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My very close sister and me...

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“Hey, Sis, you ready to go swim yet?!” I called upstairs to my sisters, Emily, room.


“One minute, let me put my new bikini on!” She replied back.


Mmmm, I thought, as I pictured my sister naked, putting on her bikini. I had seen Emily in a bikini before, of course, but now that I was 14 and she was 16, my hormones were taking control of me and I realized how beautiful she really was. She was about as tall as me; had deep brown eyes, silky dark black hair, and perfect C cups tits with an incredible tear drop ass

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My sister and I have always been really close, so we would often talk about sex and whatnot. She had already told me how she had sex with her boyfriend, Zach, when she was 14, just before he moved to California; but had never had sex with anyone after him. I, unfortunately, had not had sex yet. We talked about how we both loved masturbating and how I always used lotion and how she had her own favorite dildo that Mom had given to her. We both really loved just talking, no matter the subject.


Five minutes later, Emily came walking down the stairs. My mouth fell open a bit as I saw her. She was wearing a thin, plain white bikini that she had purchased from Victoria’s Secret.  The bikini was obviously too small for her, as her top did not cover her entire tits and showed a great deal of the top of them and a bit of under-cleavage. The bottoms were the same; barely showing the sides of her shaved pussy lips.


She came down smiling, and then started to giggle devilishly, staring at my bathing suit. She then put on a cute face.


“Awwww, you’re wearing the Speedo I bought for you!” She said, chuckling. “You look great in it! You really fill it out!”  


“I was about to say the same thing about you!” I told her, playfully slapping her ass as she passed me. She giggled and pushed me away, walking toward the pool in our backyard, her bikini bottom squeezing into her ass every step she took. I moaned to myself and followed her. My 5 ½ inch boner had been up the whole time, but she didn’t seem to mind.


She stopped and sat down on a lawn chair and looked at the pool. I followed her gaze and saw Mom and Dad slowly getting out of the pool, both with big grins on their face. They walked towards the door and then stopped and faced Emily and I.


“Hey, kids,” my Dad addressed us,” I’m gonna go spend some alone time with your mother.” At this he squeezed Moms ass. “Have fun!” Mom giggled and walked off with Dad, grabbing his cock.


Emily stared after them; a smile on her face.


“Horny little guys aren’t they!” She said. We both laughed. Emily then stood up and grabbed a brown bottle from her chair, flipped off the top and poured a white substance from it on her hand. She then handed the bottle to me as I bent down to take off my shoes.


“You mind putting some sun-tan lotion on my legs, please?” She said, looking down, giving me a cute smile. She started to wipe the lotion on her stomach.




I was hesitant.


She looked down again, giving me an exasperated look. “Oh don’t be such a pussy!”


I looked at her and laughed.


“Then stop being such a bitch!” I laughed, smacking her ass, hard, again.


Emily jumped and laughed. “There ya go.” She stuck her hands in her bikini top and lotioned her puffy tits. I watched eagerly for a moment. I’d seen her tits before, but now, because of my hormones, I looked at them from a sexual point. She didn’t seem to notice.


I poured a large amount of lotion in my hands and started to lather away. First starting at her feet, I worked my way up her beautiful legs, savoring every inch of her skin. I rubbed her quads and finally reached her ass. I lathered it very slowly and smoothly, sticking my hands between her ass cheeks quickly. Then, going to her front, I motioned my hand very quickly over her bikini bottom, barely touching her pussy lips that slightly protruded from it. I was so incredibly horny; my cock portrayed that.


I stood up and looked at her. She was biting her bottom lip and had her right eyebrow propped up. “You did a very thorough job.” She grinned.


“Well, I don’t want to see my beautiful sister get sun-burned, now do I?” I said, pushing my chest into her and wrapping my arms around her. I started to playfully kiss her neck while massaging her ass cheeks. Her puffy nipples felt great on me.


“Stop it!” She teased. She pushed across my chest in an attempt to push me into the pool, but I grabbed her hand and took her with me. We both surfaced the water, laughing hard at each other.


“Oh you’re so stupid!” She screamed, splashing water at me.


“What!” I called. I moved to her and started to tickle the sides of her tits and pussy lips. She started to laugh hard. “Oh stop it! Stop it!” She laughed, splashing water everywhere.


I stopped after a second, laughing. She had a wide grin on her face when she looked at me. We both stared at each others eyes for a moment.

She’s so beautiful, I thought.


We started to move towards each other. We put our tongues together and kissed.




Tell me if I should right part two, thanks for reading.


Sally's Garden

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The Hamilton's lived in outback Australia, not the most open minded of places the locals were disgruntled when, what looked like, a family of pale faced suburbanites bought the largest farm stead left half alive. It had been quite some time since then though, and the freckly red headed family were running the farm just as if they were born into it.

There was only one girl in the whol

Alex & Angela

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Alex couldn’t believe his sister Angela turned thirteen today. She was four years his junior and it just seemed like yesterday she was his sexless little sister. Now, looking at her closely, he could see that she had become a very beautiful young girl, as if overnight.

Angela had long, naturally blonde hair which flowed softly around her shoulders and down to the middle of her back

My Cousin Sara part 1

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This is about the next time my cousin and I got together. This time it also happened when we were at my grandparents house. I was staying in the bedroom with a shower. My cousin was using the shower and when she was done had to walk through my room to get to hers across the hall. Well I wasn't paying any attention because I was in my own little world jacking off and she walked in on me masturbati

Brotherly, Sisterly Love

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For the past four years, since Ginger's husband, Jerry, died she had been walking the walls for sex while getting off only by fingering her saliva moistened slit. But sex with an eligible male adult is very difficult to come by when a women is 35, with two teenage children living at home with her. Though Ginger and Jerry had been married 12 blissful years, their ravenous appetite for each other had never diminished. They just loved to eat and fuck each other. On an almost daily basis, there was cock sucking, muff diving, 69ing and a follow-up fuck for good measure. While not enthusiastic about it, once in a while, Ginger let him bugger her tight bung. But in order to get to fuck her asshole he had to do 30 minutes of begging, pussy lapping, asshole licking, a

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nd afterwards reward her with dinner out at some very expensive place.

Ginger's 32-year old brother, Roger, was experiencing a similar sex-starved situation since his bitter and expensive divorce and his wife Ruth's remarriage. He lost the house and his kids in the divorce, and for the past few months he and Ginger had been celibately living together in her spare bedroom with her two children, sharing the kitchen, TV, and living room. Unbeknownst to the other, in the privacy of their respective bedrooms, both Roger and Ginger resorted to frequent bouts of self-abuse.

Roger had taken to renting XXXX porno movies, which he played in his bedroom with the door closed and the volume turned way down, so that Ginger would think he was asleep. When the hour arrived for Ginger to retire for the night, Roger would slip off his robe and stand naked facing the TV and a floor-to-ceiling mirror. Some nights he could get his balls off two or three times before giving in to the sleep fairy and a night of turning and tossing. His regular morning erections made a tent out of his top sheet.

Little did he know at the time that Ginger had sneaked one of his erotic movies to the TV in her room and spent hours massaging her firm boobs, fingering her juicy twat, and sucking her tasty cunt flavored fingers. This particular cassette showed explicit sexual frivolities between actors posing to be brothers and sisters, interspersed with scenes displaying daughters fucking and sucking off their fathers and sons fucking and going down on their mothers' pussies.

The next morning, Roger missed one of the TV movies, which were due to be exchanged at the rental place for others. He didn't want to broach the subject with Ginger, so he waited until she was in the shower to retrieve it. He was searching in her room, dressed only in his jockey shorts. Fresh from her shower, she was surprised to find him in her bedroom. Ginger walked in with with only a towel wrapped around her waist, with her ivory breasts perky and bare. She said, without any embarrassment whatsoever, that she had sneaked the cassette and had played it over and over more than three times while diddling her cunt and fingering her asshole.

"Roger, you may disagree, but I really don't see anything wrong with mature adults enjoying each other's bodies. If you and I were doing it like the actors in these cassettes, think of the money you could save on the rentals, and you'd certainly get a fuck more satisfying than your hand jobs. My dead husband had been a man of the world before we married, but he always told me that I was the greatest cock sucker and the best fuck he'd ever had."

"Don't stand there in your jockeys and tell me that you are not interested in my ass. I'd have to be blind not to have noticed the rise in your pants whenever you see me in my string bikini or my shorty bathrobe, you know the one that exposes my buns and my cunt from behind whenever I bend over. I do this for your benefit quite a few times every day just to see if you can still fog a mirror."

"A few gray hairs on my head haven't diminished my appetite for sucking cock and regularly getting a good fuck. I dearly loved to suck Jerry's cock for the delicious juice which he squirted from his hairy balls, and, after watching these sex movies, I have even imagined your cock juice surging past my tonsils. I haven't seen you naked since you were 12 years old, but the bundle you are showing off right now in your jockey shorts before my naked tits is very impressive. Roger, I want you to let me suck your cock and for you to fuck me now."

"Listen, Ginger, we are both mature and responsible adults, but we simply have to draw the line at brother-sister sex. Not only does the good book say that it is wrong, but the law in this state makes it a crime for which you and I can both go to jail. Your boobs and ass certainly look good in your thong swim suit, and your pussy is probably the sweetest thing for munching on that a girl can have between her legs, but we must put temptation down. Just between you and me, however, except for our close family relationship, I'd love to do right now with you everything those actors in the porno video did to each other. I salivate and my cock actually dribbles when I think of sucking and taking nourishment from your cunt. The cheeks of your ass enthrall me with the mystery of what you have in the valley between them."

"But, Roger, the kids are gone to summer camp for two weeks, and no one can possibly know what we do in complete privacy. This brother-sister thing isn't going to keep me from getting a great fuck. Your mind can hold back, but I can tell the way your cock is bulging right now that it doesn't seem to have much of a conscience, and I guarantee that it will feel better in my cunt than if you just jerked it off. Your five-finger cock massages don't do me a bit of good, and all that ball cream is just wasted. When I do the laundry, I see the dried hard spots on your sheets."

Ginger was quick to reply, "We are going to do it right now, even if I have to rape you. After we do it, if you are still bugged by this old-fashioned superstition about brothers and sisters not fucking each other, I promise that I'll put on my ankle length nun's garb and never display my ass to you again. Otherwise, if you choose, we can fuck each other's brains out for the next two weeks, while the children are away." At which point Ginger dropped her towel exposing her freshly smooth shaven mound and douched cunt and pulled Roger's jockies to his ankles. Her eyes sparkled as she saw his giant balls and his erect cock spring to attention as if on command.

"Let's not resist nature's demands any longer, Roger," Ginger, told him after a sensuous French kiss. His hands on her breasts triggered the flow of her vaginal juices, as she lovingly caressed his genitals while sucking his nipples. I have been waiting for you to fuck me much too long, and I can see by my handful of your goodies that you are as ready for action as I am."

Roger's cock in a flag-pole erection looked proud, and Ginger gasped as she looked at its magnificent plum-like head. She nearly orgasmed just thinking of how good it was going to feel in her hot, churning twat after a decent amount of his cunt lapping. As she caressed his meat, Roger fondled her tits, telling her what lovely knockers she had. Then he took her in his arms, and while they kissed, he rubbed his hands down her back to feel her ass cheeks and fingered into her smooth ass crack. Ginger loved the way he cuddled her and the way his pre-cum dripping rod poked against her belly button.

As their kiss ended, Roger stepped back, staring at his sister's lovely tits, flat belly, and pristine ass. While Ginger awaited with sexual desire, she felt happy with the appearance of her body, more proud than nervous at baring it to her very own brother. He had certainly been as sex starved as she. "I still can't believe that tits can be so beautiful, so big, so firm." He held one in each hand as he kissed and fondled them and their blooming erect nipples.

"Ginger, sister, you may wonder if I am ever going to get around to fucking you, but first I'm going to suck your gorgeous nipples, and I'm also going to eat your sweet pussy and make you cum with my tongue in your slit, you are going to be my original low-calorie breakfast, but to hell with the calories anyway. I've waited months for this and you are also going to get licked, kissed, and sucked a lot of other places as well. Big sister, you had to talk me into this, but now I'm going to drive you crazy, you are going to forget that I am your little brother with the 12-year old cock that you remembered all these years."

"After you have done all of that, Roger, and made me cum many times, I'll beg you to fuck me rough and hard with the cock that I feel poking my belly button and dripping on my belly. It can't help but be the greatest fuck ever when it's inside my hot cunt that you will have made it the juiciest it has ever been. As your nuts slap against me, I'll pretend that you are superman, but, of course, without the cape, and that it will last forever. If I cross my legs I can pin your cock in my love hole and make you my fucking prisoner."

"My sweet loving brother, if it will help you to forget that I'm your sister, you can call be Susy Slut or just some cheap, low-down common street whore. That way when we fuck, you won't be able to hold any of your cum back, and I want it all. While you are living here, I never want you to shoot off again without me being on the receiving end. Now you do really and truly want to fuck me don't you, Roger?"

"My silly, sister, be my private whore. You can get your answer by just shaking hands with my cock and imagine it buried in your slit rubbing your clit," Roger told her. Then they were kissing mouth to mouth again and her breasts were pressed against his hairy chest. His hands clutched her firm ass as they shared saliva.

Ginger was sighing loudly as Roger sucked and caressed her tits. While he sucked one of her luscious twin globes, he cupped them both. This drove her further into ecstasy. She then felt one of his hands slipping down to her belly, and she invitingly spread her legs wide for his probing. Roger's fingers traipsed the path right down to her shaven pube, and he felt the moist warmth of her cunt. His palm and fingers thrilled her as he continued to suck her nipples, back and forth like a windshield wiper, going back and forth, back and forth. "Roger, my cunt is so hot and juicy for you," Ginger said.

"I was just about to go down there for closer inspection, if you think you can stand a giant tongue licking cum." Ginger gasped as his face went into her crotch. As he licked and kissed her inner thighs and pussy lips, Roger slipped his hands under the cheeks of her ass. He fondled her cheeks, but kept on sucking and slurping in her crotch, making her twist and squirm for joy. Her body trembled in an orgasm that was as explosive as any she had ever known. "Oh, Roger," she sighed, "you must be a magician with that snake-like tongue."

Then Ginger turned over and lay face down as Roger's hands went to the gorgeous cheeks of her ass. When he kissed and licked the bare skin around her upper crack, Ginger nearly came again. It had been so long since her husband, Jerry, had kissed her there so tenderly, and she had missed it more than she knew. Before taking his mouth away, he licked the top of her crack and flooded it with saliva. From time to time, he would leave her butt cheeks and his hands would pull them apart; then he was between the delectable cheeks with his tongue and he was licking down where the sun don't shine. The tip of his tongue tickled her bung, and she quivered as he lapped her sweet bud, the length of his tongue exploring her innards.

"Now my demure big sister, Would you like me to get your hot twat ready for another cum? When she answered "Yes" by simply nodding her head, she turned over and bent her knees, moving her legs wide apart, he stared into her crotch where he saw a cunt that was truly inviting more loving attention. "Sis, why didn't you tell me about your beautiful cunt? It truly is a work of art." He parted the cunt lips, stroking gently between them with his saliva moistened fingers. He fingered her slit and felt her twinge. While he rubbed over her flat stomach and shaven pubes, Roger went on fingering her twat. When he found her clit, her body jerked spasmodically. She quivered uncontrollably as an almost unbearable orgasm grasped her from her tingling scalp to the tip of her toes.

He calmly pressed his hand on her cunt and held it there until her orgasm weakened and then passed. Roger began kissing her inner upper thighs as she prayed that his mouth would again find its way to her cunt for more muff-diving. It certainly would not take much lapping to get her off once again.. He worked slowly, and then she felt his moist breath on her crotch. Ginger expectantly waited for him to get her pussy in his mouth. She felt a tongue licking kiss on her gash, and then he was sucking the lips of her box. Ginger knew she was about to take off again with another super orgasm. As Roger sucked her cunt and fingered her bung, she just couldn't believe that the two of them could produce such out-of-this-world sensations. It certainly could never be that good again. But Ginger was not prepared for the thrill when his tongue came into play and he began rough tonguing her open gash, with the length of his tongue in her sweet pussy.

His tongue continued to probe deeply inside her snatch, and Ginger told herself that her very own brother's tongue must certainly be the world champion cunt-lapping tool. Roger shifted his position slightly, and Ginger's yelp filled the room as he tongued and sucked her erect clit. Ginger feared her cries would be heard by her neighbors who might call 911. But she didn't care about anything except what magic Roger was working on and in her cunt, as he licked on and on until her climax struck again and again.

