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 Pt.1 I spot my mum at it.   

 My mum's kinky flirting set my young girl juices flowing.


 I have a younger brother Roy,a dad generally in the background and a flirtatious kinky mother. Mum like myself aren't film star material,but we seem to have hidden attractions. At this time,I had passed my super sensitive pre-puberty; - Oh god my breasts are showing,all the boys will look mum,stage. - Mum had explained how & why my body changes will start attracting males,she emphazied 'all' males,which missed me at the time. She also explained in some detail how I could expect my inner pussy lips to peek out of my vulva,

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how they would have a little bean as she called it under where they joined at the top which was sensitive when touched and men always tried to get in women's pants by rubbing it given the chance.

 She didn't need to explain further,I knew about men fucking women and boys hoping for the same for that matter. I was still very private regarding these bits on my body when around the home and in the vicinity of males. On the other hand,mum showed a far more flamboyant way with her sexy bits. She would giggle and say, "If you've got it,flout it girl,that's why god gave them too women" Often this was followed with a swinging of her breasts. 'Mum I could never do that what you do' "Give it time girl,you'll understand what its all about when you're ripe"

 I more or less understood what she meant by,me being ripe. So,with pert breasts and hard nipples,I'll get to my story.


 Not wishing to be a hypocrite I confess,although I hid my sexual bits I had given to trying to see others sexual bits. Nearest to hand was my father and brother and of course my mum. As a heterosexual,the males in my life were what drew me at this time. I found it reasonably easy to see dads cock and balls,he'd think nothing of leaving the bedroom or bathroom door ajar. So quite often as I passed intent on a good look,he turning with nothing on showed me his bits and I especially liked the muscle flexing of his ass cheeks. He appeared to be completely oblivious to this except when mum pointed out he shouldn't flash his daughter. He just said "don't be daft,it made her"

 But my real target was my brother. Two reasons were uppermost for this; one because I knew he was forever trying to catch me with my bits showing. This also made it like a competition which I knew I was winning. Two was curiosity. I had recalled that when we were quite young and bathed together,his appendage always attracted me. It was big even as a kid. I knew this because I'd seen his mates at various times to make a comparison. Now I was sexually aware,I was determined to adjudge this appendage in comparison to dads.

 Up till now the nearest Roy had got to seeing me was a glimpes of my breasts and that was so short,to me it didn't count. None the less,just after I,knowing he was in his room crept near and I could distinctly hear wanking taking place. Acting disgusted,I confided to mum I'd heard him wanking leaving out,he'd seen my tits and was shocked by her response. "Again! I'm sure I had nothing showing when he passed me just now" I was even more disgusted,my own mum intimated she knew her own son wanked if he saw her bits. I just went to my room,where the more I thought of it,the more I found it arousing. Till I finished up fingering myself to an orgasm. How filthy is that I thought!

 From this I decided I'd watch to see what my brother and mum found to get excited over with each other. Following from this a completely different scenario also titivated my senses. Me being left at home alone,my brother turned up with his mate. I knew this mate had an eye for me and I for him although I hid this fact. Horsing around in the yard,I became the target of some suggestive handling,not all by the mate. I twigged where this was heading as they were pushing and dragging me towards our shed. In the melee,I knew one of my breasts had popped out the bottom of my bra' and the handling of me had made my now growing nipples hard.

 I also felt Roy's mates hand on this tit but was not sure if he had it in his hand not realising all between use was my thin blouse. As my brother now lifted my both legs off the ground as his mate held my body under the arms and on my tits,to me I was on a looser,especially because my brother not only now had a look on his face telling me he had seen his goal only covered by my flimsy panties,but more to the point,my neck was being poked by what could only be a hardon. A glance confirmed it was one of two as my brother also was protruding at his crutch.

 With hidden strength I lashed out,although unintentional,the back of my hand caught Roy's mate on the nose and blood started pouring down his shirt. I was promptly and un-ceremoniously dropped to the floor. 'That was stupid,look what you've done to his nose,lets get to our sink and stop it' SORRY! but I knew what you were at,trying to get me in there. Holding a wad of cotton wool to his nose,Tim (My brothers mate) clarified,he just wanted to play with my tits. Yeah,you're mad thinking I'd let you in front of my own brother. 'No,he wouldn't have seen us,he couldn't have,he was going to pull your knickers down to have a look up under your skirt at how much pussy fur you've got. So there's no way he'd see your tits from under there would he'

 It was such a stupid statement,I wanted to crack skulls. But at the same time I got a buss out of just what lengths my brother would go to,just to get a look at my furry bit. It also added imputus to seeing his cock,because what was hitting me in the neck was nowhere near as what I spotted pointing towards my thighs in my brothers trousers. We done what we could to wash blood off Tims shirt and they parted company from me for his home,leaving me now disgusted with myself for thinking what might have happened to me if I'd not fought quite so hard.

 With the thought,what if I'd let my brother see and what if Tim had played with my tits and coupled with my mother's comment. "They all try to get in your panties by rubbing your bean,I found myself on my bed doing just that until my orgasm took over and shook me to my very roots. There I was again,wondering how big it was and why did mum get dirty telling me Roy wanked off to her. OOPS! someone's home.Without further ado,I pulled my knickers on and appeared down stairs like the innocent I was. Hi you lot,what's for tea? Roy was with mum and dad and that was that.

 All evening as we sat around after tea and dad had gone off to the very shed I'd nearly been carried too,I watched to see if I could see what my brother Roy got hot over with mum according to mum. After a while mum true to form went off to get herself into her bedclothes and I followed suit. I loved doing this,because as I doned my PJ's I never wore panties under and it felt so free around my middles. I also was conscious that if I happened to be sat with my arms resting on my drawn up knees I could feel the PJ's pressing against my pussy. I was sure when dad was sat in he tended to glance in my pussy direction more often than was good for him,but mum never twigged this and after all,he let me see his without quibble whenever I chose.

 Mum on the other hand sat always in the same place on our settee and had a habit of sitting on her heels. This I thought would be uncomfortable but she seemed okay with it. She always seemed to be slightly askew though when sat like this. I knew also that like me she always discarded her pants when she put on her,in her case,nightdress. Roy never changed his clothes till going to bed as did dad. Maybe it hid more than their thoughts I guess. Roy never failed to sit on the easy chair opposite to mum and of late I'd noticed it gave him a good view of me if he looked my way,which he did much more since I'd given to changing clothes like mum.

 So on this occasion I on seeing mum shift to her favourite sitting style went out to the fridge had a cool drink and returned taking a glance at what if anything Roy saw of mum. As I went behind Roy's chair,I stopped and whispered, 'I've said nothing about earlier' but my real reason was to have a lingering look at what Roy could see. Typically,mum had reached sideways and in doing so while trying to reach a newspaper,her breasts were swinging sexually inside her silk night attire with the Vee neck showing some cleavage. But more to the point,by her reaching,the back of her nightdress had dangled allowing a portion of her thighs/ass cheek to be seen,even to the extent that a few of her pubes around her pussy sides and certainly a bit of her lips were before my brothers eyes.

 She sat back,looked at me still behind my brother's chair and questioned. 'What are you two conspiritors up to now' Nothing we chirped in harmony, 'That's alright then,sometimes I got my doubts about you lot,you're to much like your father' Ah! that was a stock statement for most things. Sitting back down I attempted to make sure I really was tight across my quim because surprising to me I felt a twinge seeing mum show,even if inadvertently her pussy to my brother. I could just see enough to know it had an effect on Roy,which in turn was now having its effect on me. Just how big was he now?

 It took a while,but then Roy got up and headed for his room. I could see he had,had to wait for his hardon to subside. Cheekily,I said to mum all grown up. No guesses for what he's gone up to do! 'Again? never,not that quick,you're obsessed with him doing that,have you caught him at it or something'?  Flushing up a bit,N-O,its just so obvious,whenever we change into flimsy stuff,after a while he disappears. She shocked me again. 'If you'd seen what he got to do it to,its bigger than your father's and you've seen his,you'd be less surprised'. I felt myself feeling hot and slightly embarrassed at the flat reference to me looking at dad's.

 How did you then? I mean,see it to know? 'Never you mind,but it wasn't dangling like you seen dads I can tell you' You're so dirty mum, - curious now,- how did you ever see it like that? 'Never you mind,but that's for me to know and you to wonder,but rest assure,I have and it is' I'm miffed at this,there's me wanting,so desperately to see it and mum like the cat that got the cream and unknowingly tormenting me blind. Or is she knowingly tormenting me? 'It'll come I'm sure,you just got to be patient if you really want to see it' I didn't exactly sulk off to bed just after,but I went up now wondering again what I may have achieved if I'd let myself get taken into our shed.

 As I left,dad appeared at the door just as I tried to go through it. Close and in a certain way he squeezed my ass cheek with, 'You off to bed chick' I didn't realise it was as late as that' 'night then' another squeeze. I went up a bit happier because I'd cheated a squeeze without mum twigging. That squeeze had a certain sliding of fingers along my bum crease that no one knew about almost like the couple of times I'd seen dad with a half hardon. He always flushed up on those occasions and even tried to hide it without much success.

 Then it happened,it was purely accidental but I got my answers all at once. Like any other day our family routine just happened. Like a normal day I appeared home as I thought first. I'd forgot this day was slightly abnormal,in that Roy and mum was doing their thing together and as far as I knew it was out of our home. Wrong! Whatever their original plan was,a new plan had developed. I was given sometimes to mooching off home from my job with my bosses consent very occasionally. This was one such an event. On arriving home I was slouching on my bed when I realised mum and Roy had arrived home. Mum was giggling and Roy was saying 'Come on you know you want to'

 'Dont be silly,that's too dirty,anyway,your sister is on to you,she know's what you get up to when you do' I put two and two together and realised the "you do" was when my brother has seen mum's tits or pussy. My hearts pounding in my chest,If to dirty is what I think it is.No wonder mum has seen Roy hard and no wonder he wanks so much. I'm tempted to sneak out and look what they're up to,but frightened I may get spotted thus bringing everything to an end,whatever they are debating doing. 'Ah,come on mum,just this once eh! let me just a little bit then' I hear some rustling noise which I can't work out followed by mum giggling, 'Fucking stop it now,what if someone was to catch us'? 'I'll do it quick then,just let me do it'

 By now this is driving me mad. I snuk out on the landing and look down. I freeze and feel my pussy twitch all at one and the same time. There below me,my brother is doing to mum what his mate said Roy was going to do with me. His heads under mums skirt and there's some pulling judging by his elbow movements going on. The rustling was still happening and I realise its an underskirt that makes her overskirt flair out. Mum giggles again as she tries to hold my brothers head. 'Stop it,you were only suppose to look not touch' I can now see her panties have already been taken off and are on the floor to one side. She jerks and grabs at his head. 'Don't you dare,N-O-O stop you shouldn't even know about those things,N-O-O please N-O-O what would dad say if he thought I'd let you ----- lick me'

 I know my brother seemed old for his years but I'd never till now even thought of that and there's my younger brother trying to lick mum's pussy. I so needed to play with myself on the bed but I just couldn't drag myself away from seeing what would happen next. What did happen, was mum opened her legs even wider and I knew Roy was being allowed to do it to her. Mum's head was now looking up towards me but unseeing as she had her eyes firmly closed so tight. She was bending her legs out and in and mumbling rude words. I didn't listen as by her movements I was living ever jerk of her body,I knew she was feeling what I did when I masterbated.

 Then she came,her hands grabbed at Roy's head as she tried to push her pussy harder at his face. Her legs were bent so much she looked a foot shorter. 'Fuck! We never ought to have done that' she said as my brother's head reappeared from under her skirt. His look was a picture,he knew he'd had what he wanted,then with even more neck,he took his cock out. I'd now seen it,fuck it was hard and huge for his age,I could see he had about eight inches with a thickness about half again as much as our dad's. Mum looked at it,Roy waggled it. 'No don't be stupid,that's just too dangerous' Roy caught her hand and placed it on his hardon. 'No Roy.we mustn't you can't persuade me to let you,now stop it right now,I told you no in the first place' Persistent little swine my brother,he pulled mum's skirt up again and rubbed it against her thigh. 'Come on I'll only take a minute and anyway,you were trying for this each time you showed me your pussy,its cruel to let me see it and now say I can't' Mum was listening as he pressed ever nearer to her body.

 'Just this once,alright'? She now held his cock and was placing it at her hole. 'Push in now' He thrust and I realised I'd just seen how to get it up me. Mum grasped at Roy's ass,he at her's and enthralled I watched my brother as he fucked and came deep inside mum. They hung for a few minutes,then. 'Quick now,pull it out and put it away before we're caught,it must be getting near to your sister coming in. Roy grabbed mum's pants,grinning, 'We better put them in the wash' 'Fuck off you little swine,stop gloating at your mother,I never intended for you to shoot it in me,I'm all soaking wet,what if you've made me pregnant'? 

 My brother saying nothing made to come up stairs with his cock still swinging from his groin nearly as hard as when he put it in mum. I shot out of sight knowing my pussy was also soaking wet with my juices. Laying on my bed I had to figure out how to appear without them realising I'd been here all the time.



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 Aunty gets fingered.

 Young I may have been,but my cunning was unbelievable at such a young age.


 Oh yes,I was young,but my sexual urge was mature beyond belief. I had a thing about my maternal aunt. Every chance offered,I'd home in on her body. It started when I caught her naked,having just bathed. I blatently stood looking at her tits and pussy. "You shouldn't stand looking at me naked,that's naughty,away with you,you're too old for your years" Reluctantly I left my ogling of her with a deep desire to touch what I'd been ogling.

 On various occasions after I'd touched her ass,inside

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leg,even once her tit,but other than her leg,it was through her dress. Then I had a brilliant idea,as I thought. What if I obscurely touched her with a crowd of people present? Would she dare ball me out with everyone around knowing I'd done it. I thought,but,if I did,it would have to be real dirty so she'd be to embarrassed to yell out in front of them.

 Now this aunt of mine had a regular meeting with her peers. They sat around a very large table,sometimes it was knitting,other times crochet,but mostly it was gossiping. I heard some pretty lurid goings on about and between various of our village people. The end of each item of gossip was followed by, mmm's! or the dirty cat! and cackly giggle's. A real gathering of old witches round their caldron I reckoned. I figured the worst that could happen to me was,aunt chucking a frogs leg in the brew and her spell turning me into some undesirable freek.

 They always went on as though I was invisible,which suited me fine as I amused myself under this table soo-say playing with the owners big black cat,but actually knelt up on my haunches,looking to see as much up skirt as was displayed by these not so undesirable female's. Aunt knew on these occasions I wasn't invisible,because when I got by her legs I put my face very close to her knees and blew warm breath up her skirt. The response was always the same,her hand would come down and swat at my face,too which I could hardly contain myself from giggling out loud.

 The real intent was too make her open her thighs so I could see her knicker's and hopefully perhaps her pussy. Equally,alone later,she'd scold me and tell me what a dirty little sod I was. Very occasionally I'd see her knicker's and the first time a piece of her pussy was uncovered. Once when she seemed to be sat nearer the front of the chairs squash,her knicker material was pressing right up into her quims slit. Funny that,it was the first time I got a boner and I wasn't sure why my prick had done something new. But from then on I gave it a boner everyday.

 Other of my peers in boy talk,said if I rub it long and hard enough,I'd cum. In questioning about cum,they just said,you'll shoot spunk out the end,you know,the stuff women need to have a baby. I didn't know,but no way was I going to admit that. On getting to my aunts that day I asked her,'What do women use spunk for?' only to be told, "None of your business,I ought to take you and wash your dirty little mouth out with soap" 'Why? I only wondered,what have I said wrong?' "You'll realise one day" So that was the end of that.

 Of course in the not to distant future,I realised all of this and my infatuation with my aunt's body,but at this moment all I wanted was a touch. So at my aunt's next meeting I duly disappeared under this table,done my rounds of thigh's then launched into my plan. Blowing as normal got the usual response,the excitement of what I intended doing next made my cock throb,another sensation I would have to get used too for the foreseable future.

 I touched aunty's inner legs,again a gentle unobtrusive swipe with a push to my hand plus a flicking movement to indicate, 'Stop now' I timed this plan to coincide with a particularly lurid tale about a farmer's daughter I also knew,but a bit older than myself who had got taken by,it was rumoured,her brother and father. Nothing like a good smutty rumour to loosen thigh's I guess. As the story reached its smutty climax,my aunt's swiping stopped and she just stayed put with my fingers trying to prize her legs open. I could feel her leg muscles forcing her thigh's closed as my hand moved like a worm farther up the inside of her thigh. As if in desperation,she quickly opened and clamped shut on my hand,but in that instant she lost because my finger's made contact with her knicker covered pussy. Again a hand caught my arm and weakly tried to pull it down from her thigh's.

