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All For Love: Part 1

naughty_girl69 on Incest Stories

People are always asking me if I love my kids and I always smile and reply, "More than you could possibly comprehend." Some people would say I'm a bad dad or that I must have had something tragic happen to me in my youth to make me think the way I do. I guess if you need to why and when this all started we'd have to go back to when I was 14.

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"Oh! Robert fuck me harder! I'm fertile now. Cum in me and get me pregnant." My mother cried out as my father's penis pounded in and out of her. Something was wrong. I knew sex was supposed to be pleasurable but my mother had tears pouring from her eyes.

"That's right bitch! Tell me how much you want my cum in you!" He growled at her.

She just layed there taking it. I saw anger flash in his eyes.  When she didn't say anything he hit her twice. Blood began to ooze from her lip and nose.

"Say it you god damn bitch or I swear I'll kill you and your bastard children!"

"Oh baby! I want it so bad! Please oh please come in me!" I could tell her voice was strained but she managed to get it out.

My father began to pound in and out of her furiously. He grabbed her legs and forced them further apart as he impaled her with his cock. Oddly the closer he got to coming the more he seemed to be romantic. He began kissing my mother forcing his tongue in and out of her mouth.

"Oh Elizabeth. Oh daddy loves you. Don't worry baby girl daddy's going to make a baby in your tummy just like you wanted." I was shocked. Elizabeth was my oldest sister. He was caressing my mother tenderly, almost lovingly. Then the anger returned and he slugged my mother again. "Caryn you know what I want! You better convince me you're Elizabeth or you'll get it!" He slugged her again and she cried out in pain.

"Oh daddy. I've waited so long for you. Make my tummy swollen with your baby." When she said it my dad thrust into her one final time and cried out, "Here comes your baby Elizabeth! Oh god, daddy's got a big load for you!"

He quickly pulled off my mother and grabbed her, throwing her into the hall. "Get away from me you worthless piece of trash. For your sake you better be pregnant with a daughter." He slammed the door leaving my mother in the hall sobbing. I quickly left my hiding spot and rushed to her side.

"Mom are you ok?" She just looked up at me and sobbed. Her poor face was swollen and bruised from her "lovemaking" session. "Mom tell me what I can do. How can I help you?"

She looked me with these sad puppy dog and told me to carry her to my bedroom. I gently picked her up not remember she was still naked and carried her to my room.

"Kevin your father wants to have more children. The only problem is he is sterile and has been since the war. He won't admit it and he is taking the blame out on me. I'm afraid that if I don't get pregnant soon he'll kill me." She looked at me hoping I'd understand. I'd been raised catholic but I knew what sex was. I also knew that what I was about to do would send my soul straight to hell but for my mother I'd do anything.

I pushed her gently onto her back and spread her legs. I could see the remanents of infertile sperm my father had left and wiped it away with  a cloth. I pulled my pajamas off and positioned myself at my mothers entrance. My cock was already hard. My mother had been waiting for the day I would begin producing sperm for a long time. Even though she'd seen my cock before she was transfixed by it. It was rather large being about 7 inches and around 3 inches thick. The precum was dripping off my cock with the slightest coaxing.

"Show me you love me son. Make us a baby." She whispered. I needed no further coaxing and pushed into my mothers wet warmth. I knew it was wrong but I was so turned on by the fact that I was now fucking the place where I had emerged into the world. My mother's eyes were transfixed on my cock as it pistoned in and out of her. I could feel her getting wetter and picked up my thrusting. I had to get her to orgasm. It had been a long time since she had. I found her little nubb and began circling it with my thumb while my cock continued impaling her. I felt her hip begin to meet my thrusts.

"Oh Kevin. Mommy loves you so much! Oh God! I'm.....I'm.....I'm cuuummmiiinnngg!" as she said this I thrust as hard and as deep as I could into her. I came so much the cum spilled out before I had even withdrawn from her.

I kissed her mouth gently. "I love you mom."

She pushed me off her and put two pillows under her hips. I put on a robe and left the room having finished my job. I was supposed to meet my girlfried in an hour probably for another one of her sex sessions where I fucked her with a dildo or ate her out and then if I was lucky she gave me a hand job.

In some ways my girlfriend was really where my descent into incest began......To be continued

This is my first story so don't be too harsh but feel free to comment.

My Sister's Rape

Virile_Vanguard on Incest Stories

"What the hell are you doing Brad?" Shouted my younger sister Jackie as she walked in on me jacking myself off in her room. I stopped and looked at her, and I looked at her real good. She was 5’1” with short dark brown hair and a body to die for. She had gotten into a lot of fitness crap in the last year and had really toned her body up. That is when I started to notice h

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ow hot my 15 year old sister was. she had average breasts and the tightest ass I have ever seen. I had tried to sneak a peek before but I had either been caught or I just missed my chance. I decided right then, this was going to be it.

“I was really horny so I decided to use your underwear to help me get off like I usually do when you aren’t here” I replied to her. “Ugh, so that is what I have been finding in my underwear this whole time. Jesus, what the fuck is wrong with you? Put your pants back on or I’ll tell Mom.” Oh no she wouldn’t . I quickly crossed the room grabbing her around her body pinning her arms to her sides and put a hand over her mouth. I brought her into the room and closed the door hoping that would prevent anyone from hearing her momentary scream in a second. I release her for a second and grab some of her underwear for binds. She immediately screams for help and I am there right away. I wad up some of her panties I had already came on earlier and shove it into her mouth. I then use a loose shoelace to tie it in place for now. next I tie her arms together with some tube socks and throw her on the bed. I know exactly what I will do next and what I’ll need.

I go into my room and grab my sets of handcuffs I had ordered two weeks earlier and I grab my new gag with them. Before I go back I make sure to grab my hunting knife and check it’s sharpness. When I enter Jackie’s room I find out she had quieted down but soon started up again when she saw the knife. I go over to her and handcuff her spread eagle to her solid iron bedposts. next I re-gag her and throw away the makeshift gag. Now it’s time for me to see my sister naked.

“Do you know what I have wanted to do to you? You must know with how you have been taunting and teasing me this whole time. I know you have been a little whore and fucking every other guy, so why not me?” I don’t pay attention to her trying to deny it, I know I’m right. “ I want to see you naked, then I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you like there is no tomorrow Jackie. But first, we need your clothes gone.” I had been hunting before and had skinned deer and this was something like that. Let me tell you, after this, I never skinned a deer without thinking about Jackie again. I took my knife and put the blade under her belt. It took almost no pressure at all to slice through it. I next went to work on her shirt while Jackie sobbed quietly. “If you don’t shout up and stop moving I might accidentally cut you, and neither of us want that do we?” She shakes her head no fervently and I continue. I remove the shirt and find a pink lacy bra underneath. Just to give myself more of a chance to get hard again, I decide to remove her pants before her bra. I slice clean through her jeans to find she has pink lacy panties to match the bra. Maybe she thought something was going to happen with someone. Now it was time to treat myself.

Using the knife I quickly tore through her bra to find the nicest tits I have ever seen, much nicer than any of my girlfriends’. Jackie is just staring at me and trying hard not to make a sound or move as I trace my knife down from her throat between her breasts, around her belly button and finally around to her hip. With a quick motion I cut through her panties to reveal her pussy. She apparently has never talked to anyone about shaving or anything because it is like a jungle down there. I rub my hands over her pussy and I get a moaning sound from Jackie. Apparently she likes this to some degree. I quickly remove my clothes and position myself over her with my 7” dick rubbing against the entrance to her hole. I try to look her in the eyes but I see her pleading to me with her eyes. I stop looking so that I don’t suddenly grow a conscience or anything and I get ready for the big plunge.

“I am about to give you something really great you whore. I am goanna share my dick with you now so you better be grateful. I really hope you enjoy this as much as I will.” And with that I shove my cock in as hard as I can and in doing so, I break the hymen I thought she had lost a while ago. She screams in pain and I don’t know what to do other than just continue and fuck her for all she is worth. So I grab her tits and squeeze them as I pump I and out. I can feel her pussy grabbing and squeezing my dick back. As I go faster I find a position I can hit her sweet spot with and go for it. If it is her first time, I might as well do something for her. As I keep fucking, her cries and screams turn to moans and grunts. I can feel it, I can feel my orgasm coming. I start to go faster and faster as it comes and her pussy gives one final squeeze as she starts to cum and that is when I lose it. I cum deep inside of Jackie’s pussy, making sure to fill it with my incestual seed.

When I collapse onto her after I finish, I notice a tear going down her cheek and look down to see her blood all over the place. I go to get a towel and clean her off, making sure to throw away the sheets and replace them with new ones. I look down at her again and see how fucking gorgeous she looks naked. I start getting a hard on again and I also get another idea. I undo the handcuffs and she just lays there staring at me. I flip her over and cuff her hands behind her back and bend her over in a kneeling position. I notice she started getting wet again and I rub my cock around her pussy getting it nice and lubed up. Then I place the head of my dick on her ass and start to push. She must have not know what I was doing because now she was screaming again probably trying to tell me that I could fuck her pussy again just don’t screw her ass. Well, I was raping her so it didn’t really matter what she wanted.

I shove my dick in farther and I can feel the muscles in her ass tightening around this unwanted invader. I didn’t care, that just meant it would be a lot more fun. I shoved my dick in hard as far as it would go and Jackie screamed again. I just held it there for a while and massaged her tits while her ass got used to my cock. After about two minutes, I start to fucking her ass. I am just going at it having the time of my life with her. while I am fucking her, I grab a hold of her short, boyish hair and hold onto that as I am fucking her. I tell her “You are my little cock-whore now” or “I am going to fuck you still you are completely filled with cum.” As I am screwing her I realize that if I could get her to cum, her ass would squeeze my dick better than her pussy did. So I releas her hair and lean forward to start massaging her clit. As I go at it more she starts moaning again and bucking back against me. It is only another minute before she has another orgasm and I am filling her ass with my cum.

It seemed to last forever. I must have shot a gallon of my wad up in her ass before I was done. I get off after that and look down at her again. I decide to take the gag and handcuffs back. I see that she doesn’t have any marks on her wrists. It is a good thing she didn’t really fight the handcuffs, that’s just one more thing against her if she decides to tell anyone. I give her a kiss on the lips and she doesn’t respond at all, she doesn’t even blink. So I decide for one grand finale before I get out of here and I start to rub my cock. It isn’t too long before I get it up again and I start to jack off again using one of her panties. It feels good, but not as good as her pussy or ass. It doesn’t take long before I start to get that old familiar feeling and I shove the head of my dick in little Jackie’s mouth. I spray some in there and pull out to finish Cumming on her face and chest. I then grab her head and hold it up and massage her throat while holding her mouth closed. Eventually she swallows it and I let her fall limp back on the bed. With being totally satisfied, I put my clothes back on and head next door to my neighbors’ house. I get to baby sit tonight.

Sister-In-Law Lessons

Trap on Incest Stories

Sister-In-Law Lessons


Being a little brother isn’t so bad. Not when your big brother is cool. Mike was cool. He was my hero growing up. He was the prototypical all-American kid. We live in a small Midwestern down where football is king. And the king of our championship football team was Mike. He was the all-state quarterback and free safety of the our state championship

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fighting bulldogs and the entire town loved him. I mean everybody. He was also a straight ‘A’ student, captain of the baseball and basketball teams, captain of the chess club, and senior class president his last year. He worked closely with teachers and administrators for an "Overall School Success" program and they thought of him as highly as his coaches did. His classmates voted him ‘Most Handsome’ and ‘Most Popular’ and he was also a hit with all the girls in high school. He was 6'4" and weighed about 210 pounds, was good looking and was built like a Greek statue. Growing up I must have seen every girl in school come through our house at one time or another either openly visiting, or being snuck into his bedroom late at night when mom and dad were asleep. Being six years younger than him, I could only marvel at him like all the rest. When he graduated, he took an athletic scholarship to play football for a large state school not far off where he was very successful until he suffered a knee injury his senior year that ended his playing career. He never let it get him down, though I was crushed. He counted his blessings and let his academics take him to greater heights as a successful self-make businessman back at his hometown. I loved having him back home and visited every day.

I went to visit Mike, but also to pine over his wife. Darla was a girl he had actually dated in high school. She was the homecoming queen and voted ‘Most Beautiful’ the same year Mike won his award. They had graduated together and decided to attend the same college. I figured the relationship would end sometime during the first year, but Mike committed and they stayed together. They were married their last semester of college and they opened their business together after school. She was gorgeous, too. I though it might not last in college because Mike had dated so many girls in high school that I figured it would continue through college. He was kind of a swinger and liked to play the field. It was never because I thought she was sub-par for him. To the contrary, I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and still do. She was tall and dark. She must have been close to 6' tall and had long dark hair with naturally dark facial features that didn’t even require make-up. To me, she closely resembled Lori Loughlin from the TV show "Full House." She was nicely tanned and had a body that anyone would drool over. Her breasts were not huge, but big and firm, perfect matches on size and shape. And her ass was simple the best I’ve ever seen. She was athletically built but her ass was small and shapely with the perfect curves. She could really fill out a pair of jeans!

Now to me and the amazing story. My name is Trent. I unfortunately was not as blessed as my big brother. I played on all the sports teams, but my role on each was very average. I wouldn’t say I was bad at any of them but I was certainly not a team captain or the best player on the team as Mike had been when he played. I also didn’t do as well in school and was not involved with any organizations outside of athletics. I was not nearly as popular either, with classmates or with the girls. I am not a bad looking guy, but I was shy and a little awkward around girls. I am about 5'11" tall and not as muscular as my bother. I have a very average body, but I do have some of my brother’s looks so it’s not too bad. My biggest problem was sexually growing up. I loved to jack off and dreamed of my first time with a girl. I would even practice kissing with my hand and goofy shit like that. I must have jacked off at least once every day since I was about 12 years old, and most days a couple of times. But every time I tried to make a date with a girl, I was so nervous that most times I chickened out even before I could talk to them. I told myself there was plenty of time, but before I knew it, it was spring of my senior year and I had done nothing more than kiss a couple of girls.

A few weeks before my eighteenth birthday I went to visit my brother. He was at home alone on this particular night because Darla had to go out of town on business. My brother stayed home to man the office. We were just talking like normal until he started to ask about my year and the future. That is when I opened up about my frustrations. I told him about how I really felt like I was missing out because I was still a virgin.

"You know Mike. It’s kind of embarrassing. I am about to graduate and I haven’t had sex with a girl yet or even been to second base you know?"

"Don’t worry Trent, it will come. It’s not as big a deal as you think it is. Before you know it you will be married and have kids and wonder why you even spent as much time as you did worrying about it." Mike said.

