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A father's dilemma

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I was 30 years old when I had my first kid. I loved my wife a lot and we had a good time together. Our daughter was so adorable and instantly she became the apple of my eye. I used to love watching her sleep with her eyes closed. I used to change nappies and feed her and I did everything I could to take care of her. I named her 'Angela' because she was a god sent angel in my life. My wife never kept really well after her childbirth. She passed away when Angela was young. Before dying she said, "Martin, God knew that you were enough to take care of Angela, so he is taking me away. Don't you allow her to miss her mother." I took these words to my heart and took real good care of Angela.
And Angela responded so well to my care!! She became such a fantastic

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girl in all respects. She was so cute and adorable, and she excelled in everything she undertook, academics, sports, painting, music, everything. And she was always cheerful and energetic. Everyone in the neighbourhood felt that Angela was an ideal daughter! They all used to praise, me but really it was her that was doing well. I didn't do much except believed in her and encouraged her. She in turn took everything I said at face value. She valued my opinion so much, that she never went against my word. "Superdad !!!" That was what she called me. We had a wonderful time together and we never ever missed my wife. I usually have good sense of comic timing, and she was always laughing at home and being with each other gave both of us a genuine sense of pleasure! If ever she was sad, angry or depressed for any reason, a bear hug from me and a stupid wise crack were enough for her to be back to her cheery laughing self.
Everything was fine till she became 13. As she turned 13, she wasn't a little girl any more. I had already talked to her about the changes she would undergo in her body and the rest of the 'how was I born?' story. And she absorbed all this information very fast!!! And she had all these questions to ask and was really curious about it. So I pointed her to certain web-sites in the internet and warned her about the ones giving bad or wrong information. So she gave me such a sweet smile and off she went into her room.
Soon she had small petite breasts, and she had to look for bra. I was obviously ill at ease in this respect, so it was my sister Katy, who came to my rescue. But soon a few changes came about her. Like, she started wearing really teeny-weeny clothes at home. She used to hop around the house in the minutest of skirts and tank tops. When I asked her to wear some more, she retorted that she has always being wearing such clothes at home!! How should I explain to her that she was growing up!!! And though it not I who must say this, Angela started becoming really sexy. And her small breasts and shapely body and wonderfully cute face were really a raging hit among the boys. She had a lot of guys drooling after her including the elder guys from High School. And she used to be flooded with request for dates and friendships. But she never really seemed to have an inclination with boys. She talked to them and at times played some sports with them (she was far too good for the other girls) but when it came to being 'interested' in them she never was.
Another development I noticed was that during our daily interactions, she would tend to linger just a little longer if she touched me for any reason. Initially I thought that she was just a bit lonely or sad on that particular day. But I started noticing some thing different. This touch wasn't really an emotional sort of a touch, it was a sensual one. I put it to the back of my mind thinking that a small girl like this wouldn't really know what a sensual touch is like. But then Angela was a really intelligent girl! In any case I tried not to let that happen much. But she would find reasons just as much to get physically close to me. Like the other day, I was searching for an old t-shirt inside my cupboard and I was bent down with my head tucked into the cupboard. At that time she came and put her hand on my ass!! And what a touch it was!  I got gooseflesh all over and was really titillated and asked her what she wanted. So she said that she just came to help her poor old dad. She knew I wouldn't find it. And just like she said, she found the t-shirt for me with a few seconds!! What a girl Angela is!!
She used to sleep with me a few times when she was a kid, on certain days. But of late she had been trying to sneak into my bed far too often in the night. Usually I used to send her back and wait in her room till she fell asleep again. But I suspected that it wasn’t really that she was sad or needed emotional comfort, when she came to my bed in the night. Usually I am a light sleeper, since I was a single dad and would know immediately when she entered my room, but of late she was becoming increasingly adept at sneaking into my room. I used to tell her to call me if she needed me, but she just wouldn’t listen and she kept sneaking into my room.

Then one day she came back from school really upset. And I knew it immediately. I work from home, so I’m usually around when she is back and usually she runs into my study and gives me a huge hug and a sloppy wet kiss on my cheek. (she had been doing that ever since she was in grade one, although the hugs were longer of late and the kisses weren’t sloppy but kind of sensual) But today she came and hugged me and was holding me really close for quite a while burying her head in my tummy. (I do have a fairly large tummy) But today’s hug wasn’t one of those which became characteristic of her in recent times. This one seemed like the emotional one. So I allowed her to hug me for a while and then I sat down and asked her, what was troubling her. At first she shook her head and didn’t say anything, looking down at the ground. But I knew that something was wrong. So I asked her my usual questions of ‘Did teacher scold you?’ and the like. But she answered in the negative for all of them. Then I saw that there was a cut on her knuckle! And I asked her whether she had been fighting. And then she didn’t say anything. I knew at once that she was! I had an impulse to scold her immediately, but I held back and asked her calmly, whom and why. So she said that she beat up a guy 2 years her senior along with a couple of his friends. And I couldn’t help up open my mouth in awe. This girl Angela, a petite little female, taking one 3 guys, 2 years her senior!!! And I asked her whether she is hurt somewhere!! And she said that she was sore all over!! And then I hugged her again, but this time carefully. I said, ‘Oh dear baby, what happened for you to do something like this? And didn’t your friends come to protect you? What did those boys say or do to you?”

She was silent for a while, but I gave her, her time. She then said that one of those guys has been asking her out almost everyday, while she denied it everyday. Then the group came together on that day and started calling her a lesbian in front of her whole class. The boys from her class to joined in apparently and the girls were far too scandalised to say or do anything. I felt really bad that my daughter was cornered in this way. So I asked her whether she knew at all what a lesbian was. (To me my daughter was a small baby) So she said that she knew and said. “Dad I am not a lesbian, so what if I don’t care for other guys. I love YOU!”. This brought a rush of different emotions. At first I felt really warm, that she loved me so much and said it with such passion, then I chuckled, because I felt that obviously she didn’t really know the meaning of lesbian, and then I was a confused, because Angela, may be anything but unaware!! She being such an intelligent girl, she was far ahead of the rest of her school in terms of any sort of information, including things related to sex education.

So I calmed myself and told her, that loving me, really does not mean anything, because I was her father. But all the same it did not mean that she was a lesbian. She just needed time to start being interested in boys, and that maybe she was just a late bloomer. And then I asked her to clear a nasty suspicion that erupted in my mind, “Are you interested in girls? As in do you know what I mean, aroused? Hmm… do you know what is aroused?” And she gave me an exasperated expression and said, “Of course dad!!”, and my heart skipped a beat. She said, “Of course I know what aroused means, and I am definitely not aroused by any of the girls, and neither do those boys who have brains the size of pea-nuts!! I get aroused only by YOU, and I want to by YOUR girl!!”

My heart stopped at this!! Yes, my fear of her being a lesbian was cleared, but what the hell did she mean by she was aroused by me?? I asked her what she meant by that. She said, “I’ll never love any man other than you, dad, because no one compares with you. You are the most handsome man I know, the most intelligent and funny and wonderful person I know. I can never ever think that anyone would be as good as you, and I don’t want to marry anybody. And since I know that I can’t marry you, I won’t!! But at least don’t force me to marry any other guy, because I know that every man in this world will compare to nothing in front of you!!! Dad, do you know how sexy you are? And I am so damn lucky to see you everyday after your bath in the towel wiping yourself!! You have such a wonderful body!!.” And I said, “You see me in the towel everyday? How do you…. I thought I close my door! How do you…….?”. So she gave a sheepish smile and said that there is a small opening in the window, and I can jump from my balcony and watch you from there.” Now I was really angry. Like I never was with her ever!! I said, “Since when have you been doing this? This is no laughing matter! Sneaking like this on your FATHER? My god I am so ashamed of myself!” And I really didn’t have words for my anger. My own daughter, playing voyeur on me?

I scolded her like never before and said that she was grounded for a week and I never wanted to see her again and was ashamed of her. And I was really very harsh with her, as I have never been. But the situation really demanded it and I really didn’t know what wrong I had done in bringing her up. After 5 minutes of thinking, I realized that after all she was my daughter, and she was still just 13, even though she was mentally an adult, she still didn’t know right from wrong! And, what more she just had come back from a traumatic situation in school, and she must have been really physically hurt. So I knocked on her door and said, “Daddy is sorry dear for scolding you. I must talk to you, can I come in?” There was bit of scuffling and then she said I could come in. She definitely had been crying, but tried her best to make a brave face in front of me. I made her sit down and sat in front of her. I really found it odd to be talking to my daughter like this, but there was no one else who could. It was I, who had to do it.

I first apologized for scolding her and said, “Baby, I’m really sorry that I was harsh with you. But you must realize that what you are thinking is completely wrong. I am your father and having such kind of thoughts about me is morally wrong. You should find guys of your age!! I’m sure you will do that given time. Please try not to have such thought about me!! I’m really sorry if I said or did anything which made you feel this way. But I being your father I must tell you that this is absolutely incorrect. And I never want you sneaking on me again, not in the night, not in the day. Never!! I have my right to privacy, just as you have!!” To this, she said, “I don’t want privacy! I want to sleep with you and want you to see my body. See how I have grown up. I want you to see my breasts. I know they are small, and maybe not good enough for you, but I want to be yours!”
This made me boil again. But I calmed down and said, “PLEASE, please never think like this again. If you really love your father and respect him,”,
“I love you daddy and respect you more than anybody in the world”,
“I’m glad for that, then don’t ever have such thought in your mind. I cannot face myself if you ever have such thoughts. The matter is closed and I don’t want you to ever talk about this in your our lives again. Will you do it for me baby?”

Even without thinking, she said, “Yes father. I know I can never ever sleep with any other man in my life, but for you, I will even go to the other end of this world.”
“See baby, if you try and forget such thought about me, you will surely find some other guys. There are many smart, young and capable guys worthy of you in this world. You’ll surely find a guy worthy of you. Which reminds me; tell me where you are hurt baby?”
So she said, “Many places. Some of them I’d love to show you, but you wouldn’t want to see. But ya..” And she rolled up her sleeves and her pants, to reveal some bruised. And as she rolled up her pant, I saw that she had wonderful toned legs. I forced myself to look away and went and brought some ointment and medicines. As I was applying it, I was forced to see that my daughter was really beautiful and sexy and growing up fast.

This incident was soon forgotten and never talked about, and Angela stopped sneaking in bed and otherwise. (I hope) But we were distant in a way. We never had those hugs and sloppy kisses again, but even the fun sessions were few and far between. Some how she seemed sad and her eyes would often look at me longingly. But true to her word to her father, she never mentioned such things to me again. But when she became 17 and passed out of high school, she never ever had any boy friends, which all her classmate girls already had, even though she was still the most sought after girl and become even more beautiful and a wonderful young lady. Her grades were good enough to seek her place in one of the top universities in the country. But she had to leave the city for that. In spite of me trying to convince her that she must go looking for her career, she wouldn’t listen to me. And it was no longer easy for me to convince her. She just said, “Dad, if you ask me to go join the university in Bangalore, I will. But if you give me a choice, then I will never leave my old man and go anywhere. But I am an adult, and from the way you have brought me up, you have always respected my decision and choice. So my decision is to stay here in Pune with you. I think you will respect my decision. I have my reasons for it.” To THAT I couldn’t say anything.

So she stayed back, in Pune and did a good course, but not the best one for her potential, and as usual she excelled in this one too. But she never succeeded in one dept., finding boys for herself. Though a lot of boys found her and tired her with requests, she never ever found a single guy worth going out with.
She turned 18 on 1st Dec. 1998. And I wanted her to be really happy, and so I bought her a brand new car. She also had a party with her friends on the eve of her birthday, as was the custom. These were the friends had come to accept that she will always be single in her life. She had already informed me that she would be late and I was to pick her up at 1.00 in the night, since she would never have any boy drop her home, and the other girls had their boys to go home with. On the way back I saw that she was wearing a wonderful looking dress, and was looking stunning. I was wondering where she got such taste from, whether from her mother, and that the boys must be having a tough time taking their eyes off her. I also noticed that she was really happy, happier than I had ever seen her of late. Of course I knew that she didn’t know about the car, or did she? And for a second I wondered whether she had finally found a guy. So I said, “Baby, I have a big surprise for you when you get back home!” You wouldn’t believe what I’ve bought for you. So she looked me in the eye, and said, “Dad, do you remember that you had promised me once that you would do anything for my happiness?”. So I said, “Ya baby, I will always!!” So she said, “Dad I want a particular gift from you on my birthday.” So I said, “I’l try my best to give you whatever you want baby. Since you have never really asked me explicitly for anything in your life, I think I shall give you ANYthing you ask for, for whatever cost, even if I have to repay its cost my whole life!!.”
So at this juncture, she said, “Stop the car!!” So I exclaimed, “What?”, but stop the car. Then she looked at me in the eye and said, “Dad, I want to have sex with you!”, and before I could say anything, she quickly added, “only once! After that I will never ask you or even be around you if you like, I’ll move away from Pune. I want only this in my life, to have sex with you only ONCE!!”
I was left with my mouth gaping open. I didn’t know what to say! She said, “Dad I respect you, and care for your feelings. So I have never done anything to make you feel embarrassed in your own eyes. But today I am an adult, and no longer somebody you have to take care of. I can manage my own life. I have a job, and am doing my degree, and can pay for my tuition too. I have been saving all my pocket money and have invested in many avenues. Today I am an adult and I do not need your signature to manage my investments. I am really independent. After tonight, even if you don’t want to see my face again, I will never show you. But make me feel like a woman tonight. Because no one else can ever make me feel like one, but YOU dad, only YOU!! Take you time to think till we reach home. If you feel that you cannot do this, then I’ll accept your decision, but yes I’ll remain a virgin till I die!!”
I was in such a turmoil of emotions. On one hand was my daughter begging her father for something, and on the other hand was me, who was supposed to sleep with his daughter! On one hand was my baby, the one I had brought up since she couldn’t breathe and had to be slapped on her bottom to start crying, and on the other hand was this stunning young lady, an epitome of youth and beauty asking me to sleep with her! I was in a dilemma, I’m sure not even Oedipus faced!