 She now clamped me so tight I almost panicked that she was going to yell out. But no,my hand was again left alone. Trying like hell to wiggle my fingers at her slit,to me I was making no headway,but it now became clear to my aunt my intent and it must have done something because her thigh's loosened and opened enough for me to smooth a finger along part of her slit. In fact the loosening was enough for me to press her knicker's into her slit which now felt a groove of damp knicker material. This had climaxed with the end of the farmer tale. I heard my aunt's voice, "All very intreguing,I wonder how it made her feel if its true?"

 Daringly now,I made my next move. I hooked a finger into what felt the loosest leg of her knicker's. I could feel her pubes and what turned out to be her hood. Also a little hard thing like a bean under this fold of skin. As I touched this,I heard aunt say, "God,my backs aching today,I need to sit forward for a while,I wonder why that is,this is my usual chair and they're always so comfortable" Immediately I lost touch as she moved her bum quickly forward. Drat,I had to start all over again. I needn't have worried,her legs were no longer closed so tight,in fact she had her thigh's apart with her quim right at the edge of the chair. Even more so,on moving I noticed she went to far forward,then sat,she moved back some. What a cunning bitch,this had the effect of loosening her knicker's downwards just a little.

 Now I put my hand back,no further resisting,she actually opened even wider as my small fingers found that little hard bean again. I pulled at the knicker material and got it off her cunt completely. There it was in all its glory,she had a wetness along the slit which I probed until I found a deeper part,with fore and middle finger making a vee here I found it opened up the lips to show a hole about half an inch in size. Because this hole was almost facing the floor as my aunt sat so far forward,I lay looking up at it. I attempted to push my finger up it. Her hand craftily came down again and grasping my wrist she pulled my finger's back to the bean and pressed my hand quickly at it several times,prompting me to keep tickling her here.

 As I did I felt her figgeting, while more and more juice seemed to appear from inside this hole I'd found. Aunt's legs slammed shut then open several times as I heard a strange gaspy sound above. A vice like grip stopped all further movement as I heard one of the women say, "You okay Edna,hurting is it? you'll need to lay down when you get home" "Yeah,that was a real twinge that time,I haven't felt it like that for years" I moved away from my aunt as she moved back in the chair. "God,that made me go all funny for a mo' then" "Sammy,where are you,your aunt needs to be helped home,she's poorly" The host had given her command. I appeared from the opposite end of the table from my aunt. "Come on,coat on,off you go,look after her mind on the way and when you get there,no going out and leaving her alone"

 We duly left with my aunt as I guessed rightly,feigning illness. Nothing was said on the way. I thought I was for the high jump,but on arriving and going indoors. My aunt surprised me by saying, "You little bugger,where did you learn to do that,don't you ever do it to me again in public" Even more shockingly now she pulled her skirt up, "Look,go on look what you done to me,I'm absolutely soaking,do you know why? - Answering her own question, - you gave your aunt an orgasm,know what that is? No, it makes a woman want that spunk you asked me about,that's what"

 I stood mesmerized at the quim she was displaying at me. 'Sorry aunty,I can't give you any yet,I could get some from a mate for you' "No,I don't mean I want some,its just that it makes women want some,you know from that" She pointed at my cock. "Come here,come on,lets have a cuddle. - I moved to her,forgiven I hoped, - listen,its got to be a secret,no telling or boasting to your mate's,tell me how you learnt to do it like you did and I maybe,just maybe mind,may let you do it somemore to me" I was fucked,do I tell her I didn't learn from anybody,would she think I was lying and not let me do it somemore,or will that be even more exciting for her that I just by instinct wanted to tickle her cunt.

 'Its just you aunt,I like all your body,that's why I risk a clout or cussing by touching your,that there' I pointed at her cunt, - she still hadn't pulled her clothes down over it,more shock, - she pulled the leg open on her pants and showed me her cunt naked. "Why are you obsessed with it?" 'I don't know,its just nice I suppose' "No,its your hormones have kicked in early,all this has to be secret,understand, - I nod. - I'll let you develop with me,okay?" 'Yes,I'd like that,does that mean when I got some spunk,you want it from me?' "You could put it that way,but all must be our little secret mind" 

 So,here I am. Five years later,and having just deposited my umpteenth sperm supply up my aunt's pussy,she's rolling around in ecstacy, "Come on do it again,you horny little nephew,FUCK ME SOME MORE!!! - 'Ah well,this is the life'

 Goodbye for now.


Mom will never know!

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I remember the first time I wanted my mom. I was only 15 and my dad had just left her for some fat cow. My mom was in her room on line most likely in some chat room she was sitting on her bed in sweat pants and a loose fit t shirt with no bra (she never were a bra) anyway, I came In her room complaining about a migraine headache and asked if she would rub my head? she said yeah, and made a place for me on the bed with a pillow in her lap. She started massaging my temples and humming a soft melody in my ear slightly bent over with her tits inches from my face. I started to get hard and since I was wearing only running shorts my boner was pretty apparent even though my mom said nothing and continued with th

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e massage. About 15mins later she asked if I felt better? I said yes she said good that she had to go to the bathroom. She stood up and went into her bathroom which  was about 4 feet from the bed and without closing the door dropped her pants and set down to pee I watched everything and just layed there when she came back to take a seat on the bed I was fully sprawled out across the bed looking up at mom. She sat back at the computer and did nothing else for about an hour. I then slipped under the covers and put my hands down my pants and played with myself alitttle while my mom was above the covers not paying any attention so I pretended to fall asleep. About 2 hours later my mom tried to wake me up to leave her room so she could go to bed but I just acted like I was asleep and eventually she gave up and got under the covers. After faking being asleep for what felt like forever mom rolled over in bed and whisperd to me asking if I was awake but I didn’t do anything but pretend to snore. She layed there for a few more minutes then she shook me and said the same thing “john are you awake?” then after no response from me I could feel her fidjitting under the covers then I herd her slip her sweatpants down and start rocking back and forth which was obviously her fingering herself, Right next to me! After alittle while she started panting and breathing hard but still really soft (probally so she didn’t wake me). Then she stoped and fell asleep with her pants still down. After what once again felt like forever I started to jack off under the sheets and before long I had cum all over my stomach. I reached up on the head board oh so carefully searching for some tisues but the box was empty. Shit I said softly right as my mom turned over and put her face inches from mine and wrapped her right leg around mine pinning me in. she snore lightly with her mouth barley open. I stuck my finger under the covers and ran it over the cum all over my stomach and scoped up allitle blob with my finger and brought it above the covers and over my mothers face and let a drop drip into her open mouth then I stuck the finger in her mouth and swished it around until my finger was cleaned. This time I scoped up all most all of the cum with my palm and wiped it over my moms lips and with my finger rubbed inside her mouth. Then without thinking I put my mouth over hers ant started licking up the cum then beging kissing her with my tounge but she still didn’t wake up, so i fingererd her while i fed her the rest of my cum then I pulled my pants up and went to sleep. In the morning she never said anything about it and I don’t think she ever will know.....


Our conservative family and what happened to us.

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My name is Jacob Williamson. I come from the deep south from an area that is very conservative christian. My dad Zachariah Williamson is the Pastor at the local church and my mom Ruth and sister Sarah and I help as lay ministers. Mom is  a copastor at the church and my sister who is 18 and I at 16 help with the youth ministry at the church.  One of the ways Sarah and I help my parents is with sex education. When we first moved to this area there were a lot of problems with teen pregnancies esspecially incestuous relationships. Our straightforward and honest approach to teaching sex ed has lowered the teen pregnancy problem greatly.  We moved here when I was 5 yrs old and my dad was associate pastor.  I remember a particular event that made my parents and the church c

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ommunity decide to start the sex ed through the youth ministry program.  There was a family of four children a young man 18 at the time James Roberts and his three sisters, Amanda and Rachel were 16 yr old twins and Kathryn a 14 yr old. Their father was an abusive alcoholic who molested James from a very young age until he died mysteriously in a hunting accident and Their mom neglected them.  James finally snapped and one night he violently raped his three sisters. They all became pregnant.  It was very sad. James  wound up going to prison after the sisters spoke to my dad at the church and he called the authorities.  This single event would come back to change our lives. 

Mom, dad, Sarah and I were sitting at the dinner table having just said grace and getting ready to eat a wonderful meal when we heard a loud thump outside. It sounded like someone breaking down a door. My dad and I jumped up to see what was up when all of a sudden standing in front of us holding a gun was James Roberts. He had gotten out of prison and was looking for revenge.  He is there with two of his cousins and we all notice that They both also have guns and knives and a video camera.  He looks at my mom and my sister and comments how beautiful they are. My father says, "Please, don't touch them." "We'll do whatever you want, just please don't rape them."  James said, " Sit down and shut the fuck up." "  I am in charge and will say what will and will not happen." "No, my cousins or I aren't going to rape these two women." " Your son and you are going to or you're all goin to die."   We all looked at each other knowing that he was serious.  James told My mother to get them plates of food too. She did and when we were all done eating. James and his two cousins told us it was time. They lead us all to my parent's room and told us to strip nude.  My dad started to speak when James struck him and said If we didn't do what he said he would definitely kill all of us. Dad told us to do whatever it was James told us. Soon we were all nude.  James then looked at my mother and asked her if she was ovulating; she said, "Yes." He then asked, " Are you on birth control?" She said, "No, that she didn't personally believe in birth control." He just smiled and looked at me and said, "Kid, today is your lucky day; today you get to fuck your mom and make her pregnant with your sperm."  I was stunned and just looked at my father and mother. They just told me to do what James said.  James lead my mom to the bed and then told me to get in the bed with her. He said to my dad and sister ;"You'll both stand here and watch." "Before we start though Ruth has to say that she's a horny slut who wants her son to impregnate her." His cousin turned on the camera and told her the camera was rolling. Mom started to cry when James grabbed me by the neck and held the gun to my temple and said,"If you don't want me to kill your son you'll compose yourself and say what I told you to say." Mom stopped crying and looked right at the camera with a wicked smile on her face and said," I am such a horny slut and am going to take my son's virginity and become his whore letting him impregnate me." James laughed and said,"THat's the spirit." He then looked at me and said, " You're going to tell your mother she's a slutty whore and that you're going to fuck her hard." I was so scared and said what he told me. With that he made mom and I french kiss, then told us to get into the 69 position and perform oral sex on each other. It wasn't long before both my mom and I had our orgasms. When we came to. He told me to get into position and start to fuck my mother. I got my penis at the openinig of my mothers vagina and thrust. The feeling was incredible even though I knew it was   wrong.  TO make sure He wouldn't hurt anyone we both talked dirty telling each other to fuck harder and Calling each other demeaning names.  I felt hurt calling my mother a worthless slut; but, somehow I was also so turned on. Mom had three orgasms and hit her fourth wrapping her legs around my waist and I couldn't hold out any longer. I released the largest amount of sperm I had ever released in my young life. Our orgasms seemed to last for 5 minutes. When done we continued to fuck until I had ejaculated into my mother's womb again.  James said,"This will be a HOT video when we're done." "You're all naturals."  HE then told us to get off the bed and stand and watch as my dad took my sister's virginity. James said to my dad,"Tell your daughter that she's going to be your little slut and she'll produce you a child." My dad Yelled at Sarah, " You little slutty bitch I'm going to rape that virginal cunt of yours and give you all my seed." Sarah was totally shocked at my father but was too afraid to cry or say anything, James asked Sarah, " Are you ovulating?" she said, "Yes, I'm at my most fertile." James said,"Well now you'll carry a baby of incest."  He grabbed my sister kissed her then told my father to eat her out. My dad ate out my sister like a pro.  Sarah was actually begging my father to take her. Dad got between Sarah's legs; and put her legs on his shoulders to get maximum penetration and thrust taking her virginigy. This was not love making at all; it was animalistic sex. Soon they were both in throws of an orgasm. James suddenly thought to ask my father if he had had a  vasectomy. My dad looked at him and hesitated then nodded that he had. James was upset. "Why didn't you tell me?" My father said,"I thought that if you didn't know that my daughter wouldn't get pregnant." James struck my father on the side of the head and told me to fuck my sister. He said,"You'll fuck her as hard as you did your mother and give her your virile sperm." "She will be pregnant by the time we leave here today." I did what he said; I gave my sister a kiss whispering that I love her and began to fuck her like an animal rutting. It wasn't long before Sarah was in perpetual orgasm.  About 10 minutes into fucking my sister I thrust hard and came into her uterus. SHe orgasmed at the same time. I continued to fuck Sarah for about an hour fearing that James and His cousins would kill my parents if I didn't. I came in Sarah about 4 times. If she didn't get pregnant it would have been a miracle.  When I was done Sarah and I collapsed into each other's arms and fell asleep. We must have slept for about 3 hours. James and his cousins were still there and told me to fuck Sarah again. Mom was in bed watching the whole thing. I noticed that dad wasn't in the room and had feared that James and his cousins had killed him.  I fucked Sarah again cumming in her twice more; and when I rested for a bit James told me to fuck my mother again; which I did. James and his cousins masterbated to me fucking my mother and came all over mom and Sarah and I at the same time mom and I had our orgasms. With that they smiled and James said,"I can't wait for the people at the church to see this video once I edit it." Mom was distraught and Sarah and I just laid there in stunned silence. James and his cousins left the house only for us to hear a commotion outside. My dad  had managed to sneak out during our fucking session and brought the sheriff and his deputies. He explained everything. James and his cousins were arrested and the video once used for evidence of his crime was destroyed.  Mom and Sarah did get pregnant. Mom had a boy and Sarah had twins a boy and a girl. We live together as a happy family. I am now the pastor at our church and Sarah and I have since married. James thought that our ordeal would break up our family and teach us a lesson. It brought us closer together and our church family helped us transition through our ordeal and raise our beautiful children. 

 I hope you enjoyed my first story. Let me know.


Niece's Family Fun

reeb on Incest Stories

Niece’s Family Fun

By Reeb

(Completed 3/8/04)


**Author’s note: Please read, if you haven’t already, the sexual adventures of niece Leeza and her mother, Deedee, written prior leading up to this story. Enjoy.


Leeza awoke from her sleep with that warm moist feeling between her legs again as she reminisced back on the two weeks she spent at her Uncle Ron and Aunt Diana’s house. She imagined Uncle Ron’s coarse tongue touching her clit for the first time, sliding up and down her young wet pussy. She could still feel her pussy being stretched for the first time as Uncle Ron’s hard shaft parted her virginal pussy lips. Her fingers softly touched her hard clit as she arched her back and shuddered through an

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other morning orgasm. She covered her mouth to muffle her moans of pleasure as she came and a warm feeling enveloped her body. Leeza wondered when she’d feel her uncle’s masculine body touching hers again.

Miles away, Ron sat at the breakfast table on this warm late summer Saturday morning, sipping his coffee, thinking back of the past two weeks spent with his sexy young niece. Sitting there in just a pair of gym shorts and his slippers, no underwear, his cock hardened to near full length. His mind pictured his niece’s young hard and firm body he had viewed so many times as he taught her the ways to please a man. He hoped to get another opportunity to make love to her again. His mind snapped back as his wife, Diana said something to him.

The shower room steamed with heat and sexual excitement as Leeza’s mom, Deedee took her morning shower. As she stood facing the hot spray of water, her lathered body feeling the tingling in her nipples as the warm water hit them, a soft warm body pressed up behind her, soapy hands reached around her and caressed her breasts, rolling her nipples between soft fingers. Dee caught her breath and rolled her head back, enjoying the soft caresses to her aroused body. She could feel hard nipples pressing against her back as a whisper of warm breath was felt at her right ear, "Go ahead Dee, call him."

Ron had finished his coffee and was stepping out of the shower when the phone rang. Diana picked up the phone and spoke to her sister Deedee for close to twenty minutes. He was nervous, as always when Dee or Leeza spoke to his wife, always worrying Diana would find out of his sexual escapades with her sister and her niece. He knew if she did, a divorce would most likely follow.

Diana held up the phone, "Ron, Dee wants to know if you’re free this afternoon. She needs some help moving some furniture."

With a slight sigh of relief Ron replied, "Yeah sure, what time does she need me there?"

Diana told Deedee it was ok and she said, "Dee said, anytime after noon is fine."

"Sounds good." Ron replied as he felt his shaft begin to harden again in hopes of something more than just moving furniture.

It was close to three weeks since he and Deedee had their encounter in his garage. It ran thru his mind many times, especially when making love to Diana. He couldn’t help himself as his mind always drifted to a vision of Deedee’s perfect dark tanned ass as his cock entered her from behind. The feeling of her soft buttocks against his hips as his rigid cock slid slowly in and out. He would always end up fucking the shit out of Diana, which made her happy, but if she only knew his true thoughts.

While driving to his sister-in-law’s house, his mind relived the hot sex that took place in his garage. He pictured Dee’s dark sexy eyes as she first took his hard cock between her soft sexy lips. He stroked his hard cock thru his jeans while he drove through the windy country roads. The vision of Dee’s dark Italian complexion, white tan lines, dark eyes and her soft sexy body aroused him completely.

Ron arrived at Dee’s house around 12:30 and knocked on the door. His eyes where greeted to a beautiful sight as the door opened. There stood Deedee in a sexy short white terry cloth robe with blue accents. It barely came down to the middle of her thighs as she was drying her hair with a towel as she just got out of the shower. Up a few more inches and he could probably see her pussy. His cock was instantly hard as a rock again.