"That’s easy for you to say," I replied, "you had sex all the time in high school. You never had to even think about it. You could just say hello to a girl and her panties would fall off."

He laughed, "It wasn’t quite that easy, but I guess I see your point. Really though, it’s not a big deal."

"Whatever man. I think about it all the time, and I’m afraid if I’m too nervous now with the girls I’m around all the time, how can I possibly approach a stranger for a conversation. I just think if I could even have sex one time, it would kind of break the ice." I said

He kept trying to reassure me that everything was fine and that I was certainly not the only seventeen year old virgin in the world. I still couldn’t see his point though, and I was kept venting as long as he would listen. I could tell he was starting to really become concerned with my preoccupation with all of this and he finally told me not to give it another thought.

"I predict you will have sex before you graduate. I can almost guarantee it." He said.

"How can you say that Mike?" I asked, wondering what he meant.

"Just trust me. Don’t give it another thought. Now lets go to the basement, I want to show you a project I have been working on for the business." He said.

I had already been taking with him about going to work for him after college so my mind quickly found interest in the project and I forgot about girls for a while.

The weeks before my birthday flew by as Christmas holiday approached. I was beginning to feel even more pressure and depression over my problem. Now college was close too and I was nervous about that. Everything seemed to be mounting. Then the Saturday before my birthday, five days away on the next Thursday, we were all having dinner at my parents house. Me, mom, dad, Mike and Darla were sitting around the table after our meal talking and Mike announced that he had a surprise for me. Mom and dad already knew it was coming by the smiles on their faces as Mike said he was taking me to his college alma mater’s last football game. They were playing for the conference championship and it was a much anticipated game. I was thrilled and jumped up with happiness. Everyone laughed as I went over and hugged Mike.

"Your welcome little brother, you don’t have to choke me!" He said, smiling.

"This is the best, man! I can’t thank you enough! It’s going to be one hell of a game!" I said.

Mom told me to watch my language and then laughed out loud as did everyone else. They were as happy to see me so happy. I guess I had been pretty gloomy the last few weeks and they could see it.

"You and me at the championship game! It’s going to be great!" I said.

"Yes! Well, you, me and Darla. She wants to go too. I hope you don’t mind." He replied.

I paused and looked at Darla’s lovely face smiling at me and finally said, "Heck no! Of course not!"

I could hardly contain my excitement that whole next week. We were going to leave on Thursday, my birthday, skip school Friday and head out for the three hour drive to the college. We were going to stay the night and then go to the game which was actually being played on Friday night because of the TV schedules. That Thursday afternoon, I had everything packed early and was waiting for them to pick me up. It was my birthday so mom and dad gave me a cake and some nice gifts before Mike and Darla arrived to celebrate it. Then Mike and Darla arrived and I jokingly asked them what they got me for my birthday, knowing the tickets and the trip to the game were the gift. Mike did say however, that he had another gift for me that he would give me that night but I couldn’t ask for it until we got to the hotel. I agreed and we said our goodbye’s to mom and dad and left.

The drive was pleasant and comfortable. We talked about all kinds of things, but mostly about the business and what my role might be after I joined their team. This was exiting for me because I knew it would be a job I would love not only for the work, but because I would get to be around Mike too. He was my brother and my best friend. We arrived at the hotel and dropped off our bags before going to a restaurant for dinner. Mike told me not to order too much because I wouldn’t want to get too full. I asked why but all he would say was, "You’ll see." I figured it was a cake or something they had pre-ordered for after the meal, but when we went to leave without any surprises or cakes, I was a little stumped, but payed it no mind.

When we got back to the hotel, things started to happen almost immediately that led to the greatest night of my young life. We had put our things all in one room, but I figured there was another room down the hall somewhere for me.

"I think I will take my things to my room and freshen up a little bit. Is it down this hall?" I asked.

"Actually it’s this room. We are all in this room." He said.

I gave him a puzzling look, but he only smiled. The hotel room was a nice room with a bar and living area separate from a bedroom area, but the couch was not a foldout bed type couch. I guessed that he wanted me to sleep on the couch so I played it off.

"Oh, ok. I just figured you two would want more privacy." [and me too] I thought to myself.

Mike was no problem, but Darla was. She was my sister-in-law and we were friends, but I hadn’t ever seen her in night clothes or anything like that before. I was a little uncomfortable about it but decided she would probably be discreet and I would never know the difference. I was settling into the couch when the strangeness began. Mike excused himself to the bathroom and almost immediately, Darla came over very close to me and sat down beside me on the couch. Even though the couch had plenty of room, she sat so close our hips were actually touching. I was a little uncomfortable but didn’t want to make a big deal out of it so I said nothing. She grabbed the remote off the table and hit the menu button.

"Let’s see what they have to rent." She said. "I hope they have a good selection."

She then went to the adult movie section and began to scan the selections. I was dumbfounded as I began to think how weird this all was. Then she said, "Ah, there’s a promising one. That might be the perfect one actually." and hit the enter button to rent it. The title was called "Virgin’s First Time" and the first scene was a shy boy being kissed and seduced by an older woman. I couldn’t believe what was happening! Darla was actually watching a porno in front of me and was beginning to run her fingers underneath the top of her sundress across her breasts! She seemed to be getting really turned on! Now the woman on the screen was sucking the boy’s cock and I was about to excuse myself from this embarrassing situation. About that time I heard the toilet flush and froze as Mike came out. I figured he would be as shocked as I was but he only glanced at the TV and then back at us with a smile.

"Starting without me, I see." He said to Darla. "I guess you are even more willing than you had let on." I was shocked.

"Well Trent, I guess it’s time for your birthday present." He said. "What do you think of it?"

"Where is it?" I asked nervously.

"Why it’s right beside you." He replied.

I actually looked on the table beside me before it dawned on me that he was talking about my other side. The only thing on that side was Darla. And when I looked over at her, she was smiling and removed the straps of her sun dress over she shoulders and lowered it to her waist so that her beautiful breasts were exposed. Her tits were so firm that I hadn’t even realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. I could then see that they were bigger than I had ever noticed and figured she must have had a boob job sometime recently and that is why they were bigger and so firm. I quickly jumped up and went across the room as Mike sat down next to Darla’s other side.

"What’s going on!?" I asked.

"Well, I hope you won’t mind but your problem we talked about a few weeks ago seemed to be really upsetting to you. I thought about what you said and how desperate you sounded, no offense, and I asked Darla to do you this favor. We are very free and adventurous with sex and she said yes right away. Didn’t you dear?" He said looking at Darla.

"That’s right Trent. To tell you the truth, I’ve wanted to have sex with you for a couple of years now. It would have probably happened eventually anyway, but when Mike told me I was thrilled that it was going to be now. And more thrilled that I would have the privilege to be your first." Darla said.

"You want to have sex with me? No kidding? Your not just saying that?" I asked Darla.

Instead of answering, she smiled and stood up. She then pushed her sun dress all the way down to her ankles and rose revealing her completely naked, amazing body to me. She had a dark runway strip of pubic hair above her clit and had no tan lines on her perfect body. She then stepped out of the dress, still wearing a pair of sexy, red high-heels and began to walk toward me. Her athletic body moved amazingly. He stomach was perfectly flat and firm and her tits were mind-boggling. Her seductive smirk was enough to make my cock hard as she stop in front of me, put her warm hands on the sides of my head and came in for a long, slow, open-mouthed kiss. We rolled our tongues against each others for what seemed like forever, before she broke our kiss, reached for the bottom of my shirt and slowly lifted it off over my head and kissing my chest. She slowly kissed her way to each of my nipples before sucking each a little and dropping to her knees. She then looked up at me before delivering little kissed all over my stomach and unzipping my jeans. With a skillful move, she quickly unbuttoned the jeans and pulled them and my underwear to my knees. My hard cock bounced high, smacking my stomach before aiming awkwardly toward Darla’s full lips. Darla is a sweetheart and knew just what to say to help me in my situation. She knew.

"Trent, I know this is your first time and I know what is probably about to happen so don’t feel embarrassed at all. Mike and any other man was no different their first time. Just let it happen and enjoy it. I am going to finally find out if my brother-in-law tastes as good as my husband."

She then took hold of my cock and moved her lips over it’s head and deep into her mouth. I was in ecstacy. I decided to heed her words and let it go. In only a few seconds and a few strokes of her lips, I was dumping what seemed like a quart of cum into my lovely sister-in-law’s mouth. She never paused as she continued her lustful sucks to the last drop before finally removing her mouth with tight-closed lips and looking up at me as she swallowed. She closed her eyes tightly as I saw her throat swallow it all down and then she opened her mouth to show me it was gone before laughing.

"My God!" She exclaimed laughingly. "That’s more than I’ve ever had at once before! You certainly cum more than Mike ever has!"

"Yeah, yeah," said Mike, "you really know how to hurt a guy you know?" He laughed.

"So how was it?" I asked, still coming down from my orgasm. I was embarrassed by the question as soon as I asked it. I couldn’t believe I said it. But Darla showed no hesitation.

"You know, it’s probably a little better than Mike’s." and then turned to him with a laugh. Mike just nodded with a smile and said, "Oh, that’s just great."

"I’m sorry honey," she said to Mike and then turned to me. "Trent, do you mind if I give Mike a little attention before we continue. It will give you a chance to recover a little."

I only nodded with a stupid looking smile I’m sure, and she said "good."

I stripped the rest of my cloths off as I watched Darla take Mike to the bed and they began to work together to get his clothes off. Afterwards, he laid on the bed and she began to stroke and suck his cock. I couldn’t really see it, but I could tell by her movements that’s what she was doing. I however, had my eyes glued on her beautiful ass and her perfect pussy. I watched as she moved her hips how it opened and closed and how wonderful it looked and I began to stoke my cock a little. That’s when I noticed she had stopped her motion and was looking back at me.

"Why don’t you take a closer look while I suck your brother’s cock? I love to have my pussy eaten if you would like." She said. Mike gave me a thumb’s up and a smile, unbeknown to her.

That was all I needed as she went back to work and I walked up and hit my knees behind her. It was the first pussy I had ever seen except in magazines and I felt an instinct to sniff it and to taste it. I wanted to take it in all my senses. First though, I wanted to inspect it and learn a little. I began by running my fingers up and down her already dripping hole and then tasting a little from my fingers. It tasted good to me so I began to finger her hole, first with one finger and then with two. I could hear her begin to moan as I increased my speed. I also was interested in the cute, tight little pucker that was her anus. I stuck my tongue to it and she gave a gasp and withdrew a little. I was nervous a few moments as I froze my movements hoping I hadn’t gone too far. Finally I heard her speak.

"Oh my, I’m sorry Trent. I didn’t mean to flinch. It’s just that no one has ever done that, not even Mike. Go ahead if you want to though, I think I might like it."

So I tried it again and she still gasped a little but didn’t withdraw. I could tell she liked it. I also liked the idea that this was one place that until now was virgin to sex. Knowing I was her first, at least at this, was quite a turn on for me and I began to hope that maybe mine could be the very first cock to invade her ass. For now though I licked and the faster and harder I did, the more she began to moan. I took turns licking her ass and then her pussy, trying every now and then to push my tongue inside of each. It took some work on her ass to get her to loosen up, but after a while I had my tongue in her ass and was banging her hard with my fingers. Then I would switch. I would dig my tongue into her pussy as far as it would go and I began to finger bang her ass with my middle finger. She began to loosen up even more as her moans were turning into occasional screams. And then into uncontrollable screams as I concentrated on her clit as I fingered her asshole. It was then that she started to scream her loudest and she came. It scared me at first because it was so loud, but mostly because she squirted her cum hard out onto my chin and down my chest. I backed away to see another spirt come out and splatter on the floor. Then she turned to look at me and I could see the intense look of ecstacy and lust on her moaning face, as well as a large load of Mike’s cum as he must have shot his load all over her.

"Oh God Trent that was so good! Please fuck my pussy with your cock now!" She moaned.

I quickly got up and wiped away some of her cum from my mouth as I pushed my hard cock into her pussy. With all the lubrication, it slid in easily and was warm and velvety soft. I loved it as I began to pump her hard, grabbing her by the hips. I could hear her sucking sloppily at Mike’s cock again getting him hard and ready. I was able to control myself better this time and after a few minutes decided to try my wish. I began to spit on her asshole and spearing it around with my thumb. She never did anything to stop me so I took my cock out of her pussy and pushed it’s head into the pucker of her ass. She responded by pushing back and I knew it was coming true. My head finally popped inside her ass as I pushed harder and got the head all the way in. She gave another gasp but didn’t relent as I continued my thrusts. After a few seconds my cock was about half way inside her and she was still pushing back, only paused briefly a couple of time when it seemed to hurt. She was quick to recover though, and before long I was completely inside her and beginning my gentle thrusts. She was so fucking tight I though she might squeeze my dick in two, especially when she would tighten up, but overall it felt extremely good. It wasn’t too long before I could feel another orgasm coming. She could sense it too because of my breathing and moans. Suddenly she stopped and told me to come around the side of the bed to her. Mike quickly got up and replaced me at her ass, sticking his dick in and continuing where I had left off. To my surprise, without even wiping it off, she immediately grabbed my cock and stuffed it into her mouth! I couldn’t believe it, but she began to suck my dick that only seconds before had been up her ass! I have to admit she sucked it even better than before, with much more gusto if you will. And she was teasing me a little too. Every time I would be about to blow, she would take me out of her mouth and squeeze my cock hard to keep me from cumming. "Not yet, baby." She would say and then continue her moans from Mike fucking her ass while holding her grip on my cock. It was more than I could take so I just started to back away.

It was then that she pulled away from Mike and sat up in the bed. She pointed at me and began giving instructions.

"You two fucking studs are going to fill me up now! Trent, come lay on your back on the bed." She demanded. I quickly did as told. She then straddled me and sat her pussy onto my cock to the hilt and bent over me as I took one of her tits into my mouth.

"Now Mike, you stick your cock back into my ass and you two can both fuck me. I want it all." She stated.

