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Step Dad Brings Stepdaughter Into Womanhood

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It started just after I met Joanne and moved in with her, her daughter Carolyn & son John.   I noticed her 11 year old daughter Carolyn would walk to & from her room to the washroom totally naked.   She also would walk in on me when I was in the shower.   No matter how we tried to discourage her from this behavior she continued to do it.   Just after Joanne & I got married and Carolyn turned 13,   Joanne & I were in bed and I was p

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ounding into Joanne when the door opened & in walked Carolyn who just stood there and watched as I fucked her mother, when I went to cover up, Joanne whispered in my ear “don’t cover up or stop, let her watch”.   So I continued driving into Joanne till she started to cum when I started to cum deep inside her.   I then rolled off of her onto my back and we looked at Carolyn who smiled at us and left our bedroom.   I looked over at Joanne and asked her “has she ever done that before?”   In which Joanne replied “No, but if she wants to watch she can watch us anytime, as can John” who is a couple of years younger then Carolyn.   The next night when we climbed into bed we started to cuddle when there was a knock on the door and when we hollered for who ever to come in, the door opened and in walked Carolyn and a smile lit up her face when she saw us lying in bed totally naked.   We asked her what was wrong as we thought she was in bed, and she replied “Nothing is wrong; I want to watch you from start to finish this time”.   We said okay she can watch us anytime she likes.   She sat down on the side of the bed as I started kissing Joanne and licking my way down her body, licking around her tits taking the nipples into my mouth and sucking on them for sometime as I reached down and started running my fingers around her clit pushing a couple of fingers into her pussy as I kiss my way down her belly and start licking all around her groin, taking her clit into my mouth & sucking hard on it as I plunged my fingers into her pussy while her daughter watched us with a smile on her face and a look of wonder.   As I then removed my fingers from her and buried my tongue into her and moved over top of her and lowered my rock hard cock into her mouth and then rolled us so Joanne was on top of me.   I reached around and took Joanne’s ass in my hands pulling her pussy down tight on my mouth as I fucked her pussy with my tongue and felt Joanne taking my cock deep into her throat sucking, I glanced over at Carolyn to find her fingers working around her clit under her nightgown, staring at her mother sucking on my cock.    I kept running my tongue from in her pussy & around her clit, taking her clit back in my mouth till I felt her start to cum when I fastened my lips around her entrance drinking up all her juices.  

As I continued licking around her pussy I came very hard in Joanne’s mouth & could feel her swallowing my entire load.   Joanne then rolled off of me and looked at her daughter as some of my cum ran down her chin & she took a finger and wiped it off her chin and stuck it in her mouth to swallow it.   I was still rock hard and put her on her hands and knees taking a hold of her hips and driving my cock to the hilt in her belly.   I fucked her hard and deep Cuming again deep inside of her, we then collapsed on the bed beside each other and looked at Carolyn as she was cumin on her fingers.   Once she calmed down she got up and came over and gave her mother a kiss goodnight and then came around and gave me a huge kiss goodnight and said thank you for letting her watch.

It had been 2 weeks since then and Joanne & I were watching a porno on the TV in the living room and playing around as Carolyn & John were in bed.   I was sitting on the couch with Joanne on the floor between my legs sucking on my cock when all of a sudden Carolyn came upstairs from her basement bedroom took one look at us, then at the TV and smiled.   Carolyn then came over and sat down on the couch right beside me lifting her night gown off sitting there totally naked and started to play with her pussy while she watched her mom suck my cock.   I reached over and tweaked one of her nipples and took her hands away from her pussy and put them on her breasts & then reached down and started to rub her clit.   I looked down at Joanne as I pushed a finger into her daughter’s tight pussy and got a look of approval from her.   Joanne & I then switched places and I buried my tongue in her pussy as I fingered & played with Carolyn.    As I was sucking hard on Joanne’s clit bringing her off, I heard Carolyn say to her mother, “ohhhh this is so good”.   I then removed my fingers from Carolyn and moved over and started running my tongue up her lips and around her clit taking it in my mouth and softly sucking on it, as I reached up to play with one of her nipples.   I drove my tongue as far as I could into her pussy, drinking up her sweet juices as she started to cum all over my tongue, I licked my way up her body and started sucking her one nipple into my mouth sucking on it hard and then taking the other nipple into my mouth, while I was playing with her clit.     Kneeling on the floor in front of Carolyn sitting on the edge of the couch, I reached down and took my rock hard cock into my hand and started running the knob up and down the inside of her lips and around her clit.   I looked over at Joanne who nodded and said “go on give it to her”.   I asked Joanne if she was sure and she replied “Yes fuck her”.   I looked at Carolyn and asked her what she wanted and she told me “For you to fuck me Daddy, to be my first”.   I slowly pushed the knob into her & took a hold of her hips as I slowly pushed into her depths till she cried out in pain when I would stop letting the pain subside.   I then pushed into her till I was buried to the hilt in her belly holding it there till she adjusted and the pain left completely.    I then pulled out very slowly and pushed it back into her to the hilt picking up the pace.   After no more then a dozen strokes into her, I buried my cock to the hilt blowing my load deep into her belly.   I then looked over at Joanne to find her burying her fingers deep in her own pussy & cumming all over her fingers saying “ Ohhhh God Yes, That Was So Hot”.

Author’s Note:   This Story Is To Be Continued






The Apology

anonymous on Incest Stories

            Oh my… GOD. What is THAT Wes? Oh honey, oh honey I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have come in but I just I just wanted to talk and oh god and oh god is that a little boy and a woman having SEX? And it’s cartoons with such bulging features look at her breasts my god in his mouth that’s not re

All For Love: Part 1

naughty_girl69 on Incest Stories

People are always asking me if I love my kids and I always smile and reply, "More than you could possibly comprehend." Some people would say I'm a bad dad or that I must have had something tragic happen to me in my youth to make me think the way I do. I guess if you need to why and when this all started we'd have to go back to when I was 14.

"Oh! Robert fuck me harder! I'm fertile now. Cum in me and get me pregnant." My mother cried out as my father's penis pounded in and out of her. Something was wrong. I knew sex was supposed to be pleasurable but my mother had tears pouring from her eyes.

"That's right bitch! Tell me how

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much you want my cum in you!" He growled at her.

She just layed there taking it. I saw anger flash in his eyes.  When she didn't say anything he hit her twice. Blood began to ooze from her lip and nose.

"Say it you god damn bitch or I swear I'll kill you and your bastard children!"

"Oh baby! I want it so bad! Please oh please come in me!" I could tell her voice was strained but she managed to get it out.

My father began to pound in and out of her furiously. He grabbed her legs and forced them further apart as he impaled her with his cock. Oddly the closer he got to coming the more he seemed to be romantic. He began kissing my mother forcing his tongue in and out of her mouth.

"Oh Elizabeth. Oh daddy loves you. Don't worry baby girl daddy's going to make a baby in your tummy just like you wanted." I was shocked. Elizabeth was my oldest sister. He was caressing my mother tenderly, almost lovingly. Then the anger returned and he slugged my mother again. "Caryn you know what I want! You better convince me you're Elizabeth or you'll get it!" He slugged her again and she cried out in pain.

"Oh daddy. I've waited so long for you. Make my tummy swollen with your baby." When she said it my dad thrust into her one final time and cried out, "Here comes your baby Elizabeth! Oh god, daddy's got a big load for you!"

He quickly pulled off my mother and grabbed her, throwing her into the hall. "Get away from me you worthless piece of trash. For your sake you better be pregnant with a daughter." He slammed the door leaving my mother in the hall sobbing. I quickly left my hiding spot and rushed to her side.

