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Grandma's Rose (Part 2)

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We left off at …

“That’s good, cause it was mom’s idea; she is really taken with you … ” she said excitedly, “And now young man, we better tuck you into bed you had several long days…” she stood tugging me upright. We walked down the hallway, mom’s arm around my waist till we came to the spare bedroom, she slid her hand down taking mine leading me in and softly closing the door she whispered, “Grandma says I should be very proud of you … she also says you have some pretty unique talents for such a young man and I do owe you big time for taking care of mom &helli

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p;”, with that she clicked off the room light. 

The room is dark; mom is slowly pushing me back against the door. With unmitigated surprise my mothers lips kissed my cheeks wildly, her lips brushing mine as she flooded me with a torrent of emotional kisses, breaking infrequently to pant out endearments in my ears, “My son…”, “…Teased you for so long…”, “Mommy always wanted you so bad…”, “…I am so wanton of your love …”, “Say you want me … or should I walk out the door to my own room?”

The seething heat of her passion was over-whelming as her incredible tailored suit wrinkled against me as she pressed withering against my body – heightening my years of pent up cardinal desires for my own mother! How could I not willingly embrace this opportunity of suppressed love when but a mere half-a-day ago I was fucking my own grandmother’s boiling cunt where this wild womanly sexual spirit had been spawned? Time froze, emotion swept over me so no breath could be inhaled, my heart like a volcano ready to erupt, knees of mush as my chosen woman of desire softly kissed my cheek as she took a quick intake of breath withdrawing back as her arm moved from my cheek … (why oh why was I frozen in time when my mind screamed … react!) I could feel her hand on the door knob … “Oh mom … I do want you…” my timid whispered voice shook with suppressed desire. “so badly  do I want you … that you will be disappointed in me …” 

Those simple words choked with deep hidden emotion drew mother to me like a moth to a light. Her fingers found my lips to silence my unspoken concerns. With (sniffling) emotion she commanded, “Nod your head yes or no if you desire me?” a positive up and down nod of affirmation was given.

Thus receiving that blessing her hand led me towards the bed where she gently pushed me down.

Her arms circled my neck again smothering me with a volley of passionate kisses, the wetness of her cheek told me her fear at near rejection or the sheer happiness of sinful acceptance; my brain told me not to sway to the negative but embrace the limitless positive of this fluidic moment.

Mom slowly laid me back upon the bed as she followed me to a mutual sensual position wince she unleashed her passion in a breath-taking open mouth kiss that filled the room with a timeless array of fireworks; through it all I inhaled her perfume and erotic musky aroma that accompanied her arousal state that tormented me since I could first remember. Untold time passed as we embraced, tongues swirling or exploring each others mouth, panting breath and hands that lingered caressingly across each others willing bodies; the forbidden desires caused mother to reach an orgasmic release that shook the bed and thus stifled cries of, “Ohhhh’s and Ummm’s … ohhhh son …” as my lips covered her face, lips, hungry mouth and having just started down her neck. “Oh sweet child … ” as my hand cupped her breasts held behind the tailor suit till with trembling fingers began to unbutton her blouse, “…oh yes!”

Thus revealing those inviting mammary behind a lacy red bra that so often teased me in the open at unexpected but appreciated times throughout life, those that I suckled as a child.

My arms embraced mother as inept fingers unhooked her bra allowing my hungry mouth easier access to her womanly attributes. Was it “I or the moment of forbidden passion” that caused yet another sexual orgasmic release screech from my mother as my mouth closed over her hardened nipples? Her breasts and nipples so much supple then her mothers. With abandonment I feasted on her, like a caged animal pawing to receive nourishment withheld to a point of starvation. The power in my arms held her tightly ensuring I did not lose her as she loudly screamed in the throes of yet a series of mind-blowing inner orgasms. Her thrashing legs – hip pumping – ragged breath cascading her primal bellowing “Ohhhhh UMMM EEEE … Ohhh CHRIST (between clenched teeth)  …. JESUS … I’m Cummmming … SON … jezzzzz … EEEIiiiiiiouuuu … OH MY GOD … OhhEEEiiiioouuuu” that left her weakly panting as she begged, “ohh Patrick … just hold me for a few minutes …I’ve never …oh (raising her voice loudly) … Oh gezzz Mother, you were so right …” as I softly kissed her exposed flesh of her neck and chest with honest passion. 

