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My Shame

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My Shame

I’ve kept a secret hidden from the world. It’s my shame. It has tortured me for so long that the only way to release myself is to write it down so that I might be forgiven my trespass. My name’s James. I stand 5’8”, 142 lbs., with bright blond hair, and light blue eyes. I’m average looking with little muscle mass. But my most impressive feature was what you couldn’t see, my 9” special friend, with what I believe is an amazing girth. But I am the strong silent type. I’m very shy and usually keep to myself. Thus the reason I’m still a virgin. My father had died two years before and mom had been taking care of me alone ever since. Dad left us with little

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money, but mom was able to get a job at a law firm as a secretary. My mom has always been a strong woman. She is also a very gorgeous woman standing 5’7”, 130lbs., with a 36c chest and an ass that would make J.Lo green with envy. She has long blond hair and emerald green eyes. She’s every teenagers wet dream come true. Yet, strangely she’s never dated since dad died. She shots down every man that hit on her and in the most embarrassing ways she could think up. I never understood my she hadn’t allowed a man to fill the void left by my deceased father. But what I didn’t know was that she had found a man to fill that void and that man was me.

My story began the summer of my fourteenth birthday. I was off from school and my mother had asked if I would like to spend a couple of weeks at my Uncle John’s cabin. She said we could go up and celebrate my birthday there. Knowing that I loved spending time up there, hiking and swimming, and I didn’t have any friends to celebrate with anyway I readily agreed. So my birthday came and we got up early to pack the car. And I noticed that mom had packed a few more bags than usual. “Mom what’s with all the extra luggage.” I inquired. “It’s a surprise for when we get to the cabin, sweetie.” she answered. “Is it my presents?” I probed further. “Maybe, but you’ll have to wait and see.” She replied with a smile dancing on her lips. She loved teasing me. Knowing when to give up I finish loading the car and off we went.

My uncle’s cabin is in a beautiful, but extremely isolated area. The isn’t another person within 10 miles of it. The perfect place to rest and leave the world behind you. It took six hours to get there and I was stiff from the trip. We or rather she decide I would unload the car while she would put our stuff away. So there I was on my birthday lugging heavy boxes into a cabin on a very hot afternoon. When I to unload my mom’s extra bags she promptly order me to put them directly into her room. After I was finished my told me I smell like “a three week old dead skunk,” and order me to take a shower while she made dinner. I started to protest but one look into her eyes told we to do as I was told. I went into the bathroom and climbed into the shower. The instant the hot water hit me I felt my tense muscles ease and I began to relax. I noticed that my cock had perked up and decided that I deserved one good jerk off before dinner, besides it’s my birthday right. So I soap my love tool up and began to lightly stroke myself. My pace quickened as I felt the tension leave my body. I felt my balls tighten and my penis stiffen telling me that I was close to my blissful release. When I heard a knock at the door. “Hurry up in there, dinners ready.” My mom yelled over the sound of the shower. “Okay, I’m done anyway.” I replied. Nothing like a mother to ruin a son’s moment of peace. (I’d like to point out that I never have had any sexual desires toward my mother. Maybe I was too shy or maybe it was my belief that it was wrong to think that way about your mother.) Looking back at my member I saw that it was already becoming as limp as a overcooked spaghetti noodle at the though of my mom.

I got dressed and enter the living room/dining room/kitchen and froze at the sight of my mom. She was wearing the tightest red dress in history. It barely reached down to her thighs and pressed against her ample breasts so tight you could see her nipples poking through. I must have been blushing or staring or more likely both. I also noticed my cock slowly being revived. “I wanted to look nice for your birthday.” she explained. “You look lovely, I was just caught off guard is all.” I covered to protect her feelings and my embarrassment. I went to set the table only to find she had already made our plates complete with candle light. “I thought it would be a nice change to eat like this.” She commented. “It’s perfect, but when do I get my gifts?” I asked. “After dinner sweetie.” Was her only reply. So we ate and drank. She had some wine while I had some tea she had made for me. I thought the tea tasted funny, but not wanting to hurt her feelings I keep quiet. I just assumed it was the cabins well water. After a little idol talking I started to feel dizzy and my words started to slur. Mom suddenly moved toward me and pulled my chair out and sat down on my lap. I was having trouble focusing my eyes when I heard her whisper, “I love you, son.” Then I watched as she pressed her lips to mine and slowly forced her tongue into my mouth. I didn’t know what was happening. Here I was about to pass out and my own mother was French Kissing me. With the thought that this was completely unethical, I passed out.

I awoke feeling disoriented and I had trouble getting up. I knew I was on a bed, but I didn’t know how I got there. As my head began to clear I started remembering what happened. My mom kissing me and me passing out, but I pushed those thoughts out of my head thinking they were just some twisted dream. I felt a mild headache developing and tried to get up to get an aspirin when I realized that I was strapped down, I couldn’t get up. Fear and worry shot through my mind. I began screaming for my mom, worried that something had happened to her. “Quiet sweetie. Calm down.” I heard my mother say. I saw her approach me and was rendered speechless at the sight of her. Gone was the tight red dress only to be replaced with a see through black teddy. Her little light pink nipples were hard and poking out at me. Looking down revealed that she was wearing only a black thong to compliment the teddy top. It left her ass completely exposed to my sinfully wondering eyes. The front was nothing more than a small triangle barely covering my mother’s surprisingly wet pussy. When I managed to look her in the face I saw that she had applied dark black eye shadow and the brightest red lipstick I had ever seen. Fear crept back inside me as I realized that she had drugged me and tied me up.

“Mom, what’s going on let me up.” I pleaded. “I can’t do that and as for what’s going on, I’ve decided to redefine our relationship.” she replied. “What do you mean ‘redefine’ our relationship is just fine. Just untie me and we can forget this whole episode.” I said almost at a whisper. “Fine my ass, for two years I’ve cared for you, loved you, and tended to your needs. And for two years I’ve been without a full male companion. Having to satisfy my needs with mechanical devises and cheap porno movies. Now its time you took your place as man of the house. Its time your started tending to your responsibilities and your First responsibility is to pleasure the woman of the house. And that’s me, from now on you are my man and I am your woman. And as for untying you I like you just the way I have you.”

She approached the bed enjoying my naked body, imaging all things that she was about to due to me. She sat down beside me on the bed. “Please this isn’t right, I’m your son, this can’t happen.” I said pleading my case. Her only response was to bend down and press her lips to mine. I could feel her tongue trying to force its way back into my mouth, but I refuse it. She moved her right hand to my nipple at started twisting it. My mouth open from the pain and I felt her tongue probe my mouth searching out my tongue. I felt a tear fall from my eye. After a minute or so she pulled back and she said, “See that wasn’t so bad.” “Please mom you have to stop. I’m a virgin and I can’t loose my virgin getting rapped by my own mom.” I begged. “Don’t worry son you won’t be a virgin much longer.” she laughed. She moved to kiss me again and I again refused her entry only to have her twist and dig her nails into my nipples. She pulled back frustrated. She looked at me angrily and said, “It’s time I told you the rules. When I tell you to do something you are to do it if you don’t you will be punished. Understand!!” Before I could speak she motioned toward the far wall. What I saw scared me into complete silence and obedience. On that wall was a collection of whips, chains, and some very painful looking electrical devises. She said, “Now I don’t wish to physically harm you, but I will if you refuse or hesitate to do as I say. I wish to make love to you, but you must cooperate or else. Understood!” I nodded resigned to my fate and fearful of the painfully repercussions of refusal. “Now kiss you mom.” She commanded. She bent down to kiss me and this time I allowed her tongue to explore my mouth freely. I used my tongue to massage hers and slowly entered her mouth with my tongue.

She broke the kiss and stood up saying “You taste mouth so sweet and your so much better at kissing than your father was. Now lets see how good that mouth feels as it eats my pussy.” With that she started untying my right hand. “Now don’t get any ideas, this hand is for my pleasure, don’t forget I’m stronger than you.” she cautioned. She slowly guided my hand to her mouth sucking my fingers to get them wet. Then I felt my hand being pushed down into her thong panties to her awaiting pussy. I started to massage and caress her vagina, causing her to moan “that’s good son love you mommy’s pussy, baby.” And for a reason I can’t fathom, I tore the thong from her body. And before my eyes I saw the pinkest, most unbelievably gorgeous pussy of my entire. “Eager aren’t we.” she said with a little shock. I watch as the woman that gave me life climbed onto the bed a straddled my head. I reached up with my free hand and pulled her pussy to my salivating mouth. I lick along the outer walls of her pussy teasing her as I slowly approaching her bright red clit. The moment my tongue found her button she screamed “THAT’S IT SON EAT YOUR MOMMY’S PUSSY. OOH IT FEELS SOO GOOD.” With this encouragement I slide two of my wet fingers into her while I sucked her clit into my mouth, while I drank in my mother’s love juice. As I rhythmically worked my fingers in and out of my place of my birth. She screamed, “THAT’S IT FINGER FUCK ME. PLEASE DON’T STOP I THINK I’M CUMMING.” Her body shook with the power of a two year old pent-up orgasm. She force her pussy down onto my face nearly suffocating me. She thrashed wildly above me. As her orgasm passed she pulled up and as she did I deeply inhaled the sweet smell of her sex.

Mom moved to lay beside me and noticed I had cried through the entire ordeal. Softly she began stroking my hair and moved to kiss and taste my tears. “You were wonderful. Now stop crying we did nothing wrong. Remember I love you. Do you love?” She asked. “Yes mama.” was all I could replied as another tear escaped me. She moved to kiss it and in the process her still wet pussy rubber my slightly enlarged cock. “Oh my.” she exclaimed as she felt my hardening prick. “All this time I’ve be lecturing you about handling your manly responsibilities and I’ve gone and forgotten about your needs.” Before I could protest, her hand lightly grasped my quickly enlarging member. “Mom, please you don’t have to. You can just let it go.” I said half-heartedly. It was the first time someone other than myself had touched me down there. “Nonsense, you can’t expect me not to play with my new toy. Besides I’m dying to know if you cock tastes as good as your mouth.” she said giggling to herself. Gently mom started stroking my cock, bringing me to my full length and width. “GOOD LORD!! I’ve never seen one so big. How were you able to hide this beast from me for so long?” She asked with much enthusiasm. I blushed with pride, then felt guilty and surprised by my response. Before I could respond to her question she began to stroke my penis with greater speed. She moved her head and took my swollen balls into her mouth. Causing a moan to escape me. She proceeded to lick up and down my shaft getting me ready for her lovely red mouth. I watched as she began to slowly take all of my love tool into her mouth. She started to gag but didn’t stop until her head reached my abdomen. Then she worked her head up and down my shaft bringing me closer to a volcanic orgasm. I fought the urge to cum. I refused to give in to my lust. She pulled away only long enough to say, “Give in to mommy, son. Cum for me, I want, no I need to taste your sweet cum.” Hearing that caused me to loose all self control. As she was placing my cock back in her mouth my hand shot forward I grabbed her head I forced her to take me all at once. She almost gagged, caught completely by surprise at my action, yet she didn’t struggle. She allowed me to face fuck her at an incredible pace. I could feel my cock pushing deeper and deeper into her throat. “OOH GOD!! Mom your mouth feels incredible. FASTER MOM. FASTER. I’M CUMMING” I moaned giving myself completely into this forbidden and new feeling. I forced myself deep into her mouth as I filled her throat with my cum. She slow pulled her head up to taste me. And sucked every drop of my seed into her awaiting mouth. My body collapsed unto the bed as my own orgasm subsided. She savored my juice and when she swallowed the last of my cum she looked up at me and smiled. New tears streaked down my face as I looked into her eyes and realized for the first time just how much I loved her.

She slowly crawled up and lay beside me. Now it was my turn to kiss her. Her lips parted quickly as I engaged the next and most intimate sexual interlude. I lightly stroked her hair and said. “Mom, I’m sorry. I love you with all my heart. Please allow me to prove my love to you.” While she began to free my left hand, I moved my right hand along her back looking for the latch to free my mother’s firm breast that were trapped in her teddy. With both my hands free I was able to strip the teddy from her body. Freeing those golden orbs from their prison, I started circling her areola with my tongue. I started sucking them as if I were a new born child. I took as much of her breast as possible into my hungry mouth. I moved my newly free hand along my mom’s smooth belly as she cried out. “Suck my tits baby, suck then dry honey.” My figures found her pussy still wet from my loving tongue. With one hand I slowly massaged her clit, with the other I caressed her breast softly rubbing her nipple causing both the harden under my touch. Mom’s hand slipped down to my already hardening monster and coached me to full salute in short order. “Sweetie I need to feel you inside me, my pussy aches for your teenage manhood.” She begged. “Mom I need you pussy. I can’t stand another minute without being inside you. I want to feel your body impaled on my cock.” I lustfully replied. She began to straddle me and stopped short of my cock and just stared into my eyes. Nothing needed to be said, we both knew we were about to cross the ultimate line, committing incest with each other. And we didn’t care about the consequences. She slowly reach down and guide my 9” python to her love canal. I gently pulled up rubbing its head along her swollen pussy lips. A gasp escaped both our lips. I pulled her down slowly filling her pussy inch by inch with my swollen cock. I could feel her pussy stretch to its limit as it was forced to accommodate my intruding penis. Mom came to rest on my chest as she completely took me into her. We began a slow rhythmic pace, she would pull up and as she came down I would rise to meet her, penetrating deeper and deeper into her pussy. She quickened her pace as she approached her orgasm. “Fuck me son. Fuck your mom. Fuck me hard. HARDER. FASTER. HARDER. FASTER.” Our breathing came in fast shallow gasps as our fucking became for frantic, more urgent. Both of us were lost in our own pleasure. She moved up and down on me faster and faster she forced me even deeper into her love starved pussy. I began to quicken my pace to match hers. “Right there don’t stop. I’m going to cum. Cum with me son.” She pulled me tight to her and I felt my cock fill with sperm awaiting their climatic release. “I’m close mom real close. I love you.” “I’M CUMMING. I’M CUMMING.” We cried in unison. My mom’s body rocked as orgasm after orgasm ravished her body. I pulled her down hard impaling her on my cock as ropes of my cum filled her thirsty pussy. Her pussy sucked at my cock greedily, milking every last drop out me. As our pace slowed she came to rest against my chest. And I lightly whispered into her ear, “I am your man.” She looked deep into my eyes as tears began to swell and cascade down her face and said, “And I am your woman.”

That was five years ago. We still live together and still make love. She continues working at the law firm and I start college in the fall. The world keeps on turning, blissfully unaware of our indiscretions. Yet, every now and then I can’t help but wonder if what we are doing is truly wrong or just a new way to express our love for each other. The end!?!

The Family Pussy

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Father-Daughter Affair 7

by Youngstuff



Mari P.



Tony cornered his sister Mari at school during lunch where they could talk privately. He told Mari he had really enjoyed her pussy the other night and that he wouldn’t mind another piece of pussy from her. Mari was leaning back against the wall with her head and shoulders looking out of her big brown eyes, all innocent. As innocent as any 14 year old girl could be after having fucked her daddy and her brother in the same week.


It was the same old courting game that all boys and girls play except Tony was after his little sister’s pussy again! Mari looked great in her yellow spaghetti-strap top that showed her fi

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rm belly and her pierced belly button. Her 34" B-cup tits were standing proud against her strapless bra and clearly showed major cleavage. Mari’s tight jeans were worn and showed every move her sexy hips made. You couldn’t help but notice the perfect side to side ass-whip when she walked in them. Every guy in school was wanting to fuck her!

Mari smiled up at her brother and asked him why she should even consider making love with him again? Mari could feel the familiar tingle in her jeans that she had experienced that first night with her daddy before he had fucked her. She tried her best to be cool and not show her brother that she was indeed horny. There was no doubt though, it was her brother who would most likely be fucking her soon again.



"Because I know my baby sister enjoyed me fucking her. It was plain to me the way you were working those sexy hips with me during all that fucking we did together. Besides, remember, you even climbed on top the second time without me asking for that piece!" Tony reminded her.


"But that doesn’t mean I want to do it with you again does it Tony?" Mari explained. Mari had been thinking about making love with her daddy all day and wanted to be in bed with him again but he wasn’t here, her brother was! It wasn’t fair Mari thought. She wanted her daddy riding her and filling her with his hard cock.

Tony touched Mari’s bare waistline with his fingers as Mari jumped with "sparks" at his touch and released a soft "oooo". "That tells me your sexed up and wanting some cock in you though Mari and you know I got the cock that makes you dance don’t you baby?" Tony stated.


Mari tried to hide her smile as she only responded " maybe". Mari didn’t regret fucking her brother, in fact it had been really good intercourse with him. Mari had enjoyed the way his cock filled her pussy.


Yeah, Mari was his sister, but right now Tony was treating Mari just like any other piece of tail he was after. Tony was 18 but very experienced with the girls, like his dad. Getting his 14 year old sister back in the bed just wasn’t that big of a challenge to him. He knew what to say and do to make her want it and follow him for it. He intended to fuck his little sister again today and would not take no for an answer.


Tony peaked down his sister’s top and eyed the front of her jeans which held Mari’s delicious cunt which he would soon fill with his throbbing cock. Mari’s tail had a bull’s eye on it and her brother aimed to drill her ass soon.