"Mom are you ok?" She just looked up at me and sobbed. Her poor face was swollen and bruised from her "lovemaking" session. "Mom tell me what I can do. How can I help you?"

She looked me with these sad puppy dog and told me to carry her to my bedroom. I gently picked her up not remember she was still naked and carried her to my room.

"Kevin your father wants to have more children. The only problem is he is sterile and has been since the war. He won't admit it and he is taking the blame out on me. I'm afraid that if I don't get pregnant soon he'll kill me." She looked at me hoping I'd understand. I'd been raised catholic but I knew what sex was. I also knew that what I was about to do would send my soul straight to hell but for my mother I'd do anything.

I pushed her gently onto her back and spread her legs. I could see the remanents of infertile sperm my father had left and wiped it away with  a cloth. I pulled my pajamas off and positioned myself at my mothers entrance. My cock was already hard. My mother had been waiting for the day I would begin producing sperm for a long time. Even though she'd seen my cock before she was transfixed by it. It was rather large being about 7 inches and around 3 inches thick. The precum was dripping off my cock with the slightest coaxing.

"Show me you love me son. Make us a baby." She whispered. I needed no further coaxing and pushed into my mothers wet warmth. I knew it was wrong but I was so turned on by the fact that I was now fucking the place where I had emerged into the world. My mother's eyes were transfixed on my cock as it pistoned in and out of her. I could feel her getting wetter and picked up my thrusting. I had to get her to orgasm. It had been a long time since she had. I found her little nubb and began circling it with my thumb while my cock continued impaling her. I felt her hip begin to meet my thrusts.

"Oh Kevin. Mommy loves you so much! Oh God! I'm.....I'm.....I'm cuuummmiiinnngg!" as she said this I thrust as hard and as deep as I could into her. I came so much the cum spilled out before I had even withdrawn from her.

I kissed her mouth gently. "I love you mom."

She pushed me off her and put two pillows under her hips. I put on a robe and left the room having finished my job. I was supposed to meet my girlfried in an hour probably for another one of her sex sessions where I fucked her with a dildo or ate her out and then if I was lucky she gave me a hand job.

In some ways my girlfriend was really where my descent into incest began......To be continued

This is my first story so don't be too harsh but feel free to comment.

daddys little flower

scotslass on Incest Stories

Ater my dad sent brother to his own room he sat on side of my bed, how long has this being going on???????? about 3 weeks now I told him. Has he only touched your cunt or has he had his cock inside, NO NO NO daddy he has only been touching it and I've been touching him.

Well let me showyou what a real man's cock looks like and with that he put his hand inside his pants and brought out this enormous looking thing was easily 9 inches and was all purple and throbbing, now go on touch this one it will make you feel good and make daddy happy.

I put my two hands on his cock and began to stroke it gently like bob had told me, while I was stroking daddy had his fingers rubbing against my cunt lips probing in my little bald p

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ussy. would you like to taste what dady's cock tastes like unsure if I did or not I put the tip into my mouth and began to lick it soon he was pounding my outh and his cock was pulsing daddy's gonna cum now flower he said do you want to swallow it, i'm scared daddy but I will try soon the hot spunk was flooding my tiny mouth but it was too much and I had to let it run down my chin onto my tiny tits.

When I had finished sucking on daddy's cock it was stillhard so he told me to open my legs and he was soon on top of me and his stiff cock head was probing my cunt to find the opening,he thrust inside me and I screamed out because it hurt so much, daddy stopped what he was doing sorry flower it does hurt a little the first time but it wont now, he started to push his cock inside me but my cunt was too small for the whole thing he fucked me slowly then got quicker and quicker and soon his hot sperm was flooding my insides, just as he finished cumming we heard a noise outside and my mom opened the door whats up she asked??? oh!!!!!! nothing daddy said mary was just a little sick and I was seeing her back to bed with that daddy left my room with mom.

Next morning when I got up daddy had told mom he was keeping me off school because of being sick so off she went to work and my brother to school. Did you like what daddy did last night he asked as soon as we were alone, it was a bit sore daddy but if it made you happy then i did like it. do you want to help daddy with his work today while your off school, that would be nice Daddy was a photographer and he did all his own processing so we went down to the basement to his darkroom no-one was allowed in here this was definatly out of bounds.

When we got inside daddy said i had to strip because of the chemicals we sat down and he showed me some ofhis pictures. I couldn't believe there were pics of dads cock and some pics of my mom when she was asleep the pics of my dads cock were real close up ones he was wanking in them and he even had his cock inside someones cunt when i asked whoit was he said was next doors neighbour.

Soon daddy had me on the shelf and his cock rubbing against my cunt lips just as he popped it inside me he took a picture and as he fucked me hard he kept taking pics of his cock fucking me at different positions. He must have fucked me about 10 times that day and he said it would happen every time we were alone in the house. That night when mum was asleep again he came to my room and said he neededa fuck before he went to bed I never knew it but in all those times he fucked me he never wore a condom

More to come

My Dirty Whore of a Mother

Wolf_man_Rex on Incest Stories

My Dirty Whore of a Mother

By: Wolf Man ReX

The author would appreciate any comments - both positive (naturally) And negative - as long as they are logical and constructive. Those who decide to waste their time writing "flames" will find that they have succeeded in doing just that and that alone as they will receive no response. I hope that you find that my work is provocative enough to be

The Perls of Parenting

writethis69 on Incest Stories

All my life my older brother Mark had been the rock of the family. He was successful at everything he did. Both in athletics and business. While I (Eric) was still trying to find myself at the ripe old age of twenty-five.

The adage "It's better to be lucky than good" was a truth I was soon to discover. Mark and his lovely wife were taking a second honeymoon when their single prop plane

Brother visits Sister at College Part 6

breastgirl34c on Incest Stories

Brother visits Sister at College Part 6


This is to make up for what lacked in part 5.


            Brian had been here a day and a half and was leaving in the morning.   I was a bit disappointed, I really enjoyed him (oops did I say that out loud!) I really enjoyed his visit, and I knew that Michelle did too.   Brian went off to the pool again to swim,

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and Michelle and I went right to bed.   Fucking Brian by ourselves, together, and watching each other fuck Brian was really getting to us, it was getting us really hot for each other, so when Brian left, we went at it right away.


            As soon as Brain changed and left my room, I went down the hall to Michelle’s.   After we went at it (no detailed description is necessary I think, if you really want to know, read the first story, it is similar to that, except for Brian walking in on us.) we both just laid there in bed.   We wanted to plan something special for Brian and his last night here.   After we both threw around some ideas, we both came up with it.


            We quickly started planning and calling and talking to people that we wanted to help us out.   By the time Brian returned a little over an hour later, we had it all planned.   Neither of us told him what was going to happen, because we didn’t want to ruin the surprise.


            Michelle and I were in my room and in my bed naked, cuddling watching some tv when Brian got back from the pool.   He saw us laying there and just gave us a smile and shook his head.   We just looked back at him with a cute little look that told him ‘what?   You left us alone.’


            Brian rummaged though his bag to get his shower stuff, then stripped down and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.   A minute or two after he left and we heard the water start to run Michelle poked me in the side, “It’s time” she said.   “Yea yea,” I told her smiling, “I was just giving him a head start.”   With that I gave her a kiss and climbed out of the bed and headed towards the bathroom.


            I found which shower stall he was in and slowly crept up to it.   I looked through a crack in the curtain and saw that his back was to me.   I looked him up and down a couple times, admiring his body as the water ran over him.   I quickly slipped into the shower with out him seeing me and stood there for a minute before walking up behind him and wrapping my arms around his side and grabbing his hanging dick.   I put my head on his shoulder and gave him a quick kiss on the neck.   “Hey there little bro, I needed a shower too before we go out tonight, mind if I join you?” and with that I started softly kissing him on his neck.