“Patrick … son … if … when … when you take me … which I so want … (her voice trembling as my fingers tracing across her exposed belly each time slipping towards her wondrous groin still clad in its tailored suit) … I’m leading you into incest so willingly … do you want your mother that badly …” she shuddered as my finger slowly undid her skirt waist band. “Why (again another shudder and quick intake of breath as the last button let go) … was it my teasing …?”

As my hands slowly slipped up the outside leg gradually pushing her skirt up revealing she wore nylons and garter belt yet compassionately providing lingering ghostly kisses to her exposed skin paused long enough in the darkness enveloping this mother – son uniting to answer in a soft whisper. “Mom (kissing her hungrily on her lips once again tongues entwine sensually) … Mom …  I remember your warmth or security when I was scared, the times as a small child (another sensual kiss) …when playing hide-and-seek I’d hide under your robe or dress … (another longer sensual mouth kiss) or the times when I was sick or just wanted company (another kiss as my hands caressed her bottom) … I remember each time your aroma, your special scent and once … (another open mouth kiss)… when hiding under your robe for a long time a drop of wetness (a long tongue entwining far reaching down the throat type that left each other panting for air) … I … I … think I fell in love with the woman … (I felt her starring in the darkness) … since then I cherished those moments when you’d reveal yourself to me … (another halting pause as my fingers brushed her slit held within red clad panties feeling the wetness we had made) … wanting you so badly, ashamed that it was forbidden (another lingering … this time a dry mouth kiss on the lips) … the guilt I felt for wanting you so badly (head snuggled to her chest) … I’d willing go to jail to just once have that opportunity to fulfill that desire in me!”

“I … I want you … I’ve always known from your birth … God forgive me son … I encouraged it so much … each year … if .. if … (ever so quietly whispered) … you want me as badly, take me now…”

Words were no longer needed as I slipped over mom’s willing opening legs; my head bending to inhale the power of her forbidden treasure, my tongue licking her engorged pussy lips for long minutes that felt like hours I feasted on her nectar soaked panties, almost chewing through them. My inner self, rejoicing to mom’s whining of heated desire. With shaking hands, my fingers slid what remained of her panties to the side to tongue the object of my wanton quest, my mothers’ cunt. With tenderness learned from grandma I ate my mother out with passion. Willing myself to please her beyond all doubt that I should be her man. My tongue licked softly at the folds of her pussy lips, juices flowing unheeded and much relished as my tongue flicked, flittered and dove into from wince I came. Her screams of thrashing sexual frustration mounting by the minute as I suckled her clit (at least 2 ½ inches long) into my mouth; I nibbled, sucked, tugged and thrust my tongue beneath the hood of her clit. My incestuous feeling poised my whole oral endeavours to relieve my mother of her forbidden nectar.

A continual low to high moan mounted to screaming of “Ohhhhh …UMMMEEEE … Ohhh CHRIST… JESUS … I’m Cummmming … SON … jezzzzz … EEEIiiiiiiouuuu … OH MY GOD … OhhEEEiiiioouuuu” accompanied by wildly thrashing legs. Her spread was incredibly wide as she thrust up her swollen, red engorged cunt. Unrelenting my tongue speared her vaginal opening like a jackhammer and other times reaming the cream from her silken stretched walls. As my animal lust flourished my greedy fingers pulled her lips wider to feed my hunger for mother. The sheer magnitude of her daisy-chained orgasms frequently caused her to pass out only to awaken screaming for mercy as I tongue bathed her to another.

