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Oliver Teases His Sister IV

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Seconds later, I broke the kiss and lifted my head up, staring down at my sister. She had a look of shock on her face. I raised an eyebrow at her, as moments of silence passed by, waiting for some kind of reaction. Suddenly, her expressionless face got a glare upon it. “Get off of me,” Miracle hissed, trying to get up. A puzzled look appeared on my face, as I shook my head and stood up, wondering if I had made a mistake. She got up and stormed out of the room, and to her room.
I plopped on the couch, trying to figure out what just happened. Why had she gotten so mad? She pretty much willingly stripped for me. But when I kissed her, she got pissed at me? I shook my head. Pull
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ing my legs onto the sofa, I finished the movie and tried to forget about Miracle and her mixed signals.
Hours later, I heard footsteps. By now, it was pretty late; around one in the morning. Miracle walked in the room, and sat down by me. I glanced at her. She was staring at the television. Should I say something?
“Bi-polar, much?” I said finally.
She looked over at me. “Sorry.” Miracle mumbled.
Sorry? Did she just say sorry? I shook my head slightly. This girl boggled my mind; and I loved it in some weird, twisted kind of way.
“What? Why?” I asked, clearly confused.
She sighed softly. “I didn’t mean to… freak out…” Miracle explained, biting her lip slightly, which reminded of when I saw her masturbating. I stifled a laugh. But, she caught it anyway.
“What?” she demanded, glaring at me again. “I’m apologizing to you and you’re laughing at me?” Miracle asked, her tone getting louder.
There was no point in hiding it now. I began to laugh, then shook my head. “You biting your lip reminded me of when you were masturbating.” I told her, between laughs.
She sighed loudly, shaking her head. Then, she looked back up at me with a small smile, as if she was trying to hide it. “Even little ol’ me gets horny,” she finally said, with a short laugh.
“You? Horny?” I said, amused. I sat there, contemplating them; some very inappropriate images flashing across my mind.
“It depends.” Miracle finally said, peering at me out of the corner of her eye.
“You asked me earlier if I looked at porn or used my imagination. Both. It depends.” Miracle told me.
“Hmm, which was it today?” I asked her.
“Really?” I asked, raising an eyebrow, and facing her now. “What were you thinking about?”
“Really?” I said, a smug grin appearing spreading across my lips. “Explain, further please.”
She rolled her eyes at me. “No.” Miracle said.
“You cannot just leave me hanging like that.” I protested.
“Or else what?” Miracle asked. I chuckled.
“Don’t test me dear,” I told her, with a sly grin.
“That’s what I thought,” she countered, with a satisfied smirk. I rose an eyebrow at her. In a rather quick, swift motion I picked her up, and put her over my shoulder.
“OLIVER!” she shrieked. “PUT ME DOWN!”
“I told you not to test me,” I said easily, in a sing-song voice.
“You are so fucking annoying!” she yelled.
“Oh, is that really what you think?” I asked, chuckling. I began to walk toward the front door.
“Oliver… what the hell are you doing?” Miracle hissed.
“Oh, just putting you outside and locking the door.” I said, nonchalantly.
“OLIVER!” Miracle wailed, beginning to kick.
“What? It’s not that cold outside. You’ll be fine. And if any mysterious or creepy looking men come down the street, just tell them your big brother is right inside.” I told her, tightening my grip on her.
“OLIVER!” she yelped, her voice catching. I opened the door, and took a step outside. She began to yell a various amount of curses.
“Stop yelling. The neighbors are going to call the cops.” I said, as she continued to kick.
“NO!” she screamed. “PUT ME DOWN!”
“Okay, if you say so – “
“NO! INSIDE!” she interjected.
“You have to apologize, first.” I told her.
“Fuck no. I didn’t do anything!” she snapped.
“Alriiiight..” I put her on the ground, and blocked the door.
“No, no, wait,” Miracle said. “I’m sorry.”
“Saying you were annoying,” she said quickly.
“That wasn’t very believable...” I said slowly, beginning to open the door a crack.
“I’m really sorry I called you annoying. Really, really sorry…” Miracle said.
“Fiiine,” I said, opening the door all the way with my hand on the doorknob. “Ladies first,” I said sweetly, gesturing for her to back inside. She scowled at me, but walked inside. I walked in after her and shut the door, locking it. Wordlessly, she sat down on the couch and crossed her arms, clearly angry. I put my hands on either side of her, on the couch and leaned forward. “You know I would never leave you out there.” I said seriously. She didn’t say anything; just stared at the ground. “Miiiiracle,” I cooed. “Are you ignoring me now?” No response.
“Okay, okay. Fine.” I shrugged, sitting at the far end of the couch. I reached for the remote control to the television. Flipping through, I found a movie. Endless moments of silence passed.
“You’re a dick.” Miracle said simply, staring at me.
I chuckled slightly. “I know.” She shook her head, and averted her eyes back to the television. I sighed, barely audibly, feeling a small twinge of guilt and slid next to her. “I really wouldn’t have left you out there, alone. I may be an asshole. And I may have done… and will do… a lot of other things. But, I would not do that. Sorry…” I said, looking at her. She looked back at me, again.
“It’s okay,” she sighed, shaking her head at me. “Damnit, I hate you,” she said lightly, with a faint smile.
“Me?” I asked innocently.
“I can never stay mad at you.” She admitted.
“I noticed.” I said, putting an arm around her. We remained like that for awhile.
It had begun to rain. The house was silent except for the sound of the rain hitting it. “Do you think I’m pretty?” she asked curiously, looking up at me.
“You’re beautiful,” I replied, not missing a beat.
“Really?” she asked, after a pause.
“If I thought you were unattractive, I’d let you know.” I chuckled.
 “Why do you ask?” I questioned.
Miracle seemed to think about this for a moment. “Just wondering…” she shrugged. I turned my head back into the direction of the television, after she remained quiet for a bit. Moments later, she moved and stood in front of me. “Mmm?” I said, looking up at her. She put a finger to my lips, and then kneeled on either side of me. I arched an eyebrow at her, wondering what, exactly she was doing; not that I was complaining.
She wrapped her arms around my neck. Dipping her head down, she kissed me, parting her lips slightly, her tongue probing mine. My hands moved to her hips, not bothering to give this any second thoughts. I broke the kiss and moved my lips to her neck and began to kiss her collarbone and bite it lightly. A small moan escaped her lips, barely audible.
I pulled back a bit later, looking at her. “Like that?” I questioned, with a knowing smirk. “Why’d you stop?” Miracle whined, now sitting on my lap.
I chuckled. “Hmm…” I said. To be honest, I wasn’t sure why I stopped. However, I needed a witty answer. “Good things take time?” I said, forming it like a question. She narrowed her eyes at me.
“What?” I asked.
“I don’t understand you.” Miracle told me. “Hours ago, you were practically lying on top of me, and then you kissed me. Now, I kiss you and you pull away.”
“But you ran away from me.” I reminded her, sliding my hands up her shirt and resting them on the small of her back. She rolled her eyes, seemingly giving up.
“You’re so weird…” Miracle finally said, shaking her head.
“I know. You love it,” I chuckled, sliding my hands to her sides and running my fingers up and down them.
“That’s distracting.” Miracle told me, clearing her throat.

“I know.” I replied, leaning forward and putting my lips near her ear. “That’s the point, darling.” I said softly then ran my tongue along the length of the edge of her ear, then nibble at it. I felt her shudder slightly.


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Nancy's Awakening

starbelliedboy on Incest Stories

What follows is a brief description of some of the sexual experiences of a young girl in 1840s America called Nancy. She lived on a small farm just over a day's ride from the nearest town, which was small in any case, just a church, a saloon, some stores and a few houses. She lived with her three older step-brothers and her Pa (who was really her step-father - her father died just before she was

Wedding incest

rajadurai on Incest Stories


House is full of joy. As soon as I entered, my parents informed that my sister is engaged for marriage. My sister Jay is just 16 years old and undergoing Pre- college studies. S he is a young man’s fancy and an old man’s dream. She is very beautiful and her body is covered with velvet like skin, juicy sweet lip, small but curved tits, slim waist, and cushioned ass. With 5 feet 8 inches tall and attractive eyes,

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you can call her as a queen of sex. Many used to envy her perfectionist structure and beautifulness including me. I used to dream of her in my wild dreams….Wah., Who is going to possess her. Really he will land into pleasure of paradise.

I am just 14 years old. I use to dream of girls and enjoyed many in dreams. When I dream about the girls, my nine-inch penis use to get full length. Yet, in real life I have to penetrate a pussy. The pornographic movies and pictures made growing need in body. My sister’s body disturbed many times. Her natural aroma and beauty made me mad many times. But I know that I should not do any sin by having any affair with her.

Her in-laws came to our house for the marriage arrangements. They are all impressed with the beauty of my sister. Her father in law in excitement opened his mouth with lust. Through his eyes he was feasting her. At that point he must have planned something. His wife, on the other side, was moving her eyes over my body. Some occasion she was trying to feel my body. While departing she invited me to come her house for next day morning. I accepted her invitation.

Next day, on the way to my school I went to their house. When I pressed the bell. I could not hear any response. I thought electricity might not be there. I went back side of the house. When I sneaked through the window. I really shocked. Aunt Sara was in naked position. She is getting fucking from her own brother Arju. Both of them where moving together as one unit. Over his sister body Arju was moving with his thick barrel of cock deep inside her. He deep tongued her mouth and their lips locked together. The room was filled with their fucking sound and lustful cry due to flurry of cock strokes inside the cunt. The situation indicated that they are long-term incest lovers. They were enjoying every moment. Soon Uncle Arju filled deep inside of his sister womb with his hot semen After five minutes he separated his body as well as his sex tool from the clasp of his sister body. Aunt Sara was in an awkward position, her well-fucked pussy kept widely opened to have clear view. Her cuntlips were swollen in reddish color. From her fucking tunnel, her brother’s love juice was oozing   out.