"Hey Ron, sorry I’m running late. Come on in." Dee said as she turned, giving him a great view of the shape of her tight ass behind the terry cloth material. He could vision her sexy body as the damp soft terry cloth material clung to every curve and inch of her body.

"I must say Dee, you’re looking good today." Ron said as his eyes devoured every inch of her sultry body.

As she walked away from him, she slowly bent down to pick up the TV Guide lying on the floor. Her robe pulled up and he was given a perfect view of her hot tight ass again. She was wearing a thin sheer red thong, just like he asked her too in his garage that day. He could see the dark pussy hairs through the red transparent material. His cock was throbbing inside his jeans.

As she turned to face him, he quickly moved close to her and pulled her to him. She dropped the TV Guide, towel and embraced him within her arms. As he was ready to kiss her, he suddenly asked, "Where’s Leeza?"

"She’s at her dad’s this weekend so don’t worry, we’re all alone." Dee replied with a sheepish seductive grin.

Ron smiled and said, "I suppose we’re not moving any furniture today." And they laughed.

"Only the bed honey." She said as she kissed him deeply, their tongues entwined together. He cupped her firm ass, pulling her hard into his swollen shaft as they kissed.

Dee reached down and rubbed his swollen cock through his jeans, "Feels like your happy to see me."

"With a bod like yours Dee, he’s always ready for you!" Ron chuckled.

"Come on stud." She said as she turned and pulled him up the stairs toward her bedroom.

Ron followed her up the steps, looking up at her soft tanned buns shifting from side to side, catching glimpses of her pussy encased in her red thong as she walked. Ron could see the material was getting darker from her flowing wet juices. His cock was so hard, he could hardly walk as it strained to be free of his jeans.

Dee could feel the heat of Ron’s stare, looking up her robe as she climbed the stairs. She purposely took her time climbing the stairs. She was trying not to be too obvious as she arched her back, pushing her butt out to give Ron a better view. She knew Ron’s major turn-on was looking at a woman’s butt and seeing her pussy from behind. Her wet pussy tingled with excitement as she thought of what was to come next.

Dee pulled Ron by the hand into her bedroom, where she turned to him and they embraced, kissing long and deeply. She ground her wet pussy against his hard cock, causing his knees to weaken. He again cupped her firm buttocks, caressing them and pulling her into him while they kissed.

Dee pulled back and while looking into Ron’s eyes, she slid her robe off her shoulders falling to the floor. She stood before him, exposing her soft white tit mounds, tight tanned stomach and a sheer red lace thong panty. She spun around, modeling the red thong panties for him, sticking her butt out as she exposed her backside to him. Ron all but drooled at the vision of pure sexual beauty standing before him. In his mind he pictured Salma Hayek standing before him, as Dee closely resembled her beauty and dark features.

"You asked for red, honey. So what do you think?" Dee said, looking at the swollen lump in his jeans, already knowing the answer.

"As usual Dee, you leave me speechless. God, you look so fucking hot babe!" Ron gasped.

Ron removed his t-shirt as he took in the pure beauty of her sultry body. Dee moved close to him and rubbed her hardened nipples across his chest hairs as she slowly dropped to her knees before him and began undoing his belt. She loved to feel her nipples tingle as they passed though his hairy chest. Her sexy eyes looked deep into his as she lowered his zipper and slid his jeans, underwear and all down his legs. Ron’s hard shaft sprang out and touched Dee’s cheek, leaving a trace of pre-cum across it.

Still looking deep into his eyes, she slowly took the swollen cock head between her soft lips. Her red lipstick covered lips, encased his hard shaft and she slid it deep into her hot wet mouth. Never did she stop looking into his eyes as she held his shaft in her hot mouth. Then her eyes closed as her tongue slowly circled his cock head and she began to gently slide her red lips back.

She just held the swollen purple cock head in her mouth, again flicking her soft tongue around it before she engulfed the length of his shaft. Her throat opened as she took all of his swollen seven inches of cock deep inside her hot mouth. She moaned, as his shaft was deep in her throat, sending vibrations of pleasure into his body, which ran up and down his spine.

Ron’s body trembled with sexual excitement as he watched Dee devour his hard cock. She held his hips as she began to slowly piston his swollen shaft in and out of her hot mouth. The friction she created as she sucked his shaft was amazing. He could feel her tongue swirling around his shaft as she increased the speed, pulling his hips faster as he fucked her mouth. From above, he watched her mouth, her sexy red lips as his red lipstick saliva covered shaft passed in and out. Her soft lips looked so fucking hot as his swollen cock passed between them.

Dee felt Ron begin to tense as he neared orgasm and she slowed, almost stopped, to such as slow pace he could hardly stand it. She smiled inside as she felt his knees shake from the sexual excitement she gave him. As she held his swollen shaft in her hot mouth, Dee felt the head swell even larger when suddenly, she felt his hot cum splash the back of her throat, filling her mouth with his hot seed.

Ron’s body shook with such intensity as he came hard in Dee’s hot mouth. He nearly fell as he was light headed from the intense orgasm. As his mind cleared, he looked down at Dee’s smiling face, his white cum at the corners of her mouth and running down her chin as she stood up in front of him. Wiping his cum from her face, they kissed deeply again while she caressed his saliva and cum covered still hard shaft in her right hand. Ron could taste his own juices as their tongues mingled together.

"God Dee, you really suck a mean cock." Ron said with a satisfied grin as his heart was pounding.

"I knew you’d like that. Get undressed honey and come lick my pussy some." She said as she turned her back to him, looking over her shoulder she slid her red thong down over her long shapely legs.

She climbed onto her king sized bed on her hands and knees, giving him another view of her perfect tan lined butt. Again she felt the heat of his stare as she paused a second and while still on her knees, she dropped her shoulders down, arched her back and presented him a good view of her wet pussy from behind. She knew exactly how to turn him on. Dee then rolled onto her back, spread her sexy legs and caressed her clit while she waited for him to come to her.

Ron stood almost holding his breath as he watched Dee remove her thong panties and crawl across her bed. His heart was pounding, his pants at his ankles, his stone hard cock shaft throbbing in his hand, while looking at the extremely sexy view Dee was giving him. He could see her juices glisten in her cunt hairs as she pushed her ass and pussy out to him. She was so damn hot and sexy, why would any man leave her unless he turned gay?

Ron’s clothes were off in seconds as he climbed onto the bed, between her wide spread legs and positioned her white pussy mound, covered with dark black hair before him. He found himself comparing Dee’s pussy to her daughter’s as he took in every visual inch of it. Leeza’s sparse pussy hair is more brown than black but they both have a dark tan which really accents their pale white pussy mounds. Dee’s sexy pussy was neatly trimmed and her dark jet black hair was wet with her juices.

Dee felt Ron’s hot breath caressing her wet pussy lips as his mouth neared her. She rolled her hard nipples between her fingers as his hot tongue first touched her. Chills went up her spine as he softly licked and caressed her mound, barely touching her pussy lips. His firm hands caressed hips and thighs as he traced trails with his tongue, teasing the outer areas around her excited pussy.

Ron could feel Dee’s excitement as she waited for his next caress and touch to her tingling pussy. He looked up to see her eyes closed, her head to one side, biting her lower lip as she squeezed and pulled on her swollen nipples. She was totally lost in the sexual lust of the moment.

As Ron traced a wet trail across her swollen clit, he inserted a finger just inside her hot cunt. Dee’s hips bucked involuntary to his touch as he softly stroked her hard clit with the flat of his tongue. He moved across it so slow and soft, while probing her tunnel deeper and with a second finger. Ron slowly moved his fingers from side to side and in and out all at once, while gradually increasing the pressure his tongue placed on her excited clit.

Dee released her right nipple with her right hand and placed it on the back of Ron’s head, pushing him harder into her pussy. She felt Ron apply more pressure to her tingling clit and then insert a third finger into her hot wet cunt. She felt Ron’s mouth completely encircle her clit, sucking it in and rolling it between his lips.

"Oh god, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m cumminggggggggggggg!" Dee moaned.

Within seconds, her hips bucked, she clamped Ron’s head between her thighs and shuddered with an intense mind blowing orgasm. Her body quaked and shook all over as she moaned the sounds of a sexually satisfied woman.

"God Ron, you know just how to get me off. You eat pussy almost as good as a woman." Dee chuckled as she thought of earlier that day.

As Dee’s thighs released him, Ron couldn’t help thinking of how sexually hot his sister-in-law was. What the fuck was her husband thinking when he left her? Diana, Dee’s older sister, is very pretty too but nowhere near as hot in bed as Dee, Diana’s youngest sister. Ron thought, possibly Dee was the perfect sexual match for him. However just the thought of fucking one of his wife’s sexy sisters, always got his cock hard as a rock.

"What can I say Dee, sexually we’re made for each other." Ron replied

Ron moved up next to Dee, as she subsided from the throws her orgasm. She rolled onto her right side and stretched to kiss him, as she again reached for his semi-hard shaft. As they kissed, Dee rolled his shaft in her soft fingers until he was rock hard again.

Dee broke off their kiss, looked Ron into the eyes and said, "I have a special gift for you. Just lay back and enjoy this."

"What’s up Dee?" Ron questioned as she slid off the bed and moved toward her bedroom’s private bathroom door.

Ron was lying on his back, gently caressing his hard shaft with his right hand when Dee opened the bathroom door. As the door opened, his heart pounded with excitement as there stood Leah, Diana’s younger sister but a year older than Dee. Leah was a little on the shy side, so her face was slightly red as she stood there in a sheer black lace bra & panty set. Ron couldn’t believe his eyes as her took in the beauty of another one of his wife’s sexy sisters. What a sexy sight to see as they both stood there together.

Leah was smaller, more petite than both Diana and Dee, but very sexy in her own way. She was very proud of her body as she just lost over 20 pounds, right after her recent divorce. The only thing she wasn’t happy with was that with losing her weight, she lost most of her boobs. She wasn’t flat chested but she went from a c-cup to a b-cup, still more than a mouthful. Ron could see her excited large bulging puffy nipples through the sheer black bra she was wearing. He found her swollen puffy nipples very enticing.

Leah wasn’t as pretty as Diana and Dee, but still very attractive. She had black shoulder length curly hair and was now very slim with a very nice figure. Her butt was this tiny little package, which was very sexy tucked inside those black lace panties as she turned her body for him to view.

As with all of Diana’s sisters, they all had dark summer tans as their Italian skin tans so easily. Leah was no exception as he could see her pale white mounds of tit flesh and her white pubic mound through the sheer black material of her lingerie.

As Ron caressed his bone hard shaft, looking at the exquisite beauty of his wife’s sisters, Dee broke the silence, "Earth to Ron, how’s she look? Doesn’t Leah look just gorgeous!"

"Leah, you look absolutely stunning. Someone pinch me, I’ve gotta be dreaming." Ron stammered out.

"Dee said you’d like this outfit." Leah said blushing, motioning to her sexy attire, again spinning as she modeled for him. Showing Ron her butt like Dee told her to.

"Ron’s got a soft spot, or should I say hard spot for anything sheer and frilly with a nice ass." Dee exclaimed, knowing me well pointing to the hard cock in my hand.

Dee took Leah’s hand and led her to the bed. Leah slid up between Ron and Dee, as Ron, lying on his left side began running his hands softly up and down Leah’s body, so did Dee lying on Leah’s other side.

Ron caressed Leah’s large hard puffy nipples through the soft thin material of her black-laced bra. He moved forward and planted a soft kiss to her lips, which trembled with excitement. His tongue parted her lips as it entered her mouth, searching for hers. Leah returned the kiss as their tongues swirled and chased each other. Her small hand found Ron’s hard cock, which felt huge to her as she wrapped her tiny fingers around it, kneading it softly.

Ron lowered his mouth to Leah’s sexy nipples, sucking them softly through the thin material of her lacy bra. Leah drew a sharp breath as he pulled the sheer cloth to one side and sucked her naked left swollen nipple into his hot mouth. Ron gently teased and rolled her hardened nipple between his lips as Leah felt her body release a multitude of sexual pleasures throughout her excited little body.

Dee had moved down, caressing Leah’s sides, tracing kisses down across her flat tummy as she positioned herself between her sister’s legs. Leah lifted her butt slightly as Dee pulled her sheer panties down over her smooth tanned thighs, over her sexy legs and throwing them to the floor.

As Leah lifted her butt, Ron looked down to see Dee remove her panties. Another beautiful white tan lined pussy mound, but to his surprise, Leah had a clean, shaved pussy. No hair, bald as the day she was born. What a sexy sight to behold as Dee lowered her mouth to her sister’s sexy bald pussy. He watched as Dee’s tongue slipped between the small lips of Leah’s hairless pussy.

Leah arched her back and then pushed her hips up as Dee licked her cunny softly. Ron undid the front clasp of her bra, completely exposing her hard swollen nipples to his wet mouth. Leah’s nipples were very different than Dee’s as the whole dark area was swollen, pushing out a good inch from her boobs. Ron again sucked her whole left nipple in his mouth, gently flicking his tongue across it while Leah moaned loudly with pleasure.

Meanwhile, Leeza had left her father’s house as they again had an argument. He just didn’t understand the needs of his teenage daughter. They usually ended up fighting about something, but this time he told he to get the hell out and walk the half of mile home to her mother’s house. He told her she was becoming a bitch just like her mother. Her eyes were tearing as she walked home thinking how much of an asshole her dad was.

As Leeza entered the house, she noticed Uncle Ron’s truck parked out back. Her pussy moistened as she thought of him, but what was he doing here? Quietly entering the house, she listened at the base of the stairs to the sounds from above. She heard the sounds of a woman moaning from sexual pleasure. As she stood there spellbound, her hand dropped and rubbed her pussy through her cut-off jean shorts as her heart pounded while she listened intently.

Leah continued to moan loudly as Dee’s mouth was working her pussy and Ron sucked and caressed her nipples. Her whole body was so excited and shaking. She couldn’t believe she finally got up the nerve to fuck her sister Diana’s husband. Just a little encouragement from Dee helped her though.

Leah was still holding Ron’s stiff shaft in her little hand, sliding her hand up and down softly. Sensing Leah was near cumming, Dee broke away from her pussy and motioned to Ron to get between her legs and fuck her.

"She’s ready Ron, go ahead and fuck her hard!" Leeza heard her mom say?

"Who else is up there?" Leeza thought to herself as she now had her jean shorts open and down at her ankles, her hand now touching her sweet young pussy, caressing her hard clit inside her white silk panties.

Leeza then heard Uncle Ron say, as his cock entered Aunt Leah’s tight pussy, "Leah, god you’re so fucking tight!" Almost as tight as Leeza, he thought to himself.

Ron knelt between her legs, holding her small hips up as he watched as his cock head slowly disappeared in Leah’s tight pussy. He slowly pushed in until he was buried to the hilt. Leah’s pussy was so hot and tight. He only felt one other as tight as his mind again drifted, just for a second to his niece’s tight young pussy.

Leeza’s heart raced, her mom, Aunt Leah and Uncle Ron having a threesome. She couldn’t believe her ears but she remembered back to the phone conversation she overheard between her mom and Aunt Leah. Aunt Leah had the hots for Uncle Ron too.

Leeza’s body was overcome with sexual desire as she began removing her clothes. She pulled her blouse over her head, removed her socks, sneakers and stepped out of her cut-off jean shorts. Standing there in only her sexy silk white lace panties and bra, the same ones she had on when Uncle Ron took her for her first driving lesson, she slowly and quietly climbed the stairs. She was dizzy with lust and excitement as her heart pounded and her young teenage body trembled. Her panties were soaked from the juices flowing from her hot wet pussy.

Ron’s thick hard shaft slowly worked in and out of Leah’s tight pussy. She had her legs wrapped tight around his back, trying to pull him deeper inside her. Dee watched her sister’s face contort with lust and pleasure as she had her cunt filled for the first time in months. Dee caressed her nipples and whispered sexy words in her ears as she neared orgasm. Leah moaned loudly as she began to feel her body climax.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God yessssssssssssssssssssss!" Leah hissed.

Ron picked up the tempo, pounding his shaft deep into Leah’s pussy. Her petite ass was bouncing off the bed, coming up to meet his every downward thrust. As Leah dug her fingernails into Ron’s back, she shuddered and had an intense orgasm, which was soon followed by Ron’s. Ron arched his back and held his spurting rod deep inside Leah’s pussy, until he collapsed on top of her. Rolling off to Leah’s side, Ron gasped for air as his sweat covered body subsided from his orgasm.

"I told you he was good Leah." Dee said as she was lying next to Leah.

Still panting hard, Leah just smiled at Dee and said "Oh honey, you were so right."

She was still in need of more sexual release. While Ron was lying there, his softening cock covered in Leah’s juices, Leah moved toward and kissed her sister. They sat up and were facing each other, kissing and caressing each other’s nipples. Ron stroked his cock as he watched the sexy sight unfold in front of him as the sisters pleasured themselves for his viewing pleasure.

