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Wake Up, Daddy! Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Jill Barns had a crush on her best friend’s Dad. That was no big surprise. All the girls had a crush on Sara’s Dad. But of all of Sara’s friends, Jill was the only one who was actually fucking him.

At least once a month for the past year, Jill had found a way to be alone with Sara’s Dad. It started on Sara’s twelfth birthday when she had a swim party at the local hot springs. Sara had invited twelve of her friends and they all swarmed like bees around Michael Taylor when he jumped in the pool with them. While the other girls jumped on his back and pulled at his arms, it was Jill who took a firm hold of his cock. It was raging hard under the water.

“Careful there,” he smiled as his hand slipped up under Jillâ€

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â„¢s bikini clad ass.

“Sorry, Mr. Taylor,” she grinned. He pushed her head under water as Sara jumped up on his back giggling. She let go of his cock and his eyes followed her round little ass, twitching seductively over slender legs, as she climbed from the pool.

The next day, while Sara and her Mom were out shopping and Michael was cleaning out the garage, Jill appeared in the open door. “Hey Mr. Taylor, is Jill home?” she smiled. He told her she would be gone all afternoon. “Do you mind if I hang out here until she gets back?” she asked, her eyes smiling more than her lips.

Michael’s eyes followed the young girl around the garage as she poked through his stuff. She wore the dark green plaid skirt, white blouse and knee socks he was so used to seeing his daughter in. “How come you’re wearing your school uniform?” he asked and he grabbed hold of his work bench to stop his hands from shaking.

“I sometimes wear it to Sunday school,” she answered not looking at him. “That’s where I just came from,” she said as she stepped up onto the ladder leading up to the loft. “What’s up here?” she asked bending over the top of the ladder with her round little butt poking out behind her.

From across the garage Michael could see that the girl wasn’t wearing any panties. He hesitated. A spike of ice seemed to stab through his guts but was immediately melted by the fire rushing through his veins. It was as simple as three steps and he was at the ladder, his face even with her butt, his head buzzing with static. “I dunno, Whataya look’n for?” he heard himself saying and his hands slid up the backs of her thighs. He stopped at the top of her thighs but she pushed her ass back further, her back arching deeper, her skirt riding higher. Michael held his breath and watched as his hands moved up until his palms were filled with the perfect globes of her firm little ass.

“Ugh, I think you found it, Mr. Taylor,” Jill moaned and giggled. Michael’s breath escaped in a long, slow moan as his thumbs pressed up between her thighs. He pried apart the puffy lips of her pussy exposing the pink wetness hidden there. Not a trace of hair could be seen and for a second Michael thought of his own daughter and wondered how far along she had developed.

“Does Sara do this?” he asked as his lips brushed against the soft flesh of her perfect butt.
“Aaagh, No, Mr. Taylor!” Jill barely managed to answer as his tongue slipped down into the velvet folds of her sex sending jolts of electric pleasure through her body. Michael lapped at her cunt from behind, his hands squeezing her round little butt, his head spinning out of control. He couldn’t decide if he was glad or disappointed at his daughter’s innocence as he sucked at her young friend’s juices. The sound of a passing car reminded him that he was standing in the garage with the door wide open.

Michael Taylor’s heart nearly stopped as he slammed the switch on the garage door opener and the heavy door swung down. What the hell are you doing? a voice screamed inside his head. But before he could answer, Jill was standing in front of him unzipping his jeans. Stop! You need to stop! cried the voice, but her fingers were tugging at his cock, pulling it free and stroking it. He just stood there staring down at her.

“Oh my God, Mr. Taylor!” Jill gushed, “I’ve never had one this big.” The comment hit Michael like a slap in the face.

“How many have you had?” he gasped but she didn’t answer. Instead she pushed her lips down over the head of his cock and he drew in an astonished breath as her tongue swirled over the tip. He would ask the question again an hour later while they showered together. This is the story she would tell him:

To be Continued...

When cousins get physical

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     Since my mother and her brothers and sisters aren't very close, don't live very close and don't pretend to be very close I was sort of kept away from my cousins while growing up. I don't think it was intentional, they just all drifted to different parts of the country and we only saw each other twice a year - Christmas and funeral of whatever eldery relative passed away.

     I have a cousin named Cera. We're close in age. There's video tape floating around somewhere of us playing in a pool some summer and another of us at Christmastime when we were both in elementary school. Never really close. Like strangers, really.

     That all changed the year our old Aunt Ernie died. Aunt Ernie was

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the oldest person in our family and something of a matriarch. When she died everyone in our family from all over the country came to the services. It was at one of these functions that I was paired up with Cera. We remembered each other and made small talk. As the hours and booze wore on and on, we realized we had a lot more in common than we thought! We were both in college, had similar majors, had similar tastes in music and movies, both wanted to travel to the same places - it was great! I'd finally made a friend with a family member! In the coming months, we'd kept up with each other via email and occasional cell phone calls. One weekend, we decided to party....

   "I know this cool place near my house. Why don't you come over, we'll go to the place, get wasted and come back to my house? You can stay the night and drive back to your place tomorrow", I suggested.

     She agreed.

     Admittedly, I was nervous about going out with cuz for the first time. Am I supposed to pay for us? Do I get dressed up? I mean, it's not a date - we're just going to the bar down the way for drinks and conversation. I decided on dress pants and collared shirt - no tie, sleeves rolled up. Cera arrived after me. She was short but not real tiny. Average. Skinny, too. Dark, straight locks fell around the tops of her shoulders. Her eyes were smokey like an old time Hollywood actress. First I felt silly about dressing casual but still dressy. Good thing though because she came in a little black dress, heels and pearl necklace. Classy, dressy - but not too much.

     We ordered some drinks and some food. Me, beer at first then rum drinks. Her, rum drinks then tequila. We rocked the juke box, commandeered the bar TV remote, and raised a lot of good spirited hell. After one of our many rounds the waitress asked if I wanted another drink. When I said yes, she asked if the same goes for my girlfriend. Cera and I glanced at each other awkwardly and I told the waitress she did. Once she scampered off I said, "Well... she doesn't know. To her it probably looks like that" and chuckled.

     "Yeah" she replied, "It probably does. I like how you didn't correct her, ASS" and she kicked me under the table.

     I shifted, dodging her attack. "Ow, well, who cares? I'll pretend I have a cute girlfriend for 5 minutes to show off around here."

     "Which reminds me" she said leaning in, "You look like a stud tonight."

     I laughed at the slightly corny remark. The waitress dropped our drinks off. Our conversation probably further feuling her misconception. "Pardon me?", I asked.

     "You do! Your hair, your glasses, your clothes. You look like a stud tonight", she said swirling her mixed drink. Things like speech and body movements were starting to get sloppy for both of us.

     Confused and sort of on the spot I only replied, "Thanks cuz. I like your little black dress." I fished for the compliment but I wasn't lying. For all intents and purposes I was out with an attractive girl close to my age who I barely know. Sure, she's my uncle's kid but we barely know each other so it hardly feels that way. She slid closer to me in the round diner booth, placed her legs up on my lap and asked, "Could you rub my calves? They're really sore from work."

     We sipped our drinks as I worked on her tiny legs. I tried to listen to what she was saying but my eyes stayed fixed on her black nylon covered calves under my massaging hands. "Ugh that feels GOOD" she'd moan between sentences. "It's so relaxing." Her head began dunking forward and I realized it was time to go home.

     I payed our tab and helped Cera out to the car. As we walked out she pretended loudly to be my girlfriend to keep tricking the waitress. "Wait until I get him home, honey!" she shouted to her. Folks sitting at the bar laughed and cheered me on. "Go get her!" one old timer shouted. Trust me, the thought had crossed my mind.

     Driving home Cera faded in and out of conversation. I kept one eye on the road and one eye on the rising hem of her dress. When she kicked off her shoes her dress slid up and I saw the ends of her black thigh highs around her legs. "Woo!" I cried out, "I like those."

   She perked up. "These?" she asked. "You like these?" and she hiked her dress up a little higher showing me her full nylon covered leg, briefly revealing her black lacey panties.

    "I do" I told her, "I always had a thing for black thigh highs."

     "Well, good for you" she said coyly. Her dress stayed bunched up around her waist. Cera placed her legs in my lap again just like they were at the bar. I took one hand off the steering wheel and rubbed her legs up and down from ankle to hip. Now with her back against the car door instead of the seat, her legs relaxed some and bowed showing her full legs and panties. "Why do you like them?" she asked.

     "Black thigh highs?" I asked back, my mind soaring. "They're just so.... they're like classy and dirty at the same time. They're proper and dressy and all but they also instantly remind the brain of sex." Her body bucked some and her smile showed me she liked that answer.

     I couldn't tell if she nodded off of not but she stayed fairly quiet and still until we got back to my place. I shook her awake and whispered to her that we were home. I helped her get out of the car and helped he walk inside. Once in my room, I sat her on the bed and she fell over. "Do you want any pajamas to change into? I've got some jammie bottoms and some old shirts?", I offered.

    "Yes", she squeaked out layed down on the bed. "Help me take this off."

     My ears perked up instantly. I already thought my cousin Cera was attractive but then we went on some pseudo-date, we got drunk, I massaged her legs through sexy black stockings, she exposed herself to me in the car and now she was asking me to help her get dressed/undressed. If I wasn't thinking about getting physical with her before I certainly was now.

     Cera tugged at her dress straps. "Can you find me a T-shirt?", she asked. I hopped up and found a thin, comfortable one. She mustered the strength to sit up but rain out of steam trying to pull her dress up over her head. "Help...." she whimpered as she fell into me when I sat down next to her.

     "Okay..", I offered and began to pull her black dress up over her body. She raised her arms and as I peeled the clothing away from her and tossed it on the ground, her black hair dangled onto her pale shoulders. Her breasts, no bigger than a B-cup, roundly shaped and with nipples slightly pointing up slightly bounced as I removed the dress from her frame. I was in Heaven but I wanted to make sure I didn't say something stupid that made her feel uncomfortable or embarassed. Thankfully, before I could speak she said, "shirt?" and I handed her one. 

     She didn't put it on though. She just held it in her hand and leaned back down on the bed. "Help me get these off now..." she cooed as she pointed to her stockings.

     "OK", I said trying to collect my racing thoughts. I knelt down beside the bed near her legs. "Just, ah... let me get these off...", I muttered. My eyes drifted around her belly button, her exposed tits, her legs and black panties again. The panties were lacey and see through in some parts. I pushed my thumbs into her right thigh high stocking and began working it down. She moaned slightly as I pulled it off her foot. I reached for her left side and worked that one down, too. When I got to her foot she asked that I rub it, like her calves it hurt from work. To me, she seemed too drunk to notice whether I was rubbing her foot or not but I was not about to pass this up. My hands moved from foot to foot, occasionally rubbing up to her calf and thigh. She would make little noises and slightly adjust her body the whole way through. Down on my knees, I used the opprotunity to get an eyeful of her little boobies, her tummy and panties, imagining the skin underneath them. I began to get hard thinking about whether she was shaved or had patches of thin hair, whether her pussy lips were tiny and recessed or puffy and pronounced. I imagined her clit becoming swollen under my tongue and the things she'd say to me as I pleasured her. This is not just a drunken haze, I thought. She'd never let things get this far if she wasn't interested. She'd find a way home or at least bring her own night clothes and ask where she was sleeping. My mind struggled to keep up with reality.

     I decided to just go for it. The last thing I told my brain before I shut it off was that if things turn out bad I can just blame it on us being too drunk. I began putting tiny kisses on the skin around the inside of her knees and thighs. I worked my way up to the tops of her thighs and hips. Cera's hips swayed back and forth now. Her hands no longer held onto the thin, yellow T-shirt I gave her, they were now on her chest, cupping her tiny tits. This was my "go-ahead." I planted firm kisses on the outside of her black panties. Legs spread apart now, my knees are on the ground and I'm leaning into her. Cera's hand comes down from her chest and rests on the back of my head, tussling my hair as I pressed my mouth into the thin fabric separating her feminine parts from my eager mouth. My hands crept along her hips and began tugging at the tops of her panties. Before I could make any headway, she lifted her ass up off the bed and hastily started pushing her panties down herself. My eyes stayed fixed on the handful of black lace that I wrangled from her right foot as I dropped it on my bedroom floor... Until I turned my head toward her and saw her smooth, glistening, open lips awaiting between her bent, parted legs. Her pussy was excited. Wet and ready, lips already spread. The skin around her snatch and down to her asshole was smooth, pale and hairless with a shaped tuft of long but groomed black hair up above. My face neared her and even with her eyes closed she sensed this and placed her feet on my shoulders. I ran my flat tongue in an upward motion around her spreading lips. Her juices dripped quickly from her pussy and my tongue circled her clenched asshole while I collected all of it. Cera pushed forward into my mouth so I circled and flicked her asshole with my tongue some more. I flattened my tongue again and dragged it up against her opened pussy lips. On the way up I'd drag into the ends of her thin hairs. Once I bumped into her now hard clit, I swirled my tongue around it and then began to suck gently. Cera began to get more vocal now, the action had clearly woken her up some. "Oh YEAH....", she'd sigh and make whimpering noises.

     My mouth began to tire so I rolled her onto her belly. For a second, I admired her cute little ass and imagined pushing my hard cock into it at her demand. But then I grabbed underneath her and propped her butt up into the air. She placed a pillow under her tummy and rested her head on her folded arms. Still saying nothing as to not scare her out of the mood, I lapped at her cunt lips from behind. She made a loud moaning sound into the mattress and I even heard her declare, "oh GOD.." while my tongue dragged from her big clit, up her dripping lips and onto her pink, puckered ass over and over again. I don't know if she knew I could hear her but she spoke into the bed covers and said, "My God, where did you COME FROM?" in a gasping, muffled voice.

