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Hanna and Daddy - Part 3

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We spent the next month in the sexual bliss of two newlyweds, even though I am Hanna’s father. The sex was great, though somewhat limited by her leg cast. But after a few weeks, I took Hanna to the doctor, and who should we run into but Vanessa. They hadn’t seen each other since the wreck, since they attend rival schools, and couldn’t get

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out much due to their casts. The two of them began talking like no tomorrow, and we discovered that both were there to have their leg casts removed. Finally, Hanna asked Vanessa over for the next weekend. Vanessa quickly accepted, and plans were set.

Friday evening was quite warm, and when Vanessa arrived, she was dressed in a skimpy pair of cutoffs, a tube top that was more a bra than a top, and a pair of sandals. Because of her cast, one leg was a little shapelier and more tanned than the other, but it was obvious that her legs were one of her best assets. Other than a large shoulder bag, Vanessa brought very little with her.

I walked behind the girls as they walked into the house. I couldn’t help but notice that Vanessa’s ass cheeks were peeking from under her cutoffs. I wondered if she was wearing thongs under her cutoffs, or maybe nothing at all. I knew that Hanna was walking around sans underwear, and could see that her cheeks were also hanging out from under her nylon shorts. Hanna had on an old shirt that was unbuttoned to her boobs, barely hiding her nipples. I could see that both girls had fully erect nipples atop their boobs. Already, my cock was beginning to stir, and I realized that I had to get it under control for a while.

Vanessa was 5’6” tall, a bit taller than Hanna, and also a year older. Her black hair was in stark contrast to Hanna’s strawberry blonde, and I wondered if she shaved her pussy hair also. She looked like a Native American princess, tall and beautiful, with sun-darkened skin. Once we were inside, both girls gave each other big hugs, and I was glad that we were inside, because they also gave each other a long kiss. Now my cock began moving again at the sight of two gorgeous females exchanging such a warm greeting right in front of me. Then Vanessa said to me “How about joining us? I’m sure Hanna won’t mind.” With that, I walked to them, and both reached their arms out to embrace me. I was only a little surprised then they both reached down to caress my ass, but I quickly returned the favor to them, rubbing under their leg bands and caressing their ass cheeks. I still felt no panties on Vanessa.

“Ooohh, I love your touch, Mr. Armstrong!” cooed Vanessa. “Hanna told me how good you are to her--maybe you can show me how good you are.” And with that statement, Vanessa reached around and began caressing my nearly erect cock. I noticed that Hanna moved behind Vanessa, and began lightly rubbing Vanessa’s tummy. She worked her way up, and pulled her tube top up over her friend’s boobs. Vanessa had beautiful 34C boobs, with small but sensitive nipples. The areola were a very dark brown, in keeping with her dark hair color, and her nipples were erect long before Hanna got to them. Vanessa stopped her work on my cock long enough to pull her top completely off, and then returned her hand to my cock. This time, though, she slipped her hand under the waistband of my shorts, and started fondling my cock directly.

My hands were not by my side either. I quickly stuck both hands under Vanessa’s shorts, and began massaging her ass. It didn’t take more than a second to realize that she did not have any panties on. I moved my hands to the front of her shorts, and unsnapped the button, unzipped, and at last pulled her shorts to the floor. Vanessa wiggled her ass in the most sexy manner to assist my actions, and shortly she was the first one of us to be completely naked. I stepped back for a moment to see that she had long luxurious pussy hair, trimmed to stay inside her bikini bottoms, and already, her inner pussy lips were swollen and protruding between her outer lips.

“I can see why Hanna is so attracted to you, Vanessa” I said to our guest. “You have a very sexy body.”

“Then why don’t you show me how sexy you think I am” replied Vanessa as she pulled my shorts down. “Hanna’s told me how good you are.” I glanced over at Hanna, and she smiled a sheepish grin at me. “And your cock is just perfect, don’tcha think, Hanna?”

Hanna replied “Perfect doesn’t do it justice. I could suck it all night I think.”

