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I never told anyone this and its been 20 years plus. I am married and have 3 kids 2 girls and 1 boy oldest being 21 girl. I am half black half asian from TX. Growing up i had 2 older brothers and really not to many friends. I hope you enjoy this because it been closed up forever. sorry for any misspelled words

it all started when i was 13 years old. i remember i caught m

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y mom naked in the shower and since always wanted to have sex with her. now dont get caught up thinking its a sex with mom story thats just half of what happen to me.  i change a bit just to fill in the gaps but its all true. my aunt and uncle live down the street from us and we always was over on sunday. i always like looking at my mom and she always got me horny and hard.i not going to describe her because she was just your avg. mom that when growing up ever boy had crush on. our family was real close and we all never thought about being naked around each other. well this day me and my couisn need a bath. he was my age and tell this day is one of my best friends. well my uncle was in there so my aunt just made us go take a bath with him. it was never bad because we always to bath together the kids.

as we where in the bath my couisn finsh first and my aunt dry him off and took him out. i was in the tub with my uncle and as he wash my hair i could feel his cock hard against my back. i was sitting betwen his legs with my back to him. as it was time to risen my uncle told me to get on my knees and been forword. as a kid you not think anything of it so i did. as the water risen my hair i felt a push and his cock was in my ass. i turn around quick to get up but my uncle just told me to relax. so i did and now my uncle was pump slowly in my ass. i could remember i know it was wrong but really it felt nice. as i just sat there i felt him cum in my ass and pull out. he was me and could my aunt to come get me. that night bac home i could not stop think about what happen. weeks went by and i was jerking off to my moms panties and watching her get naked all the time. one day my dad was out of town and my mom and aunt was over our house drinking and watching tv. for some reason asian love to unbuttom there pants and unzip them. i remember i was so hard evertime they would get up and i could see there panties. my mom had on black and my aunt wear blue. i was sitting across when my aunt need to go to the restroom. she got up a little tipsy so i ask to help her. as we walk down to the restroom i was all over her and touching her butt. when we got in i help her pull down her pants and panties and the biggest hairest pussy i saw in my days. as she pee i was next to her and looking down at it.

her head was on my side and my cook was get big. so i turn around so her head was against my cock. she was all over it because it was hard rubbing her face on it. as she was done and stand to pull her panties up i place my hand between her legs. my aunt stop and just look at me and then gave me a hug. i started to to just play with it and it was so wet and i could hear my aunt getting turn on. my mom call her so we hurry up and got out. the whole time we watch tv i could see my aunt looking at me and smile. i got up and went to my room to jerk off. i pull my moms panties i had and started to work my cock. after i cum i fell asleep. the next couple of days went by and i was jerking off and smelling my moms panties. i use to get her panties and cum in them and it was so hot and the best. one day i went over to my uncles house to see if my cousin wanted to hang out. my uncle answer and told me to come in as i went in my uncle hug me from behide. no one was home and my uncle wanted to show me something down in the basement as i frogot about the bath thing. as we got down stairs my uncle was and artest and had some real cool drawlings. as i stood there he would get behide me and hug and i could feel his cook hard. for some reason i want to feel it in my ass again. i started to enjoy him as he push against me i push back. he told me to open my legs and thats when he reach in my pants and grab my cock. i was speech list and then he told me to grab his so i did. i went in his shorts and felt this cock. he slowly undid my pants and pull them down and bened me forword.

as i was ass up and hold the coch i felt his cock pushing in my ass. as he pump he was talking to me about sexand if i jerk off. then he started to say he want to fuck my mom and just kept saying her name. i close my eyes and remember everything nasty about my mom and aunt. my ass was real wet and now it was feeling real good. i look over my shoulder and saw my uncle talk about my moms and looking at my ass. thats when i saw my aunt panties on the washer. i told my uncle i want to smell them. my uncle stop and pull out and walk over and got them for me. they where white and had a big yellow crust in them. i smell them and rub them on my face as i did my uncle started to jerk me off and stick his cock back in me. i felt so good and i was talking about everything i did. i talk about jerking off to my mom and my aunt watching naked just everything. it really got my uncle going because he just kept pumping and talk about my mom. i was jerking myself off when he cum all in my ass and i cum in my aunts panties. he pull out and told me to clean myself off in the restroom. nothing really happen just same stuff jerking off and watching my mom and aunt. my uncle really never did anything to me for about 6 months. one day i was home alone and my uncle came by. we talk abit and as we talk i remember how he fuck me downstairs at his house.  my uncle got up and went to my mom and dad room. as i watch tv i started to hear noise coming from my parents room. i got up to see what it was and there in the room was my uncle pants down jerking off to my moms panties. i watch for a second and then my uncle told me to come in. i did my uncle keep talking about us fucking and him wanting my mom. i watch him jerking and them he stop. he ask what time was everyone come home and i said in about 30 mins. my uncle told me if i want to come over and help him at the house. i agree but as we where leave he grab my moms panties and told me to hold them.

we left and headed to my uncle house. as we got there my aunt was home and watching tv in the living room. she was drinking a little and was drifting in and out of sleep. i sat down nextto the couch and she was wearing white pants and they was unbutton and unzip showing her pink panties. i was already hard and just kept uncle came in and saw me looking. he went over to my aunt and slow move her on her back. as my aunt laid ther he started to pull bown her pants a bit and panties. he got then to just show the top of her hairy pussy. my uncle told me to stand behind her head and bend forword. i got to the arm rest watching my aunt sleep and see her hair stick out of her panties. my uncle got behide me and started to unbutton my shorts. i felt his hand grab my cock and balls and then my shorts was down below my ass. i open my legs a bit and look back at my uncle. he just smile and started to pull his cock out of his zipper. i could feel his cock against my ass and then he spit and rub it on his cock as i brace for he to enter me i started to play with my cock and watch my aunt hairy pussy. as he got in me i was real hot and my ass was starting to like him fucking it. as he pump i jerk off slowly and quit for we did not want to wake up my aunt. my uncle pull my moms panties out and started to smell them and lick the crouch. i watch and was so turn on. we stop and my uncle pull out and told me to follow him. as i did. we got down stairs and then he told me to pull off my shorts and underwear and wear my moms panties. i did and now my mom was so turn on and bent me over the stairs and pull my moms panties to the side and want to fuck me. i remember him talking about fucking my mom and tell me how he always jerks off when his over house and looks at her panties in the dirty cloths. as he started to fuck me i could hear him saying that he always jerk to my mom and smell the tolit paper everytime my mom goes to the bathroom. as he pump my ass i kept think about my mom and aunt too. as he cum i felt load after load go in my ass. as he pullout he told me that he want to keep my moms panties. i clean up and gave then to him as i walk by the living room my aunt was still asleep on her side with her ass face out. my uncle went to take a shower so i walk over and bent down and started to smell and pull down her pants and panties...........part 2 to follow


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 Pt.2 Not so innocent now.

 My aunt tells me to maintain my pattern.


 I'm now being a pest I know,but my first feel of my aunts pussy had so intregued me I was trying to get it dangerously. "For fucks sake Joey,if you don't act mor

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e sensibly,you'll get no more,your mother nearly saw you when I came to your house. I told her you had unhooked me from that nail! All lies of course,you were trying to put your hand in my knicker leg,silly little bastard,learn to control yourself or there's no more, EVER! Get it? "Yes!" I was disappointed,but I had been a complete asshole to risk everything for a quick grop of my aunts cunt.

 Since that first time she had been very careful about our little game. As she but it, "I don't want to spoil a good thing" She'd admitted freely that my feeling her had given her a "sensational orgasm" as she put it,but if I wanted any more man toys I had to act more like a man. So after my 'at home' stupidity I determined to make amends. Now being cautious with aunty, I quietly come to her still going in behind her,but before trying to grab her bits I'd nibble her neck and lick her ears and shoulders.

 "Fuck Joey! you're getting good doing that,do your girls like it? "Its only for you aunt Jossie,I think it would be wasted on girls" "I wouldn't say that Joe,but thank you for thinking of me like that,its most flattering" "Come on through here a minute doing that on my neck has kicked me off again you randy little perv' No I didn't mean that really,but god you keep making me tingle" "Its got nothing to do with where your mind and for that matter mine as well are,No this is work" Bugger! "I've broke the slot of a screw and can't get it out,if you know a way you can put a new one in for me" I gave a wry smile, to which I got a,"Dirty little sod,I know how your mind was thinking then!"

 Another little smirk from my dirty mind 'put a new screw in aunty' missing out the (for) "Come on get your mind back to what I want" Yet another smirk from me, "Stop it,think boy think" I was,all the time,but it was about screwing aunty! "That wont be hard to do! She looked to judge whether I was still doing double meaning stuff. Those small pincers will sort it aunt Jossie. "If and only if we're all alone,call me Jossie or Joe leave off the aunt routine eh?" Okay!

 She handing me the tool, "Don't hurt your hand mind" I give her a knowing look, "Oh! you're terrible,can't you keep your mind off me for one second?" "No" she wasn't over concentrating herself and although the screw had been tough to start meaning the tool slipped round making it a bit warm I new from experience it would be warm not hot. Being up on a small push and step,I dropped the removed screw into her waiting open hand. The slight warm had an over the top response. She flipped the screw in shock, "Fuck! its hot" "No only warm" "Help its alright for you laughing it gone in my top" "Help me!" Now wiggling violently she made to pull the blouse bottom from her waistband. I'm now on the floor waiting to assist. "Quick! Quick get it" she utters when pulling her elasticated waist band outwards.

 I crane my neck trying to get a look at her hidden pussy, "Quick its in my knick's" adding, "Sod I seen you trying to peek,get it out" Who am I to argue? into her knicker front goes my hand,pubes clear, "Hold still aunt,sorry,Joe" "Just find it and get it away from my pussy before it burns me" Waste of time telling her it wont,especially now my hands inside her pants. Hang on,is that it? No only some tab thing, "sure it went in them?" "Yes,it must have" I've spotted the screw over by the skirting board,it had obviously gone down between her skirt and panty waist bands.

 I now start to touch Jossie up in ernest, I'm feeling all across her front working further down into her now wet slit, "If it was in there I'd feel it wouldn't I?" "Hold on,maybe its clinging to the fabric" "See then" I feel across her front again with my knuckles brushing her pubes then turning my hand I search round her sides where the tightnes of the knickers presses my hand against her skin,I by now had managed to get round to her ass cheeks. "No,stop! They're to tight for it to have gotten round there,anyway it must be cool by now, I'll take them off. Alright you can take you hand out you know, Fuck the things a bloke a do to get a crafty feel" She called me a bloke,it must mean she's thinking of letting me!

 "Don't look,you'll go blind you know" As she hiked her clothes of her hips. I half turned away then blatantly turned to look at her sexual goodies. With a half smile, "Oh well if you must,you must I suppose" Her clothes dropped to around her ankles and she stepped clear bending to pick up the garments with her as facing right at me. There it was bulging pussy with a wet slice down the middle. I could feel my love juices running up the tube and out the end. She on coming back upright,turned and gave the clothes to me, "Take another look now I'm not in them" I looked past them at Joe's furry covered cunt, "Oh men! That's all you're good for" Crossing her hands across her pubes, "There its gone now,now find that screw. Deeply disapointed i pointed to the side of the room. "You cunning little bastard,I bet you knew it was there all the time. You wanted me to get my cunt out for you!"

 Widening her thighs and holding her pussy,she pulled the fleshy tops of her thighs aside. "There have a real good look you horny little aunty fucker. I devoured what was before me with my eyes.


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 After about twenty years of marriage,this was new and so arousing.

 We both enjoyed this happening. Subsequent sounds told us son did as well.


 All our married life we slept in the buff (naked) tonight was no exception. Our eld

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est son was not a drinker as such but on trying beer he was in the novel stage of coming home a bit tipsy at the weekend. When younger he would come and lay in with us if he had a bad dream or something. Cuddling in on his mum's side,off to sleep he'd go till the morning,usually.

 This had been a while ago. Tonight was a little different in that where as he always on being tipsy crept in very quietly and just went to his room and that was it till the morning. He arrived a little while after getting home at our bedside. "Mum my head feels all funny,can I climb in with you,that ok dad"? As we'd been asleep for a while he got a mumbled 'yeah,alright' So in he gets and we all drifted off to sleep.

 I awoke,just as the early dawn light penetrated through our curtains. I admit I felt horny and moved my hand to feel my wife's tit only to find another hand already holding it. Realisation dawned,it was our sons hand,he was sound asleep so didn't know he was holding it. Of course as I said,I felt horny and seeing this made me even more randy. I eased away a bit to get a better look at her tit being held. God it was sexy,his fingers were letting her nipple squeeze between them and it was hard with what I could see of the oreole all crinkled up.