Her expectations about the magnitude of the cum were not in any way disappointing. While basking in bedroom heaven, Ginger kept Roger's face trapped in her crotch licking and slurping away. Later, when he raised his cunt-juiced face from her wet crotch, he read all her thoughts. "My God, Roger my darling, it must be time to do something about your beautiful cock. It's been hard for such a long time. Don't you think it deserves to soak in my cunt and shoot off, filling me with your cream?" "Bless you, big sister, for mentioning my erection problem. It would certainly feel a whole lot better buried in that sweet cunt of yours all the way to the hilt. Do you feel able to take my stiff prick all the way to my balls?"

"Roger, my pussy feels wet enough to take in both your cock and your balls. Fuck me, little brother. Fuck me and shoot all your cream into me and make my box even juicier than you have already have. I'm soaked now with my pussy juice, but I want to be wet with your cream." Reaching between her legs, Roger patted and rubbed her wet twat and fingered her asshole. Then he used the tip of a finger to follow the wet trail down between the lower slopes of her butt cheeks. For a little while, he played in her wet crack; then she saw him hovering over her with his erect cock. She welcomed his body onto hers, his cock into her cunt for her first fuck since her late husband died. Brother fucking sister, crime or no crime, incest or not, she vowed to do this as many times during the next two weeks as they could.

"Sister, your body is so beautiful, your cunt so sweet, and I'll simply never be able to get enough of it" he told her as he poised between her legs and gazed down at her, "but right now you are especially beautiful because we have both been so sex starved. What a fuck this is going to be. But I'm so heavy with built up cream in my balls that I don't know whether I can do much fucking before I cum. I'll try to make it so that you can have another blast off with my cock nesting deep in your box and my nuts resting in your crotch. If we miss cumming together this time, better luck next time, and, believe me, you sweet cunt, there are going to be a lot of next times." "I don't know if I can stand yet another cum without it knocking me dead," Ginger told him,"but I don't care if it does. I can't think of a better way to go than death in the saddle."

Ginger felt his cock probing her twat. When it found the opening to its genital target, the cockhead rubbed her gash for a tantalizingly few seconds; he slowly pushed it between his sister's soft vaginal lips and slowly worked it up in a series of short gentle strokes in and out teasingly, until he was up to his balls in her sopping wet hole. She told him that it felt so good she would never release his cock and that he would have to serve a life sentence without possibility of parole lying on her body with his pecker buried in her pussy.

For some time, he just laid lightly on her supported by his elbows, letting his cock adjust to the hot and tight surroundings of her box. Ginger felt his cock throbbing in the tight warmth of her juicy cunt, something she had not had in years. He intended to finish her off with a slow and tender fuck. But when he tried to get his weight off her, she wouldn't let him go. "I want you to fuck me hard, brother. I want to know that I'm getting fucked. Feed me your meat like a real brute. The next time you can be gentle, but now I want you to make me know that I'm getting a real fuck." Since it was the way she wanted it, he decided to really ride her like a bare-back old-west rough rider. He was heavy on her and he rode her roughly, his cock stabbing and jabbing strongly, causing her ass to squirm on her satin sheets. This was one rough fuck that they both would recall fondly for years.

Roger knew that he couldn't last very long, and he felt that Ginger was almost ready to be triggered off with another orgasm. Her baby blue eyes confirmed her near readiness, and she begged him to fuck her harder. "Give it to me deeper, cowboy." Roger waited until he thought Ginger to be just about ready, then he took his weight off her body. When he started pulling his cock in and out of Ginger again, he did it slowly, Ginger telling him that she had never been fucked like this before. He surprised himself by making it last longer than he thought possible. When his balls flashed and told him that it was time for serious business, he lowered his body onto her again and gave her a few more long strokes, firing his hot cream into the sweetest cunt he had ever eaten. "Yes, little brother, yes, keep it coming. I want every last drop." Spurt after spurt lubricated her hole. "Give it to me, Roger. Shoot it in my cunt," until he was finished squirting.

They lay in each other's arms for a little while, kissing, resting, and cuddling. Not a word was spoken. Then they got up showered together, and stayed naked for a belated breakfast. Ginger made coffee and toast. Roger poured the orange juice. Roger said, "Ginger, my beloved and most talented older sister, if you are as good at sucking my cock as I was in sucking your pussy and licking your asshole, we can just take the rest of the day off and enjoy our new found joy."

Her response was a kiss on the mouth, as Ginger's bare ass squirmed on his naked lap. What do you think her answer was?

Little Temptress and a lot of daddies

queenoffreak on Incest Stories

Do you really want to hear it Adrianna? Yes tell me every detail I said with excitement. Bridget threw her hair back and took a deep breath...ok here goes.

I learned how to fuck when I was 11. I wanted my step dad so bad I was honey all the time and had an appetite and curiosity for sex that you would not believe. I knew it was wrong but I seduced him anyway if it's one thing my mother taught me it was guys like young girls and if I knew how I could get anything I want from the old bast.

One night my mom was out on her usual all niters with her friends and I was upstai

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rs in my room I could hear my step dad watching a porno through the vents. I started getting hot and decided that I was going to make my move. I put on some cute little thong undies and my half tank shirt and slowly walked down to where my step dad was. I knew he could possibly take the bait because he was always checking out my friends. He was drunk as usual so I knew he would easily get aroused. I slowly walked in front of him and I could feel his eyes on me as he scrambles for the remote. "Hi Dad I can't sleep". I said in a fake tired voice while stretching just enough to where he could see my little pink nipple poke out under my tank. "OOPS" I looked down at his shorts and could tell he was hard as a rock. I just lost my virginity to the boy down the street and wanted some more. I wanted someone with experience someone who could show me the ropes I wanted to be the best fuck any guy had the pleasure of fucking.

I went to sit on my step dads lap he hesitated for a minute and inquired what I was doing but it didn't last I could feel his hard cock on my thigh ooh dad. I want you to teach me how to be great fucks I want tell a soul. I could see he wanted to but he asked me is I was sure anyway. Yes I am sure.

I always wanted this I must be dreaming he said as I got on my knees and pulled down his shorts. Oh sweet fuck he moaned as I slowly deep throated all I could stand of his cock down my little throat. Am I good daddy? I inquired oh yah baby your good. Suck it harder honey. He instructed me through it all and told me to pay attention to his balls. I didn't like that part at first but it started to really get me wet my panties where drenched.

I got to try your tight little pussy and he picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. He laid me down while whispering you’re so hot slowly he played with my pussy rubbing the head of his cock on my clit and down to my little hole. Slowly he pushed it in it was tight my step dad was much bigger then what I was use to. Slowly with each gentle thrust he sank into me I could feel my pussy contract and fight his cock slowly I relaxed and took all of his cock into me. Oh finally I have in me I moaned. That’s sooo good daddy. I felt so good to see him want me like that. So sexual a bomb could hit him on his head and he wouldn't have noticed. His hands where big and rugged grabbing at my little waist. I watched as he pushed and pulled his cock in and out of my little pussy I knew it would soon be over. I was tingling from head to toe oh daddy I cried cum in my little pussy show me how much you like it. His throbbing cock unloaded warm cum deep inside of me I loved how it felt. I gazed up at my step dad and with a sigh of relief "Yummy".

"WOW I don't think I could ever do that" "I can't believe it; well your dad is hot. I could do your dad" I said in awe.

You know how I was babysitting that kid across the street when I was 13? Bridget inquired. "Yeah, I said knowing she was going to tell me another story"

"Well" Bridget said slightly. The boys father was hot he had this dorkey little wife ugh she got on my nerves. I started noticing the way he would look at me a talk to me when she wasn't around which was rarely. One day he came home early and I just laid Tim down for a nap. I was surprised to see him in the kitchen when I walked in. But I was happy as well, here’s my chance I thought to myself I am going to get him plus make some bonus money at the same time. So I asked him "Do you know how a young cute girl can can some good money Mr. Anderson?" Joking tapping him on his arm and giggle ling at the same time. Then I Walked over to the counter while the phone was ringing and picked it up. Bent over in my shorts trying to show Mr. Anderson my sweet little ass. It was his wife inquiring about Tim I assured her everything was great and that he was taking a nap. I hung up with her and swung around to see Mr. Anderson’s stiff cock trying to bust out of his pants. He put down the glass of water he was nursing and was ready to walk out of the kitchen when I grabbed his crouch and pressed my tits on him. Oh Mr. Anderson I love older guys you’re so sexy. Do you want my tight pink pussy Mr. Anderson I inquired while rubbing his cock. He quickly grabbed me and slammed my little ass on the counter. He pulled off my little shorts so fast and before I could day a word his throbbing cock was half way in me. It felt so fucking good as he was fucking me I asked him who his little princess was. He fucked me hard it hurt and felt good at the same time. Mr. Anderson shot is cum all over my pussy and stomach the warm cum felt good and I took some on my finger and tasted it. Needless to say Every time Mr. Anderson came home early I got a 300.00 cash bonus.

"NO way" Adrianna exclaimed” So that's how you bought all that shit so quick I thought you where selling pot or something, you little slut!"

“I learned when I was 15 through my other neighbor next door that I liked a little pain with fucking" Bridget said quickly. I was out back sun bathing in my little purple bikini and Mr. Teller was outside mowing the lawn I had sun glasses on and everytime he faced me he was checking out my body. Mr. Teller and I would talk here and there and I started getting feelings for him. I really liked his wife she was so sweet she would bring me cookies over and talk with me about school. So I kept my distance out of respect for her from Mr. Teller. But that day he was mowing the lawn with his shirt off sparked it for me and I had to have him. Little games would not do it for him he was upper class and knew people and I knew it. But it was a challenge to break him for me so I pursued ever so slowly. After a couples of weeks of little flirts Mr. Teller pulled me aside one day in is front driveway. "Listen Bridget you’re a really pretty and smart girl but you don't want an old man like me I could be your dad for Christ sake find a nice boyfriend who will give you want you want. I agreed with him and went on my way smiling.

A week before Christmas my mom announced she was going to host a party. I eagerly insisted that she invite Mr. Teller and his wife over she agreed. Christmas Eve Mr. Teller and hid wife showed up along with many others and my boyfriend at the time. They where all getting drunk and merry and singing Kuroki are having a blast. I danced and ignored Mr. Teller for a little wile and as the night went on I noticed that every time I looked over his way he was looking straight at me. I was getting tipsy myself from sneaking drinks and went up to my room to play some video games when I heard a light knock at my door. In cam Mr. Teller and he sat down next to me on the floor. "I’ve been thinking about you a lot. I miss having out talks" I felt his hand go up my inner thigh slowly up to me panties. I was instantly wet and my pussy were throbbing. Without a word we started messing around but everyone was right down stairs. "Sneak over to my house"Mr.Teller said breathing on my neck. He left out the door.

I waited about five minutes and went down stairs. My mom informed me that Mr. Teller went home for the evening but Mrs. Teller was still partying. I joined them for a dance and told them I was going in the back yard for some air and slipped out the door.

Mr. Teller quickly let me into his house shut the door and kissed me so passionately I wanted him in my pussy bad. He licked my little slit all over sending me into sheer ecstasy when he came up and asked me if I ever tried anal before. I told him once with my boyfriend but it hurt too much. That I was too tight or something. Mr. Teller turned me around and fingered my pussy then my clit. Slowly he put a finger in my tight ass it felt good "That's it relaxed baby here's another finger" After three fingers it hurt but felt good. He pulled out his fingers and slowly put the head of is cock in my ass and held it there. I could tell it wouldn't be much longer before he had the whole cock in my ass. "Your sweet little ass is so tight I am honored to be the first" He jammed his cock hard in my ass I cried out in pain it was sharp and it felt like I was ripping. "Shhhh little girl it will feel so good soon" Mr. Anderson said lustfully as he pumped his cock in and out of my virgin ass. "Play with your clit, that's it is it feeling better?" It was feeling better and he slowed down I played with myself as he fucked my ass and I had the biggest orgasm I ever had in my life "oh fuck yeah oooh" and my ass contracted around is cock as he came. He kissed me all the way up to my lips and suckled on them for a bit. I found out that I wanted to try more anal sex and set out to find more gentleman cocks to quench me. They all paid me top dollar to have my tight little pink pussy.


Taking Care of Business part 2

lovr on Incest Stories

The alarm went off in what seemed like minutes. I rolled over and hit the snooze hoping Shayla didn't wake up. I was feeling guilty about what had happened between my daughter and me. No self control, no saying it was wrong, just enjoying my daughter in a sexual way.

"You have to get up now?" my daughters sleepy voice asked.

"Yes. Early meeting I can't miss."

"Ummmmm daddy what are those other things you said we can do. Can we do them tonight?"

The question brought my cock to full attention."I'm not sure its a good idea babe." was my half-hearted answer.

"Why not. Didn't it feel ok to you?"

Truth is it was the best feeling I ever can remember, but how to tell her was a whole different matter. I rolled

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onto my back with my hands under my head."I want you to know that it was very special and wonderful, but people would not see it that way. I could get in trouble for touching you the way I want too babe."

"I won't tell daddy. Really I won't. I want to do more and have it feel good." she said.

She turned on her side facing me. The covers off her puffy young breasts. I reached over and gently rubbed her nipples. "I wish they were bigger for you." she whispered.

"I like them the way they are babe." I answered as I leaned over and took one into my mouth. Sucking gently and licking I could feel her hand start to rub her clit. She let out a moan, and I knew she was enjoying this.

"I want to taste you down there babe." I said.

She moved onto her back as I threw the covers to the floor. I turned on the bedside light so I could see my daughters nice, willing pussy. "Spread your legs for me." I told her.

She moved her legs apart giving me a good look at her pussy. Her tiny clit was hard from her fingers rubbing against it. I used my tongue to flick the little bud, and lick around it. I could feel her shudder. "Ohhh I like that daddy."

It was all the encouragement I needed. I licked slowly down to the moist opening of her pussy. My tongue explored her virgin opening, and then made its way up to her clit. My hands found her nipples and my fingers played with her nipples as I began licking faster. She was moaning and moving her hips to meet my tongue so I took one hand off her nipples and slowly slid a finger in to her pussy. It was so tight, and warm, and getting very wet. Moving faster with my tongue and moving my fingers faster I knew she was getting close.  The one finger became two and finally she arched up gasped, and came. I withdrew my fingers and put my tongue down to taste her pussy. Moving my tongue around I could taste the warm slightly salty juice from her pussy.

"Wow daddy."she panted. "That was the best ever."

"I'm glad you liked it babe. Can I try one more thing?"

"Sure daddy. Anything you want."was her reply.

I stood at the edge of the bed showing her my hard cock."I want to put this in you now. I need to be in you." was all I could manage to say. Not romantic but I was in raging lust with my daughter.

"Will it fit?" she asked.

"I think so babe. Lets try."

"Ok daddy."

I crawled up to the edge of the bed. I leaned over and gave her a kiss. "Bring your legs up and put your feet on my shoulders." I told her.

She did as I asked. The swollen head of my cock was at the opening of her pussy. I slowly put the head in, and leaned towards her. "Tell me if anything hurts babe." I panted.

Hearing no comment I continued pushing my cock in. I could not believe how tight it was around my cock. With half my cock in I I started to move slowly in and out. Each stroke allowed me in deeper. "Ok babe?" I panted.

"Yes daddy. Keep going." she answered.

I knew it would not take me long as I moved even faster. Shayla closed her eyes and her hips were moving with me. Faster and harder and deeper than I thought I could get. I moaned "I'm gonna cum baby."

"Ok daddy. Do it."

A few more thrusts and I came. Spasm after spasm. Shot after shot pumped into her tight pussy. "I can feel you daddy!" Shayla gasped.

I finished pumping and kept my cock in her. I was sweating and out of breath. I looked down and Shayla was smiling. "What are you smiling at." I asked.

"You. You made such a cool face when you said you were cumming. I could tell you liked it." she said.

"Yeah well you make faces like that too I notice." I said and started to laugh.

"I'm glad you liked it daddy." Shayla said.

"I loved it babe. More than you know. I need to shower now. If you want you can wash my back." I said as I leaned over to kiss her.

To be continued..................



waynearfdl on Incest Stories


“I don’t believe it! You mean I have to live with that bitch? Oh Mom, can’t something else be worked out?” I pleaded with my mother who had just informed me of the worst news that I could have heard. You see, I was enrolled in a particular business school in Seattle and I thought everything was

What are friend's for.

itsonlyfun on Incest Stories

My very best friend.

Yes,we were always together and had been able to tell each other everything about everything. This day,we'd met up and my friend Ann had a look of satisfaction across her face,but showed signs of agitation in her voice.

"Hi Cathy,we need to go to our special place,I got to tell you something really secret. When I say secret,this is so secret it'll blow your mind" - "C

Baning my 36d cousin AGAIN

MaryHicks123123 on Incest Stories

Hey i have go another story for all of you and it is abouut my cousin agian. My cousin and i have a good relastionship and if you had read my last story you would now that my cousin got pegrant and it was by me. She had her baby 6 months ago and this story is about us starting to fuck again. So one day i went to my cousins house to see how she was. i knocked on the door and she opened and she


JaxDotters on Incest Stories


Note : This story is completely fictional!

