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Me and my Mom

KingHyperman on Incest Stories

Well first let me describe myself. I'm 14 and I have brownish-blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm not tall, but then again I wasn't short either. I have a 8 incher on me, kinda big for a 14 year old or so everyone says. As for my mom ((Jenny)), she was 36 ((guess you could call me a 'high school oopsie)) and had Blonde hair and blue eyes, a definite hottie. She and my step-dad had gon

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e out ofr the night and I was stuck watching my sister the whole night. I eventually fell asleep on the couch after she had gone to bed. My mom came in, alone, she was kinda noisy when she came in so I woke up.

 "Hey mom, wheres Phil?" I asked "Still at the bar" she said rolling her eyes "Your sister asleep?" "Yeah" I said "Went to sleep almost as soon as you left. I fell asleep on the couch, not very comfy." "Well" she said "I guess you could come in and sleep in my bed with me" "Ok" I said "Oh wait, you dont mind me being in only my underwear do you?" she asked "No" I said. In fact, I kinda secretly liked the fact I would be sleeping with her "Do you mind if I do the same?" "No not at all" she said. We went into the bedroom, got undressed and got into bed. "night mom" I said "night prosper" she replied.

 After I drift off to sleep I started to have an awesome dream about a cute girl i knew giving me head but it felt pretty damn realistic. It ended pretty shortly and I woke up to find that I WAS getting head. From my MOM. "Hey mom what are you doing?" I said, not angry just plainly "Oh Prosper I couldn't take it" she said "You looked so hot in your boxers I just had to suck you off..." I had also noticed she had taked her bra off "Well" I said "I GUESS I'll be ok with it.... on one condition" "What?" she asked "Anything." "You gotta let me eat you out" I said  "Its only fair" "Ok fine by me" she said smiling as she pulled down her panties and spread her legs "Ok son gimme all you got" I bent over and started to lick her moist pussy. 'oh god she tastes good...' i thought as i picked up the pace. "OH GOD PROSPER YES! YES! LICK YOUR MOMS PUSSY! YES YES!" she moaned as she had a massive orgasm. "prosper, please do your mommy a favor and fuck her" she said to me pulling my boxers down. "Dont worry I'm on the pill" "Yes ma'm" I said with a grin and took my dick and thrusted into her pussy "MMMMMMM YES!" she yelled "FUCK ME! FUCK ME AS HARD AS YOU CAN!" she cried as I started to thrust harder "Mom I'm gonna cum!" I yelled "Yes Prosper cum in your mommy's pussy!" she moaned. At that point I had to have haven the biggest orgasm I've ever had. "Wow mom.... that was great" I said. We were about to get dressed but then my sister walked in....

but that's another story for another time. 

My very close sister and me...

bajayjay13 on Incest Stories

“Hey, Sis, you ready to go swim yet?!” I called upstairs to my sisters, Emily, room.


“One minute, let me put my new bikini on!” She replied back.


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ace="Times New Roman" size="3">Mmmm, I thought, as I pictured my sister naked, putting on her bikini. I had seen Emily in a bikini before, of course, but now that I was 14 and she was 16, my hormones were taking control of me and I realized how beautiful she really was. She was about as tall as me; had deep brown eyes, silky dark black hair, and perfect C cups tits with an incredible tear drop ass.


My sister and I have always been really close, so we would often talk about sex and whatnot. She had already told me how she had sex with her boyfriend, Zach, when she was 14, just before he moved to California; but had never had sex with anyone after him. I, unfortunately, had not had sex yet. We talked about how we both loved masturbating and how I always used lotion and how she had her own favorite dildo that Mom had given to her. We both really loved just talking, no matter the subject.


Five minutes later, Emily came walking down the stairs. My mouth fell open a bit as I saw her. She was wearing a thin, plain white bikini that she had purchased from Victoria’s Secret.  The bikini was obviously too small for her, as her top did not cover her entire tits and showed a great deal of the top of them and a bit of under-cleavage. The bottoms were the same; barely showing the sides of her shaved pussy lips.


She came down smiling, and then started to giggle devilishly, staring at my bathing suit. She then put on a cute face.


“Awwww, you’re wearing the Speedo I bought for you!” She said, chuckling. “You look great in it! You really fill it out!”  


“I was about to say the same thing about you!” I told her, playfully slapping her ass as she passed me. She giggled and pushed me away, walking toward the pool in our backyard, her bikini bottom squeezing into her ass every step she took. I moaned to myself and followed her. My 5 ½ inch boner had been up the whole time, but she didn’t seem to mind.


She stopped and sat down on a lawn chair and looked at the pool. I followed her gaze and saw Mom and Dad slowly getting out of the pool, both with big grins on their face. They walked towards the door and then stopped and faced Emily and I.


“Hey, kids,” my Dad addressed us,” I’m gonna go spend some alone time with your mother.” At this he squeezed Moms ass. “Have fun!” Mom giggled and walked off with Dad, grabbing his cock.


Emily stared after them; a smile on her face.


“Horny little guys aren’t they!” She said. We both laughed. Emily then stood up and grabbed a brown bottle from her chair, flipped off the top and poured a white substance from it on her hand. She then handed the bottle to me as I bent down to take off my shoes.


“You mind putting some sun-tan lotion on my legs, please?” She said, looking down, giving me a cute smile. She started to wipe the lotion on her stomach.




I was hesitant.


She looked down again, giving me an exasperated look. “Oh don’t be such a pussy!”


I looked at her and laughed.


“Then stop being such a bitch!” I laughed, smacking her ass, hard, again.


Emily jumped and laughed. “There ya go.” She stuck her hands in her bikini top and lotioned her puffy tits. I watched eagerly for a moment. I’d seen her tits before, but now, because of my hormones, I looked at them from a sexual point. She didn’t seem to notice.


I poured a large amount of lotion in my hands and started to lather away. First starting at her feet, I worked my way up her beautiful legs, savoring every inch of her skin. I rubbed her quads and finally reached her ass. I lathered it very slowly and smoothly, sticking my hands between her ass cheeks quickly. Then, going to her front, I motioned my hand very quickly over her bikini bottom, barely touching her pussy lips that slightly protruded from it. I was so incredibly horny; my cock portrayed that.


I stood up and looked at her. She was biting her bottom lip and had her right eyebrow propped up. “You did a very thorough job.” She grinned.


“Well, I don’t want to see my beautiful sister get sun-burned, now do I?” I said, pushing my chest into her and wrapping my arms around her. I started to playfully kiss her neck while massaging her ass cheeks. Her puffy nipples felt great on me.


“Stop it!” She teased. She pushed across my chest in an attempt to push me into the pool, but I grabbed her hand and took her with me. We both surfaced the water, laughing hard at each other.


“Oh you’re so stupid!” She screamed, splashing water at me.


“What!” I called. I moved to her and started to tickle the sides of her tits and pussy lips. She started to laugh hard. “Oh stop it! Stop it!” She laughed, splashing water everywhere.


I stopped after a second, laughing. She had a wide grin on her face when she looked at me. We both stared at each others eyes for a moment.

She’s so beautiful, I thought.


We started to move towards each other. We put our tongues together and kissed.




Tell me if I should right part two, thanks for reading.


uncle and his hot teen neice

atrayahoney on Incest Stories

My niece, Rachel, and I had spent many
months teasing each other. My hands would gaze her ass, her tits
would brush up against my arm, or somehow my erection would find
itself between the crevice of her pert ass. Over time, it slowly grew
from small comments of how nice her bikini hugged her large tits or
how hard my cock was as we watched HBO to outright verb

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al knowledge
of her going down on her boyfriend or me making a woman scream that I
had brought home from a party.

I would often find myself, dick in
hand, fanticizing my young niece and her sexy full lips or the way
her ass bounced in her string bikini (which she wore in front of me
whenever she had the chance). I thought of her rounded large tits as
I fucked my wife and picture her deep throating my cock as I fucked
other women I'd bring home when my wife was on a business trip or had
gone home with another man. When I fucked these random women, I made
sure to bring them back to the house and leave the door open so that
their moaning and, at times, screaming, was able to be heard
throughout the house. I wanted my niece to know the powerful lover I
was. The way I could teach her how to fully please a man once I
finally got her naked and willing to fuck me.

My niece was well-known throughout the
town as a slut. Most of the extraordinary rumors were false, I'm
sure, but there were a few that I hoped had been true. The one about
her sucking off six members of the soccer team after they won the
state final was my favorite. I envisioned her on her knees before six
well-endowed teenage boys, going from one cock to the next, making
sure each was satisfied as they emptied their spooge onto her tits.
The other was the rumor that she had fully satisfied Mr. Arling after
he had come home early to relieve her of her babysitting duties.
Rumor had it, he had entered the living room as she was loudly
pleasuring herself and quickly took over, replacing her hand with his
erect cock. I hadn't enough guts to ask my friend if this was true,
but I would love to hear the story of how it happened. I had also
heard that for months now she had been fooling around with my other
niece, Kaitlyn. I knew Kaitlyn and her often spent the night together
and late into the night I'd hear giggling and moving but nothing more
than what ordinary teenage girls do but I had heard last weekend at
my poker game that she and Kaitlyn had been fooling around for some
time now. Even before I heard that rumor, I had been romanticizing
about the two of them eating each other's pussies, fingering one
another in the shower, and using sex toys to bring each other to
orgasm. The thought of this actually being true made my cock fill
with lust.

On a soft spring night in April, I
returned to my house with a family friend I had been fucked several
times now. She was a kinky slut and preferred to have two men at
once. The first night I fucked her, I had met her and her husband in
a swingers club and they instantly picked me out as the one they
wanted to take home. They took me back to their place and they
treated me like an honored guest. I fucked her pussy as her husband
took over her mouth and enjoyed several orgasms that night one coming
early the next morning in the hallway, the husband on his knees in
front of my awaiting cock.

I brought the woman into the kitchen,
making out with her and grabbing her ass as we went. My niece was
fixing herself a snack. She was wearing my favorite outfit, a white
tank top exposing most of her young tits and a pair of innocent white
panties. I had always imagined accidentally getting this nighttime
outfit wet, making all of her assets visible in its wetness. I pushed
Kelly against the counter next to my teenage niece and lifted her
short dress. I stuck my hands in the back of her underwear, pressing
my erection up against her pubic area and locked eyes with my curious
niece. She grew embarrassed and quickly turned away, taking her
sandwich into the living room but well within earshot to hear the fun
that was going on.

As I went down on Kelly, I thought of
my niece. Her hand in her tiny white panties or her tank top,
pleasing herself while listening to me fuck this stranger. As Kelly
went down on me, I made sure to vocalize my appreciation of her but
also pretended it was my sweet little niece's mouth doing the

“suck it, you little slut.” I said
as I wove my hands into her hair, guiding her head to my cock.

“deep throat, baby, deep throat.” I
coaxed her

Far before coming, I pulled her mouth
off my cock and pulled her to her feet. I guided her towards the
kitchen table and placed my hand on the back of her neck, pushing her
to bend over. I knew the kitchen table was in direct line with the
couch, giving my niece perfect visibility of me fucking this

My cock swiftly found her hole and I
mounted her wet pussy with a full groan. As I entered her, I made
contact with Rachel who had a sandwich in her right hand and was
attempting to discretely please herself with the other. The woman
came quickly and did so with many expressions of how much she loved
my cock. I held Rachel's gaze the whole time I pumped this woman and
finally uneventfully climaxed, knowing the pussy I really wanted was
sitting in the living room watching us fuck.

Luckily, her husband was waiting back
home and as I put on my boxers, she smoothed her wrinkled appearance
and was swiftly out the door.

I sauntered into the living room and
took off my shirt, the only article of clothing left on my body. My
adorable fourteen-year-old niece sat unassumingly, as if I hadn't
just been fucking a woman in the kitchen.

“Did you like that?” I asked, my
voice deep with lustful thoughts of biting her nipples, licking her
cute little asshole, and feeling her pussy lips on the tip of my

“Like what?” she asked coyly.

I chuckled an evil chuckle and stood
over my young niece, cock growing harder as the moments passed. I
placed my hand on the top of her head and ran my fingers through her
soft hair.

“You know what I'm talking about. Did
you like watching me fuck Kelly?”

“I hadn't noticed.” she remarked in
a flippant teenage tone.

“Lying bitch.” I said, my normally
kind demeanor replaced by my need to dominate this young slut. My
hand gripped the back of hair and I pulled her mouth towards my half
erect cock.

“Suck me.” I said, my hand on my
dick, guiding it towards her tiny lips. A sly smile crossed her face
as the tip of my penis grazed her bottom lip. She stuck her pink
tongue out and flicked it at the end of my dick.

“What if I don't want to?” she
teased and looked up at me with her big green eyes.

“I'll make you” I slowly growled,
letting her know how the night would be played out if she didn't
submit to my authority.

She giggled. “that sounds like fun.”
she placed the head of my dick between her lips, my hand still
holding the shaft, and softly sucked once or twice. I closed my eyes
and let up on her hair out of pure ecstasy.

All of a sudden, she wiggle from my
grip and took off down the hall, pulling her tank top off over her
head. She was giggling voraciously. “Catch me if you can, Uncle

I was blinded by my anger and lust and
took off down the hall after her. She ran into the guest room and
slammed the door behind her, putting all her weight on the door but
not locking it.

She began to tease me. “Oh Paul, fuck
me, fuck me. Your cock is so big and awesome. Fuck me with it.” She
was impersonating Kelly and the way she verbally gushed over my dick.

Finally, I overpowered the teenager and
busted into the room. She fell with a hard thud on the tile floor and
in an instant I was standing over her, grabbing her hair and pulling
her face towards my fully erect cock. I couldn't wait to feel her
tight lips fucking my cock. I pushed her head, not giving her a
moment's breath, onto my erection. Over and over I fucked her pretty
little face, not paying attention to anything but the ecstasy of
forcing my fourteen-year-old niece's face onto my dick. I was about
to cum when I realized I wanted to feel her pussy, there'd be plenty
of more time to cum down her throat. I pushed her back onto the cold
tile floor and climbed between her skinny legs.

“Now I'm gonna fuck you, you dirty
bitch.” and guided my dick to her teen opening. She gasped when I
entered her and let out a great moan. I could tell she loved my
forcefulness, a submissive to the core was my teenage niece. I held
down her arms and began pumping in and out of her soaking pussy. The
longer I moved between her legs, the harder I pounded her. The
slapping of our bodies was loud along with her sultry moans.

“Uncle Paul. Uncle Paul. Yes, fuck
me. You're so good. Fuck my little pussy.”

I didn't want to hold onto my cum any
longer, I pumped faster and faster, harder and harder until I
released all my juice into my niece's soft pussy.

After I was spent, I laid there for a
few moments, letting my cock grow flaccid. I pulled myself out of her
and stood up. I reached down and peeled the teenager from the floor.

“Go clean up,” I demanded, “The
night has just begun”

As I showered her, I thought of all my
niece's other body parts I wanted to cum in and on. Soon my dick was
hard again and our playing lasted well until the next morning.

Mom's Massage

Babewatcher on Incest Stories

When I was seventeen years old, I was a junior in high school and had joined the football team for my school.   I had loved playing football with the guys out on the weekends, but these full padded practices, and the actual games really took a toll on my body, moreso than I had imagined at first.  I was beat up and sore, and some nights after a game I couldnt even move.   Mom use

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d to be a professional massage therapist, before her drinking became such a problem so one night when I came home so beat up  I could barely walk, Mom decided she had seen enough.  She said that she would give me massages after my practices and games and  and help relax me.  I thought it was a fantastic idea, because I was at the point where I was seriously considering leaving the team.  I loved playing the game, but the aftermath and consequences were getting harder and harder to withstand.

So I came in from practice one evening and Mom had already found and set up her old massage mattress and everything.  The oils and things were all laid out, and Mom just told me that as soon as I got out of the shower, I was to just come down and get onto the mattress and she would see what she could do to help.   I finished my shower and threw on a pair of my sweat pants and headed downstairs.  When I came down, I could see that Mom had been drinking again and was a little tipsy, but I was so sore I decided that whatever she did couldnt make me feel any worse.  

She was wearing just a t-shirt and a pair of skimpy black lace panties, I could tell that she wasnt wearing a bra by the way her 36DD breasts stuck out against the shirt and her nipples strained against the material.  For a thirty five year old woman, Mom looked pretty damn good.  She barely looked like she was out of high school.   As I stepped into the living room, Mom hopped up off the couch with her glass of Vodka in her hand, and quickly drank it down.

"Brad, why did you put clothes on?  I told you to come straight down from the shower.  I cant give you a massage with those on." Mom said.

"But I thought you were going to just do my back and my shoulders..."I started.

"Come on, Brad.  You dont have anything I havent seen before.  Get those sweats off and hop up onto the mattress." Mom giggled.

"Geez Mom, you know, I dont know." I said, kind of embarrassed about having to remove my clothes in front of her.

"Are you embarrassed Brad?" Mom asked, pouring another glass of Vodka and taking a drink.

"Well, no, but I... I just didnt know this was how we were doing it." I said.

"Maybe this will make it easier for you honey." Mom said, and removed her t-shirt.