     Suddenly, she turned her body around. It was the most I'd seen her move since the restaurant so I was taken aback. On her hands and knees up on the bed, she began removing my belt and dress shirt. I helped her remove the rest of my clothes. She pulled me onto the bed with her. We were facing each other now, kneeling on the bed, our hands grasping each others faces. She gazed into my eyes for a few long moments. My hard cock now pressed against her sanwiched between her belly and mine. We kissed each other deeply for minutes  while rolling around the bed.

     Once on my back, Cera took me into her hands stroking my shaft while she kissed me. After another brief eye-lock, she positioned her body between my legs. My aching cock disappeared from sight as she moved her head further down, forcing me into her warm mouth. My reaction was immediate, I made noise and subtley writhed underneath her. The up-and-down rhythmn of her sucking my cock would stop only briefly as she would take a second to breathe heavily and look into my eyes. Her naked body was curled into a ball beneath me. She looked beautiful. Not just her tits and her ass but all of her - her legs, her feet, her ankles, her neck, her shoulders, her waist. I remembered times we'd interacted at functions and gatherings and imagined how different they would be from now on. Sure we would act casually in front of people, but would we sneak off into a car or bedroom together? And if we did for how long? For the rest of our lives?

     Before long, I began to feel the swelling feeling in my body. Without realizing how close she was, Cera began to take her mouth off of me to breathe and rest. Instinctually, I grabbed the back of her head with one hand and the side of her face with the other and slammed her mouth back down on my shaft. Muffled squeals came out of her but she was powerless to stop the mouth fucking I was making her give me. Eventually, she went along with the motions and I began telling her I was about to cum. Cum in her face, cum down her throat, cum in her mouth, cum inside her body. With one last grunt, I felt the blast release inside her. I could feel her swallowing as she still slowly moved up and down on me. My hands let go of her face and dropped to the bed. With a loud gasp and heavy breathing, Cera rolled away from my legs onto her back. We both stared up at the ceiling and just breathed. Cera's legs were awkwardly spread open, sprawled out on my bed.

     We looked at each other and lightly chuckled. "We're going to regret this in the morning", I said without thinking. 

     "I don't know" she said, and sat on top of me. The way she was positioned my now softening cock gently pressed against her still warm, wet snatch and began to stiffen. I played with one of her tight breasts and she pulled her hair back behind her ears. We layed casually with each other. Naked. Talking. Laughing. Lights on. Caressing each other's skin. Occassionally, I'd drag my fingers along her wet slit or she'd wrap her hand around my shaft just to make me hard again. We didn't have sex. Neither one of us really brought it up or tried to force it on the other. It felt great just playing and getting each other off with our mouths. We talked a lot about our previous sexual encounters and different things we've tried. We pulled the sheets up over our bodies and turned the lights off. After we kissed some more, I curled up behind her as we prepared to go to sleep. My naked body pressed against hers. We kept talking and as we did, she revealed to me things like she once had a threesome with a married couple she knew from school and I told her that I once slept with two of my exes in the same day. Then she says that she had never had anal sex and was willing to try it. "Well" I told her, "I can always help you out with that..."

     I froze. I didn't know how well that was going to go over.

     "Well cuz", Cera sighed "There's always tomorrow."


Daniel's Stepmom

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This is a true story about the emergence of my 21-year-old son into manhood....assisted by his step-mom, Heather.  


Daniel is my youngest.   His mom and I ended our relationship when Daniel was 2 years old.   He doesn’t know it but the relationship ended because I had to go to the police station and bail his

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mom out.   She was charged with solicitation.   Need I say more???   I got custody of the children and it wasn’t long before I realized how hard being a single dad was going to be.   Believe me, I have an infinite amount of respect for those unfortunate women who are forced into that situation with no source of income other than child support or minimum wage employment.   Fortunately I had a good job and the means to support us financially.   It was the non-financial support where I lacked any good qualities.   By the second year of being single, I had convinced myself that I needed another wife to help me to raise these children.   Not exactly the best reason for getting into a relationship, but it was the one I used at the time.


I didn’t spend a lot of time looking.   I was desperate.   Fortunately, a wonderful woman came into my life that was willing to take on a “ready-made” family.   I am sure that she has questioned her state of mind many, many times when thinking back on that decision.


The two older boys (yes, all 3 boys) were old enough to have bitter feelings about my divorce of their mom and also old enough to know just how to use the “You’re not my mom” approach on the step-mom.   I couldn’t tell them the real reason why I divorced their mom so consequently, everything ended up being my fault.   To make a long story short, the two older boys provided many challenges to Heather and I.


Daniel however, was young enough to have considered Heather as “Mom” all of his life (at least as far as he could remember).   They had their share of problems, but what family doesn’t.  


The two older boys left the nest as soon as possible.   Because there was 10 years difference in age between Daniel and his next older brother, more than half of his life has been spent as an “Only Child”.   Spoiling and coddling Daniel was regular routine around our house.


Daniel has never been “Hunk” material.   His latter high school years were a constant battle with acne and weight.   Not that he was fat.   In fact, just the opposite was true.   I was concerned at times that he was under-nourished.   When you have to buy jeans with a 34-inch inseam and only a 26-inch waist, you spend a lot of time searching.   Not for something that he likes necessarily, but just for something that had a reasonable fit.   Later, as he entered college he began to fill out…….but I don’t want to get ahead of the story.


It was during one of these shopping sprees that Daniel had his first encounter with mom.


School was out and it was between Daniel’s third and fourth year of elementary school. I think that put him around 9.   It was a sunny, summer day in Atlanta.   Typically, the temperature was holding around the 90-degree mark and the humidity was high.   Shorts and tank tops were the order of the day.  


Our “Back-To-School” shopping was in high gear.   On this day, Heather and Daniel were out to buy some jeans and a bathing suit.   The store had just opened and Heather and Daniel were the only customers.   Looking around in the store, they found a suit for Daniel to try on and as usually happens when Heather goes into a clothing store, she also found a suit that SHE would like to try on.


The dressing room consisted of two booths with curtains.   They each went into their respective rooms and began to change.   Needless to say, by the time Heather had just completed removing all of her clothes and was reaching for the bottoms of the bikini, her curtain opened and Daniel came in.   “What do you think, Mom…….”.


When he noticed that Heather was completely nude, he lost all words.   Now since Heather was a “Step-Mom”, Daniel had never seen her without clothes.   It was not something that was ever thought about.   Heather had given Daniel baths when he was younger, but all that ended when he began school and could “take care of it himself” because he was a “big boy” now.   It had been 4 years since Heather had seen him without clothes.  


She didn’t want to scare him, nor make a big deal of it and “scar him for life”, so she just sat on the stool in the dressing room and said “Come here and let me see.”  


As all moms do, the first thing she did was reach for the waistband of the suit to check the fit.   As her fingers slipped inside, they touched something that was familiar, warm and surprisingly hard.   It was sticking straight up and her fingernail scraped against the foreskin covered head.


“Ouch!   That hurt.    God mom, be careful.”


“Geez, I’m sorry!   Did I break the skin?   Here, let me look at it.”   With that, she pulled his suit down just enough to spring his erection.  


Heather had always been fascinated with his uncut tool when she gave him baths.   She actually delighted in teaching him how to retract the foreskin and insure it was always kept clean.   His was the first uncut cock she had ever seen and when he began school, she was disappointed but resigned to the fact that she would never see it again.


This was an awkward moment, to say the least.   Trying her best not to make a big deal of it, she gently handled his adolescent manhood.   She had scratched his foreskin, but she couldn’t resist the opportunity to pull the foreskin back and admire it one more time.   Looking back up at him she said, “Oh, my goodness.   I really did scratch you.   I’m so sorry sweetheart.   Mommy will put something on it when we get home.   Do you think you will live until then?”   When she looked at his face, she realized that his eyes were glued to her now hard nipples.  


“Why do they get hard like that, mommy?’


Not wanting to tell him the real reason they were hard, she said “It’s just cold in here, honey.   They get that way when it’s cold.”   Quickly changing the subject. “ So, these seem to fit pretty good.   Is this the pair you want?”


“You bet.”   That seemed to satisfy him and he returned to his dressing room to try on his jeans.


Heather smiled at herself, remembering the look and feel of his cock in her fingers.   It was a nice feeling.   She couldn’t wait to get home and play doctor.   A familiar warmth was creeping in between her legs as she stood and completed her business in the dressing room.


As they pulled up in the driveway, one of Daniel’s friends had appeared and was inviting him out to play “war”.   Daniel left all of the bags for Heather to carry into the house and he went scampering off to play with his friend.   “I’m General Custer and you can be Osama Bin Laden”.   Heather smiled at his massacre of historical facts.


Disappointed, and still thinking about the encounter earlier, she kept herself busy for the remainder of the day.   By the time Daniel came home, she had spent the day cleaning and cooking and was tired.   On top of that, I had come home.   That was not only the last time she saw him undressed but as far as we knew it was the last time he had seen her undressed………………..until some years later.  


Daniel was now 21 and was a sophomore attending a local university.   It was between semesters and he was home most of the time.   I was working a regular day job, and Heather had taken off for a week to go to Maine to visit her parents.


Over the years, Heather and I have had a wonderful sex life.   One of the things that we do to break the monotony and spice things up a little, is videotape some of our intimate sessions.   I really enjoy filming her in a wide variety of situations.  


One time, we were in the process of spring-cleaning and took a load of winter things to the storage unit that we had rented.   No one else was there, and the camcorder was in the truck so, why not.   I got the camcorder and I made her get completely undressed and I taped her arranging boxes in the storage unit in the nude.   Now some of you may say “big deal”, but it was very sexy thinking that someone could walk into the area any minute and see her.   That was a BIG turn-on for me.   I’ve always been into showing her off.


Another time, we were riding my Harley in the mountains and we came across a trail to a waterfall.   Usually these trails were inundated with hikers.   This time, it appeared that there was no one around.   It was a half-mile hike to the falls, and I took the camcorder with us.   Along the trail, she would walk in front of me and open her blouse and then turn around and “flash” me.   (whenever we went out on the Harley, she wasn’t allowed to wear a bra and she was encouraged to wear something that would allow the areola around her nipple to be seen through her top.   The sexier the outfit, the more fun the ride.).   Reaching the waterfall, I set the camera up on a rock and we skinny-dipped in the pool at the base of the falls.   Afterwards, we set the camera up and filmed her giving me a BJ and all subsequent activities.


Of course, there were always the nights that Daniel stayed with his friends and we were able to set up the tripod in the bedroom and get some wonderful footage of our wild bedroom activities.   We filled up several tapes, which we kept hidden in the closet.


On this day, Daniel was home by himself.   Always the curious one, he began an exploratory mission in my bedroom.   Had I know about it, I certainly would have been upset at him.   Now, I just look back on it with amusement.   Boys will be boys.  


Much to his surprise, he came across my stash of tapes.   Curious as to their content, he took them off to the living room (where the big screen TV is), and inserted the first tape.   You can imagine the look on his face when the image appeared on the screen.   As luck would have it, the first tape that he picked begins in a hotel room in Orlando on a summer vacation that we made a year or so earlier.   Daniel was working and going to school so we took the opportunity to take a vacation……just the two of us. The video was one that I had captured of Heather when she was putting on her bathing suit.   At first, she didn’t know I was filming.   I had turned the camera on and placed it on the dresser.   Walking over to her, I feigned helping her tie the top in the back.   Standing behind her, I placed my body up against hers and begin to grind my hips.   She smiled and reached around behind her and slipped her fingers into my trunks.   I had very loosely tied her bathing suit, and I reached around her with both hands.   With one, I slipped under her top and began massaging her breasts.   With the other, I reached into the bottoms and found her wet, ready and willing.    I removed her suit completely and she turned and removed mine.   Down on her knees, she took my now-hard member into her expert mouth.   Oh, what a feeling.


Heather is a trim 50-year-old beauty.   Time has been very good to her and she honestly doesn’t look a day over 35 (at least to me………and to many others).   Never having had kids of her own, her perky breasts were as firm as her flat tummy.   No tucks or Botox here.   Except for a little Clairol, she is all natural.  


Viewing the video, it didn’t take long for Daniel to get hard.   Since mom was in Maine and dad was at work, it seemed natural to remove the shorts and underwear and get comfortable in dad’s recliner.   With the remote in one hand, and his uncut cock in the other he settled in to watch the “movie”.   “Damn, she’s hot!” he exclaimed, stroking his manhood while his eyes were glued to the television.   Soon, he found that he needed both hands and tossed the remote aside.


I’m a programmer by trade, and it just so happened that on this day, our network server crashed.   With no way to perform my job, and with no chance of the system being back up for the rest of the day, I was allowed to take the rest of the day off.


