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Showering after a big night

Vaughan on Incest Stories

"Don't even think about it Mr!" My mum yelled as I was about to walk into the Bath room for my morning Shower. I stopped and turned as she quickly pushed past me wearing just her silk nightie that hardly covered her ass. My mum was hot. I know its wrong for a son to think that about their mum but it was just fact. She had me when she was just 17 and now at 35 she wa
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s dynomite! I never knew my Dad as he didn't hang around long enough to even see me be born. I was an only child and Mum and I were the best of friends. I had just turned 18 and mum was the coolest out of all my friends mums by far. 
 It was mid Saturday morning and I had slept in a bit as I had been out the night before. I was wearing only a pair of Calvin Klien Briefs and was semi hard after waking with some morning wood. I had stumbled towards the bathroom thinking of a hot shower and a good wank to start the day. As my mum passed by me I watched as her eyes scanned my body and hovered when my cock pressing against my underwear came into view. "I am showering first you can wait your turn" she said as she pushed through the door and into the bathroom. "Besides by the looks of things you will need to take care of things in here and I dont want to be standing in it afterwards"  she continued giving my semi hard cock another look and then giving me a smile. It wasnt the first time she had made such comments and because of our close relationship I just laughed it off. 
 Still half asleep I followed her into the bathroom and proceeded to the basin were I turned on the tap and gave my face a splash with some cold water. Mum didn't question me being there at all and just moved behind me and shut the door and turned on the heater before turning back to start the taps on the shower. I stoop leaning against the bathroom sink looking at my slightly blood shot eyes in the mirror before I suddenly realised that my mum was pulling her nightie over her head. My eyes glued to her image in the mirror as her pussy come into view followed by her great 10C breasts. Her pussy was covered in short hair looking like it hadnt been shaven in a few weeks and her tits....... were just wow! My eyes were feasting on her body as I realised she was staring right at me. My left arm went a lil weak and I snapped back to reality as she said "You ok there" I spun around and I apologised again and again but to my utter surprise she just said, "Dont be I find it flattering that you would look at my body in that fashion and by the looks of things you liked what you saw." Her eyes again went to my crouch and as I looked down I realised it had come to full attention and was nearly poking out the top of my briefs. 
 She turned giving me a glimps of her great ass before hopping into the shower. I stood and watched for a few seconds then quickly turned around again and grabbed my tooth brush to try and keep myself busy. I stood brushing my teeth but my eyes kept looking back to the image of my mum in the shower. She was washing her hair and had her eyes closed and was facing me again giving me prime veiwing of her sweet body. I was still staring whenher eyes opened and again was caught perving before I realised she was looking at me again. She didn't say anything but instead lathered up some soap in her hands and started washing her body. Her hands ran over her breasts and down her tummy which was so flat and toned. My eyes were glued to her as she didn't try and turn around or cover herself, just kept running her hands over her body. Her hands went down to her pussy and she rubbed it a little making my mouth drop open in aw. 
 Suddenly she turned around and I thought she had got annoyed and I turned back around but then I heard her say "Can you bring over your razor a need to use it" I swallowed what tooth paste I had left in my mouth and slowly reached into the side draw and grabbed my razor. Usually I would yell at her for using my razor to shave but I never thought she was shaving her pussy always thought it had been her legs or armpits or something. By now the head of my cock was poking out the top of my briefs and I couldn't get any hornier. I got to the shower door and she opened it wide and said "You may as well get in here you have seen it all and i can now see yours" I looked down at my cock sticking out over my briefs and with out replying slowly removed my briefs I stepped into the shower handing mum my razor. The door closed behind me and i was standing just center meters from my naked mum. We shuffled around so I could get some of the water and she quietly started lathering up her pussy right in front of me. As i stood staring she shaved her self bare and it was all nearly too much for me as i nearly came just by the view. As she finished she stepped closer to me and reached behind me to put the razor on the little shelf. Her tits came into contact with my chest and then I felt my cock touch her lower stomach. She stepped back and looked down at my hard cock. "turn around and hand me the soap" she whispered only just audible. 
 I did so and she started washing my shoulders then my back and down to my ass. Then her hands started moving round my hips and along the bottom of my stomach. Suddenly her tits were against my back and her right hand garbed hold of my shaft and started to rub. A moan escaped my mouth followed by a moan from my mum as she started rubbing my cock into a frenzy. I knew I wouldn't last long but also knew that I may never get a chance like this again. I reached behind my back and placed my hand right between my mother slighly parted legs. She moaned again as my fingers started to caress her pussy and then kissed my shoulder. It was all too much for me and I murmured that i was going to cum. She stroked faster as I errupted all over her hand and the shower floor. I kept caressing her pussy and as my orgasm subsided I felt her body tense up as she launched into one of her own. I kept up my handy work until she pulled my hand from her quivering pussy. 
 I turned to face her slowly and as I did she hugged me close. Whispering "Thank you" as our bodies were locked together. My cock was still hard as steel and was pressing against her. "your still so hard" she said pushing herself against me. "Well you seem to have that effect" I whispered back letting my hands fall down her back to her ass. I puller her closer again and she moaned "oh fuck" right in my ear. My confidence and horniness at an all time high I said "do you want to put a ME on the end of that statement" She didnt say anything and I thought I'd pushed it to far until she slowly lent backwards against the wall and lift one leg up and planted her foot on the wall behind us. "ME" she said with the sexiest grin i had ever seen. She grabbed my cock and slid it straight inside her wet pussy and let out an long sweet moan saying "oh god yes fuck me" I started pumping slowly in and out of her and she lent back flexing her hips towards me. I was in heaven and we kept fucking until the water started to cool down as the hot water had run out. I quickly turned the taps off and we jumped out and I lifter her up onto the bathroom bench her legs spread and she looked right into my eyes and said "come fuck you mums pussy good and make me cum again" I needed no further invitation and started thrusting deep and hard into her. "harder Harder . fuck my pussy" she was now nearly screaming. I held her ass and started fucking her as hard as I could until her body went into mad spasms of exstacy which sent me over the edge and i emptied deep inside her.
 to be continued

Mother and Son Bond - Part One

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My name is Matthew. This story took place when I was 16 and my mother was 38. I was quite the loner and was never around many girls. It's an understatement to say that I was quite a mother's boy, so around the age of 14 when my hormones really kicked in I found myself rather attracted to her. She was a single mother since birth and I had no siblings, so our bond was extremely strong.
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>One day before work my mother asked if she could check some e-mail on my PC that had something to do with a meeting that was scheduled for today. I said sure and carried on listening to music on my bed. She must've clicked the back button by accident on my browser or something because a mother and son incest story popped up that I had been reading the night before. She got up and walked over to my bed, I was wondering why and that's when I saw the site up on my monitor. "Oh shit" I said in my head.

My mother sat down next to me on the bed and asked me why I was reading such a thing. I didn't know what to say so I just looked away.
"You know it's natural for boys to be curious about this sort of stuff," she said, "I won't be mad - you can talk to me"
Her voice was comforting as always so I told her that it was just a weird thing I liked to read about now and again, getting more embarrassed as I went along. She asked me if I had ever thought of her in that way and I didn't answer. The truth was I thought about her like that nearly every day, thinking of fucking her was what fueled most of my masturbating sessions. I just gave her a look that I thought was blank, but clearly she could read it as a blatent 'yes'.

"Hmm," she pondered before saying, "You don't have to be embarrased, you know, you are sixteen afterall.." and placed her leg on my leg.
"I...uh.." I stuttered, not knowing what to do or say.
"So..this is what you REALLY want?" she quizzed, rubbing my thigh.
"Ye-yes..I" I stuttered nervously. I wasn't sure where this was leading.
"Ok," she said with a smile as she moved her hand further up my leg, "Just relax, you'll enjoy this, I promise!"

