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Kate, My Brother, and I

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Hey this is my first story.. please give me feedback!!

It was the summer, and Marcie's parents were somewhere in the Bahama's sipping pina coladas. Meanwhile, back at the house, Marcie and her brother, Thomas were home alone with absolutely nothing to do. Marcie and her brother were 15 year old twins. They were very close and often napped together, and always talked. Marcie was a tall, thin swimmer. She had light brown hair and bright green eyes. She was in good shape, and had a smooth, flat stomache, long tan muscular legs, a tight cute ass, and great plump 34C sized breats. Every guy in the school would drool over her. Even her brother found her to be very attractive. Thomas looked very similar: tall, muscular, and tan.

For the fi

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rst few weeks of summer, Marcie and Thomas had nothing to do. Thomas would often invite his girlfriend, Kate over to the house. On Friday, Thomas realized.. "Hey, the parents are gone." and Thomas took advantage of that by having his girlfriend spend the night. Kate told her parents she was having a slumber party with one of her friends house.
Marcie had nothing special to do that night, so she decided she would hang out with Thomas and his girlfriend. For a while they watched movies and ate popcorn. Then Thomas had a great idea.

" Hey guys... want some vodka?!" He asked them.

"Hell yeah!!.. If there's any in there bring it the hell out!!" Marcie said.
So, Thomas brought the vodka out and before they knew it, they were all shitfaced drunk.

While flipping through the channels, Thomas found a porno. They all watched it and laughed. But in reality there were all getting hot from it. Kate put her hand on Thomas's thigh and rubbed it. Thomas put her hand up Kate's skirty until he found that aching mound of flesh that was desperately begging for attention. Her hot fluids began trickling down her legs as he circiled with him fingers around her soping hot clit.  They were all incredibly horny and very drunk.
"Hey Kate, I got an idea." said Thomas. "Get naked for me."

Kate stood up from the couch and stood in front of Thomas and Marcie. She pulled her tight tank top off which revealed her large, hot breasts with long hard nipples. She then pulled down her skirt and thong revealing her cleanly shaven hot wet pussy.

"What now baby!" she said eagerly. She wanted to so badly just fuck him right there in front of his sister.

"Get on all fours." Thomas said.
Kate obevey and got on her hands and knees and pushed her hot ass into the air, smiling at Thomas.
" I'll pay you 20 bucks to let Sammy fuck your brains out. Sammie was their golden retriever. Kate was feeling so horny and so drunk , she took the bet.  Thomas called the dog over into the room. Immediately, he began sniffing at Kates cunt juice that was dripping down her thight. He started licking it up.. off of her thighs.. then he licked right inbetween her pussy lips. Kate moaned and her nipples hardened. She tried to conceal her pleasure.
Sammy jumped on her with his front paws gripping her hips. His long, wet pink dig was searching eagery for her hot pussy. Kate moaned in pleasure and reached one hand back to help him find it. Finally Sammy thrust his pink dog dick into her and she gasped with pleasure. He started pumping so hard and Kate arched her back, welcoming his hard thrusts. She reached one hand back and started rubbing her hard  wet clit. Sammy's dick knotted in her and he began dragging her around the room, fucking her like crazy. Kate was screaming in pleasure.

"OHhhhhhhhhhhhhh my goooooooddddddd.. hooooly fuck " she screamed
"ooooooohhh fuccckk me sammy !! you dog ooooohhh goddd fuck me!!"

This was very arousing for Thomas and Marcie who were sitting on the couch. Under the blankets, Marcie secretly began circling her finger around her dripping hard clit. She inserted one finger inbetween her pussy lips. Then another.
Thomas's pants were bulging. His hard erection was straining against his jeans as he watched his girlfriend get dog-fucked.
While fucking so hard. Sammy's balls began to tighten as he shot a hot load into Kate. Kate quivered as she came as well. Sammy's cum was still dripping out of her as he left. Minutes later, Kate passed out on the floor, naked with dog cum oozing out of her cunt.
"God im so fucking horny, and my girlfriend just passed out!" Thomas complained.

"Oh i know. I am too..." said Marcie. She immediately reached over and started rubbing her brother's hard cock through his jeans.

"Oh damn that feels good." She unbuttoned his jeans and Thomas pulled them off, as well as his boxers. His large erection popped out. The head was purple and straining for attention. Marcie stared in amazement.

"Oh my god its so fucking big..... bigger than anything ive ever fucked." she said
"well its gonna be the biggest thing youve fucked then" he said as he reached over and deeply kissed her, shoving his tongue into her mouth. They kissed for a while until Marcie stood up and began stripping.  She pulled off her sweater. Her round big tits were gorgeous. her hard nipples were poking out through her thin, blue strapless bra. She unhooked it in the back and let it fall to the floor. With a light bounce, her breasts were exposed. Her nipples were dark pink and hard. She then pulled off her shorts with her blue g string. She stood there completely naked with her large, soft breats and her shaven wet , tight cunt. Thomas became harder than ever. He began lightly stroking his cock.
Marcie put one leg up on the couch revealing her pussy in the fullest. Her big throbbing clit and spread hot pink pussy lips showed. Instantly Thomas reached up and kissed her pussy lips. He pushed his tongue inside of her and she gasped in pleasure. She put her two legs over the back of the couch, straddling his face into her wet pussy. He began gently ducking on her throbbing clit. She humped him ferosiously as she twirreled her hard nipples in her hand. When he knew she was about to come, he stopped.

"OHHHHH god that felt so good why did you stop?!" she asked.

He didnt answer but he pulled her down to him so that she was straddling his waiste.

"Turn around." he said "And sit on my lap i want to fuck your tight ass and finger your hot wet pussy. Instantly she turned around for him. He shoved his hard 6 inch cock into her virgin asshole. She gasped in pain, but he reached around her and twirreled her hot clit in his fingers. he slowly began to fuck her up the ass, as he slided two fingers into her aching pussy. He began to fuck her much harder and her large round tits were bouncing heavily up and down. He kept fucking her pussy until they were both about to come, then he stopped. He turned her around and immediately inserted his hard throbbing cock into her hot pussy. She almost screamed with pleasure. He licked her right nipple and swirreled his tongue around it. he sucked on them very hard, then he began fucking her madly while she was on his lap, straddling him. She help on to his head as her pussy swallowed his cock up and she screamed in pleasure. They began fucking so hard, her breasts were bouncing up and down. Finally his balls tighten and he let out the biggest load of cum he ever had in his life. She started quivering and had nearly three orgasms.

"oooohhh my goooodddd. ooooh hess brooo fuckk me" she said as she came for the last time.
Kate began to stir so Marcie quickly got off of her brother. They both got dressed and went to bed.

Daniel's Stepmom (Part 3 of 3)

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Daniel’s Story, Part 3

"Touch them" was music to Daniel’s ears. This is a moment he had been dreaming of since puberty. Reaching out he cupped first the right, then the left breast. Marveling at the firmness, his hands began a slow search of every inch of her chest. Rubbing the palms across the very firm nipples almost took his breath away.

Standing to the side watching all of this take place, I began to smile. Slightly distorted by the water, it was still obvious that his uncut cock was beginning to grow. Heather was just standing there taking it all in. Smiling at him, she tried her best not to appear to anxious. Looking down through the water at his growing member, it took all the restraint she could muster to keep from diving

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in and shoving him into her wanting mouth. She actually wanted to see it while it was still slightly flaccid. She loved the look of the skin covering the smooth head. That would have to wait though. This was his time, his adventure, and his first sexual experience with something other than his own hand. It must be perfect.

Slowly bending her knees, she lowered herself until the water reached her neck. His hands were still exploring and he started lowering himself as well. Reaching out and gently touching his face with her hand, she said, "Stay still".

Reaching out, she found the object of her desire. Holding his cock in her hand, she could feel it still growing and throbbing. Looking into his face while slowly squeezing his cock, she saw his eyes close and knew that she had him……hook, line and sinker. Taking a deep breath and holding it, her head disappeared beneath the water. As she reached his now very firm cock, she slowly slid her mouth onto it maintaining a tight seal.

Daniel was in Never, Never Land. Oblivious to all that was around him, every fragment of his awareness was concentrated solely in one spot. Taking advantage of his lack of awareness, I slipped under the water to get a closer look. Moving closer, I could see his cock appearing and disappearing from her mouth. She was about to run out of air, and reluctantly let her prize go and replaced it once again with her hand. As his cock slipped out of her mouth, her eyes opened and she spotted me next to her under the water. Quickly turning towards me, she placed her mouth on mine. Feeling her tongue searching, I opened my mouth slightly and accepted it. The taste was unmistakable. Apparently within the minute or so that she had her mouth on his cock, he had climaxed. Both of us lifted out of the water, her mouth still on mine. As she pulled away, she smiled. Lifting her finger to her lips, I understood the unspoken message. DON’T SAY ANYTHING. She was saving him from embarrassment.

"Oh, my God! That was incredible." He whispered to her, trying his best to keep me from hearing.

Smiling, she kissed him on his lips and then moved close to his ear and whispered sweetly to him "That’s just the beginning. Before this day is out you will do that many, many more times. When you finally go to sleep tonight, you are going to be sexually exhausted."

He looked up and put his hands together as if praying. "Thank you, God."

Heather retied her bikini top as she worked her way towards the pool steps. Grabbing a towel off of one of the patio chairs she began to dry herself. Walking over towards the patio door she reached down and retrieved Daniel’s bathing suit. Turning towards the pool, she tossed it to him. "Here, put this on and come into the house. Anyone for a movie?"

Daniel caught the bathing suit and looked at me. I was already making my way towards the house as I turned to him. "Well! You coming?"

With what just happened still fresh in his memory he said "Oh, yes. I’m coming………and coming and coming and coming."

I grabbed a towel and threw it to him. "Come on. I can’t wait to see what happens next." Acknowledging that my plan was out the window.

The coolness of the house took us by surprise. Looking around, I expected to see Heather but she was nowhere around. From the top of the stairs I heard "Find a tape. I’ll be right there."

Daniel sat in my lounge chair as I selected a tape and put it into the VHS machine. "I think you’re gonna want to sit on the couch with mom."

"Oh, yeah. God it’s cold in here. My dick is shriveling up like a raisin. "

Laughing at the visual image I just received, I assured him that he would be fine. "I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about. You just leave it to mom. She’s an expert at turning raisins into watermelons."

Turning the television on, we watched the video unfold before us. I had chosen one of the videos we had taken on one of our many trips to the North Georgia mountains. When the picture appeared, Heather and I were hiking a trail near the mouth of the Chattahoochee River. I remember it was a weekday (one of the perks of being a contract programmer was being able to take days off) and there was no one around. Perfect for making a video. Heather was wearing a denim skirt and halter-top. As always, I didn’t let her wear any underwear when we went to the mountains. Walking behind her, I saw her bend over to examine a flower. Seizing the opportunity, I took the camera and lowered it for an impromptu "Up-skirt" shot. The next image on the screen was a sexy shot of her ass from below. I turned to look at Daniel and was pleased to see that he had already begun to develop a tent in his bathing suit. Turning back to the video I watched as we continued our hike. We had been here many times and this particular time we had decided to camp overnight at a rustic site provided by the National Park Service. As we entered the campsite, Heather became playful. Turning towards me she crossed her arms, grabbed the halter top and quickly removed it over her head. Cupping each of her breasts in her hands, her fingers began tweaking her nipples until they were rigid. Then she turned and bent over and lifted her skirt, revealing her beautiful ass to the camera. In one swift move, she removed the skirt and ran naked into the tent. I followed her with the camera still rolling. As I entered the tent, I was not surprised at what I found. Heather was lying on the bed (a queen sized air mattress with a sleeping bag on it) with her legs spread for the camera (one of her favorite poses). As I entered, I lowered myself to my knees between her legs and focused the camera on her now moist pussy. Zooming in, the television screen (a thousand dollar, 36 inch monster that is my pride and joy) was now filled with a close up of Heather’s pussy. I could almost feel the air leaving the room as Daniel watched the screen.

Hearing Heather coming down the stairs, I grabbed the remote and paused the tape. As she entered the room, Daniel and I both were mesmerized. I knew she had purchased a new outfit from Fredrick’s, but I had no idea. She was stunning. Never had I seen anything so sexy in all my life. Sheer red seamed stockings attached to a lacy red and black garter hugged her sensuous legs. The garter itself was hidden under a black, sheer, totally see-through baby doll that was trimmed with red lace. Heather’s dark areola and nipples were covered, but certainly not hidden from view. Completing the outfit was a silky, sexy, sheer black thong.

As she walked into the room she looked over at the paused television screen and laughed. "I remember that day. This was when we camped at Horse Trough Falls wasn’t it?"

It was silent in the room. She had asked me a question, but I couldn’t answer. All I could do is stare. I felt my own stirring between my legs and caught myself squeezing my legs together. Daniel was frozen in place. Images from Playboy and Penthouse paled in comparison to the striking view before him.

Crossing the room to the couch, she sat at the other end of it and lifted her legs and placed them in Daniel’s lap. Daniel’s hand came down and rested on one of her stocking covered legs, but remained still. He appeared to be in a trance. Taking her foot and rubbing his hard-on through his bathing suit, she said "Relax, baby. I don’t bite. There……doesn’t that feel good. Why don’t you take that wet bathing suit off and dad, why don’t you start the video back up?"

Daniel reached down and pulled his suit off, not allowing her legs to move from his lap. His hard-on now free from the confines of his suit, pointed towards the ceiling. Relaxing a bit, his hand started moving up and down the stocking covered leg lying in his lap. He was amazed at how sexy it felt. Already aroused, the feeling of the stocking just enhanced his sexual appetite and with it, his confidence. I started the video back up, and the three of us watched the screen as you masturbated for the camera. Daniel’s hand began a slow, methodical back and forth inspection of Heather’s legs. Each stroke brought him closer and closer to the top of the stockings, eventually reaching that narrow patch of bare leg between the top of the stocking and the barely covered pubic mound. Heather’s foot continued it’s massage of his cock, expertly stroking it with her toes. Gathering all the courage he could muster, Daniel slowly made his way to Heather’s crotch. Boosting his confidence, she spread her legs slightly. This not only gave him better access, but also allowed the material of the outfit to move just enough to present a clear view. If he looked closely, he could actually see her lips beneath the sheer fabric. His fingers finally reached their mark. Another confidence boost was obtained when he actually touched the thong and heard a barely detectable moan coming from Heather. Looking up, he saw that she had her eyes closed and was enjoying the feelings that were spreading over her body.

Meanwhile, I’m intently watching the scene unfold before me. My beautiful wife was being seduced by my son……..or was it the other way around. No matter. It was wonderful. It was a dream come true for me as well as for Daniel. As corny as it sounds, I was very proud of both of them.

I looked back over at the television screen and smiled at what I saw. I had apparently gotten tired of watching her satisfy herself and decided to get in the action myself. Positioning the camera on a nearby box and pointing it at us, I was on my knees beside her head and she was turned towards me with my cock in her mouth, sucking me expertly.

Daniel and Heather were oblivious to the television. Out of the corner of my eye, they shifted and caught my attention. As I turned to watch again, Heather was lifting herself to assist Daniel in removing her thong. After taking it off and discarding it, he put his hands inside her knees and gently spread her legs……never taking his eyes off of her now revealed pussy. From my vantage point I couldn’t see, but I was familiar with her enough to be able to imagine the view that presented itself to Daniel. After spreading her legs, his fingers traced a path to their target. It was a trip that he had imagined for many years but never thought he’d take.