I put my nephew to bed at last. It was my first time babysitting alone with him. I was terrified he would spend all night crying but I fed him, played coochy-coo with him, changed his diaper and he was out like a light. 

I figured I would straighten up before Kelly got home. She had been working nights waiting tables and was busy with Calvin all day long. The place was a mess. She was feeling the affects of being a single mom. She was tired and on edge. I figured the least I could do was give her a break with some babysitting and picking up the place.

I started in the living room and worked my way to the back of the house, finishing up in her bedroom. I was pulling the sheets over the be

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d when my foot kicked a shoe-box on the floor just underneath. I grabbed the box and set it on the bed, a smile crept across my face. I opened it, my eyes going wide, my heart finding a quicker beat. There was a copy of Hustler magazine staring up at me. I lifted it and saw the address label. It was Tim’s, he obviously didn’t bother to do a change-of-address when he left. It was a current issue. But I quickly tossed the magazine aside when I saw what was underneath.

It was black and long and thick with exaggerated veins running up to the mushroom head. I reached in and picked up the massive dong. It was rubber and at least 10 inches long. I could only just get my fingers around it. My breath left me as the thought of my sister pushing this monster between her legs flashed across my mind. Next to it in the box was a half rolled up tube of k-y jelly. It seemed this wasn’t just for show. 

I stared at the beast as my fingers slowly moved over its latex surface. I couldn’t get the image of my sister lying back in bed, pushing this rubber cock into her cunt. Slowly I brought it to my lips and let them slide over the head. I couldn’t taste her, only latex. I blushed as I set the schlong down on the bed. 

There were two other cocks at the bottom of the box. These were hard plastic vibrators though. The blue one was about six inches and narrow with an adjustable dial on the end. I picked it up and turned the dial, felling it come to life in my hand with an orgasmic humming that made my cock push against my jeans. Again I pushed the cock to my lips hoping to find her scent there, nothing. I set it next to the black horse-cock on the bed and held up the third toy peter. This was small, only about four inches and slender. It was pink, and though small, jumped like lightning in my hand. No taste there either. 

A blue velvet bag contained her stash and a glass blown pipe in the shape of a cock. I was starting to see a pattern here. I never imagined my sister was so sexual. She had always been sexy, and had no trouble getting boyfriends, but I figured her as pretty straight laced when it came to sex. We had become close when she went off to college. Four years younger than her, I had always been the pest that she avoided at all costs. But when she came back for breaks we started to spend a lot of time together. She would tell me about college life and the guys she saw, but never about this. I could only guess that it was because Tim had been gone for six months now, and as far as I know she had been to busy with Calvin to date anyone. At twenty-two she was a sexy but frustrated single mom.

Then the key fell out of the velvet bag. I recognized it right off because I gave it to her. It opened a wooden chest that I built for her when I was in highschool. I went to the closet and searched around until I found the chest under a pile of clothes in the back. I pulled it forward and slid the key in, popping the latch. My mouth went dry as I made out the contents. A digital cam corder sat on top of several VHS tapes. She bought a computer last year, and I could only guess what she was doing with the camera. But I wouldn’t have to guess about the tapes. They were all labeled with a white sticker on the side that simply had a date. All the addresses were over a year old. I picked up September 24, 1999, Kelly’s 18th birthday. I slid it into the VCR on her dresser and sat back on the bed, my cock aching behind my jeans.

The screen lit up and there was my sister, just as I remember her at eighteen, except she was wearing a blindfold and standing in a living room I didn’t recognize. A man’s voice was wishing her a happy birthday and asked if she was ready for her present. I recognized the girl who came on screen immediately. It was my sister’s best friend, Andi. Her black hair was cut short and she was naked except for the butterfly tattoo just below her naval. I pulled my cock free and caressed the sensitive skin in my palm. 

Andi stepped behind my sister, kissing her neck while her hands slid up Kelly’s stomach to her breasts, cupping and squeezing them through her t-shirt. She lifted the shirt up resting it above Kelly’s firm tits, then moved around her to suck her taught nipples. Kelly moaned and giggled as her friend pushed her back on the sofa, pealed her jeans off, and buried her face between her thighs. Andi lapped hungrily at my sister’s cunt until Kelly shook and yelled with orgasm. I slid my jeans, shirt and shoes off and pulled the covers back on my sister’s bed. I lay flat on my stomach, eyes glued to the screen, humping my hard prick against the soft sheets. 

Kelly lay in a heap, her naked chest rising and falling with rapid breathes, her legs draped over her friend’s shoulders. Andi stopped her from pulling off the blindfold, so Kelly could not see the two men who had entered the room. I knew one of them, Tyson, Kelly had introduced me to him at a college party she brought me to when I was 17. He was a football player, muscular, athletic. His black skin made an erotic contrast against Kelly’s as he stepped up on to the couch and let his semi-hard cock brush against her cheek. The other guy did the same and Kelly squealed with delight as she reached blindly for the cocks. She guided each one to her mouth stroking them as she turned from one to the other. As I fucked my cock against the bed sheets I could almost feel my sister beneath me.

Another man appeared naked in front of the camera. He took up a position behind Andi and slid his cock deep into her cunt. The camera was being placed on a tripod and set back to capture the whole room. The fourth man, the camera guy, stepped into view. He crawled behind Kelly on the sofa, forcing her to momentarily pull her lips from Tyson’s shaft. She didn’t complain though, as he slid beneath her pushing his cock up between her legs as she lay back against his chest. Andi sucked his cock deep into her throat before pushing it up into her friend’s wet cunt. My head swam and my balls swelled as I watched my big sister riding one cock while feeding two into her hungry mouth. Andi licked at the cock and clit in front of her with her body rocking in rhythm to the cock slamming her pussy from behind.

Tyson pulled Kelly to her feet. Andi crawled up on to the cock in front of her and began fucking camera guy back into the couch. The tall blonde, whose cock my sister had been sucking, sat back on the couch next to Andi and camera guy. Tyson guided Kelly down onto the blonde’s cock so that both girl’s road side by side, straddling the men, their heart shaped asses bouncing wildly. Tyson stepped out of site for a moment, then he and the third guy appeared again rubbing lube over their cocks. Tyson pushed his slick fingers between the crack of Kelly’s ass, the third man did the same with Andi. My cock erupted between the sheets and my stomach as I watched Tyson slowly stuff his thick black cock deep into my sister’s ass.

The sticky cum coated my belly as I breathlessly humped the wet sheets watching my sister fucking two cocks with uncontrolled passion. Then I heard the car pull up out front. Shit! I jumped up in a panic. I threw the covers over the bed, turned off the TV and VCR and killed the lights in the room. I grabbed my boxers and wiped the cum from my stomach. I pulled on my jeans tossing the cum soaked boxers and my t-shirt in the corner. I stuffed everything in the shoe-box, tossed it under the bed, then reached into the closet to close the chest. Where’s the fucking key?! The front door was opening. I closed the closet door and jumped onto the bed, faking sleep. 

I heard the bedroom door push open. Kelly tip-toed across the room to the closet trying not to wake me. She quietly pulled open the closet door and my heart raced. I couldn’t see her but I could hear her approach the bed. The room was silent for what seemed like an eternity, then I heard her walk out of the bedroom. I lay motionless, listening, until I heard the shower water running.

I jumped up and looked in the closet. She probably hadn’t noticed the chest, it was still piled in clothes. I searched for that fucking key but couldn’t find it anywhere. I straightened the shoe-box as best as I could and jumped back into bed when I heard the water shut off. 

Kelly came back in the room flipping the lights on this time. I opened my eyes to see her with her back to me searching through her top drawer. The white towel wrapped around her came loose. She held it to her breasts with one hand as it fell revealing her back and butt to me. 

“Did you lose something?” she asked not turning and letting the towel hang in front of her, her perfect ass filling my sight. I sat up. She turned to face my, not hiding her nakedness but casually pulling the towel around her again until she was covered. I couldn’t read the strange expression on her face but my mouth had gone dry. She tossed the key on the bed between my legs. 

“I’m sorry, Kelly,” I started. “I was cleaning up when I found the box...”

“So you think I’m a slut now?” she said in a voice I could still not read as she sat at the end of the bed.

“No, I ...”

“You saw the tapes?”

“Ya,” I was blushing. “I just had no idea you were... much...” I was stammering.

She sat staring at the floor in a silence that felt like it would never end.

“You wanna smoke some?” she finally asked. I still couldn’t read her.

She told me to grab the box, she said I obviously knew where her stash was. She laughed for the first time as I put the cock shaped pipe to my lips. She curled her feet under her at the end of the bed and we started to talk. As the pot kicked in she told me more and more secrets.

She said it had been nearly six months since she had had sex. She hadn’t gone this long with out sex since she lost her virginity at 13. I couldn’t believe it. She never had a reputation at school and never had a serious boyfriend either. Who was she having this sex with? She explained about Mr. Simms. 

Mr. Simms was our next door neighbor growing up. Just before her fourteenth birthday, she had seen him in his garage. His wife and kids were away for the weekend, he told her. She was flirting and next thing she knew, they were fucking in his daughter’s bedroom. He was 36 at the time. His daughter was my age. Kelly laughed when I told her I had fucked her several times during highschool. 

“I think her Dad did too,” Kelly laughed. “At least he wanted to.” 

Kelly told me about the times he had called her Angie, his daughter’s name, while fucking her. It weirded her out at first but then she kinda got off on it. He was the one who got her into filming. He loved to make movies with her, and when she graduated he gave her the old video camera. He also liked to invite friends over to fuck her. One night she fucked six of his friends and him when she found out where they were camping that weekend. When they were 16, Andi started to fuck him too.

As Kelly told me her stories, she relaxed on a cloud of pot at the end of the bed, kicking her legs out toward me and carelessly letting them fall open. The towel parted and I could see the silky pink lips parted sexily. Her pussy was shaved bald. My cock was like iron.

“I can’t believe I’m telling you this,” she laughed.

I grabbed the shoe-box, “Do you really use this?!” I laughed, holding up the huge black cock. She howled. 

“That’s for when I’m extra horny,” she blushed and giggled at the same time, “which is a lot lately.”

“Jesus! It’s huge!” I gasped in amazement. 

Kelly looked at me with a teasing smile then grabbed the cock from me. My cock jumped when she licked the head then pushed the monster down between her thighs.

“Don’t tell me your jealous,” she teased.

“It is a bit intimidating,” I groaned. She laughed. 

“From what I hear, you got nothen to worry about,” she said coyly. 

I knew what she was talking about. I had fucked her friend Jessie a few months ago, and I knew she knew everything. 

“So let’s see it,” she said in a slightly breathless voice. She was teasing me, and I don’t like to be teased. I couldn’t back down. I smiled and unzipped my fly. I pulled my hard on free and let it lay back against my stomach. Kelly smiled a wicked smile, but the giggles were gone. 

“You can stroke it,” she breathed. As my fingers circled my cock she lay back against the foot board and spread her thighs, the towel pulling up and apart. She set the huge dong aside and snaked her middle finger down over her clit. A long deep moan moved through her.

“I’ve never seen one shaved before,” fell quietly from my lips, “it’s beautiful.”

She looked at me hard for a moment, “Here,” she said reaching forward and grabbing my hand from my cock. She lay back and slowly guided my hand to her mound. Her hips lifted slightly as I pressed my palm over the smooth hairless mound. My fingers traveled lower, caressing, moving up, my middle finger just parting the swollen lips until I found her clit, brushing over it lightly.

“Fuck!” she jumped up from the bed tightening the towel around her. She turned her back to me and ran her hands through her damp hair. We were silent for several minutes, I didn’t move. Finally she turned on the VCR and hit eject.

“Which one did you watch?”she asked.

“Your 18th birthday.”

“That was a good one,” she said with a small laugh. She went over to the closet and pulled open the chest. As she bent down her towel rose up exposing her ass. 

“Here, this is the first one I ever made with Mr.Simms.” she said popping the tape in the player and turning on the TV. She curled her hair behind her ear as the tape loaded, trying not to look at me. Suddenly she ran over and jumped up on the bed like a little girl as the screen lit up. I lay back against the headboard and she snuggled up next to me.

On screen I saw my sister kneeling naked in front of our next door neighbor, his cock slipping in and out of her lips.

“How old were you?” I asked.

“Fourteen,” she answered in a near whisper.

She sucked him passionately, but my attention was not on the screen. Kelly curled up next to me and lay her head on my shoulder, her hand on my thigh. My cock was standing proud, still sticking out of my open jeans. I could smell strawberries from the shampoo in her damp hair resting on my bare chest. I ran my fingers over her back just above the towel. Mr.Simms sprayed a load of cum across Kelly’s chest on the TV. I breathed deep as I felt my sister’s fingers curl around my hard on. She began to slowly stroke it. I tugged at the towel and it fell open around her. I ran my fingers down to the small of her back.

As Mr. Simms pushed his cock between my fourteen year old sister’s thighs, Kelly slid down and I felt the warmth of her mouth cover my cock. I slipped lower on the bed with a groan as she pushed her lips to the base of my shaft. Pulling her hips around we moved into a 69, my mouth devouring the inner folds of her smooth shaved pussy. The realization of the moment was intense and Kelly swallowed hard as my cum filled her mouth.

I slid from beneath my sister and quickly moved over her pushing her down flat on her stomach. My hands and lips covered her ass, kissing and sucking at her cheeks, my fingers pushing down between her thighs into her sex. Her moans filled my ears as I buried my face between her legs sucking at her cunt from behind, her hips rolling under my hands.

The teenager on screen was on all fours as Mr.Simms fucked her little pussy from behind. I lifted my sister’s hips and slid a pillow under her, crawling between her spread thighs. I rubbed the head of my cock along her wet pink gash until it was shining with her juices. Then I pushed forward feeling her cunt envelop my cock to the hilt, stopping when my hips joined her firm round ass cheeks. We fucked, my cock thrusting into her, her cunt squeezing me, her ass pushing back at me, her screams and moans drowning out her fourteen year old self on TV.

She pushed me onto my back. Straddling my cock with her back to me, she reached around and spread her ass cheeks. Her tight anus slid like a vice over my cock and she lay back in my arms grinding her ass against me. I wrapped her in my arms, stroking her clit, massaging her breasts, kissing her neck. I reached out and found it, the black schlong. I lay it on Kelly’s chest, letting my sister squeeze it between her tits and suck at the head before I positioned it at her dripping slit.

“Show me,” I hissed into her ear and Kelly took my hand and pushed the monster deep into her cunt. I held the base and she worked my wrist in circles, pumping the mammoth rubber prick in and out of her while she bounced and wiggled her ass on my cock. I licked the sweat from her shoulders as I stroked her clit and pumped both cocks into her. Her body tensed, her ass strangling my cock until my cum covered her inner walls. She went limp above me.

As we sat in a hot bubble bath, Kelly eased back against me, her breasts soft in my palms. As she talked about taking me to a swing club where noone would know I was her brother and she could fuck me in front of everyone, my cock hardened against the small of her back. She giggled and stood up. 

“Where are you going?”

“To get the cam-corder,” she cooed.

Lessons from Mom

Babewatcher on Incest Stories

I can remember as if it happened yesterday the very beginnings of my incestuous relationship with my mother and my sister.  Mom came into my room one evening and said that we needed to have a talk. During the course of that talk, Mom asked me if I knew how to masturbate.

When it came to masturbation, I hadnt ever heard the correct term for it, I always heard of it as whacking off, or jerking off, stuff like that.  So when Mom asked me if I knew how to masturbate, naturally I told her no. 

She closed my door and locked it so that my sister wouldnt come in and interrupt, and told me to take off my clothes.  At first I was kinda embarrassed, but she said that it was all right, and that she was trying to teach me something very important, so I went along with it, an

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d soon I was sitting on my bed in my boxers.

"Now Jacob, having sex isnt something you should just do with anyone.  Its dangerous in this day and age, and you could also get the girl pregnant, and have to support a child before youve experienced a full childhood yourself.   Im going to show you a way to make you feel good as an alternative to having sex, called masturbation."

"Um...Ok Mom."  I said.

Mom reached up and pulled my boxers off, and I was totally naked, and kinda embarrassed. 

"Dont be embarrassed honey.  You dont have anything I havent seen before."  Mom said.

Mom told me to wait there for a minute, and that she would be back in a second.  When she came back, she had a tube of lotion in her hand.  She filled her hand with the lotion, and took hold of my penis, and began to move her hand up and down.