As her right hand moved up from my inner thigh she raised her left and pushed down on my chest, making me lie fully down - my head hit the pillow. As her fingers brushed over my - now increasingly hard - cock a chill went throughout my body and I let out a little sigh. I think my mother must've picked up on this because she moved right to my zip and pulled it down, before undoing the button to my jeans and started pulling them down - I raised my hips a bit to help her. She didn't take them all the way off, just left them sit around my thighs far enough down so that nearly all of my boxer shorts were exposed. She reached up to the waistband and started to pull them down to meet my jeans, letting my semi-hard cock spring free as she did.

My cock wasn't the biggest by any stretch of the imagination. Average for a 16 year old boy, I'd say. 7 inches in length with reasonable girth. As soon as my mother laid eyes on it she said "wow, I don't remember my first boyfriend having one this big when I was 16". This was the first insight I had ever got into my mother's sexual past and it turned me on.
"Have you ever shown any other girls this?" she asked. I explained to her that I hadn't in person, but I had masturbated for many girls via webcam over the internet. Most of whom were also into the theme of incest. She smiled and said "Well, time for you to get the attention you deserve!" and put her hand around my shaft. Instantly I knew this was going to be better than any masturbating session I had ever had, the sensation of another person touching my cock was out of this world. She started off slowly and kept a consistent pace. Pre-come dribbled out of my penis and as she was stroking my shaft she lifted her thumb up and wiped it off the head of my cock. She started to pick up the pace a little and put more pressure on my cock, now it REALLY started to feel good. I was letting out moans and thrusting my hips up and down.

"Oh, you're so..soo good at this, mum" I moaned, she giggled and said that practice made perfect. Knowing how much pleasure she was giving me must've given her inspiration as she took her other hands and started to massage my balls. This was the final straw, the pleasure was multiplied and I could feel my balls getting ready to explode. I yet out a sigh and told her I was coming, and her pace picked up even further. Now she was furiously whacking away at my cock and massaging my balls. Faster and faster until it happened. I exploded. More come came spilling out of my cock than I had ever seen. The orgasm was furious and didn't die down until the last bit of semen had dripped out of my cock. I let out a sigh and closed my eyes. The chill of the orgasm was still shooting through my body.

I felt her hand release my cock and get up off my bed. I opened my eyes and sat up instantly, wondering what she was doing, unsure of if I should say anything. I thought that she was leaving and I was trying to think of a way to ask her not to, but suddenly then she bent down and picked up a cloth that was on my floor I had been using to wipe down my guitar. She turned around and came back to the bed, sitting where she previously was, and started wiping away all the come that was spread over my body. She made sure to be very gentle when wiping my cock as she knew I would be sensitive. Taking care of me the way only a mother can. After most of my 'mess' was cleaned up, she put the cloth on the arm of my chair next to my bed. She motioned for me to move over with her hand and then lay down directly next to me, putting her arm around me just as she had a thousand times before. This time, though, the contact with my mother was keeping my cock - which was still out in the open - relatively hard.

"So," she said after about 20 seconds of silence, "was that how you expected?"
"No," I replied almost immediately, "much, MUCH better...I picked the right fantasy to have..," as I said this she laughed and her grip on me tightened.
"Well..thank you." she said, somewhat flustered I think.
"Di..did you enjoy it?" I asked.
"Yes, it's been quite a while since I had a thrill like that in my life, and even longer since I've laid eyes upon such a beautiful penis!"

It was my turn to get flustered. I felt my cheeks redden and get hotter, and my cock pulsed with the thought that it turned my mother on. For the first time my mind switched from thinking about what I expected and considered what she had expected. It was clear to me now that, even if by her own admission she hadn't 'got any' for a while, she was rather experienced in the sex department. The handjob lasted for maybe 3/4 minutes - if that. I suddenly felt very self-conscious.

"I didn't last very long though, did I?" I said, figuring I'd get my thought out there whilst we were in the moment.
"Most guys don't at first - it's nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, no woman wants to be pumping away for half an hour, it shouldn't be a workout!"
"Heh..I guess so" I mumbled, still feeling slightly inexperienced.
"You'll grow a tolerance to it and last longer the more it happens," she assured me, which instantly set off an alarm in my head.
"Yeah..when you say 'the more it happens', do you mean generally you mean...with us?"
"Well..would you like this to happen more?" she asked.
"Yes..very much so, infact.."
"That's what I was hoping you'd say" she said with more than a slight hint of lust in her voice.

This was all I needed. The handjob could've been her getting caught up in the moment - maybe feeling sorry for me and wanting to show me what it was like to have what I desperately wanted, but the lust she said that line with was a clear sign she wanted me as badly as I wanted her. I turned onto my side so I was facing and my cock was pressed up against her thigh. I took my left hand placed it on her stomach, slowly rotating my finger around thinking of my next course of action. As I kept rubbing her stomach I could hear her breathing get heavier, clearly getting aroused. I decided to throw caution to the wind and placed my hand on her left breast, making her moan as I did so.

For a thirty-eight year old woman my mother had much better breasts than most. Although she was a C-cup, they were very firm. You'd think she was 21 by looking at them. I squeezed and massaged my mother's breasts for quite some time before finding the nerve to move my fingers to the center of them to feel her nipples. Even with a t-shirt and bra on, I could feel that her nipples were now rock hard. I knew this to be a sign that a woman was turned on. After some rubbing and gentle pinching of her nipples, which got many satisfactory groans and moans, I rolled over so I was on top of her. I continued to play with her breasts as we looked each other in the eyes. She gave me a smile and said that this felt great, not missing a beat I immediately removed my hands from her breasts and started to pull her top upwards over her stomach. She assisted by sitting up and raising her arms so I could pull it off and over her head with ease. As soon as I had tossed her top away from us she put her arms around her back and undid her silk black bra. She pulled it off and let it drop into her lap, letting her beautiful breasts free. I was mesmerized by the sight of them and couldn't look away. My cock instantly became rock hard. She put her right hand to her breast and rotated her index finger around her dark brown nipple. I just watched and said nothing, still amazed by the view.

She removed her hand from her breast and placed if on my shoulder, "Come on", she said with a loving and encouraging voice, "I won't bite..!"
We both grinned and I didn't wait for her to ask twice, straight away I put my right hand on her breast and started to massage it. As great as I had imagined this feeling to be, I never could've predicted just how great. The warmth and firmness were just right and made playing with them an act that made my cock ache with pleasure. I moved my head in and started to lick the nipple of her left breast as my hand continued to play with her right. By this time her nipples were much bigger and harder than I expected, but felt oh so good to have in my mouth. As I teased her with quick sucks and nibbles she placed her hand on the back of my head and pulled me in towards her. Her moans got louder and louder as I sucked on her nipples more intensely, making sure I rotated what I was doing to both, but always giving them attention at the same time.

The phone rang.

"Fuck!" said my mum, "That's going to be Jenny!"
She gently raised my head from her nippled and motioned for me to get off her, which I did. She got up and went into her room which was directly next to mine. I got up and followed her in, getting there just in time to hear my mother saying she'll "be there now". Jenny is her boss and it's not uncommon for her to call on my mother on the weekends to come in and work for a few hours. She put the phone down and turned around, meeting my gaze. She walked towards me and apologised, "It'll only be for a few hours," she said, "you know I don't want to go."
I tried to persuade her to stay, but I really did know that she had to go and couldn't stop her. As she got a bra out of her drawer and put on another top she I sat on her bed, still only wearing a t-shirt and still rock hard. After she checked her hair in her mirror to make sure she looked respectable she sat down next to me and put her arm around me, looking down at my cock.

"Look, this has been really fun, and I wish we didn't have to stop now," she said, "but I promise you that when I get back we can continue and I'll show you more!"
She gave me a wink and smiled.
"More?" I asked.
"Much more" she whispered and rubbed her hand over the head of my cock.