I could feel Mike move onto the bed behind Darla and could tell his cock was fully inside her when I felt his balls hit mine. Darla then began to buck as we found a rhythm. It was amazing. Her me and my brother were both fucking Darla at the same time! It was incredible as she moaned loudly while I took turns sucking each of her tits. Then she pulled my head down onto the bed forcefully and kissed me hard, driving her tongue into my mouth. She was being a total slut and I loved it. She was nothing like the sweet little girl that always came to my parents house to visit or who served me and Mike iced tea when I went to their house. She was like a pornstar in a gangbang and it was hot. After a few minutes, she told us to stop as she rose up, spun around and lowered herself back onto my cock, only this time my cock was in her tight little ass. She laid back onto my chest as I reached around and grabbed her tits in each hand. Mike then plunged his cock into her pussy and I could feel his balls slamming against mine again. We were fucking her even harder now as she sat up a little, placing her hands on either side of me and began to buck at our cocks as hard as she could. It was sexy having her long silky hair dancing in my face as she fucked my cock with her ass and Mike’s cock with her pussy. It couldn’t last forever I knew as I could feel my balls tightening for an orgasm once again. Mike was about ready to pop also as he pulled out of her pussy and helped her raise up. Her ass made a loud pop as she pulled off my throbbing cock. She quickly moved to the floor on her knees and gave a finger for us to come join her. Mike and I quickly went and stood on either side of her as she took a cock in each hand and began to jerk and suck each one at a time. Then she concentrated on me. She continued to stoke me with one hand while my cock head was in her mouth as she took her other hand off Mike’s cock and began to message my balls with it. Then just before I came, she took the hand that was massaging my balls and reached underneath to my ass. She pushed hard until her finger was up my ass and this only intensified my orgasm as I came hard into her mouth. She held it as she had before until I was completely dry and then backed away. She opened her lovely mouth to show my load sitting inside while pointing at it and looking at Mike. He knew what she wanted as he jerked his cock and carefully aimed it at her mouth. She still had her finger up my ass when she took her other hand and did the same to Mike. I could tell he was a little shocked as he began to shoot a huge load into her already full mouth. He missed only slightly as a little hit her cheek and nose. Her mouth was almost overflowing when Mike finished as she paused a moment to show us and then closed her eyes and mouth at the same time to swallow. A little cum flowed out the corner of her mouth as she close it and it took her three swallows to get it all down! She then opened it and showed us it was empty before putting her hand over her mouth and laughing.

"You two guys got me so hot! What I slut I am tonight!" She said laughing.

"You did great darling." Mike said smiling. "I just can’t believe you let us fuck you in the ass. You told me that would never happen. And what was with putting your fingers in OUR asses before we came! I have to admit it felt great."

"Well, blame your little brother. I’m not so sure he was a virgin the way he was working back there. I’ve never cum that hard before in my life! I guess he got me a little ass-happy." She laughed again. "I hope this isn’t a one time thing. I could get used to fucking the both of you."

"Well, that’s up to Trent," Mike said, "if he’s game, you know I am."

I couldn’t believe it! And my only answer was to put my still hard cock into her mouth and say, "Anytime."

The game the next night was great and the good guys won, but it was not as great as the endless sex we had in the hotel room until it was time to go home. Mike and I must have cum 15 times each, and Darla drank most of them. When we weren’t cumming all over he tits or face or any other part of her amazing body you could imagine. Her pussy and ass were gaping open by the time we finished our last session of the weekend and her jaw had to be sore. She was like a champion slut or something! She still couldn’t get enough though, and I remember after Mike went to bed that she was still tiredly sucking on my limp and spend cock even as I was falling asleep watching TV. I guess she wanted just one more drink of cum before the night was over. I gave her what I could before completely passing out. It wasn’t more than a small spirt, but she drank it down like it was the last drop on Earth. After that weekend, we got together for a threesome almost every night. And sometimes when Mike was gone, just me and Darla would fuck and it could get freaky. Now I especially can’t wait to go to work for them. I have a feeling there will be some extra duties involved and will definitely be perks of the job. Darla has become a regular cum ogre now and is constantly wanting sex. Mike said the other day that mom and dad had been having some problems in the bedroom department lately and that Darla had offered to help them out. But that is another story.

My very close sister and me...

bajayjay13 on Incest Stories

“Hey, Sis, you ready to go swim yet?!” I called upstairs to my sisters, Emily, room.


“One minute, let me put my new bikini on!” She replied back.


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ace="Times New Roman" size="3">Mmmm, I thought, as I pictured my sister naked, putting on her bikini. I had seen Emily in a bikini before, of course, but now that I was 14 and she was 16, my hormones were taking control of me and I realized how beautiful she really was. She was about as tall as me; had deep brown eyes, silky dark black hair, and perfect C cups tits with an incredible tear drop ass.


My sister and I have always been really close, so we would often talk about sex and whatnot. She had already told me how she had sex with her boyfriend, Zach, when she was 14, just before he moved to California; but had never had sex with anyone after him. I, unfortunately, had not had sex yet. We talked about how we both loved masturbating and how I always used lotion and how she had her own favorite dildo that Mom had given to her. We both really loved just talking, no matter the subject.


Five minutes later, Emily came walking down the stairs. My mouth fell open a bit as I saw her. She was wearing a thin, plain white bikini that she had purchased from Victoria’s Secret.  The bikini was obviously too small for her, as her top did not cover her entire tits and showed a great deal of the top of them and a bit of under-cleavage. The bottoms were the same; barely showing the sides of her shaved pussy lips.


She came down smiling, and then started to giggle devilishly, staring at my bathing suit. She then put on a cute face.


“Awwww, you’re wearing the Speedo I bought for you!” She said, chuckling. “You look great in it! You really fill it out!”  


“I was about to say the same thing about you!” I told her, playfully slapping her ass as she passed me. She giggled and pushed me away, walking toward the pool in our backyard, her bikini bottom squeezing into her ass every step she took. I moaned to myself and followed her. My 5 ½ inch boner had been up the whole time, but she didn’t seem to mind.


She stopped and sat down on a lawn chair and looked at the pool. I followed her gaze and saw Mom and Dad slowly getting out of the pool, both with big grins on their face. They walked towards the door and then stopped and faced Emily and I.


“Hey, kids,” my Dad addressed us,” I’m gonna go spend some alone time with your mother.” At this he squeezed Moms ass. “Have fun!” Mom giggled and walked off with Dad, grabbing his cock.


Emily stared after them; a smile on her face.


“Horny little guys aren’t they!” She said. We both laughed. Emily then stood up and grabbed a brown bottle from her chair, flipped off the top and poured a white substance from it on her hand. She then handed the bottle to me as I bent down to take off my shoes.


“You mind putting some sun-tan lotion on my legs, please?” She said, looking down, giving me a cute smile. She started to wipe the lotion on her stomach.




I was hesitant.


She looked down again, giving me an exasperated look. “Oh don’t be such a pussy!”


I looked at her and laughed.


“Then stop being such a bitch!” I laughed, smacking her ass, hard, again.


Emily jumped and laughed. “There ya go.” She stuck her hands in her bikini top and lotioned her puffy tits. I watched eagerly for a moment. I’d seen her tits before, but now, because of my hormones, I looked at them from a sexual point. She didn’t seem to notice.


I poured a large amount of lotion in my hands and started to lather away. First starting at her feet, I worked my way up her beautiful legs, savoring every inch of her skin. I rubbed her quads and finally reached her ass. I lathered it very slowly and smoothly, sticking my hands between her ass cheeks quickly. Then, going to her front, I motioned my hand very quickly over her bikini bottom, barely touching her pussy lips that slightly protruded from it. I was so incredibly horny; my cock portrayed that.


I stood up and looked at her. She was biting her bottom lip and had her right eyebrow propped up. “You did a very thorough job.” She grinned.


“Well, I don’t want to see my beautiful sister get sun-burned, now do I?” I said, pushing my chest into her and wrapping my arms around her. I started to playfully kiss her neck while massaging her ass cheeks. Her puffy nipples felt great on me.


“Stop it!” She teased. She pushed across my chest in an attempt to push me into the pool, but I grabbed her hand and took her with me. We both surfaced the water, laughing hard at each other.


“Oh you’re so stupid!” She screamed, splashing water at me.


“What!” I called. I moved to her and started to tickle the sides of her tits and pussy lips. She started to laugh hard. “Oh stop it! Stop it!” She laughed, splashing water everywhere.


I stopped after a second, laughing. She had a wide grin on her face when she looked at me. We both stared at each others eyes for a moment.

She’s so beautiful, I thought.


We started to move towards each other. We put our tongues together and kissed.




Tell me if I should right part two, thanks for reading.


cousins and my anal fetish

bazza101 on Incest Stories


For months now i had been on an anal fucking quest,the quest had started by me watching a porno where two girls ate each others asses out and i felt like i had to eat a girls ass out aswell

But it was so hard to find some one who was willing to let me do this to them

I had fucked my mother and sister countless times before but they had said no to the idea.

There was anothe

Mom and son Brazil style part 1

mind_warrior_2000 on Incest Stories

People often asked in E Mail that how did that come about that you were

able to do that with mom ?. The answer is thing took roots over many years.

I am the final product of mom wild day. She got preggo from one night

stand. Since she is a good catholic so abortion wasn't an option. And since

I didn't have a father at birth. Mom has been more

Brother visits Sister at College Part 6

breastgirl34c on Incest Stories

Brother visits Sister at College Part 6


This is to make up for what lacked in part 5.


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unt: 1">            Brian had been here a day and a half and was leaving in the morning.   I was a bit disappointed, I really enjoyed him (oops did I say that out loud!) I really enjoyed his visit, and I knew that Michelle did too.   Brian went off to the pool again to swim, and Michelle and I went right to bed.   Fucking Brian by ourselves, together, and watching each other fuck Brian was really getting to us, it was getting us really hot for each other, so when Brian left, we went at it right away.


            As soon as Brain changed and left my room, I went down the hall to Michelle’s.   After we went at it (no detailed description is necessary I think, if you really want to know, read the first story, it is similar to that, except for Brian walking in on us.) we both just laid there in bed.   We wanted to plan something special for Brian and his last night here.   After we both threw around some ideas, we both came up with it.


            We quickly started planning and calling and talking to people that we wanted to help us out.   By the time Brian returned a little over an hour later, we had it all planned.   Neither of us told him what was going to happen, because we didn’t want to ruin the surprise.


            Michelle and I were in my room and in my bed naked, cuddling watching some tv when Brian got back from the pool.   He saw us laying there and just gave us a smile and shook his head.   We just looked back at him with a cute little look that told him ‘what?   You left us alone.’


            Brian rummaged though his bag to get his shower stuff, then stripped down and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.   A minute or two after he left and we heard the water start to run Michelle poked me in the side, “It’s time” she said.   “Yea yea,” I told her smiling, “I was just giving him a head start.”   With that I gave her a kiss and climbed out of the bed and headed towards the bathroom.


            I found which shower stall he was in and slowly crept up to it.   I looked through a crack in the curtain and saw that his back was to me.   I looked him up and down a couple times, admiring his body as the water ran over him.   I quickly slipped into the shower with out him seeing me and stood there for a minute before walking up behind him and wrapping my arms around his side and grabbing his hanging dick.   I put my head on his shoulder and gave him a quick kiss on the neck.   “Hey there little bro, I needed a shower too before we go out tonight, mind if I join you?” and with that I started softly kissing him on his neck.


            He stood there for a little while, and bent his neck to the side, allowing me easier access to him.   As my lips worked their magic on his neck and shoulders, my hands were working his dick, and were doing a pretty good job at it because I could feel him start to get hard.   When he was hard I started stroking up and down his shaft while still kissing him.   I could tell he was starting to enjoy this because of how he was moving and the slight barely audible sounds that were coming out of his mouth.


            We didn’t last too long like this before his emotions just overcame him and he grabbed me and quickly pushed me against the wall.   He held my hands above my head as he looked at me and smiled.   He looked up and down my body and admired the way the water from the shower ran between my breasts and down over the other curves of my body.   He then moved in closer and pressed himself against me and started to kiss me.   I could feel his hard dick pressed tightly between our two stomachs.


            He held my hands above my head still and kissed me passionately.   Our tongues were swirling around inside our mouths, and his hips were moving ever so slightly to suggest that we were fucking.   All of this was getting me really worked up.   This was my first time in the shower with a guy, so that on top of the fact that Brian was good was getting me really worked up.


            He let go of my hands and slowly traced his fingers down my arms.   He moved his head to the side and started kissing my cheek, and nibbling on my ear, then moved down to my neck.   I kept my hands above my head and had my head tilted to one side as he kissed and nibbled his way down my body.   He worked from my face down to my neck, spent some time on either side, then moved down to my breasts.   He took one in his hand, put his mouth over my nipple and sucked my breast as far in his mouth as he could.   He used his hand to rub my breast, and used his tongue to swirl around my nipple.


            What he was doing felt so good!   I just stood there against the wall with my hands above my head and just soaked in all the pleasure Brian was giving me.   Brian then switched to my other breast and did the same thing he had done before.   Except this time he kept his hand on my other breast and kneaded it a little bit.


            After unlatching himself from by breast, he continued to keep his hands on them and knead them.   He stuck his tongue out and started teasing my nipples with it.   My eyes were closed and my head was still off to one side as he continued on my body.   I let out a soft moan as he licked my nipple with his tongue.


            He continued playing with my breasts for a little while, but brought his leg up, and was humping my pussy with his thigh.   He would push it hard up into my pussy, then slowly back off, then push it hard up, then slowly back off, then hard up and slowly back off.   He was hitting my cilt, so it was sending lots of pleasure though my body.


            Between him playing with my breasts and dry fucking my pussy, the sensations I was getting were incredible.   It felt like lightening was shooting through my body.   My moans were uncontrollable at this point and were coming as they wished.


            Brian then pulled off of me and stood back.   He looked at me standing there up against the wall of the shower with my hands still above my head and my head still cocked to one side.   I was panting to catch my breath.   I opened my eyes to see him smile at me.   I gathered some energy and managed to smile back at him.   He then grabbed his dick and positioned it right at my pussy lips touching them.   I had my eyes closed again, but felt something touch my pussy.   I knew immediately what it was and my panting and breathing got heavier and faster paced.


            When I felt him start to push in I took one deep breath and held it until he was all the way in and had pulled out and pushed in a couple times, then I gasped and my deep breaths continued.   He started out pretty slow and was just pushing in, and pulling out, very slowly, letting us both enjoy this, and enjoying this we were.


            He soon began to pick up the pace and brought it up to a nice brisk pace.   I was really enjoying this, more than I thought I would.   I finally brought my arms down and placed them on his shoulders to help steady myself.   We were soon, once again, fucking like rabbits.


            My knees were getting really weak, so I picked them up off the floor.   To my surprise I stayed right where I was and didn’t slip down the wall at all.   I picked my legs up and wrapped them around his waist and used them to pull him into me and push himself even deeper into me.   When I wrapped my legs around his waist, he pick up the pace even more so we were fucking like mad.


            There we were in the shower, my arms over his shoulders, my legs wrapped around his waist and my back against the wall of the shower with Brian fucking me senseless.   Every once and a while you could hear the smack as I hit the wall again, but mostly it was my screams and moans from being fucked.


