ok with that...?"

She looked back at me for a moment and said in a slightly stern tone, "Yes, if it helps get this over with quicker, but don't crease up my skirt."

The hem of mom's skirt was just above her knee and about level with me as I lay on the bed. I moved my left hand off her ass and ever so slowly slid it under the hem of her skirt, next to her right leg, which was nearest to me, and slid my hand up along her smooth thigh, until I felt the material of her panties. God it felt great, feeling the flesh of her thighs and buttocks!

I squeezed her ass cheeks through the material of her panties as I moved my left hand in circular motions over it, and for a split second slid the tips of my fingers under the panty line so as to feel the flesh there. The feeling was exquisite and my prick raged in response. Mom did not seem to object, although it was only for a split second. I felt like I was going to cum. I wasn't able to last long as all this was so new, and incredibly arousing for me.

"I think that's done the trick mom, I'm gonna cum soon," I said warning her, and with that she placed the semen beaker in position with her free hand and with her other hand which was pumping my dick, pointed my piss-hole towards it.

She did that just in time. As I felt mom's ass cheeks again, I ran my middle two fingers along the material of her panties, down the line of her bum crack and a little way towards her pussy. As I did so, I started to cum, gushing my spunk out, thick and fast. "Uhhh...uhhh...ohhhhhhh.......," I blurted out.

Mom, skilfully managed to catch all my spunk in the beaker, as I felt like I flooded it with my cum.

"Yes, Jacob,....good boy" she said, now sounding a lot happier than when we had started. As I relaxed back on the bed, again, similar to last night, mom, wiped her fingers which had caught a bit of my cum, into the beaker, so as to collect as much of it as she could.

Then, without much further fuss, she said, "Goodness me, that is a lot," holding the beaker up towards the light, and looking how far up the measuring lines my cum was. It was about a quarter full, which did look like a lot as the beaker was quite wide. "Right, I'm going to note down this amount on that form Dr Taylor gave us, and run off to work now. Have a good day." She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and walked out of my room quickly.

"Bye, mom," I said, as she went.

I pushed my head back into the pillows and closed my eyes. Mom's ass had felt great. Wow, it felt so fucking good lying back like this on the bed, with my mom just having wanked me off, letting me feel up her ass cheeks again. I found her butt incredibly sexy. I was a real ass man. I just couldn't wait till the evening. I wondered if I could find a way to add some a variety to our sessions. As that thought struck me, I wondered how I'd pass my day at college just thinking about it! Fuck!

To be continued...

Inlaws Part 1

sirlancelot2008 on Incest Stories

“Good morning,” I greeted Pam, my wife’s mother as I came out on the back desk with my coffee. “How did you sleep?”

            “Hardly at all with all that knocking going on over my head,” she said giving me a wink.


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;          I smiled pushing my chest out. I had fucked my wife, Cindy long and hard that night and our head board banged against the wall pretty good. “Sorry about that,” I said.

            “I hope y’all know that those girls can hear what y’all are doing in y’alls bedroom,” Pam said.

            “Yeah, I just got kinda carried away,” I said stretching. I had only my pajama bottoms and my cock was hardening from the sight of Pam’s big braless tits under her tight white tank-top.

            “Hm,” Pam hummed looking away from my thinly covered hard cock.

            “You’re gonna have to get you some Pam,” I joked.

            “I don’t think that I can handle something like that,” she said giving my cock another glance.

            I made my cock jump just to get her to look at it again. “Ah, you can handle it,” I said. “Cindy takes it good.”

            “Cindy has given birth to four babies, I only had two and that thing looks to be the size of a baby,” Pam chuckled “No thank you.”

            I laughed and sat in a chair next to hers.

            “I would love to have a man in my bed, but his ass need to be gone by morning,” she joked.

            “Pam, those tits turn plenty of heads,” I said.

            “Yeah, old men who can barely get it up,” she joked.

            “They look pretty good to me,” I said.

            “Hm,” she remarked sipping on her coffee.

            Pam’s tits looked really nice and I thought how it would be to tittie-fuck her many times. I felt unusually horny that morning, and everyone seemed to be fair game for me. I wanted to fuck everyone in the house.

            When I first met my wife, Cindy she was married to the father of her four children. She was having an affair with four other guys besides me. We clicked and she divorced and we married. No one seemed to know that Cindy was even having problems in her previous marriage. Cindy had been married before then, and she began cheating on him when their marriage started going down hill. I decided that I wasn’t going fall victim to that, so I decided to take a different approach. I tried to fuck Cindy’s brains out every time we did it, and kept my desire high for everything else with a pussy. Being in a split level house with six females was enough pussy for me.

            I could see the possibility of fucking all four of Cindy’s daughters and her mother. Pam gave hints that she would love to have some of my hard cock. Cindy’s daughters all seemed to want to play me as their Sugar daddy with their flirty to get what they wanted from me. Ashley, Cindy’s youngest daughter was becoming more and more curious about Cindy and my sex life. Ashley had overheard Cindy and I fucking a few times and asked me what we were doing. I felt no need to lie to Ashley, so I’ve been answering all of her questions. Every since Ashley got her first period she’s become more and more interested in sex.

            “Well, I better go get dressed before the girls get up,” I said to Pam.

            “Yes, please,” Pam said “They surely don’t need to see something that big hanging out…it would scare them to death.” She laughed.

            I took it as a compliment and headed up stairs to dress. Cindy’s daughter, Tracy, the one a year older than Ashley was making a bowl of cereal. Tracy was already dating boys and from the looks of the ones that came around, she was giving them all a shot of her pussy.

            “Hey sexy,” I teased.

            “Hey,” she smiled at me.

            “Can I get a hug?” I said coming to her.

            Tracy sat down her bowl on the counter and put her arms around my neck. I pressed my hard cock against her and put my hand on her ass. I gave it a good firm squeeze.

            “Girl your ass is hot,” I joked.

            Tracy giggled releasing my neck.

            “This is why all those boys are coming around here, isn’t it?” I joked giving her butt another good squeeze before moving my hand away.

            She giggled again.

            “Don’t worry, I won’t tell,” I said. “I can tell that you are doing it with those boys.”

            “How did you know that?” she asked surprised.

            “I can see the difference in your hips,” I lied. “Are you giving them blowjobs too?”

            She looked at me as if she was in trouble.

            “It’s cool, your mom gives me blowjobs almost everyday,” I lied. “Giving blowjobs is a good thing. We can talk later if you want. I gotta go get dressed.”

            “Ok,” she replied.

            I headed on to the bedroom where Cindy was still sleep. She would sleep all day if she could. It was Saturday, and I felt no need to stay in bed on my day off work. I gave Cindy a kiss and got dressed.

            Lisa and Mandy, Cindy’s oldest daughters where still asleep which was not unusual. In spite of Cindy protesting that she did not approve of young girls running the streets at night, Lisa and Mandy came and went as they pleased. Sometimes they would come in at three or four in the morning. I learned to step back from the drama issues.

            Ashley was up with Tracy having cereal and watching the hip-hop music station. I paused and watched the barely dressed women shaking the butts. Both Ashley and Tracy were deep into it. The hot babes in the videos ranged from wearing string bikinis to nothing at all.

            My mind drifted to having Ashley and Tracy naked crawling over me sucking on my cock feeding me their tits and stuffing their pussies with my cock. I adjusted my hard-on down the leg of my jeans and Ashley turned and spotted the lump where my hand was. She looked up at me and then back to the video.

            I could see the crack of Tracy’s ass where she was sitting on the floor. I imagined my cock sliding down between her butt-cheeks. I was getting myself so worked up I couldn’t see straight.

            “Hey guys, do y’all want to go to the store with me?” I asked them.

            “Could we go by the Mall?” Tracy asked.

            “Sure, hurry and get some clothes on and we’ll go,” I said.

            They wasted no time getting dressed, though putting on their makeup took ten good minutes. I just told Cindy that the girls were going to the store with me and that we would be back shortly.

            Tracy got in the front and Ashley sat behind her. When we got down the street from the house I turned up the music. I hid behind my sunglasses. They sung loudly to the music all the way to the Mall.

I knew that Cindy would pitch a fit if she knew that Ashley and Tracy’s asses were hanging out the bottoms of their shorts going into the Mall. I let them do their thing and didn’t crowd them. I was close enough to observe them.

It didn’t take long for Ashley and Tracy to draw attention from three young men. I fell back a little and let the boys approach them. Both Tracy and Ashley were smiling from ear to ear. I assumed that the boys were cute to their standards.

When Ashley and Tracy began to walk with the boys, I followed father back allowing them the freedom to be themselves. They stopped at a photo booth and Tracy stepped inside with one of the boys. They were behind the curtain for about a minute and then the boy came out getting congratulations from the other two. The three boys took turns in the booth with Tracy. Tracy whispered something in Ashley’s ear and then she took turns with each of the boys in the booth. I figured that they were making out behind the curtain.

I stood out of their sight watching and following them as they continued walking the Mall. After a couple of hours, I decided to pull the plug. It was clear that they didn’t have any place they could go in the Mall to do more than what I had assumed they had done. I got close enough to the girls to motion them out to my SUV. I didn’t realize that the boys were going to follow them out.

I walked ahead of them and got in the driver’s seat and waited. I was surprised how boldly both Ashley and Tracy made out with each three of the boys in the parking lot before getting inside the SUV with me.

“Woooo! You go girls!” I exclaimed.

Tracy and Ashley giggled and compared notes on the boys. I listened and cheered them on. They seemed to be hornier than I was. I asked Tracy if she wanted me to take them over one of her boyfriend’s house. Tracy discussed it with Ashley and told me to take them to a boy’s house who I knew from Cindy had a bad reputation.

The thoughts running through my head of the girls getting fucked made me what to jerk off my cock as I drove. I dropped the girls off and told them that I would be back to get them in an hour and a-half. I went and had my SUV detailed and gave the girls an extra half hour at Tracy’s boyfriend house.

The look on Ashley’s face when I picked them up let me know that something happened. Tracy was real attentive to Ashley.

“How was your first time Ashley?” I asked.

Ashley gasped. “You know?”

“Of course,” I lied. “I can smell it on you.”

Tracy was silent and put her hand over her lap.

“I smell yours too Tracy,” I lied laughing.

“Does it feel like you still have it in you?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Ashley said.

“Don’t worry, it will only get better. Ain’t that right Tracy?” I said.

“Oh yeah,” Tracy said. I could tell that she was wondering about that.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned. “Both of y’alls pussies smell as good as your moms.”

“Really?” Ashley asked.

“Oh yeah,” I lied. “look how hard I’m getting. The smell of your mom’s pussy gets me excited like this. Y’alls pussies smell like hers.” I could tell by the way they were looking at the print of my cock and listening that they were falling for the bullshit that I was giving them. “Hey do y’all want me to teach you how to give a great blowjob like your mom does?”

“How?” Tracy asked.

“Let’s see if we can find a spot,” I said “It won’t take long to show you how to do it.” I winked at Ashley and turned up the music. I had to think fast of a spot to take the girls without putting us a risk of getting busted. It hit me that my mom was going on a trip and there would be no one at her house.

Ashley had been to my mother’s house, but Tracy hadn’t. I gave Tracy a quick tour and took them into my old bedroom.

“I’m going to show y’all how to give a good blowjob and then we’re going to get something to eat, ok?” I said to give them an incentive.

“Ok,” Tracy agreed.

The girls sat side-by-side as I pulled out my big hard cock. Judging by the expression on their faces, they were impressed.

“Ashley just do what Tracy does, ok?” I said. I figured that if I used Tracy to show Ashley that it would go smoother.

I gave Tracy a one-two-three step of instructions and she stroked my cock allowing the head to move freely in and out of her mouth like a pro. Her mouth stretch just wide enough to allow the head of my cock to pass in.

“You got what she did Ashley?” I said moving my cock to Ashley’s face.

With the same set of instructions Ashley did a great job sucking on the head of my cock while stroking the shaft. I didn’t linger too long. I got us quickly out of my mother’s house and on our way to pickup pizza. I drowned them with praise for the great blowjob, how grown and sexy they were, and hot enough for me to want to fuck both of them.

I called home letting Cindy know that we were bringing food. It sounded like Cindy had just gotten out of bed. My cock was throbbing hoping that I laid good enough ground work to screw Tracy and Ashley at some point in the near future.

Lisa and Mandy acted like they were starved, but did notice the makeup on Ashley’s face. I fired immediately at Lisa telling her that she had no room to talk with her pierced nipples. I flicked my tongue at her for humor and caused the others to laugh. Cindy didn’t make a fuss, so it went well.

me and mom about time

sonwantsmom on Incest Stories

i am a 39 yr old male mom is 60 growing up i have always jerked off to her and as time went on it grew the desire to sleep with mother it really took off after she told me that her dad had sex with her as i kid and i got so hard when she told me that . so my dad leave out of town a lot so i was at the point in my life when i wanted to tell her how i felt i called her up and ask if she wanted to g

Fucking my 36d cousin

MaryHicks123123 on Incest Stories

Me and my cousin (The picture) We are both 18 and we see eachother alot. We have jokes and we go to the same school and she is in some of my classes. She lives 2 doors away from me and she likes wearing lots of short skirts and top that show of her 36d tits. One day our parents had to go to a wedding so we agreed that i would go to her house untill they came back (my parens didnt trust me). I

Brother and Sister Fall In Love

familyluvr on Incest Stories

When I was growing up, I had the hottest crush on the sexiest girl I know to this day. I used to take every chance I had to get a look at her. She had a way of turning me on without even knowing about it. I felt like I was in love with this girl. Anytime that I saw her with any other guys, I would get jealous

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and wish that I could be that person. I never had the nerve to tell this person my true feelings but I believe she already knew.

I eventually found out that it was not as hard as I thought to let this person know how I felt. That day was the most incredible day of my life. It has only gotten better since then. I had a hard time telling this person how I felt because this person that I was so wild about was my sister. She was and still is one of the best things that could happen in my life.


It started back when we were in high school. For years before this, I would take every chance I had to accidentally see her naked. Most of the times, I just watched from the house when she would go out in the back yard and lay in the sun. She always had bikini’s that covered only what they had to. My sister had a very nice chest for someone her age. She was 12 when she started developing tits. I was 14 and feeling my oats. I had lost my virginity when I was 12 so I already had an understanding about sex. When ever my sister would lay in the yard sunning herself, I would be in the house staring out the window while I jacked off. Mom and dad worked all day so me and sis would get home from school and take care of ourselves until they got home. This gave me a lot of time to watch sis. I remember being in my room listening to her walk around upstairs. I would wait until I heard her in her room and then go upstairs and see if I could catch her doing anything.

This was pretty much how things went until I turned 17. That year was when I could not stand it anymore and decided to see if I could get anywhere with her. She may not have had an idea that I felt the way I did but I was going to try and let it be known. I could not take it any longer. I was in a state of constant hard on. I could smell her perfume and get excited.