I remained silent all the while driving back and didn’t speak even after reaching home. We got into the house, still silent and she quickly went up her room. I was relieved for a moment, thinking that she changed her mind, but she was back in a jiffy wearing a heavenly looking almost transparent gown. (I don’t know where she got her mom’s favourite gown from, the one I presented her on our honeymoon) And for a moment I thought I was looking at my wife! And my lingered on her sensuous body with just a second of lust, but I immediately turned away, albeit with great difficulty. How divine she looked. It took me all my will power to really look away. But even after looking away her image was in my mind, and I could see her lovely humble breasts, heaving with her soft but deep breathing, and her thin waist and hips swaying as she eased down the stairs, and her wonderful legs, through the long slit in the gown!
She came down, and put her hand on my face and made me look at her. And she looked though her deep brown eyes longingly at me, and they were screaming silently, “Take me Dad, take me!” And I closed my eyes, then she took gave me a slight shove and I fell onto the couch. And I opened my eyes again and saw that she came down and her hands were on my thighs. Her touch was so soft, but heat was seeping through her small tender hands. I put my hands on her, to push them away, and when my hands touched hers, an electric shock passed through my whole body, and all the hairs on my arms and legs stood on end. My feeling of arousal was too strong. It had been a really long time since I had been with any woman. (16 years since my wife passed away and 19 years since I was with her in bed) I couldn’t push her hands away. But she wouldn’t have allowed me to even if I could, because she then had started unbuttoning my shirt. I caught her hand to stop her from doing so, but she pushed me back and said, “Relax old man, I’m going to give you the time of your life!!”

And as I felt her hand on my chest, her soft tender touch, I had forgotten that this was my daughter. Such was the heat of her passion. She pulled over my shirt and kissed me on my chest and rubbed her nose against it, like a kitten feeling the warmth on my chest. And she purred like one too. I could see that she was feeling so good, feeling so secured and wanted. Then she came up and gave me a peck on my cheek, thought a bit and then brought her lips close to mine. I hesitated, but she looked at me with such longing, and I couldn’t say no to my baby. I knew she wanted this and only this. She wanted me to be her man!! And slowly she brought her soft small lips of an 18 year old to the old lips of a 48 year old man, her father!
I don’t remember what I really felt at that kiss, I enjoyed it so much, but couldn’t really. I wanted to push her away every instant, but wanted her to continue just the same. My 16 years of celibacy was taking its toll on me, and so what her mesmerising beauty, sensuality and youth. Somewhere midway, I turned away from her, with the father part of me winning a small battle, but I looked at her eyes and she was hurt. I could see it! But a second later, she smiled a cunning smile and brought her head down. And she put her hand right on my crotch!! And I almost jumped. But before I could react, she unzipped me in one fluent stroke. I brought my hands down, stop what she was doing, but she looked at me warningly, a look which dared me to stop her. And I didn’t know who was whose parent then!

Soon her hands went seeking for what she sought most and she brought it out, slowly, twitching in her hands, from excitement, fear, guilt and pleasure! And when she looked at it, her eyes widened, first with fear and then with hunger. She looked up to me and said, “Dad, I’m so lucky to be the woman who touched it after mom!! Dad, please don’t deny me what I want the most in life!! Make me a woman dad, please!!” And without listening to what I had to say about it, she opened her mouth and took the thick and rock hard manhood right in! Her wet, warm and soft mouth put whatever I had to say right out of my mind! I had never ever been in such ecstasy before! And soon she was taking it right in. I felt that she would gag any time, but she actually put the whole 8 inches of rock right down her throat and I could feel it going past the base of her throat right into her oesophagus!! And if it could get any harder than rock, my dick went onto an over drive!!!!
She kept it there for a moment and then brought it out again!! And she wiped her mouth and purred, ” Mmmm…..” I’ve never had a tastier piece of candy before. I want it all!! And then she took me right in again. She moved her lips and tolled her tongue over it and she seemed to know exactly what to do with it! (I think she must have been reading from the net and planning it since a very long time) She kept arousing me more and more, and kept me on the edge, but just not allowing me to cum. She kept applying pressure on the base of my dick with her hands every now and then. So I was in a state of continuous just over the edge! (She did know quite a few things about sex)
After some time of keeping me agonizingly close to cuming, She came up and turned around showing me her deep back of the gown. Then she slowly lifted her skirt up and placed her bottom on my crotch, and I realized that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath her gown!!! Then she took my hand and placed it in between her thighs, and I saw that she was dripping wet!! And when my fingers touch her little flower, she let out a soft moan of pleasure. I just let my hand be there, and she started rubbing her self against my hand. And I slowly started feeling her, and was looking for her clitoris. When I found it and touched it, she gave such a jerk stopped for a while, tensed up every part of her body and then let go and she fell on top of me! I knew that this was the first time she must have really had an orgasm, and she was so sensitive, that just a touch was enough to release her flood gates.
As she fell on me, I held her close and laid her back on my chest hugged her. She seemed to have passed out for a minute or so. And I lay thinking about what the hell I am doing! I was holding my baby daughter in my arms, and I gave her a pleasure which she would take from no one else. I didn’t know what was right and what was wrong. But I knew that I wanted with all my heart to see my daughter, happy and satisfied.

She came around in a while and turned around. And I was about to make my way out from under her, but she said, “Oh no dad, you aren’t going anywhere yet. I haven’t finished with you!!’ And she took my hand and led me to the bed. And now I was following her without protest. She got onto the bed and let her gown slip off her shoulders. And lo! What I saw was really like a angelic vision. Such lovely pair of breasts, so small, yet full and firm, so fair and yet pink with vigour and vitality, so young, yet still so mature and buxom! I really didn’t think I would ever witness heaven on earth, but this was just it! Heaven! And she held my hands and placed them on her breasts. I touched them very tenderly, because after all they were my baby’s. I felt like I was being a parent once again. And I slowly cuddled them and rubbed them gently and felt them with so much of love. He small nipple soon became hard and she was letting moans of pure pleasure escape her lovely lips. And as I teased and played with her petite breasts, she came once again and she again couldn’t take the heights of pleasure. But this time she recovered more quickly and wanted to take me to the next stage.

Then she took my pants out and her gown and we both laid down next to each other, like father and baby, she in my arms, but stark naked. We loved each other so much and our love for each other became so much more beautiful and intense with this. And then I realized why she wanted this so badly! My sense of morality did not allow me to see this, but Angela was special. She always knew what exactly she wanted from life, and she foresaw this! She gave me the pleasure of being a father, which I would never ever have been able to feel. My love for my daughter seemed like a culmination and the reason why she was born to me. Everything became clear as I lay with her tender breasts against my chest and she wrapped around me hold me so very tightly to herself.
We lay like this for a really long time. Then I let go of her and laid her below me. She parted her wonderfully youthful legs and slightly arched her back. She invited me to complete the final act of unifying two people who love each other. And I put my manhood slowly in the little red bud of a rose. And it was such a tender flower, which I was entering and so really small! As I pushed past her virginity, she gave a slight wince, and I held her closer at that time. She didn’t feel any pain after that and I eased myself into her. And then we were closer to each other, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, than ever before. We became one, just like we were before she was born. She was born from me, a part of me, and we felt that we went back in time, when we weren’t different!
As I went back and forth, I could see the pleasure in her eyes, and we both looked at each other, and we climaxed together melting into each other, moving onto another universe. We felt like we died and were born right again. We knew the reason we came on this earth. We now knew, that we had satisfied our purpose in this life.

Angela and I lived like a couple all our lives, although no one knew it. Everybody in my family put a lot of pressure on me to search for a guy to marry her off, if she didn’t want to find one. In front of others we always acted as if I would rebuke her for not wanting to marry. But we always laughed in private about this. She took care of my till I reached a ripe old age, and we continued to share this pleasure for a very long time to come. (We didn’t have any problems of contraception because I had already had my vasectomy done soon after Angela was born) Now I lay on my death bed and I am reciting this story to her as she is writing for me. She was the most wonderful woman I have ever known, Angela was her name. And she was my daughter!!

A Fresh Start For Brother And Sister - Part 2

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It was one of the longest nights of my life for many reasons.  It had nothing to do with the punishment my parents gave me, which was actually pretty light.  I think they were actually pleased about what I'd done (sticking up for my sister, not kissing her.  They had no idea about the kiss).  What made the night so unbearably long was all the things that kept racing through my mind.  Trying to act casual and natural with my sister around our parents didn't help either.  It wasn't easy.  She must have known exactly what I was thinking all night.  Certain sights kept appearing out of nowhere.  I could vividly remember watching her walk up the stairs, wondering now if she knew I was w

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atching.  For some reason I had the idea that she exaggerated the movement in her hips as she was walking up, and didn't care to flatten the back of her skirt down, letting it bounce enough for me to see up it from down below...almost like she was doing it just for me.  I kept seeing an image of her on the bed, sitting there with her legs crossed, her skirt lifted just enough for me to steal a peek at her panties.  It's like I could close my eyes and see it vividly.  Like I said, she must have known what I was thinking, because any time I would have one of these flashbacks she would smile or wink.  And it wasn't the same innocent smile she's always had, not to me anyway.  

All night we were at it, teasing and flirting as carefully as we could.  Every time we passed she would reach out with just the tips of her fingers, dragging them over my hip or across my back, so secretively that my parents never had a clue. Under the dinner table I could feel her toes playing with mine.  What sent me over the edge was during dinner when she excused herself to get some dressing from the fridge.  From our dining room you can see into the kitchen, and I watched her the whole time.  She knew it, too.  Our parents' backs were to the kitchen, so she could do anything she wanted, knowing only I would see.  Each move she made was so playfully seductive.  At the fridge, she bend at the waist, reaching behind her as she looked over her shoulder and made eye contact with me.  It was amazing how she could suddenly mix her innocence with sexuality, and the smile she gave me was the perfect example.  Still bent over, she took the hem of her skirt and lifted it slowly, higher and higher until her panties were almost completely exposed, black boyshorts with white lace trim.  She had changed them just to tease me.  Her little smile widened and she bit her bottom lip as she took tiny steps sideways, spreading her legs just a few more inches.  All I could do was sit and stare, feeling my pants tighten around my waist.  I watched, trying to look calm, taking in the sexiest sight I've ever seen.  Did I already mention my sister's ass?  In all my life, I've never seen better.  I couldn't take it anymore, I had to excuse myself.  I hurried into the kitchen, watching her smile grow as I got closer.  She didn't stand up until she felt my hand on her ass.  It felt just as amazing as it looked.  I kicked the door to the fridge closed as I pulled her aside, into a corner of my kitchen out of sight from the dining room.

"What are you doing?!" I whispered with a wide grin as I lead her back until I was against the countertops, pulling her close to me.  I didn't wait for an answer, leaning down and kissing her passionately right there.  She hungrily kissed back, running her nails up the back of my shirt.  She finally broke the kiss and took a small step back, shaking her head and trying to suppress her giggles.

"No, we can't do this." She whispered back.  "Not yet, anyway.  Let's wait 'til tomorrow when they're gone.  With a little hesitation, I agreed.  

With the exception of a few more seemingly innocent smiles, light touches, and casual flirting, nothing else happened that night.  Our parents were so pleased at how well we were getting along.  I got maybe two hours of sleep all night.  I kept fighting with urges to get up and sneak into her room, or sitting up every time I heard a noise, thinking she finally gave in and decided to sneak into mine.  Neither of us ever left our beds, though.  I had finally drifted off and was awoken in the morning to a tapping on my door.  It opened slowly as I sat up, coming to my senses quickly.  It was my mom.

"Your sister isn't feeling well, so she's staying home today.  You take good care of her, and remember you're supposed to be being punished.  There are leftovers in the fridge that you can have for lunch.  I'll see you tonight."  And with that, we had the house to ourselves.  I didn't want to seem over excited, so I stayed in bed a while longer.  When I got up, I didn't go looking for my sister right away.  I took my time getting showered and dressed, paying much more attention than usual to parts of my body I never payed attention to.  She had obviously done the same.  When I went downstairs I found her in the living room, blankly flipping through channels.  As I stepped around the corner of the couch, I noticed the touch of extra makeup that she had put on.  I could tell she had taken some extra time with her hair, too.

"Not feeling well?" I asked with a little smirk as I sat down next to her.  She looked back with the same playful smirk.

"I just didn't feel like going to school today."  She shrugged, smiling sweetly as she scooted a little closer, dropping the remote next to her.  "I just thought it would be nice to spend some time with my brother, now that we're getting along so well."

"I like it better this way, don't you?"  I asked, scooting a few inches closer.  She just nodded, biting her bottom lip again as she stared up at her, her bright eyes every bit as innocent as they were before this all started.  What happened next was the last thing I expected.  She started crying.  I nearly panicked, throwing my arms around her and pulling her to me as I tried to comfort her, figuring that she was feeling guilty for the day before.  I started babbling on about how sorry I was, how I felt that she only kissed me and teased like that because she thought I wanted her to, how we didn't have to do anything like that again.  To that, she sat up straight, shaking her head, wiping her eyes.

" it's not that."  She said, swallowing hard.  "It's not...I don't feel bad about that at all...I loved it!"  Her little laugh was the end of her crying, but there was still a single tear stuck to her cheek.  "I really loved it!  I'm crying because I'm happy.  I'm just so glad that we're not fighting anymore.  I finally have the brother I've always wanted, instead of the...the old you!"  She laughed again.  She was right, it was nice to suddenly have a sweet, trusting, loving little sister instead of the bitchy little brat from a few days ago.  It's amazing how quickly things can change.  Her next sentence was another bombshell.

"I...I think I want to try some of those things..."  She started, looking down to her lap as she flattened her skirt over her thighs nervously. "...some of those things that guy said I did to him.  Only I don't want to with him..."  She looked back up at me with a little smile creeping back across her lips.  "...but with..."  She never finished telling me who she wanted to experiment with, but I had little doubt who she was talking about.  She turned on the spot, scooting closer again quickly and lifting herself up to kiss me.  Within seconds she was on my lap again and we were kissing wildly.  When we broke the kiss and she leaned back, the innocence in her eyes now mixed with one of the most lustful looks I've ever seen told me that I was in for the start of something amazing.