            He stood there for a little while, and bent his neck to the side, allowing me easier access to him.   As my lips worked their magic on his neck and shoulders, my hands were working his dick, and were doing a pretty good job at it because I could feel him start to get hard.   When he was hard I started stroking up and down his shaft while still kissing him.   I could tell he was starting to enjoy this because of how he was moving and the slight barely audible sounds that were coming out of his mouth.


            We didn’t last too long like this before his emotions just overcame him and he grabbed me and quickly pushed me against the wall.   He held my hands above my head as he looked at me and smiled.   He looked up and down my body and admired the way the water from the shower ran between my breasts and down over the other curves of my body.   He then moved in closer and pressed himself against me and started to kiss me.   I could feel his hard dick pressed tightly between our two stomachs.


            He held my hands above my head still and kissed me passionately.   Our tongues were swirling around inside our mouths, and his hips were moving ever so slightly to suggest that we were fucking.   All of this was getting me really worked up.   This was my first time in the shower with a guy, so that on top of the fact that Brian was good was getting me really worked up.


            He let go of my hands and slowly traced his fingers down my arms.   He moved his head to the side and started kissing my cheek, and nibbling on my ear, then moved down to my neck.   I kept my hands above my head and had my head tilted to one side as he kissed and nibbled his way down my body.   He worked from my face down to my neck, spent some time on either side, then moved down to my breasts.   He took one in his hand, put his mouth over my nipple and sucked my breast as far in his mouth as he could.   He used his hand to rub my breast, and used his tongue to swirl around my nipple.


            What he was doing felt so good!   I just stood there against the wall with my hands above my head and just soaked in all the pleasure Brian was giving me.   Brian then switched to my other breast and did the same thing he had done before.   Except this time he kept his hand on my other breast and kneaded it a little bit.


            After unlatching himself from by breast, he continued to keep his hands on them and knead them.   He stuck his tongue out and started teasing my nipples with it.   My eyes were closed and my head was still off to one side as he continued on my body.   I let out a soft moan as he licked my nipple with his tongue.


            He continued playing with my breasts for a little while, but brought his leg up, and was humping my pussy with his thigh.   He would push it hard up into my pussy, then slowly back off, then push it hard up, then slowly back off, then hard up and slowly back off.   He was hitting my cilt, so it was sending lots of pleasure though my body.


            Between him playing with my breasts and dry fucking my pussy, the sensations I was getting were incredible.   It felt like lightening was shooting through my body.   My moans were uncontrollable at this point and were coming as they wished.


            Brian then pulled off of me and stood back.   He looked at me standing there up against the wall of the shower with my hands still above my head and my head still cocked to one side.   I was panting to catch my breath.   I opened my eyes to see him smile at me.   I gathered some energy and managed to smile back at him.   He then grabbed his dick and positioned it right at my pussy lips touching them.   I had my eyes closed again, but felt something touch my pussy.   I knew immediately what it was and my panting and breathing got heavier and faster paced.


            When I felt him start to push in I took one deep breath and held it until he was all the way in and had pulled out and pushed in a couple times, then I gasped and my deep breaths continued.   He started out pretty slow and was just pushing in, and pulling out, very slowly, letting us both enjoy this, and enjoying this we were.


            He soon began to pick up the pace and brought it up to a nice brisk pace.   I was really enjoying this, more than I thought I would.   I finally brought my arms down and placed them on his shoulders to help steady myself.   We were soon, once again, fucking like rabbits.


            My knees were getting really weak, so I picked them up off the floor.   To my surprise I stayed right where I was and didn’t slip down the wall at all.   I picked my legs up and wrapped them around his waist and used them to pull him into me and push himself even deeper into me.   When I wrapped my legs around his waist, he pick up the pace even more so we were fucking like mad.


            There we were in the shower, my arms over his shoulders, my legs wrapped around his waist and my back against the wall of the shower with Brian fucking me senseless.   Every once and a while you could hear the smack as I hit the wall again, but mostly it was my screams and moans from being fucked.


            We went at it like this for a little while, until I felt Brian tense up then start to shoot his load into me.   He pushed me as hard against the wall as he could and buried himself as deep as he could into my pussy and just started to unload.


            After he finished shooting his load into me, we both just stood there in the shower, as if we were frozen in time.   I then slowly unwrapped my legs from around his waist and put my legs down to support myself again.   He pulled himself out of me.


            We joined together again in a kiss and when we pulled away, I looked him in the eye, and whispered to him, “I love my little brother.”   He just smiled back.   We then started to clean each other off, getting our hands all soapy and running them around each others bodies.   I ran mine over his chest and over his dick.   He got his hands all soapy and played with my breasts.   He seemed to like the way they were all slick and slippery when they were all soapy.


            We climbed out of the shower and dried each other off, and headed back towards my room to change into clothes to get ready to go out tonight.   Afterall, Michelle and I had big plans for him.   We were excited for it too, we were looking foreword to it.


            I could feel myself getting hot thinking about what would be happening later.   I looked over at Brian as he was putting on some clothes.   I found it cute how he had absolutely no idea what was going in.   He saw me looking at him and smiled at me.   I smiled back.   If only he knew…

My Sister's Rape

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"What the hell are you doing Brad?" Shouted my younger sister Jackie as she walked in on me jacking myself off in her room. I stopped and looked at her, and I looked at her real good. She was 5’1” with short dark brown hair and a body to die for. She had gotten into a lot of fitness crap in the last year and had really toned her body up. That is when I started to notice how hot my 15 year old sister was. she had average breasts and the tightest ass I have ever seen. I had tried to sneak a peek before but I had either been caught or I just missed my chance. I decided right then, this was going to be it.

“I was really horny so I decided to use your underwear to help me get off like I usually do when you aren’t here” I replied to her. “

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Ugh, so that is what I have been finding in my underwear this whole time. Jesus, what the fuck is wrong with you? Put your pants back on or I’ll tell Mom.” Oh no she wouldn’t . I quickly crossed the room grabbing her around her body pinning her arms to her sides and put a hand over her mouth. I brought her into the room and closed the door hoping that would prevent anyone from hearing her momentary scream in a second. I release her for a second and grab some of her underwear for binds. She immediately screams for help and I am there right away. I wad up some of her panties I had already came on earlier and shove it into her mouth. I then use a loose shoelace to tie it in place for now. next I tie her arms together with some tube socks and throw her on the bed. I know exactly what I will do next and what I’ll need.

I go into my room and grab my sets of handcuffs I had ordered two weeks earlier and I grab my new gag with them. Before I go back I make sure to grab my hunting knife and check it’s sharpness. When I enter Jackie’s room I find out she had quieted down but soon started up again when she saw the knife. I go over to her and handcuff her spread eagle to her solid iron bedposts. next I re-gag her and throw away the makeshift gag. Now it’s time for me to see my sister naked.

“Do you know what I have wanted to do to you? You must know with how you have been taunting and teasing me this whole time. I know you have been a little whore and fucking every other guy, so why not me?” I don’t pay attention to her trying to deny it, I know I’m right. “ I want to see you naked, then I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you like there is no tomorrow Jackie. But first, we need your clothes gone.” I had been hunting before and had skinned deer and this was something like that. Let me tell you, after this, I never skinned a deer without thinking about Jackie again. I took my knife and put the blade under her belt. It took almost no pressure at all to slice through it. I next went to work on her shirt while Jackie sobbed quietly. “If you don’t shout up and stop moving I might accidentally cut you, and neither of us want that do we?” She shakes her head no fervently and I continue. I remove the shirt and find a pink lacy bra underneath. Just to give myself more of a chance to get hard again, I decide to remove her pants before her bra. I slice clean through her jeans to find she has pink lacy panties to match the bra. Maybe she thought something was going to happen with someone. Now it was time to treat myself.