Leeza’s heart pounded and her knees were shaking as she reached her mom’s bedroom door. She quietly dropped to her knees and peered thru the keyhole. What she saw shook her whole being and took her breath away. There was her mom and her Aunt Leah on the bed in a sixty-nine position, going down on one another. She couldn’t understand then, but the sight of her mom and Aunt Leah fascinated her in an odd way. Uncle Ron was lying there watching as he stroked his hardening cock. Her eyes fixed to his swollen shaft, the head all purple filled with blood as his firm masculine hand caressed his cock.

As Leeza watched, her hand once again found her swollen clit inside her panties. Her eyes were locked to the shapes engaged in sexual pleasure on her mom’s bed. She watched as her mom was on top of Aunt Leah with her ass facing the door. She watched as Aunt Leah’s hands held her mom’s hips as she licked and tongued her mother’s pussy. She could see Aunt Leah’s tongue spreading her mother’s cunt lips as her head was buried in her wet pussy.

Leeza’s fingers tweaked and caressed her clit while she watched her mom and Aunt Leah suck each other’s pussies. She was so close to getting off, she had to remove her hand from her panties for just a few seconds to catch her breath. She watched Uncle Ron smile as he watched her mom and Aunt Leah, all the while stroking his swollen cock slowly, sometimes barely moving his hand. From this view, his cock looked huge as he continued stroking it before her spying eyes.

Ron watched the sisters for what seemed like ten minutes when he couldn’t just watch any longer. He just had to feel his hard cock slide into Dee’s hot wet cunt from behind. Ron moved behind Dee and Leah licked at his cock as it entered Dee’s hot pussy. Ron felt Leah’s tongue flick across his shaft as he pulled Dee’s butt toward him, burying his swollen cock deep inside her.

"Need some of your hot pussy again Dee!" Ron excitedly said.

Dee caught her breath as she felt Ron’s hands on her hips as his hard cock entered her. As Ron began sliding his cock in and out of Dee’s wet pussy from behind, Leah slid out from under her and positioned her pussy within the reach of Dee’s hot mouth. As Ron’s cock passed in and out of Dee’s hot tunnel from behind, Dee lowered her mouth to her sister’s waiting pussy. Dee loved the feel of Ron’s thick shaft as he fucked her from behind. Of all the ways he had fucked her, she loved it from behind the most.

Leah caressed her swollen nipples while her sister sucked feverishly at her wet pussy. She gyrated her hips from side to side, totally enjoying the caresses of her sister’s soft tongue across her swollen clit. She hadn’t felt this aroused in months even though her and her sister often pleasured each other. Since they were both divorced, they often found the soft caresses of each other’s bodies satisfying.

"Suck my pussy Dee. Ohhhhhhhh god that feels good!" moaned Leah.

Leeza’s whole body was shaking, as she was light headed from the sexual scenes taking place before her peering eyes. She watched Uncle Ron’s tight buttocks and muscular arms holding her mom’s hips as his cock slid in and out of her mother’s wet pussy from behind. She watched as her Uncle Ron wrapped his arm around her mother’s side and caressed her clit while his hard shaft pushed deep into her. She could see her mom’s head between Aunt Leah’s wide spread legs and the expressions of sexual pleasure on Aunt Leah’s face as her mom sucked and licked her pussy.

Leeza could hear all of them moaning and panting the sounds of sexual pleasures. She now had two fingers in her tight young teenage pussy, working in and out while flicking her thumb across her clit. Her body trembled as her orgasm neared again.

"Ron lay on your back and let Leah ride you." Dee said as she forced Ron to pull out and roll onto his back. Dee was starting to enjoy the doggy-style too much and she wanted Ron to take care of Leah some more.

Ron rolled onto his back as Leah positioned her tight hairless cunt above his rigid cock. With Dee holding his swollen cock pointing toward the ceiling, Leah lowered her pussy until the purple head just touched her hot wet pussy. Dee took Ron’s hard cock and rubbed the head all over the outside of Leah’s pussy. Dee caressed Leah’s swollen clit with the head of Ron’s cock as she held her hot pussy just above his rigid shaft.

"Ok Leah, ride that stiff prick!" Dee exclaimed.

Leah could barely stand the teasing Dee was putting her through as Ron’s hard cock head touched her swollen clit. She shuddered with excitement at the pure lustful sex they were engaged in. Finally Leah could no longer stand it, she had to feel Ron’s thick shaft in her pussy again. Leah lowered her cunt and forced Dee to align the hard shaft to the opening of her hot wet pussy. Down she went with her butt until she felt the hair of Ron’s crotch touch her bald pussy. He completely filled and stretched her hot tunnel as she took a moment to adjust to the feelings, holding him deep within her tight hot pussy.

From Leeza’s angle, she could see Aunt Leah’s small tight ass just above Uncle Ron’s cock. She couldn’t believe it as she saw her mom’s hand holding Uncle Ron’s stiff cock and rubbing it against Aunt Leah’s wet pussy. Leeza gasped as she saw Aunt Leah lower herself and Uncle Ron’s big cock disappear within her. Her mom was laying on Uncle Ron’s right side, massaging his chest hairs and nipples while Aunt Leah just held herself there with Uncle Ron’s cock deep inside her.

Ron looked down at Leah’s bald pussy, spread wide with his swollen cock buried deep inside her. He could feel her strong pussy muscles contracting and gripping his swollen shaft as her cunt stretched and adjusted. He couldn’t help think how from that view, with her small petite body, she looked just like a young 14 year old girl just blossoming into womanhood. His cock swelled even more as his firm hands reached up and caressed her swollen puffy nipples.

Leah leaned forward and began to move her hips back and forth. She was totally engrossed in the feeling of Ron’s thick hard shaft moving within her tightly stretched pussy. His fingers caressing and pinching her swollen nipples sent jolts of pleasure through her spine and deep into her excited hot soaking wet pussy. She rolled her head back as she rode his hard shaft for all her worth.

"Ron, your cock feels so big inside meeeeeeee!" Leah moaned out.

Ron gasped, "God, your pussy is so fucking tight Leah!"

Dee enjoyed the view of her sister’s pleasure as she impaled her herself atop Ron’s hard cock. She just watched Leah as Ron’s cock moved in and out of her sexy bald pussy. Dee’s free hand drifted to her own wet pussy as she flicked her fingers lightly across her excited and swollen clit. She continued to caress Ron’s hairy chest and nipples while Leah rode his hard cock. After several minutes watching, she needed some sexual relief herself so she positioned her wet pussy above Ron’s waiting mouth, facing her sexy sister.

Leeza watched as her Aunt Leah sat on top and rode Uncle Ron’s stiff cock. She could see Aunt Leah’s small tight ass moving back and forth. When Aunt Leah changed the angle of Uncle Ron’s penetrating cock, she could see her uncle’s hard shaft as Leah moved her ass up and down, instead of back and forth.

She was entranced as she watched her Uncle Ron’s thick cock shaft move in and out of her Aunt Leah’s tight pussy. She was amazed at how small and petite her aunt’s body was and how small her sexy butt was. It reminded her of some of the other young girl’s small butts in the school gym locker room and showers.

Leeza’s mind raced as she watched her mother lower her wet pussy to Uncle Ron’s waiting mouth. She could see his tongue touch her mother’s clit while her mom’s hand spread her pussy open wide for Ron’s access. Her mom leaned forward and kissed Aunt Leah. She saw their mouths open, theirs tongues touching as they frenched each other. She just shook watching this, as her body was a bundle of sexual nerves. Leeza’s knees ached as she knelt peering through the bedroom door keyhole, all the while rubbing and caressing her hot wet teenage pussy, for now over twenty minutes.

Finally, Leeza couldn’t take it anymore as she stood up and stretched her young teenage body, allowing the blood the again circulate through her sexually charged excited young body. She drew in a sharp breath as her left hand touched the bedroom door handle and her right hand was still inside her sheer white-laced panties, caressing her swollen clit. Her panties were now completely soaked from her pussy juices.

Leeza slowly and quietly turned the handle of her mother’s bedroom door. Her heart raced and pounded with nervous excitement, as she wasn’t sure how her mom was going to react to her presence. She was just so sexually excited, she didn’t really think of anything except feeling her Uncle Ron’s thick shaft inside her young teenage pussy again and joining in with the sexual orgy going on within her own home.

As the bedroom door opened, Leeza stood there leaning against the door frame, her right hand inside her panties caressing her swollen clit and her left hand caressing her right breast, rolling her nipple through the soft thin material of her white-laced bra. She stood there for close to a minute before her mom opened her eyes and saw her.

Dee’s mind snapped seeing Leeza, as she was feeling Ron’s tongue slide across and his lips holding and caressing her hard clit. She looked at her beautiful sexy daughter, standing in her bedroom doorway, her hand in her panties, her face flushed red as she touched herself while she watched her Aunt Leah, Uncle Ron and herself engage in hot passionate sex. She was so grown up now and obviously a sexually charged woman like herself.

The feeling of Ron’s tongue on her pussy, Leah in front of her riding Ron’s cock and now her daughter watching her was too much. Dee smiled at her daughter as her body shuddered and convulsed. She was overwhelmed as she rolled her head back and shuddered with one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Her legs weakened as she smashed her exploding pussy onto Ron’s face, flooding him with her hot juices.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Dee moaned loudly.

Ron not knowing what was going on with Dee, gasped for breath as Dee’s hot cunt completely covered his face. He felt her body shaking and her hot fluids covering his face as her weight came down on him. Finally Dee rolled off of him, as Ron gasped for air with Leah still riding his hard cock. Leah was nearing orgasm too as she sensed her sister getting off. Not knowing Leeza was behind her, Leah was frantically working her hips back and forth, feeling the pleasure build inside her.

Ron grabbed Leah’s hips and timed his thrusts with hers. He pushed up hard as she came down and back, pressing his shaft deeper inside her, putting more pressure on her sensitive clit. Leah finally reached orgasm, her hips shaking and quivering as Ron continued to drive up into her hot tight pussy.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, gooddddddd!" she screamed as her body tensed and she shuddered all over with her best orgasm in months.

Ron feeling Leah’s pussy tighten even more around his shaft, grabbed her hips hard and pulled her down, sending another load of his hot seed into one of these two hot sexy sisters. Leah laid her upper body down on Ron’s chest, her swollen nipples against his hairy chest, his hard cock still buried deep inside her, her whole body quivering as she passed through the pleasure stages of her intense orgasm. Ron could feel his hot sperm leaking out Leah’s bald pussy and onto his crotch.

Leeza watched her mom’s orgasm, then Aunt Leah’s and now Uncle Ron cumming deep inside her Aunt Leah’s pussy. This was all too much for her as while now looking into her mom’s eyes, she pulled hard and squeezed her sensitive clit, sending her over the edge she had held herself on for so long now. Closing her eyes, Leeza’s knees gave out as she quietly fell to the floor, onto her knees as her teenage body quaked to an intense orgasm of her own.

As Leeza opened her eyes as the throws of orgasm subsided, she saw her mother’s smiling face and outstretched arms motioning her toward the bed. Leeza stood up, slid her soaking wet panties down her firm sexy teenage legs, unclasped her bra, dropping it to the floor and walked slowly toward the bed.

"Come on over here young lady." Dee said with nervous excitement.

Both Uncle Ron and Aunt Leah, unaware of Leeza’s presence, turned, startled to see the nude teenage body approaching the bed. Ron still lying on his back, his softening cock coated with Leah’s pussy juices, watched as his beautiful sexy young niece walked toward them, his hand unconsciously reached for and began to stroke his cock again. Leah was now lying on his left side and Dee was on his right.

What happened next caught everyone by surprise. Leeza climbed onto the bed and positioned herself between her favorite uncle’s legs. She took Uncle Ron’s softening cock in her hands and pulled on it gently. They all watched with wide eyes, as Leeza lowered her mouth to Uncle Ron’s soft pussy juice covered cock and took the soft head between her young lips. His cock began to harden again as he watched his sexy young 16 year old niece suck his swelling shaft.

"Your juices taste good Aunt Leah!" Leeza said smiling to her sexy aunt.

"Go ahead young lady, suck that sexy cock hard again!" Aunt Leah replied.

With Uncle Ron in the middle, Aunt Leah on his left side and Leeza’s mom on the other, they all watched as the sexy young teenage woman sucked and stroked her uncle’s cock back to life. Ron wondered how in earth his cock was getting hard again. But just looking at the hot sexy young body between his legs, answered his question. That combined with the fact that he had two of his wife’s hot sexy sisters cuddled on either side of him, hell he could probably stay hard forever, he laughed to himself.

Dee watched with pride as her daughter worked Ron’s cock back to hardness. She wondered where she leaned how to suck a man’s cock so well. Watching Leeza sucking her Uncle Ron’s cock was getting her aroused again. Her right hand moved across her flat tanned stomach and again found her sensitive clit. She gently rubbed it while she continued to watch her sexy daughter suck her uncle’s cock back to hardness.

Aunt Leah also found the sight of her sexy niece sucking cock very exciting. She was gently rubbing her hairless pussy against Uncle Ron’s leg. Her right leg was over his, touching Leeza’s arm, while her left leg was tight against Ron’s side. She moved her butt in very small circles, which caused her cunt to rub lightly against Ron’s hairy leg. Her left hand was caressing Ron’s chest and stroking his sensitive nipples.

They were all getting sexually charged up again, watching this young 16 year old work her Uncle Ron’s swelling cock back to a rigid state. Leeza remembered what her uncle taught her as she kept his swelling shaft in her hot mouth and moved slowly up and down. She could feel his cock growing larger within her mouth every second that passed. She was proud of herself as she pulled the rock hard shaft from her wet mouth and examined it.

Dee broke Leeza’s trance as she stared just a moment at her uncle thick stiff cock, "Go ahead Leez, you made it hard again, now it’s your turn to ride it!" her mother said.

Leez smiled at her mom, "Anything you say mom!" as she climbed up and positioned her young tight cunt above Uncle Ron’s waiting cock.

Ron was in heaven as his sexy niece lowered her butt, grabbed his cock and rubbed the swollen purple head against her clit just like her mom did to Aunt Leah. Ron’s heart was pounding as he watched her toy with herself using his swollen cock. Leeza then pushed down as he watched his shaft once again disappear into the tightest pussy he ever had the pleasure of fucking.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh yes Leez!" Uncle Ron moaned with pleasure as he felt his cock throbbing within her tight young teenage pussy.

Uncle Ron held her hips as she pivoted back and forth on her knees. His butt slid back and forth on the bed as his stiff cock went in and out of his niece’s tight wet pussy. He could feel the hot tightness of her tunnel and the cool air on his shaft as he pulled out only to the point where the cock head was still inside her. His hands traveled up to cup and caress her soft tit flesh swinging back and forth.

Dee watched her daughter as she rode her Uncle Ron’s hard shaft. She felt a little jealous as she admired the size of Leeza’s swinging boobs. At 16 years old, she was already larger than herself and much larger than Leah’s firm breasts. She was getting so turned on watching her daughter get fucked before her eyes.

Aunt Leah was also getting very aroused by the sight of her niece fucking her uncle. Almost simultaneously, Dee and Leah sat up and began to caress Leeza’s soft breasts, kissing her shoulders and caressing her back. Ron dropped his hands back to her hips to control the rhythm of their strokes as his cock pushed in and out of Leeza’s small teenage cunt.

Dee and Leah rubbed their nipples against Leeza’s body as she moved back and forth between them. Finally Dee and Aunt Leah rolled off to the side and again found themselves in a torrid sixty-nine, sucking and licking each other’s pussies. Dee could hear her daughter’s moans as she neared another orgasm riding Uncle Ron’s stiff shaft.

Leeza looked to her side and saw what Aunt Leah and her mom where doing. Again she found the sight of two women together very exciting. She continued to impale herself on her Uncle Ron’s thick cock. How she loved the feeling of his hard shaft inside her tight pussy. She wished she could do this for hours but she knew she couldn’t, as her knees were beginning to ache.

Uncle Ron sensed they needed a change of position so he grabbed her by the butt tightly, holding himself deep inside her and rolled Leeza onto her back. They barely missed a stroke as she wrapped her legs tightly around her uncle’s back, pulling him deep inside her. Ron kissed his niece lightly on the lips and neck while his swollen cock slid in and out of her young tight cunt.

He began to increase the pace, his cock now pounding deep inside her, as the sexual tension built up between them. Leeza’s heart was racing, her mind was reeling trying to take in all the pleasures her body was receiving. She loved the feeling of her muscular uncle’s body, hovering above her, his chest hairs tickling her erect nipples while they fucked like only lovers can.

"Ahhhhhhh yes Uncle Ron, fuck me harderrrrrrrrrr!" Leeza cried out between moans of lustful pleasure.