As soon as their mating is over, I went to the door and waited for their arrival. Once some movement came, I knocked the door.Aunt Sara exhibited her and greeted me. ‘Hei, Raj when did you come? ..Come inside…’. I came in. Though she looks little tired her face expression indicated the satisfied fuck she got little away from her own brother. Her lower lip (big and mouthful) was slightly swollen and reddish may be due to deep kissing received from Arju. Uncle Arju was sitting in couch after completing his banging. “ I came here to complete some repairing job. Now I have to leave as my wife will be waiting there?” . Aunti secretly grinned at him. ‘Arju, Today night also you can come and complete the work. Inform your wife that some important assignment is there” . He happily nodded by looking at her crotch. After five minutes he left the place.

Sara put a bolt on the door. Now, she gets a new companion. She smiled and came towards me. She sat next to me very closely. “Do you want to drink some thing,,. I nodded. “Yes, A cup of apple juice for my thirst”. She brought the juice. Her hands brushed me slightly. After seeing me she must have applied some deodorizer on her body. That evoked my hidden pleasure. “ Why cant I get some pleasure from this old but beautiful lady? ” . She put her arm around my shoulder and started to talk. “Don’t be shy, I am going to be your relative, feel free to talk. How do you feel me? Though I am not young like you I am fit enough to be a companion for you ” She has given more sound for the last sentence. I studied her mind. She wants me to her younger lover, to ride her, to fill her and to satisfy her inner urges. ‘ Aunt, You are beautiful. You are looking like around 25 years old only. I will be happy to have you as my companion”. I surveyed her body Her fingers slowly moved from my shoulder and placed near my abdomen and slightly touched my bulging. “Are you a virgin? Anytime you had experience with girls in sex…. I told “no”. Her mouth with red juicy lips was moving slowly to mine. She kissed on it. I reciprocated. I wrap my arms around her and gently kiss those sweet lips. We pressed each other for exploration. I tasted her lip and swallowed it entirely and sent tongue in deep of her mouth. She allowed me to have her saliva taste. I sucked her lip ferociously and kept in my captivity for 10 minutes.’ Oh…Don’t hurt it. Now it is for you only. As long as you can kiss me you can kiss. But have it slowly my young lover..” I deep kissed her till turning my concentration to other sex parts of her.

My virginity was in stack. Aunt Sara slowly removed the top, letting it fall to the floor. Her perky breasts and hard pink nipples were begging for a mouth to suck on them. All the while keeping her eyes on me, she then lowered her panties, letting them drop to the floor, to reveal her blond bush. Then, giving me a big grin, she turned around to expose her full, creamy ass, giving it a little wiggle. God, what a sexy ass she had! This blonde was all booty! I was breathing heavily, devouring her with eyes, a little less nervous now. Her cunt lips were protruding out and were quite wet due to earlier fuck received from her brother as well an anticipatory leak out from my fuck. Sara then looked me in the eye and said "Take your shirt off, my young lover." I slowly did. As I stood up to remove my shorts, Aunt looked at my crotch, which was bulging, with huge wet spot. Aunt's eyes twinkled and she smiled that devilish grin of hers.

"Now your shorts," she said. My young prick was obscenely making a tent of my shorts. Aunt didn't have to say anything as she was all wide-eyed with excitement at what I am covering up. Without anything being said, I pried open the waistbands and slid down my shorts, letting my young, hard teen-age cock bounce out into the air, bobbing up and down, freed from its confinement. There I stood, giggling, nervous adolescent with my cock high in the air. At the time I was only about eight inches. My Aunt's eyes bulged as she caught her breath. Her mouth opened and she licked her lips as she looked over my hard, young prick. I even noticed my aunt checking out my tool with less hesitancy and more desire in her eyes.” You have really grown up, I have never seen like this big cock" Aunt said with a smile. “Even your brother?’ I asked. She exclaimed. I whispered to her. “ Just now I have seen your screwing session”. ‘Please don’t tell to anybody. Before my marriage itself we were doing this. I was getting good satisfaction from him than my husband”. I told, “ Don’t worry I will not reveal to anybody. Now I my only aim is to enjoy you. I have never fucked anybody. It is good that I am going to learn from your experienced cunt. Aunt, will you give it to me?”. She urgently told” Certainly, now it is waiting for your riding.. even you can make me your permanent lover. I am readily available for your lust…enjoy me. I am very happy that I will be your first fuck..come on…we will do it…”.

The sexual tension in the room was massive. While looking at my naked Aunty, I could barely contain myself, and began tugging on my dick, which was getting harder as pre-cum oozed out even more. Aunt broke away her stare, looked at me and said, "Go on." I started playing with my cock and I fisted it to rock solid and slick with pre-cum, Aunt couldn't control herself. She spread her legs and began rubbing her clit, which was soaked and protruding outward, beckoning me. I was breathing heavily.

A horny and attractive 45 years old women and young, ripe, teenaged virgin boy was about to make history and fuck each other silly! "Oh, sure you are big," Aunt moaned while frigging her cunt. Aunt then snapped out of her clit-rubbing dream, and stood up. "Come sit down here on the bed," she told. God, her fingers were so wet! As I sat down Aunt gently said, "We're going to have sex. You're going to become men now." Then with a smile she asked, "Are you ready to loose virginity to me?""Um, yeah, okay," I replied, a little uncertain. Aunt then knelt down and took my cock in her hand and stroked it a few times.

"My own young fucker’s hard-on," she said, smiling at me, tugging my dick. "Wow!" She then lowered her head and took my cock in her mouth. I was shocked at first and noticed my half penis disappeared down Aunt's throat. She went up and down a few times, coating my shaft with her saliva. It felt incredible! Her tongue was so hot and slick as she took me to the root and back up again.

I began breathing heavily, loving every bit of it. Aunt was now really going at it, sucking and slurping and pumping it until I couldn't stand it any longer. I began groaning louder and louder as I approached orgasm, and quickly grabbed Aunt's head and started shooting my cum into her mouth. After I finished cumming, Aunt let it run down and out of her mouth and over my cock, as she continued sucking on my cum-slick joystick, occasionally swallowing more and more of my cum down her hungry throat until she swallowed every drop. What a treat to have your first blow job, and from a real talented lady!

"You taste good, your virgin cum may give youth look to me" Aunt said. "Mmmm, god, I love your teenage cock!" I was in heaven. I'd experienced an orgasm many times through masturbation, but nothing like this!   Just then, Aunt stood up and hold my penis in her hand directed to follow her upstairs to her private room. That was quite a sight, walking upstairs behind Aunt's ass! I'd never seen anything quite like it. When we entered Aunts room, she fell on her bed, while I just stared at her."What now?" I asked."The best is soon to CUM," she said with beady eyes. Then Aunt spread her legs to flash me her wet cunt. Looking at me she said "You're going to put your cock in HERE. It's gonna feel soooooo good!""We're gonna fuck?" "I am gonna make men of you. I will take your virginity! I want to be your first feast. “ Then noticing my again-erect cock, Aunt told me to climb on the bed and get on top of her. As I did, she held out her arms and hugged me, as my cock nestled near her pussy. Thickness of the wall and circumference indicated how much she experience in her 45 years of life. She wanted this 14 years old cock to fuck her very badly.

As I held her, she then reached down and took hold of my erection with one hand, while trying to maneuver my body to insert it inside her. Once I was at the entrance to her cunt, Aunt said, "Okay, push forward your big and beautiful cock inside of yours love hole ." I did. If I thought her mouth was incredible, this was sexual Disneyland. All of a sudden, first time wet heat blanketed my teenage prick as I pushed further inward, inch by inch, until I was in as far as I could go. End of fuck tunnel as my cock filled her cunt tightly like virgin cunt. At that point, instinct took over as I pulled back a few inches and thrust forward again. I repeated the action until I began developing a rhythm and started thrusting in and out, in and out; faster and faster, harder and harder. It felt soooooo good and I wasn't the only one who thought so. Aunt was moaning with each thrust of my cock and while I grunted and groaned, she got vocal.
"Oh, yes honey! Ooooooohhh, yeeeaaahh! That's it, that's IT! Oh god, yes! Fuck me! Oh yes, baby, fuck me! Fuck Auntyyyy! Ooooohh god, fuck Aunty! Fuck your Aunt GOOD! Fuck with big cock..don’t stop..ride me completely…enjoy your feast ..I am ready to give everything ..fuck me continuously….ahaaaaaa"

I was moaning and saying, "Yeah! Yeah!" over and over while my aunt cried out with each powerful thrust of my cock. Aunt said not a word except this loud, incredible cry with each stroke of my hefty cock. As my aunt held me, she lifted her pussy up to meet my thrusts, giving back what I gave her. With each thrust of my cock, Aunt cooed in my ear. I started kissing her cheek, and uncontrollably I moved my mouth to hers and began kissing my aunt. She seemed surprised but responded to my kisses with her tongue. It must have seemed weird; a teenage boy passionately kissing his forty-three year old aunt, while his young cock pounded in and out of her mature cunt, but we were exchanging all sorts of fluids, from our tongues and saliva, to my pre-cum leaking into her cunt. While we were lost in our own ecstasy, we were really fucking up a storm. The room was filled with the sounds of fantastic sex! The big bed really shook as I grunted and groaned with each thrust, in and out of my aunts' cunt, while she cried out in pleasure over this fabulous act of deflowering incest! I lasted a lot longer this time, giving my Aunts' cunts a good workout. I was getting near to shooting and could feel the tension building up in my cock. Frantically, I hammered my prick in and out of Aunt until I lost it and crying out I began shooting my fertile seed into deep inside of her unprotected pussy.