Using the knife I quickly tore through her bra to find the nicest tits I have ever seen, much nicer than any of my girlfriends’. Jackie is just staring at me and trying hard not to make a sound or move as I trace my knife down from her throat between her breasts, around her belly button and finally around to her hip. With a quick motion I cut through her panties to reveal her pussy. She apparently has never talked to anyone about shaving or anything because it is like a jungle down there. I rub my hands over her pussy and I get a moaning sound from Jackie. Apparently she likes this to some degree. I quickly remove my clothes and position myself over her with my 7” dick rubbing against the entrance to her hole. I try to look her in the eyes but I see her pleading to me with her eyes. I stop looking so that I don’t suddenly grow a conscience or anything and I get ready for the big plunge.

“I am about to give you something really great you whore. I am goanna share my dick with you now so you better be grateful. I really hope you enjoy this as much as I will.” And with that I shove my cock in as hard as I can and in doing so, I break the hymen I thought she had lost a while ago. She screams in pain and I don’t know what to do other than just continue and fuck her for all she is worth. So I grab her tits and squeeze them as I pump I and out. I can feel her pussy grabbing and squeezing my dick back. As I go faster I find a position I can hit her sweet spot with and go for it. If it is her first time, I might as well do something for her. As I keep fucking, her cries and screams turn to moans and grunts. I can feel it, I can feel my orgasm coming. I start to go faster and faster as it comes and her pussy gives one final squeeze as she starts to cum and that is when I lose it. I cum deep inside of Jackie’s pussy, making sure to fill it with my incestual seed.

When I collapse onto her after I finish, I notice a tear going down her cheek and look down to see her blood all over the place. I go to get a towel and clean her off, making sure to throw away the sheets and replace them with new ones. I look down at her again and see how fucking gorgeous she looks naked. I start getting a hard on again and I also get another idea. I undo the handcuffs and she just lays there staring at me. I flip her over and cuff her hands behind her back and bend her over in a kneeling position. I notice she started getting wet again and I rub my cock around her pussy getting it nice and lubed up. Then I place the head of my dick on her ass and start to push. She must have not know what I was doing because now she was screaming again probably trying to tell me that I could fuck her pussy again just don’t screw her ass. Well, I was raping her so it didn’t really matter what she wanted.

I shove my dick in farther and I can feel the muscles in her ass tightening around this unwanted invader. I didn’t care, that just meant it would be a lot more fun. I shoved my dick in hard as far as it would go and Jackie screamed again. I just held it there for a while and massaged her tits while her ass got used to my cock. After about two minutes, I start to fucking her ass. I am just going at it having the time of my life with her. while I am fucking her, I grab a hold of her short, boyish hair and hold onto that as I am fucking her. I tell her “You are my little cock-whore now” or “I am going to fuck you still you are completely filled with cum.” As I am screwing her I realize that if I could get her to cum, her ass would squeeze my dick better than her pussy did. So I releas her hair and lean forward to start massaging her clit. As I go at it more she starts moaning again and bucking back against me. It is only another minute before she has another orgasm and I am filling her ass with my cum.

It seemed to last forever. I must have shot a gallon of my wad up in her ass before I was done. I get off after that and look down at her again. I decide to take the gag and handcuffs back. I see that she doesn’t have any marks on her wrists. It is a good thing she didn’t really fight the handcuffs, that’s just one more thing against her if she decides to tell anyone. I give her a kiss on the lips and she doesn’t respond at all, she doesn’t even blink. So I decide for one grand finale before I get out of here and I start to rub my cock. It isn’t too long before I get it up again and I start to jack off again using one of her panties. It feels good, but not as good as her pussy or ass. It doesn’t take long before I start to get that old familiar feeling and I shove the head of my dick in little Jackie’s mouth. I spray some in there and pull out to finish Cumming on her face and chest. I then grab her head and hold it up and massage her throat while holding her mouth closed. Eventually she swallows it and I let her fall limp back on the bed. With being totally satisfied, I put my clothes back on and head next door to my neighbors’ house. I get to baby sit tonight.

My lonely Aunt

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I had gone to stay with my aunt Shirley for the weekend as
she was moving and had no one to help her move. My uncle had
died 2 years ago and my cousin who had been still living at
home was in jail. So I had nothing to do this weekend so I maid
the 3 hour trip to give a hand.
When I arrived Shirley really seemed happy to see me she
gave ma a long hug and her hand slipped down to my ass as she
let go. I just thought I must me my imagination. We talked
while she made breakfast for me as I was a little early. I
watched her as she moved around the kitchen and I have to
admit I was getting a little turned on. She was wearing a
short house coat that was open and I could see her large breasts
moving under her thin night

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gown. For a 60 year old woman
she had a nice body. Here blond hair fell just to her shoulders,
her large breast and nice thick ass was really starting
to get to me. After breakfast I started loading up my truck.
Shirley had done a good job packing so it was going fast.
Her new house was only about 5 mils away so by lunch I had it
just about done. All morning I had been watching Shirley
she had changed in to shorts and a t-shirt. More than once
I caught her looking at me. But I just blow it off. I asked
her if wanted to work through lunch and we would be done in
about an hour or so than we could clean up and have a late lunch
early dinner.
She said that would be grate. We finished up and I asked if
it would be ok if I jumped in the shower. She said that was
no problem that she would jump in as soon as I was done. I had
been in the shower for a few minutes when I herd the door open
up. I pulled the curtain back and Shirley was standing there
with a towel. I did not know if you had grabbed a clean towel
she said. I pushed the curtain back more than I needed to
and grabbed the towel from her. I gave her a good shot of my
hard cock. She took a nice long look smiled and walked out
of the bath room.
On the way to dinner we talked and she said it had been a hard
2 years after my uncle had passed. She was still a very active
woman and had needs. As we talked my dick got rock hard I know
she had to notice. She was looking so hot. Her shirt was open
to the point I could get a good glance at her cleavage. Shirley
reached over and started rubbing my cock through my pants
I did not know what to do. It was feeling so good but this was
my aunt. She could see that I was a little shocked by this.
Ray it is ok I want to, I need this. I need a man so bad. I sat
back and enjoyed the feeling telling her that I also wanted
We had dinner and talked a little more that we headed for
home. Shirley grabbed a bottle of wine and pored us each
a glass. I sat down on the couch and she sat next to me and started
undoing my shirt and rubbing my chest. The next thing I know
she was undoing my pants and puling out my already hard cock
and stroking it. Oh god Ray it has been so long. She started
licking and sucking the head of my hard dick letting tongue
run up and down the shaft. I was going wild I slipped my hand
down her shirt and cupped one of her tits. I was shocked how
firm thy where. Shirley was working my cock down her throat
and bobbing he head up and down, god she had some skills.
I could take no more. So I pulled he up and laid her back on
the floor undid her shirt and started licking and sucking
on her big tits. I undid her pants and slid my hand in here
panties. Her pussy was already soaking wet. I licked my
way down her stomach and pulled off her pants. I quickly
finished taking off my pants. I then got down back between
her legs and started licking her leg until I got the her hot
wet pussy. I let my tongue run up and down her wet slit just
enjoying the taste of he sweet juice. I could feel her clit
getting hard. I had never seen a clit so big in my life. It
was a good inch long. It looked like a little dick poking
out at me. I started sucking it in to my mouth and flicking
my tongue all over it. Shirley went wild grabbing my head
and grinding he pussy in to my face. It was no time until her
legs started shaking and she flooded my face with a load
of he hot juice. I slid up he body and put my hard cock between
her wonderful big tits. She lifted her head so my cock would
slide in and out of her mouth while I fucked he tits. She said
that she wanted to feel me in side of her, she wanted my hard
cock. Fuck me ray I need it so much. I did not need to be told
again. She was so wet my cock slid all the way to my balls.
I started slow but she wanted more. Fuck me hard Ray give
me all of that wonderful young cock. I grabbed he legs and
leaned forward and started fucking my aunt with every thing
I had. Soon she started cumming aging she was shaking and
telling me not to stop. I could take no more I let loose with
my hot load I shot load after load of hot cum up into her already
soaking wet pussy. Finely I stopped and pulled my wet cock
out and moved up to her head and put my dripping wet cock in
her mouth. She cleaned my cock up and kissed the head. I lay
down next to here and kissed her deep letting our tongues
explore each other’s mouth. Letting my hand run down to
her we pussy feeling my cum running down her leg. We lay that
way for a wile until Shirley sat up and said thank you so much
Ray you don’t know how tuff it has been for me lately I so needed
to feel like a woman again. Well you are most definitely
and woman and a sexy one at that. She just smiled and said
I did not have to say that. I told her that she was still a desirable
woman. And to prove it I rolled back on top of her and slid
my still hard cock back in to wet pussy. I was met with a groan
of pleasure and her legs raped around my back. We fucked
3 more times that night and 2 more before I left the next morning.
As I was getting ready to walk out the door she gave me a long
hug and squeezed my cock. Come back to see your old aunt soon
ok. I just smiled and said oh don’t worry I will visit soon.
And believe me I did. Over the years Shirley and I became
very close.