"This is how you do it honey. You get some lubricant in your hand, and rub it all over your penis.  And then you stroke it up and down, up and down, fast or slow, however you like."

My cock was growing harder and harder, and soon I had a full hardon.

"Thats it honey, now youre ready.  Just lie back and relax.  You can tell me what you want, fast or slow, tighter or looser, this is to make you feel good."

I was visibly holding my breath I guess, trying not to make any noise, and mom saw it immediately.

"Dont be shy honey.  You can relax.  Its supposed to feel good.  You can moan and make noise if you want.  Everyone does this, its perfectly natural, and it relieves stress too.  Come on, just lay back and enjoy this."

Mom began to stroke me a little faster, and it felt awesome.

"Oooohhh.  Uh...uh...ohhhhhhh.  Mmmmmm" I moaned as mom's hands worked her magic on my slippery dick.

"Thats it honey, doesnt that feel good?"

"Oh God, Mom...It feels great....ummmmm"

"Hang on honey, Im going to make you cum now."  Mom said, and she began fisting my cock at an incredible pace.  It felt incredible, and soon I couldnt withstand the pleasure she was giving me, and my penis began to throb really hard.

"ooooooooooohhh!!  Ah!!  Mom......MOM!!!  Mommmmmmmm!!  Unnngghhhh!"

I began shooting my first load of cum all over my mom's hand.  I was in a state of euphoira.  I had never felt anything so incredible before.  Mom kept stroking my dick until the throbbing subsided, and then cleaned up my mess with a warm washcloth.

"That Jacob, was an orgasm, or you were cumming, in slang terms." 

"Wow.  That was awesome."  I said.

"Well, now you know how to do it, and its much safer than having sex, should you have those feelings of arousal again.  Im going to leave this tube of lotion in here for you to use, just let me know when you need more.   Here, I have something else, just wait a minute."

Mom left the room again, and when she came back, she had a videotape.

"Here.  This will help you while you masturbate.  Some people like magazines, but I find the real thing to be much more helpful, and you will see many different ways that people can pleasure one another."

She slid the tape into the vcr, and the image of a blonde with big breasts getting fucked doggy style, loudly I might add, was displayed on the screen.  My cock was getting hard again looking at this video, and my mom noticed.

"Ah.  Good.  Youre ready again.  Ah, to be young.  Such stamina.  Enjoy it while it lasts.  Now, I want you to show me that you can do it without any help.  I want you to watch this video, and stroke your penis until you cum.  Do it just like I showed you."

I used the lotion, and began to jerk on my dick while watching the blonde with huge tits getting her pussy pounded.  The guy announced that he was cumming, and quickly the blonde twisted around, and began pumping his cock with her fist, with her mouth open.  Soon the guy began to shoot streams of cum into her mouth, and she licked his cock clean and began sucking it some more as the scene ended.

I guess I had a puzzled look on my face having never seen anything like that before, and Mom filled in the obvious blanks.

"You will see that several times in that video.  Its a turn-on for many women for their man to ejaculate in their mouth, on their breasts,  or wherever. "

"Where do you like it?" I asked.

"Maybe Ill show you where I like it, a little later, if you want me to."  Mom said.

"We would be doing this stuff like in the video?" I asked.

"Yes, and some other stuff I havent shown you also."

"When do you want to show me?" I asked, still stroking my cock.

"I dont know, it will be later honey, I have some things to do.  Right now I want to watch you masturbate.  I want to see how you do it, and I want to watch you cum."

I began stroking my dick much faster thinking about my mom doing the things to me that the big breasted blonde was doing to her man.   Soon, I was cumming again.

"ooooohhhh......Oh mom...its coming.  I...Im gonna cum!!"

"Yeah honey, cum for me." Mom urged, and I began to shoot my second load, the first stream landing on my stomach, and the second and third stream cascading down over my hand and down my cock. 

Mom cleaned up my mess again, and as she finished, she had some of my cum on her finger, and she smiled and stuck her finger in her mouth and slowly removed it.

"Mmmm.  Youre really sweet Jacob.  Mmm.  Just a taste for now."  Ill leave this lube in here with you so that you can use it whenever you need it.   I have some things to take care of, and Ill be back later, ok?"

"Ok mom." I said.

It seemed like forever, and I was beginning to think that Mom wasnt really coming back that night. But then I heard moaning coming from my sister's room, who is a year younger than I am, and I knew that there was a gap in the wall at the top of my closet that allowed me to see into my sister's room to see what was going on.  I had watched my sister getting undressed plenty of times before without getting caught, and once again I stood up on my chair and peeked through the gap.

I saw my mom, completely naked, and my cock was immediately hard as a rock.  My mom is about 5'9", 130 pounds, with long black hair and big breasts that are nice and firm, much nicer than the girl in the video mom had given me.  Next to her on the bed, also naked, was my sister Kim. Kim looks just like my mom, only younger.  Her breasts arent quite as large, but they are very, very nice for her age.  Apparently Mom was showing Kim how to masturbate, as she had shown me.  Mom was rubbing Kim's little shaved pussy, and sucking on her left nipple.  Kim was almost screaming with pleasure, throwing her head from side to side, her long black hair going everywhere. 

This was way hotter than watching that video mom had given me, and the crack in the wall wasnt showing me as much as I wanted to see.  I moved down the hall, and very quietly opened the door a crack, so that I could see much better, without having to stand on a rickety old chair.   I watched as my mom pulled out a large rubber penis, and showed it to Kim.

"This is a dildo honey.  When you dont have a man around, this is the next best thing.  You just lube this up, and slide it inside you, and you can give yourself a good time all by yourself."

"Wow mom, thats kinda big.  Do you have anything smaller?"

"Its okay honey.  Youll like it.  You should see your brother's.  He has a very nice penis.  Probably makes two of this toy right here."

"Really?  But that looks like it might hurt..."

"Dont worry honey.  Youll be asking for something bigger before long.  Trust me.  The bigger it is, the better it feels."

"Ok Mom."

I watched Mom lube up the dildo, and gently slide it into Kim's pussy.  Kim cringed at first, and yelped in pain. 

"It hurts mom."

"Dont worry honey, it will feel good really soon.  It hurts the first time, but after that, its all good.  Its much better to have your maidenhead broken like this, than by some bumbling brute who doesnt know what he's doing.  Just relax honey, in a few moments you will love it."

"Its....Its starting to...Ah!!  Feel really good...Mom!!  Ahh!  Ooooh!!  Oh..Oh!!  Ohhhhh!!  Oooh yeah!!  Ohh put it in farther!  Farther!!  Yeah!!  Ahhhhhh!!"

"You see honey?  Doesnt that feel good?"

"Mmmmm...Oh yes.  Oh keep going....Ohhhhh!!  Mom....Mom!!  Mommmmm!!!"

I saw Kim's eyes get really wide, and she began to buck her hips against mom's dildo, and she began to have an orgasm.  She was throwing her head around, squeezing her boobs together, and bucking her ass up and down like mad.   When she finally relaxed, mom slid the dildo out of her wet pussy.

"That was an orgasm honey.  Feels great doesnt it?"

"Ive never felt anything like that"

"The real thing is much better, trust me.  Its just the bullshit that often goes along with it that sucks."

I had begun to jerk my stiff dick while looking at my naked mother and sister, and I momentarily lost my balance and nudged the door open a bit more, and I was caught, literally with my pants down.

My mom looked up at me, and Kim's eyes got really big.

"Come here Jacob."  Mom said to me.

"I began to pull my boxers up, but I was stopped before I could.

"Leave those off, and come here."

I went over to the bed, and sat down.

"How long have you been watching us Jacob?"

"About 20 minutes." I said.

"Obviously you liked what you saw."

"Yeah, its way better than what was on that video.  I couldnt help it.  I had to see more."

"Well, since youre so impatient, and cant wait for me to come to get you, we might as well take this up a notch.  Kim, are you interested in playing with what your brother is packing between his legs?"

"Yeah mom.  Let him come and join us." Kim said, her eyes never leaving my hard cock.

I kicked my boxers off, and removed my shirt, and when I looked up, Kim was still staring at my dick, and slowly rubbing her pussy.

"Wow Jacob.  Your dick is a lot bigger than that dildo mom gave me." Kim said.

"Yes honey, your brother has a very nice cock.  If you want, I can show you guys a lot more." Mom said.

Kim and I both said that we wanted to learn more, and Mom said ok.

"Im going to show you how to have sex, if you want to know how.   Do you want me to show you how to fuck, Jacob?"


"Come here.  Kim, you pay attention, because Im going to show you how to pleasure a man. "

Mom pushed me down on the bed, and grabbed my stiff cock.

"Im going to give you a blowjob now Jacob.  Im going to suck your cock, and I want you to let me know when youre going to cum.    Watch closely Kim, it takes skill to be a good cocksucker."

Mom slid my stiff dick into her mouth, and the feeling was incredible.  I watched as my cock slid in and out of her mouth, and the feeling was incredible as I felt my mom take my cock all the way into her mouth, and down her throat.  Mom slid my entire cock from her mouth, and began licking up and down the shaft, and then begane swirling her tongue over the head, and then took the entire length back into her mouth once again.

"oooooohhhh Mom......" I moaned as she sucked my dick.

Kim was watching intently, slowly rubbing her pussy with one hand, and pinching her nipple with the other. 

Mom cupped my balls in one hand, and began to slowly massage them, while stroking my shaft with the other while she sucked on my cock.  This was incredible.  Mom quickened her pace, bobbing her head up and down on my stiff dick.  I saw Moms tits bouncing as she sucked me, and I reached down with my hands and cupped her bouncing boobs in my hands and began to squeeze them.

Mom moaned around my cock as I began massaging her big tits, and she began to suck and stroke me even faster.  She looked up and me, and began sliding her tongue all over the lower side of my cock, and began to jerk my cock really fast.   I couldnt take much more.

"Ooooooohhh.  Oh mom...Mom, Im gonna cummmm.....oooooohhhhh"

My cock began spurting cum in thick streams all over Mom's tongue while I moaned in absolute ecstacy.  Mom swallowed my load, and licked her lips, and smiled.

"Kim, come over here and get yourself a taste of your brother's sweet cum."

I was surprised a little at this request, but Kim was more than willing.  She bounced over in front of me, and took my still-stiff cock in her hand, and began licking the remnants of my orgasm from the head and shaft of my cock.

"Mmmm.  Your dick tastes good Jacob." Kim said as she licked and sucked on my cock, cleaning the cum from my cock.

"Your mouth feels good Kim....oooh yeah...suck it just like that.....oh yeah..."

Mom watched as Kim sucked on my dick, and played with it, and after a little while, Mom was ready to show me something new.

"Come over here Jacob.  Its time for you to learn how to eat pussy."

I did what Mom asked, and Mom laid back and spread her pussy for me, and pointed to her clit. 

"This is the clitoris Jacob.  This is what you concentrate on the most, if you want to please your woman.  You can lick her pussy lips, even slide your tongue in and out, but you will want to concentrate on licking and sucking on this if you want to make your woman cum."

It seemed easy enough, so I positioned myself between Mom's legs and began to lap at her wet, shaved pussy.

"Ooooh, thats it honey, Oh!  Youre a natural at this....ooh yeah, yeah, keep licking it...Ah!!  Oooh, suck on it honey...suck on my hard little clit!!  YES!!  Oooooh!!"

I slid a couple fingers into Mom's pussy, like I had seen in the video earlier, and she was loving it.

"Ahhhh! Oh God yes, finger fuck me Jacob!!  Finger me and eat my hot pussy!!  Ooooohh...YES!!  YES!! YESSSSSSS!! OHHHHHHH FUCK YES!!!!"

Mom began to gyrate her hips harder and faster, and soon she was cumming, her juices flooding down over my tongue.

"Oohhh yes baby!!  Youve made your mommy cum!!  Oh, Ohhh, Ohhhhhh!!"

When Mom's orgasm had subsided, she ordered me to lay back on the bed.

"Now that you know what youre doing Jacob, I want you to do that same thing for your sister, while I slide your wonderful cock into my pussy, and fuck you.   Kim, I want you to sit on your brother's face, facing me, ok?  This is what is known as a threesome.  Jacob is going to fuck me, eat your pussy, and youre going to suck on my tits while I bounce up and down on this cock."

Kim smiled, and immediately straddled my face, her gorgeous ass and pussy just inches above my lips.  I moved my hands up to her ass cheeks, and pulled her down to me, and began to lap at her dripping pussy, as I felt Mom's hand wrap around my cock.

Kim was already moaning, and rubbing her slit up and down against my mouth as I licked her pussy.  I felt my cockhead at the entrance of Mom's pussy, and then I heard her voice.

"Jacob, Im about to make a man out of you."

With that, she slid my hard cock into her incredibly hot, wet pussy. 


My hands gripped Kim's ass cheeks hard, causing her to cry out with pleasure as the incredible feeling pulsed through my cock.  I had to fight with everything I had not to cum immediately as Mom began to slide her velvet cunt up and down my throbbing cock.

"Ohhhhh!! Ohhhhh, baby, your cock feels so good in momma's pussy!!  Ahhhh!!  Ooooooooohhh!!"

The room was filled with our various moans and cries of pleasure as Mom fucked my cock, I ate Kim's snatch, and Kim sucked and played with Mom's tits and nipples.   Kim was sucking Mom's boobs so hard that I could hear the popping sound they made when they were released from her mouth.

"Oooh yes Kimmy!  Suck on momma's titties baby!  Oh that feels so good!!  Oh! Oh, suck my titties while I fuck your brothers wonderful cock!!   Oh!! Ohhhhh....OH JACOB!!!  Ohhhhhhhh IM CUMMING!!  IM CUMMING!!  AHHHHH!!"

I felt mom's pussy get really, really wet and slick as soon as she said she was cumming, and it felt awesome.  She began bouncing up and down on my dick even faster.   Kim was squealing as I licked her wet slit, continuing to grab and massage big handfuls of her ass.   Mom started kissing Kim really deep while she continued to fuck my cock and an incredible pace, and Kim ground her pussy harder into my mouth.  I could hear Kim scream into Mom's mouth as they were kissing when her orgasm hit her and her pussy flooded her juice all over my mouth.

I couldnt take anymore, and I announced that I was going to cum, and in an instant Mom got off of my throbbing cock, and gripped it at the base.

"Come down here and get some of your brother's cum, Kimmy."  Mom said.

Kim squealed in ecstacy as I slapped her ass cheeks and grabbed two more big handfuls of her ass cheeks.  Kim leaned down, and I felt her tits rubbing against my body as her face got close to my dick.

I felt Mom's hand begin jerking on my dick, and I felt Kim's mouth come down over the head of my dick, and that was it for me.

"Oooooh yeah Kim!!  Oooh suck it!!  Thats it!  yeah!! Im...cumming!!  Ahhhhhh...."

I felt my balls tense and release my load, stream after stream into Kims mouth, and instead of pulling her mouth away from my cock, she actually took my cock deeper into her mouth, and began swallowing each stream as fast as I could shoot it.  When my throbbing cock had finally shot its last load, Kim began slowly bobbing her head up and down, and then took my cock out of her mouth and licked every inch of it clean.

Mom was obviously very proud of Kim's first blowjob.

"Now that's how you suck cock Kimmy.  You keep sucking cock like that, and youll have men that will do anything for you.  Isnt that right, Jacob?"

"Mmm hmm" was all I could muster, I was completely exhausted.

Kim crawled off of me, and laid beside me, running her hands over my chest, and then licked some of her juices off of my lips.  I opened my mouth and we shared a deep kiss, and I gave her tits a squeeze.   Kim moaned as I played with her nipples, and I felt my cock beginning to stir once more.

Mom looked on, and then got up and gathered her clothes.

"I think Ill leave you two here to do some exploration of each other.  Threesomes are fun, but two people alone can be extremely hot as well.  Im going to go take a shower, and Ill be back later to check on you two.   Jacob, Kim has been on the pill for over a month now, so you can cum inside her if you want to, you wont get her pregnant."

"We will be fine mom" Kim said, already stroking my dick, and Mom left the room.

Kimmy crawled on top of me and slid my cock into her pussy.  As she rode my cock like a woman possessed, I knew that I was extremely lucky, having two hot pussies available to me whenever I wanted them.

Kim and I fucked each other for the rest of the night, well into the morning, before we finally fell asleep from exhaustion. 

When we woke up in the afternoon, Mom was standing beside the bed, completely naked, and holding a video camera.

"Hey guys, its time to try something a little different today...."

daddys little flower

scotslass on Incest Stories

Ater my dad sent brother to his own room he sat on side of my bed, how long has this being going on???????? about 3 weeks now I told him. Has he only touched your cunt or has he had his cock inside, NO NO NO daddy he has only been touching it and I've been touching him.