"Oh yes baby!" Aunty cried out. "Give Aunty your cum! Oh yeah! Cum in me!" I just laid on top of her feeling my twitching cock shoot more and more sperm into her hot, wet cunt. I felt hot and wet myself as perspiration covered me; my body heat meshed with Aunt's, and my hot cock shooting hot cum inside her even hotter fertile cunt and unloaded a gallon of baby making juice into her.
Aunt just held me and stroked my hair. After a moment of trying to catch our breath, I removed my sweaty bodies from my sweaty aunt.   I pulled out, newly hard but happy and satisfied. Aunt was lying on the side like a widely opened book. Stream of sperm were flowing out from her cunt after filling the entire channel as a prize of love making. She submitted her mature body for enjoyment of her young lover. With no shame, she expressed her happiness of being thoroughly used for sexual pleasure." You're men now!" Aunt proclaimed. "How was it baby?""Mmmm, nice," I moaned. "Thank you," and, "I love you." At that moment we really did love each other. Aunt quickly found that she and I were totally compatible when it came to sex.

  As we rested a bit, we talked about little things, but with teenaged boy in the same room with naked women lying in one bed, little things soon became big things!" You want more, huh?" Aunt snickered. We laughed.
After a brief rest we made a body love once again, but this time more reflexively and powerfully in a way of sucking her cum filled juicy cunt and fucked in different positions. Aunt Sara enjoyed every moment and allowed my youthful encounter on her until I freed her prostrated body after five hours enjoyment.
  Our sexual relationship was started to go in steady ship before my sis’s marriage. Many time she called me to have screwing session in her house. Some times I fucked her in my school premise after the school timings, but for that she shared the sex with school watchman once after my turn was over. I continued to fuck her whenever and wherever things fit ideally. I made her pregnant in the age of 45. We were excited. As her lovers were all family planned already, it was my seed strongly united with her ova. She decided to carry it as a token of love with me but we have decided to keep her pregnancy a secret until my sister marriage is over.   Our relationship was entered in new dimension that she almost became my wife. I screwed her daily as a part of my school studies. I felt grown up in my class, as I became a screwing master and possessing a mature lady for my sexual encounter.

In the next part I will tell about how I managed to fuck my sister and gang banged her with her in laws during her first night. Please watch next part.

My Stepson, My Husband, and Me

Trap on Incest Stories

When my stepson, Greg, woke me up that morning, I knew something was a little off. First, I was totally naked lying sprawled out on his bed instead of my own. Second, I had no idea how I ended up there. And third, my pussy was sore like I was having sex all night. It took me some time to become aware of all these strange circumstances as I had a hangover like I’d never had in my life. All I remembered was that Greg was having a little get together at our house and I decided to make myself a few martini’s in the game room and watch some late movies on the big screen so not to disturb my stepson’s party. I remember getting pretty drunk as I watched the tube and the next thing I know, here I was. Let me explain this incredible story.

My name is Lacy and I am 32

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years old. I think I have an amazing figure with the movie star looks to go along, but maybe I’m a little vain. I am 5'11" tall and weight 130 pounds. My measurements are 40-24-32. I have long black hair and a dark figure. I work out at least two hours a day and eat a very strict diet. I got these habits from my beauty pageant days, though I never won much of anything at them. I could knock their eyes out with my looks and the way I filled out a bikini and an evening gown, but I wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. When it came to the questions or the talent part of the show, I usually lost my lead. I do have to say that on the rare occasions when I won, I usually did so in poor fashion. I must have agreed to sleep with at least ten pageant directors just to get the handful of wins that I got. I know it was low, but I was extremely sexual and knew that I could use that to my advantage. And shocking even to me, I never felt the least bit bad or cheap afterwards. I would leave them sweating and panting for air and they would promise me a win, though they didn’t all make good on the offer. In short, I could see that my future was not too bright so I figured if you can’t make it on your own, you’d better marry well. So that’s what I did. I found a sweet older man that fell for me on the night we met. I didn’t like him all that much at first, and our age difference was a problem for me to overcome since he was fifteen years older than me. But he was a handsome older man and was quite charming and persistent so I eventually gave in and we were married soon after. It didn’t hurt that he was filthy rich or that he had a nice long and fat cock that would get unusually hard for a man his age. He made me cum nearly every time we fucked, and that was a big plus for me. He was a self-made multi-millionaire who had built a very successful business from the ground up. It did require him to travel quite a lot however, and though I went with him at first, I soon grew tired of the travel and opted to stay home most of the time.

He is not the only man in this story however. There was also his stepson, Greg. Greg was only 20 years old and still in college. He was working on a business degree and preparing himself to take over the family business someday. He often traveled with his father and spent a lot of time at the office to learn the ropes. This was possible because he attended a college that was right in the city. He didn’t live at home, but he visited often. I have to admit, Greg was a very attractive boy. I was closer to his age than I was to his father’s age so in a lot of ways we had more in common than my husband and I. He really was a lot of fun and we talked often. It didn’t bother him one bit that I was his new stepmother. His mother had died a few years ago in an auto accident and he was just glad to see his father happy again. So when he asked if he could have a party at our house because it was bigger than his, I agreed to stay out of the way and give him the run of the place. The party sounded pretty good and the next thing I knew I was feeling Greg’s arm on mine waking me up. This is about where I ended before.

He smiled at me and told me it was morning and that he had made breakfast. I mumbled something that I couldn’t even make out and he giggled and walked out of the room wearing only his boxer briefs. Then I began to get my bearings and I took my time showering trying to figure out what the hell was going on. My pussy felt stretched as I rubbed some lotion around it hoping the coolness would be soothing. I decided that clothing might be uncomfortable so for the time, I just put a robe on over my naked body and figured I’d let the lotion do it’s work. Then I made my way to the kitchen. As I sat down, I knew I had to know what the hell happened so I just opened up the floor.

"Greg, about last night . . . what the hell happened anyway? I mean I wake up naked on YOUR bed and I don’t remember anything past watching tv in the game room." I said.

"Wha? You mean you don’t remember a thing?" He replied with his own puzzled look.

"No! I don’t remember shit!" I exclaimed, showing my frustration.

"Oh, well you ended up being the highlight of the party Lacy. I can’t believe you don’t remember." He was smiling now.

"So let me have it. What the hell did I do?" I asked.

Now still at this point I thought that maybe, at worst, I put on a show and pranced around naked for a while for the boys until I got horny enough to go upstairs and use the huge dildo my husband had bought for me on myself until I was sore. I couldn’t believe it when Greg told me the story. I sat stunned and confused as he told the tale. I had done some wild stuff before, but this was purely nasty.

Greg gave me the story in short. "Well Lacy, the party was winding down and me and the remaining guys were getting pretty drunk. We decided to go to the game room and play a little pool. I figured you had long been asleep since it was pretty late by this point. Instead, you were just sitting on the couch with a martini in your hand and seemed very happy to see us. So happy in fact that I couldn’t believe what you did. For some reason, when you saw me, you got up and stumbled over to me and almost fell into me as you kissed me hard on the lips. My friends were stunned until you went around the room welcoming everyone and kissing them open-mouth style as you made your introduction. Then you stripped down to nothing right in front of us and hopped up on the pool table onto your back and spread your legs asking ‘who’s first.’ I tried to stop you but my buddy Derrick was already with cock in hand and was half way up in you before I could get around the table. I should have stopped him, but I have to admit it was extremely arousing to see you like that. You have the most incredible body any of us have ever seen, and we’re pretty popular guys on campus if you know what I mean. To make a long story short, you fucked all of us, and I mean me included, until we had all blown our load onto you tits or into your mouth. You insisted. I don’t mean to embarrass you, but you even let us fuck you in the ass! At one point you had one in your ass, one in your pussy, and one in your mouth at the same time. After we had all cum, the guys left and I carried you into my room as you demanded. You wanted to fuck me again, but you passed out just after I laid you into the bed, much to my dismay I might add. That’s pretty much the short of it anyway."

I was stunned as he told the story. I couldn’t believe it. I had never contemplated having an affair with anyone since I was married. And now not only was I unfaithful, I was unfaithful with my own stepson and four of his friends! A gangbang nonetheless, in my own house. I suddenly felt faint as I wavered a little in my chair. Greg quickly asked if I were all right and came to my aid. I felt his hand slowly move across my breasts as I assured him I was ok and he could let go. It sent a familiar jolt of excitement down my spine before I gathered my thoughts again.

"Greg, I can’t tell you how sorry I am about this." I finally said.

"Sorry? What for?" He asked.

"I think you know what for. I love your father. I was just drunk out of my mind. I haven’t drank that much in years and I don’t know why I did last night, but I had absolutely no intentions of doing what I did I assure you."

"Well," he answered, "I can’t say that I’m sorry for anything about last night. In fact, it was the best night of my life. I should have probably said something before, but it was very awkward you see."

"What are you talking about Greg? Don’t you feel ashamed of what happened? We were drunk is all, and we must keep this a secret. Your father would kick me out on the street and disown you if he found out. Both our futures would be in jeopardy."

"I don’t think so." He replied.

"I don’t understand. You seem so calm about all of this. Isn’t it killing you? Even a little."

There was a long pause before he finally answered.

"I lied a little about what happened last night. I don’t know why. I guess I’m just a freakishly horny guy. I guess I wanted to see your reaction and test your memory a little. You must have really been drunk." He said.

I was dumbfounded by what he was saying. I didn’t understand a word of it. Now his story was changing? I became more abrupt with him.

"What the fuck are you saying Greg? You mean you made up that whole thing and staged all of this as some kind of prank or something?" I asked assertively.

"Let me explain what really happened." He said.

"The party was actually over. I was alone drinking one last beer with dad to try to get my courage up."

"WITH DAD?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN WITH DAD!" I raised my voice now as anger was setting in.

"Let me finish." He sternly replied, setting me back into my chair a little with shock and, I must admit a little desire. I hadn’t seen Greg this way before and his forcefulness was sexy as hell.