Mom stood there in front of me topless, in her black lace panties with one hand on her hip and took another drink of her Vodka.  I couldnt do anything but stare at her tits.  They were so big, but they were incredibly firm and perky, her nipples jutting straight out.  I could feel my dick getting hard and I was wondering what the hell was going on.

"Come on, off with the clothes and onto the mattress Brad.  I used to do this for a living you know." Mom said.

"Okay, whatever you say." I said, and slid my sweats off and stood completely naked in front of my Mom. 

I watched Mom look over every inch of my body, taking drinks of her Vodka as she did so.  I could see her eyes linger on my cock, and I could see that she was surprised that I was shaved.

"Well that's impressive, what brought that on?" Mom asked, pointing to my clean shaven cock.

"You know.." I said.

"No, I dont know.  Why dont you tell me?" Mom giggled.

"Girls will suck it more often if there's no hair to get in their mouth." I said.

"Oh I see!" Mom said, giggling harder.  "Is that what those cheerleaders fight over so much?  A chance to suck that big, shaved cock?" Mom asked

"Sometimes.." I admitted, blushing.

"Dont be embarrassed honey.  I havent met a man yet who doesnt love to have his cock sucked.  Id think there was something wrong with you if you didnt like it." Mom said.   "Well, up on the mattress.  Lets see what we can do."  Mom said, setting her Vodka glass down and getting her oils open.

I got up on the mattress and Mom started oiling up her hands.  I laid down on my back and she started on my arms, massaging my shoulders and pectorals.

"Okay honey, now just relax and trust me." Mom said.

I felt Mom's hands go down my body, and wrap around my penis.  My immediate reaction was to tense and sit up.

"Relax baby!" Mom said, attempting to calm me.  "Im going to massage ALL of your muscles, and if I do this one first, you will be extremely relaxed and will get the most out of the massage."

"Mom...I..." I stammered

"Shhh.  Just lay back and relax.  Im not going to hurt you.  Just look at my tits and enjoy it honey. With all the big titty porn youve got in your room, you have to like these, baby.  I know those girls at school dont have titties this big." Mom said, as she began to slowly masturbate me.

My cock was rapidly stiffening as her soft, oil-slicked hands gently stroked it.  I did as she said and just focused in on her big, gorgeous tits and enjoyed the feel of her jerking me off.  She began to jerk my dick faster and harder, her other hand playing with my balls and rubbing oil into them.  It felt so good and after a little while, I didnt care that she was my mom.  All that mattered was that she didnt stop now. 

I could feel the cum boiling in my balls and I began to stiffen and moan as her hand continued to massage my shaft.  Mom's nipples were really hard and I could tell she was really getting hot as beads of sweat ran down her neck, over her big breasts, and dripped from the end of her rock hard nipples as she leaned over and stroked me off.

"Ooooh....Oooooooh Mommmmmm....Momm....Ah!!  Im gonna....Im gonna cum!!" I moaned out to her.

Mom immediately stopped jerking my dick and before I could ask why she had stopped, she had her mouth over my cock and was bobbing her head up and down, her hands rubbing and massaging my balls.  The feeling was so incredible I almost passed out.  As it was, I was helpless to do little more than lay back and cry out in ecstacy.

"Ahhh!  Ahh God Mom!!  Ahhhhhhhh Yesssss!!" I screamed as I blew my hot load into Mom's hot mouth.

I could feel the cum pumping out of my cock like never before.  I had never cum this much or this hard in my life.  I dont know if it was because I was so nervous, or the fact that it was something that should NEVER have happened, but it was incredible. I must have squirted at least five times really hard, but Mom never took her mouth off the head of my cock until every last spasm of my cock had ceased, and every last drop of my cum was swallowed.

I was exhausted. I collapsed completely, almost melting into the mattress. I was dizzy, drained, confused, I was so many things at that moment I didnt know what to do.  I opened my eyes and saw Mom lift her mouth off of my cock, wipe her mouth with the back of her hand and smile, and then she took another drink of her Vodka.  She made things easy, and told me what to do.

"How's THAT for a blowjob?  Lets see those little schoolgirls beat that." Mom giggled. "Now, turn over honey and by the time Im done with you, you'll be out cold.  Just close your eyes, and relax."  Mom said.

I turned over, and did as she said and as I felt her hands rubbing my ass, up to my back, I closed my eyes and soon after, I was asleep.

When I awoke the next morning, I was still on the massage mattress out in the living room.  My body felt better than it had in weeks.  The soreness was all but erased.  Mom really knew what she was doing.  I raised myself up and looked around and I saw Mom.  She had removed her panties and was sleeping on the couch, completely naked.  Next to the couch I could see that she not only had finished off the first bottle of Vodka, she was well into another one.   I watched her sleeping for a long time, watching her big breasts heave with every breath she took and I got a really good look at her pussy, which like my cock, was completely shaved.   I could feel my cock throbbing and I realized that I had my typical morning hardon, and this vision in front of me of Mom completely naked was not helping matters at all, especially after what had happened last night.

I went over next to the couch, up near Mom's tits and began to jerk off looking at her naked body.  I figured I would get off one more time because I might not have this chance again.  I was pretty sure that what had happened was alcohol induced, so I was going to get as much out of this as I could.   I stared at Mom's big tits as I jacked off, my balls bouncing up and down as I stroked.  Mom was right, I loved her tits.  I was obsessed with big tits and they really get me off.  Mom's tits were incredible.  I wanted to feel them, to suck on them, to put my cock between them and fuck them, but I knew she would wake up and that could be bad.

I threw my head back and closed my eyes midway through my fantasy of fucking Mom's tits and moments later I felt the familiar warmth and wetness of Mom's mouth over the head of my cock.  I looked down, and Mom had her mouth over the head of my cock, her eyes closed, allowing me to jerk off into her mouth while her tongue swirled rapidly over the throbbing head of my cock.

"Uhhhnnnnn!!" I moaned as her tongue teased my cockhead.

Mom, now sitting up, reached up and took hold of my ass with her hands and pulled me closer to her as I jerked my cock off into her mouth.  I felt Mom's hand come up and take my hand away from my cock, and she began to blow me again, and putting her hand back on my ass, she began to guide me, setting a pace at which I could fuck her mouth.

"Ooooh...Oh...Ohhh God, Mom." I moaned as I thrusted my cock in and out of Mom's mouth.

"Mmmmm...MMMMMMMM!" Mom moaned as she took my cock into her mouth, and then all the way in a full deep throating of my seven inches of hard throbbing cock.

I felt Mom squeeze my ass hard and stop my hips, and she began to suck me like she was possessed.  Her mouth slid up and down my shaft faster and faster, the feeling was incredible.  My Mom was blowing me like a fucking porn queen, and it was the best blow Id ever had.   Almost immediately, I could feel myself about to explode.

"Ohh!  Ohh God Mom!  Youre making me cum!  Oh Jesus!  Oh...Oh God Yess!" I moaned as I felt my cum rocketing up my shaft.

Mom quickly took my cock out and began to jerk me off over her big tits.  Stream after stream of hot sticky cum splattered on her neck and down onto her tits.   She continued to jerk my cock until It had stopped shooting her with my hot mess, and then she slid my cock into her mouth and I could feel her tongue cleaning my cock, and when she removed it from her mouth, every drop of cum was gone.  

I collapsed down onto the couch next to her, and decided to finally get a feel of her big tits that were absolutely covered with my cream.   Mom moaned a little when I squeezed them, and my cum started to run down to my hands.

"Rub it into my nipples." Mom moaned.

I did as she asked, massaging my cum into her hard nipples with my thumbs, and then moving on up, taking big handfuls, rubbing my hot cum into her silky smooth tits.  She was moaning more now, and as I ran my finger through a big splotch of cum, she took it into her mouth and licked it off.   Suddenly, she leaned forward and kissed me hard, shoving her tongue into my mouth.  I tasted my cum mingled with her saliva and the taste of the Vodka she had been drinking.   I kissed her back, and she broke the kiss after a few moments.   Pouring herself a new glass of Vodka, Mom's demeanor suddenly changed from seductress, back to the Mom I had known all of my life.  She took a deep breath and a serious look crossed her face.

"I have to apologize to you honey.  I shouldnt have done that to you last night.  I shouldnt have exposed my breasts to you, and I certainly shouldnt have masturbated you or performed oral sex on you.  I was drunk, and very horny.  Im  so sorry.  What I did was wrong, on so many levels." Mom said, taking a long drink of her Vodka.

"What?  But you just....I dont..." I started, thoroughly confused with her words after what had just happened.

"Shhh. Let me explain. I passed out on the couch last night after I finished rubbing you down.  I took my panties off and laid down on the couch,  hoping you would wake up and see me naked and unable to control yourself, fuck me while you thought I was asleep.  I was NOT thinking clearly at all.  I waited for you to wake up and see me, but I guess I passed out and you didnt wake up until this morning, and even then you wouldnt violate me, you just used my naked body as a visual aid.   I realized what happened when I woke up and saw you masturbating over me, and I figured after what I did to bring this on, the least I could do was help you to cum again before I explained this to you.  You were right in the middle of masturbating, and you looked like you felt really good, and I just couldnt tell you to stop right then." Mom said.

"But I thought you....but I wanted to..."I stammered.

"Oh no. Honey, you want to fuck me now dont you." Mom said, suddenly understanding.

"I...I..." I stammered, not wanting to admit to what she said but at the same time desperately trying not to beg her for it.

"Oh Brad.  Im so sorry.  I started this whole thing.  This is NOT your fault.  Its mine.  I was so very wrong to do that and now Ive really caused a bad situation for us.  Honey, Im your mother.  You cant fuck me.  We cant have sex, its just...its just wrong.   The handjob, the blowjobs, thats one thing and bad enough as it is that I did that much, but we just cant go that far.   Im so sorry.   I never should have gotten this started, I love you and I never wanted to put you in a situation like this.  I just dont know what came over me.  My drinking....Im so sorry Brad." Mom said.

With that, Mom got up from the couch, picked up her panties and t-shirt and headed upstairs to the shower.  I didnt really know what to say, or what to think, so I went to my room and laid down on my bed.  I figured that Mom would come to talk to me later on, but she never did.   I went downstairs to talk to her at about five o clock, but I didnt see her anywhere.  When I went to her room, I found her in bed so drunk she couldnt even stand up.    She had apparently been drinking all day, I had guessed to try to drown her guilt or embarrassment over what had happened earlier.

Mom's eyes were half closed, and she was under the covers but I could see that she loosely held her bottle of Vodka with her in bed.   I went over to take it out of her hand and set it aside, and she still had a pretty good grip on it.  When I went to lift the bottle away, her hand and arm came with it, lowering the blanket enough for me to see that she was topless.   I felt my cock surge again with another look at her tits, and I lifted the blanket for a closer look underneath and I saw that she was totally naked. 

I knew that if I was ever going to get to fuck Mom, this was the time.  She was so drunk she didnt know what world she was in, and even if she did know, I was under the impression that the alcohol allowed her to act out what she wanted to do with me last night, so why would she fight off more of the same?   I took my clothes off and crawled under the covers with Mom, sliding my naked body up against hers and my cock was instantly hard.

"Mom?" I said

"Hrmmmm?" Mom said, her glazed eyes opening.

I put my hand on her cheek, turning her toward me and I kissed her on the mouth, caressing her tongue with my own.  She moaned a little, but was kissing me back in no time, and I knew I had a good chance.   I grabbed her breast with my hand and squeezed it hard, rolling her stiffening nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and her moaning increased a little, and her tongue went deeper into my mouth.

I played with Mom's tits for several minutes while I kissed her mouth and her neck, and then I began caressing her tummy and running my hand all over her skin in varying patterns, still kissing her.   Then came the moment where I would find out whether or not Id get shut down.   I slid my hand down between Mom's legs and began to play with her clit while I was licking her neck. 

"Mmmmm....ohhh yesss.." Mom moaned, her eyes closed.

Taking that as my cue to go further, I slid two fingers into Mom's tight, hot pussy and began to fingerfuck her while I started to suck on her neck hard.

"Oooooooo!  Oh!  Oh!!  Ohhhhhhhh!  Ah!! Ahhhh Oh!" Mom panted, breathing heavily.

I slid down Mom's tight body, lingering to suck on her tits for a few moments, flicking her nipples with my tongue, before licking my way down her tummy, down to her now dripping pussy.  I began to lick Mom's pussy lips slowly, inching my tongue inside her and flicking my tongue over her hot flesh before working up to lick her clit.   Mom arched her back and began to moan  and cry out so loudly it bordered on a scream.  I sucked her clit into my mouth and rapidly flicked my tongue across her joy buzzer until I felt her whole body shake.

"Ooooooooo!  Ooooo GOD!!" Mom screamed, and she came so hard that her cum actually squirted up into my mouth.  I drank her hot cum down, and lapped up the rest from her pussy lips and inner thighs.  I flicked my tongue a couple more times over her super sensitive clit and her hips bucked hard and she screamed again.

I crawled up, positioning myself above Mom's naked, hot body.  I grabbed her wrists and held them to the bed and I got down inches from her face.  Mom's eyes were clearer now, and I didnt know if she was clearheaded now or if she was still drunk, but the apprehension that I saw this morning about having sex with her son was nowhere to be found.   Her eyes fluttered and I licked her lips, prompting her to open her mouth and take my tongue inside hers.  I kissed her for a moment and when I broke the kiss, I went for it.

"I love you, Mom." I breathed

"I love you baby." Mom sighed back.

"I want to fuck your pussy, Mom.  I want to hear you scream and I want to feel you cum all over my cock.  I dont care if youre my Mom.  I love you and I want to fuck you and make you feel as good as you make me feel." I said.

"You really want your own Mom's pussy, Brad?" Mom breathed

"I NEED it." I said.

"I cant do this just once honey." Mom said.

"That's good, because I can't either." I said.

"Then fuck me, baby." Mom said.

I kissed Mom deeply as I plunged my throbbing cock into her dripping wet pussy. 

"Ohhhhh!  Oh God Mom!!" I moaned as I entered her deeply.

"Uh huh!" Mom smiled as she bucked her hips against me.

"Oh...Oh God!  Its so wet...Oh..Oh fuck!!" I moaned

"Ohh thats it honey, talk dirty to me.  Tell me how good my pussy is.  Oooh does it make your cock feel good?"  Mom moaned

"Ahh! Oh God Mom!!  Your pussy feels so good!  Its so fucking good!  Ive never had any pussy this good!" I moaned.

"And you never will, aside from mine baby.  Oh Bradley. Your cock is so big.  I know what those cheerleaders were talking about now.  Oh honey....oh yes!  Oh yea!  Fuck me hard!!" Mom moaned

I began to fuck Mom really hard, pulling my cock all the way out and ramming it all the way in, over and over.  Mom was writhing underneath me, her huge beautiful tits bouncing with each thrust of my throbbing cock. 

"Ah!! Ahhh!  Ahh yes!!  Oh baby!!  Keep going...oh!  Oh dont stop!!  Ahh!  Im cumming!! Im cumming!!  Oooooooooooohhhh!" Mom screamed as her pussy shook and erupted in a torrent of her cum.  My cock was drenched and her pussy became slicker than any pussy Id ever fucked in my life.  I began to drill my Mom as fast as I possibly could, and she was beside herself with ecstasy.   She was screaming now, crying out and throwing her head from side to side as I pounded her pussy.  I was possessed.  I couldnt get enough of her pussy, and even when my side began to ache, I still never slowed my pace down.  

I fucked Mom like that for at least an hour.  I nearly chewed the inside of my cheek clean through to keep from cumming several times over the course of that wild fuck.   Mom decided she wanted it doggy style, and she got on her knees for me.

I slid my dick into her pussy and grabbed two handfuls of her ass and began to fuck her once more.  I began to slap her ass and she cried out with every smack.  She cried out that she would be my fuck slave and that she would do whatever I wanted.   Any nasty, torrid fantasy that I had, she would gladly do it as long as she was the one fucking my huge cock.

I told her I wanted to fuck her tits, and to get on her back.  She giggled and did as she was told.  I began to slide my cock in and out of her silky smooth cleavage as she pinched her nipples.  After fucking her tits for a little bit I was close to cumming and I told her I wanted to fuck her mouth again.   Mom willingly opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, smiling, as if she couldnt wait to get my cock in her mouth.  I moved up to her head, sitting on my knees.  I guided my cock into her mouth and rested my heavy balls on her chin.   I braced myself with my hands on the headboard and began to thrust my hips back and forth, steadily fucking Mom's mouth.

I felt Mom's hands gripping and massaging my ass as I fucked her hot mouth, and soon I couldnt hold back anymore.

"Ahhhh!  Ahhh God yes!!  Ooooooooooooo!" I screamed as I pulled my dick out and jerked my throbbing cock off over Mom's face and neck. 

Stream after stream of my hot sticky cum shot forth and landed across Mom's cheeks, lips, chin, and neck.  When I collapsed and rolled over onto my back, Mom quickly moved to suck my cock into her mouth and clean me up once again.

Mom grabbed a towel and cleaned her face up and lay back down next to me, her hands softly running over my body.

"Youre incredible baby" Mom said.

"Better get used to it." I managed.

Soon both of us were fast asleep in each other's arms.