Mari lightly pushed him away and told him to quit looking down her top. Tony closed right back in and even pulled his sister’s top out further so he could see her breasts plainly. Mari complained to him once more but he just told her he had seen her naked once before and she was going to be naked again very soon so she could consider it a preview of her tits.


Tony knew no-one else was watching so he leaned forward and took a little lip off of his sexy little sister followed by a more intimate kiss. Then a deep french kiss from Mari with his hand on her ass gripping one of her cheeks. Tony fondled his little sister’s ass as they kissed even running his hand up and in between her legs causing Mari to moan softly. Mari told her brother they shouldn’t because someone might see them. Then we have to leave school little sister so I can get me some of your hot pussy again baby.


Tony stated his directions to Mari, " I’m going up to the office and I’m going to sign us both out. You go get your back-pack and meet me up there in five minutes baby, because you can’t go the rest of the day without me sticking my cock in you Mari and you know it". Tony kissed Mari again as he fondled her delicious ass. Your pussy needs fucking so hurry up and meet me so we can get your legs spread soon and



I’ll fill your cunt with what you love.


With that Tony turned and walked away from Mari as he headed to the office. Mari stood there, weak in her knees, watching her brother’s cute butt walk off. Mari was a little pissed. She didn’t like it that her brother knew her this well. She did need a hard cock in her. She hadn’t been to bed with her daddy since the motel a week ago. Tony had been the last one fucking her. "Damn" Mari exclaimed as she stomped off with a classic ass-whip that stated she was ready to do some hard fucking!


Tony looked up as Mari walked into the office with her back pack in hand. He smiled as she looked back at him with a scowl. "You ready to go little sister" Tony asked.


"I’m here aren’t I?" she blurted out as they turned and exited the school office.

Tony opened the passenger door for Mari and let her crawl in then he went to his side and entered. He cranked the car and looked around to see if any one was around them. Seeing no one he leaned over and they began kissing. Tony got a handful of Mari’s breast but she pushed it away.


"Where are you taking me to Tony?" Mari asked.


I know dad is working so why don’t we go over there and spend the afternoon fucking in his bed. Is that cool to you baby? Mari pulled her make-up kit out of her small purse and told her brother, " well, your driving."


Mari touched up her make-up as Tony drove to their dad’s house. She even put on some lip gloss and added more perfume to "various electric spots".


Tony pulled into the drive and parked. They walked to the door with his arm around Mari’s waist. Tony knew where the key was hid and he opened the door. They were barely inside before he seized his little sister from behind.

Mari dropped her purse in the floor as her brother put his arms around her from behind and kissed her neck and ran his hands over her jeans. "I want your pussy right now Mari" Tony moaned. "I can’t wait to feel my little sister’s tight cunt wrapped around my hard cock."


Tony found Mari’s lips and they began to kiss passionately as Mari felt her desire for her brother’s cock to fill her aching love-hole growing by the minute.


"Damn you Tony! You’ve got me so horny it’s driving me crazy", Mari told her brother.


They walked into the living room where Mari turned to face her brother and she fell into his arms as they began to kiss again. Tony’s hands were all over his sister’s perfectly shaped ass. Mari was only 14 but she had the classic upside-down, heart-shaped ass you expect to see on a beautiful cheerleader. Mari’s ass would get a major workout this afternoon and tonight!

"Not here Tony please. If you want me, then make-love to me in a bed this time where I can enjoy it more and make it better for you baby ok?" Mari asked.

Tony smiled and led Mari by the hand over to the couch. Their was about to be some serious brother-sister fucking going on! Before Mari could lay down on the couch, her brother was peeling her top over her head followed by unhooking her bra and dropping it to the floor by the couch.


Tony whispered in Mari’s ear, "You want your brother’s dick buried in you bad don’t you baby?"

Mari could only reply from the passion she was feeling, " yes Tony. I really need it baby". As soon as she said it she was in disbelief that she had even uttered the words. They were true but how could she have actually said it, revealing the truth of her soul. With that declaration Mari sealed her sexual fate for this day and night.


Mari followed that statement with; "God I want it deep Tony, please!"

Tony stood and stripped naked showing his hard throbbing cock to Mari. "Oh yeah baby sister. Your brother is gonna take care of your sweet pussy. I want to hear you moaning my name when my dick is filling your hot cunt."


Mari wasn’t at all ashamed to have sex with her older brother. He was sexy and all the girls wanted him. Why shouldn’t she spread her legs for him and enjoy the pleasure of his big cock driving into her young body? Mari had enjoyed fucking him the other night and knew their sex would be even better this afternoon and she was so ready for it.


Tony joined Mari on the couch now as their lips melted together and their tongues began to wrestle. They were both uttering soft moans and desires as their kissing continued for several minutes as Tony fondled his sexy sister’s ass and legs.


Tony then licked Mari’s neck and chest before settling on a bare breast. He circled Mari’s breast globe several times with his tongue before pulling her nipple into his mouth and swallowing a large portion of tender breast meat with it. Tony sucked and slurped his sister’s breast like a hungry animal.

Mari could feel the intense sucking pressure her brother was applying and it sent tingles of pleasure through her body. Mari could also feel Tony’s hard cock pressing against the crotch of her jeans and she dreamed of how wonderful it would soon feel plunging deep inside of her over and over!


Tony suddenly stopped and sat up. He pulled Mari by the hair of her head up and over towards his lap. She instinctively knew what her brother’s lust was. Mari rolled to her side facing her brother’s cock with her body longways on the couch. Mari’s mouth popped open ready to give the pleasure desired.

Mari kissed the head of her brother’s big cock with her soft lips before flicking her tongue all around the spearhead and around his shaft. Mari slowly licked up and down his meat-stick with a strong and forceful tongue. Mari was nearly in a state of worship for her brother’s cock.


Mari worked back up to the top of this wonderful instrument of pleasure, then opened her lips wide to accept Tony’s throbbing cock into her oral cavity. Tony could not contain his moan of satisfaction as he watched his little sister swallow his dick! "Oh God Mari" he moaned loudly!


Mari had to breathe through her nose because the size of her brother’s cock cut off all air through her mouth. Mari moaned and gave approving sighs of "Umm, umm" as she enjoyed the taste of a man’s cock again. Mari’s big brown eyes outlined with her painted eyelashes and blue eyeliner glanced up at her brother’s face off and on as she looked for signs of his approval in how she was sucking his cock.

Mari could see him open his mouth and let a soft moan escape each time she sank his meat-pole back into her throat. He smiled when she rose to the tip of his penis and circled the spearhead with her tongue and then began to sink him back down through her mouth again. Tony had dated 18 and 19 year-old girls who couldn’t suck cock near as well as his own 14 year-old sister.


Mari continued to suck her brother’s cock passionately feeling his heart beating in her mouth as Tony’s dick slowly grew larger in his sister’s mouth. It swelled till Mari could feel the large veins full of blood and knew his cock juice was near. Tony suddenly pulled her head up off his cock using the a fist full of hair.


He looked at her and said; " No bitch, every drop of my sperm is gonna fill your tight, little pussy today Mari!" Your gonna have no doubt that your pussy has been well fucked when I fill you to the top with my cock and cum. I’m about to give my sexy sister the fucking she needs and deserves for being such a tease with her body.


Tony stood and took Mari by the hand to help her up. They walked to their dad’s bedroom with Tony’s arm around his sister’s bare waistline. Tony thought he could actually smell the sweet scent of his sister’s pussy. They stood in the doorway of their dad’s bedroom facing each other and kissing. Tony was nude and Mari was topless. Mari could feel her brother unbuttoning her jeans and then she felt them drop to her ankles with a push on each side of her hips by her brother. Mari’s panties quickly joined her jeans on the floor as her young naked body pressed into her older brother’s flesh.


Mari’s soft hand held her brother’s large hand and led him to the bed where she turned down the sheets for them. Mari longed to feel a hard cock buried in her again and she didn’t want to wait for it! Mari laid in the middle of the bed and held her brother’s jerking cock in her hand as she pulled him to her spread legs. Mari leaned up to gently kiss her brother’s cheek and softly whispered she wanted him to make love to her.

Tony was crouched on his knees between his sexy sister’s naked legs with his cock-head poised against the entrance of her pussy. He leaned forward and kissed Mari’s glossed lips as he suddenly sank his penis fully into Mari. Mari moaned loudly " OH GOD YES TONY!".


Tony began a slow rhythmic fucking of his 14 year old sister, Mari’s eyes were closed as she enjoyed the feeling of her hunk of a brother’s cock splitting her hungry cunt open. Mari’s small hands rested against the force of her brother’s chest as he drove his cock into her time after time. Mari’s bare feet stroked up and down his hairy legs encouraging her incest lover to master her young body.


Tony sucked some breast now and then as he continued to stroke his hard cock into Mari. Mari moaned her brother’s name several times as she felt the flood of female cum release from deep inside of her womb causing her to push her pussy against her brother’s cock hard and grind her hips into him. Oh how she loved the feeling of sex with anyone who wanted her.

Tony began to swell inside of Mari as she massaged his legs and ass with her hands. She continued to moan his name as she told him she needed his cum in her. Tony now held his sister’s naked legs apart by her knees and pounded his cock deep into her until he felt his balls jump and then spurt hot male sperm into this vixen cheerleader.

They collapsed together for a moment as Mari caught her breath after their first fucking of the day. Mari soon climbed atop of her brother and straddled him, playing his limp cock against her vagina and clitoris. Mari smiled at Tony and told him she wanted more! Mari did love fucking very much.


Scott pulled up into his yard noticing his son’s vehicle parked there. He thought that was unusual since it was a school day and it was only like 2 in the afternoon. The door was also un locked but Tony knew where he kept the key at so that was ok. It was just strange. Maybe his son was sick and had come over to lay down.


Scott silently opened the door and saw a small purse laying in the entrance hall with a large blue "M" on it. That was odd...Mari had a purse like that! Scott then heard some sounds down the hallway and decided to quietly investigate in case of burglars or something. As he walked down the hall he passed the living room where he saw male and female clothes in the floor.


He quietly reached the door way to his bedroom where he saw a pair of girls jeans and panties laying in the floor. The sounds were unmistakable now. Someone was in his bedroom fucking! Tony stood there and clearly saw the sexy form of his young daughter riding a cock buried in her cunt. She was working her hips and moaning from the undeniable pleasure she was receiving. It was stunning but he now realized that his 18 year-old son and his 14 year-old daughter were fucking in his bed and they were serious with it! He decided to silently stand and enjoy the performance.


He watched Mari work and buck her hips as she rode her brother’s up-thrusts of cock-meat. He saw his son’s hands kneading and massaging his young daughter’s delicious bare flesh, hips, ass and legs as they kept fucking. The same ass he had already enjoyed fucking a few times himself. Mari was no-doubt a sweet, young piece of ass and Scott had to admit he enjoyed the view of her taking cock in her pussy even though it wasn’t his, yet!


Scott watched as Mari exploded in a massive orgasm as her brother filled her pussy with a second load of hot sex-juice. Mari left her brother’s cock in her as she laid forward on his chest to rest. Her sexy legs were still quivering and jerking as the sensations of their delicious fucking session flowed through her young body and soul. Mari knew she was hooked on her brother’s cock and that she could never deny his lust for her. Mari could never see herself unwilling to spread for her brother and provide her pussy to his needs.


Scott eased back out before they noticed him and he went into the living room and sat in his favorite chair which was in the back corner of the room. It was turned slightly towards the wall so he could sit there without being noticed unless his son and daughter looked for him.


Tony came out to living room after a few minutes and sat on the couch as he turned on the tv. Mari walked out about 5 minutes later wearing her thong panties and a button-up shirt belonging to her daddy. Mari stood in front of her brother as he ran a hand up under the shirt tail and played with her panties. He told Mari to go get him a beer from the refrigerator. Mari did as she was told.


Mari handed her brother his beer and sat on his lap with her sexy legs open for his viewing pleasure. Tony asked his little sister if she enjoyed the fucking they just did. Mari could only reply of course she did. Mari told Tony she would have sex with him anytime he wanted her.


"You feel so good when your deep inside of me Tony. I love having sex with you baby" Mari stated.


Mari held his beer for him as they began to kiss passionately again. Tony pried his sister’s legs apart and slipped her panty down over her knees and down to the floor again. They kissed as he slipped two fingers into Mari’s still wet cunt as she grunted at the insertion. Tony began to methodically finger-fuck his little sister as Mari moaned her appreciation.



Tony unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt with his teeth and Mari laid the shirt back and exposed her breasts to her brother’s hungry lust.


Scott stood now and turned to his children on the couch. He asked in a loud voice, "what the hell are you doing Mari?" Mari jumped up from her brother’s fingering to grab her panties and close her shirt. She claimed her brother had raped her and forced her to have sex with him!


Scott slapped Mari and told her not to lie. He told her he had watched her ride her brother’s cock in the bed. You are the one that seduced him I bet Mari!


"Your going to have to pay for what you did with Tony. You have to be punished", Scott said with a smile.

Scott then pulled a set of handcuffs from his back pocket and slapped them on his young daughter. Mari was in shock at what was happening and just let her daddy lead her back to the bedroom, lay her down and connect her handcuffs to the headboard on the bed.


Scott called his son into the bedroom. Tony was still naked as he heard his dad ask him how many times he had sex with his little sister?


Tony was honest and replied " well dad I fucked her twice today and three times the other night."

Scott smiled and patted his son on the back as he told him how proud he was of him . "I guess my boy has his daddy’s eye for sexy young tail".


Tony was a little taken back and asked his dad if he was in trouble for fucking Mari. Scott put his arm around his son and told him of course not, that he’d had her himself, twice. "Your sister has a really good pussy son. I know now that it is something we should start enjoying together. We fish and hunt together, now we can start fucking pussy together too!"


"Are you sure dad? I like fucking her and it might be fun to screw her with you daddy" Tony exclaimed.


Mari couldn’t believe her brother and daddy were discussing this. How could they even think of it. Mari truly enjoyed fucking each of them but she felt their fucking should be in private, one on one not all together! Mari begged her daddy to make Tony leave and she would make love with him again, just the two of them.

Scott would have none of it and told his daughter she must be punished for her deception and all her teasing of them. Scott undressed as he told his son to go get two cherry popsicles from the freezer and a can of spray whipped cream from the refrigerator. Scott pulled a small paddle from the night-stand beside the bed.


Mari struggled against her handcuffs that held her firmly to the bed posts with her arms spread away from her sexy body and over her head. Scott used his pocket knife to cut his daughter’s cotton thong panty from her hips and toss the remains aside. He watched as Mari kicked her creamy legs in protest and he noticed his son’s sperm on Mari’s pussy lips and in her pubic hair where it had been deposited during the fucking they had already completed. Mari was about to do a lot more fucking but this time she would be servicing both the males in her life who lusted for her sexy ass. After all, she was quickly becoming "The Family Pussy".


When Tony re-entered the bedroom, his dad asked him to hold the paddle and spank his sister’s ass when he told him to. Scott rolled Mari’s hips to one side and asked her if she had seduced her brother?


Mari’s reply was "No daddy, he wanted me and made me have sex with him!"

Scott instructed Tony to give his sister’s ass cheeks 5 hard licks and Tony did as instructed. Mari cried out in pain.

Scott again asked Mari if she had seduced her brother? Mari again denied it and was spanked. The third time Mari admitted she was the one that seduced her brother, it was her fault.

Scott now asked Mari if she was going to have sex with both of them in a threesome?

"No daddy! I’m not like that daddy. I’ll make love with you or with Tony but I want to do it when we are alone, just one of you and me. I’d be embarrassed making love in front of someone else" Mari replied.

WRONG ANSWER! Five more licks were dealt to this sexy fourteen year-old ass.

"Yes you will fuck us both Mari won’t you baby?" Daddy demanded.

"Yes daddy. I will, I will, I promise. I will! Please don’t paddle me again" Mari begged.


Tony and his dad each took a side of the bed and leaned in to kiss and nibble on Mari’s neck. Each of them took a breast mound in their hand and fondled the breast-meat and played with her enlarged nipples. Mari couldn’t help but moan. Then suddenly the cherry popsicles were pressing into her breasts. Their coldness producing magnificent erect nipples.

"Oh God, oooo my God" Mari moaned.


Mari had barely moaned her pleasure when her daddy took one breast-mound into his mouth and her brother took the other as they began to hungrily feed upon her aching flesh. Mari squirmed as the popsicles trailed down her abdomen and across her hips into her pubic mound.

"No, no pleasezzzz no.." Mari pleaded.

Each popsicle took a turn splitting the lips of her pussy but never entering her cunt. The heat of young Mari’s boiling love pot quickly evaporated the last drops of cherry liquid. Mari’s dad let her breast flop from his mouth showing the redness of the intense suction he had placed on her.


Scott left his son sucking his sister’s breast and playing with her spread legs. Scott secured two more popsicles and returned to the bed. Scott had his son take a popsicle and told him it was time to punish Mari some more.