(To be continued again...Part 3 coming immediately)

The night I discovered

Eventh on Incest Stories

I had been walking in the door of my home when I realised that the rest of my family was not home.  It was strange at this time of day, but it did not worry me; I was used to the unpredictable nature of my family.  It was one of the things I had grown up with.
It made me smile.  I had been at work for a long time today - ten hours - and I needed relief.  Plagued with the sex drive of a young, single woman, I had been raiding my father's porn for a long time, masturbating when no one else was home.  I had gone for the hard stuff recently, needing to see the brutal sex that made the couples on the screen scream and groan.  It made my pussy wet, and my mind buzz.  The excitement,
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the feeling of being used purely for animalistic purposes exhilarated me.  I wished every time I watched them that the woman would be me.  That I could be used in such a way.
So I ran into my parent's room and grabbed my favorite dvd and retreated into my room to watch it.  My pussy was already soaking wet, and I needed the release the tapes promised.  It was the only thing on my mind.  I needed it like a dying man needed water.
So I played it, and shoved my hand into my jeans, playing with my snatch, delving one finger deep into my pussy until I could go no further.  In and out I drove, trying to reach orgasm.  My breathing sped up as I watched the man on the television pump harder into his bitch, shoving her harder into the bed with each thrust he made.  I was mesmerised.  My mind focused solely on the plunge and withdrawal of his cock into her waiting pussy.
As I got closer to climax, I wished that I was the woman he was fucking.  I wanted to be the bitch that was getting a tough pounding.
I never even heard the door open.
I was just about to orgasm when a voice snapped, "You horny bitch.  What are you doing?"
Snatching my hand out of my pants, I felt my cheeks blush as I looked at my brother.  Tall and well built, he had moved out a year ago, and barely saw him these days.  His moving out had signalled an end to one of my more adventurous fantasies where he fucked me senseless while the rest of my family watched.  But that fantasy was far from my mind as he watched me with an angry expression.
Striding into my bedroom like a predator that owned the land, he kept his gaze on me.  "Well?" he asked.
I looked away, not wanting to own up to my embarrassment.  It was too much.  No one was supposed to know about my need for porn.  Not even him.
When a heavy weight pressed on the edge of my bed, I looked up into his face, my eyes wide.  This close, he was thoroughly menacing.  A chill ran down my spine.  And it wasn't the chill of fear either.  It was the return of my favorite fantasy.
My eyes flicked down to his trousers.  It was hard to NOT make my eyes go there.  What I found was something so surprising I felt my heart jolt and my blood fire.
He was aroused.  POWERFULLY aroused.  He wanted me.  He wanted a fucking.
I licked my lips, and saw his eyes heat at the same time.  "I wasn't doing anything wrong," I told him, hoping he would have enough courage to carry this through like I wished it would. 
His large, strong hand caught my chin and lifted my gaze to his.  "I should punish you," he said, as if to himself.  My body hummed at the thought.  Already highly aroused, my pussy responded with a fresh wave of juice.  I was like an animal waiting for her stallion to mount her.
Before I realised it, he had pushed me face-down on to the bed.  I let out a cry, but stopped when I felt his weight on my back.  I shivered.
"Stop screaming, bitch," he said.  "You only get to make a noise when you get to orgasm."
I was only too happy to comply.
My trousers and panties disappeared in a second as he tore into my clothes, trying to get at my body.  Then I felt something touching my thigh.  Something hot and hard.
His cock had come out to play.
My pussy throbbed with need.  I needed him so badly I thought I might die if he did not penetrate me soon.  "Please..."  I begged.  
"Please what?" he demanded, shoving his cock inside me a small way.  I whimpered at the wondrous feeling.
"Fuck me," I whispered.
I could hear the smile in his voice when he said, "With pleasure."
Then his cock drove all the way into me, his hips pushing me down into the bed, making me cry out at the small spark of pain the action elicited.  But the pain was soon forgotten when my pussy clenched around his cock as it rammed in and out of me.  He grunted with effort, and perhaps pleasure, as he thrust.  My pussy was already soaking wet before he had come into my room.  It was positively SOAKING now.
"I'm going to fuck you so hard you won't even want to go back to those movies," he told me, slapping his hips against my ass.  His words barely registered - I had already forgotten about the porn on my television.  My brother was all that I wanted and desired from now on.  His cock was huge - 9 inches long - and reached into my pussy so far I thought I would live in the land of orgasm if he just hit me the right way.
The sounds of flesh slapping flesh flled my room, and I could smell my juices and his sweat.  It was intoxicating.  His hands grabbed hold of my hips, holding me still so he could pound into my pussy.  His hips worked furiously, pounding, slamming and thrusting.  I thought his cock was going to come out of my throat, he was pushing so far into me.
Another orgasm began to build up in me, and I felt my whole world rise.  My flesh around his cock became more sensitised, and my breaths became more laboured.  I was almost there...
"I'm going to make you scream so hard your voice won't work for a week!" he grunted as he thrust into me, trying to reach his own orgasm.
Then the orgasm burst upon me.  I screamed loud and long.  The shudders in my body stretched for minutes.  It was the most powerful climax I had ever experienced.  My channels clutched at his cock, and I heard him groan in response.  With a last thrust of his hips, he orgasmed.
I could feel his hot load pump into me.  It lasted for so long.  So long that I actually climaxed again, my voice breaking at my scream.  He filled me up with cum as he came, filling me so full I thought I would burst.  It began to seep out of my pussy as he kept thrusting, working off his hardness.  I felt it run down my thigh and on to the bed.  I didn't care.  My brother had just given me the best two orgasms of my life.
As he relaxed, he lay on top of me, his weight pushing me into the bed.  I could feel his sweat coating my back.  He groaned.  "God you are a good fuck.  Where did you learn?"
I smiled with satisfaction.  I had been able to please my brother.  "In my fantasies," I told him. 

Grandpa's Lessons Part 2

MissSexKitten27 on Incest Stories

Sara woke up the next morning praying it had been a horrible dream but as she laid in bed she knew even though alone she was naked under the blankets and her body was cramping. She barely made it into the bathroom where she took a long hot shower trying desperately to feel clean. She noticed as she dressed she had bruises along her breasts and her body. As she dressed she desperately hoped if she continued to be good it would not happen again. She knew if she told her mum she would be locked up in the juvenile hall like school for her mother would never believe her.

She headed into the kitchen where she foud her grandfather was already gone from the house but there was a list of chores for her to do. After a quick breakfast of cereal she headed out hoping perhaps if she fini

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shed the chores she could head into town. She had a bit of money left, though she was told she would wait till the fall for  job. She was nearly done when she went to take some buckets into the old barn when her Grandfather appeared and she knew from the look he was giving her, it was not over.

He walked over to her. "Get over there to the saw horse and lean over it now."

She shook her head whimpering. "No."

He wripped her shirt and bra off of her. "I told you that you would get a spanking, now get over there."

Trying to cover herself with her hands she had walked over to the horse and was leaned over it so her ass was up in the air. Before she could react she found he hands being tied with rawhide to the horse, and after her shorts and undies were stripped off he tied her legs in place.

He leaned down and kissed her neck. "You'll learn to be a good little girl quick, just like your dad did."

She felt the leather of a whip run along her back. "Please, I'll do better. I was just scared."

Listening to noe of her cries he demanded that she count the whips and if she missed a count they would go back to the start, a whip for every year she was alive. Howling in pain and bitig her lip through it Sara just barely managed to get out the last numbers.

Before she could recover she felt his cock forcing its way in her crotch once again and he was soon pumping away but he was not quiet, telling her she would learn to use all her holes today. He climaxed inside of her cunt and she was soon to understand what he meant when she felt some grease smeered on her ass.

She tried to struggle. "No. Not in there, please not in there."

Her grandpa smacked her ass. "I guess you'll get another spanking tonight. Now shut up whore."

If the pain last night had been bad she thought she would surely die from the pain as he forced his way into her and she did pass out eventually as he pumped inside of her over and over again, not minding she had passed out at all. when he was done though she woke p to a spray down from a hose and when untied she was handed her clothes and a grocery list.

Her grandpa put a hand between her legs. "I am having friends for a poker game tonight."

Sara hoped it would mean she would have a break. "I will go and get the things."

 Pulling her back in he kept a hand between her legs and whispered he would not forget about tonight either and she would still be in for a spanking till she learned her place.

He pulled away. "By the way a few of my friends will be enjoying your services tonight as well." 












Mother's Boy

disturbia85 on Incest Stories

The Awakening of Julie

Chapter 1: Mother’s Boy

By disturbia85

“Ben, grab your backpack, we’re going to be late!” Julie Moore fumbled across an array of trinkets in a heart shaped dish on the counter. “Come on, Julie, keys are in here somewhere,” she said to herself. As with every morning, her children would be arriving fashionably late to their first period classes. First a buzz a

Daddy''s Naughty Girl Part 2

angeleyes87 on Incest Stories

(This story is purely fictional as are all characters)

I was now finally a woman and couldn’t get enough of cock. Ever since my dad took my virginity all I could fantasise about was having my juicy teenage hole filled again. Now don’t get my wrong I love my Dad and was grateful that he had shown me the pleasures of a woman but I wanted to experience things with other people. I didn’t want t

Wife decides time for daughter

whoknows on Incest Stories

It was on a monday evening that my wife told me we were headed to out ocean get away the upcoming weekend.  I was disappointed to find out that our daughter and her best friend were coming with us.  Our coastal get away had always been our sexual adventures place.  We had a group of friends who we would swing with, or the wife would pick strangers up in the bar to play with.  I asked her why this had all of a sudden become a family get away place.  She answered with only one sentence, "Don't I always take care of you baby?  That was true, I couldn't argue with that.

I came home early on Friday so that we could get an early start on the hour and a half drive.  I walked in and couldn't beleive my eyes.  There was my wife with her sexy black mini dress on

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that barely covered her ass and her halter that just enhanced the beauty of her sexy nipples.  That was not what got me though, it was my daughter Melissa and her friend Renee that blew me away.  They were dressed almost exactly as the wife was.  I hadn't realized how large my daughters breasts had become, and I could clearly see a nice cute set of puffy pink nipples through her halter.  Renee was stunning, at 15 I think her breasts were as large as my wifes Helens double D's.  The amazing thing though was how wide her nipples were.

We started loading everything into the van.  I could not beleive how hard I was getting staring at my daughters puffy nipples.  I had never been sexually attracted to my daughter but I was seriously considering telling my wife I probably shouldn't go, but then I would have to explain the nasty thoughts rolling through my mind about my daughter.

We were about a half hour down the road and I was finally talking myself down about my daughter when my wife looked towards me and said, "Joe, I've got a surprise for you baby."

"And what would that be my dear?"

"Take a look in your rear view mirror"

I looked in my rearview mirror and their was my daughter giving me one sexy smile.  I looked over at my wife and asked, "What's the surprise?"

"Lower your rear view mirror and take a look"

I reached towars the mirror and started to move it down.  Oh my god there was my daughter with her dress up around her waist and her hand holding her sexy little girl pussy wide open.  I turned around towards her, absolutely stunned, and she just gave me the sexiest little smile.  I was immediately hard and completly confused.  I looked towards my wife.  Obvious confusion on my face.

She looked at me with a smaile and said,"Your baby girl is rady to be fucked and she wants Daddy to take care of it."

I didn't know what to say.  I was completly confused.  All of a sudden I felt a hand on myh prick.  It was Helen reaching over grabbing me.  She lightly kissed my neck and squeezed my cock.  She whispered in my ear, "I can tell you like the idea.  Why don't you pull over and let me drive."

I quickly pulled over to the side of the road and let Helen drive.  I opened the side door and sat down right between my weet little Melissa and her freind, Renee. 

"Kiss her deep, Joe," my wife Helen said.

I lookea at my little girl, she was licking her lips, I couldn't beleive the come fuck me look my little 15 year old girl was giving me.  I reached around her and pulled her close.  I kissed her, she opened her mouth to accept my tongue, we kissed and kissed.  God she was hot.  She was sucking on my tongue, like she wanted to suck my dick, unreal.  Then all of a sudden I felt her little hand grab my cock through my shorts, then she moaned into my mouth.  God, I was about to cum.  Jarring me out of my daze came Helen's voice, "Shouldn't you give Renee a kiss now?"

Renee, I had forgotten all about her.  I broke from my daughter and turned towards Renee.  She looked at me with the same come fuck me look my daughter had, grabbed my head and brought her mouth to mine.  This bitch knew what she was doing, I could tell that she had much more experience than my daughter.  As she continued swabbing my mouth with her tongue I felt the zipper of my shorts being pulled down.  I broke from Renee and looked down.  There was my daughter with her top off, her beautiful puffy nipples must of been swollen two inches from her chest.  She was looking at my cock, I saw her open her mouth, her tongue came out and she lightly licked the tip of my cock.  She had snagged a drop of pre-cum and slowly pulled away from my cock making a bridge with my pre-cum.  It then broke and dropped down on her little girl tits.  God, I was losing my mind.  My daughter brought her mouth back to my manhood and started sucking on the tip.  I felt movement beside me and Renee was removing her top.  Jesus, talk about absolute overload.  I quickly moved my mouth to her amazingly large and firm tits and started sucking on the nipple.

As I was getting my cock sucked by my 15 year old daughter while I was sucking her 15 year old freinds tits I heard Helen speak.  "OK Joe her is the deal.  Melissa and Renee are going to suck you off and share your cum, but that is all you get until we get to our beach house.  The rest of the way you can eat their pussies, play with their tits, and do whatever else you want but you can not cum.  Your next load will be spilled into your daughters little cunt.  You are going to take your daughters cherry, then we will get you hard again.  Renee is a bit of a slut, she has been fucked a bunch of times, but she wants you to take her asshole cherry.  After that we will see what else we can do, but your night is pretty filled.  Do you think you can do it?"

"Oh god yes, but what about you?"

"The three of you better be ready with your tongues.  What do you think about that?"

"You know I would love to see that, but are the girls OK with that?"