Vanessa pretended to pout. “Now that wouldn’t be fair. I think there’s enough for both of us.” And then Vanessa pulled Hanna’s shorts off, seeing her completely bald pussy for the first time. “OOOOHH, the bald look! I like it, I really like it!!” she cooed as she began to stroke Hanna’s pussy lips. “You’re already wet, Hanna” Vanessa purred as she dipped a finger into Hanna’s pussy. “And you taste just like I remember from before. It’s just like honey to me!” Vanessa stuck her juice-coated finger into her mouth, licking it until the pussy juice was all gone. She then reached out and pulled Hanna’s shirt open, popping the last few buttons off, then ripped her shirt off. We were all naked, and knew what each other wanted.

“Mr. Armstrong…”

“It’s Ted, Vanessa” I corrected.

“Ted, I want you to sit on the couch now.” I did as I was told, and Vanessa immediately knelt down before me and took my cock into her mouth. Her head began bobbing up and down the shaft of my cock, getting about half into her mouth before withdrawing it again. Hanna laid on her back, stuck her face between her friend’s legs, and began licking and sucking Vanessa’s pussy. As Vanessa sucked my cock, I looked down at my beautiful daughter’s naked body, with legs sprawled out wide and nipples pointed skyward, and wondered how I got into this wonderful mess. Hanna reached down to her pussy, and stuck her middle finger deep into her folds, and began fucking herself with quick in and out movements.

It was then that Vanessa climbed atop me, and slowly slid her pussy down the entire shaft of my cock with one smooth movement. She grabbed my chest as she began moving up and down, and I took the opportunity to twist and pull her nipples to add to her excitement. Hanna climbed to the back of the couch and sat her dripping pussy directly on my face. I immediately stuck my tongue deep into her love canal, licking and sucking for all I was worth as she leaned against the wall for support. I was keenly aware of Vanessa’s pussy sliding up and down my cock at the same time, and just then, she kind of squealed and I felt her juices covering my balls and legs as she came for the first time. As she came down, she reached up and squeezed Hanna’s nipples, and suddenly her juices were flowing all over my face. I licked right on her clit, and a second cum hit her before the first one had faded away. I was afraid that she was going to fall forward, but she managed to keep her balance. My face was covered with Hanna’s juices, but Vanessa wasted no time licking me clean. Finally, my cum shot deep into Vanessa’s pussy, leaking out the sides, and mingling with her own juices.

When they both dismounted, Hanna licked my cock like it was an ice cream cone (I guess it was rather creamy!), taking in both Vanessa’s and my love juices mixed together. Vanessa stuck her face into Hanna’s pussy and sucked the last of her juices from her cunt. We finally fell atop each other on the couch, a mix of arms, legs, asses, and sex.

After a short nap, we decided that food was in order, and I ordered some Chinese. It was delivered in about 20 minutes, and we ate on the living room floor, naked as the day we were born, but no one was self-conscious about it at all. When Vanessa had finished her food, she stretched out chest down on the carpet, and we both got a lovely view of her spectacular 36” ass. At 17, she was a year older than Hanna, and looked like she was a college coed rather than a high school student. As I looked at the curve of her back, sloping toward her butt, then turning into a firm shapely ass, I could feel my cock beginning to rise again. Hanna finished her food, and leaned against the couch, facing the two of us, with legs splayed wide. Between looking at Vanessa’s ass and Hanna’s parted pussy lips, my cock lost no time getting another erection.

“What’s the matter, Daddy? You look like there’s something very interesting here” Hanna joked as she stared right at my cock.

I stared right back at her hairless pussy, and replied “What makes you think I’m interested in something?”

Vanessa jumped in then, saying “Oh nothing except that your cock is growing. If it grows too much more, we may have to do something about it.” A wry grin came across her lips as she licked them slowly, back and forth.

All of a sudden, both girls started to play with their cunts, first stroking between their cunt lips, then inserting one finger inside. Hanna began moving hers in and out almost immediately, and it was obvious that she was getting wet quickly. I moved over to pull on her nipples, sucking on one and pulling the other with my fingers. At Hanna’s suggestion, we moved back onto the couch, and I laid on my back. She climbed atop me, got into a 69 position, and we began feasting on each other’s sex. She tasted so sweet that I never wanted this to end. Hanna was licking and slurping my cock, and I was long past the first drops of precum on my cock. I looked right next to me, and saw that Vanessa had opened her bag and begun using a 5” vibrator on her pussy. Her pussy was facing Hanna and me now as she pleasured herself. She was getting more than half the dildo into her cunt, and when she withdrew it, her juices were obvious. At one point, she pulled it out and moved it up and down her slit, finally settling for direct clitoral stimulation. She spread her legs and raised her ass off the floor as her orgasm took her over. Cunt juices began dripping out of her cunt, and Vanessa began shuddering as her cum continued in a steady stream. She didn’t let her ass touch the carpet again until her orgasm had subsided.