Scott eased his popsicle into his daughter’s cunt and told his son to do the same. Mari came up off the bed at the intense coldness inside of her as her lovers worked their cold prongs in and out of her. They both licked and slurped her creamy thighs, hips and tummy. Mari moaned and cried in pain and pleasure as her torture continued until only the bare sticks from the popsicles were left, her hungry pussy having devoured the last vestiges of the icy treats.


Mari moaned her dad’s name and begged him to fuck her now please?

Scott slapped her and asked her if she would ever again have sex without both of them being invited to share her bed and fuck her.

"Daddy please? Please, you know I love to have sex with you and with Tony too, but can’t I just make love with one of you at a time in private? I promise, I’ll always give you both some but let me do it my way daddy." Mari begged.


Scott slapped her again and then raised her butt for her brother to spank hard with seven licks of the paddle.

"You’ll fuck us both now and you’ll keep fucking us in a threesome when we tell you we are ready for some pussy, won’t you Mari?" Scott demanded. " And you will ask us both to take your pussy now. Ask your brother and daddy to fuck you Mari!" Scott exclaimed.


Mari dripped a tear from her brown eyes as she asked them both to fuck her and to fuck her at the same time.


"Should we oblige your poor little sister son?" Scott asked.

"I wouldn’t mind another piece of her pussy daddy" Tony replied.


Scott told his son to get him a little bit of pussy first. Scott stuck his cock in Mari’s face as Tony crawled between his sister’s sexy legs and sank his cock deep into her cunt. When gasped at his penetration her mouth opened and Scott slipped his meat into her mouth to be sucked off.


Mari oooed and moaned as her pussy was ravaged and audibly showed her delight at the taste of her daddy’s cock. Mari loved to suck cock now and she tried to capture more and more cock into her mouth and throat. Tony got about three or four minutes of steady pussy until his dad said to swap.


Tony moved and Mari gladly accepted his cock in her mouth tasting her own pussy juices on her brother’s cock. Scott slipped between her muscular legs and plunged his bulging cock deep into his daughter’s pussy causing her to rise from the bed with her hips to meet the massive intruder. Mari’s pussy seemed better than ever to her daddy as he drove into her hard and deep.

Scott held Mari’s classic cheerleader thighs in his hands as he drilled her cunt over and over. Tony loved looking at his sister’s cheeks cave in as she applied suction to his cock as it stroked in and out of her mouth. Mari could feel her brother’s heart beating in her mouth as she sucked him. Mari could feel the swelling veins of his cock and she could also feel her daddy growing in her cunt as he prepared to cream her vaginal canal and womb.


Suddenly both of her lover’s cocks were spewing their hot, sticky cream into her body. One filled her mouth, throat and belly as the other filled her love canal. Mari couldn’t control her emotions and she erupted into a massive orgasm. She creamed her daddy’s penis with her young female cum-juice. Her sexy body jumped and jerked as the delicious sensations of being the "family fucking toy" swept through her soul.


They all collapsed together with her daddy’s cock buried in Mari still and her brother’s cock laying on her glossy lips. Sperm from her brother and daddy oozed from her mouth and pussy. Mari felt so warm and complete. She never dreamed it could be this good sharing her love with the men in her life.


Having a short fucking session with his vivacious young daughter and his son had been awesome for Scott. It was almost five o’clock though and Mari’s mom would soon be looking for her. Scott uncuffed his daughter and helped her up from the bed.


Scott held Mari in his arms and kissed her as Tony pressed against her naked rear. Scott told Mari she was to go out with her brother Saturday night. He informed Mari and Tony that he would call Tony and tell him where to bring Mari so they could enjoy a night of good fucking together. He told Mari to take her vitamins and birth control and to wear something really sexy for her men. He warned Mari to be ready to put out a lot if she wanted to keep on being "The Family Pussy".

Farmed Out Part Two

gwkent on Incest Stories

Part 2

I stood up from the chair, my cock now going soft in the wet mess i had left in my pants.

"hmmm looks like you made a bit of mess there son, i think you know what to do, we can't have a mess in the house can we"

I looked at him and saw him pointing to the arm of the chair. I had cum all over it and in my pants and i knew what he wanted

"does daddy want me to wipe it up then"

"yes, dadddy does, but why don't you clean it up with your tongue and show daddy how much you like it"

I got down on my kness and started to lick the side of the archair, tasting my own cum on the material. This was one thing i was not at all worried about. I had often cum in my own hands and licked myself clean.

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I had become quite a lover of it, and eagerly lapped up the globs of white sticky cum.

"hmmmm, looks like you have tasted that before son,"

"yes dadddy, i have , i always like to drink my own cum when i have been playing with myself"

"very nice, why dont you take you pants off then and show daddy how you clean up for me"

I took my pants off and held them to my face, looking up at him with my eyes, i started to lick the juice from my boxers,

"it's nice daddy, it tastes so sexy, do you like watching me lick it off"

"ohhh yes son, i do it's very kinky do you know how that makes me feel watching you do that"

"i hope it is turning you on daddy, i would like to think that i am pleasing you"

"it is son, can't you see the bulge in my trousers?"

"yes i can daddy, it that for me?"

"hmmm, would you like it"

I was now very much into this little game, i had always been quite sexually driven, but had been given little chance to explore anything, being an only child meant i had to find ways to enjoy myself with quiet wanks under the covers. Now here i was in a situation that gave me a wonderful opportunity. I had never thought of doing anything with another man before, let alone my granddad....but there was something very kinky about these games. I was not going to hid the fact that i was enjoying them.

"yes, daddy, i would love to see what have under there if you will let me"

"ok, but you have to promise to look after it, and treat it nicely, if you do you'll get a nice reward, do you like the sound of that"

"ohh daddy, yes i promise to be on my best behaviour with it, i will worship it and do what ever you want me to do with it"

"ok good, then you may come over and have a feel then"

I shitfted my self and stayed on my kness in front of the lump in his trousers. Firsly i started to rub my hands on him feeling his tool. He was quite hard under the material, and it was a lump i was becoming move and more excited about exploring.

Taking a lead, i started to rub my face over his bulge, and then taking licks as well.

"daddy, it does feel quite hard, should it be locked up under there"

"no son, i dont think it should"

With that i began to undo his zip and could smell his musky sweat and heat. I sniffed the opening so that he could see that i wanted to appreciate every moment.

Putting my hand inside i could feel something much larger than i had imagined.

"daddy, it feels big!!!"

"oh i think you will cope ok boy"

Feeling his now damp y-fronts with one hand i used the other to loosen the button at the top of his pants. I didn't have to worry about his belt, as of course that had comeoff a long time ago at the start of this perverted game.

His pants undone, i pulled them down, and saw at last the object of my desire....and it was not going to be a tiny object that was for sure.

i rubbed his Y-fronts again and looked towards him,

"can i take a peak daddy"

"i think you should my little horny son"

I pulled the top of pants away and looked down

"oh my word daddy, it looks huge,"

"and it's all for you son"

I pulled his pants down and his cock sprang out like a spring being uncoiled.

It was a magnificent tool, he didn't have a forskin like i had, and his knob stuck out proud and firm. He was thick, fuck me it was almost twice as thick as mine. I had seen big cocks in books before but never this thick.

As it stood to attention, he gave it a flick with his muscles, i looked up at him in amazement

"dadddy, that is massive, i never knew it could be so big, If I promise to be nice with it daddy can i play with it for a while?"

"sure you can son, let me sit down so i can relax and then you can play with it all you like"

This was clearly going a lot better than he expected, but hey what is a boy to do when he's given free range to play with a new toy.

He sat in the chair and i took him in my hands for the first time. I couldn't even get my hand around it fully, and i began to rub his shaft slowly up and down.

He could see i was transfixed by his proud penis.

"have you ever played with another cock before"

"no dadddy, never, only my own"

"so you've never tasted another mans dick then"

"oh never Daddy, but i would love to taste yours"

"well you better ask nicely then"

"ohh dadddy, may i lick your penis, i would love to taste you, and play with you in my mouth, it looks just like a lovely big lollipop"

"and it will be just as sweet for you, you'll see"

I stuck my tongue out and licked the shaft tentatively, then moving my tongue up and down a few times i ventured out towards his massive purple knob, using just the tip of my tongue i flicked over his helmet, and then went all the way down his shaft again, flicking my tongue to and fro working my way back up to where his first drops of juice had appeared. I wasted no time in picking his pre cum up with my tongue and lifting it up towards my moouth, so it stretched out.

He loved it

"my god, your a fucking natural son,"

I suddenly started to relaise what it was like to give someone pleasure, and all my life i had wanted to annoy people, this was much much better.

I now started to lick more feverishly, moving my tongue up and down his length and all over the head, i soon learned that the more i licked the shaft, the more of those sweet thick juices appeared on the top.

I started to kiss his errection, gently sucking as i did, moving up i wanted to suck that head that was getting wetter and wetter. reaching the top i put my mouth over him and tried to kiss and suck his now fully errect cock.

"oh yes son that's it, suck on you granddaddy's hard cock, suck me like your lollipop, it's nice and wet for you, keep sucking and show daddy what a good cocksucking little boy you are"

I was encouraged by this and stepped up my quest for his whole cock to be inside me. I opened wide and took the top of his cock in my mouth, still using my tongue to stimulate him, i opened wide enough to start sucking on his delicious prick. Taking the head inside i worked up and down while using my hand to wank his shaft as i did.

He tasted amazing and I was having the time of my life sucking my grandfathers cock.

"ohh yes that it's boy suck it deeper, god you are are a fuckin good cocksucker, you are making an old man very very happy here boy"

I didn't respond as i was too busy enjoying myself, forcing more and more down my throat and then coming up for air, he was so wet that his cock was now just slidign in and out of my hungry mouth, and he was getting harder and harder.

"fuck yes, thats good, dont you dare stop boy, your gonna make me cum so fucking hard"

I was engulphng as much as i could and his words made me relaise how much i wanted to finally feel what it was like to suck a cock off like the women I had seen in the movies, i wanted this man to cum in my mouth, i wanted every drop of cum to swallow. And i got the impression it was exactly what he wanted too.

He was getting close and he started to grab his cock, wanking harder as i sucked.

"ohhhh son yes, tell me where you want it, tell your old man where he should cum"

I popped my mouth off and strings of pre cum stretched from my lips to his knob.

" oh dadddyyy, fuck my face hard pleasse and shoot you load in me, pleeese daddy i have been a good boy, let me drink every drop of your hot spunk, force me to swallow every bit of your creamy sperm"

"yesss, that is what i wanted to hear from you you fuckin cum hungry whore"

I had never been so fucking turned on before and i loved his use of words, i was his, i was his fuckin slut, and i was loving it.

I opened wide and he grabbed the back of my head, forceing me down on him, i took more inches that every before and just sucked for all i was worth.

"good boy, good boy, fuck yes swallow my cock in your fucking deep throat, fuccckk yes, keep sucking bitch....make meee cummmmmm"

He pumped his cock harder and deeper inside me and i grabbed his balls and felt them stifen he was going to shoot that load all for me

"yesssss, here' it cummms boiyyyyyyy ahhhhhhh yessss"

I felt his cock go rock hard and and gush of hot spunk left his rod and went straight down my throat, god it felt good, it was thick, creamy and so fucking horny, he let another stream go it hit the back of mouth and throat, and then he just carried on cumming, he let go of my head as i started to choke, despite trying to swallow as much as i could. His cock popped from my mouth and yet he still shot thick wads into the air and all over my face, into my still wide open mouth and over my nose. Eventually the mass of liquid receeded and i was covered in goey thick spunk,

he sighed in relief and i grabeed his cock again kising his now white knob, lickign up his juices, using my tongue to lap up the bits that were dribbling down my face.

I guided his cock to my chin and let a large drop fall from my chin back on his knob and i greedly gobbled it up, i put his cock back in my mouth to suck the last drops of my reward, then looked at him as i let the juices come back out my mouth over his cock again, so i could suck them up once more.

"you are one hell of a cum slut boy, fuck that is the best blow job i've ever had"

I was pleased that i had satisfied him, and i continued to play with the spunk in my mouth for his enjoyment.

"daddy that was divine, your cum tasted so good, please tell me if I am a good boy I can have that every day, please dadddy, i'll do anything to drink you all the time"

"oh son, you can drink your grandfather cum anytime and I'll give you loads more too"

I let go of his cock and wiped my face, being careful to lick my fingers clean as well.

I was on heat big time, and just wanted more,

"oh dadddy, that was so nice, i am so horny, i love being daddys plaything, i want to do anything to please you daddy."

"oh you will son, believe me you will"

"thank you daddy, you know I would love to play with your arse like you played with mine too daddy, i bet your arse woudl taste just as nice daddy"

"it will son, but just give me a few minutes to recover ok"

"yes dadddy, what ever you want".

With that he sank it his chair and I stared up at him, like an obidient puppy does with his master, just waiting to get my tongue out and lick him all over again......

To Be Continued

The Silken Family Trap Part I

PantyhosePrincess on Incest Stories

The Silken Family Trap


Michele Nylons


My father was away interstate, had been for six months and would be for another year. As a fifteen-year-old boy, it was hard to come to grips that my father was in prison and I was ‘the man of the house’. Mom was a nurse who worked a long day shift and came from work dog tired most evenings.

She just flopped on the lounge without even removing her uniform, kicked off her white loafers, and crashed. She was a voluptuous woman who filled out her white nurses uniform, it stretched across her bosom and ass and the hemline was short. She wore lots of makeup and had flaming red hair; I had overheard other mothers at school talk about her behind he back; how she dressed like a ‘trollo

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p’; but their husbands eyes found her ass, long legs, and bust, and I could see their lust right there. I think a lot of those mothers were jealous.

My sister Eileen was a trollop, no doubt about it. She was 17 and had inherited mom’s figure and long legs, she wore far too much makeup and her school uniform skirt was far too short. Eileen liked to flaunt the rules, she was always on detention for not conforming to the school dress code but she couldn’t care less.

She wore her skirt as short as she could get away with and instead of wearing the prescribed uniform brown ankle-socks; she wore sheer to the waist pantyhose. The boys loved her and she loved them. She didn’t care about her reputation, as she saw it, at the age of sixteen and in her last year at school, it was more important to be popular than to get an education. Eileen was known as the ‘town bike’ and on parents and teachers day at school, the same fathers that cast their eyes on my mom could not help also glancing at Eileen with the same longing.

Living in the same house as my mom and sister did have advantages. From as long as I could remember I have had a fetish for nylon stockings and pantyhose. Mom wore either white or beige pantyhose with her nurse’s uniform and my sister wore beige to school but sometimes black or other coloured pantyhose with her street clothes. Of course once they were damaged they were discarded, but they did not stay in the trash long before they became part of my collection.

Alone in my room I would enact my pantyhose fantasies. I would wear them, sniff them, and wank in them, all kinds of pantyhose perversion. I loved the sight, feel, and smell of nylons. I could get an erection just rubbing their silken material against my face, and could orgasm by just rubbing my cock against the silky fabric. Yes living with two ladies who wore pantyhose every day had its advantages.

It also had its disadvantages. In the evenings I was constantly surrounded by two sexy women wearing sheer pantyhose and short dresses and skirts. I think because I was a son and a brother to them that both mom and sis just didn’t take any notice me as a man. They both often sat around with their skirts hiked up or legs akimbo and were often in various states of undress in my presence. I was just Mike, the son and brother who was a nice guy, studied hard, had few friends, and kept to himself. I think they actually felt a bit sorry for me, a geeky loner who spent most of his time in his room.

But if only they knew what I got up to in there, with their discarded pantyhose and the odd pair of nylon panties I had stolen. I wore their pantyhose and panties. I knew the sweet yet musky sell of their vaginas intimately; I had put the same silky nylon gusset that had encased their pussies against my penis. In my fantasies my mom and sister would wank me off with their nylon-encased toes. If only they knew…………………..but one day they found out.

Mom had come home about seven thirty, dog-tired from a day at the hospital. She kicked off her white loafers and the pungent yet arousing smell of nylon encased feet that had spent all day in hot shoes hit my nose. She ruffled my hair and kissed my cheek.

"Mom is just going to lie down for a little while son," she said. "Please go and fix me an ice cold Coke". I went into the kitchen and fixed the Coke and returned to the living room to find mom asleep on the lounge.

She was lying on her side and her white nurse’s uniform dress had rucked up around her ass. She was wearing white pantyhose today and pulled on a pair of white nylon panties over them. The crotch of mom’s panties looked hot and stained from her long day at work.

This was not an unusual situation, mom often crashed on the lounge like this and I would steal furtive glances up her skirt until I could take it no more and retire to my room for relief. This evening however, I knew my sister had a hot date with some guy she had been trying to get to take her out for ages. She wouldn’t be home for ages. I had my chance to try something I had wanted to do for a long time.

I put the Coke on the table and sat on the far end of the lounge. The TV was on and deliberately make plenty of noise and movement, I had to be sure mom was sleeping deeply. She didn’t stir at all. I reached out and gently placed my hand on her calf. I caressed the sheer nylon and immediately felt myself get hard in my jeans.

I stroked mom’s nylon calf for a couple of minutes, it felt lovely but it was also my plan to see haw far I could go without waking her up. She remained dead to the world. I took a deep breath and slid my hand up her thigh, the nylon was stretched taught and shiny here and as I stroked mom’s thigh I felt a drop of pre-come drip out of the end of my penis. I reached down and slowly unzipped my fly.