The way our house is laid out, the front door opens into a foyer, which opens into the living room.   It is no more than 5 steps from the front door to the living room.   Not thinking ahead very well and certainly not expecting anyone to come in, Daniel had left the front door unlocked.   Opening the door, the first thing I heard was the television.   It sounded like Heather was talking and I thought she had come home early.   Excited to see her, I wasted no time in getting to the living room.   Daniel had been so completely engrossed in watching the video, that he did not even hear me come in.   He was situated so that his back was to me, and I was looking over him at the television.   My first reaction was of anger, but before I opened my mouth and said something that I am sure I would have regretted later (this is one of the things that I attribute to Heather’s influence….she is very good at teaching Anger Management) I stopped to consider the situation.   Still unaware of my presence, I stood still and watched.   Smiling at the television as I remembered that day, my anger quickly subsided and was replaced by memories as I watched.   Soon, I found myself getting that familiar stirring in my loins.   Watching my son, I was impressed at how he had developed.   Looking at him in a way that I had never done before, I noticed his muscular legs, his washboard abs, his bulging biceps, and his now massive 9 inch cock.   “Glad to see he got something from me.   Damn, makes me wish my parents hadn’t circumcised me.” I said to myself.


As I watched, I began to get feelings of pride.   Now I know that seems kinda weird to some of you.   Be that as it may, I am proud that my wife is as beautiful and as sexy as she is.   I am proud that my son is well endowed like his father (my 10 inch cock is displayed very nicely on television right now.   It is disappearing in and out of Heather’s mouth).   I don’t know what came over me.   Next thing I knew, I found myself saying outloud “Isn’t she something?”.


You would have thought a bomb had exploded in my recliner.   It was comical to watch him try to figure which was the most important thing to do first, stop the tape or put on his pants.   Unfortunately, the small table beside the chair which held the remote was just far enough away to require a long stretch to get to it.   As he reached for the remote, the chair returned itself to it’s upright position fairly quickly.   The result was Daniel, sprawled on the floor with nothing on but a T-shirt.   The television was still on and the video was still playing.   His eyes were frantically darting between the TV, me, the remote and down to his hard dick.   I was enjoying this immensely.   After he realized I was laughing uncontrollably, he began to calm down.   Soon, he accepted the fact that he had been “Busted”, and was beginning to realize just how funny the situation really was.   “God, you scared the shit out of me Dad.   What the hell are you doing home so early?”


I told him what happened at work and that I had the rest of the day off.   “Now I have to decide what to do about you and this new development.   Stop the tape, put your pants on and let’s talk.”


After complying, he sat back down (this time on the couch) and prepared for the lecture.  


“OK, we’re both adults here.   The way I see it, we have two issues.   Number one, it disturbs me that you felt it necessary to go exploring in my room.   What were you looking for?”


“I don’t know.   I thought maybe I might find a Playboy or Penthouse or something like that.   Boy, I really hit the mother lode, didn’t I?”  


I couldn’t help but laugh.   “Yes, you sure did.   But that doesn’t change the fact that you were digging into stuff that belonged to someone else.   That’s just plain wrong, and you know it.”

“I know.   I’m sorry.”


“OK.   Now that we got that out of the way, we need to tackle issue number two.   These videos are intended for private viewing.   Private as in, Mom and Myself.   .   If we had wanted you to see these tapes, we would have kept them out here by the tv.   Now, some would say that what you are feeling right now is incest.   My personal feeling is that this is not incest since she is not your real mother.   I think you are pretty fortunate that it was me that discovered you and not her.   Now, what are we going to do about it?”


Daniel has always been a little cocky.   I never expected it in this situation, though.   “Well, what she don’t know won’t hurt her.   I gotta be honest with you dad.   Now that I know those tapes exist, unless you burn them I’m gonna keep looking till I find them.   I just gotta see the rest of them.   She is so hot.   I closed my eyes and it was almost like I was fucking her myself.   I know I’m not supposed to feel this way about mom, but like you said………she’s not my real mom.”


Trying my best to maintain my composure, I took the easy way out.   “Alright, I need to think about this for awhile.   Why don’t you go upstairs and clean up and we’ll go out and grab some lunch somewhere.   Meanwhile, I’m going to try to come up with a plan for some things. “


Lunch was quiet.   Neither of us said a word about what happened earlier, but both of us were thinking non-stop about it.   After lunch, we got back in the car and headed home.   On the way, I finally broke the ice.   “OK, tell you what.   First, you gotta know that we aren’t doing anything behind mom’s back.   I’m going to have to have a discussion with her about this whole matter.   As it stands now, you’re just going to have to keep yourself in check and don’t do anything stupid that would ruin your chances of something that few boys your age get to experience…….and that is all I’m going to say about it until I’ve had a chance to talk to her.   She’ll be home tomorrow.   I want you to find something to do tomorrow afternoon and evening.   I want to be home alone with her to discuss this and I don’t want you to be around if the discussion goes bad.”


That night, neither of us slept very well.   Daniel had a million questions he wanted to ask but dared not ask any of them.   I had not given him any specifics, and his imagination was running wild.   I was in my room trying to rationalize what I was about to do.   There were all kinds of arguments in favor.   There was the “not his real mother” thing.   After all, he is 21 now so it can’t be considered child abuse.   Even as good as his body looks, you eventually have to look at the face.   Daniel is not a handsome young man.   It was a face that “only a mother could love”.   Hey, there’s another argument for……….      I was reaching.


Next day was a terrible day at work.   I couldn’t get my mind on my work for anything.   All I could think about was how Heather was going to react to what I had to tell her tonight.   I had pre-arranged with my boss to leave at 3 to get to the airport to pick her up.   On the way to the airport, I reviewed it over and over in my mind.   It was settled.   My mind was made up.   No turning back………     Well, but what if………….


Because of the new policies at the Atlanta airport, you can no longer go to the gate to meet the plane.   Consequently, we had made previous arrangements for her to call me when she gets to baggage claim and I will make my way to the curbside pickup in time to get her.   I never fail to be overwhelmed when I see her, especially after being separated for a week.   Opening my arms, she hurriedly runs to me and jumps and wraps her legs around me to hold on.   We kiss passionately and she finally lets go and plants her feet back on the ground.   As I open the truck to put her luggage in a young lady nearby says “Newlyweds?”.


“Young lady, we have been married over 20 years. Only tomorrow, will I ever have loved her more than today.”


“Awwwww!    That’s so sweet. “


Apparently Heather felt that it was the right thing to say.   She turned to the young lady and said “Aren’t I just the luckiest woman you have ever met?????”   Both of us smiling from ear to ear, we got in the car and drove away.


On the way home, Heather asks “So, what’s been going on at the house?   Is it still standing after having two bachelors living there for a whole week?”


“Yes, it’s still standing.   Not much has changed.” I lied.  


When we got home we noticed that Daniel’s car was gone.   “I wonder where he is?   I would have thought he would be here to greet me?’


“Maybe he is out with a girl.”


“Wouldn’t that be something?   Oh, I hope so.   Poor thing.   I don’t think he is ever going to find someone to pop his cherry on.”   She said smiling.


“Well, I for one hope he stays gone for a little while longer.   I would love to welcome you home properly.”


“Mmmmmm!!!    What did you have in mind, as if I didn’t know?”


With that, we left the bags in the car and ran upstairs to the bedroom.   Closing the door and locking it, we ripped each other’s clothes off and attacked.   Throwing her on the bed, I spread her legs and dragged her over towards the edge.   I knelt on the floor, placed her legs over my shoulders and began to give her what I knew she was needing.   Heather absolutely LOVES to have her pussy eaten.   She produces more juice than any other woman I know (not that I know that many…………well, that’s another discussion for another day).   Anyway, today was no exception.   Within seconds my face was glistening with her wetness.   Unable to hear her moans because of her thighs squeezing my head, I knew they were audible nonetheless.   After 20 years, we know each other pretty darn well.   I know exactly when an orgasm is building in her, and the one that was building now was a big one.   What sends her over the top is when I actually use my upper lip to peel back the skin covering her clitoris and once exposed, flick my tongue back and forth over the hard nub.   About 30 second of this is all it takes and I am always rewarded with a flood of liquid passion.   This is my goal.   I would much rather suck up her juice than anything……….except maybe what I was about to do to her.


She lay exhausted on the bed, her legs still hanging over the edge.   I climbed onto the bed and helped pull her up onto it.   Lying beside her, I on my side and her on her back, I begin to trace my fingers gently over her breasts and down her flat tummy to her nicely trimmed bush.   I know how sensitive that area is right now and avoid actually touching inside the hairline with my finger.   At this point, I know her well enough to know that there is only one thing that she wants touching that area.   Spreading her legs and positioning myself over her, I begin to rub the purple head against her.   Beginning as low as I can get, I ever so slightly slide it along the crack between the cheeks.   Working my way up to the bottom of the lips,   I separate them revealing the opening that is my target.   Glistening with her juice, I slide easily in.   Further and further I push until I am completely swallowed by her.   Then, while still inside her I lift her legs and place them over my shoulders.   This angle of entry, coupled with my full 10 inches enables me to reach her G-spot.   Touching this spot with the head, and then pushing so that it rubs ever so slightly across it while at the same time applying just enough pressure has very predictable, and consistent results.   It never fails me.   It only takes a few seconds of this treatment and Heather is beginning the signs of another intense orgasm.   Soon her body goes stiff and tightens.   Then she begins to shudder and her moans become louder and louder as she rockets over the edge of the orgasm.   Waves and waves of pleasure splash over her body as she finally opens her eyes and looks at me.   “God I missed that.   You know just what to do.   You should give lessons.”


Well, she opened the door.   I immediately went in.   While my cock was still inside her, I said “Well, you know that it is only because I know YOU so well.   I know which one of YOUR buttons to push to take you over the edge.   If I was going to give lessons, it would have to be on you………and that is just what I intend to do if you are willing.”   As I finished the sentence, I began my pumping.   Slowly, to insure that I lasted through the entire story that I was determined to tell, I began to tell her about coming home yesterday and spotting Daniel jacking off to one of our videos.   I told her about laughing about it, and about our conversation then and the one in the car after lunch.   I was half expecting her to immediately dismiss the idea and get mad at me for even mentioning it.   That would not only have spoiled the mood, but would probably have put me in hot water for quite awhile.  


But that’s not the reaction I received.   Surprisingly enough, she smiled at me and said “You know, every since that summer when I accidentally scraped my fingernail on his dick and I got another good look at it, I have had fantasies about him.   I’ve never mentioned it because I was concerned you would think I was a terrible person.”   Well, this just made me pound harder.   It was such a turn-on, that I couldn’t hold back any longer.   With one last shove, I emptied a weeks worth of semen into her.  


Afterwards, we lay on the bed exhausted.   In my mind, I’m wondering if her comment was made   “during the heat of the moment” or did she really fantasize about having Daniel’s cock?   It took about 10 seconds for me to get an answer.   She turned to me and raised herself up on her elbow and said “So, what’s the plan?”




My Love Life With My Aunt Chapter 1

SimpleEuphoria on Incest Stories

My aunt she always walked around her house naked when no one was home with her. She also cheated on her husband plenty of times, and they said that she was caught kissing her half sister. my school was about a three mile walk to her house. I decided to skip school and walk to her house, I stop by the Walgreens and get some water, and a pack of starburst. I was about 2 miles away from her house now. It was about 88 degrees so I took my school shirt off and keep walking with no shirt on, I then start to recall my aunt always touching my body and rubbing my legs. I am now about 2 blocks from her house. I start to imagine what she could be doing in her house by herself, she always made jokes about her watching porn and masturbating. I pick up my pace, and starts to power walk. My girlfriend

My Big Brother

Lil Jan on Incest Stories

My Dad is gone from home a lot of the time traveling with his job and when he is away Mom is gone somewhere a lot of the time, and sometimes she doesn't come home all night. My brother has been home for about a week waiting on a call for a job. I'm 5'5" tall weigh 114# with small 32b tits. Mom put me on birth control pills as soon as I started having periods. I guess because she got knocked up before she got married she figured I would to.

The first time I got fucked it was by a man that I had baby set. He took me home but on the way we stopped and he screwed me in the back seat of his car. It didn't last long and didn't hurt as I found out later his cock was pretty small. After that I started fucking about every guy I went out with but none ever got me off so I would have t

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o go home and masterbate to orgasm.

Well anyway one night I had been out and just like always my date just pumped about 5 times and shot his load. Mom was out and when I came in it was late but I noticed a light on in my brothers room. The door wasn't completely shut and I looked in. WOW there he lay on his back watching a porn video and pumping his cock pretty hard. I had seen several dicks but never one that big. I stood and watched until he shot several huge streams of white cum in the air. It must have ween over a foot up. My pussy was already horny and wet but as I watched him jack off I put my hand in my panties and fingered my pussy.

I went to my room and went to bed and as usual I got myself off with my fingers thinking about by brothers huge cock. I went to sleep with his dick on my mind.

The next morning I got up to find Mom and my brother drinking coffee and talking. We exchanged some small talk about what I did the night before and my brother made the comment that some guy was really lucky to have me for a date. I thought yeah right!

That night Mom went out early and so did my brother but I didn't have a date that night. I went to bed about 10:00 P.M. and fingered myself then went to sleep. Later something woke me and it was my brother who had come home. I lay there thinking about that huge cock of his and how horny my little pussy was. The longer I thought the hornier I got. I got up took off my panties and just left my thin white nite on and went to his door. I knocked and said, "Can I come in?" She said "Sure come on in". He was in bed and I could see a bulge in the sheet that covered him. I sat  down on the bed looked down at the bulge reached out and put my hand on it. "I see you didn't have any luck at getting laid tonight either." He jerked and grabbed my hand and moved it saying, "What the fuck are you doing?" I said "I'm feeling my big brother's cock what does it look like?" He said "Damn your my sister you shouldn't be feeling me." I said "Can I see it?"  "NO you can't." "Look brother it isn't like I've never seen a cock before I have jacked them off sucked them off and had them get off in my cunt so what is so special about yours that I can't see it?"

