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Mom and the Boys Part 3

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When he pulled up I got into the car.   We kissed and he said how nice I looked.   We drove away into the countryside and drove slowly talking all the time. We drove to a small town where we had a meal and sat and talk

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ed some more.   It began to get late so we started back home.   By now it was cold and raining.   A steady rain that you just know isn’t going to stop till the following day. We pulled off to the side of the road and talking grew to kissing and kissing grew to fumbling.   I reached into his pants to get his dick out.   It was just like I remembered.   Big, fat and hard but nothing like Graham’s.   It was somewhere in between Graham’s and Matt’s but oh so wonderful just the same.   He reached under my dress and remarked I see you still wet your panties. His hands slipped them down and off as he bent over to lick my overly wet pussy.   God, he said, you still smell so sexy and you’re still so wet, (little did he know that Matt had given me a good fuck over the kitchen table a few minutes before I had left house to meet him).   We put the seats back but as he tried to get into me but he lost his hard on.   Try as I might I couldn’t get it to rise so we dressed and just talked, kissed and cuddled. After twenty minutes he wanted to try again.   I had put my wet panties in my purse after he removed them so it only took a moment to get his dick out and put the seat back.   I felt him on top of me then a nudge at my vaginal lips.   Then as though it had never been away, I felt an old friend part my lips and sink its full length into me.   It was wonderful.   We fucked how I remembered and dreamt about for years, rotating his hips so his dick was like a spoon stirring in a cup, and at the same time pulling nearly out then a hard thrust right into me.   I felt his cock swell and he worked it faster and faster, my own cum was starting to boil and the waves of pleasure began to build.   I screamed “ram me, ram me Trevor cum in me, fill me” and he did, meeting my own climax with hot spitting thrusts that seemed to go right up into my stomach.   There was no doubt the magic was still there and before we left I had accepted his offer of marriage and he mine of a home when his divorce became final in a few weeks.   He dropped me at my door and we arranged for him to come down the following afternoon.   We kissed good night and I waved him off as he left.   I entered the house Graham was watching TV “want a cup of tea mom” he asked “please” I said.   He brought it and we sat and talked.   Matt was staying with his friend for the night, the same boy who kept groping me, so we were alone.   He asked how my night was with pop pop.   I told Graham that I was going to marry pop pop Trevor and in a few weeks he was coming to live with us.   He was not happy about it and tried to make me change my mind.   I then made the mistake of opening my bag, there for Graham to see were my wet panties.   You’ve been fucking with him haven’t you he shouted.   No I said a little worried at this sign of anger in my normally gentle boy.   He pushed me backwards and I fell into the recliner.   He pulled up my dress roughly, grabbed my legs and spread them to reveal my naked still slimy hole.   Liar, he shouted, “why didn’t you come home I wanted to fuck you.   Look”, undoing his trousers he revealed his huge cock sticking out hard and proud.   I tried to twist away from him but he grabbed me and I ended up over the arm of the recliner. He pushed my face into the recliner and as I struggled I felt him force himself between my legs as they hung over the arm.   His knob roughly forced its way between my vaginal lips spreading and stretching them apart.   With one mighty thrust he was buried deep inside me deep in my womb.   With animal like thrusts he pounded through my cervix and with one last thrust he held me tight.   Then it was all over, hot cum pumped into me and spurted deep into my womb. I felt bloated with the amount of cum that was just forced inside me.   It felt like enough cum to get an army of women pregnant.   Wow pregnant, the thought never entered my mind until now and his cum felt like it was shot right into my tubes.   What’s worse is who would be the father.   In the past few weeks I’ve had so much cum inside me from my two boys that it would be hard to tell.   Silly me, this was the 5 th load today and now there are three of them to think about.   Oh well, it’s too late to worry about that now and besides I know I couldn’t stop now even if I tried.   We cleaned ourselves up and he cried and said how sorry he was and of course I forgave him, though I had enjoyed the roughness this time.   It was what he lacked in sex he was always too gentle, even as Matt was too hard and rough; together fucking me they were perfect.   A good mixture but I think they both could have done with a little of the others technique to make them really good on there own.   Not that they weren’t good but I’m sure any other woman reading this will know exactly what I mean.


The following day pop pop Trevor arrived and after a mad passionate half hour of sex we talked.   He wanted us to move away from this house I was in so we sold it and within days we had moved to a new and better area.   The new house was great and in a few weeks Trevor had moved most of his belongings in though still sleeping in his old house.   My mother had taken an apartment and moved out and the house was up for sale.   I was having a great time three cocks fucking me every day.     I was being fucked seven or eight times a day.   I lost count most of the time because I was in a permanent sexual high, but what was going to happen when the wedding came and pop pop Trevor moved in permanently as their father, I began to worry!


The matter resolved itself in an odd way.     I knew Trevor liked threesomes and his attitude was that sex belonged to the person and if two people wanted sex and were ok with it well why not.   The dick or the vagina was made to do that and provided cleanliness was observed it was in no way wrong to have as much as you needed.   One evening as we sat watching TV with the boys I saw pop pop Trevor keep looking at them where they sat then as I walked him too the car and we kissed he said “your Matt did nothing but play with his cock tonight” did he I replied, I’m sure he wants you he said, and then his next words really shook me. “I would love to watch him fuck you, or better still all of us fuck you”.   Oh I couldn’t, I said.   Well the wedding is only three days away let’s see when I’m here all the time.   OK I replied I’ll think about it.   Think about it, hell this was a dream come true.   And as he drove away I rushed inside and told the boys what had been said.   They were not enthusiastic at first but Matt soon came round.   Graham did too but only a little even though I explained I wasn’t going to risk any problems with pop pop Trevor.


On the eve of our wedding pop pop Trevor left early.   Matt and I had a quick fuck in the shower before going to bed.   Graham came to my bedroom naked as usual within minutes and climbed in beside me.   We fucked for hours as he tried to get me to call of the wedding.   I made it plain there was no way, so we fucked one more time and fell asleep together.   When the alarm went off Graham and Matt each fucked once more and that’s how I went to my wedding full of my sons hot cum deep in my womb.   After the wedding we went on a short honeymoon then back home to start our new life.   At first Trevor said no more about the boys and at this time my daughter Mary started coming around.   She won Trevor over by showing him how to remove a bra without taking of your clothes.   Of course she managed to show all of her bust in the process.   I didn’t mind too much because I was still sneaking in my regular sessions with my boys so fair is fair. We were going on a short weekend trip and Trevor asked her to join us.   The first evening they got in the shower together and there was a lot of feeling going on.   Then we went out to a sex show and ended the night in a gay bar where Trevor knew friends of the owner.   The second afternoon they showered together I watched as they kissed and played with each other, having a nice little orgasm all to myself. We went out, had a meal then walked around looking at the sights. We then decided to go to a sex club, however Mary said she was tired, so we took her back to the hotel first, the club was great and when we arrived back she was asleep. The next morning we rose and she stayed in bed.   We had breakfast then Trevor asked me to go shopping for half an hour while he tried to fuck her.   I readily agreed and off I went.


When I arrived back they both looked smug.   Mary was still in bed and Trevor told me he had fucked her.   When I sucked his cock later that wasn’t my taste on it so I knew it was true.   I learned little more except some weeks later Trevor told me she was most disappointing.   She just laid there like a log and her hole was too big. He was very disappointed, as he said, after my mother and me, both great at sex; he expected something special from the third generation, his granddaughter.  


After we arrived home Trevor brought up the idea of watching me have sex with the boys again.   I agreed and said I thought it was a good idea, but how were we to do it. Trevor suggested that we get some porn videos. He suggest an evening watching them with a few beers and snacks telling the boys that we thought they were grown up enough to join us if they wanted. When this was mentioned both boys agreed.    So the following Friday evening I put on stockings and suspenders.   A skirt split to the waist at both sides and a see through blouse. Trevor and I sat on the sofa and the boys in the armchairs in front and to our left. Trevor put out the main light and began the first show. All was quiet, a crunch of chips and a slurp of beer were the only sounds heard.   But after a while we mellowed and comments began to be passed back and forth.   Look at the tits on that one, look at the size of her fingernails; I wouldn’t like them near my cock.   Then as the pictures became more graphic hands moved to cocks.   Trevor asked the boys if they knew what hairy panties were.    No they replied, show them he said and I pulled up my skirt to let them see my panty less pussy.   They fell to the floor laughing; they found hairy panties to be a funny description of their mother’s neatly trimmed pussy.   

Trevor began to play with me, took off my skirt and blouse.   The video was mostly ignored now as the boys watched.   I said “hey if I’ve got to be naked then so do have you.    Come on get them off and I proceeded to undo Trevor’s pants.    I can do that he said you better give the boys a hand.   So I went over to the boys, Graham had his jeans off already and I leaned over Matt and undid his belt and pulled his off too.    His cock sprang up erect and hard, he wasn’t wearing underwear.   I took it in my hand and began to masturbate him.   Trevor called “non of that tonight, only one place to masturbate and that’s in your hole, right boys”.   Mmm yeah they mumbled as Trevor pulled me to the sofa laid me down and slid his cock into me.    After a few moments he withdrew and said “that’s enough for now whose next”?     Graham was on his feet and I heard the hiss of an indrawn breath as Trevor saw for the first time my eldest son’s big cock.    He came over and lay on top of me.    His cock slid in with that farting sound that seemed to accompany its entry and exit to my body.   I rose to meet him and after a few moments felt the telltale swelling as he prepared to cum.   Trevor must have noticed too.    His eyes were glued to the sight of my pussy lips stretched around Graham’s cock.    Ok out Graham he said, your turn Matt. Graham reluctantly pulled himself from me only to be replaced instantly by Matt, who began to pound my hole in his usual manner.   Ok me again said Trevor, as Matt started to speed up his strokes.   Matt pulled from me to be replaced by Trevor’s cock, and by then I was on my third orgasm.    The first having occurred when I saw those three hard cocks just for me.   I think the sight of Graham’s cock filling me had taken Trevor over the top, as he lost control and blew his cum inside me.   Sorry guys he said it’s up to you two now.     Matt said I’ll go next pulling me to the edge of the sofa where he went to his knees.    He rammed his cock into me with a ferocious thrust that made me cry out.   He ground his 7” rod into me I think it would have really hurt had I not already been full of Trevor’s cum.   Trevor and Graham were on either side of him watching as he rode me to our climax.    Oh mom I’m cumming he called and I felt his hot cum join Trevor’s and mine in my vagina.   He slid out to be replaced by an eager Graham whose entry into me was accompanied by the usual sound.    He began to work himself in me very gently, Trevor and Matt were at my breasts and Trevor swears that as Graham’s cock went into me my tummy swelled up. They began sucking my nipples and teasing me.   My head fell back and I just gave myself up to the wonderful feelings running through my body. Graham’s long slow deep strokes were building a huge climax inside me.   I could feel my belly twisting and boiling.   Once his huge cock pierced through the opening of my cervix the pleasure waves started. Deep inside my tummy down to my pussy, becoming more and more intense as my nipples hardened and tingled adding even more pleasure.   The huge cock inside me felt bigger than ever with all the cum juices in there. He had to be forcing their sperm deep in my womb.   I felt the first pulse of cum run up Graham’s cock and deep inside my womb and I screamed with the enormous wave of pleasure that rippled into my pussy. As he shot his enormous load, the waves continued and I felt I was going to faint as my hole opened in pleasure to receive him.   I even felt my butt hole open.     I vaguely heard Graham’s moans of “OH MOM” then as I slowly returned through a wonderful haze of pleasure I felt his huge cock still buried inside my womb.   We remained like that for what seemed to be an eternity until I felt his wonderful cock slid out of my passage without a sound.   From that moment on I knew that I was going to be pregnant.   There’s no way in hell that any fertile woman could take that much cum inside her without getting pregnant.  


Trevor and Matt made coffee while Graham and I relaxed.   Well, said Trevor, I don’t think I have to ask if you all enjoyed that as much as I did.

We all agreed it was a great evening and we must do it again. The sooner the better we all said.   Completely drained they carried me to bed.   After my wonderful boys said goodnight Trevor got between my legs and sucked the accumulated cum from my hole.   The next morning my three men rearranged the bedroom so all the beds could be put together.   It was apparent that we would all be sleeping together from now on.   I was the happiest woman alive knowing that I would always have my three wonderful men keeping me full with their hot cum.   And do it again we did.   Most of the time it was all three of them and sometimes just two as Graham or Matt would be away. Of course there were also the times when Trevor was out and Matt and Graham would call from our bedroom, “Mom would you please come upstairs”.   This was a regular summons.   A summons I was always glad to obey.   The eight or nine times a day was pretty standard during the week but the weekends where a whole new story.   Let’s just say that my legs weren’t closed for too long and I never wore any clothes unless we left the house.     


  But again that fly was in the ointment.

Mary called one evening while we were in bed.   Trevor and Matt had already filled me and Graham was deep inside my womb pushing their cum deeper with his long slow thrusts.   He didn’t mind going last and neither did I because if any one was going to get me pregnant it would be because of him or would even be him.   I’m not really sure when or how it happened but his beautiful cock had grown and believe me size is important.   It was just over 11 inches and felt even more wonderful than a few weeks ago.   I actually preferred him going last because I was drained after our 30 to 40 minute fucks.   If you counted the whole time he remained inside me it was more like an hour. Yes ladies he was a machine and an excellent at that.