My throbbing hard cock sprang out; it was red and engorged. I continued to caress mom’s pantyhosed thigh and slowly wank my cock. It was nice but I wanted to feel that sheer nylon on my cock; I wanted to touch my mom with it. I re-positioned myself and was now on my knees on the end of the lounge. If mom woke up now I would have no alibi, kneeling there with my cock out of my jeans. I bent down over mom and put my nose next to her nylon covered pussy, I breathed in the heady aroma of mom’s cunt though her panties and hose.

I gently stroked the sheer white nylon of her panty crotch and felt the heat mom’s pussy had generated. I dare not linger in this compromising position any longer; I sat back down on the lounge. Now I eased myself so I was hunched over mom’s legs. I placed my cock against my mother’s pantyhosed calf and began to rub it gently against the sheer nylon. The feeling was exquisite and I became lost in my fantasy come true. I was rubbing my hard cock against my mom’s nyloned leg finally one of my deepest desires had come true. I knew what I was doing was wrong but it felt so good.

Then the door flew open and my sister flew into the room "That cheap, no good asshole" she yelled, then…………… "What the fuck do you think you’re doing?" She hissed at me.

"I, I, I, Shhhhhhhhhh" I hissed back quickly shoving my cock back in my pants.

Mom stirred "What’s up!"

"Nothing mom, just go back to sleep ok," I soothed.

I was glaring at Eileen who was mesmerised with shock at what she had seen. I got up and grabbed my sister and shoved her out of the room, down the hall, and in to my room.

"You, you, you" she stammered "were touching mom with your thing." she was still shocked but now she seemed to be coming around.

"You, you, you………You dirty little bastard." she started to smirk.

"I knew you were a perv, all the time you spend in your room with the door locked. All the times I couldn’t find my pantyhose and panties. And all the times mom and I found those suspicious stains on the pantyhose and panties we had left to hang in the bathroom!"

"You fucking dirty perv!"

"Shut up" I hissed in her face. "Shut up! shut up! shut up!" I pushed her and she fell on my bed, she looked up at me and laughed

"Wait until I tell everyone about my brother the pantyhose pervert," she said vindictively.

She was lying where I had pushed her, propped on her elbows facing me. Her legs were apart and her short white A-line skirt was hiked up to the top of her thighs, her platform high heels swung just off the floor. Her bust heaved with anger and then laughter, straining her breasts against the pink cashmere sweater she was wearing.

Her legs were encased in the shiny gossamer of taupe pantyhose, I could tell they were the expensive, sheer to waist kind she wore for her best dates. With her sluttish makeup and flaming red hair I could understand why the boys all loved her, she was my sister but I felt my erection start to return just looking at her.

"You aren’t telling anyone about anything," I said.

"Like fuck I’m not," she laughed back. "Starting with mom. She will be really keen to know her son was dry humping her leg like some dog on heat I’ll bet"

"You will be lucky if she doesn’t throw you out," she sneered.

"Oh I don’t think you will!" I hissed at her and then I noticed the fear in her face, she knew she had pushed me too far. I knew I was caught dead to rights and the only way I could save myself from a life of blackmail from bitch sister was to make sure I could blackmail her back.

"Yeah, I don’t think you can tell anyone anything about my pantyhose fetish, especially as you are a willing participant." I sneered at my sister.

"What the fuck are you talking about," she just managed to get out when I fell on her. I pushed my face into hers and mashed my lips against hers. She struggled and I followed the movements of her head to keep my mouth over hers to keep her quiet. She was struggling beneath me but even though she was a well-built girl, I easily outweighed her. I reached down and opened fly and pulled out my cock, it was semi-erect.

Eileen could feel me moving on top of her and when she felt my half-hard cock on her pantyhosed thigh she really began to struggle. I began to harden as I felt the silky feel of my sister’s nyloned thighs rubbing my cock. I didn’t have to move because her struggling was making a nice rocking motion that kept my cock rubbing nicely on her hosed thighs.

My sister wasn’t dumb, she was no virgin and figured out what I was doing and stopped struggling. She pulled her head right back and breathed out softly

"But I’m your sister Mike, I’m your sister!"

"I know that. You are my cock teasing, slut sister, who lounges around the house showing off her assets just to tease me. If you suspected I had a pantyhose fetish, then you must have done all that on purpose!"

"But I’m still your sister, we can’t," she sobbed.

"Well I can," I said.

I reached between us and hiked up her skirt all the way over her hips, I positioned my now rock hard cock between her silky nyloned legs and against the gusset of the nylon panties she wore under her pantyhose. Then I began to move slowly back and forth, pushing my cock against her gossamer encased pussy. She had given up the struggle and was quietly sobbing, her head was resting against mine.

"Don’t Mike, please don’t, I’m your sister," she whispered.

"I don’t care," I whispered back. "I have wanted to do this for so long, I don’t care about the consequences." I whimpered and then gently kissed her.

She didn’t respond at first so I kept up the pressure lightly on her lips until I felt the first stirring’s in her. My cock, which was encased in the folds of her pussy but surrounded by the nylon of her panties and hose, suddenly felt sticky warmth against it. Although I was close, I knew I hadn’t come yet, so it could mean only one thing, my sister was getting wet.

Oh my God! I got even more excited now and started a rhythmic humping, that forced the head of my cock to push against where I though her clitty might be under the nylon of her hose and panties. I must have been close because I felt my sister squirm slightly and adjust her ass so that my cock moved a fraction to what must have been the right position for her.

Then I felt my sister start to hump me back, as I pressed my cock against her she pushed back against me. I was in heaven, dry humping my sister like this. I put my hands under her ass and squeezed her buttocks through her sheer hose and nylon panties. It felt wonderful. Then she amazed me! My sister lifted her legs up and rubbed them over my back.

She reached around and pulled my shirt out of my pants and rucked it up my back. I felt her pantyhose legs lock behind my back and rub the sensitive skin there, as she rocked in time with my thrusts. She was now rising up to meet my thrusts and kissing me passionately.

She was breathing hard and fast. The feel of her pantyhose encased legs rubbing my back, her nylon pantied ass in my hands, her soft lips kissing me, her sheer pantyhosed and nylon panty covered cunt pushing against my cock was exquisite and I felt myself about to release.

I pushed hard against my sister and felt the end of my cock push the fabric of her pantyhose and panties just inside her cunt. It was too much. I shuddered and felt streams and streams of my semen flood into her and soak the material of her panties and hose.

She shuddered back and gripped me with her tight nyloned legs and I felt her orgasm rage through her and her cunt spasm against my nylon covered cock.

We held each other that way for a few minutes, then she lay back and dropped her legs. She smiled up at me through her smeared makeup and said:

"We are in so much trouble now," and giggled.


To be continued.

Twins are Two Times the Fun: Part Two

Bengalsfan on Incest Stories

My family had gathered once again at my grandparents' house for our weekly dinner. It had been two and a half weeks since she gave me head, but we were ready to go at it still. Before dinner, we had discussed using the guest bedroom in the basement for a little bit of a sexual escapade, and both approved of the idea. While our family was gathered around the dinner table, we carried on as normal, occasionally giving each other a passionate glance. After we finished dessert, our the adults of the family continue to sit around the table and talk, while the younger kids scurry off into an adjacent room to play and watch TV.

Kat had excused herself to go to the bathroom, and after a while, I got up to do the same. We passed each other in the hall, and being within proximity of the kit

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chen, she just whispered "Meet me in the basement."

I proceeded to use the bathroom, and then quietly moved down the basement stairs near the bathroom door. I move towards the guest bedroom, taking off my shirt as I go. Once inside, I sit on the edge of the bed and await Kat.

All the sudden, I see the door open out of the corner of my eye. My head darts over to it in heavy anticipation.

Unexpectedly, it isn't my cousin Kat. Instead, her twin sister Kelsey walks in. I notice immediately, as Kelsey's hair is cut much shorter than Kat's, falling midway down her neck at its longest.

Surprised, my jaw drops.
"What are you doing hear?" I ask in an intense whisper, still mildly afraid of being caught.

"Well, Kat told me all about what happened that Saturday night. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit jealous."

The shock passed, and my arousal instantly returned.

"So this was just a clever scheme between you and your sister for you to get a little?"
"You can say that."

She moved towards me, pulling herself on to the bed, then crawling across it on all fours to me.

"You can't say you don't want a little either."

I grin, as she slowly pulls herself closer.

We begin kissing passionately. She sticks her tongue in my mouth, and begins moving it around my mouth wildly.

Without breaking the seal, I pull myself completely on top of the bed, as Kelsey moves herself over top of me.

She pulls back, and without wasting anytime, pulls her shirt over her head. She removes her bra, and throws both into the corner of the room. I instantly begin sucking on her left breast, flicking the nipple with my tongue. I firmly grasp the other one, and pinch the nipple in between my forefinger and thumb. Her B cup could fit 3 times over into my palm, but I don't dare look a gift horse in the mouth. Her perfectly shaped and firm breasts feel great as I continue sucking and tweaking the nipples.

She moans.

"Mmmm... Kat was right..."

And before she had finished saying it, her hands are at the waist of my pants, rubbing my shaft through the material. She beings to unbutton my pants, and is gently pulls my boxers off. I shift and allow her to make her move, as she launches my remaining articles of clothing by her shirt and bra. She did a quick 180, and was hovering over my now massively erect cock. She quickly engulfed it, and began bobbing up and down.

As soon as she was situated, I began removing her pants. I pull them down, admiring the red lace panties she has on. Already, I could see a small wet spot in them, as if she had been pleasuring herself already.

I let off a small moan, and then proceed to remove Kelsey's panties. I gaze upon her shaved pussy, admiring her beautiful lips and erect clitoris. The moment is fleeting however, as I pull her down on top of my mouth, and bury my tongue in her warm pussy.

We both begin wildly sucking and licking, moaning as we go. Her juices taste warm and sweet on my tongue. She removes my cock from her mouth.

"Oh my god. Your tongue feels great. Don't stop... Ohhhh.... Mmmm... Don't stop. I'm going to cum soon..."

I pull my head away momentarily and pant "Then don't stop now. We can cum together."

And before I finish saying it, she already has her lips pressed around my cock, licking up the pre-cum, causing me to finish my sentence with a change in pitch.

We both start moaning furiously as we approach climax. As I lick her clit furiously, I stick my index finger into her pussy. She lets out an even louder moan, as I begin gyrating it in and out.

Finally, Kelsey lets out one long, muffled moan as I feel a rush of liquid hit my mouth. I begin shooting my cum into her mouth. Her lips stay tightly sealed around my cock, as she slowly swallows my sperm.

She removes herself from over top me, and turns around to lie next me. She plants a kiss on my lips, and then says "Jesus, you're fucking amazing."

"You're not to shabby yourself" as I rub my hand up and down her naked stomach.

"Mmmm... Are you ready to go again?"

"Yeah, I think I can must another."

And just as I say that, Kat slowly opens the door to the bedroom.

The surprise is fleeting, as I come to the realization of what is going down.

"Oh, so this wasn't just about Kelsey, was it?"

"Oh no. This is about all three of us." Kat replies.

She's already begun to strip, and strutting towards the bed, shaking her hips as she goes.

She's naked before she reaches the edge of the bed, and crawls on top of it, just as her sister did. She lies on the other side of me, both of them pressing their bodies close to me.

"Oh man, this is going to be fun."
"You have no idea." they both reply.

I turn to face Kat, and begin kissing her. My hand moves down to grab her tight ass, and begins squeezing it gently. Kelsey begins running her hands up and down me, as her sister darts her tongue around my mouth.

I then turn to Kelsey, and begin kissing her, doing the same with her perfect ass. Kat then begins to get onto her knees, and moves over top of Kelsey and me. I then give Kat a quick kiss on the lips before she moves on to start making out with her sister. Watching Kat and Kelsey make out sends a new sensation down my entire body, and I once again become erect.

Kat pulls back, and they both give off a sigh of pleasure.

Kat notices the tip of my cock rubbing against her inner thigh as she hovers lowly over top me and her sister. I instantly feel the wetness that her pussy has produced as she grabs my cock and begins rubbing it up against her pussy.

"Is this what you want?"

"It's what I've been dreaming of."

"Good reply."

She slowly lowers herself on top of me, the warmth of her liquids transferring throughout my entire body.

She lifts herself slightly, and begins pumping, sending my cock deep within the warmth of her pussy.

I instantly turn to Kelsey and we begin kissing again. She then lifts herself up, and places her slit over my face. I begin eating her out again. Both Kat and Kelsey begin pumping furiously, Kelsey pushing her mound against my face in such a way that it's almost hard to breath. Both moan intensely, as Kelsey begins leaning back into Kat. Kat then begins to rub her sister’s breasts, as she slowly kisses her neck.

Kelsey begins bucking wildly against my face, as Kat and I assist her to her climax again. Her juices once again flow out her pussy, wetting my tongue with a warm sweetness. She turns around and gives her sister another quick kiss, as she removes herself from my mouth, and bends over to give me a passionate kiss.

"Kat, turn around" Kelsey orders.

Without removing myself from her, Kat pivots on my cock, turning her back to my face.

We begin grinding furiously again, as Kelsey crawls around to face her sister.

Kelsey lowers her head, and begins licking Kat's clit. Kat let's out a moan of pleasure.

"Oh god. Your tongue feels so great with this cock in me."

"Mmmmm... If this is what I taste like, no wonder guys like eating me out." Kelsey states.

Kat quickly removes herself from my cock. Kelsey and I both look at her, waiting what she has to say.

She instructs me to get up, get on the other side of Kelsey. She proceeds to tackle Kelsey onto the mattress, then turns to eat her pussy. Following Kat's instructions, I get on the other side of Kat. I stick my shaft into Kelsey's mouth momentarily, and then proceed to enter Kat again. We proceed to pump and grind more, as all three of us continue moaning again.

Kat then lets out a deep moan, as I feel a new wetness over my cock. I continue on inside of Kat, until I feel my own climax coming again.

"Mmmmm... Get ready girls."

Quickly, I pull out of Kat, and all three of us rush off the bed. Kat and Kelsey quickly get on their knees, as Kelsey beings stroking my shaft as Kat sucks on my balls.

I let out one final moan and begin spraying Kat and Kelsey with my cum. Kat quickly latches herself to my cock, sucking out the remains. She then turns to Kelsey, who is running her finger along her face, moving cum into her mouth. Kat then proceeds to kiss Kelsey, depositing my cum into Kelsey's mouth. Kelsey quickly returns the cum, dripping it off her tongue into Kat's mouth, as Kat swallows the load. We all move quietly into the bathroom next to the guest room and proceed to clean up.

Look for "Twins Are Two Times the Fun: Part Three"

Finally 2 - 2-Sisters Return

WMSpearshaker on Incest Stories


Finally 2 - 2 Sisters Return

After my rousing night with Ruth and Mary, I had slept until nearly 1 in the afternoon. I guess I had been sleeping so soundly that I didn’t even here Mary and my 3 younger sisters’ head out to the pool. Apparently, Terri and Kathy had returned home from their sleepover and were now creating a ruckus at the pool with Mary and Ruth.

I heard the boom box blaring Eminem and D 12. I slowly raised myself from the sleeper sofa. I hadn’t even bothered to pull it out. I instantly noticed the tightness in my legs and sore muscles in my butt. I was sure this was from the fantastic sex with my sister and my girlfriend from the night before and not from the restrained sleeping conditions.

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I looked out the back door and noticed my beautiful Mary rollicking in the pool with my sisters. I cussed briefly about all of the racket that these 4 were making and wishing that I had been able to sleep a bit longer. Then, I was suddenly taken by surprise! I quickly realized and was relishing the sight of my lovely Mary, as well as all three of my sisters, frivolously playing in the pool, completely nude!

I just stood motionless for what seemed like hours, taking in the beauty of these lovely naiads. It was then that I realized I had not yet made it to the bathroom and my cock was about to burst from my boxers! My wake-up hard on was raging from the sight of these gorgeous girls, as well as from my having to take a wicked piss. I didn’t want to leave the door. It was then that Terri noticed me looking through the window.

“Well good morning, big brother!” She beamed, sarcastically. “Are you just going to stand inside and stare out the window or are you going to come out and say hello to your forgotten sisters!”

I wasn’t able to speak. Mary had climbed over the side of the pool and was heading toward the door. I looked from my girlfriend, Mary, to my sister Terri. She was now descending the short, 3-step ladder, out of the pool. My eyes were transfixed on her fantastic, lean, athletic, form. Her short dirty-blonde hair was wet and dripping water down her well-tanned body. I noticed that there was no evidence of tan lines on her lithesome figure. The droplets cascaded down her face and onto her pert, young breasts. My gaze wandered down her shape. The willowy, blonde, hairs between her legs, appeared nearly translucent. It seemed as though the pale golden flax had been neatly coifed. I gazed at her lovely mons venires. It was so evident that she was truly the most athletic member of our family. Her body was flawless. She was the essence of lean and mean.

I was smacked from my trance as Mary pulled open the door.