We hugged and she gave me a goodbye kiss on the cheek. As soon as she walked out of the room I laid back on the bed and took my cock in my hand, starting to rub it thinking of the events that had just happened. Playing it all back in my head. After I finished I went back into my room and got dressed. I sat down on my bed and started wishing time would pass quicker.

I wanted to know what this 'more' was and I wanted it now.

To be continued.

Rebuilding Mom (part 2)

OPBONE on Incest Stories

Chapter 2




I awoke again to the horrible sounds of agony, once again fi
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nding mom naked draped over the toilet. I sat again rubbing her back and telling her how beautiful she was and that I’d help her get better. She continued dry heaving for a very long time, which worried me immensely figuring I may have to get her to a doctor. In the process of her being sick she had several accidents in the form of … well, she passed urine and had some bowel movement that embarrassed her greatly.




“Mom, its ok … I’ll clean it up like you did for me when I was younger … your just … well your turn to be sick, I’ll take care of you … ok”, I pleaded repeatedly and firmly.




I was getting through to her, she nodded ok repeatedly and I went about quite comfortably cleaning her. I wiped her magical triangle and cleaned her incredible bum with tissue. I lingered sufficiently to show my incompetence about a woman and finally drawing a hot bath assisting her into the tub and lie down while I washed her from head to toe. “SSSee mom…” I stuttered, “I’m grown up and can help you now when you need me…”




“Yes, my boy…however you should not be seeing and doing this for mommy… or seeing these terrible scars…” she cried as large tears slipped unheeded down her cheeks.




I cut her off while I continued to press the fact she was ill, that it was just between us and I was grown up repeatedly stopping her insistence that she could manage. I defended my position strongly that she was weak, that she needed rest and most of all that we needed no one else that I could do everything for her. All the while I continued running hot water in when the water cooled down and plied the face cloth across her skin even taking her hand away when I came to the scarred skin areas. My persistence was rewarded as she passively opened her legs to allow me to wash her beautiful mound. This passivity continued as she allowed me to dry her off even in her intimate parts. With my arm around her naked body I guided her back to the bedroom, sitting her naked in her chair while I changed the bed linen.




“You really have grown up sweetie … I am very proud of you …”, she whispered as if she was either very tired, weak or both.




I finished my task of bed making and coming over gave her a very tight physical hug and kiss on her burnt scarred shoulder that made her quiver yet want to pull away to hide as I simply said, “I love you mom, I’ll be the man around the house for you.” With that I firmly helped her up and placed her in bed naked covering her with the blankets. “You rest now, I’ll go get you some hot soup and then when your finished rub the cream onto your … well … your scars mom.” And before she could refuse slipped out of the room.




My lust driven motives and pampering increased almost hourly as I did everything I could possibly think of to be constantly near my naked mother increasing her dependency. The compromise I had to presently live with was keeping her slightly supplied with her alcohol, just enough at times to keep her happy.




I would read to her, massaged her, and did a rough form of physiotherapy to her injured part to keep the muscles strong but my best lust capped endeavours was to keep her naked, accompany her to the bathroom to the point when she was tipsy wipe her and make her walk about our tiny house with my assistance thus enabling my hands to touch her naked butt or have her breast rest against my supporting arm. Within a week my lovely mother had become dependant on me and did not resist in any way to all my lust or pampering.




At the end of the week, after she had indulged a little too much in the alcohol I played my thrump card; after returning her from the bathroom and another stimulating hot bath, I slipped her into bed and told her I’d sleep with her since she had accidentally had one too many so I could be handy.




With bleary unfocused eyes, very slurred words and a devious smile, “ookk … welllll … slip in” she cooed. To which I nodded and showing much bashfulness and embarrassment started to undress while she watched occasionally licking her lips. I attempted to slip into bed with my shorts. “No way mister, I’m nekkkked … youuu (hiccup) have to too”. To which I shyly did and slipped beneath the sheets.




Some long moments later she snuggled up towards me begging me to hold her to which I readily did.


“Nooo … sweetie, lay on mommy so I can hold you (hiccup) like when you were young …” I slowly lay on top of my mother, head on her chest as her arms enveloped me whispering incoherent words of endearment all the while rubbing my nakedness.




Needless to say it was mere moments before I had a very large erection that occasionally thumped against her scarred tummy. She shifted occasionally till my erection was firmly wedged under her beautiful bottom and felt her hair mound caressing my tummy and thus she fell asleep.




I do not know how long I lay there on her nakedness before I slipped to her side in her restless sleep. My deviant behaviour crept forward boldly and thus began to suckle my mother’s breast hungrily which much to my delight I received encouragement by the size of her nipple, her hand holding me in place and her whimpering moans of pleasure. I feasted hungrily all the while my hand felt up mom’s other breast and eventually began caressing her body.




Somewhere lost in time, mom came awake whispering fairly coherently, “That’s my little man … your really pampering mommy now … keep that up and neither of us may be able to stop this sweetie!”




Oh no … I FROZE (my hand cupping her lovely hairy triangle) … what should I do … pretend I’m asleep !!! Slowly I summed up my courage driven on by my now very swollen penis thumping quite happily against her side. I snorted as if asleep shifted slightly snuggling more into her breast and resumed a slow suckling of that incredible nipple while my hand returned to sliding up and down her wet slit while my heel of my hand swivelled on her now swollen love bud.




Ever so slightly my mother’s legs slipped wider apart, my hand could feel the difference immediately as her vagina lips swelling, her wetness now slipping freely into my cupped hand and her “Ummm’s and Ahhhh’s” increased. My lust increased as my fingers now explored her creamy tunnel from wince I came and hungered to return. Driven on by her barely audible whispers of “more” and her now pumping hips I eagerly slipped more fingers into her so that eventually my entire hand was working its way into her and matching her thrusting hips and her now very widely spread thighs with both feet firmly on the bed. Her panting breaths were intermingled with cries of passion directing my hand efforts to the point where I was now slipping part of my forearm into her quivering body.




“Oh yes sweetie … slowly … slip more in … Ummmmm …. Ahhhhh … Oh Yes Oh Yes … ummmmm … I’m cummmmmmming … oh you sweet child … your making mommy cum so hard …” time stood still I was pleasing my mother as I had never intended to do … I was now lost as to what next to do but was very aware of my now thrusting hips dry humping her side and the presence of a stickiness making my swollen penis slide across her skin.




“I’m cumming again …” appeared to be mom’s favourite quote having now lost count after 6 screams of the same. “Oh sweetie … you have to take it out … mommy can’t take anymore … please sweetie …”


I felt this incredible hot flow running over my arm that was exposed from her incredible thrusting tunnel and this weird feeling in the pit of my belly moving rapidly to the head of my painful penis … and the unbelievable flood of lights flashing through my brain …




Me and my Aunt

DaSomeone on Incest Stories

My name is Aaron and I'm 17yrs old, last summer my cousin called me and asked me to come over to help him paint
the backyard fence among other things. So I get there and we spend the first day doing nothing. The next day
the supplies were ready and we were ready to paint. We didn't want to ruin our clothes so we found some old crappy
stuff to put on.. it was hot as hell and me and
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my cousin weren't even done halfway at the end of the day..

I've always had a thing for my aunt. Shes around 45 years old and something about her turns me on more than anything.

anyway, so we go to sleep that night and next morning I wake up at around 9AM. My cousin his at summer school
and his dad is at work. I can't find my aunt either. I get in the bathroom take off my shirt when my aunt passes by.
"taking a shower?" she asks
"yeah" I reply
"oh, just leave the door open so I can bring you a towel later" she adds

About 2 minutes later she comes in. "I got your towel"

I slide the door halfway and stick my head and arm out the cover and grab it saying thanks.

"ooh naked!" she says in a naughty way.
"hahah duh!" I reply.
"how big has it gotten?"
"your little penis, last time I saw it, you were 2 years old!"
"heh well its pretty big now!"
"let me see it!"
"umm what? no!"
"come one! don't be a wuss" she says.