"Like I was saying. I finished my beer and went into the game room. You were very drunk and I knew the time was right. I said hello and set down beside you as you actually did seemed glad to see me. That part was not a lie. We shared some small talk before I changed the subject to sex. I gave you an untrue sob story about how I was depressed about being a virgin. How I was feeling desperate for some female companionship and added how beautiful you were. That part was not a lie either. You are gorgeous. And so one thing led to another and in your condition, you agreed to have sex with me this one time if I didn’t tell anyone about it. We were going at it pretty heavy on the couch when dad walked in and joined us. You didn’t even seem to notice another person had arrived and you quickly, and without question, took his cock into your mouth while I was on top of you having my way. It was quite a little threesome I must say. To see you kneeling before us at the end and drinking our cum as we jerked off into your mouth was something I will never forget. It is something I hope to see again very soon."

I got up and turned to go to my bedroom. I was stunned beyond belief and a thousand thoughts were going through my head. I barely even notice as I walked that my husband was standing at the hallway entrance. I nearly ran into him before I jumped from fright of finally seeing him. He was smiling and I was nearly in tears.

"What’s the matter baby? Didn’t you like Greg’s story?" He said.

Then his face changed expression and he grabbed me strongly around the waist and twisted me until my ass was firmly against his raging hard cock. That’s when I saw Greg walk out of the kitchen and drop his briefs to the floor, exposing his large cock pointing strait toward me as he advanced. I was becoming very frightened from all of this and tried to escape my husband’s grip to no avail. Suddenly, he released his grip and ripped my robe off, exposing my naked body to him and Greg as Greg reached me. Greg then put his arms around me and lifted me up into the air. I could feel the enormous head of his cock pressing against my already sore pussy and then he pulled me down until his cock was firmly inside my cunt. I screamed out in an involuntary cry of pain and pleasure as his cock filled my hole. Then he began to bounce me up and down his shaft as my feet flailed for the floor. Then came the really painful, and incredible. feeling of pleasure. My husband had moved in behind me as Greg was forcing me up and down his cock. I felt the head of his even larger cock at my asshole only a brief second before it was plunging inside me. I felt very full and oddly excited about the entire thing. I had been fucked in the ass once before in high school, but I didn’t like it very much. I had never done anything like this and I must say I was really getting off on it this time. I was no longer struggling. I was wanting more as I began to assist my husband and Greg in fucking my brains out. This continued for a while until I could tell the awkwardness and physical nature of it was wearing my two brave men out. That is when I suggested we make our way to the master bedroom so I could really have my way with my two boys. My husband’s cock in my mouth was the first thing I wanted as I hit the bed and pulled him toward me. I think even he was surprised at how horny I was now and Greg quickly moved in behind me to fuck my ass doggy style as I sucked his father’s cock. Greg was no amateur as he grabbed me by the hips and fucked me harder than I had ever been fucked before. Soon I was unable to keep my husband’s cock in my mouth as my motions and my screams of pleasure were overwhelming me. I was frantically rubbing my clip and approaching my own orgasm when I felt my husband’s cum spraying my moaning lips. I opened up as wide as I could to take his seed into my mouth as Greg was pumping his own sperm into my asshole. It wasn’t enough for me. I still hadn’t cum and I quickly grabbed my husband’s ass and pulled him down onto the bed. I had to have his cock in my pussy. I knew it could make me cum. I straddled my husband, who was lying on his back, and sat my poor swollen pussy down onto his huge cock. Then I leaned over him as he took my breast in to his mouth. I turned to Greg with a look that undoubtedly expressed what I needed and he was more than happy to oblige. He stuck his still-hard cock back into my slick asshole and they began to both fuck me in a double penetration move that would make even the most veteran of porn stars envious. I was a wild woman as I frantically humped my hips back and forth onto my lovers’ cocks. Within a few minutes I was cumming harder than I had ever cum in my life. I nearly passed out from the intense pleasure I was feeling and my sensitive clit was trembling so hard I thought it would last forever. My fluids soaked my boy’s entirely, as well as the bed before I had finished. Then they almost simultaneously said they were going to cum as they pushed me away and positioned themselves, standing on the bed before me. I was still recovering from my orgasm, but knew I needed to drink from their cocks before I was through. I opened wide and felt rope after incredible rope of cum landing in long strands on my face. I was covered and my mouth was full when they finished, and I showed them their offering before swallowing and scooping even more in my mouth for dessert.

We collapsed on the soaked bed in each others arms when it was over. I was a complete mess of cum and sweat and my boy’s weren’t much better off. My husband explained to me what it was all about before we drifted to sleep. He explained that he wanted his son to have everything in life that he had and that included me. I was more than happy to grant this wish as I knew we were all one big fucking family now. Literally. I just hope my poor pussy and ass can forgive me for all the huge cock they are going to receive in the future. We are definitely going to need a bigger bed as I was already making big plans for later that afternoon. They didn’t know what they have gotten themselves into, but I was going to show them. My boys were going to have it all and then some.

Papaw's Baby Girl

Scorpion50 on Incest Stories

Papaw’s Baby Girl


Author: Scorpion50

Date: June 2007





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lass="MsoNormal">My name is Gary. I live in a small town of 25,000 in rural Ohio.

I was married at an early age and my wife and I produced three beautiful children! Life was good! I was employed with GM and made a good income. We lived in a beautiful house in a quiet neighborhood. Like I said…life was good, or so I thought! My wife didn’t share my belief and had an affair with her boss and that led to our divorce.

After 19 years of marriage, I was left to raise our three children while my ex found her a new man and moved far away! I was doing the best I could, under the circumstances, and my children grew to be well adjusted adults! But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

About five years after my divorce, I had become quite the socialite. Late night, if not all night, parties were a regular thing at my house and most of my guests had become underage friends of my children! Yes I said underage! I know it was wrong but, I was one of those parents that figured if they were going to drink and party, I would rather they did it were I could keep an eye on them and make sure they didn’t get into an accident or into trouble.

So, during one of our parties, a beautiful young woman of seventeen (I came to find out later) walked through my front door and made herself at home at my party! She was beautiful beyond my wildest dreams. Thick, long blonde hair, reaching to her waist. Beautiful big brown eyes and lips like Angeline Jolie. The body of a college cheerleader on a very petite frame. Her legs were perfectly shaped and muscular leading up to the cutest little bubble butt! It was love at first sight! I could tell she was really strung out on something, drugs of some sort and I appeared as though she was about to pass out. I inquired as to her name (Missy) and if anybody knew what she was on. I was informed that she had been doing lines of coke and popping pills. I knew I had to do something for this kid before she succeeded in killing herself! I took her under my wing and discovered that she was a real sweetheart that had just been ignored by her drunken Mother and forgotten by her “over-the-road” truck driving Dad and left to fend for herself at such a young age.

Missy and I became more than just great friends, we became family. I cleaned her up, got her through High School and even introduced her to the man that would become her husband. They got married and over a period of about three years, had two beautiful children, a boy named Jarrod and an adorable little girl named Kelly!

As you may have guessed, this story is about me and my beautiful granddaughter Kelly!


This story begins at Kelly’s ripe age of thirteen! I am now sixty and retired! She and her older brother have always called me Papaw. I was there when they were born and have been at every birthday party since. Well, that is, until they moved away. They had moved away a few years ago. Not far but, far enough that I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like. After mentioning it several times to their Mother, Missy decided to change all that and asked if they could come and spend the night with me sometime while they were out of school for the summer. I was delighted and told her that would be great with me……and so it began!

It was about two weeks into the summer when I received a phone call from Kelly on a Tuesday afternoon, asking if I had any plans for this coming weekend. When I said no, she asked if I would like to spend some time with she and her brother! I said “Of course, that would be great. I’ve been hoping you would call”. So we made plans for them to arrive on Friday night!

I spent the rest of the week cleaning my house and preparing for their arrival.

When Friday finally came, I was very anxious to see my babies. It had been so long and we would have a lot of catching up to do.

When I saw their Mother’s car pull into my driveway, my heart raced with anticipation and I quickly made my way to the door. When the passenger side door opened and Kelly stepped out into the sunlight, my heart skipped a beat! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Kelly had grown into such a beautiful young lady. Her body had not yet begun to really blossom but she carried herself like that of a fully grown, confident woman. Beautiful long dark hair, reaching to her butt. Huge blue eyes, like you would only see in a painting. A little button nose and a small mouth but with very full lips, like her Mother’s, with very pronounced dimples on both cheeks. She has a very slender figure, beginning to take more of a womanly shape, and not very tall, maybe four and a half to five feet, at the most. She is very athletic, so her body is firm and taught which gives her legs a fantastic shape. She was dressed in a very tiny form fitting tank top, a little jean mini skirt that barely covered her little bubble butt and little white sandals. With her dark hair and a very dark tan, she almost looked Hispanic. So much of this young woman reminded me of the same girl that walked into my party some 17 years before. As she began to walk towards the house, she caught her first glimpse of me and her eyes lit up. She began running towards me shouting “Papaw…Papaw!” Her small breasts not quite big enough yet to bounce but, I still saw remnants of Bo Derek in the movie 10 running in slow motion! I stepped out the door to greet her as she ran and jumped into my arms! She felt so good hugging me and me her. I was temporarily lost in the moment when her Mother said “Hello?”, snapping me back to reality! “Hi sweetheart!” breaking our embrace, “Long time no see! How are you? Please come in out of this heat.”

You have to remember, I hadn’t seen Kelly in quite a long time, a couple of years in fact, and I had NEVER seen her in such a sexual way. She was beautiful! But, I had to maintain some sort of decency here. I had pretty much given up on having any kind of serious relationship with any woman and had settled for the occasional one night stand but, even that had been a while, over a year, in fact, so I was a little past the horny stage but, this was my granddaughter, for God sake. I couldn’t be thinking these things.

As we entered the house Missy informed me that Jarrod would not be coming until the next night as he had a softball game and felt it would be better to wait until after his game! I was so caught up in seeing Kelly, I had completely missed the fact that Jarrod was not with them. “That’s too bad” I said, “I was so looking forward to seeing him. I guess one more day won’t hurt, eh?” We sat down and chatted for a little while, catching me up on many of the kids’ activities and just general chit-chatting when Missy stood and said that she had better get going. It was a long drive back home and she wanted to make it before dark so, we said our goodbyes and Kelly and I settled in for the night!