Hanna then switched positions and stuck my cock deep into her pussy on one thrust. She sat up on me and thrust her head back. I reached up and rubbed both nipples, and as she continued mashing her cunt and clit against me, her cum began coating my cock and hair. She fell forward when she came, putting her hands on my chest, and continued sliding her cunt on my pubic bone, causing another orgasm to erupt, even before she had a chance to recover completely from the first one. I then took over, moving my cock in and out of her pussy as quickly as I could, before my own cum began coating her insides, spilling out of her pussy and over my cock.

I looked back at Vanessa then, only to find her with two fingers buried deep within her own pussy. When she put pressure on her clit with her thumb, her ass lifted off the carped again, and cum drained out of her cunt even faster than before. Hanna had been watching her girlfriend, and when she recovered slightly, moved to Vanessa, and the two of them started licking each other’s cunts, sucking the juices out of each other. When Vanessa began to moan, Hanna stuck two fingers of her own into Vanessa’s cunt, which only increased the flow of her juices from her fuck hole as Vanessa came again.

Vanessa reached out for her dildo and slid it into my daughter’s cunt. It went in at least 3”, and then Vanessa turned on the vibrator. This increased stimulation deep within Hanna’s cunt served her well, as she snapped her head back when she came. Since Hanna was atop her girlfriend, her juices flowed freely over the dildo, and into Vanessa’s awaiting mouth. As both girls continued to slurp each other’s pussy, my cock wasted no time in gaining another erection, and I positioned myself in front of Hanna, sticking my cock deeply into Vanessa’s cunt. I moved in nearly the entire 6”, then took long, luxurious strokes, bringing her to another orgasm after just a few moments. Hanna leaned over her friend and I began kissing all of Vanessa's juices off Hanna's face as I stroked into Vanessa’s cunt. Hanna then reached out to Vanessa’s tits and massaged both nipples, bringing her closer to orgasm. Finally, I released another load, this time into my new fuck friend’s pussy, while she had her own cum, mixing her juices with my own.

We all collapsed in a heap on the floor. I never dreamed that I could have sex this good, especially with two teenagers. But the reality was that this was better than I could have ever dreamed. As we all cooled down, I could smell the sweet smell of sex that pervaded the room, and I thought that heaven couldn’t be this good.

I asked Vanessa how she learned all that she knew about sex and the art of pleasuring herself and others. She said that it was all from movies that she had watched with other friends during sleepovers. She quickly begged me not to breathe a word of that to her parents. Apparently they were quite strict with her, never quite trusting that she was where she claimed, even though they had never found a real reason to doubt her. She was surprised that they hadn’t called to check on her by now. Vanessa revealed that she was spanked quite severely when she was younger, and though that had lessened now, it still happened when she wasn’t ‘perfect.’

“I can’t wait until I’m old enough to move out!” exclaimed Vanessa. “I’ll leave them so quickly that they’ll still be looking for me a week later.” Tears formed in her eyes when she said this, and it was apparent that her parental mistreatment had left some scars. “My dad is the reason that I mostly like girls for sex. In fact, you’re the first man I’ve had sex with, Ted. But you've been wonderful, believe me.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I had thought that she was much more sexually experienced than she was, but obviously I was wrong. But this started me thinking about some plans that Hanna and I had been discussing for a while.

I reached out to wipe her tears from her face. “I’m sorry that you’ve had to endure that, especially from your own parents. But Hanna and I have a plan that you might be interested in.” I looked over to Hanna, but I could tell that she knew what I was talking about, and the smile on her face told me that she approved.

I continued “Hanna and I had been looking at moving out to the county after school was finished in a couple of months. She would be in the same school district, so there wouldn’t be any major changes there. We’ve found a large property with a medium-sized house on it, and woods surrounding the property on all sides. It was fixed up by the last owner, but unfortunately for him, he got transferred to another state, and has to sell. So we’ll probably be moving there in June.”