            We went at it like this for a little while, until I felt Brian tense up then start to shoot his load into me.   He pushed me as hard against the wall as he could and buried himself as deep as he could into my pussy and just started to unload.


            After he finished shooting his load into me, we both just stood there in the shower, as if we were frozen in time.   I then slowly unwrapped my legs from around his waist and put my legs down to support myself again.   He pulled himself out of me.


            We joined together again in a kiss and when we pulled away, I looked him in the eye, and whispered to him, “I love my little brother.”   He just smiled back.   We then started to clean each other off, getting our hands all soapy and running them around each others bodies.   I ran mine over his chest and over his dick.   He got his hands all soapy and played with my breasts.   He seemed to like the way they were all slick and slippery when they were all soapy.


            We climbed out of the shower and dried each other off, and headed back towards my room to change into clothes to get ready to go out tonight.   Afterall, Michelle and I had big plans for him.   We were excited for it too, we were looking foreword to it.


            I could feel myself getting hot thinking about what would be happening later.   I looked over at Brian as he was putting on some clothes.   I found it cute how he had absolutely no idea what was going in.   He saw me looking at him and smiled at me.   I smiled back.   If only he knew…

Brotherly, Sisterly Love II

g_goyal2000 on Incest Stories

For those not familiar with the wild gyrations between Roger and Ginger, brother and sister, he being divorced and 32, she a 35-year old, four-year widow, a brief resume is in order. To wit:

Roger, the moralist of the two, had been firmly convinced that incest, i.e., any fucking, muff diving, or cock sucking between close rel

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atives like brother-sister, father-daughter, mother-son, etc., was not only immoral, but also constituted felonies in the criminal justice system for which they could both go to jail. Ginger took a much more practical position and figured that, with her two teen-age children off to summer camp for the next two weeks there was certainly nothing wrong with their sharing some adult physical, i.e., sexual satisfaction, even if it had to be with her younger brother. Both of them were walking the walls for sex, Roger not having had it -- other than hand jobs -- for more than two years and Ginger celibate -- certainly not by choice -- for the four years since her husband, Jerry, died. It was only in her frequent dreams that she could mesmerize re-joining him in one of their frequent bouts of 69ing, which always preceded their good night fuck.

Having lost his house and children in his bitter and expensive divorce, Roger had moved into Ginger's three-bedroom house. The morning after her kids had been shuffled off to camp for a two-week stay, Ginger was not willing to beat around the bush with Roger any longer. He was either going to put up, shut up, and fuck her, or get his useless ass out of her house. She could no longer accept his old crappola about no-sex between relatives. She needed some regular fucking in the worst way and if he wouldn't give it to her, she was determined to leave the house in broad daylight, naked with only her bedroom slippers on, and beg the first stranger she met to fuck her. Ginger was so tired of having to finger her cunt for relief that she would have become a street whore if necessary to get her twat probed with any willing stiff prick.

After his morning shower, Roger in his jockey shorts was sitting on his bed grasping his morning boner, absent mindedly watching the morning news on TV, when Ginger, her hair still wet from her shower, fresh from her douche, came between him and his line of sight to the picture tube and stood bare-assed naked with her arms folded. "Roger, you no good bastard, just tell me which is better to see, the fucking news on TV or my tits and my pussy? I want you to stop acting like a limp-wrist faggot and fuck me right now. Any more of your nonsense about it being morally wrong, and you know what I'll do for the first man I meet in front of the house. I don't care what the neighbors say about me being nude and fornicating on the lawn."

Well so much for this short reprise, you readers of Volume I can't help but remember that, as usual, fucking triumphed over morality, giving reinforcement to the old saying that a stiff prick has no conscience, especially when confronted with pussy practically presented on a platter. I'm now going to quote a somewhat redacted version of the final climactic paragraphs from the previous volume as a lead in to this tome:

"Yes, little brother, yes, keep it coming. I want every last drop." Spurt after spurt lubricated her hole. Over and over, "Give it to me, Roger. Shoot it in my cunt," until he was finished squirting.

They lay in each other's arms for a little while, kissing, resting, and cuddling. Not a word was spoken. Then they got up, showered together, and chose to stay naked for a belated breakfast. Ginger made coffee and toast. He poured the orange juice as she fondled his ass. Roger said, "Ginger, my beloved and most talented sister, if you are as good at sucking my cock and giving blow jobs to your brother as I was in eating your pussy and licking your twitching sweet bung, we can just take the rest of the day off and enjoy our new found talents."

His response was a deep-throated kiss on the mouth, as Ginger's bare ass wriggled on his lap. What do you think her answer was?

As the only thing either of them wanted to eat in bed was each other they finished their toast and orange juice before walking hand-in-hand, this time to Roger's bedroom. His bed lacked the satin sheets which Ginger luxuriated in, but hers had become somewhat love soiled and sticky from their recent engagement. There were no further morality discussions from Roger as Ginger lovingly nudged him back onto the cotton sheeted mattress. After the heavenly tongue licking, pussy lapping, and twat sucking that Roger had enthusiastically treated her to -- not to mention the universe-shaking fuck -- Ginger was determined to be as kittenish and sexy as possible. Two weeks without the children could go by quickly, and there was no fucking time to be wasted.

She lay atop of Roger and stuck her tongue in his mouth while cupping his ball sack, rubbing her tits against his hairy chest. Squeezing and slurping his erect nipples, her hand slipped to the base of his cock, her fingers combing through his bushy crotch hair, which was quite a comparison to Ginger's smoothly shaven mound. She then meticulously described what she had in store for him.

"Roger, my little brother, you fucked me in the grandest style, bathing my entire body with your saliva, sticking your tongue in my mouth, my cunt, and even penetrated deep into my asshole, and now I'm going to get even with you by tormenting you until you beg me to get your rod to shoot its cream. But when I sense that you are about to cum, I'm goint to get up and strut my bare ass around the room bouncing my boobs beyond your grasp, if necessary, to keep you from cumming just yet and to extend our session. You made me cum at least a dozen times, and if I can, I'm going to get you off at least two or three times, but I intend it to take me a tantalizingly long time. We just had breakfast, and you now may end up being my lunch. Any objections?"

Hearing none, Ginger turned him over, face down, and proceeded to lick and between his shoulders, working her way down tantalizingly kissing and licking to the top of the slit between his ass cheeks. "Roger, darling, if I had had any idea of your incredible tonguing talents, believe me, we surely would have done this before, kids around or no kids. Some things in life are more important than being morally straight."

Having made this profound observation, Ginger spread his ass cheeks and spit into his crack. As her sputum ran down hill, she traced its progress toward his bung which was fresh from their shower, followed with her tongue. She couldn't help but remember vividly how she had done this so many times with her deceased husband, Jerry, and how excited he got when she stuck the tip of her tongue into his butt hole. Roger's quivering response caused her tongue to keep slipping in and out of his ass hole, and she plyed his bung with more of her spit before sticking her tongue back in to its full depth. As Roger squirmed convulsively, Ginger's tongue was alternated with first one, then two, and then three of her fingers to the hilt. Ginger's finger nails, fortunately, were kept short, and the in and out sensation was painless but excruciatingly delightful as she massaged his prostate gland.

Roger was in seventh heaven but couldn't help wondering when, if ever, he was going to be fed some of Ginger's sweet pussy. She had mentioned something about having a strawberry douche, but her sweet, natural taste had been enough to make him a regular at her special "Y" dining place. With her smooth, hairless pussy, he didn't have to worry about picking pubic hairs from his teeth, a tricky and an embarrassing thing to have to do in public, first having to explain how the cunt hairs got there in the first place. As the leader in this bout, Ginger turned him over, now face up toward the ceiling.

Quicker than a wink, she threw her right leg over his shoulder and mounted him knee high. Before he knew it, he was staring straight up at her glistening snatch. Moving slightly forward, Ginger positioned her cunt directly above his mouth and dropped it on his welcoming tongue. Her back and forth lunges kept his tongue in her pussy and brought the tip of his nose in and out of her bung. While Ginger's stated intent was that he was not yet to cum, she could not contain her own explosion, which flooded Roger's mouth and entire face with her juices. Asked about the lack of the promised strawberry flavor, she said, "Don't complain, little brother. If you like, next time I'll stuff some cherries in my slit, which you can then suck out with your tongue, one at a time. But that will give you something to look forward to. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and the many times you turned me down when I wanted you to fuck me."

Perfectly poised above Roger in the 69 position, Ginger had yet to mouth Roger's now pointedly erect cock. While perhaps longer than normal with an average girth, Rogers rod, with its pre-cum, was as taut as a banjo string. She licked his piss hole and slowly went down on him all the way to the balls. Detecting a gurgling sound in his nut sack, and not wanting him to shoot just yet, Ginger told him to sit up with his legs spread wide over the side of the bed and his feet on the floor. She then crawled toward him on the floor, head back and slipped her tongue under his nut sac and hand massaged his joint. Licking pre-cum from the tip of his plum-like cock head, she pushed him back on the mattress and mouthed his erectile rod so deep that the tip of his cock head was well past her gag point and aimed right at her stomach before she reluctantly withdrew.

"Roger, don't you dare come in my mouth right now. I do want to taste your juice and suck you off, but my special treat for you right now is my ass. I want you to tongue my bud and lick me loose so that you can give me my first asshole fuck in more than four years. Jerry always thought this was a special treat. When you are up and in me proper all the way to your balls, if you're a good boy, I may just let you shoot your cream."

Roger had fingered her bud in their earlier bout and knew that he was in for a tight squeeze, but a damn good ass fuck could be had only after his cock was properly inserted to the hilt and his balls tucked between the cheeks of her ass. Lacking lubricant, the best he could do was to take as much time as necessary, parting her ass cheeks and licking and tonguing her tiny bung, moistening his palm with saliva and making his cock as slippery as possible. When the time for buggering arrived, Ginger got out of bed and knelt on the floor for an old fashioned doggy bitch-type fuck. Never had he seen such a heavenly ass. But Roger said that he wanted to be able to see her gorgeous body, from her cunt up to her tits, while jabbing her love hole with his pecker. So he turned her over and put her legs, one over each of his shoulders, before making first contact with her eagerly twitching bung. His plum-like cock head aimed at her anal target and as Ginger made a bowel like push with her bung, the head slipped in surprisingly easy. Although he had never been there before, her asshole seemed to be welcoming him home. He now knew why Ginger had twice flushed her bowels with enemas before they had showered. She had had this in her mind at all times.

Before pushing his cock in all the way Roger wanted Ginger's asshole to relax further for the great fuck which was about to follow. With his balls resting at her asshole there was no further penetration possible, and after stroking in and out, in and out, Ginger said, "Roger, I've changed my mind and I now want to give you the best blow job you've ever had. I want to suck you off and swallow every last bit of your juice, so don't you dare come in my ass. Just slip your prick out of my ass and let me suck you off. Don't you pout about not cumming up in my gut, for I'll make it up to you, possibly this afternoon."

"Roger, do you realize that we've only been up since seven this morning. It's not yet 10:30. We've been to the moon and back, dozens of times, and now I want to put you in orbit. Don't forget we have all the rest of the day as well as the next two weeks to explore each other's fantasies without the children being about. So be a good little brother and slowly pull your cock out of my asshole like I asked before it dribbles any more and shoots, and let me give you a world championship blow job. That toast and orange juice did not satisfy my appetite, which is now voracious for the cream which I am about to get from your over due balls straight from your sweet dispensing tool.

Right from her asshole to her eager mouth, after Ginger had swallowed his pent-up load, she proceeded to lick his cock and balls clean as a whistle, missing not a drop of his cum. Demurely, kittenishly, she then sidled up to Roger with his head on his pillow, gave him a taste of his cum with a mouth to mouth French kiss and asked, "Do you have any thoughts as to what we might do the rest of the day?" With this first taste of his own cum, Roger responded, "Jokers are wild, my loving sister, but I hope it doesn't involve putting on any clothes or your getting fucked on the lawn by some stranger.

Speculation as to how they spent the rest of the day and the rest of their two weeks without the kids is rife, however, the actuality was beyond even your fertile imaginations. So don't get carried away.


While heaven can wait, Ginger and Roger's two week sexual Olympics came to an exhausting end -- what a way to go. They both have now happily remarried and live about a 30-minutes drive apart. They can manage only necessarily infrequent trysts on neutral ground. They often meet in shopping mall parking lots where Ginger sucks him off and at motels that don't require luggage and rent by the hour. I've already told you what they do whenever the opportunity presents; and they still do it whenever they can. Neither of their new spouses has any reason to doubt their marital fidelity, and neither you nor I have reason to be suspicious of Roger and Ginger, who are, after all, brother and sister. Siblings don't do those things to each other, it says here . . . And if you believe that, I have some nice oceanside property in Montana that you might be interested in.

Nasty to my step sister

Jolly1 on Incest Stories

My father remarried a terrible woman when I turned 15 who brought along a hellspawn daughter into our family. My new step sisters name was Samantha. She was 16, had a freckeld face, green eyes, long red hair, and all too perfect body. She was about 5' 6" with smallish perky tits. Her heart shaped ass was amazing.

 Being that Samantha was a year older than me made her feel like s

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he had the run of the house. She could get away with murder and blamed me for everything. I was grounded several times for events I had nothing to do with. From letting the dog out of the house, to breaking an expensive dish we had mounted in the dining room. And she was always dressing in skimpy clothing as if purposely taunting me.

One morning I was sitting at breakfast when Sam sat down across from me. She was wearing a pink robe with white lace around the edges. As she poured cereal her robe opened enough for me to see a breast complete with her beautiful round nipple. It was all I could do to stop drooling. I had several seconds to glance at it before she looked up and noticed. She glanced around to make sure mom and Dad weren't looking, then flashed open the whole thing. Bother her perky tits were hanging in front of me. "That's the closest you'll ever get to a girls tits," she said to me. This is when I decided to get even with her. After all, I was a horny teenager and I was masterbating frivolously every night. She will pay,

That night, I rushed into the bathroom to take a shower before her. I knew she would take one after me. I had to watch her wander around the pool all day in a bikini and have her flash glimpses of her tits and pussy when nobody else was around. My cock was already rock hard as I closed and locked the bathroom door,undressed, and started the shower. I was in luck when I found a pair of her panties in the laundry hamper. I would use those to help get me off. I took out her tooth brush and rubbed it against the under side of my cock, knowing it would be in her mouth. I also managed to get some pre-cum on the bristles.