Kelly and I were finally alone and I became as nervous as a school boy on his first date! I couldn’t stop staring at this beautiful woman in front of me. Can she really be only thirteen? I had to stop looking at her like that! What was the matter with me? I asked her what she would like to do and she asked if I had any new DVD’s. I said no but, we could go up to the video store and get some and she was very pleased with that.

After getting back from the video store Kelly decided she was going to go change into something a little more comfortable before settling down to watch the movies. I was very agreeable! If I had to look at her in that little mini-skirt any longer, I was going to blow a load in my shorts!

I had gone into the kitchen to put a bag of popcorn in the microwave and fixed us a couple of glasses of cola when Kelly walked in wearing nothing but a thin t-shirt and her little cotton panties that you could see clearly through the fabric. Her pert breasts jutting outward and up with her little nipples brought to life by the coolness of my central air stuck through the shirt like big erasers. The look on my face must have obviously shown my shock because Kelly asked if what she was wearing was ok. I just shook my head and said, ”Yes, it’s fine sweetie! As long as you’re comfortable!” and I quickly looked away. What was I saying? How am I going to be able to control myself around her when she is dressed so provocatively? It didn’t matter, I had to do it! I just had to remember, this is my granddaughter!

We proceeded into the family-room where I had placed an air-mattress for one of the kids to sleep since I only had two bedrooms with one bed in each. I figured Jarrod wouldn’t mind sleeping on it and giving Kelly the privacy of the bedroom but, Kelly said she would be fine on the mattress and would probably fall asleep there anyway watching the movie so I agreed. We settled in and started watching the movie, or at least Kelly did. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her lying there on that mattress. She had sprawled out on her belly facing the TV and propped herself up on a pillow under her chest. From this angle, with her arms wrapped up under her chin, I could see her beautiful legs and just the bottom of her beautiful butt, since her t-shirt was pulled up to her butt cheeks. There was a perfect triangle of white cotton barely covering the folds of her sweet pussy! I kept imagining what it must look like under that cloth! What a gorgeous vision of a woman she had become. I could feel my cock starting to grow in my shorts as I was becoming so increasingly aroused by this beautiful sight! I kept telling myself these feelings were wrong but, my conscious finally lost out and I told myself as long as it was just a fantasy and not actually doing anything that it was alright. That may have been the beginning of the end!

About an hour had passed when I noticed that Kelly’s head was laying a little heavy to one side and figured she must have fallen asleep. Evil thoughts started running through my head. I could peek up under her t-shirt……cop a feel of those beautiful legs and give that beautiful ass a squeeze……maybe even, if I dare, touch her sweet little pussy! NOOOOO! What am I doing? I’ve got to get away from this scene and take care of myself or I’m going to do something really stupid. So, I decided to go into my computer room and look at some porn and get myself off. That should relieve the problem, at least for tonight!

I got up from my chair and started toward the hallway when Kelly’s sweet little voice asked, “Papaw, are you going to bed?”. “No sweetheart!” I replied, “Not yet. I thought you had fallen asleep so I was just going to check to see if I had any emails before going to bed.” “That’s ok” she said, “I was about asleep anyway. You go ahead. I’ll be ok. Night Papaw!” “Goodnight sweetheart” I said relieved and proceeded on to the computer room. I kept searching through all the porn sites on the net but I couldn’t stop thinking about Kelly, no more than twenty feet away in nothing but that t-shirt and panties. I finally gave up and found myself sitting back in my chair with my cock and balls hanging out of my boxers and stroking my cock for all it was worth. Yes, I was thinking about Kelly. I couldn’t help myself. I know it was wrong but, the more I thought of my little girl, the harder my cock became and the harder I pounded it.

I must have really been getting into it when suddenly I heard Kelly’s sweet voice say, “Papaw, are you alright?”

I opened my eyes to see Kelly standing right beside me, staring down at my cock with her eyes wide open. I tried to quickly cover myself and look as innocent as I could when Kelly said, “You were calling my name! I thought you were hurt or something” Could I have been so into what I was doing that I was really calling out her name and not realized I was doing it? I tried to act as if everything was alright and told her I was fine and that she could go back to bed.

Kelly just stood there for a second, looking at me when she said, “Papaw, what were you doing to your peepee?”

OH SHIT! Now what do I do?

I said, “I was just rubbing it a little bit, sweetheart. It makes it feel better!” Ok, DUMB but, it was all I could think of on such short notice!

“Was it hurting?” she said.

“No honey, it wasn’t hurting, it just feels good to Papaw when I do that. It’s a very natural thing that people do when they are not in a relationship with someone and need some sexual relief! You’ll learn more about it as you get older. I’m sorry you saw me doing it!”

“I’m not!” she said. "I wanna watch! Can I see you do it some more?”

“NOOO! Absolutely not!” I said. “You shouldn’t have seen me doing this much! It’s just not right for little girls to see their Grandpa doing such things. No!”

“But, pleeeeease Papaw?” she begged. “I’ve already seen your peepee. Just let me look at it again, pleeeeease?”

“I can’t Kelly! Actually, believe or not, it’s against the law! If anyone were to find out, I could get arrested and go to jail for a very long time and you would never see me again! You don’t want that do you?”

“Of course not, Papaw but, why would you go to jail?” she asked.

“It’s called “gross sexual conduct with a minor” I said. “It’s a law that prevents older people from having sex with innocent children.”

“I’m not a child!” she said indignantly!

“I didn’t say you were sweetheart. I’m just saying that the law would look at it that way and they would arrest me, that’s all”Â

Kelly pondered the information I had given her for a moment and said, “But, I would NEVER tell anyone and if I don’t tell anybody than they can’t arrest you, right?”

“I trust you sweetheart but, I just can’t take that chance. I’m sorry!”

Kelly looked at me with those big blue eyes and started to get a hurt look on her face and said, “Papaw……don’t you love me?”

“Of course I do Kelly!” I said. “What a silly question!”

Kelly began to lower herself onto my lap and placed her right hand over the hand I was using to try and cover my cock then leaned in placed her sweet lips to mine. This was not a granddaughter kiss but, a passionate kiss of a grown woman, tongue and all. I was so lost in her kiss that I didn’t realize she had moved my hand away from my cock and had taken my cock in her own. When I realized what had happened, I broke from the kiss and grabbed her hand. She squeezed her hand around my cock and refused to let go.

I begged, “Please don’t do this Kelly?!”

Kelly just smiled and said, “It’s ok Papaw. I’ll never tell anyone. It’ll be our little secret!” Feeling Kelly’s soft little hand wrapped around my cock was more than I could take and I gave in! When Kelly saw that I wasn’t going to fight her anymore, she loosened her grip turned to pay full attention to my erect cock! I could feel my heart pulsing in the head! Throbbing from her touch! I couldn’t help it. It felt so good! I hadn’t been with a woman in over a year and I was about to explode. Kelly exclaimed, “Wow Papaw, your peepee is so big! I can barely get my hand around it!”

I was only 9 inches at the most but, to this little girl I must have looked enormous! Still, it made me feel good to hear her say that!

“Papaw, I think you peed yourself a little! Look!”

I said, ”No baby! That’s called pre-cum! When a man gets really excited, his cock produces pre-cum. It works like a lubricant to help when he sticks it in the woman’s pussy! Grown women just usually lick it off but, we can just wipe it off!” As I reached for the towel I had place on the edge of my desk, Kelly suddenly bent down and licked the tip of my cock like it was an ice cream cone on a 90 degree day! I let out a moan of ecstasy and Kelly raised her head, licking her lips and asked if I was ok! I caught my breath and said, ”Oh yes, baby! I couldn’t be better!”

“Did you like it when I did that, Papaw?” she said.

 “Very much, baby! VERY much!”

Kelly dropped her head and did it again! This time she managed to wrap her sweet full lips around the head and into her mouth! I couldn’t take it anymore and I exploded in her mouth with a years worth of stored cum! “OH MY…. GOD!!!” I shouted. Kelly began to choke but, instinctively started to swallow my cum! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! When she pulled her head away, my cum continued to shoot all over her face and even on her t-shirt! Kelly had such a shocked look on her face then started to laugh!

“What happened, Papaw?” What is that?” she said.

I chuckled a little at the sight of her and said, “That was cum, baby! You got me so excited that I couldn’t hold back any longer! I’m sorry it got all over you.”

Kelly just smiled and said, “That’s ok, Papaw! It actually tastes pretty good! I must be a grown up girl after all, huh Papaw? Let’s do it again! Can we?”

Before I could even answer her, Kelly was already stroking my cock back to life. Within seconds, I was fully erect again!

I said, “If you truly want to be a big girl Kelly, you should know that big girls don’t call it a “peepee”. It’s called a penis or a cock, which I would prefer you call it!

“A COCK!!” she said so profoundly with a little smile. “I like that! COCK! Your COCK! It sounds like I’m talking dirty.” She said and giggled a little.

“Yes it does” I said, “and I like it when you talk dirty. It gets me excited!”

“Then COCK it is” she said. “I like it when I get you excited Papaw!”

Kelly started to bend over to take my cock in her mouth again when I stopped her and said, “We had better get that t-shirt off and get it washed if you’re to have anything to wear tonight!”

Kelly stopped, looked down at the t-shirt and pulled it up over her head exposing for the first time, her beautiful tender young body.

Kelly’s breasts were even larger than I thought. Almost like little oranges. Perfectly round and firm and slightly lighter than the surrounding skin making it apparent as to where her little bikini top had been when she was swimming or sun-bathing.

“There” she said, “we can wash it later! I’ve got work to do right now!” and turned her attention back to my cock.

With Kelly bent over my lap, I was getting a perfect view of her beautiful budding breasts and that gorgeous little bubble butt. Damn, she was beautiful.

My hand, like it had a mind of its own, went directly for her ass cheeks. They were so smooth and yet firm! I gave one a squeeze and Kelly asked, “Do you like my butt, Papaw?”