Heather has an exceptionally beautiful pussy, especially when she is excited. Her vaginal lips swell to several times their normal size and protrude noticeably. So much so, that even the crotch of her bathing suit bulges when she is aroused. Granted, most people wouldn’t notice……..but I knew what to look for. Another feature of Heather’s pussy is it’s tendency to produce moisture. Now, most women get wet when they are excited. Heather goes beyond wetness. Her pussy produces copious amounts of juice when she is aroused. She has to change the sheets on our bed several times a week because of the spots that are produced by our sexual activity.

This day was no exception. By the time Daniel’s fingers reached her clitoris, the liquid was oozing down between her cheeks and onto the couch. Surprised (but pleased) by the amount of juice, Daniel’s finger was now glistening. Bringing it to his nose, he breathed in the musky smell. It’s not the first time he has smelled this, although he did not let on to anyone. Several times in the past, he had been in the laundry room and found a pair of Heather’s panties in the dirty clothes and savored the smell. Nothing like this, though. Opening his mouth, he inserted his finger and tasted his mom’s juice for the first time. As he expected, It was wonderful and it served to just wet his appetite for more.

Spreading her legs even further, he repositioned himself on the couch to eat her pussy. Moving in closer, he finally was able to get a good, up-close look at the object of his desire. It was without a doubt the sexiest, most beautiful, most arousing thing he had ever laid eyes on. Unable to resist any longer, he lowered his face and touched her clitoris with his tongue. Then, with remarkable resemblance to someone who had been in the desert for days without water and suddenly had come across an oasis, Daniel lost control and buried his face in her pussy.

It was difficult for me to just sit back and watch this scene unfold before me. I wanted to jump in…….to be involved in it somehow, but at the same time I didn’t want to take anything away from Daniel’s experience. With all the restraint I could muster, I sat in my recliner and tried to be inconspicuous.

Things were really starting to heat up on the couch. Heather was now grabbing and squeezing her breasts while pushing her pelvis into Daniel’s face. Every now and then Daniel would come up for air and I laughed to myself when I saw his face wet with her juices. I had entertained thoughts of giving tips and pointers to him at the beginning, but I could see that wasn’t necessary at all. I started wondering if he had really never done this before. He was taking to it like fish take to water.

Eventually, I heard the familiar sounds of an approaching orgasm coming from Heather. As it neared, her moans became louder and louder until she finally screamed "OH, GOD YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!"

Almost obscured by her noisy orgasm, I heard Daniel actually slurping her juice. Great. Just one more thing to turn me on. I sat in my chair watching ………… and wanting………..

By now, Daniel’s cock was so hard it hurt. Heather was still recovering from her intense orgasm when she reached down and grabbed it and pulled it up to her face. Apparently it was Daniel’s turn for a little oral satisfaction. Wanting to stuff it into her mouth, he was almost disappointed when she began running her tongue up and down the shaft. That disappointment was short lived, though. As she licked it like a lollypop, soon he was closing his eyes and remembering the pool. This was much better, he thought. Before he got a chance to get accustomed to her tongue, he felt the warmth of her mouth engulf his hard member. Soon, she was riding his cock with her mouth and tongue while squeezing the base of it with her fingers. Taking her other hand, she began lightly circling his anus. Then, like the expert cocksucker she was, she was able to stick her tongue out slightly while his cock was still in her mouth and wet down her finger enough to allow it to slip easily into his anus. Curling her finger and pressing against the base of his cock from inside his anus, he immediately erupted into her waiting mouth. Swallowing every drop, she finally pulled away and Daniel dropped onto the couch.

"OH MY GOD!! That was incredible."

Heather turned to me and smiled. "I think Dad is feeling a bit left out " she said as she slipped off the couch and crawled on all four over to the recliner. Grabbing the waist of my bathing suit, she pulled it off in one fluid motion. Grabbing my already hard cock, she buried her mouth on it and began sucking it feverishly.

Now, from Daniel’s vantage point all he could see was his mom’s bare ass and swollen pussy inviting him in so, being the obedient son that he was, he obliged. Lowering himself from the couch and onto the floor, he worked his way up to Heather. Reaching down and grabbing his flaccid cock, he began stroking it to get it hard again. A few strokes were all that was needed, and soon he was pointing it to the opening between Heather’s swollen lips. As his cock touched her pussy, she reacted by looking up at me and smiling. With my cock still in her mouth, it was a devilish smile and I watched as it broadened with each inch that he buried into her. Finally, she had to relinquish her hold on my cock and focus on the hard cock of her stepson that was now pounding her wet pussy. I reached down and grabbed my cock and began stroking it while I watched my son expertly fuck his stepmother. I figured after coming twice in the last half hour, that he may be at this awhile and it turned out I was right. Hearing the slapping of his body against her ass, I continued working on my cock while enjoying the view. Eventually, I could hear the unmistakable sounds of a building orgasm coming from deep down Daniel’s throat. Soon the tempo began to increase and I could tell that he was about to experience his first climax inside a woman. With a loud groan, I watched him push into her one last time and I heard her scream "YES!!! GIVE IT TO ME, BABY. GIVE MOMMA ALL YOUR SWEET CUM". With his body shuddering in orgasm, I felt my own climax working it’s way to the surface. Slowing down my pace, I was able to delay it for just a bit longer. As Daniel’s orgasm subsided, Heather was now able to move again. Still looking at the floor, I reached down and placed my hand under her chin and lifted her head. As she looked up, my hard cock filled her view. Opening her mouth, she took my cock just as I began unloading my seed. Reaching up and grabbing my cock, she began milking every drop she could get from me.

Afterwards, we were all spent. The two of them just collapsed onto the carpet and I plopped back into my recliner.

The only sounds being made were heavy breathing. Finally, Heather stirred and was able to get to her feet and head to the bathroom to clean up.

"Don’t go away. We’re not done yet. Not by a long shot."

Daniel turned his gaze to me and said "Damn, Dad. No wonder you guys are such a happily married couple. Is she always like this?"

"Like what?"

"You know. Horny all the time. Is she this horny all the time."

"Well, let me put it this way. I have a feeling that she is gonna be a lot hornier in the future. At least as long as you are living here, that is."

"Are you kidding? I’m not going anywhere. I’m already in Heaven."

"I know, Son. I know. Welcome to Heaven."








My Secret Love

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My Secret Love

My name is David and this is my story. I’m currently seventeen, with light brown hair, piercing green eyes, and a tanned muscular frame. I stand 5’9” and weight 175 lbs. I spend most of my time weightlifting and boxing at the local gym. For over a year I’ve carried a secret. One that shames and excites me at the same time. I love someone too much. This person is everything to me. She’s the embodiment of every erotic dream I’ve ever had, but she’s also my sister.

Her name is Jennie. Her beauty is unmatched in this world. She is 5’7”, 112 lbs, with dark brown hair that cascades down to her lower back in gentle waves. Her body is the definition of p

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erfection. She has long shapely legs that lead to an exquisitely sculpted hourglass figure accentuated by her firm 34c breasts.

I first noticed my feelings for her a year after my mother left us. Dad had taken to drinking in order to bury the pain of her leaving. I figured he still loved and missed her in his own way. One night he came home hammered like never before and started in on Jennie.

“You’re a no good whore just like your mother.” I heard him shout.

“I’m not a whore.” Jennie retaliated.

“Don’t you talk back to me, girl. I’m going to teach you to respect me.” Dad roared.

I managed to get to the living room in time to see that he had Jennie trapped in the corner. He raised his hand to strike her, something he has never done before or will ever attempt again, causing her to cringe. I practically flew toward him. Catching his arm with my left hand I delivered a right cross to his jaw. I caught him by surprise and sent him crashing to the ground with a series of lefts and rights. He looked up at me, calculated the his chances of beating me, and moved to get up.

“Stay down. I’m well trained for and you know it.” I cautioned

He glared at me saying, “How dare you hit your own father.”

“How dare I. How dare you trying to hit your daughter.” I responded.

“When I get up…” He started, but I cut him off.

“When you get up your going to leave. I love you, but your drunk. I, no we, want you to go and sober up. Then you can come home. Until then think about what happened here and what could have happened. You need to put your life back together.” I commanded.

He slowly rose to his feet and slunk to his car. After he left I looked at Jennie, who and collapsed on the floor, crying her eyes out. It devastated me to see her so sad. I knelt down and took her into my arms. After her tears gradually subsided, she looked up at me placed a gentle kiss on my cheek. With that kiss and one look into those magnificent deep blue eyes, I was lost. I knew then how important and precious she was to me. My heart broke with joy and sadness as I realized just how much I loved her.

I tried to fight my feelings for her by dating constantly, but no one ever measured up to her. I went through girlfriend after girlfriend trying to find someone like her. I believed that I was destined to be alone. That all changed three months ago.

Dad, after returning home, was working a double shift to buy us a new computer to make up for his past mistakes. Jennie was off on another date with her new boyfriend. And I was home alone thinking of her, while jealousy over the time she spent with her boyfriend consumed me. I heard them pull into the driveway. Curiosity getting the better of me, I went and peeked out the kitchen window. I could see them kissing and I watched as his hand slipped lower and lower down her body. Lord, how I envied and despised that boy.

“Billy I’m not ready to.” I heard her speak.

“Come on you know you are. Just relax, I’ll go real slow.” Came his sly reply.

“ I said no. Now I’m leaving. GOOD NIGHT.” She quickly responded.

As she reached for the door he grabbed her and pinned her to the door. That was all I needed. I ran for the driveway and almost ripped his car door off its hinge. Startled he released his grip on my sister. I snatched him out of that car and hurtled him onto our front lawn. As I watched him get up, anger and rage swelled within me. I charged him, intending to beat him until not even dental records could identify his body. I pounded on him mercilessly until I felt Jennie’s arm pull me back.

“Please stop.” She cried.

“Why? He tried to hurt you.” I wailed.

“Because I don’t won’t to loose you over him.” She pleaded as she tightened her grip on my arm.

Seeing the look in her eyes I loosened my hold on him saying, “If I ever see or hear of you speaking ot or getting near my sister again I will finish what I began here.”

He bolted for his car cursing Jennie and me. I took Jennie inside and we set on the couch. I held her like I did the night of the incident, as we now call it. We starred into each others eyes for what seemed like hours. I wanted desperately to kiss her, but fear stopped me. She pressed her body tight against me. Feeling myself physically react to this I pulled back.

“Jennie I’m sorry.” I began, “I didn’t mean to hurt him that bad, but seeing him try that, I just lost it.”

“It’s okay, David. I was more worried about you than I was about him.” She explained.

“Why?” I questioned suddenly confused.

She said, “Because you mean more to me than anyone ever will. You’re my protector. My knight in shining armor.”

“Don’t kid me.” I said, a little hurt.

“I’m not kidding. I couldn’t live without you in my life. I um.. I love you.” she whispered.

“What?” I felt my mouth go dry.

“I honestly and deeply love you, David.” She repeated as a tear escaped her eye.

“I love you too. I think I’m in love with you.” I confessed.

She looked into my eyes and asked, “Is that why you keep dumping your girlfriends?”

“Yes. I’ve tried to stop myself, but I can’t. No one measures up to you in my eyes.” I broke down.

She gathered me into her arms and pulled my face down to hers. I felt her lips tenderly brush against mine sending jolts of electricity through my body bringing it to life. I pulled her closer to me and pressed my lips harder against hers. She opened her mouth to allow my tongue to enter. We kissed feverishly as our passion grew with each passing second. She was the first to break away.

“Carry me to my room. I want this moment to be special.” She began.

“Me too.” I replied as I picked her up.

I carried her with care to her bedroom and lowered her onto the bed. I stood there, at first, just taking in her beauty. She sat up to let me unbutton her blouse. I pressed my lips to hers as I slipped her blouse off and started to fumble with her bra.

“Let me help you.” Jennie whispered.

She quickly removed her bra unleashing her tremendous breasts before my eyes. I took one in each of my hands and marveled at how they felt. They were so firm, so smooth, and had the littlest pink nibbles I ever seen. I trailed kisses down her neck and took her nipple into my mouth. I sucked on her nipple and was surprised at how hard it got. She moaned in ecstasy as I sucked and played with her nipples. I felt her tug at my shirt.

“Let me returned the favor. ” She said with a smiled.

I pulled my mouth away from her harden nipples so she could remove my shirt. A shock went through me as she use the same technique I did to kiss my neck and rock hard abs. I felt her hands move to undo my pants and I rose and help her remove them. She looked me up and down and noticed the bulge in my boxers and tried to slip her hand in. I stopped her.

“Don’t.” I said.

“I just want to please you.” she said.

“I don’t want that.” I explained.

“Why not?” she quizzed.

“Because I’m still a virgin and I want to last for you.” I admitted.

Before she could speak I kissed and lowered her back onto the bed. I removed her skirt and was treated to my first look at her light blue panties. I was delighted to see her pussy already wet with anticipation. I slipped her panties off and gasped at the sight of her swollen pussy. Her pussy was like a delicate red rose in full bloom.

“Please go slow I’m a virgin too.” she said breathlessly.

I softly started kissing up her inner thigh causing her breath to quicken. I circled my tongue around the outside of her pussy lips as I searched for her magnificent little clit. As I took her clit in to my mouth, savoring my first taste of her sweet vagina, I eased one of my fingers into her. A moan escaped her lips as I began to suck harder on her clit and quickened the pace of my finger in her cunt.

“I’m close, honey. I want to cum with you inside me.” she exclaimed.

I discarded my boxer and she gasped at the site of my full naked male form. She smiled as she caught sight of my 8” cock. She spread her legs wide for me as I ease myself onto her. I lightly kissed her and looked into her eyes.

“I love you.” I said.

“I love you too. Please make love to me.” she answered.

“I’ll go slow.” I whispered.

I massaged my cock around her pussy, simultaneously teasing her clit and lubricating my penis for the journey ahead. I lightly pushed the head in and felt her warm, wet pussy wrap and tighten around it. I waited for her vagina to adapt to my swollen member, then gently push further in. When I felt resistance I pushed slightly harder breaking her hymen and taking her virginity.

“Oh God.” she screamed in pain.

“Are you alright.” I feared I had hurt her to much.

“Yes. Just go slow.” she replied as tears dotted her eyes.

I started slow, gently pushing in and out until her whimpers of pain gave way to moans of ecstasy. With each moan I pick up my pace. I rhythmically work my cock in and out of her as she pushed up to meet my thrusts. Before long I could feel my balls tighten and my penis began to fill with semen.

“I’m close.” I warned.

“I’m close too.” she responded.

“I’m going to pull out.” I whispered

“Don’t. Cum inside me. I want you to fill me with your love.” she ordered.

I picked up the pace completely lost in our love making. Our orgasms hit like a tidal wave. Each of us were lost in our on pleasure as shock wave after shock wave rocked our body. I rammed into her as deep and as hard as I could filling her with my seed. She pulled me close and kissed me as I sent shot after shot of sperm into her thirsty pussy. I collapsed onto her as my orgasm subsided and she gently rocked me as she finished her own.

I whispered into her ear, “I love you and no other. I will always be yours.”

She smiled up at me and said, “I love you too. We are one now. Never to be separated.”

Our love as grown since then and while we take precautions I worry that someone will find out and take her away. But I can’t see my life without her. So each night I hold her close to me and tell over and over again just how much I love her.

Wedding incest

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House is full of joy. As soon as I entered, my parents informed that my sister is engaged for marriage. My sister Jay is just 16 years old and undergoing Pre- college studies. S he is a young man’s fancy and an old man’s dream. She is very beautiful and her body is covered with velvet like skin, juicy sweet lip, small but curved tits, slim waist, and cushioned ass. With 5 feet 8 inches tall and attractive eyes,

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you can call her as a queen of sex. Many used to envy her perfectionist structure and beautifulness including me. I used to dream of her in my wild dreams….Wah., Who is going to possess her. Really he will land into pleasure of paradise.