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 Aunty gets fingered.

 Young I may have been,but my cunning was unbelievable at such a young age.


 Oh yes,I was young,but my sexual urge was mature beyond belief. I had a thing about my maternal aunt. Every chance offered,I'd home in on her body. It started when I caught her naked,having just bathed. I blatently stood looking at her tits and pussy. "You shouldn't stand looking at me naked,that's naughty,away with you,you're too old for your years" Reluctantly I left my ogling of her with a deep desire to touch what I'd been ogling.

 On various occasions after I'd touched her ass,inside

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leg,even once her tit,but other than her leg,it was through her dress. Then I had a brilliant idea,as I thought. What if I obscurely touched her with a crowd of people present? Would she dare ball me out with everyone around knowing I'd done it. I thought,but,if I did,it would have to be real dirty so she'd be to embarrassed to yell out in front of them.

 Now this aunt of mine had a regular meeting with her peers. They sat around a very large table,sometimes it was knitting,other times crochet,but mostly it was gossiping. I heard some pretty lurid goings on about and between various of our village people. The end of each item of gossip was followed by, mmm's! or the dirty cat! and cackly giggle's. A real gathering of old witches round their caldron I reckoned. I figured the worst that could happen to me was,aunt chucking a frogs leg in the brew and her spell turning me into some undesirable freek.

 They always went on as though I was invisible,which suited me fine as I amused myself under this table soo-say playing with the owners big black cat,but actually knelt up on my haunches,looking to see as much up skirt as was displayed by these not so undesirable female's. Aunt knew on these occasions I wasn't invisible,because when I got by her legs I put my face very close to her knees and blew warm breath up her skirt. The response was always the same,her hand would come down and swat at my face,too which I could hardly contain myself from giggling out loud.

 The real intent was too make her open her thighs so I could see her knicker's and hopefully perhaps her pussy. Equally,alone later,she'd scold me and tell me what a dirty little sod I was. Very occasionally I'd see her knicker's and the first time a piece of her pussy was uncovered. Once when she seemed to be sat nearer the front of the chairs squash,her knicker material was pressing right up into her quims slit. Funny that,it was the first time I got a boner and I wasn't sure why my prick had done something new. But from then on I gave it a boner everyday.

 Other of my peers in boy talk,said if I rub it long and hard enough,I'd cum. In questioning about cum,they just said,you'll shoot spunk out the end,you know,the stuff women need to have a baby. I didn't know,but no way was I going to admit that. On getting to my aunts that day I asked her,'What do women use spunk for?' only to be told, "None of your business,I ought to take you and wash your dirty little mouth out with soap" 'Why? I only wondered,what have I said wrong?' "You'll realise one day" So that was the end of that.

 Of course in the not to distant future,I realised all of this and my infatuation with my aunt's body,but at this moment all I wanted was a touch. So at my aunt's next meeting I duly disappeared under this table,done my rounds of thigh's then launched into my plan. Blowing as normal got the usual response,the excitement of what I intended doing next made my cock throb,another sensation I would have to get used too for the foreseable future.

 I touched aunty's inner legs,again a gentle unobtrusive swipe with a push to my hand plus a flicking movement to indicate, 'Stop now' I timed this plan to coincide with a particularly lurid tale about a farmer's daughter I also knew,but a bit older than myself who had got taken by,it was rumoured,her brother and father. Nothing like a good smutty rumour to loosen thigh's I guess. As the story reached its smutty climax,my aunt's swiping stopped and she just stayed put with my fingers trying to prize her legs open. I could feel her leg muscles forcing her thigh's closed as my hand moved like a worm farther up the inside of her thigh. As if in desperation,she quickly opened and clamped shut on my hand,but in that instant she lost because my finger's made contact with her knicker covered pussy. Again a hand caught my arm and weakly tried to pull it down from her thigh's.

 She now clamped me so tight I almost panicked that she was going to yell out. But no,my hand was again left alone. Trying like hell to wiggle my fingers at her slit,to me I was making no headway,but it now became clear to my aunt my intent and it must have done something because her thigh's loosened and opened enough for me to smooth a finger along part of her slit. In fact the loosening was enough for me to press her knicker's into her slit which now felt a groove of damp knicker material. This had climaxed with the end of the farmer tale. I heard my aunt's voice, "All very intreguing,I wonder how it made her feel if its true?"

 Daringly now,I made my next move. I hooked a finger into what felt the loosest leg of her knicker's. I could feel her pubes and what turned out to be her hood. Also a little hard thing like a bean under this fold of skin. As I touched this,I heard aunt say, "God,my backs aching today,I need to sit forward for a while,I wonder why that is,this is my usual chair and they're always so comfortable" Immediately I lost touch as she moved her bum quickly forward. Drat,I had to start all over again. I needn't have worried,her legs were no longer closed so tight,in fact she had her thigh's apart with her quim right at the edge of the chair. Even more so,on moving I noticed she went to far forward,then sat,she moved back some. What a cunning bitch,this had the effect of loosening her knicker's downwards just a little.

 Now I put my hand back,no further resisting,she actually opened even wider as my small fingers found that little hard bean again. I pulled at the knicker material and got it off her cunt completely. There it was in all its glory,she had a wetness along the slit which I probed until I found a deeper part,with fore and middle finger making a vee here I found it opened up the lips to show a hole about half an inch in size. Because this hole was almost facing the floor as my aunt sat so far forward,I lay looking up at it. I attempted to push my finger up it. Her hand craftily came down again and grasping my wrist she pulled my finger's back to the bean and pressed my hand quickly at it several times,prompting me to keep tickling her here.