“I think that what Daddy’s dancing around” interrupted Hanna “is that when we move, you’re welcome to move in with us, right Daddy? I know that your birthday is in May, so you won’t have to worry about your parents’ objections after then. How does that sound to you, Vanessa?”

Vanessa broke into tears again, and hugged me harder than I have ever been hugged before. I reached around her to return the hug, and I could feel her sexy boobs mashed against my chest. “I think that would be perfect! Oh, thanks you guys! You’re an answer to my prayers!!” Vanessa released me only to hug Hanna equally as hard as she had me. The girls’ boobs were now mashed against each other, and my cock was getting harder with this sight.

“But you realize that there will still have to be some rules followed, right?” I continued.

Vanessa’s face turned into a little frown. “Rules?” she asked. “Like what?”

Hanna knew where I was going with this, too. “Like, no clothing on, even outdoors, unless temperatures are too cold. Like keeping the sex just between us, for health reasons. Like not talking about our lives together, to keep prying eyes away. Like agreeing on a lot of sex, but not forcing it either. Get where I’m going with this?”

Vanessa’s worried look disappeared as she replied “Yes, I do, and I agree completely. When do we start?”

“Well, I haven’t even made an offer on the house yet. And remember, you still have to turn 18 before you can move in with us…”

“But that will happen in about one month, so no problem there. I’ve taken my parents’ abuse for this long, so a little while longer won’t be so bad.”

“OK, then, it’s agreed. We’ll form a new family of sorts after your 18th birthday. I guess when that day comes, we’ll need to celebrate properly, won’t we?” I asked.

“Oh, that would be nice. I haven’t had a real birthday party since I turned nine!” gushed Vanessa.

My jaw must have hit the floor then. I couldn’t believe that her parents were so stuck on their rules that they couldn’t bend them enough for their daughter’s birthdays. So I jumped in. “We’ll have to get cake, ice cream, and of course, gifts too, and make it a proper birthday.”

Vanessa began crying again. We had a group hug then, and I slid my hands down to the girls’ asses and began a quick massage. So many plans were already forming in my head, that I knew I’d have to write them down later or forget most of them. After we finished groping each other’s asses, I laid on the couch again, this time with Vanessa quickly mounting my cock, and Hanna sitting on my face, facing her friend. Both girls began rubbing each other’s nipples, and Vanessa worked my entire 6” cock into her pussy again, while Hanna rubbed her sloppy cunt all over my face. I stuck my tongue deep into her moist folds, and licked and slurped to my heart’s content. When I moved my tongue to her clit, Hanna gasped as she fell against her girlfriend’s soft boobs while her cunt juice cascaded over my face. When Vanessa saw Hanna cum, I could feel her pussy begin to contract around my stiff cock, and it seemed that the heat within her cunt increased by ten degrees. Two strokes later, and my cock shot spurt after spurt of cum into her cunt.

Vanessa cried out “I can feel your cum, Ted! OH, GOD!!” as she had her second orgasm. This one was more powerful than her previous one, and she fell against Hanna, leaning her head on Hanna’s shoulder. Hanna turned her head and exchanged deep meaningful kisses with her girlfriend, then they both collapsed atop me.

We finally decided that sleep was called for, but not until we had taken a shower. We soaped each other down, rinsing off cum and sweat, touching each other’s sex in the process. But we were all tired, and after our shower, dried each other off and headed for bed. I knew there would be many more times between us, so the first thing on my list for tomorrow would be making an offer on the house. The future looked very bright to me, and I couldn’t wait to give it a jump start.

me and mom about time

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i am a 39 yr old male mom is 60 growing up i have always jerked off to her and as time went on it grew the desire to sleep with mother it really took off after she told me that her dad had sex with her as i kid and i got so hard when she told me that . so my dad leave out of town a lot so i was at the point in my life when i wanted to tell her how i felt i called her up and ask if she wanted to g

Fucking my 36d cousin

MaryHicks123123 on Incest Stories

Me and my cousin (The picture) We are both 18 and we see eachother alot. We have jokes and we go to the same school and she is in some of my classes. She lives 2 doors away from me and she likes wearing lots of short skirts and top that show of her 36d tits. One day our parents had to go to a wedding so we agreed that i would go to her house untill they came back (my parens didnt trust me). I