"oh, alright" I slide the door open and stand there.

"ooooh, nice!" she says.
"what lucky lady has had her way with that?"
"umm none hehe" yes I was a virgin at the time.

she just smiles and I slide the door back. When she says "Do you want me to wash your back?"

"its ok, I got it"
"no you didn't! how long as it been since you actually washed it?"
"umm well haha ok"

"I'm just going to take off my shirt so I dont get it with"
She takes it off revealing a very see thru bra and it gets my heart pumping so fast.

She stands outside the tub and I turn around and she grabs soap and starts spreading it all over my back. getting
closer to my butt. As she rubs my back I get so horney. My dick is as hard as a rock. She continues to wash it and
gets closer and closer to my sides and then moves on and moves her hands around and goes over my cock. my heart rate goes
through the roofs and she just grabs it and starts going up and down on it.

"you like this?"

"oh yes"

she turns me around gets on her knees and opens her mouth and starts sucking my cock.

"wooaa, fuck, it feels so good" I say.

She gets up and says "Its going to get better" and puts her mouth against mine and starts sucking on my tongue.
We kiss for about a full minute she takes off her bra reavealing her beautiful breasts and orders me to suck on them.
And i do. They taste so good I'm all over them. She steps in the tub and I suck on her tits and mouth for a long time
as she rubs my cock with her hands.

She then starts to unbotton her pants and takes them off. She then lays down on the bath tub floor and spreads are legs.
She is wearing a black panty. "Take them off" I go down and pull on it revealing her pussy. "suck on it baby"
I go down on her and start licking her pussy like a starved dog. It tastes so good. She moans and groans and it makes me

"Oh yeah baby, Suck it. Suck it hard! suck on your aunty's pussy!"

she then pulls me to her. "Let me taste my pussy off your mouth"
She then puts her tonge in my mouth and starts sucking it.

"FUck me baby, i want you to fuck me"

'Holy shit' I'm thinking to myself. as I slowly enter her pussy with my 7inch cock.

"Harder! harder!" she yells

And I start pumping as hard as I can.

"oh yeah, fuck me baby. fuck my so hard" she moans

"i'm a dirty little whore. fuck your aunty as hard as you can baby"

"I'm gonna cum!" I yell.

"Oh baby pull out! I can't have you get my pregnant!"

I pull out and she starts sucking my cock so hard. I explode all over her face and mouth.
She swallows it all with a grin in her face.

"Oh baby, are you sure you were a virgin?"

I smile and we just lie there for a while and then help wash each other. Slowly my dick starts to get hard again
while I'm washing her tits. we both dry each other up and get out the bathroom. seeing my dick hard as rock again she
takes me into her room on her bed and she offers me her pussy again and i fuck there for 20 minutes or so and I was in

It was time for my cousin to get back home so we started getting dressed.

"We are going to have soooo much fun together!" she said.

at that moment we heard the front door open so I headed back into the living room and turn on the tv and my cousin
came in. After that I had so much fun. whenever she could she sneaked into the room I was sleeping in at night and
gave me a blowjob and i would eat her out for a while before going to sleep. It was great.

It's been about 2 years now since the first time and I've lost count to how many times we have fucked.

Lonnie Loves His Sexy Mom

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Lonnie Bertin undressed and slipped on swimming trunks. His bathing suit fit snugly around his hips, buttocks and crotch. The cloth material pressed upon his cock and balls, and he felt his prick stirring and growing stiff. It strained upon the bathing suit. He now had a full-fledged hard-on. But then it seemed he always had a hard-on. His dick seemed to stay in a constant state of stiffness.

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Lonnie had recently undergone puberty, and his balls and cock tingled constantly, and his thoughts dwelt almost entirely on his hard throbbing straining prick. He stayed in a state of arousal.

He stroked his dick and masturbated a lot, but no matter how often he beat his meat it seemed to be ready to spring up at a moment's notice. Especially when he thought about or saw his mom.

Lonnie's mother was a film actress, attractive, and divorced. Summer had arrived, Lonnie was out of school and his mother was between films, so they spent most of their time together in the house.

He thought about his mother a lot. She was so sexy, such a fox; and she was so casual and uninhibited around the house. She was somewhat flirty and free, occasionally kissing Lonnie on the cheek and touching his shoulders and arms. She tended to dress scantily, wearing a short silky robe or shorts. And she usually kept her bedroom door open. Lonnie had seen her in various stages of undress; once, he'd seen her naked. He had passed by her bedroom and she had been changing clothes. She was stark naked. But she hadn't acted embarrassed when he saw her. She had simply smiled at him and proceeded to dress.

Lonnie's mother knew he was "at that age." She had seen him occasionally rubbing his crotch, and had twice seen him masturbating. Once, she had passed his bedroom door and had seen him lying on the bed, on top of a pillow, pumping away at it. Lonnie had looked up and seen his mother, and knew that she had seen him pumping the pillow. And once, she had opened the bathroom door and there was Lonnie standing by the commode, jacking his dick, rubbing it fast and hard. Again, Lonnie knew that she had seen him. But she hadn't said anything about it, so he had grown quite bold. He now masturbated openly in the bathroom and his bedroom.

Lonnie walked through the house to the rear and stepped out onto the patio. He saw his mother standing by the diving board of the swimming pool. She wore a black bikini.

Valerie Bertin was in her prime, and despite having a thirteen-year-old son was quite attractive with a pretty face and a nice body. Her ebony hair fell in full shimmering waves past her shoulders, her eyes were big and deep brown, and her skin was peachy tanned. The bikini she wore served only to cover the "bare necessities." Half her breasts, most of her rump, and all of her legs were exposed.

Lonnie watched as she stepped onto the diving board. God, she is so sexy! He thought. He felt his dick start to grow and stiffen. She stood for a few seconds on the board and then dived into the pool. Lonnie's cock stood at attention. It throbbed and ached.

She saw him standing by the pool and called out: "Come on in, the water's fine!"

Lonnie jumped in and swam toward his mother. She smiled and swam away with Lonnie in pursuit. They began playing in the water, splashing each other and playing tag. He caught her from behind and she laughed and splashed and squirmed to break away. Her rear end brushed upon his crotch and he gasped with the sensation. She was still squirming around and trying to break free, and once again her rump swept across his groin. With a groan, he pressed his crotch forward. He hissed when his prick made contact with her butt. It was as if his dick had a mind of its own. It took over completely.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and began humping her rump, pumping his hard throbbing cock on her ass. Nothing could have stopped him; he was beyond control.

"Oh, ah, unh, oh Mom!" he panted as he hunched her.

"Oh Lonnie, oh baby," his mother said softly. She halfheartedly made as if to break away. He kept pumping her rump with his rock-hard prick. "Oh Mom, oh, I can't stop—oh, it feels too good to stop."

He heaved his crotch forward, mashing and grinding it upon her rear end. "Unh—ahh—now!" he cried out as cum erupted from his dick. He huffed and panted and hunched with unbridled lust as the hot creamy juice kept spewing out.

After he had emptied his balls and shot his load, Lonnie was embarrassed. He couldn't bear to face his mother. She gently placed a hand on his cheek. "Oh honey," she said softly, "it's all right." She kissed his cheek and smiled. "Don't worry about it."

That evening Lonnie lay on his bed in his pajamas, doing what he usually did—stroking his cock. He thought about his mother, and his prick stiffened and balls tingled. He briskly rubbed his dick and shivered at the sensation. His cock was now hard and full and throbbing...

Lonnie's mother sprawled on her bed in a negligee watching TV. The thought of Lonnie and what had happened in the pool came to her and she smiled softly and wryly. Ah, he couldn't help it, she thought. He's at that age--his hormones are running wild. He certainly has gone through some changes over the past few months. He's grown—he's big for his age—he's turned into a good-looking guy too.