"Show him girls"

With that my daughter let my cock pop out of h3er mouth and she slinked over to her freind.  Renee laid back and spread her cunt.  Melissa took her tongue and shoved it all the way up the little girls cunt.  Moved her face around then moved up to her mouth and shared their juices.  As they broke their kiss Melissa told Renee to turn over.  Renee turned over with her ass in the air, both hands spreading her ass and then I watched my daughter begin to tongue her asshole.  After Shoving her tongue up the youg girls asshole she looked up at me and said,"Aren't you excited that yours is going to be the first cock up this asshole?'

"Melissa dear the only thing that turns me on more is knowing that I am going to shove my cock into your little pussy."

"Daddy, I want you to fuck my cunt.  Call it my cunt.  Don't you think that a slut who will suck her father's cock is a cunt and not a pussy."

Just hearing her talk that way almost made me cum.  Then she said,"Mommy told me you like your sluts talking like sluts.  Do you want to taste my pussy now?"

She climbed back on the seat.  She spread her little cunt as wide as it could go.  I got down on my knees and started sucking her sweet little hole.  Renee crawled over and took one of her puffy nipples in her mouth.  She was breathing hard, moaning loudly, when I heard her yell,"Daddy, shove your tongue up my cunt I am ready to cum."  I did as I was told.  She grabbed the back of my head and drew my face into her wetness and let go with a wail.

Renee moved down and began kissing just above her clit as she was coming down from her intense orgasm.  When she was sufficiently recovered she looked at me and said,"I want your cum now Daddy!"

With that we switched places.  There I was sitting in the backseat of my van, going down the road at 65 MPH and my daughter and her best freind were sharing my cock.  I was very close to cumming.  I told them that.  Immediately Melissa took about half of my 8" dick into her mouth and Renee began tongueing my asshole.  That did it.  I grabbed my daughters head and pulled her tight on my dick and said,"Drink my cum you little cunt.  I'm going to drown my little girl in her Daddy's cum".  I shot and shot and shot.  Melissa didn't miss a drop.  As I finished my cock made a loud sound as it popped from my daughters mouth.  I looked down and Renee had her mouth open about 6 inches from my daughters mouth and then she let a very large stream fall from her mouth.  Just then I heard Helen say,"Little girl you better have some for me."

With that the wife pulled over onto the shoulder of the road, my daughter crawled up front and began kissing her mother.  There I was with my hand on Renee's tit watching my daughter and my wife exchange my spunk.  With that I looked out the window and realized that we were only about 5 miles from the beach house.  Would I be ready for round two? 



Alice Part 2

Hateshiganai on Incest Stories

That evening, after we had all had dinner; Alice, her little sister Jenny and myself went upstairs to play. Whilst we played together, me an Alice would steal glances at each other, and even copped a feel of one another when Jenny wasn't looking. Eventually the sexual tension got too much and we excused ourselves from Jenny, explaining that we had something to talk about privately.

Alice and i retreated to the bathroom, locked the door and immediately started to kiss, hold and strip each other. As Alice unzipped my jeans, i cupped her breasts through her top, massaging and squeezing them. I slipped my hand up her skirt, and pushing her panties aside, inserted a finger into her pussy. I slowly curled and uncurled it inside her, making Alice shiver with pleasure and her hands accele

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rate in their mission to undress me. By this point i was in just my boxer shorts, but those were quickly gone. My dick sprung out of the confines of my boxers, swaying whilst pointing directly at Alice's pussy. Sensing what i was thinking, she took her top and bra off, soon followed by her skirt and panties. Now, we were both naked.

Alice perched her cute little ass on the toilet, spreading her legs wide. I guided my dick towards her rosy, glistening pussy. As the head touched the lips, a shock of pleasure wracked us both, and my dick was shoved in to the hilt, my balls slapping against her ass. We both stared at each other in wonder - it felt as good this time as it did the last time. I began to withdraw my dick from her pussy. Then, when the head was about to slip out, i thrust it all the way back in, slowly. I kept on doing this, savouring the feeling of the dick penetrating my cousin, Alice. Her face was a mask of arousal; her head way tipped back, her eyes were closed, and am expression of absolute pleasure covered her features. I cupped her head in my hand and brought her face up to mine. We kissed and kissed and kissed, whilst my dick maintained its slow thrust. As we kissed, my rhythm sped up, and soon Alice was bouncing up and down on my dick, moaning in pleasure.

After what seemed like hours of fucking my cousin, i felt the tell-tale tingle in my shaft and, as if in unison, Alice began to impale herself on my dick even harder, shaking with the onset of orgasm. As we climaxed, we hugged each other close, our lips meeting in the most loving kiss i have ever known. Our cum mixed within her; mine entering her womb, hers leaking from around my shaft.

We collapsed in exhaustion as the reality of how long we had been at it dawned on us. Alice quickly used some tissue to clean up the excess cum that was leaking from her pussy, whilst i got dressed. After Alice finished dressing, we unlocked the bathroom door and returned to my bedroom, finding Jenny just then sitting down.
Looking up at us with a curious expression on her face, she asked

"James, what were you doing to Alice?"

Part 3 to follow. Again, i want reviewers to let me know what they want from this story. So, please put either "yes" or "no" at the end of your review, as to whether you want Jenny included in the 'goings on' Between James and ALice. FYI Jenny is 4'5" with white/blonde hair, icy blue eyes and quite slim.

My Playground

sirlancelot2008 on Incest Stories

My house became my playground after seeing one of my sisters, Jena trying on clothes in her bedroom. My mother never married our father, and he split after my mom got pregnant with my younger sister. It was just the five of us in the house, my mother Kathy, oldest sister Karen, next is Trish, then Jena, me, and last my sister Shelly. My mother was adamant about not having any men in the house. I couldn’t have over any of my guy friends nor did she allow my sisters to have any guys or boyfriends over either.


My mom shares a bedroom with Shelly, Trish shares a room with Jena, but Karen and I have our own bedrooms, but Karen and I share a bathroom. It works fine and I rarely find myself at odds with any of

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them. Everyone has such busy schedules.


Like I said, a few months ago I was coming out of the bathroom and saw Jena trying on outfits. It was the flash of naked flesh passing in front of the cracked open door that caught my attention. Jena is well build and I was squeezing my cock seeing her front and back completely naked putting on and taking off clothes. My mom and sisters usually went about the house barely dressed, but it didn’t mean anything to me until I was staring at Jena thinking of fucking her and having her sucking on my cock. I got away quietly from her doorway without being detected, but her sexy body was etched on my brain.


I sat in a chair in my bedroom stroking my cock thinking of how sexy and what a good fuck all of my sisters and even my mom would make. Over the next couple of days I paid more attention to all of them, but being careful not to allow them to catch me staring. Bare legs, panties, thongs, braless tits under sheer tops and teddies went here and there all around me. It hit me that I don’t come out of my bedroom in my underwear.


After work I went shopping for sexy and revealing men underwear. A thong was out of the question for me, but I found some jock straps that I could handle. The mesh and fishnet boxer briefs were what I liked best. My cock showed clearly through them.


In the mist of our morning rush to get ready for our day, I came out of my bedroom in my pair of black fishnet boxer briefs. My mom was the first to notice though I pretended not to notice her staring at my cock stretching the see through material. Trish came down and made herself a cup of coffee, but didn’t seem to notice as we began to chat. Trish had on her pink teddy and panties, and my mom had on her night gown that didn’t come down far enough to cover the crotch her thin black panties. My mom continued taking glances at my cock when she though she wasn’t being noticed while the three of us chatted. I was excited by my mom’s staring.


Shelly came down and squeezed pass between us. “Move that big cock out of my way, poking me in the butt,” she joked. Shelly is real out spoken.


We laughed and Trish gave it a good look agreeing that my cock was bigger than average. My mom nodded and then we continued on with what we were talking about. My cock gave even harder as I loved the compliments.


The next morning I walked around in my light blue mesh boxer briefs. They were tighter and caused my cock and balls to be lifted higher. With my cock hard the view was hard to miss.


Karen slapped my butt when she came down for coffee and Danish. Trish came in and asked Karen did she see how big my cock was. They started pumping up my ego even more causing my cock to strain against the material. Jena came in to see what the fuss was about and they pointed out my cock. My mom came in and the conversation went to the size of men’s cocks that they all had. I had never really paid attention to their conversations about men.


Trish reached over and grabbed hold of my cock and our mother quickly popped her hand. Trish insisted that I didn’t mind, but our mother replied that she would have a cow if I touched her like that. Karen joked that as big of a slut as Trish was that she wouldn’t mind either causing our mother to laugh. Trish let in on our mother that she wasn’t so holy herself. All the while my cock was throbbing. We laughed and joked until we all were almost late leaving for our days.


I really liked the mesh boxers, so on my way home I picked up some more of different colors. The small medium ones felt the best even though they were smaller than my regular size.


I stood in the kitchen having coffee talking to our mom. She kept looking at my hard cock and I saw that I could see her shaved pussy through her thin blue panties. I could see her hard nipples through her short night gown too. Trish came in pulled up the back of her teddy and ground her butt-cheeks against my cock. My mom jokingly swatted at her to stop laughing at her silliness. Shelly came in wondering what was going on, so Trish gave her a demonstration causing Shelly to laugh louder. Karen and Jena came in joining us. Karen joked that she needed a cock like mine giving it a squeeze and commenting on how hard it was. Shelly leaned down and gave the head of my cock a kiss causing hysteria. Our mom seemed to be blushing.


My day went great. Women seemed to notice me and I flirted with eye contact with them. My cock wasn’t noticeable that I could tell in my pants at work, but I was hornier than a three peckered goat.


Everyone seemed to be home around diner time, so I ordered pizza and Trish and I went and got beer. When we got back, I went and took a shower and put on my flesh tone colored mesh boxer briefs. I put on some body spray and headed down to the family room.


As soon as I walked in they all went crazy. I wanted to have a shocking effect in the underwear that made it look like I was naked, but I didn’t expect it to be that good. Trish yelled out to turn up the music and called for me to dance with her. She kicked off her shoes and slipped out of the long dress that she wore for work, and began dancing her ass back up against me in just her black thong. I grind up between her butt-cheeks to everyone’s amusement. Shelly got up behind me and turned around to her. She had already changed out of her work clothes and had on a pair of boy shorts and a tank-top. Jena got up pulling our mom with her and then Karen joined. I moved from one of them to the other, and pulled up our mom’s dress to her waist grinding against the back of her thin panties.


We danced, laughed, and drank for a while before sitting down. I sat back in a chair with my legs open while they laughed and joked about my hard cock and others that they had. I could have sworn that I saw our mom licking her lips as she stared at my cock. It was much better than jerking off.


A song came on that Trish liked and she started giving a lap dance. Jena and Karen started yelling out for her to take out my cock. Our mom covered her face, but peeked through her fingers. Shelly crept over and snatched down the front of my boxers allowing my rock hard cock to pop free. Trish kept on grinding her ass-cheeks against my cock. Jena came over grabbing hold of my cock and tried to put it in Trish’s pussy, but Trish jumped up.


Shelly jumped on my lap, but they playfully booed her because of her shorts. She got up and snatched down her shorts revealing that she didn’t have on anything under them and they went crazy. She straddled me and I could feel the heat from her wet pussy. Jena came up and grabbed my cock again and Shelly came right down on it. They fell to the floor laughing as Shelly put on a show riding my cock. Shelly road it for nearly three minutes before hoping off.


For some reason, I yelled out that it was our mom’s turn. My sisters nearly carried our mother over and sat her straddled my lap. Our mom assumes use by moving around on my cock, and the Jena with Karen’s help stretched our mom’s panties and guided my cock to her pussy. I gave a jerk and our mom yelped with laughter. My sister cheered her on as she ground herself down on my cock. The more they encouraged her the harder she fucked. We all saw our mother’s climax and laughed hysterically. Our mother’s face was glowing. She sat down trying not to let us see her face.


Jena stood up declaring that she was going to try my cock as she wiggled out of her skin tight jeans. She straddled me taking my cock deep inside of her pussy and started grinding. I think that I was the only one who could see the serious expression on her face while everyone else laughed and joked. She clawed my shoulders straining until she came on my cock. While everyone else was laughing, she whispered that we were going to do this again. I didn’t think that my cock could get any harder, but it surely felt like it.


Karen and Trish were the only ones who didn’t ride my cock that night, but we all had a good time laughing and playing around. They noted that they never seen a guy who’s cock stayed hard so long. Shelly teased that it was because I was in need of good pussy instead of that trash that I dated. I didn’t take offense to it because her pussy felt awesome and I really wanted more.


I started off the next day with a smile and a fresh hard-on. We laughed and joked over coffee about what we did. Trish joked that she was going to get her some of my cock that night. I figured out that Shelly was trying to out do Trish. Shelly bragged about how good it felt and to everyone’s astonishment, she snatched out my cock and took it in her mouth. She came off it saying that it tasted good too. The stunned silence was broken by Karen’s laughter. Again, I could have sworn that I saw our mom lick her lips while her eyes were on my cock.


That evening was quiet with everyone being busy doing one thing or another. I went shopping and then to a pub for drinks with some buddies before coming home. It was pretty quiet, but the thought of all the pussy in the house kept me tossing and turning.


When I was out shopping, I found a mesh jock strap. I started to the kitchen and got my ass-cheeks swatted three times before I got there. Karen began teasingly calling me sexy. She opened her short silk robe and told me to come get it. I playfully grabbed hold of her big tits sucking on one of her nipples and then the other to our mom and sister’s amusement. It was the first real move that I made, and I saw that it wasn’t the same when my sisters made the moves.


I got home early from work and laid across my bed relaxing when Trish came in. She jumped on my bed asking me what I was doing. It felt a little awkward to me and said that she had a dream about me and her. My eyes lit up. She said not to tell anyone and asked me did I want to do anything with her. I looked at her and we both laughed knowingly that I always wanted to do something.


Trish started at my pants and I pulled at her shorts and panties. I moved her pussy on my mouth as she began sucking on my cock. I’d wanted the taste of pussy and hers is smoothly shaved with a patch of hairs at the top. She moaned sucking my cock as I kissed, licked, sucked, and pulled on her pussy. I was also able to get my hand on her tits. I learned from my sisters that they did not like aggressive guys, so I tempered myself allowing her to set the pace.


She turned around and mounted my cock and it was like I had vanished except for my hard cock. She road me hard with her eyes closed pulling and twisting her nipples as she bit down on her bottom lip. I stayed with her tempo enjoying the feel of her pussy. Her moans got louder as she reached her climax. Her body tensed as she strained through her orgasm.