  Matt answered the phone and was talking to Mary.     I didn’t hear too much of their conversation but when he handed the phone to Trevor I knew something was wrong but I was too far gone to care.   All I remember was whispering “I want your baby” in Graham’s ear before my son gave me the greatest fucking I have ever had.   After I came back to earth from another glorious fuck with Graham and I was relaxed Trevor told me that Mary’s husband had left her and took her child, something about her being an unfit mother.   He told me that he offered to have her come back home and live with us.   I’m sure that’s not all he said because I know he still wanted her pussy, but in any case she agreed.   I didn’t care that he still wanted her.   I knew from the 1 st time he fucked her that he would always want more even if she was a log.   Besides I still had my boy’s.   Since tomorrow was going to be a new chapter in our lives as a family we decided to get some sleep but I knew Graham had other ideas for him and me.   I felt him snuggle up behind me and whisper in my ear “mom, I want you to have my baby”.   I was so happy to hear the words come out of his mouth that I turned around to kiss him.   Soon I was on top of him sliding his big hard cock back inside me.   We kissed and held each other tight moving around to change positions.   We finally settled down with him behind me as I curled up into him.   He shot 2 more loads of his hot baby making cum deep inside me and all I could think about was that I was wrong about the last one being the greatest fuck because this one had that beat by a mile and if this was any indication of how things would be I knew they would only keep getting better and better.


Mary arrived the next morning after my 3 men gave me my morning dose of hot cum before leaving for school and work.   I was so accustomed to being nude that I startled her when I opened the door.   She brought her things in while I made coffee.   We chatted at the kitchen table and then I told her what to expect while living with us.   She was somewhat surprised but then said that she figured things would be different around here.   After talking for a few minutes she told me that she knew about Trevor because grandma told her.   Leave it to grandma I said and we both laughed.   Yes, I had an affair with him but it was only because your grandma wouldn’t fuck him like I did.   At that time I needed something more and your pop pop gave me what I needed.   She said I know what you mean because I loved it when he fucked me.   I told her what he said about her being a log and she just laughed.   She said I was having a tough time back then but I’m sure he’ll change his mind this time.   We sipped our coffee and talked some more before she hit me with a bomb.   She said she also knew about her brothers.   At first I was shocked because I thought no one knew.   Actually, I said, I was just going to mention that but since you know already I guess there’s no need to go any further unless you have any questions.   Only one she said, are you on the pill?   NO I said, and that was the end of the discussion.   Now that the ground rules are understood let’s go put your things away.   Ground rules, what ground rules she asked?   Well, another question I see.   I’ll explain this as simply as I can.   We have 3 wonderful men in this house who need to be kept satisfied.   I think I have done a good job of handling their needs so far but it’s become apparent that 1 of them needs something extra and I guess that’s where you come in.   It’s fine with me that he wants you and I’m more than happy to share him with you and your brothers too.   I waited a moment for a look or a reply but she didn’t move a muscle.   Good, I said, oh there is 1 more thing.   Are you on the pill?   No she said then I hugged her.   She knew I wanted to get pregnant and now I knew she wanted the same thing I did.   Great I said, now let’s go upstairs, get you undressed and put your things away.   Around here we don’t wear any clothes unless we leave the house.   I rubbed my hand on her tummy and mine and said, we’re one big happy family again and hopefully we’ll get bigger.   We both laughed and started upstairs.   She got undressed as I put some of her things away then she asked where she would be sleeping since this room was filled with dressers.   I stopped putting her things away a led her down the hall to THE BEDROOM.   The look on her face was priceless.   You she said, and then I said yes this is where we sleep and so will you.   Since you know about us there will be no more secrets is that understood.   All she could mutter was oh my god.   She kept saying it then she finally said YES it’s ok.   Good then why don’t you lie down and relax for a while your pop pop will be home for lunch soon and I’m sure he’ll want to see you.   She smiled and said ok mom.   I finished putting her things away and did some cleaning up until Trevor came home.   I went upstairs to wake her about 10 minutes before he came so she could meet him at the door.   She grabbed a robe but before she could put it on I stopped her, remember what I said, we don’t wear any clothes unless we go outside.   Again she smiled and said ok mom as we went downstairs to greet him.   Trevor’s car pulled in the driveway and I watched her as she waited for him to get in front of the door.   She opened the door just as he was about to stick in his key.   Once he saw her I thought he was going to fall over so I yelled to Mary to grab him and pull him inside.   After she closed the door she gave him a big hug and long sexy kiss.   At that moment I knew she really wanted him.   Hell I stole him from my mom so why shouldn’t she steal him from her mom.   I wasn’t worried though because I still had 2 handsome men to keep me more than filled with a scrumptious supply of hot cum and they’d be home in a couple hours to take care of their mommy.   Well while these two got acquainted I decided to go to the drug store.   I felt it was time for me to pick up a few pregnancy test kits because I was a few days late but I’ve been there before but you never know.  


By the time I got back they were going at it on the kitchen table.   Mary was right she has changed since her log days.   They were like two animals in heat.   He was pounding the shit out of her pussy and she was screaming, give me more, I want more, I want your baby inside me.   Oh, that’s not going to be a problem I said to myself, he’ll fuck you and make sure he’s got you nice and pregnant.   Oh yes my little girl and don’t be surprised if he keeps you that way.   My mind wandered back to when we had our affair and how many times a day I’d let him cum inside me.   He was a real stud with a hard cock that never seemed to die.   Anyway, I know he was inside me more than my mother and it was a good thing that I was on the pill or I’d surely have a ton of kids by now.   Now here in front of me was my little girl and her pop pop following in her mother’s foot steps.   MMMMMM, back to the scene in front of me and just in time too because Mary was screaming so loud that I knew he was shooting his hot cum inside her belly.   I wasn’t gone all that long so I figured that was his first load and even if I was wrong Mary would tell me all about it later.   I went upstairs to put the test kits in the medicine closet, shed my clothes and went back to the kitchen.   Mary had made him a sandwich and while he was eating she was eating too but not a sandwich if you know what I mean.   She was kneeling in front of him with her mouth sliding up and down on his cock.   My little girl was acting just like a whore and just as well because she was going to be one as long as she stayed here.   I walked over and gave Trevor a kiss while saying welcome home dear.   Mary had stopped sucking his cock and was looking at me but I told her to keep taking care of her pop pop.   She went right back to work just as I expected.   I stood by the sink watching them.   Trevor looked at his watch then finished his sandwich and gulped his coffee.   He pulled Mary up from the floor and gave her a long passionate kiss then her turned her and bent her over the table so he could fuck her again.   I watched my new husband fuck my daughter again over the kitchen table.   It was exciting me so much I had to go over and give my husband and daughter a kiss.   I kissed Trevor first then my little girl.   Our first mother daughter kiss was intense with our tongues moving in each others mouths and after our kiss I told her, welcome home but all she did was moan something about it’s good to be home.   I knew what she meant as I looked at the clock to see when my men would be home from school.   I left them in the kitchen to finish then walked upstairs to take a shower so I could be nice and fresh for my men.  


Well as the story goes our lives couldn’t get any better than they are right now.   My daughter and I have made sure that our men are well taken care of and in turn they have done an excellent job of keeping us full of hot cum.   Matt and pop pop are keeping Mary very busy which doesn’t bother me in the least because I’m now 9 weeks past my last period and I’m sure the Graham is the one responsible for it.   We have become somewhat exclusive although I still have an occasional fuck with Matt and Trevor but Graham is now my first and last every day.   The bond between us was set that night we both said we wanted to have a baby together.   I wanted to use one of the tests but at this point I don’t think it’s necessary besides I’d rather have him see my belly grow and let him see for himself that we succeeded.   I’m not sure how everything will turn out in the future for everyone but Graham knows that I will give birth to as many children he wants me to have.   We know that a loving family is the best life anyone can experience and we plan to keep it that way.


Thanks for reading my story and I will try to keep you up to date with any developments as they arise.   Just one more thing before I go, I know our lifestyle is not condoned by society and that’s a real shame because I believe that if more families were one tenth as close together as we are society wouldn’t be as screwed up as it is.   THAT’S MY OPINION!!!!

Kidnapping Keri - Part Five

Sir James on Incest Stories

Kidnapping Keri-Part Five

I was happy in my small two bedroom cottage. I had enrolled in engineering college, and was doing just fine. I had been awarded a very nice scholarship to pay for my tuition and expenses. This life agreed with me, and I felt that I was beginning to journey through my adult life. Living by myself gave me a delicious feeling on independence. There was a complication.

My sister Keri was my love, and had become my sex slave and obsession. I missed her and what we shared. On a recent weekend visit home, I discovered that Keri was having problems. She missed me. She was depressed, and her grades were suffering. My parents and I talk

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ed about Keri, and devised an answer. I offered to have Keri move in with me. I told them she could have the second bedroom in my little bungalow, but I would really appreciate them helping with the rent. I had plans to rent that room to another student to defray my rental costs. For this, I promised I would enroll Keri in a high school near my college, and I would tutor her to bring her grades up to par. My parents were overjoyed at this arrangement. So was Keri. I was very pleased, to say the least.

The following weekend I moved Keri into my house. Even though I put all of her stuff in the second bedroom, it was clear that she would share my bed. We had to keep up appearances for our parents. We were like a honeymoon couple. We were excited to be back together, and now in our own place

As soon as we were alone, Keri ran to my arms. I hugged and kissed my lover and sister. I quickly undressed her, and then myself. We fell into my bed and made love like we had not seen each other for years!

Afterwards, we lay there in the bed, basking in the afterglow of our hot afternoon sex. My arm was around Keri, as I lay on my back. She had her head on my shoulder, lying on her side, facing me. Her sweet breasts were pressed hard against my body and she was softly stroking my flagging cock.

“Jack”, she whispered. “I am the happiest girl in the world. I thought I had lost you. I’m so glad we are here together.”

I smiled, hugged her, and after kissing her, replied. “Yeah, Baby Sister, I missed you too. But, if we are going to live together, however, I insist on some rules.”

Keri looked at me, and asked, “What kind of rules? I’m already your sex slave, silly.”

“Well, that’s the point, Dear Sister. I want us to make sure we maintain that way of life. Like in the past, you are my sex slave. I will tie, restrain you when I want. I will whip and torture you as in the past, and no sex act will be too much for you. I guess we can say you do not have the right to say ‘no’.”

Keri smiled, “Yes, Big Brother, I know all that, and I accept your rules.”

“Good“, I commented. “Next, we are going to get your school grades up to where they should be. We don’t want mother and dad to insist you going back home because you grades did not improve like I promised.”

“I promise”, she said, stroking my now erect cock. “Is there any thing else Master?”

“Yeah, there I”, I said, pausing for a moment. “If the opportunity presents itself, I intend to engage in our “kidnap” games”, I replied

Keri paused, and the asked, “You mean you might give me to someone else to torture and rape?”

“Yeah, that’s what I mean. I really liked us doing that. I would really like to do it again, providing I find a person I want to share you with. Damon and Jerry have both moved away, so we can‘t include them in our activities.”

Keri was quiet as she continued stroking my rigid cock. Finally she replied, “O.K., if you really want me to, I will submit to you... I love you, Jack.”

Keri moved down my body, leaving a trail of delicious kisses until she arrived at my cock. She used her sweet pink tongue to flick the tip of my cock as she stroked the rigid heated shaft, causing it to throb with my heart beat. Teasingly, she slipped her soft sweet lips over the head of my cock, and started to suck it in earnest To add to the sensation, she cupped my balls with her hand, gently massaging them. I could not hold out long, and soon my cock erupted in jets of hot semen, filling her beautiful mouth. She managed to take it all, not losing a drop. It had been a long day, and with in a very short time we both fell asleep, my sister Keri with my cock touching her lips as her head rested on my stomach. Her soft dainty hand still gently holding my balls. It was wonderful to be together again.

The college year went as usual. I was doing well in my engineering and computer science classes, and Keri’s grades improved. By mid winter, she was ready to graduate from high school in the Spring. We continued to live together. We went to college functions as boy friend and girl friend. Keri looked so hot, a lot of my friends envied my having her as my lover. Little did they know I was living with and having fabulous sex with my beautiful sister.

During my next year at college, I turned 20 and Keri was 18. We were closer that ever, and at every opportunity I took her deeper into sexual slavery. By now I had purchased many bondage items. There were cuffs (leather and steel), the ever present ropes, whips, nipple and clit clamps, dildos and other paraphernalia to bring us both pleasure. Keri reveled in her sexual slavery. She was virtually my 24/7 slave.

In the Spring of that school year, as I was approaching 21 years of age, and Keri approaching 19, I met Eric. We met on the racket ball court, and became fast friends. Even though he was discrete, it was obvious that he thought Keri was one incredible woman. I liked Eric, and I started to probe his psyche to see if he would the right person to share Keri with. One day, at his apartment, I noticed some bondage porn books and BDSM videos in his closet. When I asked, he readily admitted that he was very interested in the subject of BDSM, but had never had a chance to pursue his desires.

I invited Eric to my house on Saturday evening, and told him to expect something very special in the area of BDSM. He tried to get me to tell him what the surprise was, but I held fast. He would have to wait and see. In the meantime, he and I had several conversations about BDSM and sexual slavery of women. From what I could discern from our talks, he probably thought I knew of a couple of hookers who would accommodate us.