In the process of trying to devour her hot creamy juices much of which slipped into her ass crack my tongue slipped lower to her puckered rose bud. Poor mother, her lust crazed boy just tore her panties with his teeth to access her rectum. I was the hunter seeking its pry as I thrust my tongue along her crack to force its way into her possibly virgin territory. She BEGGED loudly, “OHHH mother, MOTHER … Ohh – GOD HELP … Ohhhh EEEiiiiiiii…” as orgasmic wave upon wave crashed on her shore.

My desire for my mother was out of control, my release was calling as my swollen gorged cock begged for release from the confines of my jeans. Wildly I tore at the button and zipper shaking like a snake shedding its skin till they collected about my shaking knees and I knelt between mothers splendid thrusting mound (I knew she had a nicely trimmed mat of hair from previous viewings as well as licking her nectar from her pussy bush). I started as a hand brushed my buttocks and soon forgot as the head of my cock touched mom’s gapping sloppy tunnel. I thrust sinking in deeply – freezing to savour the incredible heat and welcoming creamy walls of mom’s cunt. The thought held me in its grips that I was indeed fucking my mother. Her thrusting hips slowly edged down further along my swollen cock dragging me deeper as I began to meet her thrusts as grandma had taught me; mom’s ragged panting cooed and crooned endlessly. Her cunt welcomed me as I thrust in and out my balls slapping against her bare ass, the head of my cock slipping into a tighter access then before, I knew not where I was but it must be heaven. I shuddered and shook withstanding the urge to spill my seed in my mother, I wanted this moment to last forever but mother nature was like a bitch-in-heat forcing mother’s cunt walls to spasm washing her own son’s cock with her creamy juices the intensity was too much and I shot my load in spurts splashing mom’s depths; her cries in a horse voice now, “Ohhh Mother, he’s just splashed his seed in me … my own son …” and proceeded to scream her maternal “JESUS … I’m Cummmming … SON … jezzzzz … EEEIiiiiiiouuuu … OH MY GOD … OhhEEEiiiioouuuu” to which in true animal lust and one swollen hard cock I again rode mother’s willing cunt; I was buried to the hilt and our combined juices made her more than accessible as I fucked her and fucked her.  

I became aware of a hand softly rubbing my back, I was startled slowing my thrusts into my mother, grandma was sitting beside us holding mom’s hand made me more delirious with lust and continued to hump mom furiously. This time I felt the urge building leaning to mom’s ear, “I need to cum …”

“Oh yes Patrick, cum … cum in mommy … fill mommies cunt with your seed … I’m yours, we promised each other … oh god … (panting) …mother he’s so big … JESUS … I’m Cummmming … … jezzzzz … EEEIiiiiiiouuuu … OH MY GOD … OhhEEEiiiioouuuu”

I exploded, cum squished out around my thrusting cock as I filled mom again and again, never before while masturbating or unloading into grandma had I ever cum this much, the sheer knowledge of doing it with my willing mother urged me to keep fucking her till what may have been mere minutes I soon the urge to again unload in her… Exhaustion and excitement hit me like a ton of bricks and I collapsed onto mom, her legs moved and circled around my waist locking me into her womb. I welcomed sleep.

I awoke much later with a smile on my face as I realized I was still locked deep in my mother. Voices clawed through the haze of sleep, “… oh mom, I never thought … your grandson I’m sure just made me pregnant …”

“Did he, such a good boy …”, grandma said with warmth in her voice.

“Oh mom … (whispers, unheard)

“Welcome it precious girl, let him put in as many as he wants into you … (again inaudible whispers) … who cares who know, do you want him to fuck you … (“oh gezz yes mom” purred mom passionately). then let him impregnate you anytime he wants, encourage it … he certainly wants you bad enough … (again inaudible whispers) … he certainly creamed my old beaver, never heard of any man who had so much seed …” 

The thought that I had could have made mom pregnant was exciting, my cock stirred and twitched excitedly as I slowly began a gentle thrusting into her now know unprotected cunt. I shift my head as a fucked in and out of her as I nuzzled to her excited breast sucking her swollen nipple into my mouth.

Mom’s legs tightened again around my waist as she met my thrusts and a good  rhythm developed. 

“He’s definitely horny mom” whispered mom with a huge smile lightening her face in the feeble light of early morning. 