Encouraged by his sexy niece’s commands, Uncle Ron drove his rigid shaft harder and deeper than ever. He ground his pelvic bone against her, which sent jolts of sexual electricity through her highly stimulated and sensitive clit. Leeza squeezed her legs harder around her Uncle Ron’s back as she felt the first sensations of her pending orgasm. Seconds later, her whole body shuddered and quivered as she had another super intense orgasm. The sensations were so intense she had to force her Uncle Ron to stop, as she couldn’t stand it any longer. Her clit was just too sensitive as her body shook from her orgasm.

Uncle Ron’s cock was still rock hard and in desperate need to release. He moved over behind Aunt Leah’s small tight ass, as she was on top in a hot sixty-nine with her sister, Dee. Dee saw him coming as she opened Leah’s pussy for Ron’s entrance. Ron felt Dee’s hand cupping his balls as his cock entered Leah’s tight cunt from behind.

Leah felt the rigid shaft entering her until she felt Ron’s hips against her butt. Dee was still licking at her clit as Ron’s cock slowly began moving in and out. As Ron picked up the tempo, Dee moved out from under Leah and over to her sexually spent daughter. Leah moved her face down against the pillows, her small ass pointing up in the air as Ron’s hard cock slammed into her. Her body again felt the beginnings of another orgasm. Her sister had a talented tongue, but nothing could take the place of a thick hard cock ramming her wet pussy.

Dee held her daughter in her arms and kissed her lightly on the lips. She was so proud that she was growing up into a beautiful young woman. Her hands softly caressed her daughters still erect nipples and soft tit flesh.

As they held each other, Leeza said "Mom, what’s it like licking Aunt Leah’s pussy?"

"I’m not sure how to explain Leez. When you don’t have a man around, it’s sometimes nice to feel the soft touch of another woman. Leah knows just how to touch me because we’ve been touching each other since we were kids." Dee explained.

"Can we try that sixty-nine thing you and Aunt Leah were doing?" Leeza asked so innocently.

Dee’s heart swelled at her daughters request "I don’t see why not honey." As she moved into position over her daughter’s young teenage body, bringing her sweet young pussy into view.

Dee’s mouth lowered, as she tasted her daughter’s sweet pussy for the first time. Her hair was sparse and lightly covering her moist opening. Dee lightly spread her daughter’s outer lips with her fingers and slipped her tongue inside. She found her clit and gently suckled and caressed it.

Leeza’s body reacted to her mother’s soft touch. When Uncle Ron licked her pussy, it felt good but this was different and she liked it. She knew from this day forward, her and mom would be very special friends. She looked up at her mom’s sexy butt, her sexy mature pussy and flicked her tongue across it, tasting a woman, her mother for the first time.

As her mother sucked and licked her pussy, she heard Aunt Leah moan again, "Ahhhhhhhhh fuck, I’m cumming againnnnnnn!"

They all spent the rest of the afternoon fucking and sucking each other in every way you could imagine. It was the beginnings of many more sexual encounters for Leeza and her loving incestuous family.




** I hope whoever reads this found it enjoyable and worth your time. As always, I welcome your constructive comments, both positive and negative. Any suggestions on the next storyline are welcome. Thanks, Reeb.

My Uncle led me to heaven

badlybent on Incest Stories

I am  13 and have been masturbating for 2 years almost. Yesterday I was in the garage sitting on a spare bed doing it to myself and my uncle who is about 30 happened to walk in and saw me. I was in the nude because that’s how I like to do it and play with my nipples while I rub my clit. I have never had sex but I have seen kids doing it.

As soon as I saw him I covered myself up so he couldn’t see my vagina. He  told me not to worry it was ok and that he would like to watch me. I was not happy about him being there and finding me – I was really worried and I wanted to get dressed and go.

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helvetica,sans-serif">He started talking and was being really nice and tried to tell me it was ok and I didn’t have to worry about him finding me and it was fine to masturbate – everybody does it he said, and most important he wouldn’t tell my parents. Then asked me if I had ever seen a boy doing it and I said no – but I had.

 Then he said he would like to show me how he does it and before I could do anything he undid his pants and dropped them and his underpants down and had his cock out all hard, it looked huge to me – I have never seen a man with a hard on before. It must be 8 inches long and really thick. Then he began to stroke it and I was fascinated. For some reason I stopped being scared and watched him, and while I did that I was also playing with my vagina, not rubbing it like when I masturbate but just playing around.

We didn’t say anything for a few minutes because he was doing it to himself and I was watching and then he said would I like to try it and feel him and stroke him. I said no – but I did really.

He started to talk to me and convince me it was ok and that I would like it and said I could make him cum. I hadn’t seen cum before as none of the boys I know can cum yet.

I said I shouldn’t but as I said it, I went to him and put my hand out and said I would just feel it.  I put my hand around it and it just fitted all around. When I did it felt strange but nice, it had a nice feel and the skin was all soft and his cock firm I couldn’t help myself and began to stroke it up and down like he had been doing. 

 It looked funny when I pulled the skin right up to the tip and he liked it. We were both standing up and then he said I will sit on the bed and you can do it for me. I got between his legs and I stroked it did and I was so close to his cock  I became quite fascinated and couldn’t take my eye of it and my hand stroking him. While I stroked him it got wet and something was leaking out of it. He told me that was pre cum and it was like girls juice when they are all sexed up. I asked him if I was doing it right and he said I was perfect my grip was just right. He said if I wanted to I could play with his balls with my other hand and I tried that two and they felt funny in his ball bag.  

Pretty soon he was making noises like he really liked what I was doing.  He said have you seen a boy spurt cum before and I said no. He said would you like to see me do it and I said OK.

Then he told me to hold his cock a bit harder and to stroke it a bit faster as he was nearly ready. I did what I was told and suddenly this white stuff began to spurt out of his cock and all over me. I dropped his cock and he immediately grabbed it himself and kept pumping it until all the cum stopped coming out and it was everywhere, over me and him and the floor and everywhere. 

It was warm on my body at first but cooked down and when I touched it, it was slimy and a bit sticky like. I was fascinated at first and looked and played with it and couldn’t believe that that stuff made babies in girls. He said he was sorry it went on me but we went to a hand basin and he washed it all off me and dried us and we went back to the bed. We sat there with his cock hanging down and he was playing with it and got it hard again and I was fascinated watching it grow and get hard. I held it again and began to stroke  it like I did before because it felt good doing it.

Then he asked me if a boy had ever fucked me and I said no- I was a virgin still. He said would I like to do it - and I said one day I will - and he said how about today with me -

I said ‘No way’ his cock was far too big to fit inside me. Then he began to explain about how my cunt would stretch as it does when a baby come out of there. He kept trying to convince me and he said if he could show me how nice it was by sucking on me – would I do it. I thought he meant my nipples but he wanted to suck my cunt. I said no but again I had never done it but a girl once told me it was an amazing experience, her brother had done it to her and she had sucked him.

He was so nice to me and said he wouldn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to but he said it was better for a girl to have her first fuck with a man who had done it before and knows how to do it and can explain it all to me.

I was still reluctant to do it, mainly because his cock was so big. Then the more I talked to him and the feeling I was having while masturbating him made me feel like I really wanted to try it. He kept talking but not forcing me to say yes and finally after a while he convinced me to let him suck on me and I ended up saying yes as he made it sound pretty good.

Finally I agreed and he told me to lay down on the bed and open my legs and he got down between them and began to lick me.  It was the most amazing thing I had ever done. He licked my vagina and put his tongue in me and a finger and rubbed it until I was pretty close to an orgasm and he knew it and then he sucked my clit and I came in a moment. My orgasm was amazing and gave me the most exciting feeling I have ever had. I have had many orgasms when I masturbated but that was something else and I was completely out of control as he kept sucking on me as I had my orgasm and it was just the best thing I have ever done.

Then before I had time to think about it - he was on top of me and had spread my legs and lifted them up and had them in the air and was putting his cock into me.

I said NO I didnt want him to but he didn’t say anything and just kept going. I said I will have a baby if you do that and he said I wouldn’t and I would love it and it would make me a real woman and many other things to convince me it would be great.

He really had me held down and there was no way I was strong enough to stop him and I didn’t want to yell out or anything – I suddenly realised it was going to happen and I could feel his cock down at the opening of my cunt and he was pushing it into me.

He had to push really hard to get it in  because my cunt was so small and his cock so big. As he pushed harder and harder because it was not going in I could feel the pressure of his cock spreading my cunt open wider and wider and it was beginning to hurt a bit. I said stop it you are hurting me and he said it will be over in a moment.  Then all of a sudden there was a real stabbing pain inside me and I felt his cock go down deep into me. The pain was really strong and it was hurting and it felt like he had torn me open. There was a sort of burning sensation all around my cunt and it felt wet.

When he was right in he said good girl you are fantastic and you are nice and tight and my cock feels fantastic in there. The pain will go in a minute and you will begin to enjoy having a fuck with me. I said how many girls have you done this to and he said you are my first virgin, but I have fucked a lot of girls, more than I can remember. I felt special then, I was his first virgin and I would remember what he did for the rest of my life I was sure.

I was in pain and the burning sensation was still there in my cunt and he started to fuck me and I wasn’t liking it very much but at the same time I felt sort of good, I knew what I was doing was wrong but I really felt good about it. I felt really wet down there and he said look at this as he pulled his cock nearly out of me he said you are no longer a virgin, see all that blood that says you were a virgin but you arnt any more – you are a real woman now.

I was worried about the blood and I said what have you done you have torn me open. He laughed and said I will explain later about that but rest assured you will have possibly stopped bleeding already. It happens to all girls the first time they fuck and loose their virginity. Do you have periods yet and I said no.

He said that’s good then because you cant have babies until then and I sat up a bit and watched as he fucked me and I could see his blood covered cock going in and out of me and it looked and felt much better than I could have imagined. It felt pretty tight in me abut it also felt great. I had seen two other kids fucking but because his cock was much bigger it looked much better and I lay back and began to realise how nice it felt with him pumping his cock into me.

He kept going inside me for ages and the longer he took the better it was feeling. The pain stopped after a few minutes and he said there was no more blood and then he started to play with my nipples as he fucked me and I couldn’t help myself I came with the pleasure of him doing everything to me and I couldn’t help it. It felt amazing as I didn’t have to do anything but lie there and let hm bring my orgasm on and that in itself felt great.  

I made some groaning noises as it happened and he said I was the best fuck he had ever had and I said I don’t believe you – you are telling me that. He said honestly I was the best fuck he has ever had. I asked him how many girls he had fucked and he said dozens and I was the youngest and the best.

He said we will have to do it some more and I can show you all about the positions you can do it in and how much fun it can be. Then he made a funny face and screwed his face up and began to grunt too and I felt him speed up pumping his cock in me and went really fast and I could hear him slapping his legs against mine as he fucked me really hard and fast. I realised he was cumming in me and putting his cum up inside me. I could imagine his cock spurting all that cum into me like it did when I masturbated him and he came over me.

After a little bit he pulled his cock out and it was all red with blood and white stuff mixed in with it. His cock had gone down and wasn’t hard any more but it was still long.

He stood up and the stuff on his cock was dripping down onto me. It looked weird all shrivelled up and covered in the mess on it. I just lay there and no I could feel my cunt was hurting just a little bit after he took his cock out of me. I out my hand down to feel myself and got it covered in the mess coming out of me. He took my hand and stood me up and then he did the dirtiest thing ever – he put his mouth over my messy bloody cunt and sucked me.

I went to pull away but his hands went behind my bum and held me there until he made me cum again. I couldn’t believe what he was doing and when he took his face away it was covered in blood and muck and he was licking his lips and said I must look like a vampire and he did, without the long teeth. I was still out of breath from cumming and my knees were all weak. And I nearly collapsed. I could not believe what he had done, sucking my bloody cunt with his cum in it and making me cum again.

Then he said how are we going to clean ourselves up the basin wasn’t big enough for us to wash all the stuff I had on me off me, and his legs were covered in blood and cum and we were really messy. Then he said grab your clothes and he took my hand and led me out the door naked and back into the house. I knew then we were ok as my parents were both out.

He took me to the bathroom and we both had a pee. Then he turned the shower on and then took me with him into the shower and began to soap me up and rub his hands all over me and put his finger in me and cleaned me out in there. He told me to do what he had done to me to him and I did and when I got to his cock he got hard again. Then he said see how you turn me on – I could do it all over again with you you were fantastic. As we washed each other he took my head and forced it down and put his cock into my mouth and by now I was willing to do anything. He showed me how to suck and slip my lips up and down his cock and use my hands to stroke him at the same time. I kept doing it to him for a few minutes and then he went all funny and held my head tight onto his cock so I couldn’t get away. I knew what he was doing and before I could do anything he had cum in my mouth and I could feel it spurting onto my tongue and mouth and I had a mouthful of his cum which had a very strange unusual taste – not one that I liked very much. He was holding my head onto his cock so I had to swallow it, then he let go of my head and I took his cock out of my mouth. He was smiling and said I was the best little whore he has ever had.

I was still getting over the fact I had sucked him off and had swallowed his cum. We got out of the shower and he towelled me dry and then said you had better get dressed.

I went to my room and I could not believe what had happened over the last hour or so. I had been sucked, fucked and sucked again. I wasn’t a virgin any longer and I had his cum in my cunt and in my mouth as well. If that is being a whore then I was.

For days afterwards I could not get the experience out of my mind and the worst part was I couldn’t tell anybody how good it was. I masturbated about four times each day reliving the experience.
A month later my periods arrived.

A few weeks later my uncle visited again and as soon as we were alone he asked me how I was feeling and I told him about my periods. He said if it was that good would I do it again with him, and this time I didn’t hesitate. He took me in his car and not long after we were doing it all again and it even better, I was no longer a virgin and didn’t bleed but he was still tight inside me.  Sucking and fucking him was fantastic and I see myself now as a real whore to him.

He had to use a condom each time we fucked and all his cum stayed in it and not in me. It was my first time with a condom and it was fine.  He fucked me  three times. He said I will have to get myself on the pill and he will get me some. We both sucked each other and now I am used to his cum I don’t mind how often we do it. He likes sucking on my cunt and my orgasms that way are absolutely mind blowing.

Uncle or not I love the sex the two of us have together.

Crazy Mom

PB2006 on Incest Stories

I took my Mother down to the psyciatric ward to be evaluated.

 She had started to act funny. All of the sudden she started to believe everything she heard. She was very gullible. Like if I told her that she had a dick, she would have to look down her pants to make sure she didn"t. So they evaluated her and decided that she wasn"t crazy enough to be given medication or taken in for special care, so I took her home.

At the time we were now living alone, as my parents were divorcing and it was messy and my younger sister was in school. I was 14. When we got home she did what she usually did, she could still function, she was just a very trusting person now. I went in my room, sat at my computer and played some porn of girls fucking (I found these in a cupboa

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rd of my dads).

It had been a few minutes, my pants were around my ankles and I was jerkin" my big meat, when my mom walked in (I didn"t have a lock on my door)."Dinner." She said.

Then she noticed what I was doing. I pulled up and pants and quickly excused herself and walked out, closing the door behind her. I had to take care of the situation.

I could have just told her I was checking for cancer, she would have believed anything I said, but that was too easy, plust I was still horny. My mom was standing at the stove and I walked up to her.
"It"s ok mom, since I walked in on you yesterday, we"re even.""You walked in on me yesterday?"
"Yeah don"t you remember? You had just got out of the shower and you had no clothes on and I saw you and said that you have a very beautiful body."

"You think I have a beautiful body?" She said blushing.
"Of course! You"re a hotty mommy."
I began to caress her milky white thighs that were exposed by her high cut off shorts.

"You want to make love to me mom.""Of course I do."Then we just started making out and slobbering all over each other. My mom"s name is Isobel and she"s 45,and is about 5"2"", really skinny, only 115 pounds, she has long brown hair tied into two pigtails. She had little petite, but nicely shaped tits,

My name is Paul and I"m  taller than my mom, 5"11", also really skinny, 120 pounds, I have dirty blonde hair. I had a hairy chest and bush surrounding my 7 inch, super thick dick. I had an ass like my mothers, it was hairless, none on the inside or outside. I took off her black tank top and began to feel her bare skin, with only a white bra covering her playful tits.

She had ripped off my shirt with out me even knowing and we were both working on trying to get eachothers pants off, while still sucking on the otherone"s tongue.

Mom had worked off my pants to reveal my striped boxers, while I started to pull off her short shorts to find matching white panties. We had made it to the living room and jumped on the couch. She was on top of my licking my chest and I manuevered her bra off.

I started sucking on her already erect red  nipples on her supple breasts. Isobel began her way down my body and managed to get off my underwear so she could see my big sausage.

"I want you to fuck me." She said."Alright, but I"m on the top."
She laid on the couch on her back and I slowly and carefully pulled off her panties so I could finally get a glimpse of her buried treasure. I was on my knees and aiming my dick at the entrance of her snatch. I started to slowly put the head in while we both moaned."Fuck me hard baby."

I shoved my whole package in her and started to furiously thrust back and forth. Her tits were bouncin" up and down and my balls were slapping her asshole. I was feelin" up her tits when I began to feel my climax come on.

I was sweaty and so was she. I began to pump faster, causing her to scream out a loud moan.

