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Me and my cousin pt. 2

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Me and My cousin pt.2

My mind was still reeling from my encounter with my little cousin just hours before. i was now in my room, watching tv, my mom, dad, sister and cousin were all in the living room watching a movie. As i sat alone in my room, i started to daydream of what it might be like when i fuck my cousin later that night. i dreamnt of her coming in with red stilletos on, and a thong, her coming over to me and then slidng the thong off and playfully shaking her ass in front of me. I shook my mind from this delightful dream only to be surprised that it was alread 10:30 pm. "Holy shit, was i out that long" i exclaimed, the last time i looked at the clock, it was 8:00pm. With the knowledge that they would all be goin to bed soon, i readied myself for tonights event

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.  I gathered some fresh clothes from my dresser and went out to take a shower.

"do any of you have to use the bathroom, im gonna take a shower" i got no's from everybody except jessica. she moved past me, brushing her ass against my cock.  even through my shorts and underwear, i could feel her tight ass and the memory of her head bobbing on my cock came rushing back to me.

as she entered the bathroom,she left the door open slightly. with noone else around but me, she then gently opened the door to give me a full view of her naked body. Those perfect round tits, that sweet virgin pussy, and that fantastic ass was all i could take. i tried to grab her, but she pushed my hand away and gave me a smile, i knew what was on her mind.

After my shower, i came out of the bathroom to find the whole house dark, theyve all gone to sleep. i decided to go on the internet because i knew ot would be awhile untill my sister got to bed.  I surfed around some porn sites and got myself pretty aroused. I decided that i wanted to last as long as i could with my cousin, so i went to my room and pulled out a hustler magazine i keep under my matress. I browsed through the pages, and landed on my favorite spread; a blonde getting reamed by an 11 inch cock. i pulled out my prick and started massaging it. With the flashed of my cousin and the pictures of the magazine, i came in about 2 minutes. sweaty from beating my cock half to death, i got out of bed and went to the bathrom to towel off. as i walked to the bathroom, i could hear my sister and cousin laughing at something, damn kids. i went into the bathroom, closed the door behind me and undressed, i toweled off from head to toe, and made sure i was nice and clean down there.

as i got back into my room, i turned on the tv and browsed through the channels. at about 12:30am, i turned off the tube and lay there in the dark with my eyes closed. i started to doze off when i heard footsteps getting closer to my door. when i heard this, i immediately woke up and started to get excited because i knew what was coming. the doorknob turned and i heard "joe, are you up?", not jessica, but my sister. "what, what happened mon?"...."was that you that went to the bathroom?" she asked "yeah, it was me, go back to bed".  damn it, i thought it would happen toniight. i couldnt go back to bed, so i just laid there in the dark for what seemed like forever.

Finally, at around 1:30 am, more footsteps, and the the door to my room crept open, it was jessica. she had changed from her long pajama pants and long sleeved shirt, to some booty shorts and a white wife-beater. she came in and without even saying a word, took off the shirt and slipped outta the shorts and crept into my bed. she met my lips with a deep kiss, our tongues flailing about as if they had a mind of their own. DUring our passionate kiss, she slid her hand down to my shorts and cuped my balls. the feel of her hand on my sac made my cock stand at atention immediately.

"ooooh, excited already huh?" she said with a giggle

"well what do you expect?" i said, sitting up. she leaned back with her back against the wall while i dug into my top drawer for a condom. Lifestyles: ultra lubricated. when i turned around to face her, i found her fingering herself. even though my room was pitch black, except for the slight light coming through my open curtains, i could she the expression on her face. she had an index finger in her mouth, sucking on it, her hair was in her face, and the other hand had 3 fingers busy sliding in and out of her moist pussy.

"i see ur excited too" i said to her opening the condom wrapper

"wait, let me do it" she said, as she grabbed the condom out of my hand and inserted it into her mouth. she pulled me closer by my cock and then sat me down next to her. she then slowly slide her head down and placed her mouth above my cock. using her tongue to push the condom onto my cock, she used her mouth and throat to slide it on my erect prick.

"oooo, yes, that feels so fucking good"

lifting her head from my prick, jessica licked my lips and pushed me onto my back. with me laying down, she stood on the bed, right over my cock. then she slowly lowered herself so that her pussy lips brushed the head of my cock.

"You ready to fuck me big cuz?" she asked me with a grin

"fuck yes jessica, slide on my co.." i couldnt even get the last word outta my mouth when she slide her tight pussy around my prick. Taking nothing slowly, my cousin began to slide up and down my cock, very fast using her legs to balance herself.

"ooooo Joe, your cock feelss soooo good inside me."

"oh shit jessica, fuck my prick girl, fuck my fucking prick"

she then leaned forward and started licking my nipples as she was violently riding my prick. With us fucking so hard, i thought someone was going to hear us.

"damn, s-so your not a-a virgin h-h-huh?" i said between thrusts of my prick

"n-n-nope" She tried her hardest not to moan and scream, but it didnt work, my prick was fucking her too good.

"fuck me Joe, fuck me hard" with that, i sat up, and flipped her onto her back, never removing my cock from her pussy. i spread her legs and began thrusting my cock in and out of her with all my might, and all she did was raise her hips and began thrusting her hips to meet the rhythm of my prick. Her juices were flowing like a waterfall, my every thrust sounded like a plunger in a clogged toilet.

"FUck joe, bend me over and fuck me like the bitch that i am!!!" happy to oblige her, i turned her over with one arm and my cock slipped from her with a loud pop. I bent her over and positioned myself behind her. she then looked back at me with the most fuckable look i have ever seen, she looked like a porn star. i rubbed my prick head up and down her slit, teasing her with it.

"stop fucking around and put that big cock inside me u mutherfucker!" my 16 yr old cousin exclaimed.

 not to be outdone by her, i jammed my cock inside her without warning. her ass hitting my stomach,  it sounded like applause. my cock reamed her tight little cunt and made her fall with her head landing on the pillow and both her hands practically ripping the pillow apart.

"fuck joe, it hurts, it hurts sooooo good, fuck me harder you fucker you!"

"shut the fuck up, your gonna wake somebody" with that command, i began fucking her harder, driving my point to shut up home.

"Fuck joe, im gonna cum, im gonna cum all over your hard prick"

"cum baby, cum on my cock, then ima take this condom off and nut in you"

my cousins pussy started quivering, i knew it was close, she wrapped her legs around my thighs and clutched the pillow to her face, screaming into it. I felt her body jerk and felt her juices spurt out of her, all over my legs and bed sheets. it was like someone poured water on the bed.

"Ok, now its my turn" pulled outta her and tore the condom off my cock. i jammed it back in her and felt how hot she was for the first time. i felt her juices, still flowing out of her, around my cock urging me to add my juices to her own.

"fuck jess, your so damn gonna cum in you bitch!" my cock, with its last thrusts, spurt my steaming hot load in to her, 9,10,12,streams flew from my cock into her womb, filling her with my cum. ive never came that much before, it felt like 2 minutes before i stopped cumming. i almost passed out from it and kept my balance by fucking her more, squeezing the last of my juice into her.

"ooooo baby, your cum feels good inside me Joe"

"yea, fuck your pussy is sooo good jess"

i fell next to her on my stomach and she fell on hers. we lay ther lookin at each other. i reached over and pulled her close to me and gave her a kiss, again our tongues did the familiar tango they had done before.

"i love when u fuck me joe, we have to do this more often".

"no prob cuz"

this was my cousin, she came over this morning a kid, and im sending her home a slut of a woman. and to think, its only saturday morning, we still got 2 more days to go through...

Mother finds quenching son's thirst for sex, a great responsibility.

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My name is Audra, 35 years old, and I am the mother of two kids Bill and Natalie aged 15 and 14 respectively. I work as an English teacher in a high school, and Bill is a student in my class. Bill says I am very attractive, and his classmates keep telling him he’s lucky to have a hot mom. Bill openly tells me that he and his friends admire my ample 38D pair, and the reason for that is because I have practiced very little modesty in covering them properly, much to the delight of my male students. Unfortunately, the same pair is also the reason for my students having scant interest and concentration in the subject, which I teach in the class. I have wavy dark brown hair, and blue eyes unlike my son and hu

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sband’s brown eyes, and a body, which I have obsessively maintained with strict workouts ever since I crossed 30. My husband has a business, which has been quite successful, therefore, I am among the few teachers in my school, who are quite rich considering their profession. The only problem is that my husband is away from home for almost 11 months an year, which means that most of the time there are only 3 occupants in our large house, with 4 bedrooms and a swimming pool. My husband is 40 years old, and both of us still have a very strong sex drive. Since it is impossible for me to be moving around with him, my and his sex life had taken a major blow. After almost five years of marriage with less than five months of sex in it, my husband and me mutually agreed to have partners without any serious relationships just to satisfy our sexual hunger. I work as a teacher only to kill time, and have a straight life, though considering my husband’s income, I don’t need to work at all. Natalie has been growing up quite fast and looks just like me, and one day will have my breasts and my body. Both my kids are above average in their academics, and haven’t had any relationships so far, as they are still in the phase of maturing sexually.


One night, just as I finished cooking dinner, I went to call my kids. Bill was not in his room and I went to check on Natalie. I was surprised to see that her door was closed. Without knocking I entered in, and to my shock saw Bill poised over Natalie, both naked, with Bill’s cock in her pussy. I stared with my mouth wide open, as Bill, looking at me, hurriedly removed his cock, just as streams of thick, white viscous fluid ejected from it onto Natalie’s bare skin and on the sheets on her bed. The first shot hit her square on her face, followed by her neck, breasts and remaining body. Both were sweating like dogs, and on seeing my face after having them caught in the act, turned pale. I watched in bewilderment as my son’s cock continue to ejaculate telltale stuff on my daughter’s skin and on the bed sheet, and cum dripping down Natalie’s face, onto her boobs.


After a long period of silence, in which Bill had soaked Natalie and the things in his vicinity with his enormous load of cum, I managed to open my mouth just to say “Dinner is ready, I want you in the dining room in 5 minutes. You…you both might want to go and get cleaned up.” referring to the mess they had made.


Bill and Natalie both looked surprised as they were probably expecting a great telling off from their mother. I, however considering the absurdity of the moment, seeing my own children fucking each other, couldn’t manage to think of what to say. I hurried off to arrange the dishes on the table. Both my kids arrived at the table some time later and we had an extraordinarily quiet dinner, and the clinking of cutlery echoed across the room. After we had finished, I ordered both to wait in the living room like obedient kids, while I cleaned the dishes, thinking what I was going to say to them. I had almost forgotten all this while that my kids, whom I still considered to be the simple chubby cheeks babies, had fully developed their reproductive power and had grown up quite a lot. I washed my hands and entered the living room, to see both of them, sitting quietly with their expressions pale.


I began slowly, “What you were doing was not correct, and I am sparing you only because you both are too young to learn how to resist your sexual urges and while you might have resorted to having sex with each other only to satisfy yourselves temporarily, you must learn not to succumb to your biological urges in the future.” I waited for the words to sink into both of them, and they both slowly nodded.


“Honestly, do you both understand the gravity of the situation? Natalie, you might have even become pregnant. How long have you both been doing this?” Bill and Natalie looked at each other and then at me.


“About 3 weeks.” Bill answered




Silence. “Yes”, came the answer simultaneously from both.


“During what time of the day, and where?”


Hesitation. Then Natalie managed to speak up “Nighttime, in my bedroom. Sometimes we do it in his bedroom.”


“Oh dear”, I sighed. “And when did you get your last period?”


She tried to remember “About two weeks ago.”


“You sure?”




I thought about it carefully. If Natalie had got her period 2 weeks ago, then she must be in her most fertile phase right now. Thanks to my interruption today, Bill spurted his semen everywhere except Natalie’s vagina. If Bill had cum inside her pussy in the past few days the same way he did in front of me today in the bedroom, there was every chance that Natalie might be pregnant already. For at least another two weeks, I couldn’t allow Bill and Natalie to have sex at any cost. For that I had to make sure Bill doesn’t sneak out of his bedroom into Natalie’s at night.


“Bill this is very risky. I can’t allow you to do this anymore. You are going to sleep with me at night, in my bedroom, every night starting now, until I can decide what to do about this later on.”


Both Bill and Natalie’s faces fell, and they looked disappointed. “Kids, you must understand that I’m doing this for your own good. Anyway, its past bedtime know. Change into your nightdresses, it’s late, you and I both have got to go to school tomorrow. Come on, get going. Bill, I want you in my room in 10 minutes.”


I made my way to my room, to get ready to sleep, when I suddenly remembered that I used to sleep naked, and wondered how I would manage to do that know with Bill sleeping beside me. I closed the door, and began to undress just as Bill entered the room, and saw me my standing there with only my bra and panties on.


“Mom…wow!” he exclaimed softly beholding the sight before him. He stood there staring at my almost naked body for a long time.


“Bill, don’t look at me like that, I’m your mother. You’re embarrassing me.” I said, even though I was blushing deeply and smiling. “Could you close your eyes for a moment? I have got to remove these too,” I said pointing at my bra and panty, “And don’t open them, until I tell you too.” I added. I hurriedly removed them, and got into bed and made sure the sheets covered me properly, before I asked him to open his eyes.


“Are you going to sleep with me naked?” Bill asked.


I winced at the double meaning of Bill’s question, but still managed to reply, “Yes dear, I always sleep like that.”


“But even I’m going to sleep naked” Bill told me.


“And why is that?” I asked him wearily, surprised at this new development.


“Because I have been sleeping like that for the past one year.”


I thought about it for a long time. It wouldn’t be much of a problem, until the sheets covered both of us properly. “Okay then, but don’t try to get too close to me.”


Bill began to undress, with me watching him. He didn’t mind me seeing him at all. Finally he pulled down his boxers, exposing his dick to me for the second time that day. I struggled to get my eyes off it. It must have been at least 8 inches long, and was an exact copy of the one Michael had, probably even bigger. He stood there just like that watching me, with my eyes focused on his flagpole, expecting me to make a comment. “Why are you showing me that so proudly, I have seen better.”, though I had to admit that Bill had one of the finest dicks I had ever seen. “Come on now, get into the bed.”