 It dawned on me that my wife was probably having a sexy dream. I decided to help her as I thought. Very gently I put my hand to where here pussy was and started to touch her clit through the hood. For a while nothing happened,then she started to almost imperceptably respond. I could feel her clit stiffening and just the tiniest of to and fro movement. After some time,her eyes peeped open slightly and in an extremely quiet whisper, 'stop,you're making me wet,he'll feel it' I smile and keep doing it. Looking now slightly shocked, 'He's naked I can feel his pubes on my bum,his dicks against my bum as well but its soft' I smile and wiggle my tongue at her. 'Don't be so disgusting,its our son you dirty bugger'

 Realising she could have turned,thus stopping me rubbing her,I pointed to his hand on her tit. 'I think you're both enjoying the feeling' Even in this poor light I could see she was blushing. 'He'll wake up if I move him,then we'll both be embarrassed' I rub a bit harder and she in turn doesn't try to stop me,in fact she increases her to and fro movements,not a lot but enough.

 'Stop now,my bums making him start to go hard' I expect he's having a wet dream! 'Stop you bastard or I'll cum' I have a hardon up to my chin,there's no way I'm stopping now. 'Stop for gods sake,his thing,its slipping in between my legs along my pussy slit,stop it now,he'll wake up you swine' Defiantly I keep up my fingering. My cock gives a jerk as I sense a pushing between my wife's legs against her hood. Its a rather large hard cock rubbing her clit. All in one my wife has covered her face with her hands and peeping through her fingers, 'I told you not to,he's doing me' Let it go in, 'No that's filty' He's asleep,he wont wake up till he cum's,go on do it. 'NO'

 I note his hand on her tit is squeezing now and I wonder whether he is in fact awake. His breathing is still steady and taking a glance I suspect he is asleep and in the middle of a wet dream. Wife's hands half come down from her face, 'Fuck,its slipping in me,what shall I do'? Enjoy it was my response. Face covered again I have my fingers feeling the action,sure enough his knob had gone from her clit and the slight pushing I could feel was most definately a cock up her. 

 I know she's loosing out to lust as her bum starts to fuck him in earnest. No loud sexual sounds eminate from her lips as when i fuck her,but the quiet gasps tell me he's about to bring her to orgasm. Looking at her front,his hand now grasps into her belly and the runting sounds of a man about to cum tells me he's fucking and awake as he jabs harder with his first shot of spunk going high into his mothers belly. My wife is now making no secret of cumming as I watch her thrust back at her son, 'Harder,fuck me harder' then with a long groan and much grunting accompanied by some really fast fucking motions,she drained his young balls dry.

 They both lay still now,then after a minute or two,our son saying quietly, 'Sorry mum' slid out our bed and quietly hurried through the door to his own room. 'Fuck,I can't believe I let him do that to me' Was it good though? 'Shut up,YES,if you must know,my belly's still tingling,fucking hell,I just let him shoot his spunk up me! What if I'm pregnant'? You could go and wash it out but you'll loose that feeling he've given you in you quim. Just leave it in,you wont get pregnant with just one lot of cum up you. 'Its alright for you,it wont be your belly swelling up' She lay back and left her pussy full of her sons jism.

 After about ten minutes as she came down from her experience I rolled on top of her and added my cum to her incredibly slippery pussy. This being after I checked to see how much of our sons sperm was leaking from her slit. There you are,it matters little who'd have made you pregnant now,if it did happen. A couple of hours later after we'd all snoozed we appeared in the breakfast room,everything was as always and not a word was said about our happening. But me and the wife were as horny as hell especially when on each following night we heard the wanking sounds coming from our sons room and clearly the woman at the centre of his exotic world was always called mum.

 I still wonder if it all was by accident? If it wasn't whose the one that planned it? - bye.

Tasha and I at the Gloryhole Party 2

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Tasha and I at the Gloryhole Party
Part 2

by MrKing

Saturday, the week after that fantastic glory hole party, Tasha told me that we had plans for the evening.  Based on last week's fun, I was pretty excited to hear that.

Once again, we got ready for the evening, her checking with me to make sure she was hot enough, and with an ass like that, how cou
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ld I not say yes?  She was wearing a nice black cocktail dress with black garters and stockings, and bright red, satin panties beneath.  She was every man's wet dream.

Well, after we got ready, there was a knock at the door and I was told to stay in our room for a bit.

Talk about a long wait.  I sat on the bed, patiently waiting.  And then waiting some more.  And then, just for kicks, I waited even longer.  It was killing me.  I had no idea what she had in store.  My cock was rock hard in my slacks and getting really uncomfortable.

Well, after what seemed like forever, she finally came up and got me.  She took me downstairs and showed me a nice little pair of holes she had cut in the wall to the laundry room.  The great part was that I saw a pair of lips on the other side of one hole, and a tight little asshole behind the other.  

God, I love Tasha.

I heard some muffled moaning and a little bit of shuffling from inside the laundry room, but I'm guessing they were just getting settled.  She told me, though, that I wasn't allowed to take advantage of either hole for a while.  So I followed her back upstairs with my cock straining against my pants.  It's gonna be a long night.

Well, after just a few minutes, timing couldn't have been better as all of the people from the previous week started to show up.  I was even surprised to see my step-dad show up.  Once again, we pretended in front of the others that there was no relation, but just kept to small talk and light social interaction.  Tasha brought out hors d'oeuvres and the party was getting to into full swing.

We continued to talk and make small chit-chat for about an hour, consuming cocktails and snacking on excellent little treats.  It was amazing that these people had a good idea of what was coming, but had such the ability to just talk and talk like it was nothing special.  The whole time I think I'm going to cum in my pants if we don't get this rolling..

Well, after quite a while, Tasha took charge and told everyone that this evening's entertainment is in the basement.  So everyone filed downstairs and took their places sitting around the family room.  Clothes started to slowly come off, and after a bit all you saw was a room full of hard cocks and dripping pussies.

Tasha pointed everyone to the two holes and told them to enjoy, and then came back to sit with me, telling me that I had to wait to enjoy the fun.  Two of the first people up were a man with a fairly small penis, and my step-dad, who was packing plenty to keep my mom happy.  The man went up and immediately chose the little asshole, I'm guessing it was about all that would make his cock feel large.  My step-dad went to the other hole and it one stroke pushed his cock all the way to the balls into the mouth.  You could hear a bit of a gag from behind the wall, but he just started sawing in and out, going the full length each time.  There was a lot of moaning from behind the wall, so I'm guessing that they were thoroughly enjoying the event.

After a little bit, the man with the smaller cock started to cum, filling the tight little asshole with his creamy juice.  He was quickly replace by a woman that was interested in tonguing that cum right out of the pink little hole.  This was enough to push my step-dad over the edge and he moaned and pushed very deeply into the throat, emptying his balls deep inside.

Up next was a man with a fairly large cock, it was pretty impressive to see hard with a little shine from the pre-cum leaking out.  He took my step-dad's example and went in in one thrust.  This was almost too much for the throat as you heard lots of gagging and then eventually quiet.  I'm not sure exactly what was happening, but eventually you heard moaning coming from behind the wall, so I'm guessing the throat loosened up.  Whomever is behind there must really like the abuse, because the moaning was getting fairly loud.

The onslaught of cocks and pussies and tongues continued.  It was one, after another, after another.  Eventually the asshole was surrounded in a ring of cum and leaking cum out of the hole down the wall.  The set of lips were a bit puffy from the pounding and also covered in a mixture of cum and pussy juices.  This was when Tasha said it was my turn.

I quickly got up and walked over.  I wanted to try both, but I wanted to start with the mouth, getting me nice and acclimated first.  I very slowly pushed my hard cock between the lips, not ramming, but continually feeding it in until I was pushing against the wall, my cock buried deep in the throat.  I could feel the throat swallowing against the head of my cock.  It was amazing.  There was also a nice bit of moaning around my cock, sending vibrations deep into me.  Tasha took this time to try to tease me a bit.  She walked over to the asshole at the wall, pushed her finger inside and brought out some cum.  She then spread my ass cheeks and pushed the cum covered finger into my tight little hole.  Once it was in deeply, she went back to the asshole at the wall and started to tongue it deeply while she finger fucked the mixture of cum deep into my ass.  It was amazing.  The throat around my cock, the finger pushing in my ass, and visual of my girlfriend tonguing a well-used asshole, it was all almost too much, so I stopped for a minute, pulling my cock out from the hungry mouth.  I then told Tasha we were going to switch, that she could have the mouth in the wall, but I was going to have that asshole..

We switched, but Tasha blew my mind yet again when, rather than leaning her pussy up to the captive tongue, she leaned in and was kissing the mouth very passionately, swapping the excess cum back and forth.  It was freak'n hot.  I had to really concentrate to get my mind back on target, and I pity the person connected to the asshole, because even though I'm no porn star, my cock is fairly large and I was going to fuck that asshole hard.  I rammed myself in all the way in one very hard stroke.  The only thing saving the hole was the fact that it was still so coated in cum, otherwise it would have been a very rough experience for the person behind the wall.

It seems like I was fucking for hours, watching Tasha tongue the mystery mouth deeply and lovingly, but it was probably only a few seconds before Tasha turned to me, cum glistening on her lips and said "Why don't you fill that little ass up with your cum for me, baby?".

Yup, that was the winner.  I blew cum into that ass until I thought my body was going to cave in.  My balls were 100% empty as my sticky load rocketed out of my painfully hard cock into that tight little ass.  I thought I was going to black out I came so hard.

After I sat back for a sec, I realized that I was the last person to go and we were all done.  The asshole I just got done hammering was bright red and dripping a mixture that was mostly my cum and the whole room was looking at me and it with big smiles, having enjoyed the offerings of the evening.

Tasha told everyone thank you, and then went to set our guests free.  I followed her because I wanted a good look at how things were set up.

I couldn't have ever been prepared for what I saw.

I figured out what all the moaning was from.  It was set up just like the other people's house, with tie-downs on the wall to hold them in place.  My mom's head was tightly secured to the wall.  My 13 year old sister Jenni had her hips and legs tightly bound to the wall, offering her tight little ass to the party goers.

The thing that I hadn't thought about and didn't expect was that with the other ends of them available, Tasha had thought of a way to keep those ends busy too.  We have two Great Dane's, Hux and Luke.  They were in the room with these two.  Both had their collars secured to the wall, so they couldn't move much at all.  Hux was lined up with my mom's asshole, and by the red, cum-covered looks of things, had been pounded her tight ass since Tasha set this all up, which had to have been two or three hours.

My sister, a little fresh teenager, was blindfolded and had the other experience, as she had also worn a dog collar that kept her firmly under Like's belly, so he could fuck her face for hours and hours.  Her face was covered in cum and there was plenty leaking out of her little mouth.

It was the hottest thing I've ever seen.

It took me a minute, but I eventually started to help Tasha untie everyone and lead them out to a room of cheering party goers.  Everyone was satisfied and it was something I'll never forget.  I've got my fingers crossed that there will be other fun things we can do.  I can't thank Tasha enough for letting me in on my little family secret.

Family turned on Chapter 5

austin3035 on Incest Stories

i know i havent post in forever idk why i havent but here just a little chapter i promise a much bigger one later


They were watched by Diane, their mother. Ten minutes earlier she’d gotten up to use the bathroom when she’d noticed strange sounds coming from upstairs. Even as she’d tiptoed up the stairs, and the sounds grew louder, she never suspected that her children were fu

My Cousin's First Time

Slingblade1981 on Incest Stories

Megan’s First Time


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unt: 1">            It was a Friday night and I had decided to go down to my cousin’s and spend the night. I arrived around 6 or so to find out her parents were going to be leaving early the next morning. Megan and I were very close always had been. One time prior to this I had spent the night and fingered her while we lay in bed. However this night things were going to change between us.

            It was a little after 9 when Megan’s parents went to bed and only about an hour and half later when we went up stairs to lie in bed. Megan and I got under the blankets and lay close to each other. I put my hand on her stomach and rubbed lightly. I slowly moved my hand down to her pajama pants and started rubbing her pussy through her pants. I continued this for several minutes as her breathing picked up. I then made my move.

            I moved my hand up to her waist band and dove in, I moved under her pants and underwear to her slightly wet pussy. I started by rubbing her clit. Then I slowly inserted a finger in to her cunt. She let out a sigh and I began fucking her pussy with my finger. It was then I decided to see what else I could get out of this and started kissing her ear, I kissed her cheek and moved to her mouth. That was all it took and soon we were making out while I fingered her. I inserted a second finger and continued to finger her as she began to moan.

            It was not much longer and I felt her body tense as she let out an “ohhh” and she came all over my fingers. I continued fingering her through another orgasm, then decided it was time for me to get a little action as my dick was rock hard in my pants. I grabbed her hand and guided it to my pants. She got the idea and moved her hand in and wrapped it around my cock. She pumped slowly as I continued to finger her pussy all while we continued to kiss. It was only a matter of time and she had come again.