Im twenty four years old now, and Ive been fucking my Mom nightly for the past seven years.  Mom is the most wild woman Ive ever been with.  When she told me she'd do anything, she really meant anything.  But those are stories for another time.

A Fresh Start For Brother And Sister - Part 3

staybee9 on Incest Stories

My sister began scooting herself back slowly.  She had been straddling me again, and was now standing in front of me wringing her fingers.  I sat unmoving, trying to process everything that has happened in the last two days.  At this time yesterday, we hadn't said a word to each other in over a week.  Now we had s

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hared three incredible kisses and been in positions that I've only been in with one other girl, and that she had never been in.  I'd always known that she was a cute girl, but as I sat there staring at her, I saw something new in her.  She was now the sexiest, most sensual and loving girl I've ever known.  It was then that I realized that the girl of my dreams was my sister.  I didn't want to be with anyone else.  She must have been having the same thoughts.  

  "I heard mom tell you to take care of me...and to stay out of trouble."  She said with a playful smile as she stared down at me.  "Promise you'll always take good care of me?"  She asked, suggesting that this was just the beginning.  I just nodded, still in a mild state of disbelief.  "I want to do the same for you..."  She went on.  "...I'll always take care of you...and make sure that you're happy."  I watched her fingers dance around the hem of her shirt.  I could see her confidence and trust growing by the second as she lifted it slowly.  "Starting today..."  I had seen her in a bikini a few times before over the summer, but this was different.  As she pulled her shirt up, slowly revealing herself to me, I could see how much she had changed in the few short months since.  She shook her hair free of it as she lifted the shirt over her head, revealing a light pink bra, cupping her pert breasts perfectly.  There were subtle little bumps where her nipples were.  I stared for a few seconds before meeting her eyes again.  

I stood up, stepping closer until her chest brushed mine, my fingers creeping over her hips.  She lifted herself up on her toes and met me as I leaned down to kiss her, my hand moving up over her bare back.  The kiss started out soft, more loving than passionate, but the passion builded steadily until we were lost in another amazing kiss.  It was what every kiss should be like, boiling over with love and lust together.  My other hand slipped down over the back of her skirt, and she lifted one leg, leaning into me as she curled it around mine.  My hand moved down under her thigh, and the other followed her.  

"Let's go back to my room."  She whispered into the kiss.  She leaned into me more, letting me lift her carefully until her legs were wrapped around my waist.  We never broke the kiss as I carried her up the stairs and into her room.  By the time we go there we were kissing so wildly, it was a wonder either of us could breathe.  "On the bed."  She said frantically, her lips never leaving mine.  I backed up to the bed and sat down, leaning back and pulling her down with me.  There was a little smacking sound as she sat up, straddling my waist.  

"Now...what was the first thing he said I did that made me so slutty?"  She asked with a little giggle.  She never talked like this, but I could tell that she enjoyed testing it.  I shrugged, staring up at her with a little smile.

"Well he only really hinted about how good you were going down on him."  I admitted.  It was such a turn-on the way her eyes lit up when I mentioned it.  She giggled, leaning over me again, pushing my shirt up over my chest as she ran her hands over me. 

"I've never done anything like that."  She confessed with another little giggle.  "But you're about to find out just how good I am."  She grinned wide, wiggling her hips as she scooted down my legs, pushing my shirt higher.  I lifted my arms to let her pull it over my head as she kissed down the side of my neck.  "Would you like that?"  She asked seductively.  I arched my neck, sighing a yes.  She was beginning to moan softly against my skin as she worked her way lower, still testing new words she had probably never even thought.  "Can I suck your cock?  I've wanted to for so long."  This was a new side of her that neither of us had ever seen.  I could tell she was loving it as much as I was.  She didn't wait for me to answer, and I don't think I could have if I wanted to.  I was speechless.

My breathing was shaky as her lips sunk lower, her tongue tracing a little line down to my belly button.  She had my pants undone easily.  I lifted my hips to let her tug them to my knees.  Never in my life had I been as hard as I was now.  She stopped kissing when she got to the waistband of my boxers.  She looked up at me with a devilish little smile as she curled her fingers beneath the waistband.  "I've never seen a real cock before..." she told me in her sweetest little voice.  It was obviously that she had just discovered her first little kink in dirty talk.  She went on, "I can't wait to taste feel it against my tongue."  Her eyes were locked on mine as she tugged my boxers down to my knees and let me kick them to the floor.  "And then later..." she bit her bottom lip, hesitating as she continued to test more new words, her eyes still seductively on mine " feel it slipping into my tight little pussy."  She couldn't hide her smile.  Our stare didn't falter as she took my cock in her hand, running it softly up and down over the shaft.  She finally looked down at it, tentatively touching the tip with her tongue.  She licked her lips before stroking the underside of my shaft with her tongue, swirling it around the head when she reached it.  I leaned back further as she brushed her hair aside, wanting me to watch.  Her grip tightened just a bit as she continued stroking me.  I could feel her lips now making their way over the head, her tongue teasing more precum from the slit.  Slowly and carefully she sunk lower until her lips met her hand.  They were about half way down my shaft when she came back up, sucking lightly.  She began to bob her head slowly at first, concentrating hard as she sucked her first cock.  Her fingers slipped down and started kneading my balls gently, and her other hand took a lock of her hair, dragging it up and down the rest of my shaft where her lips couldn't reach.  She picked up the pace, her head bouncing faster and faster as she wrapped the lock of soft hair around me.  She must have been planning this all night.  

It wasn't long at all before I felt that familiar tingling spreading through my body.  "Sis...I'm...I'm close."  I warned her, but she didn't slow down.  She just moaned, sending a subtle vibration through my shaft.  "I'"  I warned her again just seconds before it happened.  Her lips tightened around me and she sucked hard as i thrust my hips forward uncontrollably.  I could feel my cock pulsing against her lips as I unloaded in her mouth.  She kept sucking, her lips tight around the head, coaxing every last drop out of me.  I could barely keep myself from falling back, but kept myself up on my elbows as she carefully pulled her lips from me, making sure she didn't spill a drop.  She smiled proudly up at me as she played with the cum in her mouth, moving it over her tongue before swallowing it.  

"Did I do good?!"  She asked excitedly, as if she'd just done something like paint a picture or bake a cake.  I lifted myself up, pulling her to me to kiss her.

"That was did so good."  I kissed her again.  "Now it's your turn."  I smiled, patting the bed next to me.  Her eyes were immediately glazed over with lust again as she hurried to her back next to me.  I rolled over, kissing her more as one hand slipped up her thigh, disappearing under her skirt.  She was starting to moan again, which only turned me on more.  I did just as she had done and began kissing down her neck, slipping the straps of her bra down over her shoulders.  She arched her back and reached behind it, unhooking the bra and pulling it out of the way with surprising grace.  "Mmmm yes...suck my tits big brother."  She started with the dirty talk again as my lips closed over her little pink nipple.  Her tits were perfect.  There was no need for a bra to hold them up, they were so perky.  The nipples were like little pink pencil erasers.  I sucked each one happily, teasing them with my tongue.  As I moved lower I remembered the hand under her skirt.  My fingers crept between her legs, rubbing her through her panties.  She was getting wetter and wetter as I pulled the crotch aside, my finger touching her virgin slit for the first time.  My kisses moved lower and I lifted her skirt with one hand as one finger of the other slipped past her lips.  Her moans were growing louder and more frequent as I fingered her slowly.  

"Please don't stop...please...kiss it...kiss my pussy."  She begged, lifting her hips, trying to get my lips to move lower.  I lifted my head, smiling up at her as i pulled her panties down.  She was completely shaved, her lips so soft and bare.  "What do you think?"  She asked seductively.  "I shaved it this morning, just for you like my little shaved pussy?"  She teased, knowing just how much I loved hearing her say these things that nobody has ever heard her say.  She had turned into a completely different girl.  

  I felt her fingers brushing through my hair, her nails lightly scratching my scalp as I lowered my head.  I kissed her little mound once, then lightly traced her slit with my tongue.  She was loving it, her petite hips lifting each time my lips would part from her.  I stroked her again with my tongue, letting it part her lips, her moans coaxing me on.  She lifted both feet onto the bed, spreading her legs wide for me.  Her tight pussy lips spread just slightly with them, and I reached up with one hand, parting them wider.  It didn't take long for me to find her clit with my tongue.  She was moaning uncontrollably now, her hips moving in little circles as my tongue teased her.  I started to really get into it, closing my lips over her mound, sucking her clit wildly, stopping every now and then to finger her for a few seconds before going back to lick and suck and kiss.  By the time she was ready to cum her fingers were twisted in my hair, pushing my face down between her legs begging me to eat her pussy.  With no warning at all, she was sent over the edge.  Her back arched and her hips began to buck, and I didn't stop until I sensed the swell of her orgasm fading.  She was soaked, and I did what I could to lick her clean.  By the time I finally looked back up at her face she was heaving, her naked chest rising and falling rapidly.

"" was all she could manage to say at first.  "That was so nice...I've never felt anything like that." She didn't have to try hard to make me proud.  I felt pretty good about giving her such a powerful orgasm.  "This is going to be such a good day."  She giggled, turning on her side as i lied down next to her.  

"Hopefully it will go on longer than a day!"  I laughed, leaning in to kiss her lips once.  "Can you imagine how much fun we'll have, now that we're so...close?"  it was the only word I could think of, but 'close' didn't do it justice.  We were more than close.  We were new best friends, suddenly passionately in love and giddy about it.  

" you..." her eyes were wide and her voice was quiet again.  She bit her bottom lip, which I was really starting to love, and smiled slightly.  " you want fuck me?"  Her sweet, innocent voice saying such naughty things sent a shock down my spine.  She was smiling wide, waiting for me to answer.  

"Yeah..." I whispered, nodding, "...yeah, if you want me to."  My smile was just as wide as hers.  The truth was that I had been thinking about nothing else all night.  It was always there in the back of my mind, but I never thought it would actually happen.  She nodded quickly and rolled closer to me, half lying on me now with one leg slung over mine.

"Yeah, I want you fuck me." she whispered with an excited smile, toying with the word again as she leaded down, kissing me lightly.  She carefully moved herself over until she was lying on top of me.  My hand slipped back down, disappearing under her skirt again, moving over her perfect little ass, kneading it lightly as we began kissing again.  Her legs parted again as she sat up, lifting the front of her skirt from between us.  She was sitting directly over my cock, which was solid again.  "Does that feel nice?" she asked as she began rocking back and forth, my cock pressed between  us, her wet pussy lips hugging the shaft.  

"Hmm good."  I hissed, arching my back as she straddled me.  She pushed herself up onto her knees, unzipping the back of her skirt and tossing it aside.  With one hand she took my cock, soaked in her juices and began stroking softly.  She looked down, placing the head to her pussy lips.  Smiling sweetly, she looked up to my eyes.

"Ready?"  She didn't wait for an answer before lowering herself slowly onto me.  We both watched as the head parted her lips and sunk in slowly.  The shaft disappeared inch by inch as she carefully moved downward.  She closed her eyes, arching her head back and sighing loudly as I went deeper.  "Mmmmm god Evan you feel so...mmmm."  The movement stopped when we felt just a hint of resistance.  She closed her eyes tight and finished it, letting me take her virginity as she collapsed over me with a whimper.  I could feel her shivering for a few seconds as I hugged her tightly, knowing there was nothing to do but wait for the paint to subside.  I knew it was gone when she lifted her head from my chest and kissed me deeply.  She sat up enough to look straight into my eyes, the smile returning to her lips.  "I love you big brother..." she said so sweetly, " fuck me."  Her tone changed immediately, so full of lust as she began rocking her hips.  My hands went to them as she started to bounce, my cock sliding in and out easily.  You would have though we had been doing this for years, we moved so naturally together and in perfect synch.  Her pert little tits bounced with her as we picked up the rhythm, the room filled with our moans and sighs.  We both began to climax together quickly, and she started moaning things like "Mmmm yes!  Fuck me Evan!  Fuck your little slut sister!  Cum inside of me!"  And it didn't take much begging either.  Our bodies both began to shutter at the same time.  I thrust my hips up, burying my cock deep inside of her just as she came.  Less than a second later I was filling her pussy, thrust deep as i came with her.  

She collapsed again, her warm breasts heaving against my chest, our breathing sharp and rapid together.  We lied there, catching our breath, my arms wrapped tight around her until we were both calm enough to speak again.  

We both blurted out "I have the best brother in the world." and "I have the best sister in the world." simultaneously.  Together we lied there, naked with each other, kissing and talking about how things were going to be so different now, thinking of all the things that were left to discover together. 



Measuring My Cum Ch. 02

crackjacka135 on Incest Stories

After having been wanking in private for so many years and being careful not to have mom catch me whilst doing it, it had felt quite liberating to have done in front of her, and, even better, with her doing the 'wanking off' part for me. It was an amazing, exhilarating feeling. It felt like some chains on my sexual freedom had been
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removed, although why I had these aches in my balls was still a bit of a downer in the whole situation. Hopefully, it was just a phase that would pass, as Dr Taylor had said.

After a few moments of pondering my thoughts, I decided I'd better clean up and dress, just in case mom came back in to talk to me. After washing myself down below, and putting on some clothes, I sat on the bed. The ache in my balls had gone as normal, after cumming a few times during the evening.

After a few moments, Mom knocked on my door and came in. She was fully dressed again and looking all prim and proper. Seeing in her normal clothes again, it excited me even more that I had seen her in her underwear and felt up her ass with her permission. My dick stirred as she walked in. She smiled at me and said, "We'll have a session in the morning as that went quite well. As I have to go to work tomorrow, I'll knock on your door before leaving and we'll see if we can get a sample, to start keeping a record of your specimens."

"OK, mom" I said, smiling back, and trying to sound cool and calm. In reality my dick was getting hard again in my pants, although I didn't think I could cum again so soon now.

"I'll leave you to get on with your normal stuff now," she added, and disappeared off to get on with her nightly routine.

I looked over at the clock on the wall of my bedroom. It was 10pm. I thought about what mom had said about the morning. I normally went to college much later than when she left for work. I'd have a bit of a lie in after our session. I wondered what she would wear for me, and my dick stirred again. This all was rather amazing that it was actually happening.

I decided to try and take my mind off it and save my energy for tomorrow by playing a few video games on my PC and then go to sleep. I walked over to the PC in the corner of my room and got lost in playing 'Tomb Raider' in no time.


"Jacob" I heard a voice say and something nudge my arm. "Jacob, wake up." It was morning, and mom was waking me up.

I opened my eyes sleepily. Mom had opened the curtains and daylight was flooding into the bedroom. I had a semi-hard on under the sheets. I noticed mom was fully dressed in a black knee length skirt and cream coloured blouse.

"I'm running late," she said and sounding annoyed. She must have been in one of her moods. She was often like that in the mornings.

I noticed she was holding the semen-measuring beaker in one hand.

"Come on, we must be quick about this," she said, pulling the sheets off me in one movement, and still sounding a bit pissed off.

She saw my semi hard on poking through the gap in the front of my pyjamas. I normally slept with just those and nothing on my top half. "Well, at least that's a start," she said, sounding a bit calmer, but business like.

This all still felt a bit weird.

She folded the sheets right back and said. "Take off your pyjamas and lie back on the bed naked, like you did last night."

I did as I was told, and lay back on the bed with my semi hard-on wavering below me. Hearing her talk like that was getting me going.

"As I'm running late, we'll have to manage like this," said mom, pointing at her clothes. "I don't have time to mess about, dressing and undressing. You can touch my butt again through the material of my skirt, if you like. That should be enough stimulation for you, together with my hand."

I felt a bit disappointed that she would not be taking her clothes off, but as mom positioned herself again, like she had done last night, with her butt angled slightly towards my face and bending over me slightly as she started pumping my dick up and down, I got quite turned on.

I had, many a time, imagined myself feeling up her ass through her normal day clothes in my fantasies, so this was now the real thing.

Again, like last night, not wanting to appear too keen, I gently felt mom's right buttock through the material of her skirt, and then moved over to the left buttock, squeezing the flesh there gently. Her ass felt good.

"Don't crease up my skirt now" she said sternly, still stroking my dick, which was now fully hard.

I widened the circular movement of my hand over mom's ass and wondered if she would let me put my hand up under her skirt and feel her ass through her panties.

I thought quickly and said hesitatingly, " might cum a bit quicker if could maybe feel your butt cheeks under your skirt...w..would you be ok with that...?"

She looked back at me for a moment and said in a slightly stern tone, "Yes, if it helps get this over with quicker, but don't crease up my skirt."

The hem of mom's skirt was just above her knee and about level with me as I lay on the bed. I moved my left hand off her ass and ever so slowly slid it under the hem of her skirt, next to her right leg, which was nearest to me, and slid my hand up along her smooth thigh, until I felt the material of her panties. God it felt great, feeling the flesh of her thighs and buttocks!

I squeezed her ass cheeks through the material of her panties as I moved my left hand in circular motions over it, and for a split second slid the tips of my fingers under the panty line so as to feel the flesh there. The feeling was exquisite and my prick raged in response. Mom did not seem to object, although it was only for a split second. I felt like I was going to cum. I wasn't able to last long as all this was so new, and incredibly arousing for me.