I said, “You have a beautiful butt, Kelly!”

My hand circled around her cheeks a couple of times and then instinctively went between her legs and found her pussy! I could feel the luscious folds of her sweet cunt through her cotton panties and……..wait…….she is soaking wet! My baby girl must be getting really turned on by what she was doing to her Papaw! I said, “Kelly, your pussy is soaking wet!”

Kelly stood quickly and looked at me with embarrassment and said, “I’m sorry Papaw! I didn’t pee myself! Really I didn’t!”

I said, “No honey, it’s ok! It just means that you are turned on by what we are doing. It’s natural! I just didn’t expect it, that’s all!”

Kelly smiled, reached down and pulled her panties down to her mid-thigh and looked back up into my eyes and said, “They really are wet! I must be really turned on, huh Papaw?”

There she stood, with her panties at mid-thigh and her beautiful pussy lips glistening from the light of the computer screen. I wanted to just grab her and bury my face into that beautiful pussy when Kelly said, “I had better take these off to be washed too!”

Kelly turned and bent over to remove her panties. There before me was the most beautiful ass and pussy I had ever remembered seeing in my life. She turned back around and began waving the panties in the air, as if to dry them a little, and the scent of musk from her pussy filled the air!

I reached out and snatched the panties from her hand and put them to my nose and began to lick the crotch!

When I looked back at Kelly, she was staring at me with her eyes wide open, her mouth agape and a look of shock on her face.

I said, “I’m sorry sweetie! I just had to taste your juices!”

Kelly just smiled and said, “There’s a lot more down here, Papaw!” pointing to her pussy!

Without hesitation, I grabbed Kelly by the waste and lifted her to stand on my lap! I reached through her legs, grabbing her by the ass and pulled her sweet pussy to my mouth and began sucking like a starving man!


I couldn’t believe how good she tasted! I ran my tongue up her slit until I reached her little clit! It was as stiff and erect. I grabbed it gently between my teeth and began sucking on it like it was a piece of hard candy! Kelly’s moans got increasingly louder! Her breathing was getting very heavy and she began to tense up when suddenly her whole body shook like she was going into convulsions. Her feet came off my lap and she was sitting with most of her weight on my hands and her pussy on my face! Her legs went over my shoulders and her hands were wrapped around the back of my head, pulling on my hair when suddenly she froze for a split second and shouted, “OH FUCK PAPAW!!!!!!! Kelly’s juices started flowing from her sweet pussy as she bucked and writhed all over my face! I sucked up as much of her juice as I could get and started gently licking at her pussy lips! As I lowered her down, stopping at her beautiful budding breasts and suckled her cute little nipples for just a moment and then proceeded to bring her down to kiss her sweet lips, her pussy laid against my chest and left a trail of juices all the way down to my crotch! Stopping, just short, so that my cock was resting against her sweet butt cheeks. Kelly placed her lips to mine and kissed me for what felt like an eternity!

When she finally pulled her lips from mine, I said, “Did you say FUCK, young lady?” Kelly immediately blushed and looked down. I just smiled and said, “It’s ok baby! I just didn’t know you knew that word! Actually, I liked hearing you say it! You sounded so grown up!”

I couldn’t believe I had just brought my granddaughter to her first orgasm and what a beautiful orgasm it was.

Kelly smiled and said, “That was amazing Papaw! Can we do it again? I want you to teach me more things like this! I’ll say fuck for you as much as you want me too!”

I said. “There are a lot of other things we can do and I will be more than happy to show you, some other time but, for now, Papaw needs a little relief. If you don’t mind?” Kelly looked back over her shoulder at my throbbing cock lying against her ass cheeks, begging for attention and just looked back at me, smiled and said, “No problem Papaw!” Kelly climbed off my lap and started to bend down to my cock when I stopped her and suggested that we lay on the floor in a 69 position so I can lick her pussy while she sucks my cock and she was very pleased with the idea!

I lay on the floor and Kelly positioned herself over my face.

As Kelly inserted my cock into her mouth, I placed my mouth over her wet cunt and started sucking on her clit again! Kelly immediately began to moan! Her moans were like a humming vibration on my cock and it didn’t take long for my cock to explode with another blast of thick cum! This time, Kelly was able to swallow almost every drop! I think I may have created a really great future cock-sucker!

She continued to lick my cock clean as I brought her to only the second orgasm of her life! Damn, this girl could orgasm! Bucking and writhing like I have never seen from even a grown woman! Kelly just kept shouting, “OH FUCK PAPAW! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK YESSSS! FUCK ME PAPAW!!!!

If she only knew that fucking her was something she hadn’t experienced yet but was soon to find out!

As we both lay there, trying to pull ourselves together, I suggested that we get cleaned up and get to bed! It was getting pretty late and we had both had quite a busy night!

Kelly asked if she could just sleep with me tonight and of course I said yes!

“In that case” she said with a wicked little smile, “I won’t need those t-shirt and panties until tomorrow night!”

Kelly and I climbed into the shower together and we began taking turns rubbing soap all over our bodies! Her body felt so good as my soapy hands covered every inch of her. Each time my hand went between her legs, she would grab my arm, holding my hand in place and moaning so deeply. Kelly paid particular attention to my balls. Rolling them back and forth between her hands and stroking my cock, ever so gently. My cock was hard enough to pound nails. I picked her up into my arms. Our soap lathered bodies slipping and sliding together as I kissed her sweet full lips! I knew we had to get out of the shower and into a bed where I could have more control over the situation. We quickly rinsed and stepped out of the shower, not bothering to dry off, and headed for my bed. As we climbed into each others arms, our still wet bodies wrapping into each other, I let my hands roam over her entire body. I slowly starting kissing her lips, nose, chin, neck and down to her breasts, working my way across her tummy and hairless mound to her pussy. I began licking feverishly at the soft folds and burying my tongue deep inside. Kelly’s breathing became erratic and she began to moan, whispering, “FUCK YES! FUCK YES! OH PAPAW! YES PAPAW!”

It didn’t take long before her juices began to flow again and saturate the beautiful folds of her sweet pussy, filling the air, once again with the sweet smell of musk! Kelly’s body began to tense up and I knew she wasn’t far from orgasm so I quickly stopped and started kissing her inner thighs. I knew how violent her orgasms had been and wanted to see just how explosive I could make them. Ok, maybe I was getting a little cocky at this point but, hey, it had been a while and if there was any possibility of me going to go to jail for what I was doing, I was going to need a memory that was going to last me a lifetime and I wanted this experience to be one to last Kelly a lifetime too! I knew if I continued to bring her just to orgasm and stop two or three times before bringing her all the way, it would be a massive orgasm and I was determined to make it as big as I could get it! Once her breathing began to slow a little, I moved back to her pussy and starting sucking her clit. It didn’t take long for her body to begin to tense again and I quickly moved away again! Each time she got close to orgasm she would go back to moaning, “FUCK! FUCK YES! FUCK ME PAPAW! FUCK ME!” I was having a hard time trying to keep from blowing my own load, listening to her moan. I repeated these steps two more times and decided it was time! I figured, I was already pushing the envelope and didn’t want to kill her! I buried my face deep into her pussy this time and began sucking hard and flicking the tip of my tongue back and forth over her clit. Her body tightened up like a rock! Her legs squeezed tightly around my head and I held on for the ride! Kelly’s body began to convulse and shake! Her whispering moans became shouts of ecstasy, “OH FUCK! OH! OH! OH! FUUCCKKK!! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!! OH PAPAW! FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly’s body rose up and down, bucking and slamming against the mattress, bouncing her up and up, higher each time. It was all I could do to hang onto her! I felt like I was in a scene from the exorcist movie! She twisted and writhed like a woman possessed! What could have only been seconds, seem to last for several minutes. Her juices were flowing from her sweet pussy like someone had opened a flood gate as her body finally came to rest on the sweat soaked sheets beneath her. Her hands rubbed at the back of my head as I gently licked at her juicy folds. Sighing and her breathing finally slowing she murmured, “Oh Papaw! That was unbelievable! How did you learn how to do that?”

I lifted my head, grinned at her and said, “Experience baby, just experience!”

“Teach me more Papaw! Teach me ALL you know!”

As I slowly kissed my way up her tender young body, I said’ “If you liked that baby, I think it’s time to show you something else!”

Kelly’s eyes lit up and she said, “Oh yes Papaw, please teach me more! I’m ready!”

I reached down and slid my hands between her legs and my fingers found her wet folds. I slowly slid the tip of my middle finger into her opening and she gasped!

“Oh, Papaw! That feels really good! Is this fucking?” she asked!

“Not yet baby!” I said. “I’m just getting you prepared for fucking!” And I slid my finger in deeper as she let out another soft moan.

My finger was stopped short by the feel of her hymen blocking my way! Her pussy was so tight and kept squeezing against my intrusion! I pulled back, added my index finger shoved them both in! I couldn’t believe how tight her pussy was! I had to keep working my fingers in and out to try and loosen her up a little if I was going to get my cock inside! I finally decided it was time and told Kelly to climb on top of me and sit on my crotch with her legs as open as she could get them! I was amazed to see Kelly doing cheerleader-like splits over my crotch! As I positioned my cock against her sweet folds and worked the head into the opening, Kelly began to tense up! I told her to relax, that she was going to have control of how fast and how hard my cock went in and to not be afraid!

She said, “Is this going to hurt Papaw?”

“I won’t lie to you Kelly! It’s going to hurt a little, at first but, then it’s going to feel really, really good!" I assured her.

She said ok, somewhat hesitantly, so I decided to proceed!

The head of my cock punched through the opening with a jolt and I stopped and looked into Kelly’s eyes! “Are you ok?” I said.

Kelly just shook her head yes and tried to smile! I slid it in a little deeper until I reached her hymen and stopped again. I had gotten her juices flowing so well that my cock, even as large as it was, compared to her tiny pussy, was sliding easily into place. I told Kelly, ‘This is where it is going to hurt a little sweetheart. We can stop for a minute to let you get used to it a little first, ok?”