Well let me showyou what a real man's cock looks like and with that he put his hand inside his pants and brought out this enormous looking thing was easily 9 inches and was all purple and throbbing, now go on touch this one it will make you feel good and make daddy happy.

I put my two hands on his cock and began to stroke it gently like bob had told me, while I was stroking daddy had his fingers rubbing against my cunt lips probing in my little bald p

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ussy. would you like to taste what dady's cock tastes like unsure if I did or not I put the tip into my mouth and began to lick it soon he was pounding my outh and his cock was pulsing daddy's gonna cum now flower he said do you want to swallow it, i'm scared daddy but I will try soon the hot spunk was flooding my tiny mouth but it was too much and I had to let it run down my chin onto my tiny tits.

When I had finished sucking on daddy's cock it was stillhard so he told me to open my legs and he was soon on top of me and his stiff cock head was probing my cunt to find the opening,he thrust inside me and I screamed out because it hurt so much, daddy stopped what he was doing sorry flower it does hurt a little the first time but it wont now, he started to push his cock inside me but my cunt was too small for the whole thing he fucked me slowly then got quicker and quicker and soon his hot sperm was flooding my insides, just as he finished cumming we heard a noise outside and my mom opened the door whats up she asked??? oh!!!!!! nothing daddy said mary was just a little sick and I was seeing her back to bed with that daddy left my room with mom.

Next morning when I got up daddy had told mom he was keeping me off school because of being sick so off she went to work and my brother to school. Did you like what daddy did last night he asked as soon as we were alone, it was a bit sore daddy but if it made you happy then i did like it. do you want to help daddy with his work today while your off school, that would be nice Daddy was a photographer and he did all his own processing so we went down to the basement to his darkroom no-one was allowed in here this was definatly out of bounds.

When we got inside daddy said i had to strip because of the chemicals we sat down and he showed me some ofhis pictures. I couldn't believe there were pics of dads cock and some pics of my mom when she was asleep the pics of my dads cock were real close up ones he was wanking in them and he even had his cock inside someones cunt when i asked whoit was he said was next doors neighbour.

Soon daddy had me on the shelf and his cock rubbing against my cunt lips just as he popped it inside me he took a picture and as he fucked me hard he kept taking pics of his cock fucking me at different positions. He must have fucked me about 10 times that day and he said it would happen every time we were alone in the house. That night when mum was asleep again he came to my room and said he neededa fuck before he went to bed I never knew it but in all those times he fucked me he never wore a condom

More to come

Sleep Sex; son-mother

TickleRelish on Incest Stories

(Side 1)

My mom is pretty hot, but I'm also kind of lame with girls and don't hang out with any so it's not so surprising that when I hit 17 and my sexual madness peaked I started to look at my mom as a possible target.  My mom is really the understanding sort, but asking for sex is way over the boundary though.  I tried to push it from my mind.  But it was always there.

Fortunately (unfortunately?) I'm really smart, know a lot, like sleep cycles, like the early part of sleep where the body loses all physical sensation for a while.  As soon as that idea popped into my head I really got crazy.  I started casing my moms sleep habits.  It's just me and her, so easy.  I was really afrai

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d to actually try it, plus I felt guilty.  I masturbated furiously to the idea though.  And the better job I did of casing her, the more it turned me on.

And one day was just one of those days when your hand won't cut it.  You feel like you'll die of the horniness if you don't get real sex.  I watched my mom go to bed.  In my mind I was simultaneously committing myself to doing it and not let anything stop me and still promising to never do it and purge the sin from my mind.  But horniness was stronger.  I waited the time for the sleep phase to turn, tried to watch when she actually fell asleep to the minute.  I was antsy and nervous, constantly checking my watch, even the seconds, wondering if I was reading her right, wandering how long I'd have to wait to be safe, or if I would really do it, how far I'd really go.  My head was a mess.  My heart rate was crazy, I was all fidgety.  Finally I hit the balance between ought to be safe now and can't possibly wait being this horny anymore.  Besides if I wait too long, I miss the phase.

I snuck in the room, my breathing was up with my heart rate and I was desperate to keep it down, but loud, heavy breathing is the least of what I was going to do to disturb her.  I realized I need to just test touching her shoulders and stuff the first night, that way if she wakes up I pretend I was just trying to wake her.  At the same time I can see how well the phase works and how long it lasts.  But I was too horny for reason.  I didn't have an excuse ready anyway.  As soon as touching her shoulder worked I immediately had my hand on her breasts, both hands, groping passionately like it was my first time because it was.  The only thing that could stop my desperate groping of her breasts was that I wanted to touch her pussy too.  Right away my hand was on her crotch, pressing into her vagina.  No response at all, her body was completely oblivious to what I was doing.  My hand was in her night shorts over her panties, pressing at her mound and opening.  That only lasted ten seconds though because next I was at the foot of the bed pulling off her shorts, still no response.  I thought I would control myself and just play with her pussy a little and quit early.  But I got her panties off and right away my face was in between my mom's legs.  Her pussy stunk just slightly and I felt filthy about it later, but my horniness got me off so much on kissing and licking my mom's nasty pussy.

Next thing you know I was licking it as much as I could because I realized that I had completely given up on holding back and needed to lubricate it to fuck her.  Her deactivated body wouldn't produce any lubrication for me.  Man, that pussy was swimming in saliva.  But I only spent a minute doing it cause I was mounted on her and fucking freely and without caution for waking her.  It was all up now.  I almost wanted her to wake up because I fantasized she would fuck me back.

I probably came in two minutes, but those were the longest and most glorious minutes of my life, first time fucking, my beautiful mother, and the wild abandon of it all.  I rammed my dick into her as I ejaculated, desperate to pump every single microliter into her at the same time as desperate to her hurry so I could escape before the phase passed.  After I allowed an extra minute to squeeze in the last bits of cum (it was safe though, I actually monitored her fertile days by checking for her tampons in the trash as part of casing her) I pulled out slow and then raced to put her panties and shorts back on.  It was ridiculous how I tried to be gentle, but was clumsy with desperate speed.

Still I got her panties on, with a goodbye kiss, and her shorts.  I gave her breasts a good bye grope, felt slightly guilty about not kissing her instead, and just ran out of the room.  I left the door ajar (she always did) and spied on her, desperate to go back to my own room, but I couldn't yet.  It took several minutes, before I saw a change, perfect.  I noted the time on my watch, I could barely remember the time I started, my mind was so blitzed.  I went back to bed, was so excited with it I had to jack off to it before I could fall asleep.  Ahhh

Next morning... no problem.  It all went so well, that same day I bought lubricant and did her again... and again, and again, and again.

(side 2)

I hadn't had sex in years.  So when something came oozing out of my vagina, though I had had cum ooze from my vagine before, I couldn't identify it at all.  I hoped it was a quirk since I didn't see any inflammation, but was of course afraid I had an infection.  Very next day I was oozing again so... off to the gynecologist.  He assured me that nothing was out of order whatsoever and I was perfectly healthy.  He didn't seem to think he needed to tell me that he found cum in my vagina.  I gave him a good talking to later about thoroughness, but couldn't really go into to detail about why he should tell a woman when she has cum in her vagina, y'know, cause she's getting raped... in her her- hold that.

So the doctor tells me I'm fine and for a couple days there's no oozing so great.  Then one night I'm having an amazing sex dream and BAM, I regain consciousness and realize there's someone touching my undressed body.  I immediately freeze in panic.  Then my attacker freezes too and I think maybe I should play possum, confrontation could get me killed.  It's hard to fake sleep to begin with and it's really hard when you're being sexually assaulted out of nowhere.  But I put all of my concentration into having slow, shallow breathing and being still, but not stiff.  Crazy!  Now that the attacker is back to business I want to know who it is.  We keep our house locked at night.  Suddenly my own son springs to mind.  He would never do this, but now it's stuck in my mind as I try to figure out who broke in.  As the attacker mounts me he smells like my son.  And his weight seems right, I think.  And I have to crack my eyes so carefully to be sure.  It's him!  That cheeky bastard!  I have to stop him, but this confrontation is difficult too.  It's so awkward.  I don't want to face it.  So I decide the best thing is to let him finish and I'll confront him in the morning.

Still it's hard to fake sleep while you're getting fucked, esp. by your own son.  But I was so hard up for sex I was really feeling it too.  I decided it would be easier to do some sleepy dream moaning.  It felt great to moan, didn't bother him, and made him fuck me slightly harder.  Hard to limit my reactions though.  I almost orgasmed, good thing the little rat cums kind of early.

Next morning I couldn't do it.  I wasn't mad, it was too weird.  I needed the sex and he needed it too.  I just hoped to god that if I let it go he'd be smart enough not to do me on a fertile day since he wasn't using a damn condom.

The next night he came again.  I woke up after his dick was already deep in me.  This time I ventured to fuck back a little.  And it progressed exactly like that.  Each new time I became more involved, wrapped my legs around him, dug my fingernails in, finally did all kinds of positions you couldn't possibly sleep through.  but we pretended anyway.  So naughty seeing my son in the morning while my pussy is sore from a good fucking and I'm still acting like his mom.

I got nervous as my fertile day approached.  I debated how conspicuous I should be with the hints, just leave a calendar with my periods and hope he knows the math or the math for him and basic leave him a note saying, "Hey, don't cum in your mom this day cause you'll get a borther." Finally I left a calendar conspicuously on my nightstand with my fertile days marked off in big X's.  We had to pretend innocence, but we were only acting for ourselves.  That night he came anyway, groped me all over and stuck his dick in my mouth.  Nothing quite as hot as pretending to deepthroat your son in your sleep.  Cum everywhere, on my pillow, so of course in my hair, and yes, if you must know, down my throat too.  Yes tasty, even delicious.  So we kept good ol' pussy fucking on regular days and then mouth fucking me during heavy period days.

But when my next fertile days came again he was trying to take off my panties.  I was 'sleepily' trying to pin my knees together, what was he thinking!?  But he got my panties off.  I couldn't wake up and stop him, that would ruin our whole fuck system.  Then you know what that cheeky bastard did?  He flipped me over and wedged his dick in my bum, knowing I couldn't protest.  He came prepared too because his well lubed dick raced right through my hard puckered sphincter.  He shagged me as he pleased, pounding my arse without reserve.

I hate getting fucked in the bum.  I don't know, I just feel so stupid, and it's dirty, and uncomfortable even when you're kind of used to it.  But I feel so bad about not being there to satisfy him that on nights when we can't fuck proper I try to go to sleep on my belly so he can get at my arse easy.  Am I not the nicest mother?  Don't you wish your mother would do the same?  Free pussy, free arse, and free cock-suckings, as long as we can pretend it's nothing at all.

Daniel's Stepmom (Part 2 of 3)

HarleyBuff on Incest Stories

Daniel’s Story, Part 2

As you recall in part 1, I had come home early one day and discovered my son masturbating in the living room in front of the television watching a homemade video of myself (his dad) and his stepmother that he had found in my closet while I was at work and his step mom was out of town. This eventually led to my discovery that his step mom had been secretly fantasizing about him since he was younger. Now that all of this is out in the open, our next step is come up with a plan to get the two of them together.

Being a programmer, it was only natural that I look upon this upcoming adventure as a project. As with any other project, there were certain rules that needed to be followed to insure success. A normal project would define goal

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s (deliverables), resources, restrictions, timetable and other elements. I’m not that bad. All I really need here is goals. The ultimate goal here is to establish a sexual relationship between my son and my wife. Left up to Daniel, all of this could be accomplished in one or two minutes. Just both strip and jump each other’s bones. Fortunately, I know Heather well enough to know that would never fly.

How do we ease into this? That was the question. After rolling this question over and over in my mind, I decided that the best tool to use to break the ice was the videos. His curiosity had already been peaked by the short screening he had already had. He was very anxious to see more.

I decided that it would all take place on Saturday evening.

Today was Thursday, and it was very hard to concentrate on my work. All I could think about was Saturday night. Daniel had some errands to run, and was out of the house for the day. I decided to go home at lunch for a little afternoon delight.

Arriving at the house and walking in the front door, it appeared as if no one was home. All was quiet. I made my way upstairs, and as I was walking down the hall to our bedroom I heard a faint sound. Stopping at the closed door, I listened. It was the distinct sound of sexual activity. Not hard-driving sexual activity, but soft and sensual sounds. Slowly, I turned the knob and opened the door about 6 inches. What I saw made me very glad I decided to come home for lunch.

Heather was lying on the bed, and the television was on. Her eyes were glued to the set, but her legs were spread and her fingers were buried between them. She hadn’t noticed me because the headboard of the bed is against the same wall as the door. I felt my cock beginning to stiffen as I watched. She was viewing the video of one of our mountain trips where we were making love near a waterfall. It was a very sensuous setting, and we were obviously enjoying each other. As I watched, I could tell she was well into this session. Her fingers were glistening with her own wetness. I almost went over the edge when she took her very wet fingers and brought them to her face. Holding them in front of her face for a split second, she seemed to look to see how much juice was there. Then, she inserted the fingers in her mouth and sucked all of the juice off. While sucking her fingers, I could hear another sound coming from her. It was as if she had just placed a spoonful of ice cream in her mount. "Mmmmmmmm! "

I couldn’t take it anymore. Opening the door the rest of the way, I half expected her to jump when she saw me. Instead, she just looked up at me and smiled. Her fingers never missed a beat. "Remember that day?" she asked, looking over at the television.

"Oh, yeah……I remember. Great trip."

"Mmmmmmmm. Take your clothes off and come here."

I didn’t wait to be told twice. Before you could count to three, I was naked and lying next to her.

"Suck my nipples. They’ve been thinking about you all morning….."

Gently, I took a nipple in my mouth and began sucking. Immediately it instilled a reaction from her. Arching her back upwards slightly, she resumed moaning. She was hot. Hotter than I had seen her in a long time.

Now wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, I remained silent and continued my assault on her nipples. My fingers now began wandering down her flat tummy to the neatly trimmed tuft of dark hair. Sliding further, I found my finger wedged between two of the wettest lips I had ever experienced. Easily I slid up and down, rubbing against her clitoris with the motion. Within moments my finger was dripping with wetness. I replaced the nipple in my mouth with my own wet finger, enjoying the savory aroma as well as the wonderful flavor of her sex.

Lifting myself off of the bed and working my way on top of her, I positioned my cock at her opening. Gently I pushed, and her eyes closed. Slowly, till it completely disappeared, I held it in place. Opening her eyes, she pleaded, "Don’t tease me. Not now. I need him so bad."

I began the familiar back and forth motion. After only seconds, she grabbed my arms and dug her fingernails into my biceps. With every forward thrust, she replied with an upward thrust of her own. Harder and harder I fucked her, till the room was filled with the sound of our crotches slapping together and the smell of our sweat from our overheated bodies.

Before long, I could feel the orgasm building deep inside me. As I thrust even harder, she could tell the moment was near and began shouting at me. "OH, YES!!! OH, YES!!! FUCK ME. FUCK ME HARDER. I’M GONNA CUM…………………..NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!"

Simultaneously we both exploded in orgasm. Already, I was feeling wetness dripping down my cock and over my balls and onto the sheet below. Now I just added to the already overwhelming amount of liquid inside of her. As I slowly began to pull my cock from her, she grabbed me and held me still. I pushed back in ever so slightly, and felt the liquid being pushed out around my cock. Eventually, she let me go and I slowly pulled out and rolled to her side. After what seemed like forever, she finally smiled and opened her eyes. Turning towards me, she stared at me with those beautiful blue eyes.

"Mmmmmmm! That was wonderful. Just what I needed."

"So tell me, what started all of this?" I asked.

"I had a dream. About having you and Daniel at the same time. God, it was erotic. I woke up already wet."

"Well, I think the three of us are gonna stay home Saturday night and watch movies.’ Pointing to the television……. "Those movies. Then we’ll just see what happens. I want you to head to the mall this afternoon and pick out something very sexy from Fredrick’s. It’s a special occasion. We need to dress up."

With that, I went to the bathroom and cleaned up and dressed. Returning back to the bedroom, I found her still lying on the bed looking very satisfied. "I gotta get back to work."

Bending over to give her a kiss, she grabbed me and pulled me down onto the bed. Placing a hand on each side of my head, she pulled my lips to hers and we embraced in a passionate kiss. "You’re so good to me. Have I told you how much I love you?"

"Yeah, but don’t let that stop you."

Giving me a huge bear hug, she quietly whispered………"I love you, I love you, I love you."

As I got back in the car, I almost had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I was without a doubt, the luckiest man in the world.

Work went a little better that afternoon. At least I had temporarily satisfied my carnal desire. Now I could concentrate on getting some work done. The rest of the day went well and flew by. Before I knew it, I was packing to go home for the day. I was anxious to see what Heather had found at Fredrick’s.