"I think that's done the trick mom, I'm gonna cum soon," I said warning her, and with that she placed the semen beaker in position with her free hand and with her other hand which was pumping my dick, pointed my piss-hole towards it.

She did that just in time. As I felt mom's ass cheeks again, I ran my middle two fingers along the material of her panties, down the line of her bum crack and a little way towards her pussy. As I did so, I started to cum, gushing my spunk out, thick and fast. "Uhhh...uhhh...ohhhhhhh.......," I blurted out.

Mom, skilfully managed to catch all my spunk in the beaker, as I felt like I flooded it with my cum.

"Yes, Jacob,....good boy" she said, now sounding a lot happier than when we had started. As I relaxed back on the bed, again, similar to last night, mom, wiped her fingers which had caught a bit of my cum, into the beaker, so as to collect as much of it as she could.

Then, without much further fuss, she said, "Goodness me, that is a lot," holding the beaker up towards the light, and looking how far up the measuring lines my cum was. It was about a quarter full, which did look like a lot as the beaker was quite wide. "Right, I'm going to note down this amount on that form Dr Taylor gave us, and run off to work now. Have a good day." She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and walked out of my room quickly.

"Bye, mom," I said, as she went.

I pushed my head back into the pillows and closed my eyes. Mom's ass had felt great. Wow, it felt so fucking good lying back like this on the bed, with my mom just having wanked me off, letting me feel up her ass cheeks again. I found her butt incredibly sexy. I was a real ass man. I just couldn't wait till the evening. I wondered if I could find a way to add some a variety to our sessions. As that thought struck me, I wondered how I'd pass my day at college just thinking about it! Fuck!

To be continued...

Old mother in law

PB2006 on Incest Stories

I had never thought of my mother-in law in a sexual way, but for some reason on January 28th everything changed. I’m a 36 year old guy, skinny with short brownish hair and green eyes.

And I had the most amazing experience. It was on my 36th birthday this happened.
As far as I can remember my mother in law was a bit eccentric and forgetful (she was 87years old).
But one

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day I rang her and asked if she needed anything and asked her what she had done that day.

She said she had been up since 5am (the time was 1pm) and she had a problem lighting the fire so I said I would come round and fix it for her. As I entered the house she had an old dirty cardigan on and a short skirt. (This was usual for her).

Her short hair was grey, almost white.  She was about 4.ft 5 tall, with a thin body. But it suited her mature face full wrinkles and full lips. Her eyes blue with a slight twinkle. Her breasts were a small C and very saggy. 

I asked her to get coal etc and I would see what I could do. And as she was outside the back of the house I looked out of the window to see her leaning in the coal bunker and I could almost get a glimpse of her pussy.

I would stand there in the living room and jack off fantasizing about fucking my old 87yo mothering law. (as she had no knickers on, I got a hard steaming cock and took it out to rub thinking of her old cunt, never having a cock for about 40 years. (her husband died 40 years ago)

When I saw her come in I put it away and got on with the job of lighting the fire for her. She asked me if I would like a cup of tea I said yes. When the tea was made the fire was blazing red hot and the room was hot as hell, she commended on me making the fire and served the tea and cake.

After a while the room was so hot she got tired and she took the cardigan off and just had an old dirty skirt and blouse on which hadn’t seen a wash in months. After about 15 minutes I looked over to her chair to find her fast asleep.  I

 called her name to say I was leaving to go home but no answer. I then got closer to her and shook her and she just slept. So I thought I would open her legs to see her old fanny, she had no knickers on (she still didn’t move) it was a bit grey and thinning and right in the middle of this mature hairy love hole a little pink head stood out, seemingly crying for attention and her legs were silky-smooth and lily-white and no sun had seen these beauties for quite a while. 

And I detected a faint aroma emanating from it, I sniffed again. The scent of pussy was turning me on, and the aroma began filling the room she moaned I could see the light gray patch getting damp and wet. I ran my tongue over it's little bud! She slightly moans but is still in a deep sleep.

I could feel my 8-inch dick beginning to rise and thought I would wank in front of her (but keep a newspaper handy in case she woke up). Slowly I got my cock out and proceeded to rub it (I was inches from her fanny). Being careful not to wake her I got brave and opened her blouse to find an old bra (heavily dirty)

I felt her left tit and thought it would be better to unhook it. I proceeded to put my hands round her back (gently) and unhooked the old relic. As I pulled her bra forward her tits fell down either side of her chest.

These were once large and firm but in old age they were now saggy as hell with some stretch marks on. But her nipples were larger than normal nipples I’d seen, and red and I gently kissed them and being daring had a suck of one which went erect!  She seemed to be in a deep sleep.

I could take it no longer and I put my hands under her arse and brought it to the front of the chair Her back now on the sitting cushion part of the chair. I was kneeling in front her and my cock was level with her cunt. 

She slept very deeply and was oblivious to what I was doing to her. I inserted one wet finger in her fanny moving gently so I wouldn’t wake her. I pushed in further and found resistance. She was dry! Her fanny was getting wet and I proceeded to put two fingers in moving them round and back and forth.

She was fast asleep and I then started to feel my cock getting harder for her and slowly I rubbed some wet from my lips so her wet fanny was dripping.

My dick couldn't stand it anymore and began to slip my cock in to her tight moist cunt ever so slowly and gently, mmmm very nice! I couldn"t believe how hot it was in there. I pulled it back out, then back in again. She let out another soft moan when it penetrated her again. I started a slow thrusting movement hardly moving my cock at all, just enough to get my precum lubricating my cock as I entered her further she moaned again as I slid into her, millimetre by millimetre.

The feeling was so unbelievable. My cock head was entering her pussy. Eventually I was fully inside her and my balls came to rest against the silken purse!  This was heaven until I heard a slight sigh! I thought she was waking up but it was ok.

I took her tits in my hand and pressed the red nipples and started to move my cock in and out and after a while she just rocked back and forth, working my cock in and out of her tight hole. My precum had lubricated her cunt enough to enable my cock to fully penetrate her, but she was still very tight.

My head was spinning with desire now and I knew the inevitable would happen soon, regardless of how slowly I fucked her. I could feel her slowly sliding forward, my cock pressing against her flesh. But her eyes were still shut and she was still asleep?

She looked so peaceful. She started grunting and rocking harder and faster as I tried to thrust my cock deep inside her. I began tweaking her nipples which were double the size now. she moaned as her body stiffened and her cum filled pussy started spasming and squeezing my still jerking cock.

She drove herself hard on my cock, her wet cunt pressing on my balls. She never said a word other than the grunt as I entered her. She was just like a rag doll. I pulled back my throbbing cock all the way and thrusted deeply into her, once, twice, three times. Each time I did, she grunted with the force of my thrusts.

I shuddered and groaned for what seemed like an eternity as I filled her with my hot seed. She then just laid there afterwards still in a sleep but with a slight smile on her face. (the horny oap!)
I did’nt want to put my weight on her in case she woke up.  I started to feel something exploding in me and then I felt my orgasm hit. I blasted spurt after spurt of my spunk into her fanny, I gushed cum in her 87 year old cunt - wow! I thought.

After this fuck I got her clothes on and pulled her back up into the chair and funnily enough I got her bra back on! I hoped she wouldn't notice what had gone on! and sat in the living room for about an hour and then she started to stir "this room was very hot I fell asleep, did I snore?" she said, "no you were ok " I said. 

I did feel a little guilty about what I had just done, but at the same time it was a total turn on too."  You’re a great little fire lighter - I spent all morning trying to light it - I'm glad you came!

I blushed bright red knowing I came in more ways than she knew! I said I would come every day and light a fire for her - she said ok.

This went on for about 5 years without any sign of her finding out. I even got brave enough on some occasions to turn her round on the couch and fuck her from behind oh and I even set up a video camera and taped me fucking her - mm nice.

Sometimes I would say to the wife that I was going to the gym. I even fucked her at my own house in bed (as she stayed over in the guest room and my wife went to work early (7.30am).

When my wife went to work, I snuck through into the guest bedroom very quietly and saw her lying so sexy. I got in her bed and touched her nipples and she moved a bit when I felt her cunt she just opened her legs for me but her eyes were closed? She never said a word.

My cock easily disappeared into her slippery pussy. I pulled out a little then back in. It felt wonderful. I could feel the heat and moisture surrounding my cock.

As I was slowly pumping her cunt.  I heard a slight whimper and I saw a slight smile on her face and I said open your eyes its time for you to be fucked and said her name. Just then she opened her eyes and smiled and started to pump with me I was in shock as well but continued to fuck her and wrap my lips around those large erect nipples! Oh my, that’s more like it, she said. Knowing she was awake I kept pumping until I heard a loud cry -YES! 

She had come for the first time in about forty years. I carried on pumping until I shot my load in her it was very special. The tip of my tongue found the crease in her flesh and the small bud beneath.

I flicked it back and forth slowly, softly touching it, moving it from side to side, and another sigh escaped her old wet lips, and she started to move her hips in time to my licks. A tidal wave swept through her loins causing her clamp her legs around my head, and while holding my breath,

I finished her off with a series of licks directly to the end of her clit! Then her body began shuddering suddenly. Her hips rocked, rolling up at my tongue then away, then back. I followed her body, keeping my tongue against her clit until the last shiver of pleasure passed through her.

In no time she exploded into a loud scream!  She was delirious with excitement.  Her orgasm fading, she released her grip on me as she lay exhausted, totally spent!  Then she pulled me back up to her face and said to me she always knew. I have dreamt about fucking you so many times she said to me.

She asked me how I felt and I said, “Fine.” Then she asked me if I was sure I was OK and again I said, “Fine.”  I was shocked at this and went red again! I hadn’t the faintest idea what to say Then she spoke, that was great, and you’re a good fuck. I am, I asked. Yeah.

I haven"t cum that hard in a long time she told me, she said “I want you to fuck me so badly, when I went home I had to go to bed and feel myself up to come myself” as I was just fucking her for a quickie, I said "if you'd let me know sooner I would have got you to come lots of times, she said it was ok now and there was plenty time for that.  “There is so much I still want to do” she said “and I would have hated to die before I could have another fuck, God I want it so bad”.

I kissed her on the lips and she said to me “There is only one thing for it. It will have to be our family secret; you must never tell anyone, ever, ok?”

I"ll never tell anyone, but, mom, do you think we can continue doing this for a long time?"
"Oh yes, I want to do this lots of times." She replied “it’s our secret,” she said with a smile.

But remember we will have to live with consequences after,” she whimpered.
And she kissed me madly on the lips and I forced my tongue into her mouth.

She shifted around until the moist warmth found my growing erection.  My precum was lubricating her fanny.  The tip of my cock forced its way through her pussy lips against the entrance to her cunt. I pushed forward again slowly but firmly and felt the head of my cock enter her. she grunted as my cock went inside her, but other than a flinch she made no effort to stop me. My mind was racing.

I was fucking my her! NO! I was raping her! and settled against it and we started to fuck again she giggled with pleasure as my cock rubbed against her wet hole.

I was fucking her like a mad man, she was screaming out with pleasure, her hips thrashing against mine as my cock fucked her sweet cunt like it was made for her, and moaned, pushing up with her hips slamming my cock into her mature cunt.

I took a big nipple in my mouth. She could not believe the rush that was going through her body! Can you try putting it up my ass?” she said, the thought was a turn on and doing it with my Mother in law made it even better.  She got down on all fours on the floor and I got down on my knees.

I pulled her butt cheeks aside and looked at the hole, it was tighter and smaller than a pussy, I spread it a little and she looked back to see what I was doing, then I slid my cock in.
At first she screamed, almost painfully, I began to go slowly back and forth. “Oh God! It’s too big! Take it out!” she yelled, but I told her to relax, she did and I began to go faster, she moaned more and I went faster and harder.

Her arms dropped and her head was on the ground moving back and forth as I fucked her. She moaned yes fuck me in the ass. Her legs fell flat and I held them down. Oh no as I pumped his cock in her ass I begin to fuck her ass making her scream I began to play with her clit with my hand. She said yes, yes, oh, oh, oh it feels soooo good as she comes on my hand.

We had been going at it for an hour now. She told me she wished she was in her youth, but I said you’re still a lovely woman and I would take it easy with her. She wrapped her legs around me, pushing me deeper as I fucked her deeper now.

Moaning in my ear. Finally I could hold out no longer and shot my warm sperm up her. Oh fuck I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum she said. Her body began to spasm, coming in multiples all one after the other. It had been a long time for her, and she almost fainted with the intensity of it.

We both moaned a sigh of pleasure as I pulled out of her soppy, cumsoaked cunt.  After I stopped humping I lay on her for a moment.

I could still feel the twitching of my cock finally when my orgasm had subsided, she realizes, she was just fucked in her daughters bed and in the ass she begins to have another orgasm, screaming out. As she passes out during it.  When she comes to we end up kissing and falling asleep holding each other. I could sense that something was also different after our kisses and we snuggled close to each other.

When I woke up I could feel her breath on my cock, Oh I see somebody is starting to get horny again. She said to me, I'm sorry I can't help it I said to her. It's o.k. I understand she said. Her tongue lapped out, gently licking at the head of my cock, she took the head into her mouth. Sucking and rolling her tongue around it, her head bobbing up and down on my cock slowly.

After four or five minutes of this, I couldn’t take in any more. I shot my load down her throat. She swallowed it hungrily...not spilling a drop. I enjoyed fucking her in the shower that was a real treat. I started by pulling at my cock, teasing it by stretching my foreskin out in front and then slowly drawing it all the way back so that the air could circulate around the tip.

That felt good. It was so hot watching her rub her tits and watching her hand disappear between her legs, and her hips thrashing against mine as my cock fucked her sweet wet cunt like it was made for. Small cries came from her throat as she moved down on the long shaft. She moaned out my name now as she huffed out her breath with each stroke in or out of her pussy. The shower was still throwing warm water down onto the two of us. She had started a rhythm now and I could feel her pussy tighten on my shaft as she kept pumping up and down on it the soft warm water pounding on her hands and breasts.

I was thrusting my hips up into her giving her everything I had. My cock was screaming for relief. It wanted to cum so bad it was beginning to hurt. She could feel it thicken more and more now as I came closer to shooting my load.

She looked me in the eyes and said: "I'm almost there baby keep going! Ohhhh! You feel so good!!! Mumm! Ahhh! Mumm! Ahhh! Mumm! Ahhh!! Ahhh!! Ahh!! OH GOD!! YES BABY! YES!! HERE I GO!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" My satisfied cock slid out, wet and slippery and I rested near her ass as I cupped her tits with both hands, playing with them, enjoying their soft feel and their weight. I turned back to the shower, grinning to myself.
We stayed up all day fucking each other.

I was thinking that I’d never enjoyed sex as much as I had in the past 12 hours.

We fucked for about 2 years right up till she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and had to go into an old folk’s home. I sometimes felt she was distant and a few times when I visited her she called me her late husbands name while fucking! She tried to say, "I love you," but her voice broke. 

On my third visit alone to the old peoples home I was surprised to find she was ok and knew me I felt when her mind was ok. She closed her room door and locked it, and came over to me and said fuck me please Take me now. Fuck me’
I haven’t fucked for a while. I wasn’t sure about this until.... she had a bed coat on and a dressing gown underneath but no knickers.

Let me see that big cock, she said. Alright,” I said and unzipped my trousers and she pulled my 6-inchs and growing cock out of my slacks and began to play with it. It continued to grow 7 inches 8 inches and finally it reached its fullness 8 inches.

The thickness was average I guess, maybe 4-5 inches around. The big purple head was pulsing in her hand as she pumped up and down with her hand and rubbed it till hard and I felt her cunt with my fingers till wet. 

My cock was sticking straight up in the air! She moved around straddling my legs with her own. With her knees on the seat, she started to sit down. Slowly she put my huge cock head against her wet open pussy hole. We looked at each other and smiled. We kissed and sucked each others tongues as I felt her moving down on my cock with her body!

We broke our kiss and I said: "That's it baby, slowly, get use to the feeling! It’s a bit tight still and we thrust away like two young teenagers, meeting my every stroke as if begging my cock for more. I began to hump up into her now as she moaned and rocked her ass back and forth on my swollen cock all the way up inside her.

As I was fucking her I was touching her nipples and she started to moan, I said be a bit quiet or we will be heard! She seemed to soak in the pain and begged me immediately to start fucking her. My cock responded as I started to ride her. She forced her cunt on my cock like a piston in an engine.

She put her hands on my chest and then started to ride me. I undid her bra and took a breast in each hand. I grabbed her bouncing tits and pinched her nipples. She leaned down still bouncing on me so that her tits were in front of my face. I sucked one nipple on my mouth and started to run my tongue around it. I fucked her harder and deeper with each thrust.

Pounding her cunt like I was riding a wild horse we left reality and entered pure lust. God, your cunt is tight. I love to fuck you. I love your sweet, hot cunt,” I said to her.  Swearing and banging roughly against me as I fucked her continuously harder as her pussy lubricated itself, and her orgasm approached.