            I decided to make another move because I wanted to taste her juices. I positioned myself on the bed and tugged down her pants and underwear in one motion. I got between her legs and spread them open. I started licking her inner thigh and licked my way up to her wet pussy. I teased her clit as she began panting. I licked up and down her juicy pussy lips and then dove my tongue deep into her warm hole. I fucked her with my tongue for several minutes until once again her body tensed and she came all over my face. I licked up her juices and then moved up between her legs and started kissing her again. I started fingering her again with one hand while I pulled my cock out of the hole in my pants.

            I removed my fingers and began rubbing my cock up and down the outside of her very wet and hot cunt. Then I started to push it in to her very tight hole. I shoved it all the way in as she moaned out in pleasure and pain. I lay there deep inside a minute to allow her pussy to get used to the feeling. I then pulled back slowly and then pushed in again. I began slowly then picked up the pace. It was only a few minutes and she began moving her hips thrusting her cunt at my cock. I fucked her faster and harder and within time I felt my balls start to tingle. I shoved myself in deep as I came inside my cousin’s pussy. That was it for her and only seconds later she was having another earth shattering orgasm. I rolled off of her and kissed her again. We lay ther cuddling until we both fell asleep.

            We awoke and had sex two more times that night, each time a little more exciting than the first. It was the beginning of a new relationship between me and my cousin. It was not till about two weeks after that incident that I found out I had taken her virginity that night.

            Let me know what you all think and maybe I will tell you what happened the second time I slept with my cousin.

my little Izzy

perv4lilgrls on Incest Stories

          Isabelle was awakened by a sudden noise. Her eyes popped open to see her brother rummaging through her panty drawer. He was shuffling her panties all around. He quickly glanced back at her to see if she had heard him. She closed her eyes without him seeing them open or so she thought. He continued until he

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grabbed a pair and pulled them from the drawer. He held them to his nose and inhaled deeply.

There really was no smell other than the smell of fresh washed panties. He was just dreaming of his sister’s scent and aroma from the pairs he use to take from the dirty clothes bin. Quickly he dropped his boxers and placed his sister’s panties on.
This seemed to shock Isabelle a bit. But did the sight of him putting her panties on or the size of his erect penis shock her. She was not sure, but she knew she was starting to get moist. She could feel the juices begin to dribble from her pussy to her thighs.
Her brother, Henry, began to slowly stroke his cock through her panties. Rubbing the material that was cover his cock with his hand up and down the shaft. She could see the enormous size of his penis and was beginning to rub her own clit without knowing. Her juices were beginning to pour in a steady stream from her pussy and she was now sliding a finger into her hole as her brother started to play a little more with the head of his cock.
She could hear him moan slightly as his strokes increased in tempo. She also realized that her strokes were increasing also. She began rubbing harder on her now engorged clit. It was protruding from its hood with pride and sensitivity. As she continued so did her brother. Suddenly Henry let out a loud, “ OH YES Izzy! “ Just then Isabelle let out a moan as her body tighten and stiffened.
Henry turned to see Izzy quivering from her powerful orgasm as his cum was spraying all over the dresser, his hands and her panties. He was steadying himself on the dresser with his other hand as the cum poured forth from his cock. Isabelle was unaware of his gaze upon her as she was in a new world of her own.
Finally Henry stopped cumming and proceeded toward Izzy’s bed. His cock, still protruding from her panties was not shrinking much. Her panties looked so tiny wrapped on his body and trying to retain that mass of meat. Henry’s cock did not deflate much from his orgasm as thoughts were now on taking his sister.
Isabelle was just starting to come down from her euphoric high, when she realized Henry was gazing down upon her young, voluptuous body. He had pulled what covers were left on her body off and stared intently at her damp, bald pussy. Izzy still had her finger wedged inside her lips as Henry pulled her cum covered panties from his body. She just stared in amazement at the size of his cock.
Henry dropped onto the bed and Izzy pulled away and toward the other side.
“ Don’t be afraid Izzy. Why didn’t you say something while you were watching me? How long were you watching me? “
Isabelle was moving to the edge when Henry grabbed her arm and pulled her back. She had a slight look of terror in her eyes, but could not remove her gaze from his cock as she was turned to look in his direction.
“ So you seem to be very interested in my cock I see. Would you like to try it on for size? “
Izzy now looked, briefly into Henry’s eyes and then back down to his cock.
“ I have never seen a cock like that. It scares me. “ She spoke with a slight quiver in her voice. She was now removing her finger from her pussy.
Henry grabbed her hand, as she did and moved it toward his now hard cock. She instinctively grabbed the shaft and tried to wrap her fingers around it. It was huge compared to her tiny, little hand. Her fingers could only get halfway around his meaty shaft. As her hand latched on Henry released a nice soft moan. Izzy just stared as her gentle began to move up and down the shaft.
“ Would you like to try some of this? “ asked Henry.
Isabelle, having never had this experience before, just gave a quick look up to him.
“ I know that this is new to you Izzy and I will be as gentle as I can. “
Isabelle was starting to relax a little and getting a grip on the situation. Henry then stood up and moved closer to the head of the bed and placed his hand on the back of Izzy’s head and pulled it toward his cock.
Izzy tried to stop him, placing her hands on his pelvis and pushing back. Alas Henry was much stronger and he moved her close to his cock.
“ Don’t fight Izzy. It will only make matters worse. “
“ I don’t know what to do Henry. It is too big for me. “
“ No baby girl, you will be amazed at what you can do if you try and listen to me. “
“ I’m scared Henry. I have only seen one porno and the man was making the girl cry from the size of his cock going in and out of her. He was putting it in her mouth, pussy and ass. “
“ I will do the same to you, but I will be gentle with you.”
With those words he pushed his head toward her mouth and forced her lips to part. His mushroomed head was large. Her lips could barely get around it. He could hear her muffled cries of protest as he pushed his meat inward. Once his head was in it seemed as if her lips were locked in place and she could not get them off.
The rim on his head had taken her lips and forced them to stay rapped around his head. She attempted to remove her lips, but couldn’t get them back over the ridge. Her eyes began to well up with tears as the massive size of his cock was stretching her mouth and jaw to new extremes.
Henry smiled as he looked down on his sister trying to unlatch herself from his cock. He pushed in a little deeper and Izzy gasped, coughed and choked. A little spit sprayed from the sides of her mouth as she coughed and gagged from his intrusion. Henry pushed once more sliding about three inches into her mouth as she convulsed in the normal method of a protein expulsion. Henry popped his cock from her mouth as she gasped for air.
Tears were flowing down her cheeks and dripping from her chin onto her newly budding breasts. She was coughing and gasping, as Henry took his cock in hand and began tracing it around her face. Rubbing it up and down each cheek, around her mouth and then slapping her on both cheeks with it.
“ You said you wouldn’t hurt me!”
As Izzy tried to wipe the tears from her face, Henry reached down and grabbed her legs and spread them wide.
“ NO DON’T!!!!!”
Henry pulled Izzy toward the edge of the bed. Her sloppy, wet pussy glistened from the dim light coming through the window. He could see droplets dripping from her lips. She may protest, but she is turned on and wanting thought Henry.
With this he took his cock and began rubbing it up and down Izzy’s slit. The cum and juices were covering his head and Izzy’s sniffles and cries were turning into moans and groans. She would flinch every time his massive head rubbed her clit. She could not believe how sensitive it was. She had never had such a sensation.
Suddenly without any kind of warning, Henry pushed the head of his cock into her slit. A loud “OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH” could be heard coming from her.
The velvety smoothness of her pussy was just amazing on Henry’s cock. The force at which her pussy wrapped itself around his meat was something he had never experienced before. Henry had fucked many a woman/girl before, but none had ever felt like this.
Isabelle was just amazed at how much pain was coming from her pussy. The thing was though that it was not a bad pain. Her juices went into overdrive just from the insertion of Henry’s head. She could feel her pussy trying to grab his cock to bring it in further. What was going on, she had never wanted this before.
Henry pushed a couple more inches in as he came to her hymen. It tickled his head. He could feel the precum dripping out. He pulled back the two inches and pushed in again, ever so slowly.
“ Izzy, I am going to pop your cherry and it will be extremely painful for a little while. I will hold you and wait for you to get accustomed to it before I continue.”
As Henry pulled back and lunged forward, making short work of the popping part, he pushed his mouth over Izzy’s to stop the scream that had tried to escape from her. He pushed his tongue down her throat and she almost bit it. He tried to keep her going with his kissing. She had tears just running as rivers down her cheeks. She was finally responding to his kisses with little moans.
Without any kind of warning, Izzy pulled from his mouth and said, “ OH Henry, FUCK ME PLEASE!”
Suddenly Henry started to pump his cock into her pussy. He began slowly and found only five inches would fit until he hit her womb. So for him it was almost like jacking off. He started to pick up the pace with his short strokes.
Isabelle started to squeal, as her orgasms were starting to coming in rapid succession. One after another she was cumming and cumming. The lubrication was making Henry quicker and quicker. Suddenly Henry felt his cock pass the hole of life. He had plunged into her womb. Now his animal was taking over. He was now slamming eight inches into Izzy, who had finally passed out. He was firing on all cylinders as he pounded her pussy unmercifully. He had a hold of her ass cheeks and was trying to get more of his cock in, but couldn’t.
Suddenly his balls tightened and he exploded like an atomic bomb deep inside Izzy’ womb. He quickly filled her womb and was quickly filling her pussy. Cum was pouring from him like a hydrant. The force of the blast was like never before. He had lost count of the number of squirts when he finally pulled his cock from her pussy and began spraying all over her face and body. Henry was fighting his exploding cock like a fireman with a hose. His cum was covering little Izzy’s face and chest like a snowfall on a mountaintop.
Isabelle awoke from her semi comatose state to all the cum drenching her body. She found her eyes a little hard to open as the heavy gobs of cum laid upon them. It was hard to breath through her nose as the nostrils were filled. As she opened her mouth, more gobs of cum dropped into her throat as she gagged while swallowing them and trying to get some air. She moved her hands over her eyes to clean them up. She looked and saw Henry finishing up his cumming. His head tilted back and his hand wrapped tightly around his cock as he proceeded to squeeze the last of the cum from his balls.
Isabelle moved up and began kissing Henry’s head. His eyes sprang open as he looked down to see Izzy licking the drops of cum oozing from his head. She looked up with her eyes as he looked down on her. She smiled at him as he did to her. His cock was jumping every time she flicked her tongue across his head.
“ You like that don’t you? “
Isabelle just nodded her head. She started to scoop the cum from her chest and belly putting it in her mouth and gobbling it up. She did the same to her face. She tried to get every drop she could. Henry took his hands and placed them near her mouth, where she proceeded to lick them clean.
After all the licking and cleaning, Henry climbed in next to Izzy. He wrapped his arm around her as they got into the spoon position. Isabelle could feel the massive cock pressed against her ass as they drifted off to sleep.
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Me and my cousin pt. 1

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My Cousin and I pt.1

"Finally it's friday" i exclaimed as I woke up. See, I'm so excited because my lillte cousin Jessica is spending the night, Let me tell you why I'm so excited. She is 16 years old and about 5'1-5'3, about 90 lbs brown hair, brown eyes, and a bad ass body. She has these little tits that I've never seen before, but all the times i've imagined them, i pr

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etty much got them down, especially since ive seen her older sisters tits. Theyre about a b cup, small brown areolas and 2 nipples that are brown and very eatable. She has a coke bottle figure that just blows my mind everytime i see her. And her ass, oh my gawd! she has an ass that i just want to grab ahold of everytime i see her and just bite it and massage it.

"Hey Joe" she said as she first entered my room.

"Hey jess, u spending the night?" as if i already didnt know.

"Yeah, the whole weekend" when she said that my heart skipped a beat because i knew sometime this week i was going to see her in her 2 piece bathing suit considering that it is summer and about 90 degrees outside.

"Joe, im going to be downstairs ok" shouts my little sister monica

"Ok, ill be here" i shout back "You going too jess?"

"No, im a little tired, so i think im going to take a nap in monica's bed"

"Iight" i say back. Now's my chance i think to myself. As soon as she dozes off, ill sneak in and see if i can catch a glimpse of her body. I begin to watch tv as if not even thinking of my cousin for about 45 minutes. As soon as i dont hear anything froom my sisters room, i start to make my way to her door. I held my ear to the door to try and see if jessica was still up, nothing, so i slowly cracked open the door. There she is, laying there with her back towards me. Her shapely ass sticking out from under the sheet. I caught a glimpse of her black bra strap because the spaghetti strap shirt she was wearing was starting to come off her shoulders. I slowly made my way into the room, trying my hardest not to make a sound. She suddenly jerked in the bed and i froze. It was mothing, just a dream. She then readjusted herself on the bed and stuck her ass out towards me even more than before. that simple movement gave me an absolutely great look at her purely puerto rican ass. The shorts she had on were so short, i could see the curve of her ass that met her thick thighs. I immediately got a hardon, and me not wearing any underwear, my cock was completely visible to anyone who woke up or entered the room. Deciding that this would be possibly the most of her that i would see today, i pulled out my cock and started to jack-off. I started to moan her name, softly so as not to wake her up. i moved in closer and gently touched that part of her ass that was visible to me. again, she shifted in bed, but i didnt care, i kept on doing what i was doing. I slid my shorts off completely and stood there in all my glory with my cock in my hand, and my fingers on her ass. i must've been beating it too loud because she slowly awoke and sat up, not having enough time to pull my pants up,i just stood there, hoping that she wasnt completely up and went back to bed. but she didnt, she just looked at me with those beautiful eyes and said "Joe, what the hell are you doing?!" damn it, if she tells anybody, im in deep shit considering that im 19 and her blood cousin. "Damn jess, im so sorry, i dont know what came over me, please dont tell anybody" i tried to beg her but to my surprise she didnt say that she would or wouldnt, she just looked up at me and said "Can i touch it?"