I am just 14 years old. I use to dream of girls and enjoyed many in dreams. When I dream about the girls, my nine-inch penis use to get full length. Yet, in real life I have to penetrate a pussy. The pornographic movies and pictures made growing need in body. My sister’s body disturbed many times. Her natural aroma and beauty made me mad many times. But I know that I should not do any sin by having any affair with her.

Her in-laws came to our house for the marriage arrangements. They are all impressed with the beauty of my sister. Her father in law in excitement opened his mouth with lust. Through his eyes he was feasting her. At that point he must have planned something. His wife, on the other side, was moving her eyes over my body. Some occasion she was trying to feel my body. While departing she invited me to come her house for next day morning. I accepted her invitation.

Next day, on the way to my school I went to their house. When I pressed the bell. I could not hear any response. I thought electricity might not be there. I went back side of the house. When I sneaked through the window. I really shocked. Aunt Sara was in naked position. She is getting fucking from her own brother Arju. Both of them where moving together as one unit. Over his sister body Arju was moving with his thick barrel of cock deep inside her. He deep tongued her mouth and their lips locked together. The room was filled with their fucking sound and lustful cry due to flurry of cock strokes inside the cunt. The situation indicated that they are long-term incest lovers. They were enjoying every moment. Soon Uncle Arju filled deep inside of his sister womb with his hot semen After five minutes he separated his body as well as his sex tool from the clasp of his sister body. Aunt Sara was in an awkward position, her well-fucked pussy kept widely opened to have clear view. Her cuntlips were swollen in reddish color. From her fucking tunnel, her brother’s love juice was oozing   out.

As soon as their mating is over, I went to the door and waited for their arrival. Once some movement came, I knocked the door.Aunt Sara exhibited her and greeted me. ‘Hei, Raj when did you come? ..Come inside…’. I came in. Though she looks little tired her face expression indicated the satisfied fuck she got little away from her own brother. Her lower lip (big and mouthful) was slightly swollen and reddish may be due to deep kissing received from Arju. Uncle Arju was sitting in couch after completing his banging. “ I came here to complete some repairing job. Now I have to leave as my wife will be waiting there?” . Aunti secretly grinned at him. ‘Arju, Today night also you can come and complete the work. Inform your wife that some important assignment is there” . He happily nodded by looking at her crotch. After five minutes he left the place.

Sara put a bolt on the door. Now, she gets a new companion. She smiled and came towards me. She sat next to me very closely. “Do you want to drink some thing,,. I nodded. “Yes, A cup of apple juice for my thirst”. She brought the juice. Her hands brushed me slightly. After seeing me she must have applied some deodorizer on her body. That evoked my hidden pleasure. “ Why cant I get some pleasure from this old but beautiful lady? ” . She put her arm around my shoulder and started to talk. “Don’t be shy, I am going to be your relative, feel free to talk. How do you feel me? Though I am not young like you I am fit enough to be a companion for you ” She has given more sound for the last sentence. I studied her mind. She wants me to her younger lover, to ride her, to fill her and to satisfy her inner urges. ‘ Aunt, You are beautiful. You are looking like around 25 years old only. I will be happy to have you as my companion”. I surveyed her body Her fingers slowly moved from my shoulder and placed near my abdomen and slightly touched my bulging. “Are you a virgin? Anytime you had experience with girls in sex…. I told “no”. Her mouth with red juicy lips was moving slowly to mine. She kissed on it. I reciprocated. I wrap my arms around her and gently kiss those sweet lips. We pressed each other for exploration. I tasted her lip and swallowed it entirely and sent tongue in deep of her mouth. She allowed me to have her saliva taste. I sucked her lip ferociously and kept in my captivity for 10 minutes.’ Oh…Don’t hurt it. Now it is for you only. As long as you can kiss me you can kiss. But have it slowly my young lover..” I deep kissed her till turning my concentration to other sex parts of her.

My virginity was in stack. Aunt Sara slowly removed the top, letting it fall to the floor. Her perky breasts and hard pink nipples were begging for a mouth to suck on them. All the while keeping her eyes on me, she then lowered her panties, letting them drop to the floor, to reveal her blond bush. Then, giving me a big grin, she turned around to expose her full, creamy ass, giving it a little wiggle. God, what a sexy ass she had! This blonde was all booty! I was breathing heavily, devouring her with eyes, a little less nervous now. Her cunt lips were protruding out and were quite wet due to earlier fuck received from her brother as well an anticipatory leak out from my fuck. Sara then looked me in the eye and said "Take your shirt off, my young lover." I slowly did. As I stood up to remove my shorts, Aunt looked at my crotch, which was bulging, with huge wet spot. Aunt's eyes twinkled and she smiled that devilish grin of hers.

"Now your shorts," she said. My young prick was obscenely making a tent of my shorts. Aunt didn't have to say anything as she was all wide-eyed with excitement at what I am covering up. Without anything being said, I pried open the waistbands and slid down my shorts, letting my young, hard teen-age cock bounce out into the air, bobbing up and down, freed from its confinement. There I stood, giggling, nervous adolescent with my cock high in the air. At the time I was only about eight inches. My Aunt's eyes bulged as she caught her breath. Her mouth opened and she licked her lips as she looked over my hard, young prick. I even noticed my aunt checking out my tool with less hesitancy and more desire in her eyes.” You have really grown up, I have never seen like this big cock" Aunt said with a smile. “Even your brother?’ I asked. She exclaimed. I whispered to her. “ Just now I have seen your screwing session”. ‘Please don’t tell to anybody. Before my marriage itself we were doing this. I was getting good satisfaction from him than my husband”. I told, “ Don’t worry I will not reveal to anybody. Now I my only aim is to enjoy you. I have never fucked anybody. It is good that I am going to learn from your experienced cunt. Aunt, will you give it to me?”. She urgently told” Certainly, now it is waiting for your riding.. even you can make me your permanent lover. I am readily available for your lust…enjoy me. I am very happy that I will be your first fuck..come on…we will do it…”.

The sexual tension in the room was massive. While looking at my naked Aunty, I could barely contain myself, and began tugging on my dick, which was getting harder as pre-cum oozed out even more. Aunt broke away her stare, looked at me and said, "Go on." I started playing with my cock and I fisted it to rock solid and slick with pre-cum, Aunt couldn't control herself. She spread her legs and began rubbing her clit, which was soaked and protruding outward, beckoning me. I was breathing heavily.

A horny and attractive 45 years old women and young, ripe, teenaged virgin boy was about to make history and fuck each other silly! "Oh, sure you are big," Aunt moaned while frigging her cunt. Aunt then snapped out of her clit-rubbing dream, and stood up. "Come sit down here on the bed," she told. God, her fingers were so wet! As I sat down Aunt gently said, "We're going to have sex. You're going to become men now." Then with a smile she asked, "Are you ready to loose virginity to me?""Um, yeah, okay," I replied, a little uncertain. Aunt then knelt down and took my cock in her hand and stroked it a few times.

"My own young fucker’s hard-on," she said, smiling at me, tugging my dick. "Wow!" She then lowered her head and took my cock in her mouth. I was shocked at first and noticed my half penis disappeared down Aunt's throat. She went up and down a few times, coating my shaft with her saliva. It felt incredible! Her tongue was so hot and slick as she took me to the root and back up again.

I began breathing heavily, loving every bit of it. Aunt was now really going at it, sucking and slurping and pumping it until I couldn't stand it any longer. I began groaning louder and louder as I approached orgasm, and quickly grabbed Aunt's head and started shooting my cum into her mouth. After I finished cumming, Aunt let it run down and out of her mouth and over my cock, as she continued sucking on my cum-slick joystick, occasionally swallowing more and more of my cum down her hungry throat until she swallowed every drop. What a treat to have your first blow job, and from a real talented lady!

"You taste good, your virgin cum may give youth look to me" Aunt said. "Mmmm, god, I love your teenage cock!" I was in heaven. I'd experienced an orgasm many times through masturbation, but nothing like this!   Just then, Aunt stood up and hold my penis in her hand directed to follow her upstairs to her private room. That was quite a sight, walking upstairs behind Aunt's ass! I'd never seen anything quite like it. When we entered Aunts room, she fell on her bed, while I just stared at her."What now?" I asked."The best is soon to CUM," she said with beady eyes. Then Aunt spread her legs to flash me her wet cunt. Looking at me she said "You're going to put your cock in HERE. It's gonna feel soooooo good!""We're gonna fuck?" "I am gonna make men of you. I will take your virginity! I want to be your first feast. “ Then noticing my again-erect cock, Aunt told me to climb on the bed and get on top of her. As I did, she held out her arms and hugged me, as my cock nestled near her pussy. Thickness of the wall and circumference indicated how much she experience in her 45 years of life. She wanted this 14 years old cock to fuck her very badly.

As I held her, she then reached down and took hold of my erection with one hand, while trying to maneuver my body to insert it inside her. Once I was at the entrance to her cunt, Aunt said, "Okay, push forward your big and beautiful cock inside of yours love hole ." I did. If I thought her mouth was incredible, this was sexual Disneyland. All of a sudden, first time wet heat blanketed my teenage prick as I pushed further inward, inch by inch, until I was in as far as I could go. End of fuck tunnel as my cock filled her cunt tightly like virgin cunt. At that point, instinct took over as I pulled back a few inches and thrust forward again. I repeated the action until I began developing a rhythm and started thrusting in and out, in and out; faster and faster, harder and harder. It felt soooooo good and I wasn't the only one who thought so. Aunt was moaning with each thrust of my cock and while I grunted and groaned, she got vocal.
"Oh, yes honey! Ooooooohhh, yeeeaaahh! That's it, that's IT! Oh god, yes! Fuck me! Oh yes, baby, fuck me! Fuck Auntyyyy! Ooooohh god, fuck Aunty! Fuck your Aunt GOOD! Fuck with big cock..don’t stop..ride me completely…enjoy your feast ..I am ready to give everything ..fuck me continuously….ahaaaaaa"

I was moaning and saying, "Yeah! Yeah!" over and over while my aunt cried out with each powerful thrust of my cock. Aunt said not a word except this loud, incredible cry with each stroke of my hefty cock. As my aunt held me, she lifted her pussy up to meet my thrusts, giving back what I gave her. With each thrust of my cock, Aunt cooed in my ear. I started kissing her cheek, and uncontrollably I moved my mouth to hers and began kissing my aunt. She seemed surprised but responded to my kisses with her tongue. It must have seemed weird; a teenage boy passionately kissing his forty-three year old aunt, while his young cock pounded in and out of her mature cunt, but we were exchanging all sorts of fluids, from our tongues and saliva, to my pre-cum leaking into her cunt. While we were lost in our own ecstasy, we were really fucking up a storm. The room was filled with the sounds of fantastic sex! The big bed really shook as I grunted and groaned with each thrust, in and out of my aunts' cunt, while she cried out in pleasure over this fabulous act of deflowering incest! I lasted a lot longer this time, giving my Aunts' cunts a good workout. I was getting near to shooting and could feel the tension building up in my cock. Frantically, I hammered my prick in and out of Aunt until I lost it and crying out I began shooting my fertile seed into deep inside of her unprotected pussy.

"Oh yes baby!" Aunty cried out. "Give Aunty your cum! Oh yeah! Cum in me!" I just laid on top of her feeling my twitching cock shoot more and more sperm into her hot, wet cunt. I felt hot and wet myself as perspiration covered me; my body heat meshed with Aunt's, and my hot cock shooting hot cum inside her even hotter fertile cunt and unloaded a gallon of baby making juice into her.
Aunt just held me and stroked my hair. After a moment of trying to catch our breath, I removed my sweaty bodies from my sweaty aunt.   I pulled out, newly hard but happy and satisfied. Aunt was lying on the side like a widely opened book. Stream of sperm were flowing out from her cunt after filling the entire channel as a prize of love making. She submitted her mature body for enjoyment of her young lover. With no shame, she expressed her happiness of being thoroughly used for sexual pleasure." You're men now!" Aunt proclaimed. "How was it baby?""Mmmm, nice," I moaned. "Thank you," and, "I love you." At that moment we really did love each other. Aunt quickly found that she and I were totally compatible when it came to sex.

  As we rested a bit, we talked about little things, but with teenaged boy in the same room with naked women lying in one bed, little things soon became big things!" You want more, huh?" Aunt snickered. We laughed.
After a brief rest we made a body love once again, but this time more reflexively and powerfully in a way of sucking her cum filled juicy cunt and fucked in different positions. Aunt Sara enjoyed every moment and allowed my youthful encounter on her until I freed her prostrated body after five hours enjoyment.
  Our sexual relationship was started to go in steady ship before my sis’s marriage. Many time she called me to have screwing session in her house. Some times I fucked her in my school premise after the school timings, but for that she shared the sex with school watchman once after my turn was over. I continued to fuck her whenever and wherever things fit ideally. I made her pregnant in the age of 45. We were excited. As her lovers were all family planned already, it was my seed strongly united with her ova. She decided to carry it as a token of love with me but we have decided to keep her pregnancy a secret until my sister marriage is over.   Our relationship was entered in new dimension that she almost became my wife. I screwed her daily as a part of my school studies. I felt grown up in my class, as I became a screwing master and possessing a mature lady for my sexual encounter.

In the next part I will tell about how I managed to fuck my sister and gang banged her with her in laws during her first night. Please watch next part.


WMSpearshaker on Incest Stories

Mary and I had decided at the end of our freshman year in college to move in together. That was just a little less than a year ago. As the summer was winding to a close and we were getting ready to begin our junior year, we decided to spend a week with each of our families, before classes started up again.

I have four sisters and two brothers. Your typical Irish Catholic family. My older sister had moved out of state, but my three younger sisters were still at home. Ruth is going to be a senior in high school. She is 5’6”, long, dark hair, with some auburn highlights, blue eyes, and a slender, athletic figure. Terri, was born just 11 months after Ruth. She has short, dirty blonde hair, and a slim, muscular body, due to her running track and playing soccer. Her eyes ar

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e green and she has some legs that just don’t quit. She is a couple of inches taller than Ruth, 5’ 8”, with a small, yet blooming, butt. My youngest sister, Kathy, doesn’t figure into these events, so I won’t go into details, other than she is a high school freshman, and just beginning to come into her own.

Mary and I arrived at my parent’s house on Sunday evening. We exchanged the usual pleasantries with my parents and discussed the past school year. Being staunch Catholics, my parents would never allow Mary and I to sleep together, at least not in their house! This, despite the fact that we had been living, and sleeping together, for nearly a year. Mary was to stay in my old room, and I would be spending the week on the sleeper sofa in our family room, that is just outside of my old room. My parents sleep on the main floor of their ranch style home. My younger brother, the baby of the family, at 12, and my youngest sister, Kathy, also had their bedrooms on the main floor. Ruth’s bedroom is on the lower level, where my old room is, as is Terri’s room. The layout of the lower level is like this. Ruth and Terri’s bedrooms are at the south end of the house. My old room is at the north end, off of the game room and family room. The laundry room and a full bath are also on this floor. The downstairs backdoor leads out to a small patio with a hot tub and my sisters had talked my dad into putting an above ground, 4’ deep pool, in our back yard. It is just one of those free standing, plastic jobs, but it was a place for the girls to lay out and cool off in the summer. The city code required my dad to put up a privacy fence, to enclose the pool and make it less accessible to small children. There are also tall bushes along both sides and a row of poplar trees growing on the back property line.