She smiled wryly again as she thought of what had happened in the pool. He was so horny, she thought, so hard, and he kept—rubbing me, kept hunching me.

She felt a warm fizzy tingling ripple up and down her body as she thought of her son pumping his hard prick on her rump. His cock was so hard, she thought, and it's—it's good-sized—I could feel it was—it's thick and hard.

Her breasts and ass were tingling; her pussy was throbbing. She placed one hand on a breast and slowly stroked it and ran another hand down between her legs and softly rubbed her yoni...

Lonnie could stand it no longer. His dick was hard as a rock; it throbbed and ached. His balls tingled and churned in their bloated fullness. He was breathing hard, almost panting.

He got off the bed and headed for his mother's room.

Her bedroom door was open and he stood at the threshold looking in.

"Mom..." he spoke huskily.

"Honey?" his mother said, looking questioningly at him.

He walked to her bed. "Mom..." he breathed out heavily again. He got on the bed and looked at his mother. She wore only a short silky negligee, and nothing else.

He could see most of her breasts and all of her thighs. His prick thudded and literally ached.

"Oh Mom," he panted out and suddenly moved on her.

He mounted her, rooting between her legs.

He pushed his crotch forward, thrusting his hard cock between her thighs. He groaned as the head of his dick made contact with her slit. He strained forward, pushing hard, and he cried out as he felt his prick enter her pussy.

"Oh, oh Mom, ohh!" he panted with the sensation of his cock sliding up her quim.

"Oh baby," she breathed out. "Oh honey."

He stuffed his entire dick into her hot moist pussy. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and lifted her pelvis up to give him full access to her cunt. He began screwing her with full thrusts of his prick, fucking her good and strongly, lustily pumping his meat in her pussy.

She hunched back at him and used her cunt muscles to squeeze and suck at his cock. She gasped and panted at the feeling of his prick sawing back and forth in her pussy. His dick was full and rigid and good-sized and he was frigging it fast and hard in her.

"Oh, ah, umm, ah," she panted. "Oh baby, yes! Oh sweet baby, give it to me!"

He felt his balls swelling and throbbing; he groaned as he felt the cum churning in his bag. He thrust his cock as far as it would go up her pussy and cried out in lust as the hot cum gushed up his prick and spewed out.

She gasped and panted and reared up as her son spurted semen in her cunt.

They enjoyed a delicious afterfuck. He stroked her flanks and thighs and slowly swirled his dick in her quim. She stroked his arms and shoulders and back and slowly moved her pussy around in little circles.

He moved his head down and began mouthing her breasts, licking the firm smooth mounds. He felt his cock stiffening and growing again as he sucked his mother's tits.

He dug his now-hard dick up her pussy, and she gasped and raised her pelvis up and wrapped her legs around him.

"Oh baby—you're wonderful!" she panted as he pumped his prick in her cunt.

Lonnie awoke late the next morning. He got up and made his way to the kitchen. His mother sat at the kitchen table sipping coffee.

"Well, good morning, sleepyhead," she smiled. "Sit yourself down and I'll fix you breakfast."

He sat at the table and watched his mother as she prepared breakfast. She wore a short thin robe, and he felt his cock pop up and start to grow. In less than a minute he had a full-fledged hard-on. His dick stood up, stiff and throbbing.

He went to his mother, placed his hands on her hips and pressed his crotch on her rump.

"Oh honey," she said softly. She turned around and looked down at his crotch, and then brushed a hand on it. She sank to her knees and took out his prick, stroked it, and then ran her lips on it. She opened her lips and slid her tongue up and down and around his cock.

He hissed and then groaned at the sensation of her licking his dick. He spread his legs and hunched forward.

She opened her mouth wide and took the head of his prick in and began sucking it.

"Oh, ah, oh Mom!" he gasped. He grasped her head and thrust his cock into her warm wet sucking mouth. She clasped his hips and slid her mouth down, taking in all his dick, deep-throating him.

He panted with lust and hunched, fucking his mother's mouth. She sucked his prick fast, bobbing her head up and down.

"Oh god, here it comes!" he cried. "Oh Mom, here it comes now!" He lunged his cock down her mouth and let her have it. He pissed a hot stream of cum down her throat.

She kept sucking his dick, swallowing his sperm, till she had drained him, emptied his prick and balls of semen.

For Lonnie it was like a dream or fantasy come true. He had his attractive sexy mother to screw, to pump his cock in, to suck his dick. For Lonnie's mother it was like the fulfillment of desire or pleasure. She had her good-looking horny son to fuck her, to pump his stiff prick in her, to satisfy her. He stays horny, she thought, smiling; his cock is always stiff, always ready. He could probably fuck a dozen times a day; and he's good-sized too; for a boy his age, he's got a good-sized dick.

Lonnie had his mother in the swimming pool. He had her backed up on the side of the pool, his arms around her back and his crotch between her thighs. He lustily pumped his prick in her pussy as he sucked her tits.

She had her legs wrapped high on his back and was hunching her cunt to meet his lusty thrusts.

"Oh Mom, ah, I want to fuck you every day!" he gasped.

"Oh baby, yes!" she panted. "Ah, you've got a stiff meaty cock and I've got a hot pussy. Oh sweet baby, you can pump your dick in me any time you want."

"Oh Mom, I'm gonna cum!" he cried out.

"Do it, baby," she gasped. "Squirt cum in your Mom's cunt!"

Lonnie proceeded to do just that.

Sharing MOMS

Dirtyboy127 on Incest Stories

Russel and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember. We are actually more like brothers than friends. Neither of us have siblings, so we probably subconsciously rely on each other to fill that gap in our lives. When we graduated from high school, we joined the Navy together. After we finished our schooling, we were assigned to different ships and went our separate ways it is our hear
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t breaking separation but we accept the situations because it is our future.

Russel and I wrote to each other for a jiffy but the letters eventually stopped coming. A few days before my enlistment ended, I bumped into him in the Enlisted Men"s Club at the Norfolk Navy Base. If not for that fortuitous turn of events, I probably would not have a story to tell. Because we had enlisted at the same time, our enlistments ended at the same time. Russel was as eager to get out of the Navy as I was. We celebrated a little too hard that night.

Russel bought an old jalopy for the drive home and invited me to ride along. By sharing expenses and driving, we both saved money. After an uneventful trip, Russel and I pulled up in front of my house. I insisted that he come inside to get reacquainted with my mother.

I wasn"t prepared for what I saw when Mom opened the door. She had always been very attractive, but while she was married to my father she didn"t pay much attention to her appearance. But after the divorce, she reinvented herself. She trimmed off a few pounds, bought some stylish clothes, and had her hair done in a trendy style. Standing in the doorway was one of the sexiest, most beautiful women I had ever seen I know this is not fair to a son like this nasty thoughts.

Mom and I held our embrace a little longer than is proper for a mother and son. She wasn"t wearing a bra and I could feel the warmth of her big soft tits through the thin material of her blouse. She gave Russel a friendly hug and invited him in. She ushered us into the kitchen and served us frosty bottles of beer. Russel could hardly take his eyes off of her. I should have been pissed at the way my buddy was ogling my mother’s super cleavage and the terrific man killer ass, but I only felt a growing sense of excitement. Russel declined Mom"s invitation to stay for dinner. The first thing she said after he left was, "Your friend is certainly handsome now that his skin has cleared up."

Over dinner, Mom told me all about what she called her "brand-new life". She had gone into real estate sales and had become very successful. That explained the designer clothes and the expensive new furniture throughout the house. She insisted that I live with her for as long as I liked, and that I take my time in finding a job.

Mom and I chatted as we watched TV together. Her perfume was very distracting and so was everything else about her. I got a hard-on whenever she crossed the room. She had learned how to do a "model"s walk" and it really was hot. That night in bed I had to Russel off twice before I could get to sleep.