“Oh that feels good” she said to me. Biting her nipples and fucking her harder, she was very wet, “I’m cuming,” I felt her pussy tighten up on my cock and that is all I could take. she screamed. To which she let out a quiet yell ooooohhhh!!!! , mmmmm (I put my hand on her mouth in case!) mmmm.

I continued fucking until I had come in her it was great and then she would suck me off. She took me over to her single bed My cock was very hard again and she pushed me onto the bed. She got on top straddling me, sitting on my legs, her hands pinning my wrists to the bed.

I laid there, watching her tits bounce in her robe. I wanted to bite them as I felt her slide up towards my waist. Oh my god, I can feel my cock pressing against her love hole then slowly went in. I could feel her hot flesh slide up onto my cock. It was hot and wet. She squirmed on top of me, pushing down on my cock. It felt so fucking good.

I just laid there, pressing myself up against her hot moist flesh. I could feel her rock her hips, sliding her pussy back and forth along the length of my cock. Pushing her hot juicy mound down onto my throbbing cock. I stopped bucking as she slid up my shaft and the head of my cock felt so good so hot. I could feel her slowly sliding forward, my cock pressing against her flesh.

I was afraid she was going to slide up off of me when she thrust her hips back. The feeling was so unbelievable. I whimpered as my cock started jerking and pumping my cum in her pussy. She started grunting and rocking harder and faster as I tried to thrust my cock deep inside her. "yes, yes, yes, OOOhhhh I’m gonna cum" she moaned as her body stiffened and her cum filled pussy started spasming and squeezing my still jerking cock.

She drove herself down hard on my cock, her wet cunt pressing on my balls. I feel her pussy clamp around my cock as she screams. hearing  her scream in pleasure and the pressure that her pussy had put on the base of my cock proved too much as my hot come began to shoot hard and deep inside her. With each hot shot, she jerked and continued to milk me with her pussy.

With the last of it drained she climbed off me and kiss me on the lips. It was the most erotic and passionate kiss I had ever had. She nuzzled her head up next to mine, her nice tits pressing into my chest.

I grabbed her soft breasts and wrapped my mouth around one tit and then the other. I lifted my head to hers and kissed her. passionately. She laid down on the floor and spread my legs for me. I didn’t hesitate. I dove right into her moist pussy. “You’re quite good at this,” she said saying between moans and yells of ecstasy. I

 was about to cum, but I was able to hold off. “I want you to fuck me. Fuck your mother in law hard!” She repositioned and rubbed my cock against her clit before I rammed it deep inside her. We both screamed in pleasure and he started thrusting with full strokes. “That’s it baby. You know how to fuck mommy good. I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING,I want you to cum inside me.”

I could feel her have spasms and I came too. We laid there for a few minutes too tired to move. I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up She gave me a kiss on the cheek and clean up and get her clothes..I'll tell you there is "nothing" that even comes close to the thrill and excitement of watching an older woman perform for you.

Right up until her 97th birthday we fucked at the old peoples home, my at my house on weekend visits (my wife never knew) I fucked her right up until 2 days before her death but seeing her in that coffins smiling made it all worth while for her - and me – When no one was near I felt her breast. I wonder if the funeral home knew (moist cunt etc) you're never too old to fuck and to keep on fucking. Now I'm at a loss . . . but I have the tapes to watch. Although I would like to say I have no regrets.

Health Class and some help from dad

Dianadoodah on Incest Stories

When I was 13 I started to learn about sex in health class in gym. It was very intriguing to me, we talked about masturbation and penetration as well as the various STDS. We also talked about pregnancy. It was all so new to me. I didn't understand why anybody would want to have sex anyways, the thought just made me kind of sick to my stoma

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ch. My name is Katty, i'm half dominican and half white. I have a nice olive complexion, and barely budding breasts and a nice little figure with a cute little butt. I started to tell my parents about what I'd been learning in school, they didn't make it seem like a big deal, and they said that as I get older i'll learn that sex isn't a bad thing. I am a very stubborn person so I found it very hard to believe.

A few weeks before christmas I came home early from school because I wasn't feeling well. I didn't even have my parents come get me, I just left and missed the last two classes of the day. Well to my surprise my father had stayed home for the day sick. He was use to me skipping class every once in a while so it wouldn't have been a surprise to see me home early. I opened the door and heard moaning noises coming from my parents bedroom. I looked through the door that was slightly cracked and I saw my dad watching a video with two women having sex. They were licking each others vaginas! Or as most adults would probably say "pussy"..I started to feel funny, it was interesting to watch. These women were getting pleasure from each other, my pussy started to tingle a little, I then saw my dad, he was masturbating to the video..I saw his penis, it looked quite big..the next thing I felt was a slight wetness inside my pants, I started to figure out that this is what its like to be "turned on" or "horny"..The hardwood floor made a "creek" and my dad looked sharply towards the door but I tip toed back to my room and went to sleep not thinking another word but still had moist panties.

My father came into my room a few hours later and woke me up. "Katty honey, its dinner time" I got up and went downstairs to eat dinner and my mom wasn't there. "Wheres mom?" i asked "oh she's stuck overnight in ontario" my mom was a flight attendant for united airlines."Oh Ok, I can't believe you cooked dinner" my dad smiled at me and we finished up dinner. "Wanna watch a movie with me tonight?" and I smiled back and shook my head with a yes..I was feeling better after I had dinner and we plopped onto the couch and my dad put in a movie. My dad must have gotten things mixed up in the movie boxes because the same movie came on that he was watching earlier...I started to giggle "OH SHIT-i didn't want you to see this, i meant to put in Princess Diaries"..he jumped up to change it "No dad, this is fine, I want to watch this" dad looked at me with a surprise" No honey, we aren't going to watch this, its not for your eyes"....."Dad you told me that eventually i'll learn to appreciate sex and this is a way for me to start"...he couldn't really argue with me and he let the movie play on....I started to get that tingly feeling back inside my pussy, and my panties started to get moist again..I had a blanket over my legs and I decided to try touching myself, my hand wandered down to into my nice moist panties and i started to touch myself. It felt interesting, then I found what's called the "clitoris" or "clit" for short. Wow, was that thing sensitive...i started to rub it more and looked over at my dad and could tell he was getting turned on by the movie..I saw a bulge growing in his pants, i started to rub faster on my clit and let out a gentle moan..My father looked over at me "KATHRYN REBECCA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" and I stopped suddently and just looked up at him, he then caught himself and smiled, "sorry it's just a shock for me to see my baby girl exploring herself"......I looked at him and said "well its not everyday I see my dad masturbate to a lesbian video" and he looked at me with udder shock on his face "That was you earlier?" and I smiled and looked at him.."Honey you shouldn't have seen that, you're just to young"...I looked up at him again and said "I liked watching, it got my coochie flowing" father had just a blank look on his face...."Well" he gulped really hard "i think im gonna go have a drink"...."no daddy, stay here and help me play with myself" he just looked at me again with a dumbfounded look on his face...

After the initial shock came over him, he eased up and came down in between my legs "We can't tell anybody about this-its very important, i could go to jail, but i want to help you"...."Its our little secret dad"...just then and there he took one of his fingers and shoved it gently into my tight virgin pussy..."OOOOH jesus, that feels good daddy, do it more"...he took that as an "OK" and tried to put two more fingers in there but I was just too tight...He then got his face close to my pussy lips and inhaled a big deep breath "I want to take in your virgin scent" and then he dove in with his mouth , licking away at my virginal secretions, it was the best feeling i'd ever had in my entire life....he was sucking on my clit, lapping up my juices and fingering my pussy like it was going out of style...within a few minutes of him eating me and fingering I started to tense up and I wasn't sure what it was until I just screamed and my hips buckled "OOOH GOD...OOH GEEEZZZZEE" it was the most amazing feeling i'd ever felt besides my father eating my pussy...that was the only thing we hadn't learned in health class, orgasms, "what just came over me dad?" and he said "you had your first successful orgasm"..I was breathing heavily, and my father stood up and took off his pants, and his boxers and out popped his long at least 8 1/2 inch cock..Now honey you're going to learn how to suck cock....and then i'm going to pop your cherry...

To be continued if I receive positive feedback..


itsonlyfun on Incest Stories

 After about twenty years of marriage,this was new and so arousing.

 We both enjoyed this happening. Subsequent sounds told us son did as well.


 All our married life we slept in the buff (naked) tonight was no exception. Our eld

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est son was not a drinker as such but on trying beer he was in the novel stage of coming home a bit tipsy at the weekend. When younger he would come and lay in with us if he had a bad dream or something. Cuddling in on his mum's side,off to sleep he'd go till the morning,usually.

 This had been a while ago. Tonight was a little different in that where as he always on being tipsy crept in very quietly and just went to his room and that was it till the morning. He arrived a little while after getting home at our bedside. "Mum my head feels all funny,can I climb in with you,that ok dad"? As we'd been asleep for a while he got a mumbled 'yeah,alright' So in he gets and we all drifted off to sleep.

 I awoke,just as the early dawn light penetrated through our curtains. I admit I felt horny and moved my hand to feel my wife's tit only to find another hand already holding it. Realisation dawned,it was our sons hand,he was sound asleep so didn't know he was holding it. Of course as I said,I felt horny and seeing this made me even more randy. I eased away a bit to get a better look at her tit being held. God it was sexy,his fingers were letting her nipple squeeze between them and it was hard with what I could see of the oreole all crinkled up.

 It dawned on me that my wife was probably having a sexy dream. I decided to help her as I thought. Very gently I put my hand to where here pussy was and started to touch her clit through the hood. For a while nothing happened,then she started to almost imperceptably respond. I could feel her clit stiffening and just the tiniest of to and fro movement. After some time,her eyes peeped open slightly and in an extremely quiet whisper, 'stop,you're making me wet,he'll feel it' I smile and keep doing it. Looking now slightly shocked, 'He's naked I can feel his pubes on my bum,his dicks against my bum as well but its soft' I smile and wiggle my tongue at her. 'Don't be so disgusting,its our son you dirty bugger'

 Realising she could have turned,thus stopping me rubbing her,I pointed to his hand on her tit. 'I think you're both enjoying the feeling' Even in this poor light I could see she was blushing. 'He'll wake up if I move him,then we'll both be embarrassed' I rub a bit harder and she in turn doesn't try to stop me,in fact she increases her to and fro movements,not a lot but enough.

 'Stop now,my bums making him start to go hard' I expect he's having a wet dream! 'Stop you bastard or I'll cum' I have a hardon up to my chin,there's no way I'm stopping now. 'Stop for gods sake,his thing,its slipping in between my legs along my pussy slit,stop it now,he'll wake up you swine' Defiantly I keep up my fingering. My cock gives a jerk as I sense a pushing between my wife's legs against her hood. Its a rather large hard cock rubbing her clit. All in one my wife has covered her face with her hands and peeping through her fingers, 'I told you not to,he's doing me' Let it go in, 'No that's filty' He's asleep,he wont wake up till he cum's,go on do it. 'NO'

 I note his hand on her tit is squeezing now and I wonder whether he is in fact awake. His breathing is still steady and taking a glance I suspect he is asleep and in the middle of a wet dream. Wife's hands half come down from her face, 'Fuck,its slipping in me,what shall I do'? Enjoy it was my response. Face covered again I have my fingers feeling the action,sure enough his knob had gone from her clit and the slight pushing I could feel was most definately a cock up her. 

 I know she's loosing out to lust as her bum starts to fuck him in earnest. No loud sexual sounds eminate from her lips as when i fuck her,but the quiet gasps tell me he's about to bring her to orgasm. Looking at her front,his hand now grasps into her belly and the runting sounds of a man about to cum tells me he's fucking and awake as he jabs harder with his first shot of spunk going high into his mothers belly. My wife is now making no secret of cumming as I watch her thrust back at her son, 'Harder,fuck me harder' then with a long groan and much grunting accompanied by some really fast fucking motions,she drained his young balls dry.

 They both lay still now,then after a minute or two,our son saying quietly, 'Sorry mum' slid out our bed and quietly hurried through the door to his own room. 'Fuck,I can't believe I let him do that to me' Was it good though? 'Shut up,YES,if you must know,my belly's still tingling,fucking hell,I just let him shoot his spunk up me! What if I'm pregnant'? You could go and wash it out but you'll loose that feeling he've given you in you quim. Just leave it in,you wont get pregnant with just one lot of cum up you. 'Its alright for you,it wont be your belly swelling up' She lay back and left her pussy full of her sons jism.

 After about ten minutes as she came down from her experience I rolled on top of her and added my cum to her incredibly slippery pussy. This being after I checked to see how much of our sons sperm was leaking from her slit. There you are,it matters little who'd have made you pregnant now,if it did happen. A couple of hours later after we'd all snoozed we appeared in the breakfast room,everything was as always and not a word was said about our happening. But me and the wife were as horny as hell especially when on each following night we heard the wanking sounds coming from our sons room and clearly the woman at the centre of his exotic world was always called mum.

 I still wonder if it all was by accident? If it wasn't whose the one that planned it? - bye.

my aunt cant cut hair

Vaughan on Incest Stories


When i was about 13 my Auntie Kaye use to cut my hair. I use to hate it as she wasnt really a hair dresser and always made me look like a total nerd. My mum always use to praise her when she was down and it would drive me mad that my mum couldnt see that she couldnt cut butter with a hot carving knife. The thing that started to change around tha

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t time though was that I was starting to Find Aunt Kaye really dam attractive. She was a tiny lil thing with great tits and an ass to die for. By the time i was nearly 14 I was already taller than her and I use to tease her about being so short. She had long dark brown hair and light blue eyes and it was fair to say that I had fntasized about her more than once in those years. Unfortunatly my family moved away as my dad got a new job and it had been ages since I'd seen her.

I was 17 when we returned to our old neighborhood where dad had got his old job back after the new job fizzled out. I had become a triathlete and was fit and lean. I had often wondered how Aunt Kaye was looking as my hormones were on fire and she would now be around 37 year old. I hoped those titshadnt sagged and that ass was as tight as ever. I wasnt disappointed when we first all got together she was lookin as good if not better than ever. We had a big dinner and I couldnt keep my gaze away from her. After dinner I went to wash up and Kaye came with me. We chatted and joked around in the kitchen as we cleaned  up all the dishes. I got plenty of opportunities to check out her ass or look down her top as she put things away. Maybe to many opportunities? As the night came to an end she gave me a hug and i could feel her tits pressed against me and her hips were pushing into me as well. She ran her fingers through my hair and said ttime you had another hair cut from your aunt I think, come over tomorrow and I'll fix it up.

The next day I couldnt get over to my aunts quick enough. I knew she was going to make me look like a choir boy but I really wanted to perve on her some more. I wore a pair of jeans that were a lil big and a T. I left my under wear off just incase I could get a reaction out of my aunt. I arrived at her place and she was home alone I walked in the side door and into the kitchen where she was cleaning up some dishes. She was wearing a pair of skin tight jogging shorts and and a sports bra top. She looked amazing, I grabbed a tea towel and started drying up and she smile as we made general shit chat. She said she would get changed and get her things to cut my hair but I made up a story that I didnt have much ime and not to bother getting changed. She smiled cheekily and agreed. I sat down in a chair in the kitchen as she returned with her things. My cock was already at half mast and you could see it through my jeans. I made no attempt to cover it up as she put a small towel around my neck.

She began to cut and I watched her as she glanced down at my growing cock in my jeans.  Suddenly we both werent saying to much and as she cam to my side i felt her gently push her self into my arm. I wasnt sure if it was accidental but as i felt her doing it again I knew she meant  it. I reacted by pushing gently back against her. This went on on both sides for a few mins then she moved round in front of me. she stradled my left leg and focused on my but her weight slowly pressed down onto my leg. I again pushed myself into her. my thigh pushing up into her pussy. She let out a lil short breath and dropped her comb right into my croch. I was now harder than steel and it my cock was  nearly poking out the top of my jeans. I kept the pressure on her pussy as I watched her eyes drop down to my wste to get her comb. Her mouth dropped open ass she saw how hard i was and ass she reached down her hand rested against my cock for a few seconds before she grabbed the comb and tried unsuccessfully to compose herself.

She then walked over to the bench and grabbed the watter spray bottle and returned. Her face was flushed as she sprayed my fringe. She looked down again at my cock and again her mough fell open. She was so hot i could of stood and fucked her brains out right then and there, but I wanted to see how far she would take this. She walked over but this time straddled both my legs. She baically sat her self down right on my lap facing me. My cock was right into her as she grabbed my fringe and went to comb it. As she did this i pushed myself again into her only this time it was my hard cock pushing through my jeans annd into the thin fabric covering her pussy. She let out a moan and dropped comb and sissors to her side. She grabbed the back of the chair threw her head back and started rocking her hips back and forth over my cock. My hands immediatly came to her hips and guided her. She was moaning louder and louder as she dry humped my cock furiously.

My confidence grew and I lifted her bra and free'd her amazing tits. My mouth instantly found a nipple and she place her hand on the back of my head scream "oh yesss' hissing the s as  ground her self harder and harder..... to be cont


itsonlyfun on Incest Stories

 Pt.2 My mum came after more of my cum.

 I find out the truth and get my dream.