 As I did I felt her figgeting, while more and more juice seemed to appear from inside this hole I'd found. Aunt's legs slammed shut then open several times as I heard a strange gaspy sound above. A vice like grip stopped all further movement as I heard one of the women say, "You okay Edna,hurting is it? you'll need to lay down when you get home" "Yeah,that was a real twinge that time,I haven't felt it like that for years" I moved away from my aunt as she moved back in the chair. "God,that made me go all funny for a mo' then" "Sammy,where are you,your aunt needs to be helped home,she's poorly" The host had given her command. I appeared from the opposite end of the table from my aunt. "Come on,coat on,off you go,look after her mind on the way and when you get there,no going out and leaving her alone"

 We duly left with my aunt as I guessed rightly,feigning illness. Nothing was said on the way. I thought I was for the high jump,but on arriving and going indoors. My aunt surprised me by saying, "You little bugger,where did you learn to do that,don't you ever do it to me again in public" Even more shockingly now she pulled her skirt up, "Look,go on look what you done to me,I'm absolutely soaking,do you know why? - Answering her own question, - you gave your aunt an orgasm,know what that is? No, it makes a woman want that spunk you asked me about,that's what"

 I stood mesmerized at the quim she was displaying at me. 'Sorry aunty,I can't give you any yet,I could get some from a mate for you' "No,I don't mean I want some,its just that it makes women want some,you know from that" She pointed at my cock. "Come here,come on,lets have a cuddle. - I moved to her,forgiven I hoped, - listen,its got to be a secret,no telling or boasting to your mate's,tell me how you learnt to do it like you did and I maybe,just maybe mind,may let you do it somemore to me" I was fucked,do I tell her I didn't learn from anybody,would she think I was lying and not let me do it somemore,or will that be even more exciting for her that I just by instinct wanted to tickle her cunt.

 'Its just you aunt,I like all your body,that's why I risk a clout or cussing by touching your,that there' I pointed at her cunt, - she still hadn't pulled her clothes down over it,more shock, - she pulled the leg open on her pants and showed me her cunt naked. "Why are you obsessed with it?" 'I don't know,its just nice I suppose' "No,its your hormones have kicked in early,all this has to be secret,understand, - I nod. - I'll let you develop with me,okay?" 'Yes,I'd like that,does that mean when I got some spunk,you want it from me?' "You could put it that way,but all must be our little secret mind" 

 So,here I am. Five years later,and having just deposited my umpteenth sperm supply up my aunt's pussy,she's rolling around in ecstacy, "Come on do it again,you horny little nephew,FUCK ME SOME MORE!!! - 'Ah well,this is the life'

 Goodbye for now.


Dirty Dina My Nympho Teen Cousin PT 1

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Last update: 03/06/2009 Submitted by young, alec

I watched t

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hem grow into young women. The most lovely 3 sisters all within 1 year of each other. Lara, now 15, was deliciously ripe. Gymnastics had given her a slender, tight frame. Her rigid mid A cups were amazing to watch. They performed a quick, tight bounce which kept pace with her bodies movement. Her rock hard ass rode up high from the athletics. It split wide, showing the cup shape curve of her pussy, forming an upside down sunrise between two perfect hills. If you sat right behind her, when in a bikini or tight pants, the view would make your knees buckle. Shayna was 14. We shared an ageless connection that led to some sexual exploration prior to this encounter. I never worried knowing that this mutual lust would die our secret. Lara had pin straight blond hair, no bangs, almost mid back length. Shay was a brunette with the same, thin, silky texture, shoulder length with bangs. What an amazing duo they would have been if not for their 13 yr old sister, Devyn. (Deh-vin) Her face was a mix of both her sisters and just starting to develop sexually. Dev had tom boyish short hair, dirty blond in color, which made her a unique little hottie. She is Milla Javovic sexy and hottest of the trio. Their mom, Trish, was still yummy even after 3 kids in 3½ years. Drinking makes her horny. She wanted to fuck around with me as badly as I wanted her. We both knew it. I couldn’t. Leo, her husband, was to trusting and a good friend. Instead, his girls were trusting me with a their sexual awakening. A privilege I can’t find words for. I provoked none of this. Each of them made their own move. No way was I going to deny them, or myself, this dream like situation either!

Lara had her head resting on my right thigh using it as a pillow. Shayna cuddled up to my left side. My arm was behind Shay’s neck and down her left side forming a bucket seat with a headrest as we watched Peter Pan. Devyn was curled up at our feet. She seemed less affectionate then her sisters and liked her space. The movie ended. They all seemed to be asleep so began skimming the channels founding an after hours skin flick. The 2 of them with their budding youthful bodies pressed against mine, along with the fucking taking place on the TV, there was no way to stop my cock from growing. It slid it’s way up the side of Lara’s left cheek. Lifting her head I reached into my shorts pulling my cock upward. Now I could engorge comfortably without poking her face. Shay wasn’t asleep. She watched me pull my shorts open and flip my cock up. I must have stroked it a couple times as well. Her green, youthful eyes were locked onto my bulge. No question, from her pulling in closer, she wanted more. I slid Lara down a bit so that her cheek and ear were off my leg. “What are you thinking” I quietly asked Shay. “Can I see it again” She eagerly spoke in my ear. Her hot breath on my cheek was followed by the smell of her breath. A one two punch aphrodisiac making her irresistible. “Only if you are very sure. Like always, we do only what you want”. I said. With no hesitation Shay reached under my waistband simultaneously pushing my shorts down and wrapped her fingers around it like picking up a new Barbie Doll by the waist to examine it. “Oh sweetheart that feels soooo goood. You‘re soo fuckin hot and sexy.” I moaned into her ear then nibbled the little lobe making her melt. She gave me a dirty, mischievous smile. Her pointer finger traced the rim of my cock head then ran down the entire length of my shaft ending with a palming squeeze of my scrotum. “You are doing that great baby. I love your body.” I told her while running my hands teasingly between her sensitive little breasts. “I have dreams about you.” She said. “Touch me like you do in my dreams. Make me cum Brod.” she asked with moaning desire. “I will if you tell me where you want me to.” I replied. Spreading her legs and looking in my eyes lustfully she says, “Touch my pussy Brody. Touch me everywhere!,” then lowered her face closer to the new toy she was holding. She and I have been close but this was seriously more intense then past encounters. With a feather like touch I brushed across her small A’s. Her high pitched whimpering moan was amazing. She started to move her hand all over my 7 inches like a novice. That made it even more delightful. Licking my pointer finger, I asked her to pick up her ass to free the night shirt from under her. Using the wet tip of my finger slowly circled her areola then blew on it to watch her nipple rise. Shay shivered as the areola shrank but no visible bump for a nipple at it’s end. I will be the one, sucking and playing, to bring them out! What an honor.

Consumed by lustful euphoria I didn’t realize Lara was watching her sister and I! A look of shock, arousal with a hint of pissed off was across her sweet face. I was screwed for sure. How do I make it out if this one alive Then without any warning, Lara looked me in the eyes saying, “Your cock is so much thicker then Lanes is!” grabbed my prick and began jerking me off taking Shayna’s hand along with hers. Shay was getting a lesson in stroking cock, by her big sis, using me as the teaching aid! “Whooo’ss uuhhh’s Ooohh Lane” I managed to stammer. “Just a boy who lives down the street.” she said. “His cock is about the same length but you are so much thicker!” saying with her wide eyes now fixed on my thick, pre cum dripping stick. “Do you like it” I asked to hear her say she did. With gitty enjoyment she replied “MmmOOh yeah Brod! I like it a lot!” and continued to work with her sisters hand trapped under hers up and down my insanely hard pole.

“What have you done with Lane and all your other boyfriends” I had to know and hear her naughty tales. “Umm..” is all that came out. She’s either trying to find the right words or unsure to speak what was in her mind. “I will never tell anyone a thing, ever, about what we say or do. Are you aware of what will happen if we don’t keep this between us I will be labeled a child molester. If your mom and dad don’t kill me first I will be killed by someone after I go to prison” I let them know. “If you don’t want, or don’t like to do these things then it ends now!” I said with a serious look. “NO no” They both proclaimed. Something about “Don’t go…” and “I will never tell….” was spilling from their mouths as they kissed all over my face and neck. “OK my little sexy women” I managed to spit out between mouth kisses.