I told Keri about the upcoming Saturday evening with Eric, and that I would be letting him participate in her slavery. She was a little apprehensive, but agreed to obey me. We had not done anything like this since we were in high school. Keri had met Eric and liked him. We both were excited about the possibilities.

Saturday afternoon came. Keri was given instructions on how to dress. She asked what the evening activities would be, but I kept her in the dark. I thought it would be better that way. I had her put on one of her string bikini swim suits. Over that, as instructed, she put on a black strapless bra and matching black lace panties. Then she put on a short skirted sun dress. The top of the dress resembled a halter top, the straps of which were tied in a bow at the back of her neck. To top this off, she put on a pair of black patent leather high heel pumps. Keri was very adept at wearing very high heel shoes as I required her to be naked, wearing high heel shoes, when ever we were alone. Once she was dressed for the evening, you could not tell that she had five layers of clothing on, including her dress. She was just dressed very stylishly, and very beautiful.

When Eric arrived, Keri was the model hostess. She served snacks and drinks, and was very attentive. Eric could not take his eyes off her. After every one had relaxed, I told Keri to go into the bedroom. There, on the bed, she would find a brief case. She was to bring it into the living room. She did as instructed. Eric asked about what was gong to happen. I told him to have patience and he would not be disappointed.

Keri brought the brief case into the living room, and put it on the coffee table. As instructed, she opened it. Inside were ropes, cuffs, gags, and other items needed by a man who “owned” a sex slave. Keri was told to take the penis gag from the brief case. This was a leather strap on which was mounted a rubber dildo. This is inserted in at slaves mouth, with the strap holding it tightly in place. The does a really good job of silencing a sex slave. Keri was told to put it on.

“Keri, make sure you pull the strap tight”, I ordered. She did as I asked.

“Now, slave, put on the steel police handcuffs, and lock you hands behind your back. Make sure the cuffs are tight”, was her next order. Keri did as I asked.

Eric was spell bound. Now standing in front of him was one very beautiful submissive woman, handcuffed and gagged on her own volition. He was silent, at a loss for words as he watched the evening unfold. At my instructions, Keri moved about, posing so Eric could appreciate her bondage and beauty. Her short dress and high heels displayed her great legs, while her breasts were pushed against the fabric of her sun dress.

I stood and walked to Keri. I hugged her and kissed her gagged mouth. While I was kissing her, my hand was fondling her breasts through her dress. Picking a strand of rope, I wrapped it around her elbows, pulling it tight and tying it off. Now her elbows were touching each other, bound tightly in the small of her back, causing her amazing breasts to push out from her chest, straining the fabric of her dress. I unlocked the handcuffs, and used another piece of rope to tightly tie her wrists.

“Eric, you have met Keri, the most important thing in my life, but now I want you to meet Slave Keri. She is my sex slave, and I do with her as I wish.”

Eric finally was able to speak. “Wow”, he uttered. “I never knew. Wow, She…Keri…uh, she…, Man she’s beautiful”. I noticed from the lump in his trousers that he had an erection. Keri noticed also.

“Eric, I have a surprise for you. You and I are going to play “strip poker”. The winner of each hand gets to take an article of clothing off Keri. When she is naked, then we will enjoy her.”

Eric replied, “Wow!”

I answered, “Quit saying ’Wow’, and go to the table where the cards are, and let’s play poker.” Keri was looking at me with a look of lust, and a little bit of trepidation. It had been a long time since I done something like this to her. I took her by the forearm and escorted her to the kitchen table.

Eric and I sat down at the table, while Keri was made to stand, on display, between us. Eric was excited, and Keri was submissively beautiful. Her pretty blue eyes watching her two captors. The first hand of cards were dealt, and after some maneuvering, I won the first hand.

“Keri”, I said. “Come here. I have won the right to remove your dress. Who ever wins a hand can remove an article of clothing from you. When the article is removed, you are to stand very close to the winner of that hand, as he has the right to enjoy feeling and playing with you body.” Keri nodded her head.

I removed her dress, without untying her. Now she was standing there in a black bra and matching black panties. Eric was enthralled. I sat back down and spent the next few minutes running my hands over her body, paying care attention to her breasts and pussy.

Time to deal the next hand. Eric was not a very good poker player, so I deliberately lost that hand, so he could remove an article of Keri’s clothes. He removed her strapless bra. He was somewhat disappointed that she had on a bikini bra underneath. Keri moved very close to Eric, and stood silently as he took every advantage of feeling and playing with her scantily clad body. Finally, I told him it was time for another hand of poker. Reluctantly, his hands left Keri, and returned to the poker hand he was dealt. Even as he looked at his cards, one of his hands was stroking her delicious ass and fabulous legs as she obediently stood there.

Eric won the next hand, and removed her panties, leaving her standing there in her string bikini and high heeled shoes. Again, Eric reveled in running his hands all over her body.

I made sure Eric won the next hand of poker. He stood up and walked behind Keri. He slowly undid the ties to her bikini top. The top fell away, and she was standing there with her magnificent breasts on display. Eric’s pulled her back into his body, his hands going around her body, grasping her waiting breasts. He spent nearly ten minutes playing with her breasts and kissing her gagged face. The bulge in his trousers were more than obvious. Keri’s bound hands were brushing against his painfully rigid cock.

The last hand of poker was mine. Keri was standing between us as I removed her bikini bottom. She was magnificent. I ran my hand between her legs to find that her pussy was hot and wet. She moaned softly as I pushed my finger into her heated passage. After a minute or two, finger fucking Keri, I turned to Eric.

“Now, my friend, come with me”, I instructed. I took my naked sister Keri by her bound wrists and escorted her to the corner of the living room. Reaching up, I took a hanging planter down from the eye bolt mounted in the ceiling. Using a long piece of rope, I tied one end around Keri’s bound wrists, and the other end through the eye bolt. I pulled on the rope, pulling it up tight, raising Keri’s bound hands and arms well above her, until she was sharply bent at the waist. I tied the rope off, forcing her to remain in that exposed position. Her beautifully smooth ass was now exposed to be fondled or whipped. Her awesome breasts were hanging, awaiting torment. Eric was just about to learn about the latter.

“Eric, this is my slave”, I said. “You told me you have never whipped a woman before. Tonight, you are going to be privileged to whip the most beautiful ass in this town. Here, run your hands over this sweet ass.”

Eric ran his hands over Keri’s exposed ass, and than let his hand drift down to her smoldering pussy. He slapped her ass a couple of times, as if to test the texture. He then ran his hand down to Keri’s hanging breasts. He squeezed them, and pinched her nipples. Keri squirmed, as best she could, as Eric twisted her nipples.

I handed Eric a multi-strand whip. He visually measured the distance of his stroke, and brought he whip across Keri’s upraised ass. Immediately, delicate pink striations appeared on the smooth skin of her bottom. Eric liked whipping Keri. She was softly moaning as her ass as assaulted. Eric expanded his area of attack, at my suggestion. He brought the whip down to Keri’s breasts. They shook and trembled under the attack of Eric’s whip. About the time that I thought he was reaching her limit of pain, I stopped him. While he was whipping Keri, I was undressing. My cock was so hard it hurt. I moved behind Keri, and slipped my rigid member into her steaming pussy. She moaned louder, through her gag, as she felt my cock invade her cunt. Eric was undressing as I was fucking my helpless sister. As he finished undressing, I stopped fucking Keri, and untied the rope that held her in the bent over position. Keri was disappointed as I had not brought her to a cum, that she so desperately wanted.

I told Eric to sit on the couch as I removed the gag from Keri’s mouth.

“Keri, my sweet slave, I want you to go to Eric and welcome him to our home with a well executed blow-job. Make it the best he ever had.”

Eric watched as Keri knelt down in front of him. He was speechless as she leaned forward and kissed and licked the pre-cum from the head of his cock. She then leaned in further, and took his cock into her mouth. Eric nearly passed out. As Keri was sucking Eric’s cock, I moved behind her, and slipped my cock back into her sweet pussy. This was too much for Keri. I fucked her savagely. Before she had a chance to get Eric off, she succumbed to my cock and climaxed. She lost control and let his cock slip from her mouth as she buried her head in his crotch while she had a massive cum.

When she came back to her senses, she looked up at Eric, “Oh, Eric, Sir, I am very sorry. I should not have cum without permission. I am sorry I did not bring you to a cum. I am very sorry.”

Eric started to say, ’Oh that’s OK’, but I intervened. “Slave, you know you will have to be punished.”

Keri hung her head, “Yessir, Jack, Sir, I’m sorry.”

Quickly, I picked Keri up and carried her to my bed. I promptly placed her in the middle of the bed, on her back with her bound hands and arms pinned beneath her. Using two strands of rope, I tied her ankles to the corners of our four poster bed, spreading her legs widely.

“Eric, we have a slave here that needs to be punished. Take this whip and whip her pussy so she will not forget her duties”, I ordered.

At first, Eric was hesitant. He had never whipped a delicious pussy of a beautiful woman before. He was up to the task however, and in a minute or two, had Keri crying, begging to suck his cock. I stopped him at the appropriate time. At my suggestion, he climbed on the bed and straddled Keri’s body. He moved forward until his cock was at her mouth. As she opened her soft lips to receive him, his ass was pressing down on her upraised breast. He started humping and fucking her pretty mouth. Her lips wrapped around his erection as he fucked her face, with no mercy. In a moment or two, he came. The evening was nearly too much for him. His cock exploded in her mouth, sending jets of scalding cum down her throat.

The evening had gone well. Before it came to an end, Keri was fucked again by each of us, and she sucked me to a cum. After Eric left to go to his apartment, Keri and I showered together. She wanted to be hugged and kissed by me. She was able to give me another erection as she soaped and massaged by cock. I fucked her right there in the shower. She was wonderful sex slave, and I loved her.

Well, I am 32 now. I have an excellent career in engineering. Keri and I have moved to Chicago, and live together as man and wife. Everyone who knows us thinks we are married. She is become even more beautiful, and I am the envy of all the guys I know. It is a beautiful life, and I cannot imagine it being any different. Both our parents are gone now, so it is just us, and we love it. We know society would frown on how we live, but we don’t care. We are madly in love with each other.

Oh, yes, Keri is still my love slave, and yes, from time to time I share her with a very close friend or two. Yes, it’s an exciting and satisfying life.


Snakes (part2)

RenaRena on Incest Stories

............So there I am hiding away in the barn as my brothers girlfriend is sucking on Boonies cock and my mom is now walking through the barn.  I just sat there, as my mom is getting closer to finding out the truth about Becca.  I was scared, worried and my heart was throbbing so fast in what was about to happen next.  In a way, I felt guilty because I could just see it now.  mom was going to have a heart attack and I was going to be the cause of it because I didn't stop her from coming in.  I could tell my breathing was getting more heavy, any heavier, and Becca was going to know I was there.  I crouched down more and there it was, the explosion was about to happen.  Mom just opened the gate to the pin quietly

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and is watching as Becca slurps down my dogs dick.  Becca didn't even notice that she was standing there.  Mom, didn't say anything, which I had to believe that she couldn't have truly known what was right smack in front of her face.  Gees, she really was that naive.... or what?  WHAT???

There is mom approaching them both and not saying a thing.  She can't be that dumb, and then it happened.  Mom, MY MOM, leaned down and spread Beccas legs wide open.  I don't understand what the heck is going on, but I was utterly confused and mad as hell as my mother stuck her head between Beccas legs and started licking her pussy.  I didn't know what to do.  All I know is that I wanted to get the hell out of there and quickly.  I didn't even care to be quiet at all.  I just didn't want to see anymore of this sick shit.  But I was stuck.  I couldn't move and neither did my eyes.  I was almost in tears and I watched her bury her head deep between those legs and her head bobbing up and down.  Then Becca pulled her mouth away from Boonies cock and said "Martha, there you are, I thought that I was going to have to do this alone this morning.  Where have you been?  Any later and Dwights cum would have been licked up by Boonie".  My mom replied with, "I know Becca, I wanted to get out here earlier but Sarah had gotten up not feeling well and so I had to tend to her first".  To me, I had to be dreaming this all up.  There is no way mom would do such a thing.  She is so innocent, so MOM.  But she was there, Becca was there, and Boonie too.  Dwight had been there, he did cum in her pussy and mom was knowingly licking it out of her.  I still wanted to get out of there, but stilll....I was frozen.  They started kissing and fingering each other as Boonie was taking turns licking them both.  My dog is now licking on my mothers pussy as Becca is sucking and fondling her breasts.  I was wrong about mom having a heart attack only to think it was me who would probably end up having one.