We just looked at each other for a few minutes then he slowly pulled the cover back and there was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen even thought it was about half soft now. "WOW brother you sure have a nice one." and reached out land took hold of it and started moving my hand up and down. He said "Ok you have seen mine let me see yours." He didn't have to ask twice I jerked my nitie off over my head and threw it on the floor. "Hey sis you have a nice set of tits yourself" and reached out and started to rub the nipples between his fingers. I know there was a sound came out of my mouth but I don't know what it was. His cock was getting hard and as it did it was getting back to the size that I had seen the night before.

I couldn't resist I lowered my heand and kissed the head of his cock. There was a drop of pre cum on the head and I licked it off. I started licking the head and down the shaft to his balls. He said "Oh gawd that feel nice, go ahead and suck on it" I took the head into my mouth and it filled it up. I ran my tongut aroung the head and started slowly jacking him. He pushed his ass up trying to get more of his cock in my mouth and it went all the way to the back of my mouth. "Shit little sis you sure know how to suck a cock, just don't stop". I kept sucking and jacking running my tongue around the head. It was a wonderful feeling to have my brothers cock in my mouth.

I increased the pace and she was starting to fuck my face. He grabbed my head and started pounding this huge had cock into my mouth. I felt his balls get tight and the head of his cock get bigger and I knew he was about to cum. I took my mouth off long enough to tell him he could cum in my mouth then started sucking again. "Oh Oh OH sissss i'm going to ccccummmmmmmmmm". I felt the first jet hit the back of my mouth followed by several more. I tried to swallow all of it but there was so much that some leaked out the side of my mouth. I took my mouth off and looked at his beautiful cock still leaking a little cum out of the head.

He said, "That was great sis the best blow job I ever had, can I return the favor and eat your pussy?" I was so horny at that point all I wanted was to shove that cock as far up into my pussy as I could. I told him that I wanted to get fucked and he could eat me later. When I said that his cock got hard again. I raised one leg and got on top of him. I put the huge head and the opening of my little fuck hole and started to lower my self down. As the head penetrated my I threw my head back and screamed Ooooohhhhhhhh. He reached up and started penching my nipples and he shoved his ass up and drove more of his cock in me. "Oh big brother I've never had one that big in me, it feels sooo fucking good just keep driving it in? I bounced up and down a couple of times then drove the whole length of his cock up into my small wet cunt. I thought I was going to  pass out it felt so good. I started bouncing up and down on his dick driving it all the way in every time. Every time it went in I screamed "Oh Oh". I had never felt anything so wonderful in my life.

He lifted me up and rolled me over on my back and pulled my legs up and put them behind his sholders and started to fuck me like a jack hammer. "OH fuck me my lovely brother drive that big peace of meat in my hard" He said "Gawd sis you have a tight pussy and it is red hot I could fuck you all night". " Just keep fucking me brother and don't ever stop" "Fuck Me Fuck ME fuck that pussy of mine!" "Faster Faster Harder fuck me harder I'm about to cum" He was driving his dick deeper than any man had ever been and about to bring me to my first orgasm with a cock and not my finger. "Oh shit sis I'm gona cum should I jerk it?" "NO NO shoot all your cum in me fill me with your seed"

He lowered his head and put his lips on mine stuck his tongue in my mouth and that drove me over the edge and I had my first orgasm with a mans cock. I felt him shoot and he drove his cock in me as deep as he could go. He pulled his mouth off and with each thrust he would grunt and shoot another jet of cum in me. I saw stars and thought  I was going to faint as my orgasm sweep over and through my young body.

When he had drained his balls in my cunt he rolled off me. I was so weak I couldn't move. "Big Brother that was without a doubt the best fuck I ever had bar none". "You were great sis, I have never fucked a pussy that was that tight." With Mom and Dad being gone so much we can do this lots more. And we did almost every night either I  would go to his room or he would come to mine and he would fuck me blind.

If you enjoy this let me know

The Beginnings: A Boy and His Mom

carnagedmeat on Incest Stories

My name is Matthew, my mom is happily with a guy name Skip. Skip is about 40, and my mom is going on 45, so there's is a bit of a difference. My Mom and Dad got divorced about 5 years ago, and I live mostly with my Mom. The only time I have ever actually seen her naked was when I walked in on her changing in the bathroom. She is beautiful, her tits hung enormous, like we think of gods as big. She was bending over when I walked in so I got a good look at her tight ass. Perfectly round, with a pussy that was shaven so clean that it looked like silk. I almost got a hard on, but with the awkwardness of the situation, it kind of went away. She gasped and hid her tits and pussy and I kind jumped,
"Sorry!!" I said and closed the door.
 I had kind of forgoten about it, wh
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ich was good and I hoped she had too. She came into my room afterwards, I was reading a book for english class, I put down my book and she said,
"Matt, remember to knock before you enter a room, or this stuff happens."
"I'm really sorry, and I feel kind of weird now." I said.
"Well dont," she said and smiled as she closed my door.
I had mostly forgotten about the situation, but when I masturbate or fuck, images of her come into my head every now and then.
My name is Matthew, I'm 5'10", I'm 15, slightly built, and I have an 8 inch cock and 6 inches around when fully erect.
My name is Matthew and I'm an only child.
One morning I was taking my shower, and we had just gotten back from camping, so everything was scattered throughout the house from where someone dumped it and forgot about it. I was beating one off because I hadn't done it in a while. I heard a knock on the door, and I said,
"What," in the calm voice I ussualy have. My mom was saying that
"I need to grab my tooth brush, I think it might've got mixed with your stuff." There was a short pause and I said,
"Uhh, can you wait a little bit?"
"No, I feel all groudy if I dont brush my teeth after a shower." I didnt answer.
"I promise I wont look, I'll only grab my tooth brush and be on my way." There was another pause, and I sighed.
"Okay." She opened the door, she was in a bath robe, and immediately went to the counter and grabbed a blue and white toothbrush, I could see every curve, she was perfect. She quickly turned around, but in the direction I was standing, in the shower. My cock had shrunk slightly but still stood at about 7 inches and was throbbing. She let out a little gasp, and double took and quickly walked out of the bathroom and slammmed the door. I could feel butterflies in my stomach, not thinking about it, my cock was down to it's flaccid 6 inches, and I finished my shower. I took a long time to finish because I felt weird about what had happened. When I got out my mom was dressed and talking on the phone about something or other, to whoever, I didnt really care. She looked at me and stuttered, maybe I was just analyzing it to much, maybe it was something the person the other line said, but it would have gone unnoticed to someone who wasnt looking for it. She finished her conversation and said.
"How was your shower Mat?"
"Good," I said, "How are your teeth?"
She smiled, "Status Que."
My mom was like a genius, she was so smart, I had no idea what status que meant, but I just smiled. She wasnt like a stereotypical genius like the ones you'd see on TV. She was beautiful, 5'7", silky-dirty blonde hair, not to skinny, complection of the gods, and when she smiled, straight pearly white teeth, the kind that blind curious men.
At about 9-o-clock, i was bushed, Skip had got home from work and made us some fancy french thing that tasted awsome. I laid down on my bed and went to sleep straight away.
When my clock struck mid-night, a sound could be heard, it was quiet enough not to wake me. My door creaked open. Standing in the entrance was a beautiful woman, my mom. She looked around as if she were about to steal something. Skip was probably deep asleep and snoring, like I was. She crept over to my bed and appeared to be contemplating something, a conundrum. She seemed to have made up her mind when she knelt down beside me and tugged on my pajama bottoms till they rolled past my flaccid cock. Her eyes widened. I had gone commando. It was still huge when limp. I rolled over in my sleep, and when I stopped my cock was right in her face and hanging off the side of my leg. She stared breathlessly at my dick. Her hand reached towards it and stopped half way, she was seemed to be in a mental slur, she reach some more and stop, and reach some more and stop, until she touched the tips of her fingers to it. This time she stopped a long time, but finally let lust get better of her. She slowly took my cock in her hand. It was warm. A smile crept across her face, when suddenly, the limp cock that lay there, grew and hardended, I was having a nocturnal emission, she stopped breathing. And looked around for some sign of what had happened, she looked at my face, expressionless. Her went back to my dick, throbbing, she licked her lips, wanting so much to make that mountain hers, but she didnt. She took my dick in her hands and placed it gently back into my pajamas. And quietly shut the door to my room.
I woke up the next morning, and rubbed my eyes, my cock was sitting uncomfortably, so I reached in my pants and readjusted. I walked into the kitchen to see my mom preparing coffee. She turned around and asked.
"Did you sleep good?" with a sortof, I'm not sure if he knows that I snuck into his room and felt his dick, kind of tone. And I didnt know, so I didnt understand why she said it like that.
"I slept great." I told her, "Did you?"
"Not really, I was kind of restless," she told me, looking relieved.
"Well, I hope you have a good day then." She had to be at work in a few minutes, so she quickly grabbed her ppurse and whatever else, and walked out of the house. But before she closed the door she said.
"I will be home at three. I love you." She said, and I waved.
"You too."
I sat on the couch and watched some TV. Some show came on about tiny bunnies advenuring into the candy village, so I turned it off, and walked into my moms room. For no reason I just wanted to know what my moms breast size was. I looked into her dresser and found no bras, but a lot of thongs. I was hard almost instantly. Just looking at girls underware made me horny. My pajamas had a bulge coming through, like and irregularly growing mountain. I looked for one pair that covers your entire ass, and found none. I smiled. I looked through all the drawers and found a stash of dildos and porn. My spine tingled thinking about. I looked into her enormous wal in closet and saw no bras, except for one lying on the ground. I grabbed it and read the tag. 43D. My eyes widened and I smiled. I laid it back where it was and grabbed a porn movie from the draw. I Stretched out on my bed, naked, and started jerking.
After about an hour I came. I cleaned up and put the DVD back where I got making sure to disturb nothing else. I sat back on the couch and watched some TV till my mom came home, she looked exhausted.
"Hi honey, how was your day?"
"Good, you?"
"Long," she answered and paused, but quickly went back to what she was doing. "I think I'm going to take a bath, and then a nap." Mom ussualy never had a bath, but I figured it didnt matter. She went to her room, I stayed and watched TV. My curiosity got the better of me. I looked throught the crack in the door. The doors lock broke before we got the house so it wouldnt shut properly. I looked at her, the tub seemed to be placed perfectly so I could see her perfect body being washed slowly. Her eyes were closed and her head leaned back. Her hand washed each breast caressing them gently, and slowly lowered to her pussy, she let out a slight moan. I freaked, and walked quickly to my room. My mind raced. And I smiled. I thought about how many times I forgot to close my door all the way, and wondered if she had looked throught the crack. I got hard just thinking about it. I fell asleep on my bed, alittle later. And just like before, when the clock hit midnight my door, creaked open. She went to my bed, this time whereing a nighty, and gently pulled down my pants. My cock was already hard this time, and she gaped at it. She didnt hesitate this time. Quickly she grabbed my throbbing member and stared. She could barely fit her hand around it. She moved hand slowly up and down the shaft, and qucikly glanced at me. I was snoring. Her head moved closer to my cock and carefully closed her mouth around it. She deepthroated immediatly, and I dont know how anyone could stand sleeping through this muche ectasy. I didnt. I woke, and it was all I could do to keep from gasping. I stared eyes wide at her, her head moving up and down with her hand along with it, like a pro. She looked up at me and I quickly closed my eyes. She didnt stop so she must not have seen. I opened my eyes a little, my cock glistened in the moonlight, with her spit, my own mothers spit. She kept going, get faster and deeper with every blow, until I came, deep into her throat, she looked a little suprised to see how much there was, and it just kept coming. She swallowed it all, a licked my cock clean. She glanced at me one more time. My cock still throbbed, but I was playing it off, I kept on looking calm, and kept my breating constant. I rolled to make it look better and my saliva covered cock touched the sheets. She gave me one more looke and walked out, this time leaving my cock hanging out. I didnt know if it was intentional or not, but it didnt matter. I grabbed my cock which was now coated in her saliva, and sighed, "My Mom," I whispered and rolled over falling back to sleep.
The next morning I woke, my cock still hard, I walked out of my room to see no one was home. There was a note on the counter, "got called into work early, and Skip had to leave for buisiness, have a good day, I love you'. He read the note again, and he smiled. He wanted his mom. The thought had come across his head a couple of times before, but thought it would never happen. He knew now that she wanted him to, and it was only a matter of time. His cock throbbed and he removed his pants and walked around at full salute the rest of the day, every once and a while grabbing his cock and squeezing it saying, "We'll be with her soon."
His mom came home early today, most likely because she had to go to work early. She had a huge smile on her face, we said our 'how are you's' and she said, "I think I'm going to go work out," I nodded and she walked into her bedroom. When she worked out, she was bear foot, and she wore a tiny wife-beater, the kind that stretch and contour to the body, and a very skimpy, boy short esk pair of spandex, the kind that you can see her ass crack when bending over, her pussy is defined and very noticeable, and, if she had any, you'd be able to see her pubic hair come from the front of them.
Lots of times she'd use the excer-bike, but most of the time it was yoga. I couldnt help my self. I walked towards my room, stripped to everything but my boxers and walked into hers. I knocked, "Come in," she said. I walked in. She turned towards me and looked at my boxers where my cock would be than at my face. She didnt have a problem with that, because I ussualy walked in them before a shower. When I saw her boby, my cock went firm, but i acted like nothing happened.
"I think I'm going to take a shower," I said and stretched my back to let my cock hang high. She stopped stretching and bit her lip slightly.
"Okay honey," she said in an erotic voice. I walked quickly to the bathroom, and took off my boxers and stroked my cock as I turned on the water.
"Honey," she said through th door. I was startled so I jumped, but soon smiled and said, "What?"
"Can I come in?"
I didnt even think about it and said yes. She violently opened the door and gasped to see my throbbing manhood.
"What do you need?" I asked. She was still where her work out clothes, and my cock throbbed violently.
She saw this and smiled, She walked toward me seductively. As she got closer I noticed she'd been sweating and I could see her tits prodominently through her shirt, they were as perfect as I remember.
She put her hand on my shoulder, "Just to show you something," she smiled and removed her top slowly. Her tits bounced around. I didnt notice, but my mouth was watering. She looked down at my dick.
"Oh my god, where do you put that?:" She asked in awe.
I smiled, "I can think of a few places."
She looked back at me, and gave a very seductive smile. My gaze went to her tits, still bouncing around uncontrolabley. I lowered my head to her sweat soaked spandex. She reached down and  slowly gripped my cock, it pulsed in her hand. I reached my hands to her hips and turned her around. Her ass was so perfect, even better than I remember. I rubbed the indentation where her pussy was, and she moaned. Sweat soaked spandex turned me on for some reason. Her juices were soaking them even more. I dug my finger deep into her pussy, an even louder moan.
"Matt," she said, "I want to show you even more." My heart raced. I turned her towards me and gripped the sides of her spandex and pulled them down slowly, clinging to each surface. Her pussy was just a I remembered, bare as a babies butt. I rubbed the skin above, smooth as silk. She looked at my dick again, and knelt down. Her eyes met mine one last time before she started tonguing the tip. It felt so good. I didnt have to hide the pleasure this time. She opened her mouth wide, and started throating it, getting lower and lower each time, until she reached the base. She didnt gag, like others girls who'd given me head. She must practice I thought. Her throat seemed endless. I gripped her long dirty blonde hair and started skull fucking her. She moaned, it was muffled but still audible. My cock tingled from the base to the head. I was about to come. She was all the way to the base, when I came. It shot deep into her throat. She didnt choke, or gag, just swallowed, licked up my cock and smiled.
"Do you want to fuck me?" she asked.
I made it seem like I had a choice but soon said, "Yes."
We walked to the bedroom. I sat on her bed, while she ran into her closet to do something. My cock seemed bigger than it ever was and was pulsing madly. In a few minutes, she came out of her closet. My mouth gaped open when I saw her. She wore a, tiny, black thong. I was surprised it concealed anything. He garter belt was pink to and she wore long black stockings. The only bra she owned, the one I saw on the floor, was black and was barely a bra at all. It covered her only enough so that none of her nipple showed. She walked over to me seductively. Her hands on her hips and she sat on my lap, her pussy grazing my cock. She leaned over my chest, her lips touch mine. Her tongue flew around my mouth, fighting with mine. We kissed for a whole minute, and I removed her bra. Her tits were perfect, I leaned my head towards them and started tonguing them. She went crazy, and began moaning louder than ever. My cock hardened even more, pressing against her pussy. I reached my hand down her thong and started fingering her pussy. She moaned so loudly. I got turned on even more. I pulled her thong to the side of her pussy. She was ready. And lifted up over my dick, and slowly lowered herself, on to it. Her pussy was so tight. She screamed in pleasure, so did I, and not even half way down my shaft, her body shook violently. She was in orgasm, already. I was so hard. She lowered her self farther and farther, until she sat squarly on my hips. My cock had disapeared into her deep pussy. She rose again and slammed herself on it. It felt so good. She shook even more violently, and her juices dripped on my stomach, warm. Every time she lifted she moaned and when she lowered, she orgasmed. I grabbed her hips and used my masculine arms to lift her and lower her faster.
"OH YEAH, OH YEAH. COME ON BABY, FUCK ME, FUCK MY TIGHT PUSSY, OH!" she screamed, "MAKE ME CUM, MAKE YOUR MOM CUM, OH, FUCK YEAH, OH!" I was about to burst, she shook slightly, and I came, deep in her pussy, more than I'd ever cum before. My dick throbbed uncontrolabley. My cum and her juices streamed out of her. She thrusted once more and laid on my chest. We kissed for another minute, more intensely this time. She laid the bed next to me her face in front of mine. We stared at each other smiling.
"I love you Matt," she said.
"You too." I said back.
We laid there staring for about five minutes.
"Why dont we take a shower." she told me.
I didnt hesitate, and I followed her to her bathroom. It was bigger than mine, more space in the shower. We got in and turned on the water. My cock was still huge, and she hadnt forgotten about it. Once the water had come to a reasonable temperature we walked in and washed each other, making sure to take detail to her pussy and ass, while she washed my dick. As I rubbed her as with soap she smiled and said.
"Do you want to fuck your Moms ass." I smiled
"Of course." She smiled and turned toward the faucet and stuck her ass out. I rubbed my cock before grabbing her hips and thrustiong my body so my dick was right on the opening. She moaned alittle and I pushed slowly. Her ass was tight, TIGHT. It took all I had to get the tip in. She moaned uncontrolabley. I thrust hard. It felt good. The warmth of her ass around my dick, the extreme tightness. "Mom your so tight." she smiled
"I know." she turned her head toward me. I thrust harder and harder. She moaned louder and louder. Im sure the neighboors heard, but it didnt matter. I grabbed a bar of soap and began soap fucking her pussy. She screamed in pure ectasy. We fucked for a long time and the shower was starting to get cold, so it was in good time that I came, right as it became uncomfortable. I shot my load deep into her ass. And she moaned and orgasmed at the same time. When I pulled out, her now huge asshole shrunk back to its original size, leaving all the cum trapped in side. She turned towards me and we hugged and kissed. Before the water got to cold we cleaned ourselves again. And dried each other off. She wanted me to rub her lotion on her, so i did. she sat naked on the toilet as I rubbed lotion all over her body, squeezing her tits and rubbing her pussy and ass. She smiled and we walked back to her bed. I laid down facing the ceiling and she straddled me. And lowered herself on my still throbbing cock. She went all the way down the shaft, and back up, moaning all the way. She stood up and layed down beside me, her ass in front of my cock. I moved closer and rubbed my dick up against her pussy. She moaned and I wrapped my arms around her and inserted dick. We fucked for at least two hours before I came. And it was huge. My dick was at least 9 inches now.
Her and I were wiped. We fell asleep, my dick still in her pussy. When I woke she had rolled over and re inserted my cock and fell asleep again. It is a rush to sleep a your cock in a girls pussy, even more so when that girl is your mom.
The rest of Skip buisiness trip was like this, when she got home we fucked for hours and slept with my dick in her pussy. We didnt even bother waring clothes around the house anymore, neither did I. When Skip got back, she came into my room at night and blew me. It felt so good to be fucked daily. Skip normally didnt get home till late, so we fucked when he was gone. We took showers and fucked. When she went into town for gorceries, we fucked in the car in the parking lot.
I love my mom, she's beautiful, perfect in everyway. She Is pregnant now, with my kid. Skip thinks it's his, but I know the truth.
My name is Matthew, I'm 6'0'', I'm 19, My cock is 9 inches when erect now. Mom and Skip, divorced over some arguement about whatever, a little bit ago.
My name is Matthew, I live with my mom, and we've kept on having sex throughout the years, at least daily. We love each other more than anything. And if someone fucks it up....
My name is Matthew Conner Johnnson, we havent decided for a name for the kid yet, but I have an idea.