“Well hey John-boy! Are you going to answer Terri, or just continue to drool on yourself? Oh my, honey! It looks like you need a little help there anyway!” Mary proclaimed as she gently patted my wake- up wood.

“It’s not what you’re thinking.” I avowed. “I just woke up and haven’t had time to take a piss! You guys are so damn loud. I just had to see what the hell was going on out here. Now I know why I could never sleep late in this house.”

Terri was now standing just a foot or so away from Mary and I. The two girls looked almost more like sisters, than my sisters. I was still staring at Terri’s dark, tanned, skin and thinking how exquisite she looked. Her areola protruding from her taut breasts, like two Hershey Kisses, and nearly as dark in color! And the neat patch of wispy blonde hair between her legs.

“Well, big brothers is that a rocket in your boxers or are you just happy to see your family?” Terri implored. “Don’t be so shy, John. Ruth and Mary have already been talking to Kathy and I about your little escapade last night. I know what a big tease my older sister can be. She tries to seduce every guy I bring to the house and half of my girlfriends too!”

Once again I was in shock at how frank my sisters were speaking. What the hell had gotten into these girls? I know it had been a couple of years since I had spent much time at home, but what the heck!

“All right bro, there’s no peeing in the pool, so go make your bladder gladder. Then lose those boxers and lets see what you treated my naughty sister and your hot girlfriend to last night!”

I was still in shock as I turned to go to the bathroom.

“I think that maybe I had better follow him in there to make sure he comes back out.” Terri whispered to Mary as she followed me inside.

“What are you talking about?” I declared.

“It’s all right John.” Mary assured me. “We have all been talking about the fun we plan on having today. It seems your sisters have grown up considerably since you left the house. It seems that Kathy is the only one who still has her cherry. Or should I say she hasn’t yet fucked a guy. But that is mainly because her big sisters are still teaching her a few things before they turn her loose on the boys of the world! Less competition for the two of them, I assume,"”

More shock and awe! I just walked to the toilet with Terri close behind.

“I wanna help with that thing, brother. I am so jealous that once again you let Ruth have her fun with your cock before me. You always did let the older sisters have their turns first! Maybe I can change your mind about that in the future!” Terri seductively pronounced.

As I entered the bathroom, I felt Terri quickly grab my boxers from behind and yank them down. She quickly stood up and instantly, her hands were wrapped around my throbbing cock. She pressed her firm breasts into my back. I felt her pubic bone rubbing against the bottom of my ass. I didn’t know what to do! I was stupefied that suddenly my sister’s wet naked body was pressed into my back. Her slender muscular arms were wrapped around my torso and she had a death grip, with both of her hands, on my cock.

“Oh yea, John. It is just as perfect as Ruth and Mary described.” Terri was now just holding my cock with her thumb and forefinger, as her she stood on her tiptoes. She dug her chin into my shoulder, gazing down at my aching cock. “Ruth said your cock had grown a bit since out childhood games. Don’t be so freaked out, brother. I’ve handled my share of cocks. I always imagined that yours would be really nice. I’ve thought about your cock lots of times. Especially when I’m doing a guy, and sometimes with the girls too!”

Terri’s breathing was becoming more urgent and I could feel her gyrating against me, her pubic mound pressed against my ass as she slowly rotated her firm breasts over my back.

“Come on brother! You gotta piss before we can start with the games that we have planned for the day. Mom and dad have gone to play golf and have dinner at the club, so we have all afternoon and part of the evening. The sooner we get started, the more time we’ll have! How are your recuperative powers anyway?” She questioned.

I couldn’t hold my piss any longer. As the stream erupted from my cock, my sweet sister aimed the flow toward the toilet.

“Damn, John. You really had to go. I thought that maybe you were just hard from the sensation of my little titties again. I can’t wait for you to slide this nice cock of yours into my tight pussy. You also know I want to get between your luscious girlfriend’s legs. I swear that growing up in this prohibitive Catholic family brought out the naughtiest things in me. I do enjoy eating a sweet pussy, almost as much as I like feeling a stiff cock between my legs. I guess that comes from having such a nasty brother who went off and left me with only my sisters to teach me about sex.”

“Terri, this is just all too bizarre.” I grumbled. She was now gliding her hand up and down my still rigid shaft and purring. The stream of piss had subsided and I was sure that if she didn’t stop stroking my dick, I would shoot a load of cum into the toilet, too.

“Turn around now John. I want to see my brother’s handsome cock up close. You know, like when we were younger. But now I really now how to take care of a guys cock. Particularly my brothers.”

As I turned, Terri dropped to her knees and slid my stiff shaft into her warm, wet, mouth. I bent at the waist; careful not to interfere with her sucking, and let my hands explore her young, firm, golden-brown, orbs. These were the most perfect breasts I had ever laid my hands on. The firm pectoral muscles were capped with two perfectly shaped orbicular tits. I closed my eyes and let my hands and mind enjoy the forbidden sensations of my sister’s body. Terri slid the entire length of my cock down her throat, then slipped my saliva-covered cock from her mouth.

I heard her spit into onto her fingers. She stood and rubbed the spittle up and down the length of my shaft. “Mmmm, John. That makes a tasty concoction, my pussy juice mixed with this slick pre-cum of yours.” She whispered, her warm breath causing me to push my cock harder into her hand.

She then spit onto two of her fingers and began to rub the saliva into her pussy. She spread her legs, ran her fingers across her puffy cunt lips and slipped one inside of her tight hole. She let another gasp of her warm breath fill my ear.

She removed her finger from her pussy, brought it to my lips and pleadingly whispered, “Taste me, brother.”

I began to suck the delicious nectar from my sister’s sweet pussy, off of her finger. I looked down at her sticky blonde pussy hair. Suddenly, she removed her finger from my mouth. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and lurched upward. I fell back against the wall as my sister reached down and with perfect precision, aimed my pulsating cock into her tight wet pussy. She gasped. I moaned as I felt her slide down onto my cock, engulfing my entire shaft inside her in one, wet, smooth, swift, motion.

“Catch you off guard, brother?” She implored in a deep raspy breath. “Shit you feel so good inside of me. I couldn’t wait to fuck you after listening to Ruth and your fucking hot girlfriend. Oh, holy fuck, John! Your cock feels so good inside of me.”

My sister was bouncing up and down on my shaft. She had thrown her legs around my waist and was using her agile body to swiftly pound away at my pole. Her pumping was like lightening. Then she stopped, momentarily motionless. I suddenly felt just how tight her wet tunnel was, as she used it in a vice like grip on my engorged cock. She loosened one arm, but still maintained a firm hold on me. Her hand reached below. She ran a finger around her clit, then plunged it into her tight pussy, along with my cock.

“Damn, you fill me up! My pussy is so wet for you, brother. Fuck this tight little pussy like you’ve never fucked a pussy before.”

She removed her finger from her pussy, brought it to her own mouth and mumbled. “Oh god, we taste so good.”

After a few brief moments of sucking, she slipped her hand down again. I then realized she had inserted the digit in her own asshole and was diddling her tight sphincter, while she still pumped away at my cock. Her other fingers reach down to tickle my balls. I felt her finger sliding in and out of her tight butt. The thin membrane between her ass and pussy seemed as if it was barely separating us. She moaned. Her cunt tightened and the fluids began to squirt from her soaked slit. My sister was creaming herself on my rigid shaft. I began to shoot jets of sperm deep inside her strained pussy canal. We climaxed together, our orgasms coincided.

“Oh shit yes! Fuck me brother! Fill me with your cum…. Damn! Damn! Damn!”

My legs began to give out as my last blast of jizz filled her tight pussy. We slid to the floor, with my cock still buried deep inside of Terri. Her pussy canal was still quivering around my shaft. She held me tight inside her and her dark breasts pressed firmly against my chest. Our bodies dripped sweat together and glistened as we both panted. My sister had just given me the fuck of my life.

Terri released he grip from me. She leaned back. Her chest was still heaving, but not as rapidly. My hands reached for her moist breasts. I gently tugged on her hard nipples. The dark Hershey Kisses had become elongated, tight and wrinkled. I gently tweaked the rubbery tips between my thumb and forefinger. I noticed the pool of fluid forming on the floor below my sisters clenched ass. My cock was beginning to withdraw from her slippery cunt. The damp blonde curls covering her engorged pussy lips stretched along my shaft. I slowly leaned forward, almost completely withdrawing from her cum soaked pussy. Just the mushroom head of my cock remained inside her. I lay against her smooth skin.

“Thank-you, Terri.” I managed to utter. “That was spectacular.”

She kissed my neck and replied.

“I’ve been waiting for years to fuck you, brother. And you know; your day is just getting started.”

Brady incest

gauxban on Incest Stories

She moaned as his cock slid home. Thick and long, she
had been dreaming about his hard-on for weeks. When she left
for college she hadn't known that Greg was bigger than most
guys, but, based on the guys she'd tried at school, and the
girls she'd talked to, he was. She could feel herself
unwinding with each stroke. She really needed this boning.
She matched his rhythm, pushing her hips up to meet his
downstrokes. Her legs wrapped around him, her muscles
flexing in time with his fucking, helping him drive it deep.
She came hard, her cunt spasming around his rod, her body
surging up against his.

     Greg was looking into her eyes when she came. She always
opened her eyes at that moment. Her lust

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pushed him to the
edge. He thrust into her several more times, then pushed in
deep, cuming hard into Marcia's tight, hot pussy. He'd had
other girls, but there was something special about Marcia.
Tight, hot and gorgeous, he always came harder and longer
when he fucked her. And she enjoyed it as much as he did. She
really liked fucking and sucking his big, stiff prick.

     He pulled out of her and rolled off, his still erect
cock slapping his stomach when he landed on his back. Marcia
snuggled up against him, warm and happy. She reached for his
cock, just holding it, stroking it slowly to keep it hard
while they caught their breath. That was another great thing
about Greg that she hadn't appreciated before. He never went
soft right away, and never dropped off to sleep right after.
He was always good for a second ride. She stroked his cock,
squeezing on the upstroke. She could see the big purple head
swell, she could feel the shaft throb occasionally. She slid
toward his waist, put her left arm across his body, rested
against his firm, flat stomach. His cock was only inches from
her mouth. Her right hand wrapped around the base, gently
squeezing. Her fingers massaged the area below his balls,
causing his rod to swell even more, forcing a large drop of
clear liquid out of his cockhole. Her tongue darted out,
licking him clean. She loved the way he tasted. She opened
her mouth wide and took him in. Her tongue played along the
sensitive underside, her cheeks caved in around the head as
she sucked. Several inches of shaft slid into her mouth as
she sucked, but most of his tool remained on the outside.
She had never been able to get much of his monster into her
mouth, but she always tried. She began fisting his shaft,
sucking on the upstroke, releasing on the down. When his hips
began to buck beneath her she knew he was getting close. She
began pumping him faster, sucking harder, literally jacking
him off into her mouth. When she felt him swell she stroked
him hard and fast, then just sucked as the hot cum shot out
of his prick and into the back of her throat. She sucked and
swallowed, drinking his jiz, wanting every drop. When he had
finished she removed him from her mouth, then gently licked
his shaft and head, making sure he was clean. This time Greg
softened, but didn't go completely limp. He was enlarged, but
not fully erect.

     Marcia turned toward him, moved one leg across his chest
so that she straddled him, and moved her steaming snatch
toward his waiting mouth. Greg's strong hands gripped her ass
cheeks, pulling her towards him. His tongue pushed her cunt
lips apart. She could feel him licking and sucking, feel his
fingers and tongue probing her. Marcia stroked her small,
firm tits, pinching the nipples, pulling on them. Her pussy
throbbing, she pulled Greg's head tighter against her cunt
She knew she was losing control. His tongue flicked across
her clit, triggering her orgasm, starting the avalanche that
left her breathless and trembling.

     Bobby and Cindy were 14. While both had masturbated,
neither was really sure what sex was all about. That's why
they were hiding in the closet in Marcia's room. They had
watched everything Greg and Marcia had done, and were more
than ready to give it a try. Bobby's almost hairless cock had
gotten hard before Greg had even mounted Marcia, and it was
still hard. Cindy's virgin pussy was so wet her panties were
soaked. As soon as Marcia and Greg were gone, they rushed out
of the closet and fell onto the bed. They had stripped while
they watched, but were too afraid of making noise to do

     Bobby pulled Cindy close, kissed her eyes and mouth the
way he'd seen Greg kiss Marcia. He moved down to Cindy's
tiny, barely bulging titties and began to lick and suck the
nipples. They hardened even more, which surprised him. He
hadn't known that would happen.

     Cindy held Bobby's cock gently. It was her first, and
she wasn't sure it wouldn't break. Bobby covered her hand
with his and squeezed, then stroked his shaft, showing her
how to jack his dick. She stroked it a few times on her own,
liking the way it felt in her hand.

     They skipped the rest of the foreplay they had seen.
Both were eager to fuck. But Cindy was a virgin, and they
both knew a girls first fuck could be painful. Cindy liked
Bobby, trusted him, wanted him to be her first. She lay on
her back, her face framed by blond curls, her lightly haired
snatch a slightly darker blonde. She spread her legs wide,
fingered herself for a moment, letting Bobby look at her
pussy. Bobby stretched out above her, his knees between her
legs, his arms supporting his weight, his young, hard cock
touching her belly. Cindy took hold of his tool, guided it to
her cunt, helped him enter her. He entered slowly, stopping
when Cindy flinched. He started to backup, not wanting to
hurt her. She grabbed his ass with both hands, pulled him
hard towards herself, felt a tearing pain in her cunt. She
buried her face in his shoulder, stifling a scream.  She told
him not to move, told him that she had been told the pain
would go away in a few minutes.

     Bobby lay quietly on top of her, not moving, feeling a
pussy wrapped around his dick for the first time. It was so
much better than his hand. He remained still, looking at
Cindy's face, waiting. On impulse he kissed her again,
pushing his tongue into her mouth. After a moment she
responded, kissing back, tongue sliding over tongue. Cindy
broke the kiss, began pushing her hips up against him,
telling him it was OK. He began slowly, thinking that the
pain might come back, and not wanting his cock to slip out.
He pulled back slowly, thrust in slowly, watching her face
all the time. She smiled when he was all the way inside,
which Bobby took to mean he could fuck her the way Greg had
fucked Marcia. Gradually he began to move faster, pumping his
cock into her tight young pussy. She matched his rhythm,
thrusting her hips in time with his thrusts.

     Cindy was going crazy. Her body had never felt like this
before. Her nipples were on fire, her cunt muscles were
rippling around the shaft inside it. She felt her whole body
clench, felt herself thrust upward. She felt the spasms begin
in her pussy, felt it tighten and relax around Bobby's prick.
She fell into her orgasm, moaning and pounding her fists into
Bobby's back, finally pulling him in as deep as possible,
holding him there until she finished.

     Bobby began pounding hard now, his hips pistoning into
the pussy beneath him. He could feel his cock swelling even
more, feel it throbbing until finally he began to cum,
pouring shot after shot into Cindy's tightness. Pumping hard,
he pushed in ball deep and stayed there until his cock had

     They lay side by side, whispering together about the
things each had felt. As they talked, Bobby got hard again.
Time for round two. They had seen Marcia blow Greg, so they
assumed the same positions, Cindy lying across Bobby.

     Bobby could feel her holding his cock, watched as the
back of her head moved toward it. He felt something warm and
wet touch the head, knew she was licking him. Her lips closed
around the head, engulfing him in warmth. He could feel her
tongue against his cock, feel the inside of her cheeks as she

     Cindy held it in her mouth. Her tongue explored it,
tasting him, but she knew she was tasting herself, too. His
cum and her pussy juice were still on his cock. She thought
it tasted a little funny at first, but the more she licked,
the more she liked. She began sucking in earnest, wanting
more dick juice. As she sucked, she realized much more of
Bobby's rod was sliding in and out of her mouth than Marcia
had managed with Greg. In fact, a couple of times she was
sure she had felt his balls banging her chin. The thought of
being better at this than Marcia excited her, drove her to try
even harder. She started sucking harder, pulling most of it
into her mouth every time. She discovered that if she held
her head just right, she could take him into the back of her
throat and hold him there, his entire cock in her mouth. She
practiced this, noticing the effect it had on Bobby, who was
trying very hard to fuck her mouth. His hips kept thrusting
upward whenever she sucked. She began sucking harder, pulling
his cock in faster, then squeezing it with her lips on its
way out. She was jacking him off with her mouth, in and out,
fast and hard. She felt him tense beneath her, felt the cock
in her mouth swell, and then he began to cum. It was hot in
her mouth, with a tangy sort of taste and a creamy texture.
She liked it hot. She swallowed and sucked, trying to get it
all. When Bobby was done she released his cock, licking the
shaft, cleaning it the way she had seen Marcia do it.

     They both heard the car pull in, which meant Marcia and
Greg were back. They dressed quickly, then went out in the

     Jan and Peter were in the basement, fucking their little
brains out. Peter's manic thrusting had already gotten Jan
off several times, and was well on the way to getting her off
again. This time Jan was on her hands and knees, her big
boobs swinging as Peter slammed in and out of her juicy
snatch. She loved doing the doggie, she always got off real
good this way. Peter took long, hard strokes, pulling all the
way back and slamming in, which was exactly the way Jan
wanted it. He liked power fucking, and Jan liked being fucked
that way. When her back arched Peter knew she was about to
cum, so he drove it in as hard as he could and held it there,
letting her spasm around his pole, feeling her cunt tighten
and relax around him. When she finished he pulled out, still
hard. She knew he would. The only time Peter would doggie
fuck was when he got to plow her butt.