We had a bunch of relatives come and visit from out of state so we had to give our rooms up to the adults. This meant that sis and I were sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor in the basement. Before that though, we were all up late drinking quite a bit. Mom and dad didn’t mind me and sis drinking as long as we did it at the house. So we all had a good buzz going that night. We all got pretty trashed. Everyone crashed out about the same time. I lay in my bag for about two hours not making a sound or moving. I was feeling good from the beer and had a giant hard on with sis laying only about a foot from me. I watched when she went to get into her bag and she was wearing a thin teddy type outfit when she crawled into bed. I could see her nipples pushing against the front of the material. It was almost see through. By now sis had developed a set of perfect 38 double D’s. I know because I snuck in her room before and looked at her bra’s. Her figure looked like a porn stars. She had the curves in all the right areas. Her ass was shaped just right. Hardly any jiggle to it.

As I laid there listening to my sister fall deeper into that sleep mode I kept telling myself it was a bad thing to have me this close to her. My dick was swollen as hard as it could be. It actually felt bigger than it ever had. I thought that it was going to rip my shorts. I usually slept in the nude and I felt like I was being constricted. I just had to get my dick free of its problem. While sis slept, I carefully removed my shorts to make room for my cock. As I looked at my sister sleeping next to me with my naked body under my sleeping bag, I felt a funny feeling go through my body as I realized that I was so close to my sister and naked. It was kind of like a secret that no one should know kind of feeling.

  Finally I turned on my side towards my sister and played with my dick while I watched her sleep. I could feel my heartbeat pulse through my cock as I pumped on it and watched sis sleeping. I wanted her bad but I also did not want to take her when she was sleeping either. I was in turmoil about the whole thing. The devil on my shoulder was telling me to just reach out there and see what I could touch and feel. The angel on the other shoulder was running through all the scenarios about how it was wrong because she is your sister. I was stuck between a rock and a hard spot. That hard spot was my cock that was ridged as could be. My palms were itching as if they needed to touch her and see what it was all about. I could not even remember being this turned on by my girlfriend. My girlfriend was a fox and loved to fuck my cock when ever we had the chance but she could not make me feel the way my sister was making me feel. I just had to at least touch her skin and see how soft she felt.

Once I made my mind up on this, there was no turning me back now. I was not going to be satisfied until I felt that hot body lying next to me. I pulled my hands out of my sleeping bag and took my hands and slowly reached over to her sleeping bag. I was very careful so that I would not wake her up. I knew that this was wrong but I was beyond caring very much about that. I was not going to be happy until I felt her hot body skin. I pulled down the zipper on my side making sure that I did it gently. My hands were shaking so much that I could hardly keep them still. My heart was beating so hard that I thought it was going to burst out of my chest. What made it worse was that I could now feel her body heat radiating out from the bag. I felt like it was burning my hands while I continued to pull down that zipper.

Finally, I had the zipper all the way down. I sat there for a few seconds while I tried to figure what I was going to do now. I was so excited about what I had in my plans that I could not figure out how to put it in order. I felt like a kid in a candy store for the first time. Once I was calm enough, I reached out and slowly lifted the flap up to see her body. I was surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I thought that maybe they were just some skimpy ones but she wasn’t wearing any at all. I damn near shot my load right then. I held off though as I trailed my glance up her body. Her little outfit had slid up when she crawled into the bag. It was just below her tits. I was able to get a great side view of her body from just below her breast down. I could not see any flaws on her at all.

As I lay on my side looking at her under the sleeping bag, I just knew that I had to touch her. I had to feel her body. I wanted to reach right over and grab that nice clean little pussy of hers. She was lying on her back and I could tell that she kept herself well trimmed. I knew that sis had drunk quite a bit that night but I still did not want to take a chance and wake her up yet. I kept getting those thoughts in my head that was telling me no. I just chose to not listen. I was going to see how far I could get tonight without waking her.

I then put the flap down and slid my hand in the bag and gently brought it to rest on her hip. Her skin was so hot to my touch. I could feel my dick starting to drip my pre-cum. It was letting go of so much that I felt like I was having a small orgasm. I still continued on. I was in another world now as I stepped beyond normal and into this incestuous feeling. I let my hand slowly ride up towards her tummy. She felt so soft to the touch. I was enjoying every bit of her body. I finally came to rest below her tits. I could see that she was out good. I then moved my hand over her left breast. I set it down on top of her big tit and enjoyed the feel of it through her teddy. I couldn’t sit my hand still for long. She felt so good that I started to message her breast through the cloth. It felt so great. My sisters tits were a lot bigger than my girlfriends, so it was like the first time touching anything like these. I knew that this was not the right way to go about this. I wanted to do a lot of things to my sister but I felt strange about making all these moves while she slept. No matter how I felt, I couldn’t stop myself as I continued to make my advances on my sister

Sis didn’t move while I felt her up. I was glad to because I could actually feel her nipples under my hand. They didn’t get hard but they did begin to stiffen up a little. I would caress one and then the other. I was beginning to wish that I had another hand so I could reach down and see if I could touch her pussy. Finally, I had to let go and carefully slide down her body again until I was able to reach her pussy. I kept my hand above her well trimmed lips for as long as I could stand it. Then I lowered it onto her mound. I had never felt such soft hair before. I carefully started playing with her soft pussy hair. My mind was going wild as I trailed my fingers through her soft fur. I did not want to slide any closer to her pussy opening. This is what I told myself when I started at least. But as I touched her soft hair and could feel her pussy under them, I then got daring and started to slide forward a little bit and near her lips.

I moved my hand forward and then I could actually feel her hot pussy lips on my finger tips. Instinct must have been doing what it does because I actually slid one finger between her virgin lips. I froze at that moment because my sister sighed and started moving her legs. I held myself in place while she adjusted. I wanted to pull my hand out and act like I was sleeping. Something kept me right where I was though. Sis adjusted and actually opened her legs even more. I stared at her sleeping. I thought for sure that she was waking up. I figured that she would wake up and be angry and start yelling at me. She did not do any of those things though. She just settled in and continued to sleep. I kept my hand still for a long time after that. I was so far gone with this whole thing that I just stayed in there.

Once she was deep asleep again, I continued to play with my sister’s pussy lips. I was able to slide down further now as I felt some fluids seeping out of my sister’s pussy. It made it easier for me to slide my finger inside her a little bit. Even with just my fingertip inside her pussy, I could tell that she was very tight. I wanted to really stick my finger in her and fuck her with my hand. I held off though and just continued doing what I was doing. I knew I would not be able to continue this. She would eventually wake up if I did not stop. But I kept my pace up as I enjoyed my sisters little snatch with its liquid seeping out onto my fingertip.

My body felt like it was shaking from all this excitement. I could feel the warmth inside her and yet I felt like I was shivering cold. My dick was throbbing so hard that I was afraid to touch it. I just knew that if I did it would explode. I was beyond hope now as I laid there enjoying the sensations my sister’s body was doing to me. I felt like I had to take things a little further. I knew that I couldn’t put my finger inside my sister any further without touching that most sensitive spot. That would for sure bring all of this to an end. I was not ready to stop yet so I decided to see if I could get my mouth on her breast. My lips were dry as I thought of how I could do this. Finally, with much regret, I took my hand away from my sister’s hot virgin pussy. I gently removed the sleeping bag from her waist up. I became real daring and climbed out of my sleeping bag and sat almost against her as I leaned over my sister. I used both hands now as they shook at first contact with her night gown. I had to sit there for a few minutes to calm my nerves down while I continued to look at her body.

Finally, I was calm enough to move ahead. I slowly and carefully lifted her teddy up and over her breasts. I was able to see them in plain sight now as I sat the teddy down above her ample breasts. I sat back up and just stared at her body again. I was watching her sleep with my dick only inches from her body. My dreams were coming true except that she was asleep. My ultimate fantasy would be if she was awake and letting me do all these things to her. It would be complete if she was playing with my cock and telling to do all these things that I was doing to her.

I finally got myself calmed down enough and moved onto my next move. I carefully lowered myself down to where my mouth was right over her breasts. I could feel her body heat radiating up. Her nipple was just below my lips and I was about to suck on my sisters nipple. I was going bananas as I sat there and lowered my lips onto her breast. I felt her hot skin make contact with my lips and before I knew it, on was all the way down on her chest. It was such a great feeling as her soft delicate skin rested against my mouth. I had to put my hands on either side of her to balance myself as I then started to lick her nipple. It still was not hard but it was firm. I could feel the sensation of the nipple on my tongue and it was making me crazy with excitement. I sucked it into my mouth carefully. Suddenly, I could feel her nipple get stiff. I was excited and scared at the same time. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I could not stop this time though. I was to far gone with my dick aching to get something and my mouth was starting to get dry from the heavy breathing that I was doing. I still held my mouth on her nipple and breast.

I was definitely not ready for what happened next. It was the start of everything I imagined. I was still sucking on my sister’s nipple when she reached up with her left hand and put it on the back of my head and grabbed some of my hair. I did not look up or move. I just knew that I was had and the yelling was about to start. Instead, she lifted her head up and whispered into my ear.

“John…hurry up and get in here before you make my brother”.

I could not believe it as my sexy voiced sister whispered into her brother’s ear like I was her boyfriend. He had left hours ago and yet she must have been so wasted still that she thought I was him. I should have sat up and said something to her but it was dark and I was not going to ruin this chance. I acted as casual as can be, when your dick is as hard as a rock and your horny sister tells you to get in her sleeping bag with her. I crawled in next to her and could not believe it when I finally felt her body touching mine. She turned a little bit towards me as I felt her reach out and grabbed hold of my cock. The touch of her fingers on my sensitive dick just about blew my load all over her. I again put my hands around her, this time holding her against me as I sucked her nipple into my mouth with eagerness this time. I was acting the part of her boyfriend for as far as I could get. I reached down behind her and put my hand right on her firm little ass. Holy cow was she ever hot. Sis grabbed onto my dick firmly now and began jacking on it. She leaned over again and whispered to me.

“If I had know you were this big we would have gone all the way a long time ago…I love your cock in my hand”, I just groaned as I kept my face buried on her tit. I did not want to say anything because that would give me away. I was going to take this as far as I could before I was discovered. As my sister continued to jack my dick, I pushed my hips towards her with the rhythm of her hand action. I felt like should blow my load but something inside of me was keeping me from it. I switched to her other breast and began really giving her nipple a work out. Sis sighed into my ear as I continued to do this. I could feel her getting excited as she started to push her chest into my face. I was in cloud nine sporting the biggest hard on I had ever had.

            While I was still sucking on her nipple, I let go of her tight ass and slid my hand around to the front of her. I brought my hand to rest at her soft virgin lips. Sis opened her legs and let me touch her puffy pussy. She was flowing juices out of her body so much that it was running down her leg. I didn’t have anything obstructing me as I slowly slid my hand across her lips and pushed index finger into her. I knew I could not go far without causing pain, so I was very delicate and careful. I immediately felt her clit make contact with my finger. As I rubbed across it, sis moaned louder and pushed against my invading finger.

“Ohh my goddd…..that feels great”, sis spoke these words into my ear again as she resumed jacking my cock. I was getting to the point where I was going to have to fuck her soon. I just had to get myself inside my sister and fuck the virgin out of my sister. Whenever I make this move I know that I will be discovered. I wasn’t going to stop though. I was determined to get myself inside my sister. I was just about beyond reason for anything. I still had some control but it was growing thin as my hot little sister was bringing closer to orgasm.

Finally, I decided that this was the time to make a move. I kept my face on my sister’s tit as I pushed her back onto her back and carefully crawled between her legs. I could feel the heat coming from the insides of her thighs as I lay down between her legs. Damn did she feel great and taste great. I continued to finger my sister as she lay there under me. I was now sliding my finger all the way into my sister’s tight little pussy. My hand was soaked from her juices. Our bodies together were generating enough heat to heat the whole room we were in. I was ready to take this situation to the final extreme.

I pulled my finger out of my sister and slid my hand to her side as I kept my mouth on her breast and slid up her body to get my dick closer to her tight womanhood. My sister was still jacking on my dick as I inched up her body. She must have realized what I had in mind because she then let go of my dick and reached up and put her hand on the back of my neck and as she pulled my ear closer to her.

“We can’t do this here…..lets sneak into one of the other rooms….I don’t want to wake up my brother”, sis whispered this to me as I got my dick closer to her sweat little pussy. I didn’t answer her as I drew closer to her body and had my cock within centimeters of her virgin pussy. She grabbed a hand full of my hair and again repeated what she had said before, “Please John,….we can’t make love right here….I really do want you inside of me but…… brother will here us for sure.”

I knew that if I sat up to go anywhere she would see me and know then that it was me. I was now to far gone with my lust and anxiety to stop any of this. I also knew that now was the time to let it be known who was actually turning her on. She had me going crazy now as I reluctantly removed my mouth from breast and brought my face up next to her ear. I was sure that the minute she heard my voice that she would begin to freak out and go ballistic on me. I didn’t care though because I was going to at least get myself inside of my sister before she could stop me.

I reached out and put both my hands next to her head as I leaned against her more and brought my cock to rest against her virgin lips. I could tell that I was at the entrance to her pussy. “It’s okay……I’m already awake”. The moment that my sister heard my voice, she immediately got tense throughout her whole body. She was pinned down with me on top of her but she still tried to resist me. She began to try and push me away without saying anything. However, I was to strong for her and held her down as I gave a little push with my waist and spoke to her again.

“Don’t scream….you are absolutely driving me crazy…..I want to make love to you….I love you”, I said these words as I slowly pushed my hips into my sister a little bit more. I felt myself enter my sister’s tight lips. She froze as I started to enter her. I wanted to lift my head up and look her in the eyes as I gently entered my sister’s forbidden zone. Instead, I kept myself on top of her body as I gently pushed my dick into her more. My sister grabbed my sides tighter and was still trying to push me off of her as I invaded her forbidden body. My cock was on a mission of its own as it made its way into her. I wasn’t able to get far before I could feel that wall of virginity stopping me. I stopped pushing forward once I felt this.

“You can’t do this……it’s wrong…..please don’t”, my sister said these words as she felt me stop pushing. She wasn’t screaming at me though. She still had a firm grip on my sides but she wasn’t pushing to hard. I was going wild with lust for my sister but I still made sure I was gentle. I slowly pulled back, making sure to stop before I was out of her.

I then took a chance and rose up to look into her face. I was able to see her whole body underneath me as I looked down between us and could see us joined together still inside of her. I followed her body all the way up until I could see right into her eyes. She looked a little scared as she held my sides but still did not push me away. I could not read what was going in her head. I just knew that I was in a forbidden area of my sister and I could not stop my feelings as I felt her body under me and the urges coursing through my body. I just had to have my sister. I just had to make love to my sister or I felt I would die.