 The next morning having lay awake for ages reliving what had/hadn't? happened. All was as normal,mum doing what her normal routine was,as was I. The only

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comment from mum was, "God I slept well when we eventually got to bed" That was it! Of course,I'd had desires for mum since my wayward cousin had sowed the lust seeds a few years prior (See Pt.1) The same lust she'd utilized in my puberty towards my maternal aunt,her own mother. (More about that later)

 It was some years after this that I got to know the full extent of this manipulative,scheming,female predator I was so lucky to have as a cousin. To embolden my desires,this is what I'd found out later. Just prior to my mother starting to enjoy her new found fun. My cousin who was now woman,woman mates with her mother,she could talk and disclose all and anything with her mum even about her dad I gathered,had let on to my mothers sister that I had a burning lust desire for my and her mum. Being all worldly,she'd added, "I expect its his hormones mum,he's a late developer I reckon. Course he hasn't a clue how to get what he's after"

 "And I suppose madam you know all the answers about how to; don't answer that you little vixen" This obviously had been passed on somehow between the sisters,hence the next part of the story!


 On this evening I waited in vain for a repeat performance from my mother. Nothing! must have been a dream then? As we went to bed normally,I noticed mum closed her door totally,where as we generally both left them ajar,in my case always hoping to see more than my mother up till this point would intend. All these instances had come about since my cousin had prompted me to wank for her and many things had happened with her since, - not to be included in this story,not yet anyway, - So after another wank I am dozing off when I hear, Georgie!Georgie! I know its mum refering to me because although my dad was also george,mum never refered to him as Georgie,always George or Geo' I quietly move to her doorway and listen intently. "He got me Meg,he's having me! (Meg being my aunts name ) I'm fascinated by this talk but realising mum's not in distress,I listen on.

 I hear her mattress making bouncy noises as my pendalum hardens. I realise now my mum's working herself off and I'm part of her action. My Instinctive act is to run in and jump on her to give her the real thing but common sense prevails and I stay put till she settles and then I returned to my bedroom to try another wank. No problems the following morning,Saturday. Come the evening though it may be boring to some we're back on our sofa as usual. After yesterday and not knowing what my cousin has been at we snuggle,then when the room is completely in darkness mum repeats what I had got two days previous.

 Come Sunday evening on the settee I say "Mum its my turn tonight" She responded strangely, "What do you mean? What are you saying?" "Nothing,its my turn to snuggle to you at your end" Oh! I got you,I wondered what you were on about,bit of a tiring day,I shall probably zonk out (Sleep) in no time" "That's okay,I'll just carry you to bed!" "You and who else,you'd probably drop me tarzan" I now snuggled up and in no time she was zeding. As I lay on the inside of her,her outside leg gradually slid off the edge. I tried to hold it on but it slid anyway.

 I watched her nipples on her breasts rise and fall while being aware my hardness was against her leg. Having bathed,all she had on as far as I was aware was a nightgown,no dressing gown,hence her nipples and the deep coloured oreoles surrounding them were hard and clear to see through her gown. That was what had a lot to do with the wet sticky end on my knob. Because her leg had dropped her far knee was naked as was halfway up that thigh while just the knee on my side was uncovered.

 I couldn't resist it any longer,I casually let my hand touch her inner leg,then trying not to tickle and wake her I lifted and slid my hand up a bit farther still,then let the hand rest again. In doing this and as it was still lightish from the window,her legs were gradually becoming more exposed to my view. I move again even more slowly as I near my goal. My hand now well up on her thigh I had a fleeting thought, 'with her oreoles showing through,why no pubic shadow of her pussy hair? Stupid I bet its shaved,fuck I'd love to see her shave it! - Precum surges at my thighs, - I think I'm now almost at her pussy,raising my hand again,mum's hand clasps through her gown and holds my hand still.

 I shit myself,I've been found out.OH SHIT! Now I'm for it! Nothing like it,she just holds my hand gently where its at and makes no attempt to pull it from under her clothes,all that happens is she lets our two hands lower back onto her thigh. Hardly daring to breath and with her gown that high up I try desperately to crane my neck and look up her gown. Not without moving and disturbing her,there's no way I'm going to see her quim. I even wait awhile longer then try to move just that bit more with my hand. Her grip squeezes just that little bit telling me no.

 Very quietly mum's voice murmurs, "To light! Tooo li-tsss" In my mind I silently think,I wont be able to see it in the dark,then it dawns on me. Mum feels guilty at what she's letting happen,but if its in the dark it could be anyone,but not necessarily her son. Kidding herself,she won't be having her son. Fuck! She's going to let me. Please! Please! Please say you are mum. About 40 minutes after this I move again,its dark,but not pitch dark. Her hand shows no resistance,slightly more boldly I pull the hem of her gown gently up. Her white skin is still just visible in the fading light,pulling harder I can feel I've pulled the gown to about her pussy line,I feel her thighs tense and the gown comes up easier.

 She'd lifted her bum just enough to let me pull the gown higher up her body. I can hear her breath sounding like my own. Short excited little pants,the difference with me is my nerves are shaking as though I'm cold. Now I have her gown above her belly button,her body contours are just visible. Gently I move my hand flatly to her belly and savour its smoothness then I have it,she has knickers on,that's why I couldn't see a dark pubic shadow. I explore the mound of venus area,that's it,cushy,she has got hair there lots of it. To dark to see now,I try to work out which knickers? Its got to be the Lavender one's,the waist is biting in tightly to her belly and the legs are right into her groins like a bikini bottom.

 There's a bonus though,because of this tightness and the type of silky material,her contours are exaggerated,every curve and bump are stood out under my fingers explorations. Above the waist band I travel the warmth of her skin,passing down from there I feel the groove of her belly to mound then,shakily I venture to the puffy sides of her vulva. I can feel the warmth of her middle groove,her cunt slit and a soft little mound. The tightness of the knickers is squashing her inner lips almost flat but I can still feel them,they're being squashed by the silk. tracing further round under her,her thighs stop my hand,reversing I follow the groove back to her now prominent hood,no doubt pushed up by an erect clitoris. (I give thanks to my slutty cousin for her informative journey of her nether region a while back)

 I go to pull the knickers down, "Not yet,do up higher" of course,play with the tits. Sliding my hands up inside the gown I marvel at the soft rubbery feel as I pass over her belly skin below her rib cage,then up across her rib cage, then I'm there. I touch the underpart of the globes of her tits,as I move my ribby slim torso to a more favourable position I must have crushed a nipple, "Steady,don't squash the poor little thing" "Sorry mum" "Shhh! not mum,say Bren' if you need to talk,but saying nothing would be preferable" "I had no such qualms,mother,granny,aunty all I now wanted was the use of a mature or less mature woman's body. A fuck was what I wanted"

 I put my mouth over her nipple through the top of her gown,she in turn with both hands adjusted this neck part to pull both tits right out for me. Great! as I sucked I put a hand down to her slit and started to slide up and down it. The wet had come through her knickers so I tasted it and went back to playing again. Mum's body was now starting to react as was her breathing,she was on her way to orgasm. I so wanted her cunt naked,I tried to pull at the knickers again, "No not yet,don't be so impatient" "Impatient? fuck me! I've hoped for three years to be here,impatient my ass" I actually said nothing.

 Dare I? Dare I do that cousin thing on my own mum. Yeah fuck it! I move downwards with my body till I'm kneeling on the floor,then pushing my mum's leg further open towards the back of the sofa I get between her legs. I'll do it,pushing my head up against the insides of her thighs I poke my tongue out and make contact with her knickers. She jerks and sucks in breath,then her hand with fingers pointed covers my target,her clitoris,but undetered I flatten my tongue onto where I know her inner lips are. Spot on,I can feel them as my spittal makes her knickers more and more wet.

 All sorts of sexy sounds are crossing mum's lips, I must have touched a special nerve because her other hand with fingers spread was suddenly trying to grip my head and turning me in one direction then the other. Into a groin then the other then her slit,I could feel her other hand sliding up away from her clit with my tongue in hot pursuit. "Stop! Stop! Georgie don't get me please no don't! don't!" I put my hands in the edge of her knicker legs and try to pull. "Wait! Wait! She lifts and I felt her hands go to the waist band,I pulled again,her knickers were on there way. Hearing the snap of elastic as her fingers release the waist band to the mercy of me tugging them down her legs and off her feet.

 Then my face was really at her. I could smell,taste and feel all, my cheeks were soaked with her love juice,my nose was snorting for breath against her clit and my tongue was getting a little white ulcer (Had it before and since) as it chaffed against my bottom teeth. WOW! HELP! I'm going to die,I can't breath,her thighs are clamped so tight around my head, holding my breath now I slurp my tongue's work to completion. Fuck did she cum? Releasing my head she wriggled as I tried to stop her sliding to the floor. The gown was gone somewhere in the dark I have hold of pure flesh,all of her flesh. I mustn't cum,I'm seconds away from fucking her,HOLD ON!

 "Not here,up bed! up bed! I hear her heading upstairs completely in the darkened house. Kicking off my joggers I'm right behind her so close I can touch her ass and do! Each touch makes her ass cheeks clasp together onto my fingers in the groove. "Stop it you sod,I'll pee myself" There was just the faintest bit of light through the window,although I think mum was now so rampant I reckon she would have fucked me in our car headlights. Flopping on her belly across the bed she was trying to open the bedroom cabinet drawer. Scrawny me,grabbed her hips powerfully and as I make to roll her on her back. "No! No! Just hold on a sec' let me get it" No chance whatever it is she wanted,she rolls and before she's fully settled right way up,I'm between her legs and climbing up her torso in pursuit of her slit. GOT IT! She's so slippery,my fingers now feeling for her cunt slit were unecessary as my cock slips against a thigh then as if like quick silver slipped straight up her.

 Splash! its in her,my spunk just couldn't wait any longer as I spurt shot after sinue straining shot as high up into her cunt as my thrusting would reach and she knew it as well. "Silly little sod,why couldn't you wait for a french letter? Oh shit! its to late now,lets get on with it,I'll/we'll just have to sweat it out for the month" I'm off again as mum takes up the challenge. I bet it looked quite quaint this ten stone ribby shrimp riding a well fleshed middle aged woman. I could now feel the pussy muscles doing what they were supposed to. "I'm cumming,shoot it outside me,on my belly,anywhere" I hoist another full baby making supply into mum, "You mad little cunt, - she'd never called me that, - I hope to fuck my belly don't start rising you little bugger!"

 We lay as we were,she kissed my forehead, "You randy little fucker,what will we do with you?" "Keep me to fuck everyday" "I was speaking metaphorically silly" "I wasn't! will we? you know,fuck every day now? "I must admit it was worth waiting for, Anyway where did you learn about cuni lingus" No reponse. "Licking it!" "I know what it is mum,Brenda! but what makes you think I've done that before?" "Come on,to do it that good first time? never" "Why do you have to know?" "Because if you want to get any more of my pussy you'll need to tell me so I know where you've been" "I edged my bets,I do,so I will,lets say it was in the family" "Oh! I thought it might have been her,hot assed little bitch" We left it there, mum was after all. Only half right!

 Still laying on her belly, "What you,letting it soak,its still up me you know" Grinning "Its an okay fit don't you think?" "Roll off you're getting heavy" "Can I stay in here wit you tonight?" "May as well if you want to,after all the damage has been done now,although I bet it wont be one night now you've got me once" - The last night thing; Meg he's got me! I had and all. She rolled and put her back to me and I spooned against her with my still hard cock fitting nicely into her ass groove. Both still naked "Goodnight stud,don't that thing of yours ever go down?" "Not yet anyway" I moved down the bed slightly held myself and pointed it back in her cunt,she wiggled farther down and I felt the inner lips slipping around and spread open as she slid back on to it and we left it parked in its new home. I know a bit later I done her again while asleep because I come to as I came off like I do with a wet dream and the sexy grunting noises mum made as she jerked quicker and quicker meant she came again as well. We were soaked with love and spunk juice. In the morning,mum pulled from me and it pulled some of my pubes,because our mutual juices had dried in the beds warmth and had glued us together. Ouch! "Sorry about that I didn't know we'd stuck together,Ha!Ha! thats so funny"

 This is the life!

Doing Sis again

Jim Moore on Incest Stories

Mom had ask me and Clair not to have sex until she could get on the pill so we could be safe. It had been very hard for both of us but we waited. She did give me a couple of blow jobs and I'd eat her pussy but no fucking. Our Dad had been home for sometime  I knew Mom wasn't fucking Uncle Bob.

I came home about 5:00 P.M. walked into the house as always, but as I got close to Moms room

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I could hear funny noises. I looked in the crack in the door and there Mom was naked laying on the bed fingering her cunt like crazy. My cock jumped to attention as soon as I saw her. I eased the door open and said " Is there anything I can do to help you?"

Mom jumped and pulled the cover up over her naked body. When she saw it was me she was very eager to have me come join her. "Is Dad gone?" I ask.

"He left this morning and won't be back for a week". I sat down on the bed and started lightly fingering her wet cunt. She pulled my head down to her tit and I sucked the nipple into my mouth and bit it lightly. She moaned and shoved her ass up trying to get my finger in her cunt.

"Get your cloth off and fuck me my big beautiful son". I stripped down and my cock was sticking up hard and nails. I put the head close to Moms mouth and she sucked it in. I pumped her mouth a couple of times and she pulled off and said, "I need that in my pussy NOW".  She spread her legs and I put the head of my cock at the enterence of her fuck hole and rubbed it up and down a couple of times with her pushing up trying to get it in. Then I made one stroke and buried my cock completely in her waiting pussy. "OHHHHHH damn that's good cock, so big and hard just what I needed. Now fuck me fuck me hard and fast make Mommy cum." I must admit it sure felt good to be a mother fucker about that time.

I started stroking slow at first but went faster and faster until we were fucking like a couple of dogs. She was already so hot that it didn't take long and she was cumming like crazy. As I felt her climax I shot a full load of cum deep in her cunt. She almost screamed  when she felt my cock head swell and shoot. "Oh Son I needed that soooooo bad". I told her It was my pleasure to help but I needed to get a shower and something to eat.

"Where is Clair?"

"She should be home from school pretty soon." "I guess you will want to shove that big dick up her little cunt tonight won't you?'

Clair came home and we all had dinner and was watching T.V. when we heard a car door. Mom went to the door and there was Uncle Bob. Clair and I looked at each other and smilled because we knew what was going to happen now.

"Hi kids" Bob said and we answered. He sat down on the sofa and Mom sat next to him and started rubbing his leg. When just out of the blue Bob said "Sis tells me you too have been enjoying each other like we have." I looked at Clair and Mom then answered him that yes we had.

"I'd sure like to have a look at that beautiful body of yours Clair"

Mom said "Sure Clair show Uncle Bob what you've got." Clair said she would if everyone else would also. We all agreed and stripped naked right there in the living room. As Bob pulled his shorts off his cock was already hard and mine was also.

"WOW what a body I'll bet that is some good pussy to isn't it Jim?" "Well Uncle Bob you want to try some of it?"

"Damn right I do" Clair walked over and took his cock in her hand and stroked it a couple of times then pushed him back on the sofa and threw one leg over him which put his cock right at her little fuck hole.

"Looks like we are going to see a show doesn't it Son" Mom said. Clair lowered her self down on his hard cock and she let out a loud Ohhhhhhh. He raised his head and took one of her tits in his mouth and started sucking as she strated pumping up and down on his cock. "Gaud that is good pussy, it is tight" Clair just continued pumping up and down. I could see his dick go all the way up into my little sisters cunt and come out wet with thier juices. Mom came over and got on her knees and started sucking my cock hard and fast.

Uncle Bob threw his head back and said "I'm going to cum in that little cunt of yours, keep fucking your Uncle baby"  Sis just drove him deeper into her body and he looked like he was trying to shove his cock all the way through her. He started shaking and moaning "I'm cummmmmm oh shit it's good grunt, grunt" as he shot his load in sis.

Sis rolled off him and a stream of cum ran out of her pussy.  I pulled out of Mom's mouth and told sis to get on her hands and knees. She did and I mounted her from behind and shoved my cock in her already fucked cunt and started humping away. I saw Mom go mount Uncle Bobs cock before it could go soft and was bouncing on it. Her tits were flopping as she did.

I didn't fuck sis long before she was moaning and going Ohhh Ohhh yes yes fuck me big brother. I told her I was about to cum and she said me to. I howled and shoved as far up into her as I could and shot several loads of cum and she pushed back to take all of it. Screaming "I'm cummmmiiiiiinnnnggg"

That night Uncle Bod got to see how beautiful my sister was and she got to see how big his cock wasl, and we all fucked happly all night.

Dont Stop.........

Vaughan on Incest Stories

Hi my names Charlie. I recently turned 16 and this is a story about my older brother Kent who is 17 and the time I caught him masterbating.

It was an early Sunday Morning and I had gotten up early to go and train in the pool. As I walked to the bathroom in my nightie i herd muffled moaning coming from my Kents bedroom. Kent is what my friends call a super hottie and even though I have

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spent most my life despising him, in more recent times I too have noticed his hottness. I crept Up to his door and peeked through only to see him on his back pumping his hard cock in his fist. I bit my bottem lip to stop myself from gasping as I stood there and watched. He was moaning and had his eyes closed and his hand worked his shaft to a frenzy. My own hand had dissappeared under my nightie and was going to work on my clit as if it had a mind of its own.