     His cock slick with pussy juice, he immediately began
easing it into her ass, pushing just hard enough to pop the
head past her sphincter. He waited until he felt her relax,
then pushed again, slipping almost half his shaft inside her.
While he waited for her to relax again, he leaned forward,
cupping her tits in his hands, mashing them up against her
chest. He pinched a nipple, then lifted it toward her mouth,
knowing she'd take it, knowing she liked sucking her own
tits. As she mouthed her nipple he felt her relax, so he
grabbed her hips and pulled her back, hard, while thrusting
with his cock. He sank into her ass, all the way, his balls
banging her cunt. He began fucking her butt, slowly, feeling
it clamp down on him every time he moved inside her. Slowly
and steadily, in and out, going ball deep with every stroke,
he began building to his own orgasm. As it approached he
began moving faster, his thrusts becoming almost manic. He
shot deep in her ass, pulling her against him, holding her
there while he emptied his balls.

Way Too Drunk Sis

nutgar on Incest Stories

My name is Allan, 27 years of age and I live with my sister Cynthia who is 25. We're originally from Boston Mass., and I moved to San Francisco 2 years ago cause I was transfered to our sattelite office in SFO. My sister followed suit a year ago and asked if she could stay with me for the time being till she can get a job and settle to her own place. Since I rented a 2 bedroom apartment, I offered my sis the use of the other bedroom.

My little secret with sis started two months ago when she asked if she could go party with some friends at the local bar & disco. Sis told me that she should be back around 1 am. I told her " sure, i'll wait up for ya so I can open the door." It was about 2:30 am when the doorbell rang so  I opened the door and saw two of her frien

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ds carrying Cynthia inside the apartment. I asked " what happened?" Her friends said " oh, she's wasted, cold drunk and dead to the world." I smiled and told them I can take care of sis from here so they can be on their way.

I carried my sister to her room and lay her down on her bed. I noticed she still had spots of puke on her dress so I tried to wake her up so she could change her dress and freshen up but she was dead to the world. I tapped her cheeks to try to wake her up again to ask if she would like me to make some coffee for her, but still no response. So I just made the decision to change her clothes for her.

I pulled off her shoes and started to unbutton her dress, man it was a mess!! I lifted her dress and pulled it off so she was lying on her bed with just her underwear. I went to the bathroom to get a wet towel to wipe off the puke off her.As I was wiping the mess off her body I noticed that her bra and panty were also moist with puke so I figured I might as well change her underwear as well. I unhooked her bra and pulled it out and slipped her thongs down. I walked towards the dresser to get fresh underwear for her, but as I looked back at the bed I started to stare at my naked sister for a long time. Lying in bed was the most gorgeous thing i've ever seen. Her beautiful 36 cupsize breast with little pink nipples just waiting to be devoured. Her bushy volcano waiting to errupt.I could see the line in her pussy underneath that bushy black pubic hair. Many kinky things started to enter my mind but something was whispering in my ear THAT IS WRONG!! But after a few seconds, I developed a tremendous BONER and all hell broke loose. I figured Cynthia's spaced out anyway so she wouldn't know what happened.

I sat down beside her bed and stuck my finger inside her mouth to see if she would wake up, yup still lucky. I played with her tongue with my finger to see if there was any movement and there was none at all. My God, she's wasted. I went down a bit and started to caress her tits, moved my head down and licked her nipples with my tongue. I sqeezed her tits ever so gently while sucking her nipples and all I heard was Cynthia's snoring. I was giggling with amazement on how densed my sister was. I moved my right hand down to her pussy and started to massage it with my fingers. I slid my middle finger down her line in an up and down motion until I could bury my finger as deep as I could. I stopped for a moment and spread her legs apart as far as she could and finally had a clear opening at her volcano.I spread the lips of her pussy and played with her clit but since she was out cold her vagina was dry. I got the baby oil on top of her dresser and squirted a few drops at a time down her pussy. Spread the lips once again and squirted more baby oil down her pussy till it reached her asshole. I threw the bottle of baby oil down the floor and played with her pussy again which was now slippery wet. I slid my finger a quarter of the way inside her pussy trying to get as much baby oil inside as I can but careful enough not to jolt her. I ran my finger down her asshole and lubricated it with oil. As I was pressing oil around my sisters asshole my finger started to slid inside her ass. I slid my finger inside as gently as I could and as far as I could and started the slow fucking motion. I slid my finger in and out but constantly staring at Cynthia if she would wake up but she was still out cold.

At this point my pecker was ready to explode and my pecker head was turning purple blue with anticipation. I knelt down in between my sisters legs and started playing with her pussy again but this time with the head of my pecker. Moved the head up and down her line enjoying every moment of it. Then the head of my pecker finally rested on the opening of her pussy, I paused for a moment, hesitated a little bit then pushed in halfway. Noticing that Cynthia was still snoring, I pushed in all the way till my pecker was burried deep inside her. I pulled up slowly and pushed in again till I was actually fucking my sister. As I was about to explode, Cynthia's head started to turn from side to side, I figured this is it, she is going to get really pissed. Finally I exploded all my semen on top her belly and just dropped down the floor with exhaustion. I looked up at Cynthia's face and wouldn't you know it, she was snoring again. Unbelievable. I cleaned her up with the wet towel and slipped on her jammies, turned off the lights and went to bed.

The next morning, I went down to the kitchen to have my usual morning coffee. Cynthia was up and cooking breakfast. "Good morning sweetie" Cynthia said. " Morning Babe" I replied. " by the way, who took me home last night?" she uttered. " your friends, but they were pretty messed up too so I took you up to your room" " Oh, thanks for putting on my jammies" Cynthia said." no prob" I answered.

Cynthia suddenly turned towards me and said " Someone must have taken advantage of me in the bar last night cause my pussy and ASS is so damn sore"     " No, it was me" I said. Cynthia screamed " you serious?" I said " NO..."     Cynthia smiled and said " JERK!!"

Mom, I'm scared

bookworm001 on Incest Stories

" MOM ! "

" MOM! Where are you? "

" It's ok. I'm right here. "

15 years old and still scared of the dark. It's just me, my sister, Cindy,and my mom. Cindy was visiting a friend so luckily she's not here to tease me. Mom never seemed to  scare and always knew what to do. So she comes into the living room with a flashlight and I start to calm down. Not only because of the light but because mom gives me that comforting smile only a mother could give.

" Hey Honey. Come on. you might as well get ready for bed. "

" Ok. But I haven't taken a bath yet. Will you hold the light? "

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" Sure."

Yeah, she could've just put the light on the sink in the bathroom, but I didn't want to be alone in the bathroom. Mom knew this, but she would never make me feel bad on purpose. So we go to my room to get my clothes and then head for the shower. Now nudity isn't common in our house, but it's not made to be a bad thing when someone is caught nude or partially dressed. so I take off my clothes with my mother standing right there. The whole time she is having a casual conversation with me. School. Friends. Movies. I feel totally relaxed. As I come out of the shower she takes just a quick glance at my penis, but nothing sexual. More a look to see how I have grown.

" Have you had sex yet? "

" No, mom! What made you ask me that? "

" I hope not. You're to young. People change after they start having sex. You'll see when you get older. How about masterbating? That's common with boys around your age. "

" Yeah. Sometimes at night. "

"Alright then. You ready for bed? The lights probably wont come on for the rest of the night. You wanna sleep with me tonight? I won't tell Cindy. Come on let's go."

I jump on moms bed as she turns on one of those battery operated lights she keeps by her bed. I settle in while mom pulls out a book to read.

" G'nite son."

"Goodnight mom" I look up at mom as i say this and notice the light is giving me a great view of moms breast. C cup. What a great way to go to sleep.

I had a good sleep and when I woke up I felt great. Mom had just taken off her shirt. I felt guilty.

" Mornin, mom "

She turned, giving me a full view of her breasts, smiled and said," Mornin, son. Power is still out so lets go find somewhere to eat." Then she put on a shirt, no bra. I got up dressed and we left. When we got back home the power was still out so we did some chores to pass the time. We couldn't turn on the a/c or the fans so it got kinda hot. I went to my room and stripped down to my underwear and and laid down. Mom came by to check on me and said, " That's a great idea." As I laid there she took off her clothes except for her panty." Yup, that's cooler. I made some peanut butter sandwiches lets eat." We went to the dining room. There are windows there, but no one can see inside the house.

I've never looked at mom sexually before but her nudity was having an effect on me. As we sat down my boner was sticking up inside my underwear. She noticed and then said seriously," I'm sorry, son. I forgot that your at that age where I might have a sexual effect on you. Would you like me to go put a on a shirt?"

" NO! Oh sorry. I mean you don't need to. Ill be okay. I saw you this morning and nothing happen. Maybe it's just the heat. Can we go driving to cool down?"

" Sure." She smiled that calming smile. We ate, got dressed and left. Mom and I just cruised together.  We were cool again. Physically and emotionally. But I did take lingering stares at moms tits when she wasn't looking. The wind blew against her shirt making her breasts stand out. It was a great day. We ate at a diner for dinner and then headed home. It was near dark when we got home. The power was on so  we each grabbed a shower while we had light and hot water.

" Mom, can I sleep with you again? In case the power goes out tonight."

"Of course. Let's put a movie on."

She wore a tank top, no bra, and a panty. I got a boner but was under the blankets so mom didn't see. I fell asleep happy.

 I woke up in the middle of the night and found myself spooning my mom and I had my right hand over her cupping her left tit. I was both scared and excited. Instant hard on. I didn't know if she felt me  or not and I didn't want her telling me I couldn't sleep with her anymore so I slowly moved away from her and turned over. But my hormones were going strong and my dick stayed hard. I had to take care of it. Bed or bathroom? Agian, not wanting to get kicked out of her room, I played it safe and went to the bathroom and jacked off over the toilet. It didn't take long and I came alot. A groan escaped my lips but I don't think it was loud enough to wake her up. I cleaned up and went back to bed with a semi hard dick adn slept right away.

When I woke up I found it was perfect timing again. Mom had just taken off her shirt and I was hoping for the for frontal again.

" Good morning, mom." She turned to me and allowed me to see her.YES!

"Good morning, son.Did you sleep well?"  she asked as she pulled on her bra and shirt.

"Yup, your bed is extremely comfortable.How about you? Did you have a good rest?"

"Yes,I did. I think it's because you were with me. I had forgotten how much I missed having someone sleep right next to me. Very comforting." She smiled. But I didn't know if what she said meant she knew I had felt her tit. " I'll go make breakfast. Clean up and it should be ready when you come down."

The rest of the day passed with the usual routine. House chores. T.V. Lunch. Relaxing. The whole day long though I would glance at mom and think maybe I should have just left my hand played with her tit  last night and pretend to asleep if she woke up. I decided next time I wouldn't play it safe.

After dinner I went to take a shower and the power went out." MOM!MOM!"

"I'm coming.I was just coming to give you a flashlight in case this happens."  she laughed. "Grab your clothes and towel. You can shower in my bathroom." I pick up my clothes and mom holds out her hand for me to hold. I grab it and instantly become relax, but I also start to get hard. By the time we reach her shower my dick is hard. I turn away from her to get undress and enter the shower. She outs the light on the sink making it face the shower.

" MOM, are you leaving?"

"No, I coming in with you." With that she slides the door open and steps in with her wash cloth in hand. " Last time, you went first and used all the hot water. So, I figuered if I'm going to stay with you I might as well shower also. Is that o.k.?" She smiles.

"Y-y-yeah. Sure thing." I couldn't help it. I looked mom up and down and my dick got even harder. I turned into the water to hide it. This is it. This is it. Turning around I put my head back into the water to wet it which made my dick point straight at my mom.

" Whoa, son. Is my being in here going to bother you? I didn't mean to get you excited."

"It's ok,mom. Sometimes it just gets hard when I shower. Does it bother you?" I tried to keep my voice calm as if we were talking about a movie.

"Well, if your sure your o.k. then I'm o.k. Here pass the shampoo I'll wash your hair." As she started to put her fingers in my hair her tits brushed my back and I could feel my dick leak some pre-cum but I didn't move.I'm not ruining this. "Done. Rinse off." She bent to get the shampoo.

"I'll do your hair, mom. Here trade sides. You go in the water." We moved and as she leaned back to wet her hair I couldn't help but look at her breasts. " O.k. turn around. I'm sorry if my penis hits you. I'll try to keep away.

" That's fine. Don't worry about it. "

"O.k." So I moved up behind mom and sure enough my dick kept poking her butt as I washed her hair. I enjoyed too much and almost forgot I was suppose to just wash her hair." All done,mom" She turned again and I stared at her tits. Because we were only using a flashlight I don't think she saw me staring.

"Wow,son. That was very relaxing. Maybe I should have you wash my hair more often." She laughed. " O.k. Let's finish up before we run out of hot water." I was hoping she would offer to wash me, but she grab her washcloth and then turned to wash herself. 

We dried off and then headed for the bed. I took a chance. " Mom, last time it got hot while I slept. Do you mind if I just sleep naked?"

" That's fine. If your comfortable doing it with me in the bed."

"I'm fine. I sometimes sleep nude to help me get comfortable, but I didn't want you to make me leave and sleep alone in my room." I told her in a soft voice.

She smiled," Well, I usually don't wear a shirt because I fell restricted. I didn't know how you would feel about it so I put a shirt on to sleep but didn't wear a bra. O.k let's go to bed." She must have felt extremely relaxed because she put her arm around mine and we walked together to bed.

I climbed over to my side and then mom got in beside me. Once we were settled she turned off the flashlight. I got scared. Last time, she stayed up with a light on as I fell asleep. This time there was no light. I moved closer to her slowly and calmly. So I thought. "You ok, son?"

" Um, yeah" I said. She must have known me better than I thought because she moved over and put her hand over me. Her tits were right up against my left arm and her body was comforming to mine all the way done to our feet. My dick got an instant hardon. Just then my fear of the dark was gone. My only fear now was that I would shoot a huge load of cum on my mom and her bed. I tried to slow my heart done and calm myself with deep breaths, but it wasn't working.

She must have thought I was breathing hard because of the dark. She lifted her head and said," Don't worry. I'm right here." I had turned my head to look at her as she talked and I guess she didn't noticed because when she leaned in to give kiss me where she thought my cheek she found my lips instead. She pulled back when she realized what she did.

I wasn't sure if she meant to or not but I loved it. And my hormones were totally out of control now. Maybe it was because she hasn't been with anyone in years,since she raised me and my sister by herself. Or maybe it was from the shock of kissing her son on the lips. It doesn't matter. Because when I leaned up to kiss her again she didn't stop me. At first, it was just lips and then as I pushed into her more and touched her lips with my tongue she opened her mouth and I felt her tongue slowly touch mine.

It was amazing.I reached up behind her to pull her closer and she leaned down as she got more into it. I rubbed her back and moved my hands down to her ass. It was better than I thought it could ever be. Smooth and soft.

I slowly pushed her until she was laying on top of me. My dick was right outside her pussy. Her thin panty was the only thing in the way. My hands rubbed their way up her back and then back down to her panty. I grabbed the side of it and try to slowly pull it down. Mom had started a small racking motiong on my dick and was rubbing her pussy on it. I couldn't believe this was happening.  I finally get her panty off and onone her rocking motions I dip down a little and she is so wet that I slip right in and it causes her to catch her breath.

She pushes herself up and looks down at me. In her eyes,I see not only my mother, but a woman. A woman who has been in control all her adult life and is barely holding on now. I see  that there is a battle in her mind about what is happening. But before she can get control of her self I give a pump of my dick at the same time that I reach for her tits. I give them a good squeeze and slide my fingers until I get to her nipples. Her head goes back at this simultanious stimulation and I take advantage of it. I lean up and suck on one her left  nipple while I rub the  right one with my thumb. That was it. She loses it and starts to ride my dick hard. It's too much for me and I start shooting in her good, long loads. This sets her off and she screams as she cums. I let go of her tits and she falls on me and wraps her under me and pushes down to get more of my dick in her. I wrap my arms over her back and pull her  on to me. I was still cumming and so was she. We were both trembling from the intensity of our orgasms. I finally shot my last load  and dropped my arms. She just stayed still as the last of her orgasms subsided. Her head just laid on my chest as we both tried to slow our breathing.I reached up to rub her back and give her small hugs.She squeezed back as her arms were still under me. I 'm not sure if it was her cum or mine or both, but my dick and balls and under me were soaked. This was such a great moment that I wanted it to last forever. I closed my eyes to replay it all in my head. Unfortunely, I must have fallen asleep, but mom was still on top of me when I woke up. I rubbed her back and fell asleep again.

Farmed Out Part Five

gwkent on Incest Stories

Chapter 5

I got up from the hay bale and smiled towards my grandad,

"Was that a nice way to welcome the morning in for you gramps?"