DaddyBare on Incest Stories

Before you read this... know this is a departure from our normal stories...
I would also like to remind all.. it is just a story and we in no way condone abuse of any form! with that said... I hope you enjoy the next story...

[IMG][/IMG] />Amanda lay with her creamy white butt sticking out. Her little ass-hole looked all red and sore around the rim, gaping, seemingly like a deep well filled to overflowing with hot sticky seaman! Her tears soaked her pillow and her body shook with sobs. The girl could still feel the hot liquid swimming around in her bowels. Desperate to cover not just her naked body but also her shame and humiliation she wanted to throw a blanket over herself. But she had had been told, “Don’

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t you dare move a muscle! You stay just like that! I might want some more of that sweet ass before bed”! Out of fear Amanda did what she was told. Scared of what he might do next? Scared he might know other more painful ways to punish her? Scared he might not elect to use her again and then she wouldn’t know the pure pleasure of felling her daddy’s cock buried in her body again!
Amanda was a typical spoiled little girl, the only daughter of a working class mother and father. She was by all accounts beautiful beyond her years. On the tall side with long flowing blond hair and sparkling blue eyes, half way between C and D cup her breasts were firm and sat high on her chest! Amanda loved nothing more to wear tops that best displayed her assets! Given a choice she would wear silk shorts to show off her rounded hips and heart shaped ass. All in all you could say little Amanda liked to dress like a girl looking to get laid!

 Her parents lavished her with gifts and attention. Buying her pretty clothes even a new car when she was old enough, a car they really couldn’t afford. They dearly loved their only daughter, wishing for her a better life then they had. But Amanda wanted more!

 It was on the internet chat rooms that she found her thrill. Older men begged to see more of her tender young body, promising her gifts and money if she would. It started as just a kick, something to keep the men interested; she flashed her tits to the cam and instantly had a hundred men begging for more! But Amanda had made a critical mistake. She posted her real name and address!

 First it was gifts that started to arrive, flowers and jewelry. Then came the letters professing their love and desire to marry her! Then came offers to hook up in secret places some the envelopes stuffed with cash! Amanda loved the attention and the money, so when she went back to her desk and sat at her computer she was fully nude. The praise she received over how pretty her pussy was, was like an addiction! Amanda wanted more and hidden safely behind the screen of her computer she felt safe enough to give her fans what they wanted.

 Of course all good things come to an end and that happened one day while her father sat quietly in the living room reading the newspaper. The man who stocked Amanda for months had no way of knowing Mitchell Parks was home. Mitch had put the car in the garage so he could change the oil later. So when Chester just opened the front door and walked in completely nude and the forty eight year old started calling for his Obsession, “Hey Amanda! Your lover boy is here! Come and get me”! That’s when Mitch noticed the pasty white pudgy old man standing just inside his door, calling for his daughter!

  When Helen Parks arrived home the police and ambulance were just leaving. Her husband Mitchell stood next to an officer giving the last of his statement. Fearing the worse she rushed to Mitch’s side and her first clue of what was wrong came when the officer talking to her husband held open a folder filled with hundreds of nude pictures of her daughter doing the most lewd things she’d ever seen!

 Helen seething with anger flew up the stairs to her child’s room grabbed her lap top and smashed it to the floor. Before Amanda had a chance to explain, Helen lunged at the girl, her fingernails ripping at hair and face screaming, “You fucken little slut”! When it was over Amanda lay curled up on the floor naked, her clothes ripped from her body! In fact Helen had taken all her clothes including her underwear and flung them out the window to the lawn, “This way you have to stay in the house you little bitch! Just you wait until your father gets a hold of you”!

 Amanda came down to the living room that night, as ordered. She knew her punishment was about to be administered and she was ready to get it over with. First she stood in front of the couch and listened to her mother rant, “How could you do this to us? We didn’t raise you to be a whore”! “What if you’d been alone when that man came in to rape you? What would have happened if your father wasn’t here”? The words poured out of her mother’s mouth, slut, whore, bitch, cunt! With each new word Helen’s anger rose, so did Amanda’s shame.

 When her father rose to his feet Amanda trembled. This was what she’s been expecting. She watched him remove his belt then snap it testing. Her little heart skipped a beat at the sound. Roughly he spun her around and with a hand on the middle of her back forced her to bend over the coffee table! Ass up she braced herself for what she thought was a well deserved whipping!

 She lost count of how many times the belt landed on her tender and very sore bottom. Twice she tried to sink to her knees. Her father paused ling enough to prop her back up. Only once did she try and use her hands to protect her ass. the belt landing squire on the middle of her back told her that was worse then having her butt whipped!

 Still bent over, ass throbbing, her tears made a puddle under her face. Out of the corner of her eye she saw her mother stand with a white tube clutched in her fist. Amanda thought her mom was going to apply a lotion to make the burning stop. That was until her felt her mother’s fingers go right between her cheeks and the cold jell that pressed into her ass-hole made her jump a little.

 When Amanda looked back she saw her father standing behind her. His huge massive cock was in his hand. Mitch stroked his manhood with a gleam of lust in his eyes as he watched his wife lube up their little girl. Amanda screamed, “No Daddy… Don’t”! But when she tried to stand up he put his hand on her back and pushes her back down again. His fingers viciously dug into her hips lifting her bottom up and into position.

 The flash of pain when her father entered her felt like a white hot poker had been shoved up her ass! Amanda screamed and tried once again to get up and out from under her father. Helen grabbed the girl’s hair and forced her head back. Hissing into her daughter’s face, her voice dripping with venom, “You wanted to be a slut, then take it like a slut”!

 Helpless and out numbered two to one Amanda relented and accepted her punishment. She bit down hard on her lower lip tasting the salty tears flow down her face. Her head jerked as her father pounded his cock in and out of her ass! Silently she prayed that he would cum soon and it would all be over. But then she heard her father’s voice from behind, “Hey Helen, check this out. The little bitch is soaking wet”!

 Amanda’s heart skipped a beat. It was true; she could feel her juices freely running down her leg! Her own body had betrayed her!  She felt the cool air rush into her gaping ass-hole when her father pulled out. Sweet relief from the huge hunk of man meat that had invaded her body! But it was not to last, her father only lifted her hips higher then plunged his cock in her pussy!