As I stared into her eyes and could see her confusion mixed with fright, I then again pushed myself back into my sister’s body. I stared her straight in the eyes as I entered her more. She held my sides tight as I entered her. She was so incredible to the sight and sensation. I again came to rest at her virginal wall. I stopped for a second as I rose up higher on her and pushed forward harder. I broke past her virginity and continued to enter her. I watched as she grabbed my sides tighter, almost in pain, as she then rolled her head back. She was not pushing against me this time. Sis was actually grabbing hold of my sides and squeezing me while she pulled me closer to her. I could feel her legs spread wider to allow me complete access to her body. I sank my body into her as I felt myself enter her as far as I could go.

“AAaahhh…..christ you feel soooo good”, I groaned as I continued to stare at my sister’s face. I could feel my cock deep in her body. I could feel her body responding to my invasion of her virginity. “I have wanted to make love to you for so long…..I have loved you as a lover should love for many years sis”.

I stayed right where I was as I said these things to my beautiful sister. She didn’t say anything as she just held my hips and stared me in the eyes. I still could not read what she was thinking as I remained in her. I just know that she looked so wonderful from her eyes to her toes. I knew that I needed to say something to her. I needed to hear her speak.

“Please don’t be angry with me……You are such a beautiful woman……I hope that you will forgive me and not hate me”.

My sister just laid there and looked me in the eyes. I could still make out the color of her light blue eyes in the dark. I could see the outline of her face and hair as she lay there under me. Suddenly, she got a different look in her face and finally spoke to me.

“You are my brother……you know that this is incest and wrong……you have taken away my virginity forever……..society condemns people for what you have just done………but I cannot go on hating someone who is so delicate to me and makes me feel the way your body is making me feel”. My sister said all these things to me as I felt my world starting to fall apart. That is until she said her last words. I stared at her as I watched her take her right away from my hip and reach around my head as she pulled my face to hers. She may have been a virgin before but she had definitely kissed a guy before. Her lips touched mine and I could feel her tongue enter my mouth. She then reached behind my back and pulled me down on top of her. I could feel her full sized breasts against my chest and her body under me as she lifted her legs to wrap around me. I responded back with my own tongue and she sucked my tongue deep into her mouth.

We continued to kiss each other so strongly. I had lost all the thoughts about this being my sister. I was kissing the woman that I loved so much. I was enjoying kissing my sister so much but I also could not stop making love to her. I broke our kiss as I rose back up and looked her straight in the eyes. I withdrew back with my cock. I again stopped when I was almost out of her. I looked into her eyes as she took her hands and put them on my face, smiling. She didn’t say a word. All she did was look at me and nod her head yes. I didn’t need any more encouragement. I buried myself into her again. Sis lowered her hands to my arms and squeezed them firm as I entered her even further this time. Her mouth opened as she rolled her head back again. Her body responded to my invasion. My sexy sister was now enjoying me as much as I was enjoying her.

“Oooooohhhhh yes big brother…………you make me feel so wonderful……..OOhhhh don’t stop……make love to me……fuck your little sister”. As my sister groaned these words to me, I then chose to not hold anything back. I began to make love to my sister with deep love and penetration. I could feel myself entering her body all the way. Her hips were now moving in response to our love making. I had been with quite a few women but I had never been with a woman whom I was in love with and this was a sensation I had never felt myself. I felt our bodies were meant for each other as we continued to make love. I knew that I would not be able to hold out for long before I would have to come. I had waited so long for this to happen that it was almost beyond my control as we thrust our bodies together.

Our bodies were sweating with so much emotion and anxiety. I could my sister’s muscles respond to me as I made love to her. She squeezed me so hard that I knew I would not last much longer. As much as I wanted this to last forever, I still had those sensations as my dick began to swell even more I began to feel my cum starting to build. I was getting ready to slow down and prevent my ejaculation. Suddenly, my sister grabbed me and held me tight as she ground her body against mine.

“OOhhhhhhhh baby……….you’re goinggggg……to……..make mmmeeee cummmmmm……..oh my godddddd………..I’mmmmmm comingggggggg”.

The minute that I heard her say these words, I also felt the muscles inside her tighten up on my dick. That was all I could take as I also released my fluids into her.

“AAAaaagghhhhh”, I responded back as I rose up on my arms and buried myself into her as I released my own built up passion and orgasm. I stayed inside my sister as I continued to feel her body pulling all of my cum out of me and into her. My beautiful sister had taken me to a level of emotion that I was experiencing for the first time. It was even better than the first time I ever had an orgasm. She held me tight as she convulsed under me and gave me her own juices. It was beyond any paradise I could ever imagine.

Finally, we had drained ourselves of all our energy and juices. I was unable to hold myself up any longer and lay down on her body. I was still inside her as she held me to her. We were both exhausted and drained as we lay there panting, trying to get our breath back. Her legs were limp but they still were across the back of my legs. She was so incredible feeling. I could feel her heart beating against my chest. I was still aware of her beautiful breasts against my body.

We laid there for the longest time as my sister caressed my back. I was unable to see her face but I was still wondering how was feeling now. I was on cloud nine and loving every bit of our bonding. I had to see what she was feeling. I finally lifted my head to look into her eyes. She looked at me with a smile but I could tell something was going through her head.

“What is it sis…….I hope you aren’t angry that we made love to each other…..Please don’t be…..please”.

My sister just grinned back at me and caressed my face. She didn’t say anything at first. She just caressed me and kissed me on the lips. Then she finally had to say something.

“I am not mad at you…….I am not mad at what we did……..I am a little afraid because we just made love to each other and we came at the same time……what if you have gotten me pregnant?......what will happen then?”.

At first, I sat there when she said this. I hadn’t even thought about it. I was so involved with making love to her that I did not think to stop. Finally, I decided that what is done is done. I love this woman and I hope that she loves me.

“I don’t care……I love you sis…..I want to be with you…..I have never felt this much love for any woman before……I know you are a little scared but I would love to be the father of your child if you get pregnant……I hope you see that this is not just a one time thing….I want to be with you forever……I don’t know how to go about it but I want us to live as husband and wife someday….it will be hard to do here in the house but we can move in together…..when I get to my new job, you can come live with me and we will just have to tell mom and dad that you are looking for a new job”.

After I had spilled my guts out to my sister, she looked me in the face as if to see what I was thinking. She stared at me for a few minutes before she smiled and answered, “You really are serious aren’t you? really want us to be together forever………you really want to be together and even have a baby together”.

I looked her straight in the eyes and smiled back at her as I leaned down and kissed her lips. “Yes baby…..I want to make love to you for as long as I live…..we will be happy together….you will be treated like a queen”.

My sister then put her arms around me and we held each other tight. I could feel myself beginning to get hard again. My sister also became aware of it at the same time. I started moving to her movement as we again began to make love to each other again. I knew that I was in my own heaven. I didn’t care about society’s outlook on us because I was in love with the woman that would be with me until one of us dies. We made love to each other almost all night. Finally, I had to get back in my own sleeping bag before mom and dad woke up. It would not be good to have them walk downstairs and see me wrapped around my sister with my dick still in her.

As soon as I was able to, I moved my sister to the state I was in and we started our life as a husband and wife would. It was pretty good timing to because my sister was already 2 ½ months pregnant by the time she got there. Our parents never knew anything about us the rest of their lives. We made up a story that she had met a guy and when he found out she was pregnant he ran. Mom and dad were killed in a bad car accident back home about two years after that. So we didn’t have to hide from any one any more. I call her my wife and she tells everyone at work that I am her husband. People that we know are jealous about our relationship because we are so in love and we have such beautiful children. We have our moments of small arguments but we still are in love. We also have a boy and a girl. We hope that they don’t follow in our same footsteps but if they do, we will be there for them.

I would appreciate responses back on this story. If you like it, I will continue to write some more stories.

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I walked around the house for a few minutes just trying to get the thought of Carol out of my mind. I really want to concentrate on Britt but Carol and her fertile pussy I was going to fuck made me hard, really hard. I guess just like Britt I got arroused by the fact the woman could get pregnant and Carol was willing to get pregnant by a man she hardly knew.

Just before I w

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ent to our bedroom Britt came down the stairs in a my trench coat, a studded collar around her neck and a pair of super high stilletto heels. Those heels just enhanced her great legs and I wondered what she did not have on under that coat. " Britt what are you doing down here I was just coming up?"

My Love I just can't get Carol and you out of my mind so I phoned her. She is waiting for us so lets go over to her place and make love to her.

Are you sure Babe?

Yes and then Britt opened the coat and she had on a white garter and stockings, no panties and no bra but on her tits where a pair of nipple clips with a chain hanging in a half loop. She turned around and opend her ass cheeks to show me her new butt plug.

Britt turned around again looked me in the eyes and said. " I am very sure my love and you know how these clips make me very horny."

Britt grabed the chain loop and pulled it straight out, her nipples streching to there limits.

" I am so wet and thinking of watching your cock sink in Carol when I know she is so ready to get pregnant with your child it's more than I can stand my love. I just decided not to wait. I hope you don't mind fucking us both while we are both ready to get knocked up? "

I don't mind at all and Carol is waiting for us?

" Yes she is my love. As soon as I heard her wonderful sexy voice I said are you ready to get pregnant lover. All she said was Yes come over now. I have her address so let go my love she is waiting for your hard cock and hot come."

Britt sauntered to me, her tits giggled and as she walked in those stilletto heels and threw her arms around me and pulled my mouth to hers, sunk her tongue deep inside my mouth and smashed her lips against mine. Then her hand slip down my body to my rock hard cock, massaged my cock and then pulled back from me.

" I see my love your wanting a little fertile pussy yourself mmmmmmm well you will have us both begging for your come, now lets go before I have to fuck you right now."

I grabed Britt by the arm spun her around, grabed the coat and removed it roughly from her shoulders. Britt smiled and let the coat fall to the floor. I took off my short releasing my cock and pulled her to me hard.

" Suck me slave."

" Yes master " and she sunk to the floor and started to suck my hard cock. Tammy must have told Britt what I liked as she started to O ring her fingers on the base of my cock.

I really wanted to fuck her pussy but I just let her keep sucking me, it felt ohh so good. I was close to coming so I told her " Stop slave get on the floor so I can fuck you. "

Britt released my cock and got on her back and spread her legs. " Yes master fuck your slave hard. "

I got between her legs and thrust my cock deep inside her wet pusssy.

I moved my hands up her body and pulled her nipple clip chain hard and Britt moaned with the pain and the fucking I was giving her. Britts heels now dug in my thighs as she pulled me deep with her legs.

I am going to take Carol as my slave too tonight and you are going to help me slave.

" Yes master anything you wish master."

Since you know your pregnant slave I am also going to give you to a man this weekend.


Britt started to come hard around my cock.


I pulled out of Britts spasming pussy and move up her body till my cock was inches from her face, then I began to jerk off, I wanted to come all over her face.

Britt closed her eyes and opened her mouth and in seconds I was spewing come all over her face neck and hair. Britt felt my warm come all over her upper body and moaned as I gave her her first come shower, she took my cock in her mouth and swallowed the last few shots that I had and then cleaned my cock off with her tongue. I looked as my hugh load of white come ran down her face and neck and her fingers now started to collect and move it to her hungry mouth.

Britt looked at me as she was licking my come from her fingers, her eyes where ablaze with lust. You will call me master all night and I have decided Carol needs to come here to our home and become my slave with your wives helping you make her my slave and get her pregnant with my child you understand slave?

" Yes master I will phone her right now "

No frist I want you to get my cock hard again slave. Britt immediatly took my cock in her mouth and started to suck me the way her mother had taught her and I was hard in minutes again. When I was hard as a rock again Britt took my cock slowly out and said.

" Does my master wish to come in his slaves mouth again? "

No you will phone her and tell her to wear something sexy for her new master and that she is staying the night with all of us. I will pick her up in 20 and she is to be ready. You will also tell her what she is to become tonight and for the rest of her life, my slave, also is her pussy shaved?

" Yes master but I will tell her you desire a smoothly shaved pussy. "

Good and then you will phone our other wives and tell then to come home, but before they do they have to buy a butt plug, nipple clips and a collar for my new slave. Tell them they will both help you teach Carol how to be a proper slave to me. Now go and follow my commands slave.

" Yes Master "

I let Britt get out from under me but not before she gave my cock another quick suck. Britt came back and said Carol already had shaved her pussy and that she will be ready when I come to pick her up. You told Carol what she is to become slave?

" Yes master she is ready for you to take her as your slave."

And my other slaves? Your wives have they been told?

" Yes master they will be here when you return with your new slave, we will be ready to teach her how our masters like to be pleasured."

When I get home you all will be ready to please me slave as I wish now keep your self ready for my cock till I come back.

" Yes Master I will keep myself ready to take your hard cock in any hole you wish my love."

I left the house as Britt was finger fucking herself and pulling on her nipple clips.

It was only a 10 minute drive and when I parked at the front door of her apartment building. I rang Carol's apartment and she answered right away. " Hi its Bill "

" Come up for a second ok. "

The door buzzed and I went up to her apartment, the door was open and I walked in and saw Carol for the first time. Carol is 5ft 7in tall 126lbs, long brunette hair down below her shoulders, 33c tits and an ass that is very nice and round. She was wearing a black mini skirt that hugged her hips tightly and just covered her pussy, a V neck top that just ended above her areoles and hard nipples.

" Hi Bill, do you like what I have on?"


With a wonderful smile CaroI said " I just want to talk for a few minutes if you don't mind, please sit down and make yourself confortable, would you like something to drink?"

No thats ok I am fine. I sat down. Carol also sat down right across from me and I got a glimpes of her bare pussy as she did. Smilling I said " So I am sure you have alot of questions."

" Yes I do but I am kind of excitted too, don't worry this is not an interigation ok just want to find out some things ok."

Fine with me Carol you can ask me anything but let me phone home first as there expecting us back and I really don't want Britt to worry ok. I had my cell and dailed home.

Britt answered " Hi my love whats up?"

Hi sweetie I am at Carols and she just wants to talk to me for a few minutes ok and I think its only fair, she has not really talk to me and this might be a big step for her so I think its a good idea she gets some answers and I would like to learn a little bit more about her too. I will be back soon and hopefully Carol will still want to come home too but thats up to her so I will phone you when I or we are ready to leave.

" That sounds wonderful my love, Mom and Miranda phoned and said they will be home in a few minutes, there just at the S&M store buying the things you reqeusted for Carol so when they get home we will entertain each other till you come home my love. Take your time and thank you for phoning, you are a very sweet man you know that. I love you. "

Thanks and I love you too. Talk to you soon bye sweetie.

" Bye my love."

I hung up and smiled at Carol " Now ask anything you would like Carol I am all yours for a now."

Carol took a deep breath and said. " Well I do have a few thing I want to get clear in my mind. First I know Britt is your daughter and that does not bother me at all. My brother was my first lover and I got pregnant with his child when I was 12. Our parents made me give the child up for adoption. Dan my brother is married now and lives in Florida. I have not seen him in over two years but we did make love alot the last time I saw him. I was hoping I would get pregnant again but." Carol shrugged her head.

" So I do understand her desire to have your baby even if she is your daughter. I would be very happy to get pregnant with Dans child again. Even become his wife.