Kelly just looked at me and said, “That’s ok Papaw. It feels pretty nice so far. I think I’m ready!”

“Well, if you think you are” I said, “all you have to do is push down really hard and my cock will break through your hymen. Your hymen is what they call a girls cherry and when it breaks is what is going to hurt, ok?”

Kelly said ok, took a deep breath and shoved down hard against my cock ramming it to the hilt! Kelly gasped aloud and froze in position. I hadn’t expected her to shove down quite so hard the first time. A grimaced look came over her face and tears formed in her eyes as she just sat and stared intro space.

She looked so innocently sweet with her lower lip sticking out and quivering like she had just been harshly scolded for doing something wrong. If it had not been for the tears welling up in her eyes, I would have continued ramming my cock in her oh so tight pussy! She was squeezing my cock like a vice and it felt so good, It took everything I had just to remain still while she got used to the pain. I asked, “Are you ok Kelly?” and she just nodded her head yes as I felt fluids flowing down over my cock and running into the crack in my ass. I knew this was probably blood but, it was done now and the best was yet to come.

I could feel Kelly’s pussy begin to relax and she started to move it around just a little. A smile started to form on her face as her movements increased.

“Hmmmmm” she said, “That does feel good now! Oh Papaw! You were right! That feels so good!”

Kelly’s hips began to rock back and forth, to and fro, and I could feel my cock hitting every wall of her tight pussy! I just let her move as she pleased for a while and then told her to lift up and down on my cock and see if she liked that! Kelly began to raise herself up and down, sliding my cock in and out of her pussy, faster and faster she moved until she was bouncing up and down franticly! I couldn’t believe how good she felt. Her pussy was tighter than anything I had ever felt before. Her pussy lips squeezed with her upward motion and relaxed as she came down! She was a natural and I was in heaven!

It didn’t take long before Kelly started moaning loudly and shouting, “FUCK PAPAW! FUCK ME! FUCK ME PAPAW! FUCK MY PUSSY! OH PAPAW! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUCCCK!!!!!!

Kelly and I reached climax at the same time! I exploded deep into the walls of her tight pussy as she rammed herself down as hard as she could onto my cock and had yet another convulsive orgasm!

Kelly collapsed forward onto my chest and I could feel my cum, mixed with her juices, flowing out of her pussy and down through my legs to the sheets beneath as my now flaccid cock slipped out with a plop! I picked Kelly up and carried her into the bathroom and ran her a hot bath while I wiped myself off and went back to change the bloodstained bed sheets. After changing the bed, I retrieved Kelly from the bath and placed her in the freshly made bed, tucked her under the covers and started back to the bathroom to clean myself when Kelly said, “I love you Papaw! I’m gonna come stay with you a lot, you’ll see!”

“I hope you do sweetheart!” I replied, “I look forward to it! Now you had better get some sleep. I’ll be back when I get myself cleaned up!”


What an unbelievable night this had been! I went from the anxious anticipation of spending time with my grand children to having the greatest fuck of my life. Where this was going to lead, I had no idea but, for now, I was getting some much needed sleep with my beautiful Kelly.


I may go to hell for this…..but tonight….I’m in Heaven!


Kelly’s brother Jarrod would be arriving tomorrow night and I worried as to whether Kelly could keep her silence and not show any signs of anything being any different between us. As it turns out, Jarrod would end up revealing a long kept secret of his own.


Oh, what a beautiful summer this has turned out to be!


This is my first attempt at story writing! Any and all constructive criticism will be appreciated! If you like the story I will continue with Part II – Jarrod’s Secret!!

A Family's Sexual Hypnosis - Part 5 (Introduction of Dolores)

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  •                A Family’s Sexual Hypnosis – Part 5
                           (Introduction of Dolores)


        It was Friday, January 6, 2001.  It was a beginning of a new year of hope and happiness for all.  It was a new year of promise.  It was not this way for Dolores Ann Williams.  The 56 year old wife and mother just returned home from her Friday errands.  She steps out of her 1994 green metallic Chevy 4 X 4 Blazer

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in the driveway.  Her booths steps into the deep packed snow from a New Years snowstorm.  It is cold but the bright sun glares on the field of snow on the grass.  She steps inside of the front door, looking at herself in the mirror of the living room.  She still sees a fairly attractive woman.  Her hair is brown short and kinky, and her breasts are a perfect 36c with nipples that are constantly in a state of arousal.  Dolores is the type of woman who would remind any man of the famous porn star, Kay Parker, who her and Dolores’ husband, Gary, had watched many movies made by her only ten years earlier when their sex life was still wild and fulfilling. 


        Dolores got settled and turned the T.V on to her favorite Soap Opera, “One Life to Live,” to see her favorite Soap Opera star, Kelly Ripa.  Dolores would watch her everyday at this time, including the mornings where she hosts the Morning Show with Regis Philbin.  Dolores loves to fantasize over this petite blonde haired starlet.  Dolores had Bi - sexual fantasies but has never pursued any of them.  Dolores is very envious of all the young girls of today, 18 to 26.  Girls today have become more wild and sexier.  They are experiencing wonderful sex with their men.  Dolores has been married to a man who has deprived her of her sexual needs for a long time now.  She wishes she can experience what these young women of today are experiencing.  Dolores gets very jealous riding around the streets and seeing all of the hot sexy bitches all over, making her wish she was young again.


       Dolores is a mother of three children, two girls and a boy.  Laurie 39, Cheryl 32 and Michael 26 and back in college.  Laurie and Cheryl both live out in the country of Pennsylvania.  Laurie is married and is feeling sexually deprived just as Dolores is.  Laurie is very unhappy.  Cheryl is not married but is living with an older man in Pennsylvania.  Both girls moved out there a couple of years ago.  Cheryl’s boyfriend is Joe, 38 years old.  He has his own chalet house in the Hideaway Community of Pennsylvania, the same community where Laurie lives.  Cheryl is very happy living with him.  As for Dolores’ youngest child, Michael.  To her and her daughters, Michael is a complete pain in the ass.  Michael and his sisters never got along.  To Dolores he is very annoying.  All he does is complain.  He is under a lot of stress from college and also because all of the hot college bitches does not even know he is alive.  They do not want anything to do with him, otherwise known as a natural born loser.  He has still not gotten over his break up of Desiree from last summer, but is very happy in fucking his own cousins, but they are not always there all the time when he needs to fulfill his needs.  Dolores has her own personal problems to deal with that she does not want to hear Michael’s problems all of the time.  Michael is very sexually frustrated just as bad as Dolores is. 


        Dolores spends a lot of her time talking to her daughters, long distance on the phone.  She loves her daughters very much and has not been the same since they moved away.  She is constantly complaining to Cheryl how her brother and father aggravates her and gets under her skin non stop that she cannot take it anymore.  Cheryl, who has always been a wild child, has suggested that Dolores try and go out and look for a change of life.  She always suggests to Dolores that she should just run away without telling anyone where she is going and come up and spend a weekend with her and Joe in Pennsylvania.  Then Cheryl would always start to tease Dolores by telling her that Joe has a nice 7 inch cock ( not as big as Michael’s massive bone, which still lies unaware by his mother and sisters.).  Comments like these by Cheryl would make Dolores feel embarrassed but yet very hot, although she figures that Cheryl is only joking around.


        The effects of the diagnosis on Cheryl created by Dr. Claiborne from two months earlier is making her come out with these comments to Dolores.  Cheryl already knows a hidden dark secret in relation to Joe and her mother.  Joe once revealed to Cheryl after his threesome with her and Laurie, is that he would like an opportunity to fuck Dolores sometime.  Cheryl would always laugh at that response, and tell him that it will take some miracle before her mother agrees to that.  It was now Dr. Claiborne’s mission to make this happen.  Her intentions is to make Michael fuck his own mother and sisters, but before that happens, she wants to have some fun with Dolores to make the event of Michael and Dolores together to be even more exciting.




        When Dr. Claiborne visited Laurie and Cheryl back on November 7, 2000, a lot was revealed of their past and of their mother.  It was two weeks before Christmas of last month when Dr. Claiborne started to stalk Dolores.  She would stake out Michael’s house and wait until Dolores would come out to do her errands, and she would follow a distance in her Dodge Durango.  It was on a Monday morning when Dolores came out to do her errands.  Dolores got into her Blazer and drove around with Dr. Claiborne following not far behind.  Dolores would start off by going to the bank to pull her money out of her checking account.  From there she would go to CVS pharmacy to get her bathroom and body necessities.  Dolores, of course were always jealous of all the hot young bitches all around, especially ones that she will catch looking at female condoms knowing what they were up to, but at the same time would make her start fantasizing Lesbian acts  of them together.  From CVS, she would get her medium size coffee from Dunkin Donuts, light and sweet with cream, no sugar.  She would drink it as she rides around smoking on a Pall Mall Gold cigarette staining her shade of lipstick, Dusty Rose, all over the cig and her coffee cup.  After the meat market, she would fill up with a tank of gas at Sunoco, wishing that there was another hole that would be filled up.  From there Dolores would go to the local stationary store to play her Lotto numbers.  Dr. Claiborne followed all the way, until she made the effort of accidentally bumping into Dolores as she walked out of the stationary store, causing her to drop her bags.


     “Oh I am so sorry,” replied the Dr.  “It’s okay hun,” replied Dolores.  “I see that your hands are full, can I help you to your car?” says the Dr. as she gazes into Dolores’ eyes.  Dolores was then overtaken by the doctor’s beauty, such a tall blonde beautiful lady over sizing her.  Dolores agreed, and the both of them walked over to the Blazer.  The Dr.  introduced herself to Dolores, and mentioned how she has an office not to far from here.  She explained how she is a doctor of Psycho Therapy.  She said to Dolores of how she noticed by the look in her face that things were bothering her.  This gave Dolores the perfect opportunity to open us, and was then very interested in knowing about the Doctor’s profession.  The Doctor explained how it was her day off from the office but if Dolores wouldn’t mind, she would like to stop off at the house for a little consultation.  Before you knew it, Dr. Claiborne has trapped another fly in her web, and was starting to suck Michael’s family into her trap like a bunch of vampires.