All the build up from the day had my cock raging. I took her bottle of shampoo and opened the cap. Using her panties, I wrapped them around my cock and stroked it. The smooth purple cotton material felt wonderful. Each stroke inched my closer to her. I could feel the cum welling up inside. I steadied the open top of the shampoo bottle at the tip of my cock just as I was coming. I sent 4 streams of cum into it waiting for her to mix with her hair. Her shampoo was a pearly white anyway so she would never notice.

My cock still stood as if there was more to be done. I grabbed the sponge she used in the tub and rubbed that on my cock. I would cum in that too. I jerked the panties more and built another load to sit in her sponge. I grabbed the bottle of soap she would use and added some cum from the sponge to the soap. Now being spent, I finished my shower and put everything back for the unsuspecting victim. As I left the bathroom as I had found it, I yelled to Sam "Shower is yours Sam!"

I waited in my room as I heard her close the bathroom door. It seemed like forever before I heard the water begin to run. Her normal routine would be to brush her teeth, get in the tub, probably shave, then wash her body and hair. That would mean first, my pre-cum would be srubbed into her mouth. Then as she washed her body with her sponge and soap, she was rubbing in my seed to her entire body. I can only imagine it swirling in the water around her pussy. She would then lean her head back to wet it, then apply the river of cum and shot into her shampoo.

25 minutes later she came out without saying a word and went to her room for bed. I was again raging hard at all the thoughts of what had probably transpired. My cum seeping through her unsuspecting hair. I wondered if she had picked up a strange taste from her tooth brush? My plan was not complete. I was now more horny than when it had begun.

I waited until about 2AM when the house had been silent for long. I crept out of my room down the hall to hers. She was asleep and her door was partly open. I crept in. She was laying in bed on her side facing away from the door. Her long red hair draped down in front of me. My cock wanted to leave more for her. I pulled it out through my shorts and began to jerk off over her head. I looked down at her face as she slept in peace. I began to feel the warmth stream up my shaft. I aimed my cock at her hair and shot one stream after another of my hot sticky seed into her hair. I clang to it like sticky glue. I milked every last ounce of it until it was all over her head. I put myself away and crept back to my room.

I don't know what happened to her when she woke up, but I knew she was taking another shower in the morning when I awoke.


Incest with my dad-True

jkwon on Incest Stories

This is a true story and I dont regret it lets begin

It started when I was in the 11 grade. I am half asian, mom married a Military man and I have 2 sisters. I was avg but love sex. I was in the 10 grade when I first had sex. My boyfreind was in collage. Well time went on and I wanted to explore in the sex life so one night at his frat house I gave a blow job to his frat buddy while

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he fuck me. Days went by and I would fuck his room mate and him. I enjoy it but then they both just wanted me and I decide to break it off. My name is Jennifer and I am 5'6  120 with Ccup breast. The story I want to share with you is something that I know is bad but my life is happy for now I am married and have 2 beautiful kids but my dad was the best sex I ever had and till this day we still have sex.

I was sleep one day and for I always sleep in mt panties and t-shirt. I love sex and I been very active in most part. One time my uncle walk in on me while I was peein and caught him looking at my pussy. I use to go over there house just to see if I could catch him lookin at me. As i got up I walk down the hall to my parents room. I walk in and there was my dad naked and looking right at me. I was fix on his cock and it was about 6 inchs(lets be real).We just both look at each other and not a word cameout. Finally my dad ask "Can I help you" with this I just sad "Sorry dad just want to see where evryone was" and left. I was at this guys house down the street he was in collage for I always had sex with collage guys just like to keep my sex life out of high school. Well he was fucking me doggy style and the hole time I was think about my dad. As he pounded my pussy and as he played with my tits I keep think it was my dad. Well weeks went by and one day I woke up to see my dad just in my room looking at me.

I was above the covers and my shirt was up so you could see my black panties. I ask what he was doing? Nothing just was walking by and stop to see if you where awake. As I look at him I could see him looking at my pussy and my legs. His eyes move down and how I saw what would I will never forget.I saw my dad touch his cock. I was fix to his hand on his cock and then we look at each other. I told him to get out but inside I was getting wet. As my dad left. I lay there think what was going on I got up and head to take a shower. I got in and turn the water on and got undress. I got in and let the hot water run down my body. I heard a noise and from the crack in the shower curtain and the mirror there was my dad naked. I was shock and wanted to scream but I was in sex drive and started to look at him. He walk in and grab my panties and started to smell and rub them on his cock. I was so hot inside and looking at this made me want him. I turn off the shower and open the curtain. We just look at each other and he made the move that would change my life. He walk up and kiss me on the check. As a little girl I was scared but sex was something that made me feel good so I went with it. He grab my hands and kiss my neck. No dad stop its wrong I said but no words came out but then he took in his mouth my nipple and this made me feel good.

He let my hands go and grab my ass and caress both cheeks and thats when I wrap my arms around him and pull him close to me feelin his man hood against my stomach. He turn me around so I was facing the wall and open my legs. I felt him kiss my neck and then made his way to my back. With one big kiss I felt my ass open and in was my dad face bureid in my ass and lickin my ass hole. I was in heaven and for I was no rookie I bent more forword and grab his hair push him in deeper in my ass. I felt his hands rub that spot bent my legs and below my pussy. I grab his hand to let him know that I did not want him to stop. I place one of my legs on the tub so my pussy was open and with this my dad push his finger in my wet pussy I brace for the feel of his finger deep in my pussy and with 3 push in I let out a squrt and pussy juice ran down my inner legs. I cumming dad dont stop and with this he push in more finger and deeper I was going crazy and was cumming. I bg him to stop for I was week in the legs. As he got out of my pussy and ass I turn around and without one word he pick me up and we went to my room....

2 to follow feed back welcome

Showering after a big night

Vaughan on Incest Stories

"Don't even think about it Mr!" My mum yelled as I was about to walk into the Bath room for my morning Shower. I stopped and turned as she quickly pushed past me wearing just her silk nightie that hardly covered her ass. My mum was hot. I know its wrong for a son to think that about their mum but it was just fact. She had me when she was just 17 and now at 35 she wa
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s dynomite! I never knew my Dad as he didn't hang around long enough to even see me be born. I was an only child and Mum and I were the best of friends. I had just turned 18 and mum was the coolest out of all my friends mums by far. 
 It was mid Saturday morning and I had slept in a bit as I had been out the night before. I was wearing only a pair of Calvin Klien Briefs and was semi hard after waking with some morning wood. I had stumbled towards the bathroom thinking of a hot shower and a good wank to start the day. As my mum passed by me I watched as her eyes scanned my body and hovered when my cock pressing against my underwear came into view. "I am showering first you can wait your turn" she said as she pushed through the door and into the bathroom. "Besides by the looks of things you will need to take care of things in here and I dont want to be standing in it afterwards"  she continued giving my semi hard cock another look and then giving me a smile. It wasnt the first time she had made such comments and because of our close relationship I just laughed it off. 
 Still half asleep I followed her into the bathroom and proceeded to the basin were I turned on the tap and gave my face a splash with some cold water. Mum didn't question me being there at all and just moved behind me and shut the door and turned on the heater before turning back to start the taps on the shower. I stoop leaning against the bathroom sink looking at my slightly blood shot eyes in the mirror before I suddenly realised that my mum was pulling her nightie over her head. My eyes glued to her image in the mirror as her pussy come into view followed by her great 10C breasts. Her pussy was covered in short hair looking like it hadnt been shaven in a few weeks and her tits....... were just wow! My eyes were feasting on her body as I realised she was staring right at me. My left arm went a lil weak and I snapped back to reality as she said "You ok there" I spun around and I apologised again and again but to my utter surprise she just said, "Dont be I find it flattering that you would look at my body in that fashion and by the looks of things you liked what you saw." Her eyes again went to my crouch and as I looked down I realised it had come to full attention and was nearly poking out the top of my briefs. 
 She turned giving me a glimps of her great ass before hopping into the shower. I stood and watched for a few seconds then quickly turned around again and grabbed my tooth brush to try and keep myself busy. I stood brushing my teeth but my eyes kept looking back to the image of my mum in the shower. She was washing her hair and had her eyes closed and was facing me again giving me prime veiwing of her sweet body. I was still staring whenher eyes opened and again was caught perving before I realised she was looking at me again. She didn't say anything but instead lathered up some soap in her hands and started washing her body. Her hands ran over her breasts and down her tummy which was so flat and toned. My eyes were glued to her as she didn't try and turn around or cover herself, just kept running her hands over her body. Her hands went down to her pussy and she rubbed it a little making my mouth drop open in aw. 
 Suddenly she turned around and I thought she had got annoyed and I turned back around but then I heard her say "Can you bring over your razor a need to use it" I swallowed what tooth paste I had left in my mouth and slowly reached into the side draw and grabbed my razor. Usually I would yell at her for using my razor to shave but I never thought she was shaving her pussy always thought it had been her legs or armpits or something. By now the head of my cock was poking out the top of my briefs and I couldn't get any hornier. I got to the shower door and she opened it wide and said "You may as well get in here you have seen it all and i can now see yours" I looked down at my cock sticking out over my briefs and with out replying slowly removed my briefs I stepped into the shower handing mum my razor. The door closed behind me and i was standing just center meters from my naked mum. We shuffled around so I could get some of the water and she quietly started lathering up her pussy right in front of me. As i stood staring she shaved her self bare and it was all nearly too much for me as i nearly came just by the view. As she finished she stepped closer to me and reached behind me to put the razor on the little shelf. Her tits came into contact with my chest and then I felt my cock touch her lower stomach. She stepped back and looked down at my hard cock. "turn around and hand me the soap" she whispered only just audible. 
 I did so and she started washing my shoulders then my back and down to my ass. Then her hands started moving round my hips and along the bottom of my stomach. Suddenly her tits were against my back and her right hand garbed hold of my shaft and started to rub. A moan escaped my mouth followed by a moan from my mum as she started rubbing my cock into a frenzy. I knew I wouldn't last long but also knew that I may never get a chance like this again. I reached behind my back and placed my hand right between my mother slighly parted legs. She moaned again as my fingers started to caress her pussy and then kissed my shoulder. It was all too much for me and I murmured that i was going to cum. She stroked faster as I errupted all over her hand and the shower floor. I kept caressing her pussy and as my orgasm subsided I felt her body tense up as she launched into one of her own. I kept up my handy work until she pulled my hand from her quivering pussy. 
 I turned to face her slowly and as I did she hugged me close. Whispering "Thank you" as our bodies were locked together. My cock was still hard as steel and was pressing against her. "your still so hard" she said pushing herself against me. "Well you seem to have that effect" I whispered back letting my hands fall down her back to her ass. I puller her closer again and she moaned "oh fuck" right in my ear. My confidence and horniness at an all time high I said "do you want to put a ME on the end of that statement" She didnt say anything and I thought I'd pushed it to far until she slowly lent backwards against the wall and lift one leg up and planted her foot on the wall behind us. "ME" she said with the sexiest grin i had ever seen. She grabbed my cock and slid it straight inside her wet pussy and let out an long sweet moan saying "oh god yes fuck me" I started pumping slowly in and out of her and she lent back flexing her hips towards me. I was in heaven and we kept fucking until the water started to cool down as the hot water had run out. I quickly turned the taps off and we jumped out and I lifter her up onto the bathroom bench her legs spread and she looked right into my eyes and said "come fuck you mums pussy good and make me cum again" I needed no further invitation and started thrusting deep and hard into her. "harder Harder . fuck my pussy" she was now nearly screaming. I held her ass and started fucking her as hard as I could until her body went into mad spasms of exstacy which sent me over the edge and i emptied deep inside her.
 to be continued

daddys little flower

scotslass on Incest Stories

Ater my dad sent brother to his own room he sat on side of my bed, how long has this being going on???????? about 3 weeks now I told him. Has he only touched your cunt or has he had his cock inside, NO NO NO daddy he has only been touching it and I've been touching him.

Well let me showyou what a real man's cock looks like and with that he put his hand

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inside his pants and brought out this enormous looking thing was easily 9 inches and was all purple and throbbing, now go on touch this one it will make you feel good and make daddy happy.

I put my two hands on his cock and began to stroke it gently like bob had told me, while I was stroking daddy had his fingers rubbing against my cunt lips probing in my little bald pussy. would you like to taste what dady's cock tastes like unsure if I did or not I put the tip into my mouth and began to lick it soon he was pounding my outh and his cock was pulsing daddy's gonna cum now flower he said do you want to swallow it, i'm scared daddy but I will try soon the hot spunk was flooding my tiny mouth but it was too much and I had to let it run down my chin onto my tiny tits.

When I had finished sucking on daddy's cock it was stillhard so he told me to open my legs and he was soon on top of me and his stiff cock head was probing my cunt to find the opening,he thrust inside me and I screamed out because it hurt so much, daddy stopped what he was doing sorry flower it does hurt a little the first time but it wont now, he started to push his cock inside me but my cunt was too small for the whole thing he fucked me slowly then got quicker and quicker and soon his hot sperm was flooding my insides, just as he finished cumming we heard a noise outside and my mom opened the door whats up she asked??? oh!!!!!! nothing daddy said mary was just a little sick and I was seeing her back to bed with that daddy left my room with mom.

Next morning when I got up daddy had told mom he was keeping me off school because of being sick so off she went to work and my brother to school. Did you like what daddy did last night he asked as soon as we were alone, it was a bit sore daddy but if it made you happy then i did like it. do you want to help daddy with his work today while your off school, that would be nice Daddy was a photographer and he did all his own processing so we went down to the basement to his darkroom no-one was allowed in here this was definatly out of bounds.

When we got inside daddy said i had to strip because of the chemicals we sat down and he showed me some ofhis pictures. I couldn't believe there were pics of dads cock and some pics of my mom when she was asleep the pics of my dads cock were real close up ones he was wanking in them and he even had his cock inside someones cunt when i asked whoit was he said was next doors neighbour.

Soon daddy had me on the shelf and his cock rubbing against my cunt lips just as he popped it inside me he took a picture and as he fucked me hard he kept taking pics of his cock fucking me at different positions. He must have fucked me about 10 times that day and he said it would happen every time we were alone in the house. That night when mum was asleep again he came to my room and said he neededa fuck before he went to bed I never knew it but in all those times he fucked me he never wore a condom

More to come

My First Time with Aunt Linda

zorro7191 on Incest Stories

This story starts when my grandma died when I was 11 years old.  Grandma died of liver disease and Grandpa took it very hard.  Within a couple months of her death, my parents, my two younger sisters, and I all moved into Grandpa's house so he wouldn't be so alone.  My aunt Linda, recently divorced, had already moved in a few weeks before having come back from the city she was living in

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with her former husband. 