We were both screamin at the top of our lungs when we swapped body fluids. I pulled out my cum covered dick and collapsed on my Mom.

We slept There on the couch, with come still on our stuff.
Afterwards we made a pact to0 keep this a secret from everyone, and evey chance we got we fucked like bunnies.

Aunt and Uncle love me!

atoydon1 on Incest Stories

At a young age my mother was getting a divorce and I was sent stay
with her older brother and his wife for the summer one year. I was
thrilled about going to their farm for the summer. I could never tell my
mother why. From as early as I could remember every time Uncle Bill
visited us he would find a way to get me alone and put his finger in my
little crack and rub me. It felt good but I knew it was supposed to be

These thoughts were running through my head as the bus took me west
from out farm to Calgary. When the bus finally arrived. And I gathered up
my suitcase and walked to the front of the bus station. I saw Uncle Bill
standing next to his old Ford pickup on the driver's side. Aunt Grace was
sitting in the

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Bill ran around and hugged me and picked up my luggage and tossed them
into the back of the pickup bed. Grace got out of the truck and hugged me.
She ushered me into the seat between them and had to slam the door to get
it closed.

At this time I need to describe Aunt Grace and make an observations.
Aunt Grace was a midget. She was just four feet tall. She had a small
face. If it were not for her size 33 _ C cup breasts she looked like a
young girl. I was to learn that both of them loved children more than
adults. The reason Uncle Bill married Grace was that was as close as he
could get to marrying a child.

On the drive to the ranch Grace asked about what was going on at home.
And the mundane stuff about school and if I had a boyfriend yet. My
responses were typical school was boring and the boys were drips.

Bill's truck had a manual floor shift that required that he move the
stick between my legs. I had to set so that my legs were straddled the
stick. So when he finally got the truck out of town and headed home he
simple rested his hand on my inner thigh. I felt uncomfortable about this
and gave Aunt Grace a little glance to see if she noticed.

Aunt Grace was bubbling on about everything she read in the day's
paper. It was as if she didn't have anyone to talk to and was going to
tell me everything she knew before we got home. She even looked at his
hand and simply put her hand on the other thigh and squeezed the soft
mussel on the inner thigh a little. I was getting a tingling feeling in my
vagina like when I rubbed it with my fingers at night.

When we turned onto the dirt road headed west I was amazed how far it
was from the front gate to the ranch house. I came from a small farm that
the milk barns were practically next to the house. You smelt cow manure
all the time. This place was so large that all you saw was wheat fields
for acres in all directions. The barn next to the house was massive and on
the south side was another building with a shed roof. This was just for
all the machinery, tractors and stuff. The yard was full of chickens
running wild. Of course they gathered around the truck when we got out
because they expected to be feed.

Uncle Bill carried the luggage upstairs to a bedroom on the second
floor near the front of the house. He put them on the twin bed and showed
me the closet space for my stuff and all the empty drawers in the dresser
that I could use. As he was about to leave he felt my ass and gave it a
little squeeze.

In a few minutes Aunt Grace entered the room with fresh towels in her
arms. She showed me the bathroom between this bedroom and the master
bedroom. There were three other small bedrooms on the second floor. One
was made up into a nursery. One was made into an office and the last was a
sewing room for Grace.

Grace was to tell me she was two and a half months pregnant. She was
to have three girls and one boy. As they grew up and I baby sat for them I
found out that Uncle Bill and Aunt Grace taught them all to se superb
lovers. But their parents lost entrust in them as they grew up.

The summer routine went like this, up early to help Grace make a big
breakfast for Bill. Working in the fields all day burns a lot of
fuel. Then we cleaned the house and fed the chickens.

When everything was finished Grace and I would sit on the porch and
knit or crochet. We talked about everything. Grace was like a big sister
to me. We gathered eggs from the barn and played in the hay. The barn had
a pair of big barn owls in the rafters. They looked like golden_brown
sentries that would attack anything that moved. I knew that our noise was
just disturbing their sleep. When we were in the barn Grace would find
ways to be near me and touch me. I would respond by tickling her and we
would fall into the hay laughing.

When the sunset in the west it turned the clear shies a pinkish color
as Uncle Bill would return. He would park the truck and beat the dust off
his clothes. As he walked up the porch he would stomp the dust from his
boots. As he passed me he would smell of sweat and a mix of dirt and the
grassy smell of dry grain.

He would head right for the mudroom at the back porch and undress. He
was not shy about walking through the house nude. He would go upstairs and
shower and put on clean clothes before coming down for supper. After
dinner he would go into the living_ room and read his paper. When Grace
and I finished the dishes we would join him and work on our crochet some
more. This was before everyone had TV's so the old RCA radio was the
central peace of furniture in the room. The programs were things like the
Lux (soap) Theater and Jack Benny Show. When Bill was finished with his
paper he would make a big deal about wanting me to sit on his lap.

He was so sweet that I would cuddle up in his lap and he would stroke
my hair. As he would cuddle with me he would put his hand on my leg and
squeeze it a little. As the days wore on and I accepted this touch as
normal. He would rest his hand on my thigh and run it under my dress a
little farther ever night. Finally he put his hand on the worn cotton
panties and let it rest there as we listened to the radio.

Grace hardly looked up from her crocheting as Uncle Bill got bolder.
He would finally pull the leg of my panties aside and rub my crack until my
pussy would feel warm and wet.

Latter that knight I heard noise coming from their bedroom when I got
up to pee. I went closer and looked through the old keyhole and saw Bill
standing beside the bed and Grace was on her back with her legs on his
shoulders and he was slamming his hips into her fanny. They were both
sweating and she was begging him to fuck her baby pussy.

I went watched them and rubbed my pussy through my nightie until they
finished and he turned out the light and they covered up. I went back to my
room and lay there thinking about what I saw. I put my hand under my
cotton nightie and rubbed the little button at the top of the crack. I
fell asleep after several climaxes.

In the morning I slept late. I woke up when the door opened. Grace
looked around the door and said good morning sleepy head. Bill has left
for work and the dishes were done.

She came into the room and sat on the edge of the bed and brushed the
hair from my face. I apologized for over sleeping and tried to get up.
Grace pushed me back onto the bed and kissed my lips. The kiss lingered
and her tongue opened my mouth and felt around in my mouth. I was getting
that wet felling between my legs again.

Grace pulled the covers down then took hold of the hem of my nightie
and pulled it under my body and over my head. I was lying there with the
morning air chilling my body. Grace sat back and looked at my body. She
stood up and pulled her simple cotton dress over her head. The body was no
bigger than mine was but her body was all woman. Her little hips flared
out and closed down to a tinny waist. Her tummy had not started to swell
yet that I could see. Her small breasts were just right for her little
frame. The brown hair hung down her back almost to her waist. The bra was
simple and her nipples made a round bulge in the material. She unhooked
the bra from behind and caught the cups in her hands as it fell forward.
She lay it on the bed and I looked at her tinny mature breasts. Her areola
were not much bigger round that a quarter. The nipples were just off
center, low and near the outside of the oval. I held my breath as she put
her fingers in the waistband of her panties and watched her pull them down
slowly. I had seen my Mom's pubis many times. Hers was a hairy triangle
between her legs, Grace did not have a hair on hers and the skin looked as
smooth as mine. I wanted to reach out and touch her and feel her flesh.

Grace pushed me over and lay down next to me. She pressed her body
next to mine and kissed me again. She put her hand over my flat chest and
rubbed my nipples in little circles. She put on leg over my leg and spread
my legs open. Then she felt my flesh down my rib cage until her hand moved
over the hipbone until she felt the soft bulge of my lower tummy. She put
her finger in my vagina and felt for the little nub of a clitoris. She
slid her finger through the valley getting her finger wet. I lay there
under her hand and climaxed. I closed my legs on her hand so she could not
move it anymore.

The Grace moved down and sucked my breasts. It tickled me a little as
she did it. She left a wet trail down my body. When she got to my crack
she licked me for the longest time. I thought I was going to die. She
turned around and straddled my head. I was looking up at her vagina. I
knew what she wanted and lifted my head up and kissed her. She was very
wet. When I tasted her clitoris it throbbed in my mouth. I was amassed
how far my tongue went into her canal. I don't think I ever felt all of
it. But just the same I must have been doing something right. Because she
stared moaning and it seemed like fluid was leaking out of her vagina.
Then she turned around and gathered me in her arms and kissed me on the
mouth. As we rested I asked her why she didn't have any hair between her
legs like Mom.

Grace told me that she shaved it every morning and put lotion on it to
keep it soft. Your Uncle Bill only likes very young girls. If I let my
pubic hair grow he doesn't even get a hard_on when he looks at it. As long
as I look like a 10_year_old he wants to have sex with me.

Right now he is courting you like a new lover. He will want you
sexually until you're to old. It is up to you if you want to have sex with
him or not. If you don't want to just let me know.

I had to think about this I had never had sex with anyone before today
and if Aunt Grace was any sample I was in for a great time. Grace let me
sleep it off while she went about cleaning and cooking.

I got up in the afternoon and just walked down stairs with nothing on.
Grace looked up and smiled at me. I helped her to the housework and
enjoyed Aunt Graces hands on my body. I put on sandals to go out to feed
the chickens. When Grace and I sat down to crochet we sat close together
so she could play with me when she felt like it. I got so horny that I
knelt in front of her and spread her legs and found that she had no panties
on. I licked her until she grabbed my head and held me tightly against her

I was still sucking Aunt Grace's pussy in the evening when Uncle Bill
came home and shocks the dust of the field off his clothes I looked at me
and smiled. He rushed in to shower. When he came down he was completely
nude. Grace and I sat the table and Grace removed her dress and the three
of us sat down to eat.

As usual Bill went in to read the paper while Grace and I did the
dished. Aunt Grace patted me on the ass with a wet soapy hand and told me
to go on and have a good time. I will finish the dishes.

Uncle Bill had the paper open across his lap when I went into the
living room and sat on Uncle Bill's lap. He was forced to set the paper
aside. So as the Mystery Theater told a tail of murder and intrigue Uncle
Bill moved me around so that his dick was between my legs. The head stuck
above my legs and it was dripping pre_cum, I was to learn.

He sucked my little nipples until I felt like my pussy was itching and
I wanted to scratch it. But Uncle Bill would not let me do that. He toyed
with me until Aunt Grace came in and sat in her rocker and picked up her

Uncle Bill picked me up by the hips and placed my legs on either side
of his hips and lowered me down until my vagina was over his stiff dick.
As I slid down on it, I winced in pain and he stopped lowering me.
Aunt Grace jumped up and got some Vaseline and buttered his shaft as
he lifted me up. Then he lowered me again. It went in much easier this
time but when it reached my hymen I winced again. Uncle Bill whispered
that it would be over quick. And forced me down until I felt a tearing
feeling and what I would call a stabbing pain. But it was over and I slid
down until I could feel his pubic hair pressed against my ass. When he
lifted me up a little the Vaseline was left in circle around the base of
the shaft like a roll. And as the shaft became visible the coating was
streaked with my virginal blood. Aunt Grace returned and knelt between his
legs and licked up the blood like it was wine to her. Uncle bill waited
until she was finished before he started lifting me up and down on the
shaft. I felt sore for awhile, but finally the feeling changed and I was
enjoying it a lot. I climaxed before Uncle Bill did.

Uncle Bill was not far behind me. My vagina mussels were jerking
uncontrollably, as I felt gobs of cum fill me up. Aunt Grace was licking
it up as fast as it leaked out of me.

That was the last night I spent a night in the front bedroom. The
rest of my stay was in the master bedroom.