Road Trip

DaddyBare on Incest Stories

Me and my big fat mouth! If I could only learn to keep quite about stuff I never would have found myself in this mess. But no I had to walk into the house and right in front of everyone say, “Hey guess what I got a job today! The company is going to pay me to drive all across the country to promote their new p
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roduct line! There even going to give me a fancy motor home to do it in”! Okay so I was excited and caught up in the moment. I mean I was so happy when my little sis jumped up and said, “Oh Wow Jason that’s awesome! Hey take me with you? I’m off on summer break. Please say yes, I can keep you company on the road you know”! Looking back on it now I should have said no. Should have lied and said it was against company policy or some shit? But no I had to open my big fat mouth and say, “Well it’s up to mom and dad, but if you want to tag along I guess its okay”!

The job itself was simple. An automotive care company, they hired me to drive to malls and races, set up a booth and hand out free samples. They paid for everything food gas hotel if I didn’t feel like staying in the RV. To make sure it was okay I even asked my new boss if I could bring my little sis. After meeting Tracy not only was he all for it but hired her too and ordered a rather sexy costume for her! Matching bikini top and silk shorts, she would wear that under an open leather jacket with the company logo.

Of course no one in their right mind is just going to hand the keys to a quarter million dollars worth of custom motor home to a twenty one year old and say go get em kid! Our first month out would be with a really grumpy old guy. His job was to not only teach me how to drive the lumbering monster but how to do the whole sales pitch. As for Tracy, all she had to do was stand around and look sexy while holding the products.

Well it all sounded like the perfect plan until Hank. That’s our trainers name, Parked for the night.
“What do mean we have to share the same bed”? I yelled. Old Hank just shrugged. “Look kid you’re the new hire here, so I get the bed in the back and you and your sister can camp out on the sofa bed”! “Now wait just a minute! We can’t sleep together”! “Why not, you are brother and sister right? Get over it kiddo and get some sleep. You’re driving tomorrow”!

I didn’t object because of the boy girl thing. I objected because my sister can be a real brat when she’s in a mood. To make matters worse she was all worked up about being hired as a model and already had dreams of posing for fashion magazines!

Man I knew this was a bad idea the moment my sister started her teasing, “Oh come on Jason, don’t you want to sleep with me. Come on it’ll be fun! I promise I’ll be gentle”! Old Hank thought that it was just funny as hell and went off to bed laughing his ass off!

Now to be fair sleeping on that hideaway bed wasn’t so bad. And I will admit I kind of liked sleeping with my sis. That bed was so small we had no choice but to cuddle with her spooned against my front. Tracy smelled like wildflowers and her body is ever so soft and warm in my arms. I would have been fine if she hadn’t warned, “Now no monkey business Jason! Hank is in the next room and would hear if you try anything”! I mean I wasn’t thinking of doing anything like that, until she cuddled my arm pulling my hand just under her perfectly shaped young tender breast!

The thirty days past in the blink of an eye, we had covered two states and five major events. Tracy and I had settled into a comfortable routine of hours and hours of boring driving followed by these mad rushes to get set up and hawk our wears. Tracy was doing a great job. Men would see her long blond hair, her cute tight ass in those silk shorts, her boobs peeking out from under her jacket then mob our booth to get a better look! Even Hank was surprised at how well we did and how many orders we’d taken in. So it came as a real surprise when Hank calmly said, “Look I’m going home tomorrow. You two are doing just fine on your own. Jason, remember you have to be in Austin Texas in Three days so don’t fuck around. Tracy, keep an eye on your brother for me, don’t let him cause any mischief or get into trouble okay”?

That next night I lay on the big bed in back feeling quite proud of myself. I was trusted to be on my own! Nothing could go wrong, everything was absolutely perfect! Then Tracy stepped out of the shower. I watched in admiration as she openly toweled herself dry. I watched as hungrily as she wrapped that very same towel around her wet hair, then not bothering to get dressed hopped up on the bed next to me. “Isn’t this great, we get the big bed and no more chaperon to watch over us”! She cooed in my ear. I just couldn’t help but to pull her to me and kiss her right on the mouth!

I’m telling you its just crazy how we naturally fell into each others arms. I mean I can honestly say I never once thought of doing my own little sis before this, But once I got a taste of her sweet lips and the way she threw her arms around my neck pulling me to her for more, I was completely hooked!