Trish giggled asking me if my cock ever got soft and I asked her how could I. We laughed and she kissed my cheek and shot me a wink giving her butt-cheek a slap. I hadn’t cum and my cock stood straight out in front of me as I went into the bathroom that joined Karen and my bedrooms.


I reflected on how good I had it. Though I hadn’t noticed it before, I had hot and horny pussies around me all the time. I washed thoroughly and got out combing my hair and brushing my teeth well.


Karen entered the bathroom and locked her side behind her seeing that I was standing there naked. “There you are,” she said and went down on her knees for my cock. I just smiled as she sucked my cock as if she was in love with it. “I’m going to sneak into your bedroom tonight,” she said getting up and giving me a kiss on the cheek. She stopped at the door and told me that diner was ready.


I felt like the king of the world. I put on my body spray and stepped into my blue mesh jock strap like underwear. It is basically a jock strap like string with just a pouch. It made my cock look even bigger.


When I entered the dining room they started with cat calls. Shelly slapped my butt-cheeks as I passed by her. The conversation went right to the underwear that I wore. They all loved them and sighted their favorite pair. As usual, I was left a bit out of the conversation as they talked about men and my cock as if I was not there at times. They teased our mother about how she needed to get fucked regularly, but they agreed that it’s hard to find a good cock like mine.


Shelly helped me and Jena with the dishes questioning her own taste in boyfriends. Jena told Shelly that maybe she needed to take from dating for a while that she doubted that any of her guys would have a better cock than mine. They laughed and both of them kissed my cheeks. Shelly whispered that our mom said I had the best cock that she ever had. We laughed and cooked up a threesome for when we were done.


We went straight to my bedroom and Jena locked my doors. I climbed to the middle of my bed as they got naked and joined me. I started eating Shelly’s pussy while they sucked on my cock. I made no choices, but Shelly got on my cock and Jena sat on my face. I could feel Shelly trying for her orgasm and Jena moved her pussy on my mouth like she was after hers as well. They switched places and I felt the difference between the two. Jena had control of her pussy muscles and used them to bring herself off on my cock. They said that they both had come twice which made me feel great and they added that they were glad that I hadn’t cum inside of them.


I washed up and ended up drifting off on my bed. I woke as Karen came in my room from the adjoining bathroom. She dropped her robe on the floor as she got on my bed. She said that she needed to be fucked hard. She didn’t have to say anything else. I turned to her sucking on her nipples while fingering her already moist pussy. I pulled her legs up to my shoulders and started pounding her pussy with all my might. I knew that our mom and sisters could hear her moans and cries all the way down to the family room, but it didn’t matter. My older sister wanted me to fuck her hard and that was exactly what I intended to do.


I huffed and puffed trying my best to cause the head of my cock to rise in her throat. By the sounds of her moans, I was getting very close to doing just that. I turned her own her hands and knees and pounded her pussy from behind. The contact echoed loudly in my bedroom. The longer I drove my cock in her, the longer I wanted to.


I felt like I had gotten my second wind turning her over and pulling her down on the bed so that I could use my footboard for leverage. She held her legs up and spread wide as I started again in her wet cunt. I felt like I could go all night with the rhythm of my headboard hitting the wall.


Time seemed to have flown by as I glanced at my clock. It read, “4:57 AM.” Karen looked at the time too. She smiled at me as I slowed my stroke. She whispered that she had come to my bedroom around Eleven o’clock. We giggled quietly. “I’m going to be so sore in the morning,” she said “I can feel it already.” I went to pull my hard cock out of her pussy, but she stopped me and said for us to sleep with me inside of her.


I didn’t recall falling asleep but I woke to my alarm clock and Karen was going into our bathroom. My cock was solid. I waited for her to get out of the shower before I went in there. She hugged my and kissed both my cheeks before going off to her bedroom. I washed good, but didn’t spend a lot of time in the bedroom. I had another new pair of underwear that I wanted to get reactions too.


When I got to the kitchen the talk was all about the noise that when on all night long. Their mouths seemed to drop at the sight of the hard-on that I still had. It was clear that Karen had been signing my praises and even our mother was drooling over the sight of my cock.


I am still fucking my sisters and mother at their leisure, which means that I am fucking daily. My mom has become more at ease with getting naked in front of my sisters for me to fuck her, but she has yet to visit my bedroom at night for a marathon fuck.

me and mom about time

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i am a 39 yr old male mom is 60 growing up i have always jerked off to her and as time went on it grew the desire to sleep with mother it really took off after she told me that her dad had sex with her as i kid and i got so hard when she told me that . so my dad leave out of town a lot so i was at the point in my life when i wanted to tell her how i felt i called her up and ask if she wanted to g

Incest Whore

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Incest Whore



Danielle was only 14 when she had her first incest experience. Her 19-year-old older brother had always admired her vastly growing body. She had a slender figure at 14, that sized up with 32C size boobs, a thin waist that rounded out to plump round ass. Her brother, Adam tried his best to get close to his sister. He hung out with her more than his crowd of friends. Took her everywhere, and had fun. No one suspected that they were involved sexually. Just that they were close. And truth be told, they were close. Not in a sexual way. Danielle had never mentioned anything sexual about her brother, she never even fantasized about sleeping with her brother. Even though her brother was a gorgeous young man. He stood at an impressive 6'2,

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236lbs of pure muscle, and although she didn't know at the time, he was harboring a ten inch python in between his legs, which would gather a massive erection whenever he saw his sister in a skirt. Adam had wanted more than anything to insert his huge cock inside his sisters pure pussy, but decided not to act on it until she was 18 and had more experience. The idea of fucking a virgin was great, as long as it wasn't his sister. He didn't need that kind of responsibility.


But it only took one night to change his mind. Just like any other night, Adam and Danielle were watching TV on the living room couch while they're parents were out of town. They entrusted Adam to look after his baby sister. It was 9PM on a Friday night, and Danielle laid on the couch in a blue sheer nightie. Under it, she wore her white athletic push-up bra, and a pare of white cotton panties. Adam's dick immediately rose to attention. He was hoping she wouldn't notice. In the middle of the movie they were watching, Danielle drifted off to sleep. They were on their big couch which could fit 4 fat family members at Thanksgiving. Danielle laid down on her back, and fell asleep. Adam released his huge cock from it's trouser prison, and began to stroke it. Realizing his sister was in a deep sleep, he removed his pants completely, and stood over her with just a t-shirt on and his cock in his hands. He couldn't resist. Even though he didn't want to deflower her, he couldn't help his lust. He reached down, and lifted her nightie up to her chest. Danielle didn't utter. With that he took her panties in his hands, and removed them from blocking her pussy. He stared down at the sweetest, wettest pussy he had ever seen, without any hesitation, Adam took his cock, and entered slowly into his sister. She didn't move again. Adam was surprised to see that 7 inches of his cock fit in smoothly without any pressure. Danielle wasn't a virgin! he thought, and with that, he ushered the other 3 inches of his cock inside until he had fully penetrated his sister.


Again, Danielle didn't stir at all. Her eyes remained closed, and she continued to sleep. Blinded by his lust, Adam started to plow his sister by fucking her really hard. In an attempt to wake her up, so she could witness her big brother on top of her with his dick inside her wet snatch. Adam started to suck on Danielle's neck and with a great amount of strength, he tore her nightie down the center revealing her sports bra, and then he tore that, so he could suck on his sisters huge boobs. He swallowed a boob whole as he continued to thrust inside his sister's watery, warm pussy. And still Danielle was not awakened. In his lust, Adam began talking out loud, "Oh God sis, your pussy is amazing!" he shouted, "Do you like my dick?" He asked rhetorically. "I know, you love it." he answered his own question continuing to fill his sister with his massive cock. Danielle started to moan slightly. "Oh yeah sis, wake up. Wake up and watch me fuck you." Adam shouted. Danielle subconsciously responded by putting her hands on her brother's arms with her eyes still closed. "Oh man, sis. Your pussy is so much better than mom's." Adam admitted as he started to thrust harder and harder into his sleeping sister. "Oh God, I'm gonna cum. Can I cum inside you sis?" Adam asked, not really expecting an answer, and with one final stroke he began to shoot load after load of ten inch dick cum into his sister's fuckhole. "Aaaah, fuck!" Adam screamed as the last bit of semen drained from his cock. He slowly pulled the monster out of his sister's twat, and looked on in amazement. "That was incredible." he said to himself as he pulled Danielle's panties back over, and pulled her nightgown down. Even though she was asleep, she'd know what happened to her in the morning. Adam grabbed his pants, and left the house. Leaving his sister asleep. Just before he shut the door, he said "I love you sis. You're the best fuck ever!" and with that he shut the door.


Danielle let a smile slide across her face, realizing what she had done with her brother. She was well awake the entire time, but didn't stir for her brother's satisfaction, and softly said to herself, "I know Bro, I know."


To Be Continued...

Fuck by my Sisters Husband True Incest

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My life is change now and my sex life is very mess up. I keep this from my family and I feel that I will always be in the dark with this for it will shock my family and destroy this small town I live in. I am 22 now and finally need to let this out. I have change names but the story is true. I am from a small town in North Dakota pop about 30,000. I lost something to someone I trust and now it wont stop.

My name is Billy I am the youngest in a family of 3 of girls. My oldest sister is 28 married and lives in Wyoming with 2 kids. My second sister 26 lives here still and will marry this summer. I guess you can say we are country family for the town is small and the place that everybody hangs out at is Wal-Mart or Taco Bell.I just trun 19 and was going to collage about 50 miles fr

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om here but it was just a jr collage. Mark was going to marry my second sister. He was really cool and was great looking but was a real country boy.Peggy my second sister was very quit and skinny she was about 100 pounds but Mark was her first and in this small town you just get married and have kids and work at the local mill or on your familys farm but if you are luvky you get out like my oldest sister. Lets Begin..........

I was home one day just watchin TV. Dad was at work and my mom and sisters where out getting ready for this weekend wedding. I was enjoy the summer break before I started school again. I took about a year off when I graduated so I could help out at the house because my dad was ill.Later in the day Mark stop by and we talk. He was really a nice guy always ask me if I need anything or we talk about my future. I remember I was just in shorts and a t-shirt. We joke about my love life and I got mad and we started wrestling. for a few mintues it was in the living room but he pick me up and took me to my room. Once there he slam me on the bed but I never thought nothing about this for we in school never really got into sex ed or rape or anything about sex.He was behide me and had his legs wrap around me and was hold my hands above my head with one hand and the other was tickling me. I was just having fun when I felt him go up my shirt and grab my breast. We stop and not one word came out. He lean to me and told me if i like what he was doing. He was rubing my tits and make my nipple get hard. I could not answer just laid there and let this guy who was going to marry my sister feel me up.

He role me on my stomach and got on top of me. I was so scared for I never thought about sex for I was still a virgin and only had one boyfriend for 2 years. He started to push against my ass and I could feel his cock. One hand was up my shirt and still rubin my tits and the other hand made its way down to my ass. He started to feel my ass and rub on it from the outside of my shorts.He kept telling me that this would be our secret and it will feel good and I would like it. He grab one on my hands and pull it to his cock. Unbotton my pants and put your hand inside. I did what he said for I trust him. Once in his pants I felt his cock. Not my first time for my boyfriend would ask me to jerk him off and we would trade jerk off and him finger me but I want to save myself for my husband in the future.His cock was bigger then my boyfriends and he knew what to do to make my body tingle. I started to feel hot inside and without think started to jerk him off. He pull down my shorts and place his cock right betweenmy legs under my pussy and started to pump. I felt is cock rub against my pussy and I knew he could feel me getting wet. I laid there think that this was wrong but I love Mark as a brother and I was scared to stop.

He reach under me and with his finger was going inside my pants. I told him No and please dont but he just told me to trust him so I did. I felt his finger push in and I let out a sound of relief to let him know that it felt good. A few seconds later I felt 3 fingers in me and I started to feel the pain and pleasure. My panties where so wet and I was daze in plaesure and my mind wanted him to stop but my body wanted more. We heard a door open and voice of my mom and sisters wher in the house. Mark jump up and quickly ran to the bathroom. I fix myself and went out to see them. I was so speech list that when my mom ask a question I could not focus. Mark came out and gave me sister a hug and kiss. Well the wedding came and went and Mark move in with us so they could save up and get there own place.

About 1 month later I had not really thought about what happen and was just trying to get ready to start school. I was asleep one morning and was awoke by someone touching me. I open my eyes to see Mark there standing in front of me with just his boxers on. Everyone is outside in the back he sad and pull the covers down. I was just in a long shirt and panties. I just look at him and he pull up my shirt to see my panties. He started to rub my ass and rub his cock. I told him please Mark I love you so much and I knew this was wrong. This will be our secret and you know you want it. I felt his hand make its way to the front of my pussy. I told him to stop or I was going to tell. He said he would lie and denie it. I was so scared and could not belive this was happen to me. I grab his hand as it felt my hair and pussy and try to stop him...........

Part 2 to follow          


my mother in law and I

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As the whole family which consists of me, my wife (who happens to make me very happy in bed and in life), her mom and dad, and her baby brother whom lives in a 3 bedroom house with two bathrooms; we are a well tight knitted family who respects everybody and support each one of us.


While the front bathroom is broken and is under the process of being fixed, everybody has to use the back of the house to take a shower and use the bathroom.


One early morning, I decided to sleep in and get some gud rest after being up all nite with my wife

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. And I had assumed that everybody had left the house. When the phone rang at 9 am, I answered the phone and my boss wanted me to come in for an afternoon meeting; which gave me time to take a gud shower, get ready, and take the 2 hr drive to work.


As I walked in the shower, I had decided to walk thru the house naked into the bathroom. As I was walking into the bedroom that leads to the bathroom which was unlocked; low and behold, my mother in law was on the bed naked with a vibrator inside of her. Now let me tell u about my mother in law. She has the same features as to my wife, big hips, big boobs, big nipples, and juicy wet pussy.