Bill got into bed beside me when I realized that we had only one sheet to cover both of us, and it was quite small. I wasn’t sure if I had any spare sheet, and there was no way I was going to get up naked to search for it. It was quite cold and I was compelled to share a bit of sheet with him. The result was that Bill was now too close to me, and I felt goose bumps all over my body, just thinking about the fact that my son was naked, just a few inches beside his mother who was also naked. I tried to push the thought out my mind, switched off the light beside my bed and tried to sleep. But I constantly felt Bill’s dick poking me as we were sleeping quite close with our bodies touching each other. Bill shuffled around uncomfortably quite a lot for the next 15 minutes or so, when I asked him “Are you alright? Why can’t you go to sleep?”


“I…I need to do it before I got to sleep, you know. Do it with Natalie” Bill answered.


“Are you nuts? You don’t understand why I made you sleep with me?”


“But I need to have sex before I fall asleep, it makes me feel comfortable. You know, the secretion of the hormone oxytocin from the pituitary gland is responsible for making humans fall asleep after sex.”


I almost smiled at his usage of his biological knowledge as an excuse to have sex with Natalie. But I couldn’t allow him to do that.Â


“Well then go jerk off alone”.


After a moment’s silence, Bill replied, “It’s been a long time since I have done that, I’m not used to using my hand any more. If you could just allow me…it would take only a few minutes.”


“I can’t Bill, it’s too risky. The rate at which you have been fucking Natalie, I will be surprised if she isn’t pregnant already. At least wait for a few weeks and see if she gets her period, and then I can get her on the pill.”


“You mean, I can fuck her after that?”, Bill asked.


Silence again. “I didn’t say that”, I replied. “Well that’s for me to decide later. Meanwhile, you’re going to stay away from her for at least three weeks.”


“That’s too long, mom. It’s almost impossible for me to wait that long.”


I thought about it silently, and then said, “You could have sex with me if you want too…I mean if you’re fine with it.” I didn’t mean to say that, the words just escaped from my mouth. Probably it was because I was starving of sex for a really long time that made me say that. I had abstained from sex for almost a month now.


Bill’s eyes widened, his face showing bewilderment. “Are you sure?” He asked me. I considered changing my decision, but then it was too late. He was already kneeling on the bed with his flagpole proudly standing 8 inches long, waiting for me. I hesitated, but slowly pulled my sheets aside, exposing my naked body to my son.


He had a wide boyish grin on his face and scanned my body with his eyes, and a loud “Wow” escaped his lips. I blushed at the compliment, and could not conceal a smile.


I lay flat on the bed and Bill got over me. My breathing quickened. I had not had sex with anybody for a very long time (except for a jerk who I met at the pub a month ago who was afraid to go beyond fingering me probably because I was at least 10 years older than him.) Bill slowly bent down with his face just inches from my nipples. I immediately guessed what he was going to do.


“Bill, I want to keep this short and simple. No complicated stuff.” I said in response to his advance.


I tried to push him away from my bosom, but at that moment, I felt his warm and wet tongue run up my breasts and give my nipple a lick. I gasped loudly in response to the immense pleasure, and felt my nipples becoming taut. I did not make any further attempts to push him away, Instead I pulled him closer, took his hand and guided it to my other breast. He understood, what he was to do, and I told him to be gentle. He then began to suck on my nipple and cupping and squeezing the other breast with his hand. He then repeated the act on my other nipple, and soon I could feel the heat build up around my pussy due to my wet pussy juices.


After a long period of ferocious sucking and nibbling, Bill moved downwards until he reached my pussy. I knew what he was about to do next, and though a part of my brain wanted to stop him, a long hunger and craving for the forbidden pleasure in the other part of my brain, prevented me from doing so, and I allowed him to continue. He stuck out his tongue, and began to lick my pussy like a hungry dog, clutching my clit with one of his hands, while using the other to pry my pussy lips apart, his tongue forcing its way into me deep dark hole. My moaning become louder with his steady licking and sucking on my clit and soon I lost control and had a very hard orgasm, drenching his face with my pussy juices.


Bill seemed to enjoy the sight of his own mother cumming shamelessly in front of her son and got up and asked, “You liked that mom?”


I decided to be honest. “Yes son, I liked it very much, but I am your mother and I can’t allow you to do this everyday.”


Bill didn’t seem too happy with that, so I added, “I mean, we could continue doing this for the next two weeks but I’m not sure about anything after that.”


Bill got off me, and lied down on the bed. “Mom, don’t you think I deserve a payment for my services?” he asked mischievously, with a wide grin, pointing me to his cock.


“Oh dear, you naughty boy, I expected you to say that.” I sighed, but at the same time moved towards him. My face was now millimeters from his cock, as I removed my tongue, and started licking its underside. His cock shot up in response at a breathtakingly high speed, and hit my face smearing his pre-cum on it. I could make out the unique smell, and proceeded to slowly suck his cock-head. I had learned how to give a blowjob, apart from various other things, from the experience with a long list of partners, and Michael was always impressed at my range of new techniques of pleasuring men, when he came home at the end of the year. I expertly ran my tongue around Bill’s 8 incher’s glans before opening my mouth wider to take all of it in. Bill moaned loudly, and said “That’s just awesome, mom, I can’t believe my own mother is sucking her son’s dick so nicely. Where did you learn it?” Bill’s compliment motivated me to further pleasure him, as I slowly took all of Bill’s 8 inches, inch by inch down my throat, and then deliberately gagged and choked on it, thereby heightening Bill’s pleasure. I pulled back, and his cock popped out of my throat, and I licked all of it with my tongue again, followed by deep throating it. The cycle continued for some time, when Bill groaned loudly and suddenly grabbed my head with both hands, and pulled his cock out. His cock jerked and spurted hot white cum all over my face. The first three shots caught me unawares, after which I instinctively wrapped my mouth around his cock and proceeded to swallow his remaining shots. I stirred his thick bitter cum using my tongue, in my mouth, registering its taste. Almost same as Michael’s, I thought, while I struggled to swallow his entire load, with more and more cum spilling out of my mouth onto my already cum-soaked face. Bill must have shot an additional 10 shots of his load inside my mouth, after the initial three unexpected sperm-assaults on my eyes and nose. His cock, after its powerful jerking, began to relax and shrink, while my tongue had to do some work, mopping up the mess Bill had created. The cleaning work continued for some time, as Bill relaxed for some time and his breathing soon returned to normal. His cock rose back up after a short break, and Bill looking at it saying, “Enough foreplay mom, I can’t wait to get to the main thing.”


I gladly responded to his demand and opened my legs to show him the entrance to the cavern, which his member was probably longing to explore. He placed his cock head at my pussy lips and slowly pushed forward. “Well son, we haven’t got rubbers, and I’m not on the pill, so you’ve got to withdraw when you’re about to come.” I reminded him. He nodded in approval. Further he went, stretching my hole, as I moaned slowly at the pleasure. He then brought his fingers forward to hold my clit, while he continued to push. I gasped loudly when he tugged my hood forward, and then pulled my pussy lips apart slowly while his extra large member was almost in. He pulled out, and I could see his cock glistening with my wetness. He pushed again, this time faster then before and soon his movements and our moaning and groaning became rhythmic. Soon I was so much deeply drowned in pleasure, I wasn’t afraid to scream when I came, not caring whether the sound could wake up others. I hadn’t had such a fierce orgasm like this in a long time, this being at least a ten times better than the first one, and my pussy continued to expel my cum juice out soaking our bodies and the sheets below us with goo. Bill thrust forward one last time and then groaned loudly, as I threw caution to the winds and wrapped my legs around his hips tightly, and manage to say in between my gasps “Bill, please don’t withdraw, I want you to cum inside your Mommy”. I really didn’t know what made me say that. At that moment I didn’t care about the future consequences. The fact that my son’s manhood was about to perform the ultimate act of copulation, which it was destined by nature to do, that too inside his own mother’s fertile garden, gave me immense pleasure. His cock expanded within me…and filled my womb with what felt like a boatload of his hot white cum. I almost felt the warmth of his semen splashing inside my pussy. He then collapsed above me, and both of us were breathing loudly and deeply with me groaning under his heavy weight.


“Mom, you allowed me to cum inside you. Why did you do that?” Bill asked croakily, his voice showing exhaustion.


I felt ashamed to tell my son that the reason I didn’t want him to withdraw, was because I had succumbed to nature’s biological itch to procreate, and my son’s half a billion odd army was currently on its way to do the job they were always destined to do.


“There’s no use crying over spilt milk now”, or rather spilt semen, I thought. “I am very tired now, we’ll discuss it tomorrow, Goodnight, son.”


We felt thoroughly spent and worn out, and I fell asleep with Bill still on top of me.




 I opened my eyes and blinked in the bright sunlight, and saw Natalie standing at the entrance of the room, with her eyes and mouth wide open in shock, showing the same expression, I had showed them last night when I caught them both. This time I was caught in the act, while I struggled to get Bill off me. His cock was inside me all night, and when I pushed him aside his cock came out, showing clear evidence to Natalie what had transpired in this room last night.


“I can explain this.” I told Natalie, as I put on a long shirt, which reached past my thighs, and made my way to the kitchen with Natalie behind me, and Bill still snoring in my bed. It was quite early, only 7 in the morning. While making breakfast I told her the entire episode that happened in my room, until I reached the part when I told Bill to remove his cock before he came, as we didn’t have condoms. But Bill’s cock was inside me when he did come, and it was inside all night long, thereby preventing any chance of his sperm leaking out, and hence all of it might have entered my womb.


“I guess then we’ll both have to watch for our periods. I’ve always wanted a younger brother, mom. I hope my wish comes true.” Natalie said with a wide grin. “Anyway”, she continued, “Why didn’t Bill withdraw when he came?”


I clearly remembered the moment when I wrapped my legs around Bill to make him come inside me, and thought about the reason doing that. “I…I didn’t want Bill to spoil the sheets with his load, because they get stained very easily.” That was a half heartedly made up stupid excuse, to which Natalie replied, “Mom, you can definitely think of a better reason then that. “Oh forget it”, I shrugged, as Bill entered the kitchen completely naked with his cock still standing tall.


Natalie and me just stared at him mildly surprised at his naked entrance.


“You’re trying to show off your cock, aren’t you? Believe me, I’ve already told you, I’ve seen better than that.” I said, even though I had to admit, that for his age, Bill had a wonderful cock.


“What were you both talking about?” He asked.


“About the fact that you might have made two women pregnant in one night.” I replied. “It’s getting late, you both have got school, get going.”




That night, in my bedroom, I found Bill already undressed lying on the bed. On seeing me undress, his cock automatically shot up as though waiting for me to get into bed.


“Oh no Bill, not today, please, I am tired”, I said, reading the expression on Bill’s face.


“Come on Mom, you agreed to have sex with me for the next two weeks.”


“I don’t know, I forgot to buy condoms today. I wanted to be safe, you know”


“No problem mom, I assure you this time, I will remove my dick when I come.”


“Bill, you know I’ve got a tendency to pull you hard onto me using my legs, it might happen again, just as it happened yesterday.”


Bill thought about it. “We could try a change of position. Doggie-style, maybe” He suggested.


After a few moments of silence, I gave in. “Fine.”


I undressed quickly and braced myself into position on the bed, as I felt Bill’s hands hold my hips, and the moment I felt his cock-head on my pussy, I jerked in response to the pleasure. He thrust forward harder this time, and I felt his dick go in a long way, as I moaned softly.


After a long period of thrusting and pushing, Bill was panting heavily, and then suddenly groaned loudly, when I realized what was about to happen, “Bill, Don’t forget to withdraw” I said, even though I wanted him to cum inside me. Fortunately, Bill was slow to react, and my secret desire was fulfilled as I felt his cock inflate inside me and once again bath my cavern with gallons of his baby making cum. He fell on top of me the same way as before.


Five minutes later, Natalie came into my room, and saw the same sight she saw earlier in the day. “I knew I was going to see this” she said, as Bill removed his cock covered with both my and his cum. Natalie was smiling and staring at my legs and I looked down to see a white stream of Bill’s cum trickling down my thigh.




Two weeks after that night, I got the results of my and Natalie’s pregnancy tests. Natalie very surprisingly escaped, in spite of the frequency at which she was having sex with Bill. I however got pregnant with a baby boy, which I owe to the large number of failed attempts of Bill trying not to expel his cum in my unprotected womb, during the last two weeks when he was sleeping with me, to stay away from Natalie. The weird think about all this is that, after taking so many measures to prevent Natalie from becoming pregnant, I myself ended up becoming pregnant. That night at dinner, I told Bill and Natalie that they were going to have a baby brother (Natalie was obviously delighted), and told them not to tell anyone it was Bill’s child. As for Michael, I just had to invent a story about a guy whom I met at the pub, and we had a one-night stand, and I forgot to take my pills on time. Considering Michael’s broad-mindedness, he said it was fine, and he was happy we were going to have another member in my family. I just have to make sure Natalie keeps taking her pills on time. Bill is trying to make most of the time when Michael is away, fucking both Natalie and me, though I have been having lesser and lesser vaginal sex on the doctor’s advice, to reduce the strain on my unborn son. I no longer have to visit the pub anymore, as my sexual needs have been satisfied by Bill all this time. Michael came to visit only after my baby was born, and thankfully he had inherited my eyes and looked like me, as I was scared of the fact that he would look like Michael and Bill, and Michael would guess there is something fishy. After my baby’s birth, Bill and Natalie both made friends at high school, and did not have to fuck each other to quench their sexual thirst. Bringing up the baby was a very good experience and one year later, I desired to become a mother again, and Bill was more than happy to father my child                                                      Â



This is my first story. The plot for the sequel is still in bits and pieces, and it might come off the drawing board only on good feedback.