I stayed through the whole thing.  I watched now as Boonie got  behind my mother.  As it was, she was on all fours digging her tongue into Beccas cunt and moaning about how good her son's cum tastes.  How it always tastes so good and better each time she eats it from Beccas insides.  Meanwhile, Boonie mounts my mom and starts thrusting forward at my mom.  "Martha, let me help Boonie real quick, he is so thrilled to see you I can tell.  I don't think he wants to wait anymore to get inside of you again".  Again?  Mom has done this before?  Becca gets up and gets to the side of mom, gripping Boonies cock (of course taking a quick lick at it)she guides it towards moms pussy.  Boonie pumps more and more and then I can hear him rip through her wet pussy.  My dog is now fucking my mom and I was watching the whole thing happen.  As shocked and almost in tears as I was, I could feel my nipples getting hard.  I am watching a threesome between mom, Becca and my dog and I was getting confusingly excited about it.  I could tell that I myself was getting wet down there.  I watched as thrust after thrust my mom is getting closer to an orgasm and Beccas too with mom eating her pussy out.  Maybe I'm wrong, maybe this was normal and I was weirded out for nothing.  I don't even know what I know anymore but all I know was that I wanted to cum and by each moan from my mom, the sight of Beccas cunt being eaten out by mom and seeing Boonies huge cock, I was getting really close and by the way I was feeling dizzy, I could tell this orgasm was going to be the best I ever felt so far.  Boonie started moving faster and deeper inside mom and after all the times I have watched him fuck Becca, I knew he was going to start cumming real soon.  Did Dwight even know what was happening here?  How long has this been going on?  I didn't know, but I wouldn't doubt it if she's fucked Jeremy too.  That was turning my on as well.  Then Boonie stopped and I knew it was happening, he hit it deep and was going real fast, he rammed his baseball size balls inside her and she yelped in pleasure. Moms huge breasts were swaying back and forth and it was getting my so excited to see them do that. I knew that she was small there, but I never really noticed how huge they really were.  They were actually rather sexy. He started cumming in her and she was backing into him for more.  She wanted all of his dog cum inside of her.  Becca got up and got under mom in a 69 position.  Mom, tried to lick Becca as much as Boonie would allow, as it was hard to keep her head still enough to continuously keep licking her while he was ramming himself into her hole.  Becca was now licking moms cunt and you could see her getting hit in the head by Boonie everytime he thrusts again and again against mom.  Mom started crying out in joy as she started cumming and she's fingering Becca.  Becca was getting moms tongue and the touch of her fingers moving inside of her and she was now cumming.  Mom saw it squirting out of her and put her head down to suck it up.  Right there, the view of all three of them caused me to also cum.  I cummed so hard I thought for a moment they heard me moan.  I'm not sure if they did or not, but I just kept going.  In a way, I almost hoped they did, then the next time.....maybe they would include me in on it.  Boonie was now restless as he was trying to get out of her.  Becca just held him close to her as so not let his balls rip out of her.  After about 15 minutes of Becca licking around mom and Boonie down there, his balls started shrinking and it slid out of her gaping cunt.  His cum started flowing out and Becca quickly opened her mouth under her pussy and started swallowing all that poured out of her.  It seemed endless.  After all, mom turned around and laid on top of Becca and they shared the cum that remained in her mouth.  Watching the two of them as their bodies lay together as one was so appealing and I was getting a little envious watching Becca and her carress each others breasts and bodies the way they did.  I licked my own cum from my fingers and quietly left the barn before they saw me.

As I was walking in the house all I could think of was that nothing would be seen the same.  I went from being disgusted by all that I was spying on to being turned on by watching them.  Thinking mom as my mom to thinking that I loved the way her body moved in sync with Beccas body and Boonies too of course.  I went in the house, took a shower and got ready to start on preparing breakfast.

That afternoon, from all that my eyes had seen and my mind had learned I was exhausted.  I had finished with all my chores and I was ready for a nap.  I went to my room and closed the door.  I had to be laying down for quite some time because when I heard Samuel frantically asking if anyone had seen his snake.  I was groggy from my nap.  I had to have been because normally I would have been freaking out.  I  guess I just subconsiously told myself I was just going to stay where I was and then I didn't have to worry about running into that nasty thing.  I started to fall asleep again when I had felt something moving under my covers.  As tired as I was, I just laid there.  I certainly didn't think anything bad.  It must have been nothing because it stopped.  I fell back asleep.  As I laid there, I started having a dream about my mom and Becca, of course, let's not forget Boonie.  I started rubbing my breasts and getting excited from it.  At least that is what I thought.  Somewhere in there, this felt like more that a dream.  I started dreaming that Boonie was mounting me, it was some dream because it felt like Boonie was actually inside of me.  This was the best dream I think I have ever had, nothing could have felt so real.  I was actually having a wet dream.  Haven't you ever thought that while you were dreaming?  Where you were in the dream but you knew that it was a only a dream but it felt real at the same time?  It was so weird. 

 Although, I think that I would have rather had my first time in real life rather than in a dream.  I know laying there for real, I was spreading my legs, as if I was really getting fucked my Boonie or something.  As I spread my legs, I could feel that dreamy feeling that it was getting deeper and just filling my insides.  I never thought that it would feel squirmy though.  But what did I know, I've only had my fingers inside of me.  I was so excited and I knew that not in my dreams, but in my sleeping body I was going to cum.  I was touching my breasts and squeezing them hard.  I had moved one of my hands down to my cunt and rubbing my clit, I could feel over my belly it moving.  This was the greatest dream ever.  I was starting to cum now and I wanted to keep it going.  I started rubbing it harder, until finally, I was cumming.  I started moaning and from all the pulsating I felt, I felt like I was truly for real full of something.  I felt like something was inside of me and then I started to wake up.  I propped my head up and felt movement in between my legs.  I didn't know what was going on but it felt good and I was loving how it had made me cum.  All of a sudden I looked down and saw the head of my brothers snake poking out of my pussy.  I started to freak out and then realized I needed to calm down because I was afraid I would freak it out and it would bite me.  I nervously laid there with my legs spread wide open and waited for it to slither out of my hole.  It didn't really move much more than just getting it's head out for air I guess. It just remained coiled up inside of me and as grossed out as I was about even being in the same room as one of these things, I didn't feel in a rush as for it to come out of me either.  The way the slithering movements were inside of me, I realized that it wasn't my dream so much that was turning me on but the fact that this snake had crawled up inside of my pussy and made me cum.  Moving it's slithering body slowly inside of me until it was completely inside of me.  I was actually starting to throb down there thinking about it.  Then I heard my brother knocking on the door for me.  As it startled me, I jumped a little in my place and it caused the snake to bury it's head back into it dark and dank cave, so to speak.  I quickly put my legs together, pulled the covers over me and turned to my side.  I called him in and he had asked me if I had seen his snake that he couldn't find it anywhere.  i told him that I had no idea where it was and that he knew he had best find it before I left my room.  I told him not to come back to my room until he did find it. ( I thought, that should keep everyone out for a while.)  As he was mumbling about something, I could feel this thing moving around inside of me and it was making my want to cum.  I could feel that it's fork like tongue was going in and out of its mouth and it was hitting me in that one area that one "spot".  I tried to think of other things as I didn't want to cum with my little brother standing next to my bed, talking about his lost snake, when all the while it was his precious snake that was squirming inside of my pussy about to make me cum.  I was fucking his pet and my special spots were loving it.  I was starting to get dizzy and  I knew that if he didn't leave soon it would be too late and it was going to happen anyway.  He kept going and I heard him say that it was one of his rough green snakes and it was the 12 inch one.  I told him to get the heck out that I was trying to sleep and not to disturb me anymore.  He shut the door and it all let loose.  I kept my legs together and I noticed that it was more intense when I did that.  I started thinking of the fact that I have a 12 inch snake completely hidden away in my pussy.....Then it happened, I was cumming all over the thing.  I could feel it squirming more in me by now as it was definitely feeling me squeezing in on him.  I just laid there.  I spread my legs and just fell asleep from being now exhausted from that deep intense orgasm. 

......more to come

Kidnapping Kerry - Part Three

Sir James on Incest Stories

Kidnapping Keri - Part Three

Being young, horny and virtually in love with my beautiful sister, I found that every time I saw her or got close to her, my cock would rear its lusty head. I was turned on, constantly. Keri must have felt the same way, as she was always ready for what ever I wanted to do. I really loved Keri, and I especially loved the Bondage “captive/kidnap” games we played. When we were alone, however, it was not a game. It was becoming a way of life. It seemed natural that Keri would be restrained and helpless, being subjected to some type of sexual torment and sexual abuse.

On one occasion, some time after letting Damon become part of our “real” captive activities, I expanded his r

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oll. Keri was about to turn 16, and I wanted to expand her sexual slavery. By now I had read several adult novels on the subject, including “The Story of O”. I realized that there was a whole world of people who were into this type of activity. I required Keri to read these books, and I even gave her written tests, requiring her to give her orally.

She was required to strip, get on her knees, and while stroking my exposed cock, she was to tell me in great, and graphic detail the contents of the book. She would describe in graphic detail, to her big brother, about how the heroine was imprisoned and the vary sex acts she was subjected to by her captors, how she was restrained, and how she was tortured. Keri would then be asked how she reacted to what she had read. She worked hard at being specific. She knew it was a turn on for me, and for her. After reciting the details of the book, she would be spanked for any mistakes she made, and then was soundly fucked as a finally. I am convinced that book clubs would experience a surge in their attendance if they required book reading like I did of Keri.

On several occasions, I would restrain Keri in the same manner as the heroine in the adult book, torture and use her sexually in the same way as described in the book. This required Keri to expound on what happened in the book, and then submit to whatever happened to the heroine.

On one occasion, I let Damon have Keri alone, all by himself, or so it would seem. I included Damon in our “kidnap” games, sometimes as often as once a week. During the “games”, Damon was allowed to bind, torment, and fuck Keri as much as he wanted. His cock was no stranger to her mouth. Damon even wanted to date Keri, I but I did not want that. Keri was my lover, and my sex slave, and I wanted it that way. Keri wanted the same thing. She was a willing participant in our “kidnap” games, but she wanted to be my lover, exclusively.

On this occasion, Damon’s parents were gone overnight, leaving him home alone. I told Keri to dress in a mini skirt and blouse, with no underwear. By now she had been purchased a couple of pair of high heel shoes to wear for dress wear. She was instructed to put on a black pair of these high heel shoes, which better exhibited her great tanned legs. I then gave her a small athletic bag which contained a some of my collection of bondage equipment. Her next order was to walk across the street to Damon’s house, and surrender to him., and submitted to what ever he wanted to do to her. She was apprehensive. I kissed and fondled her for a few minutes, and told her that she did not have to do this, but as my sex slave I expected her to do what I told her. She agreed to my request, and picked up the athletic bag, and headed across to Damon’s house. After Keri was inside Damon’s house, by arrangement, I sneaked in his back door. I wanted to secretly watch Keri as Damon put her through her paces. I wanted to see how she handled being a bound sex slave, alone, with someone other than me.

Next, using a long length of rope, he quickly tied her hands in front of her. He then looped the rope through and “eye” bolt in the ceiling. This “eye” bolt normally supported a hanging pot and plants. He pulled on the rope, forcing Keri’s hands above her head, stretching her towards the ceiling. He tied the rope off, forcing Keri to remain in this stretched position. Improvising, using a old broom stick, the tied Keri’s ankles to the ends of the stick, spreading her magnificent legs. She was a picture of helpless beauty. Her legs, breasts, and especially are ass are displayed to advantage. Her smooth belly was stretched tight, with her sweet pussy on display.

“Prisoner, open your mouth”, was Damon’s next order.

Keri saw the he had gagging material. She issued an helpless sigh, and opened her mouth. Quickly, Damon stuffed a wadded handkerchief in her mouth, securing it tightly with one of his mother’s black silken scarves. This just made Keri look even more helpless, vulnerable, and beautiful. As I watched, my cock was rampant. I removed my pants to ease the painful pressure on my dick. I gently stroked myself as I watch Damon work on Keri.

Once she was secured and gagged, Damon undressed. His cock stuck straight from his body. There was a glistening drip of “pre-cum” on the tip and throbbed with his heart beat. He moved to Keri, hugging her and pulling her into his body. He pressed his stiff cock against her stomach, leaving a trail of pre-cum moisture there. It seemed that he was attempting to fondle all of her at once. He hands were everywhere. He was kissing her gagged face, and touching her stretched body, every where. Keri had closed her eyes, and was moaning, softly.

Damon, slipped his cock into Keri. She moaned loudly as this phallic invasion. Damon started to fuck her with abandon. It was if he was out of control and could not wait to put is cock in her pussy. As he fucked her, he was spanking her ass. Needless to say, in just a minute or two, he was cumming. Even though Keri was ready to cum, Damon came too quick and she was not able to get there. Needless to say, she was turned on, with no relief.

After coming down from his climax, he pulled his cock from her steaming pussy. Her eyes had a look of desperation as she wanted to have a cum too. She watched Damon, to see what he was doing to do. He cock was beginning to flag, just a little as he walked over to my athletic bag to retrieve a whip. In the last year or so, I was able to secure a professionally made whip that would sting and hurt, without leaving a lot of damage. It was ideal to use on Keri. She could feel the whip, yet not be significantly marked up.

Damon brought the whip back to Keri, and walked around her, touching her body as he gently stroked her with the whip. Then he stood behind her, and with a determined look, he raised the whip and brought it down sharply on her magnificent ass. Keri jumped as much as she could given her stringent bondage, but before she could recover, he struck her again. She yelped from behind her gag as he struck again. Damon was in his stride. He lashed her ass at least 30 more strokes before he stopped. Keri was moaning, with tears running down her sweet face.