At the time, Aunt Linda was 26 years old and one of the prettiest women I had ever seen.  She was a petite 5'2" tall and about 115 lbs. with shoulder-length dark brown hair.  Linda had a great ass, nice legs, and big 34C breasts.  During the summer, she had a habit of wearing short-shorts and tight t-shirts that really accented the size and perkiness of her big tits.

Of course, being 11 years old when I first moved into Grandpa's house, I never noticed these things about her nor did I understand the sexual comments some the of the older boys on the street would make about her when they saw her outside in the front yard or bending over in her short-shorts digging something out of her car.  To me, she was just Aunt Linda. 

It wasn't until almost a year later when I started going through puberty that I started noticing Linda as a woman as well as the voluptuousness and sexy shape of her body.  I especially noticed those full tits!  Also, I began to understand the comments the other boys in the neighborhood made about her and wondered what it would be like to squeeze and suck on those big tits and to get a piece of that ass.  I knew it was wrong to think of my aunt in this way.  After all, she was my father's sister.  But I was a boy with raging hormones and I couldn't help it!  Just the thought of seeing Linda naked was enough to make me cum really hard every time I jacked off in the shower thinking about her.

For the next year or so, I noticed everything about Aunt Linda from the dresses she wore to work that showed off her legs and the size of her boobs, to the sometimes-short nighties she wore which she never covered with a robe, to the ever-popular short-shorts and tight t-shirts.  I used to love catching her standing next to the refrigerator in her nightgown with the door open looking for something to drink.  All the while, the light from inside would shine through the thin nylon fabric allowing me to catch a glimpse of those gorgeous breasts!  It was almost enough to make me cum in my pajama bottoms right then and there!  Then, she would notice me standing there but apparently not notice how my gaze was fixed on her tits. 

"Did you want something to drink?", she would ask.

"Um...yeah.", was about all I could muster to say while I snapped out of my daze.

Unfortunately, when I was 13, my parents, sisters, and I all moved to a house Dad rented for us.  Luckily though, it was only 4 doors down the street.  However, it disappointed me not to be able to live in the same house with my aunt Linda because it meant I wouldn't be able to see her in her nighties anymore.  But since Grandpa was old and Linda was a working woman, it was still my responsibility to do some of the household chores such as taking out the trash and mowing the lawn.  Of course, I always tried to do these things when Linda was home.

One Sunday morning, I walked down the street to Grandpa's house to remove the trash from inside.  As I walked towards his house, I noticed that Linda was home since her car was in the driveway but Grandpa's was not.  Apparently, he was out having his coffee and biscuits at a nearby diner as this was his routine every morning without fail.  I assumed Linda was sleeping in because I knew she had gone clubbing the night before.  Thus, I entered the house with my key as quietly as I could so as not to wake her.  But I did hope I would see her before I finished taking out the trash.

As I walked into the kitchen and over to the trash can to pull out the full trash bag, I glanced down the hall and noticed Linda's bedroom door was closed.  "Damn", I thought to myself.  "She's still asleep.".  To my surprise, as I'm pulling out the trash bag from the can, I hear the toilet flush from the bathroom down the hall.  Then the door opens and out comes Linda wearing a short pink nightgown!  My jaw almost dropped to the floor when I saw her and how I could see the color of her nipples showing through the material of that flimsy nightgown.  I nearly spilled the trash all over the kitchen floor as well! 

When she saw me she said, "Hi!".  I saw that she was carrying a bottle of Pepto-Bismol in her right hand and while she shook it as she walked toward the kitchen, I noticed how the motion made her big tits jiggle like crazy!  I had an instant hard-on. 

"I'm a little hungover.", she said, referring to the Pepto-Bismol.

"Did you have fun last night?", I asked.

"Yeah. Too much fun!", she responded laughing.

"Are you okay?", I asked with concern.

"I'll live.", she answered.

Meanwhile, I was still fiddling with the trash bag while I studied Linda in that nightie up and down while she took a dose of the medicine.  There was an uncomfortable silence for a few seconds as she turned around to look at me.  Finally, she spoke up.

"You like this nightie?", she asked sheepishly.

"Um...yeah, Linda.  It's nice." ,I stammered.

She giggled.  "Just nice? You don't think it's sexy?"

It took all my courage to respond.  "It's very sexy.  It's the prettiest one I've ever seen you wear.". 

"Aww!", she said obviously flattered. "That's why you're my favorite nephew!"

I responded with a goofy laugh. "And you're my favorite aunt!"

As Linda moved closer to me, I picked up the scent of her perfume.  I wanted so bad to rip that nightie off her right then and there! But again, she surprised me as she put her lips to mine to give me a warm sweet kiss.

"You're growing up so fast!  I'll bet you'll have lots of girlfriends when you're older!" ,she said.

"You're already my girlfriend, Linda!"

Again she giggled.  "You're so precious.  Tell me.  Have you ever seen a woman's body up close?"

Embarassed at the question, I answered "  Only in magazines and movies.".

"Well..." Linda said, "judging by the size of that banana in your pants I think you'd like to see mine.  Am I right?"

"Boy, would I!" ,I said excitedly.

"Well then.  It's time for me to properly educate my favorite nephew!"

With that, Linda took me by the hand down the hall to her bedroom.  When we got there she sat me on the edge of her bed.  "Just relax." ,she said.  "It's time for Sex Education 101.".

Linda grabbed the sides of her little pink nightie and pulled it up and off over her head.  Those big 34C tits bounced free and I nearly fainted as I got my first real look up close and personal.  "Study me all you want and feel free to touch whatever you feel like touching." , she instructed.

Of course, the first thing I went for was those large tits.  I caressed and kneaded them first. Then I nuzzled them with my face and kissed and licked those delicious nipples.  Linda obviously loved it and moaned with pleasure.  "Mmm....Are you sure you've never done this before?" ,she asked.  "Uh-uh", I responded, the whole time never taking my mouth off her gorgeous boobs. 

"Geez, you're really turning me on.  You have such a gentle and passionate touch." ,she purred while stroking my hair. Finally, when I had enough fun with her tits, I kissed my way down her stomach.  Linda started moaning even more.  As I got to the top of her little pink bikini panties, I noticed that they were wet right where the crotch was. 

"What is that?" I asked her referring to the wet spot on her underwear.

"Those are my love juices, Honey." ,she answered. "They start to flow when I get sexually excited."

"So I'm exciting you?" , I asked innocently.

"Yes, Baby, you are!" ,she said.

With that response, I just had to look at what was underneath those wet panties.  I put both pairs of my index and middle fingers just inside the waistband of Linda's panties as if to pull them down.  As I did that, I looked up at her face to see how she felt about my taking them off. 

She nodded in approval. "Go ahead.  Do whatever you want with me."

Without hesitation, I pulled those little pink panties down to the bottom of her ankles.  She stepped out of them and kicked them aside.  Linda was now totally naked in front of me and what a beautiful sight it was!  I took a good long look at her neatly trimmed pussy and saw how swollen the lips were.  I also noticed the sweet musky scent eminating from it. 

Instinctively, I started to kiss and flick my tongue at her hot wet pussy.  Linda was really moaning now.  "Oh Baby, that feels sooo good!  You are definitely my favorite nephew!"

After a little while, Linda laid back on the bed and spread her legs.  "Keep doing what you were doing."  I laid my face between her legs and really started eating her out.  She tossed her head from side to side and tugged at her hair as I pleasured that sweet pussy with my mouth.  Finally, Linda screamed, "Oh my God, I'm gonna cum!"  At that moment, she exploded her hot love juices all over my face.  I did my best to lap them up as best I could.

As Linda came back down to Earth, she said "Now it's time for Auntie to pleasure her favorite nephew!"

She instructed me to lay on my back while she undressed me.  First my shoes and socks came off, then my shirt, jean shorts, and underwear in that order.  When my underwear came off, out popped my rock-hard 7-inch cock.

"That's pretty good size for kid your age!" Linda said excitedly. "Here comes your first blowjob!"

She first licked the tip of my cock then gradually put her lips around the head.  Before long, she began sucking on my 13-year-old cock like it the most delicious popsicle she had ever tasted.  The slurping sounds were driving my crazy and within a couple I was ready to burst. 

"Linda, I'm gonna explode!" I yelled.  In a few seconds, I was squirting a hot load of jism down her throat.  The feeling was so intense, I felt like I wanted to pass out.  When I regained my composure, I looked down to see that Linda was finishing licking me clean.  It was at that moment I realized my Aunt Linda was a cum hungry slut!

After that terrific blowjob, Linda moved up the bed to lie next to me. "Did you enjoy that?" ,she asked.  "I loved it!" ,I answered enthusiastically.  

"Well, I'm not through with you yet!" ,she said.

With that, she parted my lips with her tongue and we proceeded to do some deep kissing.  Meanwhile, she used her hand to bring my young cock to full attention once again.  Then I began to hungrily kiss and suck on her big tits again much to her pleasure.

"Now I'm gonna show you how to fuck!" ,she announced.  Linda laid on her back once again and spread her legs.  She then maneuvered me on top of her so that my crotch met hers.  She then took my cock in her hand and directed it to the opening of her love hole.  "Now push it in gradually and when it's all the way in, start moving up and down slowly but move with me."

As I slowly pushed my rock-hard cock into Linda's pussy, she let out a low and long-lasting moan.  "Okay, Baby, start moving."

I did as instructed and moved my hips up and down slowly while at the same time she moved hers in rhythm.  I couldn't believe the feeling of my cock buried in Linda's hot wet pussy as it clamped down and massaged and pulled at me.  Before long, we were moving faster.  My mind was in another place but I could hear us both grunting and moaning.  Again, it wasn't long before I could feel my balls swelling up with another load of cum.

"Linda, you're gonna make me explode again!" I said in an almost panicked tone. 

"Go ahead, Baby!  Give it to me!  I want to feel you squirt your hot sperm in my hot pussy!  Unnngh!  Unnngh!  You're gonna make me explode too!"

By now, I was pounding her pussy with all my strength while she used her legs to pull me into her harder and deeper.   The bedsprings were squeaking like crazy from all the movement.

At last, I heard myself yell as I unleashed wave after wave of hot jism in Linda's sopping wet pussy.  At the same time, she let out a scream as she experienced her own earth-shattering orgasm and covered my cock with her love juices.  I collapsed on top of her and we laid there hugging each other for several minutes.

Finally, Linda spoke. "Did you like that?"

"You're a great fuck, Aunt Linda!"

"Well then," ,she said.  "Let's do it again!"

We fucked again for a good hour all the while showing me different positions and bringing about several intense orgasms.

Afterwards, I finally did get around to taking out the trash!  When I got home, my mom asked me what took me so long at Grandpa's.

"Oh nothing.  Linda was showing me something."

Man, did she ever!


Daniel's Stepmom (Part 3 of 3)

HarleyBuff on Incest Stories

Daniel’s Story, Part 3

"Touch them" was music to Daniel’s ears. This is a moment he had been dreaming of since puberty. Reaching out he cupped first the right, then the left breast. Marveling at the firmness, his hands began a slow search of every inch of her chest. Rubbing the palms across the very firm nipples almost took his breath away.

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Standing to the side watching all of this take place, I began to smile. Slightly distorted by the water, it was still obvious that his uncut cock was beginning to grow. Heather was just standing there taking it all in. Smiling at him, she tried her best not to appear to anxious. Looking down through the water at his growing member, it took all the restraint she could muster to keep from diving in and shoving him into her wanting mouth. She actually wanted to see it while it was still slightly flaccid. She loved the look of the skin covering the smooth head. That would have to wait though. This was his time, his adventure, and his first sexual experience with something other than his own hand. It must be perfect.

Slowly bending her knees, she lowered herself until the water reached her neck. His hands were still exploring and he started lowering himself as well. Reaching out and gently touching his face with her hand, she said, "Stay still".

Reaching out, she found the object of her desire. Holding his cock in her hand, she could feel it still growing and throbbing. Looking into his face while slowly squeezing his cock, she saw his eyes close and knew that she had him……hook, line and sinker. Taking a deep breath and holding it, her head disappeared beneath the water. As she reached his now very firm cock, she slowly slid her mouth onto it maintaining a tight seal.

Daniel was in Never, Never Land. Oblivious to all that was around him, every fragment of his awareness was concentrated solely in one spot. Taking advantage of his lack of awareness, I slipped under the water to get a closer look. Moving closer, I could see his cock appearing and disappearing from her mouth. She was about to run out of air, and reluctantly let her prize go and replaced it once again with her hand. As his cock slipped out of her mouth, her eyes opened and she spotted me next to her under the water. Quickly turning towards me, she placed her mouth on mine. Feeling her tongue searching, I opened my mouth slightly and accepted it. The taste was unmistakable. Apparently within the minute or so that she had her mouth on his cock, he had climaxed. Both of us lifted out of the water, her mouth still on mine. As she pulled away, she smiled. Lifting her finger to her lips, I understood the unspoken message. DON’T SAY ANYTHING. She was saving him from embarrassment.

"Oh, my God! That was incredible." He whispered to her, trying his best to keep me from hearing.

Smiling, she kissed him on his lips and then moved close to his ear and whispered sweetly to him "That’s just the beginning. Before this day is out you will do that many, many more times. When you finally go to sleep tonight, you are going to be sexually exhausted."

He looked up and put his hands together as if praying. "Thank you, God."

Heather retied her bikini top as she worked her way towards the pool steps. Grabbing a towel off of one of the patio chairs she began to dry herself. Walking over towards the patio door she reached down and retrieved Daniel’s bathing suit. Turning towards the pool, she tossed it to him. "Here, put this on and come into the house. Anyone for a movie?"

Daniel caught the bathing suit and looked at me. I was already making my way towards the house as I turned to him. "Well! You coming?"

With what just happened still fresh in his memory he said "Oh, yes. I’m coming………and coming and coming and coming."

I grabbed a towel and threw it to him. "Come on. I can’t wait to see what happens next." Acknowledging that my plan was out the window.

The coolness of the house took us by surprise. Looking around, I expected to see Heather but she was nowhere around. From the top of the stairs I heard "Find a tape. I’ll be right there."

Daniel sat in my lounge chair as I selected a tape and put it into the VHS machine. "I think you’re gonna want to sit on the couch with mom."

"Oh, yeah. God it’s cold in here. My dick is shriveling up like a raisin. "

Laughing at the visual image I just received, I assured him that he would be fine. "I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about. You just leave it to mom. She’s an expert at turning raisins into watermelons."