Russel called the next day and asked me to meet him for a few beers at Clancy"s Tavern. We shot some pool, watched some baseball, and put away a few drafts. I could tell that my friend was eager to change subjects, and he did as soon as we settled down in a booth for some serious drinking.

"Damn, Norman, your mother is drop-dead gorgeous sorry for tell directly to you," he said. "I remember that she was a babe when we were in high school, but she is really something now. My Mom looks a lot hotter now, too, since she got rid of Dad."

He pulled a picture out of his shirt pocket and handed it to me. I immediately recognized Russel’s mother Reeba, even though there had been many changes in her appearance since I had last seen her. She was at the beach clad in a modest two-piece bathing suit that showed off her curves to perfection. She had struck a sexy calendar-girl pose for the camera.

"Damn, Russel, I"m getting a hard-on," I confessed sorry for that telling you about your mom!!!.

"That"s okay, buddy. I got more than one while I was checking out your Mom. I had to Russel off before I could get to sleep last night."

"Yeah, me, too. Can I keep this picture to Russel off with?"

"Sure, keep it. Look, buddy, I have a great idea," he said. "Mom"s birthday is tomorrow and I"m taking her out to a nice restaurant for a fancy dinner. Why don"t you guys come along?"

I accepted his invitation and the four of us met at the best restaurant in town. I struggled not to ogle the blonde bombshell sitting across the table from me. The picture Russel had shown me didn"t do her justice. Damn, was she hot! Mom (her name is Pamela) and Reeba had been casual friends for years, but that night they really bonded. By the time we finished our coffee and went to the bar for drinks, they were like best friends. As we wound our way through the tables, every head turned in our direction. I thought my chest would burst with pride.

Mom invited Russel and Reeba back to our place for drinks. When Mom found out that Reeba was a Bridge player, she insisted on a game. Bridge was one of Mom"s favorites, too. Those two certainly had a lot in common. If Mom and Reeba had any faults it was that they were a little too free with the bottle. Both of them got a little tipsy, and Russel and I swapped winks when Reeba asked us if we had visited any whorehouses while we were in the Navy. It just kept getting better and better.

Our Bridge games became a regular weekly occurrence. Russel and I hated the game but we played because it gave us an opportunity to ogle our mothers. As soon as the girls had a few drinks in them, they began to flirt with us. Reeba was fond of using not-so-subtle double-entendres to tease me. I had to struggle to concentrate on the game and to keep my dick from rising.

Russel and I were at Clancy"s one evening having a few pints and shooting the breeze. "The next time we play cards I"m going to make a run on your Mom," he said. "Do you have a problem with that?"

"Hell, no, as long as you don"t mind me making a run on yours."

We came up with a devious plan. Our Bridge games always stopped promptly at ten so Mom and Reeba could watch their favorite nighttime soap. I always taped the program in case Mom missed any of it because of a phone call or other interruption. I loaded a porno tape into the VCR beforehand, and when I pretended to start recording Mom"s program, I hit the play button instead. The soap opera disappeared and was replaced with a raunchy orgy scene.

"Oh, my God, I"m so sorry," I said. "I was watching that this afternoon and forgot to take it out. I"ll turn it off."

But before I could hit the stop button, Reeba said something that Russel and I had been hoping to hear.

"Oh, no, leave it on. I"ve heard about these but I"ve never had an opportunity to watch one. Let me satisfy my curiosity."

Sitting beside my mother watching porno was the wildest thing I had done in my life until then. The tape was really hot, and I wished that I had chosen something a little less raunchy. But it worked just the way Russel and I had hoped. Mom and Reeba began exchanging comments about what was happening on the screen.

"Wow, what a mess," Mom said, after a very sloppy cum-shot.

"Yeah, that thing was like a firehose," Reeba said with a giggle.

We watched the entire tape, and Mom and Reeba loved it. Russel looked over at me and winked. I could see that he was terrified. I wondered if he could overcome his fear enough to make his move. He rose to his feet and stumbled toward Mom. His dick was so hard that he couldn"t walk upright.

"C..c..c..come on, C..C..Hamela," he stammered. Mom"s jaw dropped and she looked over at me. I didn"t see anger or shock on her pretty face, only the same look she gets when someone pays her a compliment.

"Don"t look at me, Mom," I said.

Mom got to her feet and led my best friend to her bedroom. Reeba and I sat quietly for a few minutes, and then she began to giggle.

"Well, wasn"t that special?" she said. "Well, it"s just you and me, Norman. I don"t suppose you would be interested in screwing an old hag like me, would you?"

"You"re one of the most beautiful women I"ve ever seen, Reeba," I said. Then I took her by the hand and led her to my bedroom. She let me undress her, and I felt her up at the same time. Her tits weren"t especially big, but they were just the right shape and had the right amount of sag. I finally had her down to her panties. I knelt in front of her and yanked them down. My cock nearly ripped through my zipper when I saw the full bush on her pussy. She grabbed me by the ears and pulled my face right into her sweet-smelling snatch. I ran my tongue up and down the slot and swirled it around the nubbin at the top. I hoped that my enthusiasm would make up for my lack of experience.

"Oh, yes, baby," she said. "I love that long, silky tongue. I really look forward to teaching you how to eat pussy with finesse."

She flopped down on the bed and spread her legs. I nearly broke one of mine getting out of my pants. I tried to mount her but she pushed me away.

"You wouldn"t last a minute, baby, and I need a lot more fucking than that. I"ll suck the first one out of you. Once we get that one out of the way, I"m sure you"ll last longer."

Reeba"s mouth was warm and very wet. I had had my cock sucked by a few whores while I was in the Navy and a couple of sluts in high school, but none of them had been as good as Reeba.

"Grab me by the hair and push my head up and down," she demanded. "I like my sex a little rough."

If I hadn"t done as she asked, I probably would have lasted a little longer. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her pretty head down on my cock until it hit her throat. That sent me over the edge.

"Oh, fuck, Reeba, here it comes. If you don"t want my load, you had better get off of me now."

I came so hard I saw stars and heard ringing in my ears. It just went on and on, and the entire time, I was pushing and pulling that slut"s head up and down on my cock. She finally lifted her head and smiled at me as she swallowed my load.

"Damn, you really needed that, didn"t you, hon? You should masturbate more often. It"s not healthy to let your balls fill up like that. Now get over here and fuck me before your dick goes soft."

I mounted that beauty and shoved my cock into her hot, wet snatch. She immediately planted her feet for leverage and bucked up against me. She was much tighter than I expected and she had excellent muscle control. Each time I pulled back, her cunt tightened down on me as though trying to keep me inside. I was so naïve that I didn"t even know that women can, with proper exercise, control their cuntal muscles.

Reeba began raking her fingernails very lightly up over my back and ass. Then she wrestled me onto my back and impaled herself on my cock. I was amazed that such a petite woman could be so strong. I had never been in the woman-on-top position. I immediately saw its advantages. Reeba"s tits were swinging to and fro in front of my eyes. She grabbed one and stuffed the nipple into my mouth.

"Oh, you sweet son-of-a-bitch. You have a humdinger of a cock. It"s been ages since I"ve had one as big and hard as yours is. I am going to wear you out tonight, boy."

After that outburst, Reeba had her first of many orgasms. I was a little disappointed that she didn"t make more noise. I wanted my buddy to hear what a good job I was doing on his mother. She screwed her eyes shut, nibbled incessantly on her lower lip, and tossed her head from side-to-side.

"Oh, fuck, Reeba, I have to cum. What should I do?"

"Shoot every drop of that hot jizz into me."

I continued pounding my cock into her as my load shot out. Her slick cunt got even slicker as my juices mingled with hers. She was in the middle of a strong orgasm and was clamping down on me. She finally went limp on top of me.

"Keep it in me for as long as you can," she whispered. I managed to stay plugged in for five minutes or so, and then a strong contraction pushed me out. When Reeba had said that she was going to wear me out, she hadn"t been kidding. We must have fucked in twenty different positions. I didn"t know there were so many different ways to fuck. The bitch made me cum six times before she rolled over and went to sleep. Reeba was gone when I awoke the next morning, so my morning wood was wasted on Russeling off.