Damon then walked around her, using the whip to randomly lash her breasts, pussy, and thighs. Keri never really knew where he would strike next. He loved watching her breasts quiver when they were struck. Her pussy seemed to be a favorite target, also. The fact that she was aroused, had been denied a cum, and was being whipped, only aroused her more. Damon’s cock was rigid again. My cock was aching as I watched my pretty little sister being tortured and fucked.

Damon laid the whip down, and released Keri’s bondage on her wrists. This was only temporary as he quickly bound her wrists behind her back. Only then did he release her ankle bondage. He ordered Keri to her knees. After walking around her like a slave owner, he produce a black sleep mask from my athletic bag. Keri was effectively blindfolded. Damon then removed her gag, and gave her a drink of water.

“Prisoner, you are ordered to open you mouth, and keep it open. Do you hear me?”

Keri replied, meekly, “Yessir, I understand.”

“No matter what happens, you are not to close you mouth!”

He punctuated his order by lashing her across her breasts, twice. Keri moaned as she bit her lip. She then opened her sweet mouth just as she was told.

Damon, quietly, turned and motioned me into the room. With as much stealth as I possessed, I came into the room and stood before the blindfolded Keri. My cock was hard and aching. Keri knelt there with her sweet mouth open to what ever Damon wanted to put in it. I eased up and slipped my cock into my sister’s mouth. Instinctively, Keri closed her sweet lips around my cock and started sucking. Then she got a surprise.

Damon was standing behind her and spoke, “Keri, no matter what, keeping sucking the cock you have in your mouth.”

To emphasize he order, he spanked her, hard on each cheek of her ass with his hand. Keri, jumped when her ass was struck, but she kept my cock in her mouth, and kept sucking. She also realized that she was NOT sucking Damon’s cock. She had a cock in her mouth, but did not know who it belonged to. As she sucked this “strange” cock, Damon kept slowly spanking her, just to let her know she was to kept sucking, or suffer worse treatment. She knew Damon was in control, and that her brother and protector was not with her. She had to submit and suck this stranger‘s cock. She was both afraid, and turn on at the same time..

Keri kept sucking, and I could not help myself. With what was happening to Keri, I was very aroused. In a matter of a couple of minutes, I was cumming wildly in Keri’s mouth. As I did so, Damon, now using the whip, was lashing Keri’s ass.

“Prisoner”, he exclaimed, “keep sucking, you had better swallow all his cum!”

Keri worked hard at accomplishing Damon’s order, and was able to swallow all my issue. Even after all this time, I was still in awe of seeing the pretty full lips of my beautiful sister wrapped around my cock. It was a beautiful sight.

As my cock softened in her mouth, I let is slip out, and went back to my hiding place, and put my clothes on. I sneaked back out the rear door of Damon’s house and went home. Later I learned that Damon had fucked Keri until she had a climax, then required her to clean he cock with her mouth, and suck him to another cum. He then released her to come home to me.

I was watching TV, a bondage porno flick, when Keri returned home. She came to me and gave me a passionate hug and kiss, but she was a little quiet. I had her sit on the couch beside me and I put my arm around her. Without being told, she opened her blouse exposing her breasts, after which she pulled up her skirt, exposing her pussy. She was a perfect little sex slave. She knew I liked her exposed, and had told her to expose herself to me at every opportunity.

“Would you like me to be naked, or like this”, she asked softly.

“Oh, for now, I think I like this. Just stay as your are. I like to see your tits exposed in an open blouse. They look good like that”, I answered.

I kissed her and toyed with her breasts. I had opened my trousers, and Keri extracted my cock, and was gently stroking it.

“You are very quiet. Are you alright”, I asked?

Keri told me what had happened at Damon’s, and how he had required her to suck a stranger’s cock. She knew I wanted all the details of what had happened to her. I found it exciting to listen to her tell what had gone on, and how she was used.

“What did you do? Did you obey Damon”, I inquired.

“Well…yes…, I did as I was told. He was whipping me…, and I was tied…, so I did what Damon told me to do.”

“You know…, that sex slaves are often made to do things that they don’t expect, or even like. They don‘t have much choice”, I explained.

“Jack, I know. I just was not expecting it. You’re right, I love being your slave and I know I must do what you say, and what anyone who “captures” me says. I just did not expect it. I also wonder who the person was, and if he knows me”, she wondered.

“Do you still want to be my love and sex slave”, I asked.

With a quiver in her voice and a tear in her eye, she answered, “Oh, yes. Jack, please, I want to be your love, and sex slave forever! I was just worried that you would be mad at me for sucking a stranger’s cock without permission, and not trying to resist. I thought you would have wanted me to resist, and since I didn’t that, maybe you would not want me. I don’t want to lose you and what we have!”

I smiled and kissed her, and replied, “No, I am not upset. I know you did what you were ordered to do, and you had no choice. I am sure it turned Damon on to make you do that, I know I would be. I like it when you submit to me, or anyone who has you in “captivity”. You will always be my love and my sex slave. I suppose you will have to get used to what ever you may be made to do.”

I continued, “You know, little sister, when you decided to be my sex slave, you agreed that I, or anyone I let “kidnap” you, can do anything they want to you, and you have no choice. If you resist, they can punish and rape you until you submit.”

Keri snuggled into me, and squeezed my now rigid cock. With a tear in her eye, she looked up at me and said, “Oh, Jack, I love you. I am your sex slave, and I will do what you want me to do. I want you to want me to be your lover and sex slave, and to be happy to have me as your slave.”

I kissed her, and kissed her again. “Sweet slave, you are mine, and I will never let you go. You will be my lover and sex slave forever.”

I could not handle it any longer. I pushed her down on the couch, and lay down between magnificent her legs. I kissed the tears from her eye. She hugged me, and kept kissing me as I slipped my rampant cock into her sweet steaming pussy and fucked my beautiful sister. How could any one ask for more than what Keri was offering me. I wanted her to be my sex slave and lover for the rest of our lives.



Damon was like a kid in a candy store. He was excited and seemed to want to do everything at once. Once he had Keri inside his house, he ordered her to undress, which she did. He made her keep her high heel shoes on. She was stunning. Keri and I continued to expand our sexual activity, and we continued to play “captive” games with Damon. I chose not to include Jerry as he would be moving to Seattle very soon, and I was not sure he could kept our activities secret.

Father-Daughter Affair 7 (The Family Pussy)

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Tony cornered his sister Mari at school during lunch where they could talk privately. He told Mari he had really enjoyed her pussy the other night and that he wouldn’t mind another piece of pussy from her. Mari was leaning back against the wall with her head and shoulders looking out of her big brown eyes, all innocent. As innocent as any 14 year old girl could be after having fucked her daddy and her brother in the same week.

It was the same old courting game that all boys and girls play except Tony was after his little sister’s pussy again! Mari looked great in her yellow spaghetti-strap top that showed her firm belly and her pierced belly button. Her 34" B-cup tits were standing proud aga

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inst her strapless bra and clearly showed major cleavage. Mari’s tight jeans were worn and showed every move her sexy hips made. You couldn’t help but notice the perfect side to side ass-whip when she walked in them. Every guy in school was wanting to fuck her!

Mari smiled up at her brother and asked him why she should even consider making love with him again? Mari could feel the familiar tingle in her jeans that she had experienced that first night with her daddy before he had fucked her. She tried her best to be cool and not show her brother that she was indeed horny. There was no doubt though, it was her brother who would most likely be fucking her soon again.

"Because I know my baby sister enjoyed me fucking her. It was plain to me the way you were working those sexy hips with me during all that fucking we did together. Besides, remember, you even climbed on top the second time without me asking for that piece!" Tony reminded her.

"But that doesn’t mean I want to do it with you again does it Tony?" Mari explained. Mari had been thinking about making love with her daddy all day and wanted to be in bed with him again but he wasn’t here, her brother was! It wasn’t fair Mari thought. She wanted her daddy riding her and filling her with his hard cock.

Tony touched Mari’s bare waistline with his fingers as Mari jumped with "sparks" at his touch and released a soft "oooo". "That tells me your sexed up and wanting some cock in you though Mari and you know I got the cock that makes you dance don’t you baby?" Tony stated.

Mari tried to hide her smile as she only responded " maybe". Mari didn’t regret fucking her brother, in fact it had been really good intercourse with him. Mari had enjoyed the way his cock filled her pussy.

Yeah, Mari was his sister, but right now Tony was treating Mari just like any other piece of tail he was after. Tony was 18 but very experienced with the girls, like his dad. Getting his 14 year old sister back in the bed just wasn’t that big of a challenge to him. He knew what to say and do to make her want it and follow him for it. He intended to fuck his little sister again today and would not take no for an answer.

Tony peaked down his sister’s top and eyed the front of her jeans which held Mari’s delicious cunt which he would soon fill with his throbbing cock. Mari’s tail had a bull’s eye on it and her brother aimed to drill her ass soon.

Mari lightly pushed him away and told him to quit looking down her top. Tony closed right back in and even pulled his sister’s top out further so he could see her breasts plainly. Mari complained to him once more but he just told her he had seen her naked once before and she was going to be naked again very soon so she could consider it a preview of her tits.

Tony knew no-one else was watching so he leaned forward and took a little lip off of his sexy little sister followed by a more intimate kiss. Then a deep french kiss from Mari with his hand on her ass gripping one of her cheeks. Tony fondled his little sister’s ass as they kissed even running his hand up and in between her legs causing Mari to moan softly. Mari told her brother they shouldn’t because someone might see them. Then we have to leave school little sister so I can get me some of your hot pussy again baby.

Tony stated his directions to Mari, " I’m going up to the office and I’m going to sign us both out. You go get your back-pack and meet me up there in five minutes baby, because you can’t go the rest of the day without me sticking my cock in you Mari and you know it". Tony kissed Mari again as he fondled her delicious ass. Your pussy needs fucking so hurry up and meet me so we can get your legs spread soon and I’ll fill your cunt with what you love.

With that Tony turned and walked away from Mari as he headed to the office. Mari stood there, weak in her knees, watching her brother’s cute butt walk off. Mari was a little pissed. She didn’t like it that her brother knew her this well. She did need a hard cock in her. She hadn’t been to bed with her daddy since the motel a week ago. Tony had been the last one fucking her. "Damn" Mari exclaimed as she stomped off with a classic ass-whip that stated she was ready to do some hard fucking!

Tony looked up as Mari walked into the office with her back pack in hand. He smiled as she looked back at him with a scowl. "You ready to go little sister" Tony asked.

"I’m here aren’t I?" she blurted out as they turned and exited the school office.

Tony opened the passenger door for Mari and let her crawl in then he went to his side and entered. He cranked the car and looked around to see if any one was around them. Seeing no one he leaned over and they began kissing. Tony got a handful of Mari’s breast but she pushed it away.

"Where are you taking me to Tony?" Mari asked.

"I know dad is working so why don’t we go over there and spend the afternoon fucking in his bed. Is that cool to you baby?"

Mari pulled her make-up kit out of her small purse and told her brother, " well, you're driving."

Mari touched up her make-up as Tony drove to their dad’s house. She even put on some lip gloss and added more perfume to "various electric spots".

Tony pulled into the drive and parked. They walked to the door with his arm around Mari’s waist. Tony knew where the key was hid and he opened the door. They were barely inside before he seized his little sister from behind.

Mari dropped her purse on the floor as her brother put his arms around her from behind and kissed her neck and ran his hands over her jeans. "I want your pussy right now Mari" Tony moaned. "I can’t wait to feel my little sister’s tight cunt wrapped around my hard cock."

Tony found Mari’s lips and they began to kiss passionately as Mari felt her desire for her brother’s cock to fill her aching love-hole growing by the minute.

"Damn you Tony! You’ve got me so horny it’s driving me crazy", Mari told her brother.

They walked into the living room where Mari turned to face her brother and she fell into his arms as they began to kiss again. Tony’s hands were all over his sister’s perfectly shaped ass. Mari was only 14 but she had the classic upside-down, heart-shaped ass you expect to see on a beautiful cheerleader. Mari’s ass would get a major workout this afternoon and tonight!

"Not here Tony please. If you want me, then make-love to me in a bed this time where I can enjoy it more and make it better for you baby ok?" Mari asked.

Tony smiled and led Mari by the hand over to the couch. Their was about to be some serious brother-sister fucking going on! Before Mari could lay down on the couch, her brother was peeling her top over her head followed by unhooking her bra and dropping it to the floor by the couch.

Tony whispered in Mari’s ear, "You want your brother’s dick buried in you bad don’t you baby?"

Mari could only reply from the passion she was feeling, " yes Tony. I really need it baby". As soon as she said it she was in disbelief that she had even uttered the words. They were true but how could she have actually said it, revealing the truth of her soul. With that declaration Mari sealed her sexual fate for this day and night.

Mari followed that statement with; "God I want it deep Tony, please!"

Tony stood and stripped naked showing his hard throbbing cock to Mari. "Oh yeah baby sister. Your brother is gonna take care of your sweet pussy. I want to hear you moaning my name when my dick is filling your hot cunt."

Mari wasn’t at all ashamed to have sex with her older brother. He was sexy and all the girls wanted him. Why shouldn’t she spread her legs for him and enjoy the pleasure of his big cock driving into her young body? Mari had enjoyed fucking him the other night and knew their sex would be even better this afternoon and she was so ready for it.