"hell yea" as i said this, she reached out her hand and gently rubbed her fingers along the lenght of my shaft.

"wow its hard, and real hot"

"you should fell it inside you" as soon as i said this, i knew i was taking a big risk, first of all my sister could come up at any minute or jessica could realize what i wanted to do to her and scream her little head off.

"maybe i will" when she said that my jaw dropped almost to the floor. she wrapped her hand around my erect cock and just held it "do you want me to do what you were doing?

"yes" i said. she started to move her hand up and down my shaft, jacking me off.

"damn jessica, that feels good"

"your dick is sooo hard, is it because of me?

"yes, yes it is" she then took her tongue and slide it across the head of my prick.

"ohhhhhhh" was all that i could muster as the feel of her tongue on my prick was too much to take.

"did that feel good Joe?"

"yes, try putitng it in your mouth now"

i helped her because i could see that she was a little scared of what i asked her to do. I grabed the wrist of the hand she had on my cock, and guided it to her lips.

"Now open them and put the head in"

"ok" she said, as she opened her mouth and slide 2 inches of my cock in her young mouth.

"ooooooo wow jess, now take more of it" with that said, she just giggled and looked up at me as she took 4 more inches of my cock

"h-h-have you d-d-done this b-b-b-b-efore?

"mmmhmmmm" i took that as a yes when she deepthroated that rest of my cock

"fuck jess, suck my fucking cock" she bobbed her head up and down my cock like a pro. slurping and sucking my precum as she played with my balls.

"Fuck jess im gonna cum" i was sooooo hot from the sensation of my cousins mouth sucking my cock and her hand caressing my balls that i nearly exploded then and there. she took my cock out of her mouth with a loud pop.

"do u want to cum in my mouth Joesph?" my beautiful cousin asked me

"fuck yes i do" with that, she went back to sucking me off. She now had one hand on my balls, one wrapped around my shaft and her head bobbing on my cock.  i reached down and felt her little tits. i pinched her nipples through her halter top. I then slipped the straps off her shoulder and let the top fall from her bra. then she undid her bra, never breaking stride on my cock and let her tits bounce free from their lacey prison.

"wow those are pretty" i told my cousin, trying to keep myself from coming too soon.

i decided then that i wanted to feel her virgin pussy. i reached down and played with her belly button. she undid her tight shorts and stood up, again my cock fell from her mouth with a pop and a trail of saliva ran from my cock head to her mouth, dripping down to her tits and stomach. she wriggled out of her shorts with a devilish grin and a little shimmy that made me even hotter. she knealt back down and sucked in my cock without the use of her hands, wow was she fucking good at this!

I reached down to her surprisingly trimmed pussy, she must shave because she was practically bare with the exception of the little strip above her clit. i felt my way around and found her hooded friend. she must've been enjoying this as much as i did because she was literelly dripping wet, her pussy lips slick with her juices. I slipped my index finger inbetween her slit and with my thumb caressed her clit. i felt her moan on my cock and that made her go even faster and deeper with my cock.

"fuck im gonna cum jessica" even though i tried to warn her, she never stopped, keeping the same furious pace as before. with one last stroke into her throat, my cock spurted its white hot streams down her throat.

"fffuuuuuuuuccckkkkk" i excalimed as i felt my cock drain its manjuice into my 16 year old cousins stomach. she tried her hardest to swallow my entire load, but it wasnt gonna happen, little streams came out form the sides of her mouth and dripped onto her nipples then the floor. she kept sucking me until my cock went limp.

"that was fucking great jess"i said as she let my cock slip from her mouth and stood up, barely coming up to my chin.

"you taste great Joe, did u like it?"

"yea, i loved it jess, you really knew what you were doing"

"youre not the first cock ive had in my mouth" that was good, very good, i didnt need a rookie sucking my cock.

"we have to do this everytime you spend the night here"

"yea we do, i loved suicking your cock, and i would love to know what your dick feels like inside my tight cunt" the way she talked to me completely changed the way i saw my cousin, she went from this little innocent girl, to this cocksucking, fuckdoll-like woman.

"me too jess, i want to fuck you so bad"

"tonight, when your sister falls asleep, ill go to your room"

"ok dont knock, just come right in ok, ill be waiting"

"ok" she said as she stood on her tippytoes and deeply kissed me, her tongue darting around my mouth, the slight sweet taste of my cum along with it. and with that, she went back to bed and i went back to my room, thinking of what we just planned to do tonight. boy, i cant wait.....

Daughter and Me Part 2

necodemas on Incest Stories

Your Pregnant thats fantastic my love, I swept Miranda up off her feet and gave her a passionate kiss, after we brock our kiss I layed her down on the sofa, " well now what are we going to tell your mother my love?" Miranda just sat there for a few seconds and then she said the strangest thing." Daddy I think she knows I am pregnant, she asked me the other day if I

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had my period and I told her no, she did not say anything Daddy but I know what she was thinking ". I did not know what to say, my love was pregnant and I did want our baby that was growing inside her, Miranda do you think she knows I am the father? I said. " I don't think so but she will ask who is, I am sure of that Daddy so I was thinking maybe we should get her into a threesome with us so she will know who my baby belongs too". What did you say ? I was stuned," I said lets seduce mom into a threesome with us so she will know that you and I are lovers daddy". You think we can baby? " Yes daddy I got you to become my lover and father of our child so we can get mom to be with us too ". Do you like woman Miranda? " Of course Daddy, my first lover was Kim, you remember Kim daddy the girl that used to live down the street, we became lovers a year ago, just before she moved, we fucked each other alot daddy, you where my first real cock daddy, but Kim was the first to have my pussy, anyways she was the one who started me thinknig about us having a baby, she got pregnant with her fathers child daddy, thats why they moved away, she said she could not think of having any other mans baby but her fathers and when she told me that I knew it was true for me too, the only man I want to have children with is you my love." Well I don"t think your mother likes women baby, she has never shown anything close to a sexual attraction to any woman I know of and remember I have know her alot longer than you. " You let me worry about getting mom in our bed daddy, trust me I will make it happen, it will be fun turning mom bi like her daughter and also it solves the problem of trying to explain how I am carring your baby, now daddy my love I think before mom and Britt get home we should make mad passionate love to cellibrate you and I having a baby what do you think?" Miranda stood up and lifted her top over her head, then reaching around her back to unclasps her bra and those wonderful full tits of hers came into full view, wow was she gorgous, Miranda started to cup her tits and then brought her head down as far as she could and lifted her tits as far as they would go, her tongue then came out and she started to lick her nipples to rock hard, " Daddy soon your baby will be suckling my tits, your baby will be taking milk from them, You want to suck your tits, they are yours you know, my pussy is yours too and I think you should make my ass yours today too, do want to fuck me up my ass daddy?" Yes Baby I would love to fuck that wonderful ass of yours but I thought you might not like it my love, every time I tried you would kind of push me away. " I love anal daddy, Kim fucked me up the ass with a dildo a few times, I just wanted you to come in my pussy till I knew I was pregnant daddy, same thing with you coming in my mouth, I love the taste of your come daddy but I just did not want to waist any of your seed my love but now that does not matter till I can get pregnant again so yes I want you to fuck my ass so bad, I want to feel you fill my ass with your hard cock and with your hot come daddy, and after you have filled my hot ass I will suck you hard and you can come in my mouth " Come here baby and let me suck on my tits, Miranda smiled and slowly walked towards me, cupping her tits with her hands, her nipple sticking out just begging to be sucked, Miranda bent down and shoved her tits into my face, my hands came up and guided her left nipple into my mouth, god she has nice nipples, they are like little rocks when there hard and boy where they hard, Miranda let out a sigh as my mouth took as much of her tit in as would fit and my tongue started to dance around her nipple, " I can't wait " she moaned. You can't wait for what ? I asked then quickly put my mouth back over her tit. " I can't wait till mom is sucking my tits while you are fucking my pussy my love, I can't wait to watch her fingers around your cock as she guides you into my pussy and I can tell you to make me pregnant again while her tongue is playing with my clit and her fingers are teasing your balls, making you come in my furtile pussy, its going to happen daddy, mom will be there with us when you get me pregnant again, I promise my love" MMMMM I hope so baby, that is so hot, thinking about your mom guilding my hard cock into your wet pussy, you telling me to make you pregnant, but I think I need to make that ass of yours mine baby, lets go to bed so I can take my hard cock and sink it deep into your cute bum. Miranda straightened out and with a sexy smile she turned around and started to walk to Tammies and my bedroom, I wondered when Miranda would start sleeping with me everynight as my wife after all she was the mother of my child like Tammy and I wanted her as my wife. As I followed Miranda to OUR bed Miranda was stripping out of her jeans and thong, wiggling that ass of hers to tease me. Miranda baby " Yes Daddy" I want to ask you something. " What Daddy?" I got down on one knee in front of her and said Miranda I need you so much, your carring my child, you are the one I love so much and I want you to become my wife, will you marry me? For the first time in a long time Miranda seemed stunned then her eyes grew brighter and said " Yes Daddy ohhh YES I will marry you " and she jumped into my arms " You have made me so Happy Daddy, I want to be your wife daddy so much" No Baby you have made me the happiest man in the world, and we kissed again so passionatly that I thought my tongue would break.

Miranda started to take my cloths off, once I was naked she looked me in my eyes and said, " I want to suck you my love, I want to make you so hard that you will have no trouble getting deep in my ass. " With that her mouth surounded my head and then my hole shaft dissappeared into her mouth, now Miranda has teased me with her mouth a few times in the last three months but now she was giving my cock the best blowjob I had ever had, her tongue glided underneth my shaft as her throat swallowed my head, then slowly so slowly slide my cock out till just my head was on the inside of her lips, then back down into her throat again, all the while Miranda was looking up into my eyes to see the my reaction to her mouth on my cock, after five minutes of this wonderful BJ I was as hard as I have ever been, my cock felt like granite and Miranda slipped my cock from her mouth and got on her hands and knees on the bed turned her head around and said " My love my ass needs your hard cock deep inside ". I wanted to give her a little tongue plessure too so I bent down and drove my tongue into her wet and very hot pussy, Miranda gave a low long ahhhhhhhhhh as my tongue sank as far as I could go into her, god she tasted like honey, I started to lick her pussy and clit like a cat, moving my tongue flat from her clit along her lips to the skin between her bung hole and the botton of her cunt then back to her clit, drinking her juices as they flowed from her pouty pussy lips. I knew that it was time to get my first taste of her asshole, that puckered rose colored hole I had wanted to fuck for a long time. As I spread Miranda's cheeks she lowered her lowered her tits to the bed so her ass came up to my mouth, her sweet puckered asshole was inches away, what a site and I waisted little time sticking my tongue for the first time onto that sweet rose bud. Miranda srarted to moan loadly as my tongue started to lick her ass and penetrate her bum, " Yes Daddy lick my ass, stick your tongue in me my love, I love your tongue " and I did just that! I had had anal with Tammy but she did not really enjoy it so we never really did it much, but Miranda was pushing her asshole into my face, trying to force as much of my tongue into her anus as she could get and I was loving it, but as much as I enjoyed reaming her asshole with my tongue my cock was in need of her ass as well, with Miranda's ass pointed in the air and her tits smashed against the bed I got to my knees and entered her pussy to lube my cock. Miranda yelled YEEEESSSSSS as my hard cock entered her tight pussy, I sunk my cock as deep in her as I could, making sure I was completly covering my cock with Miranda's juices, then I slowly withdrew my cock and placing both my hands on her cheeks and with my left thumb I placed the head of my rock hard cock at the entrance of her sweet ass then I start my hips forward and watched the head of my cock start to enter her anus, that little puckered pink hole just seemed to open up and swallow my cock. As soon as Miranda felt the head of my cock enter her she started to move that ass of hers back towards my body, forcing me in deeper and deeper till I was fully burried in her, " Oh YES my love, fuck your ass, fuck me hard Daddy, FUCK YOUR ASS HARD" oh I wanted to fuck her ass hard but with my cock burried to the hilt in her super tight ass I thought I would blow my load right then and there and that was not what I wanted so I started very slowly to pull my cock out, god she felt wonderful, I knew I liked anal sex but with Miranda I loved it and so did she becouse as my cock almost came out of her ass Miranda push hard against me and my cock went back into her, Miranda's ass was sqeezing my cock, I started to fuck her now, long deep strokes a little faster then a little faster then it was a full blown hard ass fuck for 5 minutes, Miranda was screeming for me to fuck her ass, to blow my load deep into her " Daddy fill your ass with your hot come, Daddy I want to feel you shoot in my ass, fuck me till you come Daddy I want it sooo bad!!!!!" With one final hard thrust I started to empty my ball into Miranda's ass, I was coming buckets and Miranda feeling me shoot off in her just said " YEEEESSSSSSSS" and pushed herself hard against me. Wow does it get any better I thought as my cock started to shrink after the climax I had, and as my semi hard cock slipped from Miranda's ass she quickly turned around and took my cock that had just been burried in her ass and it went right in to her mouth and disappeared, MMMMMMMM came from her mouth but it was her tongue and sucking that was starting to get me hard, it seemed so dirty that Miranda was sucking me off just after it had been in her ass but one of the most erotic things I had ever experienced and my cock was responding to her attension and my thoughts, I could not believe it but I was getting rock hard again, Miranda started to finger fuck herself while she was sucking my cock, her tongues was working magic on me and I was thinking it would not be long till I filled her mouth with my seed. My cock was released by her mouth just long enough for her to say "Daddy I am close to coming, come with me my love" and back my cock went into her mouth, and one set of her fingers started to massages my balls, who was I to argue so I let myself go, I started to fill Miranda's mouth for the first time and she sucked me harder as the first gobs of my come slashed the back of her great mouth, Miranda started to come as her other set of fingers worked her cunt and clit to perfection, as I was coming down from the rush of coming twice in 10 minutes I said to myself who would not want Miranda as his wife, daughter or not I was going to let her marry anyone but me. " I love you Daddy" Miranda said as my cock slipped from her mouth, I love you too baby, Baby I may be your father but now I am going to be your husband so maybe you should start calling me Bill and with a big smile Miranda said " I love you Bill " we kissed and then got dressed before Tammy and Britt got home.