"Sure was son, looks like you loved it as well"

"you bet gramps, you know I was really worried about coming down to the farm, I thought it was going to be a real shit being here but I think I am going to really like it"

"that's good son, but it aint gonna be all fun and games you know, there's a farm to run as well, but if you carry on performing like you have so far then it will be more play than work, if you’re happy to put the effort in on the farm and help me out then I'll make sure that Jack and I will be available to you whenever you need, and likew

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ise I expect that sexy round arse and mouth of yours to be available to us at all times"

"Oh daddy, yes, of course, I'll be happy to help out on the farm if I'm going to get a good reward of hard cock and hot cum in the process"

"Ok, boy why don't you go inside and do some cleaning up in the house, and I'll be in a short while and we can discuss your duties"

I did as instructed and headed off into the house to clean up

It was a couple of hours before my grandad came in, by then I had cleaned the whole house, hovered and polished, I doubt the house ever looked so clean, but I was eager to please my grandad as much as possible. When he came in he was pleasantly surprised and I made him a sandwich for lunch and we sat down for him to give me my daily rota.

"ok Kevin, I'll make a deal with you, if you keep this place tidy and clean, and I leave you in charge of the cooking then I won't make you work too hard on the farm, jut a few jobs, like helping me keep the stables clean and feeding some of the animals. There’s isn't huge amounts to do on the farm these days but if you handle stuff in here and then I can get the bits out there done and then we will have more time to play"

"Sure grandad, sounds good to me, you know of course I will do anything you say"

"ok good, now I have to go into the village this afternoon and do some deliveries, Jake will be coming with me and I might do a bit of shopping as well so I will be gone for a few hours, finish up with the cleaning and I also need you to go and give Monty's kennel a bit of a clean"

Monty was the farm dog, officially a guard dog, but no one every came around un-invited anyway, he was a Great Dane and had been with my grandfather for about 6 years.

"Sure thing, I’ll make sure it’s all clean for you when you get back"

"Ok, good, now before I go I want to show you the downstairs bathroom, which you haven't cleaned yet, so come with me"

I got up and followed him to the bathroom, I had only used the upstairs one since I got here and the undesireable state of this one confirmed I had made the right choice.

It was a big room that was almost just a massive walk in shower, it had a toilet to one side and a basin to the other, the floors were filthy from mud but at least they were tiled so would not be hard to clean.

"You see it needs it a good clean, I haven't used it much recently because of the state of it so do your best, get it nice and clean and we can have a lot of fun in here son"

The latter part of the statement made me want to get this place nice and clean and I nodded

"Now before I go I need to take a leak, how about you come and hold my dick for me while I piss"

"Certainly daddy, glad to assist"

"Let’s go over there then" he pointed to the shower section "no point me aiming for the bowl if you are going to clean up"

I followed him excited about seeing his cock once more, he beckoned me to unzip his jeans and take his penis out. I wasted no time in grabbing his soft prick and held it for him

"That’s a good boy, now get down on your knees and put your mouth over my cock; let me give you your reward for cleaning the house so far"

I did as I was told and put his limp dick in my mouth, within seconds I was feeling the jets of hot piss in my mouth and I gulped down a mouthful, I could hold it in thou and his cock popped out and started splashing all over me

"Oh yesss, son, that’s nice, let me piss all over you"

He grabbed his cock and directed it all over my face and splashed his urine all over my t-shirt

"Hmmm, oh grandad that’s nice, piss on me, I love you weeing on me"

He started to shake the last few drops and slapped his cock against my face before nudging it back towards my mouth and telling me to clean it off. I eagerly licked the last drops of piss and he put his cock back.

"Good boy, now you should keep those clothes on so you can smell my piss while I am gone"

"Yes sir, I will"

With that he said his goodbyes and walked out leaving me to sort out the mess.



I got to work on the bathroom intent on making sure I did a good job, I started to think about the kind of "fun" we were going to have in here, and that coupled with the strong smell of my granddads piss was enough to keep me semi hard while I cleaned.

After about an hour I was done and you would hardly have recognised the place, I was pleased with my work and decided I needed a break, and went and took a seat in the front room. I had been there for only a few minutes when I remembered that I also had to clean the kennel out,

'Bollocks, no rest for the wicked' I said to myself.

I went out to see Monty, I had not really seen him since I had got back, he was a friendly dog and it was only really his size that made him an effective guard dog as he was as placid as they come.

I wondered out into the farm yard and into Monty's kennel, it wasn't really a kennel, more like a barn converted to suit the dog. Monty lived outside in the summer and came in during the colder months, and he seemed to prefer it that way.

I went inside and he was asleep, so I began by clearing up his mess, there wasn't much and I presumed Grandad had given it a clean this morning, it just really needed a sweep and refill of the water and food. I gave it a quick tidy and then went to fill the water bowl.

As I got closer to Monty he stirred and came over to see me, I patted him and told him what a good boy he was, he seemed very keen to sniff me, and I couldn't get him to lay back down,

"Down Monty, give me a break will ya" I said as if the dog would understand.

Then he jumped up at me and I lost my balance, I fell backwards, landing flat on the floor and Monty jumped on me still sniffing like mad. Then it dawned on me that he was interested in the odour coming from my T-shirt. Of course the smell of urine would be interesting to him, he continued to sniff my shirt and despite me telling him to get off, he was not going to. I was flat on the floor with Monty standing on top of me and I was struggling to move.

"Monty move your arse, your too heavy" I claimed, but he would not budge, now he was starting to get a bit frisky, he must have thought I was playing with him, he started to lick my t-shirt and unwashed piss stained face, I managed to push him off but before I could get up he was back on top again. This time he was even friskier, and as he got more excited I suddenly noticed it that the smell was doing to him what it had done to me in the bathroom. Glancing down I could see that his cock was starting to appear from his I had never ever even though about this before....but watching this Great Dane get excited was actually starting to excite me as well.

I stopped for a minute and wondered what hell was I thinking, but that pause didn't last long enough to stop my dick twitching, I had a bizarre desire to see what his cock looked like, and I couldn't help myself. Reaching down I touched his sheath, his cock had only just started to pop out and I knew there was a lot more there to see. He seemed startled by this but was still more interested in my T-shirt, so much so that I couldn't keep him still. Then I had an idea, struggling with him a little bit more, I managed to get my t-shirt above my head and off my chest, Monty nose followed it as that was clearly what he was interested in. Taking the shirt off I held in on hand above my head, Monty moved forward and now he was standing above me with cock dangling above my chest. With my other hand I reached out and grabbed his cock and slowly started to wank him, pulling his fur coat back and revealing his doggie cock.

He didn't seem to mind and as his cock started to appear, I started to get some real kinky desires, would he let me wank him off?, I was sure he would not mind and so I continued to rub his cock until he was fully exposed. His cock was big, and I mean big, there was something very sexy about the texture of it and it's red colour that was so horny, he was now starting to get wet and little drops of juices were appearing on his tip, then his attention was diverted from the t-shirt as he looked around and give his cock a lick, he seemed to enjoy the taste and when he stopped he looked at me.

It was a look that almost spoke to me

"Was that nice Monty, what was that look for", I had a glint in my eyes and I knew what I wanted to do for him

"Ohhh I see you want me to taste it, well I would love you"

He seemed to know what I was saying as he grunted and went back to my t-shirt. In my hands I held a fucking big dogs cock and now I wanted to suck him, shifting my body downwards I came face to face with his red cock and instinctively I put out my tongue and touched him. It was a strange sensation and one was I starting to like, within moments I had started to lick this animal’s cock up and down and he had started to dribble more doggie juices. I ran my tongue over his tip and tasted doggie pre cum for the first time.......and boy did I like it.

I lifted my head up to lick more and realised that I needed to get into a better position if I was going to take that prick in my mouth. I let go off the t-shirt and rolled out from underneath Monty, patting his back and he laid down, satisfied that he now had control over the item he desired.

As he lay there, I rubbed his belly and he almost opened his legs for me, it made me wonder if this was nothing new to him....

I rubbed his cock again and then put my head on his belly and started to lick him all over again, this time I was getting more and more excited and his cock was getting bigger and bigger, closing my eyes I opened my mouth and slipped it over his red cock and started to suck his juices right down my throat. He was gorgeous, his cock was not as hard as granddads but it was thick, and it tasted soo good. I was now really getting into this and started to suck feverishly on his red tool, licking the shaft and then putting his cock tip in my mouth and teasing him with my tongue. I sucked harder and harder tasting all he had to offer, then I put one hand on his balls and massaged them.

It was all getting too much for him and he started to jolt forcing more of his tasty cock into my willing slut mouth. He whimpered and the next thing I knew he was shooting wads of hot creamy spunk into my mouth, I was too slow to react and pull away, but I doubt I would have done even if I could and I was pleased I hadn't. I let him spray the insides of my mouth with his sperm. It tasted sweeter than the other two cocks I had recently devoured and I fucking loved it. He filled my mouth with cum and I let go, allowing the last spurts to jet over my face. I swallowed the spunk in my mouth and couldn't believe that I had just given a blow job to a dog. Monty certainly didn't mind.

He bent over and licked the last drops from his cock before getting to his feet and then turning to lick the rest of his load from my face. caught up in my own sexual bliss, I didn’t even think about the fact that here I was on all fours, face to face with a great Dane that had just enjoyed a blow job, like me Monty was still horny and seeing me in that position was always going to re-ignite his natural instincts. When he wondered off and around the other side, I automatically thought he was going to get a drink, even when he stopped and started to nuzzle his nose into my arse I just didn't twig that his next move would be to jump on top of me and start trying to hump me.

Monty's weight on my back was enough to keep me down and he started to frantically pound his cock into my jeans, overcome with the situation I realised that I did not want to waste this opportunity, I wanted his dog cock inside me, I wanted my arse to be invaded by this animals big fat cock.

I struggled to get the fuck hungry creature off me and I stood up, he barked at me as if to ask what I was doing, but I was about to give him exactly what he wanted. I undid my jeans and pulled them off my legs. I did not see the need to be wearing underware any more. The site of my semi hard cock seemed to delight Monty and he started to lick my balls

"Good boy Monty, give me a good lick and I’ll let you put your cock up my arse as well"

With Monty being such a big heavy dog, I thought it would be better if I rested myself over a hay bale for him instead of being on all fours on a hard floor. He didn't need me to ask him to follow me, he must have known what was coming and he bounded over to the hay bale with me. I sat on the hay facing him to give him a chance to use his long tongue on my now stiffening cock. It felt good on my shaft and balls, but it only called to make me want him inside me ever more. Lifting my legs up I guided Monty towards the hole he was soon going to get to plunder. I wanted his dog saliva to give me some sort of lubrication, as there was no way I wanted to delay my desires by having to find some oil.

He seemed to lick licking my arse, and it felt good having a wet slimy tongue on my ready and willing shithole. After a few mins I could wait no more, I turned over on the hay and offered myself to him. He carried on licking me before realising that I was on offer to his sexual needs, I was ready to be his bitch.

"Come boy, get up her and fuck my arse, give it to your favourite young arse"

He wasted no time, jumping up on me and using the bale of hay to steady himself he started to jut his cock about, frantically trying to find a home for his tool. I reached down and tried to position his cock but he was moving about too much, he just kept smashing into the side of my arse. After a few attempts I managed to get the tip of his cock next to my ring, "come boy now you can do it", he started to jut about again and eventually found his paradise...........and fuckkk me it hurt !!

Monty had blasted his cock straight up my arse and I had never felt so much pain, I screamed in agony and actually badly wanted to get out of this position, my arse felt like it had been split in two but Monty was in, and that was all he cared about. I started to realise that maybe I had tried to take too much on here!

Now that Monty's cock was in he was starting to get his rhythm and he started banging my arse hard and fast

"Fuckkk, shittt it fucking hurtss, argghg"

Monty of course was not interested in my screams and he continued to feed my aching arse with long hard strokes of his cock. I was feeling almost faint and each inch went deeper inside me, god it hurt.....but fuck was it horny, as my arse started to get used to such a thick cock, so I started to enjoy this act of depravity.

"Goddddd yes, boy, fuckkk it, fuck my arse, donnttt stop screwing me"

I started to love having this cock in me and Monty pumped harder and harder as if he could not get enough, I looked around and was just so turned on to see that a good 90% of his cock was buried deep inside my anal passage. I started to rock my arse back and forth in time with him and then I felt him starting to grow inside me, 'fuck....he was getting bigger".

The next thing I felt was a blast of hot liquid shooting inside of my stomach, Monty was coming and as he did he jumped forward again burying the last few inches of his cock further down my shithole......suddenly I felt very faint

I must have passed out for a few mins because the next thing I knew I was being dragged off the hay bale and I landed on the floor. I looked around and Monty was heading for his water bowl....and he was taking me with him!

I had no choice but to scramble backwards, his cock was still in my arse and it wasn't coming off....what the hell was going on, why was his cock stuck up my arse!

Monty got his drink of water and then just stood there, he didn't seem to care that he was still attached to me. I could do nothing but try and keep him still, fuck knows what would happen if he saw a cat!

I must have been like that for about 5 mins when suddenly I heard a car pull up and two doors open and shut.....fuck it was my grandad back from the village with Uncle Jack. I didn't have a clue about how he would react, for some reason I thought he would be annoyed that I had got myself into this state.

I stayed quiet as I heard the two of them going into the house, I tried frantically to release myself from Monty but it was just not going to happen.

A couple more minutes passed, although it felt like hours, before I heard my grandad calling my name

"Kevin, you around, come see what uncle jack and I got for you"

"Kevin", "Kevin where are you"

"in here grandad" I felt had to say something, after all I could be stuck like this for hours and I was dreading the thought that I might need hospital treatment to get me free

My Grandad walked in to the stable and although I was in some way pleased to see him, I was embarrassed beyond belief

"What the fuck???"

"I’m sorry grandad, I was just, just , well I was feeling a bit horny and came out her for a wank and next thing I knew Monty had jumped on top of me and I couldn't stop him, I’m really sorry grandad"

I had decided it would be a better route to go down than trying to explain that I wanted to suck his dog off!

"Oh dear son, what have you done?"

I was concerned by the tone of his voice

"Hey jack, come out here and see what a mess our boy has got himself into"

Shit, I was hoping he wasn't going to call uncle jack to the party

"Bloody hell Glenn, what have we here?"

"Look like we've got ourselves a real dirty little boy I think jack, we better take a closer look"

The men approached closer and Jack slapped his thighs beckoning Monty over to him

"Noo don't do that I'm stuck he will drag me"

It was too late and I ended up half way across the floor. My grandfather came and knelled down in front of me

"Now you say you came in for a wank and Monty jumped you"

"Yes grandad, I swear I will never come in here and wank off again, please just tell me how to get him off"

"Ha-ha, looks like you have already got him off!" Jack laughed

"Well son" Grandad continued "you see you are stuck for a reason, and that is because you are telling porkies, now why don’t you tell me what really happened and I might be able to help you"

"I’m not joking grandad that is what happened"

"Really, well in that case you'll just have to stay like that, come on jack lets go inside I don't like liars, he can stay here all night for all I care"

Now I was petrified

"Ok ok, that’s not exactly true"

"Ahhh, I thought not, now why don't you tell us the truth and don't leave anything out"

I felt totally embarrassed now as Jack joined my grandfather in sitting on a hay bale ready to listen to my excuses

"well, it wasn't my fault, honestly, I came in hear to clean the kennel out like you asked and Monty started to get frisky, he seemed to be turned on by the smell of your piss on my t-shirt from lunch time, and he just started jumping on me and getting excited"


"Well I could see his dick coming out and well....well ok I could not resist it, so I wanted to play with him"

"What do you mean play with him?"

"Well I started to rub his cock, I know I shouldn’t have and I'm sorry but I was just so turned on"

"And was that all you did?"

"No I’m sorry I couldn't stop myself and I gave him a blowjob!"

The two men looked at me almost in disgust

"Right so you gave my dog a blow how come his cock is stuck up your arse right now?"

Granddads tone told me I was in deep shit in more ways than one

"well then Monty started to jump about and tried to mount me while I had my jeans on....I really didn't think it would do any harm and I took my pants off and let him fuck me...I’m sorry grandad, I really am, it will never happen again I promise, please just get him off me"

"Well that's more like the truth, and let me tell you it's disgusting, I cannot believe I leave you for a few hours and come back to find that you have been fucking my dog, your sick and perverted aren't you?"

"Yes grandad I’m sorry"

"And I bet you fucking loved sucking my dogs cock and then I even bet you couldn't wait to take his cock up your tight arse, eh?"

"No grandad I didn't I was just overcome"

"Don’t fucking lie to me boy, tell the fucking truth or I will leave you here"

"yesss, grandad, I’m so ashamed because I did enjoy it, I tasted his cock and liked it so much I let him cum in my mouth and then when he started to try and fuck my jeans I knew I had to have him, pleasssee forgive me, I know I am a dirty little slut but after the last day I just couldn't help myself"

"well son this gives me a problem now, because you see I didn't plan on introducing you to Monty’s big cock for a while yet, it was going to be a surprise, but you have beaten me to it, both Jack and I were actually saying in the car earlier that we thought you would be a quick learner and we might only have to wait a few weeks before introducing you properly to the animals but well.....I guess we were wrong, you have proved to us after just one day that you truly are a dirty little fucker, a teenage slut boy who will do anything to get a nice hard cock, no matter whose or what cock is it, and that my son is music to my ears. You really are the best son a daddy could wish for"

I was suddenly taken a back by this change of attitude and now realised that this had been my granddad’s wish all along, he wanted me to fuck the dog, in fact wanted me to fuck the "animals" !, my fears from the last 10 minutes had now become sexual interest again....