Carol looked sad for a moment then continued. " I am wondering if its just Britt that is your lover?

Second I am sure Britt told you I can get pregnant and that I know she is trying as well so how do you feel about having two children at almost the same time if I get pregnant?

Third do you want this threesome of ours to be a long term thing or are you wanting a short term thing because if its a short term thing, you must use comdoms and I hope you will be honest with me."

I smiled and said. You don't pull any punches Caroll. I like that and I will not lie to you. Britt is not my only lover. In fact Britt was not the first daughter I had sex with.

Her older sister Miranda and I have had a relationship for over 3 months now and Miranda is 3 months pregnant.

Carol's eyes blinked at that one.

There Mother Tammy is also both Britt's and Miranda's lover and knows everything. Tammy found out about Miranda and me and Britt the day we where at your store.

Carol asked. " And there all ok with this? How does it all work?"

Well it seems to work very well. We have all become husband and wives and believe me I am just as surprised as you are Carol. I have had alot of surprises in the last three months including you I might add.

We both laughed.

Anyways the second thing is Yes I want you to be long term if you can also handle three sexy women making love to you too.

Carols said " There all Bi ?"

Yes but Tammy is more a lesbian than Bi but thats a story I will let her explain. So its more than just a threesome you might become involved in Carol. As for you and me having a child. I will tell you I am willing to have three children at the same time and I will not abandon you and our child or children. Carol looked at me when I said chidren but said nothing. All of us have talked about another woman being with all of us and the chance she may get pregnant, we have all agreed to protect and welcome her into our familly.

Also if your wondering I also know another man maybe included at some point in a sexual relationship with all of us and there is a chance a child or children may be concieved out of that relationship. I am more than willing to be a father to another mans child but we have decided the other guy will not be involved in our lives on a perminate basis.

A million things must have been going threw her mind.

"Can I ask you something Bill?"

" What happens if Dan comes back in my life. Would you want me to make love to him and possible have his child? And if I do get pregnant, you can support and be willing to be a father to all these children Bill?"

I looked at Carol.

Yes I can and I am willing, yeah it's complicated Carol but we are all open and loving people, we know its not easy but no sence in hiding from what might happen. Carol theres more you need to know.

First we are planning to move to another place. Too many people know us here as a familly so we can not live our lifes freely so if you get involved with us you need to know that. Its only right you know up front.

Second all the women in my familly are submissive and are my slaves of there own free will. I am uncomfortable right now with this but it is a turn on for me. They are also very kinky, all of them and if that is going to be a problem for you then I will understand if you wish to just stay home. There is more of course but that's the major things you need to know right now.

Carol was thinking now. I may have scared her away but it was the right thing to do. Carol got up and as she did I got another look at her great looking pussy. I did want her but I wanted her to make up her mind.

Carol was looking out her window thinking for a few minutes. She turned and started to walk towards me but also towards door.

She stop beside me and I thought she was going to ask me to leave.

Carol stared at the door and asked me. " Do you want me to be your slave?"

Yes I do.

I stopped for a few second so she could think.

Are you submissive Carol?

Carol did not answer for a moment and then still looking at the door. " Yes very submissive."

Do you want a master Carol?

Yes I do Bill

I got up and stood behind her, pulling her close to me.

Do you want me to make you my slave. Of your own free will are you giving yourself to me Carol?

Then I started to kiss Carols neck and she tilted her head to allow me to kiss as much of her as I want.

Carol said "Yes I am." and pushed her ass into my raging hard cock.

I started to suck and bite her neck. I moved my hands up to her braless tits and thew her top started to pinch her nipples. Carol moaned and push harder against my cock then turned and we kissed for the first time. Our first kiss was passionate but soft at first, then soon began to grow more lustfull. Carol and my lips parted and she put her head on my shoulder and whispered"

You can make me your slave anytime you wish Master."

Lets go to your bedroom slave.

Carol took my hand and started to lead me to her bed. As we where going down the hall she started to unzip her skirt and let it fall to the floor as we walked, she has as cute round ass with firm cheeks and she was shaking it for me as we walked. Her bedroom door was close and as soon as she opened it a Golden Retriever came bolting out.

He went right up to Carol and sniffed her pussy and I could see part of his hard cock come out of its sheath, she said down Charlie and then looked at me.

" I hope you like dogs he is really a very gentile dog and friendly too."

Charlie came to me and I put my hand out for him to sniff, then after he thought I was ok I petted him for a minute.

" Charlie go lie down" Carol commanded and off the dog went to the corner.

I love dogs Carol, can I ask if he is fixed?

" No I have not done that yet but soon he is only a year old."

I was going to say it looks like you won't get him fixed but I figure I will wait to tell her I knew she liked her dog and his cock. Carol had removed her top, jumped on her bed then got on her hands and knees facing me. I took my shirt off then walked to her.

I think you should take my shorts off slave.

Carol hooked her fingers on my waist band and slowly pulled my shorts down. My hard cock poped out almost right in her mouth and she gasped at how big I was.

"My god I have never seen this big of a cock before, Britt told me you where 8 or 9 inches long but your so thick and your balls are hugh. "

Her hand was now wraped around my cock and with the other massaging my balls, she now open her mouth and started to suck just the tip, then more and more of my cock dissappeared inside her very warm and wonderful mouth.

Carol managed to take 3/4 of my cock but that was it, she had not learned to deep throat a cock like my other slaves had but she will have some very good teachers.

Carol was giving me a great blowjob, lightly running her teeth up and down the top and bottom side of me while her tongue would circle my head everytime I was almost out of her mouth, her other hand still massaging my balls. I enjoyed her mouth for at laest 10 minutes but I wanted to take her pussy.

You ready for my cock?

Carol took my cock out of her mouth and released my balls, looked at me and got on her back with her legs spread.

" Yes your slave is very ready to take her masters cock deep inside her."

I got on the bed and move between Carols legs, her pussy was gleaming and I needed to taste her. Her lips are big and very pouty, they open to each side and her clit is burried with just the tip exposed.

I dived into her and began to taste her with my tongue and mouth covering as much as I could. Carol started to moan loadly as I worked her pussy with my mouth, then I move up to her clit and sucked on it hard, she came right away.

Carol started to wither on the bed moving like a snake as she tried to remove my mouth from her clit but I keep sucking her till she stopped and went stiff as a board with another orgasm. Over and Over again yelling " OH GOD!"

I left her pussy and let her calm down for awhile, just watching her nice tits toped by hard small nipples and chest rise and fall as she began to relax.

I moved between Carols legs and her arm encicled my back and brought my mouth to hers. After our kiss Carol moved her hand to my cock and guided me to her entrance.

" Take me master."

Theres no turning back once I am inside you, are you sure you want me to take you Carol make you my slave and get you pregnant, share me and share yourself with all my slave for the rest of your life?

Carol looked in my eyes as my cock was just at her entrance waiting for her to decide.

" Take me master. I want to be yours."

I started my thrust forward and she began to moan again as she felt my head slip between her lips and enter her pussy. Carol was mine now, I slowly went inside her tight cunt, I let her get used to my size as best I could but still moved deeper.

Caroll had her eyes closed and was moaning till. " I have never felt so full, never so wonderfully full, go slow but don't stop till my pussy has all of your cock master, all of your wonderful cock."

The deeper I got in Carol the tighter she became, I knew I was going where no one had been and I loved it, it was almost like she was a virgin. Then I was fully inside her, Carol was rolling her head back and forth, moaning as she moved.

When I hit the back of her pussy, she orgasmed again around my cock, sqeezing me tight, I almost blew my load as I felt her tighten and spasms going down the length of my cock. I started my thrusting and she just came in one long orgasm.

Carol was screaming" Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. " over and over as I really started to slam in her. I stopped deep inside her, Carol tried to move her hips so I would move inside her but I wouldn't move.

" Please master please"

Please what slave?

" Please fuck me master."

" I want you to fill me, give my pussy all your come."

I started to fuck Carol again. Faster and faster I plunged into Carols fertile pussy, my cock getting bigger.

Carol felt it, she looked deep in my eyes and whispered " Come deep inside me. Do what you want to do Bill. Breed me Make me Pregnant"

Carol closed her eyes and orgasmed as I started shooting my sperm deep inside her.

Carol knew there was no going back now, I was filling her fertile pussy.

" Oh God I can feel every drop of your come inside me."

I just stayed in Carol, her pussy milking my come from me. Carol looked contented as I slowly sliped out of her and then she felt my come start to leak out and run down the crack of her ass.

" Oh that felt so good, Britt said you shoot buckets master, I never thought you would fill me with this much come, I feel like I have an ocean inside my pussy. WOW I love being so full of come. I have to admit I am so turned on knowing that you just might have made me pregnant. I never have felt this way with another guy before Bill. Even when Dan shot his seed in me I did not feel this turned on about getting pregnant."

So I take it you are happy you made the right chioce Carol. A mischievous smile appearing on my face.

Carol looked at me with her brown eyes bright with happiness said. " Well since I gave myself to you as your slave, I have begged you to fill me with your seed, I maybe getting pregnant as we speak and only an hour ago I talked to you for the second time and the first time we said what 15 words to each other. We are now going to your house."

I interrupted her. It can be your home too if you want Carol.

Carol looked stunned. " You think that will happen? I don't, at lest not yet."

We will see Carol and I smiled.

" Well getting back to my point, we are going back to maybe our house and I will be making love to you and all your wives. I would say YES I made the right chioce."

Carol and me had a good laugh. Lets get dress and head for home and you can meet everyone. Oh and lets bring Charlie with us. I know all the girls will want to meet him.

Carol looked at me." They like dogs do they?"

Yes as much as you like your dog and his cock Carol.

Carol said " How did you know how much I liked my dog Bill ?"

When Charlie came out of your bedroom he sniffed your pussy right away and got hard, Carol he knows your scent when your arroused doesn't he?

Carol thought for a second." Yes Charlie knows my pussy well and thats why I have not got him fixed. I guess it does not bother you that he fucks me almost every night."

No it doesn't and Britt and Tammy will love that now there will be someone around who can teach them to fuck Charlie too. I would like to surprise them and also Miranda has expressed a interest in at lest seeing Britt and Tammy being fucked by a dog. I think she wants to do it too but she has to make her own mind up on that.

Carol smile and said. " I will get his leash and collor, I also have boots for him for when he mounts me. I will grad them too. Your sure?"

Positive and I smiled. We got out of bed, Carol felt my come run down her leg, smiled and went to clean up and put her cloths on.

10 minutes later we where in my car with Charlie panting in the back seat and headed for home.

Noc 1

enchrine on Incest Stories

Aaron sat down on his bed thinking after just finishing up moving his things in from the car.   Two days earlier, Aaron watched as his parents’ car, drivin

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g just before his was hit by an RV turning off from an onramp into the highway.  The RV crushed the small compact car, ultimately killing both of his parents.  His mother, in the passenger’s seat died instantly and his father died in the helicopter on his way to the hospital.  Aaron, age 16, and an only child, now had no family.  In consequence to this event, he was sent to live with his two cousins and their parents.

Aaron was pretty familiar with his two cousins; Carly, age 15, and Megan, who just turned 13.  Both were a bit on the late blooming side.  He spent  a lot of time with them  when he was younger but had only visited them two or three times in the past three or four years.  They lived across state and as he grew, new friends and interests arose consuming much of his free time.  Now he was to live with them.  Their father, a pilot, was gone more than he was home.  The vast majority of the time, it was just Ashley, the mother, Carly, and Megan.  The three would have seemed excited to have a male around the house more often but under the circumstances, none of them thought much of it. 

Just a week after school let out, Carly and Megan were home to help Aaron with his luggage as Ashley held against her will, stayed in at work.  As the lead lawyer in her team to a major investment company, Ashley didn’t have much say in requesting days off in short notice. 

As Aaron sat on his bed thinking, Carly and Megan sat downstairs in the silent living room not knowing what to say.  Carly figured that she should at least do something to try to cheer Aaron up.  She walked upstairs inside the miniature mansion that it was, down the hall, and into Aaron’s new bedroom.  Aaron looked up at her in her skin tight blue jeans and spaghetti strap tank top with two extra straps folded over her shoulders harnessing her bra.  Carly sat down on the bed by Aaron and asked him how he was feeling.  Aaron replied with a cold, “guess.”  Carly leaned forward resting her elbows on her knees and said that she would listen to anything.  Aaron just peered over catching a glimpse down Carly’s shirt and loose bra to see the bare flesh of her small breasts.  He continued staring down, leaning right a little to see if he could see far enough down to the nipples.  Carly looked over, seeing Aaron jerk his head back to look at the floor. 

Carly would have never thought it; first, that Aaron would even find her body that interesting, and second that he could be thinking of something like that at a time like that.  Carly had a childish crush on Aaron since they were little kids.  She loved his personality and always thought he was cute, both physically and emotionally.  But now, she would be living with him.  Looking at him while being so serious made him look so mature, and how he didn’t cry or show much emotion portrayed to her, great strength, yet left her with tremendous amounts of pity.  Carly straightened back up and put her hands to her sides, one of them on Aarons leg, leaving just about four inches from the tip of her fingers to his penis, and pushed herself up.  She left the room telling him that if he needed anything at all, to just ask her.

That night, while everybody was asleep, Carly snuck into Megan’s room where they played their weekly truth or dare game.  Carly couldn’t stop thinking about how Aaron looked at her in the bedroom; she didn’t think she was that good looking.  The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to fantasize about doing something about it.  Megan picked dare.  Carly always loved when Megan picked dare because she would do anything she told her to.  Carly wasn’t paying attention to the game though; she was busy fantasizing about the look on Aarons face if she could act on his curiosity.  Unknowingly and instinctively, after just being prompted to talk, she said allowed what she was thinking in midsentence, “Lie naked on Aaron’s body.”

Megan stared into Carly’s face in shock.  Never had she gone that far.   The farthest to date that Carly had taken it was the ‘pool time’ several months ago.  Carly and Megan snuck down to the kitchen and went out the back down into the large open dark backyard patio area, fenced in by an eight foot wooden fence.  Covering much of the dark surface area was the in-ground swimming pool which Megan had to perform the dare.  She proceeded around the pool to the far side.  She pulled her soft, light blue cotton night top off and dropped it to the concrete, revealing her slim and weak flat-chested body.  A lock of her long blonde hair fell onto her chest, as she dropped the shirt, where the ends of it laid, just teasing her nipple.  Then she put her thumbs to her waists and slipped them under her panties and matching cotton night pants.  Slowly, while looking around to check that the coast was clear, she pulled her panties and night pants down to her ankles.  Her slim flat chested body crouched down just behind her legs with her small butt sticking slightly out into the air.  Her small vagina, curving directly to her ass hole leaving no excess fat to dangle, sat tightly between her crouching legs and inches above the cement.  She stood back up and lifted each leg out of her pants looking at Carly walking to her from across the pool.  She picked up her underwear, waded it up in her small hands, and threw it as hard as she could to the center of the pool.  Her task now was to retrieve it, and go back to her room to get her clothes back from Carly.  Carly picked up Megan’s night shirt and pants and walked back into the kitchen to watch.  Megan got down to her hands and knees and backed into the pool slowly. 