Family Ties Part 2

what0909 on Incest Stories

Section 2 Part V. It was around sunrise that I woke up. Rachel’s hand was nestled on my ass. I liked the feel of her small little hand on my ass. I slowly slid my hand down her slender little back and over the curve of her ass. I let my hand rest in the same place that her hand was resting on me. I felt that I could lay in that positian forever. I felt so much disire and love all at once. "Michelle are you awake?" I heard Rachel's voice say in a whisper against my ear. "Yea I am." She pulled her head back till our eyes met. No words needed be said at that moment we both knew what we were feeling. Our mouths came together and when the lips touched it was almost like magic. Our toungs tangled together first in her mouth then next in my mouth. It felt so good to be
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doing something so intamite with someone I loved so much. With another girl who was a lot like me in more ways than one. As our tounges continued to explore so did our hands. Very slowly I brought my hand back up from her ass, which was still in its pants. I slowly started to pull her pants down, I wanted to feel her little pussy so badly that it was killing me. I had never touched another girls pussy before and now was my chance. When Rachel realized what I was doing she helped me to get her pants down. When they were down around her ankles I started to pull the sheets back so that I could look at her pussy. Rachel was not shy around me about anything. Oh don't get me wrong she was shy, but not around another girl. For some reason for Rachel it was never a problem around girls but always around boys. When I had the sheets down to our ankles I could see her little pussy. Her legs were still closed and I wanted to open them but first I wanted to look at her pussy. A little tuff of red hair was starting to form above her pouty lips. The pussy lips were still very much clear of hair and still as smooth as mine. I so much wanted to show her my pussy and see if it turned her on as much as hers turned me on. I slowly started to pull my panties down. Rachel watched me with intrest, even though I thought she had the far more sexy body with her little tits she thought my little girl body was far more sexual. I slowly pulled my shirt up after I had pushed my panties down. Rachel licked her lips and I knew that she wanted to eat me out. Well I wanted to eat her out also. So there was no problem there at all. When my shirt was up to the top of my belly I stopped pulling it up. Rachel turned to me and sat up. I sat up with her and we started to pull each other's shirts up over our heads. God I loved it when her little titties appeard before my eyes once agian, but I found my self not wanting to touch them right then and there because I wanted to play around with her pussy for awhile and make her feel as good as she had made me feel before. We kissed on the lips and with out words she laid back down on the bed. Even though she was as thin as hell, I was also just as thin as her plus a few feet shorter and smaller, so I was the one who would get on top so that I wouldn't get crushed. I slowly slid down to her pussy which was already spread open for my explorations. When I was down by her pussy Rachel brought me into position so that she could start on me. I was already wet just from the anticipation. It had almost been to much, but somehow I managed to contain myself and begin making my lover cum more than she had ever cum before. I slowly brought my tounge out and slid it along the length of Rachels pussy. I could feel her body give a shuder. I brought my hot little thirteen year old mouth down on her pussy and started to circle my tounge around her little clit. That was when I felt Rachels tounge sneak out onto my pussy. She went straight for my clit. She started to move around it just like I was doing to her. I was shuddering and could feel the cum building up in me. Oh God did it ever feel so fucking good having her mouth on my pussy. At the same time I could tell that Rachel was about to cum also. I didn't know what to do, I was so close to cumming but I didn't want to until she had put her tounge in my hole so I held off as long as I could. That was when I brought my tounge into her hole. I entered the canal and I brought Rachel over the edge. At the same time her tounge started to enter into my pussy and her going over the edge in my mouth her juices every where, plus her tounge in my pussy hole was too much. I started bucking and letting my jucies flow out and into her mouth. We both came harder than even the night before bucking against each others mouths. As we laid there against each others pussies I knew that it would not be the last time that we were caught up in this position, but I also knew that we would be doing other things, things with men and boys of all ages, and even other girls, at that time though I did not know how far it was going to go and how complicated it was going to get. After all Rachel and me were just starting at that time to understand each other's bodies and our own bodies, but I did feel a connection with her something I still feel to this day. End Part V. Part VI. "Daddy's home Michelle!" I hear my father scream practically from across the room. I am sitting at the kitchen table the afternoon that my father is suppose to come home. Rachel and me had decided to go over their because it would be quiet and we could practice some more things together. It had been quite an afternoon of cumming in the mouth or around the finger of my lover. Both Rachel and I had been tired out after that afternoon. I had of course expected her to be gone by the time my father got home, but she had fallen asleep in the bed after the last time we had played around with each other. Her parents had known that we were at my house infact they had liked the idea of us playing over here instead of being loud in their house. My father had gone over there to pick me up. They had told him where I was, and had also told him to get Rachel home. Well I had a surpise for my father, I wanted Rachel to stay the night. Not that I respected her company more than my fathers, not at all, in fact I wanted to bring Rachel into our games. Of course my father would never say no to me asking for her to stay the night, even though I knew what was going to go though his mind, that I didn't want to help him release his sexual disires. Well it just so happend that I did and that someone wanted to help me. "Daddy," I said as soon as he came though the front door. I ran from the kitchen and into the living room and right into his arms. My father scooped me up in his arms, and not seeing Rachel around brought his mouth down to mine. Our lips met for only a matter of seconds but to me it felt like a life time. "So wheres Rachel. I want to take her home right now, daddy's got a present for you." I smiled at him and felt his hard on growing in his pants. God how I hated to quinch his need but I had to because I wanted to bring Rachel into our games. "First off, Terry is staying with your aunt one more night, not because I asked her to, but because I told her that I was going to be one day later than I thought." He smiled and ran a hand over my ass. God how I loved the feel of his hand on my bottom. I decided that right then I would spring my own little surpise. "Daddy," I said in my sweetest voice. "Can Rachel spend the night please, I want her to spend the night and we can watch a scary movie with you please!!!!" I begged, hey what is a girl to do when she knows that its going to be harder than ever to convince her father that she doesn't want to do anything and would rather be spending time with a friend. At first my dad's face showed some dissappointment, but he quickly hid it but not fast enough for me to do anything about it. "Yea sure Michelle honey Rachel can spend the night." Good I thought to myself. As soon as he said yes I kissed him on the lips and ran up stairs to tell Rachel. It was going to be a night that my father would never forget ever in his life. It was later that night when me and Rachel appeared downstairs in our nightclothes to watch the movie with my father. Our plan had been orchstrated to make ourselves as sexy as possbile in front of my father, I didn't want him to chicken out half way though the process of us sudducing him. I didin't have anything to worry about, because it was already okay for my father to do things with me, but I knew that he would not be accepting of Rachel wanting him to do things unless he saw that she really wanted it. We were both dressed as sexy as two thirteen year olds, one with no titties and the other one with small ones, could be. Rachel was wearing a short top ,again, this one ended right at the top of her belly button and was even shorter than the one before. Now the idea was to be not to sexy, which meant that Rachels first idea of her only wearing panties and the shirt had to be discarded. Instead she wore boxershorts that showed off most of her beautiful legs. Her red hair was hanging down to about the middle of her back and hanging over her shoulders, which I thought was pretty damn sexy personally. She was also wearing socks that went up to about the middle of her shin and made her look even more adorable. The shirt she wore was another button up, but not as tightly fitting as the one she usually wore. I was going towards a totally diffrent approach to turn my father on. I was going for the approach of the innocent little girl, not that Rachel wasn't innocent looking, just that the way I dressed looked innocent. I was wearing a long nightgown that went down a little below my knees. Underneath the nightgown was a pair of regular little girl panties, again I was going for the innocent little girl part. I was also wearing socks that went to about where the gown stopped. My hair was parted down on both sides and totally straight down my back. It helped to inhance my big green eyes and make me look even more innocent. "Okay Daddy," I said as we got downstairs. We both sat down on the floor with our backs aganist the couch he was sitting on, we were on either side of my father, all part of the plan. "Start the movie we want to watch it then go to sleep." My father never one to argue with me openly turned off all the lights and started to movie. It was one of those classic horror movies that never really scare you, but are perfect for couples to go to. Expecially if the girl is attracted to the guy 'cause when the scary part comes she can clutch to him and pretty soon they are kissing and stuff. Well we were watcthing the film, and on the firts scary part both Rachel and me got a scared look on our faces (all an act) and cluthed to my fathers legs. It was not till then that my father stated to get intrested, infact he had started to doze with a huge hardon in his pants. Oh I had seen it when I came downstairs, Rachel had also but we had ignored it. Now we started to put him to use. On the next scary part we got up on the couch and looked really scared. We kinda cluthcd at his arms, but after the scary part ended we pretened to be interested in the movie, when infact we were more interested in the sudducing of my father. At the next scary part of the film we tried to bury our heads in his chest. My father being a very carring man gently took Rachel and I into his arms and held us. He didn't realize it till the next scary scene but his right hand which was rapped around Rachel was also slighlty touching one of her small little titties. On the next scary part when we knew it was time to spring the rest, Rachel clucthed at my fathers hand and smushed it onto her breast. My father immediatly knew what he was touching and tried to pull away from it. Rachel held his hand on her breast all the tighter, "Don't remove it Mr. Ramsy," she said in a very turned on voice. My father looked for one instant from her to me then back to her. He knew then what we had been trying to do all night long. We were just letting him develop the knowledge that Rachel was attracted to him, just as much as I was. When he saw the lust in her eyes he slowly started to rub on her small little breast. He rubbed on it though her clothing and Rachel not being a draft girl started to moan a little bit. I could see my fathers hardon in his pants and I knew that he needed to be releaved. And I was just the girl to give him that pleausre while he was busy with Rachel. End Part VI. Part VII. While my father was busy rubbing and playing with Rachel's little titties, I went down on the floor infront of his pant covered cock. I slowly reached up with my hands and started to unbotton his pants, my father opened one of his eyes and looked down at me and smiled. I unziped his pants and pulled his boxers down till his cock sprung up and out of his pants. God did I ever like looking at that organ and touching it. But not tonight, No way was I going to touch it now, I was going to give my father the ultamite pleasure, I was going to suck him off. I slid my mouth over my fathers hard cock and very slowly started to bring the huge organ into my little thirteen year old mouth. When I had about half of his cock in my mouth and knew I could take no more I started to suck on his hard-on and lick it with my tounge every know and then. While I sucked I looked up at my father and saw that finally he was pleasuring Rachel with his mouth. His mouth had totally enveloped one of her titties and was sucking on it hard, which was causing Rachel to cry out in pleasure and moan just about as much as she had done for me. I continued to work on my father cock, knowing full well that later tonight we were going to get him to fuck both of us. For even though I had done things with my father and even slept with him every night, we had not had sex yet. I could feel my fathers orgasm beginning deep inside his cock. I slowly slid my hand down and inbetween my legs. After all why should my father and Rachel be the only ones that got off at that time? I slowly started to rub my hard little clit and pretty soon I felt my own orgasm comming on. My fathers cock gave one finally surge in my mouth at the same time Rachel gave out a loud moaning sound as she had her own cum (her first one from a man). I also came with my mouth around my fathers cock. I felt each pulse of his cock as he spurted his insectous seed into my little mouth. I swollowed all of it down my thoat and gave my father probably one of the best blow jobs that he had ever gotten. After I had milked my father dry I came up and sat on the couch next to both my father and Rachel. Rachel was the first one to speak out of all of us and she spoke to me, "What does your father's cum taste like Michelle?" She asked me, this was also in a way part of our plan. "It tastes soo fuckin' good come over here and get a taste Rachel." My friend came over to where I was and sat down sideways on my lap. We slowly brouth our lips together and our tounges met. Mine with some semen left on it and her's with nothing. The tounges innertwiend inside my mouth then hers. We kissed for the longest time and while we did, I slid my hands down Rachels shorst and started to explore her hot little slit. When we broke the kiss we looked over at my father and smiled. He was already hard again, his cock up in the air sticking out from his boxers and pants. Rachel smiled and got up from my lap and kneeled between my fathers legs. She pulled his boxers and pants all the way to his ankles. Then she took the hard member that was inbetween my fathers legs and very slowly she stated to suck him off. She started off by slowly sliding her tounge up and down the cock, she licked him till a little bit of pre-cum appeared on the end of his cock. She very slowly brought her tounge out and licked the end of his cock where the pre-cum was. When she got the taste in her mouth I knew that Rachel would want more and more of it soon. Her mouth very slowly came down over my fathers cock and she guided it in with her hand. Rachel was not a pro, but what she lacked in knowledge she made up for in sexual expression. She continued to suck on my father's cock and I knew that soon she was going to get him off for the second time tonight. I wanted in on some of this action, my father was too busy being stimulated by Rachel to notice anything. I very slowly got behind Rachel, who spread her legs wide so that I could get under her. When I was under her I very slowly brought my mouth up and clamped onto her already wet pussy. God it felt so good having that pussy in my mouth again! I very slowly bought my tounge out and traced a circle around her small clit and down to her little entrance. When I looked up I could see that she was still getting my father off, I could also see her little titties. How I wanted to touch them again. I slid my hand up and gripped one of her little titties and started to play around with it. My father was going to blow any minute and I could feel my own orgasm and Rachels were both about to come along also. All three of us started at the same time. I felt Rachel's body start to shudder against my explorations, at the same time my body stared to shudder at the excitment of me playing with Rachel while she sucked my father off. My father who could never last long (and lasted even shorter with his cock in a pussy) with a mouth on his cock blew his load into Rachels mouth. She felt it coming and very slowly swollowed it all down into her stomach. After we had all cum, we laid down on the floor all together, My father was inbetween Rachel and I. I was just starting to doze off when Rachel asked a question that I had never even thought to ask. "Mark." Thas my father's real name. "Yes Rachel?" My father asked her looking over at her and smilling. "Where did you learn to do all of that stuff that Michelle told me about and also the stuff we did today?" My father stopped short for a second looked at both of us and reasted one hand on each pussy. "Well let me tell you a story of my teenage years..." So begins the story that my father told me when I was only thirteen years old. A story about his fourteenth year of life. . . (I am going to tell it to you the same way my father did, so it will be in first person, but not me telling it). End Part VII Part VIII It was the beginning of my Fourteenth year of life. I had just moved in with my father and step-mother, after the death of my mother in a car accident three months before. It was probably one of the worst times of my life but at the same time it was probably one of the best years of my life. 'Cause it was the year that I meet your mother (refurring to Michelle) and I met her though my half-sister. I moved in with my father and his wife who had four kids, the kids ages were: Tim: 12, April: 10, Sarah: 8, and Randy: 5. April was the cutest of the two girls she had long flowing brown hair that went down to about the middle of her back, and dark brown eyes that were huge. She is also the girl that introduced me to your mother (again refurring to Michelle). I am not going to bother you with the details of Tim, Sarah, and Randy because they are not imporant to how I learned and why I like young girls. It happend on April's 11th birthday. Our Father and his wife was out of the night because they felt that me being fourteen I was old enough to watch the kids. Plus Tim, Sarah, and Randy were all gone with the parents to a movie. I was also April's favorite "big brother". It was later at night after the party and April's mom had told her that she could have two friends. One was Tina Brown, and the other was your mother Anne Willson. God your mother was beautiful when she was eleven years old, with long flowing dark brown hair, and those blue eyes of hers were penatarating. You look so much like your mother (michelle) that sometimes I think you are your mother. Now having been around little girls all day my cock was pretty hard and I needed to get some relief, so I told the girls that I was going to go to bed a little early and that they should be quiet because April's mom would be home soon. I went up to my room reminded of the most beautiful face of that whole day, a girl that I wanted to touch so much. Your mother (Michelle) Anne, was so much on my mind. I jacked off and soon fell asleep. It was later at night I suppose, around midnight or so that I heard the knock at my door, I was still naked so I hurridly put on my boxer shorts. I opend the door and Anne stood there, she was dressed so beautifully. In a little nightgown that went down to her ankles. "What's wrong Anne?" I asked. She looked down at her little feet for a second and then looked up at me, "I can't sleep, I'm scared and not use to being in a strange house alone, can I sleep with you? I would feel so much better. " The girls were all sleeping in different rooms so that they could all have beds. Tim and Randy were staying the night at friends houses because they were in that phase of not liking girls. I brought her into my room and let her lay down in bed with me. When I laid down next to her and my leg touched her small little leg I felt my hardon begin. God I was so attracted to her even back then. I was starting to drift off to sleep when I felt something roll on top of me. I opened my eyes and say that Anne was on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her little body, one of my hands slid down to her little ass and I started to rub it. "Mark," she said to me in the darkness. "Are you uh. . .hard?" My eyes sprun open and I looked into her little eyes, her questioning eyes. "What do you mean Anne?" "Well my father plays around with his thing down there every know and then sometimes when he spanks me for being bad I feel it against my leg. And one day he told me what it was and ever since then he has always played with it infront of my eyes sometimes even touching me against my will." I wanted to cry then and some tears did appear in my eyes, to think that someone would do anything like that aginst a little girls will! It pissed me off so much. "Go to sleep okay Anne, don't worry about my hard thing okay?" She sorta smiled and rolled off of me, "I want to. . .I want to do things with you, I feel. . .diffrent with you around me like you would never let anyone hurt me." We talked a little more after that because it got me interested in her, I had felt from the minute I saw her at my sisters party that something was happening. Your mother it turned out was the oldest one at the party she was thirteen years old and only came because her and April had grown up together. That was what made them friends, growing up together. It was probably a month later that I started to date your mother. Oh her father didn't like it until one day that I came over and saw him trying to make her suck him off. I was in a furry that day, and I hit him with first my fists then a lamp. Her mother moved out on the creep two days later. I saw Anne a lot after that, her mother loved me and still does to this day. It was about a month after us dating that Anne and I had our first intercourse. Anne was small, just like you Michelle, and did not look thirteen, in fact almost a year after the party she still sometimes looked to me like an eleven year old the same way she did when I met her at the party. It was weird, while other girls her age were gitting titties Anne was getting nothing at all. It ha ppend that one night when her mother was going to be out till about four in the morning that we made love. I was staying at Anne's because even then she was till scared of staying alone. I sure was glad that she was. Anne was a lot like me, she also found it hard not to look at little girls. Your mother was very bisexual, but the only guy she had ever felt attracted towards was me. It was late at night and we were laying in her bed just holding each other, when I felt Anne's hand slip under my boxers. It was nothing new she had touched me before, but what happend next had never happend. She stroked it for awhile, while I stroked her little pussy. That was when it happend. Anne started to pull down my boxers, when she had them down all the way she pulled my hand out of her pussy. She slid her panties off and took her shirt off also. I had seen your mother naked before but this was the first time in full lighting that I had seen her naked. For she turned the light on. Anne laid down next to me and said in a very turned on voice, "I want you to make love to me Mark." How could I resist her beautiful little blue eyes. I very slowly slid dowon her body to her little pussy and spread her lips, I licked her pussy and brought my tounge wet with her jucies to her little mouth. We kissed deeply as I brought my cock up onto her little pussy. She spread her legs wider for me to enter. And enter I did. I pushed my cock in her little thirteen year old pussy. She gasped as I entered her, she had an eleven year old's body, even though she was thirteen, so her pussy was very small also. It hurt as I broke her little hymen, but soon after I had started to stroke her she started to moan. I knew I would not be able to keep my load in her little pussy, so I let it all go, It went deep inside her little pussy and she sighed as she also had her orgasm. I laid down with her on top of me and held her tightly in my arms. "I love you always Mark." I smiled and said. "I love you Anne." We had made love. Her mom came home later that night and checked in on us. She saw the clothes on the floor, and the covers only covered up to the middle of Anne's back, her mother knew. She smilled lightly, knowing that Anne her little girl had nothing to worry about getting pregnant. After all Anne had still not even gotten hair on her pussy. She closed the door and I opened my eyes. I had pretend to be asleep when she came in. I held Anne tighter and then slept. Three years later, when Anne was just starting to develop titties we got married, one year later a beautiful little girl was born to us, our Michelle. I had already by that time built up about two millon in money do to the sales of three books and a software program. Then four years after the birth of your brother and when you were thirteen, the women of my dreams my beautiful lover, Anne died. I knew she had been playing with our sons cock, and she had encouraged me to play around with you lots of times. Even though I wanted to I never did and now I regret it because if I had Anne would never have left that night. I mean she knew I fantazied about you and she was okay with it she was encouraging me. Infact she knew that you played with yourself Michelle and she wanted what I wanted you to learn from your father. Neither one of us thought it wrong I was just scared. And your mother left me with you that night alone because she was hopping that I would take that step, sometimes I wish I had done it earlier before she decided to do that. {Michelle's Note: My fahter a very touching and loving person, made all three of us cry that night, how I wish my mother was there to see us now!!! Sometimes the past hurst more than the future.} End Part VIII End Section 2