Mary and I were finishing off our second round of “toddies” with the folks, when Ruth came home from her friend Jo Anne’s house. She skipped over to where I was standing and wrapped her arms around me. Nearly squeezing the breath from me, she hugged me and pressed her firm B-cup breasts into my chest. Standing on her tip toes, her pelvis was pressed firmly against my crotch.

“John, it is so nice to have you home! She spoke enthusiastically.

“It’s nice to see you too, sis.” I replied. “But you are going to strangle me if you don’t let go of me pretty soon.”

I could feel my cock beginning to stir from the sensations her firm breasts and pelvis were causing in me, a direct effect of her ardent hugging. As she released me, I could clearly see that her nipples were hard and erect. It was a hot August afternoon, and her flimsy wife beater T-shirt was damp, and clinging to her pert breasts. I thought maybe it was due to the air-conditioning, but hoped it was from sexual arousal. I did feel a bit awkward. Here I was with a bulge in my shorts, gazing at my sister, trying to maintain eye contact and not look too obvious about ogling her firm titties.

I guess I should preface this by telling you that as youngsters, my sisters and I had played our share of “doctor” and other games that involved exploring each other’s bodies. It usually just involved my older sister Chris and I. Then as Ruth and Terri got older, I would engage them in the same activities. Sometimes these games would include two or three of my sisters and I. I had participated with all of my sisters in playing “The Cover Game” .  This usually involved dry humping, touching each other’s pee place, and sometimes some “dare you to put your mouth on it”. Meaning the girls would take my cock into their mouth or I would suck on a nipple or lick their “pee spot”. Terri and Kathy sometimes played these games with my younger brother, when I “got too old to play” and on a few occasions, I had witnessed my younger sisters engaging in these games without my brother or I. My games with them had never progressed to the point of actual fucking, but it did involve lots of incestuous, pre-teen and adolescent oral sex. But, as time went by, we apparently, somehow, “outgrew” these activities.

OK, back to the present events.

Ruth had crossed the room and was now greeting Mary with a warm embrace. Mary gave my bulging crotch a glance and smiled at me. As Ruth released Mary, I could also see that my lovely girlfriend’s nipples were also protruding from her round nearly D-cup breasts. It was either colder in the house than I felt, or the sensation of having my sister’s taut nipples poking into her rounded tits, was causing some sort of excitement in her also.

“It’s just so great to have you both here.” Ruth finally declared. “How long are you staying?”

“We’re here for a week.” Mary replied. “Then were off to visit my family for a week.”

“That’s great! It will give me some time to get to know you better.” Ruth returned. “As well as have a chance to see my big brother again.”

“It’s getting late.” My mother broke in. “You had better get your things from the car so that you two can get settled.”

“Remember, John. This is my house. I don’t care if you two live in sin when you aren’t here, but there will be no sleeping together in my house!” My dad interjected.

“Oh, dad, join the 21 st century!” Ruth scoffed.

“I understand dad.” I assured him.

Ruth followed Mary and I to the car to assist us. I noticed Mary glancing at my sister’s small breasts as Ruth was leaning into the opposite side of the car. From my vantage point, standing behind Mary, I had the same clear view of my sister’s tits and nickel-sized areola’s.

“Can you believe that dad is making you guys sleep in separate beds?” Ruth questioned, as she leaned further in to take one of the bags. “I can’t wait to go to college so that I don’t have to listen to all of his, “Because good girls don’t behave that way” lectures. Do you know he still waits up for me! I have to have guys park a block away to say goodnight, just so he doesn’t spy on us making out! I swear he must think he is the Pope and that all of us girls should become nuns!

I was so busy gazing at my sister’s perfect, young breasts that I didn’t notice she was looking at me looking at her tits. That is, not until I felt Mary’s tight round ass back into me as she moved back out of the car.

I stumbled backwards as Mary exclaimed, “Damn John, are you just going to get in the way! Or are you going to be of some help here? Your sister is more help then you are!”

“I think he must be preoccupied with something!” Ruth responded, while giving me a wry little smile.

I blushed as Mary looked at me and saw the bulge in my shorts.

“John, is that from me backing into you or are you just really horny?” Mary quizzed in a low whisper.

I leaned into the car as Mary and Ruth walked toward the house with a few of Mary’s and my things. Mary stopped about halfway there, turning around, she looked at me as Ruth laughed. I figured that Ruth must have told Mary that she caught me staring at her breasts and Mary was giving me a rather odd look.

I spent a few extra minutes getting things from the car. Then I noticed Ruth walking back to the car alone. I quickly grabbed a couple of more things, closed the car door and started to walk back to the house. As I passed by Ruth, she chuckled; “They aren’t just “little mosquito bites” anymore are they?” A clear reference to how I used to tease her about our pre-pubescent days of sexual exploration. I wasn’t able to respond and continued to walk toward the house.

I carried the things down to my old room where Mary was waiting. I was ready to turn around and just try to figure out what I should do or say. Mary interrupted my thoughts with the quip, “Get that stuff in here you pervert! I want to talk to you!” As I set the duffel bag and backpack on the floor, Mary pushed me to the bed. I was caught completely off guard as she spoke, “I was a little pissed at you when Ruth told me that she saw you staring at her tits. My first thoughts were of what a sicko you must be. Then I remembered how my two brothers were always trying to catch a glimpse of my boobs when we were growing up. I guess that boys will be boys! I swear all you guys think about are tits and pussies! So if that is where your mind is, I’ll give you some!”

Mary lay down on top of me, grinding her pelvic bone into my crotch. She breathed huskily into my ear, “Take me here John, I’ll make you forget all about your little sisters sexy, little breasts! I saw them too and I can’t blame you for looking at them. I’m just glad she didn’t catch me looking too.” She gripped my wrist and guided my hand under her shirt, pushed her bra up and pressed my hand onto her firm round tit and rock hard nipple. She then slid her hand up the leg of my shorts, pushing them all the way up my leg. She firmly gripped my rigid cock with her tender hand. I was just about to tell her we had better not do this while my parents were still awake upstairs, but suddenly there was another voice!

“As much as I would love to watch you two get it on, you had better know that dad said he will be down in a couple of minutes!” Ruth abruptly declared. “Looks like it was going to be a real good time too. Sorry to deflate your, uh-humm, brother!” She chuckled as she eyed my shrinking cock in Mary’s hand.

Mary quickly sat up, her shirt and bra still raised above her breasts, giving my sister a clear look at her full, rounded, C-cup, breasts. As Mary quickly regained her composure, rearranged her bra and shirt, she mumbled, “I’m sorry Ruth, but I was just trying to get his mind back on me.”

“Oh, I don’t think that will be a problem. Your breasts are bigger than mine. My brother is a bit of a boob man and I know he likes yours much better. The bigger the better, right John?” Ruth taunted while pushing up at her own breasts. “But really you two, dad said to check on you and to let you know that the parents are going to bed. He did say it was my responsibility to make sure you two were not sleeping in the same room though. And John, you know dad, he will be up so early in the morning, probably around 5, so you had better be sure that you don’t fall asleep in the same bed!”

It was all I could do to keep my dick from getting hard again as I pulled the leg of my shorts back down over my cock. Wondering just how long Ruth had been watching Mary and I. How long had she been standing there watching Mary stroke my cock while I fondled her tits and slipped my hand into her pants. Had she seen all of this? Was my younger sister not upset or surprised by this? Just how much “parking” had she been doing before having her boyfriends finally bring her home?

Ruth spoke again, “Well; both Terri and Kathy are staying over at their friend’s house tonight. Too bad they didn’t get to see this sexy little show. I bet they would have liked seeing there brothers hard on as much as I did. Not to mention your sexy boobs, Mary. I’m going out to take a quick dip in the pool. You two can join me if you like.” Ruth invited. “Or you can go back to what you were doing, and run the risk of dad coming down, just to make sure I warned you about the sleeping situation, again!” She then sauntered out of the doorway and began removing her tank top while heading for the back door.

Mary and I just stared at each other for a few minutes. “Well, lets join your sister for a swim, since we probably can’t shower together here either. Maybe by that time your parents will be asleep and we can get back to what we were doing.” Mary suggested.

She then walked toward the door, stating, “Apparently your sister isn’t requiring suits. Are you going to join me or just sit there?”

I was in total disbelief. Here was my girlfriend asking me if I was going to join her and my sister, in skinny-dipping! I let my dick do my thinking for me and was soon standing next to the ladder into the pool, still fully clothed. Mary had used the few minutes it took me to get to the pool to strip and lay her clothes on the patio next to Ruth’s few folded articles. I stood there for just a moment admiring the two naked female forms in the pool. I admired Mary’s naked body, the sensuous, large breasted blonde girl I was in love with. And, floating on an air mattress, was my sister. Ruth was completely nude, seemingly unashamed of her naked body.

“Well, come on in big brother! Ruth exclaimed. Mom and dad never come out here, and besides, I’m sure they are both sound asleep by now. Are you afraid to let me see you naked again? It’s not like when we played our little games as kids, but I did just see your privates a few minutes ago. Mary and I are showing you ours, now you gotta do the same!” She commanded. “Otherwise I tell dad that I heard you two doing things he told you not to do!

Was my sister blackmailing me into getting naked? I really didn’t care. Seeing her firm breasts and the thin, landing strip of dark, wet, matted, curly hair between her slightly spread legs, lured me in. I abruptly tossed all of my clothing aside, walked up the short ladder, with my rigid cock waving from side to side, I slipped into the pool.

“Now there you go brother. Isn’t this much more comfortable? I know that couldn’t have felt too good keeping your stiff dick stuffed in your shorts. Mary is one lucky girl to get to stroke your cock the way she was in your old room! I remember when you used to let me do that too, but that was a few years back, huh? Long before I grew this stuff!” She said while brushing her hand across her neatly trimmed pubic hair. “It’s such a nuisance! I think I’ll see if your lovely girlfriend will show me how to shave it all off. Just like her completely bare puss! Is that why you like her pussy so much big brother? It does look so much like a little girls. Just like your sister’s pussies when you used to kiss them for us! Did you know that Mary? My brother used to spend hours talking his sisters into letting him put his tongue into our little “pee spots” and then we would all take turns putting his little boy thing in our mouths. Did he ever tell you about our childhood games? No, probably not. Go ahead, John, tell her its all true.”

I was stunned and shocked at the words my sister was using and the secret family stories she was sharing! “Ruth, please stop.” I blurted.

It was then that I noticed that Mary had slipped her hand between her spread legs and was rubbing two v shaped fingers over her cleanly shaved pussy.

“Well it appears your beautiful girlfriend is enjoying my stories, big brother! You don’t want me to stop telling my story, do you Mary?” Ruth teased.

Ruth then slipped a single digit between her now wide spread legs. Her sweet young pussy was completely open before me and I saw the little clit that I used to lick when I was younger.

Mary stopped rubbing her pussy and walked over to me. She looked into my eyes, firmly gripped my rigid shaft and led me right up to the raft my nude sister was floating on. Both girls’ eyes appeared glassy and dazed. Mary reached up to Ruth’s hand and guided it to my pulsating cock. It had been years since I had felt my sister touch my cock. Now that I was grown up, my cock nearly exploded as Mary wrapped her hand around my sisters and began to move Ruth’s hand up and down my 7” shaft.

I was awe struck. I wasn’t sure that any of this was really happening and if it was, was it supposed to feel this good? Mary released her hand and watched as Ruth continued to stroke my cock, just below the water line. Mary once again began to work on her own pussy and leaned forward to suckle my little sister’s nipple!

She raised her head from the perky nipple for a moment and said, “It’s all right John. Isn’t this what you are always telling me you would like to do? Share me with another girl? Ruth is another girl and her body just drove me wild this afternoon. I never thought I would do this, but she is so much like you. It almost feels like I have been with her already. She is you, just in female form!”

With that, my sexy Mary began to vigorously tongue my younger sister’s nipple again. Alternating licking it and then puckering her lips to suck the nipple in and stretch the elongated nipple and areola into her mouth, taking more of my sister’s breast into her mouth with each sucking action.

I could tell Ruth was clearly aroused. She began to grip my shaft more firmly and quickened the pace of her stroke on it.

“John, my sweet brother, give Mary what she wants. Show her how you used to use your tongue on my little pussy. I want to feel your warm wet tongue slipping up and down my wet cunt. Oh, yes John, like that. Show Mary how you used to use your tongue on me!”

I feverishly began to tongue fuck my sisters wet pussy hole. The water was beginning to really move in the pool due to our rigorous frolicking! It had been years since I last had my face buried between my sweet sister’s legs. I was now enjoying it with a renewed zest. The delicious flavor was the same, just maybe more pronounced. The sweet aroma was so inviting. I now found myself wanting to explore my sisters now mature pussy with my engorged cock. I watched Mary continue to alternate sucking first one breast and nipple, then the other. I also saw my sister raise her head to suckle on one of Mary’s elongated, nipples. Damn I wanted to feel my cock inside of my sister’s pussy, but I was afraid to interrupt any of the current activity, in fear that everyone might suddenly come to their senses.

Ruth suddenly slipped off of the raft, stating, “I can’t take this anymore!” My fears were realized! My sister was putting a stop to my dream come true! Shit!

“That’s all I can take out here! Were going to my room, John! Mary I want to lick your beautiful shaved pussy while I finally get to take your lovers, or should I say my sexy brother’s cock in my pussy! Don’t be alarmed big brother. I’m not a virgin. I have had several guys, but every time, I would fantasize that I was fucking you.”

Mary didn’t stop her. She actually took Ruth by the hand and led her up the steps out of the pool. I stared at the two perfect bodies as the emerged from the water. I watched the water trickle down the short, dark hairs between my sisters legs, as she took each step. I rushed out of the pool and followed them both to Ruth’s room.

Mary lay back on Ruth’s bed. “Lick my wet pussy Ruth. I want to feel your tongue inside me. I want to feel your tongue, just like I’ve felt John’s inside of me. Please fuck me with your tongue!” It was only a matter of seconds before my sister had her face buried between Mary’s legs. It had always seemed to me that she had spent more time exploring my other sister’s young pussies during our games. Apparently she had continued this into her nearly adult life. As she spread Mary’s clean shaven pussy, she raised her perfect heart shaped butt for me and with her free hand, gripped my cock and pulled it to her still dripping slit.