Carly watched from the kitchen seeing only Megan’s small tight butt cheeks stretched out showing her ass hole as she tensely backed her feet into the cold water.  Megan put one entire leg in and gasped for breath as the other leg entered bringing the cold water to her small hairless vagina and butt.  She stopped, catching her breath, then proceeded, slowly lurking down into the cold water.  Cool, funny sensations ran throughout her body as the water slowly rose to and past her naked belly, and on top her nipples, all the way to her neck.  She turned around and slowly swam her way to her underwear.  She clenched them with her hand and slowly made her way to the other side of the pool where she grabbed the ladder.  Her body jittered as she stretched the muscles in her upper legs and butt climbing the ladder.  As she rose from the ladder, water rolled from her chest down her belly and between her legs into the crack of her vagina while water from her back rolled down into her butt crack, across her ass hole, where the two waters met and dripped from between the two holes.  She wiped her feet and the excess water from her body, with a towel outside, as Carly left upstairs to her room to wait.  She then proceeded through the house naked and wet with her underwear in her hand, upstairs and to her room.

Carly came back to focus after realizing what she just said.  “Oh no, you don’t have to do that,” she exclaimed. 

“But you said so,” Megan cried, “and besides, I kind of wanna do it.”

“You can’t though, he’s our cousin, tonight’s his first night here, and what if he wakes up,” Carly retaliated.

“First, I’m not doing anything to him, second, if he sleeps like he always has when he visits, he’s not going to wake up, and third, I want to do it,” Megan demanded.

Carly and Megan walked silently into Aaron’s room and closed the door behind them.  They knew that if they were caught, there would be no getting out of it so there would be no need to escape.  Carly walked away from Aaron giving Megan the go ahead.  Megan lifted her shirt off slowly without making a sound. Megan moved her thumbs just below her belly button and dipped them between her panties and night pants and slowly pulled them down, front first.  She moved her thumbs apart gradually as the tightening strap along the back of her night pants began pulling her underwear down.  She let the back of her underwear be pulled down by her pants as she slowly bent over to expose her butt to the air.  Her heart was pumping maniacally as the cool air touched her slightly sweaty butt as she thought about lying naked on top a guy.  She sat her naked butt checks onto the carpet and pulled the pants off her legs.  The carpet, extending up into her stretched open crack and on her butt hole felt amazing in the dark tense silence.  Megan wasn’t the only one who was being turned on by the situation; Carly, watching her younger sister undress to get on top of their hot cousin was filling her panties with juice.  Megan pulled her panties up to her knees while looking down to her small vagina glistening as the street light transcended through the window to reflect of her wet vagina.  She pulled her underwear down to her ankles, then pulled one leg out at time.  She stood up and stuck her small hand between her legs and rubbed the wetness around so it wouldn’t build up in one place and drip.

She walked over to the bed and looked at Aaron laying there.  Aaron laid sound asleep on his back in a white t-shirt and a pair of boxers with his sheet strewn over to the side of the bed against the wall.  Carly walked over silently to help Megan on the bed gently.  Carly took hold of Megan’s thin waist and helped prop her up onto the bed.  She then leaned over the bed and help pick up Megan’s right leg and maneuver it over Aaron’s body.  Once Megan’s small naked body hovered over Aaron’s body, Carly stuck her one hand under Megan’s chest, and the other between her legs, gripping her ever wettening vaginal lips.  Slowly, Carly helped lower Megan down to Aaron’s body where her head rested on his shoulder and her legs meeting just at his waist.  Carly carefully moved Megan’s hair out of Aaron’s face and asked her if she was alright.  Megan said that it was the most intense thing she had ever felt. 

Aaron, being aroused by a dream, acted with his dick growing erect.  With Megan having shifted his boxers, Aaron’s penis shifted outside the hole in his boxers, growing to its full length just below Megan’s vaginal opening.  Megan moved her arms up around Aaron stretching her naked body over Aaron to better position herself as Carly looked on with her hand down her night pants and panties rubbing herself.  Megan lifted her petite chest up and slid back unsuspectingly into Aaron’s cock.  She felt it as the head of his circumcised penis penetrated her soaking wet vagina.  She moaned loudly at the surprising sensation and lost grip and slipped, having her arms push her back farther.  Her virgin wet vagina stretched and expanded between her wide open legs as Aaron’s penis thrust through her body immediately.  Megan clamped her mouth shut with her teeth as sheering pain mixed with pleasure leaped through her naked body.  The flap of skin inside her virgin vagina ripped as the penis was jammed into the tiny vagina, leaving blood slowly seeping down it reaching its way to the outside.

Carly stopped instantly what she was doing and stared at Megan as she laid on top of Aaron breathing heavily through her nose. 

“It hurts,” Megan cried quietly.

“What happened?” whispered Carly.

“His penis went inside me,” she moaned.

Carly moved over behind Megan and leaned over to look very closely at Aaron’s penis lodged inside the tiny vagina of her sister.  Then she looked at Aaron’s face; still sound asleep, but looking as if he was having a wonderful dream.  Carly then saw drops of blood falling from the stretched lips of Megan’s vagina and rolling down Aaron’s penis.  Carly knew exactly what happened, though not from personal experience yet, through learning at school.  She told Megan that the worst was over and to now pull forward to get it out.  Megan pulled forward a little but stopped and cried that it hurt too much and to make the penis go small.  Carly deduced that as long as the penis was inside a vagina, it wouldn’t go small again so she told Megan that she would have to make him cum and it would go small.  She instructed Megan to try to move up and down just a little to massage the penis inside her.  Megan pushed her chest into the air with her hands by Aaron’s sides and lifted up her pelvis and dropped back down just a little, repeatedly.  Her vagina moved up and down stroking the entire length of the penis.  Megan looked down her chest past her hard nipples to where her legs met and watched her vagina move with her body as she could feel the massive object inside of her, now surprisingly beginning to give her pleasure. 

“Try rubbing yourself down there to give it extra wetness so it slides easier,” Carly told Megan.

Megan carefully lifted one hand up and moved it below her belly and began rubbing, spiking her pleasure as she could feel herself getting wetter and easier to move the dick inside her around.  She could feel that she would be able to remove it without all the pain but the pleasure she was getting was way too much to do something like that.  She put her hand back on the bed and began stroking the dick inside her even faster and longer with her tight vagina.  She kept her teeth on her bottom lip to keep from moaning as she watched the unbearable pleasure fill Aaron’s sleeping face.  Then she could feel herself about ready to have an orgasm.  As it drew nearer and nearer she pushed harder and harder on the dick and bit her lip increasingly harder.  Then her abdomen started convulsing and her vagina spiked in pleasure queuing the penis inside her to ejaculate its hot cum inside her tiny body, filling her insides.  The hot cum shooting up into her vagina pushed her into a second simultaneous orgasm adding to the intensity of the first one.  She barely had the muscles left in her arms to rest her naked body onto Aaron’s chest without waking him.

Carly watched almost jealously as her little sister laid naked on Aaron’s body gasping for air with cum and blood coming from her vagina.  Carly then prompted Megan to get up so they could leave.  Megan pulled herself forward, pulling the dick from within her body and sat up in the doggy position as Carly used Megan’s underwear to wipe the cum from her vagina as to keep as little as possible off of Aaron.  Carly helped Megan off the bed and told her to hold her panties between her legs to catch the cum that drained from her tiny overflowing vagina.  Carly then wiped all the blood she could and as much cum as she could from Aaron’s penis and boxers with her hands so Aaron would assume he had gotten carried away in a wet dream and leave it at that.  Megan opened the door with her free hand, picked up the rest of her clothes and quietly walked to the bathroom with Carly holding her cum filled panties against her pulsing vagina.

Feel free to tell me what you think.  It's my first time writing an erotic story and I just prefer the less violent and provocative words.  But your the critics, tell me any suggestions or ideas, though I am already pretty full of ideas.  Email me at

-----  end --


I fucked her by mistake

Didim All on Incest Stories

 I was about 16 when I noticed that my cousin and my twin sister seemed to be almost flirtatious with each other.  The three of us grew up in a small town together.  My cousin Polly was the same age as my sister and I. Friends and family used to call us the triplets as my sister and cousin looked very much alike.  The two girls liked the idea and even went so far as mak

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ing sure their hair was done the same, wearing the same clothes sometimes.  It made for some interesting situations.

My aunt and uncle lived in a very old, very large house which we all enjoyed.  The house was nearly totally encircled with large porches, both on the main level and also around the second story.  It had a full basement, too which made for lots of places to hide, explore or just have fun.  Anyway, one of many interesting features was my cousins bedroom.  Next to her room was a bathroom that also adjoined the room I stayed in.  My uncle used to call it the "Jack and Jill" bathroom.  As we were growing up this created great opportunities to catch each other naked.  Nothing really happened but it seemed as though the girls found this just as entertaining as I did.

My sister and I used to spend most of our days at our aunt and uncles house as our parents both worked a lot, with opposite shifts.  Not unusual for us to see our folks on just weekends sometimes. But anyway...this summer it seemed that maybe Polly and my sister Beth were very touchy-feely with each other.  I'd catch them at breakfast kind of playing footsie when they thought no one was looking.  At nights they'd spend time in the bathroom together.  A long time.  The bathroom door to my room was uncharecteristically being locked and they even hung a towel over the keyhole so I couldn't see in.  This was a serious breach of protocol as we'd allowed one another to spy on each other for ages.  I decided to do some investigation.

Later that night when they were done getting ready for bed I went into their room.  Not unusual.  We talked about this and that.  I was becoming very interested in my cousin.  This was the seventies and for some reason girls' pajama's were usually a baby doll kind of nighty.  Very short top, nearly (but not quite) transparent with very brief bikini panties.  Polly's pj's were actually a size or two small but she hadn't gotten around to buying new ones yet.  Sometimes when she moved around or got rather active the bottoms would shift and show almost all of one ass cheek and sometimes part of her pussy.  Beth and Polly's build was very athletic, lean almost to skinny with A cup breasts, and tight small asses.  I was pretty focused on Polly.  As usual she was sitting on her bed cross-legged.  Her bottoms had shifted, exposing a lot of skin but not her slit.  I tried to hide both the fact that I was getting hard and I was staring at her crotch.  She didn't seem to notice but it looked like the crotch of her panties had a dark spot.  I kind of wondered if she'd accidentally peed a litttle.  While we talked I sneakily moved the drapes by her bed open a little, preparing for my recon later.

I left the room quite aroused, holding a magazine I borrowed to hide my hard on.  I laid on my bed waiting until the everyone went to bed.  Then I very quietly and carefully went outside to the porch that surrounded this side of the house.  There was a full moon so I was thankful for my aunts large plants that kind of let me blend in.  I didn't need a nosy neighbor calling the cops for a prowler.  Making my way to the window I peered in.  It took me a little while to focus on what I was seeing.  My sister was kissing my cousins pussy!  They had both left their nighty tops on but had removed their bottoms.  It appeared that my sister was very good at this because Polly was really moving her hips. She suddenly lifted her ass slightly off of the bed and held my sisters head tightly to her pussy.  She remained there for a minute or so.  I knew she was having an orgasm.  I also knew I was going to sneak into their room and try to eat Polly's pussy myself. 

Sneaking back to my room with my rock hard cock I waited again on my bed.  I wanted them to settle down and go to sleep.  After a while I thought it would be worth a try.  On tip toes and moving very quietly I snuck down the hall and opened the door to their room.  It felt like I took five minutes to open the door.  Just as slowly I entered the room and closed the door.  I dropped to all fours and crawled to the bedside.  I knew that Polly always slept closest to the door so I zeroed right in.  They were both laying face down with the bedsheet covering their lower bodies.  Very gently, extremely slowly, I peeled the bed sheet back.  Great!  She hadn't put her panties back on.  Here was her naked ass! 

I very gently began by lightly touching her thigh.  I moved realy slow as I didn't want to risk her waking up and screaming or something.  It was excrutiating to move so slowly.  Gently, softly, I made my way around from her thighs to her ass and then to the inside of her thighs to her still wet pussy.  All the while checking to make sure she didn't awaken.  As I touched her wet pussy she startled me by moving.  I immediately dropped to the floor and waited.  When nothing happened I sat back up.  All that had happened was that she'd opened her legs, widely!  I started back up by gently licking around her ass, the inside of her thighs and then her pussy.  She as copiously wet.  Getting a little bolder all the time I slid my tongue into her hole.  Not being expert I spent a lot of time trying to force my tongue inside her as deep as I could.  I loved the taste of her juice.

Still not knowing quite what to do I started running my tongue from the top of her slit clear to her tight little asshole.  I was so insane with horniness at that time I think I'd have done any thing.  All through this she remained sleeping.  I felt I was incredibly lucky to be doing this with her not even knowing.  Getting much more brave I got up on the bed.  I decided to see if I could get my cock in her.  Holding myself up on my arms, being careful not to disturb my sister sleeping right next to us I poked my cock around trying to find her hole.  It slipped down a few times into her slit.  She almost imperceptibly moved her ass up and down when this happened.  It had the great effect of coating my cock with her lubricant.  On the next try my cockhead slipped in.  Very slowly, again being concerned about waking her up I pushed my cock inside of her tight body.  The combination of the tightness and velvety smoothness, coupled with her juice made me much less cautious.  I started to fuck into and out of her cunt.  I could hear the liquid noise of my cock inside of her.  I could hear the gentle slap noise as I fucked her.  Just as I was wondering what to do when I came the girl to my right, who, I was so sure was my sister, turned her head my way.  It was Polly on the right!  I had just eaten my sisters pussy and had my cock balls deep inside her.  For some reason this caused me to come instantly.  I just emptied my balls into that pussy.  It remains one of the most intense cums I've ever had.  I continued to fuck her as now our juices mixed.  Her lube and my come.  It felt fantastic.  I was so turned on that I didn't get soft.  I continued to fuck her for a second orgasm which I also left inside of her. 

Slowly pulling my cock from her I left the bedroom the same way I entered.  Laying on my bed with my cock still hard and covered with my sisters juice and my cum I wondered if she would know  and if she did, what would she say.  Breakfast the next morning gave me the answer.  Both my cousin and sister were downstairs still in their pj's.  Still no bottoms.  Aunt and uncle were gone so they felt pretty brave in teasing my this way.  Years later my sister admitted to having to talk Polly into it.  They just moved around the kitchen acting like they didn't know they weren't wearing their bottoms.  This of course drove me crazy.  It was also the start of a lot of fucking my sister while she was "asleep". 

My daughter returns day 3

rellevart1 on Incest Stories

This is the continuation of the story begun in My Daughter Return Day 1 & 2. If you haven’t read them read those first.