I began teasing Shay’s pussy. For the first time I went under her panties, dipped my middle finger in up to the first knuckle. Feeling the tight virgin I scooped up some juices on my finger. I wanted to lube her clit making it nice and slick. “UUUHhh……uuuhhhmmm” she let out along with a shocked, spasm like, jump. The penetration, followed by relaxed pleasure, almost made me cum knowing she wanted this pleasure from me FIRST. This level of trust makes life satisfying. I slipped my finger all over her lips and swelling clit. She closed her eyes and fell limp with my gentle frigging.

I leaned back towards Lara while her sis was occupied and softly said “I like hearing you say those naughty things. Hearing “cock” come from your lips is so fuckin hot Lara. Will you Whisper in my ear what things you’ve done with boys and Lane”. “I really like your cock Brody.” came first. Lustfully she said, “I like to watch Lane make his Cock grow. Sometimes I’ll Show him my pussy but won’t let him touch it. I’ve rubbed his cock like I’m doing to you now. It’s really fun making him cum. I let it get all over my hand jerking fast up and down until he freaks out and can’t take anymore.” she giggled. “One time I sucked it out of his hole like a milk shake too.” she added. “You are one hot little woman.” I complimented. Nothing will make a young girl feel better then a man calling her a “woman“. If you are the first to say these words it's like winning a free pass to her heart. If she's curious, and you're not a nasty old perv to her, the sky's the limit. “How old is Lane” I asked. Putting her head down she barely spoke, “13” Frowning. She thought I would say what a peer would. He’s too young or something degrading. I let her in on a secret of mine by saying, “that’s the way it was for me too.” She perked up. “Older girls liked to play like this with me and it made me feel good that they wanted too. You can do whatever you want and I will not think it’s bad or judge you. OK Lara” With a huge grin says, “OK Brody. Thank you. Your so awesome.” still jerking me off with her sisters hand we locked into a kiss. I started to move my tongue and she instinctively parted her lips meeting mine. I must say I’m a good kisser and need a good one back. Lara was a natural. Just the right amount of give and take between lips, sucks, my advanced nibbles, licks and how wide open our mouths were. I ran my hand across her 34A’s which I’ve dreamed about and jerked off to in my dreams. She pushed into me for more. This could have lasted indefinitely but needed to end it before getting caught in a taboo threesome.

“It’s really late and I don’t think any of us want your rents (parents) to see this. Right” “Right!” they both said. “So go get in your beds. After I straighten up, if your rents aren’t back, I will come and tuck each of you in and say good night. OK”. They both then realized my pre cum covered cock was still in their hands. It just hit them both they were doing this together. Lara released her hand which allowed Shay to unclench my shaft. Slowly her fingers, sticky from sweat and the unusually heavy amount of pre cum, were free. They smiled at one another then up at me happily skipping to their own rooms. I scooped up Dev. (Devyn) and carried her to the room she shared with Shay. I had on loose swim shorts and no undies which let the head of my, “hard til I cum”, dick slip out the bottom. Inadvertently I placed my hand on Devyns right pubescent boob from under the armpit as I cradled her. She actually to my accidental touch, grabbing me around the neck with both arms. I gently peeled her from me lowering her onto the bed. I had to roll her over because she was on top of the covers. This made her night shirt ride up exposing a pair of white thong panties. The string had worked its way between the outer labia exposing a perfect view of her, 13 year old, tiny rear. Soft, curly, pubic hair surrounded her small slit. Light brown fluff protruded from under the skimpy string panties. Shay, the naughty girl she is, flipped on a flash light from across the room. A beam landed perfectly between her sisters ass cheeks. Startled, I spun around. Shay spotted the growing erection sticking out my shorts. It grew in the light from her watching and the sneak peak of Dev’s little ass. I went back to finish getting the covers over Dev. I had to hear her moan again. Leaning in to give her a kiss good night I ran my fingers gently over her whole chest letting each finger caress up and over each sensitive mound. She pushed into my hand and accidentally back handed my hard on as she stretched to meet my caress. Half asleep she subconsciously said “I love you Brody.” I leaned into her ear and softly spoke “I love you too Dev. My little woman. Don‘t shave your pussy hair. I like it the way it is”

“You need to brush your teeth Shay.” I reminded her. Swinging her legs open to sit up from bed I could see how wet her panties were. “Did I make your pussy wet my little lover” I said walking behind her towards the bathroom. She reached down and felt her crotch. “OH DAM!” came out, turning and looking at me with shock. “I’m so glad I can make you feel good” I said, then asked, “Do you play with your pussy when your by yourself Shay” With a smile she says “I like playing with my pussy Brody.” “I’m glad you can tell me that you do.” I smiled. “You know what I like to hear don’t you my naughty little girl” “Yup.” she replied and began to play with herself pulling aside her panties so I could watch. I lifted her by the arm pits up on the sink. Pulling her into me I freed the night shirt from under her ass. Her hot, bare, bum hit the cold porcelain making her jump towards me, wrapping her, soft, tan legs around my waist. Shay landed her swollen, wet, clit perfectly on the tip of my cock. We were in a bear hug with her legs getting tighter. “Do you want to rub your pussy on it” I asked purposely avoiding the word “cock”. “Yess!!“ she said with eager excitement. “Then tell me what you want and ask me if you can.” I replied, wanting to hear her mouth speak these things to me. “I want to rub my 14 year old pussy on your cock. Can I please Brody“ she lustfully spoke, already wiggling against it. I slid her down allowing my stick to run up and down her shaved, wet, vagina. I cupped the tiny ass cheeks, using them to move her from my balls to my cock head. She whimpered in my ear and clawed at my back. Beginning to bounce on her own, I held Shay’s whole ass in one hand, moved the other around her back. Lustfully I said, “I’m gonna cum for you. OK” “Cum on my Wet little pussy. Please Cum for me Brody” She said, grinding harder and faster on my rock hard member. “OOOOO myyy fuuuuking god!” I let out as quietly as humanly possible. I leaned Shay back so she could see my cock moving along her, still virgin, slit. I could now see the amazing face and body in front of me, as I climaxed. The 1st shot almost made it to her left tit. My 2nd pump landed in her belly button, letting the rest dribble down her pussy with my cock still pressed against it. Her legs locked. Pushing with purpose and grinding her swollen button, she was reaching her own climax. Staring in my eyes with lust I gazed back smiling, running my thumb from her mons, to tummy, slowly rubbing across the budding lumps. “You are soo sexy and beautiful Shay.” I said with a loss of breath. She then spasmed, pushing my hands harder into her chest, cumming on my shaft. So much cum realeased from her young pussy a trickle ran down my scrotum for a solid minute. “I love you Brody. I never felt this way. Will you show me…umm…I want you to..uuhhh…be my first” She revealed. “I Love you too my little woman. When the time is right I will be whatever you want me to be.” I replied. Lowering her off the sink I knelt down in front of her, slowly removing her sex soaked panties. “I’m gonna keep these so your mom doesn’t find them and so I can smell you whenever I want.” With a sleepy smile she said “Ok my lover man”. “Let your pussy hair grow back too. OK” I asked. “Uh, OK Brod. But why”. replying curiously. “Because I like it. Shaved is boring. I want to feel and play with it.” I answered.

I slipped the night shirt over her head. With a wash cloth and warm water I gently wiped her soft, completely nude, body down . It was my pleasure, and hers, to slowly clean away our sex. “uuhhhmmm” she quietly moaned as I cleaned the tender opening and red clit. Leaning in, I fluttered my tongue on her left areola taking the whole mound into my mouth ending with a small suck and tongue flicker. Repeating this for the other, sensitive, still growing boob I noticed it to be slightly smaller. I ran the warm cloth over both, continuing all the way to her cum filled belly button.