I stood there fingering myself watching my brother pump harder and harder as i drew myself closer to my own orgasm. Then he came and spirted cum up his belly and chest. I quikly and quietly crept away my fingers still probing and went into the bathroom to finish what i had started.

As I same i couldnt get the picture of my brother cumming all over himself from my mind and my coach could tell I was pre-occupied as i stuffed up turns and my stroke was all over the place. On the way home I tried to think about everything else but still couldnt remove the image. I walked in the back door and into the kitchen where my bro was at the fridge looking in wearing only a pair of shorts. I instantly changed direction and headed for the bathroom to have a shower. Kent yelled from behind that mum and dad had gone for the weekend and that tonight he was having some of his friends over and that I wasnt allowed to dob.

I agreed but only if I could have a friend over too. He was fine with that so after my shower I rang vikki to come over. The day was spent fooling around on the computer and watching DVD's. Kent ended up going out with his mates leaving Vik and I at home to talk. I told Vikki about the morning and she was so jelous. She so badly wanted my brother and asked about 100 times if i thought it would happen again the next day.

We were both sound asleep when Kent got home it was about 2am and Kent was drunk out of his brain. He stumbled in and collapsed on the couch next to me. I asked him if his friends were coming, to which he grunted "no" and then lent over and put his head on my lap and closed his eyes. Vikki had woken too and she looked up at me with the most mischievious grin. I shook Kent and he mumbled something i didnt understand. I told him that I would help him up to his room so he could go to bed. He grunted in agreeance and Vikki and I supported him up to his room.

Once in his room we sat him on his bed and he just fell back and lay with his feet still on the floor. I bent down and started undoing his shoelaces and Vikki started undoing his shirt. By the time I had got one shoe off Vikki had his shirt off and had undone his pants. I gasped and shook my head. Vikki just grinned and pulled at his jeans and started sliding them down off his hips. I got his other shoe off and vikki pulled his jeans off. Kent Lay there in his Calvin Klien briefs snoring totally out of it. We pushed him up onto his bed and vikki regularly accidently onpurpose slipped and ran her hand across his cock.

Vikki then whipered to me if she could just have one look and although I wanted to say no I also wanted to see it again. I said ok and Vikki needed no further responce she had his briefs off in a flash. we both sat their staring at it while Kent just snorred. I saw Vikkies hand go down between her legs and then her other hand reached out and grabbed his cock. I didnt move I just sat and watched while vikki, never taking her eyes off his cock, started to wank him. Even though Kent was asleepp it didnt take long for his cock to wake up. Vikki was storking it and finger herself and didnt care if I was watching or not. Truth was I was playing with my self too. I walked round the other side of the bed opposite vikki and then reached out and joined in the stroking. Vikki looked up at me and grinned that mischievious grin again. and no sooner had i got the rithym up had she crawled onto the bed in between his legs and started sucking the head. she tore off her nightie and proceeded to finger herself while sucking.

I was sooo wet and my fingers where working my clit in to a frenzy. Then vikki stopped looked at me and said wanna try? i dint say anything just swapped positionswith her and got on all 4s and started sucking. His big cock in my mouth felt amazing then even more amazing was Vikkihad started fingering me from behind. I lost all control and soon was deep throating my brothers cock while vikki was fingering licking and sucking my wet pussy. Suddenly I felt Kent's cock erupt and his warm juice start spilling from his cock and down my throat and he started mumbling..... Oh yer you know how i like it ......yer thats it. Vikki and I froze and then the bomb shell

Kent moaned.............................

Dont Stop you know I love it when you suck my cock MUM..........


LEBOWSKI on Incest Stories

Carole steps from the bath tub , pulls a towel from the bar and begins to dry herself,,watching in the mirror, rating her 35 year old face and body,assessing each part as she gently towels herself dry. Long white/blonde hair,green eyes,full pouty pink lips..."still a ten...well, at least a seven ,"She giggles. 5 ft.5 in. tall, 44DD-25-35,,,She cups her breasts, holding them up

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a little.."Tits not as firm as when i was a girl, but still ,,they're good enough to glue every mans eye to my chest". Carole absent mindedly caresses her breasts as she remembers how young she was,13, hardly any peach fuzz on her vagina yet, and how huge they were at that age,,every man,,even family stared at her ,when she first realised the effect she had on men,also when she realized what the bulges in their pants was all about...Her nipples were a lot smaller then , but, "It seems like men can't get big enough nipples,,such big babies,,can't lose that nursing instinct." She pinches and rolls her nipples between her fingers,, long red nails scratching at them , until they are erect and hard , two fat, deep pink cherrys, begging for a mans lips.."No man ignores these titties" Carole sighs,,trying to remember the last time she had a mans mouth on her nipples,,or anywhere.. Years,,4 since her husband passed away,,10 before that where he never touched her....Actually, not since...Carole supresses the memory but can't stop her mind sending a message to her pussy.

Carole spreads her legs and dried off her vagina. at least around it,, She can tell as she dabs around the freshly shaved lips that if she were to probe just inside that she will find that she is getting wetter by the minute.She puts one shapely pink leg on the counter and inspects her bald vagina.."Okay, no stray hair,God, I'm almost dripping wet already,I want everything to be perfect for tonight..I hope i'm not too old to be shaving, but, thats what my lover(I hope),,wants.Carole parts her outer vagina lips, puffy, smooth and hot and rubs one fingertip up and down the middle,,dipping in slightly to get it wet with her juices, and spreads it over her pussy lips, almost swollen in their pink nakedness.She rubs the juice up, over her hardening clitoris, making it glisten, like a shiny wet pink pea,shudders, and then slides her finger down,snaking it along her perineum to her rosy little butt hole,circling it wetly, and then poking her finger inside , lubing her clenching hot bum.." Jesus, I've gotta stop this daydreaming and get dressed..Mark will be home soon."

Carole finishes drying off and and rushes into her bedroom, her wardobe for tonight laid out on the bed,white cotton blouse, white push up bra, no panties,black leather mini-skirt(she still has dynamite legs), and puts on a pair of red fuck-me shoes..She looks at the clock and sees shes got about 20 minutes before Mark gets home."I need a few stiff drinks before he gets here, give me the courage to do this. I've never felt so perverted, or so horny , before in my life,,,well, o.k. not since...

Fifteen minutes later Carole sits at the bar in her den, watching the clock, thinking back on how she reached this point, sitting here, trying to get just drunk enough,waiting for her son to come home.It started about six years ago, Mark was 14 when she realized that he was masturbating( she did the laundry), and, just how much he was masturbating,five or more times a day , judging by the t-shirts he wiped up in. At first Carole was a little shocked, her husband was very religious and barely touched her, married at 18, he was a big change from her life up to that point, but she had had to block her past from her memory to satisfy her husbands raging moods.Anyway, Carole found herself oddly aroused by the daily loads of her sons semen, even to the point of smelling his cum , on on or two occassions, feeling ashamed,,but not too much.She couldn't stop herself from day-dreaming..It had been so ,so long since Carole had had good sex,so very long,,not since her brother,,,no,never mind that,,, Carole kept all her dirty thoughts inside, even after her husband died, but as time passed she couldn't control her dreams and daydreams, fantasizing about forbidden things,which only made her hotter.

When Mark had left for college Carole needed to use his computer and and had snooped while she was on it. To her amazement she had stumbled onto his chat room list and his photo files,,all the pictures were of large-breasted older women..and the chat rooms,,well,, they all dealt with incest,, Carole entered a few chatrooms and was able to find out that Mark was heavily into Mother/Son sexual role playing.Carole had been so aroused that she went to her own p.c. and entered the chatroom and masturbated while all the young studs tried to get in "moms" pants. After that Carole logged in every night until she finally matched up with Mark, although, Mark, didn't know it was his real mother he was talking to.

After that it had been a masturbational frenzy for Carole every night,and for Mark,separated by miles, but together on the net, with only Carole knowing their true identities.She learned every nasty thing that her son would like to do to her and told him what she would like to do to her own son.

Tonight, Carole is going to confront her son,fortified by a few stiff drinks, and see what comes of it.Mark should be home any second, and Carole can feeler her pussy getting wetter, thinking about his big penis(from what he's chatted), and hoping it's not just an old womans fantasy.

Carole hears the front door opening and waits expectantly for her son Mark to come into the den,,,

Saturday Morning with My Niece

reeb on Incest Stories

Saturday Morning With My Niece

by Reeb


It was the following Saturday morning after last weekends completely erotic sexual encounter with my two sister-in-laws and my niece. Please read my story "Nieces Family Fun" which describes the hot sex action that took place that day.

I arrived at my sister-in-law Deedee's house around 9am. She greeted me wearing onl

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y a short white cotton tee cut off at the midrift and loose fitting black silk gym shorts.

"Hi Ron, come on in." Dee said in a sultry way.

These gym shorts were very short, exposing the tops of her thighs and the soft tanned swells of her dark tanned butt checks as I walked behind her. I followed her thru the living room into the kitchen completely enjoying the sights, the bounce of her soft butt cheeks.

"Would you like some coffee, Ron?" she asked as I drooled over the view of her sexy tight ass.

"Uh yeah, sure Dee, sounds good." I replied as I sat down at her kitchen table.

I watched intently as Dee poured some coffee in a mug. She leaned toward the kitchen counter as she reached for the sugar. As she did, those shorts rode up exposing even more of her lovely thighs and perfect shaped ass. Dee has one of the hottest butts I've ever seen and she knows how her fine ass turns me on.

With her ass pushed out, she sexily looked over her left shoulder and with a sly smirk asked "One lump or two?".

As my eyes glazed with lust staring at her sweet ass, I was barely able to clear my throat enough to reply "Two would be great, Dee."

She laughed as she knew she had me completely aroused, looking at my swollen hard shaft pushing to get out of my shorts, "Looks like one big lump will do for me." she replied laughing as my eyes followed hers to my rock solid seven inch long thick cock.

Dee added the sugar to my coffee and turned, bringing it over and setting the mug on the table. She moved back so she was leaning her butt against the counter top. As I sipped my coffee, I gazed at her lovely body standing before me. She was not wearing a bra under her thin white tee and her dark nipples were standing straight out, calling for attention.

Let me again describe Dee to you. Just imagine a dark complexion beauty like Salma Hayek, with a little smaller boobs but equally as beautiful. Dee has a very dark tan, jet black shoulder length hair, dark eyes and a sweet sexy smile with a pair of soft lips adorning her beautiful face. She has these very defined tanlines which I find very sexy.

As my eyes feasted upon her beauty, my cock swelled to it's full length and was throbbing for sex. I could feel pre-cum oozing from my shaft as my heart pounded in my chest. God, she was so fucking gorgeous and just emitted the presence of pure sexual excitement in the room.

"Ron, how's the coffee?" Dee asked snapping me back to reality.

I replied "Hot Dee, like the way you look this morning. Man, you really look good Dee. I can't believe how you look sexier every time I see you!"

Dee smiled and with a big sexy grin said, "I have you to thank Ron. You opened my eyes to see myself in a new way. Plus Leeza and I have found this new relationship. She's not only my daughter but now my sex partner too. We've been exploring our bi-sexuality with each other and she's such an eager student."

"Oh really, so Leeza is acquiring a taste for sweet Italian pussy?" I replied with a devilish smile.

"She does exactly what her mother tells her to, and quite well, if I do say so myself." Dee said with a laugh.

"I saw the way she watched you and Leah last weekend." I said.

"She loves your hard cock Ron, but eating pussy is a new thing for her and she wants to experience all a growing woman can." Dee replied.

"Yeah, you're right Dee. She's grown into a very sexy young woman. Next to you, she's one of the hottest babes I know." I replied honestly.

Dee blushed slightly, looked deep into my eyes as her right hand dropped and touched her swollen clit lightly thru the soft silk material of her gym shorts. Our eyes locked as her left hand came up and caressed her erect right nipple thru her tee shirt. She rolled the turgid swollen flesh between her fingers. I could tell she wore no panties as a wet spot was forming around her fingers as she rubbed her hard clit.

My cock was throbbing in my shorts and needed to be free from its confines. Still looking deep into each other's eyes, I popped the button on my shorts and slowly pulled down the zipper exposing my bright red underwear. Dee's eyes widened as I lifted my butt, slipped my shorts, underwear and all to the floor, exposing my rock solid and thick seven inch cock to Dee's eager and cock hungry eyes.

I gripped my cock firmly in my hand and stroked it slowly, never once taking my eyes off her sexy body. We both caressed ourselves, watching every sexual touch we generated toward our completely aroused bodies. My stiff cock with it's swollen purple head and pre-cum forming as I slowly slid my hand up and down. Her fingers running lightly up and down her hard clit, the wet spot on her shorts becoming larger with each stroke.

Finally Dee couldn't take any more and slowly, as if in a trance, walked over and dropped to her knees between my legs. I let her soft little hand replace mine as she gently grabbed my hard shaft between her small fingers. She pulled lightly on my shaft as her hand encircled the base. My cock head was swollen, huge and purple as she stroked my hardness.

My cock seemed to swell even more as I watched her hand gently pull and stroke my swollen shaft. The feeling of her hot breath nearing my cock as she gently laid her head on my thigh, was ecstasy beyond belief. Dee then looked up into my eyes as her sweet lips opened and slipped over my purple cock head. A shudder of excitement shot thru my entire body.

I watched intently as Dee's soft lips worked down the length of my hard shaft. She had about 4 inches in her hot mouth as she slowly pulled off my throbbing cock. The lips of her sexy mouth looked so fucking hot with my stiff cock gliding between them. Dee slowly sucked my cock back into her mouth, in and out, each time taking a little more until she had the entire seven inches of swollen cock deep in her hot wet mouth.

Dee's hot mouth was working my hard cock so slow, in and out of her sexy mouth, I could barely stand it. As I began to feel the cum boiling in my balls, she would slow down and just hold my swollen shaft in her hot wet mouth, and the feeling would subside. She did this 5-6 times until my whole body was nearly shaking with excitement. Man, could this woman suck some cock or what!

Dee cupped and caressed my balls as she continued to hold my throbbing shaft between those soft sexy hot lips. Slowly she worked my shaft in and out of her sweet mouth. Her soft tongue began to swirl and slide around the sensitive head of my swollen member. My hands were stroking and softly caressing her shoulders, neck and running thru her hair as she worked my cock as good as any woman ever had.

As I looked down at this dark haired beauty kneeling on the kitchen floor sucking my purple cock head again into her hot mouth, I caught movement out of my right eye. As I turned my head, my sexy young 16 year old niece Leeza was walking toward the kitchen thru the living room. I couldn't believe what a sexy sight she was as she innocently headed towards the kitchen.

Leeza was wearing this short sheer blue lace teddy and matching panties. You could see nearly everything thru the thin material of this outfit. Just for a second, I wondered if these two had planned all this to happen. Leeza looked too fucking hot and sexy to just happen to stroll in on us. Leeza has a slightly lighter complexion than her mother, dark brown hair and a sexy young girl next door cuteness which she uses as a sexual attribute.

Anyway, as Leeza neared the kitchen, she spotted her mom on the floor sucking her Uncle Ron's swollen shaft. Leeza smiled from ear to ear as she entered the kitchen. Her tight teenage body looked extremely sexy and hot in that sheer lingerie. Leeza's body is so tight without one ounce of fat on her. She looked with envy toward her mother as she continued sucking my shaft.

"Ok mom, save some breakfast for me!" Leeza chuckled.

Dee released my hard cock from her mouth for a second to say "You'll have to wait your turn honey."

As Dee went back to giving me some of the best head of my life, Leeza leaned back against the counter and watched her mom intently. She watched carefully, taking in everything her mother did to my hard shaft. I could notice that Leeza's dark nipples were growing hard by the second. As she watched her mom suck Uncle Ron's cock, I said "Leeza, show me your sexy outfit."

With Dee still sucking my hard shaft, Leeza slowly piroutted around to expose her firm young teenage backside. I watched as Leeza pulled up the hem of her teddy, giving me a better view of her sexy butt encased in the sheer blue lace matching panties. I could see her sexy white tanlines and the sweet crack of her ass thru the sheer material. My cock grew even more at the sight of her tight teenage ass.

Dee sensing what her sexy daughter was doing to me, began to quicken the pace, working my cock faster between those soft pouting lips. As I neared orgasm, Leeza dropped to the floor, next to her mom. She watched closely as mom taught her another lesson of the fine art of sucking a man's cock.

"Mom, I want to see him shoot off." Leeza begged of her mother.

Dee then slowed and held my cock deep in her hot mouth, creating a sucking motion, milking my cock to orgasm. My juices began to rush from deep within my body as Dee let my shaft slip from her mouth and gripped the base of my solid pulsating shaft. I don't think my cock ever looked so large in my life as it did then.

As Dee pointed my cock toward Leeza's face, I chuckled inside, thinking she better watch out as I didn't have sex since the last weekend. My balls were full and ready to explode. I knew what kind of cum load was about to be released. Dee held tight, pulled my rigid shaft as my body shuddered and my orgasm began.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah!" I moaned as I released my seed.

"Open your mouth honey!" Dee commanded of her daughter.