I had a clear view of my sister’s puffy, dark, haired, crack. Her puffy pussy lips led up to her sparsely, haired, sphincter. The few strands of dark hair hung damp around her pretty asshole. I leaned forward to plant a quick kiss on her tiny butt hole, then positioned myself between her legs. She spread her legs, pushed her ass back toward me, and again gripped my cock from between her legs. I knew this had to be a dream. My sweet young sister was ravaging my beautiful girlfriends shaved pussy while she began to rub my pulsing cock across her soaking wet pussy and clit. The little rose bud clit was rock hard as she ran the tip of my cock across it. It was then that my loving sister pushed her butt back and slipped the head of my cock into her steaming moist cunt. I was overcome with anticipation. My beautiful sister was so wet and tight. I gently pushed into her. She moaned. Mary began to buck her pelvis against my sister’s face. She was writhing in orgasm. After my initial thrust into my sister’s sweet pussy, I just stayed inside of her. I did not pull back, and I couldn’t slide any further into her. I just rested there for a moment. I felt my cock pulsating inside of my sister’s tight pussy. I felt her using the muscles inside her tight cunt to squeeze my cock as tight as her pussy would allow her. The sensation was unlike any I had known. This was forbidden! Yet here I was, my sister using her pussy to squeeze her brother’s cock. I began to slowly pull back out. I could feel her pussy trying to grip my cock with each movement. Begging to hold me in. I looked down to see the ring around the head of my circumcised cock withdrawing from my sweet sister’s cunt. With one fluid motion, I thrust all the way back into the tight wet grip of her pussy. It was as if her cunt had a life of its own. She would grip me as tightly as she could, hold me tightly in place, then begin to loosen her grip so that I could thrust back into her again. As I began to quicken my pace, pounding faster and harder into her ever so eager cunt, I felt a hand grip my tight nut sack. Apparently Mary’s orgasm had subsided and she was now licking at Ruth’s erect clit and gently squeezing my taut balls. Ruth began to moan then short shrill squeals. I felt the cum building in my balls and was now ready to shoot my wet sticky load of cum inside of my sisters tight hole. As my cock pulsed inside of Ruth, Mary gave my balls a tight squeeze! I exploded in unison with my sweet young sister. Her cunt exploded with wet pussy juice. I leaned forward, my cock pumping, Mary now using her long fingernails to tickle my balls. I cupped my sister’s small, firm breasts. Her sweet pussy milked the last drops of cum from my cock. The three of us remained motionless, frozen for what seemed an eternity. Our souls danced together. This wasn’t meant to be forbidden. It was too beautiful. Too perfect. Nirvana sex!

Ruth collapsed forward. My cock dislodged from her with a load pop. Ruth lay on her stomach. I fell backward and to the side. I watched, eyes glazed over as Mary moved up to Ruth’s cum filled pussy and began to use her tongue to gently lap up my cum and the flood of cunt juice that was still between Ruth’s legs. She tenderly lapped at my beautiful sister’s cunt. She eagerly devoured all of the mix of my cum and my sisters cunt juices. Ruth responded by again slightly raising her butt. More of our commingled juices slid into Mary’s anxious mouth.

It lovemaking had lasted nearly two hours! The clock read 1:32 A.M. I slowly raised myself from the bed. Mary, satisfied she had accepted all of the cum that my sisters sweet cunt would give up, followed my lead.

“Thank you Ruth! That was fantastic and so perfect! I love you!” Mary whispered into my sister’s ear. Ruth appeared to use every last ounce of strength to roll onto her back. “I love you too, Mary. Thank you so much for sharing John with me. I want to do this again. Every day that you guys are here. You are so perfect inside of me, brother. It almost seems like we become one! Good night loves! Please pick up our clothes from the patio and sleep in separate beds. Then I won’t have to lie to dad and go to confession. Good night! Love ya both!

Aunt Rose

milfluvvr69 on Incest Stories

Eric was a young man, just turned 15, and he was starting to notice women more and more. He never thought that he could find his aunt soo attractive until he spent the weekend with her. Those 4 days would change their lives forever.

Eric's parents were on vacation and he had that Friday off, so he had to stay at his aunt Rose's house til they got back. When Eric got to his aunt's house, he went inside to greet her. When he got inside, he couldnt believe his eyes. There was his aunt, standing there with nothing but a tiny towel on. She came up and gave him a hug and a kiss, and as she walked away, the top of her towel got caught on his necklace, and her towel fell off, revealing her petite, firm breasts and semi-shaved pussy, along with her tig

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ht ass. "Oh, my I need bigger towels," she said, acting like it was nothing at all. Of course, it was a big deal to Eric, as he had just seen his gorgeous aunt in the nude.

A few hours later, his aunt Rose went out for a jog. Immediately after she closed the door, Eric went upstairs and jacked off, dreaming passionately about fucking his 37-year-old aunt's brains out. He cummed 3 times, and wanted another shot of his hot aunt's body. When she got back, she left him some dinner and went up to take a shower. Eric followed her upstairs. He couldnt find a way to see her until he went in his room and saw a big hole in the wall that went straight to the bathroom. He got a great view. His aunt began undressing, revealing all of her womanhood to him. Then, he didnt believe it, but he heard his aunt moaning in the shower and saying his name! He went into her room and found her panties on the floor, and began beating off into them. As soon as he cummed, all of his clothes off, his naked aunt walked out. "ERIC!?! What are you doing!?" she said. "ummm, sorry aunt rose." "Well Eric," she said,"I guess I cant be mad at you. But since youve seen my 'prized possessions', let me see yours." He turned, his big dick facing her. "Oh my god, youre huge! Eric, I know this is wrong, but I havent had a good hard cock like yours since your uncle died 7 years ago. Please, fuck me, fuck your aunt good and hard!" "Anything for you, Aunt Rose." 

They began kissing passionately for five minutes before she moved down to his cock. She took all nine inches in her mouth. "Oh my god, fuck yeaaaa!" Eric yelled, as he filled his aunt's mouth with his cum. "Ok, my turn," she said. "Don't even bother eating me, I want that manhood in my pussy!" she told him. Eric laid back down, and his Aunt Rose mounted him, getting all nine inches into her sopping wet cunt. "OHHHHHHHHHH, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHH!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! YEEESSSSSSS, YEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!" she screamed as she rode up and down and rode like a cowboy. "OOOOOHhHH my GOD, FUUUUCK MMMMMEEEEEE!!!" she continued.   Eric then laid her down and pushed his dick into her and began pumping. "HOOLY SHIT!! OOooHHH MY GOD!   ERIC, FUCK YOUR BAD AUNT HARD!!!!" she yelled. She then wrapped her sexy legs around him and fucked in rhythm. "Ok auntie, Im gonna shoot, where do u want it?" "Fill up my cunt baby!" she said.  "Ok then," he said, and he pushed forward and proceeded to fill her up til she leaked.  "Oh my god, that was awesome Eric. I havent fucked like that since high school! But I wanted you to cum in my pussy for a reason. I need a man in my life, Eric, and I know that there are a lot more out there for me to go out with, but I realized that I want you." "Oh, I want you too Aunt Rose." "Eric, will you marry me?" she asked. "Aunt Rose, my parents are coming home in three days, we cant get married." "Well," she said, "We'll leave them a note that youre dropping out of school and getting married to a rich woman."  "Ok, if youre sure that will work...."

Eric and his Aunt Rose left the note. The next day, they started on a four day road trip to California to start their family. His aunt had gotten a pregnancy test and was expecting their child. On their way to Cali, they stopped in Vegas and got married. Eric had not only fucked his aunt, but got her pregnant and married her. They lived a happy life as not only aunt and nephew, but also as husband and wife.


The Silken Family Trap Part II

PantyhosePrincess on Incest Stories

The Silken Family Trap – Part II


Michele Nylons

"We are in so much trouble now" my sister Eileen said as she walked into my room. I was lying on bed trying to come grips with what I just done; I had raped my sister for all intents and purposes. Sure she liked it in the end, but I had forced myself on her.

"I’m sorry sis," I said. She came over and sat next to me on the bed and smiled.

"Its ok. I have to say I quiet enjoyed it. I can’t believe how much come you shot, my panties are soaked and my pantyhose are ruined."

"Can I have them then?" I smirked.

"God, your just like all my boyfriends; sex, sex, sex, that’s all they think off"


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ot; I said looking down at my crotch. Her eyes followed mine and she smiled when she saw bulge there.

"So soon Mike? God you’ve got a recovery rate most girls would love. But you’re not putting that thing near me again with mom asleep in the next room. Its lucky we weren’t caught just before."

I pouted, "But sis, you turn me on" I said and reached out and stroked her nylon covered thigh. I could see up her shiny legs up her skirt to the wet nylon covering her pussy. Just knowing that it was my sperm there got me even more aroused.

"I know what I can do for you." She smiled "Boys love this." She stood up and left the room. I was so disappointed but she came straight back with sly grin on her face. "You like to look up my skirt and look at my pantyhose and panties, don’t you?" she said. My sister then hopped on the bed and sat directly in front of me. She spread her legs and her white A-line skirt rode up to reveal her silken nylon thighs and come soaked panty crotch that had become almost transparent now it was wet with my semen.

Then she reached down and opened my fly; my hard cock popped straight out. It was red and throbbing and had a smear of pre-come at the tip. "Now I know you’ll like this" she said and bought her hand out from behind her back. In her fist she had a pair of white nylon pantyhose, I recognised them immediately as mom’s, she wore them as part of her nurse’s uniform.

My sister reached out and slowly drew the sheer nylon of my mom’s pantyhose over my cock and pulled it taught just like putting on a stocking. I had done this many times to myself of course, but the feel of my sister’s hand against my nylon-encased cock was exquisite. "Oh yes sis" I moaned.

Eileen had long fingernails, painted slut red of course because she is one. Her long fingers slid lightly up and down my nylon-covered cock; they felt like satin butterflies. I started to moan softly and she took the other leg of the pantyhose, placed her hand inside and began so slowly stroke my balls at the same time. I groaned "Oh sis, that’s lovely. Please don’t stop"

"Why would I stop Mike? You obviously need the relief, it’s the least a girl can do for brother" she smirked and gripped my pantyhosed cock a little tighter and wanked it slowly. "Here is something for you to look at while I make you come" she said and quickly changed position so she was straddling my face. Her silken pantyhosed thighs were right beside my head and I rolled my head to one side and started to lick them.

The feeling of my sister wanking me off with my mom’s pantyhose and the feel of my sister's sheer nyloned legs and ass against my face and tongue sent me into nylon ecstasy. "Imagine they are mom’s thighs you’re rubbing your cock on" she whispered. "They’re her nylons, I took them from the laundry basket, you can probably just still smell her cunt on them"

My sister talking like that caused my cock to become turgid; I was terribly close to coming. "Here Mike, you can definitely smell mine" she laughed and lowered her pantyhose and nylon panty covered snatch on my face. It was lovely, even though my come had soaked the gusset of her nylons and panties, I could feel her hot pussy and taste her juice.

I started to lick my sister’s hot cunt through her nylon panties. I bit into her pantyhose making a small hole for tongue to fit through. I pushed my tongue against the nylon of her panty gusset and moved it back and forth. My sister responded by pushing herself down on my face, and my tongue stated to lap faster at her silken gusset.

We must have looked quiet a sight, my sister crouched over me with her skirt rucked up and her pantyhose legs astride my face and my face buried in her panty covered pussy. My hard cock covered with my mom’s white pantyhose, being wanked by her red fingernailed hand.

I felt the grip on my cock tighten through the sheer nylon, and Eileen’s pace quicken. She pushed her panty-cunt harder against my face and my tongue forced the gossamer thin nylon of her panties inside her whilst by chin was rubbing her clitty. I could feel her really start to wank my cock hard now and my sister sensed my orgasm approaching.

"Come in mom’s nylons Mike! Come on brother of mine, fill your mommies pantyhose with your creamy come!"

I pushed my tongue as far as I could get it inside my sister panty covered cunt and gripped her sheer nyloned thighs, I pushed up and felt her gush of fluid in the crotch of her panties. At the same time she gripped my nylon covered cock as tight as she could and wanked it furiously. "Come in mom’s nylons Mike, let your sister ease your tension, shoot for me brother"

It was too much, the feel of pantyhose thighs in my hands and her sheer panties on my face; the silken caress of my mom’s pantyhose on my cock being wanked by my sister; it was just too much.

I groaned and felt myself release. Come was boiling out of my cock and trapped in the nylon of mommies’ pantyhose. It lubricated the shaft of my cock as my sister continued to wank it. "GOOOOOOD!!!!" I groaned as wave after wave of pleasure exploded inside me. "OHHH sis, that’s just SOOOO good."

Just then the door flew open and there was our mom standing in the doorway, her skirt creased around her thighs; she had obviously just woke up from her nap. She looked in the room and saw her son lying on the bed, with his cock being wanked into her pantyhose by her daughter, who was sitting on her son’s face, her skirt rucked up to display her nyloned legs and panty ass and crotch.

"Just what the fuck do you two think your doing!" she shouted.


To be continued………………….

Best Friend Helps with Sis!

luv2likr on Incest Stories

    My sister is a fox. She has brunette hair that trails halfway down her back. Her body reminds me of the girl next door type. She has a set of breasts that are very nice and firm looking. I spent most of my years in high school getting yelled at by her because no one would date her after they found I was her brother. I played on the varsity football team for three years and was one of the bigger guys in school. I said I was sorry many times but they still wouldn't get to close to her. Most of the guys were jerks anyway.

    I never said anything to my sister but I was kind of glad they didn't ask her out. It gave me more time to be at home with her and spy on her. I used to watch her every chance I got. Many times I had dreams o

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f just walking up to her and taking her when mom and dad were out somewhere. I even got bold enough to walk up behind her sometimes and "accidently" bump up against her backside. Just the feel of her ass against my crotch was exciting.

    I never did anything about this when we were growing up. I did continue to have many of dreams and fantasies about her. I eventually left the house and travelled a while before getting married. I stayed married for awhile before I could take anymore and got divorced. I stayed single and hung out with my best friend from high school. I had told him about my fantasy many years before. He was okay with it. He had told me about fantasies about his sister too. He never did follow it up.

    One day, all of this was changed and for the better. My best friend Keith and I decided to go out for one of our all night fishing trips down at the river. My sister had heard about it and asked if she could go along. She had taking a liking to Keith and really wanted to go. Keith and I both said okay. At first we tried to get his sister to go along also. We had planned on me being with his sister and visa versa. Keith's sister wasn't able to make it but we went anyway. My sister Diana had no idea what she was getting into. She thought that we were going to go spend all night fishing and she could get with Keith.

    We always go to a spot that is back off the road and acrossed a small foot bridge. It was where we used to go and spend all night fishing, drinking beer and getting high. We had both quit getting high but we still fancied our beer. So we finally get there and set up camp and gathered wood for the fire. It was hot that day and very warm that night so Diana wore her shorts and a T-shirt. I was in another world as I watched her walk around camp bending over. She probably wore the outfit for Keith but we both enjoyed the view.

    Once the fire was started and the lantern was lit, we started drinking the rum we had brought along. Keith and I started playing drinking games with sis. some how she kept loosing and had to drink two drinks for every one of ours. She was really getting waisted. Diana gets really horny when she drinks, so she started getting handsy with Keith. She lost all thought of me sitting there facing them. Keith was enjoying himself but decided to move things along. He decided that we should play spin the bottle. I was ready and Diana was so drunk that she said okay.

    This game played out pretty evenly. We were all down to our underwear. I was having the thrill of my life watching my sister sitting acrossed from me in nothing but her panties and bra. It had been a few years since high school but she still a great body. I couldn't wait to see her naked. I was a tiny bit nervous though because I was sitting there with a hard on. I was hoping that sis would loose her clothes before mine.

    Then came the next two spins. Diana lost both times. She wanted to quit before taking off her panties. Me and Keith convinced her that we were all adults now and it was no big deal. So she finally took her panties off. I was sitting there with an even bigger hard on now. I had a perfect view of her tits and pussy. Keith was eyeballing her in a sexy way which kept her going again. The bottle stopped on me next and I slid off my undershorts and watched to see my sisters reaction. She didn't make any gesters about anything. Keith spoke up though. He asked my sister if I looked fuckable. She just looked at him and said no. She said I was her brother and that it was wrong. She leaned torward Keith and said that she wanted him.

    I had expected that though. I caught on that she wanted to fuck him right then. I made up an excuse to wonder down river and fish. At least that is what Diana thought. I put some more wood on the fire and grabbed the lantern as I walked out of sight. Once I was a small ways away, I stopped and turned around. I turned out the lantern and watched from around a tree. Sis didn't waist any time getting at Keith. She pulled his briefs off and climbed right on top. I stood there with my dick in my hand watching as Diana fucked my best friend. I envied him. He was talking to her about something. I couldn't hear them but it must have had something to do with them fucking because sis started to really get into it. Then I saw Keith look over my direction and wave for me to come back.