Auntie May

justjim on Incest Stories

I live on the California coast. We have the same problems there you have wherever you live except we get to get a tan while working them out.

My parents moved here before I was born. They had their own business and enough money to buy a big, fancy house with a view that would knock your eye out. Just as I graduated from high school, things went bad. The business started to lose money and my parents had to sell and move elsewhere. It took almost everything they got from the sale of the house to buy another business elsewhere. Since I was embedded in the local JC, they snagged the little shack over on Grape Street, where I now live. I can live in the shack and continue at the local JC for at least another year and a half and by then I will have enough scholarship mo
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ney to finish out at a local four-year college. I had a date for the big Labor Day weekend and then it was to be back to school. However, I got a call Thursday from my date and she had ‘other plans.’ Read Billy, the biggest ass hole in town, decided to ruin my weekend.

Friday evening, a rental car pulls up in my drive. This hot looking babe walks up to my front door. Turns out that it is my Auntie May. I know who she is, but I have never met her before.

Auntie May has a problem. She is headed for a job in Hawaii. However, she made a little stop at an Indian casino and gambled away all her cash. She has some payment coming from an ex- husband, but not until Tuesday. She had planned to stay with my parents, but they are gone. She tracked me down and here she is with no place to stay.

I tell Auntie May that she can stay with me. I can sleep on the couch and she can have my bed. She asks why I am so sad. I explain that my weekend is ruined what with my broken date.

Auntie May says, “No problem! You need a date, you got a date.”

Auntie May is maybe early 20s. She looks hot. She can easily pass for my 18 year old out of town date for the weekend.

I say, “Hey! That will work. We can relax on the beach and at least it will look like I have a date.”

Auntie May takes my hands, looks me in the eyes and says, “You were planning on getting laid this weekend weren’t you? No problem! Auntie May is a full service date.”

We have supper and Auntie May explains. She has been married three times. None of the marriages worked out. She got some money from her ex-husbands and will get more. She wants to find a fourth husband. However, she does not want to go grocery shopping when she is hungry, so to speak.

We plan out the next morning and then Auntie May tells me to get ready for bed. I am lying there nude when Auntie May comes out of the bathroom also nude. I am so horny I think I am gonna rape her right then. Auntie May has been around and she tells me: “You are gonna heat up your Auntie May before you climb on boy!”

Under close supervision I work Auntie May’s tits and then gently rub her pussy lips. After a bit she begins to moan and buck her hips a little. I may be young, but I am not dumb. The time has come!

I mount Auntie May and she is ready and active. We screw like two maddened animals until she climaxes and makes me cum a pint in her!

Auntie May cuddles to me and we rest for a bit. She then critiques my performance. I turns out I did not do too badly, but I needed to work a bit more here and a bit harder there. She then says, “We can try again in the . . . Ohmigod! You are 18 years old aren’t you?” Since she has my rock hard cock in her little hand, I presume that her husbands did not have my recovery time.

We try it again. This time she has me put her legs over my shoulders and I am in control! She not only doesn’t care, she shows me how to use my fingers on her tits while I am screwing her. In addition, she is using her own fingers around the edges of her pussy. She comes quickly, but I am not there. I manage to hold out for a while as she climaxes again and again. When I do cum, she is almost unconscious from the pleasure and we both sleep until morning. In the morning I again fuck Auntie May legs over shoulders. This time, she does not work her clit and we both finish at her second orgasm. She cuddles to me and says, “The local girls will recognize that I have just been fucked, stud! It’s called advertising.”

I get the beach stuff together and am ready to go. Auntie May comes out of the bathroom in something called a Wild Weasel. A WW is an exercise in how to make a girl’s bathing suit out of an absolute minimum of cloth.

We go down to the beach and stake out a spot at the far edge of the Residents Only beach. As the locals wander in, every male on the beach ogles Auntie May. She has a shape like Miss Universe and a killer rack. And the WW aint doing much to interfere with the view.

When she goes to the ladies restroom she leads a parade of the hottest local chicks. When she returns she confirms that they were looking for tips as to how she was doing it. Auntie May then asked me, “Are many of the local girls sexually active?”

I told her, “Unfortunately, no. Most of them just lie there like dead meat.” Turns out that wasn’t exactly what she wanted to know, but nonetheless, good information.

We stay until early afternoon. We go back home and have supper while we plan to go dancing that night. Auntie May tells me that the local beach does not allow topless ladies, however if enough of the local girls go topless, what can they do? I tell her what I would like to do, but she tells me that doing it on a public beach would be a bit much.

We dance at The Roof, which is an open-air beach spot favored by the 18 to mid-20s crowd. There are no walls, just a roof. I am delighted to see that Billy is over by the bar, alone. Amy has obviously bailed out on him after seeing me with Auntie May. We dance and Auntie May likes it close and romantic. We are so close she can feel just how romantic I am.

We go home after dancing and it is time for more lessons! She gets on top of me and shows me how to support her with my fingers on her rib cage and my thumbs gently massaging her nipples. I learn so quickly and so well, that she climaxes and collapses on me. No problem, I roll her over and fuck her brains out until we climax together in another shattering orgasm. In the morning, we do it face to face on our sides. It takes a little time before I fully get with the position, but then I am able to drive us to another mutual climax.

As we get ready to go back to the beach, I ask if she really has to go to Hawaii. Auntie May tells me that she does, “However, by the time I am finished with the local girls, you will have all the pussy you can handle!” I French kiss her and tell her, “Yeah, but it will be second best pussy!”

Auntie May is really turned on. I watch the wiggle/jiggle show all the way to the beach. I am not the only one. The whole town wants a glimpse of my date. Actually, the boys want a hell of a lot more than a glimpse. It can’t get any better than that!

Then Auntie May later goes to the ladies restroom. This time there are more girls in the parade and something is up. She, and the rest of the girls, return topless. It just got better and I can tell you what was up. Auntie May lies down and asks me, “Do you think the police will make us put the tops back on?” I respond, “No, lynch mobs get really ugly.”

The beach is wall-to-wall tit. The scene will be talked about for years to come. And, what they will talk about is my date!

That night we dance again. Auntie May wears a micro-mini skirt and the top from her WW. How did it look? Well, I didn’t have to pay for our drinks all night! (Cokes only, we are pretending that she is 18, alas.) We dance the night away. Many of the girls went next door and removed their bras, but the advantage remained with Auntie May. I don’t know if they jiggled the handle, but everything else sure as hell jiggled!

That might, in a town of beautiful girls, I took home the only girl anyone remembered! If looks could actually do something, Auntie May would either have been pierced with daggers or raped.

However, we waited until we got home for the rape. Auntie May showed me how it was done doggy style. I helped support her while trying to drive my cock all the way forward into her throat. Judging by the sounds she made I did not get that far, but far enough! Her ass wiggle brought me off before I really wanted to cum, but it was still intense.

Later, Auntie May showed me more about how to penetrate her pussy from behind. It was OK, even good, but I could not get my full length in from that position. Auntie May cuddled to me and whispered, “Not all of the girls can take that the full length of that lethal weapon, big boy.”

In the morning Auntie May wanted to be fucked into complete submission. “Let them see that you were the boss and I was put in my place!” I did it legs over shoulders and managed to bring her to three orgasms before I joined her.

Auntie May had me bring a ball to the beach. After a ladies room trip, she got several of the hottest babes in town to join us for a little game of topless catch. After we got started, she left us claiming severe fatigue. I was left with topless girls crashing into me. They crashed tit first and I could see a lot more close contact in my future.

We danced the last night away. Auntie May wore a see-through blouse with no bra and a slit micro mini skirt to show that she was wearing garters and stockings. The girls who tried the bikini top thing of the previous night were left face down in the sand, so to speak.

That night, Auntie May did not remove the garter belt and stockings until we finished our first fantastic fuck. Then she did remove the stockings, but left the garter belt on. What difference did just a garter belt make? My cock knew! In the morning we had one last doggy style fuck for the road. Auntie May did not want to be too used up for the rest of her trip.

We said goodbye out by the drive with a French kiss that got me hard again!

It was the last I saw of Auntie May. However, she did send me a post card. It showed a scene from a Hawaiian beach nudist camp. One lady in dark glasses was staring out over the ocean with only her tits on display. The rest of the people were nude, but too far away to really be seen. The message said, “The days were great! But the nights were fantastic!”