I was like a kid in a candy store! Wanting everything in sight but not knowing where to start! Tracy knew, and wasn’t the least little bit shy in putting her hands on my shoulders, pushing me down her glorious body! I wanted to be smooth, you know slowly kiss my way down all sensuous like. Well that didn’t work out, I just pounced on her tits sucking and nibbling on her right nipple so fast it took her breath away! After a minute or so I gave the left one the same treatment. Tracy responded by putting her hands on my head and pushing again, saying, “Don’t tease me Jason! You’re driving me crazy”!

Just like that I dove between her legs and clamped my mouth firmly over her magnificent cunt! Because of the very short shorts she had to wear Tracy had shaved her puss so only a thin skunk stripe of blond pussy hair remained. It looked like an arrow pointing the way to her sex, and the flavor! Man I could spend my whole life eating her out!

I just lost it. I mean I devoured her fucken puss. I didn’t just lick her I was sucking nibbling chewing and lapping away like a thirsty puppy! I pounded my fingers up both her holes! When I looked up her body past her heaving tits and saw Tracy’s face; eyes closed whipping her head from side to side, I saw pure lust playing across her pretty face. Tracy\'s fingers tangled in my hair, her grip forced me to concentrate on her big swollen purple clitty! Biting her lower lip she moaned, “Oooo…Shit…Jason… that’s so…Oooo... God… Do you know what you’re doing to me”? Then she clamped her thighs around my head, arched her back and nearly twisted my head of as her explosive orgasm hit her with full force!

Panting Tracy took my arms and pulled me up her young tender body. Urgently she fumbled with my zipper then yanked my cock free of its confines. With her hand on my shaft I felt her tilt her hips to me as she stabbed around trying to stuff me all in at once. She pleaded, “Do it Jason! Put it in me, please? I need to feel you in me so bad”! Hey no one needs to tell me twice, I gave a little push and found myself buried in paradise!

Now Tracy was no innocent virgin. But her damn tight pussy sure felt like it! Her fantastic cunt gripped me like a silk glove and I mean her fucken cunt had a death grip on me too! Tracy was Cumming the instant I was in. She just went wild under me, thrashing around lifting up to bite my shoulder hard! I had to wrap my arms around her to hold her in place; otherwise she would have bucked me off in a heart beat! But that wasn’t the best part. Right away she starts moaning, “Oh God… do it Jason! Fuck me… Fuck me Jason…Fuck….Meeee”!

Well there’s no point lying about it. With everything that happened and being our first time I wasn’t about to last all that long. Before I was ready to quit I felt my nuts contract. I gave one big final shove and shot my sperm so deep in her god damned womb it would never leak out! Tracy wraps her legs around me holding me to her while I’m losing my load but she was crying, “Not in me J, don’t squirt in me”! ...Well it was a bit too late for that, besides the way she wrapped herself around me I don’t think I could have got free if I tried!

Fully spent I let myself fall limply on my baby sis. The first thing she did was sigh, “Wow that was awesome! I should have taken you years ago”! Then she slugged my shoulder and scolded, “Oh no, don’t you dare go to sleep on me! Play time just started, and there are so many things I still want to do with my big ole handsome brother! Now roll over so I can suck you back to life! I need my new toy nice and hard for what I’m planning next”!

Well that’s pretty much how the next two months went. We fucked and sucked our way across eleven states. It was a sad day when I had to return the RV. Of course Tracy and I did share a laugh over how basically we’d been paid to fuck each others brains out! But we were left with a couple problems to work out. First and foremost was while we had started out as just fuck buddies, somewhere between Utah and Colorado we fell in love. It wasn’t about sex any more, my life hinged on seeing her smile for me in "That" special way. Tracy told me much the same, going so far as to say she wanted to spend the rest of her life sleeping in my arms! The feeling was mutual, we wouldn\'t allow ourselves to be parted ever again!

We both still had a job with the company only they wouldn’t be sending us out as often. Still that meant we had enough money to get us our own apartment. We were sure mom and dad would go for it as long as I promised Tracy would finish school and only work part time. It was for the best anyway, I couldn’t just leave Tracy behind now. Hell she was already pregnant with our kid. Besides I was looking forward to sitting her on my lap, playing with her big ole fat belly while I sucked every drop of milk out of the girl\'s swelling tits!

Of course, that will be another story…
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