 Amanda screamed when she felt her hymen rip! The flash of pain gripped her bowels and she felt her muscles contract and clamp down on her fathers cock! He pounded into her so hard her neck whipped, her head jerked with each painful thrust, her voice turned into a ragged, “Ugh, ugh, ugh”!

 Several long painful minutes past, before she felt her father give one big hard shove. Then she felt the explosion of hot liquid fill her womb. It took her mind a second to register she was now filled with her daddy’s seaman. The sticky liquid now coating her abused pussy felt more like a calming warm glow spreading out from her middle. One she wanted to embrace and keep inside forever.

 Her father pulled out as he stepped back. His cock sprang free with a loud sucking pop. She could feel their combined juices running down her legs as more of that sweet cool air rushed in to chill the fires burning within her body. The remaining ache, sharp and sweet like a scab you just have to pick at!

 Amanda looked back and saw her father’s cock smeared with her blood and his seaman. She felt a new ache in her middle, this time one of loss. Before when it was in, Amanda felt stuffed, overfilled, strained to capacity! Now that he was out she felt empty as if a part of her body had been removed. She looked back as his slowly deflating member and felt a longing well up in her bosom. She wanted it back, back where it belonged, in her!

 Amanda felt light as a feather when her father scooped her up into his big powerful arms and carried her back to her room. Her heart and body ached. It was over, justice had been served and burning pain from her bottom would remind her of her wrong doings for the next week.
 As he carefully laid his precious little princess on her bed he kissed her forehead tenderly. “Get some sleep baby girl”. He whispered and he pulled the sheet over her.

 Dazed and confused Amanda watched him walk towards the door. When his hand reached for the knob she squeaked, “Daddy… wait”! Mitch stopped and slowly turned to face his daughter. Her heart pounding, threatening to burst Amanda, voice breaking nervously whimpered,
“Don’t leave daddy…. I want…I need….Please! Punish me some more”!

My sister's party.

elfstar on Incest Stories

     It was just after 1am and I was up in my bedroom jerking off over the internet - again. I was 15 years old and had made out with a couple of girls from school, but the only real sex I had seen was from downloading it. The music from downstairs became louder and I could hear laughter and, god-help-us! drunken singing. Steph, my sister, had gotten home about a half hour ago from her party and had evidently brought some friends back with her. Our parents were away for the weekend, and any hopes I'd had for a quiet night enjoying myself were now dashed.

    My sister Steph was older than me and had just recently had her 22nd birthday. She'd moved back home a few months earlier after moving out of her no ex-boyfriend's place. Mom a

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nd Dad couldn't have been happier to have her back but for me it was a different story. It wasn't that I didn't get along with Steph - we'd always been pretty good friends despite her ability to be a real bitch and treat with as much disrespect at times, especially in front of her friends, as you could imagine. My main problem was that since she had moved out I had discovered a real interest in girls and was walking around with a hard-on at least seventy-five percent of my waking hours. And, although my sister had always been quite attractive, or so all my friends had told me, she was now undeniably sexy and everyone I knew was heavily in lust with her, including me. Having her living the same house as me in the sexed-up state that I was in was causing my imagination to go into over-drive. On more than one occasion I had taken the initiative to walk into the bathroom while Steph was showering and had gottten more than a good look at her soaped-up body, before quickly leaving with the excuse that I didn't know she was in there. And then I'd lock myself in my room and jerk-off thinking about her. Whenever I'd get the chance, when giving her a brotherly hug or if we were fighting or anything, I'd take the chance to touch her breast or her ass, or even to rub myself against her if I could get away with it. Though I knew all this was incredibly wrong, I found it utterly thrilling and I really didn't feel bad about it.

    And there I was, my dick in my hand, and my sister playing loud music downstairs with her drunken friends. My main concern was that the music would upset the neighbours and we'd have the cops banging on our door. I pulled up my pants, unlocked my door and made my way downstairs, deciding to be the responsible one. There were a couple of guys dressed as pirates and sailors dancing with a few of Steph's friends, who were dressed as cheerleaders and policewomen and play-boy bunnies. Steph was atop the coffee-table, dancing seductively, wearing a very revealing schoolgirl outfit. My cock got hard instantly on seeing her, the plaid very-short skirt riding high up her tanned thighs, knee-high white socks, a tight white top tied underneath her bust to make her already full breasts push up even further. Her dark hair was up in a pony-tail, her face made up with what could only be described as hot, sexy, whorish make-up with glitter around her eyes. She saw me and immediately jumped down from the table and ran over to me and hugged me, pulling me towards her. I could smell the alcohol on her and could tell she was quite drunk.

    "How was the costume-party, sis?" I asked.

    "We had a great time," she answered.

    If I didn't know any better I would have thought that she was pushing herself against me, but I knew that in my horny state anything would feel like that. In any case, I took the opportunity to slightly rub my cock against her thigh.

    "Hey everybody," she declared, "this is my brother."

    Oh boy, she was drunk. Still, it was nice having her hold me this way. Then, to my surprise, Steph gave me a kiss, on the mouth, and I felt her tongue briefly enter my mouth. This time I knew for sure that she was grinding herself against me, I could feel her warm body against my erection, pushing slowly up and down. Her friends cheered and raised their drinks to me, unaware of what was really going on. Steph released me and gave a quick look to the bulge in my pants. "Have a good night, little brother," she said, and turned back to her friends.

    I went back up the stairs in a daze, and only when I was back in my bedroom did I realise i had forgotten to tell her about the loud music. I lay on my bed and thought of Steph's lips against mine, of her pushing against my hard cock. I took my cock out of my pants and began to rub it thinking of my sister.

    Suddenly the door opened and I looked up in horror to see Steph and her friend Kelly looking down at me.

    "See," giggled Steph, "I told you he has a nice cock."

    I tried to tuck myself away but I was too hard to put back in. I sat up and tried to cover my cock the best I could with my hands. Steph and Kelly came into my room and closed the door behind them.

    "Don't worry," said Kelly, "I want to see it.

    Kelly was the same age, almost to the day, as Steph, and they had been friends for a long time. Kelly was bleached blonde with brown eyes and a great figure. Tonight she was dressed as a cheerleader and she looked every bit the part. Her black boots came up over her knees and her green and blue clothes, or what there was of them, clung tightly to her curves. I was shocked and I really didn't know what to do.

    "Kelly's always thought you were cute," smiled Steph.

    "And now you're growing up," added Kelly. She sat down on the side of the bed. "Can I see it?" she asked.

    I looked up at Steph, who raised her eyebrows and grinned.

    I took my hands away from my cock, half expecting the rest of her friends to barge into the room and laugh at me, or for Steph to pull out a camera and take a picture to humiliate me later. But to my surprise, none of this occured. Kelly looked down at me hard cock and then back up to Steph.

    "I always knew he'd have something good down there," she said. She looked back to me. "Is it OK if I touch it?"

    "Uh, yeah, sure," I stammered.

    Kelly slowly traced a finger down the underside length of my shaft down to the balls, then ran it back up. My cock twitched with excitement and I felt I could cum straight away. She circled her finger around the head of my cock and wetting it with pre-cum. I shuddered. She wrapped the fingers of her other hand around the shaft and slowly began to rub my cock up and down. Steph leaned over her shoulder, smiling. Kelly gave me a devellish look and then lowered her head and took my cock into her warm mouth.

    "That's gotta feel good, little brother," Steph said to me.

    "Oh yeah," I said, gasping for breath.

    Steph got closer so she could watch as Kelly's lips slid slowly up and down the length of my cock. "That's so fucking hot," she said.

    Kelly leaned up and slid down her top to reveal her perfect breasts. Her nipples were very hard. Steph undid the buttons of her shirt and showed her equally fine pair. "He's seen these before," she laughed.

    "He's so hard," Kelly said to my sister, "wanna share it?"

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Steph grinned up at me. "I think he'd like that," she replied

    The next thing I knew, my sister Steph opened her mouth above my cock and wrapped her lips around it. She looked up into my eyes as she sucked slowly up and down, the corners of her mouth forming a smile. Kelly moved down and used her tongue to lick the shaft beside Steph's lips. They looked into each other's eyes and met their lips at the head of my cock with a hot kiss.

    "Is this a nice way to get your first blowjob," laughed Steph, before taking me back into her mouth. Kelly joined her and the two of them worked their lips in unison around my cock, moving up and down. I sat back and looked on stunned to see my hot older siater and her sexy best friend licking and sucking on my hard cock. The sight was too much for me and I knew I couldn't take much more. I began bucking my hips and Steph took my cock in her hand and began to frantically jack me off.

    "Come on little brother," she cried. Kelly joined her and the two of them stroked me, their beautiful faces next to my cock, faster and faster, "Cum for us little brother," my cock ready to burst, not able to hold on, a shot of cum flew up into the air between their faces, followed by another as they continued to stroke me. Steph and Kelly looked up at me, smiling, as I let fly with another sting of cum, followed by anothrt.

    "Oh my God!"cried Kelly.

    "I've never seen someone cum so hard," exclaimed Steph.

    Finally I stopped cumming, and I lay back exhausted. "Oh. little brother," said Steph, still stroking me. "You've been holding onto that for a long time."

    Steph and Kelly grinned up at me, a few shots of cum clinging to their chins. Steph wrapped her beautiful breasts around my cock and slid it between them. "I can't believe i just blew my own brother," she said. Kelly grinned and raised her eyebrows.

    "Maybe," added Steph from her position between my thighs," I'll have to do it again sometime, just to be sure."

    And with that, my sister and her friend stood up, adjusted their tops, and left me exhausted on the bed to go  back downstairs and party with their friends.






Sally's Garden

LadyLane on Incest Stories

The Hamilton's lived in outback Australia, not the most open minded of places the locals were disgruntled when, what looked like, a family of pale faced suburbanites bought the largest farm stead left half alive. It had been quite some time since then though, and the freckly red headed family were running the farm just as if they were born into it.

There was only one girl in the whol

Alex & Angela

UpperTown on Incest Stories

Alex couldn’t believe his sister Angela turned thirteen today. She was four years his junior and it just seemed like yesterday she was his sexless little sister. Now, looking at her closely, he could see that she had become a very beautiful young girl, as if overnight.

Angela had long, naturally blonde hair which flowed softly around her shoulders and down to the middle of her back

Brotherly, Sisterly Love

g_goyal2000 on Incest Stories

For the past four years, since Ginger's husband, Jerry, died she had been walking the walls for sex while getting off only by fingering her saliva moistened slit. But sex with an eligible male adult is very difficult to come by when a women is 35, with two teenage children living at home with her. Though Ginger and Jerry had been married 12 blissful years, their ravenous appetite for each other had never diminished. They just loved to eat and fuck each other. On an almost daily basis, there was cock sucking, muff diving, 69ing and a follow-up fuck for good measure. While not enthusiastic about it, once in a while, Ginger let him bugger her tight bung. But in order to get to fuck her asshole he had to do 30 minutes of begging, pussy lapping, asshole licking, a

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nd afterwards reward her with dinner out at some very expensive place.

Ginger's 32-year old brother, Roger, was experiencing a similar sex-starved situation since his bitter and expensive divorce and his wife Ruth's remarriage. He lost the house and his kids in the divorce, and for the past few months he and Ginger had been celibately living together in her spare bedroom with her two children, sharing the kitchen, TV, and living room. Unbeknownst to the other, in the privacy of their respective bedrooms, both Roger and Ginger resorted to frequent bouts of self-abuse.

Roger had taken to renting XXXX porno movies, which he played in his bedroom with the door closed and the volume turned way down, so that Ginger would think he was asleep. When the hour arrived for Ginger to retire for the night, Roger would slip off his robe and stand naked facing the TV and a floor-to-ceiling mirror. Some nights he could get his balls off two or three times before giving in to the sleep fairy and a night of turning and tossing. His regular morning erections made a tent out of his top sheet.

Little did he know at the time that Ginger had sneaked one of his erotic movies to the TV in her room and spent hours massaging her firm boobs, fingering her juicy twat, and sucking her tasty cunt flavored fingers. This particular cassette showed explicit sexual frivolities between actors posing to be brothers and sisters, interspersed with scenes displaying daughters fucking and sucking off their fathers and sons fucking and going down on their mothers' pussies.

The next morning, Roger missed one of the TV movies, which were due to be exchanged at the rental place for others. He didn't want to broach the subject with Ginger, so he waited until she was in the shower to retrieve it. He was searching in her room, dressed only in his jockey shorts. Fresh from her shower, she was surprised to find him in her bedroom. Ginger walked in with with only a towel wrapped around her waist, with her ivory breasts perky and bare. She said, without any embarrassment whatsoever, that she had sneaked the cassette and had played it over and over more than three times while diddling her cunt and fingering her asshole.

"Roger, you may disagree, but I really don't see anything wrong with mature adults enjoying each other's bodies. If you and I were doing it like the actors in these cassettes, think of the money you could save on the rentals, and you'd certainly get a fuck more satisfying than your hand jobs. My dead husband had been a man of the world before we married, but he always told me that I was the greatest cock sucker and the best fuck he'd ever had."

"Don't stand there in your jockeys and tell me that you are not interested in my ass. I'd have to be blind not to have noticed the rise in your pants whenever you see me in my string bikini or my shorty bathrobe, you know the one that exposes my buns and my cunt from behind whenever I bend over. I do this for your benefit quite a few times every day just to see if you can still fog a mirror."