“Encourage him, make him worse … welcome his seed … when your too sore, send him into me (bending down to kiss mom’s forehead) … between the two of us we should keep him quite happy…”

grandma chuckled, “… if your willing to share my daughter!” 

“Patrick, Patrick … ” mom whispered into my ear to wake me, “are you awake … mommy wants you …”, to which I slowly showed her I was awakened and murmuring (good morning mom) around her breast that I was still sucking. 

“…mmmmm … my son … did you enjoy mommy last night?” she asked passionately as she thrust up her hips more into my already deeply thrusting cock.  

“You were an angel of mercy mom, I loved every second of it … you sure can kiss…” I whispered into her ear, having relinquish my hold on her nipple…” 

“And what would my son like to put into mommy …?” she purred. 

“Honestly mom? … then I’d love to put babies in you and keep you naked all the time, so I can always eat you …” I responded with great zeal. 

“Then we better stay here at grandma’s a few more days so you can make sure I’m pregnant, would you like that?” mom whispered hotly into my ear. 

My answer was the really lay into her hot cunt, my thrust pushed deeply as I felt the bottom part slide into that tighter area again.

“That’s mommy’s big boy, your in my cervix … can you feel it … (nodding my head yes) … then fill me with your seed, make mommy pregnant … I’ll have all the babies you want …” she whispered.

I picked her legs up lick I’d seen in the magazine, drawing mom’s knees up by her shoulders, I fucked her repeatedly, I was determined to make her pregnant. The more she whispered and coaxed me to cum, the deeper I pushed until the forces of nature caused my cock to spurt boiling cum for the second straight time since grandma left the room. 

Mom welcomed my cum, “Ohhhh yes, (screaming her banshee cries of passion) …seed me with your baby juice … you have mommy so sore already that if you need to cum again you may have to use grandma…”she smiled as she kissed me, “Think you can manage her too son?” 

“With your encouragement I can do it all day long mom…” 

A footnote in time: We spent three more days at grandma’s house. Mom was definitely pregnant having missed her period after many in-depth sessions that even grandma begged for mercy. I graduated high school with mom’s belly only a month away with our child. Grandma lives with us and I continue to feast many times a day on both their nectar.

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Late Night Surprise pt. 2

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"Yes, more, please," I moaned into the cushion of the couch, my fingers gripping the fabric with need. Part of me was tired and wanted nothing more than to just sleep, but the feel of my father's cock slowly grow to it's full length made the other part of me scream and moan for more. I felt his hand between our bodies and knew he was probably trying to get his dick fully erect before fucking me a


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"Oh Daddy it is so big and hard and soft and hot ".
I nearly came right then from the softness of her grasp.
I put my hand over hers and start to jack off. "Do this honey" I said and showed her how to slide her hand up and down my shaft.

 She held it with both her hands, barely covering the shaft and stroked it with her soft little hands maybe 10 times as she examined the head. Her eyes were glued to the slit at its' tip as pre cum oozed from my cock.
I put my hand on her head. " Kiss it baby, kiss it for Daddy." I pushed her head down to my cock and my little 16-year-old daughter pressed her soft lips to the tip of my dick.
I pressed a little harder against the back of her head and slid t

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he tip past her lips.
"Suck it sweetie. Suck it like a lollypop".
She opened her mouth and sucked up and down my shaft
 I began to move her head back and forth and started to pump it deeper, she gagged but I pressed on
" Breathe through your nose baby. Take Daddy's dick down your throat".
Wanting to please me she opened her throat as best she could and took my cock down her sweet throat as I slid down her tight, hot, wet orifice.
Slurping and drooling, Lisa took about half of my manhood down her sweet throat. I wanted to press more of my meat down her throat but feared I might harm her little esophagus. I pulled my now raging hard dick back from the depths of her throat and freed her to catch a breath of air before plunging down once again. I slid down her throat as gobs of cum began to spew from my dick, washing her tonsils with my white-hot cream.
Sucking and gagging, Lisa experienced her first taste of her daddy's cum, desperately trying to swallow every drop.
Tears formed in her eyes as spurt after spurt of cum forced itself down her sweet throat.
Finally, after what seemed like the longest climax of my life I freed my daughter from my meat. Cum and saliva drooled from her lips as she gulped the remaining cum down her pretty throat. She took her hand and wiped her small face as she looked into my eyes, searching for some clue as to what to do next.