Turning the television on, we watched the video unfold before us. I had chosen one of the videos we had taken on one of our many trips to the North Georgia mountains. When the picture appeared, Heather and I were hiking a trail near the mouth of the Chattahoochee River. I remember it was a weekday (one of the perks of being a contract programmer was being able to take days off) and there was no one around. Perfect for making a video. Heather was wearing a denim skirt and halter-top. As always, I didn’t let her wear any underwear when we went to the mountains. Walking behind her, I saw her bend over to examine a flower. Seizing the opportunity, I took the camera and lowered it for an impromptu "Up-skirt" shot. The next image on the screen was a sexy shot of her ass from below. I turned to look at Daniel and was pleased to see that he had already begun to develop a tent in his bathing suit. Turning back to the video I watched as we continued our hike. We had been here many times and this particular time we had decided to camp overnight at a rustic site provided by the National Park Service. As we entered the campsite, Heather became playful. Turning towards me she crossed her arms, grabbed the halter top and quickly removed it over her head. Cupping each of her breasts in her hands, her fingers began tweaking her nipples until they were rigid. Then she turned and bent over and lifted her skirt, revealing her beautiful ass to the camera. In one swift move, she removed the skirt and ran naked into the tent. I followed her with the camera still rolling. As I entered the tent, I was not surprised at what I found. Heather was lying on the bed (a queen sized air mattress with a sleeping bag on it) with her legs spread for the camera (one of her favorite poses). As I entered, I lowered myself to my knees between her legs and focused the camera on her now moist pussy. Zooming in, the television screen (a thousand dollar, 36 inch monster that is my pride and joy) was now filled with a close up of Heather’s pussy. I could almost feel the air leaving the room as Daniel watched the screen.

Hearing Heather coming down the stairs, I grabbed the remote and paused the tape. As she entered the room, Daniel and I both were mesmerized. I knew she had purchased a new outfit from Fredrick’s, but I had no idea. She was stunning. Never had I seen anything so sexy in all my life. Sheer red seamed stockings attached to a lacy red and black garter hugged her sensuous legs. The garter itself was hidden under a black, sheer, totally see-through baby doll that was trimmed with red lace. Heather’s dark areola and nipples were covered, but certainly not hidden from view. Completing the outfit was a silky, sexy, sheer black thong.

As she walked into the room she looked over at the paused television screen and laughed. "I remember that day. This was when we camped at Horse Trough Falls wasn’t it?"

It was silent in the room. She had asked me a question, but I couldn’t answer. All I could do is stare. I felt my own stirring between my legs and caught myself squeezing my legs together. Daniel was frozen in place. Images from Playboy and Penthouse paled in comparison to the striking view before him.

Crossing the room to the couch, she sat at the other end of it and lifted her legs and placed them in Daniel’s lap. Daniel’s hand came down and rested on one of her stocking covered legs, but remained still. He appeared to be in a trance. Taking her foot and rubbing his hard-on through his bathing suit, she said "Relax, baby. I don’t bite. There……doesn’t that feel good. Why don’t you take that wet bathing suit off and dad, why don’t you start the video back up?"

Daniel reached down and pulled his suit off, not allowing her legs to move from his lap. His hard-on now free from the confines of his suit, pointed towards the ceiling. Relaxing a bit, his hand started moving up and down the stocking covered leg lying in his lap. He was amazed at how sexy it felt. Already aroused, the feeling of the stocking just enhanced his sexual appetite and with it, his confidence. I started the video back up, and the three of us watched the screen as you masturbated for the camera. Daniel’s hand began a slow, methodical back and forth inspection of Heather’s legs. Each stroke brought him closer and closer to the top of the stockings, eventually reaching that narrow patch of bare leg between the top of the stocking and the barely covered pubic mound. Heather’s foot continued it’s massage of his cock, expertly stroking it with her toes. Gathering all the courage he could muster, Daniel slowly made his way to Heather’s crotch. Boosting his confidence, she spread her legs slightly. This not only gave him better access, but also allowed the material of the outfit to move just enough to present a clear view. If he looked closely, he could actually see her lips beneath the sheer fabric. His fingers finally reached their mark. Another confidence boost was obtained when he actually touched the thong and heard a barely detectable moan coming from Heather. Looking up, he saw that she had her eyes closed and was enjoying the feelings that were spreading over her body.

Meanwhile, I’m intently watching the scene unfold before me. My beautiful wife was being seduced by my son……..or was it the other way around. No matter. It was wonderful. It was a dream come true for me as well as for Daniel. As corny as it sounds, I was very proud of both of them.

I looked back over at the television screen and smiled at what I saw. I had apparently gotten tired of watching her satisfy herself and decided to get in the action myself. Positioning the camera on a nearby box and pointing it at us, I was on my knees beside her head and she was turned towards me with my cock in her mouth, sucking me expertly.

Daniel and Heather were oblivious to the television. Out of the corner of my eye, they shifted and caught my attention. As I turned to watch again, Heather was lifting herself to assist Daniel in removing her thong. After taking it off and discarding it, he put his hands inside her knees and gently spread her legs……never taking his eyes off of her now revealed pussy. From my vantage point I couldn’t see, but I was familiar with her enough to be able to imagine the view that presented itself to Daniel. After spreading her legs, his fingers traced a path to their target. It was a trip that he had imagined for many years but never thought he’d take.

Heather has an exceptionally beautiful pussy, especially when she is excited. Her vaginal lips swell to several times their normal size and protrude noticeably. So much so, that even the crotch of her bathing suit bulges when she is aroused. Granted, most people wouldn’t notice……..but I knew what to look for. Another feature of Heather’s pussy is it’s tendency to produce moisture. Now, most women get wet when they are excited. Heather goes beyond wetness. Her pussy produces copious amounts of juice when she is aroused. She has to change the sheets on our bed several times a week because of the spots that are produced by our sexual activity.

This day was no exception. By the time Daniel’s fingers reached her clitoris, the liquid was oozing down between her cheeks and onto the couch. Surprised (but pleased) by the amount of juice, Daniel’s finger was now glistening. Bringing it to his nose, he breathed in the musky smell. It’s not the first time he has smelled this, although he did not let on to anyone. Several times in the past, he had been in the laundry room and found a pair of Heather’s panties in the dirty clothes and savored the smell. Nothing like this, though. Opening his mouth, he inserted his finger and tasted his mom’s juice for the first time. As he expected, It was wonderful and it served to just wet his appetite for more.

Spreading her legs even further, he repositioned himself on the couch to eat her pussy. Moving in closer, he finally was able to get a good, up-close look at the object of his desire. It was without a doubt the sexiest, most beautiful, most arousing thing he had ever laid eyes on. Unable to resist any longer, he lowered his face and touched her clitoris with his tongue. Then, with remarkable resemblance to someone who had been in the desert for days without water and suddenly had come across an oasis, Daniel lost control and buried his face in her pussy.

It was difficult for me to just sit back and watch this scene unfold before me. I wanted to jump in…….to be involved in it somehow, but at the same time I didn’t want to take anything away from Daniel’s experience. With all the restraint I could muster, I sat in my recliner and tried to be inconspicuous.

Things were really starting to heat up on the couch. Heather was now grabbing and squeezing her breasts while pushing her pelvis into Daniel’s face. Every now and then Daniel would come up for air and I laughed to myself when I saw his face wet with her juices. I had entertained thoughts of giving tips and pointers to him at the beginning, but I could see that wasn’t necessary at all. I started wondering if he had really never done this before. He was taking to it like fish take to water.

Eventually, I heard the familiar sounds of an approaching orgasm coming from Heather. As it neared, her moans became louder and louder until she finally screamed "OH, GOD YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!"

Almost obscured by her noisy orgasm, I heard Daniel actually slurping her juice. Great. Just one more thing to turn me on. I sat in my chair watching ………… and wanting………..

By now, Daniel’s cock was so hard it hurt. Heather was still recovering from her intense orgasm when she reached down and grabbed it and pulled it up to her face. Apparently it was Daniel’s turn for a little oral satisfaction. Wanting to stuff it into her mouth, he was almost disappointed when she began running her tongue up and down the shaft. That disappointment was short lived, though. As she licked it like a lollypop, soon he was closing his eyes and remembering the pool. This was much better, he thought. Before he got a chance to get accustomed to her tongue, he felt the warmth of her mouth engulf his hard member. Soon, she was riding his cock with her mouth and tongue while squeezing the base of it with her fingers. Taking her other hand, she began lightly circling his anus. Then, like the expert cocksucker she was, she was able to stick her tongue out slightly while his cock was still in her mouth and wet down her finger enough to allow it to slip easily into his anus. Curling her finger and pressing against the base of his cock from inside his anus, he immediately erupted into her waiting mouth. Swallowing every drop, she finally pulled away and Daniel dropped onto the couch.

"OH MY GOD!! That was incredible."

Heather turned to me and smiled. "I think Dad is feeling a bit left out " she said as she slipped off the couch and crawled on all four over to the recliner. Grabbing the waist of my bathing suit, she pulled it off in one fluid motion. Grabbing my already hard cock, she buried her mouth on it and began sucking it feverishly.

Now, from Daniel’s vantage point all he could see was his mom’s bare ass and swollen pussy inviting him in so, being the obedient son that he was, he obliged. Lowering himself from the couch and onto the floor, he worked his way up to Heather. Reaching down and grabbing his flaccid cock, he began stroking it to get it hard again. A few strokes were all that was needed, and soon he was pointing it to the opening between Heather’s swollen lips. As his cock touched her pussy, she reacted by looking up at me and smiling. With my cock still in her mouth, it was a devilish smile and I watched as it broadened with each inch that he buried into her. Finally, she had to relinquish her hold on my cock and focus on the hard cock of her stepson that was now pounding her wet pussy. I reached down and grabbed my cock and began stroking it while I watched my son expertly fuck his stepmother. I figured after coming twice in the last half hour, that he may be at this awhile and it turned out I was right. Hearing the slapping of his body against her ass, I continued working on my cock while enjoying the view. Eventually, I could hear the unmistakable sounds of a building orgasm coming from deep down Daniel’s throat. Soon the tempo began to increase and I could tell that he was about to experience his first climax inside a woman. With a loud groan, I watched him push into her one last time and I heard her scream "YES!!! GIVE IT TO ME, BABY. GIVE MOMMA ALL YOUR SWEET CUM". With his body shuddering in orgasm, I felt my own climax working it’s way to the surface. Slowing down my pace, I was able to delay it for just a bit longer. As Daniel’s orgasm subsided, Heather was now able to move again. Still looking at the floor, I reached down and placed my hand under her chin and lifted her head. As she looked up, my hard cock filled her view. Opening her mouth, she took my cock just as I began unloading my seed. Reaching up and grabbing my cock, she began milking every drop she could get from me.

Afterwards, we were all spent. The two of them just collapsed onto the carpet and I plopped back into my recliner.

The only sounds being made were heavy breathing. Finally, Heather stirred and was able to get to her feet and head to the bathroom to clean up.

"Don’t go away. We’re not done yet. Not by a long shot."

Daniel turned his gaze to me and said "Damn, Dad. No wonder you guys are such a happily married couple. Is she always like this?"

"Like what?"

"You know. Horny all the time. Is she this horny all the time."

"Well, let me put it this way. I have a feeling that she is gonna be a lot hornier in the future. At least as long as you are living here, that is."

"Are you kidding? I’m not going anywhere. I’m already in Heaven."

"I know, Son. I know. Welcome to Heaven."








Daddy's Little Girl Grows Up Fast

g_goyal2000 on Incest Stories

I can't wait to get home. As soon as the bell rings I leap out of my desk and leave my English class. I skip cheerleading practice today because I have plans to go to Brook's house where we are all going to play spin the bottle. I walk home and go straight to my room to get ready.

What should I wear? I tear off my tiny t-shirt and cutoff shorts and stand in

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front of my closet in my white cotton bra and panties. I catch my reflection in the mirror and notice my nipples are hard against my bra....maybe I shouldn't wear a bra to Michelle's place? So I watch myself take it off and my fourteen year old breasts jiggle as I release them. I start to touch my boobs. They are so firm and nipples are so pink. They feel so nice when I touch them.

I hear my dad call my name downstairs...."Tiffany?" Oh no...I forgot to give him a hug when I got in....He hates it when I forget and I love to give him a hug...My dad is so wonderful and strong...He can lift me up and swing me around...He is like superman to me....I know I will never find someone as amazing as he is....My mom is so lucky, but she is always out of town...Poor Dad...he works so hard all day and has no wife to come home to....I bet he really looks forward to my hugs...."Hold on Dad!" I yell as I quickly scan my closet and find a perfect short black skirt...I slip off my panties and put the skirt on in a hurry then reach for my hot pink halter...

My door flies open. My daddy barges in. "DAD! I am getting dressed!!" I hold the halter up to cover my breasts. My daddy stops cold. His eyes rake over me and I see his face flush. "You're not leaving the house dressed like that!" he exclaims.

I look down at my tiny skirt showing off a generous amount of my thighs. I know it makes me look incredibly sexy and that is exactly why I wanted to wear it. "Yes I am, Daddy!"

He walks threateningly towards me. His eyes darken in anger and he points his finger as he says..."No you won't Tiffany! Do you know what the boys will think if they see you in that?"...he looks me over once more...slower this time and his eyes rest on my barely covered breasts. My stomach flips in excitement. Whoa...Why am I get horney looking at my daddy...It's true he is majorly hot...All my friends think so....and when they come over they always flirt with him. Just the other day Pamela was batting her eyelashes at him while she said "Sean, are you going to come to the football games and watch us cheer? We love to see you in the stands." I remember the way he looked at her making me so jealous...He kept staring as she bent over on purpose, to expose her big breasts falling out of her top...I quickly got her to leave....he's my daddy and I only want him giving me attention....and now he was giving me his full attention and I couldn't help but start to feel warm all over.

He looks into my eyes and sees the lust there....and walks slowly toward me as he says..."I think you need to be need a good spanking"...he grabs the halter from my hands and flings it to the pretty tits are exposed and my nipples get so hard they feel like they are going to pop. My daddy looks down at them and I see his sexy hazel eyes growing dark with desire. He pulls me to him and my breasts brush against his chest...."Oh Daddy," I say with pure wanton.....he says, "You can't stop me....there's no avoiding it now" he sits on my bed and pulls me over his knee....I can't believe he was going to spank me! He hasn't done that since I was seven when I was caught watching him and mommy have sex.....I remember thinking what it would feel like to be mommy...I didn't understand it much back then but that memory stayed with me and the first time I played with my clit I thought about Daddy and how his strong body slammed into mommy so rough and hard. I still get wet thinking about it now. His body was hot and sweat pored off him while he moaned as he came in her...I loved to watch his butt as it tightened and how hard he grabbed mommy's big breasts...My daddy is so powerful and my mommy was going crazy as he fucked her hard....but boy did I get punished when they found me hiding in their closet watching...and now seven years later, my dad wants to spank me again....I don't think so!