As if timed to the minute Trish and Leo stumbled in 30 seconds after Shay was down. I had just leaped on the couch. “Hey Guys.” I said as if bored and tired. Leo ran to the pisser and Trish was standing right in front of me about 5 feet away with a devilish stare. “I hope my girls didn’t see what I see.” saying with seduction. “Huh” I grunted. “This!” she said as she reached across the coffee table gripping my dick, still sticking out my shorts. I could see down her loose top. I loved her small, nursed, mommy tits. Her nipples are dark leathery erasers from three kids feeding on them. “STOP!” I spoke forcefully but low, pulling her hand off as Leo turned the corner. She was still leaning down towards me. I turned to Leo and said, “Trish is a little drunk.” “And horny!” he added. I laughed and said, “Have fun I’m outta here.” “She won’t let you go Brod. She wants to Fuck You and I want to watch you do it.” Leo exclaimed. All I could get out was, “Since When” “We’ve thought about it almost since we became friends. You’re the only guy I would let fuck Trish. We both fantasize about you.” Leo revealed. “OK, but you need to let me move into this slow so I don’t get freaked. I need to see you 2 get into it first. I’ll work my way in when I’m comfortable. “A little shy are we” Trish said with an edge of sarcasm leaning down giving me an open mouth lip lock kiss allowing are tongues to touch for the first time. It was filled with deep lust, aggressively tasting each others mouth. We finally released a mountain of suppressed sexual tension secretly shared for years. I saw Leo’s right hand in his pants pulling down his jeans with the other. He was already hard moving closer to us, stepping out of the 501‘s with nothing under them. Before I could react he pushed his dick between our locked lips. I thought it would make me gag but as his head and shaft ran across my tongue, watching Trish lick down the other side, was beyond arousing. Knowing Trish was into me mouthing her mans cock had me past easing into this and straight to wanting both of them. I looked up at Leo while licking the underside of his cock head and said, “I like the shape of your dick.” then took his cockhead into my mouth probing at his hole with my tongue. “OOhh mmm” He moaned. Trish and I toungue kissed sloppily, Simultaneously we licked Leo’s mushroom cap as our eyes remained glued. she started sucking Leo down to his balls. I pushed her hand back to my pants. She vigorously stroked me as she blew Leo. I had to get to Trishs’ loose little fun bags. I Have a fetish for small nursed titties and hers are pure perfection. I reached under her t-shirt and slid my hand up her ribs, pushing her tit firmly as I went, mashing it upward. I caught her nipple and tugged on it. She let out a quick yelp of pain but then relaxed in the pleasure that followed.

I glanced towards the girls rooms through the kitchen. Devyn was on the ground peeking out. I had the only line of sight to notice her. She saw me looking back! She didn’t run away scared. Our eyes were now locked. I winked and smiled to let her know I didn’t care. She’s already watching mommy suck on daddies penis so why not me too I stood up next to Leo and instinctively Trish moved her mouth to my stick and started bobbing on it like a pro. Devon’s eyes were wide and in awe of this display. To get a good hard vacuum suck from Trish’s mouth I pulled my cock out fast. I moved my cock head over to Leo’s and rubbed them together coaxing Trish to suck us both. She gripped our shafts licking back and forth between our heads.

“Your cock tastes like pussy. Whose is it” Trish says. “Umm….uuuh…don’t know why.” I stammered “Must be from jerking off before I came over. Spit smells like that a little.” I smiled and pushed my dick back in her mouth along with Leo’s. My mind was in sexual light speed. It was her little girls pussy juice she smelled and tasted. Devon was still watching us. Mommy was giving her a sex ed lesson she’ll never forget. I Wanted to see how hot Devon was getting so suggested that they should go get out of their clothes and I would go check the kids. Trish gave me a bear hug that put my rock hard erection against her inner thigh and clit. Pulling her shirt off she grabbed Leo by his dick leading him towards their bedroom. To buy some time I asked them if I could spy on them first because It’s a fetish of mine. “Would you leave the door cracked and open the window shades a little please” I asked. “Sure will you pervert.” replied Trish.

Devyn definitely heard me and was back to her bed but not pretending to sleep as I expected. Shay was passed out cold from our fun earlier and not waking up. “Hey little woman. Did you like the show” I whispered. She shyly looked at me shaking her head yes. “I liked knowing you were watching.” I said grinning. “You are such a sexy young woman Dev. I love all of you but you’re the prettiest young woman in your family. Don’t tell your sisters I said so or they will get jealous. OK” “Ok Brody.” she replied smiling ear to ear with my compliment. “Brod” she whispers. “What sweetie” I said softly sitting down next to her running my fingers through her soft hair. “Ask me anything.” reassuring her. “Can I see it” “See what” I asked. I put my lips to her ear and asked, “My cock” She eagerly shook her head yes. “OK, but only if you ask me the way I did and you have to take it out. This way I know it’s what you really want.” She whispered, “Brody can I see your cock” Hearing this come from her mouth sent a shiver through my testicles I’ve never felt. “Whenever you want to.” I smiled, moving my left leg up on her bed and bending my knee so she can more easily get to what she wants. “You can say or do anything when your with me Dev. I want you to ask me to say or do what you want. This is for you. Your in control.” I assured her. “Can I touch…..your cock” she said with correction. I smiled with pleasure and praise. “I would love for you to.” I said wantonly. “Have you watched mommy and daddy do that stuff before” I said as she wrapped her hand around the end of my dick then started aimlessly exploring from my pubic hair to pee hole. “When they think were asleep they watch movies that sound like people are hurting each other. They start stripping and doing things like you did with them.” she revealed. A big smile was on my face and then said, “Those people aren’t hurting each other they’re pleasing each other. When we really enjoy the way we touch each other, or ourselves, we show how much it feels good by making those sounds.” I explained. “Want to hear a secret Dev” “YEAH!” eagerly replying. “When I carried you to bed earlier I accidentally touched your chest. You pushed against my hand and moaned like the movie sounds.” “REALLY” she asked. “you did it again after I put you in bed and then told me you loved me.” I said with a loving gaze. She then remembered and said, “I had a dream that we were naked on the beach. You put suntan lotion all over my body. Even between my legs. I woke up when mommy and daddy came back and my panties were really warm and wet.” “WOW Dev! That’s an awesome dream! You got wet from dreaming about me! That is so fukin hot! You have become a really sexy woman Dev.” I said while moving closer to her. “I’ve loved you for so long Brody. I want….. you to be my…..first…… Will you” “I will do whatever you ask me to do. I‘m happy just knowing you trust me to be this open. I’m going to tell you something so you don’t find out the wrong way. Tonight was the first time mommy, daddy and me did those things with each other. Shay is a really horny girl. Interrupting me, Dev asked, “Horny! What’s that” “The feeling your pussy gets when something. or someone, excites you. Like your dream.” I explained. “She feels like that a lot. Now we have the same bond. Lara and Shay were both playing with my cock tonight. Whatever you hear or see me doing, it doesn’t change how I feel about you. OK” I finished. “I get it” She said understandingly. “Holy Shit!” I blurted out a bit too loudly. “What” Devyn responds. “Every one in your fam has touched my cock tonight! I’m glad I saved the best for last.” I told her. Dev pulled my left hand to her breast. Leaning in, I nibbled on her right, tender, bump of a boob while fondling her left, I kissed my way from neck to chin finishing with a soft one on her mouth. She let out another moan and now understood it’s meaning.

I hope this was stimulating to read. Please give any criticism you may have. I will post chapter 2 If I recieve enough response to do so.