The local girls did not believe the message. They just had to find out for themselves.

Thanks Auntie May, wherever you are!

Ashley...naughty fun with Uncle Dave

ashley_teenslut on Incest Stories

Ever since her first time with the stranger at the mall, Ashley Morgan could not stop thinking about sex....unlike a normal teenage girl, she was not thinking about her boyfriend, or a crush at school....instead she was thinking about having filthy slutty sex with way older men, men she didn't even know! She couldn't get her experience at the mall out of her head....she just kept picturing herself bent over in that little dressing room while a man she had just met took her virginity, fucking her hard and rough, not caring that it was her first time! As Ashley lay in bed at night, rubbing her little wet cunnie to orgasm, she pictured it over and over and also imagined new scenes with strange, using her teen body like a toy and talking dirty to her...

On Wednesday Ashley's parents t

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old her they had to go away for the weekend. Ashley's mom told her that her uncle dave was willing to come and stay for the weekend, but that if Ashley preferred she could spend the weekend at a friend's house. Shhe thought about going to her friend Danielle's house, but then she began to get a very naughty idea.....She remembered how good looking uncle Dave still was at 40 and how much she had changed since he last saw her. He would have to notice how sexy she had become, and she could certainly help it along by teasing him mercilessly!Parading arond in sexy,skimpy little clothes...sitting in his lap....maybe even letting him catch a peek at her naked young body....The more she thought about it the more exited she got! After she finished bringing off her hot little cunt, she told her mom to call uncle dave and tell him she would love to have him spend the weekend with her.

Friday afternoon came and her parents were ready to leave. A knock came at the door and Ashley rushed to answer it...She had decided to leave on her cheerleading uniform from practice so that her uncle would immediately see how much she had grown up. When she opened the door he was even sexier than she had remembered! He was at least 6'2" with a strong athletic physique and a gorgeous smile. The look on his face was pure shock as he looked at the little blonde vixen answering the door...tiny with big blue eyes, sweet full lips and a perfectly toned little body that looked great in the revealing uniform! "Wow!", he sputtered,envoloping her in his arms, "I almost didn't recognize you Ashley. You've becoming a very beautiful young woman!" "Aww thanks uncle dave", said Ashley, "...I have sure missed you...I can't wait to spend all weekend catching up and having all kinds of fun!" Looking at this sexy young thing before him, hearing her talk about the fun they would have, Dave couldn't resist having some very impure thoughts, but he quickly remembered that she was his niece, and tried to make himself stop, telling himself that he was a perv for thinking that way...

Once Ashley's parents were gone, he asked her what she felt like doing. "Why don't we go for a swim while it's still hot out?", she suggested..."did U bring your swim trunks?" He hadn't brought any. "That's can wear some of daddy's...come on,I wanna go swimming!"

While he changed into a pair of shorts, Ashley put on her little white string bikini, the one her mother said was way too sexy for a girl her age! "oh well," she thought, "what mommy doesn't know..." By the time she got out to the pool, her uncle was already in the water. She walked over to the edge of the pool slowly, letting him get his first look at her new grown-up body. She could tell from the loof on his face that he was definitley impressed. He swam over to the edge of the pool. "Come on in!" he said, splashing her a little. Ashley shriked, pretending it was too cold, even though it really wasn't. She said she had to get in slowly, and with that she sat down on the edge of the pool so that her legs were dangling in the water and her uncle was eye level with her bikini bottoms. He stayed near her, trying to coax her to come in...She continued to act scared....leaning back and resting her handson the warm concrete, she spread her legs a little, knowing that her uncle wouldn't be able to resist making eye contact with her little spandex covered pussy. Sure enough, she caught him trying to sneak a look whithout her noticing. She decided she would go even further with her teasing...She knew that her bikini got *very* sheer when it was wet, and she couldn't resist giving her sexy uncle an even better view!!! She quickly slipped her body into the water,and then immediately jumped back out,saying that it was too cold to stay in! As she resumed her spread eagle position on the edge of the pool, she thought about how naughty she was being, trying to get her father's brother to notice her little teenage pussy. The bottoms were soaked now and clinging to her puffy cuntlips. She knew that they were seethru now and that her slit was basically on display. She was so turned on by what she was doing that she could feel her own juices mixing with the water dripping down her thighs...

Her uncle didn't know if what this hot little slut was doing was intentional or not, but either way he could feel his cock getting stiff in his pants as he eyed his sexy teenage niece. He didn't want to get in trouble but he couldn't keep his eyes off that sexy cunt of Ashley's,looking ripe and delicious under those tiny panties. He could see that it was completely bald, and judging by her womanly curves, she was definitely old enough to have hair growing there! "Holy fuck!", he thought, his dick throbbing,"this hot little slut shaves her pussy!" He couldn't get over what a sexy little cocktease Ashley had transformed into, seemingly overnight. He wondered if that little cunt had ever been fucked. Little did he know, Ashley was well on her way to becoming a fuck toy...

"Aren'tyou gonna come in?" he asked her. "I dunno uncle Dave", she said coyly..."it's awful cold! i think i need you to help me get in!" Her uncle was all to happy to help...he sawm over to her and tried to coax her in. "I'm scared!", she said. "...let me hold on to you and you can carry me in slowly." What is this little girl trying to do to me?, he thought,as he stood up, glad that his rock hard cock was still underwater. Ashley wrapped her legs around his waist and her armsaround his neck, letting him lift her up and ease her into the water. Her soft tits were pressed up against his chest as she clung to him for dear life, faking fear of the cold water. He was holding her awkwardly and he looked nervous and she instinctively knew that she had made his dick hard with all her showing off! She licked her lips and gave him an innocent smile! "Hold me lower, uncle Dave!!!I need to get used to the water!" With that she shifted her body down until her round little ass was just resting against the bulge in his shorts. Even though her chest was till above water, the cold water and the contact with her unle made her nipples stiff as rocks, and he felt them pushing into his flesh. Even though his was afraid of getting caught,he couldn't resist having a look down at those big perky tits on display for him. He didn't know what to say when she playfully slapped him! "I caught you uncle dave!" she said, " were checking out my tits!"  "I...I'm sorry Ashley!", he stammered..."I didn't mean to look at are just a very beautiful young woman. can you ever forgive me?"

Ashley giggled..."Uncle dave, you are a naughty boy! You know I am your brother's daughter and you shouldn't be looking at me like that!" "I know,Ashley", he said, "I promise I will never do it again." "It's okay, uncle long as you are looking, do you think I have nice breasts? They are bigger than all of the girls in my class so sometimes I feel self-conscious about them." Dave couldn't believe his sexy little niece was actually asking him what he thought of her perfect little tits! "Ashley, you should never feel ashamed of your are a lovely young woman and i'm sure all the boys in school agree." "Well," said Ashley, "I don't much care what the stupid boys in my class think...they are so dumb and immature, but if you think they are nice that makes me happy!"

He couldn't believe what the little vixen did next. She stood up and untied her top, letting it fall away and exposing her perfect perky tits in all their glory. "Do they look nice without my clothes on, uncle Dave?", she asked. He was in shock as he stared at her perfect young form. "Yes Ash," he said, "your breasts are absolutely perfect, but I don't think your father would like it if he knew I was seeing you like this!" Ashley just smiled and said,"well it's a good thing he's not home!" He couldn't resist touching her any longer...he swam up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He bent down and took one of her tiny pink nipples into his mouth. He was afrid ahe would get scared and push him away but she just moaned softly and pressed her firm tittie against his lips. He felt her push her hips into him so her crotch was directly against his raging hard on. He though she might be scared or surprised by it, but to his surprise she just moaned harder and began to grind against him. He suddenly realized that his little niece might have more experience than he realized. She wrapped her legs around him and he gasped as he felt her soft warm slit cradling his fuckmeat. He smiled at her. "Hmm, I don't think this is what your parents had in mind when they suggested I look after you for the weekend!" "Nope," said Ashley,"but it is definitley what I had in mind!" Hearing his little slut niece say that she had planned on seducing him made him hot as hell, and he knew he had to fuck her hot young cunt immediately! He picked her up and carried her out of the water and onto the deck, where he knew no one would be able to see them. He laid his niece down onto a chaise lounge and pulled off her skimpy bikini panties, getting his first look at her bare little pussy. She spread her legs and used her fingers to hold her sweet little cunt open, showing him the tiny pink hole that he was about to stretch out. "Do you think my cunnie is pretty,uncle Dave?", she asked."Oh yes, baby", he said,"I think you have the prettiest little cunt that I have ever seen!" "Are you gonna stuff your big fat cock in it uncle Dave?", she asked in her best little girl voice. "I sure am baby," he said, "I am gonna fuck my little slut so good she will be begging for more!" With that, he ripped down his swim trunks and watched the horny look on his little niece's face when she saw that it was 11 inches long and almost as fat as a pop can. "Wow uncle dave, you sure have a big dick! I hope it fits in my litte pussy!", Ashley said, "I better get it nice n wet with my mouth before u stretch me out!" "MMM baby," he said, "you are a good little slut,aren't you?" as she went to work on his cock....she definitely knew how to make a guy wanna cum, as she slobbered all over the head,looking up into his eyes as she forced it inch by inch down her pretty little throat, making gagging noises....He grabbed her hair and shoved it down her throat hard, afraid that he would hurt her but she just moaned louder and reached down to play with her dripping little slit. The little slut was getting off on being face fucked hard!!! "MMM suck on it, you little slut!" he growled..."make your uncle's cock all nice an shiny so he can fuck his little girl's horny little cunnie!!!" He took his heavy cock out of her mouth and slapped it against her outstretched tongue....she was moaning and beggin for more. He gave her a slap across the cheek with it, thinking how pretty she looked with a fat cock in her face...When she started licking and sucking on his huge balls, he couldn't take it anymore...he had to have that sweet young pussy!

He sat back on the reclining chair and pulled her into his lap. his stiff cock was right against her little pussy opening. "Fuck my horny little hole uncle Dave!!", she begged, and with that me grabbed her and pushed her down hard on his pole. He felt like he was ripping her in half as he pushed into her teen opening.He had never felt anything this tight before and it was heaven! As for Ashley, she was cumming immediately as her tiny horny cunt got filled up for only the second time in her life! "It's a good thing I lost my virginity to an older guy with a monster cock," thought Ashley, "or this wouldn't feel nearly so good..." She kept cummnig and cumming as she bounced up and down on her uncle's fuckpole, thinking about how naughty she was being, fucking her dad's bro! "mmm yeah fuck your filthy little niece!" she moaned, getting off on the taboo of what she and her uncle were doing. "You like fucking daddy's little girl,huh? I wonder what he would say if he knew his brother was ramming his cock in his little girl?"

Ashley's uncle was so turned on by the nasty words coming out of this little girl's mouth that he needed to cum. "Where does my little fucktoy want this load of hot cum?" he asked...

"I wanna see you cock explode as u cum all over my pretty little face Uncle Dave!", Ashley said. He couldn't wait to see his brother's daughter covered in cum like a common whore! He laid her on her back and rammed his dick into her little pussy once more,knowing that he would have plenty of chances to work over her tiny cunt this weekend, and thenhe knelt over her, grasping his giant shaft in his fist and pumping as it began to explode. He came for what seems like minutes, unloading tons of hot spunk all over Ashley's face and hair, then covering her perfect tits. As she lay there, covered in cum, she smiled and told him she couldn't wait to get her little virgin asshole stuffed full of cock!

to be continued...

1 is fun 2 is better

wolfays2003 on Incest Stories

When I was 14 me and my family went on holiday to the sunny beaches of Spain , my family consisted of me mum dad, aunt uncle and their 2 kids. We all stayed in the same hotel, uncle and aunt had their own room.


One hot day we all went to the beach, and it was really hot so I went for a swim in the sea, I could see a number of nude women well topless anyway. One was in the water only a few feet from me I had a raging hard-on in seconds. I was swimming under water to get better looks at the amazing sights. Then as I pulled my head out the water there was my aunty with no tops on ti

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ts hanging out in the water. Have to tell you my aunty and mum aren’t small women they are very full figured but not to fat. So the breasts where something to admire. I staried at her tits for what must have been 10mins and she said to me think mine are nice should see your mums, as I turned around I saw her bathing on the beach tits hanging over each side. Still hard I brought my eyes back to my aunt. She watched me stairing and smiled. All that day I was taking every chance I could to be touched by her amazing breasts. I would swim past and brush my hands across her nipples I know she could feel me cause she would relax still when I came close her nipples where really hard from my touch. She whispered to me. “Hey your dad and uncle have gone to have a go on the speed boat want to take our game inside.” My causens stayed with my mum on the beach aunty told mum we was going to look around the shops.


When we got to the room, she dropped her top on the floor turned to face me and told me to touch her. I took a breast in each hand and squeezed gently. As I was touching my aunty she started working her hands down my body to my shorts which is the only thing I had on, she then dropped them to the floor exposing my 6inch hard cock. She moved down and instently took my hole cock in her mouth and started sucking. I couldn’t handle the pleasure and dropped to the floor. As I lay there my aunt stoppes sucking and glides her big body over me and kisses me then pushes her pussy onto the end of my cock. I felt her pussy juices straight away. And pushed inside her. She instantly started moaning and riding me like a wild animal that hadn’t been fucked for years. Within seconds I was filling her pussy with my cum. I couldn’t stop myself. She just kept riding and riding. She felt me go soft and looked at me and said,

“you finished, I hope you enjoyed it, but I still need to cum hunny”

she got of my limp cock and sat straight on my face I could hardly breath but I loved the taste of her pussy dripping with my cum. She was riding my face for a good 10mins as she started moaning louder and louder telling me she was coming.

I licked as much as possible as she slumped off me and told me how good it felt.

I got dressed and left the room as she started cleaning up.

The next day, the hole family was planning on going to a near by town which I didn’t fancy doing. Mum didn’t feel well so she stayed with me and the rest went to the town. About 30mins after they left mum got up and started talking to me.

“enjoy yourself yesterday”

“yeah mum is was a good day nice and warm”

“you starting to like the taste of a wet pussy”

“wha what do you mean”

“come on, you and your aunt yesterday she told me”

I was so shocked and scared. Then she shocked me even more.