Russel called me the next day. He was so excited that his tongue was tripping over his words. We agreed to meet at Clancy"s after work. His eyes were glassy and he was grinning like a Cheshire cat. We grabbed a couple of mugs of beer and took a table in a far corner where we could talk.

"Man, is your mother a hot piece of ass," he gushed. "You won"t believe some of the things we did to each other."

"Okay, calm down. I want to hear everything you did to my mother, starting at the beginning. Don"t leave anything out."

"Well, she started sucking my dick as soon as we were in bed and she did it so good that I shot my load in about fifteen seconds."

Russel went on to tell me in graphic detail about every act he and Mom had performed. I sat there with an aching hard-on and took it all in. His story ended with a shocker.

"I fucked your Mom in the ass. Hell, she liked it just as much there as in her pussy. I didn"t even ask her if I could do it. My cock slipped out of her pussy and when I tried to get it back in the tip got lodged in her ass-hole. I figured I might as well go for it so I pushed it in. Man, she went nuts."

I almost creamed my jeans when he told me about that. I vowed that the next time I got Reeba in bed I would go for her ass. Then it occurred to me that the women might feel guilty about what they had done and not let us fuck them again. I needn"t have worried.

We had our next Bridge game at Reeba"s house. When it was over, she took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. Russel took Mom to his room. The second time was even better than the first.

"I suppose you and Russel have told each other all the juicy details," she said. He and I had agreed not to tell them about that. "No, I would be too embarrassed to do anything like that." A little while later I got my first piece of ass. A thousand fantasies had not prepared me for the feel of it. I did her doggy-style so I could watch my cock going into that beautiful, round ass. Each time I pulled back she clamped down on me. I didn"t even last a minute.

"Don"t feel bad, hon. All guys come too quick when they get their first piece of ass. You"ll do better next time."

Reeba gave me a fine education in sex that night. After hours of sucking and fucking in a variety of ways, she ordered me to Russel off for her amusement. I had always wanted to Russel off in front of a woman. I decorated her nipples with the small quantity of jizz that I managed to Russel out.

Our sexual relationships with each other"s mothers continued for several months. One evening Russel and I were at Clancy"s filling each other in on the things we had done to our mothers the previous night. Right out of the blue, Russel made a shocking proposal.

"I think we should fuck our own mothers."

"No way, man," I said. "We"ve got a great thing going. Why should we do anything that might screw it up."

"Well, I"m going to go for mine. If you don"t want to go for yours that"s your problem."

Russel had already come up with a plan. I decided that the least I could do was hear him out. I had almost a full week before the next card game to consider his proposal.

The big night finally arrived. As soon as the card game ended, Reeba and I went to my room to get it on. She liked to start things off with a blow job, but I told her I wanted to practice cunnilingus. I worked on her tits for fifteen minutes. By the time I headed South, her nipples were as big and hard as bullets. I buried my face in her muff and took a deep breath. She smelled like honeysuckle, one of my favorite scents. As I worked my tongue around in her pussy, I tried to remember all the little tricks she had taught me. I knew they were working when she began to moan and squirm around on the bed. Everything was going according to plan. Russel was also practicing his foreplay on Mom.

Russel and I had decided that thirty minutes of foreplay would be enough. Exactly thirty minutes after I took one of Reeba"s nipples in my mouth, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Russel was already waiting in the hallway. I hadn"t seen him naked since we went through Navy boot camp together, and I had never seen him with a hard-on. His cock was so hard it pointed at the ceiling. The lower half of his face glistened with my Mom"s sex juice.

"I got her ready for you, buddy," he said. "You shouldn"t have to work too hard to make her cum. Good luck."

We shook hands and then I headed for Mom"s room with my rock-hard cock pointing the way. I pushed open the door and peeked inside. Mom was on the bed rubbing her pussy. My heart raced as I walked toward her with my cock bobbing in front of me now I am try to fucking my own mother just after minutes I called as motherfucker.

"Reeba and I figured it was just a matter of time before this happened," she said. "Well, come and do it while we"re both in the mood."

I mounted her and speared her pussy with one perfect thrust. Russel had done a good job on her. She responded immediately and bucked up against me. I forgot everything Reeba had taught me about fucking with finesse and gave Mom the ramrod treatment. She began gasping and wheezing as my cock did its job.

"Oh, yes, that"s so good," she whispered. "I like it hard and fast sometimes. Yes, that"s it, give me more like that. YOU"RE MAKING ME COME! UHU..UHU..UHU..I"M COMING!"

Mom dug her fingernails into my ass as mini-convulsions rippled through her beautiful body. She wrapped her long legs around mine and crushed me in an embrace. Hoping to get her multi-orgasmic, I continued fucking her with short strokes. Feeling her shaking beneath me was the best feeling I had ever had. She was enjoying her fourth orgasm when I shot my load into her. I felt like a king! Yes a real motherfucker born here.

Mom was just as insatiable as her girlfriend and we stayed at it until I couldn"t get it up. The next morning the four of us had breakfast together, something we had never done before. Reeba had that glow that some women get after they"ve had an especially good fucking. I could see that Russel was quite pleased with himself. No doubt my pride was showing, too.

"Well, I guess there isn"t any reason we can"t have a foursome now," Reeba said.

We had our first foursome the following week. Russel and I had the pleasure of watching our mothers go the lesbian route. They had gotten to each other before we got to them. I"ll tell you about it some other time