I held her small face in my hands as my dick slow softened before her.

"That was great sweetheart. Are you ok? Daddy didn't hurt you did he?"
"No Daddy. You didn't hurt me. It's just that I've never sucked such a large cock before. The boys on my school bus aren’t anywhere near your size."

I removed her hands from my bare knees where they had come to rest and helped her up from her kneeling position between my legs.

"You really like sucking cock huh honey? Did you like your daddy's dick as much as those boys you suck off on the school bus every morning?" I asked.

"More Daddy. You're my father. It's so much more fun when it's incest."
Little Lisa smiled as I leaned back onto the bed, pulling her on top of me. Her panty covered pussy lay directly over my returning hardon.

"Give Daddy a kiss."

Her small pubescent breasts rubbed against my chest as our lips met and her tongue slipped itself into my mouth. I sucked her tongue as she had just sucked my dick, enjoying the taste of salvia and cum that was in her mouth and on her lips.
She released one hand from my grasp and slid it between us, grasping my returning stiffness. Now nearly fully renewed to its' full 8".
I marveled to myself that I was already returning after such a short time.
"I guess it's true" I thought, "The saying that a young girl really can rejuvenate your youth."

"I'm not a virgin Daddy, but I've never had something that big inside my mouth or my pussy" she grinned.

"Would you like to try it on for size sweetheart?" I asked.
"Would I ever" she answered as she raised from her position and began a sexy removal of her pink panties. I grinned as I noted to myself the word 'Tuesday' imprinted on the waistband. I thought to myself, "Tuesday is definitely my favorite day from now on"

Lisa ground and swiveled as she slowly pealed the tight fabric from her waist and turned her cute little butt towards me as it slid over the roundness of her ass.

Turning her head towards me and pushing her butt cheek in my direction she asked, "Do I have a cute butt Daddy? Do you like your baby daughter's cute little ass?"

I held my hands out, palms up and looked toward the raging hardon between my legs. "Doesn't this answer your question?" I asked

"Ooh" she said, "I think Daddy likes it. I really do"

She continued the sexual removal of her panties, bumping, grinding, and bending over at her waist as she pulled them past her calves and knees.
With her legs slightly apart and bent she exposed her ass and gave me my first glance at her nearly hairless pink slit.

"Ooh yes. Daddy likes." I murmured. "And Daddy want's to taste that pretty little twat of yours too."
Her cunt was pink and sweet looking. The slit had the puffiest little lips and I could see her wetness. There was only a small triangle of hair on her pubic bone and being a true blue eyed blond even it was almost non-existent.
The thought crossed my mind that I haven’t seen such perfect little pussy sense high school, nearly 18 years ago.
Pre cum oozed from my dick as Lisa removed her panties from around her ankles and turned her beautiful young body around to give me a full frontal view.

"You want some of this Daddy?" she cooed. You want to taste my little pussy?  You want to put that great big cock of yours in your baby girl?"
 Feel how wet I am daddy; " She came nearer to me. " I'm so wet Daddy, my pussy is drooling. It wants you. I want you. I need to feel that inside me so bad!"

To be continued

Road Trip

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Me and my big fat mouth! If I could only learn to keep quite about stuff I never would have found myself in this mess. But no I had to walk into the house and right in front of everyone say, “Hey guess what I got a job today! The company is going to pay me to drive all across the country to promote their new product line! There even going to give me a fancy motor home to do it in”! Okay so I was excited and caught up in the moment. I mean I was so happy when my little sis jumped up and said, “Oh Wow Jason that’s awesome! Hey take me with you? I’m off on summer break. Please say yes, I can keep you company on the road you know”! Looking back on it now I should have said no.
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Should have lied and said it was against company policy or some shit? But no I had to open my big fat mouth and say, “Well it’s up to mom and dad, but if you want to tag along I guess its okay”!