Developing with Aunty June

Jane Cole on Incest Stories

It was an exciting time in my life. Whilst most of my friends seemed to have gone through puberty a little earlier than me, I was only just beginning to find out about what being a woman was like. My puffy little nipples had expanded and a shapely curve of flesh had developed aroun

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d and under them. My vulva was still mostly bald, but curls of hair had appeared and I began to enjoy playing with them, testing their springy-ness. During these explorations I also began to notice how pleasant it was to touch that soft mound of flesh and push my fingers between the folds - the glow that spread through me like a slow wave and, of course, the moisture that developed in my vagina. I knew enough about these things to enjoy them without any sense of guilt or shame, and tended to spend more and more of my private time doing so.

A lot of afternoons I spent at my uncle and aunt's house. They lived near my school and I often had to wait until after dark before one of my parents could take me home. Uncle Robert was an engineer - a intelligent man who, in retrospect, was married to his job. Aunty June was a photographer, and it was her that took care of me in the afternoons. I had always admired her. My father was a working-class man, and my mother was a meek woman who supplemented my father's income by working as a sales-assistant at a supermarket. So, my aunt was a strong role model for me. I admired her creativity and the relative success she had had in her career. This is the first chapter in the story of how, over a period of weeks, I became my aunty's sexual plaything.

In early Autumn I began training for the school's cross-country running team. I enjoyed exercise, and liked to keep fit. Training for the cross-country, however, really wore me out.

I arrived exhausted to my Aunt's house one afternoon and, after a quick hello, went straight into the shower. When I was drying myself she knocked on the door and offered to give me a massage. She suggested that I come out while my muscles were still warm from the shower, and that I should just wrap a towel around myself.  She had always been kind and warm towards me, but I still had a sort of formal, respectful relationship with her, common to most girls and their Aunts, and she had never gone out of her way like this for me before. Even so, I though it sounded like a good idea. I did exactly what she said but, out of modesty, couldn't help but slip on a pair of clean undies under the towel.

 "Lay down on the bed here. Put your hands by your side, and part you legs a little so I can get stuck into both of them. Just try to relax," she told me. She had a bottle of moisturizer and began to squeeze some into her palm. I was perfectly relaxed as she began to kneed the sole of my left foot.

"Do you like this, Emily?"

"Yes, that foot was really sore today."

"Good. Tell me if I am going to hard, or if it starts to hurt, okay?"

She worked her way up to my calves, using her thumbs to separate the muscles. Occasionally I groaned when she hit a bit of muscle that seemed to have grown into a tight, painful ball. She began kneeding the back of my left knee, stopping for a moment to replenish her moisturiser. Next, she switched to my right foot and worked her way up to my right knee.

"Still nice? Let me know if you want anything done differently."

"No Aunty June, its nice. Thank-you."

She inched the towel up around my bottom and began sliding her thumbs and palms firmly up the centre of the back of my right thigh. I actually felt a little bit embarrassed that I had put on my underpants, against her instructions, feeling foolish for being so modest. But her massage felt wonderful, as though she was halving the tension like the red sea. She used long sweeping strokes that only stopped when the tips of the finger of her left hand grazed against my bottom. After a few firm strokes she changed to the left side and did the same thing.

"Is that feeling better, Emily?" she enquired.

"That feels great. Thank-you so much."

"I'll just finish off with a bit more of a nice relaxing massage. Would you like that?"

She began back at my ankles, and with light touches of her finger tips traced her way up to my thighs and back again with long sweeping strokes.

"Do you prefer that, or this?" she asked, and turned her hands around as they passed my knees to lightly draw her fingernails across my skin. A shudder ran up from my thigh, through my spine, to the back of my neck, raising goosebumps on my arms. In a way it tickled, but felt incredible. "I think you like that one", she said smilingly.

"Mmmm, thats nice," I hesitated, wanting to sound as though I was really giving it proper consideration. "I like them both!"

She switched back to her finger tips and traced small circles up my left thigh. It still tickled, and my skin began to crackle with electric sensations at each point where her light touch made contact. My attention was intensely focused on her fingers as they moved up either side of my thigh until her thumbs rested lightly on the cotton of my panties. Her hands pivoted off her thumbs, allowing her fingers to trace delicate circles on the sides of my upper thigh.

"Feeling relaxed?" she asked in a dreamy voice. I just let out a long sigh.

My entire consciousness was focussed on the skin of my upper thigh, so I instantly noticed when the upmost finger angled upwards no more than a few millimeters and grazed the cotton on the crotch of my panties. Then the finger itself moved, and I jumped slightly as it landed on the edge of my panties, on the soft skin at top of my thighs. It remained there, slowly tracing light circles up and down against the elastic, against that sensitive skin so close to my vagina. The most incredible feeling swept through me: a jot of electricity followed by a strong, flowing warmth. But at the same time my mind snapped to attention and all the muscles of my body tensed up. My breathing began to come and go in short gasps.

"Just relax, darling", said Aunty June, "enjoy the massage."

My mind was suddenly racing. "What's happening? Is she supposed to do that?"

A corner of my mind told me that something was wrong, but I quickly told myself not to be foolish. "This is Aunty June. She wouldn't do anything wrong to me. You are over-reacting to a perfectly innocent situation." Slowly my body relaxed again, and I decided to allow myself to continue enjoying the massage. And enjoy it I did. The slight pressure of her one fingertip, stroking the soft flesh against my panties, became the sole focus of my attention. 

"Do you like that, Emily?"

"Mmmm," was all I managed. Communicating with her verbally made me feel a little uncomfortable again.

Her hands switched around, so the fingertips of her left hand rested on the left cheek of my bottom and the fingertips of her right hand on my right cheek. Her thumbs came down to the inside up my upper thigh, resting lightly against the edge of my panties. Again I shuddered with a warm bolt of pleasure. She began to draw them up and down in synchrony, brushing them against my thighs and outer crotch. This time I let an involuntary "ugh" escape from my slightly parted lips, and began to squirm my hips a little. The feeling was amazing - unlike anything I had ever imagined. Her fingertips, too, began to fan out across the pink cotton covering each cheek of my bottom, sending with them little jolts of electric pleasure.

"You have a lovely bottom, Emily. You're lucky. We have good bottoms in our family," Aunty June stated, casually.

"Thank..." I began, but my voice failed me. "Thank-you", I said again.

"Which do you like most? What my fingers are doing, or my thumbs?" she enquired with the same casual tone.

"Um... probably... the fingers." It wasn't true, but for some reason I didn't want to give away just how amazing her thumbs felt as they brushed my delicate skin. 

"Part your legs a little more."

Parting my legs seemed to widen the angle where my thighs met my crotch, and her thumbs worked in even more snugly. 

"Thats better, isn't it? I always enjoy a good massage after I've exercised. Are you enjoying this one?" she asked.

"Yes, thank you."

"What part do you like most, Emily?"

"Um..." I hesitated for a few seconds, "probably when you used your finger nails".

She removed her thumbs from my crotch and, lowering one hand to the back of each knee, stroked her fingernails slowly and lightly up to the creases of my bottom. Again I moaned, "Ugh", and almost arched my back with the sudden jolt of pleasure her fingernails sent up my spine. A warm glow spread up my back again, restoring goosebumps to my arms. Her fingernails continued, up onto the cotton of my pink panties, and traced broad circles on my sensitive bottom. They turned and traced back down my bottom, with the small fingers on either side of my bottom drawing down the valley between my cheeks. Next, her right hand left my bottom and I felt it land softly on my upper right thigh. Her left hand also left my bottom, and for a moment it seemed to have disappeared. The next thing I knew I was being lightly touched by two fingers right in the centre of my crotch, where my thin pink panties covered the mouth of my vagina.

"Augh!" I moaned, and my hips jumped of the mattress. An even more incredible sense of pleasure coursed through me, made more intense by the shock I felt at being touched in such a private place. I had never been touched there before.

Now the fingers began to rub very gently, and every cell of skin on the lips of my vagina seemed to feel them individually. I felt incredible.

Suddenly I was struck by a horrifying thought. I remembered that when I played with my vagina, such pleasant feelings were always accompanied by my vagina becoming very moist. Sometimes the moisture even dripped out of me in globs of slimy fluid. I became terrified that that might be happening to me now! What would my Aunty think of me if she saw me reacting that way to her massage?

"I think you must be enjoying this a lot, Emily. Are you?" my Aunt enquired, just as these guilty thoughts passed through my mind.

"Yes Aunty June."

"How much?"

"Um... a lot?" I answered tentatively, not knowing what kind of response she was looking for.

"Well, I think we'd better finish up there. Would you like it if we had another massage after your next training session?"

"Yes, please."

"Good girl."

In a final gesture, she stroked all the fingers of her left hand up from the bottom of my crotch, where it met the mattress, across my thinly-covered vagina, through the valley of my bottom, and across my left bottom cheek. I turned my head to see if she appeared to be finishing her massage just in time to see her lowering her hand from her face, as though she had been smelling it. She gave me a friendly smile.

"Why don't you go and pop your clothes back on before your mum gets here."

I pulled the towel back down to cover my bottom, and pushed myself off the mattress to get up. Aunty June had walked out of the room, and I went to where my clothes were piled in the bathroom. As soon as I had closed the door I let the towel drop, and hurriedly took off my panties. To my horror, the entire crotch was stained dark pink with moisture. The gooey liquid was so think that globs of it were sitting on the cotton. Placing two fingers in my vagina I felt that it was still very wet, and I pulled my fingers out coated with slimy moisture. How could I have become so aroused by a massage from my Aunty? I felt confused and ashamed, but I also still felt incredibly exhilarated. Even the touch of my own fingers sent shivers through my naked body.


For the next few days I continued to feel uncomfortable about that afternoon at Aunty June and Uncle Robert's house. My confusion over what happened and, more importantly, how I could have reacted so lewdly to my Aunty's good-intentions seemed to always be on my mind. When I had returned to the house the day afterwards, I felt a little awkward in front of my Aunty and I was probably less talkative that usual. Luckily my Uncle arrived home early for the remainder of the week, which eased the tension.

Early the next week my mother took a call from Aunty June, and told me that she had offered to give me some lessons in photography. I was excited by this, having secretly always wanted to try photography because of my adoration of Aunty June. They arranged for dad to pick me up late the next evening so that she could teach me some of the basics.

When I arrived that afternoon I was concerned to learn that Uncle Robert was not going to home until late that evening, but consoled myself by knowing that Aunty June and I would be out-and-about with our cameras. Still, I had to admit to myself that a part of me wanted to have another massage, and I even felt a thrill of excitement at the thought. I had been thinking about it a lot during the week, and not just in a guilty way.