The seduction of my son

nastymom44 on Incest Stories

It was a friday night and my son was heading out to meet up with a girl he'd been seeing. I came down the stairs in a short, black dress. It was cut low in the front and even lower in the back. I had on 5" heels to complete the outfit. He glanced up at me and had a mysterious look on his face. "What?" I asked. "Don't you think you're showing a little too much in that dress
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? And where are you going anyway?" he queried. "First of all, I think I'm showing just enough! I have a date tonight and I'm hoping to finally get laid!" I responded. He looked startled. "Even though I'm your mother, I have needs ya know?" Now how do I look? Be honest" I demanded. "You look great" he answered. I took the compliment for what it was worth, after all, he was my son and it was exactly what I would expect him to say. Finally, I said,"Maybe we'll both get lucky tonight!", and I winked at him. He shook his head and left.
When he got home, it was late.I had the patio lights on out back. He peeked over the fance and saw me there alone. I had a drink in my hand, and was hanging onto the side of the pool. I 'm sure I didn't look too happy. Definitely not the look of someone who finally got laid after all this time.
I finally noticed him and told him to join me, saying the water felt great. He went back inside to change and came back to take a dip. I watched as he dove in. For the first time, I really noticed how well built he was. He surfaced and swam over toward me. It wasn't until he was right next to me that he noticed I was naked. He turned red with embarassment. I laughed it off and said,"Oh don't be so embarassed. You used to take baths with me, so you've seen me naked plenty of times". To which he replied,"Mom, I was just a little kid then. I'm not a kid anymore!" I glanced down and saw your cock beginning to rise in your shorts. "I can see you aren't a kid anymore". He saw where I was looking and another wave of embarassment washed over his face. To avoid the subject, he asked how my date went. I explained that I tried to look my best, thought the evening went well, but then my date didn't even kiss me goodnight. I sadly suggested that he didn't find me sexy. He could tell my ego was crushed and tried to comfort me by telling me I was beautiful and that my date was an asshole. It made me smile, although I knew, again, you were just being sweet because I was your mom. "Thanks honey, that's nice to hear even though you don't really mean it". I sipped my wine and heard him say with more conviction,"You are mom! All my friends call you a MILF". I questioned, "What the hell's a milf?" Then he was sorry he said it because he had to explain,"It's a mom I'd like know...". It took a few seconds, but then I laughed. The ice had been broken and the tension was gone between us. I asked about his date and if he was lucky enough to get any. He quietly said that no, he didn't. He started to say more, but stopped. I assured him that we were both adults and he could tell me anything. He hesitated, but then told me that she got him all worked up, then said she wasn't in the mood. Without even thinking about my nudity, I moved over and hugged him to comfort him. My hard nipples grazed his skin, my firm tits, presssed against his muscular chest. He pulled away, yelling "mom!" I apologized and said I was getting out of the pool now. I pulled myself up and out of the pool. My wet body glistened in the moonlight. He got a full view of my firm ass. Once out, I stood and walked over to grab a towel from the beach chair, turning to face him before wrapping it around me. The cool breeze caused my nipples to harden and stand out. Water dripped from them as well as my clean shaven pussy. I toweled myself off and said,"It's getting late sweetheart. Why don't you come on inside now?" Looking down, he quietly answered,"Ummm, in a minute mom". It was then that I realized he didn't want to get out because his cock was hard and he didn't want me to see. I said ok and walked inside. A few minutes later I heard him calling me saying that he needed a towel. I walked one out to him, wrapped it partially around his shoulders and began drying him off, just like when he was a kid. It wasn't until my hand grazed his cock, that he pulled away. I turned and went back inside. I went to my room with every intention of getting myself off... as usual. My hand reached down between my legs and found the soft, warmth of my pussy. I pressed a finger against my clit and my mind began to wander. I was thinking of what it would be like to have his cock inside me. That one touch sent shivers down my spine and caused my pussy to ache. My fantasy was interrupted by the sound of his door. It often stuck when the weather was humid and it was hard to close all the way. I began to hope that this was one of those nights. Maybe I could catch him jacking off. I didn't understand this sudden, overwhelming urge to see his cock, but I couldn't help myself. I slowly and quietly crept down the hall to his room. My night was finally having a turn for the better. His door wasn't completely shut and there was a crack I could just about see through. I glanced in and saw him stepping out of his shorts. His cock was so hard, he could barely wait to get to his bed before he began rubbing it. He laid down on his back, closed his eyes and let his hand begin stroking. He was lost in some fantasy, so I bravely eased his door open enough to slip into his room. I knelt on the floor next to him and watched as precum formed on the tip of the head. I bent down and licked it. He jumped up, almost knocking me onto my ass. "what the hell are you doing?" he demanded. "It's ok. Please don't be mad. I don't know how to explain it, but tonight, I saw you as a man for the first time. I saw you not as your mother, but as a woman. I think you looked at me the same way". He tried to deny it, but I pointed out how many times he'd gotten hard that night when he was with me. I softly wrapped my hand around his cock and began stroking it. He lamely tried to push my hand away. I told him that if he could look me in the eye and honestly tell me that he didn't want this too, I'd go back to my room and we could forget this ever happened. He glanced down and quietly admitted that he couldn't. I began stroking him a little harder. I softly suggested,"Just close your eyes baby. For this one night, forget I'm your mother. Think of me as a woman who desperately needs to taste you, to feel you inside of me". With that said, I lowered my head and took his swollen head into my mouth. A moan escaped his lips as he felt the warmth of my mouth engulfing him. I slowly slid my lips down the shaft, pressing my tongue against it until I reached the base. I swallowed him completely and the head hit the back of my throat and penetrated it. He moaned again. I pressed my lips tightly against his cock and sucked hard as I pulled my head back up. I moved up and down, over and over, as he moaned louder and louder. I felt his cock begin to swell. I pulled all the way up and let my mouth release his throbbing cock. I climbed on top of him and straddled him. I lowered myself until the head of his dick was at the opening of my drenched pussy. "Don't mom. Please stop." he begged. I lowered myself further down onto his cock. He was deep inisde me then and his protests for me to stop soon changed to him begging me not to. His hands reached up and grabbed ahold of my tits. He squeezed and massaged them. He gripped my nipples and pinched them causing me to cry out in pain and pleasure. "Oh baby, that feels so fucking good. [play with mommy's tits. oooooh, your cock feels so good inside me", I whispered, then asked,"Does my pussy feel good?" "Oh yea mom. Your pussy feels amazing." I clenched the muscles inside and sqeezed his cock as I rode it harder...and faster. He grabbed my hips and pulled me down onto his cock hard as he thrusted upward. I begged him to fuck me,"Fuck your mom baby! Oh yea, that's it. Fuck that pussy! You like fuckin your mom don't you? You like fuckin your whore mother!". He screamed back equally as loud,"Yes, I love fucking my whore mother. I love your pussy. it's so fucking tight. Ride me hard you slut bitch. Fuck your son's cock!" I rode him as hard as I could and soon I was cumming all over his cock. The wetness increased his pleasure, and it wasn't long before he exploded inside me. His body stiffened, his cock throbbed and pulsated, as spurt after spurt of cum shot from the head, filling me. "I'm cumming mom!" he screamed. I collapsed on top of him, kissed him, probing his mouth with my tongue, and we fell asleep. The rising sun awoke me and I quietly slipped down to take his cock into my mouth once again. Mmmm, his dick still tasted lick my pussy. I had big plans for the day. There was so much for me to teach my new son.

My mom and me

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my name is mike and for sometime i have had feelings about my mom her name is sarah she has about c tits a nice ass and great legs she has brown curly hair  every time i see her i have thoughts about her this is how it started!


i just had got enrolled in school and i was feeling deppresed and she was in my room and she was in there! whats wrong honey im kind of deppre
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sed mom i dont think i can make it through colleage oh honey yes you can you just have to work hard she leaned down and kissed me so i had to make my move i grabed her head and started making out with her honey stop it oh mom i have strong feelings for you i want you honey you need to keep those feelings to your self its not right! than she left she came back an hour later with a robe on she said honey i thought about it to and i want it to. she took her robe of and she was wearing black lacey stockings and black panties and braw you like honey hell yeah you look fucking hot! she got in bed with me and we startef kissing  oh mike your big and hard yeah and its all for you..oh i love you mike i love you to mom i started sucking on her tits and biting them oh mom you have big tits.i slid down and took her panties off and i saw a nice hairy pussy i started so suck  it you like that mom oh mike suck my pussy finger me honey so i took my finger and started to finger her oh yeah harder faster oh yeah give it to me so i slid two more fingers in her she was bucking aw honey im cumming so i stuck my face in her pussy and swallowed all of her juices god it tasted so honey that was amazing..its your turn honey she slid down and took off my boxers and started rubbing my cock and licking the shaft god it felt so good then she took the whole thing in her mouth aw mom  that feels so fucking good after about ten min i started to face fuck her she started gaging mom you ok oh im fine sweeety i love it rough..i cumming mom then she took my cock all the way in her mouth and i came in her mouth and she swallowed every mom your the best..then we kissed and i was hard again mom i want to feel your pussy oh sweety let me ride your hard cock she got on top i started to fuck her her tits bouncing up and down i was slapping her ass aw honey thats it harder then i shoved my cock all the way in her thats it baby i love you having you inside me..while i was fucking her she said honey get off so i did and she said honey i have never done anal i want you to be my 1st and my last..ok mom so i got behind her and stuck it in her ass oh it hurts sweetey you want me to stop no keep going she cryed in pain for a while than the plessure took over oh thats it harder deeper i fucked her for about twenty min than she wanted it in her pussy oh sweety i love you i love you to mom than i was about to come i tryed to pull out and she wouldn't let me mom your not on birth control i dont care baby i want your cum in my pussy ok mom anything for you so unloaded in her burst after burst..than she came i was so fucking tired we colapsed on the bed together..than we had to talk mom what about dad who cares i think we were going to get a divorce anyway so she said i have some money put away i know how you have told me you wanted to move to oregon you want to hell two weeks later we moved and started our life together!    

 let me know what you guys think!! email me at i will post more if you like!!