    I walked back into camp and up by them. Diana was enjoying herself so much that she had her eyes closed. I was excited now that I put the lantern down and walked up so that I was facing my sister. Keith looked up at me and jestered for me to put my dick in her mouth. I stood there for a minute watching her tits bounce every time she rode up and down. She had her mouth open and was moaning. I could take it any more. I just knew that she would freak out but I just had to get my dick in her mouth. I moved real close to her mouth and aimed myself just right. As sis raised herself up I put my hand behind her head and shoved as much of my cock into her mouth as I could before she realized. Once I entered her mouth I let go of my dick and grabbed her head with both hands. I had control of where she was going now.

    At first, sis realized what was going on and tried to pull away. I held her head firm on my dick. She stopped fucking Keith and tried to get away. Keith just grabbed her by the hips and started to really fuck her hard now. He was trying to keep her in her place while I just tried to keep my dick in her mouth. I was able to push my dick into her mouth a little but she continued to try and resist. I knew that what we were doing could constitute rape but I was to gone to care. I just knew that at any minute she would try and bite my dick. If she wasn't so drunk, she probably would have but she instead kept moaning no around my dick. I didn't listen though because I was so excited about finally getting my sister that I continued to fuck her face.

    Keith continued to fuck my sister's pussy as hard as he could. He must have been doing the right thing because Diana finally gave up trying to fight me and slowly gave into my dick. At first she just let me fuck mouth. Then she started to enjoy it. Sis was actually taking my dick into her mouth now. I stood there with my knees shaking as I felt her starting to suck on my dick. She even tried to deep throat me a few times. I watched my cock go in and out of my sisters mouth imagining that I was just in a great dream. She was an experienced cocksucker and definately knew all the moves to make me fuck her face even more.

    I had a hard time trying not to blast her with my cum. I wanted this to last for ever. Keith was getting close to coming himself. He picked up the pace and told my sister that he was going to cum. All sis did was fuck back at him harder. She got what she wanted because Keith suddenly shoved his dick deep into her and started to cum. This must have sent the thrill in the right direction because my sister then came as she sucked my dick deep into her mouth and slid her tongue under my cock. She sent over the edge as well. I couldn't hold back. I told her I was going to come and she gripped my cock with her mouth and reached behind me and shoved my body into her face. I let loose and came like I had never come before. I could feel dick pulse in her mouth. I had never had a woman let me cum in their mouth before. It was such a great feeling that I felt like I could come for ever. However, the sensation finally subsided and I let go of her head. I carressed her cheeks as I looked down into my sisters eyes while I slid my dick out of her mouth. She was so hot. She even licked the head of my dick when I pulled it out. My legs finally could not take anymore and I sort of fell down on my ass while Diana climbed off Keith and he sat up.

    We sat there not saying anything for awhile. I was trying to get my strength back in my legs while sat there looking at my sister while she just adjusted her part of the blanket. I could tell that she was still drunk and the thought of this started getting my dick hard again. Seeing her wobble around had me wanting to grab her and jump on top of her before she could react. My buddy then spoke up. "Hey man...your dicks bigger than mine". I just sat there as I watched my sister moving around. Even though she had just been fucked royally, she still was looking very hot. Keith told my sister that she should fuck her brother. She didn't say much. She was drunk but she still had her senses enough to finally say that she couldn't do that. She tried to convince us that it was wrong. She said that what we had done was wrong as well but it wasn't as bad as fucking me. She said this stuff while she continued to look down at my cock off and on.

    Keith just kept repeating that it would be awesome to watch her fucking me. He continued to play with her tits and pussy while he was saying these things. I could tell that she was getting turned on by Keith's playing around. I scooted a little bit closer to her with my dick facing her. Diana kept trying not to look but she continued to glance back at me and my dick. As my friend kept getting her turned on more and more, she finally spoke with a different message. She finally looked at my dick and at my face a said that she had never had a cock as big as mine. She said it was too big. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She was sounding like she wanted to but she was afraid of my size. I then moved closer to her so that she could get a real good look. She was so turned on and drunk that I don't think she realized it when I reached out and started playing with her tits and carressing her leg.

    Diana just sort of lost her control and started to enjoy what Keith I were doing to her body. Keith layed her down on her back and got next to her while he kissed her and played with tits. I moved up next to her other side and was busy playing with her pussy. I could feel that she was wet. Keith had wore a rubber so she was only oozing pussy juice. I slid my finger up inside her a couple of times while she fucked back at my hand. She was drunk and turned on that she was completely unaware that her very own brother was finger fucking her. I wanted to bury my face in her snatch but I knew that she would know then that it was me again. Keith then asked her if she was ready for a good fucking time again. All she could do was nod her head yes as he sucked her nipples and I fuck her with my hand. Then Keith motioned for me to get on top of her. He pulled himself away from her for a minute as if he was getting ready. Sis spread her legs wide for me as I crawled closer up between her legs. I grabbed my dick and aimed it at her hole. I put the head right at her opening and signaled the okay to Keith. He then leaned down by her ear and said to get ready because here comes brother.

    As he said this I entered her slowly. I did not want to hurt her. Sis suddenly opened her eyes and looked down between her legs as I fucked into her pussy. She had a scared look on her face but she didn't anything. She looked down at my dick pushing into her. She watched as I stopped once I felt she was tight. She then looked back into my eyes. I was to far gone to stop now so I pulled back a little bit and pushed forward more. I had half my dick in now as I watched her drop her head back down on the blanket and her eyes rolled back into her head. She also raised her hips to fuck back at me. She was so wet that I had no problem getting into my sisters tight little pussy. Each time that pushed forward, I went in a little further. Every time that I would fuck my dick into my sister, she would respond back by fucking her hips against me. She even grabbed her legs and lifted them so that I could get deeper into. I could not believe it. Here I was finally fucking my wet dream of many years. It was better than any dream about her.

    I put my arms by her hips and really started getting into it. I was now completely inside my sister and was fucking her wild. She was enjoying it and fucking me back. She even got completely into it. My sister was begging for me to fuck her harder. She kept telling me to fuck my sister with my big dick. Sis even grabbed me around the back of neck as she looked into my eyes and told me to give her all of her brothers cock. I did as she asked. I fucked my sister as much as she wanted. Her little pussy was so tight that I could feel her muscles squeeze my dick. She finally let go of her legs and reached down with her hands and grabbed my ass cheeks while she pulled me into as she fuck my cock like mad.

    My buddy Keith just layed there watching her fuck me as he smiled ack at me and gave me the thumbs up. I continued to fuck my sister for quite a while. I did not want to stop but I could also feel my need to come getting closer. I kept putting it in the back of mind. I was determined to fuck my sister as long as I could hold out. It also occured to me that I did not have any protection against pregnancy. I just planned on fucking my sister until she came and then I would pull out.

    Diana and I fuck for while longer before she growled that she was going to come. I continued to pump that tight pussy into a frenzy. I then leaned down and told my sister that I wanted to feel her come before I came all over her stomach. She just grabbed me tighter and fuck me harder as she told me no. She said that she wanted to feel me come inside of her. I continued to fuck her hard and reminded her that I wasn't wearing a rubber. All she could do was pull me into her and said that she didn't care. She reminded me that she wanted my cum inside of her. I could not believe what I was hearing. I picked up the pace as I brought my sister closer and closer to coming. I was determined to shoot my load into my hot little sister.

    Diana fuck my dick like mad. She had now rolled her head back and started to build to that climax. She started to convulse as her pussy vibrated on my dick. Suddenly she gave out a loud howling like sound and went stiff under me as her pussy massaged my dick with stimulating vibration. I couldn't hold out anymore. I shoved my dick deep into her and let loose of my own orgasm. I could feel my cum pumping out of my dick and into my sisters unprotected pussy. Just knowing that I was really cumming inside my little sister's pussy made me cum even more. We both held each other tight and enjoyed the sensation of our incestuous love.

    Finally, I was able to relax and just layed down on top of my sister with dick still inside of her. She kept her legs wide open and held me in her arms. Keith just sat there with his dick in his hand as he spoke again. He said that that was one of the best things that he had ever witnessed. He had jack himself off watching us fuck. Sister was no longer drunk and she was very aware of what happened. She lifted my head and gave me a sexual kiss and said thank you. For the remainder of the night, we didn't get much sleep but Keith and I fucked my sister many more times. By the time we left she had taken my cum four times. Keith insisted on wearing condoms but he fucked her about four times also. What a night it was.

Uncle Takes A Niece

familyluvr on Incest Stories

            I never thought about my niece in a bad way until she flew out to visit with me while I was on business. I had a few pictures of her but never thought anything different of her until she got off the plane and met me at the gate. My little niece was only 17 and getting ready to start her senior year in high school after summer. She had grown up quickly. She had the looks of a twenty year old. Skye had filled out in all the right areas. She reminded me of a young woman and not a teenager when I spotted her.


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 Ã‚ Â Â  We hugged each other and headed out to get her baggage. When she gave me a hug, I was surprised at myself for looking at her the way I did. My own beautiful niece had stirred something in me that was not right. However, I could not get over how sexy she looked as we drove in the car to the hotel. She had beautiful long blonde hair that lay down her back while she walked. It helped to accentuate her nice figure. I continued to get mad at myself for the things that I was thinking about.

            Finally, we got to the hotel and headed to our room. As we stepped into the room, I immediately noticed that there was a king size bed and that was it. I got angry and started to call the front desk when my niece just told me that it would be fine. Skye said that there was plenty of room and that we could both sleep in it. I told her that I would call down and see about getting a roll away. She said not to bother. At first I was trying to convince her that it wasn’t fair to her. All Skye could tell me though was that she would be just fine with this. So I finally relaxed and said okay. Personally, I told myself that it was going to be nice lying in bed with a beautiful woman like her.

            Once we started unpacking and putting things away, Skye then noticed that she had forgot to pack her night shirt. I told her that we could go down to the local store and get her another one. She just said no and if it was okay with me she would just wear one of my shirts. I had no problem with that. I am a tall muscular man and she is such a tiny beauty, so I knew she would be swimming in it.

            All this time I could feel that sensation building inside of me that was not the right type of thoughts or feelings for an uncle towards his niece. I went into the bathroom and changed into my swim shorts while Skye put her swim suit on. We were going to go down to the beach and do some swimming in the ocean. I figured that this would be a great idea so that I could get these thoughts out of my head. Once I walked back into the room, I was back to square one again. There stood my niece in one of the sexiest bikini’s I had ever seen any woman wear. It fit in all the areas it was designed for. “Wow, that there is some suit you have little lady”.

            Skye just smiled and gave me a little nudge in the side like she used to do when she walked by me. We headed to the beach and my eyes kept watching her body. I could feel my dick start to stir. I could not believe that my own niece was turning me on. I hurried up and drop my towel and ran into the water while my sexy little niece stretched out the blanket we brought along. I got into the water and felt my dick start to go down from the cold ocean waters. I was feeling like I could now control myself. This was until I watched my niece run into the water as her tight figure flexed with every stride. She had nice firm tits that were definitely bigger than a hand full but held themselves up high on her chest.

            Skye dove into the water and swam right in front of me. I watched as her suit became wet and formed itself to her tight little ass with a perfect curved shape. I was glad that I still had my sunglasses on because all I could do was look at her chest and ass whenever she went by. I just knew that it was going to be a long week but I didn’t care because I was with my wonderful niece. I told myself that it was just because I hadn’t been home for awhile and I would be fine soon. I continued to stay in the water as my niece walked up to the blanket and laid down on it. I then took this opportunity to hurry up and make my way to the blanket. Skye stayed on her stomach as I then laid down on the blanket next to her making sure not to get to close.

            Skye and I talked a while before we finally got up and headed to the room to shower and get ready to go out for some dinner. I took my shower after Skye. I could not help but think that she was just in this shower all naked wet and soapy. I was left with no options except to grab hold of my dick and jack myself off while envisioned my niece naked. I could only imagine it but it still lead to one hell of a great ejaculation all over in the tub.

            Finally, I was able to relax a little bit. Now that I had jacked off, I had those guilty feelings for having such bad thoughts about my niece. I got out and dried myself off and put on my shorts and shirt. When I came out of the shower room, I was led right back into those wild unnatural thoughts about Skye again.

            There was my niece standing by the bed. She was dressed in another one of her outfits that fit just right in every way that makes a male notice and get excited. “Mercy, you sure aren’t a little girl any more”. Skye just looked in the mirror with a big grin and turned to adjust everything just right. “I can see that I am going to have my hands full just trying to keep the guys away from you tonight”.

            Skye finished adjusting and walked up and stood in front of me. She looked up at me while putting her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss on my cheek. “Thank you uncle, I just wanted to look good enough for the night. You were so nice to pay for me to come out here and see you that I would hate to disappoint you”.

            I put my arms around her and held her loose while I tried to be natural about everything. Actually, I was really in a bad situation. I could feel her body and its heat against me and this was really getting me going again. I could feel her firm breasts as they pushed against my body. My hands touching her back were really having a hard time not just grabbing a hold of that beautiful ass that she had. I broke the embrace as normal as possible and then we headed to dinner. My hands were still feeling the hot touch of her back. My cheek could still feel the sting from her hot lips touching them. My dick was now in another bad condition. I was glad that it was night as we walked to the car. I was able to keep my niece from seeing my hard-on.

            We drove for awhile until we came to a very nice restaurant that I liked and knew that she would like. As I came around and opened the door for her, I was able to look into the car and down at her. Skye let one leg out and I was able to see right up between her legs. I could tell that she was wearing a pair of deep red panties. My heart beat extremely hard for a few seconds while she then took her other leg out and stood. Again, I was glad that it was getting dark. My little sexy niece was creating a very hard situation for myself. Her dress reached about half thigh, so I was able to watch her legs as she entered the dinning area. Her dress was loose and swayed with every step she made. I looked up at all the guys watching her as she walked by them. One of them even had the balls to turn and lean over when she went by him. I took it upon myself to accidentally bump his head with my fist when I walked up. I played it off like I didn’t mean to. He sat back in his seat and gave me a look like please don’t beat me. Skye had no idea any of this went on. She walked up and I pulled out her seat for her while she sat. My beautiful little niece smiled up at me and said thank you. I smiled back as if to give that your welcome kind of look. In actuality, I was able to see down the top of her dress and got a great view of her cleavage. In the back of my head I kept telling myself that this is wrong. She is your niece. My dick was telling me other signals though.

            We ordered our dinner and talked about how things were going back home and such. I ordered a drink and was sipping on it while talking. My niece kept looking at my drink as if trying to say something. I asked her, would you like to have some. She admitted that it crossed her mind but she was afraid that she would get caught. I told her that I would keep an eye out. She smiled at me and took a pretty good swig. She almost choked on the alcohol. She then told me that she liked to drink occasionally but her mom frowned upon it. I just told her that her mom was not here and go ahead. Skye snuck a few more sips before dinner came. I finished it off and ordered another one for dinner. We ate and drank as we talked some more. I was enjoying having her here with me because I usually eat alone and it was nice having someone to talk to.