"Oh grandad, I am so happy you are not annoyed with me, I was really scared for a while, but please tell me how I get Monty off me please"

"ha-ha, well son you see there is nothing we can do there....but it's nothing to worry about, you see when a dog is really excited and in the process of fucking, he gets what we call a knot, his cock swells up at one end and he shoots his load, but then it takes about 15 mins before his cock starts to shrink again, only with Monty is takes him a bit longer because he's cock is a bit bigger than most dogs, and that’s one reason why he's here, now judging by the size of his cock still, I reckon you still have about another 10 minutes like that"

I couldn't believe that what I had gone through was normal, there I was panicking and thinking I was stuck forever

"So son, did you enjoy getting fucked by a dog then?"

"Hell yes, although it really hurt and I think I passed out when he came"

"I’m not surprised, I would never have thought you would have taken his whole cock inside you first time, it took me about 3 attempts, and Jack a few more before we finally managed to get all that doggie cock inside us"

My ears perked up and the thought of my grandad and jack being fucked by Monty

"You have let him fuck you too; I wish I could see that"

"Well you never know son, but likewise don't you think we would have liked to see you fuck Monty?"

"Yes I am sorry, but you know daddy I would be more than happy to get dirty with Monty again for you anytime"

"That’s what we like to hear boy"

"Have to say Glenn, sitting her watching this little slut with a dog's cock up his arse has made me a bit horny, mind if I take advantage of the situation. My cock needs a bit of a suck I think"

"Ohhh I’m sure my son won't mind the chance to eat some more meat, would you"

"Defiantly not uncle jack, but would you mind grandad if you talk to me while I play, I get so excited listening to you talking dirty to me"

"Sure thing, why don't you let me tell you what I want you to do with uncle jacks penis"

"Hmmm yes daddy, that will be nice, and I will happily do as you say"

Jack walked over to me and took his pants down; his cock was already stiff and waiting to be devoured by his cock hungry nephew

"Now, don’t touch it with you hands just stick your tongue out and let uncle jack rub his cock all over you"

Jack was happy with that and he started to rub his prick over my tongue, face and cheeks, he grabbed the back of my head and directed me to lick where he wanted it

Grandad then came and sat down next to me and grabbed my hair, beckoning Jack to let go

"Good boy, now lick that cock while I play with uncle jack"

He put his hand around jack's balls and started to squeeze them,

"now wait a minute son, let gramps have some of that tasty cock" and with that he yanked my head away and took Jacks cock in his hand, opened his mouth and sucked his knob"

"Fuck yer Glenn, suck it you old whore"

It was the first time I had seen a guy suck another guy in real life and it was fucking horny, even better knowing it was my grandad, he sucked a little longer then spoke again

"Mmmm, that’s such a fucking nice cock don’t you think son"

"Oh daddy yes, I love it, almost as much as I love your cock gramps" I smiled

"Mmmm, I think we need some lube" and with that he spat onto jacks cock three times so his spit was dripping off the knob

"Now lick that up you whore"

I was not going to object and I teasingly licked up the juices, running my tongue over his knob and shaft, then gramps started to spit again, this time over my face and into my mouth, he grabbed Jacks cock and started to rub it into my face smothering me in cock juice and spit

"That’s a good boy, now suck it, suck that hard wet cock, and don’t stop until I say"

I was happy to oblige and put my mouth around this gorgeous cock.

"Now fuck his mouth Jack, give my son a good hard face fuck, I wanna watch him eat every inch of your fat cock"

Of course I knew from last night just how much I loved Uncle Jacks prick, and I knew I was capable of taking most of it in my mouth so I was more than happy to let him shove it as far down my throat as he wanted

Jack grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my face in the same manner as Monty had fucked my arse earlier,

"That’s it fuck face swallow uncle's big fat cock, eat my meat and fucking enjoy it you slut"

It was really turning me on to hear them talking to me like this and I eagerly gobbled as much cock as I could, I could see my grandpa had moved his fingers around to Jack arse and he was rubbing his mates bum.

"That’s it Jack, give it to him, he fucking loves it, wants every inch of your prick the dirty little cocksucker"

As I was being stuffed with cock I noticed that Monty's cock had started to slip out of my arse, I had started to get used to having something in my arse and now it felt weird to be empty at that end, mind you I had more than enough to concentrate on in the front. My gramps must have read my mind

"Looks like you are free from Monty now, bet you miss having that cock inside you, don't you, you little whore"

I looked to him as if to nod agreement.

"Answer me slut"

Of course I couldn't so gramps pulled jack cock from my grasp

"Yesss daddy I do miss it, I miss a cock up my arse, please daddy would you like to fuck me again"

"No son, I’m too interested in watching you suck your uncle’s cock right now, but if you really want me to fill your arse up for you I will"

"Ohhh daddyyyyy yes please, please fuck me and fill my arse with cock, I love it when I have two cocks in me"

"Keep on fucking him Jack while I sort this little slut’s arse out"

Jack was happy to continue and once again started feeding me long strokes of his thick penis

Jack was holding my head so I could not see what was going on, but the next thing I knew was I could feel Monty’s tongue back on my arse, shit now I was not sure I could take his cock again!

"that's it Monty boy lick his arse and I will get your cock all ready once more and you can fuck this little slut and we can watch this time"

I really was not sure how I would handle Monty for a second time, but I figured that my arse would adjust as before and no doubt I would end up getting the solid fuck I wanted anyway.

I still couldn't see but I could hear my gramps telling Monty what a lovely cock he had and I guessed he was getting him hard for his grandson

Suddenly gramps yanked my hair back forcing Jack's cock out my mouth with a plop

"Now are you sure you want another hard arse fucking boy?"

"Umm hmm god yes dadddy, please I would like to feel Monty’s cock in me again, I really loved it earlier and if you want to see him fuck my arse then yes I would love to let him fuck me again"

"Come on boy up you get" he patted my back from Monty, the dog didn't need a second invitation, he had been here before and I guessed he liked it. He jumped up and I instinctively pointed my arse forward and spread my legs

"Oh come on Monty, fuck me, fuck your favourite teenage boy’s arse, show gramps how much I can take and what a little slut I am"

Gramps loved it and as Monty started to flap around he held my arse open and directed Monty's cock right up inside me

"Good boy, go fuck that tight arse, split my son in two, fuck him Monty"

Monty needed no such encouragement and his cock when straight back up where it had been just a few minutes ago and for the last 30 mins.

"Ahhhhhh shittttt yesssss, fuckkk meeee, goddddd fuck I loveeee it, oh gramps this is better than before, god he's so big"

"Ha-ha, glad you love it slut boy, now Jack, shut him up for me will ya"

"My pleasure Glenn, get your fucking gob around this bitch"

Once again I was being fucked from both ends, and I was in my element, this truly was the best thing in the world. As Monty pumped so Jack forced more meat into my mouth I just wanted to stay like this forever. Monty's cock was again a good 80% inside me rocking back and forth and gramps wanted to see me take more again

"god son, if only you knew how good this looks, but I want to make Monty fuck you harder, harder than you have ever been fucked, would you like that"

I could only nod in desperate agreement.

Gramps got up and in the corner of my eye I could see him pull his pants down, what was he going to do I wondered. I saw him disappear behind me and soon I found out

"That’s it Monty, keep fucking him and grandpa will give you something back"

"ohhh yes Glenn, that will fucking make him really hard, you know this boy is going to get a real fucking seeing too now" Jack was loving watching this and I wished I could see as well but I guessed what my grams was going to do.

"Come on Monty, you know you love it when grandpa sticks his cock up your doggie arse"

With that Monty yelped and started to pound my arse faster, I felt him get heavier and realised that my grandfather had started to fuck the dog.

"Fuck Monty your arse is fucking tight but the more I fuck you, the more you are gonna pound my son so here goes"

Monty yelped again and the force pushed him forward and he sunk all 10 inches of his thick red cock inside my tight arse, I went to scream and Jack just forced more cock in my mouth. I was feeling faint again but there was no way I could black out with 17 inches of thick cock meat thrusting its way into both ends of my body.

"Ahhh fuck yer Glenn, fuck that dog, you driving me wild watching this, I gonna fucking shoot my load if I'm not careful"

"Well just hang in there mate, I wanna smother this little fucker with both our loads in one go"

Gramps pushed deeper into Monty’s arse and I felt the knot once more swelling inside me, Jack with drew his cock to take a breather and I was free to scream again

"Ahhh fuckkkkk I can feel him getting bigger ohhh god it soooo fucking gooooood"

Suddenly Monty was shooting yet another load of doggie cum straight up my shit passage

"Ohhh fuckkk yer, he's Cumming, god oh goddddd it fucking hot"

"That’s it boy take that K9 cum in your arse, you filthy little fuck"

"Ohhh god daddyyyyy it so fucking sexy, I fucking love it, and I love you watching me be such a dirty whore grandson"

Gramps took his cock out from Monty as the dog continued to pump more spunk inside me, he came around to me face to face again

"Did that big cock feel good son"

"Oh daddy yesss, it was great, I love Monty’s cock stuck in me, it so warm"

I bet you would love another cock in your mouth again as well"

"Oh yes gramps I always love a cock in my mouth"

"Well you better beg for it you cocksucking bitch"

Now I was in complete ecstasy and would do anything to get yet more cock to feed on

"Ohhh dadddy yes pleasssee, oh I want your cock so bad, I want to show you what a really dirty whore I am for you and uncle jack, please please let me taste your hard cock and drink all that lovely cum from you and uncle jacks stiff pricks"

"Hmmm, well maybe I should let you but then again....."

"Noooo please pleasssee daddy pleasssee I want to suck you off, plleassse daddy"

He was really in total command and I didn't care what I had to do to get his cock, Monty had jumped off and twisted around again but his cock was still throbbing inside me and I just so badly wanted to taste more and more cock

"Hmm well the only thing is I haven’t cleaned it from fucking Monty's arse, and as you can see it's a little bit dirty, so maybe I should go away and wipe the doggie shit off it and have my own little wank while I am there"

Now I was totally beyond control, I had to have that cock, and I didn't care if I would feel sick after, I was way to far gone in erotic bliss to care, and he knew it

"Daddy noooo, I will suck it, I’ll suck your cock clean of the doggie pooh, please just let me suck it I promise I'll clean your cock for you pleeasee"

"oh your are a fucking good son, a fucking dirty little bitch of a son, but nevertheless one that deserves all the depravity he can get, here boy, lick that dog shit of my cock, lick it like a lollipop and if you do a good job uncle jack and I will both cum all over your face and in your mouth"

He offered me his cock and I wasted no time in starting on my task of cleaning him off. To be honest it was gross, his cock stunk and I thought I would throw up but that was not going to spoil my enjoyment. I licked the shit from his cock and then gramps spoke again

"hmm you're a good shit sucking bitch, Jack I wanna give him a good pounding, why don't you spread my legs and get that lovely cock of yours up my arse while I do"

"Thought you'd never ask mate, spread them legs for dirty jack"

As I licked and sucked my grandpa’s cock clean I could see Jack between his legs, gramps bent forward and my uncle parted his cheeks and I could see his cock disappearing

"Ohhh fuck yer Jack, you always know how to grind my arse mate, get that cock in there and let’s fuck this horny bitch together"

As Jack fucked my grandad so he fucked my mouth harder and each thrust pushed me against Monty to just keep that sensation going strong. It was the perfect session and now that my granddads cock was clean I was enjoying sucking his juices and sticking my tongue down his piss hole while I knew he was loving Jacks fat cock inside him,

"Oh fuck Glenn I am gonna cum soon, I wanna off load on this slut"

"Mmmm ok Jack, but hold on I wanna give my son something special for him to enjoy, just keep you cock in me for a moment"

"Ok man, I think I get your drift, lay it on me I would love to see our little boy eat it all up"

I was not sure what he meant at first but when my grandpa gave a little strain it virtually gave the game away, so caught up in the erotica it just continued to turn me on even more

"Ok son, how would you like two hot wads of cum in that hungry mouth of yours and something very special from your ole gramps"

Knowing full well what was coming I was not going to disappoint the men whose cocks had given me so much pleasure

"Ohhh yes granddaddy, you know I would love to drink all your cum, and I’ll do anything for you, just give me that cum and I'll suck anything you want, just let me taste all that spunk"

I could see Jack withdrawing his cock and gramps looked around with a smile on his face

"Now son, close your eyes and open wide for granddaddies special surprise"

I did as I was told like some obedient little puppy,

"Can you smell uncle jacks cock now?"

"Yes daddy I can"

"And what do you smell"

"It smells of shit daddy"

It actually did smell gross and I was not so sure I really wanted to do this now, I had sucked my grandfather’s cock with dog shit on it and although it was damn kinky it was not the best taste in the world

"And does my cum loving whore of a grandson want to lick all my shit off of uncle jacks cock"

"I’m not sure daddy I don’t think I like the idea of that, it's not very nice daddy"

His voice took a turn for the worse

"Sorry!! What do you mean no, listen you. You little cunt, you wanted you arse fucked hard and your mouth filled with cock didn't you"

"Yesss daddy, but....."

"no fucking buts here", he violently grabbed my head and I opened my eyes and saw Uncle Jacks cock with a bit of shit on his knob and brown stains down his shaft

"You see it now, you see your uncle jacks cock, I’ve given it a nice coating of grandpa’s special sauce for you, you think you can get away with sucking a dog off and then still refuse my shit"

"But dadddy it's not very nice and I didn't like the doggie pooh"

"well I don’t care, you said you would do anything for me, and right now I wanna see you lick the shit of your uncles dick, got it, otherwise I’ll leave you out here with Monty all night and you will never get to see either of our cocks again"

Putting it that way didn't give me much choice and the recent exchange of words had once again turned me on enough to carry out another humiliating act for my grandfather

"Daddy no, I can't not have your cocks, pleases no, I will do anything for you"

"So what are you gonna do bitch"

"I’ll lick uncle jacks cock clean for you daddy"

"Well you better fucking beg for it now motherfucker and you better convince me that you want it bad"

At this point I have to admit that being made to beg for his dirty cock was probably the sexiest thing ever and I was now really gagging for it

"yesss dadddy, I do want it, I want to lick all your shit from uncle jacks cock , I want to taste your shit and show you how much I love it, pleeasee make me eat shit, I know how much you would love to watch your son lick it all off, goddd please just let me taste your pooh"

"Now that’s better, come on jack let the fucking shit sucker have it"

Jack came closer and the smell was still gross but it turned me on. I put my tongue out and started to lick his shaft, leaving the lump on his knob for last,

"That’s it you dirty little boy, lick it clean, how does my dump taste for you"

"Ohhh daddyyyyy I love it, it’s so kinky and sexy"

"Good, now see that lump on uncle jacks knob, I want you to suck if off and then play with it in your mouth and if you do that, then uncle jack and I will give you the best reward you could wish for"

I moved my mouth over the lump of crap and sucked it into my mouth it did not taste good, but if this was going to get me a double helping of thick creamy cum then it was going to be worth it I started to sexually rub my tongue all over the shit and I knew it was turning them on

"Mmmm dadddy this does taste good, do you like watching you little whore eat your shit and play with it in my young sexy mouth"

"Fuck yes boy, god you are fucking dirty"

"I love being a dirty slut for my uncle and granddaddy, and I love your shit, I just need some nice hot juicy cum to swallow it all done with, do you have any for me?"

Both men were now wanking frantically clearly getting turned on watching a 16 year old boy being a total slut.

"Ohhh fuck yesss her it comes you cum whore"

Jack was the first to offload, I opened my mouth and let him shoot his load straight down my throat and then send globs of thick warm cum all over my face

"Ohhh yes, cum on shoot you cum, cover my face with spunk, shoot it in my mouth, I love the taste of warm sperm, mmmm thanks uncle you taste soo good"

He was still shooting his last few drops when gramps was ready

"Come on granddaddy do it for your son, cover me with love juices, ohhh pleeasee daddy fill your sons mouth with spunk"

He fired his load into my awaiting mouth, splattering all over the inside of my mouth and filling me with creamy spunk.

Jack had been squeezing the last bits from his dick, and as gramps finished texturing my face with white blobs I just wanted more

"oh good that’s so sexy, uncle jack, will you piss on me please, I would love to taste shit cum and piss all in my mouth at the same time, and gramps, please wee on me too, let me show you what a dirty whore you have as a grandson.

Both men smiled and in unison let out a jet s hot piss all over my face, they were directing the piss onto their cum and trying to drive each blob into my mouth. I just sat there open mouthed accepting every last drop of piss into my dirty gob. My face must have looked like a human toilet but I didn't really care, I had satisfied my two older men and had gone beyond any sexual desires I may have had in the past. I was without doubt a real fuck slut and I loved it.