Waking up my body refused to respond to the requests I was making of it like moving my arm or getting up. It seems it did not appreciate being stuffed in the corner of a couch all night long. I realized also that I was alone on the couch. Wondering where my lovely partner

Breakfast with Daddy

anonymous on Incest Stories

Of course, Samantha knew, it had been nothing but a dream.

Still she couldn't help smiling.

Her father, Max, was smiling too when he came down for breakfast. He, too, was thinking about that strangest dream he'd had; and he, too, found himself amused by it rather than appalled, as by rights he should be. But then what he had dreamt about had been so inconceivable, so unbelievable that

my little friend

perv4lilgrls on Incest Stories

    I always love when my grandson comes to visit because we go to the pool and I get to scout for more pieces of pussy. The pool is the best place to find some, as there is so much exsposed and little to wonder about.

    Well one day when my grandson came over we got ready and went to the pool. I lounged on a chaise while he played in the water. There was
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a little girl who was playing with him, had to be about 2 years his senior. They were having a wonderful time playing in the water.

    Then I finally saw who was the guardian of this little minx. She was a drop-dead gorgeous woman. Her milk-chocolate colored skin just glistened from the oil. Her eyes were a crystal blue, deep and piercing. Her body was straight from a magazine. She had a non-typical black girl's butt, but not large just a small jut. It was just the perfect shape and size. Her breasts were, guessing, a 38c/d. Very full and pert. Her bikini was a light blue, like a sky blue. It wasn't a thong, but then it didn't need to be as the sight was too beautiful watching her walk to the edge of the pool. She bent down and said something to the kids and my grandson pointed in my direction. she proceede toward me.

    As she approached I could see your firm hard breasts bounce slightly. As I moved down her hour-glass figure, god her curves were so fantastic, I got to that gap between her legs and figured I could put 2 fingers between her thighs and still not touch her thighs. The gentle, yet provacative, sway in her hips started to get my blood churning even more then it was.

    " Hello my name is Tina " she said as she approached. " May I sit here ? "

    " By all means, please. " I said feeling like it sounded desperate.

    I sat up slightly trying to hide the erection starting to form in my shorts. I caught her glancing toward my cock as she sat down next to me. She moved it such a way that her ass was pushed toward my face before she placed herself down on the chaise. The sweet aroma of her coconut oil was intoxicating. She smilied wolfishly as she gave me a flirtacious glance.

    " I notice my daughter really likes your son. Where is your wife ? "

    " I'm sorry that's my grandson and my wife has been dead for 10 years. "

    " I am terribly sorry. " she muttered feeling she had offended me.

    " Don't worry, it's not a problem. Most people make the same mistake all the time. So where is your husband ?"

    " Well he is in the military and is away for about 6 months right now. "

    BINGO just what I wanted to hear. " He leaves a hot wife like you all alone for months at a time ? Isn't he jealous or worried about what might happen ? "

    " What I do is my business. As long as he gets what he wants when he comes home there is no reason for him to be suspicious of me. "

    This was what I was waiting to hear. This hot bitch just gave me the go ahead to do as I please with no questions asked.

    " So why don't we all go back to my place and continue this meeting in private ? "

    " Have you ever been with a black woman before ? "

    I looked her up and down, giving her a nasty look. " I have been with more black woman/girls then your husband, I'm sure. "

    We both called the kids and gathered our stuff as we let them know we were heading to my place. My eyes drifted toward her daughter who I really noticed for the first time. She was the spitting image of her mother. Soft coco colored skin, sweet booty so young and firm, with her just budding breasts starting to push trough her top. We walked behide them as we proceeded to my house. I just couldn't keep my off her daughter as we walked and she noticed it. We just chatted as we walked making small talk so the children wouldn't realize why we were doing what we were doing.

    We got to my place and I asked the kids if they wanted anything to drink. Both said anything would do so I gave them some juice and sent them down to my grandson's room when he comes over. It is downstairs and out of the way. As they trotted down stairs I watched as her daughter's ass giggled just so. She watched me watch her ass all the way down until they disappeared. Then I turned to her and asked if she would like anything to drink.

    She moved toward me and grabbed me and gave me a passionate kiss driving her tongue deep into my mouth and pushing those lovely tits into my chest hard and heavy. My hands instinctively moved down and grabbed her ass and squeezed hard on her firm cheeks. GOD her ass was so perfect my cock sprang up like a powerpole and pressed against her damp bikini bottom. She giggled slightly as I pressed it hard against her pussy.

    " So glad you're happy to see me. " she muttered.

    I slid my hand inside her bottom and felt that soft ass cheek, baby smooth. As I reached up with my other hand toward her breasts, I heard a noise as it was my grandson coming from the room. Quickly I removedmy hands and pushed her gently away. He came around the corner and up the stairs.

    " Grampa, can we have a snack ? "

    " Why sure, I'll make you two a pizza, okay ? " as I looked at Tina to see if it was okay. She nodded and I sent him back down to the room as I moved toward the kitchen to pull a frozen pizza out of the freezer and throw it in the oven. As I was doing this Tina came up behind me and latched onto my cock with her hand through my shorts and squeezed it so. She started to stroke it gently as she rubbed her tits on my back.

    I turned around and pushed her gently down to the floor onto her knees. She dropped with no hesitation as I slid my shorts down. My 8 inch cock sprang forth and into her groping mouth. I grabbed her head and pushed slightly. She accepted with no resistance. She slowly slid up and down my cock in a motion that just drove me absolutely wild. The suction was so great I flet as though my balls were going to be pulled through my cock, but it wasn't painful. She methodically moved up and down using her lips, tongue and teeth in such a way my mind was floating above the planet in a zone I have never been. I would grab her head and push my cock as deep as I could into her mouth so my balls slapped her chin and she would take it without hesitation. She seemed to enjoy it more as I did this.

    Suddenly there was a ding as the timer went off telling me the pizza was done. I looked down as she looked up with those piercing eyes. I pushed her head back as my cock POPPED from her lips and the saliva dripped off my cock and down her chin.

    " Let me get this to them so we can continue uninterrupted. "

    She just nodded and smiled as I proceeded to get myself back in order and cut the pizza for our children. As she stood up I could see clearly a huge spot on her bottoms. I reached over and felt between her legs and she was saturated.

    " My god you sure love sucking cock. "

    She batted her eyes and turned her head slightly as if embarrassed. It was so cute and sexy, as I grabbed the pizza and some more drins and headed downstairs.

    As I turned and started to come up the stairs, there was Tina completely naked standing there for me to see. I was truly impressed. Her large, firm breasts were capped by areolas that were 3 inches across with nipples the size of dimes standing three-quarters of an inch tall. Rock hard and inviting. As I moved down her baby-smooth body with it's deadly curves, her waist must have been only a 20 incher. Then came those hips pushing back out to a 34 inch. Most eye-catching of all though was her pussy showing proudly between those legs and perfectly placed in that gap between her legs. SSSSOOOO smooth and perfect. A baby had nothing on this girl. Smoother than silk and balder than kojak. It glistened in the light and shined like a lighthouse for the sailor to find his way.

    She just smiled at me and asked " So do you like what you see ? "

    As my cock immediately came back to life harder than before I uttered, " You are SSSSSOOOOO FUCKNG GORGEOUS. Even if I was blind i could see you are ever man's dream. "

    As I got to the top of the stairs and grabbed her body and threw the most passionate kiss on her. Sliding my hand on her ass and sliding a finger to her asshole pushing in slightly. She let out a moan. i drove my tongue deep into her mouth still tasting some of my cock lingering there. My other hand reached up for a nipple, pinched hard and pulled. She let out a squeal load and clear as the pleasure over took her body. She quivered and shook as she had her first orgasm. Almost biting my tongue as she came. I stepped back half a step and held her up as she convulsed with an orgasm I had never seen before. The cum was running down her legs. I took my hand and slid it down one leg and up the other to gather what I could and put it in my mouth. SSSSSOOOOO FUCKING SWEET. The aroma and taste sent my mind reeling. I picked her up in my arms and proceeded to take her down to my room and lay her down on the bed.

    " You are one truly special lady Tina. I have never been with anyone as passionate and horny as you. "

    With a quiver in her voice, " This is... nothing. Wait un... un... until I get star... started. "

    As she lay there on the bed getting her composure back, I slid down between her thighs and dove into my dripping honeypot. She began moaning and groaning as my tongue danced over her clit, now fully engorged and standing tall. I had never seen such saturation of a pussy in all my life. Even with other black women I have been with. The sweet aroma and taste was enough to make me want to cum. I continued to lick and suck and bite as she grabbed my head and pushed it hard into her pulsing and gyrating hips.

    She yelled between her squeals and moans, " That's it baby eat that pussy. Make momma cum like the fucking whore she is. Let her spray like the animal she wants to be. "

    These words just drove me crazier then I already was. I was driving my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could push it. I bit down hard on her engorged clit as she bellowed for more. I was trying to keep up with her hips but she was bucking my head all over the place and smashing me into her cunt as she let out a loud howl and came and sprayed all over my face and mouth. I was in sheer heaven as her cum drenched my face andand chin. She sprayed hard and long as it moved down my face and chin to my chest and into my hair. She was flopping around like a net of fish just put up on deck of the troller. Her moans and squeals were loud as she floundered around the bed like a spasm.

    I looked down at her with her cum just running all over my face and body. She just smiled trying to apologize.

    " I don't know why I have never met you before, but believe me you are never going to leave me again. You have now become my personal slut. " She smiled as I told her this. " I am going to do things to you everyday you only dreamed about. We have at least six months for now but I that will turn into a lifetime by the time I finish and you will never go back to him again."

    " I love to hear that 'cause there are more things to come for you too. " She smiled sheepishly as she said this.

    She turn ed and rolled on the bed so her head was by the side and grabbed my cock. She eagerly pulled it to her mouth and set a lip-lock upon it I almost came right there. She moved feverishly up and down my cock like a baby trying to get momma's milk. Trying so hard to get it to cum quickly. I just stood there enjoying it. She would take in my wholle cock and lick my balls as it tickled her tonsils. There was no need for my to grab her head as I couldn't push it in any futher then she was driving it.

    I could see while she was gobbling my cock the juices were just pouring from her pussy. Like water over a beaver dam. I reached down and got some on my fingers and hand and sent it to my mouth. Her nectar was truly heavenly. SSSSSOOOOO sweet and creamy. I pushed two of my fingers into her slippery pussy. With hardly any effort they slid in and her muffled moan squeezed from her filled mouth. I slowly and methodically pushed my fingers in and out of her pussy as her hips started to gyrate and pulse.

    My cock was stiff as steel and starting to pulse itself. She sensed it getting ready to blow and inhaled it deeper then I had known was possible for a woman. As she suckedit deep down her throat I blew a load like never before. The force pushed ME back as I dumped load after load deep into her throat where swallowing was not required as it was already halfway down to her stomach.

    She continued sucking my balls dry. I was bouncing all over the place as my head gets so sensitive on the under side as all you men know. She would not let it out of her mouth. Swallowing and sucking it hard. It was like getting it stuck in a hoover tube and you can't reach the switch or pull the plug. This woman was the cockwhore of cockwhores.

    As she continued to suck my cock I began to ram her pussy hard with my fingers. The sloshing sound was to much for me asmy cock started to grow in her mouth and she glanced up at me with those deep penetrating eyes which assisted in the rebirth of my cock. A smirk could be made out from the corners of her mouth. She was frantically fucking my fingers and cumming again. Finally she pulled her mouth of my cock as she came again. Her moans and squeals were waking the neighbors. I worried about the children.

    " Get down there and eat my pussy my little bitchboy. Don't stop until I cum two more times on your mouth and face. "

    She commanded and I obeyed. The juices were gushing forth like a leak in the faucet. It was spraying everywhere. I was loving every bit of it as I went down and just started lapping it up like a puppy to milk. While I licked I would bite her clit hard and love her squeals as she begged for more. I moved my fingers to her asshole and pushed two into her as she let out a howl that I am sure the whole block heard. I was worried she would break my nose as she bucked into my face. She came four more times and laid back, blacked out. I thought she had died.

    I stood up as she laid there and became a little worried. Then I saw her gorgeous chest start to move up and down and knew all was good. I reached up to her breasts with my cum filled hands and spread it all over her lovely mounds. As I rubbed it in I sucked and bit her breasts and nipples. Her moans and groans were back and she pushed my head against her chest.

    " You are truly amazing " she uttered. " I have never been so turned on in all my life. I need you to fuck me and fuck me hard. "

    With a smile on my face I said " It shall be my pleasure. "

    As I was grabbing her legs and pulling her toward the edge of the bed she yelled " NO NO NO "

    " I thought you wanted to get fucked ? "

    " Yes I do, but I want that bad boy in my ass. "

    A smile grew on my face as big as her ass and she laughed and smiled, " I knew you would like that idea. "

    I rolled her over and just gazed at that work of perfection. Such perfect curves and plumpness. All it said was " please come in we're open for business. " I could see where all the juices and cum had run down and covered her asshole. I moved my cock up toward the hole rubbing the fluids over the head as I moved pass her pussy and toward the glory hole. She squealed as my cock rubbed against her lips as her hips pushed back on my cock slightly parting her lips and letting the head just dipp into the tiny gap of her pussy.

    I grabbed hold of one cheek. So firm and yet just the right softness. The smoothness of her skin was enough to make me cum right there, but I held off until I could get it into my treasure.

    My head came to her tight little opening and I pushed it in just a tad to see what kind of resistance I would encounter. Her hole was SSSSSOOOOO TIGHT. It squeezed the head of my cock snuggly as i moved it in. She howled, " OH YES, I WANT ALL THAT LOG IN ME BABY !!!!! "

    I then grabbed the other cheek and squeezed hard and spread them slightly to make a little more room as I plunged my cock deep into her ass.


    I dug my fingers into her tender cheeks and squeezed them hard as I drove my cock to the hilt deep into her ass. Her cries were loud and wild. Her hips were driving back against my cock with such force. My balls were slapping against her pussy with a LOUD smacking sound. The juices were splashing all over us both. She was having another orgasm. I could feel her warm cum against my sack. I just continued to drive my cock into her tight ass. I could feel her squeeze my cock tight as i moved back keeping it from exiting. I started to spank her ass with ahrd open hand. She howled loudly and came again. The bed was completely soaked by now. From sweat, her juices and cum. I was driving her ass and slapping those cheeks.

    " Oh mommy not again. "

    My heart just about fell out of my chest. I stopped my strokes, but kept my cock in her ass, as we both turned our heads and saw her daughter standing in the doorway watching us.

    " Don't worry baby, your turn will be coming soon honey. "

    I turned and looked at her and she smiled at me and said, " Oh yes you will get my daughter also. "

    With these words my cock seemed to get just a bit bigger and harder.

    " You just get naked and get ready for your turn and watch mommy so you can learn. "

    I was just baffled. This was too good to be true. Here I was fucking the sweetest ass of a fucking nympho and when I finished with her I was going to get her little girl also. It was too much for me.