As I tried to close the door to walk back out without her knowing that I just walked in the door, the door squeaked and she jumped up so fast and covered herself, yelling at me. But since I am not able to hear, I was not able to figure out what she was saying. As I walked towards my room, my mother in law comes out with the blanket around her and she gave me this look like she was ashamed, knowing that I had saw what I saw.


As I was walking into my bedroom, my mother in law followed me in and asked me to sit on the bed. As I sat on the bed, I grabbed a pillow to cover myself since I had a raging hard on (8 inches long, 1.5 inches thick, almost too big for my wife to take inside of her.) At this time, I was unsure whether my mother in law had seen my hard on or not.


At first, she could not come up with anything to say, but to laugh a little because she knew she got caught. So I asked her if she was okay, she replied, yes I am okay, but u cannot say anything about what u saw today. I had to promise her that I would not say anything. But I had to tell her that I need the shower because I got a meeting. So I excused myself from the bedroom. As I stood up on the bed, I had the pillow; covering myself. First thing that she said was, are u taking a shower with the pillow? So I decided to throw the pillow on the bed. At the same time, she was able to see that I was standing tall.


As I walked into the bathroom, I started the shower up and let the water warm up. As I grabbed the towel from the shelf, I set it on the counter where the sink is and it would be closer for me to grab. As I got in the shower, I was just washing myself, rinsing off and was getting ready to jerk off in the shower. I was standing there with the water over my head, my hand on my dick jerking it, trying to cum; I felt something warm wrap around my dick head. I opened my eyes as I was cumming; it was my mother in law’s mouth on my dick. I pulled away very quickly, and a stream of white cum went across her face, as she was smiling. I rinsed my dick off with the water, and turned the water off and got out of the shower, leaving her sitting on the floor. I dried off quickly and ran off to my room and was getting dressed for the meeting.


As I was walking to the truck, I had realized that I had forgotten my wallet and my cell phone. I walked back into the house and picked up my phone and wallet. As I walked back out to the truck, my mother in law handed me the paper that was on the table that was meant for me to read it.


I hurried drove to the meeting forgetting about the letter because of what just happened. But after the meeting, I noticed the letter sitting on the passenger seat. I opened the letter, wondering who it was from and what it would say. As I opened the letter, it looked like it was hurriedly written like somebody was in a hurry trying to write this letter. “Plz forgive me, but it was not my intention to do anything to hurt u or anybody else. Plz do not say anything; ill explain my actions when u get back home. Ill make ur favorite tonight. Love u.”   I knew right away it was from her, the lady in the shower.


As I drove home, I looked at my phone and I had noticed that there were 10 picture messages on my phone. As I looked at each one, they were pictures of my mother in law’s body. As I looked closer to the last picture, it was a cum-filled pussy. There was a title for this picture; “could u make one of these?”


When I got a little bit closer to home, my wife wrote me a message, “have to go see my best friend, see you later. Love u, be home in a few days.” I was bummed out knowing that I wanted to make love to her tonight.


As I pulled in the driveway, I notice my bedroom light was on. So I hurriedly ran in the house, only to be met by my mother in law. As usual, we hugged each other like we do with the rest of the family. Only this time, the hug lasted just a little bit longer and tighter. And I was really feeling it at the moment when her hard nipples were pressing into my chest.


First thing that came out of her mouth was, “Im sorry for this morning. Can we talk?” I said, “Not at the moment. I just got home and I need to get out of these clothes.” She moved aside and allowed me in my bed room and I noticed there was a wet spot on the bed. She walked in the room and gave me this look, like she was guilty of something. “Did u do that?” as I leaned over and gave it a sniff to make sure it was not urine. Well, it sure didn’t smell it or look like it. It looked like a white paste, possible women cum.


She left the room in a hurry into her bedroom. So I closed the door, and took off my clothes that I wanted out of and put on some comfortable clothes. Needless to say, my cock was at full mast. Just when I was about to pull my shorts up, the door opened and it was my mother in law standing there with the same vibrator from earlier this morning. She gave me a big smile and asked me to sit on the bed. I finished pulling up my shorts when I sat on the bed and she followed me onto the bed and sat next to me.


“Sweetie, I have a confession I want to talk to u about. Are u willing to listen to me?” I nodded yes, that I would listen. “I have heard u have sex with my daughter, ur wife. And every time u two have sex, I get jealous because Pa never wants to have sex with me because of my freakiness with my pussy.” I gave her this look like what the hell do u mean by that. “See the wet spot on the bed? That was me. Sorry, I will wash ur sheets for u.”


I stood up from the bed to do some thinking for the moment, and as I stood up, my shorts became a tent. My mother in law looked at my cock with amazement. Now I never knew up to that point that my mother in law thinks of me sexually. And I have never thought of her that way either up til now, knowing that my father in law has got the shortest weiner in the whole family because of his drinking problem.


My mother in law stood up, stripped her robe from her shoulders allowing me to get a complete view of her body. Now for somebody her age, I have never thought I would get to see my mother in law’s body, much less a naked body in this whole family. She sat down on the bed as I looked at her in awe of how good her body looks. My cock got a little bit harder and a little bit longer and is in dire need of some relief.


All in one motion, she pulled my shorts off and inhaled my cock into her throat, letting me know that she wanted to deep throat my cock. So I grabbed her head and begin in slow motion moving my hips back and forth, forcing my cock all the way in to her throat. She gagged a few times here and there, but she was doing it like a pro. As I began to feel some heat from the bottom of my balls like I was getting ready to cum, I stopped myself short from cumming into her mouth.


I pulled away from her and got on my knees and spread her legs out. As I was going on my knees and into my mother in law, I grabbed the vibrator from her hand and put some spit on the vibrator, I insert the vibrator into my mother in law’s pussy. She tensed up a little bit and starting moaning. I kneeled down a little further and gave my mother in law’s clit a good workout with my tongue. She tasted so sweet, and I could tell from her body language that she was on the verge of her orgasm. Moments later, she cummed like crazy, but she was spewing out white substance as I was moving the vibrator in and out of her pussy. She begged me to stop because it was so sensitive.


As I let her settle down just a little bit, she pulled herself up trying to catch her breath. I noticed how she smiled at me and asked me if I saw the pictures on the phone. I replied, “Yes, I saw them. And u have been a very naughty lady today, haven’t u?” She giggled a little and leans back on the bed and spread her legs out. “Would u like to fuck me?” “U don’t have to ask me that question.” I said. I stood up, and lean towards her. As I guided my cock into her wet pussy, I gave her a kiss on the lips. She grabbed me really tight with her arms, her lips locked on my lips, and her legs grabbed my butt checks and she pulled so hard, in one swift motion, I impaled my cock into my mother in law’s pussy to the hilt.


As I come to a stop at her cervix, she groaned, “Give it all to me!!” She didn’t have to tell me twice; when I at full speed moved in and out of her with my cock and her vagina walls were gripping my cock like a vacuum. It surely didn’t take much for her to have multiple orgasms.  After fucking her pussy for 15 minutes straight, I wanted her to change her position on me. She pushed me off and lay on her stomach. As I enter her pussy again, I could not hold back my urge to really fuck my mother in law. As I was fucking her, I had noticed that she was on the verge of having another orgasm. I asked her, “Want me to cum inside of u or what?” She gave me a nod that she actually wanted me to come in her. After the last few grunts, my cock spewed out hot sperm into her pussy with full force, that she even said, “Oh My God!!! It’s so warm, that is a lot of cum! Oh, Im cumming, im cumming. Ahhhhhhhh, oh oh oh.” As I finished cumming, I started to pull out of her pussy, when she begged me to stay in for a few seconds longer.


I pushed myself further inside of her; she raised her hips for me to go further inside of her, when she said “I hope u enjoyed this, because this will never happen again.” I totally nodded my head up and down like I agreed with her. But that was not the case, even though no one else in the house knew of this situation.

First time w/ Daughter

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I was in the living room one afternoon, watching a football game, when in comes my little 13-year-old daughter named Donna.  I was sitting in the recliner when she came in, but she grabbed a blanket, saying she was cold, and just climbed on top of me.  This was something she had done many times before, so I never gave it a second thought.

This afternoon, something seemed a little different, though.  She couldn't seem to get comfortable.  Her constant shifting while on top of me got my dick harder and harder, until it was nearly painful.  Since I was already with a raging hard-on, I decided to see how far I could get things to go, so I started to tickle her ribs.  Every time she giggled and moved, I managed to brush one of her 30-A boobs, and even

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tually began feeling her nipples hardening. She was braless today, which was unusual for her. This didn't help my condition any, but it did embolden me even further.  I decided to push things a little farther now, and began just rubbing, but not tickling, her bare tummy.  It was easy to get to since she was lying on her back now.

"Daddy, that feels good," she finally said, as I rubbed her skin in a circular motion.  Since I was already rubbng bare skin, I decided to push things even further by rubbing up to barely touch her lovely little breasts.  When I got no resistance, I pushed even higher, now just lightly touching her nipples.  I felt her little nips quickly harden under my touch, and Donna began to moan a little louder, maybe even a little too loud, since her mother was in the bedroom asleep.

"Sshhh," I warned her, "or I'll have to stop.  You can't let mommy hear us, or we'll both be in big trouble."

"OK, Daddy, I'll be quieter."  She was always such an obedient child, and now was no exception.

"Does this make you feel good?" I asked her.

"Yeah, it makes me feel great.  But, Daddy, it also makes me feel a little funny down there."

I decided to see how far I could push this, so I said "What do you mean by 'down there?'"

"You know, between my legs."

"Is it a bad feeling?" I continued.

"No, not a bad feeling, just one I've never felt before," she replied.  "I think I'm getting wet inside, and I don't want to pee all over you."

"Well, first off, Punkin', it is definitely not pee, so you don't have to worry about that. But I can make you feel a lot better than you do now, if you really want to."

Now, her eyes got big, and she said, "Really, Daddy?  Will you show me?"

Then my more cautious side kicked in.  "If I do, you can't tell anybody, and I mean Anybody."

"Oh, Daddy, I promise, Cross my Heart!" she exclaimed.

"And you have to be as quiet as you have ever been, remember?"  And with that, I kept one hand on her left boob, and my other hand rubbed slowly down her body, back down to her tummy, over her Mound of Venus, and through the first growth of pussy hair.  Finally, I found her nearly hairless virgin lips, and ran my forefinger down, then back up, applying slightly more and more pressure each time I went down and back up.  I could feel her lips parting more and more, until her heat and wetness was obvious to my invading finger.

 "Mmmmm, that feels so good, Daddy," Donna moaned.  Please keep going."

"I will, Punkin.  Just tell me if it hurts, and I'll stop.  And remember, try to keep it quiet."

"OK, Daddy."

Then my finger began more of an in and out motion, just to about 1/2 inch in, then back out.  In the meantime, my other hand kept up its work on the little nipples, switching from one to the other and back, trying to give her as much pleasure as possible.  Now, I put a little more of my finger into her pussy, which was continuing to get wetter with time.  I was up to my first joint now, and in just a few seconds, up to about 1/2 of the finger.  Her pussy was making the sexiest slurping sounds now each time I put in the finger, then pulled it out. 

"Oh, my God, Daddy, I'm feeling real funny down there now."  Her rate of breathing had obviously increased, and her face was becoming flushed.

"Just let it go, Punkin.  You are about to experience what's called an orgasm, though most call it coming.  When it happens, you'll feel pleasure like you've never felt before."

"I think it's happening now!!"  And then she squealed into the blanket, trying not to wake her mother.  But through the blanket, I could hear "OH GOD, OH GOD, THIS FEELS SO GOOOOD!"

My finger and hand were soaked, along with her panties.  There was also a wet spot on my pants, but that was OK with me, because I had just managed to give my daughter her first orgasm.

When  she finally came down, she said "Boy, that was great!  Can we do it again, Daddy?"

"I think we might be able to find the time again.  But next time, let's make sure we're alone, so you don't have to bite a blanket when you come."  And I thought to myself, next time will definitely be more interesting for me too...


My daughter returns day 3

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This is the continuation of the story begun in My Daughter Return Day 1 & 2. If you haven’t read them read those first.

Waking up my body refused to respond to the requests I was making of it like moving my arm or getting up. It seems it did not appreciate being stuffed in the corner of a couch all night long. I realized also that I was alone on the couch. Wondering where my lovely partner

Way Too Drunk Sis

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My name is Allan, 27 years of age and I live with my sister Cynthia who is 25. We're originally from Boston Mass., and I moved to San Francisco 2 years ago cause I was transfered to our sattelite office in SFO. My sister followed suit a year ago and asked if she could stay with me for the time being till she can get a job and settle to her own place. Since I rented a 2 bedroom apartment, I offered my sis the use of the other bedroom.

My little secret with sis started two months ago when she asked if she could go party with some friends at the local bar & disco. Sis told me that she should be back around 1 am. I told her " sure, i'll wait up for ya so I can open the door." It was about 2:30 am when the doorbell rang so  I opened the door and saw two of her frien

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ds carrying Cynthia inside the apartment. I asked " what happened?" Her friends said " oh, she's wasted, cold drunk and dead to the world." I smiled and told them I can take care of sis from here so they can be on their way.

I carried my sister to her room and lay her down on her bed. I noticed she still had spots of puke on her dress so I tried to wake her up so she could change her dress and freshen up but she was dead to the world. I tapped her cheeks to try to wake her up again to ask if she would like me to make some coffee for her, but still no response. So I just made the decision to change her clothes for her.

I pulled off her shoes and started to unbutton her dress, man it was a mess!! I lifted her dress and pulled it off so she was lying on her bed with just her underwear. I went to the bathroom to get a wet towel to wipe off the puke off her.As I was wiping the mess off her body I noticed that her bra and panty were also moist with puke so I figured I might as well change her underwear as well. I unhooked her bra and pulled it out and slipped her thongs down. I walked towards the dresser to get fresh underwear for her, but as I looked back at the bed I started to stare at my naked sister for a long time. Lying in bed was the most gorgeous thing i've ever seen. Her beautiful 36 cupsize breast with little pink nipples just waiting to be devoured. Her bushy volcano waiting to errupt.I could see the line in her pussy underneath that bushy black pubic hair. Many kinky things started to enter my mind but something was whispering in my ear THAT IS WRONG!! But after a few seconds, I developed a tremendous BONER and all hell broke loose. I figured Cynthia's spaced out anyway so she wouldn't know what happened.