"A few gray hairs on my head haven't diminished my appetite for sucking cock and regularly getting a good fuck. I dearly loved to suck Jerry's cock for the delicious juice which he squirted from his hairy balls, and, after watching these sex movies, I have even imagined your cock juice surging past my tonsils. I haven't seen you naked since you were 12 years old, but the bundle you are showing off right now in your jockey shorts before my naked tits is very impressive. Roger, I want you to let me suck your cock and for you to fuck me now."

"Listen, Ginger, we are both mature and responsible adults, but we simply have to draw the line at brother-sister sex. Not only does the good book say that it is wrong, but the law in this state makes it a crime for which you and I can both go to jail. Your boobs and ass certainly look good in your thong swim suit, and your pussy is probably the sweetest thing for munching on that a girl can have between her legs, but we must put temptation down. Just between you and me, however, except for our close family relationship, I'd love to do right now with you everything those actors in the porno video did to each other. I salivate and my cock actually dribbles when I think of sucking and taking nourishment from your cunt. The cheeks of your ass enthrall me with the mystery of what you have in the valley between them."

"But, Roger, the kids are gone to summer camp for two weeks, and no one can possibly know what we do in complete privacy. This brother-sister thing isn't going to keep me from getting a great fuck. Your mind can hold back, but I can tell the way your cock is bulging right now that it doesn't seem to have much of a conscience, and I guarantee that it will feel better in my cunt than if you just jerked it off. Your five-finger cock massages don't do me a bit of good, and all that ball cream is just wasted. When I do the laundry, I see the dried hard spots on your sheets."

Ginger was quick to reply, "We are going to do it right now, even if I have to rape you. After we do it, if you are still bugged by this old-fashioned superstition about brothers and sisters not fucking each other, I promise that I'll put on my ankle length nun's garb and never display my ass to you again. Otherwise, if you choose, we can fuck each other's brains out for the next two weeks, while the children are away." At which point Ginger dropped her towel exposing her freshly smooth shaven mound and douched cunt and pulled Roger's jockies to his ankles. Her eyes sparkled as she saw his giant balls and his erect cock spring to attention as if on command.

"Let's not resist nature's demands any longer, Roger," Ginger, told him after a sensuous French kiss. His hands on her breasts triggered the flow of her vaginal juices, as she lovingly caressed his genitals while sucking his nipples. I have been waiting for you to fuck me much too long, and I can see by my handful of your goodies that you are as ready for action as I am."

Roger's cock in a flag-pole erection looked proud, and Ginger gasped as she looked at its magnificent plum-like head. She nearly orgasmed just thinking of how good it was going to feel in her hot, churning twat after a decent amount of his cunt lapping. As she caressed his meat, Roger fondled her tits, telling her what lovely knockers she had. Then he took her in his arms, and while they kissed, he rubbed his hands down her back to feel her ass cheeks and fingered into her smooth ass crack. Ginger loved the way he cuddled her and the way his pre-cum dripping rod poked against her belly button.

As their kiss ended, Roger stepped back, staring at his sister's lovely tits, flat belly, and pristine ass. While Ginger awaited with sexual desire, she felt happy with the appearance of her body, more proud than nervous at baring it to her very own brother. He had certainly been as sex starved as she. "I still can't believe that tits can be so beautiful, so big, so firm." He held one in each hand as he kissed and fondled them and their blooming erect nipples.

"Ginger, sister, you may wonder if I am ever going to get around to fucking you, but first I'm going to suck your gorgeous nipples, and I'm also going to eat your sweet pussy and make you cum with my tongue in your slit, you are going to be my original low-calorie breakfast, but to hell with the calories anyway. I've waited months for this and you are also going to get licked, kissed, and sucked a lot of other places as well. Big sister, you had to talk me into this, but now I'm going to drive you crazy, you are going to forget that I am your little brother with the 12-year old cock that you remembered all these years."

"After you have done all of that, Roger, and made me cum many times, I'll beg you to fuck me rough and hard with the cock that I feel poking my belly button and dripping on my belly. It can't help but be the greatest fuck ever when it's inside my hot cunt that you will have made it the juiciest it has ever been. As your nuts slap against me, I'll pretend that you are superman, but, of course, without the cape, and that it will last forever. If I cross my legs I can pin your cock in my love hole and make you my fucking prisoner."

"My sweet loving brother, if it will help you to forget that I'm your sister, you can call be Susy Slut or just some cheap, low-down common street whore. That way when we fuck, you won't be able to hold any of your cum back, and I want it all. While you are living here, I never want you to shoot off again without me being on the receiving end. Now you do really and truly want to fuck me don't you, Roger?"

"My silly, sister, be my private whore. You can get your answer by just shaking hands with my cock and imagine it buried in your slit rubbing your clit," Roger told her. Then they were kissing mouth to mouth again and her breasts were pressed against his hairy chest. His hands clutched her firm ass as they shared saliva.

Ginger was sighing loudly as Roger sucked and caressed her tits. While he sucked one of her luscious twin globes, he cupped them both. This drove her further into ecstasy. She then felt one of his hands slipping down to her belly, and she invitingly spread her legs wide for his probing. Roger's fingers traipsed the path right down to her shaven pube, and he felt the moist warmth of her cunt. His palm and fingers thrilled her as he continued to suck her nipples, back and forth like a windshield wiper, going back and forth, back and forth. "Roger, my cunt is so hot and juicy for you," Ginger said.

"I was just about to go down there for closer inspection, if you think you can stand a giant tongue licking cum." Ginger gasped as his face went into her crotch. As he licked and kissed her inner thighs and pussy lips, Roger slipped his hands under the cheeks of her ass. He fondled her cheeks, but kept on sucking and slurping in her crotch, making her twist and squirm for joy. Her body trembled in an orgasm that was as explosive as any she had ever known. "Oh, Roger," she sighed, "you must be a magician with that snake-like tongue."

Then Ginger turned over and lay face down as Roger's hands went to the gorgeous cheeks of her ass. When he kissed and licked the bare skin around her upper crack, Ginger nearly came again. It had been so long since her husband, Jerry, had kissed her there so tenderly, and she had missed it more than she knew. Before taking his mouth away, he licked the top of her crack and flooded it with saliva. From time to time, he would leave her butt cheeks and his hands would pull them apart; then he was between the delectable cheeks with his tongue and he was licking down where the sun don't shine. The tip of his tongue tickled her bung, and she quivered as he lapped her sweet bud, the length of his tongue exploring her innards.

"Now my demure big sister, Would you like me to get your hot twat ready for another cum? When she answered "Yes" by simply nodding her head, she turned over and bent her knees, moving her legs wide apart, he stared into her crotch where he saw a cunt that was truly inviting more loving attention. "Sis, why didn't you tell me about your beautiful cunt? It truly is a work of art." He parted the cunt lips, stroking gently between them with his saliva moistened fingers. He fingered her slit and felt her twinge. While he rubbed over her flat stomach and shaven pubes, Roger went on fingering her twat. When he found her clit, her body jerked spasmodically. She quivered uncontrollably as an almost unbearable orgasm grasped her from her tingling scalp to the tip of her toes.

He calmly pressed his hand on her cunt and held it there until her orgasm weakened and then passed. Roger began kissing her inner upper thighs as she prayed that his mouth would again find its way to her cunt for more muff-diving. It certainly would not take much lapping to get her off once again.. He worked slowly, and then she felt his moist breath on her crotch. Ginger expectantly waited for him to get her pussy in his mouth. She felt a tongue licking kiss on her gash, and then he was sucking the lips of her box. Ginger knew she was about to take off again with another super orgasm. As Roger sucked her cunt and fingered her bung, she just couldn't believe that the two of them could produce such out-of-this-world sensations. It certainly could never be that good again. But Ginger was not prepared for the thrill when his tongue came into play and he began rough tonguing her open gash, with the length of his tongue in her sweet pussy.

His tongue continued to probe deeply inside her snatch, and Ginger told herself that her very own brother's tongue must certainly be the world champion cunt-lapping tool. Roger shifted his position slightly, and Ginger's yelp filled the room as he tongued and sucked her erect clit. Ginger feared her cries would be heard by her neighbors who might call 911. But she didn't care about anything except what magic Roger was working on and in her cunt, as he licked on and on until her climax struck again and again.

Her expectations about the magnitude of the cum were not in any way disappointing. While basking in bedroom heaven, Ginger kept Roger's face trapped in her crotch licking and slurping away. Later, when he raised his cunt-juiced face from her wet crotch, he read all her thoughts. "My God, Roger my darling, it must be time to do something about your beautiful cock. It's been hard for such a long time. Don't you think it deserves to soak in my cunt and shoot off, filling me with your cream?" "Bless you, big sister, for mentioning my erection problem. It would certainly feel a whole lot better buried in that sweet cunt of yours all the way to the hilt. Do you feel able to take my stiff prick all the way to my balls?"

"Roger, my pussy feels wet enough to take in both your cock and your balls. Fuck me, little brother. Fuck me and shoot all your cream into me and make my box even juicier than you have already have. I'm soaked now with my pussy juice, but I want to be wet with your cream." Reaching between her legs, Roger patted and rubbed her wet twat and fingered her asshole. Then he used the tip of a finger to follow the wet trail down between the lower slopes of her butt cheeks. For a little while, he played in her wet crack; then she saw him hovering over her with his erect cock. She welcomed his body onto hers, his cock into her cunt for her first fuck since her late husband died. Brother fucking sister, crime or no crime, incest or not, she vowed to do this as many times during the next two weeks as they could.

"Sister, your body is so beautiful, your cunt so sweet, and I'll simply never be able to get enough of it" he told her as he poised between her legs and gazed down at her, "but right now you are especially beautiful because we have both been so sex starved. What a fuck this is going to be. But I'm so heavy with built up cream in my balls that I don't know whether I can do much fucking before I cum. I'll try to make it so that you can have another blast off with my cock nesting deep in your box and my nuts resting in your crotch. If we miss cumming together this time, better luck next time, and, believe me, you sweet cunt, there are going to be a lot of next times." "I don't know if I can stand yet another cum without it knocking me dead," Ginger told him,"but I don't care if it does. I can't think of a better way to go than death in the saddle."

Ginger felt his cock probing her twat. When it found the opening to its genital target, the cockhead rubbed her gash for a tantalizingly few seconds; he slowly pushed it between his sister's soft vaginal lips and slowly worked it up in a series of short gentle strokes in and out teasingly, until he was up to his balls in her sopping wet hole. She told him that it felt so good she would never release his cock and that he would have to serve a life sentence without possibility of parole lying on her body with his pecker buried in her pussy.

For some time, he just laid lightly on her supported by his elbows, letting his cock adjust to the hot and tight surroundings of her box. Ginger felt his cock throbbing in the tight warmth of her juicy cunt, something she had not had in years. He intended to finish her off with a slow and tender fuck. But when he tried to get his weight off her, she wouldn't let him go. "I want you to fuck me hard, brother. I want to know that I'm getting fucked. Feed me your meat like a real brute. The next time you can be gentle, but now I want you to make me know that I'm getting a real fuck." Since it was the way she wanted it, he decided to really ride her like a bare-back old-west rough rider. He was heavy on her and he rode her roughly, his cock stabbing and jabbing strongly, causing her ass to squirm on her satin sheets. This was one rough fuck that they both would recall fondly for years.

Roger knew that he couldn't last very long, and he felt that Ginger was almost ready to be triggered off with another orgasm. Her baby blue eyes confirmed her near readiness, and she begged him to fuck her harder. "Give it to me deeper, cowboy." Roger waited until he thought Ginger to be just about ready, then he took his weight off her body. When he started pulling his cock in and out of Ginger again, he did it slowly, Ginger telling him that she had never been fucked like this before. He surprised himself by making it last longer than he thought possible. When his balls flashed and told him that it was time for serious business, he lowered his body onto her again and gave her a few more long strokes, firing his hot cream into the sweetest cunt he had ever eaten. "Yes, little brother, yes, keep it coming. I want every last drop." Spurt after spurt lubricated her hole. "Give it to me, Roger. Shoot it in my cunt," until he was finished squirting.

They lay in each other's arms for a little while, kissing, resting, and cuddling. Not a word was spoken. Then they got up showered together, and stayed naked for a belated breakfast. Ginger made coffee and toast. Roger poured the orange juice. Roger said, "Ginger, my beloved and most talented older sister, if you are as good at sucking my cock as I was in sucking your pussy and licking your asshole, we can just take the rest of the day off and enjoy our new found joy."

Her response was a kiss on the mouth, as Ginger's bare ass squirmed on his naked lap. What do you think her answer was?

Little Temptress and a lot of daddies

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Do you really want to hear it Adrianna? Yes tell me every detail I said with excitement. Bridget threw her hair back and took a deep breath...ok here goes.

I learned how to fuck when I was 11. I wanted my step dad so bad I was honey all the time and had an appetite and curiosity for sex that you would not believe. I knew it was wrong but I seduced him anyway if it's one thing my mother taught me it was guys like young girls and if I knew how I could get anything I want from the old bast.

One night my mom was out on her usual all niters with her friends and I was upstai

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rs in my room I could hear my step dad watching a porno through the vents. I started getting hot and decided that I was going to make my move. I put on some cute little thong undies and my half tank shirt and slowly walked down to where my step dad was. I knew he could possibly take the bait because he was always checking out my friends. He was drunk as usual so I knew he would easily get aroused. I slowly walked in front of him and I could feel his eyes on me as he scrambles for the remote. "Hi Dad I can't sleep". I said in a fake tired voice while stretching just enough to where he could see my little pink nipple poke out under my tank. "OOPS" I looked down at his shorts and could tell he was hard as a rock. I just lost my virginity to the boy down the street and wanted some more. I wanted someone with experience someone who could show me the ropes I wanted to be the best fuck any guy had the pleasure of fucking.