"Well, Emily, I'm very pleased that you are interested in photography. I have some photos ready to be developed today, so I thought we'd start from the end and work backwards. Have you ever been in a darkroom before?"

"No...". My heart leapt into my mouth. Would I have to be all alone with her in a darkroom until late that night? The thought of it made all my discomfort reappear.

She took me to the back of the house, to a small door next to the former bedroom of their youngest child, who had recently moved out of home to start university. She opened the door to reveal a small room with a number of sinks, a clothes-line running overhead, and a bunch of boxes and bottles stacked neatly against one wall.

"Here it is... this is where all the action takes place," said Aunty June, smiling warmly, "Come in."

After I had entered she switched on a red light and closed the door.

"Its important that nobody disturbs us when the prints are developing, so we'll make sure this door is locked", and with that Aunty June turned a key in the door and placed it in the pocket of her blouse.

Aunty June walked to a bench, where she took some paper out of a black bag and placed it under a machine that looked like a microscope. 

"First we're going to expose the paper to light, but the light is being shone through a negative so that the paper will absorb the image of the photo. The process of developing the print, which we'll do next, is all about using chemicals to bring the image out of the paper", she explained as she worked.

She shone a light through the machine for a few seconds, and then placed the paper in a bowl of liquid.

"Come and have a look Emily".

I walked over to her, and saw that the black and white image of a tree in a park was beginning to appear on the paper. She placed the paper in some more liquid and explained that after developing the image it was important to stop the imaging from developing too much.

"Do you want to try one?" she asked. 

"Sure. It doesn't look too difficult," I smiled.

Going to the machine, she moved the negatives to select a new photo, and then showed me where to switch on the light to expose the paper.

"Now, take the paper to the developing fluid and make sure it is fully and evenly immersed".

I placed the paper in the liquid and held it down with some tongs. Before my eyes an imaged began to appear - a young woman laying back on a couch, staring intently at the camera, wearing nothing but a pair of track-suit pants.

"Oh, thats a great photo," said my Aunty, "What you are developing there is a shot of one of the models I work with."

I felt embarrassed looking at a naked woman with my Aunty, but assured myself that this was the kind of thing a photographer would do on a daily basis.

Aunty June came up behind me, leaning over me so that our shoulders were touching.

"She is a very beautiful woman, don't you think."

"Yes," was all I said, merely for the sake of replying.

"Put it in the next solution now so that we don't ruin such a nice shot," she instructed. "This woman has such beautiful breasts. They are very full, and shapely."

I didn't know what to say.

"What do you call breasts, Emily?"

I hesitated, again unsure what to say. "Um... I just call them breasts, I guess".

"Yes, but there are a lot of names for them," said Aunty June, as though she were giving me a lesson. "I usually call them tits. Have you heard them called that?"

I had. "No, not really".

"Trying saying it... say 'I think she has nice tits', just to see how it sounds".

"I think she has nice tits," I repeated.

"What do you like about them?"

"Um.... they're nice and round... They look nice."

"Yes, they are very beautiful. And her nipples are very shapely. I remember they were dark brown, and you can see that they rise up to a nice pointy tip just at the base of her tits."

I looked at her nipples and noticed hat Aunty June was correct - they did have a nice shape.

"I always wished I had nicer tits, but now that I'm a bit older I think they are just fine. Your mother and I have very similar tits. Here.. have a look".

Aunty June stepped back from me, pulled her blouse out of her knee-length skirt, and began to undo the buttons. I felt uncomfortable, but continued to watch her out of politeness. Underneath her blouse she had no bra, and her breasts appeared as she shrugged off each shoulder of her blouse. They were not large, but they had weight to them, and retained a circular shape about the size of a mango. Her nipples puffed up from the rest of her breasts, like mine appeared to be doing, and the tip of the nipple sat somewhat flatly, like a button, at the centre of that puffy pink area.

"Lets compare yours to mine," said Aunty June.

"But I don't want to get cold," I protested feebly.

"Don't worry about that... it gets quite warm in here with the door closed".

Aunty June reached forward, took the hem of my school sport t-shirt in both hands, and raised it over me head. I had a sports bra on, though I really didn't need a bra yet. Aunty June also pulled that over my head. I warm surge or embarrassment swept over my chest and face. Aunty June was smiling warmly, staring at my young breasts. The still cool air hit my nipples and I felt them tighten. Small goose-bumps appeared on the raised pink nipples. I noticed that the cool air must have effected Aunty June as well - her previously flat nipples now stood about 5 millimeters out from the surrounding pink area.

"Oh... those are some lovely young tits you have there, Emily."

"Thankyou," I replied politely.

Aunty June reached out and touched the base of my left breast, just where it had begin to protrude in a curve of flesh from my chest.

"Mmmmm, very firm," she said. Gently stroking the bottom of my breast, she moved her hand to the side of my chest and pulled to turn me around. As I turned she came up behind me and pulled me against her. My head rested between her breasts, and I felt them nuzzling my ears on either side of my head. She reached both arms around me and hugged me to her.

"You are a very precious girl Emily, and I've always thought you were wonderful," said Aunty June.

"Thank-you Aunty June".

"Sometimes things can get difficult in life and it always helps to have someone who cares about you. I hope you'll always see me as a person like that", she paused, "and it is always comforting to have someone special who can comfort you and make you feel nice."

"Thankyou," I repeated.

Her arms unlocked from around me and both hands came up my pelvis. Rather than coming to land, they hovered over my breasts so that both of her palms gently grazed over the tips of my nipples.

"Augh!" I gasped. The familiar electric sensation seized me, shooting out of my nipples and down my pelvis to my crotch.

"Do you like me touching your tits, Emily?"


"Tell me then..."

I paused, but realised there was nothing to do but go along with her. 

"I like you touching my tits..."

"Tell me 'I want you to keep touching my tits Aunty June'", she said calmly.

"I want you to keep touching my tits Aunty June"

"Okay then Emily. I can tell you are enjoying it. Its very pleasant, isn't it?"

I felt terribly embarrassed, but I was also in a blissful state. Each small circle of her palms pulled my nipples in little circles and sent a warm glow through my body. 

"Yes.. it is so nice to be able to comfort each other, and make one-another feel nice", she stated. "Do you know what it means when people talk about having a 'wet pussy', Emily?"

I was pretty sure I knew what she meant, but shook my head.

"When a woman feels nice her vagina becomes nice and wet. It means that she is feeling very pleasant. Another name for a woman's vagina is 'pussy'. People might tell you that only a man can make a woman's pussy wet, but that isn't true. A woman can make her own pussy wet, or another woman can make her pussy wet. Does that make sense?"


"Is your pussy wet now, Emily? I just want to know if I'm helping you to feel nice."

"Um.. I don't know..." I was horrified to think that it probably was.

"You had a wet pussy last week when I gave you a massage..." said said, and paused to let her words sink in. "It was very wet, in fact. I liked that because it meant you were enjoying the massage. Do you remember that you pussy was wet?"


"Good. Its nice to know that you are helping someone to feel good. Tell me that I made your pussy wet last week, Emily. Say 'Aunty June...'"

"Aunty June, last week you made my pussy wet."

"Thats good, Emily. Were you gratetful for what I did?"


"Well, let me know so that I know to do it for you again. Say 'Aunty June....'"

"Aunty June, thank-you for making my pussy wet during your massage last week."

"You're welcome Emily. Any time. Any time you want me to do that for you, just ask me. Any time you need some comforting just say,'Aunty June, can you please make my pussy wet?', okay?"

"Okay," I replied.

"Lets just see if you are feeling relaxed right now..."

My Aunty's hands left my nipples and her fingertips trailed down my flat abdomen to my skirt. She reached down to my thighs and raised her hands up under my skirt to my hips. All my muscles were tense with nervousness and excitement. She hooked her thumbs under each side of my panties and lowered them over my hips to my thighs. Then one of her hands pushed them lower until they fell to my ankles, catching momentarily at my knees. I glanced down to see a dark stain and visible moisture covering the crotch of my light blue panties. 

"Spread your legs a little, Emily."

I did as I was told.

"Now lean forward for me and lean against the bench."

I also did that. Aunty June reached behind me and raised my skirt over my bottom so it sat bunched on my lower back. I felt a flush rush over me at the embarrassment of having my bare bottom and vagina exposed like that, in clear view for my Aunty. At this angle even the cheeks of my bottom would be parted and she would even be able to see my anus quite clearly. Standing that way made me feel as though I was offering it all to her, allowing her to touch it or look at it as she pleased.

"What a lovely smooth bottom, Emily. And I can see that your pussy is nice and moist."

She placed a hand on the lower curve of each of my bottom cheeks and slowly, tantalizingly, slid them forward around the top of my thigh along both sides of my vagina.

"Why do you think they call it a pussy, Emily?"

"I don't know..."

"Well, firstly, when a woman gets a little older than you it becomes nice and furry, just like a cat. So it is nice to pat and stroke. And also, like a cat, it really likes to be patted and stroked. Usually having it patted and stroked even makes a woman purr like a pussy-cat."

She removed one hand and placed it on my hip. The other hand cupped my entire vulva and began gently rubbing back and forth. I arched my back with the sheer pleasure of the sensation Aunty June was creating, and parted my lips as I looked to the ceiling.

"Mmmm... your pussy is very excited, Emily. If you feel like you need to purr or make other noises, feel free to. I'd like to know I was doing something nice for you."

"Okay..." I managed to breathe in a whisper, "Augh....".


"With the tops of my fingers I'm touching your clitoris," she began a slow circling action with the tips of her fingers at the top end of my vulva. "Your clit is an especially sensitive part of your pussy. It is very pleasant to have someone touch your clit if they do it in the right way. It is also very pleasant to have someone kiss it. Maybe sometime if you ask me I will kiss your clit for you, Emily."

I looked down, between my legs, and saw her fingertips cupping my crotch, applying pressure in a circular motion. My skin had turned bright red from my belly right up to my breasts. I noticed that I had also begun to rock my hips back and forward, grinding my vagina into Aunty June's hand. I was feeling incredibly good - my mind had drifted into a dream world. Aunty June released the pressure on my clitoris and lowered her hand. I looked back between my legs and felt embarrassed to see her cupping her hand about 10cm below my vagina. A long stream of liquid was seeping out of my vagina, and Aunty June was catching the drip in her hand. When it finally dropped into a small pool in her palm she withdrew her hand to reach up under her own skirt, though I couldn't see exactly what she was doing.

"Can you see the picture in the water in front of you, Emily?"

"Yes," I looked back to the table.

"When I touch you from now on I want you to keep your eyes on the woman in that picture. Okay?"

I didn't know why she wanted me to do that, but I nodded my head. I felt her reconnect with my clit, using the opposite hand. It still felt incredible.

"What are you looking at on the picture, Emily?" she asked, recommencing a gently rubbling motion.

"Ah.... her eyes."

"What else can you see?"

"Her hair..."

"Yes, and lower down?"

"Her tits..."

"What are you looking at on her tits?"

"Her nipples....Auugh...."

"Do you feel nice while you look at her tits and nipples, Emily?"

"Ye... yes..."

I noticed myself rotating my hips, forcing my clit against Aunty June's fingertips. My mouth was hanging open, and I was beginning to breath very heavily.

"Tell me what words you have learnt from me today."

"Tits... pussy.... and... ugh... clit..."

"Another good word for a pussy is 'cunt'. For example, 'I enjoy touching your lovely cunt, Emily'. Also, you might like to use the word 'fuck'. Thats what it is called when you put something in your cunt to make you feel good, like a finger or something else. So you might say, 'Please fuck my pussy with your fingers', for example."

"Oh... augh..." I began to feel that I was loosing control - that the pleasant feelings were overtaking my mind. I stared at the tits in the photograph to try to remain focussed.

"Finally, you might like to know the word 'cum'. Thats when you feel so nice that all the excitement comes in one explosive feeling. You might say ' Aunty June fucked my cunt until I came', or 'Please Aunty June, can I make you cum'. I think you might be going to cum any second now, Emily, and then you will know what I mean."

I was barely listening to Aunty June. Her words were washing over me like background noise. I felt my body rushing towards a feeling of overwhelming pleasure that scared and excited me. I could feel it coming and could do nothing to stop it.

"Emily, make up some sentences to show me that you have understood all the words I have taught you today," Aunty June demanded.

"Augh.. um... my cunt is wet..." I moaned.

"Yes, go on."

"Fuck me till I cum..."


"Augh... touch my tits and kiss my clit... fuck my pussy... AUGH...Aunty June! AUGH..."

I was lost in an overwhelming sensation. I wasn't even able to talk. My legs began to shake and buckle underneath me. Warm waves rushed over my body and jolts of electricity coursed from my pussy to my tits and back again.

Suddenly it was over, and I collapsed into my arms on the bench top. Now I knew what it was like to cum. My body was warm all over, and a gently glow of pleasure still radiated from my clit, where Aunty June's fingers were resting gently. All I was aware of was my breathing, and Aunty June's rapid breaths.