The job itself was simple. An automotive care company, they hired me to drive to malls and races, set up a booth and hand out free samples. They paid for everything food gas hotel if I didn’t feel like staying in the RV. To make sure it was okay I even asked my new boss if I could bring my little sis. After meeting Tracy not only was he all for it but hired her too and ordered a rather sexy costume for her! Matching bikini top and silk shorts, she would wear that under an open leather jacket with the company logo.

Of course no one in their right mind is just going to hand the keys to a quarter million dollars worth of custom motor home to a twenty one year old and say go get em kid! Our first month out would be with a really grumpy old guy. His job was to not only teach me how to drive the lumbering monster but how to do the whole sales pitch. As for Tracy, all she had to do was stand around and look sexy while holding the products.

Well it all sounded like the perfect plan until Hank. That’s our trainers name, Parked for the night.
“What do mean we have to share the same bed”? I yelled. Old Hank just shrugged. “Look kid you’re the new hire here, so I get the bed in the back and you and your sister can camp out on the sofa bed”! “Now wait just a minute! We can’t sleep together”! “Why not, you are brother and sister right? Get over it kiddo and get some sleep. You’re driving tomorrow”!

I didn’t object because of the boy girl thing. I objected because my sister can be a real brat when she’s in a mood. To make matters worse she was all worked up about being hired as a model and already had dreams of posing for fashion magazines!

Man I knew this was a bad idea the moment my sister started her teasing, “Oh come on Jason, don’t you want to sleep with me. Come on it’ll be fun! I promise I’ll be gentle”! Old Hank thought that it was just funny as hell and went off to bed laughing his ass off!

Now to be fair sleeping on that hideaway bed wasn’t so bad. And I will admit I kind of liked sleeping with my sis. That bed was so small we had no choice but to cuddle with her spooned against my front. Tracy smelled like wildflowers and her body is ever so soft and warm in my arms. I would have been fine if she hadn’t warned, “Now no monkey business Jason! Hank is in the next room and would hear if you try anything”! I mean I wasn’t thinking of doing anything like that, until she cuddled my arm pulling my hand just under her perfectly shaped young tender breast!

The thirty days past in the blink of an eye, we had covered two states and five major events. Tracy and I had settled into a comfortable routine of hours and hours of boring driving followed by these mad rushes to get set up and hawk our wears. Tracy was doing a great job. Men would see her long blond hair, her cute tight ass in those silk shorts, her boobs peeking out from under her jacket then mob our booth to get a better look! Even Hank was surprised at how well we did and how many orders we’d taken in. So it came as a real surprise when Hank calmly said, “Look I’m going home tomorrow. You two are doing just fine on your own. Jason, remember you have to be in Austin Texas in Three days so don’t fuck around. Tracy, keep an eye on your brother for me, don’t let him cause any mischief or get into trouble okay”?

That next night I lay on the big bed in back feeling quite proud of myself. I was trusted to be on my own! Nothing could go wrong, everything was absolutely perfect! Then Tracy stepped out of the shower. I watched in admiration as she openly toweled herself dry. I watched as hungrily as she wrapped that very same towel around her wet hair, then not bothering to get dressed hopped up on the bed next to me. “Isn’t this great, we get the big bed and no more chaperon to watch over us”! She cooed in my ear. I just couldn’t help but to pull her to me and kiss her right on the mouth!

I’m telling you its just crazy how we naturally fell into each others arms. I mean I can honestly say I never once thought of doing my own little sis before this, But once I got a taste of her sweet lips and the way she threw her arms around my neck pulling me to her for more, I was completely hooked!

I was like a kid in a candy store! Wanting everything in sight but not knowing where to start! Tracy knew, and wasn’t the least little bit shy in putting her hands on my shoulders, pushing me down her glorious body! I wanted to be smooth, you know slowly kiss my way down all sensuous like. Well that didn’t work out, I just pounced on her tits sucking and nibbling on her right nipple so fast it took her breath away! After a minute or so I gave the left one the same treatment. Tracy responded by putting her hands on my head and pushing again, saying, “Don’t tease me Jason! You’re driving me crazy”!