Tony joined Mari on the couch now as their lips melted together and their tongues began to wrestle. They were both uttering soft moans and desires as their kissing continued for several minutes as Tony fondled his sexy sister’s ass and legs.

Tony then licked Mari’s neck and chest before settling on a bare breast. He circled Mari’s breast globe several times with his tongue before pulling her nipple into his mouth and swallowing a large portion of tender breast meat with it. Tony sucked and slurped his sister’s breast like a hungry animal.

Mari could feel the intense sucking pressure her brother was applying and it sent tingles of pleasure through her body. Mari could also feel Tony’s hard cock pressing against the crotch of her jeans and she dreamed of how wonderful it would soon feel plunging deep inside of her over and over!

Tony suddenly stopped and sat up. He pulled Mari by the hair of her head up and over towards his lap. She instinctively knew what her brother’s lust was. Mari rolled to her side facing her brother’s cock with her body longways on the couch. Mari’s mouth popped open ready to give the pleasure desired.

Mari kissed the head of her brother’s big cock with her soft lips before flicking her tongue all around the spearhead and around his shaft. Mari slowly licked up and down his meat-stick with a strong and forceful tongue. Mari was nearly in a state of worship for her brother’s cock.

Mari worked back up to the top of this wonderful instrument of pleasure, then opened her lips wide to accept Tony’s throbbing cock into her oral cavity. Tony could not contain his moan of satisfaction as he watched his little sister swallow his dick! "Oh God Mari" he moaned loudly!

Mari had to breathe through her nose because the size of her brother’s cock cut off all air through her mouth. Mari moaned and gave approving sighs of "Umm, umm" as she enjoyed the taste of a man’s cock again. Mari’s big brown eyes outlined with her painted eyelashes and blue eyeliner glanced up at her brother’s face off and on as she looked for signs of his approval in how she was sucking his cock.

Mari could see him open his mouth and let a soft moan escape each time she sank his meat-pole back into her throat. He smiled when she rose to the tip of his penis and circled the spearhead with her tongue and then began to sink him back down through her mouth again. Tony had dated 18 and 19 year-old girls who couldn’t suck cock near as well as his own 14 year-old sister.

Mari continued to suck her brother’s cock passionately feeling his heart beating in her mouth as Tony’s dick slowly grew larger in his sister’s mouth. It swelled till Mari could feel the large veins full of blood and knew his cock juice was near. Tony suddenly pulled her head up off his cock using the a fist full of hair.

He looked at her and said; " No bitch, every drop of my sperm is gonna fill your tight, little pussy today Mari!" Your gonna have no doubt that your pussy has been well fucked when I fill you to the top with my cock and cum. I’m about to give my sexy sister the fucking she needs and deserves for being such a tease with her body.

Tony stood and took Mari by the hand to help her up. They walked to their dad’s bedroom with Tony’s arm around his sister’s bare waistline. Tony thought he could actually smell the sweet scent of his sister’s pussy. They stood in the doorway of their dad’s bedroom facing each other and kissing. Tony was nude and Mari was topless. Mari could feel her brother unbuttoning her jeans and then she felt them drop to her ankles with a push on each side of her hips by her brother. Mari’s panties quickly joined her jeans on the floor as her young naked body pressed into her older brother’s flesh.

Mari’s soft hand held her brother’s large hand and led him to the bed where she turned down the sheets for them. Mari longed to feel a hard cock buried in her again and she didn’t want to wait for it! Mari laid in the middle of the bed and held her brother’s jerking cock in her hand as she pulled him to her spread legs. Mari leaned up to gently kiss her brother’s cheek and softly whispered she wanted him to make love to her.

Tony was crouched on his knees between his sexy sister’s naked legs with his cock-head poised against the entrance of her pussy. He leaned forward and kissed Mari’s glossed lips as he suddenly sank his penis fully into Mari. Mari moaned loudly " OH GOD YES TONY!".

Tony began a slow rhythmic fucking of his 14 year old sister, Mari’s eyes were closed as she enjoyed the feeling of her hunk of a brother’s cock splitting her hungry cunt open. Mari’s small hands rested against the force of her brother’s chest as he drove his cock into her time after time. Mari’s bare feet stroked up and down his hairy legs encouraging her incest lover to master her young body.

Tony sucked some breast now and then as he continued to stroke his hard cock into Mari. Mari moaned her brother’s name several times as she felt the flood of female cum release from deep inside of her womb causing her to push her pussy against her brother’s cock hard and grind her hips into him. Oh how she loved the feeling of sex with anyone who wanted her.

Tony began to swell inside of Mari as she massaged his legs and ass with her hands. She continued to moan his name as she told him she needed his cum in her. Tony now held his sister’s naked legs apart by her knees and pounded his cock deep into her until he felt his balls jump and then spurt hot male sperm into this vixen cheerleader.

They collapsed together for a moment as Mari caught her breath after their first fucking of the day. Mari soon climbed atop of her brother and straddled him, playing his limp cock against her vagina and clitoris. Mari smiled at Tony and told him she wanted more! Mari did love fucking very much.

Scott pulled up into his yard noticing his son’s vehicle parked there. He thought that was unusual since it was a school day and it was only like 2 in the afternoon. The door was also un locked but Tony knew where he kept the key at so that was ok. It was just strange. Maybe his son was sick and had come over to lay down.

Scott silently opened the door and saw a small purse laying in the entrance hall with a large blue "M" on it. That was odd...Mari had a purse like that! Scott then heard some sounds down the hallway and decided to quietly investigate in case of burglars or something. As he walked down the hall he passed the living room where he saw male and female clothes on the floor.

He quietly reached the door way to his bedroom where he saw a pair of girls jeans and panties laying in the floor. The sounds were unmistakable now. Someone was in his bedroom fucking! Tony stood there and clearly saw the sexy form of his young daughter riding a cock buried in her cunt. She was working her hips and moaning from the undeniable pleasure she was receiving. It was stunning but he now realized that his 18 year-old son and his 14 year-old daughter were fucking in his bed and they were serious with it! He decided to silently stand and enjoy the performance.

He watched Mari work and buck her hips as she rode her brother’s up-thrusts of cock-meat. He saw his son’s hands kneading and massaging his young daughter’s delicious bare flesh, hips, ass and legs as they kept fucking. The same ass he had already enjoyed fucking a few times himself. Mari was no-doubt a sweet, young piece of ass and Scott had to admit he enjoyed the view of her taking cock in her pussy even though it wasn’t his, yet!

Scott watched as Mari exploded in a massive orgasm as her brother filled her pussy with a second load of hot sex-juice. Mari left her brother’s cock in her as she laid forward on his chest to rest. Her sexy legs were still quivering and jerking as the sensations of their delicious fucking session flowed through her young body and soul. Mari knew she was hooked on her brother’s cock and that she could never deny his lust for her. Mari could never see herself unwilling to spread for her brother and provide her pussy to his needs.

Scott eased back out before they noticed him and he went into the living room and sat in his favorite chair which was in the back corner of the room. It was turned slightly towards the wall so he could sit there without being noticed unless his son and daughter looked for him.

Tony came out to living room after a few minutes and sat on the couch as he turned on the tv. Mari walked out about 5 minutes later wearing her thong panties and a button-up shirt belonging to her daddy. Mari stood in front of her brother as he ran a hand up under the shirt tail and played with her panties. He told Mari to go get him a beer from the refrigerator. Mari did as she was told.

Mari handed her brother his beer and sat on his lap with her sexy legs open for his viewing pleasure. Tony asked his little sister if she enjoyed the fucking they just did. Mari could only reply of course she did. Mari told Tony she would have sex with him anytime he wanted her.

"You feel so good when your deep inside of me Tony. I love having sex with you baby" Mari stated.

Mari held his beer for him as they began to kiss passionately again. Tony pried his sister’s legs apart and slipped her panty down over her knees and down to the floor again. They kissed as he slipped two fingers into Mari’s still wet cunt as she grunted at the insertion. Tony began to methodically finger-fuck his little sister as Mari moaned her appreciation.

Tony unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt with his teeth and Mari laid the shirt back and exposed her breasts to her brother’s hungry lust.

Scott stood now and turned to his children on the couch. He asked in a loud voice, "what the hell are you doing Mari?" Mari jumped up from her brother’s fingering to grab her panties and close her shirt. She claimed her brother had raped her and forced her to have sex with him!

Scott slapped Mari and told her not to lie. He told her he had watched her ride her brother’s cock in the bed. You are the one that seduced him I bet Mari!

"Your going to have to pay for what you did with Tony. You have to be punished", Scott said with a smile.

Scott then pulled a set of handcuffs from his back pocket and slapped them on his young daughter. Mari was in shock at what was happening and just let her daddy lead her back to the bedroom, lay her down and connect her handcuffs to the headboard on the bed.

Scott called his son into the bedroom. Tony was still naked as he heard his dad ask him how many times he had sex with his little sister?

Tony was honest and replied "well dad I fucked her twice today and three times the other night."

Scott smiled and patted his son on the back as he told him how proud he was of him . "I guess my boy has his daddy’s eye for sexy young tail".

Tony was a little taken back and asked his dad if he was in trouble for fucking Mari. Scott put his arm around his son and told him of course not, that he’d had her himself, twice. "Your sister has a really good pussy son. I know now that it is something we should start enjoying together. We fish and hunt together, now we can start fucking pussy together too!"

"Are you sure dad? I like fucking her and it might be fun to screw her with you daddy" Tony exclaimed.

Mari couldn’t believe her brother and daddy were discussing this. How could they even think of it. Mari truly enjoyed fucking each of them but she felt their fucking should be in private, one on one not all together! Mari begged her daddy to make Tony leave and she would make love with him again, just the two of them.

Scott would have none of it and told his daughter she must be punished for her deception and all her teasing of them. Scott undressed as he told his son to go get two cherry popsicles from the freezer and a can of spray whipped cream from the refrigerator. Scott pulled a small paddle from the night-stand beside the bed.

Mari struggled against her handcuffs that held her firmly to the bed posts with her arms spread away from her sexy body and over her head. Scott used his pocket knife to cut his daughter’s cotton thong panty from her hips and toss the remains aside. He watched as Mari kicked her creamy legs in protest and he noticed his son’s sperm on Mari’s pussy lips and in her pubic hair where it had been deposited during the fucking they had already completed. Mari was about to do a lot more fucking but this time she would be servicing both the males in her life who lusted for her sexy ass. After all, she was quickly becoming "The Family Pussy".

When Tony re-entered the bedroom, his dad asked him to hold the paddle and spank his sister’s ass when he told him to. Scott rolled Mari’s hips to one side and asked her if she had seduced her brother.

Mari’s reply was "No daddy, he wanted me and made me have sex with him!"

Scott instructed Tony to give his sister’s ass cheeks 5 hard licks and Tony did as instructed. Mari cried out in pain.

Scott again asked Mari if she had seduced her brother? Mari again denied it and was spanked. The third time Mari admitted she was the one that seduced her brother, it was her fault.

Scott now asked Mari if she was going to have sex with both of them in a threesome?

"No daddy! I’m not like that daddy. I’ll make love with you or with Tony but I want to do it when we are alone, just one of you and me. I’d be embarrassed making love in front of someone else" Mari replied.

WRONG ANSWER! Five more licks were dealt to this sexy fourteen year-old ass.

"Yes you will fuck us both Mari won’t you baby?" Daddy demanded.

"Yes daddy. I will, I will, I promise. I will! Please don’t paddle me again" Mari begged.

Tony and his dad each took a side of the bed and leaned in to kiss and nibble on Mari’s neck. Each of them took a breast mound in their hand and fondled the breast-meat and played with her enlarged nipples. Mari couldn’t help but moan. Then suddenly the cherry popsicles were pressing into her breasts. Their coldness producing magnificent erect nipples.

"Oh God, oooo my God" Mari moaned.

Mari had barely moaned her pleasure when her daddy took one breast-mound into his mouth and her brother took the other as they began to hungrily feed upon her aching flesh. Mari squirmed as the popsicles trailed down her abdomen and across her hips into her pubic mound.

"No, no pleasezzzz no.." Mari pleaded.

Each popsicle took a turn splitting the lips of her pussy but never entering her cunt. The heat of young Mari’s boiling love pot quickly evaporated the last drops of cherry liquid. Mari’s dad let her breast flop from his mouth showing the redness of the intense suction he had placed on her.

Scott left his son sucking his sister’s breast and playing with her spread legs. Scott secured two more popsicles and returned to the bed. Scott had his son take a popsicle and told him it was time to punish Mari some more.

Scott eased his popsicle into his daughter’s cunt and told his son to do the same. Mari came up off the bed at the intense coldness inside of her as her lovers worked their cold prongs in and out of her. They both licked and slurped her creamy thighs, hips and tummy. Mari moaned and cried in pain and pleasure as her torture continued until only the bare sticks from the popsicles were left, her hungry pussy having devoured the last vestiges of the icy treats.

Mari moaned her dad’s name and begged him to fuck her now please?

Scott slapped her and asked her if she would ever again have sex without both of them being invited to share her bed and fuck her.

"Daddy please? Please, you know I love to have sex with you and with Tony too, but can’t I just make love with one of you at a time in private? I promise, I’ll always give you both some but let me do it my way daddy." Mari begged.