Dee pulled my shaft and aimed it towards Leeza's sexy young opened mouth just as the first large stream of hot cum forcefully shot out, hitting Leeza right on her lips and in the corner of her mouth, trailing down her chin onto her sexy boobs. I couldn't believe the amount of hot thick white jism that landed on my nieces sweet young face.

Leeza tried to lick her lips as the second large stream of hot cum hit her on her right cheek and again trailed down her chin and neck. The third stream of hot cum just barely hit her chin but landed on her soft blue lace encased boobs. Each large stream of hot cum a little less forceful than the preceding. I came with such force I almost lost my breath and nearly blacked out.

Leeza laughed as each spurt of hot cum shot out and hit her. She didn't realize and wasn't expecting such large powerfull cumshots as they bolted out, hitting her face. What a sexy sight seeing my lovely sixteen year old niece take her first facial of hot spunk from her horny Uncle Ron.

What she did next surprised me, she took her right hand and scooped my cum between her fingers. Leeza rolled my cum between her fingers and examined the texture and feel of it. She then slipped her fingers into her soft mouth, tasting her Uncle Ron's salty cum. Dee smiled as she was very turned on watching her daughter eat my cum.

Dee turned her attention back to my swollen cock and slipped my cum covered shaft back into her mouth, sucking me dry. Leeza leaned forward licking the base of my hard shaft with cum still on her sweet young face. I was so turned on, seeing mother and daughter both sucking at my rigid shaft. Dee pulled off my cock and Leeza sucked the swollen head between her soft young lips. While Leeza sucked lightly on my cock, Dee started licking my cum off her daughter's face.

The next sight was such a turn on as mother and daughter kissed, passing my hot cum back and forth between their hot sexy mouths. I could see white gobs of cum on their tongues as they kissed feverishly right between my legs. Dee continued to lick her daughters face clean as the both took turns swallowing my hot cum.

As they finished, Leeza said "God mom, that was so cool!"

"Yeah baby, your uncle was loaded for bear, right Ron?" Dee motioned to me as she still held my hard erect shaft in her hand.

"You two are the best. That was the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen." I replied.

"What do you say we all move to the living room." Dee suggested.

I peeled off all my clothes as I followed these two sexy babes to the living room holding my now semi-erect cock in my hand, I couldn't help notice the similarities between them. The older Leeza got, the more her body filled out and looked like Dee's. Dee still had these wider sexier hips and woman curves but Leeza had the smaller tighter fresh teenage butt. Don't get me wrong, both their asses were very sexy and hot in their own way.

"Sit down Ron and watch for a bit. I want to show you some things I've taught Leeza this past week." Dee instructed.

As I sat on the couch gently stroking my semi-hard cock, Dee and her daughter Leeza embraced and kissed passionately in front of me. I watched intently as they kissed and caressed each others bodies, Leeza slowly starting to remove her mom's clothing. Leeza gently pulled Dee's white tee over her head, exposing her small white tan-lined boobs with very erect dark swollen nipples.

Leeza dropped her head and sucked her mom's left nipple into her mouth, rolling it between her soft lips. As she did this, Dee caressed Leeza's soft tits in her hands and moaned softly, feeling her daughter's hot mouth encircling her hard nipples. After a few minutes sucking Dee's nipples, Leeza slowly dropped down, trailing kisses down her mother's smooth tanned stomach, all the while gently pushing mom's silk gym shorts down her tight tanned legs.

As Dee stepped out of her shorts, Leeza nuzzled her nose in her mom's soft bush, smelling the excitement of her moist and wet opening. Her soft tongue flicked out, striking Dee's swollen clit lightly, sending sexual jolts of electricity thru Dee's entire body. Dee drew a sharp breath, feeling her daughter's tongue caressing her most sensual area. She spread her legs slightly, giving Leeza better access to her mom's wet pussy.

Leeza began sucking deep and hard at her mother's wet pussy. She rolled her mom's swollen clit between her soft lips, sending Dee closer to orgasm. Dee's legs weakened as Leeza zeroed in on her erect love button. Dee didn't want to cum just yet so she pulled Leeza up, again kissing her deeply, only this time she could taste her own juices in her daughter's mouth.

I watched closely as another of one of the most erotic sights ever seen in my life unfolded before my eyes. Mother and daughter, both completely loving and sexually satisfying each other before my lusting eyes. My cock began to swell and grow hard again as I was entranced at the events taking place before me.

Dee slid the sheer blue teddy down over Leeza's shoulders, exposing Leeza's larger and firmer boobs. I could tell Dee was somewhat envious of her daughter's larger boobs as she paused just a second, looking at them. Dee lowered her head and her tongue flicked across Leeza's swollen left nipple. Leeza moaned softly feeling her mom's soft lips encircle her hard nipple, sucking it in and teasing it gently. Dee returned the favor as her daughter did to her, sucking lightly, teasing each nipple for several seconds before switching to the other.

As Leeza's blue teddy dropped to the floor, so did Dee who now was eye level with her daughter's young teenage pussy. Dee opened her mouth and covered Leeza's sparse hair covered pussy, mouthing her excited clit thru her soaking wet blue lace panties. Her daughter moaned as mother sucked hard on her swollen clit thru her panties. Dee cupped Leeza's small butt cheeks as she pulled her daughter hard into her mouth, sucking her clit even harder.

Dee then turned Leeza so her sexy butt faced me, she hooked the sheer panties in her thumbs and gently started peeling them down Leeza's long sexy young legs. I could see her sweet young pussy lips protruding down thru the sheer blue material of her panties. I watched as Leeza's sexy white butt cheeks came into unobtructed view. She has such a firm small tight teenage ass with sexy tan-lines like her mother.

Dee slid the sexy panties down her daughter's long legs and Leeza stepped out of them. Leeza then arched her back, spread her legs slightly and stuck her butt out toward me giving me a perfect view of her ass and pussy from behind. Dee must have been giving her lessons how to turn me on because in seconds my cock was rock solid again. My heart pounded as I gently stroked my swollen shaft as I watched mother and daughter continue.

I noticed Dee smiling at me as she took in the reaction her daughter's ass had on me. Dee reached around and cupped the teenage globes of flesh of her daughter's butt in each hand. She pulled Leeza toward her and began flicking her tongue across Leeza's lightly hair covered pussy. Dee shoved her tongue into the folds of Leeza's pussy, then softly up across her swollen clit.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh god mommmmmmmm!" Leeza moaned out.

Leeza shuddered to the sexual touch of her mother's tongue across her excited womanhood. Her mother's tongue worked slowly up and down her gash, stopping on each upward stroke, spending a few electric sexual filled seconds on her clit each time. Leeza's body was a bundle of sexual nerves, ready to explode as her mother caressed her ass and sucked her sweet young pussy for all her worth.

After several minutes of this, Leeza's body began to tremble all over as she crossed the threshold and her orgasm took over her young teenage body. Her knees weakened as her mother's mouth locked tightly to her swollen clit. Dee held Leeza's clit between her lips and flicked her tongue madly across it.

"Mom, I'm cummmmmmmingggggggggggg!" Leeza cried out as her young body shook with her first orgasm of the day.

After a few long seconds, Leeza's clit was so sensitive that she couldn't take anymore so she pushed her mom back as she dropped to the floor in front of her. Both on their knees, they embraced and kissed passionately as they held each others naked bodies in their arms. Their bare naked breasts smashed into each other, hard swollen nipples like rocks between them as they embraced tightly.

Leeza then pushed her mom slowly onto her back, spreading her legs as her head dropped between her mothers knees. Leeza applied all her mother had taught her this past week, all the ways to pleasure a woman that only a woman teach another, her daughter. With her arms under her mothers legs, daughter worked with deliberation at her mothers hot wet pussy.

Dee was enjoying all she had taught her daughter. Her knees where up in the air as Leeza's mouth sucked and licked every inch of her mother's crevice. Dee's mouth was open, eyes closed as she was breathing very heavy. She pinched and pulled at her hard swollen nipples while her daughter sucked feverishly at her juicy pussy. Leeza had become quite good at eating pussy.

"Aaaahhhhhhhh yessssssss honey, suck your mother's hot pussy!" Dee hissed loudly, barely able to contain herself as Leeza worked her hard clit.

I continued stroking my now enormous hard-on as I watched daughter pleasure mother by licking and sucking every inch of her older mature pussy. As Leeza pleasured her mother, I couldn't take my eyes off her sweet young sexy ass pushing up into the air. On her knees as she sucked intently on her mother's wet cunt, her sweet globes of teenage butt flesh with her glistening wet young pussy just below proved to be too much for me.

I slowly moved onto the floor behind Leeza and with my right hand, guided my swollen purple cock head to her moist young opening. Leeza paused sucking mom's pussy as she was caught off guard as I rubbed the head of my cock around her hot wet pussy opening. She was so into sucking her mom's pussy, she didn't realize I had moved in behind her.

I placed my hands on Leeza's hips and slowly pulled back. With one long steady stroke, my hard thick shaft slid slowly into my young niece's very tight wet pussy until it was buried to the hilt. Leeza moaned hard deep into her mom's pussy and shuddered as my cock hit bottom. I loved the feeling of her small tight buns against my hips as I held her there.

I began slowly thrusting my hard shaft in and out of Leeza's tight young pussy. She tried to concentrate on sucking her mother's pussy but it was a losing battle. As my cock pushed in and out, Leeza moaned into her mom's cunt. As I pushed forward, Leeza just held her tongue out and my forward thrust was pushing her tongue across her mother's swollen excited clit.

Dee was moaning with sexual excitement as I rammed deep into her daughter's tight young pussy from behind. Leeza's mouth and tongue were trying to clamp down on her mother's sex in time with my thrusts. This action was providing sexual pleasures for all as I rammed my hard cock into a very tight teenage pussy from behind, Leeza was receiving direct pleasure from that and Dee was feeling her daughter's tongue and mouth moving back and forth across her tingling excited swollen clit.

We maintained this action for several minutes until Dee started moaning louder and louder as she neared orgasm. I slowed my strokes and said to Leeza, "Go ahead Leez, suck her pussy and get your mom off."

I held Leeza hips firmly as my cock very slowly moved inward completely, held there a second, then very slowly pulled out until only my huge swollen cockhead remained in her tight tunnel. By moving slowly, Leeza was able to zero in on her mother's hard swollen clit, driving her quickly over the edge. Her mother's body shook as she moaned loudly in her throws of orgasm.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss baby! Suck mommy's pussy!" Dee bellowed out as she peaked and shuddered in orgasmic pleasures.

Feeling proud that she gave such a tremendous amount of pleasure to her mother, Leeza's sexual attention turned back to the thick swollen shaft of her Uncle Ron, moving slowly in and out of the folds of her tight teenage hot cunt. Ron gripped her hips firmer, pulled back harder and began driving his rigid cock hard into the depths of his niece's young pussy again.

Within minutes, Leeza felt that heightened sexual tingling which seemed to start in the center of her being, begin to grow and overtake her whole body. She felt like she wanted Uncle Ron's whole body inside her. She began to feel this intense sexual feeling growing from inside her as she impaled herself on her uncle's thick shaft.

Slowly he thrust in, holding her then slowly and firmly pulling out. On each inward thrust, he pushed harder, went deeper, held a little longer before again pulling his huge swollen cockhead all but out of her tight teenage pussy. The deep sexual pleasure increased for Uncle Ron as he too neared his second orgasm of the morning.

Dee was lying on her back, knees up with her daughter still between her legs as she composed herself after her massive orgasm. She watched the pure look of pleasure on her daughter's face still between her legs, just inches from her still sensitive tingling pussy. Leeza still had her arms wrapped around her mother's legs as Ron relentlessly pounded her young pussy from behind. Her sweet young ass still pointed upwards as her uncle's stiff cock again bottomed out in her tight teenage cunt.

Dee's pussy again tingled as she rolled her swollen nipples between her fingers as she enjoyed the view of sexual pleasure her daughter was now experiencing. She could feel her daughter's hot breath on her cunt becoming more labored as she neared orgasm. This was driving Dee's sexual pleasure higher as she watched Leeza's sexual pleasure build.

Leeza's body began to quake as Uncle Ron's tempo increased on each forward thrust. She finally lost all control as she moaned and screamed into the wet folds of her mother's wet pussy.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssss, my fucking god. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuuuummmmhhhhhhhhhhh, aahhhhhhh, aahhhhhhhhh yessssssssss!!" Leeza panted hard as her feelings spilled over the threshold of orgasm.

Ron's orgasm was soon to follow as he felt Leeza's tight pussy gripping and contracting on his thick swollen shaft. Just a few more deep solids thrusts and he'd be there. Oh yeah, here it comes baby, he thought as his muscles tightened and he plowed hard and deep one last time.

"Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he bellowed as his seed spilled out deep inside his niece's hot pussy.

Ron held Leeza's hips tight as his cock juice drained deep inside her young tight cunt. Leeza's body was still shaking from the second and third waves of her orgasm as she felt her uncle's hot juices being dumped inside her. Even now her pussy was still tight as Ron could feel his cum leaking out onto his crotch as she kind of sat on his lap, with his cock still deep inside her.

Dee had herself all worked up again, watching her daughter and Uncle Ron fucking so hard. Her pussy was all hot and bothered, ready for more action but this time she needed the thick hard shaft deep inside her. She slid herself out from under her daughter's grasp and moved up toward Ron.

Leeza pulled herself off her uncle's semi-hard shaft and laid down on the floor's soft carpet. She watched her mom's sexy body move toward Uncle Ron. Dee pushed Ron back on the floor so he was sitting, leaning against the couch as she moved up and started kissing him passionately. They kissed deeply as she reached for his cock, slick with her daughter's juices and Ron's thick cum, and began to stroke him back to hardness.

As Ron felt Dee grip his cock, he hoped he could get hard again. These two sex crazy bitches were going to wear him out, but he'd die a sexually fulfilled man. A slight feeling of relief passed thru his mind as he felt his shaft swelling and growing hard one more time. Within minutes he was rock solid again and ready for Dee's hot wet mature pussy to envelope his shaft again.

Dee feeling Ron's shaft now hard, threw her left leg over him and positioned herself over his stiff cock. She guided it into her moist opening as she lowered herself down. In one swift gliding moment, she felt his cock slide deep inside her as her soft butt flesh touched his firm thighs. She held him there, deep inside her feeling his cock throbbing before she began to rotate her hips slowly back and forth.

"Oh god Dee, your pussy is so fucking hot!" Ron panted out.

Ron's hands moved softly up her sides and caressed her firm breasts as Dee controled every movement of Ron's thick shaft within her wet pussy walls. Her hips moved slowly back and forth forcing his cock in and out of her hot cunt. Ron could feel her slick juices getting his crotch wetter by the second. She now leaned forward, panting in his left ear as she pistoned his hard shaft deep within her love tunnel.

Leeza watched intently as she could clearly see her Uncle Ron's thick cock penetrating her mother's wet pussy. She admired the soft sexy curves of her mother's ass and hips as Uncle Ron's cock again disappeared inside her. She took in every sweet sexy curve of her mother's back, every muscle she used to drive Uncle Ron's cock deep on each downward stroke.

Ron now grabbed Dee's hips and took control of the rhythm of their hot passionate fucking. He pulled down hard with his firm masculine grip, smashing her swollen clit against his crotch on each upward thrust. After a few minutes of this, Dee began feeling her orgasm building again.

"Fuck me harderrrrrrrrrrr! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss baby, just like that, uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh!" she panted.

Ron heard her sexual cries and began driving his hard shaft up into her hot wet cunt. He had to change his position for better leverage as he held her, his cock deep inside her and rolled Dee onto her back on the floor next to Leeza. Leeza watched intently as her uncle fucked her mother right before her young teenage eyes.

With Dee's legs spread, lying on her back, Ron began pounding his hard shaft deep inside her. Dee wrapped her legs tightly around his back as within minutes she shook violently with the best orgasm of the day. She closed her eyes as her body shook all over and every nerve in her body exploded in sexual pleasure.

Leeza smiled as she witnessed her mother's sexually charged orgasm, her pussy still tingling with excitement. Uncle Ron rolled off her mother and was panting, laying on the floor next to the couch. Dee in the middle, pinching and pulling at her nipples as the last waves of orgasmatic pleasures passed thru her sexually spent body.

Uncle Ron shifted onto his side as he looked over the sexy mother and daughter lying on the carpet next to him. Leeza rolled onto her side and looked deep into his loving eyes. Ron felt the loving stare of his niece as they looked passionately at each other. He reached across Dee's tight tanned stomach as Leeza reached for him. Their hands met and their fingers entwined together, resting on Dee's belly.

"That was awesome!" Leeza announced loudly in her teenage voice.

"I'll agree with that!" Dee said, still panting slightly.

"Yeah baby, you're turning into one hot piece of ass, just like your mom here!" Uncle Ron replied as he leaned forward and hugged both of them.

They all decided to go up and take a shower together but being they were all sexually spent, it was just alot of laughing and fooling around as they rubbed their hot soapy lathered hands all over each others tanned wet bodies. Each was thinking about the next time they could possibly spend a morning or an afternoon together, enjoying the sexual excitement they could give each other in a loving family way.