The Beginnings: A Boy and His Mom

carnagedmeat on Incest Stories

My name is Matthew, my mom is happily with a guy name Skip. Skip is about 40, and my mom is going on 45, so there's is a bit of a difference. My Mom and Dad got divorced about 5 years ago, and I live mostly with my Mom. The only time I have ever actually seen her naked was when I walked in on her changing in the bathroom. She is beautiful, her tits hung enormous, like we think of gods as big. She was bending over when I walked in so I got a good look at her tight ass. Perfectly round, with a pussy that was shaven so clean that it looked like silk. I almost got a hard on, but with the awkwardness of the situation, it kind of went away. She gasped and hid her tits and pussy and I kind jumped,
"Sorry!!" I said and closed the door.
 I had kind of forgoten about it, wh
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ich was good and I hoped she had too. She came into my room afterwards, I was reading a book for english class, I put down my book and she said,
"Matt, remember to knock before you enter a room, or this stuff happens."
"I'm really sorry, and I feel kind of weird now." I said.
"Well dont," she said and smiled as she closed my door.
I had mostly forgotten about the situation, but when I masturbate or fuck, images of her come into my head every now and then.
My name is Matthew, I'm 5'10", I'm 15, slightly built, and I have an 8 inch cock and 6 inches around when fully erect.
My name is Matthew and I'm an only child.
One morning I was taking my shower, and we had just gotten back from camping, so everything was scattered throughout the house from where someone dumped it and forgot about it. I was beating one off because I hadn't done it in a while. I heard a knock on the door, and I said,
"What," in the calm voice I ussualy have. My mom was saying that
"I need to grab my tooth brush, I think it might've got mixed with your stuff." There was a short pause and I said,
"Uhh, can you wait a little bit?"
"No, I feel all groudy if I dont brush my teeth after a shower." I didnt answer.
"I promise I wont look, I'll only grab my tooth brush and be on my way." There was another pause, and I sighed.
"Okay." She opened the door, she was in a bath robe, and immediately went to the counter and grabbed a blue and white toothbrush, I could see every curve, she was perfect. She quickly turned around, but in the direction I was standing, in the shower. My cock had shrunk slightly but still stood at about 7 inches and was throbbing. She let out a little gasp, and double took and quickly walked out of the bathroom and slammmed the door. I could feel butterflies in my stomach, not thinking about it, my cock was down to it's flaccid 6 inches, and I finished my shower. I took a long time to finish because I felt weird about what had happened. When I got out my mom was dressed and talking on the phone about something or other, to whoever, I didnt really care. She looked at me and stuttered, maybe I was just analyzing it to much, maybe it was something the person the other line said, but it would have gone unnoticed to someone who wasnt looking for it. She finished her conversation and said.
"How was your shower Mat?"
"Good," I said, "How are your teeth?"
She smiled, "Status Que."
My mom was like a genius, she was so smart, I had no idea what status que meant, but I just smiled. She wasnt like a stereotypical genius like the ones you'd see on TV. She was beautiful, 5'7", silky-dirty blonde hair, not to skinny, complection of the gods, and when she smiled, straight pearly white teeth, the kind that blind curious men.
At about 9-o-clock, i was bushed, Skip had got home from work and made us some fancy french thing that tasted awsome. I laid down on my bed and went to sleep straight away.
When my clock struck mid-night, a sound could be heard, it was quiet enough not to wake me. My door creaked open. Standing in the entrance was a beautiful woman, my mom. She looked around as if she were about to steal something. Skip was probably deep asleep and snoring, like I was. She crept over to my bed and appeared to be contemplating something, a conundrum. She seemed to have made up her mind when she knelt down beside me and tugged on my pajama bottoms till they rolled past my flaccid cock. Her eyes widened. I had gone commando. It was still huge when limp. I rolled over in my sleep, and when I stopped my cock was right in her face and hanging off the side of my leg. She stared breathlessly at my dick. Her hand reached towards it and stopped half way, she was seemed to be in a mental slur, she reach some more and stop, and reach some more and stop, until she touched the tips of her fingers to it. This time she stopped a long time, but finally let lust get better of her. She slowly took my cock in her hand. It was warm. A smile crept across her face, when suddenly, the limp cock that lay there, grew and hardended, I was having a nocturnal emission, she stopped breathing. And looked around for some sign of what had happened, she looked at my face, expressionless. Her went back to my dick, throbbing, she licked her lips, wanting so much to make that mountain hers, but she didnt. She took my dick in her hands and placed it gently back into my pajamas. And quietly shut the door to my room.
I woke up the next morning, and rubbed my eyes, my cock was sitting uncomfortably, so I reached in my pants and readjusted. I walked into the kitchen to see my mom preparing coffee. She turned around and asked.
"Did you sleep good?" with a sortof, I'm not sure if he knows that I snuck into his room and felt his dick, kind of tone. And I didnt know, so I didnt understand why she said it like that.
"I slept great." I told her, "Did you?"
"Not really, I was kind of restless," she told me, looking relieved.
"Well, I hope you have a good day then." She had to be at work in a few minutes, so she quickly grabbed her ppurse and whatever else, and walked out of the house. But before she closed the door she said.
"I will be home at three. I love you." She said, and I waved.
"You too."
I sat on the couch and watched some TV. Some show came on about tiny bunnies advenuring into the candy village, so I turned it off, and walked into my moms room. For no reason I just wanted to know what my moms breast size was. I looked into her dresser and found no bras, but a lot of thongs. I was hard almost instantly. Just looking at girls underware made me horny. My pajamas had a bulge coming through, like and irregularly growing mountain. I looked for one pair that covers your entire ass, and found none. I smiled. I looked through all the drawers and found a stash of dildos and porn. My spine tingled thinking about. I looked into her enormous wal in closet and saw no bras, except for one lying on the ground. I grabbed it and read the tag. 43D. My eyes widened and I smiled. I laid it back where it was and grabbed a porn movie from the draw. I Stretched out on my bed, naked, and started jerking.
After about an hour I came. I cleaned up and put the DVD back where I got making sure to disturb nothing else. I sat back on the couch and watched some TV till my mom came home, she looked exhausted.
"Hi honey, how was your day?"
"Good, you?"
"Long," she answered and paused, but quickly went back to what she was doing. "I think I'm going to take a bath, and then a nap." Mom ussualy never had a bath, but I figured it didnt matter. She went to her room, I stayed and watched TV. My curiosity got the better of me. I looked throught the crack in the door. The doors lock broke before we got the house so it wouldnt shut properly. I looked at her, the tub seemed to be placed perfectly so I could see her perfect body being washed slowly. Her eyes were closed and her head leaned back. Her hand washed each breast caressing them gently, and slowly lowered to her pussy, she let out a slight moan. I freaked, and walked quickly to my room. My mind raced. And I smiled. I thought about how many times I forgot to close my door all the way, and wondered if she had looked throught the crack. I got hard just thinking about it. I fell asleep on my bed, alittle later. And just like before, when the clock hit midnight my door, creaked open. She went to my bed, this time whereing a nighty, and gently pulled down my pants. My cock was already hard this time, and she gaped at it. She didnt hesitate this time. Quickly she grabbed my throbbing member and stared. She could barely fit her hand around it. She moved hand slowly up and down the shaft, and qucikly glanced at me. I was snoring. Her head moved closer to my cock and carefully closed her mouth around it. She deepthroated immediatly, and I dont know how anyone could stand sleeping through this muche ectasy. I didnt. I woke, and it was all I could do to keep from gasping. I stared eyes wide at her, her head moving up and down with her hand along with it, like a pro. She looked up at me and I quickly closed my eyes. She didnt stop so she must not have seen. I opened my eyes a little, my cock glistened in the moonlight, with her spit, my own mothers spit. She kept going, get faster and deeper with every blow, until I came, deep into her throat, she looked a little suprised to see how much there was, and it just kept coming. She swallowed it all, a licked my cock clean. She glanced at me one more time. My cock still throbbed, but I was playing it off, I kept on looking calm, and kept my breating constant. I rolled to make it look better and my saliva covered cock touched the sheets. She gave me one more looke and walked out, this time leaving my cock hanging out. I didnt know if it was intentional or not, but it didnt matter. I grabbed my cock which was now coated in her saliva, and sighed, "My Mom," I whispered and rolled over falling back to sleep.
The next morning I woke, my cock still hard, I walked out of my room to see no one was home. There was a note on the counter, "got called into work early, and Skip had to leave for buisiness, have a good day, I love you'. He read the note again, and he smiled. He wanted his mom. The thought had come across his head a couple of times before, but thought it would never happen. He knew now that she wanted him to, and it was only a matter of time. His cock throbbed and he removed his pants and walked around at full salute the rest of the day, every once and a while grabbing his cock and squeezing it saying, "We'll be with her soon."
His mom came home early today, most likely because she had to go to work early. She had a huge smile on her face, we said our 'how are you's' and she said, "I think I'm going to go work out," I nodded and she walked into her bedroom. When she worked out, she was bear foot, and she wore a tiny wife-beater, the kind that stretch and contour to the body, and a very skimpy, boy short esk pair of spandex, the kind that you can see her ass crack when bending over, her pussy is defined and very noticeable, and, if she had any, you'd be able to see her pubic hair come from the front of them.
Lots of times she'd use the excer-bike, but most of the time it was yoga. I couldnt help my self. I walked towards my room, stripped to everything but my boxers and walked into hers. I knocked, "Come in," she said. I walked in. She turned towards me and looked at my boxers where my cock would be than at my face. She didnt have a problem with that, because I ussualy walked in them before a shower. When I saw her boby, my cock went firm, but i acted like nothing happened.
"I think I'm going to take a shower," I said and stretched my back to let my cock hang high. She stopped stretching and bit her lip slightly.
"Okay honey," she said in an erotic voice. I walked quickly to the bathroom, and took off my boxers and stroked my cock as I turned on the water.
"Honey," she said through th door. I was startled so I jumped, but soon smiled and said, "What?"
"Can I come in?"
I didnt even think about it and said yes. She violently opened the door and gasped to see my throbbing manhood.
"What do you need?" I asked. She was still where her work out clothes, and my cock throbbed violently.
She saw this and smiled, She walked toward me seductively. As she got closer I noticed she'd been sweating and I could see her tits prodominently through her shirt, they were as perfect as I remember.
She put her hand on my shoulder, "Just to show you something," she smiled and removed her top slowly. Her tits bounced around. I didnt notice, but my mouth was watering. She looked down at my dick.
"Oh my god, where do you put that?:" She asked in awe.
I smiled, "I can think of a few places."
She looked back at me, and gave a very seductive smile. My gaze went to her tits, still bouncing around uncontrolabley. I lowered my head to her sweat soaked spandex. She reached down and  slowly gripped my cock, it pulsed in her hand. I reached my hands to her hips and turned her around. Her ass was so perfect, even better than I remember. I rubbed the indentation where her pussy was, and she moaned. Sweat soaked spandex turned me on for some reason. Her juices were soaking them even more. I dug my finger deep into her pussy, an even louder moan.
"Matt," she said, "I want to show you even more." My heart raced. I turned her towards me and gripped the sides of her spandex and pulled them down slowly, clinging to each surface. Her pussy was just a I remembered, bare as a babies butt. I rubbed the skin above, smooth as silk. She looked at my dick again, and knelt down. Her eyes met mine one last time before she started tonguing the tip. It felt so good. I didnt have to hide the pleasure this time. She opened her mouth wide, and started throating it, getting lower and lower each time, until she reached the base. She didnt gag, like others girls who'd given me head. She must practice I thought. Her throat seemed endless. I gripped her long dirty blonde hair and started skull fucking her. She moaned, it was muffled but still audible. My cock tingled from the base to the head. I was about to come. She was all the way to the base, when I came. It shot deep into her throat. She didnt choke, or gag, just swallowed, licked up my cock and smiled.
"Do you want to fuck me?" she asked.
I made it seem like I had a choice but soon said, "Yes."
We walked to the bedroom. I sat on her bed, while she ran into her closet to do something. My cock seemed bigger than it ever was and was pulsing madly. In a few minutes, she came out of her closet. My mouth gaped open when I saw her. She wore a, tiny, black thong. I was surprised it concealed anything. He garter belt was pink to and she wore long black stockings. The only bra she owned, the one I saw on the floor, was black and was barely a bra at all. It covered her only enough so that none of her nipple showed. She walked over to me seductively. Her hands on her hips and she sat on my lap, her pussy grazing my cock. She leaned over my chest, her lips touch mine. Her tongue flew around my mouth, fighting with mine. We kissed for a whole minute, and I removed her bra. Her tits were perfect, I leaned my head towards them and started tonguing them. She went crazy, and began moaning louder than ever. My cock hardened even more, pressing against her pussy. I reached my hand down her thong and started fingering her pussy. She moaned so loudly. I got turned on even more. I pulled her thong to the side of her pussy. She was ready. And lifted up over my dick, and slowly lowered herself, on to it. Her pussy was so tight. She screamed in pleasure, so did I, and not even half way down my shaft, her body shook violently. She was in orgasm, already. I was so hard. She lowered her self farther and farther, until she sat squarly on my hips. My cock had disapeared into her deep pussy. She rose again and slammed herself on it. It felt so good. She shook even more violently, and her juices dripped on my stomach, warm. Every time she lifted she moaned and when she lowered, she orgasmed. I grabbed her hips and used my masculine arms to lift her and lower her faster.
"OH YEAH, OH YEAH. COME ON BABY, FUCK ME, FUCK MY TIGHT PUSSY, OH!" she screamed, "MAKE ME CUM, MAKE YOUR MOM CUM, OH, FUCK YEAH, OH!" I was about to burst, she shook slightly, and I came, deep in her pussy, more than I'd ever cum before. My dick throbbed uncontrolabley. My cum and her juices streamed out of her. She thrusted once more and laid on my chest. We kissed for another minute, more intensely this time. She laid the bed next to me her face in front of mine. We stared at each other smiling.
"I love you Matt," she said.
"You too." I said back.
We laid there staring for about five minutes.
"Why dont we take a shower." she told me.
I didnt hesitate, and I followed her to her bathroom. It was bigger than mine, more space in the shower. We got in and turned on the water. My cock was still huge, and she hadnt forgotten about it. Once the water had come to a reasonable temperature we walked in and washed each other, making sure to take detail to her pussy and ass, while she washed my dick. As I rubbed her as with soap she smiled and said.
"Do you want to fuck your Moms ass." I smiled
"Of course." She smiled and turned toward the faucet and stuck her ass out. I rubbed my cock before grabbing her hips and thrustiong my body so my dick was right on the opening. She moaned alittle and I pushed slowly. Her ass was tight, TIGHT. It took all I had to get the tip in. She moaned uncontrolabley. I thrust hard. It felt good. The warmth of her ass around my dick, the extreme tightness. "Mom your so tight." she smiled
"I know." she turned her head toward me. I thrust harder and harder. She moaned louder and louder. Im sure the neighboors heard, but it didnt matter. I grabbed a bar of soap and began soap fucking her pussy. She screamed in pure ectasy. We fucked for a long time and the shower was starting to get cold, so it was in good time that I came, right as it became uncomfortable. I shot my load deep into her ass. And she moaned and orgasmed at the same time. When I pulled out, her now huge asshole shrunk back to its original size, leaving all the cum trapped in side. She turned towards me and we hugged and kissed. Before the water got to cold we cleaned ourselves again. And dried each other off. She wanted me to rub her lotion on her, so i did. she sat naked on the toilet as I rubbed lotion all over her body, squeezing her tits and rubbing her pussy and ass. She smiled and we walked back to her bed. I laid down facing the ceiling and she straddled me. And lowered herself on my still throbbing cock. She went all the way down the shaft, and back up, moaning all the way. She stood up and layed down beside me, her ass in front of my cock. I moved closer and rubbed my dick up against her pussy. She moaned and I wrapped my arms around her and inserted dick. We fucked for at least two hours before I came. And it was huge. My dick was at least 9 inches now.
Her and I were wiped. We fell asleep, my dick still in her pussy. When I woke she had rolled over and re inserted my cock and fell asleep again. It is a rush to sleep a your cock in a girls pussy, even more so when that girl is your mom.
The rest of Skip buisiness trip was like this, when she got home we fucked for hours and slept with my dick in her pussy. We didnt even bother waring clothes around the house anymore, neither did I. When Skip got back, she came into my room at night and blew me. It felt so good to be fucked daily. Skip normally didnt get home till late, so we fucked when he was gone. We took showers and fucked. When she went into town for gorceries, we fucked in the car in the parking lot.
I love my mom, she's beautiful, perfect in everyway. She Is pregnant now, with my kid. Skip thinks it's his, but I know the truth.
My name is Matthew, I'm 6'0'', I'm 19, My cock is 9 inches when erect now. Mom and Skip, divorced over some arguement about whatever, a little bit ago.
My name is Matthew, I live with my mom, and we've kept on having sex throughout the years, at least daily. We love each other more than anything. And if someone fucks it up....
My name is Matthew Conner Johnnson, we havent decided for a name for the kid yet, but I have an idea.

Blackmailing Mother: Part I

filmxxxx on Incest Stories

There is, I suspect, a fine line between blackmail and rape. Or, more specifically, blackmailing someone for sex. This line is one I never really suspected I’d cross, and never saw any reason why I should. In general, I consider both of those activities to be shallow, degrading and pathetic. But once in a while an opportunity comes along that begs you to turn your back on your standards and embrace your vices. This was one certainly that opportunity.

            First, a bit of a background. My name is Damon, and I’m ninete

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en years old. For reasons that I can’t really explain, I’ve always had sexual feelings for my own mother. At times it’s made me feel odd, feeling attracted to the woman that gave birth to me and raised me. But most times it’s just a lustful sensation I have that, despite the excitement of the idea, is something that would never happen. Nor has anything occurred that would make me think otherwise. Nonetheless, it’s a sensation that hasn’t gone away in the past seven or so years I’ve had it.

            One day, for some inexplicable reason, I was let out of work early. This rarely happens, since at my job there always seems to be something to do. However, this day was different, and I got home nearly three hours earlier than expected. Once home, I entered the house and went to my room. As I did so, I heard a slight commotion from the living room. I heard my mother’s voice, as well as a whispering one that was foreign to me, emanating from the front of the house.

            “Mom?” I called out as I walked towards the living room. I instantly thought something was up, and heard my mom begin to speak. I guessed, upon seeing the scenario, that my mom had probably wanted to tell me to hold on, but given the fact that she had been in the living room, that would have instantly caused suspicion. As I rounded the corner and entered the room, I saw my mother standing beside a man I had never seen. Both were fully clothed and nothing else seemed to be out of the ordinary, besides the fact that this man was unknown. After a few moments of awkward silence, my mother began to speak.

            “Hi, Damon. This is Mark.” Mark gave a shallow, semi-frightened wave as if he knew they had been caught. And indeed they had, though I wasn’t sure what of. “He’s an architect. We were discussing the plans for the house.” She didn’t sound convincing, and obviously this wouldn’t have been cause for worry or scrambling when I got home. Despite the severity of the situation (my mother, for some reason, being alone with another man in the living room of our house), I realized there really wasn’t much to be said.

            “Nice to meet you.” I turned and walked out of the house, hearing several seconds of silence behind me before they began to speak again, albeit quietly. I entered my room, not quite sure of what to make of the situation. It was awkward, obviously, and I was curious as to what I should do. I realized quickly that there really wasn’t much to do. What would I say? How would I bring it up? And, really, what business of it was mine? It wasn’t my own father she was (possibly) cheating on. So, I decided to not say anything about it unless my mother brought it up, which I knew would not happen. She had created an alibi and had no real reason to breach it.

            Or so I thought. After a while of being home, I decided to run out and get some errands done. The man had just left, and I told my mom that I was heading out. She looked apprehensive, as if something were on the tip of her tongue. However, she just said okay (after a moment) and I left. I returned several hours later, and my mom was on the couch, reading. I said hello to her, and she instantly closed her book and became attentive. She asked what I had done, and told her where I had gone.

            “Wasn’t much, really,” I said. “Just some errands.” I didn’t want to ask my usual “What have you been up to?” in light of the awkward events earlier in the day.

            “Can you sit down for a minute? I want to talk to you.” She said this calmly, but I knew that she was worried. For some reason, I was very calm. I guess it was because she was the guilty one, and I was the innocent. “I realize that you’re not dumb, and I know that earlier today was obviously not what I said it was.”

            I didn’t know how to go about having this conversation, and whether I should sound sympathetic or concerned, or just passive and understanding. “I kind of figured that it was something else, since I heard you guys scramble once I walked in.”

            She nodded. “Well, this is what happened. You know that your stepfather always works. I’m always alone, and rarely get any attention. This is fine; I know that we’re both busy. But it does get irritating sometimes. I never get any attention anymore. I know this is an awkward conversation to have with you, but you know the attention I’m talking about. We go to dinner and go out occasionally, but that’s it.”

It was at this point that I realized several things. First of all, she must have had sex with this man. She was seemingly coming clean about that, and was explaining herself. She was even talking about things we would never normally talk about. It also occurred to me that I was in a very powerful position. Knowing this, and having caught them together (although not in the act), this confession let me, if desired, demand something.

“I know that it’s wrong, Damon. I do. But I couldn’t help it.” She looked down.

“Where did you meet him?” I remained looking at her, despite the continued awkwardness of the situation.

“I met him at work. Well, he was a friend of someone who works with me. He came to visit, and he eventually asked me out. I was attracted to him, and… I don’t know…” She looked truly shamed. “I’m going to call it off, though. No more. I realize how stupid it was.” This shame only enhanced my thought processes, and my feeling of privy in the situation. “Are you… if your stepfather ever found out about this, it would be horrible. I’d have nothing. If he left me, which he would, then I would be left broke, and with nothing at all.” She almost seemed to be crying, but was only on the verge. She held herself together. “You’re not going to say anything?” She asked this in a pleading way, not really in a questioning one.

“Well, Mom, I mean… Normally I wouldn’t, of course. But this is sort of a big deal, you know?” She nodded as I spoke, more emphatically with each point I made. “You know I would always support you, and do. But cheating on someone really isn’t right.” I stopped, awaiting some sort of plea or response.

“What are you going to do? Or what should I do?” She looked up at me to say this, then back down.

I thought for a moment or, more accurately, paused, knowing already exactly what I’d say. “Well, I don’t think that some sort of punishment is really out of order. He does deserve to know, but I know how bad that could be for you. Or would be.” I paused again. “If I asked you for something, and in exchange agreed to never tell anybody about everything with you and Mark, would you agree to it?”