Scott slapped her again and then raised her butt for her brother to spank hard with seven licks of the paddle.

"You’ll fuck us both now and you’ll keep fucking us in a threesome when we tell you we are ready for some pussy, won’t you Mari?" Scott demanded. " And you will ask us both to take your pussy now. Ask your brother and daddy to fuck you Mari!" Scott exclaimed.

Mari dripped a tear from her brown eyes as she asked them both to fuck her and to fuck her at the same time.

"Should we oblige your poor little sister son?" Scott asked.

"I wouldn’t mind another piece of her pussy daddy" Tony replied.

Scott told his son to get him a little bit of pussy first. Scott stuck his cock in Mari’s face as Tony crawled between his sister’s sexy legs and sank his cock deep into her cunt. When gasped at his penetration her mouth opened and Scott slipped his meat into her mouth to be sucked off.

Mari oooed and moaned as her pussy was ravaged and audibly showed her delight at the taste of her daddy’s cock. Mari loved to suck cock now and she tried to capture more and more cock into her mouth and throat. Tony got about three or four minutes of steady pussy until his dad said to swap.

Tony moved and Mari gladly accepted his cock in her mouth tasting her own pussy juices on her brother’s cock. Scott slipped between her muscular legs and plunged his bulging cock deep into his daughter’s pussy causing her to rise from the bed with her hips to meet the massive intruder. Mari’s pussy seemed better than ever to her daddy as he drove into her hard and deep.

Scott held Mari’s classic cheerleader thighs in his hands as he drilled her cunt over and over. Tony loved looking at his sister’s cheeks cave in as she applied suction to his cock as it stroked in and out of her mouth. Mari could feel her brother’s heart beating in her mouth as she sucked him. Mari could feel the swelling veins of his cock and she could also feel her daddy growing in her cunt as he prepared to cream her vaginal canal and womb.

Suddenly both of her lover’s cocks were spewing their hot, sticky cream into her body. One filled her mouth, throat and belly as the other filled her love canal. Mari couldn’t control her emotions and she erupted into a massive orgasm. She creamed her daddy’s penis with her young female cum-juice. Her sexy body jumped and jerked as the delicious sensations of being the "family fucking toy" swept through her soul.

They all collapsed together with her daddy’s cock buried in Mari still and her brother’s cock laying on her glossy lips. Sperm from her brother and daddy oozed from her mouth and pussy. Mari felt so warm and complete. She never dreamed it could be this good sharing her love with the men in her life.

Having a short fucking session with his vivacious young daughter and his son had been awesome for Scott. It was almost five o’clock though and Mari’s mom would soon be looking for her. Scott uncuffed his daughter and helped her up from the bed.

Scott held Mari in his arms and kissed her as Tony pressed against her naked rear. Scott told Mari she was to go out with her brother Saturday night. He informed Mari and Tony that he would call Tony and tell him where to bring Mari so they could enjoy a night of good fucking together. He told Mari to take her vitamins and birth control and to wear something really sexy for her men. He warned Mari to be ready to put out a lot if she wanted to keep on being "The Family Pussy".




Mom Takes on Dad and Son In The Farm

Fat on Incest Stories

Ray Lee had grown up on the farm and as far as he was concern that was all the world had to offer. Every year his father gave his best in the crops to make sure he could pay the bank. It was obvious all the help was needed and soon Ray Lee had stopped going to school.

Now he was sixteen and for the first time in his life he wasn’t happy. His dad was a rough man. He drank and Ray knew he sometimes took out his anger on him and his mother. Angie was only 40 years old but seemed m

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ore close to 50. Hard work will do that to a woman. She was tall and had put on some weight. She had brown eyes and curly hairs just bellow the shoulders. She was tanned from working in the sun and her crystal blue eyes stood out in her face. Horace his father was a tall powerful man. He was bald and had a permanent grumpy mood. Not a very nice person but Ray loved him.


There weren’t many people around the farm so Ray had never had any contact with girls. He was still a virgin. He wasn’t ugly. He was actually very attractive with his well-built body and blond hair with blue eyes that would make a girl loose her mind if there was one for him to meet. He was beginning to feel that need in his life and it wasn’t the first time he had spied on his parents having sex. Horace was in bed like in life. Rough and foul mouthed. He fucked Angie with God’s fury calling her all sorts of names and even smacking her face around violently. Ray had observed with care his mother’s naked body. She had big breasts that although not firm seemed great to them. She had thick legs and too much flesh on her belly but to Ray she was the most attractive woman in the world. He had now made a habit out of masturbating while watching them fuck. He was afraid of getting caught but he couldn’t help himself. Little did he know Horace had seen him long ago. One night after dinner in the kitchen Angie was lifting the dishes off the table to the sink when Ray heard something that would make his brain freeze.

“Boy you need to fuck.”

Ray stood still watching his father.  

“Get over here Angie.”

She walked to him and looked at Ray. Angie was wearing an old red dress that hardly fit her any more. It was tight and showed her body figure even if it was very long.

“Angie you should teach that boy. Introduce him to fucking I mean. Then sooner or later he’ll get a nice young thing and know what to do.”

“Jesus Horace he’s our son.”

“So what? I’m not going to pay some whore to do it. It’s just fucking. He hasn’t had his mind on the crops and I need him concentrated. At least get him off sometimes.”


“Listen bitch you do as I say. Now kneel next to him and suck him off.”

Ray watched without knowing what to say or do.

“Don’t make me hurt you Angie.”

Angie walked to Ray obviously very embarrassed. She kneeled down never looking at him.

“Now you’re going to see what’s good in life son.”

Angie opened his zipper and took his penis out. To his surprise his cock was already hard. Still without looking at her son Angie got his cock inside her mouth and started sucking. Ray moaned as he felt her tongue going all the way down his shaft. Angie kept jerking him while her lips were rolled around his cock firmly going up and down. Then she took it out and licked its head. Horace was enjoying this. Angie started to fondle his balls as her mouth fucked his cock in a faster and faster rhythm.

“God I cant take it anymore.”

Angie took her son’s cock out of her mouth and jerked him harder and harder until cum erupted straight into the hair and down into her hand. It hadn’t been more than five minutes and it was all over.

“Damn woman this got me hard.”

Horace picked her up from the floor and pushed her against the table. He lifted her dress and pulled down her white panties. Ray watched with his cock out and still hard while his father pushed his dick deep into his mother’s pussy from behind against the table. Horace grabbed her tits and hair as he Angie spread her legs and he got in even deeper.

“Oh you fucking cunt.”

He made her bend over the table and grabbed her ass as he fucked her even harder. Ray was starting to get more and more excited.

“You see boy? This is how a man fucks a little whore like your mother.”

As he finished this words cum filled Angie’s pussy.

“Oh shit.”

He took his cock out and Ray saw some of his fathers cum dripping from that wet pussy.

“You want a piece of this? Come one boy.”

Horace smacked her ass laughing but Ray said no. Angie pulled her dress down and Ray saw tears on her face.

“Now when Ray wants to fuck, you fuck Angie. You got two men to take care of now. You got to serve him as you do me. Understand?”

“Yes Horace.”

Late at night in his bed Ray thought about what had happened. It wasn’t right but it felt so good he decided to just follow his instinct.

The next night as they were in the living room Horace finishing another beer Ray decided to take his shot.

“I want to fuck tonight mom.”

Angie was sitting right next to Horace and suddenly became pale.

“Well you listened the boy Angie. Go to the room. Get naked. We’ll be right there.”

Angie didn’t move but when Horace threatened another beating she got up and obeyed.

“Now Ray you’ve made your dad very proud son. You’re a real man now.”

After a few minutes they went to the bedroom. The sheets covered Angie but Horace pushed them away and exposed Ray to her naked body. She wasn’t completely shaved as he noticed. Good.

“Son I’m going first to warm her up but first its blowjob time.”

They both got naked and Horace ordered her to kneel in front of them. She started sucking Horace that fucked her mouth harder and harder making her gag. Then she went over to Ray. She sucked him gently but soon he was pushing his cock just as fast as his dad. They made her suck their balls and joked when Horace tried to see if she could get two cocks in the mouth at the same time. They pushed and pushed but it didn’t work. Horace then ordered her to go on the bed. He started to fuck her from behind with Ray still in her mouth.

“You’re our bitch Angie.”

Ray held her head to get as much of his cock inside her mouth as possible. She took it all sucking and licking while being pounded from behind by her husband. Ray knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He held her hair and started to go all the way in.

“Dad I want to cum on her face.”

“Then do it son. Cum on your mother’s face.”

“Open your mouth mom.”

Angie opened and looked Ray right in the eyes. He jerked off for a few seconds looking at his mom with her mouth open waiting for his cum and four jets of sperm sprayed her face and hair. He pushed inside again as Angie licked the rest of the cum off his cock. Ray of course was still hard and watching his dad smacking his mom’s ass was sure going to keep him excited for a long time. He took his cock out of her mouth as Horace screamed and came inside her pussy.

“Oh you fucking bitch.”

“Lie down mom.”

Horace sat on a chair and watched as Ray sucked those enormous tits like he had always dreamed of. He then started to play with her clit while still focusing his attention on those fun bags. That was heaven. He sucked until he couldn’t take more. He got between her legs and shoved his cock into her pussy that still had some of his dad’s cum coming out. He grabbed her tits and pushed himself inside of her even deeper.

“Feels so warm inside your pussy mommy.”

Angie had the taste of her son’s cum on her mouth and her pussy filled with his cock and his dad’s sperm. This had turned her on quite a lot. She wrapped her legs around his waist and moaned. They were both ready to cum again. Her body started shaking as Angie closed her eyes and an orgasm filled her mind.

“Oh fuck push your tits together.”

Ray got his cock out and immediately shoved it between those flabby breasts. He fucked them up and down and cum filled her rack as Ray had his second orgasm of the day.

“Smear the cum on them.”

Angie did as he said. Her tits were now shining with the sperm. Horace decided to take another turn and the rest of the night was spent with both men fucking Angie until finally they all fell asleep exhausted. Angie could hardly feel her pussy when she woke up. Her mouth had the taste of all the cum from both men she had swallowed the night before.

From then on she would fuck both her husband and son when they wished and sometimes both at the same time. It lasted for years until Ray Lee finally got married to a girl from another farm. She came to live with them and soon she too had to fuck both men on a regular basis.  A big happy family.  

My Brother, My Sister Part I

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My Brother, My Sister – Part I


Michele Nylons


I wrote this story originally under the title "Be Careful In the Park" about an older crossdresser who meets a street gang in a park and gets more than she bargained for. There was no incest in the original version. I like this version better as it includes all my peccadillos: incest, crossdressing, nylon fetish, and forced sex. A warning to those who find those subjects not to their taste.

My God! I was going to get raped by the members of a local street gang of which my brother Tom was a member. I could just make him out in the dim light from the moon. He was not aware of who I was, and that’s understandable given the way I was dressed and behaving. I supp

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ose I had better give you the background so that this story makes sense.

I am a 20-year-old crossdresser. I have been dressing as a woman for five years without my family knowing. There is certainly no way I was going to tell my now 16-year-old brother Tom what I did for kicks. He had grown up rough, and unlike me, who enjoyed a serene, some would say sissy lifestyle, Tom couldn’t wait to join a street gang. While I locked myself in my room trying on makeup and sexy women’s clothes, my younger brother was playing football, sneaking beers, and committing petty crimes with his pals.

I had been sneaking out of the house dressed as woman for about 3 months now, and I always headed to the local park where I was guaranteed of picking up some rough trade; usually older men who would take me in the toilets for a quick blowjob or a quick fuck against the cubicle wall.

Tonight I had walked down to the local park and was sitting in my favourite dark corner, looking for punters who occasionally cruised the park looking for action. I was certainly dressed for action; red Lycra miniskirt, blue and black sequined top, sheer black nylon stockings, sheer red nylon panties, garter belt and black ‘fuck me’ high heels. I had put on my trademark ‘slutty make-up’ and my favourite blonde wig. I looked nothing like my male self, and was confident that I would not be recognised by anyone who knew me casually. I was having a chat with an older man I'd met before, the memories of an earlier visit we had made to the toilet block quite turning me on and hoping we were going to get it on.

Then I saw them, a street gang I had never seen around my ‘patch’ before, but I instantly recognised Tom amongst them. There were six of them and they were all young, fit and no doubt full of the beer they'd obviously been drinking that evening. But I hadn't come out looking for trouble that evening, that wasn't my scene at all, even so I knew I only had myself to blame for the fix I was in. I deliberately hung around this park because I knew Tom’s gang never came here and now my luck had run out.

Unfortunately the street gang now entered the park and my ‘older friend’ just turned and ran. The gang swaggered towards me. I knew I had a few options: identify myself to Tom and live in ridicule for the rest of my life, or chill out and hope they passed and left me alone. Possibly stupidly I lit a cigarette to still my nerves as they approached and instead of passing, the gang veered over to my seat, a voice asking,

"Can you spare a couple of cigs?"

These boys all appeared to be in their teens or early twenties and I knew from talking to Tom that they had a reputation for trouble. As I said, obviously they'd had more than a couple of beers apiece but they did not appear to be over the top pissed. Maybe they would take my smokes and move on. As they came closer I prayed they, and particularly Tom, would not recognise me in the dim light.