            The idiot in me was playing full stream. I figured that it was okay for her to drink because it would make both of us tired and I would be able to sleep that night. I really don’t know where that stupid thought came from because I was getting a nice buzz going and my foxy niece was feeling pretty good to. She was still keeping her wits about her but I could see that her eyes were starting to look glossy. She said that she wanted to dance so we got and went onto the dance floor. I may have been in my forties but I could still dance okay. I was in a trance as I watched my sexy niece swing in all different directions. Her dress spun around with her as her legs her being shown off to everyone. We danced and laughed for quite awhile. We sat down for a little while and three guys came up and asked if they could dance with her. Skye just shook her head no and they left. I was glad that my niece had run them off because I was really enjoying my time with her. I even started to lose those wild urges in my head. It was just a good time all around.

            Everything was fine until my niece decided that she wanted to dance a slow dance with me. I wanted to say no but got up anyway. As we stepped onto the dance floor, she put her arms around my neck again and held me close to her as she rested her head against my chest. I could smell her fresh blonde hair and I could also feel her whole body resting against my frontal region. Skye’s dress was silky to the touch and I could feel every bit of her warm body against my palms. My beautiful niece’s tits were pressed against me and they were doing a number on my crotch. She held me close while I tried to keep myself off to one side of her. It was enjoyable but painful as well while we danced.

            Finally the song was over and we stepped off the floor. As we were stepping off the floor, my beautiful niece was holding my hand and she actually lost her balance a little. She recovered quickly and no one saw her. Skye turned to me and said that if it was okay she would like to go. I thought she was upset but she informed me that the alcohol was starting to get to her. She was worried that the restaurant would get upset if they knew that I let her drink. I informed her that they would not but we could leave only if she wanted to. She said yes because she was starting to feel pretty tired.

            As we were stepping out into the front of the building, a young man walked up and tried to get her to go back in. Skye said no and that she was sorry. His friends that were standing around him started to laugh and tease him. So he decided to be a jack ass. He stepped in front of her and spoke the wrong thing and called her a bitch. He told her that she couldn’t handle any but and old man like me. I reacted without thinking. I stepped in front of my niece and punched this idiot square in the face. He flew back and fell to the ground. My niece stayed behind me while the door man came running up. I started to apologize for everything. The stupid kid started yelling and trying to get things going even worse. The door man looked the punk in the face and told him that he needed to shut up. He also told him that he saw the punk trip and fall. The kid looked angry as if he was going to rise up. The door man leered at him again and told him to either leave or he was going to have to witness him falling down again.

            The kid got up and left with no hassles. The door man apologized for letting things get as far as they did with him and his wife. I just smiled and slipped the doorman a twenty as I shook his hand. Skye was a little shook up about what went on but shrugged it off as they headed to the car. She held my hand and arm while she leaned against me. I looked at her and said I was sorry for letting him say those things to her. She just grinned back at me and giggled a little as she spoke.

“That man thought we were husband and wife”

“Yeah, I wanted to correct him but I just didn’t feel like it was the time”

            My beautiful niece just held onto me and walked with me. We got into the car and were heading back to the room. Skye then turned towards me with another smile. She obviously was really starting to feel the effects from the alcohol because she had her leg bent so that I could see right up her dress again. My niece rested her head against the back of her seat while she held my hand. She was unable to see me but I was able to get a great shot of her panty covered womanhood. My dick forgot all about the fight and was now back to the same condition it was at the whole day. I   knew that I was going to be up for quite a while before he would get tired enough to lye down next to her. I was just glad that she was tired because it was going to be easier to calm down if she wasn’t awake and still driving me into that incestuous thought process. While my sexy red pant wearing niece rested her head with her eyes almost asleep, I continued to look at her cleavage and her firm legs which led up to that sweet little honey pot that was hidden under her panties. My dick was as stiff as it could get. It was so hard that it ached to get out of my shorts. I had to finally pull my eyes away from her sexy, fuckable little body. I had to really work hard at telling myself that this is my niece. I can not be thinking these crude thoughts. I was going to have to relax before we got to the hotel or she was going to see my stiff cock poking against my shorts when I open her door.

            Finally, I was able to divert my train of thought to something else. I continued to look forward as we pulled into the parking lot. I went around and opened her door as I looked away from her while I held her hand and guided her out of the car. I was really doing well. Everything was fine until I held the door open for her and she brushed against me while she stepped through the doorway. Her tits came into contact with my body and she fell towards me a little. Her hands reached out and grabbed my sides. She continued to walk in as if nothing had happened. She was to far gone to realize what she was doing. What she didn’t know was that she had brushed against me and caused my dick to spring back to it hardest form. I walked behind her and watched as her fine young ass swung back and forth with her steps. It was then that I was glad it was Friday. I was going to be up almost all night trying to calm down before I could sleep. I was starting to realize that this not such a good idea to have my niece staying with me for a week. It was to late that night but I planned on getting a roll away tomorrow.

            I opened the door and we went into the room. Skye grabbed her shirt and went into the restroom to change. I took this opportunity to try and adjust myself so that it was not so evident about my hard dick in my shorts. I sat down at the desk and turned on my laptop while she changed. My wonderful niece then came out of the restroom and stumbled a little bit as she looked at me with those glossy eyes and grinned. I watched as she tossed her stuff into her luggage. I immediately noticed that she had removed her panties as well. I now knew that she was not wearing any panties as she stood and walked over and behind me while I stared at my laptop. Skye reached up and put her arms around my neck as she rested her chin on my shoulder. I was finding it hard to try and concentrate with her tits poking me in the shoulder blades and her hot body resting so close to me. She watched for awhile and then said she was going to bed. As she did this, she gave me a kiss on my cheek again and said goodnight. I tried not to look but the mirror in front of me forced me to look up as she pulled the covers back and crawled across the bed. I was able to get another great look at her legs and ass while she crawled. I was unable to see everything but I did get a glimpse of her gorgeous little pussy. I did not see any hair but I did get a quick look at her lips. They were a perfect sight and they were a pretty pink. My dick pulsed with my heart beat. I thought I was going to bust a load right there.

            Skye finally settled down into the bed. She had turned herself away from the light. I got up and turned off the light. All I needed was for light was my laptop. I sat back down and tried to concentrate on my work. I kept getting pictures of her sexy little body as it danced with me tonight. I was also getting images of her getting into bed. My mind could not stay focused on the task at hand. I tried numerous times to work. I sat in the chair for about an hour and a half. I was unable to do any work. I was too turned on by my foxy niece that I finally gave up and leaned back in my chair. My dick hadn’t gone down a bit. It had a mind of its own. I looked back at the bed and my niece was now lying on her back and I couldn’t help but notice that her legs were slightly parted. I felt like I could see through the blankets. I envisioned her legs spread and that tight little pussy of hers out in the open. I couldn’t help but grab my dick and caress it a few times. I told myself that I was going to have to relieve my nuts before I could sleep. After I jack my dick off, I would be able to get some sleep.

            I got up and made my way toward the restroom. I wanted to make sure that Skye was asleep before I went in and shot my load. I didn’t want her waking up and hearing me. I walked to her side of the bed and called her name. She did not budge. I then nudged her a little bit to make sure she was asleep. She did not move at all. I could tell by her breathing that she was fast asleep. I figured that the coast was clear and went to stand back up. I made the mistake of looking down at her tits as they pushed against my shirt. They looked so perfect as they poked out and up. They were so firm to the sight. I was so turned on that I didn’t realize it as my hand then reached out and came to rest on her breast. I was out of control once I felt her nipple against the palm of my hand. I even gave it a little squeeze. All night long I had been watching and staring at this beautiful creature. I now had my hand on her tit and it felt absolutely wonderful.

            I was uncontrollable now as I brought my other hand up and grabbed her other succulent tit. Her body heat was incredible as she heated up my hands and my body. It would be a terrible thing to have her wake up and see me feeling her up but I was not thinking about that. All my mind and cock was thinking about was how hot she looked and felt. My shirt never looked so right for someone. I caressed her tits for awhile as my dick throbbed in my shorts. In the back of my head, I was telling myself to stop but my dick was talking for me now. It was telling me everything I needed to hear. I continued to feel up my niece for a few minutes before another thought came into mind. Before I knew what I was doing, I reached up and started undoing the buttons that were keeping me from seeing everything in its glory. I worked the buttons loose and then I pulled the shirt out of the way very carefully. I got the greatest sight of all. My niece had very sweet looking tits that had small nipples. They looked just like the porn stars titties. They were perfect in shape and size. They were anything but small. They definitely did not look like the tits you would see on a seventeen year old.

            I was lost in lust as I then undid my shorts and kneeled down beside the bed. I took hold of my cock and began jacking on it slowly. I could not help but lean over and bring my lips to rest on top of her nipple. My niece did not move or nothing as I then began to lick the tip of her nipple. It immediately got hard and I was drawn to it more as I took her tit in my mouth and began to suck on the whole mound. I flicked my tongue across the hard nipple why I sucked it into my mouth. All this time, I was still pulling on my dick. I couldn’t help but do the same thing to the other firm melon in front of me. Skye’s tits tasted so sweet as I changed back and forth. I finally let go of my dick and reached up to play with her mouth watering tits while I sucked on them. I loved the way they stayed so firm to the touch and grasp while I played with her nipples. My niece was causing me to really lose myself in her succulent beauty.

            After I had succeeded in mauling her teenage tits I then began to wonder about the rest. So I raised back up while keeping one hand busy with her nipples, I slowly slid the blanket down further. I wanted to see that little snatch that she had been teasing me with all night. I removed the shirt out of the way and was looking down at her blonde little hairs. She obviously shaves herself and I was able to see very little hair at the opening to heaven between those sweet looking legs. I almost dove my face right between those hot legs of hers but instead I slid my hand down and brought it to rest against her swollen mound. I kept my hand in place to see if there was any movement in her yet. Her belly was firm and her sexy little twat was even sexier than I thought.

            Skye did not move as I sucked on her tit and nipple. My hand then slowly slid forward and between her legs. I fingers were right at her opening. I could feel nothing but steaming heat radiating from her. I was unable to control myself as I slid the tip of my finger between her lips. I could feel heat and was aware of something else. My little niece was wet with juices. I almost shoved my finger into her but I still held onto some sort of control. I just kept my finger at that depth and rubbed her pussy lips slowly back and forth. This is when Skye reacted to my touch as she sighed and shifted a little bit. I froze still. My hand was still on her pussy and my mouth was still on her nipple. My niece adjusted a little bit more as she opened her legs slightly more and moaned her boyfriend’s name.

            I could not believe it. My sexy niece was dreaming about her boyfriend playing with her body. I kept my hand and mouth where it was and waited for her to relax again. She had said something about playing only because she wasn’t ready for the rest. I was in a dream land. My sexy niece was dreaming that her boyfriend was having fun with her. I waited until she was relaxed again before I started to play and suck some more. I still kept my finger at the same depth inside of her as I went back and forth across her lips. I had given up on sucking her tit. I was to busy watching my hand slide between her pussy lips. She was getting wetter and wetter. My finger was shining from the wetness between her legs. I actually removed my hand and licked her juices off my finger. As I tasted her young sex, I just had to taste it some more. I was not going to be satisfied unless I could lick between her lips and lap up more sweet nectar.

            I stood up and pulled my shirt off and let my shorts fall off the rest of the way. I just had to get between her legs and stick my tongue where my finger was just at. I walked to the end of the bed and slowly crawled up and between her legs. I still kept myself back a ways. Her legs were far enough apart for me to get my head between them and that was about it. I carefully slid my hands under her thighs and brought them to rest at her sides. I could smell her sex as I drew closer to her mound. I was unable to crawl any closer but I was plenty close enough to reach her pussy. I lowered my head and stuck out my tongue as I aimed it at her opening. Finally, I had my face against her pussy lips and I had my tongue just inside her. I began lapping at her juices while they continued to flow into my mouth. I contained a slow licking of her juices and could actually feel her hips moving a little bit. I knew that if I kept this up, she was going to wake up. I did not want that to happen. I wanted to enjoy my naked little niece as long as possible. My dick was poking into the bed so hard that I thought it was going to make a hole in the sheet.

            I slowly worked her pussy over as I made sure not to get her fully awake. I could not get enough of her sweet taste in my mouth. I was actually getting it on with a beautiful teenager. I told myself, “not bad for a forty one year old.” I wanted to enjoy this for as long as possible. I didn’t care about the rest of the week. I was living for that moment right there in front of me. It was at this moment that I decided to take things a little bit further. I was so turned on by this hot little minx that was lying in front of me that I decided I needed to feel some of that sexy little pussy of hers with my cock. I rose up from my niece’s succulent and sweet tasting pussy as I slowly crawled up between her legs. I had to move them gently wider to make room for me to get between. I moved cautiously up her body. I could feel the heat coming from her legs and was really getting wilder by the second. My dick was dripping with pre-cum as I moved up her body. I told myself that I was not going to be able to fuck her. I just wanted to put my cock inside that wet little pussy of hers and feel her insides against my dick walls.

            As I got into position, I looked down and saw this vixen of a body looking so small compared to her uncle. My cock was so big compared to her little pussy lips. I was almost like an animal out of control. I felt like I had power over her and could do and take whatever I wanted. Skye just lay there with her legs spread wide and my dick was just centimeters from her love tunnel. I pumped it a few times as I smeared some of my pre-cum on it. I brought the head to her opening and rubbed it back and forth a few times to get her juices coating my cock as well. Then I started to give a little bit of pressure as I slid into her pussy lips. I didn’t want to hurt her, so I just barely got the head of my cock in her and stopped for a minute. I could already tell that it was a tight fitting virgin pussy.

            I waited for a short minute. I then could not help but slide my dick back and forth into her hot wet juicy lips. My mind was telling me to just grab hold and give it all to her. I was not aware that I was pushing a little bit further than I should of. It felt so incredible that I just could not control anything anymore. I told myself to stop and leave my niece alone. However, my cock was telling me something different. I continued to rock back and forth inside my sweet niece’s tight little pussy. I lost control of watching what I was doing or when to stop. Her pussy was squeezing me so nicely. I guess that I wasn’t paying attention because it was about that same time that Skye came out of her sleep and became fully aware that she was not dreaming and that her uncle was over her and slicking his thing in her. She quickly reached up and tried to stop me as she began to fight me off. “Uncle no, this is wrong, this is gross,….you have to stop now”.

            I didn’t hear anything that she said. I could see her mouth moving and the scared look on her face but I was now lost in what I was doing. The minute that she reached up and started pushing against me, I went into another zone and started to defend what I was doing. My cock was still inside her as she tried to get out from under me. But she was so tiny compared to me that she was pinned with no where to go. All of this raw power came over me at the same time and I could not take it anymore. I let go of my dick and grabbed both of my niece’s hands as I pulled them above her head. I laid down over her as I brought my mouth over hers and began giving her the deepest French kiss she ever had. She tried to fight my face away to scream but I had her pinned under my body as I prepared to take my young little niece’s virginity.

            My hands held her arms way above her head as I rose up to look down between us at my dick sticking just inside her tight lips. I looked my niece back in the eyes like a wild man as I again lowered my body onto hers. This time I put my mouth back over hers as I entered my virgin niece with all my strength. I tore right through her virgin wall and came to rest balls deep in my niece. My mouth covered hers as she tried to scream. I buried my tongue in her mouth again. Her whole body got stiff as I penetrated completely into my niece. I stayed like that or a few seconds while I enjoyed the inside of her mouth with my tongue. I could feel her tits against my naked chest and her tight little pussy was squeezing me hard. It felt like I was being squeezed into a vise, my niece was so tight. Finally I couldn’t lie still anymore and started to give my niece and slow but deep fuck. I pulled back to where my dick was inside of her only to the head. I think she thought I was going to stop. I surprised her by burying my cock back into her. It knocked the wind out of her. I finally let my mouth off hers and stared her straight in the eyes with wanton lust. I continued to look her in the eyes as I began to pick up my pace of fucking.