Just like that I dove between her legs and clamped my mouth firmly over her magnificent cunt! Because of the very short shorts she had to wear Tracy had shaved her puss so only a thin skunk stripe of blond pussy hair remained. It looked like an arrow pointing the way to her sex, and the flavor! Man I could spend my whole life eating her out!

I just lost it. I mean I devoured her fucken puss. I didn’t just lick her I was sucking nibbling chewing and lapping away like a thirsty puppy! I pounded my fingers up both her holes! When I looked up her body past her heaving tits and saw Tracy’s face; eyes closed whipping her head from side to side, I saw pure lust playing across her pretty face. Tracy\'s fingers tangled in my hair, her grip forced me to concentrate on her big swollen purple clitty! Biting her lower lip she moaned, “Oooo…Shit…Jason… that’s so…Oooo... God… Do you know what you’re doing to me”? Then she clamped her thighs around my head, arched her back and nearly twisted my head of as her explosive orgasm hit her with full force!

Panting Tracy took my arms and pulled me up her young tender body. Urgently she fumbled with my zipper then yanked my cock free of its confines. With her hand on my shaft I felt her tilt her hips to me as she stabbed around trying to stuff me all in at once. She pleaded, “Do it Jason! Put it in me, please? I need to feel you in me so bad”! Hey no one needs to tell me twice, I gave a little push and found myself buried in paradise!

Now Tracy was no innocent virgin. But her damn tight pussy sure felt like it! Her fantastic cunt gripped me like a silk glove and I mean her fucken cunt had a death grip on me too! Tracy was Cumming the instant I was in. She just went wild under me, thrashing around lifting up to bite my shoulder hard! I had to wrap my arms around her to hold her in place; otherwise she would have bucked me off in a heart beat! But that wasn’t the best part. Right away she starts moaning, “Oh God… do it Jason! Fuck me… Fuck me Jason…Fuck….Meeee”!

Well there’s no point lying about it. With everything that happened and being our first time I wasn’t about to last all that long. Before I was ready to quit I felt my nuts contract. I gave one big final shove and shot my sperm so deep in her god damned womb it would never leak out! Tracy wraps her legs around me holding me to her while I’m losing my load but she was crying, “Not in me J, don’t squirt in me”! ...Well it was a bit too late for that, besides the way she wrapped herself around me I don’t think I could have got free if I tried!

Fully spent I let myself fall limply on my baby sis. The first thing she did was sigh, “Wow that was awesome! I should have taken you years ago”! Then she slugged my shoulder and scolded, “Oh no, don’t you dare go to sleep on me! Play time just started, and there are so many things I still want to do with my big ole handsome brother! Now roll over so I can suck you back to life! I need my new toy nice and hard for what I’m planning next”!

Well that’s pretty much how the next two months went. We fucked and sucked our way across eleven states. It was a sad day when I had to return the RV. Of course Tracy and I did share a laugh over how basically we’d been paid to fuck each others brains out! But we were left with a couple problems to work out. First and foremost was while we had started out as just fuck buddies, somewhere between Utah and Colorado we fell in love. It wasn’t about sex any more, my life hinged on seeing her smile for me in "That" special way. Tracy told me much the same, going so far as to say she wanted to spend the rest of her life sleeping in my arms! The feeling was mutual, we wouldn\'t allow ourselves to be parted ever again!

We both still had a job with the company only they wouldn’t be sending us out as often. Still that meant we had enough money to get us our own apartment. We were sure mom and dad would go for it as long as I promised Tracy would finish school and only work part time. It was for the best anyway, I couldn’t just leave Tracy behind now. Hell she was already pregnant with our kid. Besides I was looking forward to sitting her on my lap, playing with her big ole fat belly while I sucked every drop of milk out of the girl\'s swelling tits!

Of course, that will be another story…
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