“could you do me a favour and sort my wet pussy for me” I’m not sick just realy horny. Mum took off all her cloths and went and laid down on the bed. I walked up and took my shorts off and I was dieing to get inside her. She layed there legs open wide eyes closed waiting for me to lick her. I got on the bed and positioned myself in-between her legs and trusted my cock hard and deep inside her. She screamed and her eyes shot open, as she looked at me and saw me fucking her pussy with animal rage.


She didn’t tell me to stop she grabbed my ass and told me to fuck her faster make mummy cum she said. I was in heaven. Within a few mins both me and mum where building up for an orgasm. She started moaning in my ear, I’m Cumming baby cum with me. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock, and it sent me over the top. I shot every last bit of my cum inside my own mum as I lay my head on her breasts I started sucking her nipples while my dick softened inside her. Mum rolled me off her and got up. I was laid there naked pleased beyond my wildest fantasies. I fell to sleep and was out most of the day. I woke up and both mum and aunty was laying on the bed with me naked. I looked at them they smiled and my aunty pulled out what I could only describe as a strap on that they brought at the store Spain has shops like that everywhere even places that have sweets to dildos and things. I didn’t say anything I just watched them, my aunt put the dildo on and mum got in the dogy position. Aunty started pushing the dildo in my mums ass, I could see she was really enjoying it. Aunty looked at me and said want to help me give your mum the best orgasm ever. She motioned for me to get under my mum. I raised my hips up so my dick was inside my mums pussy, she looked at me and started kissing me. My aunty started picking up the paste of fucking mum in the ass, as I started thrusting up in her pussy within seconds she was Cumming screaming out “ohhhh my god”” that day was another day of first for me, we all swapped positions. Mum laid on the bed, I placed my cock in her mouth and lent forward, aunty came up behind me and started pushing the dildo in my ass, at first it hurt like hell but the pleasure of mum sucking me evened it out. After a while it felt amazing. I was shooting load after load of cum all over my mums face, I was empty for a mouth’s supply. I got off my mum and aunty got on top and started kissing her all over licking my cum off her face, it was the most sexiest thing I have ever seen. That was the only time I got to have sex with my mum or my aunty after we came home dad was always there we never saw aunty that much, but I would always listen in on my mum have orgasms wishing it was me giving her them.

My hand can be any women I want I have my neighbour, my old teacher, my hairdresser my mum, and some older women I have spoke to on the net. All fucking me so a mind is a terrible thing to waste.              

Aunt In The City!

abk on Incest Stories

I am now 19 and it all started with my aunt a year ago. Back in our hometown in California, my aunt was involved in sex a lot, almost everyday. She is 33, but she looks 25, she is 5 feet 7 inches, long dark hair, sexy brown eyes, and her breast size is 34D. Last year, I was looking around for colleges.

I found an orientation for a college I wanted to go to in New York City. My parents were busy so my aunt offered to take me to me there. She also said that she wanted to go one week earlier to go site seeing. I had no objections. We went to the city, went exploring and sightseeing, nothing sexual. At our hotel however, we did not reserve a room in advanced, so the only room they had left was a single king size bed and a jacuzzi tub.

It was not a honeymoon suite, it just happ

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ened to have a jacuzzi. We took the room because the appearance of the hotel was nice compared to the other ones we saw. I offered to sleep on the floor, but she said we were family and I could sleep on the bed with her.

Our site seeing week was coming to an end the next day we had to go to the college. On this night, there was that massive blackout that hit New York City, New Jersey, Niagara Falls, etc. Anyway we had to walk to our hotel across town, we got there around 11 PM.

Both of us were getting ready for bed since there was nothing else to do. She said to me before we slept, “If you want to sleep without your shirt on to keep you cool, you can.” I said, “No its ok.” “Are you sure hun?” “Sure I am fine. Besides, it wouldn’t be fair to you.” “Me? How come?” “Cuz you can’t get cool by taking a piece of your clothing off or you’d be exposing yourself. And my mother has told me how cautious you are about exposing yourself” “Oh really? Then…WATCH ME!” She then stripped down to her bra and panties. I was still virgin trought, virgin eyes, and virgin organ. I saw her in her bra and panties and I just froze. I kept staring as I saw her beautiful body. She said “Ok, your turn.” I was motionless.

Waiving her hands in front of my face saying “Hello!!” She then said “AS YOUR AUNT, I DEMAND YOU TO TAKE YOUR SHIR OFF YOUNG MAN!” I couldn’t stop staring or say anything. She finally said “FINE! I’ll do it FOR you.” She tore me down to my boxers. When I just had my boxers on, she saw my huge tent. Seeing that made her nipples hard, which were almost paper-thin.

After that neither of us said anything or did anything, we just went to sleep. Five minutes later I was still awake trying to think if that really happened. My aunt however thought I was still asleep, so she pulled down my boxers and started sucking me off. I pretended that I was still asleep.

I held in my moans while she sucked my off. Then I couldn’t hold I in. I shot my load into her mouth. First she swallowed it, and then she couldn’t keep up so she let go for a sec and I wasn’t done with my load. She swallowed the rest…so I thought. She left my cock and came up to my face. She kissed me smack on the lips. And with that, as a joke, she spit the extra cum back into my mouth. She was giggling while I was chocking because I tried to laugh.

After that and a quick breather, she asked me if I was still a virgin. I didn’t lie and said yes. She said in a sexy voice “Well you’ll need experience young man. You’re going to college.” Again I was speechless so I just watched her motions. She started to suck my cock again, not as great as the first time though. That was because all she wanted to do was raise my cock to hardness again.

After that she rested her bare back against my chest, and she was hovering her butt above my cock. She whispered “Are you gonna tell any one?” I nodded no. Without a seconds gap, she pushed her butt down with force onto my cock. I moaned loudly, not because it hurt, but because I was so pleased and thankful of my aunt. She slowly started pumping, up and down.

I started to match them. When the pace got higher, she was the first to cum. When she did she dropped back with me under her still. She might have been done but I knew I wasn’t. So I kept going in and out of her slowly until she was ready again. When she was, she turned over so we were face to face. We kissed passionately for 2 minutes. Then she teased me by hovering her pussy over my cock. Finally she rammed it onto my cock. We kept pumping and kissing until she said, “Suck my nipples!” I said, “What?” She screamed, “SUCK MY NIPPLES GODDAMNIT!!” I gladly took her nipples into my mouth. Within a min I came in her.

We kept taking turns cumming and resting until about 5AM at which point we were pumping at a fast rate and we both came together for the first time. She still had her face to me, but after that last major orgasm, we both fell asleep with my cock still in her and drenched in her cum and some of my own. In the morning, the light had come back and my aunt wasn’t on top of me anymore. Then I heard the shower turn on, so I decided to take a piss first and then join her. When I entered the bathroom, she called me straight to her, and I did go there.

I went in with her and asked me to do her doggystyle. I said, “I can’t right now.” She was confused until I told her I have to pee. She said go ahead and then lie down in the jacuzzi bathtub. I said nothing and let it flow all over her sexy body. She swallowed most of it, which turned me on once again, giving me a raging hard-on. I grabbed her by her waist and told her, “Get on your knees and face the door.” I doggystyled her and fucked her for almost another hour in the bathtub alone. Then she said, “We have to get ready.” So I washed her and dried her while she did the same for me.

At long last

shareme on Incest Stories

It was late, and her husband was working away, so Susie decided to spend some time on her computer, catch up on her emails and do a bit of surfing. While she was online, she noticed the little box rise up to let her know that one of her contacts was also online. It was her brother, but she didn’t expect him to message her, as they hadn’t spoken for about two years. She took a deep breath and decided to message him instead…


<Hi Bruv>


No reply

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<It’s me, in case you’ve forgotten; I’m your sister!! >


< Hi Sis, how you doing? >


The ice had been broken, and they chatted online for a couple of hours, catching up with everything that had happened over the last few years, and covering a few subjects they only ever covered before when he was drunk. They happily discussed each other’s sex lives. They said their goodbyes, and signed off.


A few days later, they were both online at the same time again, and it was Gareth who got in touch first. They got talking about a friend who had just got married, when Gareth brought up the subject of a game all three had played some 20 years ago. It was a game of truth or dare, which turned into mostly dares. Susie couldn’t remember a thing about it so asked Gareth to elaborate about what happened.


< you dared me to kiss you on your privates >

< sure you don't remember ?>


<no, can't remember a thing>


< obviously memorable then !>




< I dared you afterwards to do the same to me >


<how long did this game go on 4?>

<& did I do the same?>


< yes you did, about an hour or so >


<what other things happened?>


< I was dared by to walk up and down your room naked (I was excited at the time) >


< more intimate kissing >

< I'm surprised you don't remember, unless you blocked it out !>


<maybe I did block it out>

<I'm surprised you do though>

<what was going thru your mind at the time? (if u can remember)>


< it was the first time I'd done anything like that, so I think I was just stunned >


<can u remember how it all got started?>


< just a game of truth or dare, the questions got on to boyfriends and girlfriends and then went a bit further >


<how far did it really go?>


< just oral and touching >


<did it ever happen again?>


< no I don't remember it happening again >


<now, u can be honest with me, how far would u have wanted it to go?>


< I honestly don't know, I was 15 so god knows >



<I'm sorry I don't remember>

<no reflection on your kissing I'm sure>


< lol thanks !>

< well you didn't complain at the time !>



<then again, I never had anything to compare it to>



< oh thanks a bunch, you don't remember and it might have been crap !>

< Lol >


<I'm sorry>


< that’s ok I'm only pulling your leg >


<were u very excited, or just a bit?>


< very excited >


<this may sound like a daft question, but why?>


< I'd just tasted you and you'd just kissed my privates, I had never done that before >


That was the first time he’d spoken about that day with anyone. It was good that they could talk like this. The conversation went on, until Susie asked


<did you ever think of doing it again? ( I can only ask you cos I can't remember doing it the first time)>


< yes quite a bit >


<so what did you think about? (when you said you’d thought about doing it again)>


< pretty much more of the same, and maybe a bit more >


Part of him couldn’t believe he was having this conversation, but part of him had waited 20 years to tell her that he still wanted to lick her, and kiss her and finger her, and most of all fuck her. As the conversation went on, Susie admitted to having thought about what it would be like to have sex with him too, something else he hadn’t expected.

They started to feel more at ease with each other as they discussed the fantasy that Gareth had when he thought about fucking Susie.


< I would like to strip you naked and use my tongue on every part of you >


<what would u like?>


< for you to suck me before we had sex >

< what would you like? >


<I like the idea of being licked all over, especially my pussy>


< that is my favourite part of the fantasy >


<tell me the whole thing, whatever you would like to do to me>

<and me to do to u>


<well once you're naked I would start with my tongue, up yours legs and missing out> <your pussy, up over your stomach and spend some time on your breasts....>

<back down and this time to your pussy>

<I would use my tongue there for a long time, exploring every part of it>

<have you ever had your bum licked? >


<yes, and I liked it>


<I must admit I like doing that. That would be what I would do next>

<as I'm doing that I would be using my fingers on both holes >

<I would stay there until you had cum at least once >


<what would you do next?>


<I would continue to finger you as I guided myself to your mouth so that you could> <suck me. I wouldn't want to cum yet because I want to have sex with you>

<so after that I would move around so that I could push my cock into you>

<slowly at first>

<then getting faster>

<where would you like me to cum? >


<wherever you wanted to>


<the first time over you, I think that’s very horny>

<then I would start again with my tongue >


  Then the conversation turned to more fantasies, and things they would both like to try. Susie started with hers first, and as she talked, the conversation turned to making arrangements to meet up, and have their long awaited sexual encounter.


But things didn’t end with just sex between Susie and Gareth. Gareth had explained that he had often thought about having sex with another man, and Robert, Susie’s husband, had had quite a life before they had married, with quite a few sexual encounters of varying kinds, including sex with men. Ok, so it wasn’t full blown penetration, but he had experienced licking and being licked by men and had often expressed a wish to continue with this kind of fun. Something that turned Susie on quite a lot.

As Susie and Robert could talk about their sex lives quite openly, it wasn’t long before Susie was telling Robert about the conversation she had had with her brother. When Robert came home from working away, he sent text messages to Gareth, asking if he minded all three of them being involved. He explained his past, and before long all three were embroiled in a fantasy that was soon to become a reality…


Firstly Gareth would fuck Susie, Robert felt this was only fair, as he had waited 20 years for this pleasure, then as Susie recovered, Robert and Gareth would explore their bisexual tendencies and see just how far they would be willing to push the boundaries. They had both decided that they would like to try penetration, but it would depend. There would definitely be a lot of sucking and fingering going on!! Then, after they had enjoyed each other, all three would get involved and enjoy just having sex, with whoever and whatever.


All they needed now was a time and place all three could make. Easy for Susie and Robert, but not so easy for Gareth. He had a wife who really wouldn’t understand his lust for sex with his sister and brother-in-law.


To be continued…

please feel free to comment on my story, it's my first attempt and hopefully not my last

The Silken Family Trap Part VII

PantyhosePrincess on Incest Stories

The Silken Family Trap – Part VII


Michele Nylons


From Part VI

We both slowly came back to earth from our shattering orgasms and Matron went limp, whimpering in the last throes of her climax. I eased back and my now deflating penis popped out of Matron's asshole; my semen began to mix with her cunt juices and ran down through the folds of her pussy and on to her smoky grey nylons, staining them with our combined come. She turned around and pulled herself upright off the desk, her heavy makeup ruined by the face fucking she had given my Sister and by the exertion of our frantic fuck. I could smell my Sisters cunt on her breat

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h as she wrapped her arms around me and pulled my face to hers and gave a hard sloppy kiss, thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth. She pulled back and smiled at me.


Part VII

And so it was for the next six months. I engaged in all the nylon fetish sex I could possibly want. I had my Mom, my Sister, and Matron wrapped around my fingers. They enjoyed our sexcapades, sure, but beneath it all was the undercurrent of incest and forced sex; after all I had raped all of my now willing participants to begin with.