            I leaned down and buried my face into the small of her neck as I rose up and continued to rape my niece. She did not say anything else as I assaulted her young body with my animal driven cock. I pumped my dick into her back and forth. As I first started this, I thought that I was going to cum right away. However, now I was just enjoying this tight pussy as it squeezed my cock. I could hold onto her hands anymore and I let go while at the same time I reached down and grabbed my niece’s tight little ass and raised it up while I sank further into her body. I could feel my balls slapping her ass cheeks as I rammed into her over and over again. I was beyond thinking about who I was fucking. I was just enjoying the tightest fuck I ever had. The headboard to the bed was slamming against the wall as I pounded my cock into her tight hole. The sound of the headboard made me even wilder. I was really drilling into my niece now. I could here my juices slick between us as my dick slapped against her wet pussy. I didn’t want this to ever stop.

            All good things must eventually come to an end though. I was fucking my niece back and forth and suddenly became aware that she started to move her hips with me. This made me even more excited. Skye even reached down and grabbed hold of my hair between her fingers and held me against her as she then started to grind her hips against my cock. She brought her legs up and wrapped them around my waist as best as she could while she held me tight. I continued to fuck my niece as she leaned down and licked my ear. “Yes baby….God uncle,….dooo mmmeeeee…..fuck your little niece hard”.

            I could not believe my niece was telling me this. She didn’t sound like a teenager then. She sounded like a full grown woman going after something she wanted. She pulled my body against hers while she fucked my dick with her pussy. Every time that I would shove into her, she would lift her hips to give me full access to her womanhood. I now could really hear our juices mixing together. She was creaming all over my dick as we fuck each other.

“You are…..goooiinnnggggg to……make your…..niece……cuuummmmm”.

            As I heard her say this I felt her body tense up as she let loose with her cum. She gripped my cock so hard with her pussy that she forced me over the edge as well. “AAAaaaarrrrrr…..Fuuuckkkk yeeeaahh baby”. Was all I could say as I emptied my nuts into this hot little woman. I felt my dick pulse as my niece pumped spurt after spurt from my cock and into her body. I could feel my toes tighten up it was so much. I felt it fill her body up and push out past her lips and my dick as it drained onto the sheets. My hot niece’s pussy was pulsing every bit of my cum out of my balls and she was giving me every bit of her cum as well.

            Finally, I could not take any more and I collapsed on top of my niece. Skye held me tight in her arms as she caressed my hair. She let her legs drop down and left them spread out to either side of me. Both of us were having a rough time trying to catch our breath. I was sweating all over her body as I felt her tits still mashed against my chest. I was still deep in my niece’s young and tight pussy. I could tell that I was still hard.

            My niece then began to get upset. She started crying and telling me that we hadn’t used any protection. She started crying about possibly getting pregnant. I could feel my dick still stirring inside her tight young pussy as I informed her that it was a very good possibility that could wind up pregnant before this week was over. I told her that she could move to my home town and live with me. I would tell her mom that she is going to work for me. She could get all the books she needed and challenge her senior credits and get out early. I told her that I am coming off the road so that she and I could be together all the time. After our baby is born, she and the baby can come with me on the road until it is time to settle down and get our child or children into school at that time.

            My niece just looked at me and saw that I was not joking. She gave me a very sensual kiss and said that she was going to enjoy being my woman. She also became aware that my dick hadn’t gone down and was actually starting to do some moving inside of her again. My niece told me that she would greatly enjoy having our baby. I couldn’t believe my wishes. I was going to fuck my niece for the rest of my life. I rose up and my niece pushed me back onto my back as she grabbed a hold of my dick while she straddled my waste. She guided my cock into her as she sat down on me. We again fucked each other to a mind exploding orgasm.

            By the time that week was over, I had given her every bit of fucking energy I had. I had fucked her every way possible. She even had me show her how to suck on my dick and swallow. I fucked her tits and we even tried anal sex. That was a little painful for her, so we decided to take our time with all of that. By the time she left to fly back we were deeply in love as a man and woman are.




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Daddy My Shorts Are To Tight, Help me?

LustofMandi on Incest Stories

 "Daddy My shorts are so uncomfortable... help me?"

   The day was as it usually was, mild, warm, and sunny. The air was nice and stale. Enough to make you stay inside for the day.
The air-conditioner was on full blast. Carolyn was sitting on the creme colored couch her velvet purple eyes fixed on the TV. She was fifteen, her hair was a light brown and touching her chin. She had the soft features of a young woman to be. She was wearing a white tank top, that was loose in the waist area, and a bit of arch in the chest, where her medium B cup breasts were, perched up right in their push up bra. SHe was wearing a pair of short light blue shorts, and a pair of socks, her legs were spread on the couch as she slouched frowning and flipping through the chan

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nels, with sheer boredom. She heard the jiggle of the door knob, and glanced over, and to her surprised her daddy came in. He was a tall man, about 6*1, medium build with the same brown hair, only difference was the eyes, which were an amber brown. He was about forty years old. He was wearing a business suit. Carolyn's dad was an insurance sales man. So he shouldn't be home at ten thirty in the morning.

He glanced over at his daughter, to see her sitting on the couch. Tom, gave a grin as he watched her blue eyes move from the screen to his face.

"Hey daddy what are you doing home so early?" Carolyn asked sweetly, as her father approached her, and took a seat next to her on the couch.

 He smiled, "Never mind that... why didn't you go to school today? I though.."

"Mom! Didn't take me! She forgot again." Carolyn exaggerated that again, causing Tom to heave a great sigh as he ran his hands through his hair disgusted. "She's... she's gonna get us sent to court." said Tom in a distressed voice.

Carolyn gazed at her father, watching him, for some reason she felt an odd bubbling sensation rise up in her. A nasty, sensation, a senastion that she was scared to admit to out loud.

 A sigh fell over, Carolyn, "You mad at me daddy?" asked, Carolyn moving closer pressing her head agianst his shoulder. Tom just glanced at his fifteen year old gorgeous daughter.

"Of course not! It's your fuckin mother..." he murmured, shaking his head.

Tom wrapped his arm around his daughter, as he felt her shift in his arms. He grinned, as he watched her. He faintly noticed the hardened nipples through her tank top. Tom watched her and seen that the shorts were getting twisted as she moved herself in a laying position. He faintly seen the shorts ride up into her crack, and felt a flicker inside of him. 

"You comfortable baby?" asked Tom moving and touching her waist, with his hand.

She gave a smile, and glanced up at him from his lap. "I'm very comfy daddy..." she said, as his hand pressed against her thin abdomin. Tom stared straight ahead of him at Cartoon Network that was flickering onto the screen. He watched as his daughter giggled, at something from television.

Carolyn felt his hand on her upper abdomin and wondered what it would be like to feel his hand go further. She didn't dare say these naughty thoughts out loud.... oh no. She had to keep them private. Carolyn wondered why she was such a twisted girl. She had no unearthly idea why. A smile flittered across the girls face, as she giggled, at something that was said. "Mmm... these shorts... so.. uncomfy." Carolyn murmured to herself.

 Tom looked down and could tell they were riding up into her now. He could make out the pussy lips between the fabric. Tom felt his cock errecting, and his eyes widen ever so slightly. He knew she'd feel it seeing as she had her head in his lap.

"Um... here.. let me..." he slid his hand down, causing Carolyn's stomach to reflex, as she watched his hands move between her thighs. He slowly and gently pulled at the blue fabric. He felt the tip of her pussy and his cock twitched again, his hormones started bubbling.

Carolyn tried not to gasp, as she felt his fingers pluck at her, crotch. She felt his fingers ever so gently glide over, trying to remove the shorts from the uncomfortable position. "Is this helping?" asked Tom clearing his throat.

"No..." whimpered Carolyn. She moved up into his lap a bit further. Her back was now against his cock. She felt it, Carolyn, glanced down at his hands, that were trying to seperate the material. "Uh... why don't you try moving under my shorts... by the waist band... daddy." said Carolyn, very gently.

Tom just stared at his daughter, "Right sweetheart..." and his hands moved from her pussy lips. She was sitting up now leaning into him, as his fingers, pulled at the elastic waist band, and his hand moved between the skin and cloth. He touched her abdomin and felt her panties. They were soft and cotton.

Carolyn's eyes closed, as she felt her daddy's fingers touch the outer part of her pussy. She quickly reflexed in the pussy causing her lip in her pussy to swell. Her father was making NO attempt to remove the uncomfortable cloth from her pussy. He was running his fingers over the fabric of her panties. Tom felt his cock get hard, as he fingered the outside of her little girl twat. He winced, as his index finger grazed the cotton, when he heard a soft, "Mmmn.." escape from his little daughters mouth. He moved closer into his daughter, and pressed his lips against hers.

Carolyn felt her daddy's lips, as his hands moved through touching her her panties. She whimpered and squirmed slightly, only causing her daddy to sink his lips further into hers, causing their tongues to meet. Spit and saliva were exchanged, as he grabbed a hold of the top of her shorts, and slid them off tossing them to the floor. HE realized she had pink cotton panties with a Wednesday embroider on it. He kissed her harder as he started rubbing the outside of her panties. He felt her legs spread, as he kissed her. "Mmmmmmn...." she said into his kiss. Without warning he pulled back, and reached over nearly towering her, but still sitting. He had both arms around her, and his mouth was next to her neck, his fingers slid her panties aside, and he groaned again seeing her forbidden little muff. It was shaved and pink to perfection. She was wet. Her fifteen year old pussy lips, screamed at him, as his fingers ran over it. He was staring at her pussy, as his fingers touched the clit. She squealed, and squirmed, legs spread like a little daughter whore. "Like that sweetheart? Like your daddy fingering your clit?" he hissed in her, ear causing her to only squeal more, and squirm on his hand. "Yes.... finger me daddy..." she begged, her lips barely moving. "Look at me." said her father. Her eyes opened, and she stared at him as he fingered her pussy. "Like that huh? Like your daddy fondling your pussy?" he hissed, causing her to nod, and a.. "Eh...uhn..." escaped her mouth as she barely parted her lips. her head thrusted back, as she felt his fingers.

"Turn around..." he told Carolyn, who was only to eager and wet. Hormones raging, and horny as hell she moved around her head at the other end of the couch. Carolyn could see her daddy's errection, as he advanced on her, he came down, on top of her his mouth connecting with his as his hands moved hertank top away revealing her push up bra. Carolyn's daddy grabbed at her bra making it come off,springing his daughters titties to life. "Ooh such precious little girl nipples." his tongue glided over the tan errect nipple causing an arch from his little girl, , and a, "Uhnnnmm.." noise. "That a girl... daddy's little girl huh! Getting her nipples licked..." he moved to her other nipple, cock about to bust out of these good armoni clothes. He moved his hands, and stared at her body, at the beautiful little girl laying on the couch. Cartoon Network playing in the background. He grinned, as his fingers curled around her panties, and yanked them down, causing Carolyn to breath softly, as he pushed her legs aside, revealing her smooth little muff. "Shave often?" he asked his daughter, his fingers carressing the top of her pussy. "Mmm. yes...."

"Aw.... I see..." his mouth moved down,and Carolyn hadn't expected that. "Ooh daddy! Oh yeah...." she shrieked, with pleasure as his mouth pressed against her fifteen year old cunny. She whimpered, and held her legs up as her father grabbed them pinning them aside and ate her out perfusely. She whimpered, moved her ass in the up and down mode trying to get more of her daddy's tongue up inside of her. The juices ran out and into her daddy's mouth, tasting the sweet peachness of his young daughter. His cock was so hard, he felt as if it would bust out of his pants.

Carolyn felt a tidal wave wash over her body... she squealed, and whimpered, as she moved furiously, twitching. "That a girl... orgasm... mmm... let me taste it sweetheart..." his mouth covered her puss, as the juices ran down, near her tight cute little ass.

 HE moved up andtasted her breasts. Carolyn whimpered, and couldn't believe what was happening. she couldn't help it. Her hormones just... guided her.

 Carolyn's daddy stood up with a grin, and his hands moved to his pants. Carolyn watched her daddy, unbuckle his black belt, sliding it off, and tossing it aside.
 "Want to suck daddy's cock? Only right to return the favor..." He said, in a hoarse voice.

 Carolyn just nodded, still twitching from the orgasm she endured, when his cock was pulled out she wrapped her little hand around it, with her fingers, the creamy flesh was thick, and the vanes were seen through out his long shaft. Carolyn placed her mouth around it and down she went. A long groan escaped Tom's mouth. "Fuck..." He hissed, as he felt her tongue, and the inside of her mouth massage his dick. He grabbed her head pushing her down onto his dick causing her to gag, and come up slobber was hanging on his dead. "That a girl, suck daddy's dick! Your better than mommy." He murmured, as Carolyn continued going down on him, making surping noises.
 Tom just watched his daughter suck him off with high anticipation. HE groaned, and watched as her young little mouth went to town, till her mouth was exhausted. "Good girl... now bend over..." he told his daughter.

Carolyn stood, and her daddy bent her over pushing her head against the back of the couch. She felt her daddy move her legs. "Yeah spread them for daddy...! Nice..." His fingers fondled her pussy from behind, wiggling and sliding a finger in causing his daughters pussy to reflex, and tighten, on his fingers. She was so fuckin tight. Virgin obviously. He grinned with high anticipation... He slid two fingers in getting a gasp from Carolyn. "Yeah.. feel my fingers up your puss!" He grinned, as he felt his cock twitching up and down slightly just waiting to feel her virgin cunt lips around his thick daddy dick.

  After a few moments of that, getting her worked up again he stood, and moved behind her, he grabbed her ass, with a groaned, as he grabbed the shaft of his cock, and pressed it against the opening causing a gasp, and a twitch from Carolyn. "Good girl... you'll like this..." He responded to her, as he slid his dick into the tight virgin daughter hole. SHe let out a painful scream, feeling the large shaft penetrate her young folds. "At a girl.. stay like that...!" He slid his cock up in her causing himself to groan, he couldnt' remember when he fucked pussy this tight. He groaned thrusting hsi head back and shook it before turning his eyes back down onto the wet mass of pussy juice on his cock. He heard his daughters moans and screams, and it just made him want her pussy more. Being horny has its fuckin consequences. Soon he started going faster grabbing her ass pulling her into him. It took Carolyn awhile to get use to it, and start enjoying it.

 "Ooh daddy... yeah...! Don't stop.." she begged, as he grinned, "Daddy keep on baby!" he said, grabbing her ass. "You're so tight." He grabbed her and pulled her up to him, dick still in her twat. He grabbed her titties and slammed her, as he tasted her neck, and hissed in her ear. SHe whimpered in her young innocent voice. "Aww... yeah... oh gosh.... mmnmmh.." she purred. Her juices were runnign down her own leg now, from the wetness. He jiggled her tits, and groaned, as he bit his lip harshly, hearing her moan, 'Daddy' Over and over again. He didn't know how much longer he could take being inside his daughter. It was too hot...! "SHIT! Get your mouth down here..." he said forcefully, yanking his pussy sodden cock, he pushed her head down, and she fell to her knees, weakly. SHe had a few tears stinging her eyes from the painful penetration, mingled with the anticpiating desire for more. She watched her father jack his dick, with his hand,and it only took two strokes for white hot cum to shoot out, onto the girls innocent face. He groaned, and jerked. Carolyn felt the hot sticky, cum on her face... he grinned and looked down at her... as she looked up sheepishly, her face covered in cum... "Hows your first time?" he whispered, in a hoarse voice... just as the door jiggled, causing both eyes to widen... the door opened...

  ~The END~ 

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