    I started driving harder and faster as I wanted the daughter now. You could hear my hips slapping against her cheeks, my balls splashing agianst her pussy as I dug my fingers deep into her ass and pulled myself deep into her channel and let loose a load like I had never before shot. I must have been cumming in her as for a good three minutes. All the while she cried for more. Finally as my cock finished, she quickly pulled her ass away and flipped around and began sucking on my cock draining it of every last bit of fluid. Her suction was so fantastic as it began to almost instantly arouse my cock again.

    " He looks bigger then daddy. Do I get to do all the things with him or not mommy ? "

    As she pulled off my cock for a moment, " Baby you can do what you think you can. Mommy will be right here to help with anything you need. "

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Here I have this black, goddess, nympho giving me the best sex i knew to this day and I also get her delicious YOUNG daughter. Her daughter was already naked and playing with her pussy. She definitely was not new to this.

    " So when did you get her started in all of this ? "

    " I got her started when she walked in on my husband and I one evening and wanted to know why he was hurting me. Since then she has been with me everywhere I go. "

    I was just astounded by these words. " She has been with you whenever you go have sex ? "

    " Yes I have and I think you'll like me as much as mommy " she uttered as she got up and moved toward the bed. I could see her smooth bald pussy just glistening ever so from her little play session. She really had no tits to speak of, but one could tell when she got older they would be as wonderful as her mother's.

    She approached as her mother got off my cock and handed it to her. She took both her small hands and grabbed it and guided it toward her mouth. She parted her lips as far as she could and moved slowly over the head.

    " That's it baby, take it nice and slow like mommy taught you. "

    She got just the head into her mouth and danced her tongue around it as well. This was driving me crazy as my cock started to grow. The thought of this fine young girl doing all the things her mother does was driving me crazy.

    She took a little more in her mouth. Her suction was very similar to her mothers. She could only get about three inches in before I felt the back of her throat. She gagged slightly with a cough, pushed off a little and went back. Soon she was bobbing up and down on the little she could take while stroking the rest with her hands. She would move one hand down and play with my soak scrotum now and then.

    Her mother in the mean time was playing with her engorged clit and making sounds like a wild animal. She moved around and positioned herself so she could watch her daughter sucking my cock while she tore up her clit and pushed a finger up my ass.

    This was getting to much for me. " I'm going to blow here baby. "

    " That's alright she knows what to expect. "

    I placed my two hands on either side of her face, gently. She looked up with those beautiful eyes and I could make out a little smile from her overstuff mouth. She was enjoying this as much as her mother.

    " I'm going to cum baby. Do you know what that means ? "

    She nodded her head as my cock was pushing her lips and cheeks to the max.

    Suddenly her mother pushed two fingers up my ass. It was at this point I let go with a blast that blew her head off my cock. The second shot blew over her face, chest and stomach. She sprang back up and caught the third on her face and partially in her open mouth, as she grabbed my cock and tried to get it back in her mouth. Then the fouth and fifth blew down her throat as she gagged and choked from the loads blasting against her tonsils. She kept sucking what she could as it oozed from the corners of her mouth and squeezed out from all around lips. I was pumpimg about half a pint of cum in her mouth and she was trying her hardest to take it all.

    Her mother had cum again and moved around front and started licking her face where the cum was oozing out.

    " How did she do for you ? "

    " The two of you are not going home today if thats what you mean. "

    " Oh but I must so I may talk to my husband. He will be calling in about two hours. "

    " Well I guess I need to do something else with her before you go. "

    As her daughter pulled off my cock and finished draining my cock of cum, she looked up to me and said, " Do I do good for you mister ? "

    " My little girl you did very well and you are going to do more soon. "

    Tina was licking her face, trying to get all the cum on it. These two girls were fucking unreal. A fantasy every man has, coming true for me. A nympho, cock-whore with a young daughter who tries to out do her mother.

    I moved down and started to eat her daughter's pussy. It was a little damp, but OH SSSOOO SWEET. The delicious nectar from her young cunt would make any man cum instantly. While I was eating this little pussy, Tina moved so she could suck my cock and was psuhing two fingers up my ass. This was driving me wild as I plunged my tongue deep into her young daughter's sweet pussy. The juices were just starting to flow when Tina came up and said, " It's time to put that log in her pussy. "

    I pushed her legs out and moved into position so my head was just at her lips. The mushroom was pushing those little lips into her pussy. Tina moved in and pulled her lips apart so my head was just starting to spread those lips wide.

    She grabbed my cock and aided it into her super tight pussy. In clung with great force to my cock as I slid it inward. I could feel the walls pressing up against my cock as I stretched that tiny pussy to it's limit.

    " Oh my GOD mommy, he is so much bigger then daddy. I am so full. "

    " I know baby, but it feels so good. "

    I pushed a little more and pulled back. Then I pushed a little further, trying to allow her pusy to adjust. It was super hot and sssooo fucking tight on my cock. SSSSSOOOOO FUCKING SMOOTH. Her pussy was like jacking off with a velvet glove. After a couple more gentle slides, I pulled back to where just half my head was still in and then let loose with a plunge that even made Tina cringe. Her daughter took it like a champ as I started to pound away on her tiny pussy slamming my cock hard and deep into this love canal.

    Tina started rubbing her clit and pulling on it hard as I continued to pound her baby's pussy hard. Small tears could be seen coming from the corners of her eyes. I was pushing her canal walls as far as they could go. My cock was tickling the top of her womb. If it was possible my cock may have come out her mouth. I was fucking this little girl with all my might and she just moaned and squealed with pleasure as I pounded her.


    " OH god baby, here it cums. " As I blew my load deep into her womb. Thank god she couldn't get pregnant yet, because I'm sure we would have had at least twins from that load and as deep as it was.

    I pulled out and Tina told her to finish the job. She popped up and began with that magnificent sucking cleaning my cock and draining any dribbles left.

    " Oh my GOD you two are just two hard to believe. I want you to stay here all the time until you need to go back home. "

    " We will be back after I talk to my husband and we will spend the night. "

    " I'll take my grandson home and we will continue later. "

    I looked at her daughter and winked, " Next time i going for the ass. "

    She grinned, " You think you can handle it ? "

    They both got dressed and took off, I went downstairs and woke my grandson to take him home.................

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Late Night Surprise pt. 2

bbygirl on Incest Stories

"Yes, more, please," I moaned into the cushion of the couch, my fingers gripping the fabric with need. Part of me was tired and wanted nothing more than to just sleep, but the feel of my father's cock slowly grow to it's full length made the other part of me scream and moan for more. I felt his hand between our bodies and knew he was probably trying to get his dick fully erect before fucking me a

The Family Pussy

Youngstuff on Incest Stories

Father-Daughter Affair 7

by Youngstuff



Mari P.



Tony cornered his sister Mari at school during lunch where they could talk privately. He told Mari he had really enjoyed her pussy the other night and that he wouldn’t mind another piece of pussy from her. Mari was leaning back against the wall

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with her head and shoulders looking out of her big brown eyes, all innocent. As innocent as any 14 year old girl could be after having fucked her daddy and her brother in the same week.


It was the same old courting game that all boys and girls play except Tony was after his little sister’s pussy again! Mari looked great in her yellow spaghetti-strap top that showed her firm belly and her pierced belly button. Her 34" B-cup tits were standing proud against her strapless bra and clearly showed major cleavage. Mari’s tight jeans were worn and showed every move her sexy hips made. You couldn’t help but notice the perfect side to side ass-whip when she walked in them. Every guy in school was wanting to fuck her!

Mari smiled up at her brother and asked him why she should even consider making love with him again? Mari could feel the familiar tingle in her jeans that she had experienced that first night with her daddy before he had fucked her. She tried her best to be cool and not show her brother that she was indeed horny. There was no doubt though, it was her brother who would most likely be fucking her soon again.



"Because I know my baby sister enjoyed me fucking her. It was plain to me the way you were working those sexy hips with me during all that fucking we did together. Besides, remember, you even climbed on top the second time without me asking for that piece!" Tony reminded her.


"But that doesn’t mean I want to do it with you again does it Tony?" Mari explained. Mari had been thinking about making love with her daddy all day and wanted to be in bed with him again but he wasn’t here, her brother was! It wasn’t fair Mari thought. She wanted her daddy riding her and filling her with his hard cock.

Tony touched Mari’s bare waistline with his fingers as Mari jumped with "sparks" at his touch and released a soft "oooo". "That tells me your sexed up and wanting some cock in you though Mari and you know I got the cock that makes you dance don’t you baby?" Tony stated.


Mari tried to hide her smile as she only responded " maybe". Mari didn’t regret fucking her brother, in fact it had been really good intercourse with him. Mari had enjoyed the way his cock filled her pussy.


Yeah, Mari was his sister, but right now Tony was treating Mari just like any other piece of tail he was after. Tony was 18 but very experienced with the girls, like his dad. Getting his 14 year old sister back in the bed just wasn’t that big of a challenge to him. He knew what to say and do to make her want it and follow him for it. He intended to fuck his little sister again today and would not take no for an answer.


Tony peaked down his sister’s top and eyed the front of her jeans which held Mari’s delicious cunt which he would soon fill with his throbbing cock. Mari’s tail had a bull’s eye on it and her brother aimed to drill her ass soon.


Mari lightly pushed him away and told him to quit looking down her top. Tony closed right back in and even pulled his sister’s top out further so he could see her breasts plainly. Mari complained to him once more but he just told her he had seen her naked once before and she was going to be naked again very soon so she could consider it a preview of her tits.


Tony knew no-one else was watching so he leaned forward and took a little lip off of his sexy little sister followed by a more intimate kiss. Then a deep french kiss from Mari with his hand on her ass gripping one of her cheeks. Tony fondled his little sister’s ass as they kissed even running his hand up and in between her legs causing Mari to moan softly. Mari told her brother they shouldn’t because someone might see them. Then we have to leave school little sister so I can get me some of your hot pussy again baby.


Tony stated his directions to Mari, " I’m going up to the office and I’m going to sign us both out. You go get your back-pack and meet me up there in five minutes baby, because you can’t go the rest of the day without me sticking my cock in you Mari and you know it". Tony kissed Mari again as he fondled her delicious ass. Your pussy needs fucking so hurry up and meet me so we can get your legs spread soon and



I’ll fill your cunt with what you love.


With that Tony turned and walked away from Mari as he headed to the office. Mari stood there, weak in her knees, watching her brother’s cute butt walk off. Mari was a little pissed. She didn’t like it that her brother knew her this well. She did need a hard cock in her. She hadn’t been to bed with her daddy since the motel a week ago. Tony had been the last one fucking her. "Damn" Mari exclaimed as she stomped off with a classic ass-whip that stated she was ready to do some hard fucking!


Tony looked up as Mari walked into the office with her back pack in hand. He smiled as she looked back at him with a scowl. "You ready to go little sister" Tony asked.


"I’m here aren’t I?" she blurted out as they turned and exited the school office.

Tony opened the passenger door for Mari and let her crawl in then he went to his side and entered. He cranked the car and looked around to see if any one was around them. Seeing no one he leaned over and they began kissing. Tony got a handful of Mari’s breast but she pushed it away.


"Where are you taking me to Tony?" Mari asked.


I know dad is working so why don’t we go over there and spend the afternoon fucking in his bed. Is that cool to you baby? Mari pulled her make-up kit out of her small purse and told her brother, " well, your driving."


Mari touched up her make-up as Tony drove to their dad’s house. She even put on some lip gloss and added more perfume to "various electric spots".


Tony pulled into the drive and parked. They walked to the door with his arm around Mari’s waist. Tony knew where the key was hid and he opened the door. They were barely inside before he seized his little sister from behind.

Mari dropped her purse in the floor as her brother put his arms around her from behind and kissed her neck and ran his hands over her jeans. "I want your pussy right now Mari" Tony moaned. "I can’t wait to feel my little sister’s tight cunt wrapped around my hard cock."


Tony found Mari’s lips and they began to kiss passionately as Mari felt her desire for her brother’s cock to fill her aching love-hole growing by the minute.


"Damn you Tony! You’ve got me so horny it’s driving me crazy", Mari told her brother.


They walked into the living room where Mari turned to face her brother and she fell into his arms as they began to kiss again. Tony’s hands were all over his sister’s perfectly shaped ass. Mari was only 14 but she had the classic upside-down, heart-shaped ass you expect to see on a beautiful cheerleader. Mari’s ass would get a major workout this afternoon and tonight!

"Not here Tony please. If you want me, then make-love to me in a bed this time where I can enjoy it more and make it better for you baby ok?" Mari asked.

Tony smiled and led Mari by the hand over to the couch. Their was about to be some serious brother-sister fucking going on! Before Mari could lay down on the couch, her brother was peeling her top over her head followed by unhooking her bra and dropping it to the floor by the couch.


Tony whispered in Mari’s ear, "You want your brother’s dick buried in you bad don’t you baby?"

Mari could only reply from the passion she was feeling, " yes Tony. I really need it baby". As soon as she said it she was in disbelief that she had even uttered the words. They were true but how could she have actually said it, revealing the truth of her soul. With that declaration Mari sealed her sexual fate for this day and night.


Mari followed that statement with; "God I want it deep Tony, please!"

Tony stood and stripped naked showing his hard throbbing cock to Mari. "Oh yeah baby sister. Your brother is gonna take care of your sweet pussy. I want to hear you moaning my name when my dick is filling your hot cunt."


Mari wasn’t at all ashamed to have sex with her older brother. He was sexy and all the girls wanted him. Why shouldn’t she spread her legs for him and enjoy the pleasure of his big cock driving into her young body? Mari had enjoyed fucking him the other night and knew their sex would be even better this afternoon and she was so ready for it.


Tony joined Mari on the couch now as their lips melted together and their tongues began to wrestle. They were both uttering soft moans and desires as their kissing continued for several minutes as Tony fondled his sexy sister’s ass and legs.


Tony then licked Mari’s neck and chest before settling on a bare breast. He circled Mari’s breast globe several times with his tongue before pulling her nipple into his mouth and swallowing a large portion of tender breast meat with it. Tony sucked and slurped his sister’s breast like a hungry animal.

Mari could feel the intense sucking pressure her brother was applying and it sent tingles of pleasure through her body. Mari could also feel Tony’s hard cock pressing against the crotch of her jeans and she dreamed of how wonderful it would soon feel plunging deep inside of her over and over!


Tony suddenly stopped and sat up. He pulled Mari by the hair of her head up and over towards his lap. She instinctively knew what her brother’s lust was. Mari rolled to her side facing her brother’s cock with her body longways on the couch. Mari’s mouth popped open ready to give the pleasure desired.

Mari kissed the head of her brother’s big cock with her soft lips before flicking her tongue all around the spearhead and around his shaft. Mari slowly licked up and down his meat-stick with a strong and forceful tongue. Mari was nearly in a state of worship for her brother’s cock.