          It was back at the house when the two sat in the kitchen together over cups of coffee.  The Dr. had a long talk with Dolores and found out the things that were bothering her about her marriage and life being sexually unfulfilling and that she hasn’t been fucked since ten years ago by a muscular male stripper on a night out alone with her daughters.  She explained about the aggravation at home by Michael and her husband, and how she wishes for once she can get away and find some new adventures and if she could, someday like to move to Pennsylvania by her daughters.  She explained how Michael drives her up the wall by his complaining, and how she has a feeling that he is gay, because he is still single with no girlfriend.


      The Doctor explained how she performs hypnosis and soon had Dolores agreeing to be put under, for the so called relaxation healing technique.  She had Dolores fully under, when once again the major deception started.  It was the same routine as with Michael’s cousins and sisters, but this time she did not have Dolores undress or get off.  She wanted to wait until a later and a right time for Dolores to have her massive orgasm.  By this, it would keep the stress within Dolores for a little longer in order for the effects of the outcome to turn out right. 


      Dolores stared in a motionless daze of Dr. Claiborne circular disc as she went through the process.  The Dr. explained how Dolores needs to get away for some excitement and fulfillment.  She suggested that Dolores wait until after the holidays are over to find it.  She said after New Years, that the next time she and Michael get into a heated argument she will pack up and runaway for the weekend to Pennsylvania by Cheryl and Laurie. 


       “Your daughter, Cheryl is living with an older man of 38 years old.  He has fantasies of fucking you Dolores, and Cheryl is in agreement with it. You, Cheryl and your other daughter Laurie will be together in one night to participate in inappropriate and unnatural things together, and he will fulfill you for only a temporary amount of time.  When it is over you will feel relaxed, but as the weeks go by you will remember this night and your body would start to ache for so much more until the next heated argument with you and Michael will make you start wanting him, YOUR OWN SON, DOLORES, YOU WILL CRAVE YOUR OWN SON’S COCK, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME DOLORES ANN WILLIAMS, YOU WILL FUCK YOUR SON, YOUR LITTLE BABY.  IN THIS KITCHEN WHERE WE ARE SITTING YOU WILL PARTICIPATE IN INCEST WITH YOUR BOY.  YOUR BODY WILL BE NAKED. HE WILL HOLD HIS MOMMY IN HIS ARMS AS YOU DID WHEN HE WAS A BABY.  DOLORES ANN WILLIAMS YOU WILL RECEIVE MICHAEL’S LOAD, AND YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.  NOW WAKE UP, AND U WILL FORGET EVERYTHING I TOLD YOU UNTIL THE RIGHT TIME.”


       SNAP! Went Dr. Claiborne’s fingers pulling Dolores out of her trance, now creating a very dysfunctional family now in for the time of their lives.


       “I feel better already Dr.” replied Dolores.  The Dr. presented her card to her and said to call if she should have any further questions, and instructed her to give time for the relaxation process to take affect in her mind.  With this being said, Dolores thanked her as she saw her to the door.




        Returning to that Friday, January 6, 2001, Dolores was watching those sexy love scenes on her soap opera’s that afternoon, when she started to rub her pussy through her jeans.  The only problem is that those love scenes don’t go far enough.  Dolores was lying back on the kitchen chair really getting off, when she hears Michael coming through the door, finished with college for the weekend. Dolores quickly gathers herself together as he comes in.  Michael comes in

complaining as usual of how he hates school, and that the girls ignore him.  Dolores snaps at him yelling how she is so tired of hearing him complain all the time and that is all he does.  She also complains how he always interrupts her while she is watching her soaps.  After a brief argument, Michael locks himself in the bathroom.  He needs to relieve himself from those hot looking girls at school, but Michael reaches for the hamper and pulls out Dolores’ satin badge tummy protection panties and he puts them on himself.  The feeling of the fabric against the head of his cock almost makes him bust his load right there.  Michael has a secret; he always wanted to fuck his mommy.  He cannot stand his mother and she aggravates him so much that he would love to fuck her and be held in her arms again, but he knows that it will never happen.  Michael jerks off to her panties and before he is ready to shoot, he pulls them down and shoots a long ribbon of cum across the bathroom counter. He definitely wants her. 


    Saturday Morning, January 7, 2001.  Laurie fastens her purple satin bra on to her 36D breasts, slips into her purple thong panties feeling plain miserable.  She just had an argument with her husband and because it is the dead of winter in Pennsylvania and she has no where to go.  Meanwhile Cheryl and Joe arise out of bed after another absolute fantastic night of sex.  Both are sweaty and exhausted.  Cheryl’s mascara and make up is a complete mess on her face.  The two proceed to the shower where they will do it one more time.


      On that late morning, Dolores tends to her miserable Saturday morning routine of house work.  Meanwhile Michael is still complaining.  Dolores already had an argument with her husband the night before because he is so cheap with his money and because she has been sexually deprived for years.  Michael is only adding to the tension.  Dolores was folding the laundry while arguing with Michael, when she has finally reached her breaking point.  Dolores got so fed up that she just dropped everything she was doing and shut herself in the bedroom.  Not long after, Dolores comes storming out with a suitcase in hands, and without saying one single word to Michael where she is going, she just grabbed her car keys and slammed the front door.


     As Dolores rides away, she phones Cheryl on her cell to tell her that she finally did it; she ran away and is coming up.  Cheryl in return calls Laurie to let he know what’s going on.  


     Dolores makes it to the Goethals Bridge crossings leaving Staten Island and her husband and son behind.  It is 1:00 in the afternoon and the afternoon sun is melting the snow off of the top of the bridge falling on to the blazer. 


       She makes it over to New Jersey riding the NJ Turnpike passing Newark Airport.  As she rides off of the turnpike to 280 west she is dreaming of Joe’s cock, and the thought of her being fucked once again was making her pussy itch.  She rubs it here and there as Michael is ringing her cell phone where she refuses to answer.  


     As she drives onto 80 west, she is speaking to Laurie some more on her phone about what is happening. After speaking with Laurie, she lights up a Pall Mall gold cigarette as the cold winter sun glares off of her Rayban sunglasses.


        Dolores gets off at exit 34B Sparta.  She is at the halfway point.  It is 2:30.  She stops off for a little rest and a bite to eat the Yetter’s Diner. 


        At 3:00, Dolores continues the trip.  She is beginning to become very impatient that she cannot wait to get there.  She accelerates her speed as she is rubbing her pussy more and more.  The acceleration of speed was helping her pussy to get off, when a New Jersey State Trooper pulls her over and issues her a ticket for speeding.  At this point Dolores just does not care.  After the ticket is issued, she continues her trip on to  15 north and makes it to the Pennsylvania Milford Bridge crossing into PA.


        As Dolores is riding on Rt. 6, Michael is ringing her phone again desperately wondering where she has gone.  This time Dolores shuts it off. 


        Dolores makes it to 84 west as she starts inclining up into the mountains of Pennsylvania, getting closer and closer to that cock.  As she drives she is playing the Country Station to artists’ such as Martina McBride and Tracey Byrd. 


        Dolores is speeding at 80 MPH on 84 West.  She cannot make it to that cock fast enough.  She is pulled over once again, this time by a Pennsylvania State Trooper who handed her another speeding ticket.  Dolores just did not care.  Right now both of her tickets were worth it.


        It is 4:00 in the afternoon in a brutal cold Pennsylvania winter sunset.  That warm sperm load is going to feel nice and warm to her tonight.  She is climbing and climbing the inclines of the Pennsylvania mountains of 84 west.  Still speeding, she is rubbing her pussy more and more, and just cannot stop thinking of Joe’s big cock.


        She is close to her exit rubbing her pussy when it finally lets go, Dolores screams and as her pussy explodes in multiple orgasms, it causes her to lose control of the Blazer, crashing it into a snow bank. 


        When it was all over, Dolores just laid back in the driver’s seat panting and moaning.  She is all ready for Joe.  Her panties were completely soaked underneath her jeans.  It has been such a long time since she has had a major orgasm like that.  She then regains herself, gets out of the Blazer to inspect for damages.  Seeing that there are none, she gets back on to the road off to Cheryl and Joe’s house.


     As the cold sun is setting, Dolores arrives at the Hideaway.  After clearing her through the gate at security, she speeds around the big acered complex to get to Cheryl and Joe’s house.   When she arrives she is barreling up the dirt and icy driveway to the house in four wheel drive, with Laurie arriving at the very same time trailing behind Dolores in her big tan Ford Expedition.  They find Cheryl and Joe waiting for them on the front porch.  







As Dolores is riding the incline of the mountains in New Jersey, she is rubbing her pussy dreaming of Joe’s big cock.  She already got pulled over twice by the state troopers for speeding and was issued two tickets, but those tickets were worth it.  It is a brutal cold winter sunset as Dolores is racing through the mountains to get to that cock.  She is close to the border of Pennsylvania, rubbing her pussy when it finally lets go, Dolores screams as her pussy lets go, causing her to lose control of the Blazer, crashing it into a snow bank.  When it was all over, Dolores just laid back in the driver’s seat panting and moaning.  She is all ready for Joe.  Her panties were completely soaked underneath her jeans.  She then regains herself, gets out of the Blazer to inspect for damages.  Seeing that there are none, she gets back on to the road off to Cheryl and Joe’s house.


     As the cold sun is setting, Dolores arrives, barreling up the dirt and icy driveway to the house, with Laurie arriving at the very same time trailing behind Dolores in her Ford Explorer.  They find Cheryl and Joe waiting for them on the front porch.  




                                                                                      To Be Continued


(If anyone can help me in writing the orgy scene, I will be so grateful, Thanks )