As I pulled into the driveway I noticed Daniel’s car was back in it’s usual spot. Wondering what I would find when I walked into the house, I was a little apprehensive. As it turned out, my fears were unfounded. Walking into the living room, Daniel was in my recliner watching Nickelodeon. I thought to myself, "21 years old and he still watches that stuff. Maybe he’s not ready for what we have in store for him." It was a fleeting thought that passed as quickly as it came.

"Where’s Mom?"

"In the kitchen making dinner. How was your day?"

My thoughts traveled back to lunch. Smiling, I responded "Oh…..same ol, same ol

Walking into the kitchen, I was a little taken back by what I saw. She was wearing a t-shirt that was gathered and tied just below her breasts and a familiar pair of sweat shorts. As I walked up behind her she was bending over looking into the window of the oven. She had picked out my very favorite pair of her sweat shorts to wear. The ones that ride halfway up her cheeks when she bends over (which is exactly why I like them) and usually stays like that when she straightens up. Hearing me come in behind her, she stood up and, much to my delight, the shorts did not disappoint me. Turning around to give me a hug, I reached around her and grabbed a cheek in each hand. Sliding my hands under the material, I found that she also had on something new. Apparently she had picked up a couple of new thongs at Fredrick’s. Stepping away from me and turning around, she grabbed the waistline of her shorts and pulled them down just far enough for me to see the white lace disappear between her cheeks.

"Very nice!" I said.

Turning back around, she untied the knot in her T-shirt and lifted it up for me to see her new very sexy and revealing bra that matched the thong. "You like? I bought them with YOU in mind."

"Oh, sure. ME in mind? I know who you have had on your mind." Giving her a grin to let her know that I was being sarcastic, I slapped her gently on her ass and gave her a brief kiss.

"Alright, what’s going on in here? I hate it when mom goes away for awhile. When she comes back home, you guys are all over each other for days." Daniel strolled into the kitchen and seated himself on one of the barstools at the counter. "God mom, are you hot or something? Could you have any less clothes on?" he said in his best Joey (from Friends) imitation.

"Well. I could have, but that will have to wait till tomorrow night. Today, you just get to look and use your imagination."

Daniel stole a puzzled look at me. To this point, he was unaware that any firm plans have been made.

"I’ll tell you later." I said as I winked at him. Turning to Heather I changed the subject….. "So, what’s for dinner."

"Pot roast. You’re favorite….."

"Yummy. " I said as Daniel and I returned to the living room.

I could see the excitement in Daniel. We had hardly moved out of earshot of Heather when he turned to me.

"Whassup!" He whispered, obviously overly excited .

"I was gonna tell you tonight…….. Oh well, I’ll tell you now. Remember I said I was going to have that talk with mom about you and the videos? Well, I had that talk. I hope you don’t have any plans for Saturday night. That’s all I’m gonna say."

"OH, RIGHT!!!! Don’t leave me hanging like this….. Tell me what’s going on."

"You’ll find out. Just be on your best behavior till then. I don’t want her getting upset at you for anything and spoiling the whole thing………….and believe me, you don’t want that either. Trust me…"

That’s all it took. Daniel was an angel over the next two days. I’ve never seen him so good. I even saw him doing homework. That was a first.

Saturday came none too soon. Heather woke me up at 6 am. "I can’t sleep. I’m too excited. What if he gets embarrassed? What if he can’t get it up? "

"Calm down. Number one, LOOK AT YOU. YOU’RE GORGEOUS. I think not getting it up is the last of your worries. As far as being embarrassed, I guess that’s possible…….but I guarantee it won’t last for long. Just chill out and go about your business like usual today. Everything will be fine."

"Yeah, right! Like usual, huh? You have got to be kidding."

"Tell you what. If you don’t calm down, you are liable to do something today to spoil it. You wouldn’t want that, would you?"

"You’re right, you’re right. I’ll just bury myself in my cleaning. Just like a normal Saturday."

"Yeah, that’s the ticket. Later on, we’ll lie by the pool and get some sun. That always relaxes you….especially after cleaning all morning. I’ve got to do some work in the yard and I’ll be ready for a dip in the pool later as well. Just try to stay focused. Daniel has a game today so he’ll be gone most of the day. That way you won’t have to keep looking at him."

"I know. Every time I look at him lately, I find my eyes drawn to his crotch. It’s embarrassing but I can’t help myself."

"Well, tonight should take care of all of it. Meanwhile, can we go back to sleep for a couple of hours. It is Saturday, you know."

"OK, ok." She leaned over and kissed me. "Are you sure you don’t want a little to start the day?"

Smiling, I said "Why don’t you save it for tonight."

"OK!" she said, pouting as she got out of bed and headed for the bathroom to take a shower.

About an hour later, I gave up trying to sleep anymore. Between the vacuum cleaner and the stereo, it was a battle that I knew I wasn’t going to win. I got up, put on my Saturday ‘outside work’ clothes and headed outside to mow the yard.

Around lunchtime, Heather was done with her inside work and I was done with my outside work. She made lunch and we ate outside by the pool. She had changed, and was now wearing a new bright yellow bikini that showed much more than it covered, apparently another Fredrick’s purchase. After eating, we both decided to jump in for a quick dip (I know, we should have waited an hour……tough).

I really liked this new bikini on her. As soon as she got it wet, her dark areola and hard nipples were all but exposed for the world to see and when she turned away from me, the crack of her ass was perfectly visible through the sheer material. "Wow. That’s a keeper honey."

"You like?" she said as she turned and posed slightly for me.

"Oh, yeah! Can’t wait for our next trip to the beach. You’ll have em’ falling all over you."

"Especially when it’s wet."

It was very hard to keep my hands off of her. Speaking of hard, the front of my bathing suit was beginning to bulge.

We spent the next several hours lying in the sun and taking dips now and again. Around 5 o’clock Daniel appeared already suited up and ready for a swim.

"Hey guys. Y’all have a good day. House looks great, mom."

"Oh yeah, suck up to her." I teased.

"I’m hot as hell." He said as he headed to the water and jumped in. After swimming around for a few minutes he splashed water on us. "Come on in you guys. This feels great."

Heather got up and ran to the water, jumping in almost on top of Daniel. I was right behind her and as Daniel moved to avoid Heather, he looked up and found himself directly in the path of the geyser of water that was the result of my cannonball. "Get Him" I hollered at Heather and we both began chasing him around in the water.

I grabbed and held him and Heather went under the water and grabbed the waist of his suit and pulled. Off they came and she quickly swam towards the side of the pool, throwing his trunks towards the patio.

I laughed so hard I inadvertently loosened my grip and he got away. Immediately he headed towards Heather. Her attempt at running away from him in the water was comical. He was on her in a flash and he reached out and pulled on the bow at the back of her neck that was holding up her bikini top. "Two can play at that game."

The bikini top fell immediately, revealing Heather’s perfect breasts and erect nipples. She turned towards Daniel and began splashing water at him and laughing hysterically. Poor Daniel. I felt sorry for him, for he was a sitting duck. He couldn’t move. All he could do is stare. Finally, Heather stopped splashing him and the water calmed. Daniel’s eyes were glued to her dark, hard nipples. Her mouth curved upwards in an almost evil smile as she slowly approached him. "Touch them."

I thought to myself, "Well, this wasn’t exactly according to plan……………but I guess it will do."








Mom Screemin Aint Stoppin Us...

koak on Incest Stories

          It was a hot summer day.  One of those days that you
feel like running around town without clothing on, and I had just
came home from my summer job.  As I entered the house, I called
to see if anyone was home (hoping I had the house to myself. 
There was no answer, so assuming nobody was home, I decided to
strip at the door, in the living room.  (As you can guess, I LIKE
being naked . . . runs in the family.)  I settled down to watch
TV, once I was comfortable.  Finding nothing on, I looked for a
videotape.  I guess that was the start of everything.

     You see, searching through the stack of old tapes piled in
the back of a drawer, looking for one I h

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adn't seen three times
already, I found this one tape, with a funny name on it.  While
it wasn't a commercial tape, it wasn't one of those we'd recorded
of any of the movies on TV either.  So into the VCR it went 
(hey, I was bored-desperate . . . even a cartoon I hadn't seem
before would have been welcome).  I started the tape running, and
settle down to watch.

     Surprised just doesn't begin to describe what I felt, when
on the screen appeared my big sister, Christina, and a strange,
sexy-looking guy.  My sister was laying back on the couch, (yes,
the very same couch I was sitting on while watching this porno-
show) and this guy I'd never seen before had his head between
Christina's legs and was licking her very juicy pussy.  At least
I assume it was juicy.  The jerk was slobbering as he licked, as
if it was some kind of delicious fruit that you couldn't buy in a
store (well, in a way, I guess it was).  As I watched this scene,
I unconsciously started to touch my semi-hard cock.  While it's
not porno-star quality, being just average at about 6-inches,
I've never had or heard any complaints.  Almost automatically I
stroked it to full hardness as I started wondering just how sweet
my big sister's pussy DID taste.

     I was just getting into the "lap job" this guy was giving,
when he stopped; then started to move up Christina's body,
licking as he went.  He stopped at her tits; and licked first one
of her swollen nipples, and then the other.  I stroked harder;
wondering if he was really going to fuck my sister, or just make
out with her?  Surely Christina wouldn't let him really . . . . I
almost came in my hand at the very idea.

     I'll say this for the guy; he had technique.  As he moved up
to kiss my sister, he positioned his cock in her pussy hole at
the same time; never giving her the opportunity to object. 
Almost unbelievingly I watched him, as he slowly pushed his cock
into my sister's pussy.  The further he pushed it in, the more
Christina started moaning and humping back to meet each of his
strokes.  I couldn't believe my own sister would do such a thing;
let alone have it being taped.  For a second I wondered just who
the cameraman was; until I realized that the camera-angle hadn't
changed since the start of the tape.  Both lovers were being
careful to stay in the field-of-view of a fixed camera.  (At
least my sister had THAT much sense.)

     I wondered if the guy (whoever he was) was going to actually
cum inside my sister.  Normally I would have been worried for
her, but by this time I was too caught up in the scene to care. 
If Christina "got in trouble" from this scene, then that was HER
problem.  While I wasn't quite unfeeling enough to actually HOPE
my sister "caught" from unprotected sex, I WAS hoping I got to
see it if she did!  I watched almost breathlessly; fighting to
hold back MY orgasm as they started to move faster, and
Christina's moans started getting louder.

     As I watched what they were doing, I was stroking my cock
almost in time; hoping to come when they did.  I know it's hard
to believe that I could be that lucky; but at the point of their
climax, I came at the same time.  I must have made quite a porno-
show myself; as I came all over my hand and belly; getting my
hand and body all sticky with white streams of sticky goo.

     It was then, just as I was finishing with white glop coating
my hand and running in two obscene splats across my belly, that I
became aware of being watched myself.  You see, after I was done,
I looked up and saw Christina looking at me in disbelief.  She
started to yell at me for watching HER video and masturbating at
the same time.

     It was her attitude that made me look at my sister and say, 
"I'll tell Mom about the video."

     That stopped my sister dead.  She stopped yelling and looked
at me angrily; then her face suddenly took on a pleading look, as
she started to say, "Don't tell, I'll do anything, but don't
tell."  I guess she knew as well as I did what our parents would
say if they knew she had been fooling around.  As for what would
happen if they knew she was dumb enough to make a video of
it . . . . <shudder>.

     Well, I'm sorry to say I took advantage of her offer.  Being
a horny teenager myself, I just couldn't resist the temptation. 
While I didn't REALLY plan on telling on her, (especially if I
could ever see her in other videos like that one) I did wonder
just how much "anything" was.  Not really believing she would go
for it, I said, "I won't tell, if you let me put my cock inside
you . . . like he did . . . so I can feel how it's like to have
sex."  Yeah right . . . as if my sister was going to let her own
brother stick his cock inside her.  Only I had hopes, because
that was what she had been letting the guy in the video do.

     I almost couldn't believe my luck, as she hesitantly
replied, "OK, I'll let you put it in a little while."  It was
only a slight disappointment when she added, "You'd better put a
condom on first though; because I don't want to make a baby with
my own brother."  Well, THAT would have been too much to expect;
even though I hadn't noticed anything covering the prick of the
guy in the video.  Still, I figured my sister knew the times when
she was safe; which gave me hopes for the future.

     Still not believing that she would really go through with
it, I went to my room and got a condom from the supply that Dad
made sure each of us kids had.  (No, our parents were NOT
encouraging us to have sex.  In fact, we knew that we would be in
trouble if we did . . . Only they had both long ago made it clear
to us that any trouble we might get into by having sex, would be
quadrupled if they ever found out it was unprotected.)

     Well, I'm not completely dumb.  I never touched the ones Dad
gave me.  I bought a box of my own from a store out of town "just
to be safe."  Dad was never going to find out by checking to see
if I had "used" any of the supply he gave me.  This was the very
first time I had a chance to use one, so I used Dad's; planning
on replacing it out of my "private stock" afterwards, as they
were hidden away.  (That way Dad wouldn't get suspicious about me
having my own supply, either.)  Does all this sound paranoid?  
Well, it was.  When you're a teenager, you HAVE to be paranoid
about sex, when it comes to your parents . . . As Christina well

     She helped me put it on.  You have no idea how much is
implied by that simple sentence.  While I wasn't really hard when
Christina started, I was achingly horny and almost ready to
squirt when she got it on.  Even wearing a condom my own sister
put on my prick, I STILL could hardly believe my big sister would
"go through with it."  Only Christina did.

     She took her own clothes off and laid down on the sofa. 
Then she told me to get between her legs, where I buried my face
in the place the guy on the video had found so delicious, and
licked her pussy for a few minutes until my chin was really
getting wet from her pussy juices.  Then (trying to act like what
I though a stud would do) I started to lick up her body in the
same manner as I saw in the video.  I licked her nipples first;
then I moved up and placed my cock at the mouth of her pussy.  I
couldn't believe my sister was letting me do this, but I couldn't
stop, either.  I pushed my cock into her pussy slowly; savoring
the feel of each delicious inch of sibling pussy sliding over the
condom, and squeezing my prick.  I couldn't wait to feel my
sister's pussy clamping down over the fractional-inch left
uncovered by the rubber baby-barrier.

     Christina left out a moan; showing that this probably felt
as good to her, as it did to me.  I hoped so, as I was in Heaven. 
I pushed in a little further; as my sister's pussy muscles
massaged my cock.  Then I paused for a moment, because I felt
like I was about to cum.  The feeling subsided after a short
wait, and I started to push in again.  This time I pushed in
until my balls made contact with her pussy-lips; then I started
to move in and out like I was masturbating.

     I stroked about three strokes into my sister's pussy, before
I knew it was getting too close, from the friction of her pussy
muscles against my cock.  I told her, "I'm about to cum."  I
didn't WANT to yet, but couldn't help myself.  My sister is just
too darned sexy.

     She told me, "don't cum yet; but keep fucking me."  I tried
to hold off, but I couldn't.  The friction was too great and I
pushed into her as far as I could.  I felt like my balls were
being sucked out through the tube on my prick, as I started
squirting my sperm into the condom deep in my sister's womb. 
Shortly after my first squirt, she started to orgasm herself, and
stiffened under me.  We remained coupled for the completion of
our orgasms; while I drained each sticky drop of sperm I had in
me into my own sister's body.  The condom, while a nuisance
didn't bother me as much as I had thought it would.

     Afterwards, we separated and decided to get cleaned up by
showering together.  Then, after we finished with our shower, we
managed to be dressed in time for our parents to arrive home
(thank Goodness).

     That night, after our parents were asleep, Christina came to
my room.   My sister lifted the sheet that was covering my naked
body; and slipped in next to me.  It was then I realized that she
was equally naked.  She kissed me, which started my cock to rise
in anticipation of fucking her again.  She reached down between
my legs and started to play with my cock and balls.  I reached
down and started to rub my sister's pussy on her clit.

     I rubbed it for a few minutes; then I stuck my finger into
her pussy hole.  God did that feel good clamping and squeezing on
my finger.  I almost came from imagining it was my prick inside
her.  She started to moan and then asked me to fuck her.  I
couldn't believe my luck, but that didn't stop me from doing it. 
I told Christina to get on her hands and knees, while I got up
behind her and stuck my cock into her pussy hole.  I stroked in
and out until we both orgasmed.  This was far better than the
first time, as this time her bare quivering pussy was stroking
the outside of my bare quivering prick.  It's funny, but even the
incredibly erotic sensation of feeling my own sister's tight
little slit sliding on and off my bare prick didn't remind me
that there was an important difference between that afternoon,
and then.  Feeling my thick hot cum rippling through the end of
my penis, before being forcefully ejaculated into my sister's
sucking young womb was too erotic to even LET me think the
dangers of what we were doing.