One was jet black; he looked the oldest, wearing white rugby style shorts and a black T. The youngest looking was also coloured, more a coffee colour, in his case wearing denim shorts and a polo shirt. The others were white but standing more in the shadow so I couldn't make them out so clearly at that time, but I knew one had to be Tom. I handed over a couple of cigarettes saying I couldn't spare any more and was told.

"No problem."

They stood around to light them and the thought had just crossed my mind that I wouldn't mind meeting one or two of them at a time down here if only they weren’t Tom’s friends Then the oldest asked, out of the blue,

"Do you suck cock u dirty Tranny?" I was taken aback, but it was obvious they recognised me for what I was, a crossdresser or transvestite if you like, and without really thinking I replied,

"It has been known."

There must have been some sort of pre-arrangement between them because the leader pushed a younger coloured boy toward me laughing and saying,

"Well let’s see you then. My friend here has been sporting a hard on all night and he says he will even stick it in a slutty looking tranny like you to get relief."

The young man pushed me to gently my knees, I knew resistance would be futile, my face was just level with his denim shorts, the front of which he was massaging slowly. Judging by the bulge in his shorts I hadn't heard a lie, he had been sporting a hard on all night. As he was pushed even closer he asked,

"Are you sure you don't mind honey?" and turned and laughed to his pals.

Normally I wouldn’t mind at all! It was what I'd come down here for, even though I'd not expected an audience. The other males would be no problem if they wanted to watch; it would just turn me on more. In reply I just licked my lipstick lips nervously.

That was all the encouragement he required and pulling down the zip on his shorts, he pulled out a nice looking weapon, already more than half hard. It was a nice size and shape, cut, about six inches long and the girth was in proportion, nicely coloured to match his skin tone.

He used his hand to move his cock tentatively to my red painted lips where his courage failed and I could see it just start to wilt. My instincts took over and I moved my head forward and grasped an inch or so between my lips, using my tongue to wash round the end. He gasped and he immediately became fully hard, his animal desire taking over as he moved forward, plunging the whole six inches down my throat without warning.

I managed to hold tight as he placed his hands on my head and started rocking back and forth. He must have been playing with it, or talking about it, most of the night as I was only just getting used to it when he pulled out, yelling "I'm cumming," and proceeded to jack off rapidly, shooting over my face, the semen running down on to my blouse. That seemed to decide it for the rest as they all moved forward and one of the white boys dropped his shorts to display a fully hard, slightly larger cut cock, which he poked out at my face.

I was hoping now that maybe all they would do was demand a blowjob each and go on their way. In the dark corner of the park maybe I could get away with that and then make some sort of excuse when Tom came to take his turn. As much as I loved sucking cock there was no way I was going to fellate my own brother.

Normally I do love a cut cock and would need no further bidding to wrap my lips around the cock in front of me and work it, but now I was scared. They were drunk, horny, and trouble. This seemed to settle it for them and I became aware the other lads all had their cocks out, rubbing them excitedly. An older coloured boy made his way forward and pointed his groin at my face.

"How about this then? You fucking tranny slut," he asked.

This when I realised I was in serious trouble. I gasped,

"My God! No!"

His cock was huge, it had to be a eight inches long and possibly two inches across.

"I can’t take that," I gasped.

"Well your going to," he growled.

Without further ado the lads pulled me up and hustled me over to the children's roundabout in the play area. That was all the leader said to me directly for some time, giving others instructions as to what they should do to me, how to place me, how to hold me. The roundabout was one of the old style, solid wood planks, well worn, with a small running board and four metal handles crossing over the top. It was located in an area of the park where the streetlights had been broken and whilst it gave them the privacy they wanted to go about their ravaging of me, I dismally hoped it would assist my disguise and help keep my true identity from Tom and his friends.

Under their leader’s instructions they soon had me spread out on my back between two of the roundabout handles, they pulled my panties to one side and exposed my puckered ass, my sheer stockinged legs where spread wide and my high heeled feet where lifted high in the air. The white boy who'd just fucked my face knelt behind me holding my head up and cushioning it somewhat from the bars. Some of the lads had stripped off their pants by now and it was obvious that they weren't going to leave me alone until they had all had their way with me. I tried to look around to see where Tom was, I just hoped he wouldn’t join in,

One of the boys climbed on the roundabout and knelt with his cock pointing at my face. He was quite dark, only about eighteen but already with a hairy manly chest. He just knelt there masturbating for a while and then I felt a pair of hands start to feel my arse, first gently and then with more vigour. One, then two fingers inserting themselves up my passage. I couldn't see who it was but I prayed it wasn’t Tom. As my arse muscles started to spasm as the fingers withdrew and a voice said "Now!" and I heard and felt someone spit on my ass-bud.

"Natural lubricant," a sleazy voice laughed. I recognised the feeling of what entered me next, a medium sized cock was pushed deep inside me, and it wasted no time, but started to attack me straight away. In, out, in, out. He was reaching my prostate without any problem. Even though I was being raped, I was going to cum soon if not very careful. I managed to mumble something along those lines in between loosing my breath each time I gasped he rammed his cock in and out of me. I just hoped it wasn’t Tom, ‘please god don’t let it be my brother fucking me,’ I prayed, even though I was now thoroughly enjoying the fucking I was receiving.

"Oh God, I’m going to come," I uttered, as the intense fucking I was receiving took me over the top.

"That's OK. So am I," laughed the lad kneeling over my face as he sped up the speed of his wrist and with a series of soft yells shot over my painted face and lipstick lips.

All this time the attack on my arse had continued. I heard,

"I'm cumming. God I’m cumming. Here we go!"

I was thankful the voice I heard was not Tom’s, but the attack intensified and with half a dozen sharp thrusts as I felt the cock in my arse shoot inside me. The boy that was raping my arse shuddered a couple of times and pulled out. Lying there catching my breath I was hardly aware as the lads changed places.

Now my head was being clenched more tightly, one lad was standing each side of me holding my now laddered, stocking clad legs back in position and a new weapon was rubbing against my panties that had slid back, and now covered the entrance to my arse. I looked up to see the leader with his huge cock in his hand pointed at my arse, from which his mate’s semen was leaking and staining the crotch of my panties. I started to struggle,

"No, I can't," I said.

"Yes you will, your arse is well and truly lubricated now" he snarled.

I struggled but someone grabbed my high-heeled feet and pulled my legs high over my head exposing my come-soaked panty-clad arse. The lad kneeling at my arse pulled the soaked, slinky fabric to one side and positioned his manhood at the puckered flower. Amazingly, the usual flush of expectation of a good fucking flowed over me and I felt myself relax against my own will. I know what I'd said, but there was no way I could take him. He had to be a ten inches and at least three inches across. A solid black ebony shaft. As his cock demanded access to my hole it seemed to glisten and gleam in the moonlight.

"Right?" was all he said.

"No!" I managed to reply.

It didn't matter. Whatever I said, it didn't matter. He was going to fuck me. He was going to rape me. No one was going to do a thing about it, including my brother who was oblivious to my fate. The other lads that were holding me in position were getting excited now. I could see hands moving, two bodies kneeled beside me, hard cocks were being readied for an assault on my body, but they were all watching the weapon that probed my entrance. He was slow; at least I'll give him that.

He stopped for a moment as soon as he forced it into my entrance, but only to allow me another gasp before starting again on a slow but inexorable voyage of discovery inside me. It never seemed to stop, a little push, stop, pull back, and push again. Each time a greater violation. He punched past my prostate almost without my being aware and still the exploration continued. Deeper than I'd ever been violated before. If I'd not been so excited and scared at the same time, and held so tightly, there wasn't any way I could have withstood the punishment.

I could hear myself letting out little yelps and groans whenever I had the breath, which wasn't very often. Each time I gasped in order to keep breathing, he forced his cock in again before I had time to fill my lungs. It felt as if that monster penis of his was splitting me apart. It wasn't a cock, it was a weapon he was using on me! It stopped. I managed to take a clean breath, open my eyes and look up. The leader was looking down on me his face covered in sweat from his exsertion in my arse.

"I've never had it in a tranny’s arse before. You are one tight bitch!" he laughed.

I was in pain, but such glorious pain. I'd never been so thoroughly possessed before. I knew he was raping me. No way could it be called regular sex. He might damage me but deep inside was a feeling that I wanted more. I just had to have more.

"Get on with it," was all I replied.

With an even bigger grin he pulled back slowly, and that was all my body needed to move on to a higher plane of sexual ecstasy. I must have been a quite a sight, my skirt rucked up, sheer nylons laddered, legs held spread, panties pushed to one side of my open arse that was impaled by a huge black cock.

The two lads who were holding my legs with one hand and their hard cocks with the other decided it was time to get in on the action. One crammed his engorged penis past my lipstick lips and into my mouth, the other was busy stroking his cock and alternately rubbing it on my cheek and in my hair. Someone grabbed hold of my cock and was squeezing it hard each time the unknown assailant rammed his cock in me. ‘Not my brother Tom, please,’ I hoped.

That seemed to be a general signal for the other lads and I felt other hands moving over my body, rubbing cocks on my stocking legs, wanking over my face, and then my hands were grabbed and wrapped around two more throbbing penises. Was everyone going to use me tonight? Which cock belonged to my brother? I was aware of the weapon up my arse as it started to swell and judder, and as it started to shoot I felt the cock in my mouth explode and come filled my throat. I had no choice but to swallow.

The two cocks that I had been forced to wank also ejected their loads, I felt the sticky come saturate my hands. The other lad rubbing his cock on my face shot a stream of come over my eyes, adding to the come already there expelled from the first boy who used me. My mascara was running down my face in a stream of hot semen. The lad who was dry humping my sheer stocking leg groaned at this sight and I felt his cock pulse against my stocking thigh and I then the warm wet feel of come through my laddered nylon encased calf. Finally the young black man that was raping my arse stopped; he withdrew his flaccid penis and looked over his shoulder, smiled an evil smile, and said,

"Here, you can have what’s left of this bitch now." I looked up in horror realised it was my brother Tom he was talking to.

"No, no more please, I can’t take it," I whimpered in attempt to put him off .

What could I do, If I exposed my real identity there was a good chance the gang would beat me up and Tom would know my secret and tell everyone. I decided to meekly accept whatever my brother decided to do to me, and hope he didn’t notice who I was under the smeared makeup and ripped women’s clothes.

My brother Tom took his place and lay on top of me.

He didn’t seem to care that my face was covered in come and that I was leaking sticky white semen from my arse. He leaned down and kissed my smudged lipstick lips. I felt his cock stiffen as he pressed against the nylon panties covering my penis. The lads holding my legs, having achieved their orgasms and having no further use for this ‘tranny slut’, had let go of my legs and were stuffing their sticky cocks back into their shorts as they dressed.

Tom reached down and placed his turgid penis against the bulge of my soft cock encased in my nylon panties, oblivious that his was older brother underneath him. He was humping it against my panty cock, obviously too aroused and too inexperienced to try to enter me, he had decided to come quickly against me. I thanked god that it looked like he was not going to fuck me or make me suck him. I had guessed that Tom was still a virgin, and his inexperience and excitement meant he wanted to quickly release his seed and move on.

I realised he was the last in the long procession of rapists that were using my body for their own pleasure, taking what they wanted by force, even though I would have given it gladly one at a time in if my brother wasn’t there. I decided that I could take no more, I was now fully aroused by my brother’s thrusting penis, even though I had been raped in every orifice, was covered in come, my make-up smeared, my nylons ruined, my clothes ripped. I decided to help Tom achieve his orgasm as quickly as possible before he changed his mind and wanted to fuck me properly or worse still he recognised me in the dim light.

I lifted my legs and wrapped them around my brother’s back as he dry humped me through my panties. I pushed up and met his thrusts as his cock pressed against mine through the sheer nylon of my panties. I lifted my head, covered in come and smeared make-up and pushed my lipstick smudged, recently raped mouth against his. I rammed my tongue down his throat and started to dry fuck him earnestly.

Tom’s inexperience was obvious and my brother started to squeal as his cock spasmed against mine, drenching my panties, soaking through to my now throbbing penis, which erupted in unison. I gripped my brother in my embrace tighter as our cocks continued to jet come against each other. Finally Tom lay still, and then pushed himself off me and joined the circle of rapists standing around me.

They were all laughing and looking down at me. There I was, my skirt hiked up, my penis slowly deflating, covered in semen, my clothes ruined. I was well and truly raped by the gang, which had included my brother. The leader of the street gang, the one who had raped my arse with his enormous cock, spoke.

"Come around here again you fag tranny bitch you’re going to get the same!"

He turned his back to me and started walking away with the rest of his gang slowly following laughing and jeering amongst themselves. Tom, my brother the rapist, who had used me last, suddenly broke away from the gang and ran back to me.

‘What now’, I thought. My younger brother knelt beside me, lifted my head and gave me a soft passionate kiss. He whispered in my ear,

"Thanks most exciting experience of my life Sis," he whispered.

I lay there and couldn’t believe what I had heard. He knew who I was! He called me ‘Sis’!

"Well I guess you are now my older sister now, instead of my older brother; tomorrow you can you can show me what a blow jobs feels like, either that or I can just tell Mom and Dad about your secret. See ya’ later Sis," he laughed.

His lips brushed mine again and he shot up and sprinted after his friends laughing out loud.


To be continued...........