"Augh..." I heard her gasp behind me. Looking around I saw her staring at my pussy, with her left hand under her skirt and her mouth hanging wide open. I guessed that she was also rubbing her own clit. Her tits bounced up and down, throwing her nipples into a rotating motion.

"Oh Emily... Oh... your little pussy is so sweet... I love you so much..." she suddenly blurted, "Augh... fuck.... you cunt... you beautiful little cunt... I need your fresh young cunt.... AUGH!"

Aunty June suddenly stopped, released her hand, and grabbed hold of both of my hips as though she was holding on for her life. She pressed against me, raising her skirt over my still upraised bottom. Leaning over my back, she kissed me between the shoulder blades, breathing heavily all the time. Her tits were wet with sweat against my back, and her warm legs nuzzled up against my own bare legs.

"Wasn't that nice Emily..."

"Yes. Thank-you Aunty June."

She sighed, "You are very very welcome, Emily. We can do that any time you like. Would you like that?"

"Yes..." and I was completely genuine. It had felt amazing and I wanted to feel that way again, despite the rising feelings of guilt I still experienced.

"Good. I really do love you, do you know that?"


"Well..." she said, standing up and straightening her skirt, "We should make the best of our time and process some more of these photos. What do you say?"


my litte cousin Dana, part 2

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It had now been about 3 years since we last went to visit our cousins. I bought a car online and needed to go pick it up. luckily for me it was in the same city dana lives in.

My mom went with me to go get the car and when we got to it. The dman thing didnt work. So i took back my deposit and counted the trip as a waste.

The good thing was we got to stay 2 nights at danas h
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ouse. After it being so long since dana and i first played i didnt know how to continue or even if she would still be ok with it. Since we arrived she had been very shady towards me, not talking, not even saying hi.

Well later that night i decided to go farther. we all had to sleep in one room. its a small 2 bedroom apartment they live in. so my mom and danas sister were on one bed. Dana was on another, and i was on the floor. i lay awake pondering whether or not i could do anything with her. so finally after about 2 hours of laying there. i was sure everyone was asleep.

i reached up and started to fondle dana a little bit. i squeezed her breast and got no response.

 (let me take this time to describe her for you, shes hispanic, 13 at the time, budding breast with small areolas, a cute little ass that will make someone very happy some day. perfect body, not fat but not anorexic. long brown hair and beautiful full lips)

as i lay there touching on my sleeping cousin, i coudnt beleive i was doing this while 2 other girls were in the room. this was such a turn on for me that i started to carress danas little ass. with this she finally stirred and told me to stop. so i did, and said i wanna talk to you. so we talked about why she was acting wierd around me and she said because i didnt say hi. i laughed at this and kissed her and said is that what you meant? she just turned around and pretended to go back to sleep.

i went back to rubbing her cute ass through her little cheer leader shorts she was wearing. i worked my way around and started rubbing her pussy. at first she was hesitant but the more i did it the more she liked it. she started to spread her legs for me a little bit. once i saw she was enjoing it. i made her come off the bed and join me on the floor.

she came down and laid there just waiting. i once again started to rub her sweet little cunt and she was really getting into it. I started to pull on her shorts to get better access, and she tried to stop me but she kept giving in, she raised her ass so i could pull them all the way off. So i went ahead and took off her panties too.

there i was, in a small bed room, my face inches from my cousins now naked pussy, my mom and my other cousin asleep not even 5 feet from us. and i stuck out my tongue and tasted dana for the first time. she shook with the tingling of it. i immidiatly loved her taste, she was young, fresh, and was letting me do whatever i wanted to her. i ate her pussy out as though it was the last in the world. and at this rate i didnt mind if it was. she was enjoying it soo much that here and there she let out a moan. i was terrified. imagine my mom waking up to seeing me eating my cousins pussy.

i licked her lips, and played with her clit for a while, then she started shaking and what i would guess to be cumming. my mouth was covered with her juices and i went to kiss her but she denied me the pleasure. she put her undies back on and got into her bed and went to sleep without saying a word to me.

Feeling satisfied at the thought of being the first man to make my hot little cousin cum, i went to the bathroom and finished the job myself. then went to sleep.

part 3 coming soon. it continues this trip, and i get to unknowingly fuck her ass.

That's How The Cookie Tumbles

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That’s How The Cookie


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es,serif;" class="MsoNormal">For readers who are looking for a story of how it came to be
that I had sex with my own niece, I’m afraid that this will only disappoint you
because about the only thing that truly sticks out in my mind was our first
time of sex, which is basically what I’ve put to writing. The lead up consisted
of many, many, little things starting from the time when she was about 13, but
nothing that would take up more than a short paragraph or two.

I can’t even say if I was the one who led her on, or if it
was just something that developed on its own. Because I was Cookie’s favorite
uncle, she seemed to snuggle up to me more than she did with others in the
family (and I, in turn, seemed to play with her more than with any of my other
nieces and nephews).

I think the first time I touched her inappropriately was
when she was 13. Cookie was teasing and taunting me, and that escalated to the
point where I had begun tickling her. All of a sudden, after one of her violent
shifts of laughter, my hand actually landed on her tiny breast. Of course, it
had been accidental and I pulled my hand away as if I’d just touched a hot
stove. Still, the way my mind had suddenly become alert, I think that was the
first time that I became aware that my niece was no longer a child. In fact,
the incident seemed to be the trigger, which soon had me looking at the
youngster with surprise and possibly suppressed lust. My surprise was at how
she had managed to mature without my noticing. From there I found myself
looking at her more and more.

Maybe it was that Cookie had occasionally noticed me looking
at her legs or chest, or maybe it was just that she was maturing, but whatever
the case, it was during the next year that I found that I was becoming totally
aware of her femininity whenever she would sit on my lap or rest back on my
chest. I soon began to purposely breathe in her youthful aroma when we were
close to each other. I also started to deliberately, yet surreptitiously touch
her young body. That my niece never objected meant that she either never
noticed or that maybe she was okay with my doing those things.

It was soon after Cookie turned fourteen that we began
playing eye games - - or maybe it was just my imagination, I’m not sure. I only
know that whenever I was over visiting at her house, our eyes seemed to play
with each other. I tried to figure out whether it was only my imagination and I
finally decided it wasn’t. It was also around that time that I began to
masturbate at night with visions of the youngster in my head, and I was
continuously awash in self-recrimination for the thoughts I was starting to
have about her.

She had just turned 15 when this happened. It was a little
after 4 P.M. on a Saturday afternoon,
and I had gone over to visit her mom and dad. When I got to their house, I
found that Cookie was alone. Ken and Mindy had just left, and apparently were
going to be gone for the rest of the day. They were going to do a bit of
shopping, and then go to dinner and a movie. They weren’t expected back until
late at night.

They’d left my niece some money to call for pizza, and Cookie
had been going to have a friend over later. Even though my sister and her hubby
were out, I decided to visit with my niece anyway.

It wasn’t long before I found myself looking at the
15-year-old as if I was a lecher (which I suppose I was). She had been wearing
tight jeans, and her shapely butt was a sight to behold. A few times, she
caught me looking at her as she was walking about, and she smiled. At one
point, I swear that her eyes went to my crotch, which, although not the first
time, was certainly enough to get my adrenalin pumped.

It was while I was trying to keep my attention away from her
body and on the TV that Cookie told me that she would be back in about 15
minutes; saying she felt so grungy, she wanted to take a quick shower.

It was about a half-hour later when the youngster returned
and this time she was wearing a skirt and blouse. I swear my cock hardened when
she walked into the room, because it was obvious that she was trying to impress
me. I mean the skirt was so short that I’m sure that my sister didn’t even know
about it or if she did she probably forbade her daughter from wearing it.

Cookie had also put on some eye make up and she had on a
tint of lipstick, which she never wore around the house. However, it was the
youngster’s blouse that really got my attention. It was a light blue silk
pullover and to my amazement, my little niece’s nipples pointed through; she
obviously wasn’t wearing a bra.

I caught my breath at the sight and she paused and smiled,
looking into my eyes. I was sure that the youngster wanted me to do more than
look; this seemed like a transparent invitation. Yet because of her age and our
relationship a voice was screaming in my head not to do anything.

Our eyes held and I could see that she was breathing very
hard. I think we were both afraid to speak, both afraid that our voices would
fail, both afraid that we might find that it wasn’t so, that we were making up
something in our heads that really didn’t exist.

“God you’re so beautiful,” I finally whispered.

Cookie looked at me as if she were struggling with what to
say. Finally, she asked, softly, “Am I?”

I nodded and sat up straight, then moved forward on the
cushion, spreading my legs as an invitation for her to come by me.

My niece took a breath and then slowly walked toward the
easy chair in which I was sitting, until she was standing directly in front of
me. I slowly lifted a hand and watched her reaction. The youngster simply
watched me as I reached out to touch her left thigh, just below the hem of her miniskirt.
The feel of the soft flesh of her thighs was causing my penis to tingle.

I looked up and saw that Cookie closed her eyes as I touched
her, at the same time I noticed that she was breathing more rapidly. I began to
slowly massage her thighs, staying below the hem of her skirt.

"Cookie, would you like to see how you attract me; how
you excite me?”

She seemed frozen on the spot, afraid.

“Sweetheart, open your eyes and look at me."

She did as I asked and then I motioned to her with my eyes to
direct her gaze down to my crotch. As she slowly complied, I opened my legs
even wider, so as to lewdly display my hardened cock, bulging pants and all,
for her eyes. It turned me on to show my young niece my erection through my
pants, and it turned me on even more to see the expression on her face as she
stared at it, her mouth open, speechless and wide-eyed. At fifteen, she may
have been pure, but she wasn’t unaware of life.

"Cookie you've never been with a man, have you?"

The youngster shook her head from side to side in response
to my question. Her face was full of excitement and nervousness.

"Have you ever seen a man's hardness before?"

She indicated no with the slightest movement of her head,
and I didn’t detect anything to indicate that she wanted me to stop.

I don’t think that I’d ever been so afraid in my life. That
fear only fueled my excitement.

Tentatively, I began to slide my hands up under her skirt,
feeling the smooth, firm muscles of her upper thighs, then further up to her
firm buttocks. If I would have sensed or seen any aversion in her eyes, I would
have stopped. Instead, I saw excitement mixed with fear on my niece’s face; the
fear obviously of the unknown. With my cock now throbbing, I continued to feel
the youngster up under her skirt, waiting to see if and when she would stop me,
and pull away, but it never happened. By her breathing pattern, I sensed that Cookie
wanted more.

Nervously, I took the next step. My right hand slowly slid
around to the front of her body, gently moving in between her legs - - I could
feel her trembling. She knew what I was about to do and obviously was at least
partially willing, maybe even totally. When she didn’t reach down to stop me, I
then gently cupped the crotch of her panties.

As my hand gently cupped her, Cookie moaned. Then she took a
half step outward, opening her legs more and giving me greater access. My hand
explored her mons through her panties. My niece was very wet. I began to rub
gently at the crack where her pussy lips puffed and met. When she moaned again,
I moved my fingers up, searching for and finding the small protrusion. I slowly
rubbed her clitoris through her thin panties and my niece began to grind her
little mound ever so slightly against my hand.

Cookie then looked at me and began to speak haltingly,
"Uncle Ron...can I…I want to...Ohh my god...," With that, she let out
a sigh.

"What is it, Hon? What do you want, sweetheart?"

"Can I see your pe...your c-cock? I've never seen a
man's thing before."

My cock was so hard it couldn’t get any harder, but because
of its excitement, it seemed to want to try to enlarge even further. Unable to
do so, it caused it to hurt from its super tightness.

I stopped rubbing her and began to open my pants. I wanted
nothing more than to display my hardness to this beautiful young teenager. As I
opened my belt buckle and began to unzip, I whispered, hoarsely, “Lift your
skirt for me, Hon. Let me see you there.”

Our eyes met and held for about ten seconds. I saw my
15-year-old niece swallow nervously and then she reached down to grasp the hem
of her miniskirt. With both hands, she slowly drew the skirt upwards, her hands
seeming to almost move in slow motion. She had undoubtedly decided to cross the
line, just how far I wasn’t sure. I determined that it was time to take the
chance to find out.

Raising myself up off the chair, in one move I lowered my
pants and briefs, exposing my erect cock to the youngster. By then my balls
were tight and full of cum. I lowered myself back to a sitting position
directly in front of her.

Cookie stared at my cock for what seemed an eternity. My
heart was pounding, wondering if she was going to run away or possibly scream,
while hoping beyond hope that she was willing.

Finally, she whispered, "Can I touch you, Uncle Ron? I
want to know what it feels like when it gets hard like that."