I went to sit on my step dads lap he hesitated for a minute and inquired what I was doing but it didn't last I could feel his hard cock on my thigh ooh dad. I want you to teach me how to be great fucks I want tell a soul. I could see he wanted to but he asked me is I was sure anyway. Yes I am sure.

I always wanted this I must be dreaming he said as I got on my knees and pulled down his shorts. Oh sweet fuck he moaned as I slowly deep throated all I could stand of his cock down my little throat. Am I good daddy? I inquired oh yah baby your good. Suck it harder honey. He instructed me through it all and told me to pay attention to his balls. I didn't like that part at first but it started to really get me wet my panties where drenched.

I got to try your tight little pussy and he picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. He laid me down while whispering you’re so hot slowly he played with my pussy rubbing the head of his cock on my clit and down to my little hole. Slowly he pushed it in it was tight my step dad was much bigger then what I was use to. Slowly with each gentle thrust he sank into me I could feel my pussy contract and fight his cock slowly I relaxed and took all of his cock into me. Oh finally I have in me I moaned. That’s sooo good daddy. I felt so good to see him want me like that. So sexual a bomb could hit him on his head and he wouldn't have noticed. His hands where big and rugged grabbing at my little waist. I watched as he pushed and pulled his cock in and out of my little pussy I knew it would soon be over. I was tingling from head to toe oh daddy I cried cum in my little pussy show me how much you like it. His throbbing cock unloaded warm cum deep inside of me I loved how it felt. I gazed up at my step dad and with a sigh of relief "Yummy".

"WOW I don't think I could ever do that" "I can't believe it; well your dad is hot. I could do your dad" I said in awe.

You know how I was babysitting that kid across the street when I was 13? Bridget inquired. "Yeah, I said knowing she was going to tell me another story"

"Well" Bridget said slightly. The boys father was hot he had this dorkey little wife ugh she got on my nerves. I started noticing the way he would look at me a talk to me when she wasn't around which was rarely. One day he came home early and I just laid Tim down for a nap. I was surprised to see him in the kitchen when I walked in. But I was happy as well, here’s my chance I thought to myself I am going to get him plus make some bonus money at the same time. So I asked him "Do you know how a young cute girl can can some good money Mr. Anderson?" Joking tapping him on his arm and giggle ling at the same time. Then I Walked over to the counter while the phone was ringing and picked it up. Bent over in my shorts trying to show Mr. Anderson my sweet little ass. It was his wife inquiring about Tim I assured her everything was great and that he was taking a nap. I hung up with her and swung around to see Mr. Anderson’s stiff cock trying to bust out of his pants. He put down the glass of water he was nursing and was ready to walk out of the kitchen when I grabbed his crouch and pressed my tits on him. Oh Mr. Anderson I love older guys you’re so sexy. Do you want my tight pink pussy Mr. Anderson I inquired while rubbing his cock. He quickly grabbed me and slammed my little ass on the counter. He pulled off my little shorts so fast and before I could day a word his throbbing cock was half way in me. It felt so fucking good as he was fucking me I asked him who his little princess was. He fucked me hard it hurt and felt good at the same time. Mr. Anderson shot is cum all over my pussy and stomach the warm cum felt good and I took some on my finger and tasted it. Needless to say Every time Mr. Anderson came home early I got a 300.00 cash bonus.

"NO way" Adrianna exclaimed” So that's how you bought all that shit so quick I thought you where selling pot or something, you little slut!"

“I learned when I was 15 through my other neighbor next door that I liked a little pain with fucking" Bridget said quickly. I was out back sun bathing in my little purple bikini and Mr. Teller was outside mowing the lawn I had sun glasses on and everytime he faced me he was checking out my body. Mr. Teller and I would talk here and there and I started getting feelings for him. I really liked his wife she was so sweet she would bring me cookies over and talk with me about school. So I kept my distance out of respect for her from Mr. Teller. But that day he was mowing the lawn with his shirt off sparked it for me and I had to have him. Little games would not do it for him he was upper class and knew people and I knew it. But it was a challenge to break him for me so I pursued ever so slowly. After a couples of weeks of little flirts Mr. Teller pulled me aside one day in is front driveway. "Listen Bridget you’re a really pretty and smart girl but you don't want an old man like me I could be your dad for Christ sake find a nice boyfriend who will give you want you want. I agreed with him and went on my way smiling.

A week before Christmas my mom announced she was going to host a party. I eagerly insisted that she invite Mr. Teller and his wife over she agreed. Christmas Eve Mr. Teller and hid wife showed up along with many others and my boyfriend at the time. They where all getting drunk and merry and singing Kuroki are having a blast. I danced and ignored Mr. Teller for a little wile and as the night went on I noticed that every time I looked over his way he was looking straight at me. I was getting tipsy myself from sneaking drinks and went up to my room to play some video games when I heard a light knock at my door. In cam Mr. Teller and he sat down next to me on the floor. "I’ve been thinking about you a lot. I miss having out talks" I felt his hand go up my inner thigh slowly up to me panties. I was instantly wet and my pussy were throbbing. Without a word we started messing around but everyone was right down stairs. "Sneak over to my house"Mr.Teller said breathing on my neck. He left out the door.

I waited about five minutes and went down stairs. My mom informed me that Mr. Teller went home for the evening but Mrs. Teller was still partying. I joined them for a dance and told them I was going in the back yard for some air and slipped out the door.

Mr. Teller quickly let me into his house shut the door and kissed me so passionately I wanted him in my pussy bad. He licked my little slit all over sending me into sheer ecstasy when he came up and asked me if I ever tried anal before. I told him once with my boyfriend but it hurt too much. That I was too tight or something. Mr. Teller turned me around and fingered my pussy then my clit. Slowly he put a finger in my tight ass it felt good "That's it relaxed baby here's another finger" After three fingers it hurt but felt good. He pulled out his fingers and slowly put the head of is cock in my ass and held it there. I could tell it wouldn't be much longer before he had the whole cock in my ass. "Your sweet little ass is so tight I am honored to be the first" He jammed his cock hard in my ass I cried out in pain it was sharp and it felt like I was ripping. "Shhhh little girl it will feel so good soon" Mr. Anderson said lustfully as he pumped his cock in and out of my virgin ass. "Play with your clit, that's it is it feeling better?" It was feeling better and he slowed down I played with myself as he fucked my ass and I had the biggest orgasm I ever had in my life "oh fuck yeah oooh" and my ass contracted around is cock as he came. He kissed me all the way up to my lips and suckled on them for a bit. I found out that I wanted to try more anal sex and set out to find more gentleman cocks to quench me. They all paid me top dollar to have my tight little pink pussy.


my little whore 3

perv4lilgrls on Incest Stories

    .....we finally got up out of the tub and dried each other off. My sweet little whore looked at me with those big beautiful eyes and sneaky little grin as she dried my cock off for me.

    " I hope you don't hate daddy fo what he has done to you my baby ? "

    " Oh no daddy I like it very much. I think it was wonderful. "

    I was surprised to hear her say that, I thought I had hurt her bad and she would hate me forever.

    " I just wish you would have done this a lot earlier daddy. You know this is the first time you have ever caught me watching you do those things. "

    " You have seen me doing that bef
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ore ? "

    " Daddy I hear you all the time calling my name as you play like you do. I want you to teach me to be like the lady on tv. I want you to help me with all I need to do. I have been in my room many times rubbing myself wishing you would come in and help me. "

    I was completely amazed at what she was telling me. My little whore was just that a little whore. She must have been watching me for quite sometime, because she knew all the words and just what to say.

    I finally told her, " Well since you are so ready for this I am going to give you the final experience. "

    With that we both left the bathroom and headed to my bedroom. She looked so wonderful walking in front of me. Her ass was truly one of the most beautiful asses I had ever seen. Most grown women didn't have an ass like hers. With that grown gap between her thighs my cock was already starting to come back to life. She had turned a couple of times glancing back over her shoulder to look at me and noticedthe growing sensation between my legs.

    " So you really like watching me huh daddy ? "

    " Yes baby I love everything about you. You are more beautiful then most women I know. Your body makes every man want you. Now that I know you're ready for it we will expand on the things you will and can do. "

    She turned and went through the door to my room and I followed right behind like a little puppy dog. She jumped up on to the bed and just turned and looked at me as I came in. Her eyes looked into mine and then to my growing cock.

    " Daddy please bring your cock here so I can suck on it. "

    She was getting very bold now. So I immediately went toward the bed where she had propped herself up and brought my cock to her tiny mouth. She immediately took the head into her lips and started sucking and licking. Her mouth was tight like her pussy. My cock stretching it wide. Slow and steady she increased the amount she was putting in her mouth. Soon my animal started to take over. I grabbedthe back of her ehad as she looked up with those eyes. I took her head and pushed it down on my cock. She gagged andchoked as she coughed. I began pushing it deeper and deeper. I know it was going deep into her throat and stopping her breathing, but I couldn't help it. She wanted to learn and she was going to learn !!!!! Every now and then I would let her catch a breath, but would go back to slamming that big piece of meat down her throat.

    " Now you are truly becoming daddy's little whore. I'm going to make this the one day in your life you will never forget. "

    She looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes, welled up with tears and gave me a little grin. As I grabbed her head and pushed as deep as I could while I blew my load down her throat. Spurt after spurt was almost put right into her stomach. I had my cock buried as far as it could go. She was gagging and choking from all the cum and my huge cock cutting off her air. As the last two spurts were happening i was pulling out. She was gaspingfor air frantically as my cum shot over her face. Up her nose and in her eyes. She gasped and gasped for air trying to get her breathing back to normal.

    " OOOHHH Baby, that was wonderful. I hope you liked it as much as daddy ? I don't think I have ever cum that hard. "

    She just layed back breathing, actually gasping, trying to swallow the cum and clear her eyes. My little whore looked so wonderful lying there with the cum all over her face. Her beautiful tits heaving with her breathing and her swollen pussy dripping with juices. As I gazed upon her my mind started racing again. Soon my cock was starting it's familiar rise. She was gaining her composure and starting to breath normal while she tried to clen the cum from her face with her fingers. She would take it and push ittoward her mouth which made my cock grow even more watching her lick those fingers clean. She smiled and giggled as she kept doing that and knew I liked it. I told her to just wait a moment as I went to the restroom. I went and took a quick piss and grabbed my gel for what was to come.

    When I got back she was there fingering her pussy making the sweetest sounds i had ever heard.

    " Now baby it is time for the final chapter. I want you to roll over now !!!!! "

    She looked up with the biggest smile on her face and rolled over to the doggy position like she had done itmany times before. It was the most beautiful sight you could imagine. For those of you who have been there you know what I mean, for the unfortunate few let me explain. You have before you hiked in the air the most perfectly shaped ass you could imagine. As you gazed down upon it you see through the gap those puffy swollen lips of the tightest pussy in the world. This is when the animal starts to take over in you and you must learn to get a grip 'cause it will push you over the edge. What makes it even worse is when she turns her head and flashes you those big beautiful eyes and has the most inviting smile you have ever seen. This my friends is truly heaven.

    As I squeezed some ky out of the tube and rubbed it between my hands to warm it just slightly. I rubbed it on my rigid cock first. Being quite generous with the amount as I wanted no hesitation. I squeezed more out and rubbed it all over her asshole and around it on her cheeks. She wiggled and jerked as I slid a finger up her tight bum.

    " OOOHHH GOD daddy I want your cock up my ass and I want it now !!!!!!!!!! "

    I grabbed her cheeks and spread them apart. Such a tight little hole. I push my cock up against it trying to make the head go in.

    " OH FUCK THAT HURTS !!!!!!!! I don't know if I can take it daddy. "

    With that I pushed with all my might and got half my cock into her ass as she screamed loud and cried.

    " OH IT FUCKING HURTS TOBAD DADDY !!!!!!!!! TAKE IT OT !!!!!!! "

    " Just relax baby, the pain will subside soon. " I lied

    Slowly I backed out just enough to keep the head in. Then I grabbed her hips and squeezed them hard as I slammed my cock all the way in to the hilt. She screamed and cried more as i was now fully engulfed in her ass. I waited for a few seconds, which seemed like forever, and I started to move her hips over my cock slowly. Tears were pouing from her eyes.


    I started pumping a little faster. Her crying was making me hotter and hotter. Faster and faster I was going. Slowly her ass was loosening up. Her cries became howls. My cock was pounding this virgin ass with the force of a piledriver. My balls were slapping that sweet pussy. The juices were splashing everytime i drove deep into her ass. She had no control now as I was moving her hips any and everywhere I felt comfortable. I was giving this ass apounging it would never forget. The sounds were driving me mad. Her howls and moans, my cock in her ass and my balls slapping her juicy pussy. It was all too much for me as I blew a load bigger and better then any load before. I must have pumped a gallon into her ass.

    I pulled my slightly erect cock from her ass and let her stay there for a moment. The pain she felt was that and that of pleasure. She didn't know which was which. The cum was just flowing from her ass down onto her pussy. I bent down and started licking her pussy and my cum. The combination of her juices and my cum was amazing. She rolled over and lookes at me with her tear filled eyes and said, " Daddy I love you. "

    I bent down and gave her a little kiss and told her, " I love you too my little whore. This is just the beginning for us. I hope you will be able to enjoy it more as we go on. "

    She just lookedat me and smiled with a smile of complete satisfaction and pleasure and i knew I had my little whore finally........

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