I sat down beside her bed and stuck my finger inside her mouth to see if she would wake up, yup still lucky. I played with her tongue with my finger to see if there was any movement and there was none at all. My God, she's wasted. I went down a bit and started to caress her tits, moved my head down and licked her nipples with my tongue. I sqeezed her tits ever so gently while sucking her nipples and all I heard was Cynthia's snoring. I was giggling with amazement on how densed my sister was. I moved my right hand down to her pussy and started to massage it with my fingers. I slid my middle finger down her line in an up and down motion until I could bury my finger as deep as I could. I stopped for a moment and spread her legs apart as far as she could and finally had a clear opening at her volcano.I spread the lips of her pussy and played with her clit but since she was out cold her vagina was dry. I got the baby oil on top of her dresser and squirted a few drops at a time down her pussy. Spread the lips once again and squirted more baby oil down her pussy till it reached her asshole. I threw the bottle of baby oil down the floor and played with her pussy again which was now slippery wet. I slid my finger a quarter of the way inside her pussy trying to get as much baby oil inside as I can but careful enough not to jolt her. I ran my finger down her asshole and lubricated it with oil. As I was pressing oil around my sisters asshole my finger started to slid inside her ass. I slid my finger inside as gently as I could and as far as I could and started the slow fucking motion. I slid my finger in and out but constantly staring at Cynthia if she would wake up but she was still out cold.

At this point my pecker was ready to explode and my pecker head was turning purple blue with anticipation. I knelt down in between my sisters legs and started playing with her pussy again but this time with the head of my pecker. Moved the head up and down her line enjoying every moment of it. Then the head of my pecker finally rested on the opening of her pussy, I paused for a moment, hesitated a little bit then pushed in halfway. Noticing that Cynthia was still snoring, I pushed in all the way till my pecker was burried deep inside her. I pulled up slowly and pushed in again till I was actually fucking my sister. As I was about to explode, Cynthia's head started to turn from side to side, I figured this is it, she is going to get really pissed. Finally I exploded all my semen on top her belly and just dropped down the floor with exhaustion. I looked up at Cynthia's face and wouldn't you know it, she was snoring again. Unbelievable. I cleaned her up with the wet towel and slipped on her jammies, turned off the lights and went to bed.

The next morning, I went down to the kitchen to have my usual morning coffee. Cynthia was up and cooking breakfast. "Good morning sweetie" Cynthia said. " Morning Babe" I replied. " by the way, who took me home last night?" she uttered. " your friends, but they were pretty messed up too so I took you up to your room" " Oh, thanks for putting on my jammies" Cynthia said." no prob" I answered.

Cynthia suddenly turned towards me and said " Someone must have taken advantage of me in the bar last night cause my pussy and ASS is so damn sore"     " No, it was me" I said. Cynthia screamed " you serious?" I said " NO..."     Cynthia smiled and said " JERK!!"

My Young Niece - The Ultimate Fuck (resubmitted with changes)

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Jessie and her boyfriend Tommy were terrified when I caught them. The boy scrambled for his clothes as I shouted threats at him, and gave him a swift kick in the ass as he exited the gate into the alley.

Jessie, in shock at having been caught, was cowering on the towel they'd been fucking on, attempting to hide her nakedness, but failing miserably (much to my delight!).

I stood over her, my big cock painfully swollen in my pants as I caught glimpses of her ripe little A-c

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up titties and her little pussy. I'd never been hotter in my life, and I couldn't wait to get my thick, 9½" buried to-the-hilt inside that tight little cunt!

"Please, Uncle Les! Oh please! Don't tell mommy and daddy! They'll kill me!" she begged, great sobs wracking her young, hard body. Her fear only made her all-that-much-more attractive to me as I planned to play on that fear to the max.

"Well, I guess that you should have thought about that before you let that little punk shove his little penis inside you, huh, Jessie?" I replied.

"Please, Uncle Les! I'll never do it again; I swear." she told me, looking hotter to me with every passing second.

"Oh, that's where you're wrong, little lady. You're going to be doing a lot more fucking, from now-on!" I informed her. "You see, I'll promise not to ever tell them what I caught you and Tommy doing, but my silence has a price, Jessie - a very big price, so to speak."

"Wha-what do you mean?" she asked fearfully, yet I knew that she knew exactly what I was talking about.

Reaching down to rub the prominent bulge in my pants, making sure that her eyes followed my hand, I told her, "Why Jessie…Uncle Les is going to make you his very own, personal, little, fuck-toy. Uncle Les is going to fuck you every single day from now on and maybe several times on some days."

"I…you…we…can't!" she retorted, but I made sure that she realized that I was quite serious.

"Like hell, we can't!" I told her, "Unless you want me to tell your mommy and daddy what I caught you two doing, you'll do any damned thing I want you todo. Believe it, Jessie - any-fucking-thing at all."

I then leaned down and took hold of her wrist, pulling her to her feet.

"Now, gather up your clothes and we're going inside." I watched as she reluctantly obeyed me, giving me a perfect picture her hot little ass as she bent over to grab them. My cock jumped lustily in my pants at the sight.

I then took her hand and led her inside, directly to her room. It was the perfect place for my first preteen fuck - a little girl's room, all in pink and white, her dolls and stuffed animals arrayed around the room as though gathered to watch their little mistress get her first, real, grown-man fucking.

Jessie, shocked and shamed into silence, stood there naked, watching as I began undressing. Her eyes were locked onto my big cock-bulge, stunned by my size, and she seemed resigned to her fate.

I finally undid my pants and pushed them down to my ankLes to step out of them, my eyes on her the whole time. As I rose back up, her eyes almost popped-out of her head when she caught sight of my erect cock - 9½" of rock-solid cock-meat, almost 2" thick. The angry purple, plum-shaped head is almost 2½" in diameter. It was an astounding sight to her, for sure. Add to that the fact that my balls are the size of eggs, and you'll understand her shock.

"Uncle Les…you're…it's…huge!" she gasped at the sight of it. "I never…it'll never…will it fit?"

"Oh yes, little lady, it'll fit, to be sure. It may hurt a little, but it'll fit, Jessie. The whole… fucking… thing!"

"I…oh Uncle Les… will you please be easy with me? It'll split me…wide open…if you don't. It's so huge for my little cunny!" she pleaded with me. (Just hearing her call it her "cunny" caused a powerful wave of lust to course through me, shaking me to-the-core. It just served to emphasize her youth.

My cock jumped and jerked as I realized that she'd just made the decision to willingly let me fuck her. She let out a little yelp when she saw it reacting so.

I moved up onto her bed, pulling the pillows out from beneath the covers, and piled them together at the center of the headboard. I leaned back against them, and stretched my legs out. I would have fisted my aching prick and slowly stroked it, but I would have cum right then and there. I told Jessie to move onto the bed and stand over me, astraddle my legs.

My eyes hungrily roved her young, hard body, drinking in its nubile, preteen perfection. Her little titties were beautifully rounded and capped by nickel-sized, conical aureole and little pencil-eraser-sized nipples, an amazing ½" long.

I moved my gaze down over her slightly-rounded belly to her tight little pussy. There was just a fine smattering of hair above it, and the plump lips of her Mons Venus were totally devoid of hair. The coral-pink labia were peeking-out from the narrow slit, still glistening with little beads of her cunt juices.

"It looks to me like your little cunny is still wet from your fucking with Tommy, Jessie. I'm so fucking hot that I'm going to just go straight to fucking you. We can make love later. I just have to get my big cock inside that tight little pussy of yours." I told her lustily.

"I…okay, Uncle Les, but please…you will be easy on me?"

"Oh yes, baby girl, I'll be very easy on you. In fact, I'll let you get on top so you can control just how fast you take me." I assured her.

"Now, turn around with that pretty little ass of yours towards me." I instructed her, pulling my knees back so that my thighs formed a slope for her to slide down on her belly.

"Now what?" she asked me.

"Squat down until your belly is just below my knees. You can rest your belly and chest on my thighs, and slide-back-down to my cock."

Jessie quickly complied. I watched her legs spread wide as she made contact with my thighs. Her little butt was tautly stretched, her little cunny slightly open as she slid slowly back, stopping when the head of my cock pressed against her mons, spreading the puffy lips open.

Holding my cock, I reached with the other hand to use my thumb and forefinger to spread her open for me. Her little clit was erect, poking out of its sheath, her inner lips also glistening with the juices of her excitement. Her little cunt hole looked impossibly tiny for my big size, but I knew that it would take me, and the thought of just how tight she was gonna be thrilled me to the core.

"Okay, Jessie, now just slide slowly back, and you can control how fast you take me inside you. It's gonna be a very huge stretch, but it'll work, and you'll have me all the way inside you before you know it." I told her.

I'd never in my life been as hot or excited as I was at that point. I was about to get a fuck on my very first, tight little preteen pussy. My very own little 11-year-old niece's pussy!

Jessie slowly moved down and back, and when my bulbous crown seated the entrance of her little cunny, the heat from her inner cunt on the tip of it was quite a heady sensation.

"Ohhhhhhh…" Jessie moaned aloud as she gradually increased the pressure. "It's so huge, Uncle Les! I don't think it's gonna…eeeeyyiiiiii…"

I'd watched in rapt attention as she began to slowly spread open to my girth, the tip of my cock head compressing as it began to slip inside her. A sudden cry escaped her lips as the head and about an inch of the shaft 'popped' inside her.

"EEEEYYYYIIIIIIIIIIII…UNNNCLLLLE LE-USSS! IT'S… IT'S…EEEEEEEEEEE…SO-OOO HHUUUUGE!" she screamed at the sudden, massive stretch. She was so very fucking tight! Her little cunny gripped the head and shaft like a powerful, hot, wet, silky vise. Her cries continued as she impaled herself bit-by-bit, my aching, throbbing, cock, sinking deeper and deeper into her amazingly tight, moist, heat.

"Awwwww…that's it, my little fuck-toy… aaawwwww shit, you're tight! Take it all, Jessie. Take all of Uncle Les' big cock deep inside you. What a marvelously tight little cunny!" I shouted in glorious ecstasy. I could already tell that this was gonna be the greatest fuck of my life.


The sight of my big cock stretching her little cunny out so terribly far was a sight to behold. I decided right then and there that I was going to buy a few camcorders, the expense be damned, to record our future acts of forbidden, incestuous sex from all conceivable angles. I knew where I could sell such movies on the black market for thousands. Yes, my little fuck-toy and I would make a fortune.

Quite suddenly, with another three inches or so of my cock still outside her hot, tightly-clenching wetness, her little cunny suddenly narrowed-down, abruptly stopping my cock. I quickly realized that I was smack-dab against her cervix.


"I'm against your little cervix, Jessie. That's what separates your cunny from your womb, where little babies grow." I told her. I fully realized that it was possible to punch-through the narrow tube, but also that it could hurt as bad as, or even worse than, taking her cherry. I really didn't want to hurt her that bad, but I also, just like her, wanted my whole, big, thick, cock fully hilted inside her silky depths.


"It'll hurt you, Jessie. It'll hurt you really bad." I warned her. That I was going to do it, there was no doubt, but I did want her to know ahead of time that it would be so. "It'll hurt even more than when you lost your virginity. I'm taking about real pain here, Jessie."


"Okay, baby, but remember that you said that." I warned her again. "Until I think you're ready, we'll just fuck with what we have inside you already."


"OHHHHHH-HOOOOOHHHMMMMM….YES! OH YES! FUCK ME, UNCLE LES! FUCK ME…JUST! LIKE! THAT!" she crooned as I used my hands on her hips, urging her up and down on my throbbing prick, giving me (as-well-as her) extreme pleasure.

I was lost to the incredible pleasure her little preteen pussy was giving me. I found myself wishing I'd made a move on her a long time before. But after lusting for her for so long, and now finally actually fucking her was just all that much sweeter.


I was gradually increasing the speed of our first forbidden coupling. She was so incredibly hot and wet, and oh so very tight. I just hoped that I could last long enough to complete the plundering of her virgin-tight cunny.

Jessie's little cunny rode up and down and up and down, bringing me ever closer to coming. She was beginning to shake and jerk as pre-orgasmic jolts of delight swept through her. Her movements got jerkier and jerkier a she approached orgasmic ecstasy.

(She later told me that she'd never had an orgasm before our 'landmark' fuck.)

I could feel my balls churning in preparation to expelling their fiery load. We drew closer and closer together. It would be her first-ever orgasm, and my first ever preteen/incest-induced, climax.

"UNNNCLLLE LE-USSSSSSS…I'M…WHAT'S… WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME?" Jessie screeched as the orgasm rapidly accelerated its approach. She was jerking and shuddering with powerful convulsions as I felt my balls convulse at the same time. We were there.

Just as her body suddenly went rigid, just as a shrieking scream escaped her lips I gave a powerful upwards thrust, jerking her back down onto me, and my cock plowed through her cervix, my cock head directly inside her womb.

The shrillest scream of all broke away from her lips as a potent, earth-shaking orgasm, born-of extreme pleasure/extreme pain tore through her like a tsunami. That was all it took for me.

Deep inside her belly; deep inside her womb, my cock seemed to explode - gush after gush of my fiery cum inundating her inner depths with its essence. It felt like my cock was going to suck my balls through it and into her inner-depths as I came harder than I'd ever cum in my life. Gut-wrenching ejaculations assaulted my senses over and over again.

Her voice, piercing in its orgasmic fury seemed to grow even louder. Totally lost in her bliss, she attempted to rise-up off my cum-spewing cock. Just when I thought I was about finished coming, she did this, managing to raise up almost all the way off my prick, but I jerked her forcefully back down, nailing her once more with my bucking, jerking hardness and yet another load of my blitzing cum erupted from my balls, and it was happening all over again!

I thought I would go insane with the tremendous pleasance of it, and I was fully convinced that Jessie indeed had. I'd never seen any female going though the twisting, jerking, mind-blowing contortions with her body like Jessie was. She was almost feral in her ecstasy.

Then, just as suddenly as it had struck, it ended. Jessie collapsed forward onto my thighs, her strident screams fading into almost 'buzz-like' moans as she drifted quickly into unconsciousness. I too faded into a welcome, blissful state of unconsciousness. The last thought that I had was that my cock was still fully erect inside her, bathing in my hot cum in her womb.