I had the company of my three nylon queens individually, Mom and Sis together, and occasionally all three of them together; and of course they always wore nice sexy outfits, often their respective uniforms, and always pantyhose or stockings and nylon panties; my fetish dominating our incestuous relationship.

Mom was at first quiet shocked when she found out Eileen and I had blackmailed Matron into our 'silken family trap', but quickly submitted to the new rules of my game. She eventually capitulated to a foursome when we invited Matron around home for dinner, followed by lashings of sex for desert. I had the pleasure of watching Mom and Matron sixty nine each other fully clothed, their heads buried under each other's skirts as they pleasured each other lying on the couch in the lounge whilst Sis stroked me off into a sheer stocking. I managed to fuck all three of them that night but was so tired I had to take the next day off school.

And then things took a strange turn that I never would have expected nor ever dreamed could happen.

It was a cool sunny winter afternoon when Mom came into the house excited.

"Look kids, we've been invited to fancy dress party by the girls on my shift at the Ward," she beamed.

"Not fucking likely!" I responded. "That sounds like girls fun to me."

"Oh come on Mike, it sounds like fun, it's a 'Whores and Pimps' night," she said.

"What's a 'Whores and Pimps' night?" Eileen asked.

"Well obviously the girls go to the party dressed as whores and the guys dress as pimps; you know the sort of thing," Mom explained.

"Well Mike, if me and Mom dress as whores, you know what that means don't you? Short skirts, high heels, sheer nylons, pretty panties, lots of slutty makeup, all the things you hate." Eileen teased.

"Now that you put it that way, it sounds like it could be fun, especially on the way home in the car after you girls have had all night to tease me, not to mention the other 'whores' who will be at the party. Ok, count me in," I said.

"Well its three o'clock now and we've to be there by seven, if you get showered and changed by five Mike, that leaves your Sister and I plenty of time to find suitable costumes and prepare ourselves for the evening. If you behave we might even give you something before we go," she winked.

"Well Mom, having an intimate knowledge of yours and Sis's wardrobe, neither of you will have problems dressing up as whores," I taunted.

"Hey!!!!!!" they both chimed in together; but it was too late I was of to my room to see what I could throw together for fancy dress.

'What the fuck does a pimp wear?' I wondered.

As I shaved, showered and dried myself off, I fantasised about the evening to come; lots of women and girls dressed up as whores. They were all bound to wear revealing clothing, miniskirts, hot pants, that sort of thing; and all whores wore nylons didn't they? I could hardly wait!

I wondered into the lounge room about six o'clock looking despondent. As a teenage lad I had no idea what a pimp wore and the best I could muster was a wrinkled suit that I had almost outgrown, and a cowboy hat.

Both the girls burst into laughter when I entered.

"Oh fuck Mike, you look like a dickhead," Eileen chortled.

"Hey, that’s not fair. He looks like a kid who hasn't a clue how to dress," Mom laughed in time with my Sister.

"Oh cut it out you two. It's easy for you, your costumes are just the sort of thing you wear for me around the house anyway, and I must say you both look like eminently fuckable whores," I retorted.

Mom was wearing her shortest black leather miniskirt, a black low cut short sleeved blouse, matching black patent leather, six inch high heeled 'fuck me' pumps, and sheer black seamed stockings. Her reinforced stocking tops were easily visible at the hem of the miniskirt and they were clasped into bright red garter straps that disappeared under her skirt and led up to her garter belt. The crotch of her matching gauzy red nylon panties was just visible whenever she made the slightest move and her identical red bra was on display for all to see, pushing up her tits and hardly covered at all by her blouse. Her flaming red hair was worn frizzed and big, framing her heavily made-up face; lashings of black mascara, mauve eyeshadow, blushed cheeks and ruby red lips. The outfit was completed with a gold necklace, gold bangles on her wrists, gold teardrop earings dangling from her ears, and a matching anklet glittered on her sheer stocking encased ankle. She looked just like an eighties whore!

My Sister was wearing white skin tight nylon bustier, her lovely adolescent tits on display. She had squeezed into the tightest hotpants I have ever seen. The taut red lycra hotpants were moulded to her ass and emphasised her pubic mound; there was no visible panty line meaning that the glossy taupe pantyhose that glittered on her long legs was the only underwear she was wearing. The ensemble was completed with white platform shoes. She wore her red hair in a similar style to Mom; her makeup was also identical, although her selection of jewellery was gaudy and ornamental. The single exception being the gold ankle bracelet, identical to Mom's, sparkling on her gossamer encased ankle. She looked like a seventies whore!

I was enamoured with my pair of whores from decades past and could hardly wait to get my hands on them.

"Well come on Mike, cant you do better than that for a costume, look at the effort me and Mom have put in," Eileen complained.

"Leave him alone," Mom replied, "Let me look in you wardrobe Mike and see if we can't find some thing more pimp like shall we?"

Mom led the way to my room and I couldn't take my eyes of her ass and legs. Her pert buttocks, encased in her sheer red panties peeked below the hem of her skirt, and her legs looked so long, accentuated by the seamed nylons and high-heeled pumps. We rummaged around in my wardrobe and found nothing suitable for me to wear. Returning to the lounge we I sat down next to Eileen and Mom went to the kitchen and returned with drinks. Mom figured that as been as we were all fucking each other and breaking the incest taboo, what difference would a little under age drinking make? Mom handed me my favourite drink, a rum and coke.

"Well I do have one idea Mike," she said coyly, a cheeky grin on her face, "but I'm not sure you would be up for it?"

"What?" I asked.

"Well……….what if you come along as a whore too!" she exclaimed.

"FUCK OFF!" I responded immediately; but then Eileen piped straight in,

"Great idea Mom, I bet we can make him look a proper trollop; come on Mike it'll be fun."

"No fucking way!" I again replied, "You are not dressing me in drag!"

"Come on," the girls chimed together.

"Think of it this way Mike," Eileen said smugly, "You are always getting into our pantyhose and knickers, now it will be our chance to get into yours."

I thought back to the time a few months ago, before I had 'tamed' my Mom and Sis: 'Alone in my room I would enact my pantyhose fantasies. I would wear them, sniff them, and wank in them, all kinds of pantyhose perversion. I loved the sight, feel, and smell of nylons. I could get an erection just rubbing their silken material against my face, and could orgasm by just rubbing my cock against the silky fabric. Yes living with two ladies who wore pantyhose every day had its advantages'.

I had loved the feel of nylon on my legs and balls, and this would be one way to experience that lovely feeling again, and maybe I could enact my ultimate fantasy after the party; fucking a girl in nylons while I was wearing them too! Maybe I should go along with their harebrained scheme to please my own appetites. Besides, the drink was starting to kick in, I felt relaxed and uninhibited.

"Ok," I found myself saying, "you can dress me like a whore, but you girls are really going to have to put out to repay me for this little party trick."

"Oh you will get repaid Mike," Mom said, "you will get repaid."

Eileen bought me another rum and coke, "Here Mike," she offered, "drink up, we're going to a party remember?"

"Ok Sis, you bet, these drinks are great."

I was really starting to feel woozy as I gulped at the second drink, I can usually hold my liquor pretty well, even for a teenager, but this evening it was going straight to my head. I vaguely remember being led to the bathroom and the girls running me a bath. They gave me another drink while they ministered to me.

"I have already had a shower," I said, my voice sounding like it was coming from a long way off.

"Silly, we're shaving your legs Mike, you can't be a sexy whore with hairy legs," Mom laughed.

"Fuck off, you can't do that," I tried to get up, but it was no use; I fell back in the tub and started giggling.

Eileen helped me drink my drink by holding it up to my mouth. The rest of the evening was blur. I can remember little episodes of clarity, the girls drying me, dressing me in lingerie, helping me into a skirt and blouse, Eileen holding my head still while Mom applied makeup and pulled a wig over my head, Eileen bending down and buckling shoes on my feet. Shoes that I couldn't stand up in when they finally got me to my feet. After that I don't remember a thing, the world became one big blur, then it was dark.



SNAP!!! I felt this tremendous rush as I breathed in the fumes from under my nose. Mom was standing in front of me waving a phial of something in my face, the vapours of which instantly sobered me up, and made me wide awake.

I knew something was terribly wrong. I was standing but my arms were extended above my head, my wrists clamped into what could only be cuffs. The weight of my body was suspended from my wrists and I struggled to take my weight on my feet. Then I realised that my feet were in some kind of strange shoes that made it hard for me to get my balance. Then I remembered my sister strapping me into a pair of Mom's high-heels. I also realised that my legs were held apart about a metre and no matter what I tried I couldn't close them.

Mom moved away from me and I looked down and was shocked. On my feet was indeed a pair of Mom's black high-heeled open toe pumps. I could see that my toenails were painted bright red through the opaque reinforced toe seam of the fully-fashioned smoky grey nylon stockings I was wearing. ( Similar to Matron's favourites I though somewhere in the recesses of my mind. ) I remembered vaguely about volunteering to dress in drag for a party, that explained the shoes and stockings; but I couldn't understand why there was a metre long stainless steel bar clamped above each ankle with a leather cuff holding my legs apart.

My eyes continued looking up my body. About mid thigh began the hem a black miniskirt made of some silky material, my other senses were awakening now and I could feel the luxurious feeling of the nylon stockings on my legs. The hem of the skirt sent little electric shocks along my thighs as the material stroked against my stockings. I was wearing a pink nylon blouse that felt so light and sexy against my back and chest; but I noticed I had false breasts and felt what could only be a bra around me. I followed the sleeves of the blouse up and saw my wrists clamped securely in the cuffs, my fingernails were painted red and my hands had been shaved; they looked positively feminine.

Ok, I figured out that the girls had dressed me as a woman for the party as I had agreed to, but why was I in captivity? I noticed some other things too, I was obviously wearing nylon panties, as I could feel the sensuous material against my balls and cock, and snug against my ass cheeks. I could discern a silken garment tight against and just over my panties, a suspender belt; I realised as I sensed the silken garters extending to the tops of my thighs. I could feel the little clips of the garter snaps on my thighs where they were attached to my stockings.

Mom stepped in front of me and held up a large mirror. I looked at her confused but she just held the mirror up to me. I saw a tawdry whore looking back at me. She was quite attractive in a cheap fuckable way. Framed in a blonde bob, was a face that had been heavily made up complete with lashings of mascara, eye shadow, rouge and lipstick. I realised it was me!

Mom smiled at me as saw the realisation on my face.

"Mike, we've turned you into Michele. Don't you like her?"

"Why?" I asked. "Why am I handcuffed like this Mom."

"Well Mike, er Michele, I spiked your drinks, being a Nurse I can get all kinds of drugs you know. Then your Sister and I shaved you all over and dressed you just like you are now. We applied that makeup and wig and then strung you up. Finally we put that restraining bar between your legs."

"Of course even me and Eileen had to have help to drag you down here to the basement and truss you up; so Matron helped."

Matron stepped into my sight. She was dressed in a black full body corset and waist cincher, her tits pushed up and out. From the bodice of her waist cincher, suspenders ran down her legs to her favourite smoky grey fully-fashioned nylon stockings. She had on a pair of the highest heels I had ever seen; black of course. She too was heavily made up.

"Hi Michele," she smiled at me and winked.

"But why?" I pleaded again.

"Because Mike, you need to be taught a lesson. Although we enjoy having sex with you and each other, and really get off on your nylon fetish, you did rape us!"

"What?!?" I asked amazed.

"All of us Mike, you forced yourself on all of us to begin with. So now you are going to see and feel what it's like to have someone force themselves on you. We have turned you into a girl; and now we are going to rape you!" Mom said viciously, her heavily made up face angry but so sexy.

"See! I knew you were the sort of lad who would have more fun if I left my nylons on," she said.

One Mans Last Gambit: Eve Frosted on Christmas Eve (Chapter One)

Solomon on Incest Stories

Notice: Before you begin reading, I'd like to point out this is the first story I've ever submitted to sex-stories-post and am eager to hear any and all feedback regarding it. Just try to be honest and not insult me too badly. For the record, this story contains the following S.S.P themes: Toys, Masturbation, Incest, Rape, and Virginity. This story is purely 100% fictional & told in the first person view! This is part one of three! This chapter doesn't contain as much action as the next and final one. If you want it, let me know! Email me at with the subject lin

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e “SSP Dangerous Games” --Solomon

My name is Richard and I have a story I would like to share with you all. It's about an event one year ago on Christmas Eve involving my gorgeous daughter. Before I explain the memorial events of that day, I feel it's best to describe Eve (my daughter) and myself.

I am 36 years old and weigh in at a little over 200LBS. I am 6'1” and visit the gym regularly and because of that, am in good shape. I am Caucasian, have green eyes and blond hair. I am clean shaved. Now I won't boast and claim to have the biggest cock known to man (or women) but I am equipped with 7” of meat.

My daughter Eve... she is extremely beautiful. She is 15 now. She started to blossom at an early age just like her mother. She is about 5'5” and is also extremely fit. She has been in Tae-Kwon-Do since she was 5 years old so she works out a lot. She has blue eyes and blond hair and the sexiest smile. She has flawless C-cup breasts and the cutest ass imaginable!

It all started the morning of the day in question. It was early, around 7AM and we were getting ready to go see her mother. We divorced three years ago because of her addiction to cocaine and her affair with a guy named Alec. After a long and exhausting legal battle, I gained complete custody of Eve. Unfortunately, she was granted supervised visitation rights to Eve five days a year.

I had finished showering, shaving, and had already dressed in my nicest suit. I have always been an extremely classy person but I tried to look even better every time we visited that cunt Eve called a mother. I wanted her to feel like the two-cent-cum-guzzling-gutter-slut she really was. Eve however had just finished her shower when I called out to her. What is it with female species and why do they always take an eternity to get showered and dressed? I went downstairs and made poured myself another cup of coffee.

About forty minutes later, give or take an hour... she finally came downstairs. By then, I had finished three or four cups of coffee and read the morning paper. My jaw nearly hit the floor when I laid my eyes upon her. She looked absolutely stunning. She was wearing a black skirt which I thought was a little two reveling and matching top. Her blond hair flowed freely down her back, stopping just above her ass. She had put on some makeup which added to her dazzling beauty.