Then, without waiting for my reply, the teenager moved.
While still holding her skirt uplifted in her left hand, she bent a bit, and
then reached down with her right hand. I sucked in my breath as I felt her soft
fingers slowly and gently wrap themselves around my throbbing flesh. Her
fingers were hot to the touch on my cock and I had to keep from shooting off at
their touch. Instead of immediately either pulling away in fear or beginning to
touch about in curiosity, Cookie’s hand paused in place. The heat from her hand
seemed to be burning my shaft, which itself was heated. After about 30 seconds
in which I guess she was coming to grips with what was happening, Cookie soon
began to slide her right hand up and down my throbbing cock, drawing
lubrication from the precum that was leaking out the tip. With her left hand,
she continued to hold her skirt up around her waist and exhibit her
panty-covered pussy to me. I can’t tell you how arousing that sight was, to see
my own niece’s nakedness from the hips down, only covered by her panties.

The time had come to make a decision, either to let her
continue touching me, working her hand about my flesh, and come all over her
hand, or go for what I really wanted.

I gently grabbed her right wrist and stopped the movement of
her hand on my cock.

"Doesn't that feel good…? Did I hurt you…?" she
nervously asked.

I smiled and reached up to her blouse. Immediately the
youngster understood what I was going to do. To my relief, my niece wanted this
too. Letting go of my cock and her skirt, she lifted her arms as I raised the
blouse above her head.

In one movement I tossed it aside. Then I looked in wonder.
I had guessed right, Cookie wasn’t wearing a bra. My eyes immediately
scrutinized the smallish round cups of flesh with their hard pointed nipples.
They were about the size of oranges and stood out proudly, taut balls of flesh.

"They're beautiful, baby girl."

My niece looked at me questioningly and I knew what she was

"No they are not too small, in fact they are perfect;
so firm and round. Such nice nipples."

With that, I began to caress her hard little nipples and she
again closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure. I then leaned forward and took
one of the wondrous morsels in my mouth, gently sucking on it. I heard her
gasp. My cock grazed up against her smooth, naked thigh as I licked and sucked
her nipples. Cookie began moaning again and I knew that the teen was not going
to stop me from anything. I nipped at the nipple and she pushed her chest into

With reluctance, I left my niece’s breasts and began to undo
the buttons on the side of her miniskirt. When the skirt was loosened, it
floated down her legs to the floor. She stood there in nothing but her blue
nylon panties, which fit her as tight as if it was her own skin. I reached up
with my hands and placed them on her hips. Then after looking up to her face, I
moved my head to her crotch and inhaled the young female musk that was
emanating from her pussy. Then I began to lick her through the panties. I heard
her gasp as she instinctively opened her legs even further to give me greater
access to pleasure her. I reached around and cupped her hot butt cheeks in my
hands as I lapped and breathed into the heated crotch. It didn't take long to
bring the youngster to her first orgasm. She shuddered and grabbed the back of
my head pushing it into her nylon-covered crotch. Her firm, quivering thighs
gently squeezed my head.

As she began to recover from her pleasure, she straightened
up and looked again at my throbbing erect penis.

"Do you want to put it inside me, Uncle Ron?"

I groaned at the thought of having her. “Oh god yes, baby
doll. There’s nothing that I want more. I’m just so afraid if someone was to
find out…”

“Me too, but I promise…I won’t tell.”

This was no time for either conversation or debate. I really
had very little control over my needs.

I stood up and my niece gave me room, taking a step back.
Then, I gently pushed her back until she was against the couch. With my
guidance, she lowered herself on to it. I reached down and put my fingers into
the waistband of her panties. As she watched me anxiously, I paused, giving her
time to back out. With no objection forthcoming, I then pulled them down her
legs to her ankles. Hurriedly, she then kicked them off and raised her knees
up, knowingly spreading wide her thighs.

Cookie’s female instincts were taking over her body as she
revealed her virginal pussy in all its glory. At the same time, I lowered
myself to my knees on the floor, directly between her parted legs, my eyes
zoning in on a 15-year-old’s pussy for the first time in my life.

Instinctively, Cookie tried to close her thighs. So many
girls her age think that their vaginas are disgusting looking.

I stopped her. “Please don’t baby girl. Let me look at it,
it's so sexy, so womanly. Your pussy is beautiful."

The youngster looked up at me and then turned her reddened
face away from mine.

"It’s got hair there now. That makes it ugly. Mom won’t
let me shave."

I answered her by smiling at her and bending forward to lick
her again; this time, without the barrier of her nylon panties, I let my nose
go up into my niece’s hole, just smelling and inhaling her awesome musky scent.
Carefully, I pulled her pussy lips apart with my free hand and probed my tongue
into the inner surface of her inner lips.

Cookie cried out from the intense pleasure she was feeling.
"Oh, my God, Uncle Ron, that's wonderful. That is the most incredible
thing ever."

Her thighs had already turned out, presenting her pussy
fully to me. And I knew in a few seconds she would feel something even better.

I tried to fuck her with my tongue, wedging it into her as
far as it could go.

“Ahhhmmmm, ooooh god Uncle Ronnnnghh ahhhh…!”

I was attacking the youngster’s cunt with my mouth and my
tongue, eagerly sucking, licking, and stroking her clitoris. I was determined
to make her cum. She was moaning and whimpering; ramming her pussy into my face.
Her young body was rocking and thrashing about excitedly on the couch. With my
tongue, I pushed her the hood of her clit out of the way and sucked her swollen
love button into my mouth. My lips formed a seal at the base of Cookie's
adorable clit and I applied a gentle suction, caressing the engorged sides and
top with my tongue.


Like most women, almost reflexively, the youngster squeezed
my temples with her legs and pressed on the back of my head, forcing my face
into her pussy, which was already fucking upward.

"Ohmygod, what's happening?" she cried. "It's

My niece was now continuously moaning as she squeezed my
head between her thighs, pushing her pelvis up to meet my mouth. The moans
turned to mutters as she writhed and bucked from my eager oral ministrations.

After a few minutes of this, Cookie started cumming. I
suppose that she masturbated, but I think that now, for the first time in her
life, my little niece was having an all-out orgasm. The 15-year-old rocked back
and forth on her ass, pitching my head around, while her upper body thrashed
about excitedly on the couch. I kept my arms tightly holding to her thighs and
my mouth kept sucking and licking her clit. Cookie continued cumming for
several minutes until her whole body gave a violent spasm, her back arched and
she rode the highest wave of her climax. She screamed and straightened her legs
up in the air. I pulled back and watched, my face wet with the 15-year-old’s
awesome smell.

Then she watched me with wild eyes that looked like a
frantic animal’s. My cock began to twitch when she said in a very quiet voice,
"Please fuck me, Uncle Ron. I want to feel you inside me."

I looked down at this sexy young teen, her long legs wantonly
spread open, with her knees raised. My niece was knowingly spreading her
thighs, offering her pussy for the first time in her life. Her perfect mound
was open and inviting, all of its wet pinkness revealed to my eyes. Her clit
was standing up out of its little hood of surrounding skin. And her hole was
completely open, waiting for the moment that it would be penetrated for the
first time.

“Okay baby girl. I will. Remember no one can know…”

I gripped her legs just under her knees and moved forward as
I spread her legs as far as I could. Cookie surprised me by reaching down with
both of her hands and guiding my cock to her. Her eagerness was only increasing
the need I felt as the head of my cock first made contact with her wetness. I
was poised to enter my own niece’s pussy-hole when I looked at her face.

"Do it," she said, "but g-go easy, d-don't
hurt me."

I groaned as the head of my cock slid into the youngster. I
leaned into her gently. She was very wet and, in spite of the fact that my
niece was a virgin, I met little resistance. I eased my cock into her, letting
my cock slide slowly into her. She gasped as I slid into her, a low breathy
sound that started as a sigh and built into a groan of pure pleasure.

As she began to open to me, Cookie emitted a long, soft, groan.
Her pussy was enveloping my cock in a warm wet hold. She was tight inside, as
only a young teen virgin could be. Her legs wrapped around my waist and pulled
me to her. Her pussy was wet, heated velvet, I thought I was gonna blow my load
right there. I held very still, trying to regain some control.

I looked down to enjoy the sight of my throbbing cock
embedded within the growth of hair in her pussy. Then she tightened her long
legs around me and began to thrust herself up toward me. I withdrew, then
thrust back into her, and then started pumping my cock in and out.

I backed off and pushed in again - - a little deeper - -
then again - - again; each thrush eliciting a pleasurable grunt from within the
depths of her throat. Probing a little deeper each time, until I finally pushed
my pubic bone against hers. I pushed myself in to the hilt until I could feel
that I could go no further, reveling in the feel of her. YES! I didn’t want to
move for the rest of my life. However, a greater need rose up – I needed to reach
sexual heights as much as I needed air.

I began to slowly move my cock back out and Cookie grabbed
at my hips as if to stop me.

"Just stay in me, Uncle Ron. I want to be filled up
with you."

I slowly pulled back to the sound of a needful whimper, “Nooo.”

I pushed back in, “Yessss.”

I pulled back. “Nooo.”

And pushed in faster, “Ohhhh.”

Faster and faster I went. I began to fuck Cookie as hard and
as fast as I could - - and she loved it.

She opened her eyes, and I could see pure lust as our eyes
met. I withdrew nearly all the way, then stroked back into her. Cookie groaned
aloud and hotly urged, “It’s okay, Uncle Ron. Do it harder - - harder please?”

We started rocking on the couch, slowly at first, I started
thrusting deeper and harder, and she was arching up to meet every thrust,
fucking me as much as I was fucking her.

I reared back to get a better angle and reached down with
one hand to stroke her clit while we rocked back and forth, At that contact, Cookie
started to shiver; her hips started jerking and her pussy clamped down on me
like a vise.

She was gasping now, short ragged breaths. She wrapped her
legs around my hips, pulling me so deep inside her I felt her cervix against
the tip of my dick. My little niece seemed to love fucking! I dug in and pushed
harder, still stroking her clit.

I knew this couldn't last as I had been so hard for so long
and my niece was so worked up. I began to thrust in and out, picking up the
tempo as I felt myself so close to cumming. I ran my hands up and down her
smooth legs as I fucked in and out of her cunt. Cookie instinctively wrapped
those legs around me, squeezing at me as she bucked up to meet my increasingly
more demanding thrusts. I could feel her inner cunt muscles clamping on my
cock, coaxing my cum out. GOD SHE WAS

“Ohmygod ohmygod Ohmygod!!!” she urgently uttered, her cries
now unmistakably those of a girl at the height of pleasure.

Then she was moaning and muttering incoherently and I could
feel my cum rising. She suddenly screamed out, “OH GOD IT’S - - SOMETHING’S I

My hot little niece was cumming, and in an attempt to finish
together, I started to speed up my pumps. The youngster was gasping and
breathing faster; her cunt was squishing as I pistoned in and out of her.

“Oh god baby girl OH GOD let me go…” I was half-heartedly
trying to pull out and she clutched at me tighter, almost as if she knew what
was about to occur. “Cookie oh my god hon, I’m going to … AHHHHHHHH”

She screamed. A wordless howl of pure pleasure. Then she was
hurriedly babbling, "Make me feel it, Uncle Ron. I want to feel you
squirting inside me oh yes fuck me, yes."

I was getting close; I felt my load boiling in my balls. I thrust
my cock in as far as I could and suddenly, I couldn't hold back any longer. I
pushed into her one more time and let go. My entire body tightened as I felt my
cock begin to shoot my copious load of cum into my little niece’s rippling
cunt. As my cock bottomed out within the child, I could feel the precious waves
of her orgasm pulsate through her groin.

Cookie screamed and continued to pant quickly, pushing back
up to me, her muscles clamping on my pumping cock. She was like a wild animal.

She screamed again and continued to cum just as my first
jets of cum shot into her, splashing off her cervix and coating the inside of
her pussy. I felt a warm rush flow over my dick; my niece had cum so much she
was leaking her juices and my jism all over us. She was grasping at me as if
her life depended on it and we worked with all of our passion against each
other as our incestuous fluids met in her heated depths.

I started to pull back, but she grabbed me and pulled my
face to hers.

"No! Don’t take it out!" she hissed. Her legs
tightened around me again and I felt her pussy quiver.

I kissed her and that slight movement set off an orgasmic
aftershock. She shuddered, and my super-sensitive dick was firmly clamped
inside her, sending matching tremors throughout my body every time either of
made the slightest move.

I slowly relaxed against her, our breath mingling,
heartbeats gently slowing to normal, the tremors fading. I kissed her again,
tasting her mouth and lips.

Finally, we both ceased moving. The youngster smiled at me.

"You fucked me and you finished in me. Promise me you
won't tell anyone what we did Uncle Ron."

I slowly pulled out and looked at my niece’s pussy, now
dripping with my semen and her juices, thick and laced with pink. Her lips were
open and puffy. I loved the view I now had of her pussy and her long legs open
for me.

That was only the first time that Cookie and I had sex,
although, after that, I was more careful.

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