     It was almost an hour later, when we were fucking the second
time that night, that my bedroom door opened and our parents
caught us mid-orgasm.  I was just in the middle of ejaculating my
sperm in Christina's spasming vagina, while she rutted back at me
like a bitch in heat.  There was no way I could stop spasming my
big sister's vagina full of thick white cum; even though my
mother's scream of "What are you DOING?" was loud enough to shake
windows.  I couldn't stop.  Only when every last sticky drop of
incestuous seed had rippled through my prick, while Christina
held me in a bear-hug against my mother's attempts to separate
us, was I able to pull out; leaving my big sister with a crotch
all wet and matted with her brother's sperm, while an obscene
white drool slowly oozed out of her well-fucked vagina.  Such
ranting and raving from two parents you never DID hear.

PART 2 is on it's way.. Let me know if you like this one!

All For Love: Part 1

naughty_girl69 on Incest Stories

People are always asking me if I love my kids and I always smile and reply, "More than you could possibly comprehend." Some people would say I'm a bad dad or that I must have had something tragic happen to me in my youth to make me think the way I do. I guess if you need to why and when this all started we'd have to go back to when I was 14.

"Oh! Robert fuck me harder! I'm fertile now. Cum in me and get me pregnant." My mother cried out as my father's penis pounded in and out of her. Something was wrong. I knew sex was supposed to be pleasurable but my mother had tears pouring from her eyes.

"That's right bitch! Tell me how

Read More
much you want my cum in you!" He growled at her.

She just layed there taking it. I saw anger flash in his eyes.  When she didn't say anything he hit her twice. Blood began to ooze from her lip and nose.

"Say it you god damn bitch or I swear I'll kill you and your bastard children!"

"Oh baby! I want it so bad! Please oh please come in me!" I could tell her voice was strained but she managed to get it out.

My father began to pound in and out of her furiously. He grabbed her legs and forced them further apart as he impaled her with his cock. Oddly the closer he got to coming the more he seemed to be romantic. He began kissing my mother forcing his tongue in and out of her mouth.

"Oh Elizabeth. Oh daddy loves you. Don't worry baby girl daddy's going to make a baby in your tummy just like you wanted." I was shocked. Elizabeth was my oldest sister. He was caressing my mother tenderly, almost lovingly. Then the anger returned and he slugged my mother again. "Caryn you know what I want! You better convince me you're Elizabeth or you'll get it!" He slugged her again and she cried out in pain.

"Oh daddy. I've waited so long for you. Make my tummy swollen with your baby." When she said it my dad thrust into her one final time and cried out, "Here comes your baby Elizabeth! Oh god, daddy's got a big load for you!"

He quickly pulled off my mother and grabbed her, throwing her into the hall. "Get away from me you worthless piece of trash. For your sake you better be pregnant with a daughter." He slammed the door leaving my mother in the hall sobbing. I quickly left my hiding spot and rushed to her side.

"Mom are you ok?" She just looked up at me and sobbed. Her poor face was swollen and bruised from her "lovemaking" session. "Mom tell me what I can do. How can I help you?"

She looked me with these sad puppy dog and told me to carry her to my bedroom. I gently picked her up not remember she was still naked and carried her to my room.

"Kevin your father wants to have more children. The only problem is he is sterile and has been since the war. He won't admit it and he is taking the blame out on me. I'm afraid that if I don't get pregnant soon he'll kill me." She looked at me hoping I'd understand. I'd been raised catholic but I knew what sex was. I also knew that what I was about to do would send my soul straight to hell but for my mother I'd do anything.

I pushed her gently onto her back and spread her legs. I could see the remanents of infertile sperm my father had left and wiped it away with  a cloth. I pulled my pajamas off and positioned myself at my mothers entrance. My cock was already hard. My mother had been waiting for the day I would begin producing sperm for a long time. Even though she'd seen my cock before she was transfixed by it. It was rather large being about 7 inches and around 3 inches thick. The precum was dripping off my cock with the slightest coaxing.

"Show me you love me son. Make us a baby." She whispered. I needed no further coaxing and pushed into my mothers wet warmth. I knew it was wrong but I was so turned on by the fact that I was now fucking the place where I had emerged into the world. My mother's eyes were transfixed on my cock as it pistoned in and out of her. I could feel her getting wetter and picked up my thrusting. I had to get her to orgasm. It had been a long time since she had. I found her little nubb and began circling it with my thumb while my cock continued impaling her. I felt her hip begin to meet my thrusts.

"Oh Kevin. Mommy loves you so much! Oh God! I'm.....I'm.....I'm cuuummmiiinnngg!" as she said this I thrust as hard and as deep as I could into her. I came so much the cum spilled out before I had even withdrawn from her.

I kissed her mouth gently. "I love you mom."

She pushed me off her and put two pillows under her hips. I put on a robe and left the room having finished my job. I was supposed to meet my girlfried in an hour probably for another one of her sex sessions where I fucked her with a dildo or ate her out and then if I was lucky she gave me a hand job.

In some ways my girlfriend was really where my descent into incest began......To be continued

This is my first story so don't be too harsh but feel free to comment.

My Sister's Rape

Virile_Vanguard on Incest Stories

"What the hell are you doing Brad?" Shouted my younger sister Jackie as she walked in on me jacking myself off in her room. I stopped and looked at her, and I looked at her real good. She was 5’1” with short dark brown hair and a body to die for. She had gotten into a lot of fitness crap in the last year and had really toned her body up. That is when I started to notice how hot my 15 year old sister was. she had average breasts and the tightest ass I have ever seen. I had tried to sneak a peek before but I had either been caught or I just missed my chance. I decided right then, this was going to be it.

“I was really horny so I decided to use your underwear to help me get off like I usually do when you aren’t here” I replied to her. “

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Ugh, so that is what I have been finding in my underwear this whole time. Jesus, what the fuck is wrong with you? Put your pants back on or I’ll tell Mom.” Oh no she wouldn’t . I quickly crossed the room grabbing her around her body pinning her arms to her sides and put a hand over her mouth. I brought her into the room and closed the door hoping that would prevent anyone from hearing her momentary scream in a second. I release her for a second and grab some of her underwear for binds. She immediately screams for help and I am there right away. I wad up some of her panties I had already came on earlier and shove it into her mouth. I then use a loose shoelace to tie it in place for now. next I tie her arms together with some tube socks and throw her on the bed. I know exactly what I will do next and what I’ll need.

I go into my room and grab my sets of handcuffs I had ordered two weeks earlier and I grab my new gag with them. Before I go back I make sure to grab my hunting knife and check it’s sharpness. When I enter Jackie’s room I find out she had quieted down but soon started up again when she saw the knife. I go over to her and handcuff her spread eagle to her solid iron bedposts. next I re-gag her and throw away the makeshift gag. Now it’s time for me to see my sister naked.

“Do you know what I have wanted to do to you? You must know with how you have been taunting and teasing me this whole time. I know you have been a little whore and fucking every other guy, so why not me?” I don’t pay attention to her trying to deny it, I know I’m right. “ I want to see you naked, then I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you like there is no tomorrow Jackie. But first, we need your clothes gone.” I had been hunting before and had skinned deer and this was something like that. Let me tell you, after this, I never skinned a deer without thinking about Jackie again. I took my knife and put the blade under her belt. It took almost no pressure at all to slice through it. I next went to work on her shirt while Jackie sobbed quietly. “If you don’t shout up and stop moving I might accidentally cut you, and neither of us want that do we?” She shakes her head no fervently and I continue. I remove the shirt and find a pink lacy bra underneath. Just to give myself more of a chance to get hard again, I decide to remove her pants before her bra. I slice clean through her jeans to find she has pink lacy panties to match the bra. Maybe she thought something was going to happen with someone. Now it was time to treat myself.

Using the knife I quickly tore through her bra to find the nicest tits I have ever seen, much nicer than any of my girlfriends’. Jackie is just staring at me and trying hard not to make a sound or move as I trace my knife down from her throat between her breasts, around her belly button and finally around to her hip. With a quick motion I cut through her panties to reveal her pussy. She apparently has never talked to anyone about shaving or anything because it is like a jungle down there. I rub my hands over her pussy and I get a moaning sound from Jackie. Apparently she likes this to some degree. I quickly remove my clothes and position myself over her with my 7” dick rubbing against the entrance to her hole. I try to look her in the eyes but I see her pleading to me with her eyes. I stop looking so that I don’t suddenly grow a conscience or anything and I get ready for the big plunge.

“I am about to give you something really great you whore. I am goanna share my dick with you now so you better be grateful. I really hope you enjoy this as much as I will.” And with that I shove my cock in as hard as I can and in doing so, I break the hymen I thought she had lost a while ago. She screams in pain and I don’t know what to do other than just continue and fuck her for all she is worth. So I grab her tits and squeeze them as I pump I and out. I can feel her pussy grabbing and squeezing my dick back. As I go faster I find a position I can hit her sweet spot with and go for it. If it is her first time, I might as well do something for her. As I keep fucking, her cries and screams turn to moans and grunts. I can feel it, I can feel my orgasm coming. I start to go faster and faster as it comes and her pussy gives one final squeeze as she starts to cum and that is when I lose it. I cum deep inside of Jackie’s pussy, making sure to fill it with my incestual seed.

When I collapse onto her after I finish, I notice a tear going down her cheek and look down to see her blood all over the place. I go to get a towel and clean her off, making sure to throw away the sheets and replace them with new ones. I look down at her again and see how fucking gorgeous she looks naked. I start getting a hard on again and I also get another idea. I undo the handcuffs and she just lays there staring at me. I flip her over and cuff her hands behind her back and bend her over in a kneeling position. I notice she started getting wet again and I rub my cock around her pussy getting it nice and lubed up. Then I place the head of my dick on her ass and start to push. She must have not know what I was doing because now she was screaming again probably trying to tell me that I could fuck her pussy again just don’t screw her ass. Well, I was raping her so it didn’t really matter what she wanted.

I shove my dick in farther and I can feel the muscles in her ass tightening around this unwanted invader. I didn’t care, that just meant it would be a lot more fun. I shoved my dick in hard as far as it would go and Jackie screamed again. I just held it there for a while and massaged her tits while her ass got used to my cock. After about two minutes, I start to fucking her ass. I am just going at it having the time of my life with her. while I am fucking her, I grab a hold of her short, boyish hair and hold onto that as I am fucking her. I tell her “You are my little cock-whore now” or “I am going to fuck you still you are completely filled with cum.” As I am screwing her I realize that if I could get her to cum, her ass would squeeze my dick better than her pussy did. So I releas her hair and lean forward to start massaging her clit. As I go at it more she starts moaning again and bucking back against me. It is only another minute before she has another orgasm and I am filling her ass with my cum.

It seemed to last forever. I must have shot a gallon of my wad up in her ass before I was done. I get off after that and look down at her again. I decide to take the gag and handcuffs back. I see that she doesn’t have any marks on her wrists. It is a good thing she didn’t really fight the handcuffs, that’s just one more thing against her if she decides to tell anyone. I give her a kiss on the lips and she doesn’t respond at all, she doesn’t even blink. So I decide for one grand finale before I get out of here and I start to rub my cock. It isn’t too long before I get it up again and I start to jack off again using one of her panties. It feels good, but not as good as her pussy or ass. It doesn’t take long before I start to get that old familiar feeling and I shove the head of my dick in little Jackie’s mouth. I spray some in there and pull out to finish Cumming on her face and chest. I then grab her head and hold it up and massage her throat while holding her mouth closed. Eventually she swallows it and I let her fall limp back on the bed. With being totally satisfied, I put my clothes back on and head next door to my neighbors’ house. I get to baby sit tonight.

Sister-In-Law Lessons

Trap on Incest Stories

Sister-In-Law Lessons


Being a little brother isn’t so bad. Not when your big brother is cool. Mike was cool. He was my hero growing up. He was the prototypical all-American kid. We live in a small Midwestern down where football is king. And the king of our championship football team was Mike. He was the all-state quarterback and free safety of the our state championship fighting bulldogs and the entire town loved him. I mean everybody. He was also a straight ‘A’ student, captain of the baseball and basketball teams, captain of the chess club, and senior class president his last year. He worked closely with teachers and administrators for an "Overall School Success" program and they thought of him as highly as his coaches did. His classmates

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voted him ‘Most Handsome’ and ‘Most Popular’ and he was also a hit with all the girls in high school. He was 6'4" and weighed about 210 pounds, was good looking and was built like a Greek statue. Growing up I must have seen every girl in school come through our house at one time or another either openly visiting, or being snuck into his bedroom late at night when mom and dad were asleep. Being six years younger than him, I could only marvel at him like all the rest. When he graduated, he took an athletic scholarship to play football for a large state school not far off where he was very successful until he suffered a knee injury his senior year that ended his playing career. He never let it get him down, though I was crushed. He counted his blessings and let his academics take him to greater heights as a successful self-make businessman back at his hometown. I loved having him back home and visited every day.

I went to visit Mike, but also to pine over his wife. Darla was a girl he had actually dated in high school. She was the homecoming queen and voted ‘Most Beautiful’ the same year Mike won his award. They had graduated together and decided to attend the same college. I figured the relationship would end sometime during the first year, but Mike committed and they stayed together. They were married their last semester of college and they opened their business together after school. She was gorgeous, too. I though it might not last in college because Mike had dated so many girls in high school that I figured it would continue through college. He was kind of a swinger and liked to play the field. It was never because I thought she was sub-par for him. To the contrary, I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and still do. She was tall and dark. She must have been close to 6' tall and had long dark hair with naturally dark facial features that didn’t even require make-up. To me, she closely resembled Lori Loughlin from the TV show "Full House." She was nicely tanned and had a body that anyone would drool over. Her breasts were not huge, but big and firm, perfect matches on size and shape. And her ass was simple the best I’ve ever seen. She was athletically built but her ass was small and shapely with the perfect curves. She could really fill out a pair of jeans!

Now to me and the amazing story. My name is Trent. I unfortunately was not as blessed as my big brother. I played on all the sports teams, but my role on each was very average. I wouldn’t say I was bad at any of them but I was certainly not a team captain or the best player on the team as Mike had been when he played. I also didn’t do as well in school and was not involved with any organizations outside of athletics. I was not nearly as popular either, with classmates or with the girls. I am not a bad looking guy, but I was shy and a little awkward around girls. I am about 5'11" tall and not as muscular as my bother. I have a very average body, but I do have some of my brother’s looks so it’s not too bad. My biggest problem was sexually growing up. I loved to jack off and dreamed of my first time with a girl. I would even practice kissing with my hand and goofy shit like that. I must have jacked off at least once every day since I was about 12 years old, and most days a couple of times. But every time I tried to make a date with a girl, I was so nervous that most times I chickened out even before I could talk to them. I told myself there was plenty of time, but before I knew it, it was spring of my senior year and I had done nothing more than kiss a couple of girls.

A few weeks before my eighteenth birthday I went to visit my brother. He was at home alone on this particular night because Darla had to go out of town on business. My brother stayed home to man the office. We were just talking like normal until he started to ask about my year and the future. That is when I opened up about my frustrations. I told him about how I really felt like I was missing out because I was still a virgin.

"You know Mike. It’s kind of embarrassing. I am about to graduate and I haven’t had sex with a girl yet or even been to second base you know?"

"Don’t worry Trent, it will come. It’s not as big a deal as you think it is. Before you know it you will be married and have kids and wonder why you even spent as much time as you did worrying about it." Mike said.

"That’s easy for you to say," I replied, "you had sex all the time in high school. You never had to even think about it. You could just say hello to a girl and her panties would fall off."

He laughed, "It wasn’t quite that easy, but I guess I see your point. Really though, it’s not a big deal."

"Whatever man. I think about it all the time, and I’m afraid if I’m too nervous now with the girls I’m around all the time, how can I possibly approach a stranger for a conversation. I just think if I could even have sex one time, it would kind of break the ice." I said

He kept trying to reassure me that everything was fine and that I was certainly not the only seventeen year old virgin in the world. I still couldn’t see his point though, and I was kept venting as long as he would listen. I could tell he was starting to really become concerned with my preoccupation with all of this and he finally told me not to give it another thought.

"I predict you will have sex before you graduate. I can almost guarantee it." He said.

"How can you say that Mike?" I asked, wondering what he meant.

"Just trust me. Don’t give it another thought. Now lets go to the basement, I want to show you a project I have been working on for the business." He said.

I had already been taking with him about going to work for him after college so my mind quickly found interest in the project and I forgot about girls for a while.