It had been the ultimate end to the ultimate fuck for both of us, and just the first of many, many more to come!


Grandma's Rose (Part 2)

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We left off at …

“That’s good, cause it was mom’s idea; she is really taken with you … ” she said excitedly, “And now young man, we better tuck you into bed you had several long days…” she stood tugging me upright. We walked down the hallway, mom’s arm around my waist till we came to the spare bedroom, she slid her hand down taking mine leading me in and softly closing the door she whispered, “Grandma says I should be very proud of you … she also says you have some pretty unique talents for such a young man and I do owe you big time for taking care of mom &helli

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p;”, with that she clicked off the room light. 

The room is dark; mom is slowly pushing me back against the door. With unmitigated surprise my mothers lips kissed my cheeks wildly, her lips brushing mine as she flooded me with a torrent of emotional kisses, breaking infrequently to pant out endearments in my ears, “My son…”, “…Teased you for so long…”, “Mommy always wanted you so bad…”, “…I am so wanton of your love …”, “Say you want me … or should I walk out the door to my own room?”

The seething heat of her passion was over-whelming as her incredible tailored suit wrinkled against me as she pressed withering against my body – heightening my years of pent up cardinal desires for my own mother! How could I not willingly embrace this opportunity of suppressed love when but a mere half-a-day ago I was fucking my own grandmother’s boiling cunt where this wild womanly sexual spirit had been spawned? Time froze, emotion swept over me so no breath could be inhaled, my heart like a volcano ready to erupt, knees of mush as my chosen woman of desire softly kissed my cheek as she took a quick intake of breath withdrawing back as her arm moved from my cheek … (why oh why was I frozen in time when my mind screamed … react!) I could feel her hand on the door knob … “Oh mom … I do want you…” my timid whispered voice shook with suppressed desire. “so badly  do I want you … that you will be disappointed in me …” 

Those simple words choked with deep hidden emotion drew mother to me like a moth to a light. Her fingers found my lips to silence my unspoken concerns. With (sniffling) emotion she commanded, “Nod your head yes or no if you desire me?” a positive up and down nod of affirmation was given.

Thus receiving that blessing her hand led me towards the bed where she gently pushed me down.

Her arms circled my neck again smothering me with a volley of passionate kisses, the wetness of her cheek told me her fear at near rejection or the sheer happiness of sinful acceptance; my brain told me not to sway to the negative but embrace the limitless positive of this fluidic moment.

Mom slowly laid me back upon the bed as she followed me to a mutual sensual position wince she unleashed her passion in a breath-taking open mouth kiss that filled the room with a timeless array of fireworks; through it all I inhaled her perfume and erotic musky aroma that accompanied her arousal state that tormented me since I could first remember. Untold time passed as we embraced, tongues swirling or exploring each others mouth, panting breath and hands that lingered caressingly across each others willing bodies; the forbidden desires caused mother to reach an orgasmic release that shook the bed and thus stifled cries of, “Ohhhh’s and Ummm’s … ohhhh son …” as my lips covered her face, lips, hungry mouth and having just started down her neck. “Oh sweet child … ” as my hand cupped her breasts held behind the tailor suit till with trembling fingers began to unbutton her blouse, “…oh yes!”

Thus revealing those inviting mammary behind a lacy red bra that so often teased me in the open at unexpected but appreciated times throughout life, those that I suckled as a child.

My arms embraced mother as inept fingers unhooked her bra allowing my hungry mouth easier access to her womanly attributes. Was it “I or the moment of forbidden passion” that caused yet another sexual orgasmic release screech from my mother as my mouth closed over her hardened nipples? Her breasts and nipples so much supple then her mothers. With abandonment I feasted on her, like a caged animal pawing to receive nourishment withheld to a point of starvation. The power in my arms held her tightly ensuring I did not lose her as she loudly screamed in the throes of yet a series of mind-blowing inner orgasms. Her thrashing legs – hip pumping – ragged breath cascading her primal bellowing “Ohhhhh UMMM EEEE … Ohhh CHRIST (between clenched teeth)  …. JESUS … I’m Cummmming … SON … jezzzzz … EEEIiiiiiiouuuu … OH MY GOD … OhhEEEiiiioouuuu” that left her weakly panting as she begged, “ohh Patrick … just hold me for a few minutes …I’ve never …oh (raising her voice loudly) … Oh gezzz Mother, you were so right …” as I softly kissed her exposed flesh of her neck and chest with honest passion. 

“Patrick … son … if … when … when you take me … which I so want … (her voice trembling as my fingers tracing across her exposed belly each time slipping towards her wondrous groin still clad in its tailored suit) … I’m leading you into incest so willingly … do you want your mother that badly …” she shuddered as my finger slowly undid her skirt waist band. “Why (again another shudder and quick intake of breath as the last button let go) … was it my teasing …?”

As my hands slowly slipped up the outside leg gradually pushing her skirt up revealing she wore nylons and garter belt yet compassionately providing lingering ghostly kisses to her exposed skin paused long enough in the darkness enveloping this mother – son uniting to answer in a soft whisper. “Mom (kissing her hungrily on her lips once again tongues entwine sensually) … Mom …  I remember your warmth or security when I was scared, the times as a small child (another sensual kiss) …when playing hide-and-seek I’d hide under your robe or dress … (another longer sensual mouth kiss) or the times when I was sick or just wanted company (another kiss as my hands caressed her bottom) … I remember each time your aroma, your special scent and once … (another open mouth kiss)… when hiding under your robe for a long time a drop of wetness (a long tongue entwining far reaching down the throat type that left each other panting for air) … I … I … think I fell in love with the woman … (I felt her starring in the darkness) … since then I cherished those moments when you’d reveal yourself to me … (another halting pause as my fingers brushed her slit held within red clad panties feeling the wetness we had made) … wanting you so badly, ashamed that it was forbidden (another lingering … this time a dry mouth kiss on the lips) … the guilt I felt for wanting you so badly (head snuggled to her chest) … I’d willing go to jail to just once have that opportunity to fulfill that desire in me!”

“I … I want you … I’ve always known from your birth … God forgive me son … I encouraged it so much … each year … if .. if … (ever so quietly whispered) … you want me as badly, take me now…”

Words were no longer needed as I slipped over mom’s willing opening legs; my head bending to inhale the power of her forbidden treasure, my tongue licking her engorged pussy lips for long minutes that felt like hours I feasted on her nectar soaked panties, almost chewing through them. My inner self, rejoicing to mom’s whining of heated desire. With shaking hands, my fingers slid what remained of her panties to the side to tongue the object of my wanton quest, my mothers’ cunt. With tenderness learned from grandma I ate my mother out with passion. Willing myself to please her beyond all doubt that I should be her man. My tongue licked softly at the folds of her pussy lips, juices flowing unheeded and much relished as my tongue flicked, flittered and dove into from wince I came. Her screams of thrashing sexual frustration mounting by the minute as I suckled her clit (at least 2 ½ inches long) into my mouth; I nibbled, sucked, tugged and thrust my tongue beneath the hood of her clit. My incestuous feeling poised my whole oral endeavours to relieve my mother of her forbidden nectar.

A continual low to high moan mounted to screaming of “Ohhhhh …UMMMEEEE … Ohhh CHRIST… JESUS … I’m Cummmming … SON … jezzzzz … EEEIiiiiiiouuuu … OH MY GOD … OhhEEEiiiioouuuu” accompanied by wildly thrashing legs. Her spread was incredibly wide as she thrust up her swollen, red engorged cunt. Unrelenting my tongue speared her vaginal opening like a jackhammer and other times reaming the cream from her silken stretched walls. As my animal lust flourished my greedy fingers pulled her lips wider to feed my hunger for mother. The sheer magnitude of her daisy-chained orgasms frequently caused her to pass out only to awaken screaming for mercy as I tongue bathed her to another.

In the process of trying to devour her hot creamy juices much of which slipped into her ass crack my tongue slipped lower to her puckered rose bud. Poor mother, her lust crazed boy just tore her panties with his teeth to access her rectum. I was the hunter seeking its pry as I thrust my tongue along her crack to force its way into her possibly virgin territory. She BEGGED loudly, “OHHH mother, MOTHER … Ohh – GOD HELP … Ohhhh EEEiiiiiiii…” as orgasmic wave upon wave crashed on her shore.

My desire for my mother was out of control, my release was calling as my swollen gorged cock begged for release from the confines of my jeans. Wildly I tore at the button and zipper shaking like a snake shedding its skin till they collected about my shaking knees and I knelt between mothers splendid thrusting mound (I knew she had a nicely trimmed mat of hair from previous viewings as well as licking her nectar from her pussy bush). I started as a hand brushed my buttocks and soon forgot as the head of my cock touched mom’s gapping sloppy tunnel. I thrust sinking in deeply – freezing to savour the incredible heat and welcoming creamy walls of mom’s cunt. The thought held me in its grips that I was indeed fucking my mother. Her thrusting hips slowly edged down further along my swollen cock dragging me deeper as I began to meet her thrusts as grandma had taught me; mom’s ragged panting cooed and crooned endlessly. Her cunt welcomed me as I thrust in and out my balls slapping against her bare ass, the head of my cock slipping into a tighter access then before, I knew not where I was but it must be heaven. I shuddered and shook withstanding the urge to spill my seed in my mother, I wanted this moment to last forever but mother nature was like a bitch-in-heat forcing mother’s cunt walls to spasm washing her own son’s cock with her creamy juices the intensity was too much and I shot my load in spurts splashing mom’s depths; her cries in a horse voice now, “Ohhh Mother, he’s just splashed his seed in me … my own son …” and proceeded to scream her maternal “JESUS … I’m Cummmming … SON … jezzzzz … EEEIiiiiiiouuuu … OH MY GOD … OhhEEEiiiioouuuu” to which in true animal lust and one swollen hard cock I again rode mother’s willing cunt; I was buried to the hilt and our combined juices made her more than accessible as I fucked her and fucked her.  

I became aware of a hand softly rubbing my back, I was startled slowing my thrusts into my mother, grandma was sitting beside us holding mom’s hand made me more delirious with lust and continued to hump mom furiously. This time I felt the urge building leaning to mom’s ear, “I need to cum …”

“Oh yes Patrick, cum … cum in mommy … fill mommies cunt with your seed … I’m yours, we promised each other … oh god … (panting) …mother he’s so big … JESUS … I’m Cummmming … … jezzzzz … EEEIiiiiiiouuuu … OH MY GOD … OhhEEEiiiioouuuu”

I exploded, cum squished out around my thrusting cock as I filled mom again and again, never before while masturbating or unloading into grandma had I ever cum this much, the sheer knowledge of doing it with my willing mother urged me to keep fucking her till what may have been mere minutes I soon the urge to again unload in her… Exhaustion and excitement hit me like a ton of bricks and I collapsed onto mom, her legs moved and circled around my waist locking me into her womb. I welcomed sleep.

I awoke much later with a smile on my face as I realized I was still locked deep in my mother. Voices clawed through the haze of sleep, “… oh mom, I never thought … your grandson I’m sure just made me pregnant …”

“Did he, such a good boy …”, grandma said with warmth in her voice.

“Oh mom … (whispers, unheard)

“Welcome it precious girl, let him put in as many as he wants into you … (again inaudible whispers) … who cares who know, do you want him to fuck you … (“oh gezz yes mom” purred mom passionately). then let him impregnate you anytime he wants, encourage it … he certainly wants you bad enough … (again inaudible whispers) … he certainly creamed my old beaver, never heard of any man who had so much seed …” 

The thought that I had could have made mom pregnant was exciting, my cock stirred and twitched excitedly as I slowly began a gentle thrusting into her now know unprotected cunt. I shift my head as a fucked in and out of her as I nuzzled to her excited breast sucking her swollen nipple into my mouth.

Mom’s legs tightened again around my waist as she met my thrusts and a good  rhythm developed. 

“He’s definitely horny mom” whispered mom with a huge smile lightening her face in the feeble light of early morning. 

“Encourage him, make him worse … welcome his seed … when your too sore, send him into me (bending down to kiss mom’s forehead) … between the two of us we should keep him quite happy…”

grandma chuckled, “… if your willing to share my daughter!” 

“Patrick, Patrick … ” mom whispered into my ear to wake me, “are you awake … mommy wants you …”, to which I slowly showed her I was awakened and murmuring (good morning mom) around her breast that I was still sucking. 

“…mmmmm … my son … did you enjoy mommy last night?” she asked passionately as she thrust up her hips more into my already deeply thrusting cock.  

“You were an angel of mercy mom, I loved every second of it … you sure can kiss…” I whispered into her ear, having relinquish my hold on her nipple…” 

“And what would my son like to put into mommy …?” she purred. 

“Honestly mom? … then I’d love to put babies in you and keep you naked all the time, so I can always eat you …” I responded with great zeal. 

“Then we better stay here at grandma’s a few more days so you can make sure I’m pregnant, would you like that?” mom whispered hotly into my ear. 

My answer was the really lay into her hot cunt, my thrust pushed deeply as I felt the bottom part slide into that tighter area again.

“That’s mommy’s big boy, your in my cervix … can you feel it … (nodding my head yes) … then fill me with your seed, make mommy pregnant … I’ll have all the babies you want …” she whispered.

I picked her legs up lick I’d seen in the magazine, drawing mom’s knees up by her shoulders, I fucked her repeatedly, I was determined to make her pregnant. The more she whispered and coaxed me to cum, the deeper I pushed until the forces of nature caused my cock to spurt boiling cum for the second straight time since grandma left the room. 

Mom welcomed my cum, “Ohhhh yes, (screaming her banshee cries of passion) …seed me with your baby juice … you have mommy so sore already that if you need to cum again you may have to use grandma…”she smiled as she kissed me, “Think you can manage her too son?” 

“With your encouragement I can do it all day long mom…” 

A footnote in time: We spent three more days at grandma’s house. Mom was definitely pregnant having missed her period after many in-depth sessions that even grandma begged for mercy. I graduated high school with mom’s belly only a month away with our child. Grandma lives with us and I continue to feast many times a day on both their nectar.

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