Mari worked back up to the top of this wonderful instrument of pleasure, then opened her lips wide to accept Tony’s throbbing cock into her oral cavity. Tony could not contain his moan of satisfaction as he watched his little sister swallow his dick! "Oh God Mari" he moaned loudly!


Mari had to breathe through her nose because the size of her brother’s cock cut off all air through her mouth. Mari moaned and gave approving sighs of "Umm, umm" as she enjoyed the taste of a man’s cock again. Mari’s big brown eyes outlined with her painted eyelashes and blue eyeliner glanced up at her brother’s face off and on as she looked for signs of his approval in how she was sucking his cock.

Mari could see him open his mouth and let a soft moan escape each time she sank his meat-pole back into her throat. He smiled when she rose to the tip of his penis and circled the spearhead with her tongue and then began to sink him back down through her mouth again. Tony had dated 18 and 19 year-old girls who couldn’t suck cock near as well as his own 14 year-old sister.


Mari continued to suck her brother’s cock passionately feeling his heart beating in her mouth as Tony’s dick slowly grew larger in his sister’s mouth. It swelled till Mari could feel the large veins full of blood and knew his cock juice was near. Tony suddenly pulled her head up off his cock using the a fist full of hair.


He looked at her and said; " No bitch, every drop of my sperm is gonna fill your tight, little pussy today Mari!" Your gonna have no doubt that your pussy has been well fucked when I fill you to the top with my cock and cum. I’m about to give my sexy sister the fucking she needs and deserves for being such a tease with her body.


Tony stood and took Mari by the hand to help her up. They walked to their dad’s bedroom with Tony’s arm around his sister’s bare waistline. Tony thought he could actually smell the sweet scent of his sister’s pussy. They stood in the doorway of their dad’s bedroom facing each other and kissing. Tony was nude and Mari was topless. Mari could feel her brother unbuttoning her jeans and then she felt them drop to her ankles with a push on each side of her hips by her brother. Mari’s panties quickly joined her jeans on the floor as her young naked body pressed into her older brother’s flesh.


Mari’s soft hand held her brother’s large hand and led him to the bed where she turned down the sheets for them. Mari longed to feel a hard cock buried in her again and she didn’t want to wait for it! Mari laid in the middle of the bed and held her brother’s jerking cock in her hand as she pulled him to her spread legs. Mari leaned up to gently kiss her brother’s cheek and softly whispered she wanted him to make love to her.

Tony was crouched on his knees between his sexy sister’s naked legs with his cock-head poised against the entrance of her pussy. He leaned forward and kissed Mari’s glossed lips as he suddenly sank his penis fully into Mari. Mari moaned loudly " OH GOD YES TONY!".


Tony began a slow rhythmic fucking of his 14 year old sister, Mari’s eyes were closed as she enjoyed the feeling of her hunk of a brother’s cock splitting her hungry cunt open. Mari’s small hands rested against the force of her brother’s chest as he drove his cock into her time after time. Mari’s bare feet stroked up and down his hairy legs encouraging her incest lover to master her young body.


Tony sucked some breast now and then as he continued to stroke his hard cock into Mari. Mari moaned her brother’s name several times as she felt the flood of female cum release from deep inside of her womb causing her to push her pussy against her brother’s cock hard and grind her hips into him. Oh how she loved the feeling of sex with anyone who wanted her.

Tony began to swell inside of Mari as she massaged his legs and ass with her hands. She continued to moan his name as she told him she needed his cum in her. Tony now held his sister’s naked legs apart by her knees and pounded his cock deep into her until he felt his balls jump and then spurt hot male sperm into this vixen cheerleader.

They collapsed together for a moment as Mari caught her breath after their first fucking of the day. Mari soon climbed atop of her brother and straddled him, playing his limp cock against her vagina and clitoris. Mari smiled at Tony and told him she wanted more! Mari did love fucking very much.


Scott pulled up into his yard noticing his son’s vehicle parked there. He thought that was unusual since it was a school day and it was only like 2 in the afternoon. The door was also un locked but Tony knew where he kept the key at so that was ok. It was just strange. Maybe his son was sick and had come over to lay down.


Scott silently opened the door and saw a small purse laying in the entrance hall with a large blue "M" on it. That was odd...Mari had a purse like that! Scott then heard some sounds down the hallway and decided to quietly investigate in case of burglars or something. As he walked down the hall he passed the living room where he saw male and female clothes in the floor.


He quietly reached the door way to his bedroom where he saw a pair of girls jeans and panties laying in the floor. The sounds were unmistakable now. Someone was in his bedroom fucking! Tony stood there and clearly saw the sexy form of his young daughter riding a cock buried in her cunt. She was working her hips and moaning from the undeniable pleasure she was receiving. It was stunning but he now realized that his 18 year-old son and his 14 year-old daughter were fucking in his bed and they were serious with it! He decided to silently stand and enjoy the performance.


He watched Mari work and buck her hips as she rode her brother’s up-thrusts of cock-meat. He saw his son’s hands kneading and massaging his young daughter’s delicious bare flesh, hips, ass and legs as they kept fucking. The same ass he had already enjoyed fucking a few times himself. Mari was no-doubt a sweet, young piece of ass and Scott had to admit he enjoyed the view of her taking cock in her pussy even though it wasn’t his, yet!


Scott watched as Mari exploded in a massive orgasm as her brother filled her pussy with a second load of hot sex-juice. Mari left her brother’s cock in her as she laid forward on his chest to rest. Her sexy legs were still quivering and jerking as the sensations of their delicious fucking session flowed through her young body and soul. Mari knew she was hooked on her brother’s cock and that she could never deny his lust for her. Mari could never see herself unwilling to spread for her brother and provide her pussy to his needs.


Scott eased back out before they noticed him and he went into the living room and sat in his favorite chair which was in the back corner of the room. It was turned slightly towards the wall so he could sit there without being noticed unless his son and daughter looked for him.


Tony came out to living room after a few minutes and sat on the couch as he turned on the tv. Mari walked out about 5 minutes later wearing her thong panties and a button-up shirt belonging to her daddy. Mari stood in front of her brother as he ran a hand up under the shirt tail and played with her panties. He told Mari to go get him a beer from the refrigerator. Mari did as she was told.


Mari handed her brother his beer and sat on his lap with her sexy legs open for his viewing pleasure. Tony asked his little sister if she enjoyed the fucking they just did. Mari could only reply of course she did. Mari told Tony she would have sex with him anytime he wanted her.


"You feel so good when your deep inside of me Tony. I love having sex with you baby" Mari stated.


Mari held his beer for him as they began to kiss passionately again. Tony pried his sister’s legs apart and slipped her panty down over her knees and down to the floor again. They kissed as he slipped two fingers into Mari’s still wet cunt as she grunted at the insertion. Tony began to methodically finger-fuck his little sister as Mari moaned her appreciation.



Tony unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt with his teeth and Mari laid the shirt back and exposed her breasts to her brother’s hungry lust.


Scott stood now and turned to his children on the couch. He asked in a loud voice, "what the hell are you doing Mari?" Mari jumped up from her brother’s fingering to grab her panties and close her shirt. She claimed her brother had raped her and forced her to have sex with him!


Scott slapped Mari and told her not to lie. He told her he had watched her ride her brother’s cock in the bed. You are the one that seduced him I bet Mari!


"Your going to have to pay for what you did with Tony. You have to be punished", Scott said with a smile.

Scott then pulled a set of handcuffs from his back pocket and slapped them on his young daughter. Mari was in shock at what was happening and just let her daddy lead her back to the bedroom, lay her down and connect her handcuffs to the headboard on the bed.


Scott called his son into the bedroom. Tony was still naked as he heard his dad ask him how many times he had sex with his little sister?


Tony was honest and replied " well dad I fucked her twice today and three times the other night."

Scott smiled and patted his son on the back as he told him how proud he was of him . "I guess my boy has his daddy’s eye for sexy young tail".


Tony was a little taken back and asked his dad if he was in trouble for fucking Mari. Scott put his arm around his son and told him of course not, that he’d had her himself, twice. "Your sister has a really good pussy son. I know now that it is something we should start enjoying together. We fish and hunt together, now we can start fucking pussy together too!"


"Are you sure dad? I like fucking her and it might be fun to screw her with you daddy" Tony exclaimed.


Mari couldn’t believe her brother and daddy were discussing this. How could they even think of it. Mari truly enjoyed fucking each of them but she felt their fucking should be in private, one on one not all together! Mari begged her daddy to make Tony leave and she would make love with him again, just the two of them.

Scott would have none of it and told his daughter she must be punished for her deception and all her teasing of them. Scott undressed as he told his son to go get two cherry popsicles from the freezer and a can of spray whipped cream from the refrigerator. Scott pulled a small paddle from the night-stand beside the bed.


Mari struggled against her handcuffs that held her firmly to the bed posts with her arms spread away from her sexy body and over her head. Scott used his pocket knife to cut his daughter’s cotton thong panty from her hips and toss the remains aside. He watched as Mari kicked her creamy legs in protest and he noticed his son’s sperm on Mari’s pussy lips and in her pubic hair where it had been deposited during the fucking they had already completed. Mari was about to do a lot more fucking but this time she would be servicing both the males in her life who lusted for her sexy ass. After all, she was quickly becoming "The Family Pussy".


When Tony re-entered the bedroom, his dad asked him to hold the paddle and spank his sister’s ass when he told him to. Scott rolled Mari’s hips to one side and asked her if she had seduced her brother?


Mari’s reply was "No daddy, he wanted me and made me have sex with him!"

Scott instructed Tony to give his sister’s ass cheeks 5 hard licks and Tony did as instructed. Mari cried out in pain.

Scott again asked Mari if she had seduced her brother? Mari again denied it and was spanked. The third time Mari admitted she was the one that seduced her brother, it was her fault.

Scott now asked Mari if she was going to have sex with both of them in a threesome?

"No daddy! I’m not like that daddy. I’ll make love with you or with Tony but I want to do it when we are alone, just one of you and me. I’d be embarrassed making love in front of someone else" Mari replied.

WRONG ANSWER! Five more licks were dealt to this sexy fourteen year-old ass.

"Yes you will fuck us both Mari won’t you baby?" Daddy demanded.

"Yes daddy. I will, I will, I promise. I will! Please don’t paddle me again" Mari begged.


Tony and his dad each took a side of the bed and leaned in to kiss and nibble on Mari’s neck. Each of them took a breast mound in their hand and fondled the breast-meat and played with her enlarged nipples. Mari couldn’t help but moan. Then suddenly the cherry popsicles were pressing into her breasts. Their coldness producing magnificent erect nipples.

"Oh God, oooo my God" Mari moaned.


Mari had barely moaned her pleasure when her daddy took one breast-mound into his mouth and her brother took the other as they began to hungrily feed upon her aching flesh. Mari squirmed as the popsicles trailed down her abdomen and across her hips into her pubic mound.

"No, no pleasezzzz no.." Mari pleaded.

Each popsicle took a turn splitting the lips of her pussy but never entering her cunt. The heat of young Mari’s boiling love pot quickly evaporated the last drops of cherry liquid. Mari’s dad let her breast flop from his mouth showing the redness of the intense suction he had placed on her.


Scott left his son sucking his sister’s breast and playing with her spread legs. Scott secured two more popsicles and returned to the bed. Scott had his son take a popsicle and told him it was time to punish Mari some more.


Scott eased his popsicle into his daughter’s cunt and told his son to do the same. Mari came up off the bed at the intense coldness inside of her as her lovers worked their cold prongs in and out of her. They both licked and slurped her creamy thighs, hips and tummy. Mari moaned and cried in pain and pleasure as her torture continued until only the bare sticks from the popsicles were left, her hungry pussy having devoured the last vestiges of the icy treats.


Mari moaned her dad’s name and begged him to fuck her now please?

Scott slapped her and asked her if she would ever again have sex without both of them being invited to share her bed and fuck her.

"Daddy please? Please, you know I love to have sex with you and with Tony too, but can’t I just make love with one of you at a time in private? I promise, I’ll always give you both some but let me do it my way daddy." Mari begged.


Scott slapped her again and then raised her butt for her brother to spank hard with seven licks of the paddle.

"You’ll fuck us both now and you’ll keep fucking us in a threesome when we tell you we are ready for some pussy, won’t you Mari?" Scott demanded. " And you will ask us both to take your pussy now. Ask your brother and daddy to fuck you Mari!" Scott exclaimed.


Mari dripped a tear from her brown eyes as she asked them both to fuck her and to fuck her at the same time.


"Should we oblige your poor little sister son?" Scott asked.

"I wouldn’t mind another piece of her pussy daddy" Tony replied.


Scott told his son to get him a little bit of pussy first. Scott stuck his cock in Mari’s face as Tony crawled between his sister’s sexy legs and sank his cock deep into her cunt. When gasped at his penetration her mouth opened and Scott slipped his meat into her mouth to be sucked off.


Mari oooed and moaned as her pussy was ravaged and audibly showed her delight at the taste of her daddy’s cock. Mari loved to suck cock now and she tried to capture more and more cock into her mouth and throat. Tony got about three or four minutes of steady pussy until his dad said to swap.


Tony moved and Mari gladly accepted his cock in her mouth tasting her own pussy juices on her brother’s cock. Scott slipped between her muscular legs and plunged his bulging cock deep into his daughter’s pussy causing her to rise from the bed with her hips to meet the massive intruder. Mari’s pussy seemed better than ever to her daddy as he drove into her hard and deep.

Scott held Mari’s classic cheerleader thighs in his hands as he drilled her cunt over and over. Tony loved looking at his sister’s cheeks cave in as she applied suction to his cock as it stroked in and out of her mouth. Mari could feel her brother’s heart beating in her mouth as she sucked him. Mari could feel the swelling veins of his cock and she could also feel her daddy growing in her cunt as he prepared to cream her vaginal canal and womb.


Suddenly both of her lover’s cocks were spewing their hot, sticky cream into her body. One filled her mouth, throat and belly as the other filled her love canal. Mari couldn’t control her emotions and she erupted into a massive orgasm. She creamed her daddy’s penis with her young female cum-juice. Her sexy body jumped and jerked as the delicious sensations of being the "family fucking toy" swept through her soul.


They all collapsed together with her daddy’s cock buried in Mari still and her brother’s cock laying on her glossy lips. Sperm from her brother and daddy oozed from her mouth and pussy. Mari felt so warm and complete. She never dreamed it could be this good sharing her love with the men in her life.


Having a short fucking session with his vivacious young daughter and his son had been awesome for Scott. It was almost five o’clock though and Mari’s mom would soon be looking for her. Scott uncuffed his daughter and helped her up from the bed.


Scott held Mari in his arms and kissed her as Tony pressed against her naked rear. Scott told Mari she was to go out with her brother Saturday night. He informed Mari and Tony that he would call Tony and tell him where to bring Mari so they could enjoy a night of good fucking together. He told Mari to take her vitamins and birth control and to wear something really sexy for her men. He warned Mari to be ready to put out a lot if she wanted to keep on being "The Family Pussy".