“It depends on what it is. I mean, I…” She trailed off as she saw the slightly unimpressed look I had, as if she really had no choice in the matter and I knew it. She stopped, rethought and asked, “What is it?”

“I want to have sex with you.” She looked truly shocked at the suggestion, looking up and directly at me, unflinching.

“What?” was all she could get out. Obviously, such a demand was insane, especially given the fact that I was her son. “You want to have sex with me? I’m your mother.” I instantly realized that I didn’t want to get into this conversation. I didn’t want to talk about the wrongness of it, or the awkwardness of it. I wasn’t in the mood to debate about it, either.

“I frankly don’t want to talk about it. Or have a discussion about it. I just want to have sex with you. Tomorrow.” She said nothing, completely unsure of what to say.

“No. Damon, no. We can’t have-“

“Well then I’m going to have to tell him.” I interrupted her, sounding somewhat annoyed. Again, I was not in the mood to discuss the wrong of it, and I also knew that I had to be steadfast and, in a sense, threatening. Not in a violent or malicious manner, but in a manner that explained simply that it was not much of an option for her. I got up after speaking and began to walk out of the room.

“Wait.” She looked at me, then away. I returned to the spot where I had sat but didn’t sit. “ You really want to have sex with me? Why?”

“I told you that I don’t want to have a discussion about it. Tomorrow night, or else I’m going to have to say something.”

“Isn’t there something else? Something I could buy you? Damon, I’m your mother.” She looked up at me as she said this.

“Do you agree or do you not?” I looked at her sternly. She looked down and nodded.

“Fine.” She continued to stare down. “What…what time do you get home? I don’t want… I don’t want your stepfather to come home and…” She trailed off, beginning to cry.

“I’ll be home from work at six. Be waiting for me in your bedroom.” She didn’t say anything else as I left the room. “I’m going out. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She didn’t respond to that, either.

Throughout the next day, it was hard to not think about it. It was also hard to not get excited. But neither were a real possibility. I was so excited to get out of there that the day seemed to drag on for ten hours. But, eventually, six o’clock came and I left work. The drive home was even more exciting, with the anticipation building.

I couldn’t believe it. When I entered my house, I would be minutes away from having sex with my own mother. I knew it was awkward, to be making love to my own mother. The woman who had given birth to me. But I wanted it, and through her own faults, found a way to get it.

I entered the house and walked into my room. I took off my work-shirt and took out my wallet and keys, the way I usually did. After a quick second to stop and breathe (the excitement had peaked), I began to walk down the hall towards my mother’s room. The door was open and the lights were on, as was the television. I walked in, and my mom was sitting on the bed, watching t.v. She was fully clothed, remote in hand, flipping through the channels. She instantly looked up when I entered the room.

            “Hi,” she said.

            “Hey.” I looked at her and then the television. “What are you watching?”

            “Just some drama on T.N.T.” She paused. “Damon, please… is there anything else I can get you? Or do for you? Anything you want? I will do my best to get you whatever you want, but please, Damon-“

            “This is what I want.” I said this sternly.

            “But you’re my son, Damon. I’m your mother! This isn’t natural, nor is it right. It’s disgusting. We’re-“ I again cut her off.

            “Mom, this is what I want. It’s either this or me telling my stepfather. Which is it? I’ll call him right now, if you want.” She looked at me once more, then looked away. I continued to look at her, and began to walk towards her. I turned off the television as I walked, then remembered the door. I walked over to it and began to close it, when my mother spoke once again.

            “Could you not close the door? I just want to be able to hear if… if your stepfather comes home.” I didn’t close the door, and nodded. She sounded, finally, as if she had conceded. I slowly walked over to her until I was directly next to the right side of the bed, where she was sitting Indian style. Both of the lamps were on on either side of the bed, and the room was well lit. She stared down at the floor.

            I looked at her, almost surveying here. She was wearing a green T-shirt and gray sweatpants. Her hair had been brushed earlier in the day, most of it still in order. She didn’t move. Her staring remained resilient. I leaned forward slowly, around her staring face (which was directed towards the floor, her head bowed down a bit) and moved my face towards her neck. I then felt my lips connect with her neck, and I kissed it. Once. I then kissed it again, and after a second used my tongue. I sucked on her neck a bit and heard her sniffle, as if she were crying lightly. I sucked on her neck even harder and then stopped, and moved back to a standing position. I looked at her, and she had still not moved. I raised my left hand to her chest, and placed it on her left breast. I groped it and squeezed it. I massaged it a bit and moved my thumb in an effort to find her nipple, which was not hard and therefore difficult to locate. I moved my hand away again and just stood.

            After a moment I left the room. She looked up for the first time as I did, but I heard her remain on the bed. As I left, I stopped, turned and looked at her. “I’ll be back in one second.” I continued on to my room, and got the camera I had readied the night before and brought it into my mother’s room. I heard her say, “No…” to herself as I set it up. The tape had been rewound, and the camera had been charged. To be safe, though, I plugged it into an outlet. I wanted to film the event. That, I realized, would get me off even more. Having a tape of me having sex with my own mother! A fantasy that had always been just that. Until today. There was also another motive behind it which we’ll come to later. I hit the record button and began again to move towards the bed.

            She looked away again as I got to the bedside. I lifted her chin and looked in her eyes, which were wet with tears. I then, for the first time in my life, moved in and kissed my mother on her lips. I kissed several times, then sucked a bit on her lower lip. I was, in fact, making out with my own mother. I stuck my tongue out, but it hit only her closed lips. I put more pressure on her lips until she reluctantly opened her mouth to house my tongue. I moved my tongue around in her mouth, trying to find hers. I finally did, and licked it. I moved even further into her mouth and began to suck on her tongue. As I did this, I moved my hands to her stomach and slid them up until one hand each was on each breast. I fondled her breasts through her shirt, squeezing them and feeling them up. Our kiss became more passionate, but only at my physical request. I then removed my hands and put one hand behind her head, at the nape of her neck. As the kissing got heavy, I removed my mouth and said, “Undo my belt and pants.”

            I then pressed my mouth against hers and continued to make out with her. After a few seconds, I felt her hands on my belt. She undid the belt, then the button on my jeans. I continued kissing her as she stopped, and I felt her hands disappear. I stopped kissing her. “Undo my zipper and lower my jeans.” I then began kissing the side of her face, lowered myself, and began to again suck on her neck. She did as I asked, but never any more. I continued kissing her neck and lowered my underwear for her. I heard her whimper a bit as I exposed my penis. I searched around for with my hand for hers, and finally found it. I moved it to my extremely erect penis, and put her hand on it. I helped her stroke it for a moment and then removed my hand. She stroked it on her own as I sucked on her neck. After maybe half a minute of this, I realized that the enormity of the situation was going to make me come almost instantly. I removed her hand from my cock and put it back at her side.

            I got off the bed and took off my jeans, then my underwear. I took my shirt off as well, then piled them on the floor next to the bed. “Lay down, Mom.” I looked at her as she lay the length of the bed. Naturally, there was a pause as a precursor. I watched until she had settled, then climbed back on the bed. My penis scraped along her thigh and then on her stomach as I put one leg on each side of her, sitting directly on top of her. “Take off your shirt.” She conceded, however slowly, and did so. She dropped the shirt to the side of the bed. I looked at her chest, her well-sized breasts held by a simple white Hanes bra. Her hands were still at her sides, and I could tell she was horribly nervous. I lowered my face to hers, and again forced my tongue inside her mouth. I kissed her for several moments, licking the inside of her mouth and holding her face as I did so. Then, I lowered myself so that I kissed her neck, sucking on it and massaging it with my lips. I continued down, until my mouth was actually on the top of the left breast of my own mother. I sucked on it, my lips moving over the silkiness, the softness. I stuck out my tongue and used that as a bridge across her chest to her other breast, which I repeated my actions on. After a moment of doing this, I began to fondle her breasts with my hands.

            “Take off your bra.” She sat up a bit, moved her hands behind her back, and unsnapped it. She then took it completely off and dropped it atop her shirt. And there they were. Both of her breasts, completely exposed. Her nipples were hard, the tips thick and meaty. Her breasts didn’t sag as much as I thought they would, holding fast atop her chest. I lowered my mouth and began to suck on her left nipple, tonguing the meaty part and nibbling on it with my teeth. I rubbed her right breast with my right hand, rubbing the nipple with my thumb. I did this for a while, sucking on her nipples and engulfing as much of her tit that I could with my mouth. I spat on her nipples, making them harder, drooling saliva on them and rubbing them together. I licked the nipples once more, then moved my face downwards to the top of her sweatpants. I bit the waist of the sweatpants and lifted them up with my mouth, then let them softly snap back against her waist.

            “Take off your sweatpants.” She closed her eyes, as if wishing that none of this were happening. She glanced over at the camera and leaned up to oblige, but not before asking,

            “Do you have to record it?” She made eye contact with me for the first time, and I sternly said, “Yes. I want to.” She began to cry again as she took her pants off and draped them on the floor. She lay flat, but I put my hands on her ankles and moved them so that her knees were bent and up in the air. I then put my hands on the inside of her thighs and spread her legs. Her panties were a dark blue, the only thing that my mother had on left. Her legs had been shaven either this morning or the day before, but they were still smooth. I took a moment at this juncture to observe what was going on, and to really take it all in.

            I was sitting at the end of a bed, my mother’s bed, completely naked. My penis was as hard as it had ever been. My mother, my own mother, was lying in front of me, the only piece of clothing on her being a blue pair of panties, a pair of panties that I had many times before borrowed from the pantry and smelled, burying my nostrils in the base of them. Smelling my mother’s vaginal scent, licking any dried juices that were on them. My mother’s breasts were out, her nipples hard and wet from my very own licking. Her neck was a bit red from my sucking. But now, at this point, was when the true ecstasy would begin. My penis was already slick with precum from the proceedings, but got even more moist as I realized what the next step would be. I lowered my face towards her panties, and her hands instantly moved over them. She covered her vagina with both of her hands, looking up and making eye contact with me again. She whimpered, still crying a bit, and whispered, “Please. Damon, please…”

            I lowered my face even closer, removed her hands, and looked at her dark blue panties. I couldn’t believe it. I lowered my face even more until my lips rested on her panties, and released my tongue. I moved my tongue down to where her lips were, and licked. I then lowered my face a bit more and inhaled deeply, taking in the natural, in-person scent of my mother’s vagina. It was a bit wet, I could tell, but only because of the physical contact. I assumed both her nervousness and her uncomfortable feelings made her rather not aroused. After a surprisingly short time of this, I decided that I wanted it. I wanted all of her clothes off. “Take off your panties.” She was crying now, but leaned down to oblige. She did this quick, almost in anger, and threw them against the wall. She lay back down. She was conceding, but was upset about it and couldn’t believe the situation, either. And I could understand why. She was completely naked in front of her own son, whose penis was hard and wet, her own breasts exposed, her vagina unclothed. She was spread eagle in front of her own son, her legs slightly raised with her knees bent in the air.

            I looked at her vagina before making a single move. I wanted to let it all sink in. I wanted, most of all (apart from appreciating the situation alone) to look at a beautiful portrait that I had only dreamt of seeing for years. A view that I never thought I would be able to see. My mother, completely naked in front of me. Her vagina, covered in dark pubic hair, staring at me, her legs pulled apart to accentuate the view. Her breasts revealed, her nipples pointing to the ceiling. Her naked body. And, even better than the view, was that in this particular scenario, unlike anything I could ever have imagined happening, she was mine for the taking. My own mother, mine to have sex with, any way I pleased.

            I lowered my face slowly towards her vagina. I passed her knees, and continued going until my face was an inch or so above her lips. I then pressed down and buried my face in it. My nose touched the top of her clit, and I repositioned so that my mouth was in the same position. I let her clit fall into my mouth, and I closed my lips and began to suck. Several of her dark pubes also fell into my mouth, and I sucked even harder. I could hear my mom crying now as I nibbled on her clitoris, the meat swelling in my mouth as I licked. The scent was a strong as ever, the same scent that I had only sniffed on her underwear. My entire face was covered with her vagina, her pubes covering my nose, eyes and some of my forehead. I continued to suck on her clit, then let it loose and began to lick it. I lowered my face even more so that I was licking the entry, as well as her lips and her clit, up until the top of her slit. I did this several times in a very slow motion, starting at the hole and moving upwards to the top. Then, I began to do it faster, almost wildly, as I licked all of it, taking it in. I went even lower, and as I did so used both of my hands to spread her asscheeks a bit, and then began at her asshole and went all the way up. She flinched at this, as if this had never been done before. I lapped at her anus and cunt, drooling on it as I went. I paused from the licking as I shoved my tongue into her vagina, a few centimeters at first, then the whole thing. I licked up once my tongue was inside her, keeping it in and licking the walls of her vagina. I pulled out a little bit and spat on her vagina, then continued licking it. I was worried, albeit momentarily, that I would come in several seconds. I took a moment to gather myself, and to distract myself, so that this would not be a problem. But it was all nearly too much: licking my mothers vagina and asshole, slobbering onto all of it as I pleased, doing anything I wanted.

            After several moments of this I stopped, and raised my head. My cock, although covered nearly completely in precum, was still rock solid. I raised my body so it was more parallel with hers, and placed my mouth again over her nipple. I sucked on it as I lowered my left hand (my mouth on her right nipple) and fingered her. She was wet, if only from the natural lubrication and my mouth (it was hard to believe she was turned on; I was her own son and she was still crying a bit.) I used one finger, spreading her lips and penetrating as deeply as I could. Then, I inserted a second finger. I did this for several moments, removed my fingers and my mouth, and positioned my penis above her cunt. I looked in her eyes, and she looked directly into mine. Before anything else happened, she spoke.

            “Please, Damon, please put on a condom if you’re going to…” She trailed off, crying. “If you’re going to put it in me, please put on a condom. I-“

            “That’s not my problem,” I said, still looking directly at her.

            “But I could get pregnant. I don’t want to get pregnant with the child of my own son…” I shook my head.

            “I’m sorry, but that’s not my problem to deal with.” Her eyes welled up again as I lowered myself even further. Finally, the tip of my penis was directly on the outside of her vagina.

            “Please, Damon, I don’t want to get pregnant… I can’t…” I ignored her, and lowered myself into her. I went slow, then continued in until my entire penis was inside of her. Between my spit, her natural lubrication and the precum on my dick, it slid in relatively easily. She wept now, as I slid out of her a bit, then back in. I did this slowly at first, then got a good pace going. I couldn’t believe it, but I was fucking my own mother. I was fucking her raw, my penis sliding in and out of her, her lips rubbing against my dick. I pumped, harder and faster, feeling the friction of her vagina against me, her body pulsating a bit as I nailed her. Every so often I would slow down and shove myself completely in her and stay there, feeling my penis almost vibrating with the threat of ejaculating. I slowed, then continued to slide in and out. I was holding myself up with both arms as I fucked her, then decided to rest on her and use my hands to grope her breasts. I did so, kissing her on the lips as I flicked her nipples. I continued pumping, in and out, going hard and fast. “Please don’t come inside me.” I ignored her, continuing to grope her breasts and fuck her. I sucked on her neck, hard, knowing that I was running the risk of leaving a mark. This would be bad, because it would nullify my future plans that the video had in play. So I decided to stop sucking her neck and continue kissing her mouth.

            Finally, I felt that I could no longer hold it. I kept pumping until eventually I came, moaning and pumping hard into her. I could hear her whisper “no,” as if she knew I was ejaculating. I filled her walls with my semen, pumping harder and harder into her, giving her every last drop of semen I had in me. As I nearly finished, I pulled out and came a bit on her pubes, just so I could see some of my seed draped over her dark hair surrounding her vagina. I jacked myself off to completion, until no more came out of me. I remained hunched over, my hand grasped around my cock, staring at the semen all over her vagina. She was crying fully now, putting her hands over her face and weeping incessantly. “Are you happy now? Are we done? Can we stop?” she asked through her fingers.

            I looked up at her. “Turn over on your stomach.” She, still crying, shook her head. I repeated myself. “Turn over on your stomach.” She did so, still covering her face. I bent down a bit and spread her asscheeks. I glanced at her anus, which was surrounded by hair. I licked it, sucking a bit on her asshole hairs and then tonguing her asshole. I spat on it, then licked it some more. Her crying, however, became near-howling. I decided to stop.

            “Alright, we’re done.” I got up and walked over to the camera and turned it off. “Clean yourself up and clean off the bed. I’m going to go shower.” I picked up the camera and the tripod and left the room, retreating back to my own. I closed the door, took the tape out and put in safely in a drawer. What my mother didn’t know was that this tape was my key to any exploitation I desired. No matter what happened, I could threaten to have this tape shown anywhere I pleased. Therefore, anything I wanted was mine. But I wouldn’t ask for money. Nor would I ask for things. I would ask for sex. Any kind of sex I wanted. Anywhere, anytime. And what would be more damaging to her than her husband finding out that she had cheated on him? Anybody finding out that she had sex with her own son.