The weeks before my birthday flew by as Christmas holiday approached. I was beginning to feel even more pressure and depression over my problem. Now college was close too and I was nervous about that. Everything seemed to be mounting. Then the Saturday before my birthday, five days away on the next Thursday, we were all having dinner at my parents house. Me, mom, dad, Mike and Darla were sitting around the table after our meal talking and Mike announced that he had a surprise for me. Mom and dad already knew it was coming by the smiles on their faces as Mike said he was taking me to his college alma mater’s last football game. They were playing for the conference championship and it was a much anticipated game. I was thrilled and jumped up with happiness. Everyone laughed as I went over and hugged Mike.

"Your welcome little brother, you don’t have to choke me!" He said, smiling.

"This is the best, man! I can’t thank you enough! It’s going to be one hell of a game!" I said.

Mom told me to watch my language and then laughed out loud as did everyone else. They were as happy to see me so happy. I guess I had been pretty gloomy the last few weeks and they could see it.

"You and me at the championship game! It’s going to be great!" I said.

"Yes! Well, you, me and Darla. She wants to go too. I hope you don’t mind." He replied.

I paused and looked at Darla’s lovely face smiling at me and finally said, "Heck no! Of course not!"

I could hardly contain my excitement that whole next week. We were going to leave on Thursday, my birthday, skip school Friday and head out for the three hour drive to the college. We were going to stay the night and then go to the game which was actually being played on Friday night because of the TV schedules. That Thursday afternoon, I had everything packed early and was waiting for them to pick me up. It was my birthday so mom and dad gave me a cake and some nice gifts before Mike and Darla arrived to celebrate it. Then Mike and Darla arrived and I jokingly asked them what they got me for my birthday, knowing the tickets and the trip to the game were the gift. Mike did say however, that he had another gift for me that he would give me that night but I couldn’t ask for it until we got to the hotel. I agreed and we said our goodbye’s to mom and dad and left.

The drive was pleasant and comfortable. We talked about all kinds of things, but mostly about the business and what my role might be after I joined their team. This was exiting for me because I knew it would be a job I would love not only for the work, but because I would get to be around Mike too. He was my brother and my best friend. We arrived at the hotel and dropped off our bags before going to a restaurant for dinner. Mike told me not to order too much because I wouldn’t want to get too full. I asked why but all he would say was, "You’ll see." I figured it was a cake or something they had pre-ordered for after the meal, but when we went to leave without any surprises or cakes, I was a little stumped, but payed it no mind.

When we got back to the hotel, things started to happen almost immediately that led to the greatest night of my young life. We had put our things all in one room, but I figured there was another room down the hall somewhere for me.

"I think I will take my things to my room and freshen up a little bit. Is it down this hall?" I asked.

"Actually it’s this room. We are all in this room." He said.

I gave him a puzzling look, but he only smiled. The hotel room was a nice room with a bar and living area separate from a bedroom area, but the couch was not a foldout bed type couch. I guessed that he wanted me to sleep on the couch so I played it off.

"Oh, ok. I just figured you two would want more privacy." [and me too] I thought to myself.

Mike was no problem, but Darla was. She was my sister-in-law and we were friends, but I hadn’t ever seen her in night clothes or anything like that before. I was a little uncomfortable about it but decided she would probably be discreet and I would never know the difference. I was settling into the couch when the strangeness began. Mike excused himself to the bathroom and almost immediately, Darla came over very close to me and sat down beside me on the couch. Even though the couch had plenty of room, she sat so close our hips were actually touching. I was a little uncomfortable but didn’t want to make a big deal out of it so I said nothing. She grabbed the remote off the table and hit the menu button.

"Let’s see what they have to rent." She said. "I hope they have a good selection."

She then went to the adult movie section and began to scan the selections. I was dumbfounded as I began to think how weird this all was. Then she said, "Ah, there’s a promising one. That might be the perfect one actually." and hit the enter button to rent it. The title was called "Virgin’s First Time" and the first scene was a shy boy being kissed and seduced by an older woman. I couldn’t believe what was happening! Darla was actually watching a porno in front of me and was beginning to run her fingers underneath the top of her sundress across her breasts! She seemed to be getting really turned on! Now the woman on the screen was sucking the boy’s cock and I was about to excuse myself from this embarrassing situation. About that time I heard the toilet flush and froze as Mike came out. I figured he would be as shocked as I was but he only glanced at the TV and then back at us with a smile.

"Starting without me, I see." He said to Darla. "I guess you are even more willing than you had let on." I was shocked.

"Well Trent, I guess it’s time for your birthday present." He said. "What do you think of it?"

"Where is it?" I asked nervously.

"Why it’s right beside you." He replied.

I actually looked on the table beside me before it dawned on me that he was talking about my other side. The only thing on that side was Darla. And when I looked over at her, she was smiling and removed the straps of her sun dress over she shoulders and lowered it to her waist so that her beautiful breasts were exposed. Her tits were so firm that I hadn’t even realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. I could then see that they were bigger than I had ever noticed and figured she must have had a boob job sometime recently and that is why they were bigger and so firm. I quickly jumped up and went across the room as Mike sat down next to Darla’s other side.

"What’s going on!?" I asked.

"Well, I hope you won’t mind but your problem we talked about a few weeks ago seemed to be really upsetting to you. I thought about what you said and how desperate you sounded, no offense, and I asked Darla to do you this favor. We are very free and adventurous with sex and she said yes right away. Didn’t you dear?" He said looking at Darla.

"That’s right Trent. To tell you the truth, I’ve wanted to have sex with you for a couple of years now. It would have probably happened eventually anyway, but when Mike told me I was thrilled that it was going to be now. And more thrilled that I would have the privilege to be your first." Darla said.

"You want to have sex with me? No kidding? Your not just saying that?" I asked Darla.

Instead of answering, she smiled and stood up. She then pushed her sun dress all the way down to her ankles and rose revealing her completely naked, amazing body to me. She had a dark runway strip of pubic hair above her clit and had no tan lines on her perfect body. She then stepped out of the dress, still wearing a pair of sexy, red high-heels and began to walk toward me. Her athletic body moved amazingly. He stomach was perfectly flat and firm and her tits were mind-boggling. Her seductive smirk was enough to make my cock hard as she stop in front of me, put her warm hands on the sides of my head and came in for a long, slow, open-mouthed kiss. We rolled our tongues against each others for what seemed like forever, before she broke our kiss, reached for the bottom of my shirt and slowly lifted it off over my head and kissing my chest. She slowly kissed her way to each of my nipples before sucking each a little and dropping to her knees. She then looked up at me before delivering little kissed all over my stomach and unzipping my jeans. With a skillful move, she quickly unbuttoned the jeans and pulled them and my underwear to my knees. My hard cock bounced high, smacking my stomach before aiming awkwardly toward Darla’s full lips. Darla is a sweetheart and knew just what to say to help me in my situation. She knew.

"Trent, I know this is your first time and I know what is probably about to happen so don’t feel embarrassed at all. Mike and any other man was no different their first time. Just let it happen and enjoy it. I am going to finally find out if my brother-in-law tastes as good as my husband."

She then took hold of my cock and moved her lips over it’s head and deep into her mouth. I was in ecstacy. I decided to heed her words and let it go. In only a few seconds and a few strokes of her lips, I was dumping what seemed like a quart of cum into my lovely sister-in-law’s mouth. She never paused as she continued her lustful sucks to the last drop before finally removing her mouth with tight-closed lips and looking up at me as she swallowed. She closed her eyes tightly as I saw her throat swallow it all down and then she opened her mouth to show me it was gone before laughing.

"My God!" She exclaimed laughingly. "That’s more than I’ve ever had at once before! You certainly cum more than Mike ever has!"

"Yeah, yeah," said Mike, "you really know how to hurt a guy you know?" He laughed.

"So how was it?" I asked, still coming down from my orgasm. I was embarrassed by the question as soon as I asked it. I couldn’t believe I said it. But Darla showed no hesitation.

"You know, it’s probably a little better than Mike’s." and then turned to him with a laugh. Mike just nodded with a smile and said, "Oh, that’s just great."

"I’m sorry honey," she said to Mike and then turned to me. "Trent, do you mind if I give Mike a little attention before we continue. It will give you a chance to recover a little."

I only nodded with a stupid looking smile I’m sure, and she said "good."

I stripped the rest of my cloths off as I watched Darla take Mike to the bed and they began to work together to get his clothes off. Afterwards, he laid on the bed and she began to stroke and suck his cock. I couldn’t really see it, but I could tell by her movements that’s what she was doing. I however, had my eyes glued on her beautiful ass and her perfect pussy. I watched as she moved her hips how it opened and closed and how wonderful it looked and I began to stoke my cock a little. That’s when I noticed she had stopped her motion and was looking back at me.

"Why don’t you take a closer look while I suck your brother’s cock? I love to have my pussy eaten if you would like." She said. Mike gave me a thumb’s up and a smile, unbeknown to her.

That was all I needed as she went back to work and I walked up and hit my knees behind her. It was the first pussy I had ever seen except in magazines and I felt an instinct to sniff it and to taste it. I wanted to take it in all my senses. First though, I wanted to inspect it and learn a little. I began by running my fingers up and down her already dripping hole and then tasting a little from my fingers. It tasted good to me so I began to finger her hole, first with one finger and then with two. I could hear her begin to moan as I increased my speed. I also was interested in the cute, tight little pucker that was her anus. I stuck my tongue to it and she gave a gasp and withdrew a little. I was nervous a few moments as I froze my movements hoping I hadn’t gone too far. Finally I heard her speak.

"Oh my, I’m sorry Trent. I didn’t mean to flinch. It’s just that no one has ever done that, not even Mike. Go ahead if you want to though, I think I might like it."

So I tried it again and she still gasped a little but didn’t withdraw. I could tell she liked it. I also liked the idea that this was one place that until now was virgin to sex. Knowing I was her first, at least at this, was quite a turn on for me and I began to hope that maybe mine could be the very first cock to invade her ass. For now though I licked and the faster and harder I did, the more she began to moan. I took turns licking her ass and then her pussy, trying every now and then to push my tongue inside of each. It took some work on her ass to get her to loosen up, but after a while I had my tongue in her ass and was banging her hard with my fingers. Then I would switch. I would dig my tongue into her pussy as far as it would go and I began to finger bang her ass with my middle finger. She began to loosen up even more as her moans were turning into occasional screams. And then into uncontrollable screams as I concentrated on her clit as I fingered her asshole. It was then that she started to scream her loudest and she came. It scared me at first because it was so loud, but mostly because she squirted her cum hard out onto my chin and down my chest. I backed away to see another spirt come out and splatter on the floor. Then she turned to look at me and I could see the intense look of ecstacy and lust on her moaning face, as well as a large load of Mike’s cum as he must have shot his load all over her.

"Oh God Trent that was so good! Please fuck my pussy with your cock now!" She moaned.

I quickly got up and wiped away some of her cum from my mouth as I pushed my hard cock into her pussy. With all the lubrication, it slid in easily and was warm and velvety soft. I loved it as I began to pump her hard, grabbing her by the hips. I could hear her sucking sloppily at Mike’s cock again getting him hard and ready. I was able to control myself better this time and after a few minutes decided to try my wish. I began to spit on her asshole and spearing it around with my thumb. She never did anything to stop me so I took my cock out of her pussy and pushed it’s head into the pucker of her ass. She responded by pushing back and I knew it was coming true. My head finally popped inside her ass as I pushed harder and got the head all the way in. She gave another gasp but didn’t relent as I continued my thrusts. After a few seconds my cock was about half way inside her and she was still pushing back, only paused briefly a couple of time when it seemed to hurt. She was quick to recover though, and before long I was completely inside her and beginning my gentle thrusts. She was so fucking tight I though she might squeeze my dick in two, especially when she would tighten up, but overall it felt extremely good. It wasn’t too long before I could feel another orgasm coming. She could sense it too because of my breathing and moans. Suddenly she stopped and told me to come around the side of the bed to her. Mike quickly got up and replaced me at her ass, sticking his dick in and continuing where I had left off. To my surprise, without even wiping it off, she immediately grabbed my cock and stuffed it into her mouth! I couldn’t believe it, but she began to suck my dick that only seconds before had been up her ass! I have to admit she sucked it even better than before, with much more gusto if you will. And she was teasing me a little too. Every time I would be about to blow, she would take me out of her mouth and squeeze my cock hard to keep me from cumming. "Not yet, baby." She would say and then continue her moans from Mike fucking her ass while holding her grip on my cock. It was more than I could take so I just started to back away.

It was then that she pulled away from Mike and sat up in the bed. She pointed at me and began giving instructions.

"You two fucking studs are going to fill me up now! Trent, come lay on your back on the bed." She demanded. I quickly did as told. She then straddled me and sat her pussy onto my cock to the hilt and bent over me as I took one of her tits into my mouth.

"Now Mike, you stick your cock back into my ass and you two can both fuck me. I want it all." She stated.

I could feel Mike move onto the bed behind Darla and could tell his cock was fully inside her when I felt his balls hit mine. Darla then began to buck as we found a rhythm. It was amazing. Her me and my brother were both fucking Darla at the same time! It was incredible as she moaned loudly while I took turns sucking each of her tits. Then she pulled my head down onto the bed forcefully and kissed me hard, driving her tongue into my mouth. She was being a total slut and I loved it. She was nothing like the sweet little girl that always came to my parents house to visit or who served me and Mike iced tea when I went to their house. She was like a pornstar in a gangbang and it was hot. After a few minutes, she told us to stop as she rose up, spun around and lowered herself back onto my cock, only this time my cock was in her tight little ass. She laid back onto my chest as I reached around and grabbed her tits in each hand. Mike then plunged his cock into her pussy and I could feel his balls slamming against mine again. We were fucking her even harder now as she sat up a little, placing her hands on either side of me and began to buck at our cocks as hard as she could. It was sexy having her long silky hair dancing in my face as she fucked my cock with her ass and Mike’s cock with her pussy. It couldn’t last forever I knew as I could feel my balls tightening for an orgasm once again. Mike was about ready to pop also as he pulled out of her pussy and helped her raise up. Her ass made a loud pop as she pulled off my throbbing cock. She quickly moved to the floor on her knees and gave a finger for us to come join her. Mike and I quickly went and stood on either side of her as she took a cock in each hand and began to jerk and suck each one at a time. Then she concentrated on me. She continued to stoke me with one hand while my cock head was in her mouth as she took her other hand off Mike’s cock and began to message my balls with it. Then just before I came, she took the hand that was massaging my balls and reached underneath to my ass. She pushed hard until her finger was up my ass and this only intensified my orgasm as I came hard into her mouth. She held it as she had before until I was completely dry and then backed away. She opened her lovely mouth to show my load sitting inside while pointing at it and looking at Mike. He knew what she wanted as he jerked his cock and carefully aimed it at her mouth. She still had her finger up my ass when she took her other hand and did the same to Mike. I could tell he was a little shocked as he began to shoot a huge load into her already full mouth. He missed only slightly as a little hit her cheek and nose. Her mouth was almost overflowing when Mike finished as she paused a moment to show us and then closed her eyes and mouth at the same time to swallow. A little cum flowed out the corner of her mouth as she close it and it took her three swallows to get it all down! She then opened it and showed us it was empty before putting her hand over her mouth and laughing.

"You two guys got me so hot! What I slut I am tonight!" She said laughing.

"You did great darling." Mike said smiling. "I just can’t believe you let us fuck you in the ass. You told me that would never happen. And what was with putting your fingers in OUR asses before we came! I have to admit it felt great."

"Well, blame your little brother. I’m not so sure he was a virgin the way he was working back there. I’ve never cum that hard before in my life! I guess he got me a little ass-happy." She laughed again. "I hope this isn’t a one time thing. I could get used to fucking the both of you."

"Well, that’s up to Trent," Mike said, "if he’s game, you know I am."

I couldn’t believe it! And my only answer was to put my still hard cock into her mouth and say, "Anytime."

The game the next night was great and the good guys won, but it was not as great as the endless sex we had in the hotel room until it was time to go home. Mike and I must have cum 15 times each, and Darla drank most of them. When we weren’t cumming all over he tits or face or any other part of her amazing body you could imagine. Her pussy and ass were gaping open by the time we finished our last session of the weekend and her jaw had to be sore. She was like a champion slut or something! She still couldn’t get enough though, and I remember after Mike went to bed that she was still tiredly sucking on my limp and spend cock even as I was falling asleep watching TV. I guess she wanted just one more drink of cum before the night was over. I gave her what I could before completely passing out. It wasn’t more than a small spirt, but she drank it down like it was the last drop on Earth. After that weekend, we got together for a threesome almost every night. And sometimes when Mike was gone, just me and Darla would fuck and it could get freaky. Now I especially can’t wait to go to work for them. I have a feeling there will be some extra duties involved and will definitely be perks of the job. Darla has become a regular cum ogre now and is constantly wanting sex. Mike said the other day that mom and dad had been having some problems in the bedroom department lately and that Darla had offered to help them out. But that is another story.