"No!!!" I scream as I struggle to get off his lap. His strong arms hold me down and I realize there is no way to escape his grasp. I try to cry but he tells me to stop the crocodile tears so I struggle some more as his hand slaps hard on my bottom. All my struggling lifts my skirt higher and higher until it is bunched around my waist and my bare ass is exposed. "Why aren't you wearing panties?!" my dad yells.... I stop struggling and my daddy slaps his hand down on the naked skin and it starts to sting...I cry out in pain...."Never disobey me!" he says...."Okay," I say submitting to him...what was I thinking... I knew my daddy would never let me leave the house dressed like I was... was I really just dressing up for him? I feel so confused as my daddy starts to rub my sore bottom and I can feel his huge cock harden underneath me. I feel wetness between my legs and my clit swell.

He starts to caress my bare ass and squeeze it. "Maybe I should show you what those boys would want to do to you if they saw you dressed that way."..."Okay," I say, wanting him to show me....He lets his hands slide between my legs and feels the wetness there. He inserts a finger inside me. "Yes," I moan in pleasure. "Oh Baby girl, you are so tiny and pretty," he says. I'm still thrown over his lap as he starts to finger my little pussy..."Daddy makes you so wet." "Yes you do Daddy." "Do you want Daddy to teach you." "Yes please," I say. He takes his fingers out of me and lifts me up so I am sitting on his lap facing him. My tiny black skirt still bunched up around my naked teen body. "Are you sure?" he asks. I nod my head yes and I kiss him on the mouth. As I pull back from the kiss the reaches his hand behind my head and pushes my head back to him. He starts kissing me deeply and roughly. I've never been kissed this way before. It feels so good and daddy starts to touch my boobs, gracing over my nipples and kneading them hard.

He pushes me down on the bed and stands above me. He is so glorious as he towers over me. He sheds his clothes as I gaze adoringly at his magnificent body. His cock stands so tall and thick. I am afraid of it, but excited by it at the same time. "I want you Daddy," I say. "And you will have me," he says and he rips my skirt off from around my waist. "Daddy?" "Yes baby?" "I've wanted you since I was seven years old." My daddy looks at me in surprise. "If only I had known," he said. He traces my lips with his finger. "You are so beautiful Tiffany. I don't like hurting you and this is going to hurt at first, but I promise I'll stop if you don't like it." I look up at my amazing daddy and say, "I know I'll love it Daddy because it's you." "Ahhhh sweet baby girl you are so precious," he says as he starts to trail kisses all over my body. He puts his face between my legs and begins to kiss my young cunt, then he starts to lick the teeny clit and I begin to moan with pleasure and arch towards his tongue. He places his finger inside me as well and my body begins to tremble. I feel the greatest feeling building inside me and I burst with it. "Dadddddddddddy," I scream out as I orgasm hard, my body rocking back and forth in rhythm with his finger inside me. He looks up at me and smiles slowly. His sexy smile makes my clit swell again wanting him more than ever.

"Now it's time to teach you how to touch a man," he tells me. "Okay Daddy," I nod my head as he pulls me up. "Get on your knees sweetheart." I crouch before him rubbing my breasts on his hard cock on my way down. His big shaft is staring me in the face and I can't help but touch it. "Yes," he says. I start to squeeze it hard. "No, no, no!" he says. "Gently." He guides my hand in a rhythm around his thick cock. "I love the way it feels," I say. "Me too baby." He guides me faster and faster and I can feel it growing even harder and bigger. He takes my hand away. "Good girl. Now open your mouth real wide." I lick my sweet lips and open my mouth as wide as I can as he shoves his big dick into it. My mouth stretches wide to accommodate him. He tells me to suck like I am sucking on a straw and I do and I can taste some cum dripping out, so salty and so sweet. I look up as I keep sucking. My daddy looks so hot as he closes his eyes and enjoys my mouth. I love my daddy so very much!

My daddy looks down to see my face as I suck. He smiles and tells me what a good girl I am. I hope he knows what a good daddy he is. He always gives me everything I want and now he is giving me what I want most.

Daddy takes his cock out of my mouth and tells me to get back on the bed with my back facing up. I do it. He starts to rub his cock on my ass and in between my butt cheeks. You are so cute baby girl he says in amazement...he places his finger at my teeny ass hole and pushes it in. "Oh!" I exclaim. He takes it out. It's too soon for that," he says, "maybe next time." "Turn over."

I turn over, my breasts jiggling as I do. He lies on top of me and kisses me over and over again. I can feel his cock getting so hard against my inner thigh. Then he places his cock at my tiny pussy hole and starts to push in slowly and I feel pain as he rips his way inside me but I still want him more than anything I have ever wanted! He kisses me as he starts to thrust harder. I place my arms tightly around him and wrap my legs around him too, squeezing him deep inside me. Tears are streaming down my cheeks in pain. "Are you okay?" he asks. "Yes," I nod...and I am. As my daddy fucks me harder and faster, the pain starts to dissipate and is replaced by the greatest pleasure I have ever felt. I start to moan and writhe beneath him. "That's it...that's my baby girl...can you feel Daddy's big cock inside you." "Yes Daddy," I shout as my orgasm builds and explodes. I tremble with every wave of pleasure and my tight twat contracts around my daddy's big cock.

Daddy looks down at me as he pumps me hard...his eyes are dark with lust and love and he shoves deeper and deeper into me. "I love this Daddy." "Me too," he says and he starts to go even faster and harder, pounding my small body with his giant rod. "Yes Daddy," I say as my body starts to tremble again. "I'm going to cum inside my little baby." "Yes Daddy, please fill me up with your seed." Daddy tightens up and shoots off like a rocket inside me as I orgasm again. I feel his warm seed shooting inside me. The sensation is amazing and I know I never want it to end.

"Did you like it sweetie?" Daddy asks as he pulls out and lays next to me, scooping me into his arms. "I loved it," I say. Our hearts are still racing and we lay together until the beat returns to normal. "I feel so wet," I say. Daddy looks between my legs. "I made you bleed some, baby." You're so small and since Daddy is so big I tore your tiny cherry." Daddy stares at my cunt for a long time. "It's so perfect and tiny," he says as he caresses it. "It's sore Daddy." He kisses it and then comes up to lay next to me. "All better?" "Yes Daddy," I say, "You make everything better." He kisses me deeply on the mouth again and holds me so tight.

"Um...Daddy? Can we keep doing this?" "Only if you want to," Daddy says. "Well I do want to Daddy, everyday." "Then yes, baby, we can do this everyday." I rest my little head across his broad, strong chest and drift off to sleep, dreaming of my perfect daddy.

- The End


itsonlyfun on Incest Stories

 Aunty gets fingered.

 Young I may have been,but my cunning was unbelievable at such a young age.


 Oh yes,I was young,but my sexual urge was mature beyond belief. I had a thing about my maternal aunt. Every chance offered,I'd home in o

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n her body. It started when I caught her naked,having just bathed. I blatently stood looking at her tits and pussy. "You shouldn't stand looking at me naked,that's naughty,away with you,you're too old for your years" Reluctantly I left my ogling of her with a deep desire to touch what I'd been ogling.

 On various occasions after I'd touched her ass,inside leg,even once her tit,but other than her leg,it was through her dress. Then I had a brilliant idea,as I thought. What if I obscurely touched her with a crowd of people present? Would she dare ball me out with everyone around knowing I'd done it. I thought,but,if I did,it would have to be real dirty so she'd be to embarrassed to yell out in front of them.

 Now this aunt of mine had a regular meeting with her peers. They sat around a very large table,sometimes it was knitting,other times crochet,but mostly it was gossiping. I heard some pretty lurid goings on about and between various of our village people. The end of each item of gossip was followed by, mmm's! or the dirty cat! and cackly giggle's. A real gathering of old witches round their caldron I reckoned. I figured the worst that could happen to me was,aunt chucking a frogs leg in the brew and her spell turning me into some undesirable freek.

 They always went on as though I was invisible,which suited me fine as I amused myself under this table soo-say playing with the owners big black cat,but actually knelt up on my haunches,looking to see as much up skirt as was displayed by these not so undesirable female's. Aunt knew on these occasions I wasn't invisible,because when I got by her legs I put my face very close to her knees and blew warm breath up her skirt. The response was always the same,her hand would come down and swat at my face,too which I could hardly contain myself from giggling out loud.

 The real intent was too make her open her thighs so I could see her knicker's and hopefully perhaps her pussy. Equally,alone later,she'd scold me and tell me what a dirty little sod I was. Very occasionally I'd see her knicker's and the first time a piece of her pussy was uncovered. Once when she seemed to be sat nearer the front of the chairs squash,her knicker material was pressing right up into her quims slit. Funny that,it was the first time I got a boner and I wasn't sure why my prick had done something new. But from then on I gave it a boner everyday.

 Other of my peers in boy talk,said if I rub it long and hard enough,I'd cum. In questioning about cum,they just said,you'll shoot spunk out the end,you know,the stuff women need to have a baby. I didn't know,but no way was I going to admit that. On getting to my aunts that day I asked her,'What do women use spunk for?' only to be told, "None of your business,I ought to take you and wash your dirty little mouth out with soap" 'Why? I only wondered,what have I said wrong?' "You'll realise one day" So that was the end of that.

 Of course in the not to distant future,I realised all of this and my infatuation with my aunt's body,but at this moment all I wanted was a touch. So at my aunt's next meeting I duly disappeared under this table,done my rounds of thigh's then launched into my plan. Blowing as normal got the usual response,the excitement of what I intended doing next made my cock throb,another sensation I would have to get used too for the foreseable future.

 I touched aunty's inner legs,again a gentle unobtrusive swipe with a push to my hand plus a flicking movement to indicate, 'Stop now' I timed this plan to coincide with a particularly lurid tale about a farmer's daughter I also knew,but a bit older than myself who had got taken by,it was rumoured,her brother and father. Nothing like a good smutty rumour to loosen thigh's I guess. As the story reached its smutty climax,my aunt's swiping stopped and she just stayed put with my fingers trying to prize her legs open. I could feel her leg muscles forcing her thigh's closed as my hand moved like a worm farther up the inside of her thigh. As if in desperation,she quickly opened and clamped shut on my hand,but in that instant she lost because my finger's made contact with her knicker covered pussy. Again a hand caught my arm and weakly tried to pull it down from her thigh's.

 She now clamped me so tight I almost panicked that she was going to yell out. But no,my hand was again left alone. Trying like hell to wiggle my fingers at her slit,to me I was making no headway,but it now became clear to my aunt my intent and it must have done something because her thigh's loosened and opened enough for me to smooth a finger along part of her slit. In fact the loosening was enough for me to press her knicker's into her slit which now felt a groove of damp knicker material. This had climaxed with the end of the farmer tale. I heard my aunt's voice, "All very intreguing,I wonder how it made her feel if its true?"

 Daringly now,I made my next move. I hooked a finger into what felt the loosest leg of her knicker's. I could feel her pubes and what turned out to be her hood. Also a little hard thing like a bean under this fold of skin. As I touched this,I heard aunt say, "God,my backs aching today,I need to sit forward for a while,I wonder why that is,this is my usual chair and they're always so comfortable" Immediately I lost touch as she moved her bum quickly forward. Drat,I had to start all over again. I needn't have worried,her legs were no longer closed so tight,in fact she had her thigh's apart with her quim right at the edge of the chair. Even more so,on moving I noticed she went to far forward,then sat,she moved back some. What a cunning bitch,this had the effect of loosening her knicker's downwards just a little.

 Now I put my hand back,no further resisting,she actually opened even wider as my small fingers found that little hard bean again. I pulled at the knicker material and got it off her cunt completely. There it was in all its glory,she had a wetness along the slit which I probed until I found a deeper part,with fore and middle finger making a vee here I found it opened up the lips to show a hole about half an inch in size. Because this hole was almost facing the floor as my aunt sat so far forward,I lay looking up at it. I attempted to push my finger up it. Her hand craftily came down again and grasping my wrist she pulled my finger's back to the bean and pressed my hand quickly at it several times,prompting me to keep tickling her here.

 As I did I felt her figgeting, while more and more juice seemed to appear from inside this hole I'd found. Aunt's legs slammed shut then open several times as I heard a strange gaspy sound above. A vice like grip stopped all further movement as I heard one of the women say, "You okay Edna,hurting is it? you'll need to lay down when you get home" "Yeah,that was a real twinge that time,I haven't felt it like that for years" I moved away from my aunt as she moved back in the chair. "God,that made me go all funny for a mo' then" "Sammy,where are you,your aunt needs to be helped home,she's poorly" The host had given her command. I appeared from the opposite end of the table from my aunt. "Come on,coat on,off you go,look after her mind on the way and when you get there,no going out and leaving her alone"

 We duly left with my aunt as I guessed rightly,feigning illness. Nothing was said on the way. I thought I was for the high jump,but on arriving and going indoors. My aunt surprised me by saying, "You little bugger,where did you learn to do that,don't you ever do it to me again in public" Even more shockingly now she pulled her skirt up, "Look,go on look what you done to me,I'm absolutely soaking,do you know why? - Answering her own question, - you gave your aunt an orgasm,know what that is? No, it makes a woman want that spunk you asked me about,that's what"

 I stood mesmerized at the quim she was displaying at me. 'Sorry aunty,I can't give you any yet,I could get some from a mate for you' "No,I don't mean I want some,its just that it makes women want some,you know from that" She pointed at my cock. "Come here,come on,lets have a cuddle. - I moved to her,forgiven I hoped, - listen,its got to be a secret,no telling or boasting to your mate's,tell me how you learnt to do it like you did and I maybe,just maybe mind,may let you do it somemore to me" I was fucked,do I tell her I didn't learn from anybody,would she think I was lying and not let me do it somemore,or will that be even more exciting for her that I just by instinct wanted to tickle her cunt.

 'Its just you aunt,I like all your body,that's why I risk a clout or cussing by touching your,that there' I pointed at her cunt, - she still hadn't pulled her clothes down over it,more shock, - she pulled the leg open on her pants and showed me her cunt naked. "Why are you obsessed with it?" 'I don't know,its just nice I suppose' "No,its your hormones have kicked in early,all this has to be secret,understand, - I nod. - I'll let you develop with me,okay?" 'Yes,I'd like that,does that mean when I got some spunk,you want it from me?' "You could put it that way,but all must be our little secret mind" 

 So,here I am. Five years later,and having just deposited my umpteenth sperm supply up my aunt's pussy,she's rolling around in ecstacy, "Come on do it again,you horny little nephew,FUCK ME SOME MORE!!! - 'Ah well,this is the life'

 Goodbye for now.