'Morning Dad!' she exclaimed as she came over and gave me a hug and a small peck on the cheek. As she did this, unintentionally she gave me a birds eye view down her shirt. Without realizing it, I stared for quite some time. Finally, I was awoken from my trance to her breaking the embrace and asking if I had made her a hot chocolate like I usually do in the morning.

'Sorry Eve... it completely slipped my mind this morning..' I said in a sympathetic tone, suddenly feeling like I had failed as a father. She perked up and said I could make it up to her with breakfast and a hot chocolate. I happily agreed and finished my coffee.

At this point, it was almost 9AM and we were running a little late so I suggested we leave. I made a short dash up stairs to grab my wallet, keys, and coat. On my way down, she apparently had grabbed her coat and purse and was waiting at the entrance to the garage. 'Hurry up! I am hungry!' she said while pouting and making me feel guilty. 'I am coming, be patient!' I cheered back, reaching the door and opening it.

'Are we taking the Wrangler or Tacoma daddy?' she inquired. I made a motion towards the Wrangler and before I had even reached the drivers side, she had already taken seat and got comfortable. 'Very funny. Now move over. You are not driving...' I said, trying to sound in charge. She faked a sniffle and started to climb over the small obstacle. My Jeep was a manual transmission and I had included a nice center divider. As she climbed over it, she inadvertently shoved her ass towards me. It was only there for a few moments before I was finally able to climb in and get situated.

After we got settled, I started to open the garage door. To my total and utter surprise, a foot of snow came rushing in. 'The weather channel said we were going to get a few inches...' Eve chipped in and caused me to groan. I should have taken a look before we even got dressed. I unbuckled myself and stepped out of the Jeep to get a better look at the situation. Not only did a foot of snow blanket the ground, but it was still falling. It had turned into a complete blizzard. I made my way back to the Jeep and informed Eve to call her mother and tell her we can't make it. The expression on Eve's face told the story. She was delighted with the information. I can't say I really blame her. 'I'll call her right away daddy!' she said and climbed out of the Jeep. As she made her way inside, I glanced back towards the icy hell outside and whispered a soft 'thank you god...' before closing the garage door and made my way back inside behind her.

A few hours had passed after I ended the conversation with Eve's mother with a simple 'Fuck off and have a great day, cunt!' on the phone. The bitch deserved it after calling me an incompetent father who told his daughter to lie about being snowed in and that she would see me in court. I yawned and decided a nap would be a good idea so I started to make my way up stairs. As I passed by Eve's room, something caught my attention immediately. I heard a soft moaning coming from her room.

Her door was slightly ajar which I thought was somewhat odd considering she usually kept it completely closed. As I peeked through the door, what I became a witness to changed my life forever. Spread out on her bed, Eve laid nude. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily and covered in a sweat. Her breasts were in full view and her nipples were hard. Every so often, I could hear a moan. As if that wasn't enough, she was holding a blue vibrator against her clit!

I had never considered my loving innocent daughter in a sexual way until that moment. God forgive me, I am going to hell when I die. I became a voyeur for the second time that day. And now I craved my daughter in a lustful and sinful way. I don't know what came over me as I watched Eve, but I reached down and released my cock and started stroking it. I could tell she was nearing climax and I wanted to be there with her. As I watched her violate herself, I stroked my cock with renewed abandon. Finally, she came and her moans became louder. I watched as she buried her face in her pillow to silence her pleasure. I couldn't resist anymore and finally blew my own load. I attempted to catch it but was too slow and most of my seed landed on her door and the floor. I panicked and used my tie to clean it up as quickly as possible before making a hasty retreat to the secrecy of the bathroom.

For about twenty minutes, I leaned against the sink and tried to make sense of what I just witnessed. 'She is your daughter! It's incest! Don't even think about it!' I said to myself over and over. No matter how hard I tried, the image of Eve on her bed masturbating, of her nude body... my sexual desire was more than present. Finally, my other head won it's victory and I came to the realization I needed her. I would have her and she would enjoy every second of it.

I went downstairs and got myself a bottle of water. On my way back up to prepare, I passed Eve. She still looked flushed but managed to tell me she was getting something to eat. 'Of course she's a little hungry after all that!' I thought to myself and claimed I was a little tired and was going to take a nap. She said after she ate, she was going to do the same. It was almost too good to be true. I would take a short nap and with any luck when I awoke, she'd be passed out and asleep and I would make my move. I headed upstairs and went directly to bed, after setting my alarm to go off one hour later.

I awoke to an irritating but all too familiar beeping and quickly turned it off as not to wake her. After chugging the bottle of water and waking up a little, I quietly crept across the hall and into Eve's room. She was asleep just like I had hoped. Making little noise, I moved to her bed and looked down at my sleeping beauty. I condemned myself and my behavior and accepted my fate. I knelt down and gently fondled her breasts through her nightgown. They were so soft... I had to feel them. I slowly lowered the covers down to her ankles, and traced my hand up along the insides of her leg, lifting her nightgown with it. To my shock, she was wearing a real lacy pair of panties but I decided to wait and continued moving her nightgown upwards. After it was just above her navel, I reached under it and cupped one of her breasts. They felt great... soft, but pert. I couldn't resist and pinched one of her nipples.

I guess the fondling of her breasts had started to wake her because the next thing I knew, she was looking up at me with a horrified look. 'STOP!' was all she had time to say before I climbed on top of her and silenced her with a quick smack. As horror filled her face, and her eyes grew bug-eyed, I knelt down and whispered 'It'll be great.. Just enjoy it..'. I knew my words would do nothing to calm her. Without hesitation, I tore at her nightgown. She was sobbing uncontrollably and yelling at me to stop, and telling me this was wrong. Her pleas fell on deaf ears.

After shredding her nightgown to pieces, she laid exposed. Her breasts uncovered, and the only thing covering her most sacred part was a lacy pair of panties. Leaning down, I took her left nipple between my teeth and nursed on it. My tongue circled and flicked at it. If this did condemn me to hell, then so be it. I'll gladly surf the lake of fire. She was trying to push me away but I would not be denied. I reached up and took hold on her hands, holding then both without too much effort with one hand. With the other, I reached down and slid it into her panties. I heard a small gasp from her when my finger touched her clit and started gently rubbing it. I moved upward, my hand still buried deep between her legs and tried to kiss her. She moved her head to the side evading my attempt.

I pulled my hand from between her legs and grabbed a hold of her jaw and made her look at me. I pressed my lips against hers and allowed my tongue to dance on her lips. Her refusal to obey angered me further so I reached up and pinched her nose closed. After a few moments, she had to open her mouth to breathe and I took advantage of the instant. I shoved my tongue into her mouth to free explore and moved my hand back down to her breasts, where I fondled each.

I leaned back and broke the kiss, and moved her arms down. I pinned them to her bed using my knees and my weight and looked down at her. 'Daddy... please... this isn't right! Let me go! I won't tell anybody! I swear! PLEASE' she sobbed, looking up at me. It was obvious she was hurt and scared but I didn't care. I removed my shirt and reached down, ripping her panties. It took me a few moments but finally I managed to tear them off. By now she had shut her eyes tightly and was again screaming. This time however, I took the remains of her panties and shoved them into her mouth. I was tired of hearing her.

I climbed off of her and went for a pillowcase. Before I knew it, she was off the bed and making a mad dash for the door. I reached out and grabbed her by the hair, causing her to scream through the gag. I shoved her back onto the bed and quickly restrained her hands behind her with the pillowcase. She was thrashing about, screaming something mad. I think she said something about never forgiving me but I doubt I'll ever know for sure.

I picked her up into my arms and carried her across the hall and into my room. I threw her onto the bed where she curled up into a fetal position. 'Don't worry baby... I promise I won't hurt you. Daddy just needs this. You'll like it baby. Don't resist.' I said trying to be as soothing as possible. Why I wasted my time, I really don't know. It was fruitless. As I made my way towards her, an idea came to me. I smiled towards her and moved to my closet. I retrieved a tripod and video camera. It took me a few minutes to set it up and I am pretty sure I ruined my bootleg of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones but the movie sucked anyway.

After positioning the camera just right as to capture every moment, I moved towards the bed. I stripped my clothing off and reached out, grabbing her by the hair. Pulling her from the bed, I forced her down to her knees and removed her panties from her mouth. 'Have you ever given a blow-job before Eve?' I asked, looking down at her with the kindest expression. Her eyes were focused on my imposing cock but somehow she managed to to whisper 'No'.

'Good, then this will be a first. Taste it..' I whispered, looking down at her. She looked up at me, pleading with me not to do this. 'Now..' I said, sternly. I pulled her head closer to my member using my grip on her hair. She squealed a little but I think she got the message. She stuck her tongue out timidly and gently touched the head of my rock hard cock with it. 'Oh yes baby girl... now lick the shaft..' I moaned. Obediently, she allowed her tongue to explore and run along the bottom of my shaft causing me to groan.

'Good girl... now take it into your mouth... bite me... and you will regret it...' I said, pulling her head back a little. She groaned and looked up at me, again begging me not to go through with this. I used my free hand to rub the head of my cock against her lips and asked her to take it into her mouth for a second time. Again, she refused to part her lips and instead looked away. I pulled on her hair hair, yanking her head back. As she went to scream, I silenced her by sliding the head of my cock into her mouth. I knew it wouldn't be long before I was ready to cum. She tried to pull her head away but instead, each time she did.. I pulled her closer, feeding her my cock. 'Suck on it like a lollipop and use your fucking tongue!' I barked at her, my grip on her hair becoming ever tighter.

After awhile her refusal ended. I could hear her struggling to breathe through her nose. I pulled out long enough for her to take a giant gulp of air before I pushed my cock back into her mouth. This time however, she did not resist. She started sucking on my cock, using her tongue to massage it. 'Oh yes...' I said, tilting my head back. I released the grip I had on her hair causing her to sigh around my cock. 'Now move your head up and down, and don't stop...' I whispered, the sensations she was giving me were unreal. She learned fast, and was now giving me a great blow-job. It was obvious she was repulsed but I didn't really care about how she felt.

The familiar sensation in my balls told me I was close, and I looked down at her. My hand was replaced on her head, and my fingers wrapped through her hair. I don't think she expected what came next. Without warning her, I bucked my hips against her face. My grip on her head tightened. I came hard, shooting my cum into her throat. She started gagging around my cock but I held her still, emptying my seed into her mouth. After a few moments, being sure I was spent... I pulled my cock from her mouth. She started chocking up my seed, and was trying to spit it out. I placed my left hand over her mouth, and used my other to pinch her nose. 'Swallow it...' I said, staring down at her. I don't know what it was... something primal perhaps... but I needed to see her swallow my cum. I wanted to watch the expression on her face.

As she did, the look on her face was a true Kodak moment. Her eyes were full of shame and sorrow. I couldn't help but smile. After a few moments, I pulled her to her feet and then threw her back onto the bed without the slightest concern for her well being. I needed to be in her... I needed to make her mine. I wanted her to know she was mine... that she belonged to me. As I climbed onto the bed with her, I know she knew what was coming. She moved to kick me away but I grabbed her ankles and forced her legs down. Her rebellion was short lived because two quick smacks across her face again brought her still. She was shaking now, unable... no unwilling to speak. She knew the consequences. Resistance was futile and Eve knew it.

I moved between her legs, and slowly ran the head of my cock along her slit for a few moments, once in awhile grazing her clit. To my absolute amazement, she was already wet and I swear I heard her moan once or twice. Could it have been that deep down, despite her morals... could it have been that somewhere inside of herself she was enjoying this? I didn't ponder it too long. I slowly pushed forward, allowing my cock to slip into her young, wet pussy. Damn, what a snug fit. To this day, I have never sampled a pussy quite as tight as hers. As I slid deeper into her, I hit a barrier. Realization dawned on me that my little girl was a virgin. She was still holding her V-Card. I stopped for a few moments, and leaned forward. Hovering over her, I slowly reached under her and untied the pillow case easily enough. I then reached down and grabbed a hold of her wrists. I slowly moved them up towards her head, and leaned close.

'Wrap your legs around me Eve... I won't lie... this is going to hurt a little. I promise the pain will subside after a few moments.' I whispered. Obediently, she wrapped her legs around me and locked them together. This brought a smile to my face. She hadn't said a word... hadn't protested... hadn't screamed. She laid still, looking up at me. I moved to kiss her, my lips pressing against hers. She returned the kiss without being forced... willingly she returned it. Without warning, I pushed forward and broke her barrier. She screamed, which was expected. I held her tight, my lips firmly pressed to hers almost muting the scream. I stayed still for a few moments allowing her to adjust... allowing her to become a full woman. I could feel a small trickle of blood run down my cock and stain the silk sheets below us.

I pulled away from her, looking into her eyes. Tears leaked like running faucets. I released one of her arms and used my thumb to wipe them away. Her makeup was stained. She looked like a cheap whore. She looked so beautiful. I guess that's what drove me. I pulled out, and plunged back into her. She moaned loudly at the new sensation. I released her other arm and braced myself. Her arms wrapped around me, her nails dug into my back. I thrust deeply again into her, moaning in my own pleasure.

'Baby girl... you have a great pussy! Daddy loves your pussy!' I moaned with each thrust, the one after becoming harder.. going deeper. I wasn't concerned with positions. I didn't care about her enjoyment. There would be plenty of time. After awhile, my thrusts became savage... going in quick and hard. She was now constantly moaning. I knew it wouldn't be long before her pussy milked my cock. At the last second... before I came deep within her.. I withdrew. Moving quickly, I moved up the bed and knelt next to her. My hand became a blur, jacking my cock hard and fast. Within seconds, I shot my third load of the day. Her eyes clenched shut as my spunk covered her lips, nose, and chin. Some even covered her right eye. Eve had truly been frosted on Christmas Eve.

After milking my cock dry... I laid down next to her. My fingers gently caressed her skin. I took her right hand and brought her fingers to her face... running them through the cum on her lips. Without me speaking, she parted her lips slightly and took her cum covered fingers into her mouth, sucking them clean. About twenty minutes passed and I finally fell asleep, Eve cradled in my arms. I awoke the next morning to find Eve's cum covered face, now dry... looking directly at me. Her eyes held no emotion like they once did. She hadn't moved all night... I knew this was the beginning of a new life. Not a life of father and daughter, but rather a life of master and slave.